Senate urged to lead by example



Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. RYAN LEAGOGO/ FILE PHOTO

Senate Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano on Tuesday filed a resolution urging the Senate to “lead by example” and to authorize a people’s audit or a joint or a parallel audit of its budget accounts by a private auditing firm and the Commission on Audit (COA).

An audit of the Senate’s expenditures appears to be underway as the COA is expected to receive records of the expenses of individual senators from 2009 to 2012 in a meeting among congressional leaders scheduled Wednesday.



Sen. Panfilo Lacson, chairman of the Senate accounts committee, told reporters that he had received from the Senate accounting department records of the expenses over the past few years of individual offices of senators.

“They’re ready. I have the documents with me. We have a meeting with the COA chair [Grace Pulido-Tan] tomorrow [Wednesday], and I will already bring them with me,” Lacson said.



Lacson’s submission of the documents to the COA came after Tan requested “all papers, documents and information in your possession or care as chairman of the [Senate] Committee on Accounts, particularly those bearing on the augmentation and realignment of Senate funds, as well as the use/s to which the MOOE given to members of the Senate have been devoted.”

In her letter to Lacson dated Monday, Jan. 28, Tan said access to the documents would serve the COA in “forthwith [carrying] out a ‘no-holds-barred’ audit of Senate finances.”

Questions on propriety


The COA audit comes in the wake of a controversy arising from Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s questions on the propriety of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile’s yearend release of P1.6 million in additional MOOE funds to each but four senators before Christmas.

Each senator was also given P250,000, which came from the savings of Enrile’s office.

“Be assured, Mr. Senator, of my commitment to personally see this matter through,” Tan said in her letter to Lacson.


Rush preparation


Lacson said the expense records of the senators had been prepared as of 1 p.m. Tuesday. He said he had asked the staff to rush the preparation of the expense records of the Senate secretariat so that he could also submit them to the COA Wednesday.

Lacson said the meeting with Tan would be attended by Enrile, Speaker Feliciano Belmonte and his counterpart in the House of Representatives, An-Waray Rep. Florencio Noel.

Lacson said the congressional leaders would seek a clarification from the chairman of the COA on the scope of the documents that she had asked for and on the issue of having to liquidate expenses through receipts rather than by a lawmaker’s certification.

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  • Hey_Dudes

    There lies the problem when senators led as example.  Lalong dumame ang magnanakaw sa bansa.

  • $20722540

    bakit mula 2009 lang…dapat magmula ng 2000…tingnan nating kong hindi lumabas yong mga baho ng lahat senado na yan…

    • Mamerto

      Better still to go further (earlier)…, say 1992.

  • superpilipinas

    The spoiled need to be replaced.

    We need fresh people, preferrable independents and technical professionals. People who don’t waste time politicking. People who are achievers and go by logic and compassion to poor Filipinos and not by politics of patronage. People who will be sensitive enough to mind that they are being paid with taxpayer’s money.If you can’t find people like this in the 2013 elections, don’t select anyone in the ballot.

    We need people like Efren Penaflorida (the CNN hero). With less, he was able to do a lot. Given much more, just imagine how great he can do.

    Even if these spoiled  win, very low votes will surely give them a very strong message…that they are all to be replaced very soon. 

    • calipso_2100

      Problem is people like Efren Penaflorida are interested in the REAL public service and not the fake one also known as politics.

  • cute79

    Ayaw ni ping lacson ng private auditing firm dahil di daw sangkaw ng senado magbayad .Talaga lang ang mga hinayupak kayo nakuha nyo pa nagreklamo pero sa bonus na 2.2m tikom mga bibig nyo.kung ibalik nyo kaya ang mga bonus nyo at don kukunin ang bayad para sa private auditing firm ?mga walang hiya!mga magnanakaw!!

  • Freddie de Asis

    All past Congressmen and Senators must also put in the same exercise after the incumbents are done.

    It’s high time to exercise accountability as this is taxpayer’s monies.

