Santiago challenges Enrile to account for martial law role, wealth


Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines — Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago now wants Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile to  “answer for the crime of plunder” and explain his role in the disappearance of private individuals during martial law as a follow up challenge to their spat over the selective distribution of additional cash allotments for “maintenance” to a select group of senators.

Santiago was the first to admit receiving a P250,000 “personal cash gift” that Enrile gave to all 23 senators during the recent holidays.

However, she returned the amount via a personal check and said this was nothing compared to the P1.6 million additional “maintenance and other operating expenditures” (MOOE) that only 18 colleagues received last month.

Santiago was being asked by a radio station announcer whether she thought other senators would also return the cash gift they received from the Senate President.

Santiago replied she would not know.  While recalling how her office received the cash gift, she volunteered she had been out of Enrile’s favor since the time of President Ferdinand Marcos.

Santiago said this was because she refused to be controlled by Enrile, as he apparently expected, as he was a wedding sponsor during her wedding to Narciso Jr.

“Noon pa galit na si Enrile sa akin, eh. Noon pa ‘yun. Noon pang panahon ni Marcos, noon pang panahon ni (President) Cory Aquino. Nagalit sa akin ‘yan dahil gusto niya bilang ninong ko sa kasal, kontrolado niya ako,” she explained.

Santiago would not reveal the details of how their quarrel began then.

The senator went on however, accusing the Senate President of basking in power during the martial law period.

Santiago used the term “namunini,” which she said meant that Enrile “profited, he enjoyed himself, he was master of the universe during martial law.”

She added however, that Enrile must now answer for his role in that dark side of Philippine history.

“Namunini ‘yan nung martial law.  Right hand man (ni Marcos) iyan, martial law administrator ni Marcos,” the senator said.

Santiago added Enrile “should now answer for the crime of plunder.  Bakit siya ganyan kayaman? (Why is he that rich?) He should answer for the crime of causing the (disappearance of private individuals), tinatawag sa Spanish na desaparecidos (who are called desaparecidos in Spanish). Martial law administrator siya, defense minister siya. (Eh), ‘di dapat managot siya doon (He was the martial law administrator, he was the defense minister.  He should answer for his acts.”

The senator went on, accusing Enrile of harboring a personal agenda when he played a role in Marcos’ exit from Malacañang in February 1986.

“Gusto niya tanggalin si Marcos dahil buong pag-asa niya na siya na ang papalit. Eh, gusto pala ng publiko si Cory Aquino (He wanted to remove Marcos, thinking he would take power.  But as it turned out, the public wanted Cory Aquino to lead),” she recalled.

Santiago then alleged that Enrile had a direct hand in the coup attempts against Mrs. Aquino during her presidency.  “Purmero, nakikipag-kaibigan. Mamaya nagbibigay ng pera pala para sa mga coup d’ etat laban kay Cory kaya pinatanggal siya sa gobyerno (At first, he was offering friendship.  Later, he was distributing money for the coup d’ etat against Cory and that was why he was removed from government),” Santiago said.

“Pagtapos ngayon, namunini pa rin. Nandiyan pa rin sya (in power). (And now, he’s still profiting.  He’s still in power). He will be 89 years old in February,” she noted in Filipino.

At one point, Santiago criticized Enrile for believing in surveys only if these served his ends.

For example, Santiago said a survey taken after the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona indicated that she got an approval rating of 68 percent compared to Enrile’s 18 percent. She said the Senate President dismissed the results.

“He said, ‘wala ‘yan, binili ‘yan, sinungaling ‘yan. Eh, bakit nung nag-number four ang anak niya (Cagayan Rep. Jackie Enrile in a senatorial survey), bilib na bilib siya sa survey. Nang No. 2 lang si (Enrile), hindi na siya bilib sa survey (He said ‘that’s nothing, that survey was bought, that’s a lie.’ But why did he believe the survey when it showed that his son (Cagayan Rep. Jackie Enrile) ranked no. 4 in the senatorial survey?).  But when Enrile himself was just no. 2, he no longer believed in the survey),” she asked.

In another survey done by a “columnist” for a “TV station” she refused to identify, Santiago said respondents were asked to choose who they believed more in the issue over the realignment of Senate savings.

Santiago said “99 percent” of the respondents chose her while the rest favored Enrile.

“Sinungaling din yun? Basta laban sa kanya, sinungaling ang survey? ‘Yun ang sinasabi nya eh (Is that a lie?  If it goes against him, the survey is a lie?  That’s what he’s saying,” Santiago said.,” she remarked and then shifted to the controversy over whether Enrile’s ambush in 1971 was staged.

“Tumitigil-tigil na nga ‘yang matanda na ‘yan! Una, sabi n’ya na nag-imbento lang pala ng ambush laban sa kanya bilang defense secretary nung martial law para lang magkaroon ng base si President Marcos para mag-declare ng martial law  (That old man should just stop!  At first, he said the ambush on him when he was still defense secretary of martial law was staged to give Marcos justification to declare martial law,” Santiago fumed.

“Nung panahon ni Marcos, ina- ambush sya. Nung panahon ni Cory sabi nya peke na ambush ‘yan. Ngayong panahon na ito, ng kanyang autobiography kuno, sinabi naman niya na tunay daw yung ambush (During the time of Marcos, he was saying he was ambushed.  During the time of Cory, he said his ambush was faked.  Now, in his supposed autobiography, he said his ambush was real),” the senator added.

Santiago referred to an entry in Enrile’s memoir launched September where he insisted that his ambush inside Wack Wack Subdivision in Mandaluyong was not staged.

Critics said it was contrary to his story given right after the 1986 Edsa uprising that the ambush was planned and that Marcos used it to justify the declaration of martial law.

Santiago reminded Enrile, a fellow lawyer, that the Supreme Court considered a retraction “more credible than the original testimony” because it accommodated the possibility that the witness could have been tortured or confused when he gave his first story.

However, she also noted that the tribunal would regard “a person who makes a retraction of the reaction (as) absolutely incredible…Anong klaseng tao yan?”

The same station eventually got in touch with Enrile who indicated before Santiago’s interview that he would refuse questions about her.

“Hindi ko na siguro sasagutin ang mga sinabi niya. Pabayaan mo na lang ang publiko mag-isip kung sino ang tama (I will no longer answer questions about her.  Let the public judge what is right or wrong),” the Senate President said.

“Pati ba naman, pati mga ambush-ambush ko daw, pati ako nag-martial law daw.  Siya din nakinabang noong martial law dahil tauhan siya ni Kokoy Romualdez (brother of former First Lady Imelda Marcos),” Enrile shot back. [She’s even digging in Martial law, my role in martial law.  But she was also a beneficiary of martial law because she worked Kokoy Romualdez (brother of former first lady Imelda Marcos).]

“Ayaw ko nang balikan ‘yun, eh. Tungkol sa pag-ninong ko sa kanya, lahat ‘yun walang kaugnayan ‘yun sa usapin (I don’t want to revisit  those events.  With regards to my standing as a sponsor in her wedding, that has nothing with the issues here),” he added.

When pressed to talk about his supposed plunder, Enrile said: “Sinabi ako mayaman? Hindi ko na ipapaliwanag sa kanya saan galing ang aking kaunting naipon. Ako nag-practice (ng law), ewan kung nag-practice siya (She said I’m wealthy? I no longer need to explain to her where my money came from.  I practiced law and I don’t know if she practiced law.”

“Marami naman akong hinawakan na mga kaso. Ewan ko kung siya ay may hinawakan na mga kaso nang siya ay matapos ng abogasiya. Sa aking tingin, hindi naman nag-practice yan at palaging nagtatrabaho sa gobyerno. Kaya hindi ko na sasagutin ‘yon (I handled many cases.  I don’t know if she handled cases after graduating from law. I think she never practiced law and just worked for the government,” he added.

“Ilang beses na akong inimbestiga ng ilang administrasyon. Nung panahon ni Presidente Cory, inimbestiga ako.  Ayan, buhay pa si executive secretary noon (Sen. Joker Arroyo). The chairman of the committee that investigated me was Bienvenido Tan of the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Wala namang silang nakitang ninakaw ko sa gobyerno (I have been investigated by previous administrations.  I was investigated during Cory Aquino’s time.  The executive secretary during that time is still alive today),” Enrile explained.

