Lacson on NBI probe report: I know a rubout when I see one


Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson isn’t buying the National Bureau of Investigation’s findings indicating a police rubout in the Atimonan incident that left 13 persons dead in early January.

Lacson, a former chief of the Philippine National Police, said that the NBI report could result in police officers getting tentative in life-and-death situations.

“I know [a rubout] when I see one,” Lacson told reporters on Thursday. He noted that the head of the police operation in Atimonan, Supt. Hansel Marantan, was wounded in the incident. “His injury was rather serious, not just a grazed wound,” Lacson said.

He said the slug, which hit Marantan and which was subsequently recovered, matched with a gun found inside the vehicle.

“If you ask me, I wouldn’t buy the idea that this is a rubout,” Lacson said.

Lacson is no stranger to police operations that have been tagged as alleged rubouts.

In January, the Supreme Court dismissed with finality the multiple murder case filed against Lacson and 33 other police officers in connection with the killings of suspected members of the Kuratong Baleleng armed robbery group in 1995.

‘I know how it feels’

“I feel for them,” Lacson said of Marantan and others recommended for prosecution for multiple murder. “I know how it feels when a policeman does his job and then gets a case filed against him. The torture isn’t only mental, it doesn’t only affect the family but it also has huge financial costs.”

“If nobody would help them, they, especially the noncommissioned officers, stand to lose so much that they could become paupers. Everything a lawyer does ends up in attorney’s fees. So I pity these cops,” he said.

Lacson said the NBI findings would definitely demoralize the ranks of the country’s police officers.


“It’s really demoralizing. Our cops might become tentative during operations. They might [become tentative] when they are confronted with armed aggressors, holduppers or armed elements. Every second counts during those situations,” Lacson said.

Lacson said he had always told his subordinates in the PNP to always be quick on the draw during police operations.

“If it is a choice between your safety or the safety of your fellow policemen or a stranger and facing a case, then shoot, stupid,” Lacson said.

“It would be better having to explain later than lying in state dead and being talked about because you were too slow,” he added.

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  • barako22

    i know kapag kasangkot ang isang politiko nahahalata ka na lacson……… ang tanong kasama ba si lacson sa payola ni tita

  • apojay

    Bakit kasi hindi pa nakakulong ang Lacson na ito?

  • josh_alexei

    But does Lacson ever realize that even a dying man can still shoot back in SELF DEFENCE.? That Maratnan leading the ambush can still be hit with the only bullet fired by all dying men when he least expected it?  Senator Lacson words can not be relied upon as he had been alleged to be in the same class…fortunately he happens to be in the  right place and in the right time…with the right connections…nothing can go wrong with him…and it will when least expected…

    • TinimbangNgunitKulang

      Pwede rin namang ginamit yung baril ng biktima para mag self-inflict ng wound si Marantan, di ba?

  • rouelcalzita

    The slug matched with a gun found inside the vehicle because it was planted.

    Mr. noo…kie Lacson, I salute to the officers whom planned, organized, and carried out the Kuratong Baleleng rub out. Good job because they were all criminals.
    Unlike, in Atimonan case only one identified as supposed to be criminal. Why had rub out at all?

    I agree to eliminate bad guys, but make planned to execute them, do the same with Kuratong Baleleng.

  • PureBloodedPinoy247

    It’s either mga kriminal o si Lacson oh ang mga sundalo/police natin? Tsk tsk tsk…..kaya kadalasan, kotong kotong na lang, para lahat masaya, tsk tsk tsk……crabs!

  • richard ortega

    ping just clean up the police force again.

  • Arcsolo

    “i know a rub out when i see one … based on my past experience.”

    i can hear Erap and Miriam clapping.

  • Fayha

    nag Salita si Rub Out King

  • EdgarEdgar

    A job-skill match made in heaven for Senator Pinky Lacson:

    Media: It seems that a rub-out is not a rub-out until you Senator Pinky certify it as a rub-out?
    Pinky:  That’s true. A rub-out has to pass certain standards defined by our certification body.
    Media: Is that also your new role as the Presidential Advisor on Rub-Out Affairs?
    Pinky: Yes, Noynoy wants me to upgrade the efficiency & quality of rub-outs vs his enemies.

  • $20722540

    of course, alam ni lacson kong rubout o hindi parang yong kuratong baleleng hindi rin rub-out katulad ng atimonan massacre.  congrats! lacson galing mo talaga.  saludo ako sa iyo!!!

  • speaksoftlylove

     Tell that to Tita Marantan-Dinglasan, punk.

    How’s business in Laguna, Pinky?

  • Colokoy

    ok ka ping, dito ka tumama.. parang napagaling ng NBI dito, pero ang nagyari dito sunodsunoran sila kay delimma.. sa kanilang report parang ang huhusay nila dapat sila na ang huhuli sa mga jueteng lord at sa mga waiting lord sa palasyo na naghihintay ng jueteng payola.. ang totoong nangyari dito hindi rubout at hindi rin ambush,, pwede pa overkill.. anong gagawin mo kung ang kalaban may baril at unang binaril yong opisyal ninyo mag tatanong kung sino kayo, may kaibigan ba dyan si delimma? o ng malacanyang?, tsk, tsk halata ka delimma baka sa susunod nbi at police ang mag barilan o bka military laban NBI

  • Htee

    Wow, this guy i

  • tower_of_power

    Bakit kasi yung mga maliliit na pulis ay kakasuhan? Nakakademoralize talaga ang ganito!!! Nauutusan lang naman sila pwede ba nilang hindi sundin ang utos ng mga nakakataas sa kanila?Madali sabihin yung … “kung mali … hindi sundin” pero ang tanong ehhh papanop malaman ng mga maliliit, na sunod sunoran lang, na mali yung pinapagawa sa kanila? At pagnakaputokan na … magtatanong ka pa ba kung sino ang nagpaputok? Sa katiting na sweldo … mabuti na yung mauna siya magpaputok kay sa maunahan siya

  • Operation Merdeka

    Becuz expert ako dyan hahaha….

  • Htee

    Wow, this guy is more worried about the morale of the police force than what is right or wrong. He doesn’t even give the NBI the benefit of a doubt. Talk about bullheadedness, right after the rubout, he concluded right away that it the opposite, a shootout, just by looking at pictures.
    The NBI took more than a month of investigation to arrive at this conclusion. And now he still goes against the findings. What is he saying about our NATIONAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION???
    Mr. President, do you really want this man aboard your banka????

  • Carlos_Iho

    It’s the word of a former fugitive against the NBI.  An expert in rubouts himself, Lacson should know well it was a stupidly executed rubout.

