Woman says Pasay cop forced her into sex for partner’s release



Two Pasay City policemen are facing charges for allegedly extorting money from a drug suspect, while one of them is also accused of raping the suspect’s live-in partner.

The woman was allegedly forced to have sex so she could “make up” for the amount her partner could not cough up.

The alleged rape took place shortly after midnight of Jan. 26 in the patrol car used by Police Officers 1 Jonathan Castro and Marvin Panaga, who were placed under arrest after the couple sought help from the media and city police chief Senior Supt. Rodolfo Llorca.

On Wednesday, Assistant City Prosecutor Redentor Esperanza found probable cause to charge Castro and Panaga with robbery, and Castro with the second, nonbailable crime of rape.

They have been ordered relieved of their posts and will face trial before Judge Pedro de Leon Gutierrez of Pasay Regional Trial Court Branch 119.

According to the woman’s complaint-affidavit, the two officers arrested her partner “for urinating in public” around 1 a.m. on Jan. 26 on Merville Access Road, but they also accused him of carrying illegal drugs after a packet of “shabu” supposedly fell off his pocket.

She said her partner was handcuffed and was told by Panaga that he would need P100,000 for “bail.” Castro later said it can be reduced to P40,000, she added.

When she told Castro that she only had P5,000 on hand, the officer allegedly replied: “Kulang pa rin iyan. Ikaw na lang ang kakulangan (That’s still not enough. You could make up for the balance).”

Around 4 a.m. or three hours after the arrest, the woman said, she was forced to “give in.” The alleged rape happened at the officers’ patrol car while it was parked near Precinct 10 on Merville.

She claimed that after the rape, she went home to produce an additional P15,000 for Castro, who finally released her partner after getting the money.—Jodee A. Agoncillo

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  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/OLHP7TKAHADXWOJWBBPLTLLKNA Vincent


  • opinyonlangpo

    Very disgusting cops. Its always best to avoid these criminals in uniforms. One can read almost everyday how vicious and wily these people are and the only way for this police force is to give harsher penalties to erring officers such as triple penalty or more and even better if they spend jail time for whatever crime they commit. Most of the time they are just given administrative penalties or just dismissal from the force.

  • Juan Delacruz

    Purisima nasaan yung “we only recruit the best and the smartest” mo? honestly if I’l have my way ipapatay ko lahat ng PNP (hindi mo naman pwedeng alisin lang kasi magiging sakit din sila ng ulo) and start with a new recruit who came from degree holder (except criminology graduate pang mga walang utak ang criminology natin) without any age limit. and make sure na walang record of arrogant sa kapitbahay.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    ipa-rape din ang mga hulidap na parak na yan at pagkatapos ay kunin ang kanilang mga asawa o gf at ipa-rape naman duon sa biktima lalake! kailangan maramdaman nila yung naramdaman ng biktima! at pagkatapos nun ay ibaon na lang ng buhay!

  • http://www.facebook.com/susti14 Jufel S Sustituido

    mga hayop kayo na PULIS! sana bugbugin kayo sa kulungan..

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/OLHP7TKAHADXWOJWBBPLTLLKNA Vincent

    you moderator, what is offensive in my comment that you keep censoring it? wala kang magawang matino sa buhay mo?

    • aeon888

      Kanina ko pa nga napapansin yung mga comments kong matino ay deni-delete ng moderator.

      • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/OLHP7TKAHADXWOJWBBPLTLLKNA Vincent

        yeah, pero sa ibang thread, lahat ng obscene na words ginagamit, ina-allow ng excrement-like moderator na ito!

  • AllinLawisFair

    We admire the courage of the woman in admitting that she wad raped. We know how disgusting and painful an experience it was for her but in her obvious desire to bring the culprits to justice she filed a complaint-affidavit in her hope that they would be brought to account for the evil acts they did.

    These police officers should be removed from service and punished accordingly after having been found guilty. They are a menace to public safety.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/OLHP7TKAHADXWOJWBBPLTLLKNA Vincent

    hey moderator! what is offensive in my comment? Why do you keep censoring it? wala kang magawang matino sa buhay mo?You also used “rape” here, Modesto!”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DY4ZZO7663TAIA3CMKZMPGHNZM Malditz

    Sana mawala na lahat ng PULIS na katulad nila! Dapat lang ipakulong habang buhay. God bless the couple who had the courage to seek help for what these policemen did to them! SHAME on you na mga police officers pa naman kayo!!!! I wonder how did you become a policemen at kung paano pa kayo naging officers?

    • batangsulpok

      Yan ang problema sa atin na kung sino ang qualified ay siyang hindi nakakapasok sa PNP dahil walang padrino.

  • RomyLitz

    These policemen moonlightning as rapist and extortionist must be raped by 100 gays inside the patrol car as a form of punishment.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M6UL2UG4OGTMCLSYGB5MVJ7USE InSearchOfTruth

      samahan na rin ng putol etits para d na makapanggahasa ulit

  • catalansbarce

    Naka DRUGS ang mga pulis.., kaya hindi na nila alam
    ang mga ginagawa nila.

  • bucketZombie

    Tumbungan ang dalawang yan ng mga sputnik sa loob.

