Garcia slams SWAT men at Cebu Capitol; PNP denies sending battle-ready cops


Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia. JUNJIE MENDOZA/CDN

CEBU CITY, Philippines–Is suspended Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia getting ready for a siege?”

Garcia on Monday had the governor’s office secured with big padlocks and chain while the windows of the office were covered with plywood.

At the back entrance near the Provincial Assessor’s Office, the door was also padlocked. Due to these measures, policemen detailed at the treasurer’s office, accounting office and the closed circuit television (CCTV) room were no longer allowed entry inside the Capitol building.

The policemen who asked for anonymity said this situation did not happen even during the Christmas holidays.

At least four policemen were detailed for each office.

The Garcia camp had sounded the alarm at around 3 a.m. Monday about the alleged arrival of members of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team from the Cebu City Police Office at the Capitol compound.

Garcia posted several messages in her Twitter account at the same time.

“There’s a steady buildup of forces in the Capitol premises. SWAT personnel are manning the gates,” was her first post.

Then, she added that, “Outside the gates, our people are no longer allowed entry. Are they planning to take me out by force now?”

“Calling on all Cebuanos who care: they are forcing entry,” she further posted.

“We are surrounded. We only hope Cebuanos will come to help us,” was her fourth message.

Several phone calls and text messages sent by the Philippine Daily Inquirer to acting Gov. Agnes Magpale asking for her reaction to the situation were not answered.

Meanwhile, Garcia continued to express hope that “justice and truth will prevail.”

This was her New Year’s wish after more than a week of implementation of the Malacañang’s suspension order.

The suspended governor also planned to spend her New Year’s Eve at her office with her family.

Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama who visited the Capitol Monday morning said he would ask Senior Supt. Mariano Natuel, Cebu City Police Office officer-in-charge, to investigate the presence of the SWAT team at the capitol.

Rama emphasized that he did not want policemen from Cebu City to be involved in the Capitol matters.

“Let the determination of who should be the rightful governor be left (to the courts),” he said.

Meanwhile, Police Regional Office (PRO 7) director Marcelo Garbo on Monday afternoon denied that they sent a Special Weapons and Tactics (Swat) team to the capitol compound early Monday to evict suspended governor Gwendolyn Garcia.

Garbo said he had checked with Senior Supt. Louie Oppus, PRO7 deputy director for operations and the ground commander at the Capitol who told him there was no SWAT team deployed there.

“That’s not true. And we have no plan to remove her physically. We haven’t received such an order from the Chief PNP (Philippine National Police) or the Department of Interior and Local Government,” Garbo told station dyLA.

Asked why the Garcia camp made such an allegation, Garbo said “These people are politicians. They’re up to something. This is just a matter of projection (from their camp).”

But Garbo refused to say what he meant by this comment except to say that it was just a ploy of Garcias to gain sympathy and political mileage.

He explained though that acting governor Agnes Magpale has ordered the police to tighten the security of the Capitol compound during the holiday.

According to Garbo, it is normal police operation to tighten the security by asking for proper identification and the specific purposes of a person who would like to enter the building during a holiday.

He added that only vehicles bearing provincial officials on official business would be allowed to enter the Capitol building during the holidays.

Garbo noted, though, that it was just a short walk from the gate towards the office of the governor.

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  • indiosbravos2002

    About time… She has been a squatter in the governor’s office for some time already. Kung gusto ni Rama sumama na sya sa office ni Garcia. The police will follow the chain of command not him. So if he orders the Cebu city poice to stand down, baka sya naman magkakaso nyan.

    • rayingga

      Start  eliminating all corrupt politicians and govt. officials.

  • ofwme2807

    panicking gwen making up stories asking for people power from Cebuanos but nobody cares…remember she defied the order and promised to hold on to power no matter what and even promised to do everything and the famous over my dead body right??when the forcible removal takes place you’ll be sorry madam you put yourself in that situation and so be it…over your dead body..

    • rayingga

       Sana lang magising na ang mga Cebuanos at di na muling pagamit sa mga politikong corrupt

  • Corrupt_Jerk

    No Cebuanos were going to help’s your mess you clean it. Corruption time is OVER.

    If I were you, better to leave than to say sorry. What a shame.

    • rayingga

       Very good message my friend

    • Enero Lamo

      kadtong mga loyalist ni suspended governor garcia..asa naman…?  but i’m sure majority of cebuanos will not help her kung di siya mogawas diha sa kapitolyo..di man na iyang balay intawon…di jud kasabot nang gobernadora?….

  • Rene

    When will she ever learn. In politics – “weather weather lang”. Severe weather forecast; Typhoon Signal No. 3 for CORRUPT PUBLIC OFFICIALS.

    • rayingga

       Nasanay na kasi yang mga corrupt na yan for so long kaya akala nila pwede pa yun pala hindi na kaya di matangap ang totoo na iba pala si Pnoy. Aalso itong si Binay lumalabas ang tunay na kulay ( itim )

  • Jack Phalaphitac

    Weird. The office of the vice president versus the police who are trying to enforce the law. Something isn’t right here somewhere. Why are they against each other? 

    Aren’t these two supposed to be together in enforcing the law?  Aren’t their effort supposed to be collective in upholding what the law says? Ain’t they supposed to be together in apprehending those who break it? I felt weird seeing it isn’t so.

    I am now inclined to believe that malignos do exist. And it’s wrecking havoc in the office of the vice president.  

    • rayingga

       Big possibility that you are right malignos do exist. So what are we going to do about the malignos?

    • Kevin

      because Binay only serves himself and his personal interests. we should help break their hold in the government by not voting for his daughter or any relative of his

    • Yobhtron

      Lets do our part as responsible Filipinos. NO TO BINAY AND UNA. NO TO POLITICAL DYNASTY. NO TO TRAPOS!