“Yung (coconut) levy na pinaparatang sa akin, hindi naman nawaldas. Noon ang nakolekta naming, P9.6 billion. Ginastos ng gobyerno ang P7.1 billion. May naiwan na P2.5 billion, in-invest namin ni Danding, ay ngayon pinag-uusapan more than P130 billion na ‘yun, na pinag-aawayan na ngayon (The coconut levy that is being pinned on me, I did not plunder it.  We collected P9.6B.  The government spent P7.1 billion.  The remaining P2.5 billion was invested by me and Danding [Eduardo Danding Cojuangco] and that money has grown to P130 billion that many people are fighting over)” he added.

“Hindi ko na sinasabi ito upang ako’y maging guwapo sa tao kundi ‘yan po ang tunay na katotohanan. Ayaw ko nang sagutin, eh. Dahil pabalik-balik, palihis-lihis ang mga argumento.  Dinadala sa ibang issue, ayoko nang palawakin pa ito (I’m not saying these things to look good in the eyes of the public but to say the truth.  I did not want to answer these questions.  They keep coming back and they skirt the real arguments.  They’re trying to bring the issue somewhere and I don’t want foment it further),” Enrile said.

The Senate President said Santiago “as a brilliant lawyer seeking a new career in the International Criminal Court” should instead charge him before the global juridical body or the Office of the Ombudsman if she believed he was guilty.

Santiago however, already said in an earlier interview she would not spearhead any move to have Enrile investigated so as not to “sink to the level of the vulgar.”

Also on Sunday, Enrile and Sen. Panfilo Lacson took turns challenging Santiago to be the first to reveal the details of her income and perks as senator, as well as the expenses incurred by her office.

This after Santiago dared her colleagues to post these details on the Internet.  Santiago also asked the Commission on Audit (COA) for a similar disclosure in cyberspace based on their examination of how each senator used the budget given to his office.

Enrile maintained that the COA itself had already indicated that there was nothing irregular with the Senate President’s move to realign savings of the Senate, including those from the office vacated by President Aquino since June 2010, and converting these to additional MOOE.

Lacson, meanwhile, wondered why Santiago was questioning the conversion to MOOE in December last year.

Santiago was quoted saying that since senators are wrapping up their business for the year, why was there a need to realign funds for their offices.

“Sen. Miriam probably knows the nature of this kind of additional appropriation. If she participated in the Senate budget debates, she would realize that all these years, the life span of a (specific year’s) budget is two years (before it reverts to the national treasury),” Lacson explained in Filipino.

Enrile said Santiago should lead the way for the rest of the senators, beginning with a disclosure of how her budget as chair of the Senate constitutional amendments committee was spent.

Santiago earlier said a senator chairing a committee got P30,000 to P60,000 monthly, aside from other perks.

“Kung nagnakaw kaming lahat, ipakita muna (ni Santiago) ang estado ng kanyang committee, ang kanyang pondo at kung makitang talagang malinis siya, ‘di kaming lahat susunod (If all of us stole, she should first show the state of her own committee, how her funds were used, and if it is shown that she’s clean, we’ll follow her,” the Senate President said.

Enrile said the COA has been examining funds spent by each senator’s office on a yearly basis.

Lacson admitted being hurt by Santiago’s sweeping statements about the P1.6 million additional MOOE received by the 18 senators.

“This is additional MOOE but there has been a lot of spin in the story so people now believe this is just something we pocket on a whim,” Lacson said in Filipino.

In his case, Lacson said he got the three tranches of additional MOOE worth about P2.2 million but these went straight to his office’s account.

Lacson said he was still reconciling his office records and has not verified whether he got the P250,000 cash gift, the same that Santiago claimed she returned to the Office of the Senate President.

Lacson dismissed Santiago’s claim that the P250,000 cash gift and the P1.6 million that each senator got from realigned funds was pork barrel.

Lacson, chair of the Senate accounts committee, noted that a senator’s pork barrel, officially known as Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), would be reflected in the General Appropriations Act that the President signed into law every year.

Still, Lacson said he was aware of legislators who really pocketed their MOOE once these were “cleared” in the records.

“Maipagtatanong naman sa Senate staff kung sinong senador ang nag-aabuso sa pondo, whether additional or regular MOOE. Depende sa konsensya ng senator if gagamitin sa tama at idaan sa auditing procedures under COA rules (People can ask the Senate staff to identify the senator who has been abusing the use of funds, whether additional or regular MOOE. It’s really up to the senator’s conscience how he or she will use the funds and whether he will go through auditing procedures under COA rules),” he pointed out.

Lacson also asked Santiago to be more careful when giving statements about the additional MOOE in the future.

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  • bogli_anakdami

    hay naku…. heto na naman ang mga ladrones garapales… it’s a “known secret” that enrile is/was one of dicktator marcos henchmen…

     meron pang pa-“chalenge-chalenge” na lintek… kung talagang gugustuhin ng mga walanghiyang ito ang tumino at gumawa ng tama, eh, ibalik ang mga ninakaw sa bayan… sila din naman ang magma-manage noon para sa kapakanan ng lahat…

    allah eh, kung di ba naman mga halang ang kaluluwa at itim ang budhi ng mga walanghiyang ito, at di mga pekeng katolikos, gawin na ang dapat ikagaganda ng ating bayan, flipland, di ba?

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  • Fulpol

    a conspiracy of the Ilonggos against the Ilocano?

    i bet…

    • Noel

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  • bogli_anakdami

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    o baka takot lang kayo kay santa ate imelda?


  • PAZ

    Berdugo ng Martial law! Di magiging Presidente si Cory kung hindi kay Ramos, Enrile at Cardinal Sin. Noong tinalikuran ni Enrile si Marcos at sumama kay Ramos na nagrebelde laban kay Marcos maraming humanga. Matapos nilang patslsikin si Marcos, hero ang tawag ng iba kay Enrile at Ramos . Wala ring umuungkat ng pagiging Martial law berdugo nya. Pero ngayon puro berdugo ,berdugo! O bakit noong patalsikin nina Enrile si Marcos e di nila kinasuhan na berdugo ng Martial law? Bakit ngayon lang? Dahil di sumusunod sa utos ni Presidente Noynoy kaya kailangang muling pagusapan ang Martial law. Bakit di kinasuhan noon ni Cory ng pagiging berdugo si Enrile? Dahil pinakinabangan nya!

    • jurbinsky77

      Bata ka pa sa pulitika.

    • LeoSanMig

      ‘Di magiging presidente si Cory kung hindi kay Ramos, Enrile at Cardinal Sin.’
      – This woman change history in one sentence.
      Goodness gracious great balls of fire… ignorance knows no bounds.
      -Can we not just read or do some research before we start posting comments?
      -Spare us the agony of your ignorance!

    • Noel

      Suwerte si Enrile at tinulungan siya ni Ramos at mga tao.  Maaaring plano na iyan nila saka ng mga Dilaw.  Pero kung hindi nagtagumpay, patay si Enrile.  Siya talaga ang target ni Marcos sa pagtraidor.

      • batangpaslit

        you are correct

    • batangpaslit

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  • LeoSanMig

    Miriam in one of her lucid moments. Bravo!

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    Great ! Now this is the Miriam that I know way back in the beginning. Keep on your campaign slogan of ” clean government “.

  • Melvin

    Hanep! Grabe! Saludo ako kay Maam Miriam, akalain mong banatan niya si Lolong Johnny ng dere-deretso at lahat ng tirada niya ay bulls eye. Kasi totoo lang yung mga sinasabi niya. Siya lang ang may kakayahan bumanat kay Lolong Johnny ng ganyan. Si Lolong Johnny naman iwas pusoy lang yung mga sagot niya… Palagay ko yan ang gustong marinig at malaman ng taumbayan, ang katotohanang di mapapasubalian mula sa bibig ng mapagkakatiwalaan at iginagalang na tao…

    • batangpaslit

      sa dugo ni Inday Mirriam ang pagka matapang nia

  • manuel jr

    The allegations cited by Sen Miriam Santiago against fellow Sen. Enrile have all been in the minds of Filipinos but nobody has ever stood up to air them in public against a perceived strongman.  It is about time that these allegations are finally answered before any of those alleged corrupt politicians and civilians die of old age!  Gising na Pinoy!