  • speedstream2

    It’s bad enough that we have to contend with criminals of all sorts daily, but having law enforcers who rob and rape is simply the pits. They are a disgrace to the uniform, the organization and their families. The full weight of the law should be brought to bear against them.

  • go88

    bring back the death penalty …. 

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/OLHP7TKAHADXWOJWBBPLTLLKNA Vincent

    This happened in Manila or in a dark  Brazilian amazon jungle where the rapist was an animal? An orangutang raping a human being?

  • regie

    aggravating circumstances of public position,nighttime, ignominy at lahat ng aggravating itong wlanghiyang rapist na castrong ito ngayon ikaw naman ang makakatikim sa wepaks mo bwahahahaahahahaha….rape is sexual intercourse with a woman without her consent…patay kang bata kang maniac kang castro ka..

  • apojay

    The DEATH PENALTY should be imposed on PUBLIC OFFICIALS who use their power to do evil.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M6UL2UG4OGTMCLSYGB5MVJ7USE InSearchOfTruth

      pwede na rin siguro kahit putol etits dun sa mga manyakis na pulis para habambuhay nila dalhin yung parusa gaya ng habambuhay na dinadala ng biktima ang panggagahasa sa kanya

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

      Talupan ng buhay!

    • A Marine

      Please see my post above and I await your reply!

      • darsmith

        I agree to an extent of your earlier post.  However, a life sentence for a well-entrenched and high-profile public official??!! we might as well give him a bail bond instead, rather seeing him/ her manipulate justice system by employing top-caliber lawyers and doing backdoor negotiations with “influential” persons to ensure freedom after just serving no. of years in jail.  While in jail, the convicted public official will shell-out money to enjoy the”perks” (out-of-jail time, comfy accomodation, etc.) and “protection” he needs while serving misnicule portion of his life sentence.  I am for death penalty, but in this country where money talks loud, only the poor people gets to be hanged.

      • A Marine

        You may think it is that way, however, people with a death sentence are treated better than the regular inmates up until their execution. If you want punishment, put them in general population and let prison justice deal with them. Trust me, when the money runs out after they have paid for their protection, their life is worth nothing. I don’t care how much money you have, there is never enough to last a life sentence. When it runs out, justice will be served. If you can’t tell, I have seen this first hand and know how the system works. Death is to easy for child molesters and rapists. Let bubba have them for awhile. They will wish they had died as a child!

  • apojay

    Kung naroon din itong si Panaga noong ginagahasa itong ginang, dapat may kaso rin siya bilang kasabwat (accessory).

  • Rovingmoron

    Di pa rin tumitino tong mga to. Lalo atang nasadlak ang imahe ng PNP dahila sa kabulastugan ng ilang mga tiwaling pulis na walang inisip kundi pairalin ang kanilang pagiging manyakes. Parusahan yan!

  • kontra_boohaya

    Anong nangyari sa ningas kogon na drug test ng kapoooolisan?  Isailalim ng drug test mga yan.  As Clavio would say “Lord kayo na ang bahala.”

  • Yanong_OFW

    ano ba to halos mga kotongero na ang mga pulis ngayon..kung walang cash na ibabayad sa kantotan nalang mapunta..ahaaayyy..KAHAYAHAY BA SA PULIS!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ELGS2BPKJKG5PDWJAOOCF7K5KI Albert

    Wake up PNOY, stop living in dream land and do something to stop the rampant criminal acts

  • doublecross

    p*tang police na yan, alisin na sa trabaho yan. they make dirt to their uniform. yan ba ang sinasabi ni purisima na linisin ang kapulisan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

    Dapat mang-agaw ng baril yang mga hinayupak na pulis na ‘yan habang binabyahe, para matulad sila sa ginawa ng kabaro nila sa atimonan.

  • bugoybanggers

    MABUHAY..Democracy (DEMON + CRAZY)!

  • A Marine

    Just for information, The death penalty is not a deterrent  A deterrent is spending the rest of your natural life locked up. Why would you want to give a convicted person an easy way out? Everyone seems to think that life in prison is fun. A place that is a country club and enjoyable. In truth, it is a place where you better have eyes in the back of your head, because whether or not you know it. You may have stepped on someone’s toes yesterday and now they are looking to kill you, and you will never see it coming. Make them live in fear the rest of their natural life, or if they are a cop or other official  make them live in fear and solitary confinement the rest of their life because they are too afraid of the rest of the convicts there and have to be separated. The death penalty is the easy way out for a convict. Sorry, but that’s just my opinion, and everyone knows what they are like!! :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3TWVIBNBHJIBKXLUC5IT2JYM5E Harry

    Whoever said that the police force must be increase to one per 500 citizens must take note of what is happening. We might have a rape case per 500 per day.

  • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv

    kaya dumadami supporter ng mga npa eh. daming taliwas na pulis. slow death penalty please.

  • elpobre

    The majority of crimes committed in Metro Manila go unreported. A lack of faith in apolice force rife with corruption and ineffective crime response weak investigative capabilities, and a fear of recrimination are some of the myriad reasons for the difficulty inpresenting an entirely accurate picture of crime incidence.

