Nancy Binay fears attacks on father to bring her down in surveys



Senatorial candidate Nancy Binay: Don’t hit my father. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—Senatorial candidate Nancy Binay fears that political operators will escalate their attack on her father, Vice President Jejomar Binay, to bring her down in the surveys in the run-up to the elections in May.

While thankful for her strong showing in the latest Social Weather Station (SWS) survey, the United Nationalist Alliance candidate said she is hurt critics are attacking her father, who is not even a candidate in the election.

“I hope they will just allow us to talk to the people about issues. Please don’t hit my father just to bring me down in the surveys. I hope they’ll stop their mudslinging on my parents. They’re not the candidates,” she said in a press statement.

Binay, who is the Vice President’s eldest daughter, is concerned by the resurgence of mudslinging and personal attacks, especially against her father.

“As a daughter, I am hurt that they’re doing this to my father,” she said.

The Vice President has the highest trust and approval rating among government officials, she said, but the attacks against him escalated after her inclusion in the Senate ticket of UNA. She has stayed in the top 12 in the surveys, taking the No. 7 spot in the latest SWS survey.

She noted that other UNA leaders like former President Joseph Estrada and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile were being attacked in an attempt to bring down the ratings of UNA candidates.

While still in the winning circle, she said much work remains to be done.

“I am very grateful for the support. For me personally, the surveys serve as a guide for planning. The true test of support for a candidate is the turnout and the reception given to us during our sorties to the provinces. And so far, UNA has garnered large crowds wherever we go, despite the warning given to local officials not to host us when we visit,” she said.

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  • pcosmachine





  • Hellomr

    No one are grateful on you ….guys… Your father is enough and you should
    Stop from running…. We don’t want to see father and daughter …
    Let others to run to gave a chance. We need somebody who is new.

  • Pedro_Gil

    ang tawag sa inyo ay SUGAPA sa lakas. Team bulok, team sugapa,  team artista, team  mandarambong at  team babaero hehehe. Team bulok siguradong talo. habol niyo kuwarta ng bayan maski napakaliit ng swedlo ng hinahabol na posisyon. mga baliw!!

  • Rj Nieto

    Ms. Binay, your only “qualification” for being in UNA’s lineup is your political pedigree and you know that. 

    So please, stop playing innocent. You know what’s going on.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Everyone’s fair game. It comes with the territory. Nancy Binay should not expect any special treatment.

  • joeybg


  • aPenni4Peace

    Ms. Binay, I wont call you names like  what the rest are doing. I dont have the capacities or means to perform mudsliding against you, your father and your family. You remain to be respected as a human being, and most importantly as a woman.

    However, if you truly love your father, your family and perhaps your futures kins, leave the public services to your father and let him spend his own time with it. If you truly love children like what you protray on your political ads as it runs, be a good mother for your future kids, i beg of you. You can help children in some other ways too like I do in our outreach projects.

    Leave politics at least with dignity. Spare us with your antics and help us rise from the mud, rather than be a victim of mudsliding.

    I hope you’ll get to read this.

  • Saloi-CDR

    Sorry po…sabi ng katabi kong pamangkin nang nakita ang picture mo…”Katulong siya ni Binay?”

    • 12JEM

       Isinama mo pa ang iyong pamangkin para i-expose kung anong kalseng familia kayo ! !

  • JV Velarde

    Nancy Binay should stop whining. She knows very well it’s not her candidacy that is at stake here, it’s his dad’s ambition to become president. The only reason she’s up there in the survey is because of her father’s name. 

    UNA is a team of inconsistencies & hypocrisy, Meatus Magsaysay is so proud using her husband’s surname while this Nancy is doing the opposite. Try using Angeles, her husband’s surname, I doubt if she’ll even rank among the top 20 in the surveys. 

    If she doesn’t want her father’s sins to be exposed in public she should tell him to stop campaigning early on for the 2016 presidential elections.

  • Pedro

    YOU  DONT  RESPECT  THE  CONSTITUTION  PROHIBITING  POLITICAL  DYNASTIES  BECAUSE  YOUR FAMILY  HAD  TASTED  POWER  AND  SO  MUCH  WEALTH  THAT  POWER    BRINGS . . . The battle had began against political  dynasties and  corruption. . just be prepared. . . . . political dynasties to the garbage can. . .

  • Dy Pailad

    Nip corruption in the bud. Dont vote UNA babies Nancy, Jack and JV.

  • Hey_Dudes

    I think many Filipinos if you really must know Nancy are just holding their stomach for fear they will throw up if they hear more of  the name Binay.  So it is not what you think is the reason many people are against you or your father, they are against dynasty which I am sure you can understand.

  • kentohtan

    recycled news ito.tuwang tuwa kasi moderator sa pagbasa sa mga comments lalong lalo pag si vice uling o kanyang anak na si nancy ang topic.
    malignang maligna talaga ang dating.nakakatakot.ngipin at hikaw lang nakikita ko…
    dapat as party list rep tumakbo itong si nancy
    party list ng mga katulong at caregivers.

    • 12JEM

       Salamat sa tuloy tuloy ninyong panglalait at pangungutya kay Nancy.  Isang katulad mo ang kapalit naman ay maraming mga caregivers at mga katulong na kayo ay bubweltahan at siya ang ibobot. Ang kailangan lang nila, lalo na ang mga nasa abroad ay i-test at i-email sa kanilang mga kamag-anak from Batanes toi Tawi-Tawi na iboto si Nancy…..para may representation ang mga mababang katulad nila.

      Mabuhay si Nancyin her splendor of Attributes Divine.

      Mabuhay ang lahat ng mga Inday….pati na ang lahat ng mga Kulay Kayumangging Kaligatan.

      • joeybg

        mabuhay ang mga baluga , oops nognog pala.



    • 12JEM

       Mockery is the weapon of those who have no other…H.P.

  • elgeepee

    At bakit naman hindi bibirahin tatay mo eh wala naman nagawa so far sa mga Pinoy yan. Unexplained wealth din ang problema niyo eh. 

  • Marcelo Mendoza

    I can only say HAAhaaa……ang pangit pangit pangit pangit pangit pangit pangit mo nancy binay dapat sa yo Hongkong ang puntahan mo dahil mukha kang katulong.Ang dami ng nakurakot ninyo pero di ka pa rin napaganda ng pera ninyo.

    • 12JEM

       Ridicule is the first and last argument of FOOLS.

  • Albert Einstien

    there is NO NEED  for mudslinging JUST ANSWER CORRUPTION ISSUES..!

    if binays were NOT ONLY INVOLVED in CORRUPTION as repeatedly reported in our  HISTORY …binay would be a perfect leader for me CAUSE HE IS A FULL BLOOD FILIPINO, a lawyer & a fighter…..better than pnoy-chinoy ..a PORTION FILIPINO -a PART CHINESE……….BUT his alleged CORRUPTION ACTIVITIES…..will PULL him down…like the ALLEGED GHOST EMPLOYEES & CONTRACTS… like this NEWS :

    EX-COUNCILOR SHOWS NEW ‘EVIDENCE’ VS MAKATI MAYOR BINAYMETRO MANILA, OCTOBER 25, 2006 (STAR) By Rhodina Villanueva And Michael Punongbayan – A former councilor of Makati City yesterday claimed that the alleged ghost employees that are under the payroll of city hall could account for 80 percent of the 12,000 registered employees based on the records of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) which showed that most of the employees does not have taxpayer identification numbers (TINs) for the past eight years.
    Francisco Ibay, former councilor of the 1st District of Makati City, held a press conference in Pasay City and showed documents to prove his claim that since 1999, there are at least 9,600 employees at the Makati City Hall without TINs.
    He explained that under existing law, all employees must have a TIN before they are employed by city hall under Mayor Jejomar Binay.
    He said that official documents provided by his informants at the city hall indicated that employees that do not have TINs reached 9,792 workers in 2001, 7,597 in 2003, and 8,068 in 2005.
    “This was highly irregular and fuels suspicion over the existence of ghost employees in the city’s payroll and possible scam involving nearly half a billion in public funds,” Ibay said.
    He estimated that in that span of time, the city government could have paid around P960 million per year or P9 billion for the last five years for these “non-existent” employees.
    Binay laughed off Ibay’s allegations and dared the former councilor to present his evidence in court and not just make photo opportunities for the media.
    “If that is true, then it should be the BIR coming after us, not them,” said Binay’s public information officer Joey Salgado.
    Ibay claimed that the figures he presented have been certified true and correct by Elizabeth Gracia Sacramento, head of the document processing section, and Roberto Baquiran, revenue district officer for North Makati, of the BIR District Office 409.
    “The TIN of an employee is a lifetime reference number used to facilitate tax payments and related transactions of workers with the BIR and other government agencies. Employers deduct part of the monthly salaries of workers as withholding taxes, and these are credited to their annual income tax payments.”
    Ibay presented three scenarios given the documents he obtained. “The withholding taxes deducted by the city hall are not remitted to the BIR; the withholding taxes deducted by the city hall are remitted to the BIR but are not properly claimed by employees in their annual income tax payments; or the names in the payroll are fictitious.”
    What’s worse, he said, is that the employees have no TINs because they are ghost employees.
    “The only way for Mayor Binay to clear the issue is to present to the public the complete list of Makati City hall employees from 1999 to present, with their respective TINs and addresses,” Ibay said.
    Ibay challenged Binay to explain why 80 percent of employees at the City hall have no registered TINs. ……………………………..

    if those were TRUE… HOW many BILLIONS  were LOST through CORRUPTION ?

    it is BASIC…that if you WITHHOLD taxes..there must an EMPLOYEE NOT a GHOST who has a TIN where the govt cancreidt the withheld taxes….if 80% of employees DO NOT HAVE TINs that TIME….HOW many BILLIONS would that be ..that is ONLY withheld TAXES…what ABOUT the GROSS COMPENSATION….and HOW many years they are DOING this….the NEWS said for past 8 years..COA should EXPLAIN this…. 

    as BIR ALREADY CONFIRMED the NO TAX IDENTIICATION NUMBERS ( TIN )…..HOW will COA can LEGALLY EXPLAIN the BILLIONS of EXPENSES for the alleged 8 years as reported…COA should make PUBLIC its REPORTS….

    kung 12,000 at 80% ay walang TIN ..10,000 employees yan..SOBRA naman ATAyan..KASYA ba sa OLD BUILDING ng makati yun e ang LIIT non..kahit jan sa bago nilang buildng ..imposible pa rin KAKASYA mga 12,000 employees..KAHIT 5% lang me KOTSE 600 cars pa rin yun..di rin kakasya..pwede siguro kung sa NAIA 3…TSK TSK…


    • joeybg



      • 12JEM

        Warning:  The Real Balugas have a special CURSE for people like you.

