New party to launch Cha-cha drive nationwide



Rep. Rufus Rodriguez: Time to amend the Constitution. Photo from

Time to Cha-cha.

A new political party has set a nationwide road show to campaign for Charter change (Cha-cha) through a constitutional convention during the second half of 2013.

Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, president of the Centrist Democratic Party (CDP), said Wednesday the period immediately after the midterm elections would be the “perfect time” to amend the 1987 Constitution.

But Rodriguez acknowledged that the initiative would go nowhere without the support of President Aquino. The President had earlier shot down calls for Charter change, but was said to be willing to listen to both Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, who were pushing for amendments then.

“We will convince the President that now is the time to amend the Constitution,” Rodriguez said, citing the President’s high trust and approval ratings and the relatively good performance of the economy. “We call on all political parties to have a grand coalition for Charter change.”

Rodriguez’s party, which claims a membership of some 2,000 “dues-paying” individuals, is set to go around the country next month to campaign for Charter change, particularly the establishment of federalism.

He said Cha-cha would likewise be in the campaign platform of the party’s 120 candidates running for local positions in May. But he did not commit the three senatorial candidates endorsed by the CDP—Senators Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III and Francis Escudero, and Paolo Benigno Aquino IV, cousin of President Aquino.

The Cha-cha road show would initially cover provinces like Pangasinan, Tarlac, Eastern Samar, Agusan del Norte, Zamboanga Sibugay, Misamis Oriental, Surigao del Norte.

A House resolution earlier filed by Rodriguez proposed at least seven amendments to the Constitution. Cavite Rep. Elpidio Barzaga has a separate bill calling for a constitutional convention.

Included in the Rodriguez resolution were proposals to “shift from the unitary system of government to a federal system; return to a two-party system under a presidential form of government; and the election of senators by federal region or state.”

Rodriguez also wants to amend the terms of the President and Vice President to four years with the opportunity for one re-election. “Regional or state senators,” House members, governors, mayors and other elected local officials would also be given four-year terms “without term limit.”

The House resolution also seeks to lift “all nationality requirements in the exploration and utilization of all natural resources, all areas of investments, all public utilities, all educational institutions, all fields of mass media and advertising.”

But there is a condition that “ownership of land remains exclusively to Filipinos.”

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    Changing the constitution without a change in all the politicos is like changing a plane without changing the pilots.

  • F

    i don’t believe cha cha is in the minds of people right now, people need jobs and chacha cannot provide that. people need food on the table and chacha definitely cannot provide that. people need  those very basic needs and chacha is only for ambititious politicians who want to cling to power or amass power. it is very expensive and the money to be used for the foolish charter change may better be used to feed the hungry or provide jobs for the people. if politicians do not change, nothing will happen to our country. aquino right now is the man, but some politicians still think politics is not about serving the needs of the filipinos. bury cha cha once and for all and stop wasting your time!!

    • mamer2

      People who want the “status-quo” would fight against Charter Change.
      People who enjoy the present system, where Metro-Manila has control of all of the country would love the present system.
      Provinces which have multi-senators sitting in Congress are having a whale of time.

      BUT…., what about the rest of the country..?
      At least, what about most of the country, where the people are suffering with this present form of government?
      No representation…, means no development for Regions and Provinces who have none in the Senate to represent and protect their interest.

      Ours is a system, where only the few enjoy the labors of the many.
      While the rest of the country suffers…, 
      the Rich get Richer…, and the Powerful remain in Power.

      A Federal System is the only solution for this country to improve and take its place in the league of countries were we, the Philippines, could hold our heads high…, and
      NOT just be Employees, Laborers, Care-givers, Servers and Workers for other countries.

      • Guest


      • mamer2

        Your comments appear to be erroneous (or in error).

        The Philippines IS NOT and NEVER Has Been, a UNITARY Form of Gov’t.

        China achieve today its position of “Wealth and Richness” because of the help extended to it by the U.S.A. during the time of Pres.Clinton.It, China, was on the verge of starvation and collapse when the U.S. stepped in and helped it recover…, to the position it is now.

        Socialist Yugoslavia is “Federal” only in name.
        After the dictatorship of Marshall Tito…, the country was governed by the Communist Party Committee.., something similar to that of Soviet Russia.
        Soviet Russia was likewise a Federal, in name only. The Central Committee put up a Chairman who acted as a Dictator, but was still under the power of the Central Committee. Something very similar to a Parliament form of government, except, in most times, the Chairman acted like a Dictator.

      • Guest


      • mamer2

        Bumalik ka nalang sa Grade VI.
        or Else…, Bumalik ka nalang sa China.