    Paiyak-iyak ngayon tong si Judas este Jonath noong pinusasan, kung ganito lang sana gagawin ng taong bayan na isumbong itong mga kapulisan, mag dadalawang isip itong mga tulis este pulis. Sa mga commanders, lagi niyong paalalahanan ang mga taohan niyo mga Ginuo, tulad dyan sa Makati na palaging merong Station speeches ang mga commander ng pulis upang i remind silang wag maging tiwali, maging professional at kagalang-galang, pero pag pera talaga ang usapan walang ganyan, patrol car pa ang nangungulekta sa mga kulorum na lugawan at pares-pares sa tabing kalsada. Sa mga Tulis naman este pulis na walang iniisip kundi mangotong at ipakain sa kanyang pamilya at kabet, wag kayong mag alala babalikan din kayo tulad nitong dalawang kabaro nyo.

  • Lapu Lapu

    Change the police slogan (to serve and Protect)

    (to falsely charge and rape)

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/hbRkpPw1oYTBJamz.EH7acMZBBVoIlWXriA-#e4348 Felix

    may mali talaga sa recruitment ng pulis. kasi sa mga private cmpanies, nakakapili naman sila ng mga taong mapagkakatiwalaan kahit mahirap lang at maliit din ang sahod. ang masamang ugali sa labas ng kapulisan ay tiyak madadala sa loob ng hanay at makakahawa pa sa mga matitino.

  • Thomas Aquinas

    Kawawa na talaga ang siyudad na kinalakihan ko. Legacy iyan ng tatay ni Sharon Cuneta na nagpasasa lang nung mayor pa ng pasay. ang palengke mabaho pa rin at madumi. nagkalat ang squatters, mandurukot, addicts, pushers. habang ang sarap ng tulog ni sharon at ng nanay niya sa tirahan ni cuneta sa dasma. Tse!

  • Mux

    As I have already said before, ALL Philippine police are corrupt! ALL! Not a single one is clean. ALL are corrupt criminals. ALL! ALL! ALL!!!

  • vilmavee

    These criminals should all be burned at stake.  They bring much sufferings and anger unto the hearts of everyone, just like Mr. Mux who thinks the Philippine Police are all corrupt.  In fairness, we do have a good number of upright Police and we hardly hear about their good deeds. Kaya nga, everyone of us should do our share in correcting this malaise.  Report all forms of corruption and do not be afraid of these criminals.  If we all make a stand against corruption, we have a good chance of passing on to our children a better, peaceful and progressive Philippines.

    • http://www.alamat.com.ph/ Danny Garcia

      Tita Vilma Vee, iboboto kita. 

    • RomyLitz

      The military or the PNP should make their in-house policy towards subordinates that all those caught abusing their authority and uniforms will be punished with their friendly “center” firearms or erecting penis be cut off ( at no return no exchange compromise) and grilled like hot dogs, to be distributed to indigents gays and paedophiles.

      • Mux

        Then that means ALL police will have to cut their peckers off because ALL of them are abusive and corrupt. ALL! ALL! ALL! 

    • Mux

      Problem is who do we report the corruption to? Other police? It won’t work because like I said, ALL police are corrupt and they would want something just to investigate the case. The media?  Who?

      Oh, and if there is ONE single police who is not corrupt, where is he? Please introduce me to him, if you can find even ONE.

  • RIGGS1220

    Chief Superintendent Leonardo Espina: Sir, pakidagdag nyo sa mga idi-dismiss nyo sa serbisyo ang dalawang ito. Hindi nyo kailangan ang ganitong klaseng mga pulis sa Metro Manila. Paki-askyunan lang po. Thank you!

  • RomyLitz

    Hay !! kining duha ka polis ka pala utog lang gyud !! Daghang nagbasa nga magawasan kay puno sa kulba hinam ug mapugngan-bay-baha-kay-sa-uwag nga mga panghitabo. Put these two policemen as the first human cannon balls at the PMA ground with trajectory towards Lolong in Surigao !!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4C2SFYIH52Y2KR7QPZPHJO2XQQ sl1

    These policemen must be charged & removed  from service immediately by their officials to show to the public that they mean business and this kind of work is not tolerated. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WIVNUDHOBZRSQEGV3UOQJYQJJY Grandmaster Grandmaster

    Pasay City policemen are among the most corrupt in Metro Manila. Although not all of them but because it has been the common practice among other policemen in the Pasay City Police precincts, then others are constrain to follow such practice. Believe me, the police station adjacent to the Pasay City Hall is the worst. Harap-harapan ang extortion (hulidap) jan.

  • uragon_ako

    Very good! At least naresolba agad ang kaso.. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4I4CDOKHJPMTBH2KFE3LFI6QDI marcial

    I saw the arrest on TV in which this thiing called po1 castro  claimed innocence and was pathetic when he was handcuffed.

  • yonoh

    Tawag doon hulidap……………matagal nang praktis ng mga pulis yan noon pa kakapkapan ka tapos sasabihin nila may nakuha silang droga…tssssskkkkk…….ala kayang kapatid o asawa na babae itong walang hiyang pulis na ito……………dapat mabulok sa kulungan yan………….

