Arroyo as an issue? That’s so 2007—Zubiri



It’s now 2013 and they’re still talking about President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo?

For former Rep. Juan Miguel Zubiri, that’s so 2007.

Zubiri, who is running under the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), assailed the opposing administration ticket for still bringing up the former President as a campaign issue for the May 13 elections.

“It’s 2013. Let’s move on,” he told reporters and editors during a recent visit to the Inquirer.

“Maybe we should stop blaming previous administrations. Maybe we should start looking at what we should do in the future,” he added.

President Aquino himself often mentions the subject in his own speeches and during campaign sorties of his senatorial ticket.

Zubiri agreed to the idea that the current campaign should scrutinize the incumbent administration for what it had done since it took office three years ago.

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  • Putakte Naman


  • zahraff

    As long as GMA is alive there will be no stopping of issues everytime GMA’S name is mentioned. It’s simply because GMA cheated the elections that led to the death of the real winner, Fernando Poe, Jr. as President of the Republic of the Philippines. For the record, GMA must be declared the President that never was, and only then the Filipino people will stop hitting on GMA. HELLO GARCI is the blueprint of that scandal, and no matter the denials on the part of GMA, the entire Philippine Archipelago knows that the cheating was real. What’s the point of GMA talking to GARCILLIANO regarding that particular election? 

    • Heartrob ng Pugad Baboy

      How is GMA and FPJ issue relevant to this election?  Is GMA running for a national office?  

  • 33Sambuang2

    zubiri mandaraya kang epal ka

  • KarmaGMA

    birds of the same feather flocks together!!

  • AllinLawisFair

    The year 2007 is a very recent past, Mr. Zubiri. Mistakes were made then which should not be forgotten so that they will not be repeated.

    As Jorge Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” You, Mr. Zubiri has been part of the mistake your patron Gloria Arroyo committed. You realized your mistake so you resigned. 

    And now you want us to forget what Arroyo and you did?

  • It’s No Time To Doubt Now

    Of course everything is related to GMA. Norberto Gonzalez was behind the Sabah attack. The Moro mercenaries were financed by GMA. That’s as recent as you could possibly get. Wag na tayong bumalik sa baluktot na daan.

    Sa Daang Matuwid, lagi kang panalo. Go with the flow, go with Daang Matuwid.

    and may I also humbly suggest:
    vote straight LP in May 2013
    Ninoy 2.0 = Bam Aquino

    • JuanTamadachi


    • GaggerAlert

      I like this guy… he’s really funny! haha!

      You got me there dude, pretty good sarcasm. :)

    • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

      ganyan talaga..arroyo, macapagal, marcos, salonga – for distribution of hacienda luisita and reclaim sabah

      aquino, sumulong clans – claim hacienda and sabah

      bongga di ba?

      if i may add, sana mawala na lupa ang lahat ng idinadahilan ng makapiling ito para wala na syang excuse

  • alville60

    But first we should finish Zubiri’s involvement in last election’s dagdag bawas along with his patroness GMA.
    It’s so kabadingan frothing in the mouth like he’s clean and righteous, kadiri nga, over to the max

  • louie

    cheating the elections will always be an issue especially you benefited on it. Imagine, it took him 4 years to see that the results were tampered? really? it gets ridiculous when he made a dramatic exit. As far as i’m concerned, Koko’s protest had been already finalized favoring his allegation when Zubiri decided to resign. He didn’t wait for the decision to be promulgated because he wants to appear like he’s sacrificing himself for the truth. Assuming he really wasn’t part of the cheating in mindanao and “coincidentally” gained from it, I could have appreciated his resignation if he did it right after a recount showing his defeat. What did he wait for?

    • spider69

      siempre, hanggang makakakuha ng PORK BARREL. yan naman talaga ang dahilan kaya everybody wants to be a SENATONG.

  • Filipinoflash

    Gordon, Mitos Magsaysay, and Zubiri say the same thing. Stop blaming the corrupt Arroyo administration. Palibhasa nakinabang ang mga ito sa panahon nga mga Arroyo. Ibasura ang tatlong itlog na ito sa eleksyon. 