    • Noel

      Call Santiago crazy, arrogant, big mouth; but it takes someone like her to tell all about Enrile.

      • LeoSanMig

        And it all started with two words: lunar mind. lol!

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    Nothing funnier than two senior citizens fighting…this story reminds me of the movie Grumpy Old Men….

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  • Melvin

    “Santiago then alleged that Enrile had a direct hand in the coup attempts against Mrs. Aquino during her presidency.  “Purmero, nakikipag-kaibigan. Mamaya nagbibigay ng pera pala para sa mga coup d’ etat laban kay Cory kaya pinatanggal siya sa gobyerno (At first, he was offering friendship.  Later, he was distributing money for the coup d’ etat against Cory and that was why he was removed from government),” Santiago said”

    Sa sinabing ito ni Senator Miriam ang gusto kong maklaro, kasi kung ito ay totoo ay sapat na dahilan upang patunayan kung anong klaseng tao si Lolong Johnny. Kasi kung nagtaksil siya kay Marcos, kay Tita Cory pa kaya hindi niya gawin… Traydor ang tawag doon di ba?

    • Noel

      Paliwanag ni Enrile, nakaipon siya mula sa kanyang pag-aabogado.  Sinungaling.  Sa dami ng mga abogado, bihira ang yumaman ng husto tulad niya.  Marami siyang racket.

      • LeoSanMig

        Ano ka ba?! E di ba si Apo Ferdie sa pag-aabugasya din yumaman!

      • batangpaslit

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    • batangpaslit

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  • jurbinsky77

    “namumunini” is a deep Tagalog term which is exact and concise.”

    However, on Corona, Sen Santiago was wrong.

  • Noel

    She should also ask him why he condoned his son on the latter’s killing spree during Martial Law.

  • PhoenixPoliticalParty

    “Gold, yellow, glittering, precious gold.  Thus,  much of this will make black – white, foul – fair, wrong – right.  Place thieves and give them title,  with senators on the bench!  Come damned earth,  this common whore of mankind!” – Timon of Athens,  W.Shakespeare.

    “A little month,  or ere those shoes were old,  with which she followed her poor Ninong’s body,  like Niobe,  all tears.”  <—-  This,  I don't know where it comes from.

  • PAZ

    Di na daw nahiya pera ng taong bayan ang pinaghahati hatian ng mga senador. O,e ano ang ginagawa ni Presidente Noynoy? Yung nasa malayong Cebu na si Garcia ay sinisipa nya pero itong mga nakapaligid lang sa kanya ay pinababayaan nya. Sobra na ang bigayan ng pera sa administrasyong ni Noynoy. Walang tigil ang pagbuhos ng pera ng bayan. Panay ang pagtaas ng mga tax, tax, tax dahil kailangan ng gobyerno ng karagdagang budget. Hirap ang mga mamamayan sa mga dagdag na tax pero ang senado may allowance , Christmas bonus at pork barrel. kaya noong hatulan dyan sa senado si Corona sa utos ni Noynoy, asar na asar ako. Isipin mo si CJ Corona hinatulan ng ibang Hestas at Barabas.Di ko nilalahat!

  • speedstream2

    When a challenge is hurled, what are the options available for the recipient? It can either be met head-on, evaded or ignored. For now, the challenge stands and looks like it won’t be going away anytime soon.

  • PAZ

    Panay ang pagtaas ng tax may sin tax dahil kailangan ng gobyerno ng karagdagang pondo pero kung mamigay ng pera ng bayan si.Presidente at Enrile sobra. Sobra na ang mga bigayan ng pera ngayon, pera naman ng bayan yung ipinamumudmod nila.

  • ThudOthwacker

    Madame Trapo is on cue. Election period start on Monday.  Enrile is stepping down and retiring. That issues is now irrelevant and 25 years late. Typical politicking and grandstanding from a nuisance career politician.

    Naive and pretentious electorates are absorbing and applauding everything coming out of confidence artist trap.

    My question to Brenda. What have you done positive for the country? The longer you stayed in power, the deeper the country sunk in the hole. And your husband redefined the practice of balimbing into art form.

    • JK1000

      Typical Enrile’s puppet

      • ThudOthwacker

        No you’re wrong. Miriam had served her usefulness since she run for the senate the first time. Just look at her, she’s thrice the size from the time she first opened her gob and released all those cacophonies of theatrical orations. While majority of Filipinos starved.

        Enrile is retiring! So what’s the use for those allegations? Nothing much, just a political move to paint herself clean and spotless until the election day for naive electorate like you. 

        What took her so long? 

        She belongs to the other side of political fence and has no Gloria to rely on now. Desperate situation, calls for desperate measures. And she needs unsuspecting simpleton like you to win another term.

    • Twister12

      Not to sound ignorant here but I bet she did more for the country than you do.

      • ThudOthwacker

        Nothing beats my tax money. Her tenures are partly funded by my tax money. It took South Korea 30 plus years to achieve first world status.  Almost the same length this mouthful had been in political office. And we the Philippines are still struggling. Sad, but true.

        Aside from her discordant tantrum, partisan politics, sycophantism  and her husband habitual turn coats. 

        What else did she do good?  Passage of RH law?

        LOL Multinational pharmaceutical firms needs new market to dump their products. Hooray for economic colonialism!   

      • cute79

        ang tax na binayad mo pinamigay na ni enrile.lakihan mo pa ng bayad para next year 3m na BONUS ng mga senador.

      • ThudOthwacker

        If you stop for a moment and think. Those funds are already allocated a year before. Name a department in the government that return it excess budget at year end? And who approved the budget? Congress!!

        Once upon a time Miriam is a staunch defender of the tiny tyrant. Now all of a sudden she’s fresh and straight. 

        LOL She is playing through your emotion. And stopping short in filing the case. Wake up! Politicking and grandstanding are red flags.

    • Usi Sero

      If anything, AWARENESS to the people…it might have a positive effect especially this coming election.

      • ThudOthwacker

        Yes, awareness for the electorate to be vigilant for an ostentatious politician like her.

  • totokalel

    go! go! go!for it  people who have the guts to challenge enrile!

  • beboergosum

    Ohhw, tauhan pala siya ni Kokoy Romualdez.  I didn’t know that.

  • Faisal salman


    • cute79

      Tama!IBASURA ANG UNA!!!!

  • Ganymede

    Wag na kayo mag away kuing sino ang dapat mauna. Sabay-sabay niyo na ipakita mga accounts niyo kung pano niyo ginatos ang pera ng bayan. Ipost niyo sa internet at idistribute sa media para makilatis. Hindi yun para kayong mga bata na kelangan siya mauna bago susunod ang lahat. Kung malinis kayo wala kayo dapat ikatakot.

  • at-large

    Theres no differences between Enrile and the warlords of africa in the 1980s- 90s

  • NoWorryBHappy

    I’m all behind you, Madame Senator.

  • Entropia

    Pareho lang silang dalawa!!!

  • Albert Einstien

    dapat i-net worth method lahat ang mga PUBLIC OFFICIALS …simulan pagkatapos nila mag-college……kasi IMPOSIBLE na MAGING BILYONARYO sa PILIPINAS ang KAHIT sinong ABOGADO dito…at kung NAGING INVESTOR saan GALING ang PONDO?…….kaya TAMA yung FOI at WAIVER ng BANK SECRECY law sa mga PUBLIC OFFICIALS…tapos yung NAPATUNAYAN na KINULIMBAT …ipamigay sa mga biktima ng mga kalamidad..ang dami nating politikong YUMAMAN & public officials…malamang TRILLIONS ang babalik sa tao….

  • Harry

    Bloating the budget is legal.
    Converting savings to MOOE is legal.
    Dividing the loot before the 2-year lapse is also legal.
    Nothing is illegal here and so what is everybody griping about?

    If Joe Biden can do what JPE did, there will be no fiscal cliff for President Obama. Stupid American politicians!

    • pinoyobserver

      There is no comparison between American and Philippine politics. Only in your mind are they comparable.  The reality is there MUCH MORE moral fiber and character in American politics.

      Enrile will surely go to Hell when he dies. Might as well experience it now so he can get “warmed up” LOL.

      • Harry

        Filipino politicians are in a class beyond comparison. They have much, much more immoral fiber than their American counterparts.

      • The Overlord

        Of course! American politicians are much, much, much more politically mature than these bigots in Congress.

