Prelates’ ‘snub’ saddens Lipa bishop


Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles. ( photo)

How fervent are the Catholic bishops against the reproductive health (RH) bill?

Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles on Tuesday said that he appealed to 62 of his fellow bishops and archbishops through text messages for them to converge Wednesday in the House of Representatives as it votes on the controversial measure.

But only two of his brother bishops replied.

“Only two…. I want to resign,” a downcast Arguelles said after a Church forum in Intramuros, Manila. “It’s like, as someone said, ‘I deserve my enemies but I do not deserve my friends.’”

He said one of the two bishops who assured him of their presence Wednesday was Kidapawan Bishop Romulo de la Cruz, who would be flying from Mindanao.

The vote in the House is expected to be close and anti-RH lawmakers, led by Zambales Rep. Milagros “Mitos” Magsaysay, had asked the bishops to be present in the gallery to strengthen the resolve of wavering anti-RH congressmen.

“You see that what you are fighting for is true and about God (but) then you feel isolated,” Arguelles said.

“Somebody answered that ‘Jesus Christ was also isolated.’ but I’m not Jesus Christ. It’s like I’m the one who is wrong… the odd man (out),” added the fervent anti-RH prelate.

Arguelles said he had been texting his fellow members of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) “for some time,” including CBCP president Jose Palma and Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle.

“If we do not go, we are losing by default. We are failing God. If we don’t support the (anti-RH) congressmen, we will answer to God because of our omission. So, I appealed to them to let their voices be heard and their presence be felt,” he said.

 ‘Procession’ to Congress

The CBCP-Episcopal Commission on Family and Life is organizing a noontime Mass at St. Peter’s Church on Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City, after which the bishops in attendance would join a “procession” to Congress.

Tagle will be celebrating another noontime Mass against the bill at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Makati City after an overnight vigil.

Archbishop Palma is reportedly in Vietnam for a meeting of the Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences (FABC).

Peachy Yamsuan, the communications chief of the Archdiocese of Manila, said the cardinal was not expected to join the procession to Congress.

“He will be very busy (Wednesday) because it is also the anniversary of his ordination and installation as Archbishop of Manila but he will be celebrating Mass (against the RH bill). He will also be leaving (on Thursday) for the FABC in Vietnam,” Yamsuan said.

Arguelles said the stance of some bishops was to “leave it to the lay people” to lead the charge against the RH bill.

“They say leave it to the lay people but it is the lay people who are the ones asking…. They want our presence. Many are asking how many (bishops) will come…. Maybe they’ve changed their (cell phone) numbers (but) I’m sure only of one or two,” Arguelles said.

It turned out that at least seven bishops went to the House Tuesday.

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  • John_Galt_II

    Hindi titigil tong damaso na to hanggang hindi naaabutan. Well……. sorry ka na lang!

    • entong238

      pati ikaw rin di tumitigil sa pagbatikos

  • Garo Ungaro

    its clear that the RH Bill will pass…and we must accept that reality…maybe, it will be a dent on the church…but in the long term help the people  manage their own life…not on the mercy…of anybody else…if ur sick u go to a doctor…if ur need spiritual help u go the church…that how we suppose to be…not a mandate from the left or the right…

    • superpilipinas

      and if you feel itchy and need condom, go to the government. they will provide it for free.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • entong238

      kumusta new zealand bakit nawala na ang mga baka doon. ha ha ha

  • superpilipinas

    other bishops are tending to the victims of the calamities…..which is what the government should be doing instead of the RH.

    but 7 bishops came and that is much more than enough. actually, 1 is enough to show support.

    weather RH will pass or not, it’s God’s will.

    • UrHONOR

      KAECHOSAN!  Who know’s  what ONE’s WILL is…let alone a god?  Puro parroting of what the Damaso’s  are brainwashing sheeples with.  Besides, I have it on good souce that god’s will is Perelli, losw profile.

      • entong238

        oo nga may parrot kasi may bill and rh

      • UrHONOR

        Parrot na loro!

      • wawangpenoy

        225-35-17 ba? Paangkas naman.LOL

      • UrHONOR


    • kamandag

      baka WHETHER  ang ibig mong sabihin . Walang susuporat sa mga bishops na yan kundi pareho nilang mga bakla!

  • tekateka

    Jesus did not even exist.. see why

    Religion the greatest story ever sold

    • entong238

      sige magbunyi ka pstor ni satanas


    MAGBIGTI na lang, mabuti pa!