      • Ernesto


      • joeybg

        o sige .di na baluga, nognog na lang

  • Marcelo Mendoza

    GUYS……Let us use the power of social network to unleash the sins of the BINAYS……enough pf them.Let them enjoy their money and spend it sa Belo Medical clinic.Hahahahaha

    • mabyrik

      I agree. I think we a re successful. Now, it’s 9-3. Tomorrow 12-0? Puede!!!

  • dickenhead

    phil politics is about mudslinging my dear, it’s a no holds barred contest. You have gor a lot of skeleton to hide, the more fun it would be. if you cannot hack it, leave it

  • mabyrik

    You are Correct Nancy. The best way to stop the poisonous tree from growing to a humongous proportion is to cut its roots and prevent it from spreading harms to the birds and the people.

    You are correct Nancy. Your father is synonymous to a poisonous and dangerous tree and for that he must be cut and totally eliminated before he brings death to anyone who eats its fruits and leaves.

    Take a look at your father’s track records and see why.

    Before 1986, your father is a regular human rights lawyer who tailed Saguisag and Joker as a mere assistant. He is as normal as the regular middle class professional with a dilapidated car that sometimes, bogged down in the middle of EDSA. In short, he’s nobody. He is totally unknown in the fields of law unlike Estelito Mendoza, Saguisag and Joker. Saguisag is still living a modest life and has not been smeared by corruption issues. Joker and Mendoza are big time lawyers and they hit the jackpot for lawyering. Now, the properties of the 3 are pittance compared to your father’s.

    Your father, after 20+ years as mayor, sandwiched by a lone term of your mother, had never it so good, with multiple mansions and properties and can live luxuriously and comfortably even for 1000 years. He can only thank EDSA 1 for the complete turnaround of his life, after Cory appointed him as OIC, a mistake Cory had to silently rue.

    But, where did he get those alleged billions? Just pore over the charges he faced as mayor, why he was suspended as mayor and that will answer the question. 
    Up to now, Binay has not answered where he got his wealth for answering them honestly will put him in a chain, in the company of criminals in Muntinglupa.

    Now Nancy, if you are still not enlightened, go and ask your Dad, “Daddy, corrupt ka ba talaga, pasensya kana, tanga kasi ako, pero komo mas tanga ang mga tao, magsesenador ako” 

    Binay, when asked for the qualifications of Nancy to become a senator, his curt reply is “She is my daughter”. That was a reply that justified why he is being attacked.

    See Nancy? It was your father who answered your question. 


    • spider69

      Nadale mo Pare ko. yan din ang madalas na laman ng aking mga past blog. saan galling ang yaman ni Binay. he is not a business man like the Ayalas, Elizalde and the like. bakit billioneir na si Binay. At bakit hindi siya maimvistigahan ng Aquino Gov’t.  Ano,,,iwas pusoy si Pnoy dahil appointed siya ni Cory as OIC of Makati wayback. ayaw ni Pnoy na masisi ang Nanay niya pero yun ang totoo. The biggest blunder of Cory Aquino appointing Binay as OIC of Makati.

      • joeybg

        Sa ngayon, hindi pa kasi kaya ng senado na imbistigahan si Baluga dahil marami siyang kaibigan sa Senado, kapag nakuha ng LP ang majority sa senado si Baluga ang uunahin at si Berdugo ang isusunod.

    • Mr Moonlight

      hey, its not necessary for her to ask her father where all those wealth coming from, she is no dummy, she knows it.
      from rug to riches with no known legitimate business investments except being a mayor of a first class city having a yearly salary of………. go figure it out
      even a grade school graduate would know about it

      • mabyrik

        Bro, my piece is full of metaphor. I know she knows where her father sources it. But do i need to be literal about it? But TY anyway.

  • Butuan

    Pang Manila Zoo ang beauty – Ungoy

    • 12JEM

       Ridicule is the language of the DEVIL….t.c.

  • Mon Sparks

    Napakabata pa para magsimulang sundan ang (hindi magandang) yapak ng kanyang ama. Sana ay nagkandidato man lang muna sa Makati ng konsehal. Kung sabagay, mas malaki nga naman ang ma_____ sa Senado.

    • Alloywheel1

       Nasaid na nila kasi ang kaban ng Makati.  Kaya — ibang kaban naman.

  • wazgoingon

    Aside from voter realization that you really don’t have anything to offer, yes, your father’s misdeeds will bring you down and out of the winning circle.  But, I guess that will be good for you in the long run, since you never wanted to be in politics anyway.  Di ba, pinilit ka lang to complete the ticket. 

  • milo go

    There is a saying that if cannot stand the Heat stay out of the kitchen. Do not complain when you enter politics and anointed by a kingmaker you deserve to criticized

  • joerizal

    Number 7 na nga umaangal pa. Dapat sa yo number 69.

  • EOJ

    Her one and only capital in running for senator is her last name. No track record at all either in advocacy or particular sector she is representing.

  • ah_ok_fine12

    one thing is for sure, im not voting Nancy Binay. i havent completed my senatorial list yet, but she dont have a space on it.
    i dont know what she can do, but she would always be just a mere shadow of the VP

    • Pulokoy

      what does actually she can do?

    • JV Velarde

      A mere shadow of a shadow. LOL!

      • James McTangay

        ano na kulay non JV? hahahahahaha

  • Marcos5

    P9 billion for the last five years for these “non-existent” employees….. WOW !  that’s a lot of Stolen Money.

    Imagine with that MONEY –  I could turn Makati into the Next Dubai or Amsterdam in 1 year.

    *First Class Centralised Grand Central Rapid Bus Station.
    *Private Lane for Bus Rapid Transit.
    *Bicycle Shed and stand for every Bus stations and Train stations.
    *Bicycle Lanes throught Metro Manila.
    *5,000 Free Bicycles for Makati commuters workers.
    *Handicapped Access implementation to all infrastructure bathrooms and Movie theatres.
    *Greenery beautification project for every plot of land that’s not being used.
    *Interconnect PNR/LRT and MRT.  Add monorails from UP diliman to Makati.

    • 12JEM

      Words are Cheap….Cheapened even by those who can only pronounce or announce.

      Makati into Dubai sa isang taon lang at saka 9Billion pesos lang?…Halatang puro ka lang YABANG. Sa cost estimates lang halatang di mo kaya.

      Kung sabagay baka kailangan talaga natin ang mga taong kahit sa Yabang lang ay maayos na ang lahat.

      Continue being Unrealistic…

  • brunogiordano

    “Nancy Binay fears attacks on father to bring her down in surveys”

    Isa iyan sa mga dahilan.

    Subalit ang malaking dahilan ay ayaw ng mga tao iboto ang isang UNQUALIFIED na KANDIDATO.

    Habang dumadami ang makaalam kung sino iyong UNQUALIFIED na kandidato mabilis din mawawala sa MAGIC 12 siya.

  • brunogiordano

    Ang perception ng mga tao ay, inutusan ka lang TATAY mong bumili ng SUKA sa sari sari store nag ambition ka na agad pumunta sa SENADO at maging SENADOR.

    • 12JEM

       Ano man ang percption ng mga tao si Nancy may chances na magging Senador. Mga katulad natin hanggang dito na lang sa patutsadahan! Enjoy…Cheers.

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    When you are clean, you will have courage and be able to remove all fears, especially the unfounded ones. Wonder why media is publishing this kind of comments from a nobody. There are good ideas mostly from the Kapatiran group that never find its way to press. Media be fair and give everyone chance to be recognized.

  • concern_netizen

    Shame on you Inquirer. This article already appeared yesterday under a different title (Don’t Hit My Father” – Nancy Binay). I wonder what Binay offered your editors to ‘soften’ the article. Shame on you!

  • Isagani Gatmaitan


    The attack will be logically focused on the puppeteer who controls the puppets strings, not the wooden marionette (avatar to the newer generation)!

    • 12JEM

      Mr. IG…Parang ikaw ang walang KAMUANG-MUANG

      O baka naman Nag-MAANG-MGANGAAN ka lang?


  • kulittwit

    Among the most unqualified candidates. Nothing to show for her personal tract record.