    Some politicians are making Congress their school and politic is a career for them since they are being rewarded monies they cant get in a corporate world not to mention the perks that goes with it.

    In short,past and present politicians if possible must pass through the same exercise.

    I humbly suggest Kim Henares to be the one heading the audit for the House.

    • Mamerto

      Politicians are treating “Government Service” as a “Personal Business”.


        anong personal business, FAMILY BUSINESS kamo.

        pati anak nilang maliliit chairman ng SK.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    To lead by example is so obvious,

     till now the leaders are used to show the worst examples,

    just look at the results, a country in limbo,

    an intentionally ignorant and gullible masses,

    no accountability at all.

    Killings, robbing, corruptions and any cases of abuses became a way of life.

    Selfishness is prevalent, the recent Gwen Garcia event is a good example,

    no cares at all for the country !

    The only hope for so many is to be a OFW sacrifice,

    a modern way of slavery to fill up the Government coffer for corruption

    What a pity sunday scenery in central HK, 

    a one hundred mother missing their children’s

    to earn a pittance for their family survival thanks the filthy rich criminals running the country.

    My HK friend best house maid was a Cebu lawyer…

    How many teachers and qualified women became house maids ?

    How many sufferances, bad treatments and deadly abuses in the oil countries ?

    What a shameful waisting of human resources for the country intentionally drown in poverty

    to satisfy the happy few leaders unlimited greed and arrogances following Marcos example.

    Its time to wake up and recover a minimum decency, to learn what dignity is.

    how many children’s paid with their innocent life this stupid politic ?

    at last few millions it can’t be acceptable.

    By luck P-Noy is probably the first decent President, 

    he need a strong support for the country recovery, 

    the money has absolutely to go down the street, it’s a survival question.

    The success to be efficient has to be for all together.

    Better late than never.

    Wait and see

    • Mamerto


      If “garbage” is uncovered within their midst…,
      it is immediately “swept under the rug”.

  • LegalJustice

    With due respect to COA chair Grace PulidoTan I don’t think she is a trust worthy individual to lead an audit – questionable .

    Filipino people want  and demand an independent private company for auditing in alignment with COA.

    For sure COA can just cook it up and doctor the audit – for sure another bogus report the filipino people will be expecting.

    Plus Sen. Ping Lacson is a rah, rah, boy of JPE who has the paper supporting documents for audit, hmmm  What can you expect with this guy? Can you expect an honest report? I doubt it.

    • Mamerto

      “With Due Respect” and “don’t think she is trustworthy” 

      are completely opposing characteristics of a person.

      NOW…, which is which..?
      (just asking)

    • humabon

      worth a try… 

  • Reynaldo Quijada

    This is a concrete move towards transparency among the servants of the people. However, Senator Allan should also lead by example by respecting our constitution on political dynasty. Only one between his sister and him should stay in the Senate. Dahil lang ba ay di sila nabigyan ni Ate Pia niya ng parehas na halaga ni Senator Enrile kung ikumpara sa ibinigay sa majority ay nanawagan na siya ngayon ng leadership by example???? Each one of our Senators should lead by example including the Cayetanos and Defensor!!!!

  • chick

    hay naku

  • Albert Einstien

    NO to RH LAW
    YES to FOI
    BIG NO to POLITICAL DYNASTY…..code E- EBAC…estrada,enrile, binay, aquino at cayetano….
    E-EBAC lang sila ULIT…

    Huwag na kayong E-EBAC muli….lol

    • Mamerto

      Why “NO” to Charter Change..?
      Our Constitution is full of “sh_t”.
      For one…, NOT ALL Sectors/Provinces are duly represented in the Senate.
      For another…, The “Anti-Dynasty” provision has NOT BEEN implemented (27 years).
      and many others.