      • blowcoldblowhot

        Enrile will surely go to Hell when he dies. Are you God? Sheep get excited sometimes when there are no
        wolves around.  Now go back to sleep or stay there whatever comes
        first cause we don’t need your verbal diarrhea here. You
        are just engaging in mental masturbation.

      • pinoyobserver

        You must have lived in a cave for the past decades. Civilization is obviously too much for you to handle. Just go back to your cave.

  • Lloyd

    hehehe kakatawa naman prang mga bata tong 2 to na wala namang ginawang kabutihan para sa bayan. Itong c Santiago bk magwala lang to sa International Criminal Court pag pinatawag to. Bkt kung saan saan na nakakarating ang kwento pati ung bata p c Sabel nauungkat na. Ganyan talaga pag nababata na isip.Hoy gumawa na lang kayo ng mas makakabuti sa bayan.

  • mabyrik

    Lahat ng sinabi ni Santiago, ay iyon din ang sinasabi ng mga bloggers, noon pa. 

    Nag-mumunini. Ah, what a precise word used by Santiago-Nagmumunini. 

    It’s a good thing, a fellow senator confirmed what we are all saying in this forum all along about Enrile.

    Now, marami na tayo at may kakampi pa sa senate.  

    Pour it on Santiago. Marami kang kakampi. Nandito kami. 

    Ilabas mo lahat ng hoba ni Enrile. Iyan ang magpapabagsak sa isang matandang hukluban na  saksakan ng kapal.  kasamang babagsak ang anak na kapareho niyang makapal. 

    pati ang kaibigan na makapal din na gustong magpresidente sa 2016-babagsak din.

    • batangpaslit


  • dodong1


  • batangsulpok

    Kung bubusisiin ng husto si Enrile, baka mas mayaman pa yan kay Marcos dahil kung ang mga Heneral ay yumaman ng husto mula ng martial law, di lalo na siya na Defense Secretary, isa pa  si Ramos, di naman sobrang mayaman bago napunta sa West Point, ngayon, bahay lang sa Alabang ay okupado ang isang block ng subdivision.

  • Harry

    Will publishing an autobiography change the history of the Philippines?

  • kevin

    Totoo pala..masamang damo matagal ang buhay….

  • boybakal

    Santiago challenges Enrile to account for martial law role, wealth….

    Simula ng baboyin ni Pnoy si Chief Justice Corona harap harapan, ngayon Babuyan na.
    Magpakadisente naman kayo kahit konti, wala  ng delicadeza, mabuti pa ang palenkera at squatter ang babuyan sa kanila lang.

    Tong dalawa, buong Pilipinas buong mundo pa ang baboyan.
    We are now a country of Pigs not dogs…
    Ang aso kahol lang ng kahol. Tong baboy talagang baboy.

    • aristeosj

      boy bakal,anong kinalaman ni corona dito?

  • JK1000

    Patay ka diyan tanda !  Ngayon galit na si Santiago lahat ng basura mo ilalabas na iyan,pati itong si Ping Lacson ay nakikisawsaw na. Baka ikaw ang susunod na mapahiya ni Santiago sa mga illegal activities mo Ping. Mabuhay ka Sen. Santiago ! Sige, labas mo ang mga baho nila sa publiko para malaman ng taong bayan ang mga bulok nila. Pero yun mga nabanggit mo kay Enrile ay matagal na namin alam iyun.


    “Pagtapos ngayon, namunini pa rin. Nandiyan pa rin sya (in power). (And now, he’s still profiting.  He’s still in power). He will be 89 years old in February,” she noted in Filipino.
    At the rate Miriam is quarreling with Enrile, it will be hard for the latter to reach the age of 90. Miriam naman……………. 

  • isaac


  • Kurak Ding

    I just hope U.S. law will have an impact in this country.  I am sure they will be ejected from their post. Impeach them….plus U.S. politicians ones involve on some controversy-they resign out of delicacy.

    Well, these traps who have thick face – still continue to run our government as if this is theirs. Poor Filipinos can’t do anything except to see these trapos that now form their own dynasty.   You can see the E-PALS painting / tarps /shirts papers being pasted along our streets ….

    Di na sila nahiya…..sana naman magbago na kayo….


    It was new moon yesterday by looking at the lunar calendar. The fullmoon will come this January 27, 2012. 

    So I guess Miriam is in a lucid interval.

  • Faisal salman

    Hala..labasan na ng baho ..ito ang bangayan na dapat ay gawin ng mga botanteng gabay kung sinu-si
    no ang mga dapat nilang iboto sa darating na eleksyon.. 

  • $31701260

    dahan dahan lang ate, baka tataas ang pressure.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Gusto ko ito hamon ni sen. santiago kay martial law bully….sige nga umpisahan na ang pag-audit!


    MGA primer klase na MMM. Kung hindi pa nagkabistuhan, HINDI lalabas yong pagka-bird doo goh at magnanakaw ng taga cagayan.

  • mangtom

    Personally, between Enrile and Santiago, Santiago comes out clear more credible than this Old Unggoy Enrile. Enrile has too much dirty linen it is hard to believe one word that comes out of his stinkin’ mouth. 

    Sa inyo, who is more credible? Can we get a survey?

  • MrJoseRizal

    Enrile said: “Sinabi ako mayaman? Hindi ko na ipapaliwanag sa kanya saan galing ang aking “kaunting naipon”
    Kaunting naipon pa sa lagay na yan ha. Buong Cagayan Economic Zone kontrolado ng Enrile clan. Smuggling, gambling licenses, etc… kaunting naipon pa lang yan ha

  • MrJoseRizal

    In Miriam’s own words before… ” this is squabble among thieves…”

  • SojuSaki

    WOW…Inday Miriam, you have the biggest balls of them all.  For the longest time, no body ever dared to collide head-on with Enrile. From now on, be very careful if you still value your life.  

    • batangpaslit


  • catalansbarce

    GO…..GO…..GO.. MIRIAM…dont leave any stone unturned.

  • speaksoftlylove

    Ito ang uso ngayon sa sinasabing “PNoy management style.”

    1. Bangayan sa Supreme Court dahil sa dictatorial tendencies ng emotionally disturbed and under qualified SC Justice Sereno;

    2. Bangayan ng grupo ni Enrile at grupo ni Santiago sa Senado dahil sa pera; at

    3. Higit sa lahat bangayan ng Samar faction ni Ochoa at Balay faction ni Roxas dahil sa sandamakmak na buwanbuwang datung galing jueteng.

    Mukhang yong SC lang hindi pera ang dahilan sa biglang tingin. ano? Pero kung susumahin mo, power begets money and any controversial issues, especially when it involves PNoy himself, begets money.

    Ngayon lang nangyayari ang mga ganitong bangayan sa buong istorya ng Phil. politics in any presidential regime, including Marcos dictatorial regime, and we should all be thankful for the Great Imp sitting in the palace throne. This nation is hopeless and doomed. It’s malady is much more fatal than a terminal cancer.

    • D_BystandeR

      You are finger pointing only P-Noy’s administration as the one that triggers the “messed up” but you are playing blind to that (“little girl’s”) GMA reign. All you’re saying is therefore bogus because it is based on a wrong premise.

      • antonioluna

        of course… pag medyo nabubuking na si PNot, sisi agad na kay GMA…

    • The Overlord

      “Its” not “It’s” :)

    • pakita_ko_sayo

       Really? Ngayon lang nangyayari ang mga ganitong bangayan………………sa buong istorya ng Phil. politics?  Kahapon ka lang ba pinanganak? Kung makapag post ka parang eksperto ka na at may nalalaman talaga ah! Wake up, ikaw ang may sakit.

  • aristeosj

    This is an interesting duel.a duel between ‘trapos’!!!
    let us see what happens next.

  • tata_boy

    what happened to the code of honor among thieves? tsk,tsk,tsk may mga taong di na masikmura ang kawalanghiyaang nangyayari sa ating bansa.

