Roberto V. Ongpin: ‘Snake pit’ beckons



THE MARCOS YEARS Trade Secretary Roberto Ongpin confers with President Marcos and First Lady Imelda Marcos in the “snake pit” called Malacañang to which he was conscripted in 1979. INQUIRER PHOTO

(First of two parts)

When the phone rang one day in May 1979, he was not to know that he would be caught in one of the most tumultuous chapters in Philippine history.

“Do you know what time it is in London?” Roberto V. Ongpin said, the drowsiness evident in his voice. “It is 4 a.m.”

“Bobby, the President wants to talk to you,” said the voice at the other end, half a world away in Malacañang. It was Ruben Ancheta, an aide to President Ferdinand Marcos.

“Pare, please, give me two hours,” Ongpin said.

“All right. I will tell him,” Ancheta said.

Ongpin told the story of how he was conscripted by Marcos in an interview with the Inquirer at his penthouse office in the Alphaland Southgate Tower, a shopping mall and office complex which he owns, overlooking the western part of the capital and the spectacular Manila Bay farther on.

“You know, when the President calls [and] you are sleeping, you can no longer sleep,” said the 76-year-old business tycoon as he sat sipping his scotch and picking at a sandwich. He wore a cotton barong, his silver hair closely cropped.

After a while, the phone rang again. Ancheta put on the President.

“Sorry, I woke you up.”

“That’s okay, Mr. President.”

“When are you coming back?”

“Two weeks.”

“Can you come back in three days?”

Apparently, the President was planning to shake up his Cabinet, five years after he declared martial law, said Ongpin, at the time the chair and managing partner of SGV, the highly regarded Philippine auditing firm whose clients included some of the country’s—and the world’s—largest corporations.

“Mr. President, why am I being called?”

“Basta. Come back and we will talk.”

“At the time, it was very difficult to say no to him, you know,” Ongpin said with a laugh.

He returned forthwith to Manila and went to the Palace. The guard at the gate gave him a hard time and he had to wait. Finally at 2 p.m., he was let in. Marcos was in tip-top shape, looking very athletic. He had just come from the pelota court.

According to Ongpin, the Marcos he met that day was so far removed from the ailing man of three years later who was  stricken with renal problems—a subject of much speculation in the nation where media facilities were controlled—and had to undergo two kidney transplants.

The first donor, Ongpin said, was Marcos’ namesake son who is now a senator. A rejection soon set in. He had another transplant several years later. The donor this time was a soldier in the presidential security group who was from his Batac hometown in Ilocos Norte. The organ kept him alive until he died in exile in Hawaii in 1989 at the age of 72.

Forceful guy

“I heard you are a forceful guy,” Marcos said to Ongpin.

“I don’t know if ‘forceful’ is the right word, Mr. President, but I do speak my mind. I don’t think I am the right man for your Cabinet. I think I will bring embarrassment to your Cabinet.”


“Mr. President, I have a very complicated personal private life. I don’t think you want me in your Cabinet.”

And then he told Marcos why.

At this point in the INQUIRER interview, Ongpin, who is married to a Filipina and has two children by her, asked that the tape recorder be switched off.

German beauty

But he could not resist showing a copy of a glossy magazine with his daughter on the cover. Her mother is German. She is a lovely woman worthy of a Miss Universe crown. She runs Ongpin’s world-class resort on the 400-hectare Balesin island that he owns on Lamon Bay in Quezon. He also has a son, whose mother is Australian. But Ongpin obviously was very proud of the German daughter. This gem of beauty and brains is evidently a source of joy for the man with an eye for beautiful women and an uncanny knack for making money.

The Forbes list of the top 40 wealthiest Filipinos ranked Ongpin 21st in 2010, with a net worth of $300 million. In 2011, he jumped to the ninth slot with a net worth of $1 billion, comprising holdings in several dozen companies ranging from gaming, communications, petroleum and mining.

“I want you to know that those things do not bother me,” Marcos told Ongpin.

“He wanted to know more about me, what I did, where I went to school,” recounted Ongpin, a certified public accountant educated at the Ateneo who also has an MBA from Harvard.

What was supposed to be a half-hour meeting lasted three hours.

“I would have thought that he would have done research on me, but he did not, or else he kind of just enjoyed talking to me. From the start, we hit it off, as if we were on the same wavelength. He knew that I speak my mind and I told him I might not stay long with him because I am a hothead, that he might get upset with me,” recalled Ongpin.

“No, no,” Marcos said. “I like that. I want people to speak up, because nobody has been speaking to me as they should.”

Luncheons with Marcos

He told the President: “If that’s the way you want it, we can have a deal. The minute that I feel I am not of help to you, you would let me go and the minute that you feel I am not of help to you, whatever, sorry na lang, you let me go, if possible gracefully, not fire me,” Ongpin recounted, laughing.

“Fair enough,” Marcos said.

And so he joined Malacañang, which Marcos’ daughter Imee once described as a “snake pit.”

Ongpin had a lot of meetings, almost every day, with Marcos before he was finally sworn in as minister of trade and industry in the Cabinet revamp announced during the President’s State of the Nation Address in July 1979.

Discussions even went on in the golf course. Ongpin said he was a fairly good golfer then, like the President, although he said Marcos had a “strange swing,” motioning with an imaginary club circling over his head like a helicopter blade before bringing it down to strike a ball.

He hated having lunch with the President, who always had a spartan diet of pinakbet—the Ilocano vegetable stew, mainly eggplant without pork—and plain rice. Starved, Ongpin would order hamburger. “I was always hungry.”

Run-ins with Imelda, Ver

Soon enough, Ongpin tangled with the President’s powerful wife, Imelda, and Gen. Fabian Ver, the Armed Forces chief of staff who also headed the presidential guards and the national intelligence service. Marcos, Imelda and Ver made up the triumvirate running the country.

“My first clash was with Imelda,” he said. The flamboyant first lady, her protégé Joly Benitez, and many hangers-on were badgering him with their “harebrained” ideas, he said. They complained to Marcos and Ongpin would explain to the President he could not go along with their proposals. At one time, he was called by Imelda to ask him why he was harassing Benitez. “Ma’am, I’m not bothering him,” he would tell her.

By that time, Imelda had organized the Ministry of Human Settlements. She was also governor of Metro Manila. The ministry was “basically functioning like a government within a government,” said Ongpin. It had offices similar to the departments of industry, agriculture, social welfare, science and technology.