      • abner

         Yes to BINAY.hehe

      • itsumo

        Ano nga bang magandang nagawa ni binay, since naging VP siya? Mas magami pa yatang magandang nagawa si kabayan kay sa kanya.

        Parati ko lang nakikita si Binay sa mga kasalan ng anak o kamag-anak ng mga TRAPO dynasty sa ibat ibang parte ng Pilipinas, mukhang maysadong ambisyoso tong tao na ito.

  • $5699914

    Hagisan ng tear gas sa loob iyang pinaglulunggaan ni Garcia. Ewan ko lang kung hindi si Garcia mismo ang magkandarapa sa paglapit sa mga pulis hehehehehe

    • Klein Mo

      I’d prefer anthrax canisters para tigok na agad… LoL

  • Josh

    Garcia (Gwen), instead of asking the Cebuanos for help, you’d better help yourself by going out…for the good of all. Out of gov position is not the end of everything. So be gone ASAP na.!!!!!

  • 12JEM

    TRO = temporary Residence Order.

  • EREC

    uphold the rule of Law…….. not the rule of Politicians! Police has the right and have full power to implement the orderly & security of the premisses. Gwen Garcia must not misused the Police name just for to call sympathy…it very wrong….at that point she create provocation agains the police power of the state.

  • Ramil Abalon

    ha ha ha strategy… para daw pinipwersa sya…at sa ganun pwede ng sumabay si binay para kunwari masama ang mga admin ha haha…at sa ganun maging pogi si binay, c garcia at una ha ha ha

  • AllinLawisFair



    • Noel

      Better still, cut off her head.

      • Maluloy_on

        sobra na man. . .

      • akongednamzug

        Dapat matalim ang gagamitin pamutol, kasi MATIGAS ANG ULO NIYA ! ! !

    • Yobhtron

      Cut off her supply of BOTOX.

  • Raad

    andama na ang wheel chair pra niya…

  • TOINKZ_06

    Over my dead body man daw. Hala sige nawag man lagi ka sa mga Cebuanos. Hadlok mudapig sa imo mga Cebuanos kay naay MALIGNO naglironglirong. 

  • Raad

    Over my dead body…? tagig pistola atong tan-awon kung pusilon ba niya iyang ulo…bsta ang akong nahibaw-an…isakay mn ug wheel chair bsta moatobang na sa korte…

  • est

    Hawa na diha uy pakaulawan molang ang nga cebuano

    • Noel

      sakto ka, pro baga kaayo ug nawong c gov.

  • richard

    Home is where the heart is . . . . . go home to your house . . . . OR do you consider the Capitol building as your home . . . tsk tsk tsk

  • wawangpenoy



    • D_BystandeR

      With the “daring” participation of Binay to advice Gwen to “stay put” inside her “cave” to disrespect the “rule of law” Binay can now kiss his ambition, “goodbye” to run for president in 2016. With what he did he lost all his chances! And the Cory supporters who were largely responsible for making him won the VP race are now beginning to think twice, especially that he questioned the soundness of P-Noy’s order to suspend Gwen. The “order” underwent a legal process where a series of hearings were conducted by DILG and at the end, the promulgation of sentence declared that Gov. Gwen was guilty of “usurpation of powers” of the Vice Governor Sanchez whom the “ill-tempered” Gov. Gwen subjected to inhuman treatment that after all, the Vice Governor Sanchez died a “broken man.” And this “suspension order” issued by the office of the President is a vindication to the sad fate of VG Sanchez suffered at the hands of the “heartless” Gwen. The Cebuanos are happy the insults Sanchez got is finally vindicated.


        VP Binay will do everything he can to protect his supporters for his personal ambitions. An aspiring presidential candidate encouraging people of his own kind to break the law, what a shame and a disappointment. How can you trust this person to become the leader of our nation. DO NOT VOTE FOR VP BINAY AND FOREMOST, DO NOT TRUST THIS PERSON.

      • Ding




      • abner

         yan nga iboboto ko eh…

  • elimsqui

    way uwaw1

  • elimsqui

    dili imong bay nang capitolyo! layas…………

  • elimsqui

    baga ug nawong!!!!!!!!

    • ozkid

       She have buttocks.

  • Henry Jesus Lastimosa Jr.

    way uwaw! patabang didto sa imong igsuon nga warfreak .. hain na man ron iyang AK-47 ? hahahha 

    • D_BystandeR

      Nalingaw ko sa imong “sense of humor!” I remember her brod Byron who after a simple case of altercation with a resident homeowner of a subdivision in Talisay City involving the “placing of a hump” in their house vicinity to slow down motorists passing by, Byron, like a “war-freak” and that’s not mine that’s your terminology used, came back brandishing an AK 47! But I think Byron will not help her this time because I learned Byron had a “falling out” with his sister.

  • PAZ

    Sabi ayaw na ng mga Cebuanos kay Garcia, O, e bakit walang kumikilos na Cebuanos para alisin sya sa kapitolyo? . BAKIT parang di suportado ng mga tao utos na umalis si Garcia?Kung suportado ng mga taga Cebu ang utos ni Preidente di sana sila mismo kikilos para alisin sa kapitolyo si Garcia.

    • TOINKZ_06

      Cebuanos were busy sa New year. they don’t want malas. Lalo na kung makita nila ang alaGWENtang gobernador. If they want to get involved sa eleksyon na daw. We have law enforcer that would be enough. 

    • D_BystandeR

      Ano’ng ibig mong sabihin? You want the Cebuanos to “apply” the law with their own hands? Hindi ganoon kababa ang mga taga Cebu. We respect the “rule of law,” kaya hayan makita mo kahit suklam na suklam na ang mga tao sa kanya ay nagtimpi pa rin. I don’t know if this “suspended Gwen” is a real Cebuana in everything, in thought , in word and in deed. Ewan ko ba, baka sa sobrang niyang “pagsamba sa kapangyarihan” noon sa “little girl” ay naipagmana sa kanya ang “katigasan ng ulo” ni GMA. Kawawa naman!  Kalooy sad!

