Government rejects ‘coalition’ with NDF



Chief rebel negotiator Luis Jalandoni

MANILA, Philippines—The Philippine government said Saturday it would never share power with communist rebels after they proposed an alliance in a bid to end a decades-long insurgency.

The rebels said they had called this week during peace talks in the Dutch city of The Hague for the alliance to undertake programs aimed at ending the insurgency that has left tens of thousands dead.

Chief rebel negotiator Luis Jalandoni said such programs would include agrarian reform, rural development and industrialization.

But the government peace negotiating office said in a statement: “The (government panel) will never agree to establish a coalition government or a power-sharing arrangement with” the National Democratic Front, the rebels’ political wing.

It also denied there had been any discussion of a possible coalition when the government panel met with NDF negotiators in the informal, so-called “special track” meeting in the Netherlands.

“The matter on coalition government was never discussed in the recently concluded informal meeting on the special track. There was no such offer made by the NDF,” the office said.

During the meetings, the two sides agreed to a 26-day nationwide ceasefire from December 20 and to hold further talks on peace, human rights, land reform, and national industrialisation.

This week’s meeting marked the resumption of talks after the Communist Party of the Philippines, the biggest group in the NDF coalition, pulled out of talks in November 2011 after Manila rejected rebel demands.

The two sides resumed low-level “backroom” negotiations in June.

The communists have been waging an armed rebellion to seize power since 1969, and more than 30,000 people have died in the conflict, according to the government.

The military estimates the current strength of the communists’ guerrilla force at about 4,000 fighters, significantly down from more than 26,000 at its peak in the late 1980s, when the rebels also engaged in failed peace talks with Manila.

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  • Philcruz

    Why coalesce? The NDF is out of touch and losing their “war”. They are becoming more and more irrelevant in a government that continues to get high popularity and trust ratings. Their overtures for a coalition is a sure sign that they feel that they are getting irrelevant.

  • kilabot

    govt prefers coalition with perverts. as dictated by the world.

  • pinoiwonderboi

    Communists are hallucinating..

  • boldyak

    NDF are a bunch of bandits…

  • Val Sor

    Communist movement is about to die, an outdated cause. They should just learn to die with dignity.

  • Albert Einstien

    USA & AFP are listening …they know everything….maybe somebody discovered the ” alliance  ” & now they are cleaning it up with cover stories………..tsk tsk this is bad……

  • malek_abdul

    Government rejects ‘coalition’ with NDF – Seems fine with me. They are unpopular anymore. Their idealism has turned to terrorism!

  • $5699914

    Natatalo na kasi sila, wala ng strategic battles won kaya hayan, nag-iisip ng magandang exit na kung saan sila pa rin ay masasabing panalo sa giyera…

  • agustin

    One reason why our country is poor is due to insurgency, people have been suffering due to frequent evacuation, the result is low productivity of agricultural products.may be we have to listen first to the NDF what they really want and then study if it is viable.

    • kalikasanipagtanggol

       insurgency ba o korapsyon ang dahilan kung bakit mahirap ang bansa?

  • calixto909

    The ideology of NDF is communism, the nemesis of democracy. Liken to oil and water both can never mix. If these communist rebels refused to give up their arms and come back to the folds of the law then chase them without let up to pulverize them from the face of the earth. Why the heck does our gov’t kept on discussing terms with them when all the while these rebels were time immemorial reneging from their signed agreement thus displaying to everyone’s face that they are congenital liars.


    There’s no need to coalesce with this group. It’s enough that their legit fronts are given the opportunities to be part of the government through the party list system. If they want to have a shot at governance,  they have to earn it. Let them garner enough strength in congress to become a formidable bloc that would be attractive to any rainbow coalition of sort. This has happened elsewhere in the world, in Europe particularly. And they don’t have to bear arms and extort to gain respectability. 

  • AllinLawisFair

    What coalition?

    These  people in the National Democratic Front are dreaming. They were not popularly, duly elected officials. They simply assigned themselves the positions in the group they formed. 

    Why should the government cater to their whims? If they wanted to, they can join the mainstream political activities, field candidates in any election and if they win majority votes then they can demand that their voices be heard.

    AND, the ideology they have been fighting for is already passé, outdated and obsolete.