    • 12JEM

       Kung hinahanap mo ay TRACT Record ay wala ka talagang makikita kahit si PNoy pa ang iyong hanapan…Baka gusto mo namanTRUCK record?  Wala rin niyan kahit sinong kandidato. Next post try another record kung may alam ka pa.  Cheers.

  • fuctore

    Iba na talaga ang pulitika sa Pinas
    Kahit personal assistant ( alalay ) ka lang,
    Pwedeng pwede ka ng maging senador .
    Kakasulasok na talaga ang stratehiya ng mga Binay,
    Nung nagturo siguro ang teacher nila tungkol sa salitang ” DELIKADESA ”
    ay nagsipag absent ang mga ito.
    Kungsabagay , wala din naman ipinag iba ito sa mga sangkaterbang Political Dynasties
    na nagkalat sa bung bansa.
    Halos lahat ng seven deadly sins ay pasok na pasok sa mga trapo sa Pinas,
    wala silang pinalusot.

  • Paking

    What made you become qualified to run as senator? Dahil anak ka ni Binay? Sa sarili mo na lang, alam mong di ka qualified  para maging senador, bakit ka tumatakbo? Mayroon ka bang proven track record sa management? Yong mga tulad mong produkto nang political dynasty ang malaking dahilan nang di natin pag-unlad dahil di kayo dumaan sa matinding screening process para piliin ang “the best and the brightest”. Napuwesto ka dahil anak ka ni Binay at di dahil magaling ka at karapat dapat maging senador. Di lang ikaw, nagkalat ang lahi n’yo na nagpapahirap sa Filipino.

    • 12JEM

      Wala siyang Track record. Baka hanapan mo pa siya ng TRUCK record? Wala rin siya noon….Sobra ka naman.

      Pasensiya na…Enjoy lang ako.

      • 12JEM

         Mea Culpa…Dapat ito reply kay kulitwit.

  • quirinomayer

    Ilusyonada, tumigil-tigilka na. Marami talaga ang galit sa iyong ama dahil natatakot sila na pag naging presidente, ang pangungurakot nya sa Makati e gawin nya sa buong bansa at ayaw na ring iwan ang Malakanang kagaya ng di nyo pagbitiw ng kapangyarihan sa Makati. Pag naging presidente ang amamo, malamang matuloy ang chacha para maging parliamentary tayo a maging prime minister for life na siya.

    At huwag kang umastang legitimate senatorial candidate  ka. Saling-pusa ka lang dyan. Pag ang tataymo e si Juan de la Cruz, walang nakakakilala sa iyo.  

    • 12JEM

       Change in the 1987 Constitution will happen before 2016 to allow PNoy to run again for another 12 years.  Huwag kayong matakot kay Binay.

      Pero kwidaw kayo….Kapag may nangyari na di kanais-nais kay Presidente Noy ang Presidente natin ay si Jejomar.

      Taklot kayo sa mga aninong kayo ang lumilikha.  Cheers

  • martial_law_baby

    Welcome to politics Ms. Binay. Pinaghahalata mo lalong wala kang qualification para tumakbo. Don’t play naive. Diba gawain naman din yan ng pamilya nyo sa Makati? Lahat ng tumapat sa pamilya nyo hinukayan nyo ng putik? Tapos mag maang maangan ka na wala kang alam dyan. On the first place, kaya ka lang naman nag rate sa survey dahil sa apelyido mo. Ni hindi ka nga namin kilala o alam na nag eexist. Mas kilala namin yung kapatid mong babae na maaskad magsalita na naging Congresswoman dahil sa katulad mo, ginamit lang ang apelyido. Since you are only riding on the Binay brand, prepare yourself to self destruct because of being a Binay. Welcome to the big league Ms. Binay. 

  • dominator1

    Naku inday wala ng sisirain pa sa tatay mong corrupt! Mangmang Lang amg boboto sa inyo! UNA- no mong tatay nagpa yaman ng husto sa makati.. Isama mo na yong aswang mong nanay na kurakot din!

  • Dy Pailad

    According to Jojo, we will vote for you because you are his daughter. Naturally we have to scrutinize your only qualification which is your father.

  • kurakut

    bakit ba nancy? hindi ba kayo pinansin ng mga taga-makati? ah, hindi mo naramdaman o narinig man lang ang batikos? ibig sabihin ay parang 3-wise-monkeys ang style nyo.

  • Arnell Santi Bamba

    Nancy Binay-  Dynasty Princess

    • Labandera1

      Siguro Arnell bagay sa kanya ang tawagin “Nancy Binay- Dynasty Witches…

  • joeybg

    May naitatago din naman kahit konting puti. Ang kanyang ngipin.

    • 12JEM

       Resort is had to ridicule only when reason is against us……TJ

      • 12JEM

         Her color is Divine….God-Given!

      • joeybg

        show to me her real colour “intention”….. she wants to be senator ‘coz of money like her dad instant billionaire., Kawatan.

    • 12JEM

       JB, kapag naging Pope si Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana baka maging Muslim ka na. O baka mappatiwakal ka na.

      • joeybg

        pasensiya kana , nagkamali nga ako, may itsura naman pala, masama nga lang.

  • Albert Einstien

    MABUTI gusto sumagot sa ISSUES sana TOTOO.. pakisagot nga po itong mga news about alleged corruption…

    NEWS : 1/09/2010 MANILA BULLETIN et al. : CTA: Makati owes government P1.2 B in tax deficiencies
    The Court of Tax Appeals (CTA) has ordered the Makati city government to pay the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) P1.2 billion in deficiency taxes, it was learned Friday.
    In a decision released last December 16, the tax court rejected the appeal of the city government to dismiss the case and instructed it to pay the tax debts incurred in1999, 2001, 2002, and 2004.
    about ghost employees & non-remittance of withholding taxes….GARGANTUAN BILLIONS of PAYMENTS?
    On May 2, 2007 the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) froze all the bank accounts of the city government of Makati and the personal accounts of Binay and his Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado. The BIR issued the order after it said the city still owed the BIR P 1.1 billion in withholding taxes of city employees from 1999 to 2002. .( wikipedia )
    1.1 BILLION OWED as withholding tax? WOW…pang guiness yan.
    If TAX not remitted is ALREADY 1.1 BILLION how much is the GROSS PAYMENTS?
    How MANY EMPLOYEES in the ALPHA LIST submitted to BIR for 1999-2002 are there in makati CITY HALL in 1999-2002 to warrant a GARGANTUAN amount of withholding tax? if 12,000 employees & 80% have NO TINS….that is close to 10,000 employees WITHOUT TIN….grabe…
    HOW many of them have TINs, Birth Certificates, GSIS, SSS,LTO , NBI or are they also recorded in NSO?…any employee who is not a ghost can show them just COMPARE them at the ALPHA LIST submitted to BIR….do they have chairs, tables & offices for them?
    WHAT about previous to 1999 and subsequent years after 2002….how many employees are there & how much compensation paid & tax withheld & remitted?
    How many other LGU’s have ghost employee issues here in metro?
    JUST IMAGINE the tens of BILLIONS per year losses to government if there is TRUTH to these ghost employees …prescription to file cases on these issues is 20 years…why coa is silent to other lgu’s?

    kung yung me mga TIN nga nagiging GHOST EMPLOYEE 15/30 lang sila PUMUPUNTA para mag-SIGN ng SWELDO…yan pa 10,000 na WALANG TIN….GRABE…EXPLAIN..EXPLAIN …REFUND…

    CAN COA commissioners PLEASE explain these to the PUBLIC ?

    kung 12,000 at 80% ay walang TIN ..10,000 employees yan..SOBRA naman ATAyan..KASYA ba sa OLD BUILDING ng makati yun e ang LIIT non..kahit jan sa bago nilang buildng ..imposible pa rin KAKASYA mga 12,000 employees..KAHIT 5% lang me KOTSE 600 cars pa rin yun..di rin kakasya..pwede siguro kung sa NAIA 3…TSK TSK…


  • Bentotako

    Pamilya kasi kayo ng mga corrupt!!! Pati kapatid mong mayor ng makati corrupt!!! Pati ospital ginigipit…hinihingan ng P10M ang Makati Med. para ayusin lang ang traffic sa paligid ng ospital…ang traffic ay sanhi naman ng traffic flow na pinatutupad ng lunsod ng makati..minsan sinasara pa ang kalsada at kailangan mo pang umikot ng malayo para lang makarating sa ospital…kawawa naman yung mga pasyente na may sakit na pinahihirapan pa….Kapal ng mukha mo Jun Jun….mana ka talaga sa ama mong maliit at maitim na maligno….

    Mga Bunay…Saan po galing ang yaman ninyo????

  • superpilipinas


    team pnoy and una attacking each other will bring both down and ….

    raise the new and better candidates up.


    • Jose Mari d

      Clowns….wala na bang alternate candidates….iksi naman ng pananaw mo Ginoong Payaso.

  • martin cruz

    “The Vice President has the highest trust and approval rating among government officials,” she said, 
    Nancy is running for senator over-confident that the alleged popularity of his father will easily carry her through.  But the Filipinos will be asking  for what she had done and what she can do with regards to the job of legislation.  That is what she must present.  But we all know she has none, except to leisurely work for his father and enjoy the perks.

  • Cabesang_Tales

    If i were you Nancy i will withraw you just have to be true to yourself.

    • Ceazar

      Mag-resign si Nancy? Gusto mong masampal siya ng ambisyoso niyang ama na atat na atat maging presidente?