  • Palku Kha

    sanay kasi sa mga gawain na ganyan.same feathers flock together!!!

  • Noypi11

    Now Lacson is talking! Here is a guy who was on the run for years to avoid and face justice himself. Why can’t he wait for the court to litigate and hear both sides before he opened his mouth?

  • Maldi2

    Pinky showed his own color again, may pagka bakalain talaga.  With these statements, parang sinupalpal na naman nya si De Lima na minsa naging kaaway nya. LOL!

  • Danyel

    Trabaho kasi nya ang mag rub out and always get away with it. Yan ang baklitang tirador. Defense mechanism nya yan para di matawag na bading……obvious pa rin naman e…control na control ang movement at facial expression pag nagsasalita. Lalong obvious na may itinatago…..yung kilay nya ay gustong gustong tumaas pero napipigilan nya……ang mga daliri gustong pumilatik kaya naghahalukipkip na lang para safe….o kaya inilalagay sa bulsa ng pantalon……..

  • Hornbook

    Lacson was not convicted by any court.

    Let’s respect the SC’s final decision on Kuratong Baleleng “alleged” rub out case.
    Unless you’re a serious fanatic of someone who was actually convicted by Sandiganbayan.So much for our personalistic society. Double standard.

    Why be pro or anti Government when you can be pro Constitution?

    • kolambogan

      A rub-out is a rub-out, even by any standard, you rub out several people’s lives at the same time is truly a rub-out no matter what the SC say even with finality. I just hope they won’t be rubbed-out themselves who said/ decided in favor of no rub-out/murder most foul. 

      • Hornbook

        Hell no! An alleged rub-out case dismissed with finality by SC is nothing but a pigment of imagination. You’re entitled to your own opinion but not to your own facts.

      • kolambogan

        Maybe you got it wrong, If I’m entitled to my own opinion, how much more to my own facts? Rest assured I will never lay claim to others as my own, what I stated here is the utter disregard of an almost universal belief that there was really a rub-out but authorities don’t care when people are already dead for they can’t testify anymore or defend themselves, really dead men and women of the Kuratong Baleleng can tell no more tales.

      • Hornbook

        How can there be such “universal belief that there was really a rub-out (Kuratong Baleleng) when the Philippine Supreme Court ruled there was none.

        Do not mistake perception from facts and logic that must stand scrutiny of the court.

      • kolambogan

        First thing first, The Supreme Court is not a trier of facts, and since they do, their logic do not solved the killings (multiple) they just exonerated the accused, not on merits but on influence since the very beginning. On the very day of the carnage my taxi driver told me that we cannot, pass by Batasan from Markina via UP village, because of the scattered dead people and he told me that the same was within the vicinity of the salvage area, where people killed for whatever purpose were just dumped with impunity. The Philippine authorities police and military are so adept in killing their targets and very few survived to defend themselves or tell their stories. I have so many classmates from these officers of the law accordingly, and I have listened and observed their logic and demeanors as they taunt the law they are suppose to uphold, while at it some of them became lawmakers, increasing their influences and clout totally becoming imperious to lowly elements of society, what the likes of Lacson have become that gave him more power to order the annihilation of the remaining members of Kuratong Baleleng even just friends, sisters or wife of their quarries, added to that of the Dacer Corbito and Bentain deaths attached to his stellar career as an agent of death in a supposed to be democratic country. And the courts, I still believe there are still some hoods in them robes, who cater to the wishes of them brother hoods in uniforms and in other government functionaries. For me to believe true justice will be dispensed with in true fashion in the Philippines is still very far from reality. I’ m not mistaking perception from reality, I have talk to some victims and their families, and how they are silenced, intimidated, the Supreme Court if ever the cases reached them, have no idea what it takes to be a victim they have more ears for the those in power and the influential. So probably you are misled by your own perception of justice in the Philippines. If the same thing happened in the US alone, none of them hoods could escape scrutiny which you are prone to absolve, because of being said in the Supreme Court who for a long time had followed the logic and dictum of one Renato Corona.

  • maypakialamtayo

    “I know [a gay] when I see his moves,” boy abunda told reporters last month

    • gibreel farishta

      pnoy, ping, paquito, proceso, francis, edwin, sotero, armin.. nice circle..

  • maypakialamtayo

    alam mo kagalang-galang na senador, rub-out man o shoot-out ang nangyari sa atimonan, rub-out pa rin ang iisipin ng tao, kasi yang ipinagtatanggol mong marantan na yan ay marami ng pasr rub-out na kinasangkutan, kung nakalimutan mo na, eto ang dalawang sumikat; ortigas rub-out, paranaque rob-out, ngayon anong iisipin ng tao?

  • mekeni62

    of course you know.

  • Spike

    “Speaking from experience, It takes a rubout organizer to know when one was organized.”


  • Sid

    Yeah Right!!! Karma is coming your way too..Sen.Rubout

  • eirons1043

    hehehe sayang di naging Presidente si Ping sana ubos na lahat ang mga kriminal at mga inosenteng katabi nila ng ratratin ng mga pulis at sundalo. At  sigurado lahat ng barilan eh hindi ambush kahit patay lahat pati tao sa paligid. Please Ping pumayag ka ng Ambush iyong sa Atimonan kasi baka pati iyong Ampatuan eh lumabas na Legitimate Encounter din at ma abswelto si Unsay at iyong tatay niya gaya ng pagka abswelto mo sa Kuratong.

  • Mattino2011

    kasi nga rubout expert ka  Lacson ..Parang sinabi na din niya sinungaling si Pnoy dahil na niwala sa finding ng nbi..At itong pnoy bibigyan pa ng pwesto yan sa gabinete…..baba talaga ng IQ

  • charlie_oscar

    CLASSIC! That’s like GMA sitting on the jury for Erap…saying; ” I know plunder when I see it ” !!!

  • pedronimo

    Does Lacson know what a rubout is because he has led it once?

    • Trollollolloll


  • kontra_boohaya

    It’s one thing to shoot first to maim (na hindi shoot to kill kaagad) in the presence of clear, present and imminent danger.  But it’s also another thing to conduct a case plan, then execute an operations plan to eliminate a rival.  Criminal na po siguro yan especially kung tama yung nasasabi sa pahayagan na negosyso (jueteng) ang ugat.  Sanay na si Marantan sa mga kasong ganito at napromote pa nga siya as a result of his past exploits.

  • patawad

    Bakit nakikisawsaw si Lacson sa issue na yan?  May vested interest kaya siya?

  • XY ZEE

    “knowssung aketch, wiz na rubout. Echoz.”