  • kishbuff

    Wala na kasing pag-asa na maka-grab ng power kaya coalition daw? hahahah nagpapatawa ang mga ito! mga komedyan, tumigil-tigil na kayo sa baduy nyo’ng idelohiya. Laos na yan!!!!!

  • Fred

    Simple lang NDF, tumahimik na lang kayo at wag ng manggulo to end a decades-long insurgency. Kayong mga leader na nasa ibang bansa, stay put nalang kayo dyan!

  • impending_raptor

    Hahaha, Nice try, Thank you, but no thank you.. Mao Tse-Tung’s 

  • Observer_din


  • agaylaya

    They are ghosts. They have become mere media creations. Hwag na ninyo kasing pansinin. 

  • alikabok357

    Nice try NDF.  Kayo din pasimuno ng “forced disappearances” na binabalandra nyo sa gobyerno.  Sa dami ng mga pinatay ninyo na kasama sa Opan Ahos, ang mga tinatawag na biktima ng forced disappearnces ay actually nasa mga killing fields ng NPA. 

  • Josh

    sineswerte tong mga to?…over gwen’s dead body bwuahhhhahahhahaha.

  • opinyonlangpo

    Coalition is just not right but they should be welcome to join the mainstream politics of the Philippines. So many countries allow communists parties to participate in election and government. This way they will know if they are just representing themselves or a significant portion of the population.

  • nrcarcht

    At this very moment, communism is a word of the past. Even China is shifting its economy to capitalist in which they are doing good and greatly improve the lives of there people. China is only communist by name. So how come these idiologic supporters of NDF that they are still on the mentality of keypad thinking wherein the world is already shifting to touch screens.

  • leomar101

    Oh this news is a bad omen. That means there’s a talk going on with the  aquino  government not known to the public.Given the back ground that there are many leftist in this government, then it is not remote that there will be a coalition in the future. To  hell with this mongol minded president. He will give part of Mindanao to the MILF to become an independent state. He will let the communist partake in running the government,he will give away spratley and other islands to the chinese and so on… Do we allow these to happen? Watak-watak na ang Pilipinas simply because we allow  a mentally derailed person to do it. Of course hiding under the slogan of daang matuwid. And the fanatics only focus on  this line. What a dangerous situation we are in now. Slowly but surely the Philippines will disintegrate and go down to the abyss.

    • jose_rizal11

       yan ang classic na dagdag bawas nakarinig lng ng kwento binigyan kagad ng speculation ayusin mo na lng yan pag gupit mo hahahaha!

    • Benjamin

      UTOT ITO…UTOT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Benjamin

    lakas ng loob ng mga komunistang ito..mukhang nasisiraan na ng tuktok si Sison..dapat sa mga ito pulbusin,,mga salot ng bayan…

  • Albert Einstien

    COVER story….the true  STORY is deeper …it seems somebody is careless…as we can see the policies NOW are  TOO RED ..that it is impossible NOT to go UNNOTICED….i’m WONDERING why the AFP was ONLY given ..75 billion pesos in 5 years or $365 million per year on the AFP modernization ……that is SHORT of GIVING AWAY RP to CHINA on a SILVER PLATTER….alam naman nilang nasa PANATAG na ang china…….kung hintayin ang 15 years pa ubos na ang filipino non….ANYTIME pwede na lumanding sa manila at mainland luzon ang china….2013 is very CRITICAL for us… SAD!

    our navy cant swim, our airforce cant fly, our army cant walk………..we have an UN-APPROPRIATED $ 83 billion fc reserve ( courtesy of OFWs & BPO ) and it will increase by $ 22-25 billion a year from OFW remittance & $12 billion a year fron BPO..& $ 1.1- 1.5 billion from malampaya a year …we must give it to AFP to build & develop NUCLEAR CAPABILITY …

    or we can buy 13 aircraft carriers : The TOP Nimitz-class carriers cost only $6.2 billion each to produce. or

    ..we can buy already …4,823 – F16s: military specifications; around 17Million U.S Dollars each