      Si Abigail Binay nga nung una, ayaw humabol na congresswoman ng Makati, eh di nakatikim siya ng sampal ni Nognog. Ngayon hayahay na hayahay si Abby sa pagiging congresswoman.

  • Alloywheel1

    Fruit does not fall far from the tree.

  • Pope

    Nancy Binay’s previous job before running as senator? Personal Assistant.
    And the person who hired her — Her own father. Toink?

    1. No skills.
    She’s 39 years old, and comes from a wealthy and well connected family. But she couldn’t get hired for a better job than being her dad’s “alalay”?

    2. No experience
    No prior history in public service. She did not even serve as barangay captain, kagawad, or barangay tanod. Tapos senator kagad gusto!

    3. No character
    She publicly admitted it was not her decision to run but the party’s. Wow, she didn’t even have the strength of character to make her own decisions?? Is Nancy running be to be the puppet of UNA in the senate?

    No skills. No experience. No character. No Binay

    • prince_janus

       Send her to garbage!

    • JuanTamadachi

      well said

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      Kung ang janitor may minimum requirements bago makapasok dapat ang mga pulitiko meron din…

  • LegalJustice

    What qualification do you think that you have makes you run for Senator ?

    Is it the  DYNASTY QUALIFICATION you have ?

    • prince_janus

       Tumpak! They’re building their family dynasty in Philippine politics.

    • James McTangay

      Just checked Wikipedia:
      Maria Lourdes Nancy Sombillo Binay-Angeles[1] (born May 12, 1973) in Makati, Rizal is a Filipina politician professionally known as Nancy Binay or Nancy Binay-Angeles. She is the eldest daughter of the incumbent Vice President, Jejomar Binay,[3] and Dr. Elenita Binay. Nancy Binay is also the older sister of Abigail Binay, a current Representative of the City of Makati, and Jejomar Binay, Jr., the current mayor of Makati.[2]

      I believe dynasty is a qualification… may there be someone to have mercy on us all…

  • J

    UNA ginagamit ang mahirap
    UNAhin ang mga anak na nangangarap sa alapaap
    UNAhina ang mga kaibigan saka na lang ang bayan
    UNA sa sarap sa laki ng nakukurap

    • prince_janus

       Nakakatakot pagnanalo ang UNA!

  • ikulong


  • Labandera1

    Hoy Nancy Binay these are not attacks to your father  but controversial issues that your father needs to answer to the Filipino people. Unexplained wealth, mistresses, Binay dynasty in Makati, ghost employees at iba pa. Mayor ng Makati galing sa ama, ina at anak. At saka huwag ka ng ngumiti kasi nakikita ang maitim mong gilagid nagmukha ka tuloy na labandera katulad ko……

    • 12JEM

      All the physical attributes of Nancy are God-Given…You are mocking her for her DIVINE attributes. Beware…for retribution is coming, anytime!

      • Labandera1

        All the physical attributes of Nancy are devil-given. I am not mocking her devine attributes because she has none. I was only mocking her witch attributes for being the great pretender….Beware of Dogs, Beware of UNA. Beware sa anak ng maitim na maligno na naka diaper…..

      • 12JEM

         Unchristian attitudes..those are consuming you at the moment. Meditate. 


      • Jose Mari d

        Bakit ?  Christian ba ang mga BINAYs ?  JEJOMAR==== Jesus, Joseph, Mary…..nakakapangilabot at hindi natakot sa Holy Family dahil yumaman ng husto sa pwesto. PWE  PWE  PWE PWE  PWE

    • 12JEM

      Kapag naging Pope si Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana na isang purong Itim baka maging follower na ng Islam. Pero sorry di rin tatatnggapin ng mga Muslim dahil sila ay hindi racist.

  • Mr Moonlight

    hey by your own admission you aint got much work experience and now you are running as senator simply because your father said so,? therefore the criticism that was directed to both of you is OVERWELMINGLY LEGITIMATE AND TRUE
    walanghiyaan na ba talaga dito sa bansang pilipinas
    Korina Sanchez may have hit a home run by aptly describing your father ay MAITIM NA MALIGNO, ay ano pa nga ba.
    Your father binay, and enrile and erap have the audicity to run and campaign because they strongly believe kadamihan ng pinoy ay gagu, ogok, mangmang, patay gutom
    maaring totoo pero hindi all the time

  • rjimenez1226

    Underserving dynast. Greedy and corrupt family. The Filipinos should reject this kind of candidate.

  • prince_janus

    Huwag mo na ituloy ang pagtakbo mo Nancy baka mapagkamalan ka lang na Chimay ng senado at sabagay bagay din naman sa iyo.

    • 12JEM

       Chimay of the world let us help the likes of PJ to see the light…We should not allow people like him to denigrate us.

      But thanks to him…the louder and baser their bashing….the better…for more votes para meron tayong mga tagapagtaguyod sa Senado and other forums.

      • Jose Mari d

        Be nice to graft and corruption
        Be nice to political dynasties
        Be nice to Nancy and vote for her……PWE !!!!
        Be nice to Binays !!!!!! eng-eng-eng-eng

  • ikulong


  • PikonNaKami

    It is hypocritical that Nancy Binay uses the image of her father in all her campaign posters and then complains when the attacks on her father affect her survey standing.

  • $19543087

    We could not stop attacking your father even though he is not a candidate because he is the principal architect of your candidacy.  You are a symbol of politics gone wild — a family dynasty which in the spirit of the constitution is illegal.  And yet you allowed yourself to be used by your father’s shamefull ambitions.  YOU DON’T DESERVE TO BE A SENATOR!  I hope you lose!

  • X44

    Pope below, is exactly correct in his emphasis. This year’s election, as in the past, is about personalities and popularity. Its never about ideas, principles, capabilities and plans for the people. That is why, we have these Binay and Enrile offspring, the other Estrada, the other Aquino and many other wolves in the ballot. Along this trend, they might just win it, while the rest of us will lose. Sad fate.

    This is the culture now. This is what must be addressed. We need to solve this. This system give us all those crooks around who pinned us all to poverty and every ill in our society. 

  • maypakialamtayo

    anong kinatatakot mo, bakit may alam ka bang ikakasira ng ama mo na maapektuhan ka? siguro meron dahil naging staff ka niya di ba!

  • concern_netizen

    Nancy Binay, your mission running for senator is not to serve the people. Your mission is to serve your corrupt father. Klaro to inday.

    • lagahit

      That’s true.  If(God forbid)she becomes senator she will move heaven and earth to protect her corrupt father then she will follow her father’s footsteps.

  • Mr Moonlight

    after all these times, Binay may have deflected all the innuendos thrown against him but you folks wait till he run for president, those issues of corruption against him will resonate to the highest level and 70% pinoys will be awaken, and of course, the 30% balance will elect him because they are of the same skin

    • BrAX82

      I don’t see much of an awakening from our countrymen during the past presidential election. As long as the masses are allowed to vote, we would continue to have retarded and corrupt presidents. What makes u think that it would be different this time? Perhaps kse walang mala artistang mama and papa si Binay?

      • Magsasaka

         pathetic opinion from a clown hehehe

  • Pedro_Gil


  • Julius

    Hindi kaya nagbabasa ang mga Binay sa mga komento dito sa Inquirer? Everytime there’s an article about Binay, 99% are negative. Sana nga ang mga botante eh idilat ang mga mata sa mga pinagagawa ni Nognog at kailangan na talagang maimbestigahan ang kaduda-dudang kayamanan ng mga Binay!
    Sino kayang matapang na tao ang magsisiwalat sa mga kabuktutan nila bago maging huli na ang lahat?

    • Joseph

      Iyan din sana sasabihin ko tol….mas maraming NEGATIVE comments sa mga Comments section ng mga online broadsheets (Yahoo! Philippines, PhilStar, Manila Times, etc) pag napaguusapan ang UNA lalo na pag si Nancy Binay ang topic.  

      Eto ang talagang GAUGE na pwedeng paniwalaan hindi ung mga surveys na kinomisyon at binayaran nila!!  Ano pa nga ba ang magiging resulta…kundi gawing PABOR sa kanila ang survey!!

  • vladimirski

    To the voting mga ordinaryong mamamayan ng Pilipinas, ang eleksyon ay hindi isang beauty pageant o isang singing competition o pagandahan ng pangako isipin nyo mabuti ang mga taong iboboto natin alang-alang sa magandang kinabukasan ng bayan na sa ngayon ay unti unti ng bumabangon…isang pagkakamali lang lahat tayo ay sa kangkongan pupulutin..PLEASE vote RESPONSIBLY. :)

    • UrHONOR

      SANG-AYON akong buong-buo sa sinabi mong yan, comrade….I mean kabayan.  Pakinggan ninyong mabuti ang lahat ng sinabi ni Ka Vladimirski upang ang kasaganaang tinatamasa natin ngayon ay hindi maputol at magtuloy-tuloy hanggang sa dulo ng walang hanggan!  Iboto ang matitinong kandidato lamang ayon sa kanilang mga nakaraan at karanasan… ang isa na dyan ay Si Casino.  Huwag paloloko at padadala sa mga libreng ganito at libreng ganuon, kahit walis tingting, dahil hindi mabuti ang tumatanggap ng nakaw.

      • carlorocci

        Si Casiño iboboto ko hindi si Casino…..

      • UrHONOR

        SALAMAT.  Walang enye sa board ko kaya hanggang sa CASINO lang ang kaya kong ipalabas.

      • 12JEM

         Meron diyan Sir, paturo ka lang sa inyong apo.

      • carlorocci

        Alt+164 (keypad) para sa ñ.  
        Alt+165 (keypad) para sa Ñ.

