Vote for Mindanao peace, vote for Aquino bets – Drilon


Senator Franklin Drilon. FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines — A vote for President Benigno Aquino III’s senatorial bets is a vote for permanent peace in Mindanao.

Senator Franklin Drilon made this claim on Sunday, as he moved to transform the 2013 mid-term elections into a proxy vote for the ratification of the Bangsamoro Framework Agreement in the next Congress.

“It is important for PNoy (President Aquino) that his allies, his handpicked candidates in Team PNoy, will be voted in the Senate because they will push for his policies on peace in ARMM (Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao),” said Drilon in a radio interview.

Senatorial bets of the United Nationalist Alliance were quick to dispute Drilon’s move to paint their team as opposing the framework agreement.

“Who does not want peace in Mindanao? I am in favor of the Bangsamoro framework agreement, but that is a work in progress. That is not the end all and be all of these elections,” said re-electionist Senator Gregorio Honasan II in a phone interview.

San Juan Rep. Joseph Victor Ejercito, a senatorial bet of UNA, said that Drilon was “misguided” in simplifying the election into just one issue. “We all want peace but can we have peace without solving poverty, which is the root cause of this long-running rebellion? Peace cannot be achieved by a mere agreement; there will be no peace if poverty persists,” said Ejercito. “They want development in Mindanao but have they addressed the power crisis in that region? How can there be progress if electricity is expensive and supply is unreliable?”

Honasan said that peace should not be “limiting or exclusive, it should involve everybody in the discussions.”

“I was led to believe that Team PNoy is Team Philippines because he is our president whether he likes it or not. I might have been mistaken,” said Honasan.

Both Honasan and Ejercito said that the UNA ticket has been fully supporting the idea of lasting peace in Mindanao but they have differed on how it should be implemented.

Ejercito cautioned Drilon against raising expectations over the Bangsamoro deal as the solution to Mindanao’s peace problem. “We should be more realistic and more sober in our assessment of the peace pact because there is a possibility it will not deliver the government’s lofty promises or it will not meet the MILF’s expectations and we will be worse off than we are now,” said Ejercito.

Honasan said the public should also look at other pressing issues outside of Mindanao in selecting their senatorial candidates. “The elections are not just about the peace process. It is one of the important issues but it is not the only important issue,” said Honasan.

Based on recent surveys, President Aquino’s coalition slate, which is now called Team PNoy has seven to eight candidates in the top 12 (including the two common candidates, Senators Loren Legarda and Francis Escudero) but none of the purely Liberal Party candidates have managed to crack into the top 12 in recent popularity surveys.

In pushing for Team PNoy senatorial candidates, Drilon warned the public of having a Senate dominated by members who would oppose the Framework Agreement for the Bangsamoro.  “If the President will not get a majority, this means that the people do not want this transitory authority, they do not want to change ARMM. That is an indication that the public is not in favor of the policy of President [Aquino],” said Drilon.

Drilon explained that this has been why the President “wagered or put to risk his political capital” just to have the framework agreement signed. “If those he endorsed in Congress are not elected, the basic law would not be fully realized,” said Drilon who noted that the President was determined to have a lasting peace agreement in place before he stepped down in 2016.

Drilon said that the public should laud President Aquino’s visit to Camp Darapanan (formerly Camp Abubakar) to launch the Sajahatra Bangsamoro project together with the leaders of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) on Monday.

“The President has to go there even if the agreement has not yet been signed because this is part of the continuing process of peace and development.”

Drilon said the President should immediately form the 15-member transition commission (seven from the government and seven from the MILF with an MILF nominee as chair) to draft the law replacing the ARMM charter.

Drilon dismissed worries of an emerging pattern in the peace negotiations with the Muslim groups where a breakaway group emerges after its mother group signs with the government.

“We cannot negotiate on the basis of fear.  At the end of the day, the public will have to decide by either rejecting the President’s candidates for 2013 elections or supporting the President’s choices together with this framework agreement,” said Drilon.

Drilon found nothing wrong with the President setting foot on an MILF camp because this was still part of the Philippines and part of his job as leader of an entire country. “I don’t think the prestige of his office will be diminished by going to Mindanao, and the MILF. If he goes to Cebu, does he bow to (suspended Governor Gwendolyn) Garcia? I don’t think so,” said Drilon.