      • Albert Einstien

        foreign interest & multinational companies..are merely using peace talks , RH law, FDIs & china’s aggression to push our polticians to charter change..their main goal is to take our GOD resource ( Gold,gas, Oil & Deuterium  )with minimal benefit for our short we will be ROBBED again BIG TIME..

        we have huge educated & skilled labor force…that is why we have gdp growth & large FC reserves… ..there are already 12.5 million ofw & migrants who lost HOPE with the kind of inutile & incompetent governance , extereme poverty, criminality & skyrocketing prices in RP…as of now we have $85 billion dollar reserve already….every year 1 to 2 million are OFW & migrants seek greener pasture abroad….WE HAVE RE-INVENTED ourselves out of extreme poverty & poor governance….by going abroad….our HUGE labor force abroad is the KEY for our successin the future ..if we reach $ 1trillion FC reserve ( we can achieve that in 5-10 year period or shorter bec of EXODUS of our LAFOR FORCE ) we can ALREADY have our OWN PRODUCTION outfit of GOD RESOURCES…100% owned by GOVT…no 60-40/40/40/20 sharing ANYMORE…

        ·        “ RISE my Philippines RISE “

        EVERY Filipino Family will be MULTI-millionaires by 2050( both muslim & christian brothers )
        your grandsons & granddaughters will be masters of the worldNO Filipino will suffer SLAVERY in foreign land..

        PROTECT these resources with utmost PATRIOTISM…

        Why are we always in poverty & war?

        Why they dont want the archipelago to be UNITED & stand as one nation?

        Why are we targeted for Population & de-population control ?

        Why is the Philippines targeted for brain-drain & intellectuals are pirated

        Why are we NOT allowed to have a POWERFUL ARMed FORCES ?

        Why are we having lunatic leaders & family of traitors as our champions & leaders?

        ANSWER : Foreign Interest/s manipulated us because PHILIPPINES is
        the RICHEST country in the WORLD!

        “ Literally philippines is a PARADISE in a land of GOLD blessed by GOD ( Gold,gas Oil & Deuterium )..

        “ we the most evolved & intelligent human specie are walking literally in a land of gold “


        An archipelago comprising 7,107 islands, the Philippines is categorized broadly into three main geographical divisions: Luzon, Visayas, & Mindanao. In addition the BENHAM Rise.. 250 km wide new territory. The Philippines’ rainforests and its extensive coastlines make it home to a diverse range of birds, plants, animals, and sea creatures. It is one of the ten most biologically megadiverse countires and is at or near the top in terms of biodiversity per unit area. Our beautiful islands are the envy of the world we are surrounded by soft white & pearly black beaches. Most of the mountainous islands are covered in tropical rainforest and volcanic in origin. The Apo Reef is the country’s largest contiguous coral reef system and the second-largest in the world. The Philippines has a tropical maritime climate and is usually hot and humid. There are three seasons: the hot dry season or summer the rainy season ; and the cool dry season . The perfect climate system in the Philippines makes its air and atmosphere free from man made pollution after the system of storms cleansed the territory during rainy season & disinfecting the land by exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays in hot dry season. This is the best country in world to live in if the insurgency problem caused by poverty is solved by the tapping of the nation’s resource thereby freeing the people from poverty..
        Located within the Pacific Rim of Fire, the Philippine archipelago is hypothesized as having been formed 43 million years ago. Its 7,109 islands rest on top of underwater mountains formed by the outpourings of molten rocks from the earth’s interior, thus creating an ideal setting for mineral deposition. (After Wolfe, J.A., “Origin of the Philippines by Accumulation of Allochthons” in The Philippine Geologist July- September 1983 Issue, p.17) In the archipelago, resurgent volcanoes particularly provided access for rising gold-bearing solutions which cool to the geotherm of 300 degrees Celsius at about 400 m depth. At this point, the gold began to precipitate and epithermal gold deposits were formed over geologic time of 1.5 million years from the present time. (After Wolfe, J. A., in International Mineral Development Sourcebook, 1993)
        HUMAN resource…

        we are the ONLY Country in the world ..who speaks 175 languages & dialects with literacy rate of 93.4% . Most speak fluent & write foreign languge like english , spanish,nihongo,arabic, mandarin,hindi, & malay than country of origin..some elderly can still speak latin…Average Filipino can at least speak 3 foreign language & 2 dialects..while the rest of the world can speak only english & their native tounge…the people are educated, fun loving, resilient, hospitable & industrious… in fact , currently the economy is heavily reliant on remittances which surpass foreign direct investment as a source of foreign currency. Therefore the more population more benefit for the economy. The Philippines need a HUGE population & Army if it intends to tap the resources otherwise foreign invasion can easily land on its shores & control can be had without a sweat.…

        MINERAL resource…..