  • pinoyako888

    …a bunch of crooks at its best

  • The Overlord

    Go go go Miriam! Natameme si Tanda ng tinanong mo ang role nya sa Martial Law! He even diverted the issue to you without answering the issue at hand! Sige, let’s say you worked for the brother of Imelda, but duh, he was working as the right hand of Ferdinand Marcos! Who’s more evil now? Ayaw pa kasi sagutin ni Tanda! Tapos palihis lihis ng story tungkol sa fake ambush nya! Naku Tandang Enrile, no matter how many times you write fictional books, malalaman ng lahat ng totoo. Halos lahat po may access sa internet, di gaya ng kabataan mo na puro telepono lang na analog ang means of communication. :)

  • tilamsik

    should these people still be qualified in any public office?

  • dantesan

    Magandang laban ito….matindi pa sa Paquiao-Marquez Fight. Mas masarap sundan ito sa diyario.

  • The Overlord

    Eh ano ngayon kung tauhan siya ni Romualdez? You still haven’t answered the question, Tandang Johnny! Saying that even Miriam benefited from being an employee of Romualdez just confirms you benefited much more as the Martial Law architect.

  • pcosmachine

    Si Senator Miriam lang pala ang katapat ni Tandang Enrile. Supalpal si Manong Johnny sa mga ibinulgar ni Miriam. I’m sure nangangatog ang tumbong ng matanda sa pambubuking sa kanya.

    In fairness to Miriam, she exposed Enrile’s garbage as it is, no more, no less. Her guts will hopefully be the downfall of this corrupt, greedy, and evil old man who never did anything good for his country but to steal from his countrymen during and after Martial Law and attempt to grab power from the late former President Corazon Aquino.

    It is about time that Enrile should be thrown in jail before he rots in hell.

  • catmanjohn

    Now that elections are coming, it appears the Philippines Senate is turning into a free for all wrestling match, and with its cast of charlatans it will hopefully become a no holds barred, mud slinging contest that the world can sit and watch with some amusement. One must admit that there is some pleasure in watching your adversaries tear, scratch, and kick each other apart. If any good is to come out of this, it will be that ALL the senators and politicians reveal their SALN, just as Corona had to, so the Nation can see once and for all who their real public servants are, and those who are propagating the cancer of corruption. So, let’s bring it on…. it’s showtime !!!!!

  • manual47

    I am beginning to smell rotten fish or egg here.  As what filipinos has been saying for a long time, Enrile has a lot of things to answer to the filipinos.  And Senator Santiago is now adding fuel to the fire.  Regardless of this squabble by these crooks (of the senate) and the filipinos may finally know what part Enrile was involved with into Marcos demise and Enrile’s accumulating of rich, it will still not enough to redeem Enrile for what he has done to the country and it’s citizens, in the name of “greed”…….may justice finally given to those who perishes during that injustice event of Marshall Law.  It has been a long time since Enrile enjoying his paid freedom.  The only way he can reedem himself from the filipinos’ anger (if he’s lucky) is to come clean and acknowledge the astrocities committed during that injustice event.  It has been a long time Enrile hiding behind the truth.  However, I doubt if Enrile will do the right thing because he became used to not telling the truth.  So, all filipinos can do is sit tight and watch what Enrile’s next move………

  • JV Velarde

    Sige pa, sige pa, gisingin niyo pa ang taong bayan para matapos na ang paghahari-harian ng tatlong itlog  ng UNA….. at ng magtuloy-tuloy na ang pag-unlad ng bayan!!!

  • tata_boy

    di niyo makikita ang yaman ng mga Enrile, nasa $$$ accounts ang mga ito he-he-he.

  • $18209031

    Kudos to Sen Santiago. Time to bring in your big guns to attack this long time cancerous mole Mr Enrile. SEn Santiago must muster all her intelligence and panache to bring to justice this devil Mr Enrile (a wolf hiding in a sheep’s barnyard) before the Pino Nation and ultimately when she sits at the International Court Tribunal at the Hague. Since Mr Enrile’s actions in the past constituted a wide range of dark orders to implement martial law and Marcos’ idea of Ilocandio Superiority with US backings , then it corrresponded to human right abuses and violation of human rights. 

    Sen Miriam , who is an Ilonggo and Bisaya , must challenge the Pino Nation to bring Enrile into the light from his dark past.  Syaro naman ang daming mga biktima dyan noong panahon, lalabas na kayo lahat at mag te testify to prosecute Enrile. The Pino Nation can only move forward if it deals with the past and have closure of the crimes committed during Marcos time of which old fxrt Enrile played the right hand implementor. 2013 seems to be the end of his days in govt.

    Time to posas the man is now ! . Also Sen Trillanes can take over the Senate and sway this govt to a new beginning.  Erase the vestiges of the past and corrupt Ilocandio Tagalegleg monopoly and oligarchy since 1946 !  The Pino Nation is not a republic but rightfully called the Republic of Luzon, as all top leaders hailed from the northern tribes. WHille Visayas and Mindanao are marginalized and misrepresented since the founding of this republic.

    • patawad

      Look, are you serious about Trillanes taking over the senate? Inangggggg kopo, baka mas gusto ko pang magunaw na lang ang mundo.

    • antonioluna

      Trillanes?!? taenang yan!

  • manual47

    For Senator Santiago having her moment once in a while, I really admire her for having guts to do what she has done at this time, having to dare Enrile to tell his part in the government anomalies and corruptions.  Including those astrocities and violations committed during Marcos regime and on that event of Marshall Law.  Quite astonishing for a woman to dare one of the most powerful politician in the country.  But then, maybe Santiago has finally having a guilty conscience that she could not take it any more.  I bet these members of the senate and the rest of the country’s politicians are watching and waiting what will come about of this squabble between these two heavyweight in the Philippines politics.  Enrile will have much to lose if he dare to go after Santiago’s challenge.  Better yet, Enrile should just resign and keep low while he can as the judgement day is becoming a reality for these caretaker of the corrupt government since the time of the Marcoses…………….

  • grace888

    Enrile is a power-hungry old man. He wants everyone to follow him! Si Enrile, pinabirthday party ang kanyang Chief of Staff. Katabi pa si
    PNoy at Binay. Wow, sir, Chief of Staff lang ba siya talaga?

    • $18209031

      PNoy has no guts to antagonize Enrile. He owes much to him even from the time of his mom Cory . Enrile can put Pnoy in his pocket if he wants to (not literally ).

  • Fred

    Sa bangayan ninyo, lalo lamang sumisikat si Jackie ay baka makalusot pa sa senado!

  • barok

    Bring it on Sen Miriam! Justice be serve to all the victims of martial law! Enrile is never too old to go to jail lest he dies a dishonored man!


    “Santiago reminded Enrile, a fellow lawyer, that
    the Supreme Court considered a retraction “more credible than the
    original testimony” because it accommodated the possibility that the
    witness could have been tortured or confused when he gave his first

    However, she also noted that the tribunal
    would regard “a person who makes a retraction of the reaction (as)
    absolutely incredible…Anong klaseng tao yan?””

    I like this statement from Miriam.

  • batangpaslit

    ang dugo ni Nanay Isa—Teresita MAGBANUA—the lady warrior who earned the monider of “Joan of Arc” of the Visayas ay nanalaytay sa ugat ni Inday Mirriam.
    the Heroine who rallied the people of Pany to raise up arms agains the Hispanic oppressers is her great grandaunt

  • patawad

    Bakit parang sawsaw ng sawsaw yang si Lacson.  Duon sa encounter issue sa Atimonan, sabi niya  sa mga tao, wag mag speculate, tapos sabi niya pa na para sa kanya eh nasa lugar ang ginawa ng mga sundalo/pulis sa nangyari.  So, siya pwede mag speculate, pero mga tao di pwede, ano ba talaga, nawala credibilidad niya sa akin. Parang sobrang sipsip niya ngayon, me hinihingi kaya kay Penoy?  

    Si Enrile may survey daw na No. 4 si Jackie? At si Binay sabi naman popular anak niyang si Nancy, mga inakupo, magkano kaya ibinabayad duon sa mga naglabas niyang mga yan.  May pera mga hinayupak kaya kinocondition mind ng mga tao.  Kahit sino nababayaran. Wag tayo pauto.  

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Enrile’s only son Jackie Enrile was a notorious killer who killed several people including alfie anido.
     Let us also not forget about Tito Sotto’s involvement in the Pepsi Paloma and Guada Guarin 1982 rape scandal. 

  • ztefertilizerscam10

     Liezl (daughter of amalia fuentes) left showbiz kasi ni-rape ni Jackie Enrile (son of Juan ponce Enrile, same guy that killed Alfie Anido..

