UP-DOST monorail makes maiden trip on campus



UP DILIMAN’S “New Wheels” on its Quezon City campus took riders (from left) Science Secretary Mario Montejo, UP president Dr. Alfredo Pascual, Science Assistant Secretary Bob Dizon, UP vice president for development Elvira Zamora and UP vice president for public affairs Prospero de Vera for a short spin during the test run of the Automated Guideway Transit (AGT) on Friday. RAFFY LERMA

A  FAST, comfortable train ride with a fabulous view of the campus greenery.

This is what riders will experience when the train system on the University of the Philippines campus in Diliman, Quezon City, is fully operational.

Hours before Friday’s annual Lantern Parade, UP officials hopped aboard the university’s own monorail for a quick joyride to test their new wheels.

“We are looking out for the small things such as comfort to improve the train system. So far, so good,” said Science and Technology Secretary Mario Montejo, whose agency spearheaded the development of the 465-meter long monorail.

DILIMAN EXPRESS. The Automated Guideway Transit (AGT) makes a test run on the 495-meter-long elevated track on the UP Diliman campus on Friday. The 30-passenger coach is fully automated, driverless (and) electricity-run,” according to Science Secretary Mario Montejo. It’s right on track with a fabulous view of the campus green. RAFFY LERMA

The Automated Guideway Transit (AGT)—a project of the Department of Science and Technology and UP—made its maiden trip Friday, nearly a year and a half after  it was launched at groundbreaking ceremonies.

UP President Alfredo Pascual said the test run was just “on schedule.”

“We hoped to make a test run in time for the Lantern Parade, so I guess we beat the deadline,” he said  after  taking a ride in   one of the two air-conditioned coaches.

Select UP and DOST officials rode the monorail’s test track from the College of Fine Arts on E. Jacinto Street to C.P. Garcia Avenue and back, with each trip taking less than five minutes.

From the monorail, one could see the UP’s  green landscape, albeit at a slower pace.

“Will there be an announcement at the approach of each station too?’” one of the passengers asked, comparing the system to the MRT and LRT network.

Constructed by Miescor Builders Inc. to the tune of P31 million, the AGT stands on a 6.1 meter-high, 465 meter-long track and runs on rubber wheels to reduce the  noise factor.

Montejo said the AGT is an entirely Filipino venture and will be a “fully-automated, driverless” electricity-run monorail.

The interiors of the 30-passenger coaches are similar to the MRT coaches, although on a smaller scale.

Construction on the project began this year, taking six months to complete.

Friday’s test run was at a speed of 10 to 12 kph or 15 Hertz of electricity, but Montejo said the monorail can go up to 45 kph.

The monorail will be evaluated by a team from the UP College of Engineering and the National Center for Transportation Studies for two months, or until February.

“We will look at the project’s feasibility to see if this is a better option,” Pascual said when asked if the tracks would be extended to cover other parts of the campus.

Electricity-run mass transport is an answer to mitigating the effects of climate change, he added.

Montejo said they are thinking of getting a “critiquing public” who will ride the monorail on invitation to assess the ride.

Since the AGT is Filipino-made, its cost is only a fifth of prevailing costs, but is still competitive in quality, the secretary said.

And if future passengers are worried about train fares, the monorail is not a money-making venture, he added.

“This is a developmental project,” Montejo said.

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  • mulanay

    Ang tanong, paano ngayon ang mga operator at drayber ng mga pangit na jeepney na umiikot sa UP Diliman campus? 

    • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

      Test drive lang ito para pag-aralan kung feasible o hindi. Hindi kakasya ang mga pasahero dito at hindi ito aabot sa magkakaibang department. 500 meters? E samantalang yung distance sa pagitan ng Kalayaan at Math building e 4,000 meters na.

    • http://www.brownmantrips.com/ ian l www.brownmantrips.com

      as per UP Admin po… wala pa daw pong plano silang nilalabas na ito ay gagamitin sa campus. Yung lumabas na map na may line daw ay hindi galing sa kanila. They just volunteered na Ihost ang testing area for the AGT.

  • nti_boohaya

    Good one.  Makes me so proud.  Front page material. Wish you all the best.

  • Ross18

    More of this pinoy made please, I hoped this would be the start of our goverment supporting projects that will help our economy get better. Well done UP.

  • akamai_kolohe

    Good job & well done UP!  Keep up the awesome work.  Just imagine the jobs and other spin-off if this will go into commercial production and installed in every major cities of the Philippines and perhaps beyond our shores.  Mass transport is the way to go. 

  • khalil hizon

    hope to see this being used to connect NAIA 1, 2 and 3

    • blainz

      Very good suggestion.

      I hope they build more of these in Metro Manila and connect them with the LRT/MRT lines. Less pollution, less noise, less traffic, less dependence on imported oil.

      I might just take a trip around UP in one of these things when its all up and running.

      Pinoys can do anything other nationalities can, they just have to break free of corruption, cynicism, and crab mentality.

  • http://www.brownmantrips.com/ ian l www.brownmantrips.com


    Just want to comment not to call it monorail. Because as we can see dalawa po yung rail na tinutuntungan nung car. 

    Also thank you sa updates we as Filipinos are really excited about this development sana mailagay ito connecting the LRT and MRT sa Pasay to NAIA Terminals


    • Guest

      It runs on one rail at the bottom to the left of the picture.

  • melbourne333

    Good start! Congrats! I  hope DOST and others will also research and venture into TIDAL/WAVE
    ENERGY sector. Our vast coastline and inlets have enormous potential to generate electricity.
    Australia has started on this as it is installing 1-10 MW projects in Darwin and a smaller prototype about 2MW here in Victoria.

    Our island provinces especially would benefit from this technology instead of using diesel-powered barges. Go renewable energy !!!

    • batangpaslit

      mag formally propose ka, Bro, sa kinaukulan

  • Guest

    A journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step!  The Philippines has thousands of miles to go before we catch up with Japan, South Korea or Singapore

    Makes me proud to be Pinoy!  See doesn’t take a lot to make people proud of their country!

    • batangpaslit

      so, you’re not a guest. you’re a Kabayan..hehehe

  • Guest

    Anyone know if the supporting tires are solid or inflated tires?  Kinda scary if tires blow out with that thing so high up in the air.

  • divictes

    “…is an answer to mitigating the effects of climate change,,,” Correct.  But if you keep building coal-fired power plants to supply the electricity, you defeat the purpose.

    • http://www.facebook.com/oustcorona ILL_HIT_YOUR_FACE

      Start Googling

    • willydee68

      Alas, electric trains — even when operated by electricity generated from fossile sources — ar far superior in energy efficiency above any combustion engine vehicle in the market.