    • magiting78

      Anong Hulidappp…Huli rape hehehehe

  • Philcruz

    Throw them in the cell together with the jailbirds they arrested in the past.

  • TANYA22

    Mga ganitong klaseng pulis dapat pugot ulo ng mawala na ng tuluyan sa lipunan at miwasan manganak ang lahi.

    • batangpaslit

      dapat kasama sila sa naratrat ano ha?

  • rein1188

    PO1 p lang yan.. paano p pag naging superintindent n yan..hehehe..dapat s mga pulis n katulad nyan ay pinupugutan ng ulo at iwagayway s flagpole..

    • batangpaslit


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5Z55324ZZVCTACCSUVPE7RDTEI Charlie

    Sabi ni Chief Purisima mas marami pa daw Pinoy na may tiwala sa pulis sa 10 na pinoy ang 6 ay  naniniwala sa pulis na maaasahan. Ano ba talaga kuya?

    • batangpaslit

      eh, his name is Purosama, not the divine name he wears

    • noyab

      di totoo ang sinasabi ni purisima sa 10 pulis 1 pilipino lang ang naniniwala ns sila ay pagkakatiwalaan pa…..sino yun….si MARANTAN lang….

    • wheelers

      baka malaki ang pamilya nya, o madami,,,,, jejeje sila lng ang may tiwala s kanya

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/55XNXOYBNF6BG3EWOM5V4YMWXM Pedro


    • batangpaslit

      banatan mo, Bro

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SPDAZIXLRDOGCON42ETFG4AG3A TonTon

    i think we need the senate to pass a bill that will inflict heavy punishments to law enforcers!
    this is too much!!!

    • batangpaslit


    • D3marketers

      Sensya ka na bro walang time mga senador natin sa pagpapasa ng batas. Puro business  minded mga senators natin eh puro pera pera ang nasa ulo

  • gyvv

    mabigat na kaso ito… tanggal trabaho na, kulong pa, tanggal pension pa… bakit d kasi mag trabaho ng tapat at honorable sa posisyong kagalang galang… d lang minsan ginawa to, na tsamabahan tuloy… tuloy tuloy na sa kulungan….

    • batangpaslit


  • http://enria.org/ scconcern

    Tayong Pinoy di dapat magpaloko sa mga pulis. Kung may pagkakamali sa batas, trabaho ng police ay magbigay ng citation o arrest, di sila puwedeng maghatol. Ang judge lang ang puwedeng mgahusga.
    Kaya lang palpak at di gumagana ang tunay ng hustisya sa Pinas.
    Pinoy na agrabyado dahil sa bulok at elitistang sistema ng hustisya, lumapit sa 3rd party justice, di hawak ng plutocratic goverment. Ito ay makatarungan hangan maging demokratico ang hustisya sa Pinas, maghahatol ay grupo ng professionas at skilled pinoy, di sa isang elitista, bias at bayaran(90%) na judge.

  • Paliwaweng

    rape will not stop unless capital punishment is not re-imposed for this dastardly act.

    • batangpaslit

      dapat talaga merong death penalty sa mga krimen na sobra

    • Jerome Alano

      Dapat nga public execution eh… di sapat death penalty kung di nakikita ng mga kriminal nangyayari sa binibitay. kaya tuloy pa rin krimen kahit may death penalty.

  • richard ortega

    may paraan dyan. dalhin ang kaso na yan sa maynila para matuto mang agaw ng baril yan hayop na pulis na yan. nakakasira sa bayan at sa kapwa pulis.

    • wheelers

      ipadala mo dto s kalinga yan pra iyoten xa sa puwet ng mga unggoy. matapang yan ksi malakas kay sir.

  • batangpaslit

    pulis nanghuli ng may sala?
    tapos ‘yon pala hindi naman pala tunay na nanghuli kundi nangikil lang?
    ano kaya ang decision?
    transfer lang ng post?
    tanggal sa serbisyo at kulong pa?

    • Borogol

      death penalty

  • wildUbuntu

    Dapat putolin ang uten para wag ng dumami pa. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AO6VKORVP6RF3NJ2OW74M3YTXA Jojo

    hindi lang putulin kundi lutuin at ipakain sa kanila dlawa mga wlanghia@#$#@

  • doublecross

    di mapigilan ang llibog…putulin ang uten!

    • Borogol

      tama! at sana mamigay ng free vasiline sa kulungan nila.. 

      saan kaya nakakulong to at madalaw para maduraan sa mukha..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

    Pina examine sana agad ang babae kung totoong na rape. baka naman gawa gawa lang.

    • Borogol

      pre, dun sa napanuod ko sa TV, pina examine yung babae.. kaya nga hinuli agad e, positive yung nakita sa ari ng babae… 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RNORXCUCTB4CBN2LDLQRJTGQJE taga-masid

    MAY NAGSALITA, MAY EBEDENSIYA… ano pa ang nihintay ng mga kapulisan. ikalabus ang nagkasala, sino man sila, sa salang rape & extortion. INQUIRER, tulungan po ninyo sila, kayo po ang may alam ng tunay na nangyari.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MIIU4AIF5XFICVVAEVLVAFY46A danny

    Nakakahiya ang mga pulis na ‘to. Ano ang sasabihin nila sa kanilang pamilya, lalo na sa asawa’t mga anak? Tsk tsk tsk…Ano sasabihin mo sa nanay at tatay mo? Lahat sila masasaktan dahil sa ginawa n’yong kahunghangan !!!