        Initial Lode and placer GOLD DEPOSITS occur in most of the 73 out of 83 provinces in the Philippines.The ten provinces were not properly tested yet due to internal conflicts & war. The 1996 $2.1TRILLION value resource estimate based on conservative 10% ( $21 trillion total estimate ) maybe deficient and could double to $42 trillion or more of the actual resource.. . … such amount could catapult this country to first world status .. we could even buy americas $16 Trillion debt..Also, we have .$26.3-Trillion Oil Reserves ..Country’s Untapped Deposits Mostly In Spratlys Philippines News Agency April 25, 2012, MANILA, Philippines- The Philippines is “sitting on a mountain of gold,” with untapped hydrocarbon deposits estimated at $26.3 trillion, mostly found in the disputed Spratly chain of islands, more than enough to free the country from the shackles of poverty.Also if we are able to claim SABAH… It has the potential to produce 1 million barrels of oil a day,” “The estimated reserves from the present Sabah oilfields is 1.4 billion barrels of oil and 7.7 trillion scf of gas.” …Malaysia govt does not even give our sabahan brothers share of their on wealth ONLY PETRONAS ( govt corp ) which give sabah a PITIFUL royalty of 5%…

        That amount is even without considering the UNQUANTIFIABLE value today (maybe thousands of $ trillion ) of the resources that can be found in our new territory called the BENHAM rise a 250km wide domain which is perceived to contain very huge oil & gas deposits & the envy of world for we are the proud owner of the vast DEUTERIUM deposits with a 868 mile long find in Philippine trench. With these resources properly tapped we are bigger than america & arabia combined.. : .yet many potential mineral & natural reserves are still HIDDEN n our archpelago…

        BENHAM RISE new Philippine territory 250 km wide –GMA LEGACY

        Despite its proximity to the archipelago, the plateau was previously not included in the territory of the Philippine Islands. On 8 April 2009 ( GMA govt. filed the claim to UN now we owned it.. eventually our history & after the political vendettas ….legislature might rename the benham rise to GMA rise to give honor to its finder/claimant .. ), the Republic of the Philippines lodged a partial territorial waters claim with the United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf in relation to the continental shelf in the region of Benham Rise. The UN has officially approved the claim in April 2012. The Philippines may soon be able to provide its own energy through Benham Rise, an underwater ridge to the east of Luzon which is believed to have mineral and gas deposits. The Philippines claim over Benham Rise is “very relevant” because scientific surveys indicate minerals and natural gas in the area. Solidified methane was found during mapping activities and the “probability is very high” there are oil deposits. There may be more natural gas than oil, and is considered better because it is cleaner. Benham Rise, which is bigger than Luzon, Samar, and Leyte combined, is being claimed solely by the Philippines

        GREATEST of them ALL- “ DEUTERIUM the Gift of Nature “- MARCOS LEGACY

        “ the Philippines trench has the LARGEST DEPOSIT of deuterium with 868 mile long 52 mile wide “
        If we allow production even for just a portion of this natural deposit… the Philippines will already become a first world country.. what more if we produce a quarter of it… Deuterium has several commercial and scientific uses today. It has become much more than the heavy water many countries sought after during World War II.Deuterium, a form of concentrated hydrogen, is used in the production of natural gas now utilized in Canada, America, Germany and Sweden, to provide fuel for cars, trucks , jet planes, & deuterium fuel for fusion reactors.”Deuterium can replace gasoline, (liquefied petroleum gas), (liquefied natural gas), Avgas, etc. in powering all types of internal combustion engines including maybe SPACE ships of the future & can be use in space explorations…. It does not emit pollutants or any harmful carbon monoxide and does not cause any environmental problems because it is in the water family. We can build electric nuclear plants in the middle of the URBAN cities of the world ! we will power & feed the world at the same time.Just imagine the philippines at the forefront of human evolution, science , technology & space exploration

        The GOOD news is we have UNLIMITED deposit of it!
        “SHARE the DREAM “..

