The CBCP in ‘blackmail’ mode



I HOPE that the rumor going the rounds about Commissioner Elias Yusoph of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) is not true.

The rumor says that Yusoph, in charge of giving out exemptions to the gun ban, favors his relatives, friends, bodyguards of fellow Comelec commissioners and fellow Muslims.

Yusoph’s subservience to Malacañang showed when he issued a  gun exemption to the President without thinking twice.

The President doesn’t need to carry a gun because he is guarded by more than 2,000 elite soldiers from the Presidential Security Group (PSG) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

* * *

Those who have applied for exemption to the gun ban, and whose request was turned down by Yusoph, should write a will stating that should they get killed, their bodies should be paraded outside the premises of the Comelec main office.

Yusoph should be able to make a distinction between those who need a gun because their lives are under threat, or those who just want to show it as a status symbol.

People whose lives are under threat who are not running for a political office or are not publicly supporting any candidate should be given an exemption.

* * *

The country’s Catholic bishops have denounced political dynasties and vowed to support any move to put an end to them.  Isn’t this a bit too late?

The Cory Constitution passed in 1987 prohibits political dynasties.

However, Congress, which is composed of politicians who want to perpetuate themselves and their families in power, has not passed an enabling law.

The move of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) is highly suspicious because Congress passed the controversial reproductive health bill which the President signed into law.

The CBCP was very much against the bill.

* * *

If the CBCP was really against political dynasties, why didn’t it denounce it in the first free election during the term of President Cory?

Why did it take the bishops three decades to come out with their pastoral letter denouncing political dynasties?

The timing of the CBCP’s stand against political dynasties smacks of blackmail: If you do what we tell you to do, we will just keep quiet over your “sins.”

If you don’t obey us, we will denounce you.

This smacks of blackmail!

* * *

Artist and tourist guide Carlos Celdran has been convicted by a Manila court for disrupting ecumenical rites at the Manila Cathedral in 2010.

Celdran was arrested for carrying a placard inside the church that said “Damaso,” in apparent reference to an abusive Spanish friar who was a fictional character,  in Jose Rizal’s “Noli Me Tangere.”

The Catholic Church doesn’t brook criticism. It still has a medieval mindset.

* * *

A press statement by the Archdiocese of Manila said it did not pursue the case against Celdran, in effect, saying he had been forgiven.

If this was so, the case against him should have been dropped.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DLHLDIPILYZ6FW5ZG7KSZ45NLU Nida

    Akala ko ba a tapang a tao ka tufol, bakit kailangan mo ng baril – sabi mo galing ka aikido – eh katapat mo lang si claudine, he he he – takot ka din pala, kaya panay ang tira mo kay yusopsop para ma approve yun comelec gun ban exemption mo…..ha ha ha – duwag ka din pala, nanghihiram kalang pala ng tapang sa baril mo….waaaaah waaaaahhhhh…

    • tagalinis

      eh ikaw, nagtatago ka sa pangalan ng babai! ‘yan ang matapang na tao, ha ha ha!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Y4AXT3DF5LG7EJUQXNHDIQE76E Gabby Purgatorio

    Mga Damaso talaga! Kaya ayoko magsimba. Nakakasuka ang kaipokritohan ng mga paring ito.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/EA7TIY7PYXEU5UOXG2K5CY5F64 Eric

      Lahat ng pari pards?

      • tohellwithhypocrites

        unfortunately, lahat ng pari pards…

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/EA7TIY7PYXEU5UOXG2K5CY5F64 Eric

        E Kung ganun dapat aksyunan nyo na. Wag Panay dakdak. Sunugin nyo ang mga Simbahan. Lahat pala e.

      • diamond_digger

         Admittedly, not everyone. However, they all belong to a sort of mafia that they act in concert to protect each other. Only one such guy has emerged as unlike most of them – Archbishop Gomez who replaced erstwhile Los Angeles bishop  mahoney, now a cardinal. He denounced Mahoney’s unethical and illegal act of protecting the priests and clergy who were accused of sexual misconduct and pedophilia and stripped Mahoney of his church duties in the Los Angeles area. Hope some Filipino bishops will follow Gomez’s examples.

    • isidro c. valencia

      Hinde ka naman talaga tatangapin sa simbahan dahil sa pag uugali mo. Baka lagi kang lasing kaya nasusuka ka.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EA7TIY7PYXEU5UOXG2K5CY5F64 Eric

    Disrupting…..inside a church….wala na bang natirang sagrado sa bansa natin?

  • novaliches

    CBCP dapat lang na ma-test ang inyong influence sa masa. tignan niyo ang INC ang liit lang pero binibigyan na importancia ng mga politico.

  • Noel

    CBCP has been blackmailing our leaders for a long time now.  Just look at how they did to GMA and what the Bishops got in return…white envelopes and Pajeros among others.  Under Pnoy administration, they get nothing.

  • go88

    About blackmailing … look who’s talking … tulko the expert.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TCQMRK4HVOSF2IGML46TAGKMXU Benjamin

    Tulfo is really ignorant. With or without the gun ban law, the President of the Phil. is exempted and is allowed o carry his own firearm. Mga tanga ang nagsasabing kailangan pang mag apply si Pnoy para exempt siya sa gun ban. Despite his own security, it is a given that the head of the state can carry his own gun anytime. Tulfo is just plain idiot and stupid. However, I am pleased to know that finally Tulfo has the nerve to criticize the church. I agree with his comments on this and he has all the reasons to bowl at the church for plain hypocrisy.