  • payutenyodagimas

    if they can build monorail, that mean they can build also train systems..

    i wonder why we still need to import those mrt/lrt trains..it saves on dollars and generate employment

    • batangpaslit

      hahaha…natumbok mo
      sa importation kasi, magka pera kaagad kung sino man ang involved sa transaction

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6KQ3DYZP5GWHYFQOAVUT4X6JCY Sal

    at least now the government is recognizing local talents, skills and knowledge. maybe in the future we need not import rice and pinoys will stay

    • batangpaslit

      a matter of political will, Sal, political will

  • joseph bautista

    Kudos, way to go to a world class university!

    • wheelers

      how would you remove the senators and congressman n graduate sa wanbol university.
      ang mga lawmakers ntin ay graduate din ng AB normal college

      • batangpaslit

        pilyo…buti na lang at naka lower case ang “normal”

  • zombie77

    For many years……….we havent really invested much in R & D………so we lagged behind other countries.But this is a good start. The government should encourage  and put more money into the development of clean and sustainable energy…….

    • batangpaslit

      may punto..

  • tilamsik

    Now this is news… sana wag payagang pagsamantalahan ng mga negosyante.  Yan ang galing Pinoy!  

    • wheelers

      bakit mga negosyante????? malapit n ang election, tignan mo kung paano gamitin yan ng mga corrupt n politician. mas marami din jan ang gustong imported kasi may por diyes porsiyento. wla silang pakialam kung malugi ang government at maghirap ang mas maraming pinoy.

    • batangpaslit

      nothing wrong to produce it commercially and export it offshore to generate much need foreign revenues

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AYITA5V33GYZSLC3G37UCVNTKA Ben

    Bravo! I`m proud to be a Filipino!

    I thought the DOST is just sleeping in the kangkunga or pancitan and does not have the real technology or engineering talents to build such a fantastic infrastructure.

     Keep up the good work! Once you perfect it, the DOST should offer it to the PPP managers to try it out in Manila International airport connecting the domestic NAIA 2 and 3, and out to the LRT station. After that, they should build a more larger and high speed design to serve the Southern corridor of the PNR tracts, and we can then be proud of our own engineering talents. Next to focus on R & D is radar technology and  missile and guidance technology to use for defense and lifting satellite payload in the space and activate the Bong Bong 1 and 2 ICBM projects of Marcos administration before. PNoy and congress should allocate more money for the big research and development that the DOST would like to study, develop and install for the Filipino to use.

    • batangpaslit

      bakit…dati, di ka proud? rain or shine, Bro, h’wag tayong  mahiya sa ating lahi.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AYITA5V33GYZSLC3G37UCVNTKA Ben

        Actually iho, if you can just research my commentary since the past three years, actually more than three years I was always asking the DOST to wake up from their deep slumber..and yes, I was not proud of them before because they were not active enough.

      • batangpaslit

        NOW That you qualified yourself that you specifically refer to a government agency that you are “not proud” of their lackaidasical perforamce as a the premiere agency to do R&D, I take back what I said.
        I am a proud man too. But, I am not embarrassed to retract what I sid if am stand corrected.
        Ipatuloy, Ben, ang krusada mo.
        Ako…frustrated Pinoy.
        Dati, member ako ng Self-Reliance Defense Posture Program, a joint special committee of the Armed Forces and DND to develop in-country manufactured ordnance materiel.
        Dahil kulang sa political will, naging ningas kugon lang.

  • tuldok

    Good news for the UP community…

    Bye Ikot and Toki!    it was 0.15c when I was a freshman….eons ago :)

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_44JMK2UGPXICPBKLDGLKPXLXWQ Loy

      Diyes sentimos lang nun kami. Nun freshman ako, I would just ride it for the fun and alight at the same place I took it. At wala pa Toki nuon, Ikot lang talaga.  I really find calling the counter route to Ikot rather nice and culturally Pinoy – a propensity to the Pinoy’s sense of humor and wit. That’s the Diliman Spirit!

      • batangpaslit

        nagka halataan na….hehehe

    • batangpaslit

      hehehe….nag nostalgic lane ka pa.
      ako, pag napabakasyon at pumunta ng U.P. grounds para lang mahiga sa lilim ng mga acacia, nilakad ko na lang from PhilCoa, naka exercise pa.
      pag ginutom, bili ng banana cue doon sa may malapit sa post office.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YOMCZQCTU7GGH4MIV7XDEE62FI Yoel Infiniti

    kaya pala natin ng ganyan eh, buhusan ng pondo ang DOST, i hire lahat ng pinakamagaling nating  engineers, scientist at physicist, Let’s build warplanes, warships at mga modern weapons in that way we will be shooting many birds in one stone, income generating na mayron pa tayong armas na pangdepensa…MABUHAY ANG LAHING KAYUMANGGI!!!!

    • MnlaBoy

      Dude, walang lahing kayumanggi.

      • Chameleon08

        The problem is the government. They can task the people to pay for the billion dollars loan from ADB for their CCT (P45 billion fund for 2013) but can’t use their heads to support projects and programs like what UP excellently accomplished. 

    • batangpaslit

      Bro, Circa 80s, dati akong member ng Self-Reliant Defense Posture Program (SRDP), a Special Joint Committee of the Armed Forces and the Dept of Nat’l Defense.
      Our mandate is to develop in-country manufactured ordnance materiel.
      Talagang merong capability tayo to do what you outlined here. Problema, hindi naman seryoso ang mga kinaukulanan. Napasubo lang tayo.
      Ningas kugon ba…

  • KpTUL

    awesome ! now we see results from dost

  • playamoth

    pa-contest at pangalanan natin ang UP monorail.

    • batangpaslit

      sige…mag contribute ako. equivalent sa isang buwang sahod ng call service centre agent.
      pero, sino ang mag administer? baka mabulsa lang ng kung sino ang contribution mo?

  • Pork_Republik

    Bravo DOST & UP!!! Things like this makes me want to go to the BIR office and pay my taxes earlier than scheduled. Hats off to Sec. Montejo!

    Now, what I’m waiting is for PNRI (Philippine Nuclear Research Institute) announcement that they have successfully switch-on their test facilities for enriching Uranium!


    • orphidian11

      Thorium na lang. Wag na Uranium para mahirap gawing bomba

      • batangpaslit

        saan maka kuha ng thorium? sino ang gumagamit nian ngaon?

    • g219h

      Yes! Go Nuclear Phils. This will definitely stop the bullies (attention China)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_44JMK2UGPXICPBKLDGLKPXLXWQ Loy

    Mas maganda sana if yun mga UP alumni na legislators would just shelve Five Percent (5%) of their PDAF to fund a continuing research of a homegrown technology for mass transport like this monorail.   Then, DOST can manage that sum which can be the “seed money” for a Diliman Fund to attract additional funds for research and development.  When those enterpreneurs build their monorail in Ayala or Ortigas or San Juan, they can avail of this technology and the Diliman Fund can make money on royalties for further research. Hence, we save foreign exchange in importing monorail technologies while providing local jobs when they are fabricated here. If they can put that up in so short a time, I wonder what kept Mr. Kho Reena from groundbreaking an MRT expansion line during his watch. Now, Mr. Joseph seems to be following the footsteps of his predecessor.

