Akbayan lawmaker defends role as caretaker of Dinagat pork


Akbayan Partylist Representative Arlene “Kaka” Bag-ao. FACEBOOK PHOTO

Though some of her colleagues in the House of Representatives are branding it “patronage politics,” Akbayan Rep. Arlene “Kaka” Bag-ao on Wednesday defended her role as a conduit for funds for pork projects in Dinagat Island, saying any benefit it may have to her run for the district’s congressional seat next year was only “incidental.”

But Alliance for Concerned Teachers Rep. Antonio Tinio called the release of P140 million from the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) to Dinagat through Bag-ao, an ally of President Aquino, “patronage politics,” just like the practice during the Arroyo administration.

The PDAF is pork barrel that channels funds to congressional districts.

The Department of Budget Management (DBM) released the P140 million to Dinagat last month, six months after the province’s representative in Congress, fugitive cult leader Ruben Ecleo Jr., was dropped from the roster of the House of Representatives.

Ecleo lost his House seat after the Supreme Court affirmed a Sandiganbayan ruling finding him guilty in a graft case involving infrastructure projects in San Jose, Surigao del Norte, where he served as mayor from 1991 to 1994.

The Sandiganbayan sentenced Ecleo to 18 to 31 years in prison and ordered him to pay P2.8 million to the government.

Ecleo, leader of the cult Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association Inc., was also convicted of murder in April in a case involving the death of his young wife in 2002.

House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. designated Bag-ao, a native of Dinagat, caretaker of Ecleo’s district.

Politically tainted

Two congressmen, one a party-list representative and the other a lawmaker from Mindanao, got wind of the release of funds to Dinagat and criticized the DBM for channeling the money through Bag-ao, calling it “politically tainted.”

They also criticized the designation of Bag-ao as caretaker for Dinagat, pointing out that she is running for the province’s seat in the House in May’s midterm elections.

But Bag-ao said her facilitating the release of funds for projects in Dinagat was part of her job as caretaker of the province.

The province urgently needed the projects, Bag-ao said.

“If it has any implications for the forthcoming elections, that is incidental… They shouldn’t put any color to it,” Bag-ao said in a phone interview.


“My running in the coming elections is just incidental. I’m doing it because of my appointment as caretaker. It’s an honor that I have been able to help bring projects to Dinagat,” she said.

The P140 million released by the DBM funded roads, bridges, buildings, water projects, ambulances, multicabs, scholarships and hospital and burial assistance.

Bag-ao said her designation as caretaker of Dinagat came first, when Ecleo’s case was still pending, and her decision to run for the province’s seat in the House just followed.

But Tinio sees patronage politics in Malacañang’s releasing funds to Dinagat through Bag-ao.

“It’s a reality of patronage politics that Malacañang makes use of its power to release or withhold pork barrel in the amounts, the timing and to whom it so chooses  to exert influence on the legislature, make or break election campaigns and build or destroy political bailiwicks,” Tinio said in a text message to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Arroyo policy

Tinio criticized Budget Secretary Florencio Abad for mouthing “anticorruption propaganda” while continuing the notorious policy of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to release pork project funds only to her allies.

“P-Noy (Aquino) is no different from Arroyo in this regard,” Tinio said. “The release to Akbayan Representative Bag-ao and the nonrelease to Makabayan representatives are clear and undeniable examples of this,” he said.

Tinio belongs to the Makabayan bloc of party-list representatives, most of whom were deprived of their P70-million share of the PDAF.

San Juan Rep. Joseph Victor Ejercito said the Liberal Party abused its power when it went against the norm and assigned a party-list representative as caretaker for Dinagat.

“The practice is that it is usually given to a caretaker representative, preferably the closest to the area,” Ejercito said. “I think that should have been followed so intrigues can be avoided.”

Speaker’s prerogative

But Bag-ao said it was Belmonte’s prerogative to decide whom to appoint to look after a district. She said she was a logical choice because she comes from the province.

She also embraced the role because she said it would give her a chance to return  to her province and help. She said she would continue to fulfill the role even if she was not running.

Bag-ao said her facilitation of the projects for the province may help the people there know her more. But she added that even as Akbayan representative, people from Dinagat already know her, as she had been helping it through the party-list group’s programs.

The residents also know her as the lawyer for the Sumilao farmers, who marched from Bukidnon to Manila to fight for the land they tilled, she said.

Bag-ao also said what was more important to her was the judgment of the people from Dinagat, who are happy that the province has finally been receiving the help it badly needs. Most of the projects funded by the pork barrel have to do with the delivery of basic needs and social services, and constitute what the people have long been asking, she said.

Those criticizing her role should come to Dinagat so they can see for themselves that it really needs PDAF projects, she added.

Funds accounted for

Akbayan also came to Bag-ao’s defense, decrying the administration critics’ seeing politics in the release of funds for the Dinagat pork projects.

“It is sad that some only see the coming election with the release of the fund,” Akbayan said in a statement.

“It doesn’t do justice to the people of Dinagat, who have yet to recover from the devastation [caused by] typhoons even as they endure poverty and underdevelopment without their rightful share of the government’s resources,” Akbayan said.

Akbayan said Dinagat had not been receiving funds for projects because Ecleo had become a fugitive from the law.

“Clearly, for the last two years, the province and its [people] have been starving for government support,” Akbayan said. “The situation in Dinagat took a turn for the worse when it was hit by successive [Typhoons] ‘Pablo’ and ‘Quinta.’ These are the challenges that Representative Bag-ao [dealt with] upon assuming the responsibility for the  province,” it said.

Akbayan said all the pork projects went through barangay consultations and all the fund releases were accounted for and reported to Bag-ao’s office.

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  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    Sa muka pa lang ng Akbayan rep pork na pork na ang dating niya. Ang kapal talaga ng baboy na yan. Tigilan mo na ang kababuyan mo Arlene Bag-ao.

    • mumbaki ak

      at sino ka para humusga sa pisikal itsura lamang?

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        ako’y tao lang na may mata at may ilong at nandidiri sa mga gahaman na tulad ni Bag-ao. bulag ka ba?

      • mumbaki ak

         asan ebidensya mo aber?dalhin mo sa ombudsman, baka may mangyari pa at makatulong ka sa bansa kaysa dakdak at paninira ng wala namang katibayan.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        hinahanda na po. wag kayong maiinip. darating din yan. siguro baboy ka rin, kaya pinagtatanggol mo ang kapwa baboy mo na si Bag-ao. kadiri ka naman mumbaboy ak.