    Why Pnoy govt is still NOYNOYING…ARM the AFP NOW….give the $83 billion FC reserves to AFP now

    we can have at least 13 aircraft carriers or 4,823 F16s already with the excess $ 83 billion fc reserve… without TOUCHING our 2 TRILLION NATIONAL BUDGET, oil & mining production income & LGU INCOME….pnoy govt so INCOMPETENT…!It’s WORTH it beside from protecting territory & national pride…With the above FIREPOWER ….we can also get : the .$26.3-Trillion Oil Reserves ..Country’s Untapped Deposits Mostly In Spratlys Philippines News Agency April 25, 2012, MANILA, Philippines- The Philippines is “sitting on a mountain of gold,” with untapped hydrocarbon deposits estimated at $26.3 trillion, mostly found in the disputed Spratly chain of islands, more than enough to free the country from the shackles of poverty.Also if we are able to claim SABAH… It has the potential to produce 1 million barrels of oil a day,” “The estimated reserves from the present Sabah oilfields is 1.4 billion barrels of oil and 7.7 trillion scf of gas.” ..

    dapat KABATAAN na lang magpatakbo ng gobyerno..matulog at maglaro na lang mga PULPUL na LIDERS natin…grabe!

    • lex

      i totally agree with you! haven’t the military learned from previous world wars? the axis has been talking peace but in fact they are readying for war. the time for talking is over it is time to make a stand! 

    • Marshall

      lang wenta…..

      • Albert Einstien

        xempre chinese communist  ka e…lol

      • Marshall

        lang wenta..puro hangin…

    • basilionisisa

       obviously may inside knowledge ka, and obviously from the previous admin, a corrupt admin, sinasayang mo yang info mo, sinasayang mo yang inside knowledge mo, walang kakwenta-kwenta mga insinuations mo, dumb and stupid ang mga suggestions mo… hindi nakakatulong sa bayan mo, sayang! wake up and grow up!

      • Albert Einstien

        sorry my friend  lahat ng  sinabi mo di tumugma….. : > )

    • Benjamin

      I forgive you for hallucinating. You probably forgot to take your pill. Ayan, sinusumpong ka na naman!

    • jose_rizal11

       d mo alam sinasabi mo patawarin ka ng diyos!

    • chingnarciso

      Ang mahirap lang sa iyo eh, dakdak ka ng dakdak,dada ka ng dada na wala ka namang aksiyon sa mga sinasabi mo.Alam mo ba kung mag kaano ang gagastusin sa buwan buwan sa isang aircraft carrier?Alam mo ba kung ilan ang mga service member na mag maintain sa isang  aircraft carrier? At alam mo ba na walang F16 na pang Aircraft carrier? Ang mahirap sa iyo eh,nagmagaling galingan ka na hindi mo naman alam ang sinasabi mo, mag research ka muna my brother,bago tayo magsalita..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..

  • Jomex

    kill all the rebel NDF!

  • Jomex

    all out war na! DoD has bought lots of arms lately, lets try them out on these terrorists NDF!

  • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

    USSR, Romania, Cuba, China, etc. Communism is a lost cause. It will never succeed because it treats people like robots.

    And look, capitalism is thriving all over. Come on down from the mountains you idiots!

    • P

      Mayaman ka siguro?… :D

  • pinoiwonderboi

    Sorry, pero ang mga komunista, pambuwisit na lang sa mga Pilipinong naghahangad ng matiwasay at mapayapang pamumuhay kahit na naghihirap.  Isang katotohanang buwisit ang mahihirap sa kanila, ilang komunista ang sumabak sa pulitika at mga natalong luhaan.   Hindi ba’t kung may suporta ang maraming mahihirap sa kanila ay madali lang silang manalo pero wala, mga talunan dahil pamemerwisyo na nga lang ang ginagawa nila.

    Ngayon magdedemand ng coalition government.  Alang kahiya hiya ang mga komunistang eto.

    • Chris P Pnono

      nakakatawa si pinoiwonderboi.walang alam sa mondo.alam lng niya sa harap ng ilong niya.hehehehe

      • pinoiwonderboi

        ows talaga :-) na brainwashed ka lang parang pinapalabas mo na marami ka nang alam…. baka mas marami pa akong alam sa yo boy, kung sa kilusan lang naman ang paguusapan! :-)

  • jose_rizal11

    Basta komunista sinungaling yan ang turo ng amo nilang China!!! lumipat na lang kayo sa north korea!!! mga buset!!!