    • aristeosj

      Mag-Move On na lang daw tayo,sabi nila.hehehe!!!
      wag nang magbigay ng hustisya.

  • kurakut


  • EOJ

    Kapag manalo ito, magiging protector ito ni arroyo at mga katulad nyang loyal tuta na corrupt.


    Whether you like it or not, election cheating is an important issue.

  • scolexx

    sa mga ganitong uri ng pulitiko minsan nagsisi akong may demokrasya tayo. kapal ng balat.

  • mon key

    zubiri does not want to talk about the past. . . because he was a beneficiary of the vote rigging! we Filipinos should ALWAYS remember the past so that politicians like zubiri won’t keep fooling us! ARROYO IS AND WILL BE AN ISSUE. . . MUCH MORE SO ZUBIRI’S ROLE IN THE VOTE RIGGING! that is not so yesterday! in fact it is SO TODAY! you stole the vote then, you will steal the vote now, and will keep stealing the vote in the future!

  • XY ZEE

    Arroyo as an issue? That’s so Abnoy

    • adriel0104

      you too ABNO!

  • titolim

    kung umaapak ka, talagang aapakan muna hanggang hindi na makabangon.

  • andrew lim

    “Let’s move on”  for Zubiri means we should have no principles and just let bygones be bygones. That’s corruption.

    UNA slogan:  Di Baleng Corrupt, Basta Kakampi ng Bishop!

    • pete_delacruz

       hahahahaha…at my regalo pang SUV sa mga BISHOP….hohohoho….

  • Lila

    Why Zubiri? You want to walk away with your SHAME? GMA is your Ninang right? is GMA not your Ninang now? You really think you past will not haunt you DOWN?? To all voters, why this STUPID_SHIT still have the guts he thinks people can forget ZUBIRI CHEATING???

    • JuanTamadachi

      I agree. Let us not make Zubiri forget he was a party to and/or a main beneficiary of Gloria Macapal Dorovo’s cheating ways.

  • boshog

    A speedy conviction of the Arroyos will bring everything to closure.  Then the politicians can move on.

    • JuanTamadachi

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Well said.

  • JuanTamadachi

    Arroyo as an issue? That’s so 2007—Zubiri

    Yes Migs, Dorovo is still very much an issue in so far as you are concerned because it was her cheating ways, in connivance with Garci and/or the Ampatuans, that wrongfully got you a senate

    You were very much aware of the cheating but you decided to hang on to your seat for as long as you could and in the process, you cheated Koko Pimentel out of a couple of years of his rightful senate tenure.

     You won’t have my vote. I detest cheats.

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    you cannot scrutinize what’s not there

  • pilipino

    Tama si Zubiri, 2013 na nga naman ngayon. Kalimutan na natin na kasama siya sa dayaan sa election noong 2007 kaya naging Senador siya noon, na kalaunan tinamaan din ng hiya at nag-resign din kaya nailagay si Koko Pimentel sa Senado bilang talagang tunay na inihalal ng bayan, at hindi ang pagkapanalo ni Zubiri dahil sa dayaan.

    Tama ka Zubiri, kalimutan na lang namin na nandaya kayo noong 2007.

    Pero di pa rin namin kayo iboboto.

    Kalimutan si Zubiri sa May 10, 2013.

  • Barak_O

    magmove on kang mag isa mo

    mandaraya ka kagaya ni little girl

  • doublecross

    ‘we should stop blaming previous administration…..’ abay alam na alam na nagnakaw ng botante nung 2004. why do i never respect the arroyo’s?

  • speedstream2

    In many facets of human existence, politics included, can one ever get away from the past? Who was it who said: “He who forgets history is doomed to repeat it”?