      • mumbaki ak

         you are simply beneath my feet and do not merit future attention.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        napikon si baboy. happy pigging out.

  • Barak_O

    dapat yong little girl ang ginawang care taker

    friends sila ni ecleo

  • ruben_bush

    inggit na naman yan mga Joma-led party-list groups sa Akbayan.
    wala naman nagagawa yan mga yan sa bayan.  dakdak lang ng dakdak, wala naman ginagawa.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ERN64IINJUN3BPQMZNKKHUHFI4 Critical

    This stinks. And akbayan’s statements defending Bag-ao miss the point. TRAPO!

  • where_I_stand

    “My running in the coming elections is just incidental.”

    OMG, tell it to the marines.

    You can say NO in view of your plan to run for office in the province. If the projects in Dinagat is truly your concern, it can still be given to the right channels to ensure proper use, without you being a hungry political wolf. Dinagat has been considered as a rich-vote province, not much of its population, but due to the fact of its vote block. The LP must take hold of it, at all cost.

    • mumbaki ak

      what right channels? the trapo politicians in Congress? belmonte made the right decision in channeling the pork via bag-ao. 

      • where_I_stand

        Trapo politicians just change color affiliation. Most of them are now dressing up with yellow tunics, but does it make them renewed politicians? It is naivete to see them as stalwarts of corruption-free Philippines. One can identify them by their actuations like what Bag-ao & Belmonte did in channeling the pork barrel thru an LP candidate of the said province. This calls for delikadesa. Personally I like Bag-ao when Akbayan was still strengthening its organizational structures, but her “atat na atat” attitude makes her as folly as other traditional politicians. One channel is thru the national agencies like the DPWH et al to ensure that basic services are directly addressed. This is the same argument used by Butch Abad upon withholding the pork barrel of the opposition congressman/woman. Why not do the same in the Dinagat case?

        I pity that you easily use the term “trapo politicians” when you cannot see beyond the political colors in the Philippine politics.

      • mumbaki ak

         channel basic services through the DPWH? you mean social services via the public construction agency? or educational purposes through the graft-ridden department?

        tell me, what other “right channels” exist?

        mag-isip ka naman tsong. o baka ikaw lang ay napag-utusan ng amo mo na: 1. pandak; o 2. yung mga nanggi-gitgit na akala mo ay may monopolya ng kaliwa.

  • Isagani Gatmaitan

    “Lawyer of Sumilao (Bukidnon) farmers”… speaks volumes… has anybody bothered to look at the curriculum vitae of those “farmers”… relatives, friends of PARO officials they are… legitimate “farmers” they are NOT… media savy they are… marginal tillers they are NOT… Their lawyer’s face sez it all….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4R3GZTGML26TV2VGS6RVHP2THM Fred

    Inggit lang kayo. Eh ano kung patronage politics?

  • Almighty Creator

    akbaboy porkylist. 

  • EOJ

    Go kaka! Million times better than the murderer and corrupt fugitive congressman.

  • frudo

    abolish pork 

  • superpilipinas

    Corruption, plain and simple.

    Usually, pag binitawan na yung phrase na “….it is the prerogative…” that’s the red flag for corruption. It simply is the OPPOSITE of DELIKADEZA.

    • where_I_stand

      You are correct. Dinagat people should not support the candidacy of Bag-ao. She can actually refuse the offer of LP to bolster her candidacy in the said province without depriving the people of Dinagat the needed funds.

      In the case of electoral district where the Aquino administration, thru Butch Abad, refused to give the pork barrel for the sole reason that its congressman is perceived as an enemy of LP, the funds are channeled thru agencies like DPWH et al ensuring that basic services in the said district are well-provided. Why is this not done in the Dinagat province? Why give the funds to Bag-ao who is a candidate for the coming elections? This patronage politics, which Akbayan fiercely criticized during its inception, is more scandalous considering that the recipient is an Akbayan officer.

      I do hope that there are still true freedom fighter in the Akbayan nowadays. It is corrupted by the system that it aims to transform. To me, Akbayan is dead when it starts sleeping with the LP political party. Yes, it is nearer to the powerbase, and enjoys the fame and prestige, along with economic and political power, but as a result it has gradually separated itself from the people’s agenda.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GYYFBINDMTZHM6TDHPB667452M agustin

    corruption can not be controlled by this shameless regime.

    • boldyak

      they are not controlling corruption….they are DOING it…hahaha

  • txtman




    • mumbaki ak

      puro ka lang pitiful.ikaw siguro yon kasi wala na amo mong pandak.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QDIUAPEDDMN7WP7PWYRVDPVXHM Asiong

         Ikaw amo mo lawlaw ang nagiisang Bay@g…. Bakla pa at bobo… buti na pandak may utak naman at di tatang@ tang@. magsama kayo ng presidente mong ABNORMAL AQUINO.

      • mumbaki ak

         may utak nga ang amo mo..puro sa kaitiman naman ginagamit. at hindi bakla ang presidente ko kasi nagawa nyang pakilusin ang kongreso unlike his predecessors na mga duwag sa simbahan at iba pa.bakla? anong masama dun kung totoo nga?

  • d2yan

    Rep. Bag-ao was one of the PRINCIPAL AUTHOR of the RH Bill.  The RH Bill was passed and signed into law LAST MONTH.  The pork barrel was released only LAST MONTH.  And Sec. Abad was seen in the House during the voting also LAST MONTH.

    There are many COINCIDENCES LAST MONTH, isn’t it?

  • cong_lolong

    When they were in the opposition, they criticized the administration and made themselves epitome of righteousness and uprightness, just a level below beatification.  Now that
    they are in the administration, although “a marginalized party list”, they are doing what they used to condemn.  Nauseating! Why can’t we have truly righteous and upright representatives of the people?

    • http://www.facebook.com/alfredtorreiglesias FJ Torreiglesias

      she along with her communist minions is an epitome of a terrorist with no ideology to fight for, just like Abu Sayaff— pera lang

      • hustlergalore

        ang akbayan ay hindi komunista. hindi manununog ng bandila ng tsina ang akbayan kung komunista sila.

        hindi pa rin ba alam ang pagkakaiba ng mga kaliwa sa pilipinas?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QDIUAPEDDMN7WP7PWYRVDPVXHM Asiong

         Di nga maka kaliwa, pero nakabuntot naman sa Presidenteng iisa ang Bay@g…. kung taga suporta ka ni ABNOY, Put@ng ina Mo…. ganyan dapat ang trato sa mga sumusuporta sa pinaka bobong presidente sa History ng Pilipinas….. mas masahol pa kay Erap.. Saan ka naman nakarining na Presidente na mag rerequest daw ng Spy Plane para sa shoal at iannounce ba naman sa media… gaanong katanga yun….. SPY nga eh.. Hello…. para bang ipublish mo lahat ng undercover agent ng FBI. Ganun Katang@ yang si ABNORMAL AQUINO. so kung susuporta ka sa Tang@ mas tang@ ka pa.