    • diamond_digger

      It is irrefutable that Pinoy and or whoever sits as President of the Philippines is guarded and secured by an elite group of guards. This does not however stop the president from acting and or doing something to personally protect himself. The world knew what happened to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of India who was gunned down by her own own security guards on Oct. 31, 1984, one of whom was only armed with a revolver. Had she had a gun and trained herself, she could have stopped those men from attacking her.

      Clearly, too, there is no law that prohibits the president from securing himself.

  • http://pedestrianobserver.blogspot.com/ Political Jaywalker

    Does it really matter if the call for anti-political dynasty is old? I am not exactly a fan of the Pajero Bishops but the house of Lolong deliberately failed or ignored to pass a enabling law on the constitutional prohibition of political dynasty and it is supposed to be their fault? The big question is do we really want political dynasty to stay and let a small family of ruling elites run the coutry to the ground?

    If they succeed in “blackmailing” Tongress is it not a good thing because finally we may just have an enabling law defining political dynasty? 

  • archerfan

    malamang hindi napag bigyan si tulfing sa request nya kaya binabanatan yung comissioner! 

  • JV Velarde

    If we have a provision in the constitution that explicitly says no to political dynasties how come we’re still having family political enterprise in most regions of the country?

    Now if they say this provision is vague in it’s implementation because of an enabling law, why put it there in the first place if they really have no intention of implementing it? Is it just a waste of time having debated it previously & including it in the constitution?

    Since it’s congress responsibility to pass laws, I think it’s high time someone escalate it to the SC to remind or instruct congress to pass that enabling law two decades late. 

    Or else, just take it out of the constitution if it has no use.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NXV3F6YUQWDOA4HPYOFN5F2N3U Danyel

    Kuhpal kasi ang mga gumawa ng Consti natin………ang nakalagay kasi doon e gagawa pa ng batas ang Congress para dito….dapat sana  e direktang ipuinagbawal doon at wala ng kelangan na batas para ipatupad ito….and Supreme Court naman, maiba ako, binigyan ng one to sawa na term ang mga pulitiko except Pres and VP….after their terms senators and congressmen and local officials can still run after a season….in effect pwede sila maupo habang buhay, magpapahinga lang after each term….

    .no wonder habang buhay na sa senado sina Enrile, Drilon, ANgara, Maceda (babalik uli), Magsaysay,etc. ang tagal din ni Binay sa Makati, kasabay pa siya ni Magellan….Pinilipit ng Suprme Court natin ang nakalagay na term limit sa Consti, kung ano ang dahilan alam nyo na yun……makakapal din mukha sa atin ng mga pulitiko….sa US wala kang maririning na magkakamag-anak na tumatakbo…….sa atin ilang pamilya lang ang naghahari….kahit convicted ng rape at robbery gusto uli tumakbo gaya ng mga Jalosjos…..

  • $20926843

    CBCP are just creating flatulent noises but they amount to nothing and  this inconsequential Regime led by their inutile and autistic president knows this.  Unlike before during Marcos time when they were led by the influential late Cardinal Sin where they can create issues that can stir the attention and sympathy of the general public.  They thought that when they supported this present inutile president that he/she will be as malleable as the the late inconsequential cory aquino, they were terribly wrong! Now they reap what they sow and good for them!

    • tulfotumbong

      UTOT MO ! wag kang sumali sa usapan ng may mga utak.

      • tagalinis

        tama ka, pre! itong si alazzka eh,lagi na lang nangaalaska mula pa ng matapos ang termino ng kanyang among si pandak!

      • batchmatters

        ganun na lang kasi ang pwedeng gawin ng sour-grapes, mangasar dahil nawalan ng kita sigurado nung mawala ang amo . hindi naman kasi natural sa isang disenteng tao na pumanig sa magnanakaw kung hindi siya nakinabang sa nakaw din di ba?

  • Jason Cruz

    Panahon ni Gloria LOLONG Macapagal, parang mga maamong tupa ang nga ito.     PERA P ERA lang ang labanan ngayon.    I distrust the church anyway.

    • boldyak

      alam naman namin na may trust ka sa mga pator mo, at hinwala sa katoliko, kasi ba naman doon ka nagbabayad ng ikapo mo, siyempre doon ka may trust…


    “A press statement by the Archdiocese of Manila said it did not pursue the case against Celdran, in effect, saying he had been forgiven.
    If this was so, the case against him should have been dropped.”
    Hoy Tulfo, to educate you, when celdran committed the criminal act punishable by the revised penal code, the people and the state is the aggrieved party here, hence the title of the case is still People versus celdran. Forgiveness from the bishop will not affect the criminal aspect of the case. LOL.

    • amapangarap

      naks ha? aggrieved party? ganyan na pala ka sensitive mga katoliko ngayon? “nangistorbo” sa pagdadasal, kulong na? ano ba dinadasal nyo?

      mga ipkorito..lol

      • boldyak

        ang ipoktito ay yung nagkokonwari na may alam, yon pala walang alam…alam mo ba na may batas na nilabag si Celdran?….kung hindi mo alam isa kang ipokrito….

      • amapangarap

        naks. so ano ngayon gusto mo sabihin? abogado ka? at saka naman koya, di ako nagkokonwari. wakokok

      • TEAM PNOY

        Pasensyahan mo na yan, ignorante kasi si amapangarap.

      • doncleo

         oo nga.. bakit hindi nagrereklamo mga katoliko kapag ang pari sa parokya nila may mistress o kaya nambibiktima ng mga poging kabataan?…ang bibilis pa magpayaman ng mga pari..habang naka-assign sa parokya nagpapagawa na ng bagong bahay.

      • isidro c. valencia

        If you have proof of what you were saying, prove it in court. It easy to accuse. What if I will accuse you that you rape your daughter and mother, even your grandmother? Di ba galit ka rin, unless totoo.