  • ztefertilizerscam10


    change the dot

    2008: Enrile smuggling in Cagayan;

     Pajeros, BMWs
    During the first four months of the year 2008 alone, 1,773 units, including Mitsubishi Pajeros and BMW Z3s, were shipped into Port Irene

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    4x coup attemp against Cory
    Juan Ponce Enrile charged with involvement in the bloody military rebellion on  Aug 28,1987  that left at least nine people dead.

  • AntiAko

    Enrile should should shrivel in shame… sobrang garapal na sa napakahabang panahon…. panahon na siguro para sa kaunting hiya at respeto sa bayan….

    • mapicchu

       and katakataka, enrile is keeping quiet now?

  • JK1000

    I hope Sen. Santiago will also question Enrile and Honasan about the brutal killings of then KMU Chairman Rolando Olalia and his driver Leonor Alay-ay and Youth leader Lean Alejandro. These killings were part of distabilization campaign by RAM led by Honasan to topple then President Cory Aquino. How about the ambushed of Noynoy Aquino,which two of his PSG escorts were killed by RAM. Sen. Santiago ,please ask Enrile about Port Irene in his province Cagayan.

  • dikoy321

    Good job Sen. Miriam D. Santiago !

    Keep your guns a-blazing and pulverize Enrile and ask him also if Enrile benefitted from the Yamashita Treasure, part of the Marcos loot ?

    Indeed CORRECT to really EXPOSE all the corrupt Enrile acts before, now and other things still happening !

    Tough WOMAN and knowing the right things to bring up against Enrile, this Sen. Miriam !

    Forward Philippines !!!

    • RomyLitz


      Keep up the good fight. !! This will erase and cleanse your previous blunders in politics. Please expose the scounddrels in the senate specially the hypocrite Juan and the CBCP!!

  • 1Fz20

    lumabas at inamin ang involvement nya sa illegal coco levy fund at yung connivance w/ Danding…marami pa yan, during martial law na-corner nila lahat ng industrya sa pinas.

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    hey pot, you’re black!


    i just hope that the great madam senator will not stop, and will tell all what she knows about enrile…GOD BLESS madam..!

    • RomyLitz

      that’s what I am expecting Miriam to do..hit the wrong pages that Juan had written in his farcical and one-sided memoirs.

  • aurelius marcus

    “Kung nagnakaw kaming lahat, ipakita muna (ni Santiago) ang estado ng kanyang committee, ang kanyang pondo at kung makitang talagang malinis siya, ‘di kaming lahat susunod (If all of us stole, she should first show the state of her own committee, how her funds were used, and if it is shown that she’s clean, we’ll follow her,” the Senate President said
    Ayan patunay na corrupt yang mga Senador na yan, si Enrile daming Businesses di nyo lang alam sya nagmamay-ari ng Jaka Group of Companies. Saan nya naman nakuha lahat ng pera? Ang tagal naman mamatay ng Enrile na yan, sobrang salot na binigay nyan sa mga Pilipino. Pamilya lang nya yumayaman!

  • zom


  • Marshall



  • jseesus

    “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”   natauhan si tandang enrile…nakahanap ng katapat…..LOL….

    • RomyLitz

      This time, Juan will be exposed to the uttermost !! He picked up the very wrong fight !!

  • Guest

    Salot ang halimaw na iyan. Siya ang kanang kamay ni Marcos(pwe!), Ang primerong tuta ni Marcos(pwe!). Ibinitay na dapat iyan noon pa man. Dahil sa kabugukan ng mga bumoto sa kanya sa senado, kaya malakas pa ang loob mangwalanghiya at magsulsol. Ingit na ingit at matagal ng naghihintay si Satanas sa impiyernong siguradong kanyang babagsakan, kasama nila Imelda, Ramos, Honasan, Estrada, Arroyo, at maraming iba pa. Mapipirito ng walang katapusan ang mga sakim na mandarambong at maiitim nilang kaluluwa. Susumpain din sana ang mga walanghiyang mga anak at alipores nilang nakikinabang sa nakaw na pera ng taong bayan. 

  • RomyLitz

    In this squabble between Enrile and the fearless Miriam, I believed  Juan has more blood in his hands than the latter. So , with Lacosn. I hope Miriam will not stop her belligerence towards these two men both in the media and in the senate. The heat should be kept burning and alive !! From this fight we will know the TRUTH !!

    • Felix

      the TRUTH is pare-pareho lang sila…  senadores….

  • RomyLitz

    To the CBCPs,

    Tagle, Cruz,and Pueblos where now are your moral obligations that your anti-RH diehards are caught distributing 1.6 millions pesos to the already-awashed-with-cash senators? Is this 1.6 million pesos a necessity?

  • Ugly Bunny

    Wohoo! Go Santiago! Tama yan. Expose the kumags.

  • lakayamaya

    Senator Santiago lumang tugtugin naman ang isyu na ibinabato mo kay manong. maglabas ka naman ng bago para ma-entertain. Pwede bang punch line na lang o kaya lovelife naman ni manong ang pag-usapan kasi nakakasuka na ang mga issue na pabalikbalik na parang sirang dvd.

  • disqusted0fu

    The Senate President is just following the President’s way of having favoritism and being above the law.

  • MaySenseBa

    Ayan, buhay pa si executive secretary noon (Sen. Joker Arroyo)
    Patay na pala si Joker? Wait…what?

    • zom

      pinatay na si joker.. so multo n lng yung nandun sa senado? :))

  • ed0408

    The cat is out of the bag. The truth will come out if Enrile will not wave the white flag of surrender. 

  • Bel Puncia

    pag sila legal pag yon maliliit ilegal ang magreallign ng pondo ano ba naman

    • blowcoldblowhot

      Read the COA report. Nothing illegal.

      • 1Fz20

        di mo alam/wla kang idea kung paano gumalaw sila.gamit nila ang maraming pera at legal maneuvers.kung di ka makuha sa pera(w/can purchase hitmen services), kukunin ka sa legal supremacy(gamit rin ng pera)..imagine honasan and his men, nasa bulsa yan, ramboys, ngayon lumalabs pati si lacson -nasa bulsa rin.operates like mafia-bigyan ng pera ang mga senador para nasa bulsa rin sila and he can operate in power perpetually.

      • blowcoldblowhot

        Si Lacson, simula ng naging Senator, he never got his pork barrel binabalik niya sa government that is 200 million pesos a year. So know your facts. You base your opinion on an opinion that you chose to accept, not on a fact. Seems a silly thing to form an opinion on. 

  • where_I_stand

    Both senators worked with Marcos and Cory.
    Both are influential lawmakers who successfully recreated themselves at will.

    I voted them both in office and I have no regrets whatsoever.
    I accepted both of them, warts and all.

    • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv


    • BruinBearDad

      But there are few as corrupt as Enrile.  His wealth and power are second to none.  You have no regrets?  That says a lot because this is the reason the Philippines ranks as the most corrupt country in Asia.  No regrets.. how asinine is that?

    • 1Fz20

       hanggat ganito ang mga mambabatas natin, hinding hindi aasenso ang pinas, the same old corrupt vicious thieves, manipulators, megalomaniacs-kleptomaniacs of the 60’s, 70’s,80’s, now he want to perpetuate this kind of tyranny to the people by appointing his gang-ho son.

  • Jhune

    Noong panahon ni Hitler pati concentration camp guard niya hinahabol ng mga Jews at hanggang ngayon kahit naka wheel chair nililitis parin at pinakukulong. Ewan ko ba sa atin bakit itong dalawang nag triador kay Macoy na ito walang naglalakas loob na mag demanda man lang, Tulad nalang ni Tabaco kahit puyat naka buntot kay Pnoy. 

  • Avenger

    yung mga naniniwala kay mriam dito e meron din silang brain damage hahahaha

    • yahoo-AMG5EDI2JBQRL4Z5H2L7ED4OQA

       kabayan..ganun po ba,pag naniwala ka sa tamang ginagawa ng isang tao..may brain damage ka na agad??