      • Albert Einstien

        i forgot to ADD the heroes of our lafor force who choose to stay behind & contribute $ 12 billion dollar a year for our FC reserve & GDP growth…the BPO SECTOR…..our educated youthful heroes ….

        all we NEED are VISIONARY patriotic full blood filipino leaders…

      • generalproblem

        einstein buti simulan muna total ikaw na nakaisip nyan. sama ako dyan

      • Albert Einstien

        madami na dre i-copy paste mo yan…” Rise my Philippines Rise “…ikalat mo sa twitter at facebook ANG ADHIKAIN natin…kahit mamatay na tayo MERON na tayong NAITULONG sa bansa natin…INILILIHIM nila yan kasi gusto nila tayo…gawing ALIPIN habangbuhay….!

  • David

    epal ipokrito kapal muks si cayetano

  • chick

    baka tayo ay makasuhan ng cybe libel nito.

  • Mamerto

    The Senate…, to be a “Leader, by Example”…?

    This would make us a nation of “crooks”..!

  • nice_boy

    Not just audit.  All of you should sign waivers on your secrecy of bank deposits.  CJ Corona did this and you convicted him.  

    • abner

       yan ang maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na naghahari harian ang mga senador…pag sila di na kailangang mag wave ng bank accounts…dahil sila ang hari eh….

  • X44

    May credibility din ba ang COA? When they had been allowing this thing eversince. Command responsibility. Much better may be to relieve this agency too.

    • levis2012

       i-Audit ang COA!  O kaya, i-abolish na lang!

  • maypakialam

    sana totohanan yang audit na yan….yung hindi permahan lang at hatian ng yaman ng bayan.

    • levis2012

      Kaplastikan lang yang audit-audit na yan ng mga Senador…. eh bulok na bulok naman sila sa mga kasakiman at kakurakutan nila sa Pera ng Bayan… Ngayon lang yan dahil pinag-uusapan sa media… tapos balewala na yan… election na naman, panibagong pera ng Bayan ang kukurakutin ng mga magnanakaw!

  • Bengatibo

    If there are anomalies exposed people in government will task the COA to audit. 
    But COA should already expose anomalies they found but they are quiet. 
    Does it mean that there are no anomalies found by COA??? or they just cover it up and keep mum about it.I do not believe COA is credible enough to do the Audit. It should be an independent private company to audit carry out the audit of the Senate.


    >>>Senate urged to lead by example<<<

    TAMA yan!  Kung silang lahat ay magiging katulad ni Lito Lapid, walang gulo.  Laging tahimik.:)

    • Lagotka

      Ha? Alam mo ba ang kurakot ng mga Lapids sa Pampanga? Magugulat ka!

      • generalproblem

        at least hindi sya nagmamalinis tulad ni cayetano at brenda kaya walang gulo hehehe everybody happy

      • levis2012

         DApat nyan kay Lapid nasa kulungan, hindi sa Senado!  Kurakot numero uno yan sa Pampanga, pwe!

  • speedstream2

    Why should lawmakers be allowed to liquidate expenses charged to taxpayers’ money simply on the basis of just a certification? Last time we looked, there’s a lot of difference between an official receipt and a certification. Or are lawmakers so high up in the stratosphere, their word is good enough when they spend people’s money?

    • levis2012

       Certification are fakes!  OR is the truth!

  • Felix

    no need for private auditing firm to do the audit. i bet it will result in nothing but additional expenses to the government. If COA cannot do it’s work, abolish it.

    • Lagotka

      Yes, abollish COA!

