Joker Arroyo: I don’t do pork




The scrooge says he and other senators are being unfairly tarred and feathered in the Santa Claus controversy.

Sen. Joker Arroyo was responding to a Philippine Daily Inquirer request for his reaction to the supposed “Christmas bonus” given by Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and other money issues raised by Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago. He stressed he was not speaking for the other senators.

On the annual P200-million pork barrel allocation: “I do not touch nor avail myself of the pork barrel so I wouldn’t know about kickbacks.”

On the P10 million to P30 million allotments for committees: “I am not the chair of any Senate committee or oversight committee and, therefore, I would not know how the finances of each committee are spent, except that I receive my corresponding gratuity as a member only.”

On the P2.2-million monthly office expenses: “I do not spend even half of that for my office expenses. What is not spent is retained in the general fund of the Senate. That is why for 20 straight years, starting when I was in the House of Representatives and continued in the Senate, I have earned the title ‘Scrooge of Congress’ for being the thriftiest, most frugal and tight-fisted legislator.”

On the supposed P1.6-million “Christmas bonus”: “My staff treated it just like any other MOOEs (maintenance and other operating expenditures) because the supporting voucher didn’t make any distinction from other MOOEs received from time to time.” Cathy C. Yamsuan

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  • chemist45

    Sen Arroyo lang matino sa lahat na senador.

    • noyab

      a big YES even kay CORY pag ayaw niya di sya mapitlit……i salute you JOKER unlike the JOKER na ABNOY sa Malacanang

      • ruel

        yes i agree…maayos na senador talga si Joker…pero karamihan sa kanila..lalo na si SEN> DRILON..haaaaaays..kung magmalinis akala mo wla talgang gingawang masama…yon pala SWAPANG DIN at KAPAL MUKS…pagdating sa pera ng bayan..haaaaaays!

    • adscity_info

      He is a senator with conviction.

    • rambe66

      Syempre, atenista kasi.

      • Carlos Acoba

         atenista ba si joker akala sa UP College of Law

  • wawa2172

    Joker is not perfect but I always vote for him every senatorial  election that he is a candidate. He will be missed in the senate after the 2013 election but I will still vote for him if ever he runs again for a senate seat in the future. He is a good example of a pork less senator who is able to perform his job well without having to partake with the graft ridden pork in the congress. He remained to be a none turncoat, opting to remain in the party of a very unpopular president but still won reelection. It is because, the old man could be trusted.

  • boy_pogi

    Unfortunately politicians of Sen Joker Arroyo caliber is on the brink of extinction.  On the rise are the like of real JOKERS…Sotto, Lapid, Estrada/Ejercito Brothers and God Forbid Binays.  The senate which used to be a chamber of the Intellects are now the House of Klowns.

    • catalansbarce

      101%, I agree.

    • im_not_convinced

      Trillanes was in Jail and still managed to be the biggest spender of the senate budget, while Arroyo doesn’t even rent an office for his staff.

  • Nerraw

    I voted for him, atleast merong Arroyo at Lacson na hindi tumatanggap ng pork.

    • noyab

      di naman kc kailangan ni Ping, maraming naitago yun…..ha ha ha

  • gabbybal

    Same old tradpo playing with people’s money…

    • im_not_convinced

      haven’t you been reading, he’s the only one who doesn’t take advantage of the Pork. Trillanes was in jail the 1st half of his term and was the biggest spender of the senate budget. 

      • antonioluna

        very well said,  I’m glad you brought up “Mr. Oakwood terrosist” Trillanes :D

  • Mamerto

    Each Senator and Congressman should make a Public F/Statement of all funds received, including “pork” and how all these funds were disposed-of/spent.

    These F/S should be made available to the public by way of annual publication

    • sl1

      Your suggestion is good but it will not materialize coz of the thickness of the face of our senators and congressmen. They all lack nationalism and love of our country so we can’t expect this thing to happen. The best thing to do is Dark justice for these corrupt gov’t officials so that corruption in this country will stops!  I am a witness to what is happening to our country ever since I was a young boy at 16 and I am now 60 years old and I already lost hope that it will improve…and  I  honestly believed there is no solution to graft and corruption in this country unless iron hand is implemented to these corrupt politicians in gov’t! 