  • lastofdmohicans

    The armed communist rebellion in the country will inevitably end.

    The Marcos dictatorship which forced many to go underground was long gone.

    Communism as an ideology and in purest form has already been rejected from where it came from.  The environment where it thrived is gone.

    Issues like social injustice are now more of a function of criminal laws than a result of tyrannical system or institution.

    As the country continues to progress their pond goes smaller and smaller…and the fish more and more ideologically unattached.

    The core founding leadership of CPP-NPA are closed to being senile or are dying.

    Foreign funding has essentially dried up and their less than dignified fund raising via local extortion of so-called revolutionary tax only further punishes the people.
    Within 3 years after the death of Joma and Jalandoni new generation of CPP-NPA leaders who do not harbor the same trauma and hardcore maoist belief will forge a peace deal with the Philippine government.

    SUGGESTION TO MESSRS JOMA AND JALANDONI  – grab history by the horns…finished what you started…and salvage what credibility you may have left in history.  

    In an angle, your rebellion may have started out of noble beliefs…with vision to free the people.  

    BUT after many years that have passed and after many changes in the world that have occurred…RECOGNIZE NOW THAT ENDING YOUR REBELLION WILL precisely MEAN FREEING THE Filipino PEOPLE.

    A sea of Filipino blood have been shed.  Countless FIlipino lives have been lost.  Time for this to stop.




    • Albert Einstien

      i agree on everything except the ” funding “from  foreign & local  ( more zeroes now than ever…the simplest test  are the rallies more frequent more colorful…. ) ….& they still have to SEE the SOUL of revolution…GENUINE land reform… long as OLIGARGCHY rule the lands….crimson tears  will always water  the land…& elephant cries will be music in the stillness of the night…..communism or no communism..  : > )

      • Marshall

        lang wenta talaga…..

    • pangitbudhiko

      that is very well said. Nothing to add, may your tribe increase!!!!

    • P

      “ENDING YOUR REBELLION WILL precisely MEAN FREEING THE Filipino PEOPLE” uhhh!? Cla ba ang Dominante? 

    • zdrx

      susmarya…nagmakaawa ka pa… wrong number…HA HA HA.

  • rodben

    I read in the Internet that during Marcos time the Aquino’s Party ATOM and AKBAYAN were already link  with NDF-CPP..

    • Albert Einstien

      i think you should ALSO read the history of aquinos  to cpp, to their friendshp to malaysian leaders ( sabah & mnlf rebellon issue ) & communist china ( spratly, panatag & cpp re-establishment )…..

      BLOODY REBELLION began in 1968…from luzon, visayas to mindanao…who led them & who FUNDED them?

      the CPP’s “Congress of Reestablishment” was held on December 26, 1968
      the MNLF have traditionally been celebrating its anniversary every 18 March 1968, a date that coincides with the commemoration of the Jabidah Massacre. some say the formally establish in 1969.

      guess who DIVULGED the SECRETmarcos re-TAKING of SABAH ….it’s NINOY in 1968

      of course everybody know ” the whole world “..that cory & pnoy are of chinese blood…….& they become presidents of RP……… fact CORY RELEASED ALL TOP MNLF & CPP-NPA REBELS….. TRUE enough FIGHTING & MASS KILLINGS continued……MILF is about to expand their new FOUND STATE & teritory courtesy of pnoy admin…milf TERRITORIES were all conquerred & taken by ERAP admin…..they got no more territory to speak of BUT pnoy sees otherwise….

      TUWID na DAAN leads to……….your guess is good as mind… : > )

      • Marshall

        lang wenta….

      • malek_abdul

        Heard from an old man who was from Iloilo and a former activist during the Marcos years, Commander DANTE is the acronym of 5 anti-Marcos leaders and the letter N in Dante Stands for Ninoy! Can’t remember the for letters though!

      • Tristanism

        Ka Bernabe Buscayno would be proud of you.

    • barry p

      Dude, ATOM stands for August Twenty-One Movement.  The day Ninoy died.
      It was founded by Butch Aquino, among others.  It was not Ninoy’s party…in fact it was never a political party.
      Akbayan was founded in the 90s.  Wala na po si Marcos noong 90s.
      You’ve been reading too much junk materials my friend.