      • hustlergalore

        what are your loud mumblings about? pour insults to akbayan whatever pleases you. i am just saying that they are not communists. pfft!

      • Reign

        pare mahiya ka naman kasi yung mga “komunista” nilalabanan ang mga makadayuhan at makaiilang patakaran/programa ni abnoy, samantalang ang akbayad, sunod-sunodan lang, pitbull ni Pnoy e! yaks tama, pera lang ang akbayad. errr.

  • ApoLapullapu

    Malinaw pa sa udtong tutok.  Kandidato si Bag-ao for a Congressional seat sa Dinagat nga dili na party-list ubos sa Partido Liberal.  Nganong ang mga Kongresista sa Opposisyon duna pa may wala mahatagi sa ilang pork barrel?  Bisag unsaog tan-aw,  hayag pa sa agtang ni Abad.  Garapalan na.

  • $23257130

    kaka bag-o kaka diri naman ha. pppppppppwwweeehhhh. eeeeewwwww. self righteous b*tch!

  • maypakialamtayo

    pakapalan na lang talaga, wala namang ipinagkaiba sa mga nakaraang administrasyon.

    • boldyak

      hindi makapapal ang mukha nya….mataba ang mukha…hahahaha

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bryan-Kevin-O-Tung/1140574834 Bryan Kevin O. Tung

    I hate akbayan n penoy but dinagatnons deserve better than ecleo. My God! Ecleo was a plunderer n murderer! Surigao del norte reps matugas n romarate refused being caretaker. Dinagat islands was carved out of surigao del norte. It was part of the 1stdistrict eing ruled by cong lalo matugas.

  • Palku Kha

    yan ang tuwid na daan na lagi ipagmayabang sa administrasyon na to.puro pangloloko at propaganda lang ang ginagwa.pera ng taong bayan ang ginamit sa pamolitika at pangsarili nilang interes.mga gahaman at ganid sa kapangyarihan! hay! kailan pa tayo magising!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GG4T5UNZ3P7SCHSRNJ7PF5JZMM Jimmy

    Weather weather lang yan….he he he

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DFW5PTIGTXNRUX44FLV6LI5USM Bantay

    sinususpende sa Malakanyang si Gov.Garcia dahil sa abused af authority.ginagawa din pala nila. ang mga congressman na ang akala nilang kalaban,ginigipit ang pork barrel.di ba abused of authority din yan?inaabuso ninyo ang pera ng taongbayan! mga sakim at ganid sa kapangyarihan. inutil naman sa tungkulin! tuwid na daan nasaan ka na!!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QDIUAPEDDMN7WP7PWYRVDPVXHM Asiong

    Eto lang Yan. P U T A N G    BAK LA      K A     AB NOY  AQUINO…. magsama sama kayo ng pamilya mo at kasing tang a mong mga tagasuporta.. sa mga nakaka basa nito na sumusoporta kay ABNOY. PUT ANG    INA   NYO   RIN…..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4C2SFYIH52Y2KR7QPZPHJO2XQQ sl1

      Kung katulad mo lang na klasing tao ang ma-mamayan ng bansa ay wala tayong patutunguhan….sa pananalita pa lang puro mura kana. Dapat sa iyo ay nilalagyan ng tape ang mouth mo dahil walang katuturan ang mga salita mo na puro kabastusan! New year na magbago na ikaw !

  • OneSearch

    People here are screaming regarding injustice of the appropriation of the “pork barrel” funds which of course is truly political in nature. BUT… this is a big difference compared to the last admin, if you guys will only take time to check the House of Rep website, there is a list of how much each rep has received so far. If this admin is vindictive and corrupt, how can we explain that gloria’s PDAF appropriation for 2012 is already 109M +, suarez D the $20K meal payor and gloria’s a$$ licker have 70M so far? Other avid oppositionist from previous admin were also provided, although some are not yet full. We should raise a question about this report from the above mentioned reporter. Parang ginagawang telenovela ang kwento ng pang-aapi pero kulang sa facts. I’m sure Belmonte can explain and justify why this handful of rep listed on this report don’t have their “pork barrel” approriation yet while most, pro and anti, were already provided. Baka kulang lang sa trabaho ang mga ito.

  • XY ZEE

    Sa picture pa lang alam na alam mo nang mahilig sa pork.
    Yan ang AKBAYAD, dating gutom pero ngayo’y busog na busog sa grasya ni Llamas. 

  • wawa2172

    From the words of Akbayan…Dinagat island is hungry of support reason why its kind  Bag-ao was asked to be a caretaker of PDAF dahil taga isla siya and incidental lang daw ang pag takbo niya sa election. Wheee!!! Makabayan and other party list got zero allocation of PDAF while Akbayan got a lot. This is a broad daylight corruption that could be use by the opposition against Akbayan whose been favored by Noy Admin. Akbayan maraming party list ang dapat tumangap nang PDAF at di lang kayo. Marami ring distrito ang walang PDAF dahil nasa opposition sila. Can the inquirer put on the headline the district and party list na walang natangap na PDAF. I guess the people of those districts need to know.

    • OneSearch

      The detailed info is on the House of Representative website. Magandang info ho ito dahil dito ka magtataka na halos ang lahat ay meron na, samantalang itong mga pa-awa na wala raw sila ay mangilan ngilan lang. Looks like they are not doing representation for their district, pro or anti admin man. Even casino who is listed not having his “pork barrel” already approriated with 55M.