  • geminimind

    A devil wants to speak for another devil because he knows they are of the same kind.

  • go88

    Look who’s talking, the living proof crimes pays in our country …from marcos henchman to senator ….  here expert on criminal activity:  … from torture to kidnaping, salvaging, drugg smugling, rubbout, escaping from the country and going into hiding abroad …

  • dave

    May point naman si Lacson eh. Expert in rubout, saying its not. Then its not a rubout then. But I question the motive. Knowing that Marantan and Dumlao was once Lacson’s aid in PAOCTF. Remember 3 days after the Atimonan, he made a priviledge speech on the senate telling he himself knows the operation. I also agree on him on demoralizing issue. Its ironically true, from now on, any police facing such situation will think twice before they shoot. But again, I still question Lacson’s motive. Was it Michael Ray Aquino or Glenn Dumlao told once, “I serve you all my life and you have my loyalty before, but now you treat me like ‘basura’?” I guess Lacson is making up on his buddy for the lost time and trust. Talking about making things right after things have gone wrong.

  • lennonpaul

    it takes one to know one…

  • tinots

    you know how it feels, when in fact you know how to do it…LOL

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       He practically wrote the book on how to do police work that will never reach the courts.

  • cong_lolong

    ?!!!.. and the guy is being groomed to become a presidential troubleshooter!

    • tarikan

      Shooting guard daw ng PNoy Basketball Association (PBA). Literally shoots people. 

  • Gandalf

    He should have kept quiet. With his record, lacson calling this as not a rubout shows a distinct lack of delicadeza.
    And he is being groomed as “troubleshooter”? 
    It’s like asking a pedophile to run a daycare center.

  • zeroko

    What a careless remark from a statesman like Senator Lacson. What a stupid remark! Who is he to just dispels the findings of the NBI. This stupid Senators has insulted the NBI as an institution. This is what I say all alone, politicians should stay away from doing jobs on other government agencies after they serve their three consecutive term of  9 years. 


    • kolambogan

      Lacson is not a statesman, not even a little bit closer, he’s an operator

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    “I am Inspector Clouseau,” he said.

    “Miss or Mrs.?,” asked the policeman.

    from  “The Pink Panther”

  • zeroko

    Koratong baleleng, how are you Senator?

  • Mr Moonlight

    Lacson has for all intent and purposes exonerated Marantan.
    PNoy must think not once not twice but many times if its a good idea to appoint Lacson as one of his cabinet level men

  • regie

    sana di na kayo makaupo sa anumang posisiyon na involve ang police agency senator lacson kasi di kayo marunong magobserved ng due process. nakakita ba naman kayo ng neutralization na walang waRrant. di ba walng warrant sila marantan nuong aarestuhin sina siman on the pretension na magchcheckpoint? pnoy due to your mishandling of sabah and the impending appointment of lacson you will surely see the rebuke of the people on may…by the way you know a rubout when you see one why???

  • Cors Guiao

    Stop talking, you are already assured of a position, huwag ka ng magpalapad ng papel. And of course Dumlao and Marantan are your men ipagtatanggol mo talaga yan.

  • geminimind

    “I know a rub out when I see one”
    One reason why he cannot see one is because of too much “rub it in,rub it in”.

  • Mr Moonlight

    this guy Marantan has made himself the top cold bloodied serial killer in the country. Best thing is to disabled him literally or figuratively, one way or the other. A man like him has no place in a civilized nation like the philippines.

  • gibreel farishta

    so, what matter here is the police morale, pink! you’re saying, the nbi ain’t got any to consider, huh? poke your mouth!

  • tra6Gpeche

    Shame on your lies, Mr. Lacson! You must be an expert when it comes to illegal operations.Kuratong Baleleng and Mr. Dacer cases are good examples. But you are the best when it comes to protecting your lawless men!

  • carlcid

    This is about as close as Lacson will admit to the many rubouts that he has executed in the past.

  • noyab


  • Watcher48

    Oh yes Sen.Lacson, you feel how it is to be doing your job and be charged! Massacring innocent victims is doing ones job.

  • BrAX82

    A murderer gets another position in the Government. An ex congressman accused of Poll Fraud gets a sit in the comelec. Ang tuwid talaga ng daan, la nakong masabe.

    • F**kinMO

      Oh shut the F up Lacson people like you think that is easy to get away with murder.
      So how did you get off on that Dacer Corbeto case, because if you can’t control the witness your going to murder them too?

  • etoyok

    Dito naputol na ang paghanga namin sayo na samahan ng mga driver sa nueva ecija ,kala namin makatao ka . .kabaro ka pala talaga ng mga hoodlum ! 

  • Yanong_OFW

    alam nya kung ano ang rub out yung nakasakay sila lahat sa loob ng isang sasakyan at doon pinagbabaril..kagaya ng pinagawa nya noon sa mga RSG..

  • Harry

    Mr. President, read the blogs before you appoint anyone to your cabinet. Vox Populi, Vox Dei?

  • Albin

    That is probably Pinky’s Quotation of the Year.
    Of course he knows a rubout when he sees one.
    Thanks to Kuratong Baleleng.

  • virgo57

    Pnoy should understand they people he is appointing into sensitive position & questionable reputation. Lacson is a snake and we all know a snake is always a snake regardless of Chinese mythology.

  • Apolinario

    Apektado ako sa comment ni Lacson sa robout na ito kasi ibinoto namin siya ng dalawang bases sa pagka senador. Sa susunod na kumandidato pa ito, wala ng maaasahan ito sa kamag-anakan ko. 

  • w4d

    LOL…yabang talaga. Hindi raw rubout kung ‘di sunog ‘yong mga biktima. Expert yata ‘yan si Lacson.

  • pinoyobserver

    Tama si Lacson hindi nga ito rubout kahit na may kabaro silang PNP Colonel na pinatay din ng kapwa PNP at Sundalo.

  • vir_a

    If this is the attitude of Lacson, he is going to be Pnoy’s big problem. Pnoy needs people who agrees with him and willing to support his programs. He does not need people who have counterproductive ideas and a threat to his programs.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      not only counterproductive but a donkey and crony of Enrile.  Everything is fake or staged.  If Lacson has a hand on this Atimonan 13 it will be automatically a firefight.  

      I don’t know why these people still around.  He should have hide forever.

  • virgoyap

    If Lacson can reverse the findings of NBI then it will be something big. Imagine cases has already been filed against these erring policemen and armies and they can be very thankful for what Lacson has done for them.