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  • rolandtr

    Drilon is a low grade political tactician. His low leadership stature in Iloilo is a very good proof of that. Framing the Team PNoy campaign in Mindanao as in his words “A vote for President Benigno Aquino III’s senatorial bets is a vote for permanent peace in Mindanao” is political stupidity. Sen Drilon what about framing it this way: “PNoy’s leadership for lasting peace in Mindanao will be very favorable for his his senatorial candidates. And this will be seen in the next survey in Mindanao as the President will be very visible in endorsing his senatorial candidates.”  Probably Sen Kiko Pangilinan should have been a better manager for the LP Campaign. 

  • birol

    I will vote for P-Noy bets except for Trillanes.

    Ang back-chanelling ni Trillanes sa china ang dahilan kung bakit nagkakaroon ng effective control ang china sa scarborough shoal.

    Trillanes, pabalikin mo ang Philippine vessels sa scarborough shoal…maaaring mabago mo pa boto ko.

  • rethinking_madness

    Lolong is now resting in peace.
    Mr. Drilon should have shut his mouth to honor a comrade.

    This is a poor political trick that reveals the crookedness of the Aquino’s daang matuwid. Who does not dream of peace in Mindanao? But to use it as a political slogan for Team PNoy is an insult to the people of Mindanao.

    • Harry

      If there should be any large-scale cheating in the coming election, it will be again in Mindanao.

      • rethinking_madness

        God forbid.

  • Simoun Magaalahas

    Eto ang isa sa pwedeng pang replacement kay lolong, mukang chinese crocodile….

  • wawa2172

    Pork Drill On, you a man full of misery. Ayaw sa iyo nang mga muslims dahil mahilig ka sa pork, Somehow, what you are saying is that you want the  people of Mindanao to vote for LP dahil kung hindi walang peace and order. With MILF its not farfetched that a 12-0 can happen again in Maguindanao. Ampatuan clan did it for Lakas-CMD then kahit di na inutos ni The Pandak. If same would happen, then its a shame on you Pork Drill On. I hope the PNoy will not buy such a strategy of Pork DrilL On by equating peace to voting his candidates. Remember galit pa rin ang mga MILF kay Mar Roxas who supported the anti-Ancestral Domain proposal by the MILF and GRP panel at the SC. Mabuti na lang at Erap is with UNA who is also hated by the MILF for his all out war policy then. I would suggest that PNoy put and apple to the mouth of Pork Drill On to silent him. Pakitang gilas palpalk naman.

  • dan4321

    Drilon is RIGHT.These so called Peace Loving Senators/Candidates are INDEED just RIDING with the ISSUE.If Honasan indeed was Serious about wanting for PEACE,what Sacrifice did he do in his LONG YEARS in the Senate for Peace and Prosperity in Mindanao? And that JV Ejercito? What have they DONE? 3 Presidents and STILL Mindanao is Sufferiing until PNOY
    Taxes You are Paying Being APPROPRIATELY Spent and not into the Pockets of PNoy and his Families/Cronies,The WORLD is STARTING TO RESPECT and ADMIRE Your County and your
    Government,you don’t want it to get Lost by Letting Honasan,Estrada,Enrile,MITOS Magsaysay
    Binay,Maceda win and Spoil what PNOY has already Started.

  • Pio Gante

    kahit hindi mo pa ihalal yang mga yan kung talagang itinadhana ay magkakaroon ng kapayapaan sa lugar na yan.

  • superpilipinas

    Do not vote for Team Pinoy. WITH TEAM PINOY, WE WILL NEVER HAVE FOI.

    The Philippines urgently needs FOI that would enable all government transactions to be transparent. it has immediate impact if made into law. TEAM PINOY DOES NOT WANT FOI for corrupt reasons. If they did, it would be a law already. PNoy prioritized RH to prevent FOI. PNoy was strong for the first 2 years but has weakened and made wrong decisions. LP failed to correct him.

    Do not vote for UNA, NP, LDP, NPC, Lakas. These parties are full of political dynasties, traditional politicians, and showbiz/tv personalities. ALL ARE ENGAGED IN PATRONAGE POLITICS. ….DEFINITELY BAAADDD FOR THE PHILIPPINES.

    Let’s transform the Philippines.

    Vote for independents who would pass bills based on what makes sense and not based on what the party dictates. Vote for technical professionals with history of achievement in the private sector and who decides based on logic and not on politics. If you can’t find these type of people, don’t vote at all.

    WE want very low vote counts for those who failed FOI, traditional politicians, political dynasties, and showbiz/tv personalities. Even if they still win in 2013 with low vote counts, they will be discouraged in 2016. 