  • Bayawak

    Pork barrel should be remove.It is the symbol of corruption of those politicians.

  • joerizal

    Tanungin niyo rin sila Lapid, Ejercito at Revilla kung ano ang ginagawa nila sa pork nila. Malamang pinangtutustos nila sa sampu-sampu nilang querida at mga anak sa labas. Tama si Joker, sobra ang 2.2M a month na operating expense bawat senador. Kayang patakbuhin ang isang maliit na pabrika ng ganyang kalaking budget. Mga wala kasing kaluluwa ang karamihan sa mga senador at kongresista, puro kurakot lang ang alam.

  • regd

    If this scrooge had a brain we would all die of a heart attack. Now we just smile at him like any mentally challenged person plying in the street. Pity, I used to admire the guy.

  • agustin

     Arroyo did not touch his pork but happily accepted bribed or gift by kapal enrile.

  • prince_janus

    Panahon na, na pag-usapan ang FOI bill. Kailangan na talaga na ma-aprubahan ang bill na ito. Otherwise, kung ayaw ng ating mga kurakot na opisyales ay panahon na rin na i-abolish yung senado at lower house. Sobra na at tama na sa pangungurakot sa kaban ng bayan. Kapal talaga ng mga mukha.

  • $15469930

    I strongly suggest that the pork barrel be removed from all the senators and congressman. And instead be used these for a useful purposes. We will see who are the ones who really serious of serving the country with or without pork barrel..

    • Archie B

      i suggest that we come up with a centralized funding and disbursement of pork. all the Senators and Congressmen can do is to identify needs, submit project proposals, and supervise project implementation. with that, we can assure the money will be spending right. at least kahit man lang 80% :) hirap kumatkung si politiko.

  • johnlordphilip

    If all in the governement are like this guy, Philippines would have been a 1st world country.

    • adscity_info


      • ruel

        i agree …

    • Alfred A

       Agree, Ironic since he is a “Joker”….wish we have more Jokers in the Senate.

  • $15469930

    Si Lapid and ehersito, at revilla pumasok sa politiko dahil sa mas madali sila yumaman Kaysa sa mag full time na artista.

  • novaliches

    Si Lacson hindi rin ginagamit ang pork barrel niya.   hup, ang topic dito ay pera ng senado lang. 

  • Jpar

    according to joker arroyo, he has been a legislator for 20 years pero bakit wala syang ginawa? it’s people’s money and yet he just let the system go…maraming politician nagmamalinis pero tainted pa rin sila kasi hinayaan lang nila ang bulok na sistema… 

    • FernandoBusi

      actually he has acted as a fiscalizer kaso natatabunan ang boses nya ng mga gaya ni Drilon. 

  • Jpar

    WTF you mean by these “senators are being unfairly tarred and feathered”…kapal nyu, maliwanag pa sa sikat nang araw….tax ko yang pinagpapasaan ninyo…

  • Fulpol

    he is not even an Ilocano…

    a true blooded Bicolano…

    • rambe66

      iyo baga.

  • Francisco

    Si Jingoy malakas kumain ng pork.

    • antonioluna

      parang cannibalism yun ah :D

  • Al Calde

    And the joker washes his dirty hands and linens in the public but the stains in his face remains! 20 years a legislator and yet didn’t even bother to pass a law to curb the anomaly! Where did you get those stains in ur face? There must be a lot of jars in which you can get the cookies from!

    these are the kind of so called leaders we have, leading us to nowhere and causes us to wander around! Irresponsible and unaccountable public servants!

    • FernandoBusi

      Mukhang di mo naiintindihan pano mag sa batas. You file a bill, but if the rest of the tongressmen and senatongs do not like it nothing happens. Check his record of bills filed before you speak. 

      • Al Calde

        Hey are you not going to thank me for the easy money uve got! Does seeing those people affected by the calamity doesn’t disturb you and yet here you are sitting in an airconditioned room unproductive and inefficient and took home an out of this world bonus from the tax payers money!