“I said, ‘Ma’am, I’m doing a job. If you think I am doing something wrong, let me know. And if you want, please feel free to go to the President. I can go anytime. I didn’t ask for this job. I don’t need this job.’”

He said Imelda, “as was her wont,” also tried to put down the urbane Prime Minister Cesar Virata, who was also the finance minister, telling the President office gossip about Virata.

‘It’s nuts’

When she learned about Ongpin’s German daughter, Imelda ran to Marcos with the gossip. Marcos told her he already knew this. “She thought she had a bazooka,” said Ongpin, laughing.

Ongpin talked about an Imelda proposal to set up a semiconductor company, Asian Reliability, to be run supposedly by a Chilean expert. She wanted the Development Bank of the Philippines to sign a $30-million loan to the company. He questioned the project, “What’s our competitive advantage?”

“But we will learn,” Imelda insisted.

“One afternoon, the President calls me. Bobby, this Asian Reliability, I was told you don’t like it. I said, ‘Sir, it’s nuts, it’s crazy!’”

Danding Cojuangco’s friend

He said there were many more of these kinds of run-ins. His candidness characterized his dealings with the President. “I really did not want this job,” he said, but he stayed on, for seven years. He suspected that Virata, a former SGV colleague, had recommended him to Marcos. He never confirmed this.

“As we got to know each other, I got involved in so many things that I was not supposed to,” said Ongpin. “It was tough.”

He said he thought he served as a foil to all the shenanigans going on at the Palace and, as a result, made a lot of enemies, except for businessman Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco, Marcos’ ambassador at large and head of the state-owned United Coconut Planters Bank, depository of the multibillion-peso coconut levy funds.

“Danding and I have been friends. He was my client at SGV,” he said. When Cojuangco had projects, he would discuss them with Ongpin before the businessman made his presentations.

Loan from Brunei sultan

All hell broke loose after the opposition leader, former Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr., was assassinated on Aug. 21, 1983, on his return from three years of self-exile in the United States.

“Wow! In one day, $770 million in short-term loans were withdrawn. We were left with nothing. We were really about to collapse,” said Ongpin.

Ongpin was dispatched urgently to seek loans from the leaders of Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore.

Brunei’s Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah had long been a personal friend of Ongpin. “We used to do things together,” he said, reminiscing with a smile. He left on a 5:30 a.m. flight to Brunei’s capital for a meeting with the absolute monarch of the oil-rich country.

“We need a short-term loan,” he told the sultan. “Understood,” Bolkiah said, and gave him $150 million.

$75M from Mahathir

His next stop was Kuala Lumpur, whose prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad, was likewise a soul mate of old. He got $75 million from the Malaysian leader who, after the fall of Marcos, even offered to send a plane and fly Ongpin out of Manila.

Ongpin proceeded to Singapore and saw the crusty Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. “Are you really the minister?” Lee asked. “I looked really young,” he said with a laugh. “I was 42.”

“I know what you want. You’ll never get a single cent from me,” said Lee.

“Well, in that case, sir, I will go.”


Lee stopped him, saying he wanted to talk to him some more. It lasted four hours, during which Ongpin argued with the prime minister, telling him he was wrong when he needed to. And in a book that Lee recently wrote, Ongpin read that Lee mentioned the contentious Filipino trade minister.

Ongpin got nothing from Lee, except probably enriching his vocabulary. Lee told him that while watching the mammoth crowd that attended the funeral of Benigno Aquino, he thought the Philippines was undergoing a “catharsis.” When he got home, Ongpin looked up the word in the dictionary.

(Next: US conditions to save Marcos)

 First posted 12:29 am | Sunday, February 24th, 2013

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  • joshua kings

    $300 million in 2010 and a year after, $1 billion?  
    how’d he do that?

    did he do an amalillo?

    borrow from dbp, buy dbp’s property then sell it to mvp and pay back loan with a net income of more than P400 million in less than a month?

    from the ‘katas’ of binondo central bank (he and the late dictator replaced/eased out all the dollar black marketeers during those martial law years)?


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MNXDANY2I53565ZIWVFN6YM5LU California-FilAm

      Hey, just listen to the story!

      • joshua kings

        WHAT?!   TALKING TO ME?

        why should i listen when this article is meant to deodorize them marcos’ cabal who rsvaged the filipino nation as if there is no tomorrow…?!

        do know how many countrymen were murdered and disappeared (some are still missing until now) during their tyranny?  how many were impoverished because of their insatiable greed?

        ask those sugar planters and coconut farmers, the industrialists and enterpreneurs who were dislodged by their cronies and dummies?

        how life became more difficult for the common tao because of the perverse and maniacal caprices of this conjugal dicatorship (when marcos assumed the presidency, the peso to dollar was merely 4:1;   when they were driven from malacanang, it was already in the high 20s to the dollar…and since importers could not get their raw materials due to lack of dollars, marcos and ongpin competed with and dislodged the black marketeers especially those in binondo; that is why the binondo central bank run by ongpin with marcos blessings became notorious… 

        you don’t know these, do you?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/MNXDANY2I53565ZIWVFN6YM5LU California-FilAm

        Keep your cool. I said listen to his story. I did not say believe his story. Similarly, I read all those stupid blogs but I do not believe them or hate them for their comments.

      • joshua kings

        i owe you an apology; yeah, you simply don’t know what happened then…
        don;t remaian ignoramus though….
        for your children’s own good.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/MNXDANY2I53565ZIWVFN6YM5LU California-FilAm

        I lost a younger brother in Baguio and a younger sister somewhere in Central Luzon during the martial law days. I’m not an ignoramus.

    • dinadaga

      hindi katakataka, may senador nga na nakakulong lumaki pa daw ang yaman base sa saln.

  • joshua kings

    i wish del mundo asked him what really happened to his brother……

    suicide or murder?

    • batangpaslit

      si Jimmy? suicide yon

      • dinadaga

         napahiya o pinahiya?

  • joshua kings

    “highly regarded sgv…really?  
    andersen & co., anyone?highly regarded…LOL!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MNXDANY2I53565ZIWVFN6YM5LU California-FilAm

    Very interesting!

    • batangpaslit

      yes…and i confirm some of what had been said

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AIYSIJJOL4JNRLHXVTGUH3NYHM The Overlord

    “Highly regarded SGV”? Ernst&Young (SGV’s intl partner) probably is. This article smacks of SGV bootlicking. But, nevertheless, this is a refreshing narrative that gives us a glimpse of what happened then: Ongpin being a puppet without him knowing, Imelda being an ignoramus as she is, Marcos being a tyrant, the Sultan of Brunei and the Malaysia’s PM being chummies with the Unaware Puppet, and Lee being the typical Han Chinese, arrogant that he is.