  • 100345roselia

    The audit to be conducted by COA on senate’s MOOE funds used by JPE as x’mas cash gifts is
    a subtle way of corrupting & influencing the minds of the senators is a WASTE OF TIME & EFFORT – AN EXERCISE OF FUTILITY – because at the end of the day whatever findings COA have the latter are beholden to, & can be pressured by Congress.  Remember, COA’s yearly budget appropriation is under the whims & capricies of congress.  Therefore, the audit should be conducted by a neutral, credible, trustworthy & independent private accounting / auditing firm.  “He who has the gold rules,” so to speak.

  • Eric

    Outsource COA’s functions.

  • Lagotka

    Allan Cayetano wants an independent audit because the COA is corrupt, too! How can all of these corruptions in government happen it COA auditors really did their jobs?

    The COA loves corruption because it shares in the spoils of kickbacks. In all government deals the share (lagay) of COA auditors are standard cost.

    Billions if not trillions of pesos are lost because of corruption because COA is part of the formula. Ask anybody who deals in government projects!

    • levis2012

       If what you stated is true, then SHAME on COA!!!!

  • joe

    Senate will lead by example on graft and corruption.

  • $23601969

     Start leading by example by promoting China’s interest in getting US$23trillion Philippine resources??

  • Arnold Rubio

    From this development we will know if there’s a graft and corruption in this institution where “lawmakers are lawbreakers” if this is proven.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Take note of the term used by Senator Lacson in his interviews. He never mentioned providing the “receipts” for audit. He merely mentioned “liquidating instruments”. 

    Without the official receipts, how will COA audit the senators liquidations thoroughly?

  • boybakal

    Senate Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano on Tuesday filed a resolution urging the Senate to “lead by example”

    “Eh yong Kahoy”…  we need the explanation of kahoy first before going to Lead by Example.
    It is still a puzzle about Kahoy.

    • generalproblem

      ah yung kahoy. malamang yun yung mga troso na binigay ni enrile dun kay companero na tatay ni allan. may looging concession si enrile sa samar nun eh. o kya baka naman illigal logging ni companero. ang nakakapagtaka sa mga senador na ito pare pareho namang magnanakaw nagmamalinis pa sila. siguro iniiisip nila dahil kunti lang nanakaw nila eh malinis sila.

  • $23601969

    Sen Cayetano should explain to the Filipino people why he sponsored the China propaganda talk of Mr. Jacques Martin at Hotel Intercon.  

    • Antonio

      what are you talking about? what does it have to do about the issue on senate audit?

      • $23601969

        Ref:  Yshoo News Philippines        
        PH should face up to the reality ‘When China rules the world’       
        By Ellen Tordesillas, Contributor |
        The Inbox – Thu, Nov 22, 2012

        Inasmuch as cleaning up the senate is the subject, the value that is being compromised by Sen Cayetano;s actions put this issue at the top of what must be audited and investigated.  The Senator has to explain why his actions appear contrary to the national interest of  protecting Philippine territories with US$23 trillion oil and gas reserves from China’s claims.  What is his motive in sponsoring an activity that promotes China’s interest in getting from us such huge wealth?  His action is consistent with the CCP’s plan to resolve the issue thru its “friends” in the Senate  when they got mad at Pres Aquino during the early days of the China-Ph conflict.

  • anton kinuton

    i wonder what documents lacson will bring to COA, just a summary of expenses? i thought an audit is done in the very office being audited so every supporting documents like receipts, invoices, payrolls etc can be checked. mukhang kung ano lang ang gustong ipakita, yun lang ang dadalhin,audit ba yun?

    • levis2012

      Maybe a “doctored” document. These Senators think that because they make the laws, they are above the law. No one is above the law. There will always be a day of reckoning… They must all be subjected to the same strict treatment that they subjected all those they investigated and castigated inside the Senate Hall. They must be audited and examined thoroughly and be exposed, so that the people may know exactly who are genuine servants and who are fakes.