        Talaga bang ganoun na Lang Talaga ka KAPAL ang MUKHA nyo!

        As callous as the skin in your feet!

      • FernandoBusi

        what bonus are you talking about i never joined the political track. sure my home/office is airconditioned but I made the money consulting for foreign parties on none domestic issues. I just know for a fact who joker was in the 70’s and his legislative agenda because from time to time i take time looking at domestic issues. Go research before you start talking.

      • Al Calde

        Money changes everything! and read i went and these what I’ve found… the joker’s loyalty is to the corrupt since he became a lawmaker, i remember the first time he ran for the senate he was one of my only five senators( was i not deceived?)! but sadly those martial law days are gone he used it to win a congressional seat and the estrada impeachment for a senate seat and since taken the oath for office WAS NEVER AGAIN THE SAME MAN BUT ONLY A SHELL OF HIMSELF!

        He has been the speaker of the corrupt. His legacy?

        He has amass wealth when he became a legislator just like the rest of the trapos in this country!

        He has stand by his name though THE JOKER!

  • sl1

    Our politicians( senators & congressmen) all lack nationalism and love of our country so these things happened. The best thing to do is Dark justice for these corrupt gov’t officials so that corruption in this country will stops!  I am a witness to what is happening to our country ever since I was a young boy at 16 and I am now 60 years old and I already lost hope that it will improve…and  I  honestly believed there is no solution to graft and corruption in this country unless iron hand is implemented to these corrupt politicians in gov’t! 

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Okay, Manoy Joker, you are clean as Mr. Clean. But you are “washing your clothes on dirty waters” so how sure you can say you are clean?

  • Mananandata69

    Mr. Joker u have a noble for not accepting or spending whatever is alloted for you. But i guess it is better if u accept  it the funds intended for your and identify projects to be able to help the distressed Filipinos in poor provinces. After all, it was intended for such purpose. U can have a an audit team to acocunt the disbursement if u don’t know how to compute

    • Archie B

      that is why we have Representative per District. it should be the congressman who will be the one to identify and produce projects.

      still better for Sen. Arroyo not to do pork.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Even if the Senator does not do pork, he does not do anything to correct the situation!!

    • 12JEM

       He has been setting an example since he was a congressman.

  • Ugly Bunny

    With all respect Mr. Arroyo, in your profession, being clean is not enough. You also need to clean up whatever dirt you find in your house.

    • antonioluna

      like Pnoy?

  • Albin

    Si Joker at si Ping lang ang kahit kailan hindi tumanggap ng pork barrel.

  • Joseph St John

    I know from the very beginning that sen Joker Arroyo is a very dedicated, sincere and honest public servant. He is beyond reproach and is a true Pilipino. That is why the Pilipino people elected him over and over because we know he is a dedicated, hardworking and honest public servant unlike other politicians who are into scandals. He would not do anything that would besmirch his reputation. The same with lady Miriam Santiago who I admired very much.

  • Bert

    Among the many senatongs, the Joker i think, is the most credible.

  • yesyesyo

    20 years joker did not do anything to correct what he thinks is wrong. Therefore, he is guilty of inaction.
    Being thrifty is good but closing your eyes to the extravagance and of others makes your being thrifty amounts to nothing. In accounting terms, there is negative balance.

    • FernandoBusi

      but he did try to do something only to be drowned out by Drilon and the rest of the LP who kept bloating the budget. 

  • virgoyap

    Doing nothing for the wrongdoings of fellow Senators is in itself WRONG.

    • Bert


  • LegalJustice

    Its like the monkey caricature where he covers his eyes, ears and lips.

    As if in the Senate what you hear and what you see  – leave it here.

    I think this is just a tip of an iceberg – I have a gut feeling there is more to this what is going on with the surplus funds in the Senate.

    I feel like its a mafia organization who is operating the system.

