Pimentel mulls raps vs Zubiri


Juan Miguel Zubiri and Aquilino Pimentel III. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANAOAG, Pangasinan—Reelectionist Sen. Aquilino Pimentel III is considering filing libel charges against former Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri, who said in a forum that Pimentel’s estranged wife, Jewel, once told him and his wife Audrey that she was a battered spouse.

“My lawyers are studying possible libel. We will discuss a draft complaint,” Pimentel said, adding that some issues were off-limits even in a political campaign.

Pimentel said Zubiri’s claim was personal in nature and was a lie. “If you invented a personal attack, that’s like a double technical foul. You’re out of the game,” he said.

Jewel May Lobaton-Pimentel, in a statement, appealed to Zubiri to “keep my marital issues out of the campaign for a Senate seat in this election.”

“I categorically state that I have never claimed nor complained to Migz Zubiri that I was a battered wife. In the close to 12 years that we lived together, my husband Koko Pimentel has never ever physically hurt me,” Lobaton-Pimentel said.

“My marital issues are not national issues. And my children have been greatly affected. Please spare my two sons, as they are mere children aged 8 and 3 respectively,” she added.

Pimentel and Lobaton, former Bb. Pilipinas-Universe first runnerup and Miss MassKara Queen 1993, have been living apart since November 2011.

Lobaton, in an interview in Bacolod City, said she and Pimentel remained very good friends.

She added that she was even campaigning for Pimentel’s reelection bid. “I believe he can do a lot of good things for this country, and that he will make it in this election,” she said.

Pimentel is seeking reelection with Team PNoy while Zubiri is in the senatorial lineup of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

Both were guests on the TV program “Mano Mano ni Anthony Taberna” on Studio 23 on Sunday. Toward the end of the debate, Zubiri alleged that Lobaton told him that she had been abused by her husband.

Lobaton said that in June 2012, she sought the advice of a friend on how to get her children back from Pimentel.

“This person called his friend, Migz Zubiri, who is also my relative, if he could help me,” she said.

A meeting was arranged in July 2012 in Makati to discuss custody of the children. Among those at the meeting were Zubiri and his wife, Audrey.

“As we were discussing it, I was crying because, as a mother at that time, I was greatly affected and feeling hopeless. Being a physically battered wife therefore was not being talked about. Strategies were discussed on how to get the children from Koko,” she said.

“When the meeting ended, Migz and Audrey assured me of their support and prayers,” she said.

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  • $23257130

    beki yan si mr pimentel noh. hindi ka nga manalo nalo sa CDO. babalakin mu pa mag senador. pppppppwwweeeehhhh kadiri eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww

    • jorgecapulejr

      Hindi ba’t nanalo na siya? Kaya lang inagaw ng mandarayang si Migz yung majority ng term niya?

      • diamond_digger

        Jorge, Echuserang was referring to Koko’s run for mayor of CDO.As to his intellectual capacity, there is no doubt Koko is head and
        shoulder ahead of Migz, but as to relationship to the people (personal
        and familial), Migz and the Zubiris are 10 to 1 over the Pimentels. I
        would know because I was assigned and worked in the CDO-Bukidnon area
        for over 12 years.

      • jorgecapulejr

        I get that.. but Guest was alluding to Pimentel’s capacity to win as a Senator.. “hindi ka nga manalo nalo sa CDO. babalakin mu pa mag senador.” to which I replied that Koko already won 1 term.. albeit majority of the term was stolen by Migz.

    • diamond_digger

      As to his intellectual capacity, there is no doubt Koko is head and shoulder ahead of Migz, but as to relationship to the people (personal and familial), Migz and the Zubiris are 10 to 1 over the Pimentels. I would know because I was assigned and worked in the CDO-Bukidnon area for over 12 years. Kaya, tama ka Echuserang_Froglet.

  • D_BystandeR

    As we are now in the thick of the election campaign for the senatorial bets, we come across this issue about a marital problem supposedly affecting the life of Koko and his wife in which Koko has vehemently denied as false. Migz has probably realized he is in an uphill battle in his candidacy against that of Koko that is why he decided to concoct some weird stories which even Koko’s separated wife, Jewel, complained as too personal to be touched in whatever political discussion. And this could probably serve as the beginning of an interesting “showdown” in the battle of the “nerves” as Koko is inclined to file a libel case against Migz for touching a “personal issue” which does not merit the proverbial saying of “two cents worth” to be discussed in a public forum unless one has an ulterior motive in mind to grind.

  • david

    mandaraya, tsismoso at intrigero si zubiri. di kaya dapat sa showbiz sya

    • maypakialamtayo

      bakla naman si koko! dumedede ng itit, hahahaha!