  • rodben

    CPP-NDF are scared the farmers if they don’t give revolutionary tax to them…they are EXTORTIONIST AND TERRORIST..the farmers said.

    • P

      Weh!… Bka nmn mga RPA-ABB at mga private armies ng mga malalaking politiko yang tinutukoy mo? Kalimitan ngpapanggap clang mga NPA d2 sa laguna pra siraan s media ang NPA at ngdadala ng takot (sub-consciously) d2… Parte cla ng ‘Psy-war’ program ng AFP. Besides, 4,000… 4,000 lng hnd pa maubos!… Kng tnatakot nla ang mga magsasaka at tao e d sna dati pa naubos n cla at wala ng NPA o yng mga CPP-NDF n iyan ngayon… My GOD!… since 80’s pa ung datos, from 26,000 plus down to 4,000… Hndi sya consistent sa arguments…

      • otire

        ayan alam na alam mo mga gawain nang bandido, kasi kayo rin talaga yang tinotukoy mo. tapos pagka nahuli hahalo sa civilian tapos civilian na. 4,000 malapit nang maging zero yan kaya pinipilit na nang amo mo na maki coalition. sige Mangarap Kayo..

  • kismaytami

    LOL! Tumatanda na ang mga bakasyonistang lider ng mga komunista. They need something done before they die. They need to have somebody to transfer their cause. Pero kung gusto talaga nila ng kapayapaan, bumaba sila mula sa mga bundok at kumandidato sa eleksyon.

    • P

      Tahimik kya s Bundok… peaceful, sariwa at healthy ang  hangin,maeenganyo ang sinumang tao na mgexplore ng mga ibat-ibang species ng mga halaman at hayop na maaring pakinabangan ng mga nakatira sa paligid. Tska mhirap tumakbo sa eleksyon ngayon cla, hnd cla nkpgfile sa Comelec at cno ang irrepresent nila? :/ for sure mddisqualify lng cla… 

  • pangitbudhiko

    CPP-NDF ano kayo hilo!!!!

    • P

      Mukang hindi…. My ineexpose lang,kaso lng hndi lahat kayang makita iyon kaagad :D

  • Wadav

    power sharing??? mga manong di ba kayo nanaginip? sa dami ng namatay sa giyera na yan tapos gusto nyo ng power??? tsk tsk tsk naku nman! 

  • truthvslies

    Improved basic government services in rural areas, minimize corruption in every sector of government, nationalize industries, create more jobs ,decent and fair wages, this rebellion will just die a natural death.

  • AllinLawisFair

    Why has a member of the powerful (only in Isabela province) Dy family been visiting Jose Maria Sison in the Dutch city of Utrecht? The last time one of the Dy’s visited Joma Sison was in mid September of this year. What was the reason for the visit?

  • LuwigVonMises

    communism is a childish and impractical idea. this people should just kill their own selves, nobody deserves to die because of their stupidity.

    • P

      Yeah Right!…

  • regd

    So, a 0.004% minority insist to have a shot of leading this country?

  • dxdaistar

    dreaming time!

  • Carlos_Iho

    The CCP/NPA/NDF and their political fronts should not be asking the government to unite with them, they should ask the people if the people want them.  Anyway, they know the answer.  What inspires them probably is the fact that the aquino government favors a few left leaning personalities.

    The communist rebels are now mostly into banditry and extortion.  Nobody wants them anymore.

    • P

      And why up untill now, inspite of numerous propagandha of our Gov’t to halt and to kill the rebellion through out decades since their inception, they are still gaining popularity and strength on many barrios and towns in the countryside? 

      • otire

        why do you use They? you must include yourself sasama ka sa kanila tapos ayaw mong e include sarili mo. pinipilit nyo lang ang mga tao sa barrio sumama. Bandido kayo. 

      • Carlos_Iho

        In the same way that you cannot totally eradicate criminal activities, the communist rebellion cannot be simply quashed while this has been reduced to terrorism, extortion and banditry. Where are they popular?  Is there a basis for this or survey perhaps?  If you have such information, please share it.  If they are still gaining popularity, they must be overly popular by now after four decades.