  • Carlos Acoba

    the JOKER is the most serious among all our senators. I think its only him and Sen. Lacson who do not use their pork barrel…. Mabuhay si JOKER… still a maverick up to now

  • tukmoldinako

    Magaling talaga itong si Joker , nagpapatawa na naman. Masmaganda sigurong pakinggan kapag malinis ang paligid. lol

  • Twister12

    I’m not really sure what kind of point he ‘s trying to prove by not accepting this pork barrel. If he really wanted to help he can use the money wisely or maybe he does not believe he can trust himself to hold that kind of money & afraid would swallow him & be the rest of these shark’s in our government. But honestly why not put it on some well deserve programs that could help a lot of people. Or put the whole budget aside for the victims of typhoons that ravages the country every year. If he wanted to help the people, it wont help by saying that he is not accepting his allocated pork barrel but just to show off & boasting his ego that I am not one of them. Really what does it help?

    • FernandoBusi

      Because in the first place the job of Senatongs and Tongressman is create laws not provide money for basketball courts or town fiestas. The money used in pork should have gone straight to government agencies. 

  • AllinLawisFair

    But why does he consistently defend the corrupt Arroyo couple?

    • Twister12

      You’re right. Why indeed? That’s why I am not convinced of his being righteous among the rest. Condoning somebody’s bad act means you’re as bad as they are.

  • Bogart747

    hmmm masyado naman nagmamalinis itong mga senador  na ito even Pnoy corrupt din yan paano yong 4,ps program nila sabi nila pro poor how can they keep track of the record sa kanilang recipients   ? and they alloted millions of pesos  for this non sense program …hahayhay puro mga corrupt yong mga yan…….:(

    • VInce Lubrin

       PPP lang naman alam ni Pnoy….  PUROS POGI POINTS  sa media… lintik na abnoy yan!

  • AllinLawisFair

    I don’t know how rich Senator Arroyo was before he became congressman and senator. Neither do I know how much he was worth before he started supporting the corrupt Arroyo couple.  All I know is that he owns a house in the posh Dasmarinas Village in Makati City where only the well-to-do can afford.

  • Marlon

    barya lang yang pork barrel sa mga under the table na tinatanggap ng mga Senators.

    sobrang hassle pa kasi kailangan pang mag imbento ng paperwork para maka-bulsa ng pork barrel.

    kaya kahit hinde tumatanggap ng pork barrel si Lacson at Arroyo, maraming mas malaking raket na pinagkakakitaan nila bilang Senador.

    pagbigay pa lang ng legislative franchise sa mga telco katulad ng Smart at Globe, mga airlines, mga tv at radio station at iba pa. tiba-tiba sila doon.

    pagpasa pa lang ng mga batas na makakasama o makakapalakas ng negosyo ng mga kompanya katulad ng Sin Tax Law. tiba-tiba din sila doon.

  • Fred

    Abolish MOOE. In preparing a budget, it must be specific and itemized.
    There must be a description on the type of maintenance (M)….
    Other Operating Expenses? (OOE) …. If you cannot be specific or cannot itemize other operating expenses, then you don’t have a business getting this budget.
    This proposal of a specific and itemized budget may appear ridiculous to you
    Mr Florencio Abad, but do you know that this will lead to “tuwid na daan”???

  • Manong Gard

    di daw sya tumitira ng baboy! hehehe

    • cute79

      mukha na sya kasing baboy!!!

      • FernandoBusi

        you guys dont even know what Joker did for this country. He did more than Ninoy for your freedoms di nyo lang napag-aralan dahil natulog kayo sa iskwelahan.

      • cute79

        hello atty topacio,ikaw ba yan???

      • FernandoBusi

        reread your HS history … 

      • redsnow

        Kaya pala bagsak ka sa Political Science natin classmate Atty. Topacio bugok !!!

      • FernandoBusi

        and where did you study some two bit university? Or even worse dun sa wanbol ni Sotto ha ha ha people who dont know the 70’s really aught to get back to school

        btw i learned mine from the best the country had to offer and from the best its faculty had.

  • kilabot

    that means noykapon was a pork-user when he was a cong and a senator; 
    now he is using pork-tricks he learned during those times he was the recipient; 
    making them the new normal. 

    on the contrary, joker is no joker cong nor senator; 
    his high standards remain and stand out; 
    he will be a big loss.