  • pcosmachine


  • Albert Einstien

    nag-KAMALI ang UNA at si VP binay ng patakbuhin si NANCY…sigurado…GAGAMITIN TALAGA ng mga KATUNGGALI ni binay ang mga ISSUES at IPUPUKOL LAHAT ke NANCY pag-dating ng 2016…bk kahit sampong boto wala na BOBOTO ke binay..kundi Yun ALLEGED 12,000 employees nya 10,000 WALANG TIN….

    sino sino kaya NGAYON 2013 ang TUMAYA ke ROBIN alyas ” KOALA BEAR ” yun NAG-DIVULGE ng PCOS SCAM….vote SHAVING & PADDING ng 2010 elections… BILYON ang BAYARAN pag NATIONAL ELECTIONS…

    NAA-AWA ako sa mga KASAMAng SENATORIABLES nila sa UNA….kahit me VOTING INFLUENCE si erap sa D & E class..MAHAHATAK sila dahil sa KURAPSYON ISSUES…..BINAY corruption ISSUES ang HAHATAK sa kanila PABABA pabor na pabor ito sa team ni pnoy…na puro OROCAN BREED din…

    kaya mga KABABAYAN mag independent na lang kayo….mas MAGAGALING SILA at wala LANG pera..WALA pang BAHID ng KURAPSYON….

    ang pwede lang sa team pnoy…si PIMENTEL…

    ang pwede lang sa UNA…si GORDON…

    HUWAG nyo sayangin boto nyo…kung wala kayo mapli..TAMA na isa O DALAWA ang IBOTO nyo para sigurado LALABAS…at MANANALO…  : > )

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      Vote Hagedorn and Gordon!

  • JuanTamadachi

    “Nancy Binay fears attacks on father to bring her down in surveys”

    You’re dead wrong Nancy. Your father will not only bring you down survey wise but he will surely get you booted out of the magic 12 come election time. You should have just remained as your parents’ administrative assistant. There are lot of us who believe that there is a nimiety of Binays in govt. and most of all, you are not qualified at all for such a lofty position.

    • Ceazar

      Nimiety – now that’s a new word for me. One gets to learn something everyday. Thank you.

      • JuanTamadachi

        Hubba great one, Ceazar.

      • marionics

        kala ko sabi mo there are ninety binays in office he he

      • JuanTamadachi

        LOL, its great to touch base with you again.

      • marionics

        he he para akong si capt. jack sparrow sa world’s end a. miss na miss ako ng black pearl crew he he


    >>>“As a daughter, I am hurt that they’re doing this to my father,” she said.<<<

    AS a citizen of the Republic I am not only hurt, nay, insulted by what our…your father has done ande is doing.  Ask your father yourself so people don't talk in whispers how he amassed such great wealth, mostly hidden very snugly, and why he did it.  Probably if he explains it well, people will stop talking about your father and will talk about your mother instead.  Then your brother and your sister.  :)

    PERO  damdam ko PURO MELODRAMA lamang ito to gain media mileage and exposure.  I can recall that this is the 3rd or 4th time that this soap opera, "Huwag, Kuya, huwag!" has saw print here and in other dailies.  Bright 'ata yang batang yan….mana kay daddy….they are not stupid as they look.

    BTW, vote Casino.

  • pcosmachine




    • Silvino Modesto

       ….TAMA KA DYAN PCOSMACHINE…..I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..

  • lagahit

    Contrary to Nancy Binay’s statements, these are not mudslinging attacks against her father but real truths coming out. 

  • geminimind

    Unfunded surveys makes everything different maybe perhaps you’re not included.

  • droccu

    Nice picture….:-)

    • Simon Ward

      Looks like she’s got a lazy right eye. Or left eye. Or she’s trying to focus on a fly about six inches in front of her face.

    • Demy Angeles

      agree.  In fairness, maganda sya.  May pre judgment kasi kayumanggi siya.  

  • Constantine

    Talagang mas panget pa si Nancy Binay sa house help namin. Alam mo Nancy, kahit anung paninira ang gagawin sa tatay mong maitim at maligno kung walang katotohanan hindi maniniwala ang mga tao. Pero ang alegasyon sa Tatay mo na ninakaw ang kayamanan ninyo sa kaban ng bayan aba e talagang totoo yan. Wala naman kayong negosyo, hindi naman magaling na abogado ang tatay mo saan ninyo kinuha ang bilyon bilyon na pag aari ninyo? E di sa Makati City Hall. Ninakaw ng Tatay mong maitim na maligno! Mahirap mong kontrahin yan! Babagsak ka talaga Nancy “Tsimay” Binay.

  • glenn padilla

    binay here, binay there, binay everywhere.

  • Fancy Tan

    Nancy, don’t be in denial. People knows and you know that you are not ready yet for that and people doesn’t wanna take the chance. Okay? Maybe next time okay?

    • BrAX82

      I hate the Binays pero pwede nman magtagalog diba? Nahihiya nman ako sa english mo. Lupit eh.

    • $20733759

      Sino ito?? Fake na SORBETERO??  Attention Inquirer editor, please look into this matter and investigate. The above comment is not mine.

  • Simon Ward

    Be careful what you wish for. Bad publicity is better than no publicity at all – or so it’s said. Without coverage of your father’s activities, no one would even have heard of you. And since coverage of your father is almost entirely negative, you might as well work with what you’re given :)

    Actually, come to think of it, that’s exactly what you’re doing here – using negative coverage of Daddy to grab column inches. Kudos!

    • 12JEM

      While the Binay Bashers are reinforcing Mutual Admiration of their Likes the Binay people are collating all comments re-Maitim, Chimay, Katulong, Labandera and sending the same to those who are being hit…the dark-skinned, the DH, the laundry women and men who are the UNHEARD people of the country…Even the Tambays are being hit.

      So, in fact, the Binays are using those materials to gather more sympath.y..More Votes.

      The Word Inday Resonates…all over the Philippines.  These Bashers do not know that INDAY is the most endearing and most beautiful word from Manila to the Vsayas and Mindanao.

      • Jose Mari d

        Be nice to graft and corruption
        Be nice to political dynasties
        Be nice to Nancy and vote for her……PWE !!!!

  • hulinggelbimbo

    nakakalungkot that comments here has words like maid,itim etc. and we wonder why hinde umaasenso ang pinas…hopefully hinde kabataan ang may ganitong comment, imagine ito ang magiging future nang pinas hmmm sad

  • Manuel

    Since you’ve decided to be a player in the political field which is dominated mostly by dirty players, expect to get dirtied.  You know very well that it’s mudslinging season and mud is flying everywhere.

  • $23257130

    mabuhay si senator nancy binay!

    ang tunay na pag asa ng bayan!

    • Labandera1

      mahimatay si kusenatong nancy binay!
      ang tunay na pang asar ng bayan!

    • Jose Mari d

      Be nice to graft and corruption
      Be nice to political dynasties
      Be nice to Nancy and vote for her……PWE !!!!

  • hulinggelbimbo

    humarap si juan sa salamin sabay sabi mirror! mirror on the wall who screw up the philippines at all…..tagal naman. me? ohhhh now i know.

    • glenn padilla

      a succinct way of describing the cause of the status quo of this country.

  • George Lapulapu

    of course!!!! VP Binay will be attacked…..if your only qualification for running as senator is having a father for vice president and who campaigns and defend your qualification, don’t be surprised if people will attack your father Vice president…

  • brunogiordano

    “Nancy Binay fears attacks on father to bring her down in surveys”

    Baka may mga ginawa at pinaggagawa ang TATAY mo na hindi ka nais nais kaya inaatake..

    I-disown mo na lang ang TATAY upang hindi bumaba ang puesto mo sa surveys.

    Kaya lang walang maniniwala. Magka mukha kayo na tila biniyak na bunga.


      Sa madaling sabi ay pangit si Nancy, ito ba ang ibig mong sabihin? ;)))))

  • tra6Gpeche

    This only shows that the chance of Ms Nancy Binay getting
    elected as a Philippine Senator is dependent on the popularity of her Father,
    Jejomar Binay. How could anyone elect her when she has definitely nothing to
    offer…no experience, zero achievement, personal or otherwise? The Filipino
    voters might, as well, consider giving Ms Risa Honteveros and Mr. Teddy Casiño a
    chance to be Philippine Senators. Both of them are independent-minded and do
    not depend on someone’s popularity and name! Let us not elect those spoiled and
    sycophant Senatorial candidates.

    • 12JEM

       1. Riza is a decent individual. She has her own advocacies. But have you observed her in the hustings?  She is more per-occupied with taking care that her ALAMPAY will not be separated from her shoulder.  She seems distant from the ordinary people. She appears to be more like a Model. I am not saying that we should begrudge for her natural attributes as she is, in fact, a woman of substance, based on her record in the House of Representative.  She may win if she is willing to dispense with her ALAMPAy for the rest of the campaign period.

      2. Ted Casiño is another decent individual, a man of substance.  He is offering Left of Center ideas…alternatives to the mainstream ideas. He is for the abolition of the E-Vat, not totally, maybe, but still problematic as I see them. I admire him for running as an Independent…but to me I had more admiration for somebody like Recto who, even in his idealistic days, opted to be guest candidate of a mainstream Party. There are many people who would like to see Ted Casiño in the Senate. At this time, however, I see that the Filipinos are not yet prepared to elect a LEFT OF CENTER politician.