      • wawa2172

        Thank your for the info but listing is something, appropriation is another but DBM released of PDAF is missing. Well, Abad knows how it is to released the funds if he really wants but since the there are people that are not close to the heart of the executive reason funds will remain on the vault. Wh I am saying is, all funds should be release to the district once their proposals are approved by the congress. Somehow, the executive cannot please everybody especially if they really don’t want the fellow to gain momentum specifically in election related purposes. Again, Akbayan is a so blessed party list in Noy’s admin and whatever anomalies will be known only after the term of Noy. The caretaker who seems porky should not take advantage of the situation by running for congress as representative of Dinagat. With the PDAF she now has the election machinery and tell the people of Dinagat na close sila ni Noy. The Ecleo’s should be strip of their political powers in Dinagat and they have abused such power to install themselves as God. With Anakbayan caretaker and  Ecleo as LP candidates it is sure that the dynasty of PBMA and its abuses in Dinagat will never end. Tanong lang is the Anakbayan  caretaker a member of PBMA too or may balak pa lang makuisa para maging diyosa rin siya.

  • AzkalGilasFan

    Mabuhay ka Rep. Kaka! Mabuti nga’t ngayon may konggresistang taga-Dinagat na tunay na nakakaunawa sa pangangailangan ng lalalawigan. Mga Taga-Dinagat naman ang magpapasya. Sana matalo mo sa eleksyon ang Ecleo na makakalaban mo.

  • carlos_premacio

    This Aquino administration is no different from the most corrupt President GMA. Very contrary to their ‘matuwid na daan’ and they’re eating what they’re talking. GMA cuddled the Ampatuan during their term and look at the monstrosities they created in their province. Now, with KAKA of the leftist AKBAYAN  now in connivance with the brother of the murderer Ecleo running in Dinagat under the Liberal Party. The Ecleo, like the Ampatuans, are lording this province with fear for decades now. AKBAYAN and the LIBERALS, going to the end of their terms, are doing the GMA. With 140 Million pork barrel! Oh my God! Pork na pork! I’ll try to google the speeches of KAKA and AKBAYAN before when they’re once in the streets like street children shouting against pork barrel. 

  • Ismael Adriatico

    Inggit lang kasi yung mga communist partylist na kagaya ng ACT saka Bayag Muna. Palibhasa kasi pinutulan sila ng funding ng PDAF ng DBM kasi nadiskubre na NPA pala yung mga recipients ng mga pondo nila. hehehe.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YOQGNNPLWH3PHXCDXMGN57GDNM Jhon

      Tama ka d’yan Ismael Adriatico.  Inggit nga lang sila.  Kasi ganyan lang naman ang relasyon ng mga aktibista at pulitiko sa atin.  Hindi kasi kaya ng mga aktibista na magpa-panalo ng kandidato sa national elections (at hirap na hirap rin sa local) kaya’t kapit linta na lang sila sa popular na mga traditional politicians (o trapo).  Ang pulitika at aktibismo sa atin isang mahaba at walang kwentang agawan ng poder para sa makitid o makasariling layunin.  

  • carlorocci

    Sana lang ha!!!! Magamit yan Pork Barrel Fund na yan sa tama ha!!!! Paki-usap lang….

  • http://twitter.com/r_eyesian ian reyes

    this is another rugs to riches story…….sana lang mali hinala ng mamamayan. hoy congreswoman patunayan mo nasa tuwid na daan ka…kung hindi aatakihin nanaman si penoy at balot….maawa kayo sa leader na puro upo at nakikiramdam lang kung ano dapat nya gawin

  • zeroko

    Hindi lang yan ang dapat unkatin ng mga opposition. 3 days before former CJ Corona was to be voted on whether to impeach him or not, 2.3 billion pesos which was intended for “Farm to Market Road” construction was withdrawn from the Department of Agriculture, so fast that the Head of DA can only surmise what happened in his department. When interviewed, the only thing he did was scratch his head and make a stupid smile. He too was caught by surprise. 

    And the culprit here is Butch Abad of DBM. There is a strong suspicion that the amount was use to bribe those Congressmen to vote in favor of the Impeachment. The 2.3 billion pesos dwarfs the pork barrel of Dinagat Island’s pork barrel by so many decimals. Remember how the Congressmen were clawing each other, salivating to sign the Impeachment even if they have violated the procedure that they should first read the substance of the Impeachment before signing. He hehe. There goes the “Daang matuwid” na in reality is daang balu-baliko.

    This is what we get voting Filipino-Chinese in our government. They are not only a threat to our economy but also a threat to our national security. Did you ever hear any of these Filipino-Chinese Representative aire their views on the Chinese incursion of our territory? NADA. Traitors!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4C2SFYIH52Y2KR7QPZPHJO2XQQ sl1

      Don’t invent stories, go to the proper channel and sue them in court if you have real evidence and not just talking things to misled the public to believe that what you are saying are true. Approach the politician you like and give the evidence if you have so it can be exposed to the public! But before you do it make sure the evidence are real and not just hearsay!

      • http://twitter.com/r_eyesian ian reyes

        mukang malaki yata NASAHOD mo ahhhhh….galit na galit ka

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4C2SFYIH52Y2KR7QPZPHJO2XQQ sl1

        not a single centavo, just responding as Filipino concern for the good of our country

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DFW5PTIGTXNRUX44FLV6LI5USM Bantay

        may concern ka pang nalalaman.utot mo! mag sama kayo ni Bag-ao kamukha kayong mga baboy.daan kayo sa tuwad na daan patungo sa bangin! nyahahaha!!!!

      • boldyak

        tama. sabihin mo sa kanila na wag nilang gayahin ang gawain nyo….hahaha

    • http://twitter.com/r_eyesian ian reyes

      bata….tama ka….pero cguro wag mo lahatin mga intsek….meron din dyan matitino…..

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/CYUXU35XHVC6K7HGRCZNI7JOFA PAZ

        TAMA, Marami ding mabait na Chinese . Yan lang si Noynoy ang ,ewan! Me mga Chinese din na di bumoto kay Noynoy ah.

  • http://twitter.com/r_eyesian ian reyes

    stop mentioning GMA….shes done….shes in jail waitng for her sentence…..dapat ayusin nyo ang mga trabaho nyo….lalo na itong ABAD na ito….wag kang BAD kc kawawa naman si boss penoy….wag nyo bigyan sakit ng ulo…baka lalo makalbo

  • http://www.facebook.com/red.allaga Red Allaga

    “Clearly, for the last two years, the province and its [people] have
    been starving for government support,” Akbayan said. “The situation in
    Dinagat took a turn for the worse when it was hit by successive
    [Typhoons] ‘Pablo’ and ‘Quinta.’ These are the challenges that
    Representative Bag-ao [dealt with] upon assuming the responsibility for
    the  province,” it said.-


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YOQGNNPLWH3PHXCDXMGN57GDNM Jhon

    Incidental mong mukha mo! Hindi kami tanga. Wala kayong pinagkaiba sa mga taong binabatikos n’yo.  Nang nasa poder na kayo mga baboy din pala kayo.  OINGKBAYAN.