    • wheelers

      hindi sila masasaktan sir, makakapal din ang mukha nila.

  • Yobhtron

    Dissmiss agad ang kumag na pulis at kasuhan ng rape.  Nakakahiya ang gawain ng mga pulis.

  • VeryDisgusted2

    Imprison and publish the photos of these criminals.

    What happen to the case of Atimonan massacre? Are media being paid to become silent? Why Aquino and Roxas suddenly became silent? Where are now these criminals Marantan and Dumlao?

    • wheelers

      they are preparing for a promotion, jejejeeje

  • sanjuan683

    Mama pulis nakakahiya naman iyan ginawa mo. Papaano na yan mga anak, asawa at magulang mo. Talaga wala kayo kadala-dala. Sumasahod ka ng maayos sa trabaho hinaluan mo pa kalibugan naku magdusa ka sa ginawa mo.

    • Borogol

      yan ata ang trabaho nila.. mang iy0t at mag lustay ng pera ng gobyerno.. 

      taena, sarap paggugulpihin ang pulis na ganyan.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SPLUBLEOSERDBOIJTDOC6XIWGU mxsclxmxn

    Marami pang pulis na ganyan! 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SPLUBLEOSERDBOIJTDOC6XIWGU mxsclxmxn

    Nakita ko yan sa TV, hinuli ng superior nya. Umiyak si kulokoy! Anak nag tipaklong sarap bubogin!

    • Borogol

      oo nga e.. yung panot na gagu.. sarap gulpihin… taena nya, pag ako sinita nun, babalian ko sila ng braso.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4R3GZTGML26TV2VGS6RVHP2THM Fred

    Saan ba naka detain sina Castro at Panaga?
    Papadalhan ko ng pagkain!

    • Borogol

      dalahan mo pre. yung panis 

  • A Marine

    For everyone calling on the death penalty, you need to learn something about the justice system and prison justice. Those are two different things.
    People with a death sentence are treated better than the regular inmates up until their execution. Single cell, separated from other inmates, protection from the guards. They are considered dead men walking.
    If you want punishment, put them in general population and let prison justice deal with them. Trust me, when the money runs out after they have paid for their protection, their life is worth nothing. I don’t care how much money you have, there is never enough to last a life sentence. When it runs out, justice will be served. 
    Oh, and if you can’t tell, I have seen this first hand and know how the system works.
    Death is to easy for child molesters, rapists, and drug dealers as far as I’m concerned. Let Bubba have them for awhile. They will wish they had died as a child! 
    The death penalty is a deterrent for the one who received it in sentencing. It is not a deterrent for the next person who comes along. That goes for all heinous crimes. The death penalty does nothing to deter crime. The only thing you get is the knowledge that the person convicted will never commit the crime again. What about the next person that comes along. If it were me, I would be more worried about Bubba being my cell mate knowing that I will never get out. 
    Just remember, people who have been convicted of crimes and are sentenced to prison for life without parole or early release, wish and pray for death in order to get out.
    Death is their escape and people calling for death to the convict it are helping in facilitating what the criminal wants. Stop and think about it! I have seen it first hand, I have seen convicts executed, I have seen convicts having to live life in prison with no hope of getting out.
    Trust me, Life without parole or release is the worst judgment on any convict! They will pray for an early death, also, their blood is not on my hands, I would never vote for death in any trial, just because of what I know first hand.

  • Borogol

    …dapat patayin na ang mga hinayupak na yan, lalo na yung panot na si Castro ….

    kaya yung mga buddy nyan na pulis, kung me halaga pa sa inyo buhay nyan… siguraduhin nyo na nakakulong yan…

    ..dahil tingin ko, merong papatay dyan pag labas nyan.. hayup na panot na yan. ang lib0g

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/36O4ZGE5JY24XE4XQOXBM6O4WE Klepto

    Wow, kung meron dapat i salvage, and dalawang pulis na to ang karapatdapat lagyan ng tingga sa ulo.

  • Fayha

    Patayin na yan..para hinde pamarisan. modus na kasi nang pulis yan.

  • OFW Franklin

    babala hindi mga pulis ang nagsasabi ng “bail amount” kundi ang korte. Pag ang mga pulis ay nagsasabi ng magkano ang bail o kaya piyansa ito ay pagnanakaw na o hulidap. kung kasama dito ay planting evidence mas malaking kaso ito. kasuhan yan at makulong ng dina pamarisan pa. 

  • pablosantino

    mga bugok na pulis na yan..mga polpol,bobo at mayayabang, akala niyo kung sino kayo PO1 palang kayo..sinisira niyo mga mabubuting pulis at yung mga tapat sa serbisyo…alisin yan sa hanay ng pulis, mga lousy!!!!