    “Celdran was arrested for carrying a placard inside the church that said “Damaso,” in apparent reference to an abusive Spanish friar who was a fictional character,  in Jose Rizal’s “Noli Me Tangere.”
    The Catholic Church doesn’t brook criticism. It still has a medieval mindset.”

    I would agree to the idea of cedran about the separation of church and state, but why just single out the roman catholic church?
    INC for example is heavily involved in politics especially during an election period.
    Eddie Villanueva and his son are also involved in politics and governance.
    The muslims are fighting a political war and they want to have an independent state.
    Tell cedran to do the same act but cursing Allah during a muslim holy mass in a mosque, he might not be able to come out of the mosque alive.

    • amapangarap

      ows? eh yang mga pari pinaka-vocal sa pakikialam eh.

      • boldyak

        so being vocal, pakikialam na?…kung hindi nila nagustuhan ang ginagawa ng government at sinasabi nila, pakikilalam na?…ang mga opposition candidates vocal din against sa government, nakikialam na ba?…

      • amapangarap

        lol.make up your mind. gusto mo ang simbahan mo maging vocal, and yet si celdran, isang salita lang, you zealots are already asking for blood.

        hypocrite much?

    • diamond_digger

       If I recall it right, Celdran was acting out of Jose Rizal’s Damaso character in his renowned Noli Me Tangere (which in itself is translated as ‘touch-me-not) where Damaso is represented the abusive and domineering friars of his time. For Celdran to act out Rizal’s contempt against the friars in a setting other than the domain of the catholic church may be a bit way off portrayal of the famous story. To put it clearly,the story Celdran tried to portray was a denunciation of the abuses of the then Spanish friars and not necessarily a call for the separation of the church and state.

      The mistake of Celdran is he must have thought the abusive behavior of the priests and bishops of the church that Rizal have sternly denounced have waned today. It was too late for him to realize they are still still venomous today as in Rizal’s time. Their abuse has just shifted from adult males to young or adolescent males to the vulnerable girls and young ladies.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/AX6JJVDK2YVZ56DN4TTOMJFRHI Doods

        Dapat siguro ay magkaroon ng isang concerned group that will accept complaints of sexual abuses of the clergies……i’m sure that statistics will show the volume of cases in the Philippines..
        In Los Angeles Parish in US alone, paid $500 million for the settlements of sexual abuse cases by the clergies.
        How much more cases in Pinas?

      • batangpaslit

        i think an archdiocese in Chicago declared bankruptcy
        paano naman kasi daming man made doctrine ang RCC ultimo imposed celibacy sa pari eh parang pang sampung pang labing isang utos, ‘di, nasupalpal sila ngaon
        dapat ang celibacy ay optional. sabi ng Banal na Aklat, gift ang marriage at ang celibarcy, hindi command to be imposed

    • AlexanderAmproz

      I didn’t know Damaso was a Muslim Priest,

      The Clergy is leading a discrimination war against the Muslim since 450 Years.

      The Muslims should love Celdran, 

      “the enemies of my enemies are my friends”  –   Isn’t it ?


    Tulfo in Blackmail mode against Yusoph and COMELEC for not issuing gun exemption to him but to the lonely guy in malakanyang. hihihi.

  • 444mangyan888

    “A press statement by the Archdiocese of Manila said it did not pursue the case against Celdran, in effect, saying he had been forgiven.
    If this was so, the case against him should have been dropped.”
    Simply put, it was not the church itself that hailed Celdran to court. They were those whose rights were violated who pursued the case…!!!!  di ba..? kasimple lang nun ah and you did not get it Manong..???
    Besides, i certainly would take it against the church and its officialdom if they got vindictive and unforgiving towards Celdran. Had i been there, i would have been one of those who will file a case against Celdran for his violation of my rights. Yet, i will pray for him and will hold no grudge against his person.

  • Rovingmoron

    What a press statement from the CBCP? By the way, why can’t Mr. Tulfo tell exactly Comelec Commissioner Elias Yusoph that he should be exempted from the gun ban because of many threats that this columnist gets from unknown people? Do this rather than sour-graping in your column. Have you made the move?

  • eirons1043

    Sir Mon hindi titigil ang mga Damaso hangang umaapaw ang simbahan sa dami ng nagsisimba. It is normal for Yusoph to do sipsip things kasi kaya napuwesto iyan eh ang lakas ng Padrino ke Gloria. Kailangan para mabawasan ang sungay ng mga Damaso eh matalo lahat ang kandidato nila at ma approve ang Divorce Law, at alisin ang batas na tax exempt ang lahat ng simbahan katoliko man o hindi. Iyon namang nagsasabi na it is the state daw that pursue the case against Celdran eh kunwari marunong pero tanga kasi kung inatras ang kaso eh wala ng court hearing kasi walang testigo at walang complainant. Iyong People of the Philippines eh formal requirement lang o legal fiction at kelangan eh merong buhay na tao na kumakatawan.

  • nieron

    It is only in your mind Tulfo! The Church does not play politics. If ever you want to single out somebody then do not say in general.

    • Observer_din

      truth hurts..

    • amapangarap

      utot mo. san kweba ka galing? lol

      • boldyak

        utot mo rin

      • amapangarap

        poooooooooooooottt..poot. poooot

      • nieron

        Amangarap…If ever I’ll “Ütot”, I’ll make sure it is aimed to you! hahaha. You are a nearsighted and close minded individual, I am sorry. but nevertheless  I forgive you for saying that..It would be difficult to exchange thoughts with you, when you would like to hear is your own story! Vain! hahaha

      • amapangarap

        potek. pare tagalugin mo na lang. wala masama kung magtatagalog ka.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/AX6JJVDK2YVZ56DN4TTOMJFRHI Doods

      400 years na ang nakalipas…..tulog ka pa rin ba Father Nieron?