  • Fulpol

    nasaan si ztefertilizerscam?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYX4ZTAV4BUGW2RIMT45CPYBGA Pio Gante

      bakit dre, na-miss mo na ba siya? siyanga pala happy new dear sa iyo.

  • Fulpol

    the Akbayan is getting richer and richer…

    and still marginalize…

  • kilabot

    she can defend herself with one word: noykapon. 
    the new normal; end of story.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RYJTO7WZU5UOBJZM4AX4WMOVH4 nayve

    party list  group accountable by COA where the money go did this group have done something .wake up philippines its time now to ask accomplishment.

  • Rally sa Chinese Embassy

    ang tawag jan: DINAGAT PORK

  • bugoybanggers

    Iyan na nga talaga! Ginagamit lang ang Party List para masimulan ang tunay na hangaring pangPOLITIKA. Ika nga, kesyo hindi kilala o walang partidong politikang mapapasukan, yun gumawa ng PARTY LIST makikisosyo sa incumbent na SIKAT na partido sabay kabig at makisakay sa agus. Pag nakilala na, pasok na sa LAYUNIN para maging isang makaBUWAYANG POLITIKO. Labo-labo lang talaga, GAMITAN lang ang POLITIKA kasi marami ding BOBOTANTE na nagpapagamit din. Larga!

  • Yxon

    owwws? sure?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DKHID3EEHTG27U5JXRIIUVKXQA Jose Rizal

    Noynoy’s crony in “Tuwad Na Daan”, indeed!

  • JohnDoeGB

    Panapanahon lang talaga! Kaya wag na nating ipatronize si PNoy at ang kanyang LP. Ganon pa rin! Propaganda lang yung tuwid na daan nya. Alam na alam na ng buong Pilipinas na hindi talaga tuwid ang daan na yun. Mas mabuti pa maging vigilant nlang tayo na icriticize ang lahat na kamalian ng kahit na sinong politiko ng kahit anong partido. Tayo ang amo kaya responsibilidad natin na itama ang kamalian nila. Hindi dapat tayo umasa na itatama pa nila yung mga kamalian nila dahil nga corrupted na sila. Ang maaasahan nating sa kanila ay yung kanilang pagkukunwari, scheming, at posturing para mahalal ulit sa darating na election. Ang isaisip natin na ginagamit lang tayo at pinapaikot lang tayo ng mga walang hiya na yan. Kaya wag tayong padadala sa mga sinasabi nila, maging mautak mga kaibigan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYX4ZTAV4BUGW2RIMT45CPYBGA Pio Gante

    if she’s from dinagat, then there’s a possibility that she’s a loyal disciple of ruben but for sure and not only ‘incidental’, as she claims, those funds will be a great help in her campaign to get the seat in congress.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/TABXSJNZY2DAXROFQVX6TBDAFA rosemaryblue

      tabachingching na nagmamagaling….matatalo ka sa dinagat, ngaun pa lang. tuwid na daan daw pero pag kaalyado mabilis magrelease ng pork barrel …. wala yang suporta sa aming mga tao ni Master Ruben, Ecleo pa rin ang mananalo sa dinagat island…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

    QUOTE: “If it has any implications for the forthcoming elections, that is INCIDENTAL… They shouldn’t put any color to it,” Bag-ao said in a phone interview.

    One word: KAPAL

  • where_I_stand

    Clearly, there’s no justification for LP, Akbayan, and Bag-ao. It is a case of patronage politics. When Bag-ao voraciously accepted the offer of Belmonte, she’s no different from the traditional politicians. She has no sense of delikadesa. She is corrupted by power.

  • $31552910

    The patronage politics in how the RH Bill was passed is beginning to unravel. Akbayan has lost credibility.

  • wehd1nga

    anong “tuwid na daan” sinasabi nyo? sa kalaban lang yun weder – weder lang yan nuh…

  • jumpah

    PDAF…ang nagpa hirap sa mga Pilipino at nagpapa- yaman sa mga Politiko

  • alex_diaz2014

    She even looks like a pig herself…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/276L22SZM5ZUQGV24IL4ZEF6UA Edward

      tama ..bagay nga sa kanya ang pork…

      dre, kawawa si Mitos Magsaysay wlang pork.iyang baboy na yan may pork pa as caretaker…

      gagamitin din yan sa May election kasi tatakbo siya sa congressional district ng dating convicted ecleo…kya maging regular member na siya ng Congress ng mga baboy hindi na tuwad na akbayan partylist…para saan pa ung baboy na pondo na yan?

      kapal tlga ng baboy na yan…hindi na nahiya…

      dami na pera nya ..pera galing sa pagiging pro-RH bill from the lobbyists…

    • buttones

      That’s not nice- the lady is just well fed that’s all, and it shows but we can’t blame her for that….

  • Romulus Fenandez

    sobrang KAKApal ng mukha ng mga AKBAYAN, marginalized party list kuno!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DFW5PTIGTXNRUX44FLV6LI5USM Bantay

    kaya ayaw ni Noynoy at mga alipores nya na maisabatas ang FOI bill dahil mabuking sila sa mga pinagagawa nila.ginamit lang sa mga hayok at ganid na mga politiko sa mga pangsariling nilang interes ang pera ng taongbayan.watch out! ang gobyerno natin balak mangutang ng $1 billion.tapos gagamitin lang sa mga buwayang politiko ang pera na yan.ang mag bayad ang taongbayan na naman…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/L6TTZGNCMP4XWQQCNIX65PTNJM Ciano

    noong hindi pa naging congresswoman si Bag-ao, ang payat yan.ngayon mukhang baboy na.sigurado may bagong SUV yan kagaya ni Hontiveros Baraquel may bagong white fortuner na.

  • Magsasaka

    nananatili ang sistemang bulok, tao lang ang napalitan pero ang pagnanakaw ay pagnanakaw pa din nag iibaiba lang ng mukha

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      it’s good to know that you are seeing what i’m seeing in this govt……bulok pa rin.