      • popeyee

        kabayan, hayaan mo na, si Jack yan…

    • cion

      Dont exempt yourself, it only explains you tolerate corruption and maybe a participant member of pretentious ” Daang matuwid”

  • white scorpion

    why am i not surprised with the stories of miriam. simply because wala sana tayong political leaders KUNG hindi sila magbebenefit sa puwesto. buti nga lumabas na yan ngayon pa lang. soon another one is coming / will replace him in the senate. did any media people showed the house of local executhiefS when typhoon PABLO hits davao del norte. what the media showed repeatedly is the miserable condition of common tao devastated by the typhoon. and that’s only local executhiefS pa lang. imagine if they were national executhiefS.  

  • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv

    totoo sinasabi ni miriam. kaya di nakuha nakaw na yaman ni marcos eh na kay enrile kasi.

  • Noel

    Miriam is fighting a lonely battle.  She has no ally in her battle against Enrile.  Questioning Enrile’s wealth makes the other senators like Lito Lapid feel guilty.  

    • cion

      She is sure a fighter for the truth and those remaining Senators/Congressmen are as guilty as the others and ask yourself why they themselves including this President would not upheld the clamor of all Filipinos to pass  the FOI  bill, when CJ COrona challenge them. They are all mum and ignore it , And Sotto who were accused of plagiarism  is pushing very hard the Cybercrime law , that explains how those dictators  ego was gravely affected , to them  their personal interest has  to be the priority, less the welfare of the poor crying for the injustices.

  • blowcoldblowhot

    You base your opinion on an
    opinion that you chose to accept, not on a fact. Seems a silly thing to form an
    opinion on. Tell me your first hand experiences during the ML years and I will do the same. Grow up kid.

  • 82hbf01

    A non-criminal mind vs. two criminally-minded minds?. .1 vs 2 ? Wow a dehado  . . the latter are the masters of “offense-is-the-best-defense” from the play of chess.. . . Pera lang ang sinagot. . Pero ung mga pinagpapatay nila nalayo dun ang issue. . galing. ..Gentlemen
    baga sila?. . Babae inaaway nyo.. kung di kayo parang bading. . . Ung
    isa hindi naman kasali sumasali. . kaya 50% sa dalawa na yan bading. .na
    criminal. . Me araw din sila sa Divine Justice ng Panginoong Dios. .
    Kaming publiko kaya nyong bolahin. . Pero Siya alam ang kartada nyo..
    Alam ang gagawin sa inyo. . The main difference sa dalawang protagonist
    na ito. . e ung isa totoo ang sinasabi kahit less ang Law practice. . na
    ang SALN is not an impeachable offense. . Ung dalawa alam nila yan pero
    they committed a gave injustice to the person of Corona ang to our
    democratic institutions of the separation and independence of the
    Judiciary from the Executive & the Legislative for their own selfish
    ends. .History will judge the grave injustice done by the present Legislative & the Executive Dept.. .as well as  the criminal acts of these two persons, acting kuno as leaders of this great nation. .

    • BruinBearDad

      Conflicting argument.  I agree on two criminally minded minds then you lost me when you said “grave injustice to Corona”.  You are so deluded if you think Corona wasnt corrupt.  It’s as plain as day yet you Coronites think he’s clean.  I simply dont understand that thinking.

      • cion

        Well, there’s a big difference Corona’s riches are from his wise and frugal  way of enriching the wealth he already inherited, he was born from rich family and married another rich being ,his wife so it cannot be compared to all those dirty and corrupt politicians who used the taxpayers funds for their personal interest, who  forgets the poor constituents that elected them and whom  they should help.

  • PoeticInjustice

    Haha, natawa naman ako kay Enrile, hindi na raw nya sasagutin mga sinabi ni Miriam pero sinagot naman lahat. lol

  • Komen To

    “Santiago added Enrile “should now answer for the crime of plunder.  Bakit siya ganyan kayaman? (Why is he that rich?) He should answer for the crime of causing the (disappearance of private individuals), tinatawag sa Spanish na desaparecidos (who are called desaparecidos in Spanish). Martial law administrator siya, defense minister siya. (Eh), ‘di dapat managot siya doon (He was the martial law administrator, he was the defense minister.  He should answer for his acts.”

    These, the people wants to know

  • anu12345

    Ayos. Ilabas nilang lahat ang mga baho ng isa’t isa. Tiyak na paniwala kami dahil front-seat coverage ang gagawin.

  • bakitkailangan


  • zeroko

    I am a pilot in Air Manila prior to the  incessant bombings here in Metro Manila before the Declaration of Martial Law..  One week before Martial Law my airplane was bound for Iligan City. On board were high government Muslim officials of the province. 

    Suddenly, an explosion occurred on the forward cargo compartment while we were over Romblon at about 4:00 am in the morning when it was still dark. My right engine was hit by the passenger baggage, my garment bag was slice horizontally like being cut by a jugged saw. The front passenger door was blown out of its hinges.

    My airplane was losing altitude. I “baby our altitude” by reducing my airspeed to stay airborne. After declaring “Mayday”, I proceeded towards Kalibo but it was so dark, I cannot see it. So we flew along the shore by using the Airplane radar to navigate us towards Roxas, Airport, hoping that we can reach Roxas Airport by dawn. Unfortunately, it was still dark. We then bypass the airport when my co-pilot reminded me that it is next to impossible to reach Bacolod because we were already too low. We were already wearing life vest but I hesitate to ditch the aircraft on the sea because I do not want to be responsible to the death of my passengers. I told myself that it would be more practical if we just attempt to land on Roxas Airport even if we did not see it, and if we fail, then we all die instantaneously. I told myself it would be a sudden death to all of us rather than a slow agonizing death by drowning. Besides, it would be total darkness after the Airplane floats on the sea. Since my airplane was a high wing, we can not open the escape hatch without preventing sea water entering the aircraft before we will be able to escape, just in case.

    So, I made an imaginary landing and miraculously, the airplane touch down on the runway exactly as if it was a normal landing. My suspicion that the grenade used were Vietnam type, just a little bigger than a ping-pong balls. No one possess this kind of  grenades except our government. 

    The event is highly unusual because one week after the incident, Martial Law was declared. It is an open secret that all the explosions prior to the declaration of Martial Law was part of the “grand design” to justify Martial Law. He he he. I am one who live to tell the story. I just could not silent myself from telling these event because I suspected that I could have been a victim.

    Had we crushed I will be the most stupid pilot in the whole world who defied the standard procedure to ditch the airplane to the sea instead of landing it on a runway which you do not see. Now  I have another crazy and out of this world plan. I have no financial capability to run against Bistek, Q.C. Mayor, as Independent Candidate, but I will do it because of the unfair illegal Business tax and Increase of Real Estate Tax impose here in Q.C. I failed to win in May 2010, but I am undaunted. Someone has to rock the boat in the penchants of LGUs increasing taxes a midst economic hardship  If I will not do it, who will?

    As “Patrich Henry”, the American who oppose unjustifiable taxes said, “Taxation without representation” is tyranny. Our hard earn taxes are just being wasted on useless and none productive projects, aside from malverzation of public funds. In our Barangay alone, we have seven vehicles (all new when donated), 3 motorcycle w/side cars, and four bicycles. Politicians donated these vehicles with their name and faces plastered on the side to advertise the donors. EPAL. Let us band together not to pay our business tax. I have filed my complaint at the Office of the Ombudsman way back 2009. Most likely, we will force the Ombudsman to expedite their decision whether these increase of business taxes is lawful or not. 

    Imagine, Enrile, the President of Senate can dastardly donate P1.6 plus by justifying that this funds will assist in the operation fpr individual Senators? He he he. It is just years end, so where will these Senators use it except, perhaps for election purposes.

    • 1Fz20

       good job,good story but dont run against bistek,talo ka dyan, syang pera mo, nakabaon na ang makinarya nyan kasama pati mga sidekicks, alipores, ninongs/ninangs, partners-supporters in crime,etc…

    • cion

      You may have a good purpose of why you wish to run but remember , it is wrong to accuse anyone or presume its the gov’t because it is only fair if you have concrete evidence why there was a grenade in your airplane. Be an example if you wish to run for the common good, followw the law, stick to your good principle, and good morals to guide you in your pursuit for running for office in  this great country. Money are source of all  evil and it should not influence your life regardless. God is your light to your success and endeavor which will always serves your whole being to be on the right path. Good Luck. 

    • batangpaslit

      Bro, sino nga ang may-ari ng Air Manila?