    • Pork_Republik

      That would be possible if you let the politicians have their self-praising tarpaulins wrap up all over the project.

      • batangpaslit

        hahaha…approved din ako kung ilagay pangalan nila sa rail tracks
        but let us qualify it, Bro.
        politics per se is not evil. politics is neuter. what makes it devilish is partisanship.

    • batangpaslit

      your blog is powerful
      i just wonder, if the referred Alumni have still a heart, or a conscience that is not seared to heed your clarion call

  • Chameleon08

    Excellent technical capability of Pilipinos simply showed by UP! Congratulations!

    Sadly, the Philippine government remains adamant in their scarce support for these brilliant minds because partisan politics is their stupid priority. Foreign loans are poured on programs that are useless that they encourage the culture of mendicancy like the CCT (continuing corruption and treachery) instead of supporting programs that could create jobs like what UP had just demonstrated. Building a fishing boat shipbuilding plant, farm tractors factory and technological researches. P30 billion is already enough for these. CCT has P45 billion budget for 2013. Isn’t that crazy?

    Last time, CCT handler Sec. Stnky Soliman went to Cateel, Davao Oriental. She just showed her stark face without bringing enough food and medicine for the typhoon victims. Has the P21 billion CCT fund evaporated already?

    • batangpaslit

      you are wise Chameleon….i fully concur with your observation and political assessment

  • initrd

    Congratulations UP & DOST !

  • alex_diaz2014

    Galing! Kung ang lahat ng sangay ng gobyerno ay walang korupsyon, malayo talaga mararating ng bansa natin.

    • batangpaslit

      ang sinabi mo, Bro, bagay talaga sa ID mo

    • Chameleon08

      Politicians are spending millions to win  and sit in positions with meager salaries.And people sell their votes. Simply shown that corruption rule as long as the voters allow them. Worse, stupid people go to positions unfit for them because they have money coming from lobbyists and foolish donors. 

  • concern_netizen

     Two thumbs up!!!

    • batangpaslit

      tatlo na…may isa pa akong thumb na maiangat ko eh….hehehe

  • iduniq

    Hopefully the government will not just support these “experiments” but more importantly will help put these into common use.

    • batangpaslit

      you’re a political genius. tumpak!

  • tamakajan

    Cool! great job!

  • xxxriainxxx

    It took UP and DOST what DOTC should have done in the first place.

    • batangpaslit

      Meron ba silang research facilities to do what DOST and U.P. was able to accomplish?

  • Christian Alis

    “… Friday’s test run was at a speed of 10 to 12 kph or 15 Hertz of electricity…”

    What does 15 Hertz of electricity mean? Hertz is a unit of frequency and the nearest quantity it may refer to is the power source frequency, which is usually 220 Hz in the Philippines. It might mean 15 W of electrical power but that is too small. kph is kilometers per hour, by the way.

    • Rey

      Sorry, the Philippine’s Electric grid is 220 volts at 60 Hertz

    • willydee68

      Hertz is the frequency indeed. But a linear motor — which is often used to drive mono rails — is frequency controlled. The frequency raises, the coach accelerates. Also conventional (rotating) electric motors are often frequency controlled. And no, the grid frequency is not 220 Hz in the Philippines, but 60 Hz. The current is 220 V.

      • Christian Alis

        Thanks. So the wheels turn at 15 revolutions per second.

        My bad on the 220 Hz. I was thinking of the rms voltage. Should be 60 Hz as you mentioned.

  • Rey

    With an earthquake-prone country like ours, it would have been safer to build a wider coach on a wider track. And 31 million pesos is too high considering that (a) the land was not purchased, (b) no special equipment used for the rail construction, (c) no special preparation for the soil substrate, (d) it is a very light rail, and (e) the coaches were built locally and thus, at a lower cost.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Gerona/1385084187 Jason Gerona

      may pagka aktibista ka ahh, remember PROJECT eto. Ibig sabihin, may trial and error. mas mabuting original design lahat, baka sabihin ng iba, photocopy lang yan.

      Wala munang kokontra please, ang epal kasi pag may mga ganitong klaseng tao, na budget lang palagi ang tinitingnan. Hindi yung, experience, at technology na nadevelop, at pwede pang madevelop. dahil sa initial project na yan.

      • DarkJustice

        Hindi po original design yan, It is a Filipino made not Filipino invention po. Ganyan po ang mga train dito sa bansa na tinitirhan ko sa ngayon,matagal na po yang technology. Maganda at gawa sa Pinas para maka-generate ng employment at ma-improve ang transport system natin sa Pinas. :-)

      • Chameleon08

        China exploited and profited from reverse engineering.

        On earthquake, the engineers must develop sensors and systems to detect the tremors like in the bullet train in Japan that automatically stops during an earthquake. Of course, the tract must be firm and stable in the first place. Remember and see the pictures of what happened to Kobe, Japan in 1995?

      • Rey

        Pare, hindi ako epal. Remember, iniisip nila kung puwedeng dugtungan. Kung ganun, yung unang phase, na makitid, ay mananatili at yung susunod na mga phases ay ganun din. Magnitude 5 lang laglag na. At kung ang gagastusin din lang ay pera ng gobyerno, walang lisensiya ang iba na sabihing experience muna. We should always look for the ‘best bang for the buck’. Moreover, how much (percentage-wise) does it entail to widen the track and the coaches by a meter? NOT MUCH. By that, what will be the increase in safety factor? BIG. Remember, libre ang lupa. For the coaches, you just extend the axles and widen the chassis. Marami tayong foundry at machine shops, basta tama lang ang klase ng bakal na gagamitin. Yung body, hindi malaking problema yan.

        Ang taong puna lang ang alam na ihain, puwedeng epal. Pero kung may kasamang suhestiyon, puwedeng katulong.

        Mag-ingat ka naman sa mga salita mo.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/NIHSGQRLMFSZVA42LTJWDW5VQ4 rosenda

        Mukhang expert ka ah..hinay hinay lang kabayan..Testing  pa lang yan..then pag okay na mass production na yan. Sa bansa natin na nagsisimula pa lang bumangon gawa ng mga gyera na ilang dekada, korupsyon na ilang dekada..nagsisimula pa lang na bumangon ang Pinas  sa bagong administrasyon. Hinay hinay lang at darating din tayo dyan. 

      • batangpaslit

        Ano ang sinabi ni Rey na masama?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T5EQG5T54JC6TQOOKJSCU6MQJQ Diego

         ikaw na magaling! Hindi ka na nga nakakatulong e..kokontra ka pa..

      • Rey

        Ano ang problema mo? Hindi ba nakakatulong ang nagbibigay ng suggestions for improvement? May kinontra ba ako?

      • batangpaslit

        Bro, ano ang “epal”? Are you an engineer?

      • batangpaslit

        Jason, is it evil to be an “aktibista”?

        If there is nothing to conceal, whoever are behind the project have nothing to be afraid of?