      • Magsasaka

        oo naman pareng bert, supurtado natin ang good sides kung mayroon man at tuligsain ang bad sides hehehe

      • frudo

        yan dapat ang Pinoy hindi puro negative lang hindi rin puro positive lang smakatuwid ang Pinoy hindi dapat mag pa ka troll or magpabayad para lang magsulat ng maganda para sa mga amo amo nila na mga magnanakaw. magbago na sana tyo ng umasenso ng Pilipinas

      • kalikasanipagtanggol

         Personality patronage ang karamihan maski na mali ang ginagawa ay sinusuportahan pa din…kapag mali dapat ipamukha na mali at pag tama ay suportahan……

      • frudo

        tama dapat nga ganun diba

      • Magsasaka

        pero sa reyalidad, amo amo, grupo grupo partido sa partido, takipan ng mali at kahit mali na itatama pa

      • frudo

        loyalty to party ends when loyalty to country begins… sana magbago na tayo ng umasenso na ang Pilipinas

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BMBLRJHAFMH2Q5SLCNXQMVBNXM ramsor

    kapal talaga…lol!  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KU6Q3XJOYFAA7C5DAEYWSXQUAU Batas Lansangan

    Yeah it is purely incidental. It’s like saying that greasy food is only incidental to her FAT. A Party List Representative is being tasked to oversee a District, how cute. Yes, Pnoy is white, Rissa is white, Kaka-on is white so there is no patronage politics here. Do not question the saints. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KU6Q3XJOYFAA7C5DAEYWSXQUAU Batas Lansangan

    Welcome, the Honorable Representative KAKA-pal BAG-AO of Dinagat Province and Akbayan Party List. Double constituencies, yeah astig, kapals!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KU6Q3XJOYFAA7C5DAEYWSXQUAU Batas Lansangan

    Kaka loves Pork. People of Dinagat, who do you want? The Divine Master or the Porcine Muncher?

    • buttones

      “Kaka loves Pork” quote-

      Well that’s very evident isn’t it…OMG!

  • mumbaki ak

    This thread is thick with thieves who most probably have doubled or trebled their presence like the ghost voters of ARMM before Aquino.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      thieves? are you talking about the crocs at the dbm who spend people’s money like there’s no more tomorrow? 

      • mumbaki ak

        easy to accuse.perhaps you knew of these practices from the previous government?

    • $20722540

      puro ka name calling…bakait ikaw parang you being paid per word lahat sinasawsawan mo 

      • mumbaki ak

        i like Akbayan because they are not your traditional leftists or tradpols.Using social democrat values, they attempt to reform govern. Their breed is what the nation needs right now. 

        perhaps you are the one being paid to destroy the party-list’s reputation?

  • mumbaki ak

    This thread has been infested with either sycophants of the previous government or a self-righteous group of leftists.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      and you are what? a sycophant of akbayan or of carandang?

      • mumbaki ak

        neither, just a patriot who longs for something better for the country and can smell the flowers that this government engenders. your posting history makes you irrelevant in my eyes. you are simply a dyed-in-the-wool fan of the notoriously corrupt government before aquino.

      • $20722540

        patriots, do you know what a patriot means?  duh!

    • $20722540

      you are the one infesting the thread with noob comments, duh!

      • mumbaki ak

        so why don’t you come up with your own intelligible comments? baka ikaw din si Bert nag-ibang pangalan lang.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/276L22SZM5ZUQGV24IL4ZEF6UA Edward

    hala kapal ng mukha ng baboy na ito…

    Si Mitos Magsaysay walang pork kasi kalaban ni pnoy…
    itong baboy na ito akbayan partylist rep tatakbong cong sa congressional district ng dating convicted cong ecleo sa dinagat island..para saan ang pork na ito, aber baboy bag-ao? swerte nyo nmn tatakbong wlang gastos kumita pa…

    i’m sure nakatanggap din itong baboy na ito sa mga bigay-bigay na regalo ng mga lobbyists ng RH Bill? sarap buhay ng mga kagalang galang ng mga baboy sa Kongreso…

    • mumbaki ak

      any given day, i’d prefer Kaka over Mitos, the defender of the notoriously corrupt.

  • Filipinoflash

    what corruption? whats wrong appointing Kaka as caretaker of Dinagat Province. She is a native of Loreto, Dinagat Island. So whats the problem? alangan namang si Teddy Casino or si Antonio Tinio ang i caretaker? 

    Hindi naman ninakaw yung pera. Eh yung mga partylist ng mga Komunista, kung serbisyo sa tao ang gusto nyo, eh bakit galit kayo na wala kayong pork? 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      What’s wrong with appointing Bag-ao and shower her with 140M Pork? Tatakbo nga yan sa congressional election, eh? In other words, Abad is giving her undue political and financial advantage over her political rivals come 2013…..

      Isn’t Tuwid Na Daan also espousing an even political playing field?

      • mumbaki ak

        mag-rally ka na lang sa dbm, berting.baka ikaw ay mapansin pa,haha.

    • jurbinsky77

      Antonio Tinio is a hypocrite, representing ACT. He belongs to the privileged, landed family. He should let go of ACT and run as regular candidate in the elections

    • $20722540

      giving the 140MILLION to dinagat island isn’t the problem.  the manner & timing it was released is the problem: 1. kaka is candidate in the coming election (from partylist to lp..hahahaaaa!!)  2. release of pdaf to other areas (opposition areas) is too slow, if none at all  3. kaka is an avid supporter of the palace, so its payback time.  itong partylist rep na ito is becoming a traditional politiko, walang nagkaiba sa iba.  so be it!

      • mumbaki ak

        what manner and timing are you talking about? ano, idaan muna sa planet Venus para mabawasan ng grande bago makarating doon? ideposito muna sa bangko at mangitlog? ilagay sa baul at ihulog sa dagat gaya ng isang nobela ni Rizal?

        Susmiyo kayong mga natdem. inggit lang kayo kasi lumalawak ang impluwensya at clout ng Akbayan. 

      • Reign

        lumalawak? bwahahaha! sinusuka nga kayo ng mga magsasaka dito sa amin e, CARper na pro-landlord at anti-magsasaka. Pagsuporta ninyo sa two-tierred wage system na naglalayong mapababa ang sahod ng manggagawa. Hindi kayo makakibo pag amy demmolition at yung Akbayad Youth ninyo, imbes na budget cut ang inaatupag, pagpataas ng tuition sa UP ginagawa ninyo. Hay naku akbyad citizen party na pinagmulan ng mga bigwigs at tradpol na ngayon ay tuta na ni pnoy, wag ,masyadong bumilib sa sarili ninyong ilusyon, lalo lang kayong lumulubog sa kumunoy kada bukas ng malansa ninyong bibig.