    • mave

      Ung mga Cebuano kasi marunong sumunod sa tinatawag na Rule of Law (except Gwen and cohorts hehe) naandyan ang mga pulis para mag patupad nito, at isa pa hindi sila kagaya ng lolo mong MALIGNO.. naka intindi ka toto?

  • kapayapaan_1900

    Let the countdown begin to welcome the New Year!  May our Lord brings back sanity to this egoistical and self-righteous governor still entrenched in her office trying to show the world she’s untouchable and beyond the reach of law.  Filipinos in and out of the country are already tired of this “rule of law” and “political harrassment” claptrap.  We, the people, are no longer entertained in this kind of political drama.  We deserved better!  May the New Year brings lasting peace, justice, unity, and enlightenment that eludes our country for so long.

  • Fred

    Ganyan ba ang gusto ninyong gobernador, napa praning na!
    Kakaunti na lang kayong mga followers, buwang din!
    Layassssssss !!!!!

  • gudwil2all

    they do not need to force you out gwen
    all they need to do is imprison you in and cut all amenities 

  • kilabot

    don’t listen to lawbreakers, gwen. stay put inside the capitol; 
    let the swat come; let them send in the marines; let them bring tanks and copters; 
    and when everybody is already around the capitol, you all dance sinulog; 
    that’s how everyone involved in this drama will meet the new year.

  • emmanuel

    Gob. Garcia, magkaroon  naman kayo ng konting kahihiyan…ang Kapitolyo ay hindi nyo pag-aari…it belongs to the people of Cebu, so please vacate the place para magkaroon naman kayo ng konting dignidad man lang…hirap sa inyo ayaw nyong tanggapin na kayo ay corrupt at dapat na talagang palitan…mahiya naman kayo,pweh…shame on you Gob. Garcia.

  • palakasantayo

    Garcia is testing the water,  If it gets too hot… she’ll get out. Nani-nindak lamang iyan. She is daring Pnoy to do something. Yeah… go ahead Pnoy, kick her butt out, this will serve as a warning to those who will defy the law of the land. Show her and the rest of those wanabees that you mean business. Time now that our law enforcers show their gnashing teeth and capability, we’ve have been too soft for too long… ginaga-go lamang tayo ng mga politicians gahaman.

  • David Suarez

    Kapit tuko!
    I’ve read the charges against you and if they are accurate you are a scheming politician and deserve to be kicked out.
    If the charges are wrong or fabricated you will have a chance to prove it in court.
    Whether the charges are right or wrong you have to obey a legitimate order to leave.
    What makes you think you are above the law?
    If everyone who feels they are aggrieved acted like you, there would be total chaos in this country.
    You should also be charged with insubordination and causing public disorder and sent to prison if found guilty.

    Mr. Binay, your performance as vice president before this incident had me
    hoping that someday you could be a good leader and asset to this
    country. You have just uncovered your true character – a traditional
    opportunistic politician whose loyalty to party mates, supporters and
    friends are above & beyond your loyalty to the country.

    • Yobhtron

      Binay and UNA corrupt and trapo gangs though they will get the support of the Cebuanos. Lo and behold, they received negative feedback from the whole nation.  NO TO BINAY AND UNA. 

  • MrJoseRizal

    What PNoy wants PNoy gets! Gets? Sinampolan na nga ang Chief Justice may lalaban pa ba?

    • Noel

      Eh bakit mahina siya kay Garcia? 

  • William Dave

    mayor rama is on the wrong side of the fence here. garcia is so unpopular among the cebuanos she will drag his re-election chances and he’s up against a very formidable foe in former mayor and current south district congressman tomas osmena.

    • D_BystandeR

      I know this election is the last “hurrah” for Mike Rama. All of those who became “honorable men” in Cebu City using the Osmena “bandwagon” then when they thought they were fully “equipped” to do battle against their known benefactor, Tommy O, decided to make their own “group” and they had fallen by the “wayside” in a most humiliating political defeat in their lives that some of them seemed to have felt the “fear of the unknown” that they do not bother to run against Tommy anymore. The fate of Mike Rama in the polls is a “given,” he is a “sure loser!”

    • prodigalson60

      I beg to disagree. rama is on the right side. he and garcia is of the same feather. im very sure if rama was chosen as the LP candidate he will not be acting like this as to gwens present situation! HELLO BOY LECHON! CRISPY DIN ANG MUKHA NG RAMA NA ITO!!!

      • William Dave

        hafta to agree, brotha. my bad hehe

  • ozkid


    What a pity.


    She knows she can’t get away with all the allegations that’s
    why she‘ll try the last resort.


    I hope all projects she’s involve with will be thoroughly
    audited and once proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt then JAIL…… She’s not a fair

    • Jose

      you are 100% right. Its a big cover for her to hold up on that office.  What shame of his part.

  • Cmac

    Mayor Rama is a political butterfly. He’s a traitor to the team and his benefactor that helped him win all his electoral posts. A wimp will stay a wimp even if he is mayor.

    Gwen, no one will respect you after what has happened.
    It’s pretty easy to prove your innocence if you are really clean but with your actions, I doubt your even worth a single vote!

    • D_BystandeR

      I agree to your “damning” assessment of what kind of man Mike Rama is! He is the complete example of a disgruntled “political butterfly.” For so many years that he enjoyed the blessings of the popularity of the Osmenas way back from the time of the Grand Old Man of Cebu – Don Sergio, to the time of the ever popular Serging, to Tommy, and now he thinks he is now fully equipped with the necessary “feathers” of his own to “shamelessly” fight his benefactor – Tommy O. What a shame!