  • pabloo6293

    Desperate move by a desperate candidate. Akala ko mandaraya lang itong si Zubiri. Yun pala tsismoso na, intrigero at sinungaling pa. Olat na sigurado ito. Wala na ang ninang niyang si Gloria para makapandaya siya ulit.

    • diamond_digger

      I could understand and empathize with the comments against Migz as I believe most if not all of them do not really know much about the Zubiris and the Pimentels. If you happened to have lived either in Cagayan de Oro (where I lived for 12 years) or Malaybalay, Bukidnon, you may not have said what you and others did.Given the limited backgrounds known about the 2 gentlemen and because of the perceived electoral cheating by Migz, such comments are sort of expected. People in CDO and Bukidnon could provide a clearer perspective. Try asking your friends from those areas.

      • pabloo6293

        I hope you are not trying to imply that Zubiri did not know that there was cheating in 2007 in which he was the main beneficiary. Regarding his statement in the forum re-Pimentel’s marital issues, I believe that this was totally uncalled for.

      • wawangpenoy

        What kind of logic is this? I’ve lived in the Philippines for 32 years and another time for 5 years, and yet I know nothing about my neighbor.

        Or maybe I just don’t have a sense of rumor like you?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W7TPARCYJFCSA3PBQAM3MVZO3E kurakut

    guilt zubiri, get some acting lessons from erap, then join the movies with revilla, jinggoy, mikey arroyo and some funny actors. or go back to bukidnon and plant sugar cane and marijuana for export to china.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NYEKTKZ7GSJNPRDKHTAZRPTFQE Moses

    Zubiri is a gentleman, mas kapanipaniwala at mas marami ang nagawa.

    • hustlergalore

      i will take that as sarcasm. LOL

      • http://alasfilipinas.blogspot.com/ Pepe Alas

        Same here. LOL.

      • ernievictory

        Pepeng Supot

      • http://alasfilipinas.blogspot.com/ Pepe Alas

        Since when did you see my seven-incher, oh faggish one? Fantasizing on my tool, eh? Dream on.

      • ernievictory

        Actually,your wife told me about your tiny et et yesterday while we were in bed. 7 incher ?? I could have swear she claimed it’s 7 millimetre only that’s why she’s with me now. ha ha ha

      • http://alasfilipinas.blogspot.com/ Pepe Alas

        Hahaha! I swear that made me laugh! Got anymore to make me angry instead? :D

      • ernievictory

        good , ‘coz the whole world is laughing at your 7mm thingy, Peps !

      • http://alasfilipinas.blogspot.com/ Pepe Alas

        Not really. It’s just YOUR world that is laughing. And it’s a world filled with evil.

        Try again, troll. Many internet idi0ts like you have desperately tried to make me angry. They all failed. And you’re next in the list. =)

  • wakats

    I’ve changed my mind about koko – I’ll vote for him now, but he should pursue the case after the elections.

    Zubiri is not only a world-class cheater but a first class tsismooso whose incredible below-the-belt punch is beyond the realms of the intelligensia. Instead, he should be asked why vina morales dumped him? Many said vina was jealous of migz’ driver…..

  • matalino matalino

    Why Zubiri lied and why he and the other candidates of UNA sa corruption at sa political killing keep lying? To them, lies travel faster than the truths.
    Before Zubiri lied about the physical abuse, he knew na walang magagawa si Pimentel. It’s like playing chess. Why? Walang witness si Mrs. Pimentel and Zubiri has a witness- his wife.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YO4QYV7TG6VV5TSKPZXNKQHKUE Brando

    Bakit naghiwalay sila in the first place? I believe the wife is battered. Sa ugali pa lang ni Koko naippakita niya sa kanyang pnanalita sa TV. Siya yong taong sobrang magalit.

    • diamond_digger

      Brando, thanks for raising a very nice, intriguing question. You are right in your observation. It (your observation) would surely be enhanced if you live and or ask non-partisan residents of CDO about the Pimentels relationship with the people in the city. I would know something because I lived and worked in CDO-Bukidnon area for over 12 years. In fact, my principal office used to be in front of the Pimentel house in CDO, just 50 meters away from Xavier University.

  • hustlergalore

    nyak! zubiri. cheap tabloid showbiz reporter lang ang arrive!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YO4QYV7TG6VV5TSKPZXNKQHKUE Brando

    Hindi nga nanalo pagka mayor sa CDO si Koko. Hahaha!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NYEKTKZ7GSJNPRDKHTAZRPTFQE Moses

    Normal sa mga politiko ang magsiraan. ang importante sa akin ay yung totoong nag serbisyo sa bayan. May nagawa sa karamihan. hindi puro ngawa at dada!