        Ayosmay 140 million, marami ng pambayad ng parking fee si Risa at pambili ng pirated na dvd si malas esste llamas.. hahahahaha! sinusuka kayo ng taumbayan. ang  nakkakatawa pa, akala ko ba ayaw ninyo sa ganitong kalakaran nong panahon ni GMA? 

      • mumbaki ak

         magsasaka? taumbayan? ilan ba ang binilang mo? baka myembro lang yan ng kilusan sa kabundukan na nagpapanggap na lehitimong magsasaka.

        wala kayong magagawa kung puro extreme ang iyong mga hiling. hindi lahat ng tao ay komunista at hindi lahat ng tao ay natdem at hindi lahat ng tao ay naniniwala sa inyo. in fact, nasa kalingkingan lang ang bilang sa inyo.

        kumpara yan sa akbayan na may compromise at good working relationships with other power brokers. kung gusto mong may epekto ka sa kongreso, kelangan mo nyan. di lang puro dada. iba ang kongreso sa lansangan huy.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/L6TTZGNCMP4XWQQCNIX65PTNJM Ciano

        bakit sa ibang distrito na kalaban ng administrasyong ito doon dinadaan sa DPWH ang pork barrel nila?bakit sa Dingat kay Bag-ao binigay kasi kaayado siya?noon galit na galit kayo sa nakaraang administrasyon sa ginawa nila, ngayon ginagawa din pala ninyo.nakakasilaw talaga ang pera ano mumbaki ak,matanong lang,magkano ba ang natanggap mo?

      • mumbaki ak

         cut and paste ka lang yata manong

      • $20722540

        baka sa mars ang gusto mo.  you still don’t get it, duh!!!  who cares about the influence of akbayan…baka ikaw nakikinabang…not me not at all affected

      • mumbaki ak

        the fact that you have the HOTs for Kaka means you are VERY AFFECTED!;)

      • $20722540

        you still don’t get it…kaka or no kaka doesn’t matter she is a nobody.  the problem is how this administration is making a fool of using pdaf as an election tool..technically kaka is no longer a member of congress anymore but she was appointed as a caretaker..kaka is only a minion or pawn being use by this administration to advance it tuwad na dawn kuno…etc etc etc. kuha mo?

  • frudo

    tangalin na ang pork na yan dhil pinagmumulan yan ng bigtime pagnanakaw ng mga pulitiko, galit na galit tayo sa mga minsan nagnanakaw sa jeep or nagiisnatch halos patayin ng taong bayan bago dahil sa pulis ang snatcher pero di natin naiisip yung mga magnanakaw na naka barong sa congress at senate milyones ang kinukulimbat pero eto paring binoboto parin sila, tagalin na ang pork  na yan para wala away! kakahiya kyong mga pulitiko na pag di kayo nabigyan ng pork eh iyak kayo agad halatang halata na pork lang ang mahalaga sa inyo sabagay laking pera nga nman yun miliones as in bigtime na pwedeng nakawin!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GYYFBINDMTZHM6TDHPB667452M agustin


  • kismaytami

    Di ba mga taga-Dinagat lang ang may karapatang pumili ng kanilang representate sa kongreso, hindi si mr. speker, o yung mamang kalbo sa malacanang, o kung sino pa mang poncio pilato?

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Nagkaroon na naman ng bako ang tuwid na daan kaya marami ang nadidiskarel!

  • zagreb111

    Akala ko ba walang PDAF ang mga komunistang partylist gaya ng Gabriela, Anakbayan, Bayan Muna, Kabataan, at iba pa. Tingnan niyo ito.


    • Reign

      pansin ko ang layo mo sa topic, akbayan bigalng bayan muna etc? At hindi partylist ang Anakbayan youth group sila. Tama, walang PDAF lahat ng kritiko ni abnoy penoy! Pero, himurin mo lang pwet ni Abnoy meron ka ng 140 million. balato naman, ang liitlit na lalo ng sahod ko e, gawa ng pagsuporta ninyo sa two-tierred wage system.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=754546613 Gwen Ecleo

    Rep Act 7941 SEC. 15. Change of Affiliation: Effect. – Any elected party-list representative who changes his political party or sectoral affiliation during his term of office shall forfeit his seat: Provided, That if he changes his political party or sectoral affiliation within six (6) months before an election, he shall not be eligible for nomination as party-list representative under his new party or organization. Meaning from akbayan to LP (change of affiliation) will forfeit her seat and so she cannot be caretaker. Running from sectoral to district is change of affiliation meaning her seat will be forfeited and cannot be caretaker. Thats the law.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DBWK62T6Z5NLXOBEGNO6K6ULE4 Adrian

    For the people who personally witnessed Akbayan Representative Kaka Bag-ao march with the Sumilao farmers, work hard to hold Chief Justice Renato Corona accountable to the Filipino people, and fight passionately to pass progressive laws such as the Reproductive Health Act, they know that politics and mere speculations would not get into her way of bringing about change in the Province of Dinagat Islands.
    Cong. Kaka has responded adequately to all the allegations thrown at her on the release of Dinagat Islands’ P138.875-million Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF):

    (1) that her appointment as “congressional caretaker” of Dinagat is a common practice in the House of Representatives when vacancies occur less than a year before expiration of term (see Paragraph 2, Section 4 of Republic Act 7166). The most recent examples are Sorsogon caretaker Deogracias Ramos (replacing the late Rep. Salvador Escudero III), and Bohol caretaker Erico Aristotle Aumentado (replacing the late Rep. Erico Aumentado);

    (2) that she is very much qualified to take up the role as Dinagat caretaker being a native of Barangay Sta. Cruz, Loreto, Dinagat Islands, and the endorsement of Representatives Francisco Matugas and Guillermo Romarate of Surigao del Norte – the former home province of Dinagat;

    (3) that the amount does not only cover the year 2012 but also 2011 – a result of the absence of convicted Dinagat Representative Ruben Ecleo, Jr. (It must also be made known that for years, Dinagat did not receive its share of the IRA when a case was filed before the Supreme Court questioning the constitutionality of the establishment of Dinagat Province. The high court only upheld the provincial status of Dinagat in September 2012.);

    (4) that the money are all accounted for and is reported dutifully to the DBM, as with the previous spendings of her PDAF as Akbayan Partylist representative; and

    (5) that the money will be spent in its entirety to develop Dinagat (through roads, bridges, potable water systems, etc.) and uplift the lives of Dinagatnons (scholarships, medical assistance, livelihood projects, etc.). The issue of patronage is even irrelevant here, as all the seven municipalities of Dinagat evenly received their share of the PDAF – a result of Cong. Kaka’s grassroots consultation of the barangays on how to spend the money. The people of Dinagat deserve no less.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DBWK62T6Z5NLXOBEGNO6K6ULE4 Adrian

    As with the Sumilao/Banasi/Calatagan/Casiguran farmers, the PALEA/FASAP workers, the Filipino nanays and all the others whom she encountered in the course of her career as student leader, community organizer, alternative lawyer and Akbayan Representative, Cong. Kaka stood up for the people of Dinagat in the tough decision of seeking a congressional seat in the province. Now, I stand by Cong. Kaka and her fellow Dinagatnons in the crusade for change.