      • nieron

        All I know is When the Church is doing “something” or deciding on some matters be it political or spiritual, they invoke the presence of the Divine…It is not only with the random thoughts of the human being that they behave, just like you. Whether it was 400 years ago or even in the middle ages you may say that clergy meddle with the politics” per se” but such meddling is not the way on how you intrude in a society but It is with the divine intervention. They have that rituals of praying over asking for the right mind and the right decision. That’s why the Bishops forgave Celdran but not with the Rector of the Cathedral who pursued the case. Again do not Generalize. There is no demarcation line between the church and the state but there is a lot of difference when you say “politics in the church”. Mind you, I was not born yesterday! kindly check yourself, maybe your wide awake! with your eyes and mind closed!

  • alconce

    The bishops and their lieutenants have been at it (blackmailing) since man created god to his image, likeness and tantrums. Just think about eternal damnation, burning in hell and getting the wrath of god threats if somebody questions their belief and authority. They can’t be forgiven. Even Adam who chose a fruit over a naked woman was not even forgiven. 

  • jdelacruz13

    theres a lot of damaso out there . i call them gagambang pari ( paring mahilig sa laman) at pari-parian ( paring mahilig sa material na bagay .. eto ang mga SUV bishops ) .

  • indiosbravos2002

    Looks like Ill agree with Tulfo on this. The church should have been vocal regarding the political dynasty issue since the start. Siguradong may agenda na naman mga pari kaya nagiingay sila.


    FOR all intents and purposes, that CBCP should be viewed and treated as a political party (PP)….it looks like a PP, quacks like a PP, and acts like a PP.  Then it’s CBCP. 

    • malek_abdul

      Then this political party should be named Catholic Bishops Conference Party of the Philippines (CBCPP)

      • UrHONOR

        Catholic Bisyaps Conference Party will also do, retaining the acronym CBCP.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/AX6JJVDK2YVZ56DN4TTOMJFRHI Doods

        Correct ka dyan….they should have registered CBC Party….

  • wakats

    Mon’s subjects were mostly rubbish except the one on damaso celdran in which no mention was made by him about celdran’s yelling, which disrupted the ecumenical service.

    The lower court has already decided on the case at bar and unless reversed or affirmed by the higher courts, mon’s conclusion is, at best, biased and at worst, ignorance.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OEB7PNSKCCDWVRCF7OLPFRNC5U JUN

    (People whose lives are under threat who are not running for a political office or are not publicly supporting any candidate should be given an exemption). “sus ginuu, dami nun”

    (If you do what we tell you to do, we will just keep quiet over your “sins.”If you don’t obey us, we will denounce you.This smacks of blackmail!) “may kilala kaming ganyan..clue: nablack-eye-an sya”

  • JosengSisiw1

    Of course its how the Catholic Bishops Conference of Prayles’ (CBCP)works.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • malek_abdul

    (Yusoph’s subservience to Malacañang showed when he issued a  gun exemption to the President without thinking twice)- If you were in Yusoph’s shoes would you think twice to issue a gun ban permit if the president himself was the one who applied for an exemption?

    (People whose lives are under threat who are not running for a political office or are not publicly supporting any candidate should be given an exemption.) – Dapat ka ngang kabahan kasi marami galit sayo hehe. Bakit Mr . Tolpo hindi ka ba binigyan ni Yusoph ng exemption? Yusoph must be thinking not just twice but million times if he gives you exemption or not. Mayabang ka kasi pag meron kang bitbit na baril.

    • ryepim

      Ang panget ng english mo Muklong Bakla…

      • malek_abdul

        Oo nga ano? Galing mo talaga rapists este ryepimp. Barayan ka ni tolpo?

      • ryepim

        Ang Corny mo dodong…


      A president who applied for gun ban exemption is the symbol of an > Abnoyyyyyy…… No one of sane mind had ever done that before ever since gun and election was invented … weeeeeee >>>>>>>>>>> PH is now under the spell of pervert fashion.

      • botets


      • ARIKUTIK

        Type something worth for argument or else you’re idioter than me, Whei !  

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FUVIB7CSAPFSTHQRONK7F2C6NU jay

        Ano daw? Idioter? Ano yun? kakainis naman hindi ko makita sa dictionary ang meaning ng idioter hu hu hu!

      • ARIKUTIK

        The word Idioter can not be found in dictionary but its meaning is seen and heard in Malacanang tongue. Listen  to the IDIOTERS then it’s meaning will appear. Example, > one tongue did giberishly stick in and out upon the pronouncement of GMA that the economy finally clawed back to what it was …. and Tulfo can be considered as one too.

      • ztefertilizerscam10

        Definition of IDIOT. 1. usually offensive: a person affected with extreme mental retardation . 2: a foolish or stupid person — idiot adjective. See idiot defined …

      • ARIKUTIK

        Nag reply siya, wala namang word na IDIOTER ! nya …..hahaha….. Donk !  but my invention is comprehensive thats sounds like Fingerer …. weeeee….. Can you define the meaning of FINGERER ? everybody knows the symbol but your head dictionary has no adjective for it ! Boink …

  • Komen To

    If the CBCP was really against political dynasties, why didn’t it denounce it in the first free election during the term of President Cory?

    For your info, their relatives were not yet in politics during Cory’s time. So you cannot catch a thief in 1986 if he started stealing only in 2013. Isn’t that logical?