    • batangpaslit

      millions were “invested” in Singapore
      sino ang may-ari ng mga duty free shop ng Singapore
      bakit may bahay si Imeldific sa Singpaore

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XQIPMGHIKFLIQX2GYRZPEV2VIY floydelyn

    so that’s how an mba-holder would bag a prize/potentially powerful position?

    “i don’t need this job.” sounds effective. that way, the employer can’t hold you hostage to his offer. you have to have other options coming into the table so you can talk on even terms, you can speak your mind and he can’t treat you like a lightweight or look down upon you. 

  • iriga1_city1_boy1

    “We were really about to collapse’?(That time?)
    Holy Guacamoli!!! Was the Philippines that fragile on  that timeline? Now, Mr. Ongpin is now divulging what it was like before.
    What happened to the promise of Marcos in his inaugural address in 1965 that this “nation” can be great again? Maybe  Mrs.Marcos can answer it.She’s still there at Ilocandia and  hoping that his Bongbong can become President someday!!.
    And Ongpin was sent as a pauper to extract loans from Brunei,Malaysia and Singapore?
    Where were the benefactors of “crony capitalism’ to lend a hand for the money? Why were there 2 full loaded 747’s filled up to the brim on a trip to U.S. with Marcos on a  State visit?,Why was there money to stage the Frazier-Ali fight?,Why was the extravagant Cultural center built?,Why did the 2 Miss Universe pageants held here?,How come the Marcoses owned buildings in prime New York locations?,How come Marcos was named the richest man in the world “bar none” by LIFE magazine that time?
    And Ongpin was on a mendicant journey to those 3 countries? Totally outrageous.
    Mrs.Marcos!! You need to answer these things!!! The Filipino people will not forget the Marcos regime.Come clean,Madam.You owe us a lot of explanation instead of shedding tears.

    • batangpaslit

      on the 2nd day after the assasination of Ninoy, capital flight was $2 BILLION

      • iriga1_city1_boy1

        To batangpaslit:
          Pare,good info.I’ve read about that amount before.The young people of today need some stuff to know about the  conjugal dictatorship that pillaged our country and hurt our people. Go ahead Mr.Ongpin!!!! if you still know more about the Marcoses,whip it out!!
        And this Mrs.Marcos  has got the nerve to foist his son as a ‘future President”.
        In the 70’s,OUI magazine wrote that a Zurich hangar(Switzerland) was almost filled to the brim of Marcos gold bullions courtesy of Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita(from his “hakot” of the riches of Southeast Asia,preceding World War 2.
        And Ongpin was sent to panhandle? what happened to the money given to Philcag in Vietnam?(That Sen.Fulbright said was given to the Philippines ).Why were Sean Connery,Gina Lollobrigida,George Hamilton,Van Cliburn,Efrem Zimbalist Jr.,and other Hollywood celebrities were treated royally by Imelda but in the long run Mr.Ongpin has to become a beggar later on to Mr.Bolkiah,Mahatir and Lee Kuan Yew?
        Need explanation ,Mrs. Marcos!!.While you are still alive,you owe the 100 million Filipinos a very ,very good explanation before you have BobgBong becomes the next President.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/OBTGTKV4SLI6HZCEV7AHTZA5XI Juanlatigo-olbulatego

      ahhh… the curse of the late regime, most of the remaining personalities that benefited from it are raising for time to clean their names if not their conscience. Ramos and CDQ somehow succeeded. I don’t know about Ongpin and Manong Johnny. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4XVVCOAZXYTPN2X3IPFCFDSKFM Melvin

    ‘Snake pit’ Oo nga! Kitang-kita sa picture, nasa gitna yung malaking python…


    He impregnated a German and Australian lady. This guy really knows what to do with life but with all the wealth had produce only 2 offspring from common law Filipina wife. Tsk….tsk….tsk…. something is wrong with honestly devoted to you. This guy can not be trusted as honest. Ask the Filipina wife for heartfelt confirmation. His life graph indicates a man with out devotion. The signs of a swindler.

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    What’s Roberto Ongpin’s competitive advantage?

    Government connections. Kaya nga may behest loan.

    • dinadaga

       dapat kasi nag senador na lang siya. Yung ngang mga walang utak, yumaman, eh di lalo na sana siya na may utak.

    • JuanTamadachi

      Friendship with Fat Boy Mike Dorovo is one of  Ongpin’s competitive advantage.

  • D_BystandeR

    From the looks of it, it is not surprising why he turned out to become the “21st in 2010 and No. 9 
    in 2011 in who’s who in Forbes Mag.” But then he will have to reckon it when his beckoning time
    comes along. “For what good is the worldly treasure you reaped in your hands but loses your own soul,” it’s the most enigmatic question he has to contemplate all his lifetime. I have not heard him doing something for the uplift of the poor. He is not like Doy Laurel who can boast of himself that during his lifetime he helped a lot of people asking for help in terms of his legal services which involved criminal cases suffered by the poor against “powerful” individuals.


      Do you think he can really enjoy his tons of gold ? A feast of dried fish is salty as lechon. Both fills the stomach to produce power in wrestling a lady. He may have accumulated wealth only to guard it every waking hours. The one who owns nothing has nothing to guard but sleep soundly after a days work. Let Ongpin ride an ugly Hummer but the poor guy in jeepney is enjoying rubbing knees with a beautiful stranger by his side, smelling the flavor of freshly bath young girls hair. All senses are created equal, no amount of gold can make a tail longer. Only the envious envy but can an envy be satisfied ? Ongpin got no satisfaction but only envious to the bones. God had made it all so that no one can be greater than the other. Tails for tails but costly viagra kills.

  • AllaMo

    Oh please, stop with the sanitizing of this (another) self-serving marcos kleptocrat. Just quit trying to change history for their point of view.