    • wheelers

      hindi ako sang ayon s inyo… pg inalis mo s servisyo ang scalawag n pulis e bka ang matira,  isang pulis n lang kda ten million n mamamayan, e sino p ang mgbabantay s drugs, jueteng, hulidap, massacre, kotong, akyat bahay at iba p…

  • walt723

    Government officials/police who have broke the law should get double dosage of punishment fore they are the ones who should be enforcing it. Those rotten police trash with such heinous crime should be killed so as to set example for other policemen. U.S. is democratic and yet they have death penalty. Just WTF happened to Philippines when death penalty was removed. Who the F made such revision to death penalty ?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D3LDMMAKC6UDQLDVFP2DGSJBXY Jezzrel

      iyong dalawang babaeng naging presidente, tinanggal para maappease/mapagbigyan lang ang kanilang backer/supporter na CBCP…. ehe he he… ibalik ang death penalty….

  • ryan andres

    Tangina talaga…kababuyan, kabalbalan, kalibugan, kamatayan.

    Eto ang motto ng ating mga katulisan..err…kapulisan. Tangna nyong mga uloI na pulpulis!

  • 3Jomari3

    The worse of the worst of kotong kops. There’s many more out there. Unless criminals in uniform are prosecuted and put to jail, the likes of them will grow like a social cancer.

    • wheelers

      how could you put them to jail??? e e backer nya ang kanyang superior. feeling nla malilinis sla. birds of the same feather flock together.

  • doublecross

    alisin na sa rooster yan, hindi siya karapat dapat in uniform!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/EE5LMUQHMXD2Q3PBSSDKBMG7VI Rexy

      hindi lang alis sa rooster, dapat kulong iyan at doon sa loob patuwarin.

  • noyab


  • noyab

    IPARADA SA PUBLICO YAN PARA DI TULARAN…….PNP talaga….hayop ang sama….

    • wheelers

      hindi n tatablan ang mga yan. dapat i rape din ang asawa o anak o kapatid ng mga pulis n yan tapos hihingan p ng 15 thousand.

  • pedronimo

    It is not enough to expel these scalawags from the police force. Justice dictates they should jailed with a maximum term, Leaving the service does not guarantee leaving crime for such men of evil, Take them out of society for good.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/EE5LMUQHMXD2Q3PBSSDKBMG7VI Rexy

      korek ka diyan. kasi kung tangal lang sila, tatawa tawa lang ang mga iyan. tapos na . magiging body guard na lang sila ng mga politician.

  • noyab

    to the PNP leadership kung gusto ninyong magtiwala pa kami sa inyo ay IPAKAIN NA NINYO NG BUHAY ANG BUGOK NA IYAN KAY LOLONG…..

  • pedronimo

    The media owe the public a transparent show of the faces of these devils for its own protection from these scalawags.

  • noyab

    SWS AND FALSE ASIA, mag survey kayo at makikita ninyo na sa 10 pulis 1 pilipino lang ang magsasabi na ang PNP ay mapapagtiwalaan pa…….alam mo ninyo kung sino….ANAK NI MARANTAN

    • wheelers

      u mean to say takot ang media sa pulis/// owwws bka may lagay din?

  • Maldi2

    P$%%^&tang INA nyho mga hinayupak na mga PULIS!

  • $20722540

    ito yong klase na kasamahan ni maratrat…napaka babaw naman, parang mga putik 

  • Jason Cruz

    Grabe talaga ang nga pulis Pasay.  ngek parang pulis ng QC at Manila.    Dapat wetpuhin ang nga ito eh heheheheheheh,   GENERAL SIBAKIN AGAD ANG NGA IYAN.     

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D3LDMMAKC6UDQLDVFP2DGSJBXY Jezzrel

    Pero maigi rin sigurong ma test ang biktima kung talagang na rape siya…alam niyo na, meron din mga “mauutak kuno” na “biktima”…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/EE5LMUQHMXD2Q3PBSSDKBMG7VI Rexy

      pare di ba iyong anak ng isang pulis general ay kinotongan n din ng pulis ??? anak na iyon ng pulis general. hay naku, daming pulis na matutulis !!!

    • 7_mgawalanghiyakayo

      Style mo BOLOK!!!!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/TMCH6YXWCVRTS5VOEGHYZ4NW6Y jl

       kung inutakan sya dapat mas mautak sya kasi sya ang person of authority unless n tlagang ginawa nya un..inuutakan man o hindi, dahil sa  ginawa nya syut sa sa balde…palagay natin na nag ofer ung babae ng sarili pra mabwasan hinihingi pwd nya tanggihan kung legitimate ung pagkahuli.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4GAGU3D2OUBWCKFB3WUWTALDXU Brahman

    Putolin na mga ari nyan at kaponin ang mga byag para di na makapagrape mga pulis na yan.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WUNEDOD2TRB64MDUMQLEDHRWQI kckyle

    pulis na naman…nakow!