  • Kevin

    this is obviously a war of attrition. who will budge first: her or the national government? if we cannot drag her out by the heels because it’s “unconstitutional” and “demeaning”, why not cut off her resources? think “art of war”, cut off her supplies: electricity, water, internet, and if push comes to shove, food. deprive her of supporters and the support of her family members. make her desperate. if they have to sabotage the generators, they should.also prepare psychological warfare tactics, because it seems that if we cannot go in physically, we attack psychologically. mess with her mind and she will fall.

    she declared war, let’s treat it like one. and in wars, there is no such thing as mercy or fair.

  • Jose

    Gov. Garcia broke the law. She should be removed from that office..That shows how greedy is the governor. If she think shestill have the mandate of the cebuanos, vacate the office and ran for the next term on the next election..What a shame

  • Noel

    gausik lang ug panahon…dapat papason na nah para mahuman, sugod na dayon ug bag-o..

  • barada69

    ..Garcia prime example of our corrupt breed of politicians, will use every means to hold on to their political position as if this is bestowed to them from heaven. Get out, let the judicial process prevail. 

  • llll0000


    ex-Governor Gwen Garcia faced the dictator with the strength of a warrior. She’ll do what it takes to protect the whole Cebu of this unfair treatment. Or so she thinks. But really, why do anybody matters? She is the Governor voted three times. She’s the only one who matters. 

    after the barricade, after all this hoopla, she will then ride in a wheelchair to the hospital because she suddenly feel so weak and ill. she will then ask the government for some kindness to let her go abroad for her to be medically attended by the best physician there is. she will continue to cry out that she is being politically assaulted even when she is very weak and dying. but because she loves her constituents in cebu she will not back out on the elections. she’ll fight for her right and cebu’s right. she just need to go abroad for awhile because she is sick and cannot be very well taken care of by the doctors in this country.  

    But what about the allegations thrown at her? What about the accusations? What about the cases pending in the court? Her answer? Political assault. The bad, bad president is making her look bad for him to have the LP get the vote this coming election. Don’t you see? She is the fearless crusader against political harassment and admiringly she’s in the wheelchair, suddenly terminally ill.

    • indiosbravos2002

      Oh, no! Not another wheelchair show. GMA, Corona, and Morato have tried that trick and its getting boring already.

      • miiron

        and it will still work!!!!  wheelchair mentality of these corrupt and abusive trapos! nakakabaliktad ng sikmura ang mga thickskin na ‘to!  aagaw din eksena ang talong LAOS na 3 KINGS!!  the morality of our politicians really sucks!       
                            may the NEW YEAR bring change to our morality deficient 
                                      politicians!!!    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    • Ding



      • D_BystandeR

        Kung tungkol na sa “stretcher” ayoko na dahil ‘yan ang pinakamasaklap na isipin dahil lang sa kanyang kasakiman sa “kapangyarihan.” Even if she declared openly, “Over my dead body!” Ibig niyang sabihin ayaw niyang bumaba sa kanyang “trono.”
        Kawawa naman. Paano na ‘yung maraming perang nalikom niya kung siya ay “patay na?” I hope she will be enlightened and just volunteer to vacate the place at the Capitol to save the police any trouble of “bodily removing” her from her “refuge.” It’s ridiculous! She sticks to her office like a “leech!”

    • chingnarciso

      So, Cebuanos, prepare the  WHEEL CHAIR and NECK BRACE for Garcia..Sayang nag kamali ako ng business dyan sa Pinas,sana mga wheel chairs at neck braces, di sana nakatikim din ako sa mga ninakaw nilang mga sorry,only joke.

  • liryc

    kaulaw ana oi..suspension order wether political motivated or not but justifiable thru substancial evidence must be weather lng na..panaug nlng ug ayaw nag dalahiga mga cebuanos constituents nmu.

  • Ding


  • fishbewithyou

    Just cut off the Electric power, water and Telephone lines to the building and she will be out in 24 hours. Just as simple as that.

    • Noel

      Correct.  Actually, the government is too soft on this defiant Garcia.

      • abner

         takot din si panot eh..hehe

      • Yobhtron

        mas nakakatakot ang amo mong maitim na maligno.

      • abner

         sabi ko takot si panot…hindi nakakatakot……sala ang utak mo ah.

      • Ding

        parang disyerto… iyung nasa UNA, kumunoy…

        sa tingin mo sino ang disyerto na maliwanag, walang tabing, TRANSPARENT?  sa ilalim, oilfield.

        at sino ang kumunoy ng kaputikang imburnal, DEATHTRAP?
        sa ilalim, nakapandididring mga uod

        di na kailangan ang adlib mo…honest opinion lang..

  • Gerald Abueva

    Wala na. Wala na ang 3 kings ng UNA.

    Panalo na si Roxas.

  • pcosmachine

    Takot na takot ang kapit tukong si GwendoLINTA na maalis sa puwesto dahil maraming baho at katarantaduhan niya ang mabunbunyag sa oras na makaladkad siya papalabas ng Kapitolyo. Pati ang mga walanghiyang taga UNA (Binay, Estrada, Enrile) ay madadamay.

    Sige, kaladkarin na ang Botox na iyan. Wala naman talagang mga supporters iyan kundi ang mga patay gutom niyang bayaran na pinapalamon niya ng libreng lechon.

    • abner

       pustahan di kayang kaladkarin…o anu…pusta ba?

      • Ding

        ba’t naman kakaladkarin pa eh, ikinulong na ‘yung sarili niya ro’n…may asim pa raw, another word for amoy suka…unti-unti nang nagiging maligno.

  • nathan

    kala ko ba matapang, ngayon humihingi ng simpatiya…

  • fredo_arnibal

    kawatan ka ka gwendolyn……………………

  • Noel

    To show the government means business, it must remove Garcia now.  First thing that can be done is to cut off all electricity and power in the building.

  • ztefertilizerscam9


  • Muhamad chan

    Lumayas ka na day

  • tonyoks

    “We are surrounded. We only hope Cebuanos will come to help us,” was her fourth message.
    pinaligiran nya sarili nya….

    well, the only hope the cebuanos have for you is to get yourself out of that messy drama you are staging for yourself….

    ito siguro ang advise sa kanya ng mga amigos nya sa UNA sa korapsyon….