        Would you refer to hit and run tactics as strength?  The only thing they control are the hearts of people in the countryside, meaning, they fear or even abhor the communists rather than like them.

        Communism is passe.  Who relies more on propaganda or lies? Do you think Filipinos would like to be ruled like China, Cuba or North Korea?

  • beerhunters

    Dream on, JoMa!!

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    A coalition between the GRP and the CPP-NDF-NPA?

    This is about as wise and advisable as a bank letting somebody from the Alvin Flores or Kuratong Baleleng gang sit on its board.  Or, which is more relevant or soon will be, letting Monsignor Rufus Rodriguez and Bishop Arguelles join  a congressional group to study the feasibility of a Divorce Law.

  • jumpah

    what is the purpose of the AFP budget? find those reds and eliminate those dirty bugs of society!

  • dikoy321

    NDF asking to coalesce with the current P-Noy gov’t, after they see the ROSY future for the country is like demanding that P-Noy make ex-Priest Jalandoni a Cardinal of the Catholic church and Joma “walang itlog” Sison the new PNP Chief !

    Mga Ugok, for TERRORIZING the Filipino population you want a FAT REWARD ?

    GO GO GO P-Noy and REJECT their demands/proposals !

    Kapag pinagbigyan, para na ring nagapakamatay ang gobyernong ito !

    Forward Philippines and leave those ideologists behind in the woods !!!

  • dikoy321

    The Dys in Isabela, like Joma “eggless” Sison are all Ilocanos !  The Dys asked Sison to stay out of Isabela, in exchange for a fat check ! 

    Sison should not keep the cash alone but SHARE with his peasant idologues in the mountains !

    Sison and Jalandoni are in their TWILIGHT years, Lost AURA, broken PROMISES that DESTROYED so many DREAMS & HOPES !

    Both could be likened to the dead Cambodian Pol Pot and the old Ieng Sary — all Blah Blah Blah but NOTHING good for the country, but a little CASH in their pockets

    Remembber that “eggless” Joma has Thrice been denied Dutch ASYLUM because Communism is now legal in the Philippines !  Bishop Jalandoni was lucky he got asylum during the childhood of Bongbong Marcos !  This bishop surely did not marry a former nun to be celibate !  Remember that priests and nuns make a SACRED VOW to not marry nor give in to the temptation of the “flesh” !

    Forward Philippines and leave them behind bars or in the jungle with a DYING STRUGGLE !!!

  • wawangpenoy

     Dealing and negotiating with these communists is a blunder. It’s about time that the Philippine government ends this “insurgency”. We know very well that the AFP doesn’t want this ended for budgetary purposes. At least, declare them as bandits and terrorists, as in fact they are.

  • Vertumnus

    Government is right! There’s no sense going to bed with the devil!  NDF has been and always will be a terrorist group.  They extorted, kidnapped, ransom, killed scores of innocent people.  They are nothing but a bunch of armed bandits that China and even former communist Russia ending their support years ago.  The only solution to this problem, is to have an all out war.
    For decades it’s been détente and occasional clashes with them.  Nothing good will come from sharing power with them.  Terrorist don’t share power.  They just kill you!

    • RomyLitz

      The CPP-NPA’s method of convincing the citizens is thru arsons and murders yet they want to aspire for equality and justice. Where is justice when they make decisions of executions of innocents individuals and companies guilty of violating their own ideologies? How can two people be EQUAL when one of the two is pointing a muzzle to one’s head? The CPP-NPAs are good at convincing people by the bullets. They should run for a post , and try to muscle some votes based on their speaking talents in expounding their ideologies. Once they are in the senate or house of congress, they can argue their ideologies and see if majority will vote for their brand of equality and justice. If they claim the election is not fair then build laws that can make the election fair and square. But first they have to be the majority of the lawmakers. That’s democracy.

  • Josemakabayan

    The power they can’t achieve in decades long armed struggle they want now to achive thru talks ???? Dream on until your twilight years !!!!!!

    • RomyLitz

      that’s our mistake since we put the joker and the entertainers in the senate. Now these day dreamers in the NPA are hoping they can do it in one week’s time.