  • lomwell

    i tell you some our policemen have a narrow mindset of being police officers, i think, this has something to do with their values. Some just wanted to hold gun for them to brag about. tsk tsk..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/TMCH6YXWCVRTS5VOEGHYZ4NW6Y jl

       yeah gun..that’s why i did not join the police dept. i choose fire dept, less corruption but it still has, at lalamunin ka ng sistema habang tumtagal ka  ang idolohiya na hinhawakan mo galing sa training school ay unti unting magbabago…and after 3 year, i ended up as firefighter in foreign country; reason: corruption na di masikmura…

  • Hendot2012

    Ganyan talaga pulis pasay hulidap, pero matindi pulis na to nang gamit pa ng babae, maganda siguro yung babae kaya naisip nya un… Tandaan nyo pangalan ng pulis in two years makakabalik yan ng serbisyo, takipan ang mga ulopong na yan eh, kunwari lang hinuli yung pulis kasi may media pag walang media di papansinin ang kaso nyan, ganyan sa pasay city corrupt lahat mula mayor hanggang tanod

    • Bayan Panona

       allegations pa lang naman. maxado kang nagmamadali!

      • Hendot2012

        Malamang hindi ka taga pasay kaya hindi mo nakikita, maraming ginagawang kagaguhan mga pulis dun na hindi narerecord o nabubura na lng kasi nagkakampihan ang mga unggoy

      • Bayan Panona

         Allegations. You have lots of it. may kaya kang patunayan?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAB42FXZYNCU3ODZNRCDRDTGAY MORE HUMAN

    reassign lang yan.. kasi rape lang…

  • Komen To

    My guest? This cop will soon be free and promoted as recruiter for their boss later

  • jHdz

    Dapat i post kaagad ang mug shots ng mga yan sa mga online newspaper para maging viral sa mga social networking sites.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EA7TIY7PYXEU5UOXG2K5CY5F64 Eric

    PO1 pa lang ang mga yan ha!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2DG3R2AAQZDON2KH45T3YC5DOA del pillar

    Exactly the deeds of this class of a suppose protector should be condemned and should be put and punished as the law provides!!!!!!!!!!!!!Should be published publicly to same to what he/she deed……

  • Michael

    wat da? hoy gising pilipinas, ano nalang cguro pwidi natin gayahin ang mexico, ang mga pulis ang pina line up sa labas ng precinto sa ka initan ng araw at linatigo ng mga publiko.. ano kaya? hmmmm.. what kind of training do they have bakit puro police ang nasa crime scene…wat da!!!!

  • doncleo

    Bakit robbery lang ang kaso ng isang pulis na si Panaga ?  alam nya na may nagaganap na rape at hindi nya pinigilan, law enforcement agent sya…atty. ano ba pwede idagdag sa kaso nya?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/C6JNBSASOMJPKK63TBJUYCVWXQ Emman

    nasabi ko n ito at sasabihin ko p ulit……..bagong grad lang na pulis ang tunay na makabayan……..kapag ang pulis nag three years na ………..aminin man nya o hindi ………corrupt na sya…….,,pansinin nyo isang bago grad n titser at isang bagong pulis…..sabay n ngtrabaho…….after 3 years masassensado si pulis……..si titser tambak ng loans……….dapat after 1 year pinareresign n mga yan……..nkklungkot………………….wala akong alam na purong matino n pulis lahat may tinatagong kblblln,……

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/TMCH6YXWCVRTS5VOEGHYZ4NW6Y jl

       may point ka sa sinasabi mo na bagong grad lang na pulis ang tunay na makabayan..pro di ako sang ayon sa sinasabi mo na lahat may tinatagong kabalbalan unless na pulis ka din pwd ako maniwala sayo..

    • eirons1043

      Sir Emman unfortunately sa academy pa lang ang topic na ng mga pulis trainee/student eh saan mas maganda ang delihensiya- sa. traffic enforcement ba,  foot patrol ba, sa mobile patrol, sa investigation ba, sa special task force ba like the PAOCTF, sa sub-precinct etc.etc o alalay ka ng precinct commander o congressman/senator/justice/cabinet offcial/mayor/governor etc… In this counry 95% of a policeman is his gun coz without a gun he is the most insecure human being.. Why do say this? coz it takes one to know one.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/C6JNBSASOMJPKK63TBJUYCVWXQ Emman

    ……….kung paparahin ka sa isang madilim at ilang na lugar sino pipiliin mo……mga lespu o mga criminal……………….?

    Syempre sa criminal na ako hihinto……..kasi kapag nasaktan ka nila…..automatic sila ang suspect………….sa pulis kapag nasaktan ka……..Ikaw ang alleged criminal…………papatungan ka nila ng mga kasong ni sa hinagap ay inisip mo man lang………….alam lng ng mga pulis mag set up ng checkpoint tapos peperahin mga nka motor lang………….

  • zeroko

    Alam mo, from the distance, it looks like there is no difference between a security guard and a policeman. What if the policeman fake his credentials as college graduate when in fact he is not. Kailangan yata, we subject all new police applicant to a psychological exam. It”s too dangerous to just put a badge to any policeman on the basis of his uniform. 

    I have a neighbor wherein I have seen the boy grown into manhood. He is a very short temper. While a student in the College of Criminology, he box a security guard who would not open the door because it is not yet time. This person has an uncle who talk it out with the security guard not to file a criminal case considering that the future of that guy will be affected. So no complaint. 