    PNP, please do what you are mandated to do…

  • Erik

    Arrest the tik tik tik na governor na yan, pag siya inalis at maekulong, mas maniniwala ang mga pilipino na in business talaga ang govierno ni pinoy…..mga hayop na yan.. sa amerika mabalita ka lang nagnakaw ng 100 nag reresign na kaagad. Kung sa bagay, pag ikaw ang naupo sa govierno, katunbas niyan ang pagligo mo ng salapi. 

    • ztefertilizerscam9

      sa US din pag may mistress kagaya ni Edwards,
      Petraeus,Arnold Schwarzenegger,nag reresign o di na tumatakbo dahil 
      sa kahihiyan pero si Malignong Jejomar binay may mistress gusto pang maging presidente…

      • Loggnat

        I heard Binay has more than one mistress. Is there nobody in the Media who is dedicated and brave enough to investigate and reveal the  names of his mistresses or is it such a common occurrence that even the Catholic Church is turning a blind eye at having a mistress by its followers?

      • prodigalson60

        Para sa mga BISHOPS basta ANTI RH BILL ka lang u are a SAINT kahit ilan pa kabit mo! Kaya segurado suportado rn si BINAY sa kanila! Look at GMA meron bang OBISPO bumatikos sa kanya kahit tambak ang kasong CRIMINAL?

      • Ding

        Ngayon, mas gusto nila ang MALIGNO kaysa BENIGNO…
        kung baga sa tumor, mukhang preferred pa nila ang MALIGNant tumor that brings death and suffering;
        kaysa BENIGN, that gives hope and survival.

      • Yobhtron

        Two thumbs up for you comment Ding. Nice!

      • akongednamzug

        Posible brod na marami siyang mistress. Pogi naman si Binay, huwag mo lang tititigan ! ! !

      • Ding

        Birds of the same feathers…tingnan mo ang mga alipores niya, ipinagmamalaki pa ang mga kabuteng nagsulputan sa kaniyang harem.

      • akongednamzug

        Ang tibay rin ng sikmura nung mistress ni Binay  ! ! !

      • ztefertilizerscam9

        Pera lang sigurado ang habol ng babae,maganda naman malabo lang ang mata pumatol sa maligno!!!

      • ztefertilizerscam9

        change the dot

        sweet nila  ng Mistress sa pictures, mukhang mag lolo.Siguradong pera lang ang habol ng P U T A…

      • abner

         ganda pala ah.

      • ztefertilizerscam9

        iba talaga ang nagagawa ng pera at kapangyarihan kahit maligno o nognog o mang kanor pinapatulan pa rin…

      • GustoKoHappyKa

        parang coffee and cream lang… in fairness magaling sya pumili…nalahian na siguro yan…

  • D_BystandeR

    That is too much! Your assumed name is supposed to be “outlawed” dahil sa sobrang “bastos” ang ibig sabihin sa Cebuano. And now you add “salt” to the “wound” by saying “expletives” after citing the name of the miraculous Senor Santo Nino! Go to hell!

  • kevin

    gumagamit ng black propaganda c garcia.ipinapalabas nya n xa ay ginigipit ng malacanyang pra makuha ang sympathy ng mga tga cebuano at mgkron ng people power..paano malilinis ang mga ganitong trapo s pilipinas kong ang ngkksala ay pilit pa rin kumakapit sa kapangyarihan at walang paggalang s batas!!very sad this happen in the phils.e2 ang resulta ng 9yrs n panunungkulang ni gloria.

    • akongednamzug

      Yung BLACK propagandang gamit ni Garcia galing sa KUTIS ni Binay ! ! !

      • ichthus fish


      • abner

         haha yan ang sinasabi ko eh.

  • kevin

    ako’y lubos na ngpapasalamat dahil s nangyari s kay garcia lumabas ang 3 nilalang na dapat natin bantayan s darating na eleksyon..beware to binay,enrile,erap..!!!dont vote UNA!!

    • abner

       yan nga manok ko eh..mag ingat kayo kay enrile…ibang klase mag isip yan…by hook or by crook.

      • Ding

        Kapag nagdalawa na sila sa Senado, hindi na “by hook OR by crook”…
        magiging “by hook AND by crook”.

        Ikaw, hindi na ‘ad lev’ na lang, kundi “MAD LEV” na.

  • sidewalkbenhur

    sabi ni suspended gov. truth will come out , iyan na nga e suspendi ka na , kaya hala lis dyan,huwag nang patumpik tumpik at kumukuha pa nang papogi points e buking na.

  • LegalJustice

    With all due respect to UNA Ex-Gov Garcia I don’t think majority or 100% of Cebuanos do support her for Cebuanos are law abiding citizen.

    She and The Garcias Family is living in an illussion of grandeur – They dragged every personality she can and do some hakut supporter in Capitol. Desperado na talaga.

    The Garcia  think they are the law and they can put Cebu City as Hostage for the rest of her 6 months suspension – I don’t think that would happen.

    She need to remember Capitol is not her personal property and CA is not her employee that they have to issue TRO in accordance to her liking and wishes. 

    Definitely CA will uphold The Rule Of Law.

  • Edward Solilap

    Mukhang sasali din yata itong c Manay Gwen sa MMFF e huli na madam tapos na ang festival.

  • filipinaskoh

    Hayaan nyo na lang sya dun- IKINULONG NYA ang sarili nya dun. Kung si GMA hospital arrest, itong si Gweduling eh Capitol arrest.

    Gusto nya dun, eh di dun sya, pero wag hayaang tumanggap ng transaction of any kind.

    MANATILI SYA DUN HANNGANG GUSTO NYA- tingnan nyo lalabas din iyan- lalo na kung namamaho na sya. Wag hayaang pumasok ang mga janitor.