  • Paulapaula

    Naku, naku…di pa nga binibigay sayo ng pormal ang posisyon na inaalok…magkaiba na agad kayo ng paniniwala. Problema ito.. tsk tsk… Hope mabasa ng PNoy Admin ang mga comments dito.  It seems to me na ang ibibigay pa namang posisyon ay may kaakibat ng “power” or authority” (accdg to his tv interview). Good luck sa Justice system!!!

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Now I wonder if he’s  a jueteng money recipient?

    • tarikan

      Baka gagawing “point” Guard si Pink L. ni PNoy. Ang masama kung “shooting” guard. Marcos & Estrada eras are here again.

  • pdred

    Of course Ping would know about rubouts! He’s an expert! LOL

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Cover up the masonry.  

    • Welski

      Please expound on your statement

  • Jaz

     “I know [a rubout] when I see one,” Lacson told reporters

    -“E dyan ako eksperto, gawain ko kaya yan”…..he he he!

  • doublecross

    in the end, ikaw din ang makinabang…..

  • Chris P Pnono

    si senatong lasson.intrada na naman…….isisingit na naman ang batas ni tarsan.hehehehe

  • LabkoPinas

    Mr. Lacson remember “it takes one to know one”.

  • sepultorero

    Lacson will have to explain what was his real intention in the “kidnapping” and “rescue” of the Gokongwei lady. Only then can he talk about “rub-outs.”

    • kolambogan

      Lacson should also explain his role in Tim Olivarez’s disappearance, while head of the PC/INP in Bataan during the martial law era

  • LegalJustice

    Pnoy sometimes don’t think sometimes he lacks COMMON SENSE.

    You can see it in his decision in BAILING OUT PANDACA just to mention one.

    Putting Lacson in his Cabinet – Its like PUTTING BULLET IN YOUR HEAD.

  • Jack

    this is what you call “laying the predicate” for their acquittal

  • tarikan

    Punyeta tumahimik ka Pink! Of course diyan ka magaling sa rub-out kaya alam mo. Ayaw mo laang madamay si Glen kasi maganda ang boses nun ikakanta ka at ang backup singers nya ay sila Kuratong Dacer/Corbito Bintain dead band. 

  • Rovingmoron

    It didn’t occur to Senator Lacson that the Supt. Marantan may have picked one of the guns from one of those killed and used it to shot himself. Isn’t it possible that way? It is a desperate attempt for a  possible cover up. In this way, it could be thought by probers that one of the vehicle’s occupants shot Supt. Marantan. That’s how I figured it out. If I were the prosecutor, this is the way I will conduct the cross examination during the court hearing.

  • generalproblem

    hahaha yung dahilan ni lacson na yung slug na nakuha sa katwan ni marantan ay nanggaling sa baril na nakuha sa sasakyan eh nangangahulugan daw na binaril sya ng tao na nasa loob ng sasakyan. stupid thinking. eh pwede naman barilin ni marantan sarili nya tapos ilagay nya yung baril sa loob ng sasakyan. ang nakakapagtaka lang bakit sa tuhod at sa kamay sya tinamaan at hindi sa tyan o ulo. eh pag nasa sasakyan ka ang tendecy nung babaril eh pataas ang tama so dapat sa ulo o katawan sya tinamaan. i think lacson just want to save his fellow rub out expert. sa akin grazing wound pa din yung tama ni marantan dahil tuhod at kamay lang. sadyang pinatama nya sa buto para maiwan slug. i dont buy your theoryy mr lacson. hanga na sana ako sayo kaso nabobo ka dito sa sinabi mo

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    “It’s really demoralizing. Our cops might become tentative during
    operations. They might [become tentative] when they are confronted with
    armed aggressors, holduppers or armed elements. Every second counts
    during those situations,” Lacson said.
    it is also very demoralizing that a high ranking official thinks this way..hoy, daang matuwid na raw  ngayon..yung mga dating gawain ay hindi na pwede ngayon..pasalamat ka na lang at nakalusot ka..hayaan mo n yang ibang tao na ang nasampolan ng tamang proseso…o si bentain naman at yung ni-raid dati pa sa batangas ng paoctf na nanlaban daw sa 200 n pulis hehe..nanlaban, brief lang ang suot..watta

  • Kokak

    Look who’s talking.

  • kevin

    I saw what you did last rub-out!

  • Kokak

    “Police officers will get tentative in life-and-death situations…”

    That why cops should be selected and trained well. Kasama sa tungkulin nila na maging magaling magdecide, maging responsible at ipatupad ng tama ang isinasaad ng Rules on Engagement. Kaya nga sila pinapasahod. Kaya nga sila nirerespeto because they should abide by the rules no matter what. Otherwise mga tambay na lang ang i-hire natin na magbantay sa mga checkpoint.

  • Mang Teban

    “If you ask me, you are guilty in the Dacer-Corbito case. No, it was not a rubout. It was double murder.” – quoted directly from my friend whose suspicion I share.

    On Ping Lacson’s future assignment as “trouble shooter” for P-Noy, I think Leila de Lima has to find a job elsewhere fast before she finds herself being fired. By the bold and daring rejection by Lacson on NBI findings on the Atimonan case and defending a fellow police officer Hansel Marantan, the “retiring” senator has laid out his blueprint for running DILG or DOJ. Anyway, Mar Roxas is a faithful askal of the president. He goes anywhere P-Noy tells him to do. He mouths the same views of his boss. He never complains and has his eyes on the presidency in 2016…that is if Ping Lacson has no plans of running. Trillanes who is bound to lose this May can hope for a Cabinet position because he has the same mold as Ping’s. Then, there is also Edcel Lagman who can “retire” as the National Security Adviser or as DOJ secretary. Risa Hontiveros is  “ideal” for the DSWD post as streaked-hair Dinky Soliman is losing grip. 

    Team P-Noy is here to stay. A new set of team players is coming to town. No, I am not talking about candidates in the senatorial elections. I am talking of the new Cabinet composition. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata sa buhay ni Simeon, ang binatang nasa tuwid na lansangan!

  • mabyrik

    Lacson dubbed Miriam as a Crusading Crook. Well. Lacson is more than that. He is a murderous Crook. Period.

    All the evidences point to a rub-out. The scenes, the personalities, the conditions and the methods used point to a rub-out. He was not there to investigate. He just looked at the pictures and he immediately concluded, it it was a legitimate encounter. He even used the wounds of Marantan as the basis of his conclusion. Lacson did not look at the angle why Marantan was the one who was wounded, not any other lesser officers in the group. Lacson, being an intel man, knows that to make it more believable, the head of the group must be hit and so that was the plan andso it was executed to the letter.