    After graduating in the College of Criminology, he became permanent in the PNP. Guess what? During drinking spree in our place, sometimes, he would fire his service pistol. He he he. It did not take long before he was terminated. In short, had my PNP neighbor undergone the psychological test, his tendency to become violent could have been found revealed. Sayang ang training expense ng PNP sa kanya.

    In short, because of the absence of psychological exam, when ever I see a PNP Officer, I just step aside never to offend him because my memory is still fresh on what happen to my neighbor. Hindi natin alam sila kung they are fast on the draw.He he he. Shoot before you ask.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/TMCH6YXWCVRTS5VOEGHYZ4NW6Y jl

       di ko sure 100% kung merong silang psychological exams kasi hindi naman ako pulis pero mandatory yan sa lahat uniformed service personnel sa atin sa pinas ang psychological exam. ang tanong Paano sila nakapasa sa psychological exams?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TMCH6YXWCVRTS5VOEGHYZ4NW6Y jl

    bring back the death sentence for rapist military/police officer or any govt employee who supposed to be protector of the public, rapist, drug pusher, kidnapper/ carnapper and PLUNDERER..

  • rechard_gee

    Sigh…..these people are supposed to protect us….and they are being paid with taxpayers money. F!$!%$% crooks in uniform.I know they still have to undergo due process….but if proven guilty, they should be put to death. Para hindi na pamarisan. Ang gagawin lang kasi dyan, i di dismiss sa trabaho. As ordinary citizens, they will just continue their old ways. At magiging galit sa mundo dahil nasira daw ang kanilang “future”. 

    Kung makulong man ang mga yan, ibabalato lang ang mga yan sa mga padrino nila. Voila instant freedom. I just hope there are people in the administration who would be courageous enough to make sure that these supposed protector of the people, be put behind bars. Or better yet, be meted with the ultimate punishment, the death penalty.

    Dapat sila ang ang nagbabantay sa mga mamayan. Eh sila ang pala ang mga criminal. Come to think of it, may sweldo na, naka uniporme pa, may baril na lisensyado pa, pwede mo pa gamitin ang katayuan mo para mangikil ng pera at ang pinakamatindi, manghalay ng babae. Mga !#$!%
    !#$^^&^#$!!! kayo!

    Hindi ko naman nilalahat ang kapulisan. May mga matitino din naman. Kaya lang mas marami ang bugok na itlog.

    President Aquino, i know you are busy, but just this once, can you personally attend to this case and make sure that these two, if proven guilty, be put behind bars, permanently? O be meted with the death penalty perhaps? Hindi po sobra yang death penalty para sa ginawa ng dalawang ito. Kulang pa nga po. Saan ka ba naman nakakita na sila ang ating pananggalang sa kriminalidad, pero sila pala ang mga kriminal?

    Para po hindi na pamarisan sir Aquino. Pag pinalampas po natin ito, uulit ultin lang po ng mga ilang miyembro ng kapulisan natin ang ginawa ng mga ito. Mag aantay pa po ba tayo na mangyari ang ganitong insidente sa isang sikat at prominenteng tao bago po tayo kumilos?

    Salamat po kung inyong nabasa ito..

    • doncleo

       wala na pong death penalty..pinaalis na ng mga pari..

  • rethinking_madness

    This is a glaring example how the culture of impunity continues to be a feature in the Aquino administration.

    We can longer trust our police officers as they became hoodlums in uniform with their utter barbarity to terrorize civilians.

    Were are the self-claimed warriors against sex abuses? This is happening in our country, inside the police patrol car of our Philippine National Police. Why there’s a brutal silence now? All those who are indignant against Damaso, where are you now?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/Y4HUTUHPY6RCVVKHRKDDYWHBTI Yet Jua

      siguro pag-sumabog ulit ang Mt.Pinatubo sisisihin mo si Pnoy ano?Mabuti nga ngayon nakakasuhan ang mga basura nang bayan na may mataas na katungkulan tulad nina Gloria Arroyo,Justice Corona,mga mga magnanakaw na nga Generals sa AFP at Police,mga kapal muks na mga public officials etc….  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson

    Before, when Filipinos are afraid of robbers, they call the cops. Now, Filipinos are afraid of COPS AND ROBBERS !!!   tSK, TSK, TSK, TSK, !!! 

  • Kabudlay

    Mas nakakatakot ang PULIS..Marami sa mga yan CRIMNALS IN UNIFORM!
    Tapos ang motto ng PULIS “TO SERVE and PROTECT”..NAKAKAHIYA.Maraming PNP chief na ang nagdaan at nagsabi na lilinisin ang kapulisan pero WALA NAMAN nagyayari.
    Kung hindi kotong baka plantingan ka ng mga yan pag napagtripan ka.Ang masklap pag ma rape pa ang kasama mong babae.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q44WFP7HTON4ZBYFABS6FEPEBI diemhang

    ano kaya ang mang-yari sa manga pulis na to kung sa davao naganap ang kababoyan nila

  • julieboy

    Maniacs and criminals in uniform.They should go to jail and be with all the hungry prisoners looking for sex.That they will enjoy.

  • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv


  • totoabao

    Grabe `yan, ha!  Dapat jan ay bitay!

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