  • carlos_premacio

    The best thing that this country shall do in order to say that the Senate is leading by example is for them not to be voted in the next election. They plundered millions and maybe billions of our own money (not their own money). And they can only liquidate it by mere certification from the Senate President and Speaker of the House without any details. We give them the money to spend for the betterment of this country but we got is just a certification that they spend it. They may have spend it for their ‘groceries for their own family and extra family.’

  • generalproblem

    hehehe lalabas dyan na maraming problema eh si brenda hehehe

  • Jimbox88

    Wala naman mga resibo yan, puro lang certification na sila rin ang nag pirma. 

    Yan ang requirement ng batas na sila-sila rin ang may gawa!

  • kismaytami

    Example like equal distribution of bonuses?

  • generalproblem

    para walang corruption alisin ang pork barrel tingnan ko lang kung meron kakandidato na maging senador o congressman. malamang ipa outsourcing ang trabaho ng senado at congress

    • Albert Einstien

      korek…i-DISSOLVE na lang congress….pwede naman ibigay sa SC ang function nila..mas magagaling gumawa at magbawas ng batas….total sila naman din ang me final say sa kung anong tama at maling  BATAS.. 1 trillion ang masa-save natin..tanggal lahat ng PORK at BEEF nila….lol

  • JLFS

    There’s no need for them to lead, just follow the law. If they insist of reclaiming their honor, theres A. Reyes example to follow.

  • levis2012

    Dapat talaga i-audit ang Senate at House kasi pera ng taumbayan ang ginagamit nila.  Dapat pati ang pork barrel ina-audit din lahat ng COA.  Kung nagamit sana sa tama ang taun-taong pork barrel ng mga Congressmen and Senators, asenso na sana ang Pilipinas ngayon.  Imagine P200 Million each Senators and P75 Million each Congressman… Billions of Pesos ang total lahat lahat yan… Malaking nawawala sa Pera ng Taong Bayan dahil sa PDAF or Pork Barrel na yan… That is totally immoral and unethical and impractical… PDAF only makes the Congressmen and Senators THIEVES.

    I suggest as a Filipino Citizen, to abolish this immoral and disgusting Pork Barrel…. Replace it with a System wherein the Government releases funds only to those Congressmen or Senators who properly submit a concrete blueprint or proper documents for any projects they want to build and establish in their respective districts. And the projects must be strictly monitored and accounted for from beginning to its completion… Those lawmakers who could not meet the requirements must NOT BE GIVEN any funds at all, and must content themselves to their respective salaries as mandated by Philippine Law. They will better serve the country by making laws rather than being entrusted with the people’s money…. Let the Executive Department and all its agencies take care of the money and the projects, NOT these Congressmen and Senators…. They are LAWMAKERS…. Their DUTY is to write laws, NOT to implement projects…. They only enrich themselves with this P75 Millions and P 200 Million every year, while the entire Filipino population suffer.

    Karamihan tuloy dyan sa Congress, tumatakbong Senador o Congressman dahil sa PORK BARREL. Instant Millionaire ka nga naman pag nanalong Congressman.. tsk tsk

  • johnvforeighner

    Stop dreaming, it will never happen, your country has a virus called corruption, and the only cure is amputation…

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    you are already doing it senators.  You are the perfect example that we filipinos should not have in the senate

  • krizzibarra

    ha ha ha.  the senate to lead by example.  now that’s funny.   let’s follow them and be thieves and liars.

  • 100345roselia

    Leading by example is easier than done.  These senators WERE ELECTED BY US (electorate) in the name of exercising our democracy “kuno” which is very, repeat very expensive.  Majority of our electorate are illiterate (having little or no education – no read, no write), lives in poverty level (can hardly afford a meal a day) & have a misplaced / twisted moral values (selling their votes to the highest bidder).  Who is to be blamed for the mess we are in?  The politicians or us (electorate). If you were in the shoes of the senators, how will you address in recovering your election expenses?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Anong say ninyo mahal kong internet users? 