  • Mamang Pulis

    nice read—what bothers me are the ‘loans’ made then.

    maliban sa utang na pera—meron din tayo utang na loob sa kanila.

    na nakakabit hanggang ngayun….bolkiah—-mahatir—

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson

    You all missed the most important thing about Ongpin… the Binondo Central Bank during the time of Marcos.  Those dollar deposits was entrusted to him by Marcos and was deposited to Hong Kong Banks. Ongpin knowing his advanced age must return the  money to its rightful owner the people of the Philippines before he dies. He’s got to let go off the curse…  

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W7TPARCYJFCSA3PBQAM3MVZO3E kurakut

      BINONDO CENTRAL BANK was the reason for the ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.  business borrows 1 US$ to PhP8 and repays 1 US$ to PhP18 plus interest.  Saan pinulot ang USIPHIL, DELTA MOTORS, FIRESTONE, BFGOODRICH, SMITH BELL, hundreds & hundreds more.  In simple language-BANKRUPT!  SINO ANG NAKINABANG-your guess is as good as mine.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D3LDMMAKC6UDQLDVFP2DGSJBXY Jezzrel

        Without the BINONDO CENTRAL BANK, the philippine economy collapse during the earlier stage of the plan of the external forces wanting the fall of the late Pres. Marcos…

      • joshua kings

        marcos and ongpin created binondo central bank because they saw an opportunity to amass a lot of money that is being cornered by the black marketeers there…sabi ni ongpin, kunin sa kaniala yung tubo sa black market ng dollar….
        sinolo nila yung raket na yun…pintay nila yung mga traders at nagba black market; how? marcos and ongpin bought dollars higher than what the competition offered…and then sold the same dollars to the government nd 

        and legitimate business at a higher rate, kasi nga, kntrolado nila at may PD/martial law powers pa si marcos…
        o di ba, sobrang ganid….

        ss mgs kabataan na wala pa nun, ganyan ang pnaggagagwa nila; parang mga salot na nananalasa a bayan kaya hangga ngayon karamihan ng mga mamamayan ay naghihirap pa rin……

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson

    You could be the ugliest guy in the world,  if a woman smells money in you… you will become Bad Pitt all of a sudden. Just look at the SULTAN OF BRUNEI Ongpin’s best buddy and their sex parties.    

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson

    When Marcos got really ill, Imelda and Ver wants to take power. 

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    “Are you really the minister?” Lee asked. (“I looked really young,” he said with a laugh.)

    “So young and so corrupt, a born liar,”  Lee knew but did not say.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/OBTGTKV4SLI6HZCEV7AHTZA5XI Juanlatigo-olbulatego

      “From the start, we hit it off, as if we were on the same wavelength”- he was referring to his first encounter with the strong man.
      hehe… great minds think alike, or should i say birds of the same feather “rob” together.


    A SNAKE PIT is a natural habitat for SNAKES, owned and operated by a KING COBRA and managed by a BOA surrounded by bulates, uods, and kiti-kitis.  As its nature, a snake changes skin and, sometimes color, but invariably retains its venom as in corruption.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/53PNN2WSIQM6WLEOBGOCKQLV74 Jose

      Nice comments . Don’t forget what happened is snakes eats fellow snakes corruption stays.

    • joshua kings

      at sa impyerno, maraming klase nyan….

      • UrHONOR

        Impiernong tulad ng na sa Batasan at Seneyt?  O BIR, LTO, at BOC?  Or all of the foregoing? :)

  • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

    What is the stalking-horse behind this account? Bobby Ongpin now makes Aquinophiles frothing with convulsion for spilling what he knew leading up to the events prior to Edsa 1. And, at the mere mention of the name Marcos makes their heads reeling like legions sent to the swines. Filipinos and especially the young must come to realize that Edsa 1 happened because of many forces, local and foreign, acting together to bring down an ailing dictatorship. But because of constant desire among many Filipinos to rally behind a leader, they have had mistakenly mystified the Aquinos as the victims and heroes of Edsa 1 to which history for them must be picked up and written to console their unclear mind. In the rush for glory, the beatific nature of the uprising has been soiled and lost. Immature democracy breeds loose lips that sink ships for the Aquinos and the self-righteous many to wallow like the sent out legions to swines.

    • eorlando

      Please don’t blame forces from everywhere bringing down Marcos. It was Marcos and the forces behind him that brought him down- their stealing, killing, corrupting and ever greedy selves that brought them down. They controlled everything – military, media, bank, government and “America”.  How could they have been ousted? They stunk that much. You can only abuse the people so much and for so long- like Mubarak and Khadafy. No one is perfect but, If they were only half as decent as Cory (she given up her presidency) they would still be in office by now.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D3LDMMAKC6UDQLDVFP2DGSJBXY Jezzrel

        You need to read & learn lot regarding the issue. Don’t be blind. There are external forces who help the opposition in bringing down the government of the late Pres. Marcos…., and its not only Marcos, they include our economy.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/53PNN2WSIQM6WLEOBGOCKQLV74 Jose

        +1….. Simple lang pero tutuo minsan mas masarap magbasa ng comments magagaling reader ng Inquirer

      • joshua kings

        tama ka kasi hindi kina-curtail ng inquirer ang freedom of speech, unlike sa kanila (yung may star daw), na ginagamit yung dyaryo nila para lang proteksyunan yun g kanilang vesdted interests at ng varied interests ng manilang mga cronies….di na gaya nung andya pa yung matriarch founder ng dyaryong yun, na napakabait at parehas…

      • eorlando

        Stop reading. Too much info is making you paranoid. Really, Marcos’ economy was sabotaged? Still, generations of Marcoses are living-off their stolen money. Their cronies controlled all the industries in the Philippines and some are still around and you blame someone from somewhere sabotaged the economy? Give me a break! Marcos already had done much of the damage to this country, it did not take much but the gravity and wind to topple it down. Do not change history.

      • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

        Agree, the dictatorship was bound to fall but how and what specific events transpired for Edsa 1 to have happened is a different story which was the subject of my comment. No one disagrees with your comment. But was it directly effective towards my response? I thought No, because you made it too simple as you opened a totally different tangent. Your response is a sure way for wishy-washy discourse I am afraid. Now if you’re too proud enough not to see my viewpoint, you’re about ready to choke my throat because you made your comment simplistic enough. You were even successful in having 4 poor souls “like” your off-tangent comment. And, that’s so sad.

      • Handiong

        What “different story which was the subject of my comment” are you talking about? Your comment doesn’t even make sense.

      • eorlando

        Occam’s Razor my friend. You can not separate EDSA from Marcos’ atrocities. If Marcos did not cheat, steal, and kill – EDSA would just be a long traffic-ridden road. I guess I should not be engaging with someone that call themselves “nuts”. Do not change history and please take your medication.

      • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

        With extreme bitterness in your heart, are you going to hang your wife if in your generation another Marcos happens to be the next leader for this country? I hope not.

    • joshua kings

      yours is also what a bigot thinks.