    But the investigators who are experts in crime busting saw otherwise. It was a rub-out.

    Lacson is the last person who should comment on cases like this because of his experience. He can’t be relied upon to provide reliable and fair insights to a murder like this for he is biased from the very beginning. 

    His hands and entire body are enveloped with blood of his victims due to treachery. Even if he is acquitted by SC, the blood still lingers and it will be there forever. 

  • kilabot

    and pinky will join noykapon’s team to lawyer for policemen of his own kind; 
    and make sure the likes of michaelrayaquino, glendumlao, etc. remain in position; 
    and cases like dacer/corbito, bentain, kb, etc. are forgotten; 
    good luck, ph citizens. the pma’er par excellence is back.

  • $20174498


  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    guilty nga si corona nung nakita mo yung dinala ng small lady e itong na maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw ang nangyari e i see one you see one ewan

  • $14334231

    could lacson be the protector, or one of the protectors of marantan?  is he trying to demolish the NBIs findings to ensure marantan would not spill the beans?….i don’t hear any PNP officials, past and present, contradicting their findngs….it is only “pinky” ( to borrow miriam’s name calling) who is assailing the NBIs assessments….do you feel and fear marantan is about to sing?…but why should you fear if marantan or someone will point the finger on you?…you are so good at playing “HIDE and SEEK”.  you can hide in cagayan and nobody would ever find you there until your benefactor (you know who) grants you clemency or immunity when he sits on the throne (i pray to the Almighty that he doesn’t) in that stinking palace near the stinky pasig river…..

  • $20174498


  • $16638896

    sympre yan ang expertise ni kupal na ping!

  • johnlordphilip

    This means that Lacson is still on his OLD WAYS—no respect for human rights!

  • $20174498


    • Gelo L

      sanay ba syang lumuhod???

      • Reynaldo

        ha ha ha ha

      • arthur

        nakaluhod na nakanganga? hahahahaha

  • Sinugba

    Lacson is an expert in staging fake shoot out. He have a check list of what to do so that the rub out or plain murder will be termed a shoot out. So, whatever the crime scene investigators conclusiion run counter to his script, he will not accept.

    Lacson is a berdugo. An executioner.

  • cogito728sum

    Already contradicting the Commander-in-Chief?  Merci!

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    i know a lying senator when i see one

  • $20174498

    Days after the Atimonan Incident.

    Meanwhile, Sen. Panfilo Lacson said that the slain men were
    part of a bigger ring involved in illegal drugs and gun-for-hire activities. HALATA ANG PAGIGING BIAS MO! WHAT A SHAME PINKY!


  • Ghost

    Kaya barabara ang mga pulis natin eh…tingnan mo ang pananaw ng dating lider nila.

    Ang gusto ni Lacson konting kaluskos, putok. San na napunta yung training ninyo? San na napunta yung profesionalism nyo? Kung ganito ang attitude ninyo eh ano na ang pinagkaiba ninyo sa tambay sa kanto?

  • $20174498


  • whyinthisworld

    I suggest for the good senator to check the result of investigation conducted by both NBI, police and DOJ first before you jump into your own personal and empty observation. You were not there to even see the horrible scene afflicted upon the innocent people as a result of illegal check point operation. Whom do you want to please, mr. senator.    

    • TMZPinoy

      Sino pa..Kung hindi si Supt.Marantan isa sa mga killer nya at alaga nya.

  • jaciagar

    Like the prevaricator that he is, Lacson says he knows it but will not admit it. After all he’s an expert on rubouts & prevarication.

  • jamesgeorge

    Ping,kayong dalawa lang ni marantan ang nagsasabi ng shoot out,basta more than one,many na yon!

  • Reynaldo

    WHY mr lacson..does this situation rub on to an old wound..thats why you are to the rescue. ALL ROTTEN APPLES IN ONE BAG. KURATONG BALELENG.

  • jamesgeorge

    Ok,I understand, mr. Senator,ruboutout and shoot out are synonyms!

  • boy

    Talaga naman tong si Lacson OO……Babaw mag isip, senador pa naman….

  • sl1

    Ping, let us clean our police force by not siding with them when the evidence is very clear.

  • 444mangyan888

    hehe…si Lacson kase is eyeing Marantan for his team when he gets PNoy’s appointment. Wala nagbaligtaran na kase mga bata nya eh, except for Dumlao.
    Mga tumba boys buhay na naman. Buti sana kung mga corrupt na meyor, gobernador congrssman ang makikita natin na nakatimbuwang…sussssssss

  • Simon Ward

    If you know a rubout when you see one, give us an example of a rubout you’ve seen. And in what role were you present when you saw it? Conducting operations, or just an innocent passer-by?

    Would you be opening your yap in such an irresponsible fashion if the SC hadn’t just cleared you of much the same thing?

  • TMZPinoy

    Ganyan mag isip ang isang BAKLA na senadora..PINK LACSON..pwede ba magsama na lang kayo ni Vice huwag ka na lang bumalik sa senado at sa gobyerno ni PINOY. Nakakahiya ka…Alam namin talaga nanyari sa Kuratong Baleleng… ang tunay na “Rubout”..Miski niluto ang kaso mo ni Yadao at ng Supreme court walang maniniwala sa iyo.Magladlad ka na lang ng tunay mong pagkatao.

    • duviz7533

      gagawin pa nga ni pnoy na cabinet secretary..opps..secretarya pala..baka magkabaro sila

  • Langz

    It seems that …. Pinky Lacson will pay his crime in hell.Kuratong Baleleng,Dacer Corbito at iba pa….

  • Jimmy Munar

    Syempre ipagtatanggol ni Lacson ang kapwa nya nangra-rubout..!!!

  • limcat

    i think what pinky is trying to say is hindi daw pro ang operation ng rubout sa atimonan, mga amateur kasi … ang professional rubout ay yung ginawa nila sa kuratong

  • bayankopdi

    Talagang alam ni Panfila kung rub-out gawain niya yun…

  • felix1959

    PNOY pagisipan mo ng maigi kung ilalagay mo talaga yang berdugong si Lacson sa Gabinete mo, yan ang sisira sa iyo!!!

  • ddano

    Taking from experience( rubouts,salvagings).

  • Jay Alvin Madrigal

    nakikisawsaw si pinky lacson. where’s brenda when you need her?

  • FernandoBusi

    Ofcourse you’ll say that number 1 master of rub-outs ka din eh. 