        We need fiscalizers, not the so called “evil advocate”. An honest work will stand even the most vicious scrutiny.

    • batangpaslit

      Rey, were you part of the planning group that conceptualized the project? What is your approximate cost?

      If the total cost is prorated into dollar fund, it is only around $775,000.00. Wala pang $1M. The amount—did it cover both the administrative and operating cost, e.g., salaries, research, etc?

      If the coaches is imported, how much is the price—landed price? Am curious to know so that I have some basis to compare what the discrepancy is.

  • pinakatagotago

    OK, peyups! tapos na tayo sa 12Km max velocity output. baka pwedeng matriple naman ang speed plus more measures for passenger safety para pwede nang ma produce ito on industrial scale at maibenta na sa buong bansa. imbes na mangutang tayo for a similar infrastructure eh kaya naman palang gawin sa atin. 

    hats off! 

    PS: what 15Hz? aren’t they suppose to measure the speed according to its electromotive force consumption and that shouldn’t be in hertz?

    • g219h

      I think the article refers to electromagnetic waves/radiation, but it’s still too small to be correct.

    • batangpaslit

      engineer ka Ms Tago nag Tago?
      i don’t mind the terms as long it is defined. what matters to me is a clean, efficient, safe, and affordable mode of transportation

    • Rey

      I think the phrase “speed of 10 to 12 kph or 15 Hertz” should be “speed of 10 to 12 kph at 15 Hertz”. The speed of Linear Induction Motors are controlled by the frequency of the EMF. Applying a full power grid frequency of 60 Hertz would have resulted in a speed of 40-48 kph.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2DG3R2AAQZDON2KH45T3YC5DOA del pillar

    Congrats to all who contributed to this invention……I believe there are lots of improvements that can be done in this kind transportation which is environmental friendly, not to mention the economic advantage it will give the country in general and its constituents in particular!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DarkJustice

      It is a Filipino made not Filipino invention po. Ganyan po ang mga train dito sa bansa na tinitirhan ko sa ngayon,matagal na po yang technology. Maganda at gawa sa Pinas para maka-generate ng employment at ma-improve ang transport system natin sa Pinas. :-)

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/NIHSGQRLMFSZVA42LTJWDW5VQ4 rosenda

        Oo nga ganyan din dito sa bansa na nandito ako, driverless, mabilis powered by electricity din. Maganda kung ganito ang gagamitin natin sa Pinas

      • batangpaslit

        Bro…bakit naman Dark Justice?

    • batangpaslit


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Gerona/1385084187 Jason Gerona

    i hope eto na ang papalit sa mga jeepney sa lahat ng ciudad sa Pilipinas. Para mabawasan ang Pullotion

    • batangpaslit


  • Ronald Diaz

    Congrats to UP.. job well done.

    • batangpaslit

      you can say it again. pero, hintay ka…siguro U.P. grad ka rin kaya may pag contrats congrats ka pa….hehehe

  • dequis

    gumawa na ng madami nyan, ang tagal eh. palakihin ng konti pabilisin ng triple. tayo na lang mga pinoy ang walang speed train eh, puro karag karag na PNR. sa Mindanao ilagay iyan nang matigil na sa kakapangiyera mga kapatid nating Muslin.

    • batangpaslit

      may punto din..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/H47PVJLKV3ACUSFV4JA25SMYJI Brains


  • http://www.facebook.com/simoun.magaalahas.10 Simoun Magaalahas

    Sana supportahan ito ng gobyerno natin ito at sana huwag naman paginteresan ng mga pulitiko..

    • batangpaslit

      ang DOST, hindi ba government agency? ang U.P., hindi ba state institution of learning funded by the government?

      wala namang masama sa politics. neuter naman ang politics, Bro. ang nagapasama ay ang PARTISAN politics.

      • http://www.facebook.com/simoun.magaalahas.10 Simoun Magaalahas

        May sinabi ba akong ahensya ng gobyerno. PULITIKO po  ibig sabihin tao ito na nanunungkulan sa gobyerno, bata ka pa nga talaga magbasa ka muna bago ka mag kumento ng ibang kritiko.

      • batangpaslit

        “Sana supportahan ito ng gobyerno natin ito at sana huwag naman paginteresan ng mga pulitiko..” Simoun MagaalahasMr Jeweller, heto ang sinabi mo na sinagot ko:Sabi mo: sana suportahan ito ng gobyerno.Sagot ko: ang DOST hindi ba gobyerno; ang U.P. hindi ba State UniverstiySabi mo: huwag pag interesan ng pulitikoSagot ko: partisan politics ang masama hindi politicsTao nga ang pulitiko. Partisanhsip refers to the person. Since politics per se is neuter. Ayaw mo pulitiko? Eh, saan ba galing ang appropriations ng mga pondo na ginagamit ng gobyerno na sinasabi mong dapat mag suporta sa mga gawain tulad nito? Hindi ba sa Congress? At sino ba ang nanungkulan sa Congress? Hindi pa tao—hindi mga pulitiko? Tsong, kung hindi mo kaya maki pag palitan ng kuro-kuro sa mga usapan tulad nito, eh, huwag kang sumali.Kung mali ka, amininin mo. Kung tama ka, pupurihin kita. Tama, bata nga ako, pero, marunong naman akong mag kilatis kung ano ang tama at kung ano ang mali. Kund wala akong alam, aaminin ko. Kung alam ko sasabihin ko ang alam ko.Let freedom of discussion ring. Argue against the merit of the subject matter being argued.

  • pepito gwaps

    Ballistic missile naman siguro gagawin ng Mapua…lol

    • batangpaslit

      hehehe..approve ako dian

  • Topioquin

    I’m sure the activists will never try a planking protest along the rail

  • RJ

    Having just vacationed at Singapore, I approve this step in the right direction. However, this is simply the hardware. A significant factor to complete this move is to prepare the people-ware as well. By that I mean the passengers should all be taught discipline in how to enter and exit.

    Those getting on should stay on either side of the path from the door while waiting for the alighting passengers to exit, If your stop is further along then go further inside the coach, Not to be sexist but this definitely also includes female passengers. If everyone is disciplined then your act of crowding the door at the behest of all other passengers clearly becomes unjustified. I also like how you have to stay on the right side if you are simply riding the escalator to let those climbing up use the left side.

    These are simple concepts which can greatly enhance even the experience on our existing MRTs/LRTs. Unfortunately, Filipinos are generally rather poor when it comes to discipline. I used to wonder if it would be worth the effort using the displays at the stations to continuously air the above concepts in case the majority would actually learn to adopt them.

    • g219h

      I agree. I was frustrated to see many kababayans failed to follow the unwritten rule of discipline esp when it comes to simply waiting for their turn, in a queue, in a train etc.
      One time, I had to tell a lady to stand aside after she cut the line on a food chain.

      Very embarrassing to see fellow pilipinos who could not follow a simple rule of thumb— queue the line at the very last not in middle nor in the first where someone was already there.

      She gave me an evil look after I politely told her to go to the last of the queue and wait for her turn.