  • dequis

    Bombahin si Gwen Garcia ng malabanan

    • abner

       grabe ka naman.hahaha

  • pabloo6293

    Kapit tuko-that’s all it is.  Umuwi ka sa bahay mo and wait for the decision of the courts on your petition for TRO at home.  Dapat huwag nang iboto ito sa susunod na election. She does not know how to uphold the rule of law.  What she is doing is espousing anarchy.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Mismanaged funds

    Issues on mismanaged funds by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) and the GSIS caught the public eye in 2002. PAGCOR had been experiencing negative cash flows that bloated to P850 million in 2003. A Pagcor manager gave three reasons behind the financial difficulties: ‘onerous’ contracts, profligate spending, and massive, mindless donations.
    GSIS president and general manager Winston Garcia ordered its units to stop the processing of claims and loan applications because of financial difficulty. The Kapisanan ng Manggagawa attributed the financial problems to the following: Garcia’s cash advances amounting to P3.4 million, the establishment of district offices worth P4 million each, and the appointment of outside legal counsel for P200, THOUSAND a month.
    Garcia allegedly used GSIS money to purchase Juan Luna’s Parisian Life painting. Likewise, Garcia was said to earn P540, 000 a month and appointed some 130 vice-presidents who earn P70, Thousand a month. There were allegations that GSIS contributed at least P100 million to the campaign funds of Pres. Arroyo. Garcia was retained in his post despite appeals from GSIS employees.

  • prodigalson60

    Now this spoiled brat is doing everything to challenge the authorities to do something against her to DRAMATIZE more her situation! Pati na yong ibang gusali ng capitol hindi na mapasok ng police dahil PINADLOCK AT NILAGYAN NYA NG MGA KADENA! This must be a ground to get a court order to evict this TRYING HARD DRAMA QUEEN if the acting governor and the police can not decide on their own. The truth now is as clear as the rising sun that GWEN will beak any law to project herself! I think what she is doing now is a criminal act on top of the administrative case that was the cause of her suspension. ito na BINAY ang resulta ng suporta mo kay Garcia. later on she will padlock the whole capitol.

    • Yobhtron

      Ganyan din ang blueprint ni Binay kapag nanalong Pangulo. Hindi niya bibitawan ang puwesto niya.  Baka nga mas masahol pa yan keysa kay Marcos. Pero mas magaling mangurakot si Binay.  Imagine mo Mayor lang naging bilyonaryo. 

  • jgl41456



    Allow her to hole up in the capitol building and speed up the case against her. Isolate her and let her look like a fool in the capitol building. At least, if found guilty of the charges, she won’t be able to flee the country because of her stupidity.

    • Leonardo

      TAMA KA DYAN….

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      dapat ata pinagpapatayan na ng kuryente at tubig… para wala ng aircon at ilaw… sigurado di makakatagal yan.. di sanay sa init yan mga ganyan tao eh…


    Imagine, VP Binay encouraging his supporters to break the law; what kind of person would he be and his supporters if he becomes the leader of the nation. We had enough of GMA and we should all learn our lessons. PLS. DO NOT VOTE FOR BINAY IN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS. NEVER AGAIN. FELLOW COUNTRYMEN, WAKE UP AND LOOK FOR A BETTER TOMOROW!!!

    • abner

       Vote binay for president in 2016…yes for Binay. :D

      • Yobhtron

        We get it. You work for BINAY. The most corrupt among the aspiring Presidents. NO TO BINAY AND UNA!!!!

      • Ding

        Naka-ADLIB ka na naman….bawal pa ang election campaign ngayon…
        puwede siguro ‘yung mga non-election or non-vote campaign, like…
        DO NOT VOTE FOR BINAY or NO TO BINAY AND UNA, or any other
        similar non-election or non-vote campaigns.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    pakawalan niyo si lolong sa capitol at magpakawala rin kayo ng ahas at pad lock niyo rin sa labas,tignan niyo lalabas agad si Gwen BOTOX Garcia

  • ame

    My goodness this woman is insane! she does not have any authority at all and she is still insisting to stay in the Capitol? Nasaid na ang maximum tolerance ipakulong na yan. She is becoming a public nuisance.

  • abner

    Nakikita na ngaun ang grand design ni panot sa 2016…ang una, kailangan mapasakanila ang supreme court…, aside pa sa hacienda lui..  tapos kailangan magkaroon ng rh bill.para magkapondo…galing sa mga pharma…sunod, iisa isahing kaladkarin mga governor na hindi taga LP…kung magpeople power nga naman ang cebu..may sasangga sa kanila na SC…para ijusify pagpapaalis nila..nailagay na si padaca sa comelec.kaya naman me kakampi na ang LP dun..hehe kulang pa pagkakatalaga ni panot sa Comelec..kailangan marami.yung mga tirador…hehe….nakikinita kinita ko balak nito mag martial law sa 2016…para ung mga gusto nya mawala sa pilipinas..mawala na lang..hehehhe HAPPY NEW PARTNER….at Ma L na bagong pagkakapasa sa RH.

  • Yobhtron

    Demet! Time to tear gas the Capitol. The Botox Queen Gwen is truly a nuisance and a disgrace to law abiding Filipinos.

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      oh my…yun pala ang sikreto nya botox hahaha… na weweirdohan talaga ako sa mukha niya..hindi na kasi mukhang natural hahahaha….

  • Peter L

    If only the incumbent president knows to deal with such situations harnessing professional persuasion and compromise, no untoward incident will happen. A dictator in disguise was exposed, one who lacks skill in leadership. He is not corrupt but mentally inept of knowledge, skill and attitude. His only talent is utilizing naked force and vengeance. Three years more and he will feel the brunt of the opposing forces. He put a young Chief Justice who is beholden to him so he can control her for many years. He cannot match the prowess of my idol, Ninoy Aquino.