  • Bastonero

    Magaling talaga si Lacson..nakalusot sa kaso, papaano yung talagang imbestigador nawawala yata, nasaan na si Sgt. Corazon dela Cruz? Kapatid sya ng isang Eyer’ na malapit kay Lacson…

  • 100345roselia

    Senator Lacson says that the Atimonan incident was not a rub-out which is contrary to the findings of the NBI & DOJ.  What motivated him to say it was not a rub-out? According to him he
    knows when he “sees” one.  Did he see the actual incident?  Did he personally & critically examine the physical evidences in the crime scene?  Was he part of the NBI investigating team?
    If not, did he conducted his own investigation? Who were the members of his investigating team?
    What he said is based on heresay – his opinion.  By the way let’s examine the track records of Senator Lacson.  He was charged & acquitted in the “Kuratong Baleleng” case.  He was charged
    & acquitted in the “Dacer & Corbito” case.  As former PNP chief his lieutenants /”tiradors” were Aquino & Dumlao, to name a few.  As the saying goes, “Tell me who your friends are & I will tell you
    who you are.” Again, BEHAVIOR DOES NOT LIE.

  • Angel Divera

    Yup, I believe it is not a rub out but it is rather an overkill encounter.

  • Pulokoy

    maski ako alam ko kung nakita ko :) 

  • buttones

    I think we have to bow to pinkey’s knowledge on matters of ‘rub outs’, ‘shootouts’ ‘ambushes’ multiple murders , unexplained murders’ and what not- he surely is a past master at all these sorts of things- he wrote the book. It seems that there maybe a very lucrative post in the Cabinet in the offing for the boy Pinky, some sort of ‘trouble shooter’ – which seems apt at least…….

    • Harry

      Don’t forget his skills as an escape artist.

  • VeryDisgusted2

    Speaking from experience. Wow, how corny. These guys are masters when it comes to rub outs and getting away from them.

  • 33Sambuang2

    kasi nga gawain mo pinky

  • $20722540

    lacson go home and plant kamote ka na lang ala naman naniniwala sayo ah!

  • Ross

    Good for him to be quiet na lang for this issue

  • lolong.buwaya

    hehehehehe as if…. oo naman hindi rubout yan sa iyong standard kasi gawain mo hahahhaha

  • lolong.buwaya

    rubout as defined by lacson … is “when i see one”  kaya kayong mga nag co-comment eh manahimik kayo.. baka ma shoot out nya kayo hahahahahahaha eto talagang si pinky bolero…  sarap mong kurutin

  • lolong.buwaya

    tama hindi rubout kasi hindi naman sila mga robber.. dapat ang tawag lang dyan ay “MASAKER”!!!!


    Lacson clean the entire PNP when he was the chief…walang abusado sa kanya. I ike this guy marami kasing pasaway na police di kayang kontrolin ng salita lang. Espino is good too.

  • Pedro_Gil

    ora mismong ginawa ang massacre, sabi agad ni Pinky na walang sala si Marantan.  Ito ang sabi ni Pinky maski hindi niya nakita ang crime seen.  An sabi niya si Marantan ay isang modelong pulis. Yun pala involve ito sa napakaraming rubout at massacre.  Ang huling balita ay bibigyan ng posisyon si Pinky ni Abnoy.  Talagang hindi marunong kumilatis ng karakter ang kasalukuyang presidente. pinaiiral ang KKK sa gobyerno. sama na rin dito ang nagkasalang politiko na ilalagay sa comelec.  wala tayong maaasahan sa nasa taas. magisipisip tayong lahat dahil maski ang mga nasa oposisyon bulok din dahil ang kaban ng bayan lang ang pakay nila (kulang sa experience pero may pangalan lang).  God bless the Filipinos.

  • $8278216


    • akolang

      hindi na sya tatakbo

  • okabato

    Pnoy better not hire this guy. This early he is showing his bias against the justice secretary and that is not a good omen. Para siyang kumuha ng bato at ipukpok sa sariling ulo nya.

  • Ghost

    This comment of a high government official is disturbing and is not helping in the effort to professionalize the police force.

    Anyway, when there’s real shootout, red blood is spilled. In a rubout it’s pink.

  • Ike

    Yes! Lacson knows a rub-out when he sees one. Kaya nga ang bilis nyang mag-deny, because he knows its a rub-out.

    • Norman

      He’s been involved in a rub-out himself years back.  Nagmamalasakit lang siya sa kanyang mga kabaro.

  • Abraham Ortiz

    When it comes to fighting back,it’s true to be quick to draw but when you do the check point ,you must be sure that it’s complete to all details,that is ,there is Police manning it in complete uniforms,signs and lighting with a genuine Police cars no unmarked ones.otherwise it is always be label as rob out……………………………………….

  • Ghost

    Yup, guys. Lacson have seen one.

  • speedstream2

    Isn’t circumspection well-advised for those in high and sensitive posts for isn’t it said that the fish is caught by its mouth?

  • diamond_digger

    There goes Pinky again. Yes, you would know if it is rub-out because you are the done a lot of it while still in the service and Marantan is just but a copycat and one of your followers or students.

    Fellow filipinos, Lacson is soon to assume a high-profile and powerful position in the cabinet, although I fervently hope and pray for enlightenment on the part of President Aquino. Though farther away still, when ‘Pinky’ takes the limelight and manage to refresh and or reinvent his image, he will once again take a jump at his long-cherished dream of becoming president. This early, we should try to do everything to frustrate him.

  • Arnel M Romero

    Of course he’d say that!  Parang ganito rin kasi ang hitsura sa Commonwealth flyover not too many years ago.  Bullrt that wound Marantan came from a firearm from inside one of the vehicles?  Syempre babarilin na rin nya ang sarili, gagamitin na ang baril ng kalaban.  Simple lang naman ang kwenta dyan.  SUS!

  • marivon

    It takes one to know one.

  • tugakbatan

    Birds of the same feather flock together.  Masuerti ka lang Pinky, malakas ka sa itaas.  Pero dapat ma-convict ka sa Kuratong Baleleng.

    • magiting78

      Hndi yun Robout same lang ng atimonan hahaha

  • disqusted0fu

    Lacson doesn’t have to claim that he knows a rubout when he sees one, the entire PH knows that already. He probably would’ve been joining Marantan et al in prison if it wasn’t for Pnoy’s help, who now has apparently appointed him to a very exciting position in the administration. What is it? Pnoy’s shooting trainer?

    • Peter Lim

      Sa daan na patuwid, syempre kaylangan mo rin ng tirador!!! He!He!He!

  • wakats

    The multiple murder raps have not been filed and docketed in any court yet, and its resolution is a long time coming.  For the meantime, the non-com soldiers and policemen would be restricted to their barracks and camps – with their pay and allowances likely suspended.