    We want to encourage independents and technical professionals. Even if they lose in 2013, more will be encouraged to run in 2016.

  • lostRunes

    Vote for a Bangsamoro independent State, Vote for Aquino bets.

    We already have a peace deal with the MNLF. The MILF will use the stupid Framework Agreement to oust MNLF as the representative of the Filipino Muslims and THEN they will declare an independent state.

    “If the President will not get a majority, this means that the people do
    not want this transitory authority, they do not want to change ARMM.
    That is an indication that the public is not in favor of the policy of
    President [Aquino],” said Drilon.

    After the massacre of OUR 19 brave soldiers, and the planning of the Rizal day bombings (Lacson himself can attest to this), do you think that the Filipino people will allow this treacherous group to be a partner in peace? NEVER!

    • foreignerph

      Why treacherous? It’s their own country with its own language, culture and religion. They could even rightfully claim independence from the catholic Tagalogs that made their vernacular the official language and steals all their natural wealth. If they nevertheless want to compromise instead of seeking a confederation with Malaysia, it’s a sign of good faith.

      • lostRunes

         Treacherous in the sense they have broken peace deals left and right and claim it was  due to a “lost command”. Massacred 19 soldiers on OUR SOIL and claim it was the military’s fault. If you want the Muslims to create a new Islamic country, what do you think will happen to the Christian minority there? If majority of the people want to create a new Muslim homeland, it must be through peaceful means and should not go against the constitution and minority rights.

        Do you think they will turn over their weapons to the Philippine government without a fight? They are Islamic fundamentalists who broke away from the MNLF precisely because they want an independent homeland. You give them an arm, they will ask for your head. This fake peace deal will be unmasked before our very eyes by the actions of the MILF.

  • superpilipinas

    No FOI then No Team PNoy.

    • birol

      Maipapasa and FOI kapag maraming kaalyado si P-Noy sa Senado at congreso.
      Iboto ang P-Noy bets para masigurong maipasa ang FOI sa susunod na congresso! 

  • rodben

    The propagandist politician strike again, PLEASE MAAWA NAMAN KYO SA MGA TAGA-MINDANAO…they need a long lasting peace not by just using a propaganda electioneering by these CORRUPT POLITICIANS….Hope the peace panel side of the MURO groups ay mag-ingat ng mabuti sa ganitong uring mga mapaggamit na mga CORRUPT POLITICIANS….CAREFUL MUSLIM BRO…MABUHAY KYO….Mr Drilon pwede bang pakitikom muna malaking bibig nyo baka ma-udlot pa magandang usapan sa Mindanao…

    • lex

      Wag si SENATOR DRILON ang sabihan mo nyan- mabuting tao yan, hindi Corrupt. Ipatikum mo ang bunganga ng mga taga UNA,. Yang si JV at si HONASAN, walang ka kwenta kwenta yang mga yan!

  • lex

    Di puedeng ikukumpara si DRILON kay HUDASAN at JV EJERCITO. Si DRILON, magaling na senador,walang record ng corruption. Eh si HONASAN at JV EJERCITO, anu bang nagawa ng mga taga UNA na ito, wala! Sino ba ang nagpa ALL out WAR sa Mindanao eh di ang TATAY ni JV, si ERAP. Anu naman ang legacy ni HUDASAN eh di puro KUDETA.

    Vote STRAIGHT TEAM PINOY, no to UNA, puro CORRUPT ang mga taga UNA!

  • al gero

    Ibagsak ang UNA ang kampon ng kadiliman sa Pilipinas at Kampo Ng mga TRAPO, ibagsak , ipaglaban ang Pilipinas laban sa mga kawatan sa gobyerno, iligtas laban sa UNA.

  • Melvin

    Medyo mahirap ang posisyon ng UNA, kasi lahat ay may gusto ng kapayapaan at hindi nila ito pwedeng kontrahin. Kapag ito ay kinontra nila magiging kontra-bida ang papel nila. At kung magtuloy-tuloy at maging maayos ang paguusap na pangkapayapaan napakalaking insentibo ito para sa Pinoy Team. Ang laki-laki pa naman ng bilang ng botante sa Mindanao dahil sinusunod ng mga botante kung sino ang gusto ng mga namumuno sa kanilang distrito…

  • Frank

    Just be practical. Why would anybody will vote for any politicians that is connected to the ex-convict Joseph Estrada?