    • kalikasanipagtanggol

       discipline? that is a new word for most of pinoys in the country! most pinoys outside of the country are disciplined, not because they want to but it is the stricter policy of the host country!

      • g219h

        Unortunately most are not. I have been in many places and noted that ang nagkakalat  at nag-iinggay ay palaging ang pilipino.

        Sana OFW and DOLE train /discipline them as part of their induction program before going abroad.

      • RJ

        That is kind of my point. Discipline has to be instilled first and maintained until it becomes habit. If the line is opened up to the public without a strict policy of discipline in place, then I wouldn’t be surprised if the experience similarly deteriorates as it does at our existing lines. It would be very beneficial then if they have such a program of educating the people on this new line. Make it part of the improvement research they are carrying out perhaps instead of just focusing on the technological aspect.

  • g219h

    Teka why in UP only? Do it across the Phils. DOST where is your priority? Sana naman prototype lang ito for nationwide development at hindi lang sa isang maliit na lugar gaya ng unibersidad na ito.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

    Sus! Marami na namang bitter sa UP. 

    Ganyan dapat ginagawa ng isang university. Hindi yung sa basketball at pagandahan kamo ng facilities ang inaatupag pero research output ay wala.

    • tabingbakod

      Other universities are busy fighting against the RH bill.

    • batangpaslit

      you can say it again…

    • g219h

      You kept on saying research output. Aber, show us the list.

      I will start mine….I have 88 INTERNATIONAL research papers in the span of just 6 years.
      How many do you have, aber?

      If you have none, put up and shVt up.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        Really? How funny! Another PRETENDER. 

        Okay, could you care to list these research papers and the journals where you published them? [pinatulan talaga, eh?] I want to critique them. LOL!!!!

      • g219h

        Pretender? And that’s all you could say, funny?

        B-o-B-o mo. I don’t need to pretend to someone like you a low life in the food and social chain.

        Critique? You can’t even publish in your local journal out there to even critique my work. Professors from US/UK were given the opportunity to critique my work and not someone like you an IDIOT who brags and issues diatribes to carry on self-serving statements that only continue putting your school further down the bin. You are a mongrel and low pea brain idiot who could not even distinguish the description between idiocy and oxymoron and yet continues to defy logic in every sense, in most of your statements here.
        You just brought your school (which happens to invite me for a public lecture) to SHAME. You are not worth wasting a breathe.
        Scram and get lost. Your posts will now be ignored, so don’t bother responding with your stupid statements.

        Bye bye I-D-I-O-T…( google it so you will know what it means).

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        Again provide the list of “supposedly” publications that you have and the journals that these journals were published. Otherwise, your 88 international publications are just products of your DELUSION and SOCIAL-CLIMBING..

        Go on. Keep on PRETENDING. ^_______^

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XQIPMGHIKFLIQX2GYRZPEV2VIY floydelyn

    tingnan mo nga naman kapag walang kurakot at “tongpats” na politiko ang involved ano? meron at merong natatapos na project – at tumatakbo at nasasakyan pa. whew!!! huwag palapitin yung mga “enterprising” at business-minded nating kababayan jan at baka mismong sa riles maglatag ng tinda nilang cellphone casing at kung anu-ano pa. he he he. see, our engineers and research community will bring results. maintain/increase funding for their research and technology build-up; huwag pabayaang makialam ang mga politiko and please listen to them when they speak.

    • batangpaslit

      sabihin mo…tumpak

  • tabingbakod

    I have no doubt that we can make the system work. The elevated railway fits rightly with the lack space for roadways and susceptibility for flooding in the metro.

    I just wish the writer included more technical specifications. A lot of readers could not get 15 Hz. I don’t get that either. Are the motors running on AC power and they control the speed with the frequency? Most electric vehicles run on DC.

    In keeping with the times, may I suggest regenerative braking when the vehicle stops on stations. And, 80 kmh would be a respectable speed.

    What is there plan if a train breakdown? There seem to be no platforms in between station for passengers to walk on in case of emergencies. Rope ladders?

    • batangpaslit

      you made a point about platforms. i don’t bother anymore whether the system is operated by AC or Hz, as long as the vehicle performs the designed purpose, safe, and affordable.
      ako…diko rin naintidihan why a brown cow eating a green grass but produces a white milk.
      kahit diko naintindihan, inom pa rin ako ng gatas, at kumakain ng beef bilang ulam.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NWS5555HSDDFIVPBZEC2QPBOGM Nelson

    This would suit fine for a Makati circuit!

    • batangpaslit

      tumpak…para di naman maabuso ang wage earner ng taxi fare

  • tabingbakod

    Hey DOST, UP, while working on that, may you can provide local solutions to the high electricity cost as well.

    We also need a high speed train between Manila and Subic and other cities if you want stick with trains for now.

    Actually, if you want inclusive growth for the whole country, transportation of goods and people to the provinces must be improved. Ships and boats are much too

    • batangpaslit

      sakop ba ng DOST ang fuel issue?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WC2VPZRJETRO5KOU4VOZCJXEDY Tamarindwalk

       For high electricity costs, you have to tackle the Lopez clique.

  • http://twitter.com/vicfabephotos Vic Fabe

    I hope Ayala will implement this at Ayala Center, I’m sure it will be easier for all the people to transact business and less traffic..

    • batangpaslit

      sugesstion din yan Vic ni Ricky….tatlo na tayo

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WC2VPZRJETRO5KOU4VOZCJXEDY Tamarindwalk

       Ayala will only do it if they make money.  They don’t do things for the people.

  • Yesmie Asahib

    good job..go and we will support you all guys..

    • batangpaslit

      tama lang Bro ang ID mo….”bihasa”. the man with expertise, eh?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3EWYCREWKTAQZS77G2VKPBM3AQ pojuer ii

    WOW!!! Parang sa Sentosa…
    Makes me PROUD to be Pinoy!!! Tunay na may pag-asa pa :)
    Next step, replace MRT/LRT coaches with out OWN technology…
    Imagine the millions in savings that will uplift our people’s lives

    • batangpaslit

      tumpak….para naman ang Filipino suppliers ang kikita, hindi puro foreigners na lamang

  • kismaytami

    Ang ganda!

  • rickysgreyes

    They should put these up in the business centers like Ayala, BGC and Ortigas Center. How about connecting Makati-BGC with one of these?

    • batangpaslit

      magaling na mungkahi. may pundo ano ha…?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WC2VPZRJETRO5KOU4VOZCJXEDY Tamarindwalk

       It’s long overdue in the Ayala and BCG areas.  But the unfortunate thing is that the Ayalas only do things for profit.  They don’t do things for the people.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/CEAJK3VZVN4STZJS5PKQP2EEGU maria

        my feeling is that the real benefit of this “monorail” will be to the Ayala TechnoHub connecting to the ongoing Ayala development on Katipunan (in the former UPIS site).  UP itself doesn’t need it.

  • g219h

    This makes UP the only university on the planet that has a locally made monorail!