  • Komen To

    Sa mga walang bayag mag protesta, wag kayo mag po protesta kung ayaw nyong makulong kapag nahatulan kayo. Kayabang manggulo sa misa, tapos ngayong nahatulan ngangawa-ngawa

    • HoyGago

      Actually, sabi ni Carlos Celdran ay ok siya sa punishment dahil “worth it” at napasa ang RH Bill. Walang ngumangawa, at least, hindi si Carlos Celdran at hindi yung mga may prinsipyo na handang lumaban para sa tama.

  • buyjagu

    Kung si Celdran ay sa isang mosque pumunta na may placard na “TERRORISTS” tapos nagging guilty din sa parehong kaso, ganun din kaya magiging reaction nyo? Kelan pa naging Bigots ang mga Pinoy?

    • Paranoid Android

      Kelan nakikialam sa politika ang mga ulamas at mga ustads? Di tulad sa mga obispo pati na yata utot ng mga politiko inaamoy.

      Kung meron TRO for sale ang SC noon meron din kayang ‘mass’ for rent naman ang simbahan…hay naku.

  • isidro c. valencia

    “A press statement by the Archdiocese of Manila said it did not pursue the case against Celdran, in effect, saying he had been forgiven.
    If this was so, the case against him should have been dropped.”
    Ito naman si Kupal Tulfo este Pal Tulfo, alam mo naman na criminal charge, kaya People of the Philippines versus Celdran. It is the Prosecutor’s Office which pursued the case. 
    The Catholic Church is living in modern times. That is why, it is still observing and respecting the rule of law. Member ka siguro ng Burn Again or Iluminate o Protestants.

    • AntiAko

      why do you have to malign the Born Again Christians and Protestants? Just because they have a different set of beliefs than you?

      Yang ganyang ugali ang isa sa dahilan kung bakit nagsisipaglipatan ang mga katoliko ng relihiyon. Instead of professing compassion, understanding and love, pina-iiral ang pride at ignorance.

      Kapag ang tao natutong magbasa ng Bibliya (at hindi lang tumitingin sa seremonya), nagiging Protestante and Born Again sila. Magbasa ka rin nga!

      • batangpaslit

        kaya nga ayaw ng Roman Catholic Church na mag aral ng Bible ang mga RCC parishioners kasi pag natuklanan nang mambabasa ang katotohanan, aalis at aalis sa sambahang RCC
        the Book of Hebrews alone and Revelation Chapter 17 is suffice to point out how unbiblical the belief system and practices is of the Roman Catholic Church

      • Noel

        Noong una kahit sa schools, hindi nagbubuklat ng biblia ang mga Catholic schools.  Hindi pinababasa sa kanila ang Noli Me Tangere at El Filibusterismo na sinulat ni Jose Rizal.  Kasi ay pinatatakpan ng simbahan simula pa noon ang mga kasinungalingan at mga maling aral.

      • Noel

        Ignorant.  That’s what that Catholic apologist.  He should know that the reason why there are Protestants because they’re protesting the Catholic’s false teachings.

    • Noel

      Why attack Born Again Christians when the Catholics imitated by coming up with their own Born Again Catholics?

  • stealth ice

    tulfo is jealous of PNoy.
    tumakbo ka muna ng kapitan del baryo bago ka mainggit sa presidente.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza

    carlos celdran tunay na pilipino nag sasabi ng tutoo na ang cbcp bishops gus2 mag parami ng batang hubo siguro akala ng mga obispo na ang  pilipinas ay poultry ng batang hubo! kaya lalo tayo malulubog sa kahirapan dahil sa mga salot na obispo! tapos ipapakulong kapa sa pag sasabi mo ng totoo jesuits put celdran in jail DAMASO!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza



    Tulfu, why is it that only now you are in defense mode for political Dynasty. Truly Tulpokpok is nothing but a paid journalist with out principle.

  • Paranoid Android

    Mon, prepare to be charged for ‘offending the religious feeling’ of the bishops or worst be excommunicated if you’re a Catholic. 

    • Noel

      I know not of one Catholic being excommunicated or expelled by the Catholic Church.  Otherwise, very few Catholics would remain.

  • rouelcalzita

    Criticizing any entities in a house of worship is not in accordance with moral standards.
    And to the leaders of any religious groups should be served as a means for expressing something inside the house of worship only. 
    The Church is simply barred from interfering with the affairs of the State, and vice versa.
    Church is constitutionally forbidden to meddle in state policies and initiatives, such as population control program, sex education, RH bill and divorce.

    • dantepedroso

  • dantepedroso

    ano kaya kung sa bahay nyo ako nagdala ng placard tsaka sinabi ko, sa harap ng pamilya at mga anak mu, na isa kang walang kwentang tao? di mu kaya ako ipakulong?o di mu kaya ako barilin?ang dali sabihin na palayain si CELDRAN, pero pag ikaw ang na biktima, kung ang iyong buong pagkatao ang inapakan at ininsulto, ang hirap diba. kayo nga eh, tumakbo sa press at nagpabango agad with all ur interviews and guestings nung binugbog kayo ng mga santiago. tsaka isa pa, masaya si CELDRAN ngayon, kasi nagamit nya ang kadadakdak nyo para sumikat siya. the more people talks about him, the more he smiles, kasi GOOD FOR BUSINESS!!diba celdran??aminin mu na kasi..talo kana sa mga kumpetensya mu sa tour/travel business mu, kaya ka nagpapansin ng ganito. besides, it only goes to show that CELDRAN (ayan capital letters pag pangalan, para may plugging naman) does not know what he is talking about, kasi if he did he would have shown a little respect for what the church contributed to our current situation. for him to insult the people, ipinakita lang nya na ignorante sya at dapat di tularan.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/FUVIB7CSAPFSTHQRONK7F2C6NU jay

      Hindi ang katolisismo ang ininsulto ni Celdran kundi ang pangingialam ng kaparian sa takbo ng pamamahala ng gobyerno, bagay na wala silang personalidad na gawin dahil hindi naman sila nagaambag man lang sa kaban ng bayan. Kailan ba nagbayad ng buwis ang simbahan? Puro panloloko ang kaparian. Ipokrito. Pero kung may magabuloy ng malaki sa simbahan pikit ang mga mata nila sa maling gawain, pweeee….