    • Marx Louis Wang

      Are they not the people who brought the much devaluation of PH currency?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OBTGTKV4SLI6HZCEV7AHTZA5XI Juanlatigo-olbulatego

    Ongpin: Mr. President, I have a very complicated personal private life.
    Marcos : Been there, done that
    Ongpin : I’m a certified public accountant.
    Marcos : I certify public disbursements and accounting.
    Ongpin : I love the law.
    Marcos : I am the law.
    Ongpin : I have an eye for money – lots of money.
    Marcos : Di nga! (i can see myself in this guy 10yrs ago… goosebumps)
    Ongpin : I’m hotheaded
    Marcos : Me too, magaling lang ako magdala (high five!)
    Ongpin : I play golf.
    Marcos : Ikaw na!
    Ongpin : Soulmate?
    Marcos : …no doubt, definitely you’ll be my trade & industry minister.

  • http://www.facebook.com/beng.atibo.3 Beng Atibo

    All of this article is based on Ongpin’s claim of what had happened!!! Same like the memoirs of Enrile!! But it does not mean that what is written are all true!!!

    • Bli tz

      another memoir of lies: and both seems to “interpret” history to fit their own world view; they did not report it in a way a real historian should (a typical of those who hate the truth). ongpin served marcos for 7 years for his evil and selfish desire to steal billion$. the irony however, many would readily accept it as an act of heroism. cronies and condemned criminals alike are not credible source of facts, only fiction. 

      one would hate to think, that even up to our 3rd, 4th and nth generation, all these loans will still have to be paid + huge interests. while ongpin and his descendants are free enjoying life as if they own the world.. sheesh.. more appropriate to call it a “devil’s pit”.

  • tra6Gpeche

    Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew is truly a great world class
    person, honest, very strong leader and, without doubt, love his country, Singapore.
    Mr. Ferdinand E. Marcos and Mr Robert Ongpin are the opposite.. womanizer,
    shrewd, liar, narcissistic, materially and financially avaricious and, most of
    all, no love for their own countrymen and their country!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q3QGG5QHBLRMZTIYWUFURY6J2E Night

    remaking history for corrupt cronies……… what propaganda is this

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M26KR4J7IS4ZHGC6XQGDALINAQ Luis

    Wow! What money can buy? PROPAGANDA. If you think these tales would distract us from the cases filed against him, then think again. We have learned from the real history so that we would not repeat the same mistakes again. His reinterpretation of history would not change the fact that he was instrumental too in the greatest plunder of our nation’s wealth. I just wonder though how much this article costs for PDI and the author. $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Taiko_Kauna

    Does Ongpin supposed that refurbishing images in the twilight years changes history? Maybe, perhaps, who knows, given mentality of the ‘mindless’ majority who keep voting into office the nincompoops. That’s probably why Enrile already tried to ‘debunk’ history by publishing a self-serving memoir, and Ongpin can follow suit thru the inquirer. Ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw – Susan R.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Y74B6RY5N37I5JG2KAFGKGFPFA F**kinMO

    Hope Onpin and all the Marcos descendants read the post here and they will see and know if words can kill they’re dead already, Rot in hell Ferdi and may your siblings too. 

    • joshua kings

      you mean perhaps children or nearest kin…?

      kasi when you say ‘siblings’, that means sisters and brothers…

      matagal ng patay lahat (yata) mga kapatid niya at di naman sila nanalansa altho nakinabang din siguro…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AIPSCQM2TZQUMQ5GEIMWMWDFL4 Edward Solilap

    Bobby Ongpin always talking his mind….

  • joerizal

    Intsik na, sinungaling pa. Gawa gawa kuwento parang belekoy.

    • joshua kings

      ang mga tsekin, walang dinidiyos kundi pera, pera, at pera lang…

      at gagawin lahat (like magnakaw, mangorap gaya ng ginawa kay gloria at mike), mandaya, MAGSINUNGALING,  kahit ano, basta magkamal ng salapi…

  • Handiong

    Aw, come on, Bobby. Any Atenean, and you’re one, who has studied Greek tragedy, and everyone has, will know the meaning of “catharsis”. You’re just trying to be “cute” in the Inquirer interview.

    Of the three foreign leaders, only Lee Kuan Yew did the right thing. Why prop up a corrupt and murderous dictator?

  • ApoNiLolo

    What’s the purpose of this write-up?
    Is this some kind of a “deodorizer” to smoothly paved the way when it’s time to face the DBP behest loan case?

    Like Virata, they’re the “beg boys” of Marcos when he needs money. His not part of the “movers and shakers” of the Marcos cabal. Telling his side of the Marcos era is insignificant, amounting only as a source of entertainment.

    “The Forbes list of the top 40 wealthiest Filipinos ranked Ongpin 21st in 2010″
    By the way he “makes” money, one does not wonder if he jumps to 9th place in the Forbes line-up, accumulating $700M in just a year!

    “Ongpin got nothing from Lee, except probably enriching his vocabulary.”
    What? An Atenean with an MBA from Harvard does not know the meaning of the word “catharsis”? Bolahin mo ang lelong mong panot!

    • joshua kings

      ang nakakalungkot, ang tanda na, sinungaling pa rin….

      nalukuban na talaga ng demonyo…

      di ako magtataka kung ito ay mabaliw.  kasi pag di ka na kailangan ni taning, either kinukuha ka na niya at sisingilin sa mga ipinautang sa iyo na kayamanan at fame na ang kabayaran ay ang iyong kaluluwa…, o di kaya gagawin ka niyang baliw.+

      so evil….

    • mulanay

      i neither studied in ateneo nor harvard but i knew the meaning of catharsis at age 20+. 

  • Komen To

    The senate president wrote his autobiography, published it and sold copies. Here’s another cabinet man writing his and publishing free online. I come to ask what is the agenda? Catharsis? Well, they have entertainment values, but as for the truth, “you’ll never get a single cent from me”. As Taiko commented, “Ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw”, borrowing Susan’s angry line.

    • joshua kings

      susunod lahat yan ng mga naging cronies ni apo….
      akala nila tatalab itong deodorant na concoction nitong mersenaryong dell moondowng ito, para maalis ang lansa ng kanilang mga katarantaduhang pinaggagawa nung martial law…
      makapal talaga ang mga damuho….