  • Crysis_III

    Ipasa na yung FOI….

  • edm365f31

    He explained everything from the past but when when it comes to the 1.6 Million MOOE; ah yes I took it!!  In short and simple language you are in the take so you are also corrupt…..

    • Pwe Jade

      Don’t do Pork!

      tsk tsk tsk.Alfredo Pujeda and Carmelita Pujeda of PUJEDA BUILDERS & CONSTRUCTION SUPPLY is trying to woo home buyers in bargain prices for their projects in Gloria 4 and Jem 2 Subdivision in Tandang SOra, QC.Unfortunately, home buyers know too well that these properties have illegal documents, faked tax certificates and unsafe structures.For those in the know, advise all to take care and be vigilant when dealing with this so-called BUILDER!

  • cute79

    I dont do pork!!dapat lang sawang-sawa na nag mag tao sa maraming baboy sa senado!!!

  • boybakal

    Joker Arroyo: I don’t do pork…

    I believe Joker Arroyo, though he is not joking.
    He does not like Pork Chop, he likes Beef Steak…mas mahal yan ang gusto niya.

  • scconcern

    Organize a movement thru people’s initiative. What is the patriotic (non-plutocrats) business sector, chinoys and other moneyed group doing? They can fund the movement thru partylist or NGO.

  • mahuli

    translation… I don’t do pork, i don’t do that, I don’t do this… 1.6 million? yun na nga lang pakikialaman pa, next question – j.arroyo

    • batangpaslit

      galing ha…suweldo ng staff, hindi nia binabali dahil he does not hire people to fill up positions pero ang pang sueldo doon di nia rin binabalik ah

  • tipay

    isa lang masasabi ko. walang politiko na hindi nagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan…

    • GilArellano

      ibig sabihin kasali rin si P-Noy…tipay baka magalit ang mga die hard fans ni P Noy…

  • Alec

    huuuuuuuuu… joker….nagsalita ka rin pagkatapos na mabunyag ang lahat ng mga kawalanghiyaan ng mga senador at congreso…kanya kanyang lusutan ang mga aso..
    walan maniniwala sa inyong mga LINTA kayo….Mga kababayan wag na wag ninyong iboboto ang mga LINTANG NASA PWESTO NGAYUN NA SENADOR AT CONGRESISTa. There is still time to change the corruption games of the senators and the congressman…at nasa kamay nating lahat ang pagbabago…We know already their games and how they betrays us all….bumoto tayo ng ibang politiko sa senado at congressman….LETS START THE REVOLT….

    • batangpaslit

      hala bira
      alam mo ba na wala nga siang pork barrel pero hindi naman sia nanghirang ng complete staff, pero di nia rin binabalik ang allocated salary

  • wedapipol

    Kaya for Pnoy and his corhorts to say THEY can totally eradicate CORRUPTION in our government is totally IMPOSSIBLE.  Why? Talamak at Kultura na ng atin mga maruruming POLITIKO.  :P

  • wedapipol

    Pork o Baboy ay talagang IRRESISTABLE lalo pa’t lutong ADOBO.  Ay naku, ang sarap.  :)

  • bisdakis

    If only all senators and congressmen act like Joker, we would have saved a lot of government funds!

    • batangpaslit

      tingan mo rin ang allocation sa staff nia kung ilan ang nahirang at kung naibalik nga nia ang allocation sa unfilled staff position sa general fund

  • Julian Lennon

    that MOOE should have been spelled BEEF.. its more expensive than PORK!


    “My staff treated it just like any other MOOEs (maintenance and other operating expenditures) because the supporting voucher didn’t make any distinction from other MOOEs received from time to time.”

    Akala ko ba walang staff si Sen. Joker, lulusot pa talaga

  • redsnow

    Ayaw ni Joker ang pork dahil sawa na siya . Binaboy kasi niya ang Corona Impeachment ehhhh! dun ang malaking pera mas porkchado pa dun !!

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