  • Night

    I blame Gloria for this entire mess!!!!!!! Pnoy….
    my tummy hurts, I blame Gloria!!!!!!!! Pnoy….
    The World of Tanks game is too hard, I blame Gloria!!!!! Pnoy….. 
    It is too windy yesterday, I blame Gloria!!!! Pnoy……..

    • adriel0104

      I blame Gloria n naging abnormal ka!sayang ang mga anak mo abnormal din.!

  • Philcruz

    Trying to obliterate the past, Migz? Cutting the apron strings, Migz? Reminders of our crooked past makes us walk the straighter path, Migz. Now that is more so 2013.

  • lostRunes

    na bisto na sa korapsiyon sa PCSO, PAGCOR, LTO, Senate, Congress, linagay sa puwesto ni Noynoy isang baliw na CJ, at nagkapatayan na sa Luneta at sa Sabah si Gloria pa rin ang issue.

    Correction pala. Gloria is the ONLY issue for the Tuwid na daan hypocrites.

  • Labandera1

    Walang hiya ka talaga Migz, pagkatapos mong nakawan ng 4 years sa senado si Koko Pimentel ay nakuha pang sabihin na kalimutan ang lahat at mag move on….Ito ang masasabi ko Migzpara mag move on: iwanan ang katangahan at i-rampa ang LP Liberal Party sa tuwid na daan…..

  • generalproblem

    yan ang problema natin mga pinoy mahilig tayong lumimot. wag natin kalimutan na si zubiri nandaya so wag natinmg iboto ang mandaraya kasi ang mandaraya ay kapatid ng magnanakaw

  • Peter Lim

    How can we move on, hindi pa nakukulong at nabibitay si Gloria at ang mga corrupt official? Akala mo nakalimuan na namin, isa ka rin nandaya sa election, sabi mo hindi mo alam,sino niloloko mo, bata?

  • brunogiordano

    “”Maybe we should stop blaming previous administrations. Maybe we should start looking at what we should do in the future,” he added.”

    “Ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay di makakarating sa paroroonan.”

    Kung hindi liligonin ng mga botante kung paano naging pangsamantalang senador iyong CHEATER, malamang na magkaroon muli ng senador na mandaraya.

    Katangahan na ang tawag sa mga botante na boboto sa iyo.

  • Ping Gonzales

    If you hate GMA for the cheating in the 2007 Election ito (Zubiri) ang dahilan gusto ni GMA na nanalo, 0 ngayon bobotuhan pa ba ninyo itong CHEATER na ito Zubiri nakakahiya ka!

    • jhobitz

      I still vote ZUBIRI for senator. He is a good legislator and public servant of RP.

      • Karabkatab

        Character or Principle is likened to a post or columns of a building or structures.  Kung ang haligi ng iyong bahay ay bulok, no matter how beautiful are your walls, roofing, interior and exterior design, ala ring kwenta kaibigan.  Pero kung type mo pa rin si migz, that’s your call.

  • Albert

    The only thing we can be held accountable for is total incompetence.
    Incompetent candidates
    Incompetent leaders
    Incompetent administration
    Incompetent opposition

    and most importantly…. incompetent voting electorate.

  • adriel0104

    ang bakla BOW!Mig CHUPAZubiri!

  • $14334231

    we the voters, never forget!!!!!….how you played your game back then is still fresh in our minds…you’ll try to cheat again, but this time, it ain’t gonna work….you have no gloria nor abalos to do the dirty works for you this time…..relying on the “three kings?”….these 3 are, most likely, worst than arroyo….so there….you can start crying now, together with nancy, mitos, jv and the rest….except for jun magsaysay as he is my guy, just like his incorruptible father, the late Ramon Magsaysay….

  • WeAry_Bat

    When I reached the end of the article, all the words reformed in my mind into this line:

    Forget I cheated, so I can cheat again.

  • Filipinoflash

    Kapal ng mukha mo Migz. 

  • Albin

    kasi nga si penoy walang alam kundi sisihin si gma. pati sa gulo sa sabah si gma pa din.