  • $37644997

    This is the problem with AFP,national police being elated from their current positions and ranks with-out a clear view of their accomplishments. They watch the public and but no one dares to watch them.What are the chances of winning over insurgence when some of them have become it in terms of corruption and innability to counter evil purposes of that nature?I suggest that the public must watch them too and snitch them to national media for the continuance of public awareness  as we see fit for ourselves and to benefit the entire nation as a whole.Be this words of mine serve as a friendly reminder to all.

  • Karabukov

    They are living the life and all these so-called negotiating tactics are not for real. This clearly ridiculous demand for a coalition is more aimed at their now miniscule base of supporters and foreign donors. If they go for true social issues that are realistic they might get more mileage. But they clearly are looking forward to what becomes of their status and personal future once they ask their followers to lay down their arms. 

  • Juan

    No way. most of them are just lazy and most of them don’t even know the history of communism. Just bunch of bandits. They were mostly the reason why educated people do not go back to the countryside after their studies. samahan mo pa ng mga idiotic military and police force who rome during the day.

  • pablowescobar

    di nyo na kelangan magtalo pa dito. daming nadali sa kanila dahil sa bagyong pablo. natumba nga mga puno at niyog, mga tao pa kaya sa bundok? 

  • P

    Ano akala mo pkikinggan ni PNOY ang suggestion at comments mo d2? Bgo mo p lng mbasa ang article n binanggit sa itaas, alam na alm n ni PNOY at ng mga knyang mga kapwa tuta kng ano ang gagawin… Aba! pra saan pa ang pgging no.1ruling class nya sa ating lipunan. Natural! hndi nya ito papayagan,dhil tinakda na ito ng knyang Social Class… :)

  • indiosbravos2002

    Communism is a dead ideology. Gone are the days when communism and socialism attract the cream of the crop because the ideology has becme too detached from social reality– in other words, irrelevant. In this country, the NPA has become a joke. They are now commonly referred to as a band of bandits– terrorizing businesses and rural folks. IMHO, I think they do not have anything else to offer to the Filipino public. Instead of demanding concessions with the government, they should be lucky the government is too busy attending to more serious matters and has not waged a full scale war aganst their miniscule forces or whatever is left of it.

    • scconcern

      Communism is not dead, they just evolved to so called liberilize socialism(China & Cuba). Capitalism has evolved to socialize capitalism(USA, Canada & most of Europe). The two major “ism” are both good and bad. Capitalism promotes individualism, compitition, exploitation and greed. Communism promotes equality, universality, social justice and complesancy.
      Philippines is categorize as plutocratic pseudo democracy. Psuedo democracy because the people does not have power or control, though they vote. The power and control is in the wealthy (landlords, bankers, politician, businessman and econimic criminals).
      This coming election, we will see the “BUY the people, FOOL the poeple and OFF(sipa) the people”.

      • RomyLitz

        All men are created equal but the equality is lost since the structural functions of one’s brain, IQ level and investment of diligence by any two persons are not always equal. These pro-communist Filipino citizens should run for an elective post in the senate or in the congress where they can expound more  with the majority’s leaderships and let’s see if they can convince them to build laws that suits their ideologies. Why resort to killings and arsons to make a point? One point I already presented is that not all votes are equal, the PH.D holders must have more quantitative reckoning than the no-read-no-write voters. The COMELEC must proposed revision of vote counting method where different merit or credit systems are made into laws by the congress. Second Point, make the interference by the religious leaders as an act of willingness to pay taxes.Third, make education from kindergarten to PH.D level be subsidized by the government.

      • scconcern

        Killing is one of human weakness cause by fear and emotion, not logic. The  existing and evolving phylosophy (religion and “ism”) are part of our survival and existence in this world. We should learn to accept all ideas, for they have reason for existence. What we have to do is analyse the start, causes, reasons for their changes in society, then combine/mix what is beneficial to mankind.
        Greed and trangression are evil emotions that we have to challenge and correct whithin ourselves.

  • P

    It’s an epochal struggle… :) is it that great! :)

    • RomyLitz

      Or the saga of a wastefull energies and thousands of dead recruited gullibles farmers and naive but smart students at UP and PUP.

  • joerizal

    Hindi marunong itong si PNoy. I-hire niya na lang si Boy Abunda para magkalat ng intriga at tsismis sa loob ng NDF tapos sila-sila ang magpapatayan.