        AND BTW, there is NO Country Today named Yugoslavia.
        Neither is there a country today named U.S.S.R.
        Outdated na pala ang reference books mo.
        Kaya Pala…, maling mali ang mga info mo.

        The Philippines has never been a Unitary Form of Govt.

      • Guest


      • Guest


  • GlenMJacob

    If PNoy is reading this, I ask to certify the FOI bill as urgent first.

  • arao_liwanag

    Magsalsal na lang kayo, kung yan lang ang alam n’yo, mga hambug.


    CENTRIST…neither here nor there.  BALAKE.  Di malaman kung babae o lalake.  BAGO magbago, subukan munang ipatupad ng lubusan ang mga pangkasalukuyang batas na maraming hindi pinapansin.  Ang kailangan nating palakasin ay ang LAW ENFORCEMENT, tulad ng ginagawa ngayon ng Ombudsman at ni Gen Espina ng PNP sa pagpapatupad ng batas.  Ganun din ang ginagawa ni Secs De Lima, Roxas, atbp.  At ang dapat na tumulong sa gawaing ito ay ang mga mambabatas ng bayan sa siyang nag-iingat ng mga batas ng bansa at gumagawa ng paraan upang ang mga ito at napapatupad ng maayos.

    Huwag ng aksayahin pa ang panahon sa pagpipista na naman ng kaban ng bayan sa pamamagitan ng conferences, conventions, symposia, etc na wala namang kinalalabasang bago at mabuti para sa bayan at ang mga KASALI lamang ang nakikinabang at nabibiyayaan.

  • nti_boohaya

    It’s about time somebody is doing something to do away with the present system.  Electing regional senators is the way to do it.  Kung popularity lang naman ang basehan sa pag halal ng isang tao sa senado e gawin na lang regional.  As it   is now, there is no equal repesentation in the senate.  Senators from Manila don’t necessarily represent the views of those in region 1 or region 10.  Sige i urong na ninyo baka yan ang magpapabago sa sistema natin kahit pa same people din ang naghahariharian. I pool niyo na rin ang mga pork barrel nina Sen Por Siento at Cong Boo Haya para sa kanikanilang region.

  • kilawon(the return)

     the illegitimate  1987 constitution a.k.a the Cory Constitution should be change bec. it was flawed…. decentralized the imperial manila and set up a federal state, so  all the province of the Philippine can take care of itself whether it’s economic ,infrastructure and be independent of decision outside of the corrupt shithole capital !

    • mamer2

      I, and millions, are with you, mr. kilawin.

      Loyalists to the Imperialist/Central System of Government are holding down the
      full economic developement of the Philippines.

      People from the provinces…, going to Imperial Manila could observe how 
      volumes upon volumes of money flow. How expensive it is to live in Metro Manila.
      Where else could these funds come from? 
      Where else but from the BLOOD & SWEAT of the rural areas…, 
      without Senate representation

  • Guest


    • mamer2

      Those who enjoy the present form of government….,
      while the rest of the country suffer in poverty, unemployment, under-developement.., etc.,
      These people enjoying the present system…, will hold on to the “status quo”.

      These people wouldn’t want change.
      Why should they..? They are having it so good.
      Sucking the very blood of the rest of the country.
      This is why we, the Philippines, is at the bottom of the Economic Barrel.

      • Guest


      • man_1145

        Isipin nyo na damay din dyan ang Indonesia, pati ang Thailand, at iba pang mga bansang mas o hindi mas mahirap.

      • mamer2

        Research what you comment..!
        The Philippines HAS NEVER BEEN a Unitary System of Government…,
        except during the “Rule” of FEMarcos.

        And do not believe all that you read. 
        Learn to separate the “chaff” from the grain.
        Determine which is “propaganda” and “actual news”.

        The supposed strong peso is not ALL because of the rise in our economy. It is mostly because the U.S. Dollar is depressing in value.

        If the Economy is so good…, try roaming around the depressed areas.
        In the cities…, and, more specially, in the far flung depressed areas away from “Imperial Manila”, more specially in the Visayas and Mindanao….,
        and see with your own very eyes how many Filipinos live & just survive.

        NOTE: The P’noy Administration and Noynoy Aquino himself has done a lot in uplifting many of our indigent brothers.
        BUT still, there are great and many problems to be done.

      • Guest


      • mamer2

        Hoy…, Know what is meant by a Unitary Form of Government…, before you start lambasting others.

        So what if the Constitution is taught in Grade 6.Ang gustong sabihin sa mga komento mo…., 
        Sa Grade-6 lang…, BAGSAK KA NA.
        Baka ang binasa mong “Constitution” yon’ panahon ni Diktador Marcos pa.