  • Horst Manure

    This is the Fillo version of the Jap’s white washing the “Comfort Girls” 

  • sam_aquino

    now everybody wants to have their own “version”???

    for what???

    i do NOT see any relevance of this article to our current plight…

    • joshua kings

      it’s like what hitler tried to do thru his loyal lapdog, goebbels….
      make their lies the truth….

      si dell moondow kumbaga ay si goebbels ni hitler….a paid hack.  dapat sa mga mersenaryo na ganyan ay binibitin ng patiwarik…di ko lang maintindhan bakit pinayagan ng inquirer ito na ma-publish…parang may master plan at sunod-sunod itong mga write-ups na ito…baka naman sa pinkahuli, yun namang deodorizer ng mga marcos ang ilabas, para sa ikasusulong minimithi nilang maging pangulo si bongbong, junior…

      paging letty magsanoc  (are you still sitting there as editor in cheif? kung buhay sana si yumaong isagani yambot, di siguro mangyayari ito)

      attempting to rewrite history to deodorize themselves and hopefully, redeem their political stature which they still see as the great source of power and wealth.

      • sam_aquino

        this obviously is a “paid article”…  the author is creating a “scenario” here…  we’ll see where it goes…

        anyone has a “price”, parekoy…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SYG36KOOLRY47VA3ICPJJ5CQTQ ADD

    From US$300 million in 2010 to US$1 billion in 2011, WoW, does it include the behest loans from DBP?

    • popeyee

      The bank said the “behest loan” has been paid? Paano mapupunta sa kita yong loan? 

      • joshua kings

        sa philex deal, kumita siya ng mga P430 million in less than a month without any capital but by that tainted dbp loan which he repaid form the proceeds of the sale of those philex shares and realizing that net gain of more than P400 million….
        dapat ang kinita ng bentahan ng philex shares na yan ay napunta sa dbp/gobyerno….hindi kay ongpin at kung sino man ang hinatian niya (sabi nila yung parang matabang babuy na bansag ay FG)…..sinabing hinatian dahil di magagawa ni ongpin yun kung walang malakas na tao ang nag-impluwensya sa dbp officials at board (na ngayon ay nasasakdal) para aprubin yung loan na yun…
        kumbaga, pinrito sa sariling mantika ang gobyerno….

      • popeyee

        yunowatyumin is all haka-haka… 

      • Mario_Garcia

        Then the DBP should be blamed and not Mr. Ongpin, because the loan came from DBP.  DBP knows best where its interest lies. As for Mr. Ongpin making a lot of money, that is because of his skills and expertise.  it seems that the crab mentality of Mr. Osmena is fully on the go.

  • James McTangay

    Behind every man’s fall isa woman.In this case it’s the Visayan bi atch called Imelda Romualdez! Sibibiag pay kuma ni Apo Macoy…

  • joshua kings

    ang dami pa rin palang makakapal ang mukha sa pinas na patuloy pa ring die hard para sa mga nananlansa nung kasagsagan ng marcos dictatorship…
    balikan natin ang ultimong balak nila:
    pinaghati-hati nila ang gobyerno at pilipinas: coconut kay danding, tubo/sugar kay bobby, dagdag mo pa tri-media (rpn9, ibc 13 and bbc 2, daily express)..velasco, energy, cuenca, public works, ramon cojuangco, telecoms, insurance, banking, etc…imelda topped it all by getting for herself the human settlements which the council of trent fought its creation…..lahat yan may tongpats kay ferdie and imelda, na dinideposit buwan-buwan sa mga banko nila like kung galing kay bobby, sa TRBl kay danding, UCPB, etc…
    ngayon, itong council of trent na binubuo nina virata, ongpin, laya, balatbat, atbp. may sariling amo yan na dinidiyos at di total na tuta ni apo…nilalabanan nilang mga kalabisan ng mga cronies…gaya nung mga LOI at PD na nagbibigay ng malaking advantage sa kanila, at the expense of the government and the people like condonation of biliions of pesos in CB borrowings…
    this is just a revisit of what they did and intended to do before edsa 1…
    and now becasue they could now bring back and use all their stolen wealth stashed abroad, they now would like to rewrite history to deodorize themselves and be made acceptable to the people again?  NO WAY!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DNIHT5LCE64MX4FNLRC5I27IGM reden castillo

    owwwwssss bolahin mo lelong mong panot Bobby!!! di mo kayang bolahin ang mga matatanda at mga nakasabayan mo nuong panahon ni marcos HOHOHO

  • http://twitter.com/aristheo AMLacuna

    Is this a PRESS RELEASE?

  • les21reago

    This column is PORTRAYING Ongpin’s merit…

    • Mario_Garcia

      If that is the case, well he is very much entitled to it because he worked hard for it.

      • les21reago

         If working hard is your concept, are bank/pawnshop robbers in heist not as hard?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JKS7Y3WBUOJPOMTYPCRXSKW7KM Franzeline Perdubal

      Bongbong Marcos, ikaw ba ito? Or General Fabian Ver?

      If more Filipinos will be like you, Ginoong Mendoza, then this country will never learn from its mistakes.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JKS7Y3WBUOJPOMTYPCRXSKW7KM Franzeline Perdubal

      You should read Lee Kwan Yew’s accounts of Marcos how he was evading him and not lending him money because he knows that Marcos was drunk with power.

      Edgardo Mendoza, ang bilis mo makalimot!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EYYDTMYSK2VUPDWIMUDPPSVVU4 romulo

      ogag ka pala eh, hindi mo ba naiintindihan ang binabasa mo?  Bankrupt ang treasury ng pilipinas nung panahon ni Marcos kaya nangutang sa brunei, malaysia at singapore na tumanggi dahil ayaw sa ugali ni marcos.  Hunghang ka Edgardo Mendoza isa kang timang!!!

  • m1600


  • m1600


    • andresa igbac

       sympre noh! trabaho nya as president gawin mga yan, dapat gawin nya!!! pero yong kabilang kamay, ayon, namamaga na kakabilang ng ill gotten wealth.

    • Mario_Garcia

      Yes, until today we are still implementing the plans drawn up by Marcos’ economic team.  Many more road infrastructures are still to be built using this plan.

  • rjgc

    Ongpin has not helped the Filipinos recover the Marcos wealth and prosecute the Marcos family. He should be in jail.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T4UWEQIDXLS7RQXY2DDQTV6MNE carol

      Enrile was one of the cronies who enriched himself too, look at the several tall buildings in Makati. He owns them.

  • mulanay

    Wasn’t this the guy who was called wrOngpin?

  • dodong1


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JKS7Y3WBUOJPOMTYPCRXSKW7KM Franzeline Perdubal

    Mr Ongpin – the guy who turned out richer after working with Marcos?