      • Noel

        Tama.  Tulad ni Jose Rizal na binatikos ang mga abusadong mga Paring Kastila.  Namatay si Rizal na isang Katoliko.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NK45FSERDNP42R527PYPDWM6FA Cebuanodiay

    ‘bay, ang hilig mo talagang mang intriga!

  • zeroko

    It is not too late to declare against political dynasty. As the saying goes, “Better late than never!” And to me, this is the most auspicious time to voice out against the political dynasty. Tanggalin na ang mga Belmontes in Q.C., the Jalos-Jos, and etc. Bakit, sila lang ba ang may karapatan. Besides, political dynasty is tantamount to having an Oligarchy form of government wherein by definition, it means “A government which is controlled by the few, who are mostly the rich and the powerful. There was a mention of clique which means mga recycle na politicians. O, sali kayo, let us not vote these trapos and their relative, affinity or consanguinity, blood related or in-laws..

    • Noel

      At bakit wala tayong narinig sa mga ipokritong Obispo noong panahon ni GMA.  Di ba naging Kongresista din ang kanyang dalawang anak?  At siya kahit nakakulong ay tumakbo pang Kongresista?  Tatlo ang Arroyo sa Kongreso.  Tahimik ang CBCP sa loob ng siyam na taon sa mga katiwalian ni Gloria.

  • lapasan

    CBCP too late in denouncing political dynasty? Yes it is, but it’s better to be late than never doing anything to contribute to the good of our Philippine society. Even if some question the motive the the CBCP it is a welcome addition to the growing clamor to dismantle the dynasties of the rich and ruling families who want to monopolize power to protect the financial and other vested interest of their families and their cronies.

    • Noel

      Who cares about CBCP’s motive?  What business does it have to meddle in politics?  Is the Catholic Church not also monopolizing the country by her never ending interference in the government’s political and economic affairs?  Why not just focus on taking care of the flock who hunger for spiritual guidance?  To CBCP…shut up !

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    GlorIa bribed to Mitsubishop and Safari
     Butuan City Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos, who received a Mitsubishi Montero, Bontoc-Lagawe Bishop Rodolfo Beltran (Nissan Pathfinder), Abra Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian (Mitsubishi Strada), Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Quevedo (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace), Basilan Bishop Martin Jumoad (Mitsubishi Strada), Zamboanga Archbishop Romulo Valles (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace); and Nueva Segovia Archbishop Ernesto Salgado (Isuzu Crosswind).

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FDZ3M7AR7U2MNOU2RJGEWI3BLU zedle

      Buhay ka pa palang putang ina ka

      • ztefertilizerscam10

        Huwag kang bastos magagalit si SA-PARI AT MITSU-BISHOP SA YO…

      • Noel

        Masakit ang katotohanan.  Parang nang tinuli ka masakit pero kapag tapos na at magaling masarap di ba?  Maliban lang kung supot ka pa ngayon.

        Ang mga na-post nito ay pawang mga dokumentado.  Buti na lang mas open ang media ngayon.  Noon lalo na sa unang panahon, kaunting pinsan sa simbahan at mga Pari ay baka kapalit ng buhay mo.

        Isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit naging manyakis ang mga Pari ay dahil sa mga maling aral at utos tulad ng bawal ng pag-aasawa ng Pari.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IGLQQ2TTZF3BAWUHUWLFWVPZDE Vladymir

        tindi ng galit mo day,masakit ang katotohanan di ba?

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      paulit ulit nalang post mo…trolllllllllllllleeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza

        alam mo ba na yang obispo na sinasamba mo ay isa sa sumipa ng paninda ko at binunutan pa ako ng baril ng alagad ng demonyo siguro kaya pinag tatangol mo pinupuwitan ka niya at hanep naka loko na luxury car pa gunggong naalala ko pa

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        ganun ba…sino obispo?kailan?naka blotter ba? kung wala, nangtsitsismis ka naman pala…boy, ikaw ba yan???

      • lapasan

        Your accusation is serious. Can you name the bishop who did that? Do it so that other commenters here will believe your story. Otherwise, people will believe that you are making up a story.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/OS3MVCRQH7UV4MJRZURFNIXGBI Cho

        Not only Bishop do that. Pastors , Imam, Rabi. They are human subject to temptation and changes.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/K2VH54C4AM2UFEVSVA7GDCNLVY Rizal

        It is really difficult to argue against facts. Still, at least say something relevant, else better not comment at all. 

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        100 times ive seen that..of the same person

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/K2VH54C4AM2UFEVSVA7GDCNLVY Rizal

      I suggest you post it in facebook. This is very good research. No one can easily argue against facts which is why others who comment against this post can only talk nonsense. Thanks… 