    This may make UP rise in the world top 100 universities rankings—-just tell its students to STOP radicalism and start helping building this country, through innovation , science and technology.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WC2VPZRJETRO5KOU4VOZCJXEDY Tamarindwalk

       If it weren’t for student radicalism, you’d still have the Marcos gang dictating to you!

      • g219h

        What a self-indulgent rascal.

        You are implying that UP brought change to this country?


        It was the people who participated in the revolution.

        Most of them were not educated and illiterate.

        You have the audacity to take credit for bringing the Marcoses down?

        Ang yabang mo. It was Ninoy who started it all. At hindi siya taga UP–bobo!

        Don’t let my respect to UP as a whole goes to naught by some presumptuous self-promoting idiots.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        Yeah, most of the dissidents of the FIRST QUARTER STORM were NOT UP students. The Philippine Collegian (which was one, if not the only, newspaper that openly criticized the dictatorship) is NOT a school organ of UP.

        Also, Ninoy was NOT a student of the UP COLLEGE OF LAW. He was NOT also a fraternity brother of the UPSILON SIGMA PHI.

        Yeah, speak more nonsense and show to us your IGNORANCE and IDIOCY. More!!!!

      • g219h

        So you imply that the Phil Collegian brought the Marcoses down? So says who?

        Ninoy was an Atenean and he was proud of it. He was never proud of being a UP grad (kasi sa kayabangan ng tulad mo!)

        Dream on….. Idiot.

        By the way, stop using Internet sources to support your assertions. Clearly you were not there when history was made.


      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        Idiot said:”So you imply that the Phil Collegian brought the Marcoses down? So says who?”
        My response: Then who?

         Idiot said:”Ninoy was an Atenean and he was proud of it. He was never proud of being a UP grad (kasi sa kayabangan ng tulad mo!)”

        My response: But he is more proud to be a UP grad. Source? Read Noynoy Aquino’s commencement speech at UP. 

        Idiot said:”By the way, stop using Internet sources to support your assertions. Clearly you were not there when history was made.”

        My response: In one of your post, you said I should “google it” and now you prohibit me from doing it? Clear, you are a SCHIZO! 

        What’s next? Will you claim that you came from Harvard? LOL!!!!

        Idiot said:”Simpleton!”

        My response: Yeah, that applies to you, SCHIZO! lolololol!!!!!

      • g219h

        The IDIOT again says it all.

        Really, what does Mr Aquino’s commencement speech have to do on what he thinks about UP? Do you really know what commencement speeches are made and said for?

        Do you really think that there was sincerity in it?

        NAPAKA-BOBO mo!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        IDIOT said: “Really, what does Mr Aquino’s commencement speech have to do on what he thinks about UP? Do you really know what commencement speeches are made and said for?”

        My response: So you’re telling us that Noynoy lied in his talk?  Oh yeah, ad hominems are your only response whenever your assertions are debunked, right? So brilliant.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/4EKSPU6WJ2RCLRXCYUU5YEGHFY Nani

      because of Radicalism, UP was able to build this monorail.

      • g219h

        Really? Can you explain how radicalism created this monorail?

        Also how can you explain that UP is no longer considered the TOP uni in the country.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        Says who? Yeah, according to your ILLUSIONS! 

        Sleep more and DREAM ON! 


      • g219h

         Google it iho….and you will be surprised. 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        In one of your post, you said that I should not use internet materials to support my assertions. What happened? You are afflicted with schizophrenia.

        Anyway, I did google the top universities in the country and voila, UP is on top! What are you talking about? In fact Ateneo is being beaten by UST. Take that! LOL!!!   

      • g219h

        What do you care if I said it, and it was inconsistent? Do you know the word context means?

        You are such a low life with a pea brain. You are suffering from dementia. What schizophrenia are you talking about? Do you even know what it means?

        You are giving UP a bad name, idiot.

        Google it properly and ensure that you have the trend starting 2010.

        BTW: Bisaya ka undoy. No wonder where you got your insecurity from. You got issues. A pitiful idiot .

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        Yeah, you’re not only a SCHIZO, you’re also a RED-NECK simpleton and RACIST. Yeah, you possessed the qualities of a well-respected international researcher [sarcasm ends].

    • http://www.facebook.com/rcvlintao Ryan Cristian Lintao

      It’s not radicalism, it’s student activism. 

      • g219h

         I still stick to radicalism.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        Yeah, just because a handful of suicide bombers are Muslims, you now declare that all Muslims are terrorists,right? 


      • g219h

         A generalist generalizing is unavoidable. Understood?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AYITA5V33GYZSLC3G37UCVNTKA Ben

    DOST the lead R & D organizer is not UP, DOST is a department under the executive branch, it just happened that the DOST chose UP because it has large tracts of land and it is owned by the government and therefore subsidized by poor and rich alike …and so, this is for the country as a whole, in short for the Filipinos.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

      Yeah, because the NATIONAL CENTER for TRANSPORTATION STUDIES is NOT located in UP Diliman, right? 

      Also, UP Diliman has NO college of engineering, right?

      Duh, people are so blinded by ENVY that they cannot think straight. DOST choose to partner with UP Diliman because it is the foremost ENGINEERING (and also, the BEST SCIENCE) school in the country, no more no less.

      • georgerobertv

        The designers of the AGT who now work for DOST graduated from UP, mind you.

        But they do not brag about it, unfortunately and I’m sorry to say, like you do.

        Dr. Aura Matias, College of Engineering dean herself, disclaims that this is made by UP. She said it is a project of DOST, with UP as consultant.

        I am from UP also. So please, to be honest, let’s be modest. Coz at any rate UP’s already highly regarded.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        Where can you see in my post that the AGT was made by UP? 

        Duh! You have serious problem in reading comprehension. Try to read again my post.

      • georgerobertv

        Serious reading comprehension problem you say?

        You are still too proud, and that’s readily comprehensible.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        And what value does it add to your assertion? 

        What happen to your serious problem in reading comprehension? Did you read my post, AGAIN?


      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3QBMYPCCPWL5IDWF55BTBVWSAE UPLB-2008-3****

        ” UP Diliman .. ,  foremost ENGINEERING and also the BEST SCIENCE .. school in the country, no more no less. “ehem ehem. Marami pong batayan ng pagiging “BEST” – care to specify your criteria?P.S. I’m not an engineering student or grad of UPLB. Science yes.:Grabs Popcorn:

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        First, I have Diosdado Banatao’s statement as my basis. Do you even know him? Duh!
        Second, name a university in the country with the widest program offerings in engineering. By widest, that includes graduate programs.

        Third, name any university that can surpass UP’s overall research output

        P.S.: I did not include performance in board exams (not because UP Diliman is not good compared to your UPLB) because it is not a good indicator to evaluate a school (not with the very corrupt PRC).

        So, how about you bare your list of criteria?  