    That’s the wrong part of our society. No robbers and thieves go to jail. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T4UWEQIDXLS7RQXY2DDQTV6MNE carol

      Danding Cojuangco and Roberto Ongpin are Marcos’ cronies who enriched themselves during Marcos regime.

  • rolandtr

    Sen Serge’s arch enemy is on a PR offensive…we wil see if he can charm his way… 

  • M C

    Looking at the picture, it seems that the left hand of Mr. Marcos is so bloated.  It appears to be so big. Does it mean that even at the time of hiring Mr. Bobby, Mr. Andy was already exhibiting signs of the lupus that will eventually cause his “death”?  By the way, I guess most of the guys here are speaking from propaganda learned from the Cory Yellow Army (isn’t yellow always associated with timidity and fright?) without any idea of what Mr. Bobby has done for the country during those years. There are a lot of people in the Cabinet of Mr. Marcos who never lost their bearing or their soul. Even present economists knew and will tell you that without the Binondo Central Bank that Mr. Bobby ran after the Benigno Assasination, the country could have literally gone to the dogs in just a few months. The BCB saved the country during those trying days. One man need only one single act to earn a place in history and the BCB was Mr. Bobby’s legacy. Similarly, that morning telephone call of Mr. Bobby to Manong Juanito precipitated the EDSA Aggrupation.  Unfortunately, a lot of Filipinos will condemn a fellow Filipino for just one single error of judgment (altho history has not rendered a judgment yet) and forget a thousand acts of heroism and kindness. In fact, I can not understand how these do-gooders, pencil pushers and laggards can not seem to move on and continue to harp on events more than 20 years ago and still blame those events as causus belli of the present high unemployement level, poverty and corruption. Senyor Simyon is now the Student Council Chairman and he can not continue forever  blaming Mr. Marcos or Ms. Glorya for congenital stupidities.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JKS7Y3WBUOJPOMTYPCRXSKW7KM Franzeline Perdubal

    I wonder how Mr Ongpin can sleep after fooling this country? 

    • http://twitter.com/neps365 Prince Neps

      Heard of sleeping tablets? 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JKS7Y3WBUOJPOMTYPCRXSKW7KM Franzeline Perdubal

        Hahaha. Pills, you mean. 

        This Ongpin guy has Marcos ill-gotten wealth written all over his body.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZS723M7OQL5GJ43IEJMJUDDIY hanep

      If  your  net worth is  about a billion dollars ?

      You betcha, he would  sleep like a baby.

  • Adam_d_langgam

    nice read  .. thanks as well for the inquirer for publishing what transpired a looooong time ago.  a lot of these personalities are still around and still going strong.  they obviously are survivors.  some of them are swines, some are just downright determined to live.  though the dictatorship was bad, not all of those who served under marcos/imelda were crooks. 

    laurel and now ongpin.  more of these articles for the young ones to learn about martial law.old geysers (like me … he he he…) have our own opinions of these personalities.  and what we know are not all true.  we were not privy to what happened – we base our opinions on what we read and experienced.

  • boybakal

    Nice to see this old picture of a Great Leader….Marcos.

  • DurangoJoe

    In tagalog, catharsis means ‘purga’ meaning ‘deworming’ usually done to children. Because of his previous connection to the strongman Marcos, should the word catharsis be applied to Ongpin?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZS723M7OQL5GJ43IEJMJUDDIY hanep

      You’re correct. It should  apply to Ongpin.  Ironically, he  didn’t know what
      it meant  at the time  that  he had  to look  it  up.

      But  currently,  he’s  reported to be worth at  least a billion  dollars so
      I doubt  it if  catharsis  would do Bobby  any good.

  • MaySenseBa

    Cheers Lee Kuan Yew, a leader with integrity and a strong moral compass, that is why SG is one of the straightest countries in the world today.  

    And we, the only Christian country is Asia is one of the crookedest! 

  • Ric Atencia

    We could only but hope that what Mr. Ongpin’s account are all true. Sometimes, someone could be in the wrong side of history, and only God knows where this fellow fits in.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/O65EQ5AGBKWGJOCS32KMPN4PFI Lorelei

    Just like that I changed my mind on old man Lee … he wasn’t all bad.

  • boybakal

    This picture is really a President at work….unlike the picture then of Pnoy without glasses but reading to show that he is working.

    • Mario Aquino

      you are right he is working to plunder the whole country

      here is what is written in wikipedia when marcos and cronies are working

       “Marcos’ family and cronies looted so much wealth from the country that to this day investigators have difficulty determining precisely how many billions of dollars were stolen. However, it is estimated that Marcos alone stole at least $5 billion from the Filipino treasury.[66][67] The Swiss government, initially reluctant to respond to allegations that stolen funds were held in Swiss accounts,[68] has returned US$684 million of Marcos’ wealth.[69][70][71]According to Jovito Salonga, monopolies in several vital industries have been created and placed under the control of Marcos cronies, such as the coconut industries (under Eduardo Cojuangco, Jr. and Juan Ponce Enrile), the tobacco (under Lucio Tan), the banana (under Antonio Floirendo), the sugar industry (under Roberto Benedicto) and manufacturing (under Herminio Disini and Ricardo Silverio). The Marcos and Romualdez families became owners, directly or indirectly, of the nation’s largest corporations, such as the Philippine Long Distance Company (PLDC), of which the present name is Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT), the Philippine Airlines (PAL), Meralco (an electric company), Fortune Tobacco, the San Miguel Corporation (Asia’s largest beer and bottling company), numerous newspapers, radio and TV broadcasting companies (such as ABS-CBN), several banks, and real estate properties in New York, California and Hawaii.[72] The Aquino government also accused them of skimming off foreign aid and international assistance.[citation needed]Many laws written by Marcos are still in force and in effect. Out of thousands of proclamations, decrees and executive orders, only a few were repealed, revoked, modified or amended.[73] Few credit Marcos for promoting Filipino culture and nationalism. His 21 years in power with the help of U.S. massive economic aid and foreign loans enabled Marcos to build more schools, hospitals and infrastructure than any of his predecessors combined.[74]In the 2004 Global Transparency Report, Marcos appeared in the list of the World’s Most Corrupt Leaders. He was listed second behind the late President of Indonesia, Suharto and he was said to have amassed between $5 billion to $10 billion in his 21 years as president of the Philippines.[75][76]”