  • disqusted0fu

    Indeed. There is obviously nothing beneficial that the country and its people can get from that anyway. It is just unfortunate that the Aquino administration has put most of their efforts on looking at the previous administration than focusing on their own. Even the Sabah standoff Pnoy is still finding ways to blame GMA and her administration instead of finding ways on ensuring the safety and protection of the sultanates.

    • aristeosj

      …but the Phil gov’t sent a ship to ferry out the Filipinos who
      camped in Sabah.what else do you think could have been done?

  • feargo

    migs – you’re part of the arroyo admin. repent!

  • Johnny

    Nagwo-work kasi at tumataas popularity ni Noynoy pag sinisisi si Gloria. Ganun lang naman kaya niya gawin. Pag tumaas na naman ang rating niya tatamarin na naman siya mag-work at mag-psp na lang. Pero mali din na move-on na lang tayo doon syempre gusto pa din namin masingil si Gloria gaya ng promise ni Noynoy. Respeto lang po sa amin na wag lang po siya gagawing excuse palagi to hide the incompetence of the current government.

  • Kaloy

    Sinong makakalimot sa mga pandaraya ninyo ng Ninang mong si Gloria?
    Kung di ka nagresign nang matalo ka sa protest ni Koko, siguoro magkasama kayo ng ninang mo sa veterans.

    Bakit tumakbo ka pa ulit? Para ano, Zubiri?


    >>>“It’s 2013. Let’s move on,” he told reporters and editors during a recent visit to the Inquirer.<<<

    AT kalimutan na lang ang lahat ng kabulastugan mong ginawa?  Oh no… can hide but you can't get away with your "HONESTY"….kahit na isang daang taon pa ang dumaan.  Tipikal kriminal mind……basta't nakaraan na, kalimutan na…..panibagong kabulastugan na naman!  The name zubiri is synonymous to glorya that's synonymous to Marcos that's synonymous to mandarambong, mangungulimbat, at magna  na  cow.

    Iboto si Zubiri for dog catcher of the dog pound.

  • JasonBieber

    PNoy is clearly weirdly obsessed with Arroyo. He can’t move on because he is falling short of achievements in his term and he needs a scapegoat to blame everything on when in reality the problems that the Philippines is facing is due to his inability to move on from Arroyo and actually do some work that benefits the country and not just himself.

    • aristeosj

      you are so active in your ‘Move On’ group just like Zubiri
      and other Arroyo allies.
      what your group wants to happen is just to forget 
      everything without the benefit of justice.

      it just can’t be,kabayan.

      • JasonBieber

        If there are evidences to prove the allegations that Team PNoy is charging GMA with then good. But the problem is that there are no evidences to support the accusation…which is why it is time to ‘Move On.’

      • aristeosj

        you are just so dense and easy for you just to ‘Move
         On’ when there are people clamoring for justice!i bet 
        you can’t swallow that if ever you are the victim.

        the case against GMA is in the hands of the 
        appropriate court already.your opinion is that there is
        no evidence to charge her with a guilty verdict.with 
        due respect,that is up to the court to decide.

      • JasonBieber

        The courts already decided the case was weak and decided to drop it. It’s just to continue the black propaganda that PNoy and his Team has against GMA, they keep hashing up more baseless cases against her.

        It’s not about getting to the truth for PNoy, it is about attacking a political foe in order to distract the public on the lack of accomplishments that he’s had.

      • aristeosj

        the case that you were stating is the case in the 2007 midterm election.the presidential election in 2004 is the one i’m questioning.of course,the time has already lapsed for the court to bring that to a hearing.but majority of the Filipino people knew that she cheated her way to Malacanang.

        i am for getting the truth.majority of the people are in quest for truth and justice which was not accessible during GMA’s term.

        GMA is not the political foe of PNoy.GMA is the foe of the Filipino people.

      • JasonBieber

        What is there to question in the 2004 elections? She won and there was no cheating, simple as that. If you believe otherwise then come up with the evidence and prove it. If you can’t then just accept things and move on and stop making false accusations.