    • Guest

      Don’t worry secured
      naman si President Aquino doon. Siya lang ha, ewan ko si Mar Roxas. Hehehe!

  • Rovingmoron

    Just make sure that Congress (Senate and the Lower House) is controlled by those who believed in promoting the welfare of the socially disadvantaged and enhancing the economic development of the Philippines. These dreams cannot be achieved if the elected officials will prioritize their personal interests rather than to serve public interests. Which is which is up for the people to decide, once and for all, in order for the Philippines to realize World Bank’s statement for it to become the rising Tiger of Asia. Imbis na ma-UNA tayo, mahuhuli ang Pinas because of too much politics.


    SA matinong mga kabayan, hindi na pinag-uusapan pa ang nararapat na piliin sa susunod na halalan.  Hindi lahat ay karapatdapat, pero kung ang pangkalahatang kabutihan ang sisipatin, ang pangkat ni PNoy ay lamang-na-lamang sa kahit na kanino kung PERFORMANCE at FUTURE DEVELOPMENT, AMELIORATION, and PROGRESS ang gugustuhin.  Kung baga sa kotse, umarangkada na ang sasakyan, kailangang i-segunda na para bumilis ang aiting takbo.  Kung may mga bagong siling-labuyong amuyong na sisingit sa basketbol team ni PNoy, baka ibenta pa ang laro sa mga taga St Luke’s, e, madidiskaril na naman ang tren ng bayan.

    PIKIT na lang ninyo ang inyong mga mata at iboto ang gusto ni PNoy para ang ating pag-unlad at paglinis ng mga katiwalian sa pamahalaan ay magpatuloy.  TINITIYAK ko sa inyo na wala ng iba pang paraan upang ang ating bansa ay bumulusok sa himpapawid kundi ang nangyayaring pagbabago sa mga sandaling ito na walang-pagaalinlangang magpapatuloy kapag ang mga taong pipiliin natin ay naka-tugma sa mga ginagawa ng team PNoy ngayon.

    • maypakialamtayo

      magkano per comment?

      • UrHONOR

        MAGKANO gusto mo?

    • UrHONOR

      MAGKANO gusto mo?

    • Guest

      After the MILF visit,
      Mar Roxas would like to visit Lolong…his mentor! Hahaha!

  • JasonBieber

    I hope Drilon doesn’t think that the Filipino voters are dumb.

    Come on…vote Aquino vote peace…doesn’t that seem a bit general and pretty broad. It seems like what children and teens would campaign for during school council elections.honestly, what is this election, high school??

  • maypakialamtayo

    wala yatang kandidato ang bumabanggit ng FOI? 

  • geminimind

    A leadership un-opposed doesn’t always mean that they are right and very good,that’s why we have the opposition to test and verify if it’s really beneficial for both.
    There are matters at hand considered very important for both parties to tackle an issue before
    it turns dim or dark.
    A simple oppinion that opposes another’s can lead a better solution to a problem.
    Therefore both parties must work together not to compete each other but come about a simplified notion for a common good.
    It’s election time anyway,so you better be good.

  • Fred

    Sorry ka na lang Gringo at hindi ka na lulusot ngayon!

  • Guest

    PNoy will visit MILF
    territory today. Malamang di sumama si Sec. Mar Roxas. Baka raw siya makidnap
    doon. Bwahaha!

  • Guest

    Dapat di sumama si Sec.
    Roxas kay PNoy sa MILF territory. Hindi pwede ang epal doon. Binabaril ang mga
    epal doon, so beware Sec. Mar.

  • Guest

    Ay sorry, di pala kasama si Mar Roxas sa MILF territory. Pinagluluksa niya ang pagkamatay ni Lolong.

  • Guest

    Busy kasi si Mar Roxas and his LP senatorial candidates sa pag-praktis
    ng Gangnam Style. Sasayaw sila sa proclamation rally tomorrow. Eeew!

  • Guest

    In 2007 senatorial elections, solong nangampanya si Chiz  Escudero, ang resulta No. 2 si

  • Guest

    Tama. Ano naman mapapala ni Chiz sa pagsama sa LP campaign. Wala. Gagamitin lang siya ng mga kumag na yun!

  • disqusted0fu

    This is ridiculous! Vote for Pnoy bets only means that press releases just like this one of Drilon will continue. If these Pnoy bets win, Filipinos will just continue to hear the straight path, less corruption, transparent government and all those that we’ve been hearing for the past 3 years. All those that we’ve been hearing but not seeing and feeling. 

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