      3. Nancy Binay. She is a very soft-spoken and intelligent individual, like her father. She is very hard-working lady and very much focused on public service. She has exposure on the different approaches to improving the Finances of the LGUs for these LGUs to become powerful instruments to deliver the basic services to the people. She is known to many LGU officials, political allies or foes, from Luzon to Mindanao…from the hinterlands of Isable to Carles, Iloilo, to Kauswagan in Lanao del Norte to Buliok, Maguindanao and to Indanan, Sulu. .
      This lady has hands on experience in dealing with the whole gamut of bureaucratic thicket of tapes involved in helping her father deliver the housing services of PNoy’s administration.

      Thank you sir, with all my respects to all the people of Tanuan, from Sulpok, to Natatas to Wawang Balele..

      • Ajuoy

        Hands on experience for corruption kamo.

      • concern_netizen

        ADVOCACY.  this is what sets Hontiveros/Casino and your manok Nancy Binay apart.  How is Binay’s job different from secretaries? 

        Hontiveros and Casino speak their minds and support their advocacies with action.  We may often disagree with their positions, but this is what we need in the senate.  Intelligence, Idealism, Conviction.

        With what Nancy Binay has demonstrated so far, she is better qualified working as secretary for Hontiveros and Casino in the senate.

      • 12JEM

         c-n, you can do better than that, I know. You do not have to denigrate the qualifications of Nancy to highlight the qualifications of Riza and Ted.

        Maraming common admirers nina Riza, Nancy and Ted ang mata-turn off sa mga comments ng mga katulad mo.

        Wise up or Ease up?  Cheers.

      • concern_netizen

        Magulo ka.  Read your comment.  You purposely put Casino and Hontiveros in a bad light to highlight the mediocre qualities of Nancy Binay.  Your strategy obviously back-fired.  Sino lolokohin mo comparing two personalities that have long been championing their advocacies against somebody who have nothing to show except a popular family name?

        Denigrate Nancy Binay’s qualification?  That precisely is the problem, what qualifications are we talking about?  I mentioned advocacy because that is the basic trait for people running for office.  Obviously the advocacy she is trying to advertise now is for marketing purposes only.  Halatang peke, gawa-gawa lang for the campaign.  Otherwise, she could have done much more being the daughter of the longest serving mayor in Makati.

        I don’t doubt her intelligence and devotion.  But I seriously doubt her intentions.  She was never motivated to run for office to serve the people. She is running to serve the whims of his corrupt father.  Nagkataon lang na mataas rating niya sa survey di ba thats why Estrada and Enrile convinced her father to let her run.

      • 12JEM

         Sige na nga, ikaw na ang magaling.  Si Riza, sinabihan na nga ng mga kaibigan niya na kung pwedeng alisin ang kanyang ALAMPAY kapag lumalapit siya sa mga tao (noon pang 2010) pero ayaw niya talaga..Sana huwag na ngang pansinin ng mga tao ang kanyang Alampay at ang mag-rsonate sa kanyang kampanya ay iyong mga sinabil

        Si Teddy, okay in a way sa kanyang pagtakbo, using his feet. Unlike some of his radical friends “whose feet are firmly planted in the air” quote from TR.

      • 12JEM

         BTW, kausap namin si Cong T.C. dini sa Feb Fair sa UPLB. 

      • tra6Gpeche

        My problem with Ms Nancy Binay is her being dependent on her father’s popularity. Without her father, Vice Pres. Binay, do you think she could make it on her own? I am 100% sure that, right now, she could not. Good luck and have a good day, kabayang taga Ulango, Tinurik, Sulpok, Sambat, Luyos, Talaga, Janopol or Santor!

      • 12JEM

         The same Congressional district bandang kanluran ng Tanauan sa Lake Taal. Sa head of the Pansipit River. Marami pong kamag-anak at University classmates na mga Taga-Tanauan.

      • tra6Gpeche

        Kung ganoon, taga Talisay ka kabayan. Great to talk to you. Have a pleasant day!

      • Juanito Garcia

        mukhang mas may substance ka kaysa kay nancy. ikaw na lang sana ang pinatakbo ni binay!

  • Labandera1

    UNA are bunch of rotten tomatoes, whoever comes along with them will be rotten and going to the drain….forbidden…

  • pilosopo4

    If she wins..then it confirms that the government is not really the problem..but the people!

  • nizgoda

    Ms Binay should know from now that she is entering a dirty profession and should be used to it as early  as now. Expect na lahat ng dumi na nakatago totoo man o hindi ay lalabas. 

  • hulinggelbimbo

    Until we dont treat politics as another profession hinde tayo magbabago at ang pinas kahit di jesus christ pa iboto sa senado walang mangyayari sa pinas, we need to change are core thinking and sadly to say our culture, first step to heal our country is to accept we screw up one way or another.

  • Demy Angeles

    Bakit  tayo prejudiced sa mga kayumangi?  Wala namang kinalaman yon sa kanilang pagkatao.  Ang mga comments natin na tumutukoy sa physical na anyo o kulay ng tao o kandidato ay nagpapababa sa ating pagkatao at darating ng pagkakataon na wala ng magbabasa sa mga comments.  Maganda ang forum na ito at huwag nating papangitin

    • Twister12

      Meaning we’re prejudiced to the color of our own skin? Those comments are just a reflection of how they viewed the Binay’s as a family of wolves hungry for money & power. Imagine kung naging 12 anak ni Binay Lol.

    • prangka

      Nagkataon lang na kayumanggi ang pamilya na yan na gahaman sa kapangyarihan.

      • 12JEM

        Aminin, kapag sina Erap at Enrile, na mga kulay puti ay ninyo sila kinakastigo na kasama ang kulay. Ano ang kulay nina Morato, Mike Arroyo, at iba pang may lahing puti at dilaw. Bakit kailangang isama ang color ni Binay. Anyway, whatever is the color it is a God-given Attribute.

        Magnilabot ang mga katulad ninyo dahil ang isa sa pinakamalakas na kandidato para maging pope ay si Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana. Isa siyang purong Itim na dahil sa kaitiman halos purple na ang kulay. Baka maging follower ka ng Islam, pero di ka rin tatanggapin ng mga Muslim dahil hindi sila racist.

      • anton kinuton

        excuse me, si morato kulay berde..

      • 33Sambuang2

        nognog ka rin kasing supot ka

      • Silvino Modesto

         ….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! BAKIT BA 12JEM, SUPOT KA BA TALAGA??????????? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….

    • nakawan

      Excuse me, hindi ang kulay ng balat ni Nancy ang issue dito. Ang kinakatakutan ng mga Pilipino ang dynasty na pinaglalaban ng daddy nya. Si Binay walang hiya na sinasabing talagang gusto nya maging presidente, at pabor siya sa Charter Change na pinapayagang tumakbo ng two terms ang presidente. Ano sa tingin mo ibig sabihin nun?

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    Uy Hinde Ah! Masipag lang kami mangampaya na ayaw namin sa mababahong miembro ng Political Dynasty na katulad mo. 

  • ddano

    Lukaret ! Kapal ng Apog tumakbo sa pagka Senador matapos aminin na chimay lang siya ng tatay nya. 

  • anton kinuton

    hi nancy, can we ask a favor? can you ask your father why is your family so rich? can you ask your father to explain to you why you have lots of properties and live comfortably when his only income come from his  salary as a public servant? we appreciate if you will reveal to us your father’s reply. may be only then, we the people will stop attacking you and your father and vote for you if he gives you and us an honest and acceptable explanation.

    • 12JEM

       What is an aceeptable reply…to you?

  • prangka

    Nancy, in your perception your family has done nothing wrong. And I don’t honestly expect you to divluge any wrongdoings  at all. But our perceptions here is that any person or family perpetuating itself to power is not only morally wrong but very suspicious in nature.  

  • Dimas Burado

    @12JEM. May track siya pero walang record. madami silang TRUCK- ginagamit nga nila pangtapon sa mga taong dini-demolished nila papuntang Calauan Laguna. Parang basura lang turing ng mga BINAY sa mga informal settlers ng makati. P

  • 100345roselia

    To Nancy Binay:  As much as I wanted not to talk about the public life of your father including your mother, I am constrained (nothing personal) to inform the people their track records as former mayors of Makati.  Your Dad is under investigation by COA for alleged graft & corruption on housing projects & condominium units.  Your Mom is also under investigation by COA for alleged anomalous transaction involving spurious supply contract. Also, your family is the epitome of political dynasty. May kasabihan sa tagalog na “Ang manga ay di mamunga nang
    santol.” Again, nothing personal.

  • marivon

    “They are not the candidates” Yes but your big Daddy dude is already gathering pogi points for 2016. Nakinabang ka naman ng husto sa pork and beans at sa pork and barrel or whatever it was that catapulted your family from a “normal” income family to multi millionaires.

  • johnnyviagra

    kasalanan to ng mga filipino bakit kac binoto si binay para maging vice president, tingnan nyu umaabuso na, di tulad ng mga cebuano binoto c pnoy at c mar nanalo pa by landslide sa cebu, di wala sanang nancy binay tumakbo senatong ngayon, alam ko maraming aatakihin sa puso pag nakita ang mukha ni nancy binay

  • orchid

    Nancy, if you really care about the welfare of the Filipinos, why not try to run for an elected position at a Barangay Tanod or Captain, or Councillor level and then try to work your way up based on experience.