        E research mo ang gustong sabihin nang Unitary Form of Government.

        Pati ang komento mo… 
        “regarding the poor in other countries” ay Maling-MALI.!
        M-I-S-L-E-A-D-I-N-G..! ! !

        The way you praise China…, again and again…,
        appears to show that you are a RED-CHINA Lover.

  • ern

    It has been proven….it is not in the form of government but the honesty and integrity of officials.

    Make do with the necessary amendments with both houses sitting as a body, and submit for ratification in the coming elections. I would settle for the following:

    1. Economic provisions
    2. Qualification requirements for candidates
    3. National Security – AFP modernization, how far should it go?
    4. Taxation – Final tax at point of sale….should be uniform, not progressive. Scrap exemptions.
    5. Employment – Allow multiple jobs on hourly rate. Scrap the daily minimum wage law.

    There are other changes that are needed but we cannot change all in one swoop. Other defective/insufficient provisions, we can live with them in the mean time.

    • arao_liwanag

      nagasalita ang bobo, naintiendihan mo ba yong dinakdak mo?

      • Mamerto

        Alin ba sa sinabi ko, ang indi mo naintindihan…, mr. retard..?

    • mamer2

      But how can you guarantee the honesty and integrity of government officials…?
      Legislation and tests just will not suffice…, nor prevent corruption.

      In a Federal form of Government.., at least the corrupt officials will be 
      of the same location/area/province from where they stole.
      Unlike…, this present system, where the corrupt officials are from another area/province
      from the places that they “steal from”. 
      More likely than not…, to steal from places that do not have Senators.

  • blainz

    Federalism will simply entrench the provincial fiefdoms one can read everywhere in the papers.

    And what Roofie has left unmentioned… any switch in government style or regional voting would mean another renewal of term limits for the likes of him. Beware trapos bearing gifts.

    Only the nationality requirement for owning businesses needs amending. Why the framers of the Constitution inserted an obsolete protectionist requirement… hrrmmph… their lack of foresight is now being used to pry open the lid of a can of worms.

    • mamer2

      How could Federalism entrench provincial serfdom?
      What, as you say, “one can read everywhere in the papers” is 
      happening because of the present system. 
      Federalism…, HAS NOTHING to DO WITH THIS.

      Changing Term Limits is the easiest thing that could be done.
      On our next election, “term limits” could easily be put in place.
      Off course, as long as approval of this change had been duly authorized.
      Changing “Term Limits” is the least of any problem.

      Giving foreigners the right to do business as they please here and 
      to grant them the privilege to “pillage” the patrimony and natural resources of this nation.,
      are the worst thing that could happen to this country.
      Look what happened when foreigners abused our forests and mining sites.
      Floods due to denuded forests and pollution and sickness and death due to mining were what we got.

  • $20926843

    For the nth time I will mention this again: this present inconsequential and inutile president will never allow this movement for amendment of this cursed legacy constitution of his late president mother.  He will allow no one to destroy this legacy and liberate this nation from its curse.  Only another revolution can do this and it will be a long shot…..

    • Mamerto

      I agree with your apparent approval for constitutional amendment.
      What I do not agree with is your calling our sitting President Pnoy…, “inutil”.
      What’s more…, I do not think his mother, Cory, would have approved the “RH”.
      Which just show that P’noy, has a mind of his own.
      No need for a revolution with P’noy at the helm.

  • zeroko

    First, the PPP or Public Private Partnership which divest the Filipino people of their birth-right to their land which is considered their heritage. PNpy sold it to the Chinese. Now, this economic provision in the Cha-Cha to give 100% rights for the Chinese to own the Filipino lands and also 100% capitalization on ALL businesses in our country.

    So, what is left for the Filipinos in their own country? Nada! Wala na tayong karapatan sa ating sarili nating bayan. Ninakao na ng mga Chinese. The former Resolution No. 737 of Prospero Nograles who was the former House Speaker is exactly like that. Same thing what our Traitor Senate President and Traitor Speaker of the House is singing. They want to put ahead the economic provision of the Cha-Cha to legalize the takeover of the Chinese to our country.

    • Mamerto

      NO to any change in corporate ownership by foreigners.
      The 60~40% should remain. Forty Percent maximum ownership of foreigners.

  • Filipinoflash

    There are term limits for President and Vice President. But there are NO TERM LIMITS for Governors, Mayors and Congressman like RUFUS RODRIGUEZ.  This is very SELF SERVING. Rufus Rodriguez has gone insane. 