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    The Bank Investments Of Different Dioceses
    Diocese / Church Foundation Company # Shares Owned Rank in Top 100 Total Investment Value
    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MANILA Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 222,843,681 4th PHP12.724 Billion
    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MLA (REAL CASA DE MISERICORDIA) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 41,408,841 8th PHP2.364 Billion
    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MANILA (HOSPITAL DE SAN JUAN DE DIOS) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 22,072,182 13th PHP1.26 Billion
    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MLA (HOSPICIO DE SAN JOSE) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 6,016,624 15th PHP343.55 Million
    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MLA (HOSP DE SA JUAN DE DIOS) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 4,285,572 17th PHP244.71 Million
    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MLA (MAYORDOMIA DELA CATEDRAL) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 2,664,266 21st PHP152.13 Million
    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MLA (ST. PAUL`S HOSPITAL) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 1,772,418 26th PHP101.21 Million
    CARMEL OF THE DIVINE INFANT JESUS OF PRAGUE, INC. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 726,819 49th PHP41.50 Million
    EL SUPERIOR DE LA CORPORACION FILIPINA DE PADRES AGUSTINOS RECOLETOS Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 551,382 60th PHP31.48 Million
    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF JARO Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 491,385 64th PHP28.06 Million
    CARMEL OF THE DIVINE INFANT JESUS OF PRAGUE, INC. San Miguel Corp (SMC) 957,516 79th PHP105.33 Million
    ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOP OF TUGUEGARAO San Miguel Corp (SMC) 856,639 81st PHP94.23 Million
    CARMEL OF ST THERESE OF THE CHILD JESUS San Miguel Corp (SMC) 592,956 91st PHP65.23 Million
    THE DISCALCED CARMELITE NUNS OF CEBU San Miguel Corp (SMC) 451,864 95th PHP49.71 Million
    ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOP OF NUEVA SEGOVIA DE VIGAN San Miguel Corp (SMC) 428,067 98th PHP47.09 Million
    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MANILA Philex Mining Corp (PX) 3,221,135 15th PHP66.68 Million
    RELIGIOUS OF THE VIRGIN MARY – B Philex Mining Corp (PX) 3,125,777 16th PHP64.70 Million
    RELIGIOUS OF THE VIRGIN MARY-A Philex Mining Corp (PX) 1,091,027 69th PHP22.58 Million
    ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOP OF TUGUEGARAO Ayala Corporation (AC) 24,015 73rd PHP9.29 Million
    KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS FRATERNAL ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILS, INC. Ayala Corporation Preferred Shares – A (ACPA) 60,000 2nd PHP31.80 Million
    ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOP OF TAGBILARAN Ayala Corporation Preferred Shares – B (ACPR) 10,000 64th PHP1.02 Million

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Aranda Sofronio 

    In 2004 Diocese named him as one of six priests accused of the sexual abuse of minors. Allegations against all six were received during 2003 and deemed credible by Diocese. Per March 1996 obituary, he was born in the Philippines; came to the states in1975. Worked in Corona for 5 years and moved to Texas in 1992 or 1993. In Texas he served the Diocese of Galveston-Houston. Chaplain at county Hospital. Subject of $1.55M settlement in 2005.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Abaya Rubin

    One of seven priests named as defendants in 1984 civil suits filed by a 16 yr old girl seduced by Santiago (Henry) Tamayo and then by six other Filipino priests in Los Angeles. All fled the country (with support from Archdiocese) after suits filed. Others include Henry Caboang, Valentine Tugade, Sylvio Lacar, Victor Balbin, and Angelo Cruces. One of the priests (not Abaya) fathered the girl’s child. Archdiocese contributed to support of child after dismissal of one suit.

  • enteng

    Fr. Salvi was the real b*atard in the novel.

  • iamRiddle

    CBCP are a bunch of Assholes..Celdran is right.. have you heard of any priests with cases of pedophiles and rapes went to jail? none! 
    Nowadays we are not in the spanish era anymore,,we are educated and thus this things still happen,,we let them,, this has to stop!

  • $14141131

    CBCP and co. vs. Malacanang and ac/dc journalists. CBCP should focus in unifying its priests all over the country, not just the cities. The most corrupt politicians are in remote towns and provinces and the priests are not teaching the people to stand before them as poverty push them ot succumb to vote buying, coercion and machination. Even without any word, the people will turn against corruption if they get educated and disciplined.

  • Platypus09

    I have no problem with them trying to denounce political dynasties.

    They just woke, time to wake up, Philippines.

    Nothing is wrong with that.

    If you think it’s blackmail, that is your opinion and so be it.

    If the purpose is to straighten out things, then it is time to straighten out things..

    Tough, just being tough..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5UOZM4PWIDKO7G64HL3PPMXUTM Constantine

    We thought that Padre Damaso has long vanished after Spain cede our country to the Americans late in the 19th century. We were wrong since Padre Damaso is alive and kicking and still brandishing his evil ways. Let them self destruct. The people of today had been long awaken!

    • Platypus09

      Why would they leave?

      They had been straighten out things in our country, not like it is a bad thing.

      If nobody does, then somebody has to..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EXFI4EUGM23PQ4FMQKLVH36OXI Jose

    What exactly is the point of Tulfo columns?  It’s just random facts cobbled together for a half-baked conclusion.  Other columnists at least expound on their ideas: Tulfo sounds like he’s trying to put together a haiku half the time.

    The crying over the P-Noy gun ban is ridiculous. The fact that he’s the CIC of the army aside, the gun ban is meant to prevent election related crime, and does ANYBODY seriously think the President is going to go shoot somebody over a barangay election?!?

    I personally agree with the stuff about the CBCP though.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U62PHGMKO4RK7BLMC4ACA4EG5A EREC

    If the CBCP was really against political dynasties, why didn’t it denounce it in the first free election during the term of President Cory? … ang sagot diyan dahil malinaw na ang politika sa Pilipinas ang mga DAMASO/ESKRIBa may SABWATAN ang mga magnanakaw na politiko para nakawin ang pera sa kaban ng bayan.

  • igmat

    “The Catholic Church doesn’t brook criticism. It still has a medieval mindset.” pretty much like you Mon who think its the church heads who make these complaints. It never occur to you that its the people’s initiative in the first place be it majority or minority. Did you mention also that Cardinal Rosales didn’t pursue the case and readily forgave Mr celdran? Maybe you missed that, too.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SPLUBLEOSERDBOIJTDOC6XIWGU mxsclxmxn

    I hope this columnist goes to confession before he receives communion! 