    The nation’s future would be at stake should you or any  other non-experienced candidates get elected as a senator. The nation’s present and future welfare will depend on your learning curve, and your inexperience will be used and abused by crafty corrupt politicians leading to another Sotto, Revilla, Lapid,Trillanes, Honasan, and Estrada like gofer characters that allows crafty but inept politicians like Enrile to thrive and continue further degradation of lawmaking process in the Philippines. 

    No to Nancy Binay. Go try and be a Barangay Tanod and work your way up from experience.

  • manangvi

    Papayag ba naman si Jejomar Binay na walang siyang representative sa senado . Si Erap may JV Ejercito si Enrile may Jack Enrile. Alangan naman si Binay wala diba.. kaya kahit bagito pa si Nancy pinatakbo niya na Senador …. hay naku :(

  • George


  • pcosmachine






    • Ajuoy

      Mas matindi pa sa martial law pag nanalo si Binay pagka Pres. $30 Billion net reserve Phils. Ubos yan. Malaki pa kay Marcos ang makuha ni Binay.

    • Silvino Modesto


  • Jane Tan

    Lol… Kapal din ng mukha.

    As if the people need to attack her father to get to her. She hasn’t done anything to help the country, the economy, the community or even a local company aside from being an ordinary consumer.

    Her one and only job will carry-on if she ever gets elected – isang inuutusan lamang. Every vote counts and that’s what Binay is hoping for as he brings to office a person whose only experience in life is to take orders. If that’s all it took, why doesn’t Binay bring-in his maid or caretaker as well.

    • Ajuoy

      Nancy was trained how to “Kalikut” the accounts for “Kurakot” & how to hide it.

  • Mita

    Second chance, Nancy.  Let’s make a deal.  We will stop attacking your father IF all these conditions are met:

    1) He truthfully explains to the public to the last centavo how he amassed his tons of unexplained wealth.
    2) You admit you are unqualified and withdraw your Senate candidacy.
    3) All your other family members likewise withdraw their candidacy for other gov’t positions.

    Deal or No Deal?

    • Ajuoy

      Manhid na sila.

    • $2931613

      maybe Nancy and her family members will agree to your deal.. but the people especially us in Makati will not allow them to leave their positions.. the Binays are true to their words and have always delivered!  KAY BINAY GAGANDA ANG ATING BUHAY!

      • Mita

        “Sumapi SA KURAKOT ni Binay at Gaganda Ang Inyong Buhay!!”

    • vince_bugaboo

      No deal! It is better to have ran and lost than never to have…to have… ah…er..  tried to steal like my father. Ngik!




  • tabingbakod

    Siyempre! Ano ba naman ang kikilatisin kay Nancy Binay, eh pinabili lang yata ng suka sa kanto, napadaan lang sa Comelec eh pinatakbo na bilang senador. Nagkonsehal man lang sana siya kahit presidedte ng fans club.
    Kung ibaba siya sa rating ng dahil sa isyu sa mga magulang niya, eh di tama lang yon, Hindi pa gumagawa siya ng sarili niyang pangalan., wala naman ibang dahilan kung bakit siya sa posisyon nya ngayon kundi sa magulang niya. 

    Baka nanghihingi pa ng allowance si Nancy sa tatay niya. Parang naririnig ko na: “Daddy penge naman ng pambili ng load.” Sunod-sunuran lang ito sa tatay niya. Gagamitin lang ang pagiging senador nito para pagtakpan o ipagtangol yung kalokohan ng tatay niya.

  • Ceazar

    Hinahanap ko kung sino ang news reporter na nagsulat ng item na ito, pero mukhang walang gustong umangkin. Baka kako si Christian Esguerra na naman ito.

    Magkano ang laman ng sobre na iniabot sa iyo para mabigyan ng pansin si Nancy ?

    • Pope

      Tawag nila dyan eh envelopmental journalism
      Hindi nako magtataka if the Binays will resort to paying reporters to gain publicity.

  • Jose Mari d

    NEWS : 1/09/2010 MANILA BULLETIN et al. : CTA: Makati owes government P1.2 B in tax deficiencies

    The Court of Tax Appeals (CTA) has ordered the Makati city government to pay the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) P1.2 billion in deficiency taxes, it was learned Friday.
    In a decision released last December 16, the tax court rejected the appeal of the city government to dismiss the case and instructed it to pay the tax debts incurred in1999, 2001, 2002, and 2004.
    about ghost employees & non-remittance of withholding taxes….GARGANTUAN BILLIONS of PAYMENTS?
    On May 2, 2007 the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) froze all the bank accounts of the city government of Makati and the personal accounts of Binay and his Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado. The BIR issued the order after it said the city still owed the BIR P 1.1 billion in withholding taxes of city employees from 1999 to 2002. .( wikipedia )
    1.1 BILLION OWED as withholding tax? WOW…pang guiness yan.
    If TAX not remitted is ALREADY 1.1 BILLION how much is the GROSS PAYMENTS?
    How MANY EMPLOYEES in the ALPHA LIST submitted to BIR for 1999-2002 are there in makati CITY HALL in 1999-2002 to warrant a GARGANTUAN amount of withholding tax? if 12,000 employees & 80% have NO TINS….that is close to 10,000 employees WITHOUT TIN….grabe…
    HOW many of them have TINs, Birth Certificates, GSIS, SSS,LTO , NBI or are they also recorded in NSO?…any employee who is not a ghost can show them just COMPARE them at the ALPHA LIST submitted to BIR….do they have chairs, tables & offices for them?
    WHAT about previous to 1999 and subsequent years after 2002….how many employees are there & how much compensation paid & tax withheld & remitted?
    How many other LGU’s have ghost employee issues here in metro?
    JUST IMAGINE the tens of BILLIONS per year losses to government if there is TRUTH to these ghost employees …prescription to file cases on these issues is 20 years…why coa is silent to other lgu’s?kung yung me mga TIN nga nagiging GHOST EMPLOYEE 15/30 lang sila PUMUPUNTA para mag-SIGN ng SWELDO…yan pa 10,000 na WALANG TIN….GRABE…EXPLAIN..EXPLAIN …REFUND…CAN COA commissioners PLEASE explain these to the PUBLIC ?kung 12,000 at 80% ay walang TIN ..10,000 employees yan..SOBRA naman ATAyan..KASYA ba sa OLD BUILDING ng makati yun e ang LIIT non..kahit jan sa bago nilang buildng ..imposible pa rin KAKASYA mga 12,000 employees..KAHIT 5% lang me KOTSE 600 cars pa rin yun..di rin kakasya..pwede siguro kung sa NAIA 3…TSK TSK… PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY & PUBLIC TRANSPARENCY is PUBLIC TRUST…..!!!

    • Knight

      Nawala parang bola ang issue na yan hahhahahahaha yan ang mga Binay kayang takpan Lahat ….bilyon ang usapan not milyon. Shiit..enrili Utak ng martial law… Gringo dating tirador ni enrili body guard ni jack. Estrad plunder case napatunayang nagkasala. Now enrili namamayagpag tuloy ang pagnanakaw at kapalan ng mukha . Ang tanong ano ang Plano ng tatlong hari. Pag nanalo ang mga anak lakas ng pwersa tingin ninyo at sa pananaw tama ba na pag dating ng 2016 pag nanalo si Binay at ang mga hari na ang NASA pwesto. Tama ba ang kutob ko na my pag asang babalik ang martial law?

    • $2931613

      ang dami mong haka-haka ha.. sobra-sobra naman yang imagination mo.. daig mo pa si don quixote!

  • wakats

    Sorry nancy but you’re not supposed to be in dirty politics but in the comfort of your mansion and condos. Your only qualification is your family name – which is tainted with suspected corruption in Makati.

    Please wake up and if there’s still decency in your heart – pack up and leave politics for those who are qualified and experienced.

    There’s no way i’ll vote for you and your kind….

  • whyinthisworld

    We are happy to read it and a welcome development, that your popularity will be affected. Question, what will you do in the senate once you are elected, can you call up your father to answer question of senators like mirriam and other bright senators which I have no idea who, when being interpolated? Nancy pls. read comments here. It seems no one like you and your father including your family. Resign while you have time and keep a little honor left for your self.

  • Knight

    Gringo dating tirador ni enrili. Bodyguard ni jack .estrada napatunayang nagkasala .. Kaso plunder .pandarambong now jingoy tinuloy ang ang Gawain ng AMA. Di naman nabibilanggo, Binay nawala ang isyo about sa biltong tax na Hindi na I remit sa BIR . Sila ang taking hari. Pagnanalo si Binay senador,jack enrili,jv Estrada ulit. At nanalo si Binay 2016 .ano ang hakbang ni tatang enrili? Tama ba ang kutob ko martial ibabalik ni tatang? Gringo,jack,nancy,jingoy,jv,lakas nila ano? Mulling hahasik ng lagim si tatang Dahil sila na ang hari. Paano po ang mga apo natin my maganda bang bukas sa bansang pilipinas na to?

  • doublecross

    aha tatay mo kc mukhang…..puwet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Please don’t mess around with my “cousin” Kasing itim ko mga Binay family…

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    The former mayor now( Vice President)was charged in 2006 for allegedly bypassing the bidding procedure in favor of Office Gallery International Inc. 