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3QBMYPCCPWL5IDWF55BTBVWSAE UPLB-2008-3****

        Oops, as far as I remember, you clearly did not indicate that it came from Mr. Banatao. I know that man, –  (i.e., S3 Electronics ). Ano ngayon ang “Duh!” mo … NGANGA! Bwahahaha.

        Sorry, I’m not bent into “pataasan ng ihi” so I see it as moot and academic to even provide such criteria. 

        As this was repeatedly discussed in “Narinig Ko Sa UP (Overhead at UP)” Facebook group, I’ll stop here.

        P.S. – It pays to be politically correct in our statements.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        “Oops, as far as I remember, you clearly did not indicate that it came from Mr. Banatao. I know that man, –  (i.e., S3 Electronics )”

        My response: Of course, you won’t even tinker your keyboards as to google that statement. Yeah, spoon-feeding as its best. 

        “Ano ngayon ang “Duh!” mo … NGANGA! Bwahahaha.”

        My response: Still the “Duh!” holds for your IGNORANCE on his statement on which school is best in ENGINEERING. C’mon, google it. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!

        “I’ll stop here.”

        My response: Yeah, you better stop so as not to further SHAMED yourself. Just concentrate in keeping your school having a DECENT passing rate in the board exams as that is your only purpose, right?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3QBMYPCCPWL5IDWF55BTBVWSAE UPLB-2008-3****

        “Of course, you won’t even tinker your keyboards as to google that statement. Yeah, spoon-feeding as its best. ”

        Feed your ego Mister/Miss! Nganga! Belat!

        So, porke si Mr. Banatao ang nagsabi, absolute na kaagad, at kailangang ipagyabang? Where’s the humility in there? 

        “Yeah, you better stop so as not to further SHAMED yourself.”
        Sa sobrang kataasan ng ego, wrong grammaring na tayo. Tsk.

        You know what, I sense bitterness in you. Anyway though, since I’m not from UPLB CEAT, bahala ka na sa buhay mo. Nasasayang lang energy ko sa pagreply sa’yo.


    • http://www.facebook.com/rcvlintao Ryan Cristian Lintao

      UP has the most CHED Centres of Excellence as compared to other schools, so what are you talking about?

    • g219h

      You are sourgraping? Did you fail the UPCat? Let UP has its day. After all it has the most number of national scientists/artists etc etc in the country.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AYITA5V33GYZSLC3G37UCVNTKA Ben

        I am not sourgraping, I am just against kanya kanya as I see here. This UP, or this UST we are all Filipinos don`t we? Thats what I am referring to, This is about DOST who spearheaded the development of the project..it doesn`t matter if the DOST recruited you from other schools to work in the DOST UP facilities…we are a team with one goal..to get the Philippines technologically advanced….and I already finished my Bachelor`s degree more than 5 years ago, if you can research my commentary I do not favor any schools but those who are excelling in research and even suggested that the DOST fund the R & D of those promising schools, the key here is doing research and making big things for the Filipinos. Let us not do any more crab mentality, I do not have any grudges against UP or any other schools in the Philippines, I want them to compete and produces the best technology that the country will be proud of..after all UP is the most nationalistic school..isn`t it?…in the end it is the country who will reap the fruits of your labor….that is if you will stay in the Philippines and keep the intellectual property rights for the country…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        So DOST choosing UP as a partner in developing AGT is “kanya-kanya”? 

        Duh, ASAR ka lang kasi yang school mo ay ITSAPWERA sa radar dahil nakasentro lang naman yan sa BOARD EXAM results. Ni RESEARCH OUTPUT sa engineering ay wala. Pang BOARD EXAM lang yang school mo.

        So sa tingin mo san pa hihingi ng tulong ang DOST? Syempre, dun na sa PINAKAMAGALING na ENGINEERING SCHOOL sa BANSA. 

        Ang AMPLAYA ay gulay, hindi INUUGALI! Gets mo?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AYITA5V33GYZSLC3G37UCVNTKA Ben

        Hohuum…so my tax money is being spent for this kind of arrogant UPnians…if you really are from UP… who can`t even understand the context clue of my comment? Wow, what more if they have to run the government …people like me who are supposed to be served by these tax payers funded programs of UP and their students under socialized tuitions will be like…asking my boss (dictator), than the other way around…gets mo?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        Well, we are also paying taxes. And what made you think that you don’t owe the state as well? Your school enjoys a real tax exemption from the state (do you even know that?). So that makes us even.

        However, the bigger question is, are you really paying the right taxes?

        At the end of the day, it is becoming clearer to me. Your whining and all is proof that you are indeed SOURGRAPING!

        Meanwhile, the partnership of UP and other government institution will continue as long as the republic exists. So, you can be BITTER for the rest of your life.

        P.S. The government is considering to develop the country’s space program in partnership with UP (LB).

        (Uy, tumataas presyon niya) LOL


      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AYITA5V33GYZSLC3G37UCVNTKA Ben

        Well, halatang undergrads ka pa lang iho or immature in thinking kung graduate ka na at marami ka pang kakainin. DOST is not UP, it just that UP or any government entity is privileged to have that research venue because of its large tract of land owned by the government in the case of UP, and naturally all government sponsored research must be done in government property for security….but they can also go into a partnership with the private sector….and most researchers who already earned their doctoral are humble…. And for your information I am proud of UP too or any other universities in the Philippines for an excellent research and development that they are pursuing…no doubt about that. Sourgraping is only for the undergrads, and I am done studying…actually going to my doctoral already and no longer beholden to any alma mater except for my country…no confusion with that.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        Benn said: 
        “DOST is not UP, it just that UP or any government entity is privileged to have that research venue because of its large tract of land owned by the government in the case of UP”

        My answer: Well. DOST has vast tract of land in Taguig. Why not do the research there? It’s because DOST needs the expertise of UP Diliman’s College of Engineering and of NCTS (National Center for Transportation Studies). UP Diliman also have the NIGS (National Institute of Geological Sciences) May ganyan ba sa school mo? Blehh!!!

        Ben said:
        “but they can also go into a partnership with the private sector”

        My answer: Then why didn’t the DOST do that? Because again, refer to my first answer.

        Ben said:
        “.and most researchers who already earned their doctoral are humble”

        My answer: How is this supposedly connected to your assertion? 

        Ben said;
        “Sourgraping is only for the undergrads”

        My response: But you are clearly SOURGRAPING. So that makes you an undergrad. LOL!!!!

        Ben said:
        “and I am done studying…actually going to my doctoral already ”

        My response: Clearly you’re out of your mind. Make up your mind please. Are you really done studying or not? LOL!!!!