    • Leonardo

      Peter L, sigurado ka ba sa comment mo, eh sabi mo idol si Nino Aquino na kaniyang ama. di mo ba na isip na maaaring may talento siya namana sa kaniyang ama? huwag ka namang judge mental, pag-katapos ng term ni P-Noy, saka ka nalang magsalita, siguradong tama ka by that time, isinama mo pa si CJ, eh may kaniya siyang resposibilidad – di ito saklaw ni P-Noy.

    • Rolly257

      Kilala kita, Marcos loyalist ka…sagad to the bones.

    • Pio Gante

      can you tell what prowess your idol had possessed?

      ooops , sorry, my mistake, your idol did excelled in one field: that’s at being a blabbermouth.

      kasi naman ang daming taong pwedeng hangaan at dakilain, tapos yan pa ang napili mo.

      • Ding

        He said he lacks skill in leadership…but his leadership caused the impeachment of a SC Justice…eh, bakit nagkagayon, anong uring leadership mayroon ang dating CJ kung bumaligtad siya sa kakayahan of someone who lacked skill and leadership.

  • boi skater

    It is time to toss in a tear gas canister into that office
    and smoke them out.

    • buttones

      Get the lechon roasting on the sticks in the car park, that’ll bring ‘em out….works every time, ask Rama, he knows….

  • buttones

    Reading the posts it seems the suspended governor does not have that much support from Inquirer readers. As Cebuano’s we have all watched Garcia’s rise from basic obscurity, read and witnessed her involvement in some very questionable dealings- yet to be proven- her endless tantrums, her unprofessional conduct and now, to cap it all ‘cocking a snook’ at the very process that keeps dictatorial politicians at bay- the Law. This final term of hers has shown her in true colors- and we all look forward to finding out what the true financial state of our Province really is, not from her opinion, but the opinion of national government auditors….

    • abner

       marami raw po ang staff dito ni Carandang.

      • buttones

        Which Carandang? There are hundreds of them…..

      • Pio Gante

        yung carandang na lumusog ang katawan magmula ng mapunta sa malakanyang.

      • Vic Cabrera

        Ah ung nagiipon ng points using credit cards?..siya na nga..

      • Ding

        Kaya kung nangyaring ikaw ‘yon, hindi ka na ngayon PU GANTE…baka HI GANTE ka na.

      • josefe38



      • Ding

        Eh, ikaw, hindi naman yata nagbabayad si Carandang  sa ‘yo…eh, sino?

      • Ding

        Adlib lang ‘yan, di ba?

  • Mickey Hiss

    This is what Sen. Trillanes should have done when he marched and took over the Manila Peninsula several years ago.  He should have asked for TRO to prevent the military from forcing him out!

    • buttones

      Maybe, but had he done that he wouldn’t have been arrested and tried for sedition, would not have ended up in a jail cell and consequently would not have been allowed to run for the Senate, and Mr Aquino would not have pardoned the guy because he thought he was a nice young man for going up against a democratically elected government using force of arms..

  • Mortz C. Ortigoza

    Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia has been O.A. or over-acting on her six months administrative suspension meted by the Office of the President.She holed- in at her office when different national bodies (like the Department of Finance) have ordered some department heads under her watch to coordinate all officials transaction to acting Governor Agnes A. Magpale – the duly recognized governor by the national government.With the acquiescence of the heads, the smooth flow of the provincial government transactions in Cebu have been maintained and anarchy has been avoided.So what’s the agenda of Garcia?
     Her agenda is to procrastinate her stay there by whining and belly aching of political prosecution from the Liberal Party, sponsoring Christmas party for the elderly, hosting political candidates and wannabe like former president Joseph Estrada who is running for Manila mayor and incumbent Vice President Jojo Binay who has the moist eye for the 2016 presidential derby. 
    All of these land her on the national papers and television which bodes well for her in case, she runs for the senate in 2016 and media mileage for Estrada and Binay.Binay has the gumption to tell Garcia not to step down as she questioned the legality of her suspension in the Supreme Court.Masyado naman kayong trapo Binay, Estrada, and Garcia. Its clear you’re exploiting your sandbagging at the capitol.

    • ichthus fish


  • Labandera1

    Manang Gwen sabi mo noon “Over my dead body” oh ano na nakakita ka lang ng akala mong SWAT team takot ka na ma-evict at humihingi ka ng tulong sa mga Cebuano. Kung hindi ka aalis diyan, gaya ng sinabi ng tatay mo, the pulis will kidnap you at ihahatid ka sa inyong bahay kasi squater ka sa capitolyo ngayon……

  • buttones

    It seems to me that Gwen and I share the same status, she at the moment holds no legal political post and neither do I- and I wonder what would happen if I popped down to the Capitol Building and ensconced my family in one of the offices ? This would be the same situation would it not? Maybe we should all ‘Occupy’ the building? I have a sneaking suspicion that if we all did that, in the same way as Garcia is doing it, we would be up to our necks in SWAT teams and tear gas- but Garcia is allowed? How come?
    [Note to self, new year resolution, to legally change my name to Garcia or something with a nice Spanish twang to it….. ]

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      baka kailangan magpa retoke ka din ng mukha kagaya nya… :D :D :D

      • buttones

        Not really, my face is quite pretty, mind you in fairness to Gwen I am not that old……..

      • Ding

        Dati pretty rin yata siya…nahawa lawa sa maligno.

    • Ding

      Hindi kaya ng buttones ‘yan, dapat zipper o kaya something na mas matatag.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    pasalamat ka EX Governor BOTOX Garcia kong ako lang ang in charge diyan sigurado kong masisira ang botox ng mukha mong makapal, kasi tear gas at rubber bullet ipapaulan ko sa yo.mabait pa ang government ni Aquino…

  • nuxun

    guys let these crooks, binay and garcia camps continue to do their self destructive activities. we need these kinds of clowns to collectively get the ire of the voters — please no distraction sa mga ginagawa nilang kagagohan. We don’t want the voters to forget these clowns’ folly come election time! We are expecting a great fall of all TraPos and these 2 are putting them in the limelight! 