  • catalansbarce

    In fairness to Bag-ao, huwag naman palakihin ang issue. What is important, the intention of PDAF was served fully to the constituents of Dinagat.., and Bag-ao assured the public that
    there is a proper accounting of the funds.

  • http://enria.org/ scconcern

    Congress has become “wall street” of Pinas. All congressmen and senators made politics as business and employment for their peers. This create Plutocracy and psuedo democracy.
    Come election the plutocrats will: BUY the people, FOOL the people and OFF(sipa) the people.

  • Your_King

    Shady activity during the Aquino administration exists big time. So does bias and selective justice system. Aquino protects and rewards his KKK regardless of what they’ve done or haven’t done. Aquino has tried to divide the Philippine government into the corrupt and the not corrupt but in reality corruption is on both sides and that divide is non-existent because the real division is either you are with Aquino or against. If you are with, then you are free to do whatever you please but if you against, even i you haven’t done anything wrong you will be attacked and persecuted and suspended and impeached and even jailed if necessary.

  • wehd1nga

    ikaw na maging ng member KKK, akalain mo yung ibang congressional distric thindi makakita kahit anino ng pork barrel eto si Bag wow eh doble as in good for 2 years ang natanggap, mind you caretaker lang siya at 5 months na lang eleksiyon na, iba ka Pinoy!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GYYFBINDMTZHM6TDHPB667452M agustin

    Congressional districts which are against this administration got no pork barrels, what is so special about dinagat to compare this to zambalez, camarines sur or cebu or pampanga ? why is dinagat given huge money while the mentioned ones have zero amount of money ?

  • Albert Einstien

    WOW that is a RED HOT sizzling PORKY’S election fund…..the AKBAYAN rep is not the  ” caretaker ” but the beneficiary & will be the BIG SPENDER of that people’s money……they  say caretaker as if  a deposit earning interest but NO it is an election  PORK meant to be SPENT…no matter how their propaganda media spins it…it is a PLAIN HYPOCRISY..just admit it that it is a political windfall…dont laced it with hypocritic stunts…. the question is …is it PROPER ? does AKBAYAN deserved it? everybody knows that even the AQUINO sisters donated multi-millions for akbayan campaign kitty…in fact even PNOY sees nothing WRONG with the partylist group Akbayan being part of his administration and even receiving P14 million from his three sisters as campaign contribution in the 2010 parallel partylist election. …..this windfall pork will be a big HELP …140 MILLION for six months…that is already TEN times of the election contribution of the aquino sisters……now theres no need for the aquinos to give campaign contributions…but they can always do if they want to…….lol

  • Reign

    Matapos malantad sa Inquirer kamakailan, todo-depensa sa kanyang pamumulitika sa tulong ng Malakanyang itong si Akbayad Cong. Arlene “Kaka(diri)” Bag-ao sa pag-appoint sa kanya bilang “caretaker” ng Dinagat at pag-release ng P140 million na pork barrel na sa kanya dadaan. “Incidental” lang daw na makikinabang ang kanyang pagtakbo bilang Kongresista ng Dinagat sa 2013 election.

    “Incidental” o nagkataon din lang kaya na tatakbo sya sa Dinagat bilang kongresista? At “incidental” na na-appoint syang “caretaker” ng Dinagat… kaya “incidental” din na na-release sa kanya ang P140 million na PDAF for Dinagat. Nagkataon lang ang lahat? Swerte lang talaga sya at ang Akbayan?

    “Incidental” din siguro na sa mga kakampi ni PNoy, nai-release na ang sarili nilang PDAF, may bonus pang PDAF itong si “Kaka(loka)” Bag-ao bilang “caretaker” ng DInagat. Samantala, walang PDAF na nai-release sa mga progresibong partylist kagaya ng ACT Teachers, Anakpawis, Bayan Muna, Gabriela at Kabataan na naglalantad sa mga korupsyon, anomalya, iregularidad at maka-dayuhang patakaran ni PNoy.

    Incidentally, matinding kritiko ang Akbayan sa mga ganitong anomalya noon sa panahon ni Macapagal-Arroyo – ang “patronage politics”. Incidentally, ipinagtatanggol na nila ang ganitong kalakaran ngayong sila na ang sangkot.

    Kaya pasensya na lang kung incidentally ay walang kahihiyan, walang delicadeza at may double-standard ang Akbayan. Nagkataon lang po.

  • Reign

    KAKA-buhol-buhol sa KAKAdahilan itong si KAKA Bag-ao dahil sa KAKAkurakot, KAKAngina talaga!

  • Almighty Creator

    oink oink oink

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=754546613 Gwen Ecleo

    Rep Act 7941 SEC. 15. Change of Affiliation: Effect. – Any elected party-list representative who changes his political party or sectoral affiliation during his term of office shall forfeit his seat: Provided, That if he changes his political party or sectoral affiliation within six (6) months before an election, he shall not be eligible for nomination as party-list representative under his new party or organization. Meaning from akbayan to LP (change of affiliation) will forfeit her seat and so she cannot be caretaker. Running from sectoral to district is change of affiliation meaning her seat will be forfeited and cannot be caretaker. Thats the law.

  • Guest

    This Akbayan partylist is not marginalized group as evidenced by the fact that its leaders have been appointed to high positions in the government.

  • Guest

    Yang appointment ni Bag-ao as caretaker of Dinagat, part of maneuver yan ng LP. Para nga naman sigarong winner ang LP candidate doon.

  • Guest

    Akbayan party-list Rep. Kaka Bag-ao’s designation as caretaker of
    Dinagat Islands. Ikaw na ang dikit kay LP Sec. Mar Roxas.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000289180025 Jaffie Morales


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