        Ben said:
        “no confusion with that”

        My response: NO, you’re clearly confuse of your ENVY on UP. 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AYITA5V33GYZSLC3G37UCVNTKA Ben

        I do not speculate especially coming from unreliable source…and that is you undergraduate…meaning the lowest strata of UPnian…I am taking my doctoral…meaning not undergrad, not bachelor but Doctorate in State University of NY Downstate for my health care degree…what is yours again? And I am a US born citizen so no need for me to pay tax in the Philippines although I lived most of my life in the Philippines before, now I`m new yorker and happy to be succesful in my own line of work, and The Philippines needs to grow up which influenced me tand I try my best to influence the country positvely and respect as my own too..and no need for me to go back to the Philippines to study in UP for my graduate studies. Since you can`t be stopped with your boastfulness I work and live and studying abroad now, I don`t care what school is the DOST is located…I only care about research and development and the human resources of that particular school and proud of it as Filipino, but I am irritated with arrogance of upinan like you even though trying ot foster unity of your lot as I have been trying to convey for us Filipinos, but your mind is closed how great and powerful is UP, my school is a state university owned by NYS which boast of high tech research and development too more advanced than you have in the Philippines, and since I work in the city of NY I am privileged to get a scholarship as part of my job…so go ahead…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        Yeah, talk is cheap! I wonder you did not claim to be studying in HARVARD. That would be the peak of your social-climbing. 

        Now I know how to undress you. I just have to FALSIFY every assertion you have and you will go ballistic as to claim how EDUCATED you are. How FUNNY.

        So how is working abroad a nice thing? You’re just a SLAVE of the white race anyway. LOL!!!  

        P.S.: You need to undergo a basic GRAMMAR course. I wonder how you entered a supposedly state university in the US with your twisted English (which closely resembles the CARABAO English). Really, keep on pretending. It’s getting funny.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AYITA5V33GYZSLC3G37UCVNTKA Ben

        Well, not my problem any more….good bye no need for me to further boast of my success…and here in the US grammar is not the only success that you will need. a lot of Chinese here in PHd are far worse than I am….it is something to do to with character too in an interview…good luck and hope you graduate….and yeah, as you said…talk is cheap….especially if its coming from the undergraduate and when you graduate pay your country of your service…after all you are a scholar ng bayan….you still  have a lot to prove to attain a diploma….

        PS: I am partly Filipino, therefore not entirely a slave that you might be assuming for a Filipino like you…pathetic indeed tsk, tsk

      • g219h

        Ben: Really? Arrogance for such a trivial accomplishment? If I were to say, I finished my post grad at HARVARD and done with my PhD at some high tech university in a western affluent country richer than the US and UK at the present time, what does that make me? 

        I definitely will not like acting cheap.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AYITA5V33GYZSLC3G37UCVNTKA Ben

        You`re right, I don`t know why I gave in to the other person`s infantile behavior that made me not so different from him. I got carried away and lost my mark of a better person hehe  

      • Bernie Honrade

        Pre Mapua ako hindi kayo ang pinaka magaling sa engineering yabang mo pweeh

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

        MAPUA? Ano yun? Kulay ba yun?


        Okay! School pala yan now I see. Ito ba yung school na kahit board exam lang ay hirap na maka 40% sa passing rate? Na kahit Adamson ay hirap higitan. Kawawa naman Adamson lang pala katapat.


      • g219h

         Oy dodong ang cute mo :-)

      • g219h

         Then why are you so defensive? Oh please.

        FACT:  DOST is equal to UP. The PHIL GOVT is congruent to UP.

        Most if not all of the govt agencies are governed by UP graduates.

        This department like other departments has always been managed by UP alumni for years.


      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AYITA5V33GYZSLC3G37UCVNTKA Ben

        ..since you want to hear me saying that I am sourgraping….then so be it. That`s what you want to hear and to believe I have no problem with that, it is not going to harm my self- esteem. Go for it and knock yourselves out ….:)) lol

  • http://twitter.com/wadjitzain coty

    hey Dept of Tourism, this system would be just right for Boracay! just like what they have in Sentosa! come on get rid of the ubiquitous so olde tricycles!

  • sam_aquino

    filipino ingenuity at best!!! 

    let’s develop this monorail to be used as mass transport system…   hire the best pinoy engineers…  avail of pinoy expertise so that our talents will be utilized & not wasted to other countries…  this is one product that we have a chance to export to other countries…  i hope our government will fully support & fund this endeavor…

    no spare parts should be imported… set up fabrication shops to enable us to use all parts, big or small, made locally…  hire more pinoys…

    support filipino made…  support filipinos…  go pinoy!!!

  • georgerobertv

    This is no monorail:
    “The [DOST-UP] AGT was initially designed as a monorail but subsequent modifications from last year’s prototype no longer fits the AGT into that category,” explained Engr. Elljay P. Mutuc, one of the train’s designers. He said that what differentiates the AGT from a monorail system is that it rolls on two rails instead of one. Moreover, the monorail has narrower guideways with respect to the coaches’ widths, but the AGT moves along two parallel bars whose distance across almost equals that of the coaches, he said.So Inquirer, quit calling it monorail already.

    • sam_aquino

      george, wikipedia “UP Diliman Monorail” search mentions as “single track”… 

      pls paste your source…

  • http://www.facebook.com/rcvlintao Ryan Cristian Lintao


  • joboni96


    more pilipino technologies please

    ang dami magagaling sa mga
    colleges universities inventors

    vision lang mula sa mga leaders
    money to prototype
    capital for production
    government as steady buyer

    massive import substitution

  • kunsabagay

    kelan kayo eto malalagay sa Tondo, Divisoria area para mabawasan ung mga jeepney na bumabara dun? :)

  • ProudToBePinoy75

    Galing. Nice to hear such story. It makes me feel proud to be pinoy

  • ProudToBePinoy75

    It is nice to hear  such story. It makes me feel proud to be pinoy.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DD5O4B265JYU5EBQW2H57RIYIY Arwind Cedrick

    Next, the development of space programs in partnership with….UP!

    For sure, magmamahal na naman ang AMPALAYA! 


    • g219h

       When? Can you send us the link? I am excited!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/X7JZFN52AN5ZAGDMO4NHQ5KCRM newname

    ang ganda naman! Sana dadami ang mga gumagawa ng makabuluhang bagay ang mga Pinoy. Yung ikaaangat pa ng bansa.

  • sam_aquino

     thanks…  we just want to have everything in proper order… 

    i just hope that our government support this project…  we could provide jobs for the filipinos if only we can manufacture all parts related to it…

  • Andrea Santiago

    its not a monorail.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EXFI4EUGM23PQ4FMQKLVH36OXI Jose

    Astig!  I am so hitting this up when I get back to the Philippines.

  • Rovingmoron

    Can be used as an extension coach for MRT and LRT for southern and northern luzon tracts. Believe pa rin ako sa mga engineers natin. Yung iba lang kasi alang tiwala kaya puro tayo gusto mag import ng kung ano ano.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CEAJK3VZVN4STZJS5PKQP2EEGU maria

    who is going to be riding this train on a regular basis?  who is going to pay for the upkeep if there will be no fares? 

  • WeAry_Bat

    This could be the jeepney killer the entire Manila has been waiting for.

  • Bernie Honrade

    Galing naman … good progress

  • g219h

    I want to visit UP and experience this myself! Bravo.

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