      • aristeosj

        there are a lot of questions regarding the 2004 presidential election.and.the evidences?there were just swept under the rug by gloria’s cohorts thru the bribes under the guise of PDF.the gall really!

        gloria called up garci for ‘dagdag’ and you claim that there was no cheating?she should have been impeached!she is an illegal occupant of malacanang for nothing,hehehe!!!

        wake up and smell the coffee…

      • JasonBieber

        Instead of trying to come up with something real and concrete to back up your allegations, what you do is bring up more allegations to support your allegations. You’ve yet to come up with something concrete. It is more hypothetical assumptions. If you will be accusing the former President, please support your claims with something real otherwise stop making baseless accusation against her.

      • aristeosj

        you do not need a black propaganda against GMA.she is the black propaganda herself.

      • JasonBieber

        You hate without a cause and that’s not a good thing to have. If she did something bad then prove it, otherwise accept the fact that you are part of the black propaganda against because you believe and have eaten the falsities being thrown her way.

      • aristeosj

        stating the crookedness of somebody is just stating the reality.that is not black propaganda.majority of the Filipinos knew gloria ravaged the nation.

        the courts will soon catch up with gloria.and justice will be served.

      • JasonBieber

        It is pointless to speak with you especially if you will continue to be stubborn and choose to be blind to the realities. No evidence leads to baseless cases filled with unsupported accusations against GMA. The only thing that the courts will catch up to is dropping more cases against GMA.

      • JasonBieber

        You hate without a cause and that’s not a good thing to have. If she did something bad then prove it, otherwise accept the fact that you are part of the black propaganda against because you believe and have eaten the falsities being thrown her way.

  • Darwin

    TRAPO! This is exactly what a TRAPO mindset is. “Past is past, let’s focus on the future…. because I will do exactly what they did in the past, and I also don;t want my successor to be digging on my transactions.” MIGS – isang malaking TRAPO. So young, yet so TRAPO.

  • $20174498

    My friends the message is clear. Let the wheel of Justice rolls on the atrocities perpetrated by GMA. PNOY should not keep on looking back of the past. He should focus and concentrate how to alleviate to living conditions of our poor people

  • joeybg

    Ayaw ni Zubiri na pag-usapan pa si Kawatang Arroyo kasi kasabwat siya sa dayaan noong eleksiyon.

    Partido ng UNA – daang maganda….. para sa 3 Haring Kawatan.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Don’t vote the cheater….

  • neoxyrel

    You can’t blame PeNoy for blaming Arroyo…because for sure he don’t want to blame himself for all the blunders he made….

  • Leo

    Dapat lang pag usapan ang mga katiwalian ano gusto ni Zubiri kalimutan ang mga kawatan at kurakot? gusto wag pag usapan para hindi din sya mapag usapan na kabahagi siya ng ganung administration…..TIGIL ZUBIRI!!!!! 

  • $19750267

    after many years former President Marcos is still an issue….  si Macapagal Arroyo  kelan lang naman nagnakaw… walang masama kung gawing issue…  okey ang katwiran mo Zubiri…  ganun na lang ba? MATAPOS MAGSAMANTALA OR MAGNAKAW NG ISANG OPISYAL NG GOBYERNO… SASABIHIN MO SA MGA TAO…  ”LET’S MOVE ON?…  SIGE MAGSIPAGNAKAW KAYONG LAHAT.. AT AFTER NG TERM NYO… ”LET’S JUST MOVE ON”..  

  • whyinthisworld

    Migz it’s an issue and reality. If your master is clean, not a cheater and patriotic president do you think filipino people would condemn and criticize nor mention her full of sin name in vain? No but instead she will be praised like a saint. So better shut your mouth, keep on concentrating fooling people, who know you might win this election.

  • Mattino2011

     Move on mo mkha mo mandaraya ka Zubiri

  • w33k3nd3r

    That doesn’t change the fact that you’re still a cheater.