    As in any court of law, due process will take the center stage and the AFP, for one, will hire the best lawyers in defense of their comrades-in-arms.  In contrast, the PNP hierarchy has already pronounced the guilt of the policemen.

    It’s good Ping is sympathetic to the policemen’s plight…..

  • Natx Bacalzo

    of course, he’s a rubout artist. Kuratong, Dacer-Corbito, etc.

  • Jack_jack618


  • Jack_jack618

    Wag ka na dumaldal Lacson, nagmumukha ka lang ObobS sa mga pinagsasabi mo.  Basahin mo muna ang report bago ka dumakdak. 

  • Fulpol

    Lacson: I’m “clean” so I am free to say what I want to say”..

  • Fulpol

    Lacson coming “out clean” will of course not to demoralize.. but to inspire…

    now he “inspiring”..


  • wood68

    two words. KURATONG BALELENG!

  • Pedro_Gil

    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” by George Orwell
    Mr. Ping Lacson, you are not telling the truth.

  • Benjamin Brillantes

    sabi nga wether weather lang yan…nakaliktas sa kuratong balelen at corbito case pero sa mata ng Dyos  hindi pwede…may KARMA YAN…SANAY YAN MAGING NOONG nasa METROTONG PA SIYA

  • regd

    Gumamit ng green cross rubbing alcohol sa sunod para di mapansin na rub-out.

  • kapitanvic1

    Is this the kind of “Special Presidential Adviser” Pnoy wants for the job? Someone who will prejudge a case based on “feelings”. Did he weigh the consequences if his “guess” is wrong?

  • Rene

    Nagsalita na ang Master.

  • lacson

    This man does not belong in government. What’s an idiot like him doing there? Shouldn’t he let the justice system do it’s thing first before even opening his mouth? He wasn’t there and he talks like he already knows what happened like as if he was? The man is an idiot,he does not make any sense. May kayabangan, he talks like he knows it 100%, an expert, nothing else is needed to prove anything, he knows it all.

    • lennonpaul

       korek ka dyan…ang yabang..parang diyos alam ang lahat kahit wala sya sa pinagyarihan..napaka insensitive pa..bobo nga.

  • lacson

    What happened to serve and protect. Ang philosophy nya pala ay shoot first ask questions later. Duwag pala sya. Dapat get out of public service, magsasaka ka na lang.

  • superlucky2


  • Samuel Lariza

    thank you sir Lacson..sang-ayon ako sa pananaw mo tungkol sa resulta ng imbestigation ng NBI hindi rubout ang nangyari kasi may casualty sa kabilang panig(Marantan) sabi mo nga hindi biro ang tinamong sugat ni (Marantan)..basi aking xperience sa mindanao pagpinutukan ka ng kalaban dalawang bagay lang pwede mangyari sayo Patay o Buhay so paggumanti ka ng putok di mo alam kung ano ang mangyayari sa kalaban mo..sabi mo nga “IT WOULD BE BETTER HAVING TO EXPLAIN LATER THAN LYING IN THE STATE DEAD”

    • lennonpaul

       u mean to say kahit minasaker(pure simple murder) mo ang maraming tao barilin mu lang seriously sarili mo(not life threatening ha)lusot ka na?????

  • Alisto Juan

    Maniwala pako sa lasing kay sa kay Ping. . Samahan mo kaya yung mga bata mo sa rehas para hindi na ma demoralize. . 

  • calixto909

    Your theory isn’t hook line and sinker acceptable because there’s a possibility that Maranthan had shot his legs then threw the gun inside the car or send someone to put the gun on the car to look like the bullet came from the person inside the car. As they say there are many ways to kill a chicken.
     Don’t fool people with your obsessed belief on your self Lacson.

    • Carlos I

      More realistically, when all the 13 were already dead, Marantan took one of the guns in the former’s vehicle and shot himself in the legs.

      Ang dami ko ng napanuod na foreign films na ganun ang ginawa ng pulis noh.  Kailangan pa bang immemorize yan?

      Ngayon, kung namatay sana si Marantan, maniniwala pa akong hindi rubout.  Kaso hindi life-threatening injury eh so malamang self-inflicted para abswelto siya, hehehe.

      • lennonpaul

         yes..Maramtan has to inflict himself with a serious injury(but not life threatening)to mask the seriousnes of the crime they did…anyway if he gets away with it the reward would be worth it!!tsk…parang pelikula talaga..

  • niceguy60

    I can’t believe this shot first explain later policy is good. Don’t the police have training for subduing criminals? The senate should not confirm this guys appointment if ever it goes ahead. Seems like its a done deal though already.

  • ruben_bush

    Are you speaking from experience???  

  • ben311

    what happened to all the senate investigations about tax payers money anomaly ? media wake up diversion tactic lang ito. mga pinoy gising !

  • George Morales

    Kawawang mga pulis.  May isang intsik (new yorker) in her book ay binangsagan pa na mga corrupt ethnic pinoy police ang buong pulisya ng Pilipinas.

  • Yahilaw

    And of course that’s just an opinion of an ex-cop who happened to become a senator. I hope the public doesn’t confuse it as a fact. How for example can he reconcile his methods with those of the Rules of Engagement, which obviously requires tentativeness?

  • mangtom

    Sabi ni Lacson, “I feel for them”. May feeling o consyensya ba itong killer na ito?

  • tunderlulo

    Ang dami mong pinapalabas na pakulo para lang mapansin ka Lacson. Nasaan na ang mga ebidensiya mo kay Santiago na sinabi mong malakas? Bakit di mo siya kasuhan kung talagang may pruweba ka? Nagmamarunong ka pero wala ka namang gawa puro ka lang salita.

  • milo go

    ” I know a rubout when I see one”. I believe You Mr Lacson based on your experience. Hahahahaha

  • Goyong

    and the deliveries of used cars from a port in cagayan is resuming stealthily. business as usual . . . ningas cogon

  • Melvin

    Tama naman si senator Ping. Kaya lamang sa re-enactment naging parang pelikula, depende sa director kung anong gustong mangyari sa eksena. Pero ayon sa witness ay yung nakasakay sa suv ang unang nagpaputok… Sa ano pa man dahilan ay nawalan ng halaga testimonya ng witness…

  • muddygoose

    May nagpaputok sa loob ng SUV, may tinamaan. Natural bang tadtarin ng bala lahat ng nakasay hanggang wala nang gumagalaw? Hmmm.