  • tukmoldinako

    Lumalabas dito, hindi parin mapagtitiwalaan ang government auditor , kadalasan napapakiusapan. Takot yang senate sa Private auditors kasi maraming mabubulgar. Tapos na daw ang audit nila, ginawan kaagad ng recibo mga ante dated pa. Ganun kadali, kung may recibo man yan ,bine verify pa yang mga recibong yan sa kung saan napunta ang gastos na yan. ganon lang recibo okay na. LOL

    Hay naku sige na nga ng matakpan ang mga pangungurakot ninyo, nasan na ang binanggit ni Lacson na credible evidence to Santiago. Okay na kasi lalabas lang baho natin,diba?. Ang taong bayan ay aral na at hindi na mga gunggong na pwedeng sarsuela palagi, o kaya moro moro.

  • mapicchu

    the time to abolish the pdaf is now…before elections…do it, spearhead it  mr. cayetano…then we will know who among you senators/congressman would still want to SERVE the people…only then will we call you honorables.

  • pipsirho

     “Lacson said the congressional leaders would seek a clarification from
    the chairman of the COA on the scope of the documents that she had asked
    for and on the issue of having to liquidate expenses through receipts
    rather than by a lawmaker’s certification.” => LIQUIDATING EXPENSES of PUBLIC OFFICIALS who TRULY UNDERSTAND PUBLIC TRUST CAN ONLY be done through RECEIPTS!!! No clarification is needed for Lacson , Enrile, Belkmonte, Noel, on their own, they should have the intelligence and good sense of what the people expect from them!  Otherwise, they are NOT WORTHY to be LEADERS of the PEOPLE, but LEADERS of TH*****!

    LAWMAKER’S CERTIFICATION = LICENSE TO STEAL / PLUNDER!!! Plain and simple to Juan de la Cruz!!!

  • Joseph

    Savings in a budget should not be redistributed rather it should be carried forward into the next fiscal year thus, funds that will be made available for that year will be reduced by such savings.  JPE should not distribute those savings and since it is election year such move can be considered as a means for him to influence other senators (utang na loob).  JPE had shown this when he had the debate with AC.   

    In my view, distributing savings towards the end of the year is administratively incorrect.  If allowed, this may lead to excessive spending.

    If there were savings for the past years, this is a sign that the established budget may have been overstated.  The savings just goes to show that the following years’ budget should be reduced so that the funds could be reallocated to more important project/needs. 

    An independent or CoA audit may have limited or ambiguous scope which may not result to what the senators expects.  The senators can always create alibis since there are no laws or policies that govern how these expenses should be documented and liquidated.  Based on what I hear in the news, it seems that as long as it is certified the senators already complied.

    If an audit is carried out, it should be comprehensive to enable the senate get the result they expect.  This includes looking at the process, policies, controls, documentations, reporting, structure and accounting practices that the individual offices implement or adopt.  The audit should not only cover one year but the whole time the senator is in office.  I am sure that there will be surprises and whether the results will be shared to the public is a big question mark.

    I have to say that this is another step towards a transparent government.

  • Rovingmoron

    Yung certification kasi kayang baguhin yan to suit the interests of the one liquidating the funds. Dapat ay mga official receipts, stamped by the BIR, to support those liquidations.

  • pipsirho

    LEAD BY EXAMPLE! How could this be possible with the senate when Enrile justifies his SQUANDERING of SENATE SAVINGS with the lame excuse that the practice is JUST A CARRYOVER from past senate presidents’ SIMILAR MISUSE since the time of Quezon!

    There is NO POLITICAL WILL from senate leaders,or from senators themselves TO CHANGE SQUANDERING and THIEVING PRACTICES!! LEAD BY EXAMPLE is only possible IF SENATORS FOLLOW PRACTICES that FAVOR their GREED!!!

  • Fred

    Pustahan tayo, mas marami ang certification kaysa supporting receipts.

  • disqusted0fu

    If someone has to lead by example, it has to begin with the leader of leaders. It has to start with Pnoy. Better than a parallel audit is the passing of the FOI bill. That way the government doesn’t have to spend on an auditing firm just to check the corruption in our government, the citizens will see it first hand.

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