      • iriga1_city1_boy1

        To Mario Aquino:
          Thank you,kabayan for this info.
        And to boybakal—– This is the kind of information that you need(From Mario Aquino) to read so your knowledge of the ‘horrors of  Martial Law and the the mismanagement  of Marcos” had descended on us(Filipinos), can expand.
        Don’t depend too much on “kuwentong kutsero”.
         Here’s one for you,”boybakal”(From Waltzing with a Dictator):
        ….Fox Butterfield of The New York Times wrote a series of articles in Jan 1978 -about how Marcos,Cojuangco and Enrile had taken over much of the Aquino empire; the Disini-Westinghouse deal;and how the National Grain Agency,which, like the sugar and coconut industries ,had been monopolized by Marcos,had made at least $100 million in three years by keeping the price of wheat artificially high and misusing cheap credits from the U.S. Dept.of Agriculture……….
        CIA and embassy officers in Manila were, for example,well aware of the Westinghouse-Disini-Marcos connection(Bataan Nuclear Plant) by late 1978,if not much earlier;they thought  the amount the amount that Westinghouse had paid Disini was between $25 and 440 million ,and they knew Disini was fronting Marcos.After the accident at the Three-Mile Island  nuclear plant in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,in March 1979,Marcos suspended the work on the Philippine project…….
        In every books and newspapers  i peruse, Marcos is always included in the list as one of the world’s most corrupt leaders.
         To the whole 100 million Filipinos kicking and breathing  the Philippine air right now,i ask you to log in and comment of what you know of the foolishness of that conjugal dictatorship.Speak the truth.Stop fence sitting.Kung kayo makabayan,magsalita kayo.We need more about what transpired before.
        And this election is very vital to our Democracy.You need to weed out the people who had put that “yoke” above your neck.Your vote is not about a “ganta’ of rice or a 1,000 peso bill.It’s about your children and descendants.
        And to boybakal:
          I’ll give you more info to open up your view of that horrible episode of our Republic.   

      • iriga1_city1_boy1

        To Mario Aquino:
            Pare, keep it up!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZF4OTGY4BREFE42RXP7FZJKFY Ding

      Siguro naman by now, nabasa mo na, boyba, ang payo sa iyo sa mga sumusunod na posts.  Sa susunod na mga pagbanat mo, pairalin mo ang sentido kumon, hindi ang bulsa.  Nang mabalitaan mong iko-compensate na ang mga martial law victims, bigla kang sumaksak na marami ang dapat na i-compensate, kasama ka na.  Tapos, biglang ka na namang sumirko.  Common sense!  Hindi naman siguro magbibigay ng napakalaking halaga ang Swiss government para i-compensate ang mga victims ng martial law.  Mayroong dahilan kaya nila isinasauli ang pera.  Sobra ang sipag ng ipinalalabas ng President at work.  8 years lang ang maximum, nag-21 years siya.  Siya lang ang yumaong pangulo na hindi  mailibing sa libingan ng mga bayani.  At higit sa lahat, batas na ang compensatioin to martial law victims.  Ibig sabihin, lahat ng punto por punto sa kasong ito ay masusi nang tinalakay at pinag-aralan maging ng Fed Court of Hawaii.

  • Mario_Garcia

    Mr. Ongpin is credible.  Marcos knows how to get his cabinet members. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZS723M7OQL5GJ43IEJMJUDDIY hanep

    I knew it.  First time I saw  Bobby  Ongpin I knew  he’s   one  
    SOB  as far as  the ladies  are concerned.

    Very interesting tidbit,  one of  Macoy’s   smart boys didn’t  know
    what  ‘ catharsis’  meant.

    So now you know Bobby. In more ways than one.

    Looking forward  to the next installment. Exciting read.

  • Francisco Wenceslao

    As head of the Philippine Export Council I fought Ongpin’s 11 Major Industrial Projects (MIPs) because they’d be disastrous to the country. Doroy Valencia believed me and castigated Ongpin almost daily the MIPs were simply Ongpin’s ego trip.
    Valencia was called by Marcos to ask him why he took my side and why Ongpin was wrong. Valencia asked me to write a memo to explain to Marcos that capital intensive MIPs must first be competitive in the domestic market to absorb their production while being geared to compete against the products of developed countries like USA, Japan, etc. Hence, the danger was the MIPs might be too big for the domestic market but uncompetitive to survive in foreign markets. I could imagine Marcos smiling with my analogy that the MIPs would be like Golden Gloves champions fighting Muhammad Ali.
    At about the same time my immediate boss, trade minister Louie Villafuerte, told me he was called to Malacañang late one night and was told by Marcos in Imelda’s presence that Ongpin asked for my head. That unless I stop instigating Valencia to criticize Ongpin and the MIPs, he’d lose credibility and therefore had to ask Marcos that either Wenceslao go or he will. Villafuerte told me I was free to fight it out and he’d have his hands-off. Thinking that Ongpin was so egoistic he’d go against Villafuerte also, I decided to resign. 
    To his credit, Marcos didn’t like me to resign, lest it’d be bad publicity of policy differences about the MIPs. A study grant was arranged for me in the U.S. and that’s how many believed was the reason I gave up my PEC position.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/hbRkpPw1oYTBJamz.EH7acMZBBVoIlWXriA-#e4348 Felix

    Marahil kung nangyari na nagkaroon ng semiconductor company noon, asensado ang pinas gaya ng taiwan ngayon na semiconductor industry ang pinagmamalaki.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DYXSBRILSDYIRWUSCWGYADFH5I Bubbles

    buwayang Ongpin, ang taas ng pinag-aralan, ang taas din ng dinugas sa bayan. nagtrabahao sa SGV, natural, napakagaling magpaikot ikot ng dinugasang pera.pag-aari ang alphaland sa may magallanes at #21 sa Forbes list, hay, Ongpin, di ka naiiba kay Erap, nognog Binay, sa dami ng anak (sa iba-ibang babae) kaya triple kayod ng pagnanakaw.

  • ed_dAVAO

    For me cguro dapat din natin tingnan yong other side ng Marcos regime. Tutoong may mga human rights violations pero may iba ring side na dapat natin tingnan. Itigil natin yang puro galit na lang sa nakaraang administration. wala na tayong magawa tapos na iyon. Ang tanging mabuti nating gawin ay ang pag aralan ang leksyon na makukuha natin doon at huwag nang gawin pa kung ito ay masama. Ginagawa ba nang bagong gobyerno natin ngayon ang mga iyon?

  • $44545315

    Ferdinand Edralin Marcos: The True Filipino Hero of ’86.

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