  • zeroko

    Buti pa, boycott natin ang lahat ng Senators save for Miriam Defensor Santiago. This lady Senators are sometimes acting crazy but this time, she is on track. At least, she spills the beans so that all the citizens now realizes that our tax money is just use for personal benefit by our politicians we voted in power. 

    Sa Supreme Court, ganoon din. During CJ Corona’s time, their budget was suppose to be 11 billion pesos, but it was increased 2 billion more to hire 600 additional judges to expedite court litigation  He he he. They did not hire anyone and the funds after before the years ends were distributed among themselves. No wonder Judge Carpio has more than 200 million assets. Kung baga, the catch is to increase the annual budget by each department, economize in the operation, then divide the savings as “incentives”, productivity (what ever it means), and bonuses. Kawawa talaga ang mamamayan. Wala ng ipakain sa mga anak, walang humpay parin ang pangaabuso ng National at Local government sa increase of taxes. Sana, ang Sin Tax will fall flat to the face of members of the Legislative who approved it. That Law will only increase the motivations of smugglers, all are Chinese, to bring in these cigarettes because of high return. Talo tayo. He he he. Most likely, because of the RH bill and the Sin Tax, PNoy’s front runner Candidates will be the first ever to learn the lesson. “YOU DO NOT ABUSE YOUR CONSTITUENTS JUST LIKE THAT WITHOUT REAPING THE CONSEQUENCE. 

  • zeroko

    Kaya laganap ang bentahan ng “Head of Committees” positions dahil sa laki ng perks na tinatanggap nila sa katapusan ng buwan without even doing anything constructive. Hayup!

  • zeroko

    Napaka, yaman ni Enrile. Laking business empire niya!

  • Kaloy

    Itoy laban ng babaing senadorang ang dila ay matabil at ng isang lolong at napatandang senador na mayaman daw at sinungaling.

    Ngayon, sino ang ating tatangkilikin?

    Sa Senado sana ay mag-hearing upang ang totoo ay salain.

    At malaman ang tunay sa bayan ay salarin.

    At sa halalan sa 2013 ay malaman kung sino u UNA hing pabagsakin.

  • 1Fz20

    mas maraming hindi hamak ang nahakot ni tandang lalaki martial law pa noon, kasing yaman nya si Danding etal na partners nila, hinuthot nila lahat ng industrya at negosyo ng pinas noon, pati nga si mckoy balak nilang isahan. walang sinabi yaman ni pacman dyan. si babae naman kaunti lang pera nyan galing pa kay erap.

  • Klepto

    Ag galing talaga tsumupa si Enrile ng Uten. Si Miriam naman ay mahusay tumuwad. Mag 69 position kaya etong dalawa, mas maganda tingnan.

  • el capitan

    nagpakasasa ang matanda di naman nya madadala ito sa hukay, nagpakasarap naman ang kanyang maganak sa mga nakulimbat…

  • John

    loka loka na lang talaga ang kukuhang wedding sponsor sa isang ipinanganak na BASTARDO

  • John

    at sa mga bumbuboto sa BASTARDO. you people deserve what you vote dahil bonoboto nyo pa ang mga anak sa labas sa halip na mga disenteng tao ang iboto ninyo

  • joboni96

    itong mga senador

    na nagpabaya ng ating depensa
    sa west philippine sea

    may gana pang mambulsa ng perang
    galing kay enrile

    ibalik na ninyo ang mga perang iyan at

    gamitin sa rehab ng
    isang corvette ng navy

    go sen miriam

    protect our country from
    imperyalistang u.s. at hegemonistang intsik

    remain as senator


    i just notice…there are NO more follow-up story/article about this…ano na nangyari??

    • cute79

      sa mga susunod na araw mawala na parang bula itong isyu na ito at makakalimutan lang rin ng ibang mamamayan bago mag eleksiyon.kaya namimihasa mga kwatang pulitiko sa pilipinas.hirap talga ng buhay sa pilipinas ,hirap makamit ang hustiya.

  • salomeahmad

    JPE was just an average law practitioner at Escolta until pick-up by Marcos in the mid 60’s. From thereon, at an exalted position in gov’t he built his business empire.

    • JuanTamadachi

      reminiscent of Binay’s origin..

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Enrile’s only son Jackie Enrile was a notorious killer who killed several people including alfie anido.
     Let us also not forget about Tito Sotto’s involvement in the Pepsi Paloma and Guada Guarin 1982 rape scandal. 

  • ztefertilizerscam10

     Liezl (daughter of amalia fuentes) left showbiz kasi ni-rape ni Jackie Enrile (son of Juan ponce Enrile, same guy that killed Alfie Anido..

  • ztefertilizerscam10


    change the dot

    2008: Enrile smuggling in Cagayan;

     Pajeros, BMWs
    During the first four months of the year 2008 alone, 1,773 units, including Mitsubishi Pajeros and BMW Z3s, were shipped into Port Irene

    4x Coup attempt against Cory

    Juan Ponce Enrile charged with involvement in the bloody military rebellion on  Aug 28,1987  that left at least nine people dead.

  • basyong

    sa lahat ng mga tuta ni marcos noong martial law etong matandang amoy lupang eto ang nakaligtas sa mga ninakaw niya dahil bumalimbing at kunyari e laban niya si marcos.ang gusto lang pala e sipain ang isang diktado at palitan niya bilang bagong diktador para hindi na mawala ang mga kayamanang pinagnanakaw niya.etong hukluban na eto ay isang anak sa labas ng isang mayamang hasendero ng cagayan dahil nakita sa kanya na masyado atang hirap sa buhay kaya tinulungan lang magaral pero hindi tinulugan para magnakaw.

  • limcat

    Ayan na nagbukuhan na ang mga mandarambong, keep it coming guys! LOL

  • Jaime

    Enrile please answer.

  • sidewalkbenhur

    ngayon e bilib na ako kay Madam Miriam dahil puro tama ang sabi mo tungkol kay Manong . 

  • WAJ

    All year long before and after Martial Law, I was leery about this man. Perhaps Senator Enrile have a knowledge of the wealth of the Marcose’s where about. 

  • mingming2012

    May pakinabang talaga ang BIBIG ni Sen. Santiago! sige Madame tirahin mo sila isa-isa. For sure resbakan ka ng mga iyan, pero ikaw ang boses inside and out ng taong bayan. Hindi namin alam ang tunay na nangyayari diyan kaya ikaw na ang aming speaker..go go go go Madame Senator.  Kahit na duda ang taong bayan na mapaamin ang mga inutil na politikong iyan na wala ng ginawa kundi magpahirap sa ating bansa, mas maganda pa rin sa pandinig namin na kahit hindi sila naparusahan e may mga pagkakataon na nabubuko ang kanilang mga katiwalian!

  • nayve

    should look the  history where they got empire

  • cion

    Kahit paanong sabihin, hindi nila sinunod and Constitution ng Pilipinas, na kapag meron sakit ang President at serious (kidney failure) they should have installed then Vice -Pres  Arturo M. Tolentino , EDSA was orchestrated in favor of the personal interest of Cory  Aquino, those who were in EDSA were poor Filipinos who were paid to demonstrate, they did not represent the interest of all Filipinos, ( esp peoples voice   from many provinces of the archipelago were not included, it was orchestrated by Cardinal Sin who himself was a  controversial bishop ( who only represents the rich Filipinos )  catholic church 

  • Anastacio

    Si Sen Miriam Defensor ang dapat na maging President sa susunod na election.  Honest and for Justice and for the improvement of the Filipino people.  Mabuhay ka Sen Defensor.

  • dukling

    …yes,,yes,,,,dapat mapiga si Enrile sa lahat ng kinurakot niya sa mamamayang Pilipino. E, dito masusubukan ang lakas ng loob ni Pinoy sa kanyang laban sa corruption. Dapat ilantad ni Pinoy sa taong bayan kung ano ang kanyang posisyon dito sa isyung ito, gaya na rin ng kanyang pag-tugis sa corruption ni Corona at ni GMA. Ipagdasal po natin si Pinoy na sana bigyan siya ng lakas ng loob na baklasin ang ang simbolo ng corruption- nauna si Corono, tapos si GMA, ngayon ay si Enrile susunod ay si Chavit, Villar at Bong-gong at iyong mga iba pa na kulang ang oras at space para isulat dito sa blog.

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