  • agaylaya

    Ang labanan ay hindi na sa Congress. Maging batas o hindi ang RH Bill ang tunay na labanan ay sa puso at pag iisip ng mga tao, Katoliko man o hindi. Anti RH Bill ako but if this bill becomes law it would not stop me to practice my being Catholic neither will the Catholic Doctor, the Catholic Mid wife, the Catholic Educator and so forth. As a Catholic I also adhere to the democratic way of life and I understand why I should give space to others to practice their faith. It is this same principle which allows me to practice my own faith and even to preach it to others.


      Sir, may provission sa RH bill na ang sinomang doctor, nurse , health worker, teachers at iba pa na kokontra sa pagpa patupad ng RH bill ay may criminal liability. Ikukulong ang sino mang kontra sa RH bill. Hindi po eto freedom of choice but all are forced to implement RH bill. Kahit po ang magsalita laban sa RH ay puwedeng ikulong. Yan po ang isang layunin ng RH bill.  

      • Wesley Juat

        kalokohan. Nasaan nakalagay yan? Nabasa mo man lang ba yung RH Bill? The point of the RH Bill is to provide education and help to those who ask for it. If you don’t want to use its services, you’re free to do so. Also, doctors, nurses and others are sworn by the Hippocratic Oath to help anyone in need of medical attention.

      • wawangpenoy

        I see you’ve been very well educated by the friars and you really have learned the art of disinformation. Pathetic moron

      • kamandag

        Nagdunungdunungan ka naman ARIKUTIK !  sabihin mo nga kung saan bahagi ng bill yan sinasabi mo!

      • ajca82

        It’s called professionalism. The life and welfare of the patients come first.
        If they want to be simply religious, they should’ve been Priests or nuns.

      • 1GeorgeTolentino2

        What are you smoking? Pinag shabu ka ba ng mga Obispo? 

  • ern

    This shows how detached you are from reality…. from people’s aspirations. Let government do its work. Your job is to attend to the moral needs of the flock.

    Ang malalaswang palabas sa tv na naging model ng pangangaliwa at pakikiapid, meron ba kayong ginagawa?

    • entong238

      You are eating your own words when you said attend to moral needs of the flock. kaya ng sila kumokontra kasi flocks nila ang mga taong naapektuhan at ang pinakapastol ng flock na si Lord. Before you print study your comment. nakakahiya

  • hedrianvic





    • entong238

      What we all want bishops priest or laity is that these proponents respect the words of God on the 6th day of creation go forth multiply and fill the earth so decreasing the population is anti God

      • wawangpenoy

         Way to go entong!!! I hope you’re not a Filipino. The world might think all Filipinos are stupid

      • kamandag

        Hoy Entong nuon yon dahil kakaunti pa lang ang tao dahil sa 40 days na baha. ngayon sobra-sobra ang tao sa mundo kaya npakarami na ng makasalanan. lahat nagpapatayan na!

  • dickenhead

    God will speak RH bill will be passed!

  • Bengatibo

    Arguelles, Mag-resign ka na lang kung kaya mong gawin, which i have strong doubts you would!!! Maraming matutuwa kung mag-resign ka! Yes, you are the odd man out. Whether we like it or not, RH Bill will be put into a vote, whatever the outcome of the vote, we have to accept it.

    • entong238

      Bakit siya magresign ay trabaho niya na ipamahagi ang salita ng Diyos. Demonyo lang ang kumokontra sa salita ng Diyos

      • kamandag

        Salita ng Diyos ! Oooowww c’mon. Mas makasalanan pa sa atin ang mga bishops at pare na mga yan. Nagaral ako sa Lingayen at nakita ko kung gaano kasama ang mga pare na mga yan.

      • 1GeorgeTolentino2

        Gawa din nang demonyo ang magsinungaling at magpaka-hipokrito. Valedictorian ang mga mahal mong Damaso dyan.

  • dickenhead

    You are not snubbed you are ignored stupid!

    • jgl41456

      Mr. Arguelles is one of the pajero bishops right? He has no moral authority after all. Shame on you GMA sychopant.

      • iOSEPH 2.0

        He was not one of them and it was not even Pajero you douchebags! Tsk truly little knowledge is dangerous… And address our Bishop with reverence please.

      • Islander

         Yikes!  Reverential treatment, huh?  Like, “Your Grace” or “Your eminence”?  Well, only if they will call me by my preferred title too.  How about, “Your Levelheadedness” or “Your Rationality”.   Then, we are even with these outdated, absurd title-calling.

      • kamandag

        UTOT mo joseph ! parepareho lng ang mga bishops at mga pare na yan na MUKHANG PERA GANID SA PERA  kaya gusto nila madami ang population na naghihirap at magsimba para mag-abuloy.  I am a catholic but I extemely disagree with the bishops acting like PADRE DAMASO!

      • carlorocci

        Only God the Father is reverend….Please don’t call a priest a Father.