  • mamer2

    People who want the “status-quo” would fight against Charter Change.
    People who enjoy the present system, where Metro-Manila has control of all of the country would love the present system.
    Provinces which have multi-senators sitting in Congress are having a whale of time.

    BUT…., what about the rest of the country..?

    At least, what about most of the country, where
    the people are suffering with this present form of government?
    No representation…, means.., no development for Regions and Provinces who have
    none in the Senate to represent and protect their interest.
    Ours is a system, where only the few enjoy the labors of the many.

    While the rest of the country suffers…, 
    the Rich get Richer…, and the Powerful remain in Power.
    A Federal System is the only solution for this country to improve and
    take its place among the league of countries were we,
    the Philippines, could hold our heads high…, and
    NOT just be Employees, Laborers, Care-givers, Servers and Workers for other countries.


  • Rolly257

    All elected public officials since 1992 should be prohibited from running any elective public office 10 years after a new Constitution is ratified…a must requirement that should be enshrined to the Constitution even before a ConCon is assembled.

  • BurgerBeacon

    Paano makikinig yan sa cha-cha eh OGAG yan eh…

  • man_1145

    Titigilan talaga yan ni Bongbong Marcos yan.

  • virgoyap

    I prefer more to Gangnam than to chacha especially for a vehemently anti-RH congressman. I’m afraid he might reverse the RH bill that is almost to be signed into a law.

    • Mamerto

      For your info…,
      IT, the RH…, has already been signed into LAW

  • regd

    TRANSLATION: Copy the US system.
    My comment: Go and fly kite!

    • Mamerto

      Is this how you reply to an argument or discussion.?
      Not unusual from a misguided “superior complex” of an Imperial Manila resident.

  • vir_a

    Without charter change, this country have no hope in the future and this country will perish. It will remain colonized by imperial Manila and by family political dynasties. People in the provinces will continue to migrate to Manila as there are no opportunities available therein. Laws will always be favorable to the oligarchs. The bulk of the budget of the government is mostly spent in Luzon and only a pittance goes to the provinces. This is the sad situation right now.

  • wakats

    The present system is not wanting and needs no amendment.  Federalism is not yet applicable since the regions are not even in revenue intake and would need massive subsidy from the national government.  Rufus wants to imitate the US system that have been in effect since 1776.

    Why experiment on something that have little chance of succeeding? 

    • Mamerto

      Not Succeeding…?.?.?
      The U.S. has had theirs since their Independence and never found the need for Charter Change or Constitutional Reform.
      It is our country that did the experimenting by deviating from the original.
      Metro Manila just wanted to be Imperial Manila by devising the 1936 Constitution.
      They just wanted a Centralize government…, to have almost TOTAL CONTROL of Government and the Economy of the Philippines.
      As a Federal State, the Philippines would have autonomous individual states, just like in the U.S.A.
      States could be formed by provinces. 
      Provinces who believe that they are not capable to exist by themselves could merge with any nearby province, who in turn cannot refuse such merger. Two or more provinces could merge themselves to form an individual state.

      It is my belief, and the beliefs of many (millions), that 
      Metro-Manila and the nearby provinces who oppose a Constitutional Reform because it would reduce their “ECONOMIC ADVANTAGE” over the REST OF THE COUNTRY…, which is UNFAIR to the REST OF THE COUNTRY.

  • disqusted0fu

    its been long overdue for a charter change! especially now more than ever! but then again, the Aquino administration does not follow some of the provisions in our constitution anyway so i guess it doesnt matter that much. regardless, hopefully the constitution would be amended then followed by a change in the government system. so we will not experience anymore the same leadership that we are experiencing now.

    • Mamerto

      Well, for one, we are experiencing a “Better and Trusted” Administration than was the case with the previous administration.
      BTW, may I know by what you meant by “…the Aquino administration does not follow some of the provisions in our constitution”…?

  • Joseph20112012

    The proper term should be CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM, not CHARTER CHANGE to avoid confusion among the ordinary folks and from the mainstream media.

    By the way, amend the 1987 constitution to assure a better economic and political system.

    Scrap the 60/40 forced equity sharing wherein the 60% must be invested by Filipino individuals or corporations and allow foreigners to invest then control 100% of their investments.

    • Mamerto

      Giving Foreign Companies majority control in companies operating in the Philippines would place the Philippines at a disadvantage. 
      “Small” as we are…, and as “Weak” as we are…, the possibility of these companies over-running our economy etc is very possible. No advantage will the Philippines get in giving up our right to oversee and control ALL companies  operating in the Philippines.
      Only advantage will be for these “foreign companies” and some, if not many, corrupt government officials.

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