  • Pio Gante

    this government under the bald lord of the palace by the stinky river always gets what it wants and gets away with it, they also have the penchant to disobey court orders so it’s no wonder that someone else will copy their style.

    the enforcement of the suspension order is long overdue, the holidays are over, what are the concerned authorities waiting for?, next december!  besides entry to the capitol being cumbersome, critical public services are also stalled so it’s very important that the stalemate should immediately end, how, only decisive leaders know what to do, limp wrists just dilly dally.

    • abner

      pag si padaca.., me piyansa kaagad..escorted pa ni mar roxas….eh LP eh…..walang batas batas kay abnoy…sia ang batas.hehehe

  • Critical

    Kapal ng mukha. Produkto siguro ng botox

  • cry_freedom

    Umalis ka na kasi. Subject yourself to the rule of law!

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    kami mahihirap sumusunod sa batas wag ka nang pomarma sumunod ka sa batas kung gus2 mo humaba ang buhay mo!!

    • josefe38


      • Ding

        Kaya ba ayaw niyang lumabas dahil marami ang alagad ng batas sa labas?

  • pasaway008ako

    Si Garcia mayroon pa siyang ;justice and truth will prevail’. Sa ginagawa niya ngayon, nasaan ang ‘justice . Tingnan nga naman ninyo ang corrupt na tao ano?’ Huwag natin siyang suportahan! Sino ang lulukohin niya? Tayo?

  • Hunter421

    Is there no criminal case that can be filed against her?

    • josefe38


      • Ding

        Eh, bakit ikinulong niya ang sarili niya?

      • miiron


  • Hunter421

    Filipino people slam Garcia not obeying a legal order

    • josefe38


      • Ding

        He is…how about you?

      • miiron


  • disqusted0fu

    Gotta give it to Gov. Garcia. Despite obvious persecution from the camp of the administration, she is facing them head on. If David won against Goliath, maybe Gov. Garcia can win against Mar Roxas or Pnoy or whoever is instigating this political harassment. 

    • Ding

      Puwede siguro ‘yang sinasabi mo kung political harassment nga…eh, paano kung administration of justice based on existing rule of law…won’t you be

      • abner

         ding katunog ng malakanyang ah…..talagang ipinepwesto na nila ang LP…ang humarang kankungan pupulutin…baka sa patayan pa mauwi yang sa cebu na yan..parang sa luneta massacre sino ba nagmamanage??? me hint kana kung anu mangyayari dyan…

      • Ding

        Natural, dapat mangibabaw ang rule of law, at all costs, no one is above the law, palagay ko alam mo rin ‘yan.   Medyo may heart pa ang mga nag-e-enforce ng law, nakikita mo ang sinasabi ng mga nagpo-posts dito na dapat bitbitin na siya.  Unless mag-issue ng TRO, no restraint in enforcing the suspension order.  Gobernador siya, alam niya ang batas, pinili niya ang magmukhang kawawa, para kumuha ng simpatiya ng bayan…tulad siya nung may tanikala sa leeg…executive siya, she knows she’s got lot of legal resorts, why defy the law?

        And, inasmuch as you mentioned it already, DING is acronym ‘yan meaning ‘DAGOK SA INUTIL NA GOGGAG’.

        “yung BA, initials ‘yon ng inaalipusta niyo dahil gumagawa ng maayos sa bayan, at tumutugis sa mga umaabuso.

    • Jerry_SeinfeId

      whatever stupid.

  • Noel

    Habang pinagmamasdan ko ang mukha ni Gwen lalo kong nakikita na puro retoke.

    • josefe38


      • miiron


  • Jimmy

    Gwen… sumunod ka muna sa suspensyon at saka ka magreklamo..!!! Kung hindi ay malamang na alisin ka diyan ng pwersahan..! Dahil kung ako si Mar Roxas ay noon pang unang araw ay pinaalis na kita siya sa kapitolyo… sa ayaw at sa gusto mo…!!!!

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Gwen Garcia – jowa ka ba ni VP Binay, ang lupit ng kapit mo sa puwesto at matindi pa dito kahit mali ka ipinagtatanggol ka ni VP Binay, lupeet!!

  • WoBushi

    Chinese word of wisdom to the birds: “Don’t stick your head out, you might get shot.” In the Gwen Garcia fiasco in Cebu, Mr. Aquino’s government carelessly stuck its head out of the birdhouse. They just gave the opposition and critics the ammunition to avail of the commotion until the coming elections.  On the other hand however and as to Cebuano votes, it’s darn you do or darn you don’t for Mar Roxas & Co. (MarRoC) anyway. Btw, the young Davide is not as much Davidian as once thought; he’s Cebu’s thorn in the flesh as shown in the last poll.  MarRoC now plays Russian roulette in the wrong place. But too much uncontrolled power makes him conceited and blinded to be swayed as expected. Too much pride doesn’t allow MarRoC much room to now look for the exit door in the Gwen Garcia debacle.  Go ram it to them, MarRoC! Don’t take the easy road to Cebu. When hell breaks loose, see you on the next campaign trail and say, “Ni ho ma?”  hehehehe

  • santamaria_63

    Yung mga question’s nyo regarding Gwendoling itanong nyo kay Dr. Pesquera. And for those who critized the malacanang for suspending the ” Margarette Thatcher ” in Cebu pls. contact me so that you will know who is Gwen in real? Ang gusto ko ay removal not suspension because I am d one who is persecuted illegally by this lady using her cohorts in the Capitol w/out any valid reason.Sana makulong silang lahat!

  • Olibo

    Calling Dr.Belo, please use your diplomacy this time.Joke

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Tear gas niyo na ang walang kuwentang Governor….

  • miiron


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