  • virgo57

    From the very start, Koko Pimentel is begrudging Migz Zubiri in personal level and in some instances throwing unpleasant statements . Tapos ngayon pumapalag dahil pinakiaalaman ang marital issues oh nga pala bakit ka hiniwalayan? Incompatibility due to character is different from palito ng posporo isyu which is which ba talaga kuya? Siding with no one, this Koko Pimentel has a mouth of palingkero at mayabang. Koko Pimentel should focus on his candidacy rather than being agrabyado kasi it appear that he is unstable and emotionally feminine .

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NYEKTKZ7GSJNPRDKHTAZRPTFQE Moses

      maski sa campaign slogan nya nandun pa rin yung bitterness nya. instead of telling us his plans if he will be elected.

  • Garibaldi_II

    You have a good chance, Mr. Pimentel. Don’t meet Mr. Zubiri at his dirty level; create a clean one to suit your advantage. In this campaign, it’s the peoples’ interests you’re fighting for not your personal.

  • Janch

    2012 pa lang pala, nakikisawsaw na itong si Zubiri sa away mag-asawa. Naisip yata na magagamit sa eleksyon/politika ang di pagkakasundo ng mag-asawang Pimentel. Wrong move.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GEL5M676WZ7BLFR4SNH66WKRZM Bigboy I

    pati ba naman yan papatulan pa ni pimentel!?

  • boymanok

    kung talagang matalino itong si koko eh hindi na niya dapat patulan si zubiri….focus na lang siya sa kanyang plano para sa bayan tutal mayroon siyang magandang credentials, pero kung patuloy niyang papatulan si zubiri eh mas malaki ang sira niya

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EA7TIY7PYXEU5UOXG2K5CY5F64 Eric

    Low -class, low-blow Zubiri. Kabadingang maliwanag.
    Just creating noise?

  • http://www.facebook.com/cute.vic Han Man Rui


  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    If Koko-the-cuckold believes he really has a strong case, then Koko-the-cuckold should go ahead and file libel charges against Spiceboy Migz. Most importantly, Koko-the-cuckold should be ready to prove in the court of law that the witnesses who were present in the meeting which took place in the Makati residence back in 2012 were all blind and deaf. If not, Koko-the-cuckold’s libel case will only blow up right in his already ugly face. Koko-the-cuckold’s wife will also have to explain in court or on national TV why she sought the help of UNA in her custody battle against her husband. In her carefully-worded statement, Koko-the-cuckold’s wife made it very clear that UNA’s Toby Tiangco and Spiceboy Migz did not seek her out. On the contrary, it was Koko-the-cuckold’s wife who sought them out through a go-between. She sought UNA out, hoping to exploit the animosity between her husband Koko-the-cuckold and Spiceboy Migz. By exploiting this animosity, Koko-the-cuckold’s wife was hoping to win custody of their children. There’s no arguing with the natural maternal instinct of a mother who will do anything just to have her children by her side. But there’s also no arguing that an ill-tempered, wife-battering and matapobre senator like Koko-the-cuckold will never be a good senator.

    Instead of mulling raps against Spiceboy Migz, Koko-the-cuckold should stop mauling his former wife. If Koko-the-cuckold can do that, it would be an achievement worth trumpeting. Kaya dapat itorotot si Koko-the-cuckold.

    • vince_bugaboo

      I counted 12 “Koko-the-cuckolds” in you post. I’ll add one Koko-the-Pindeho to make them 13, if that’s alright with you, to put a curse on his candidacy, ok?

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Thanks for putting that last nail on Koko-the-cuckold-pindeho’s candidacy.

      • pabloo6293

        Losersss. Are you two faggots?

  • YamatoKira

    I will vote for Zubiri. koko is nothing but kokak, masyado palengkero o ra? hahahaha. ginagamit lang naman niya pangalan ng tatay niya. walang credentials. hahahahaha. do

  • boybakal

    Pimentel mulls RAPS vs Zubiri…
    While Zubiri Gangnam style Pimentel.
    Pimentel raps, Zubiri dances.

  • zeroko

    He he he. Itong si Zubiri, talagang talkative and talking nonesense. Pati ba sa press, e-broadcast mo ang personal life ng kalaban mo?

  • droccu

    Sue the S_B. I’m sick and tired of people getting away with their crimes and still has the gall to court voters again at mayabang pa….Look at ERAP and how he acts nowadays! It’s no wonder why they both belong to the same party now and that ERAP even endorsed Mig’s to UNA. Birds of the same feather…..

  • Lauro

    The voting public wants to know everything about every candidate … personal man o hindi!!!! Let your opponent throw everything … we have the proper channel to handle untruthful and defamatory charges … Koko is right … he must file a libel suit!!! I am one for you KOKO … keep up with the “TUWID NA DAAN”!!!!!!

  • superlucky2


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