  • Musharaf Iqbal

    i might not have any other name on my ballot but zubiri only. kung pag uusapan lang din naman ang track record, anong ibubuga ng mga kanditong pinagmamalaki ninyo? for further info, check migz’ CV and run that in parallel to, let say pimentel? yung kay bukbok malamang pwedeng sayawan. pweh!

  • basilionisisa

    may use-by-date by corruption at cheating? naka-tattoo na yun sa noo mo, Mr Zubiri! pakumbaba ka naman paminsan-minsan, hindi yung arogante ka pa, para bang utang na loob pa ng voters kung iboboto ka… anyway, yan nga ang tatak ng UNA!

    To vote for you? No thanks!

  • wakats

    Migz still defend his benefactor who, like him, is famous for the hello garci magic in 2004 elections.

    Magkasama talaga at walang iwanan ang mga mandaraya…. 

  • athenapallas

    No, Zubiri, the issue is you cheated. You are a cheater and we cannot trust you. We cannot trust a cheater like you and the other scoundrels of your party UNA. We will not move on because we are always reminded by unprincipled and greedy politicians like you that our country is in mire of misery and poverty because of your greed for power and pork barrel. So move on yourself, mag-move on kang mag-isa mo malapit sa bangin para mahulog ka.

  • hustlergalore

    in other words:

    my cheating is 20-kopong-kopong-pa – migs zubiri, eco-warrior!


  • docD

    Ingat kayo dito. Wag iboto si Zubiri.  Syempre natulungan sya ni Arroyo sa mindanao (12-0, in favor of Arroyo’s candidates if you dare to forget)  Then umupo sa pwesto kapit tuko.  Bumitaw lang dahil huli siya. pag pinagpilitan niya baka malabas baho nya.  ingat kayo dito

  • muddygoose

    Gloria was president until 2010, so why is talking about her so 2007?

  • richard ortega

    EPAL ka talaga zubiri 2007 pa pala ikaw humihimud ng pwet ni gloria puro kayo mandaraya at kung ano ano pa.

  • disqusted0fu

    In 2014, 2015, and 2016 this is more or less what everyone will still say. Because what else is there to talk about? The supposed only significant achievement of Pnoy is on the verge of failure with what happened in Sabah. What would they talk about, no wang wang? So attacking GMA is the only thing that’s left for the Aquino administration.

  • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

    According to Zubiri dapat ng kalimutan si GMA dahil 2007 pa yun. Siyempre dapat mong ibaling sa iba ang usapan kasi baka maalala ng tao na noong 2007, ikaw at si GMA ay nagkaisa para ipanalo ka sa pamamagitan ng dagdag bawas sa Maguindanao. Peke kang senator kasama ang pekeng presidente mo.

  • jenna

    Zubiri is so 2007. We should not vote him in 2013.

  • Heartrob ng Pugad Baboy

    Balita ko si GMA rin ang dahilan bakit nag resign si Pope Benedict.

    • aristeosj

      Mali!si GMA ang dahilan kung bakit may 2007 election scandal.Si GMA rin ang dahilan kung bakit nagkaroon ng ‘senador Zubiri’,hehehe…

  • AllaMo

    Because Filipinos “forgot” the evils of marcos-enrile reign, they have kept letting the history of graft and corruption play on a loop. This is why wanna-be’s, like zubiri, jakie, nancy, bongget, jv, jr. revilla, amapatuans, and, their ilk want the people to forgive and forget.

  • Legally Black

    Ang kapal ng mukha ng mandarayang eto!Shut up, Zubiri, if not, Go to Hell!

  • CN

     Hayop ka Zubiri! Mandaraya ka!

  • JasonBieber

    PNoy has to make Arroyo an issue because he has nothing real to boast about other than his fake accomplishment in jailing Arroyo. He often makes mention of his “Daan Matuwid” slogan or whatever but how can it be daan matuwid when innocent victims are dying because of the Sabah issue and Filipino in Davao are starving because of the effects of typhoon ‘Pablo’ and PNoy can stand in front of people in Davao and still crack jokes.

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