  • disqus_ZrxaGjUzMQ


  • Don Dee

    CPP-NPA only serves one good purpose, target practice for the AFP!

  • zdrx

    why even talk to this criminals? they bomb the LP political rally in plaza miranda just to put the country in chaos and swell their ranks. they are the reason why a certain idiot named ferdinand marcos prolonged his term and made the country bankrupt. they are a bunch of  $$#*^% who don’t care about human lives and consequences, just to reach their goal of power grab. they subvert and fool the people to fight their war…while they enjoy the safety of the netherlands. the NPA has resorted to banditry because they have nothing to eat in the mountains… while this criminals eats grapes and apples in europe just for the fun of it.

    parents cared for their children to grow according to their hopes and aspirations…and this criminals made those children became wayward chasing and dying for an illusion. parents invested so much feeding their children, spent for their medical care, worked hard for their education…and this criminals made the youths fight, suffer and die for their ideology of power grab. they even kill this youths in the mountains just because of unfounded allegations as DPA.

    all communists legal and underground, in the country must be rounded up, lined against the wall and shot. they are frauds anyway.


    It high time in this day and age for the NPA and their political arm NDF to give their arm struggle and join the political sphere. Their relevance in this days of social network and mobility of people is gone. The arm struggle does not make sense

  • romfagen

    the NDF/CPP/NPA is never for the welfare of the Philippines. they only care about gaining and seizing power.

    they never educated the MASA that they claim to defend and serve. the same MASA that has been voting into office DIMWIT celebrities and ROTTEN politicians!

    • beerhunters

      exactly! the same masa the commies(en sotto voce) in their plenum derisively call the “lumpen proletariat”.

  • watsupdoc

    With so many leftists in the Aquino govt it would not be a wonder if Pnoy will entertain Jalandoni and Joma in the Palace to discuss the obnoxious idea to have a coalition with the communists. The late Ninoy was himself a commie lover. In fact his wife released the top commie from prison when she became President. The guy is now enjoying his steaks in the Netherlands while his fighters are eating camote in the mountains.

  • salomeahmad

    Envious of the Gov’t accommodation of the Moros who at best fought them to a draw for the last 40 yrs. w/  political & economic tie-up of Muslim/Arab pressure for playing host to our thousands of OFW’s. Until the NDF, can duplicate this, the Gov’t is unlikely to sue for peace & capitulate, at least at the moment.

  • Almighty Creator

    “The matter on coalition government was never discussed in the recently
    concluded informal meeting on the special track. There was no such offer

  • Mabuhay

    marami ng NDF sa Congress..ok na yun….well represented na….

  • Mabuhay

    najan na si ka Satur, Casino, Walden Bello, Liza Masa…etc….ok na yan..well represented na ang NDF…..Papasok na rin si Rizza Hontiveros sa Senado pa…left leaning din yan….ano pa ang gusto nyo……takbo kayo president sa 2016? pwede rin….onli in the Philippines….ang mga bading at tibo well represented na rin in both houses he he he….ang saya sa Pinas…..

  • Don Dee

    Seriously CPP-NPA-NDF-commie-bastards, as far as negotiations go, the only “offer” we want to hear from your side and that will be taken seriously is that you surrender your arms, return to the fold, demand immunity from criminal liability from all activities done as combatant, and maybe even ask the government for livelihood program as you start your new life. Say that and we may think you are being serious. Power sharing? That stuff is not even funny.

    • RomyLitz

      There’s only one person who can entertain this joke about coalition, the ubiquitous Sen.Joker.

  • josefe38



    • RomyLitz

      You are conflicting yourself very arroyotically. One, the NPAs are supporting the Hacienda Luisita’s farmers for the distribution of hectares of land, then , Aquino’s government is against it. How can Pnoy be judged as a communist? Two, if indeed he’s a pro NPA, the USA’s CIA wont allow it.

  • RomyLitz

    Dont know why both talks on coalition or negotiation with the gov’t is still a quixotical inspiration by Jalandoni and Joma. Government should start arresting or annihilating these 4,000 mosquitos. Any baranggay captain can put up a real fight with these hide and seek buffoons.

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