    Binay was questioned over the anomalous purchase of office fixtures and furniture for the new Makati City Hall from private contractor Office Gallery International from December 1999 to February 2000. The contract was allegedly overpriced by P3.6 million.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Sandiganbayan graft case
    Elenita Binay’s (and private businessmen Li Yee Shing, Jason Li and Vivian M. Edurise, and Ernesto Aspillaga’s) arraignment for graft charges was set by the Sandiganbayan’s 4th Division on January 18, 2008. Binay was charged of alleged anomalous purchase of office fixtures and furniture for the new Makati City Hall from private contractor Office Gallery International from December 1999 to February 2000, regarding the acquisitions worth P 13.25 million overpriced by P3.6 million.[1]

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Binay wife linked to Php72.06-M graft

    A FORMER whistleblower in high-profile graft corruption controversies turned-head of government’s financial watchdog yesterday linked the wife of Vice President Jejomar Binay, an incumbent and several former Makati City officials to alleged deception in the public bidding for a Php72.06 million supply contract awarded by the city government in 2001.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    http://entertainmentphilippines dot blogspot dot com/2010/04/binay-and-alleged-mistress-photos_2477.html

    change the dot 

    Few days ago, Pinoy Gossip Boy published an article in reference to Arnold Clavio’s report on DZBB that a particular presidentiable has a sex video. Before Pinoy Gossip Boy can identify which presidential candidate has a sex video, Pinoy Gossip Boy sourced a link via Twitter to a WordPress blog against vice-presidential candidate Jejomar Binay.

  • tower_of_power

    Nancy … your father may not be the candidate … the truth, however, is that you are his surrogate … fear not the voting public … fear your father most for taking advantage of your innocence (but are you innocent?) and his evil plans for you!!!! SAVE YOURSELF … YOUR SOUL, perhaps, QUIT THE RACE!!!!! BECOME AN INSTANT HERO … SAY YES TO THE CLAMOR TO END DYNASTY … SAY NO TO YOUR FATHER!!!


  • Exo

    Nancy Binay seems to have a lot of money to spend for TV advertisements. I wonder where she got her money for the ads? Her father was just a humble mayor who doesn’t earn that much as a government employee.

  • Melvin

    Nancy Binay, a minority of Makati… Mahirap isipin pero lubos akong nagtataka kung paano nakapag-adapt ang mga Binay sa Makati City… At lalo namang nakapagtataka at punong-puno ng hiwaga at nababalot ng misteryo kung paano naging bilyonaryo si Binay… Gayon pa man ay bagay din tumira sa Malakanang si Binay, doon sa punong balite…

  • Ajuoy

    O’Binognog Family Corp. Mission Statement: ” Today Makati, Tomorrow the World(Swiss Bank Accounts)”.
    Investment Strategies:
    Phase I. Makati (Mission Accompished- Simot ang Makati.
    Phase II: Nancy Binognag sa Senado: Whooh! O’Binay Corp. needs the 200 Million Pesos PDAF to finance his 2016 Presidential Ambition.
    Phase III: Jejomokong Obinay Future President – 2016-(Slot Machine Jackpot Sound!) $30 Billion Philippine Net Reserve. easily accessible. Together with Martial Law administrator- Enrile, a Masquaraded martia law will be operated behind the scene – to siphon off $30B quietly.
    (Pres. Aquino please spend all of it to projects before Obinay steals all of it. My crystal ball shows it.)
    Thank goodness my imported VP Voodoo Dolls from Jamaica arrived by Bakikbayan Box. Hmmm tatalaban kaya ng needles yong makapal na balat ni Binay. My fake Chinese Vodoo dolls don’t seem to work. Mahirap daw gawin yong Nancy vodoo dolls dahil puro good lookibg yong dolls nila.


    MAY itsura naman din pala itong si Nancy, ah.  Mapungay yong isang mata at yong kabila naman ay romantiko sa biglang tingin….maganda ang hugis ng ilong…kissable lips….maganda ang pagkagawa ng pustiso… wowie!  ang laki ng mga perlas sa tengang mala Canadian bacon.  Kaya naman pala gustong-gusto siya sa survey dahil malambing ang kanyang dating.  At higit sa lahat, tatay nya ay bilyonaryo…..mahusay sa magic….mula sa hanging wala, humugot siya ng mga bilyong biyaya.

  • scolexx

    Angeles ang totoong last name mo Nancy. Habang si Mitos naman ipinangangalandakan ang Magsasaysay eh sa asawa naman nya un. Pero mabuti na lang at pinagsamasama ang mas maraming babaero, corrupt, trying hard, nuno ng mga sinungaling..etc sa isang partido para hindi mahirap mamili.

  • scolexx

    personal alalay ni elenyeta at jejemon since 1998, tapos senador agad? dba pwedeng mag brgy kagawad ka muna? gagawa ka ng batas eh tourism grad ka naman? dba pwedeng magaral ka muna? asan ang delicadeza? o sinasamantala lang ng angkan nyo ang mga uto utong pilipino? wag ka magalala sa tatay mo, ikaw na sunod. welcome to politics.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Political Dynasty.  Down with Binay. UNA bulsa.

  • Danyel

    diyuskupu! Wala na talaga tayong pag-asa pag nanalo pa ito at ang tropa nya…..ganito na ba talaga kabobo ang mga botante ng Pinas? Isinumpa ba ang bayan natin?

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      tingnan mo tropa ni Enrile, Ejercito/Estrada at Revilla.  Milyon ang kickback. 

  • Simplify1

    Eventually, Nancy’s ratings will fall not because of attacks on her father but rather on the fact that serious voters will come to find out that she has done little if nothing of national importance apart for working as an assistant to her daddy…

    ano tinapos nya? ano experience? nag trabaho ba yan kahit sandali ng buhay nya sa private sector man lang let alone sa public sector?  ano ang masasabi nyang accomplishments nya sa political arena? naging Barrio Captain man lang siya?  Gusto agad Senadora?  MASIYADONG NILOLOKO NA TAYO NG MGA ETO!!!

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Mag OFW muna sya.

      • Simplify1

        correct hehehe

      • sam_aquino

         DH ba???  LOL!!!

  • anton kinuton

    i tried googling Nancy Binay/Nancy Binay-Angeles to find out her personal and professional information, sa awa ng Diyos yung wikipedia niya wala man lang achievement or previous work experience. saan galing ang pera niya para mangampanya? sa facebook niya, may UP logo siguro dun siya graduate, ano natapos? sa twitter niya,nakalagay 4 daw anak niya.

    bakit ka pinatakbo ng tatay mo kung wala ka man lang ni isang karanasan sa opisina o negosyo? mr binay, kung mahal mo ang bansa natin, bakit mo pinatakbo na maging senador ang anak mo? ano ang maitutulong niya sa bansa natin? Bakit po ganyan kayo?

    Mr Jejomar Binay, please do our country a very very big favor, let Nancy abandon her senatorial candidacy. Maawa ka naman sa bansa natin.. please.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Yup.  Your father will bring you down because you’re your father’s daughter.  

  • tagasugod

    Naisahan lang tayo ni Binay. Kala nya bilib  na bilib tayo sa lanya. Kung di dahil kay Chiz,di sya Vice.Nakakatakot yan, baka maging pangulo pa, huwag sana.Sinarili na nya ang Makati tapos gusto pa sarilinin ang Pilipinas? Tama na. Bakit ayaw na ayaw niyang bitawan ang Makati, may sisingaw bang baho kung iba ang papalit sa kanyang pamilya sa pamumuno dito? MAGISIP TAYO.

  • joeybg


  • Jhonil

    wala ng mangyayari sa bayan nten kong hhayaan nten na manalo ang UNA.numero UNA sa kurakot,katiwalian,at panloloko sa bayan!!!mga tumatakbo sa UNA lalo na yun 3 anak ng 3 hari ay pinatakbo kahit walang ginawa pra s bayan tumakbo lng ang mga to dhil s apelyedo n nakasabit s pngalan nila.

  • Jhonil

    wake up voter’s dont vote UNA kong ayw nyo n mgging paurong ang buhay nyo!!

  • akongednamzug

    Pasensya ka na Nancy, pero karaniwan kasi ang anak ay mana sa magulang.

  • $14334231

    maigi sana kung ginamit mo ay Angeles, ang tunay mong apelyido ngayon….baka sakaling mag mukhang “ANGEL” KA….anong sabi ng asawa mo…okay lang ba dahil sa wakas makakagawa ka na rin ng sarili mong kurapsyon?…turo ni tatay mo, ano?….huwag kang masaktan sa sinasabi ng mga tao tungkol sa tatay mo dahil iyan ang katotohanan at ALAM NA ALAM mo ‘yan….pag sinabi mong hindi totoo, SINUNGALING ka…corruption in all forms could be found right under your nose…huwag  ka nang mag maang-maangan…there is a game called “Truth Or Dare”….may i ask which one would you CHOOSE?…..

  • shane oy

    Please do us a favor, just quit.

  • doublecross

    you are not a senatorial lady…

  • Othro

    Puede  ba, mag quit  ka na ?  

  • Othro

    Do not vote  for  people  na gumagamit ng  ibang pangalan.  Ibig sabihin, wala silang sinasabi.  Sa umpisa pa lang,  liars  na 

  • AllaMo

    The daughter’s statement only underscores her utmost unworthiness to aspire for a senare seat. It is an open admission that she has nothing going for her candidacy, except for being her (miraculously and inexplicably) wealthy father’s get.

  • Dancing Bear

    From poor, pig caring young boy from the slums to an activist lawyer to mayor of the wealthiest business centered city and now vice president and presidential aspirant, living in one of the largest villas in Dasmarinas Village. I know several people in DV and those houses are unimaginably rich in both material and family history of wealth going back  a generation or two. Now please explain to me. How is it that a man like Binay became so wealthy when his law practice during his prime was mostly pro-bono?

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