    • bisdakis

      I hope this person goes to rehabilitation before writing opinion!

    • ApoLapullapu

      Please understand the position of the columnist.  it is more popular nowadays to hit the Opposition and Critics than the Administration.  He was mugged at the airport, visibly injured and humiliated. Yet his complaint against his attackers was dismissed.  Try to be in his shoes and see if you would not be disoriented.

      • Noel

        Hmmm…despite his influence over the authorities and perhaps judiciary because of the power of his pen, his complaint was dismissed.  Maybe it’s just Karma again.

      • 33Sambuang2

        buti nga sa kanya para matahimik. sobrang astig kala mo di lalabanan. ayun sinapak tuloy. tapang lang yan pag kasama ang mga mayabang na kapatid..

  • JK1000

    Mon, lagi kang galit kay Noynoy,noon panahon ni Tita Cory lagi mong binabanatan si Noy pero kampi ka naman kina Enrile at Honasan sa mga coup de e’tat nila noon.Dahil ba hindi sila mga magnanakaw? na di tulad ng mga kaibigan mong mga politicians?

  • Vincent Ignacio

    Let’s Pray for our Country.

  • farmerpo

     f you don’t obey us, we will denounce you.
    This smacks of blackmail!

    If “obey” becomes “listen” and “us’ = ‘to me”, then the sentence will be very very familiar. Right?

    • Noel

      It reminds us when the Spaniards arrived in the Phl.  They came with a cross on one hand and sword on the other hand.  That began the Catholicism…religion by invasion or force.

  • ApoLapullapu

    The CBCP has always been against political dynasties since long ago,  The Bishops are just repeating now what they have been repeating and repeating for a long time.   But our feudal culture will never rid us of political dynasties.  The ordinary people do not care about this at all.  And the members of the Roman Catholic church would not mind.  If they don’t listen attentively to the Gospels while attending mass how can you expect them to heed pastoral letters and homilies?

  • Alejandro Canda

    This is just an afterthought after absorbing a defeat of the RH bill. CBCB is not supposed to meddle in political affairs. If this is an official stand, then, it is very clear that the catholic church has not yet divested itself of political interest in the affairs of our country. The constitution is very clear –that there must be a separation of the church and the state. Yes indeed, DAMASO is still very much alive.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      on matters of public interests such as issues on political dynasties, i don’t mind the cbcp or the catholic church expressing its opinion in public (which you btw call political interference)….

  • NoWorryBHappy

     If the CBCP was really against political dynasties, why didn’t it
    denounce it in the first free election during the term of President
    Simple. It is because the political dynasties were against the RH Bill.
    The bishops were happy to look the other way as long as they share in adulterated power.
    You see, even the devil can wear a white robe and can quote the
    Scriptures to serve his purpose.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      owwwssss, really….

      so are you pro or against Political Dynasties?

  • prince_janus

    The RH Law will be the milking cow of the sacred corrupt government officials and a big business of multi-national suppliers. The catholic church is not against family planning as long as it is natural. Parents should be responsible enough to raise their children and should determine their family size. This is the teaching of the church. If everyone would follow this, I think there’s no problem at all. The reality is, we lost our Filipino values because we are keep on copying the western world. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ELGS2BPKJKG5PDWJAOOCF7K5KI Albert

      The idea of CBCP natural family planning is to stick it in and 9 months later a baby comes out see “NATURAL”.
      If you’re not “planning” a family, then do not stick it in.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4C2SFYIH52Y2KR7QPZPHJO2XQQ sl1

    Late is better than never! Good moved CBCP, campaign it all the way until political dynasty is gone in our political system.

  • boshog

    these hyprocritical bishops have no credibility.  Only the brainwashed who refuse to use their brains foolishly listen to these bishops’ pronouncements.

  • Glen Enterina

    The move of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) is highly suspicious because Congress passed the controversial reproductive health bill which the President signed into law.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

    If CBCP’s DENOUNCING OF POLITICAL DYNASTIES is blackmail, then GOOD for these political dynasties who are sucking the resources of this country.


  • AlexanderAmproz

    Finally the Bishops have accepted to “Divorce” from the Dynasties.

    Good news after 450 years of insatiable putrid smelling love sessions.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/K2VH54C4AM2UFEVSVA7GDCNLVY Rizal

    Very well said Mr. Tulfo. What this country needs to see from the CBCP is their consistency in  speaking up against corruption and evil in the gov’t including political dynaties regardless of whether there is PAJERO or none. 

  • kismaytami

    Yang mga mitsubishops, para lang yang mga bata, nagngangalngal kasi hindi na nabibigyan ng lollipop (a.k.a. SUV)

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

    Mon if you think CBCP are doing blackmail,haven’t you made the same thing in your life as a professional Journalist?

    • 33Sambuang2

      f alonso supot

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NV25ZPWMBDYFXEYR3AWQ43ZS5E Hein S

    HYPOCRITE Damasos.

  • hustlergalore

    on cbcp,….


    yun lang!

  • Mark Nel Makoi

    do u have personal issues on the bishops and priests? 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TU5GRQ4FVSASK2IC65MXAC6DGE dat

    about anti-pol dynasty, it is better now than never. i hope the CBCP will be firm until the achievement of the enabling law. besides, election time is the a venue to assess the candidates and who among the candidates will support to passed such enabling law.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/A5CN52KKTWUHFZJZCWGMAIGZJM Gandalf

    Isn’t that the way society goes? You stab my back, I’ll stab yours.

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