  • patrickinca

    Si Lacson na master sa rub out? hahahahaha

  • boybakal

    In short, Lacson is a master of rubout.
    He has not been wounded in all his encounters.

  • Manuel

    Lacson is the “Queen” of rubouts. Ayyyyyyy manay Ping bongga ka talaga!

  • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

    Sabi mo noon lacson, let the NBI investigate. Ngayong rubout ang lumabas sa investigation, gusto mo pang ibahin? Hindi ba kasing grabe ang rubout sa antimonan compared sa rubout mo sa kuratong baleleng?

  • gerryjoaquin

    kay pinky lacson kaya natuto magsalvage si melad at maratrat. kaya ayun, parehong pareho ang resulta ng kanilang operasyon sa coplan armado at kuratong baleleng. parehong palpak.

  • Pedro_Gil

    Hehehe. Talaga palang tama si Brenda.

  • nes911

    He should know. He is used to that method.

  • isalexus

    Take one to know one!!!

  • txtman SUPOTiful Bading






  • sniper878

    GO! GO! GO!  Ping Lacson! 

  • Juan Dela Cruz

    Ping! Pong! Ping! Pong! Ping!

  • tinots

    Erap nga di makapagsalita laban ky Ping eh……Paano pa kaya ang Judge.. Baliw lang ata ang may kaya para magsalita ng hindi maganda ky Ping…Oi! Ohhhps……

  • Daniel Tare

    this is another lacson’s double talk

  • ben311

    ginagago nyo lang ang mga pinoy kasi kokonti ang laman ng utak !

  • petebarr

    Where is your feeling for Mr.Corbito and Mr. Dacer? If Pnoy appointed him for any position, that would be the beginning of the end of Pnoy’s credibility on everything.

  • dmaxx_trip

    look who’s talking. talking based on experience mr. lacson

  • samarutan

    The Senator without a doubt has the moral authority to speak about  “rub outs.” He knows what he is talking about. One of the several highlights of his colorful and exciting professional life is Kuratong Baleleng. Remember?

  • erica

    Of course Lacson knows difference between rub out and whatever… he is an expert of rubout operation.  He made milliions sa raket na ito.

  • boldyak

    maybe marantan was trained by another group kaya iba ang paraan, akala ni ping sila lang ang marunong…and by the way palpak ang paraan ni marantan, he was not trained by the master…hahaha…kaya alam na alam ni ping…

  • George Lapulapu

    ..and ladies and gentleman. this Ping lacson will join the cabinet of this administration…

  • LeoCalo

    Look who’s talking here…

  • Adnalab Elrasa

    kawawa ang kuratong baleleng gang.nilimot na ng panahon

  • mon key

    of course he knows a rub out when he sees one. he orchestrated quite a number of them, didn’t he.

  • JosengSisiw1

    All the investigators said it was a rubout. I trust them more than Pinky Lacson.

  • Karabukov

    I’m sure you do, senator. I’m sure you do.

  • zeroko

    See, Lacson says he knows a rub-out when he sees one. He he he. Senator, are you referring to the Koratong baleleng?

  • zeroko

    Balita ko, the young brother Mendoza has been permanently silent. He is now buried six feet under ground. News block out and nangyari. Halos walang nakakaalam until someone told me. If I am wrong, where is he? Produce the body! Ganito sa Pinas, if you strike a City Hall boss, sooner or later, you will disappear. But not me, I am an independent Candidate here in Q.C. I am born as a warrior. The one who told me about the death of the young Mendoza said so, and he warn me that if I fight City Hall of Q.C., I will be next. 

    That’s not my problem. All of us has his own conviction. If I die because I want to clean the LGU of Q.C. so be it. I will do what has to be done, moral ascendancy is so important to me. I have been mentioning of 3 seminars that cost  P2.9 million pesos, and of all places, it was held in Boracay, Puerto Gallera, and Palawan. Sooner than I have finished, I saw another group in their facebook, Barangay Kgds. and on the background is Singapore Information service. And in the comment, there was mention of   Resort. World hotel. That’s a high end hotel but they were only charge $265 U.S. a day. If they stayed for 4 days, it will amount to $1,060 exclusive of taxes and shuttle car back to the airport. Then again, how about the round trip fare? And also, who paid for their passport and the Airport fee. Yaman ng QC Hall, they can afford mere Kgd. on regional trip. He he e. Imagine, in the Commission on Audit Fiscal Year 2011, in the findings and recommendation (9), the Mayor of Q.C. was already admonish to exercise prudence, austerity, and even mentioned the A.O. 103, kaya lang wa-effect. Q.C. LGU just do what ever they want regardless of any law. Ganyang ka defiant ang Mayor of Q.C.

    Kawawa talaga ang tax payers of Q.C., Talagang silent majority. Puro tikum ang bibig.

  • zeroko

    No wonder, in the last May 2010 election, each Q.C. Barangay was provided with a telescopic ladder with two purpose. One is to put the tarpaulin of the Q.C. running Mayor and his group, and the next job is to remove all oppositions tarpaulin. IN Q.C., the Barangay Council is part of the political machinery. Besides that, one office at Q.C. Hall is also use as part of the political machinery. The Office is the Community Relations Office has contacts with  all accredited civic Organizations of that city. It was my mistake to be naive enough to get the list of all the members. I lost so much time and effort, plus the money communicating with those organizations. After sending them mail, all the letters return back to me. What does that means? One possible reason is, I was given an erroneous address. Two, there is a mole at City Hall working in the Central Post Office with just one job, to prevent the oppositions like  me from communicating with those civic Organization. 

    Furthermore, we had a peace pact in Immaculate Church in Cubao. Dozens and dozens of shots happened, but not one came out of the news. He hehe. Kinakahon na ako bilang Independent Mayor Candidate. I’m Henry E. Samonte.

  • Olibo

    This time you maybe wrong. 

  • ben311

    lagpas na si lacson sa koratong ang inoopakan na nyan ang tax payers money mas malaki pa. kayong mga nagsusulat nasa koratong pa rin hanggang ngayon…busit !!!

  • Dennis

    The DOJ Secretary Dilemna is really good by the books or probably with the Director of NBI with his agents, but never tried maybe to face ‘HALANG NG BITUKA” or Armed and Dangerous people with ranking Police Presidential Appointee Officer as escort with moonlighting PNP/AFP scalawags as bodyguards. This is like a mafia-tagging Armed and Dangerous people Versus real Police/AFP Officers presumably a legitimate Drag-net Operations. Whom do you side Madam Delimna? The Armed and Dangerous Illegal Operators against the PHILIPPINE LAW or the legitimate LAW ENFORCERS?


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