      • Urban Hermit

         dogmatic arguelles, irrelevant arguelles. how’s that for reverence, pope Joseph II?

      • 1GeorgeTolentino2

        You call others  douchebag and yet you demand respect and reverence for your beloved Bishops. Nice touch!

      • Vladymir


  • Olibo

    CBCP- IPISKUPAL:  Don’t think like cockroach. Let this Bill be voted and passed by congress. Thank you bachelor boys.

  • wawa2172

    Well Bishop we agree to disagree. We know that it would be expensive for the Bishops to go to Manila unless the funding would readily be available for them to go to the Congress to lobby for the RH Bill. Somehow there is no need for it if the lawmakers sees the light to support the Anti-RH bill but I guess were seeing that our lawmakers is for the RH Bill. With due respect Bishops, I am a catholic but I am for RH Bill. Responsible parenthood is needed in this already over populated country where poverty is so much. It is not only the responsibility of the government to resolve the issues to improved the living conditions of the people but its everybody’s concern. What we have right now is a generation of batang hamog, out of school youth, rugby boys and girls, abandon kids, young prostitutes, unwanted parenthood, hungry people, so on and so forth. The church don’t even have solutions to the problems while the government is addressing the problem corruption is a hindrance. Even without corruption the government will not be able to address the issue of poverty. Masyado na tayong napakarami para mabigyan nang marangyang buhay and bawat Filipino.


    Inducing cancer to women and killing babies will not lead to economic progress. Hindi over populated ang Pilipinas  pero kung naniniwala kang over populated na tayo eh di abay itapon natin sa dagat ang santambak na mga Chinese na naglipana sa atin. Yan ang tiyak na magpa pabuti sa ating ekonomiya.

    • Marc

      again, your statement reeks of what the RH Bill would help avoid, ignorance. I’d assume you are educated but don’t you think your post is ripe with racism bigotry, and probably lack of perspective. the PH might not be overpopulated if you include the whole land area of it, but in Manila? Its brimming with people a lot don’t have livelihoods in Manila, over population can do that. Have you taken the MRT recently? That is overpopulation in context to available services in the city.

      Get your facts right, ‘Inducing cancer to women’ as if the treatments have a high percentage of that, I hope you don’t smoke…

    • ajca82

      Pro-life indeed!

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Kayong mga bulag na sumasamba sa bawat kabobohan ng mga Damaso ang dapat itapon sa dagat. Sus, ganda siguro ng biuhay sa Pilipinas!

  • regd

    Why should a religious view of the majority be force upon the throat of the minority? WHY?

  • Political Jaywalker

     Oh boo hoo ho, LOL……. just goes to show that not all have a Padre Damaso mindset, perhaps a Pajero will do the trick so they can travel to tongress easily, hehehe.


    For our population control, Whom shall we eradicate from this land of ours ? The native Filipinos or the Chinese in our mids. Those who choose to eradicate poor Filipinos through RH bill are Traitors, lapdogs of rich Chinese who wish to totally own the land. PNoy the leader of RH bill is Chinese.

    • Marc

       lol  you forgot your tinfoil hat.. your plan of world domination is to spawn billions more Filipinos to make it 1:1 ratio with China so they cannot own our land. stroke of genius!

    • Joe

      you must be a taliban.

      • Magsasaka

         no, i think he has inverted brain hehehe

      • 1GeorgeTolentino2

        pari yan

      • Vladymir

        baklang pari

  • regd

    If the muslims will do the same and insist that their religious views be legally imposed, does it make it right?

  • bgcorg

    Life is a gift and we should be open to it.  Poverty if directly confronted, not by trying to delude the public, can be minimized, if not eliminated.  The current substitute bill, without the needed amendments that were introduced but rejected by party vote deserve to be junked now.  It is not representative anymore of a democratic but autocratic and despotic process!  We will know who is for us or against us during the voting.  We would know where the fidelity of Christian gentlemen would be: to their king or to their God.

    • Joe

      ok…pass the rh bill now!!!

  • Ommm

    ” We are failing God. If we don’t support the (anti-RH) congressmen, we will answer to God because of our omission.”

    Your “sin of omission” , bishop, is a failure to heed the laws of nature and nature is clearly reacting  globally. Nature controls all God’s animal populations…even priests….

    • tarikan

      I think it’s the other way around. God is NATURE. Stephen Hawking, the British preeminent quantum physicist, succinctly described in his “The Grand Design” book how nature works as God. 

  • Hey_Dudes

    I think more than anything,  this truculent  attitude on the part of the catholic church hierarchy represented by these bishops is doing harm to the Vatican prestige.  None other than the late Pope John Paul admonished the late cardinal Sin to stop his politicking ways right after he led the ouster move of Estrada.  Nothing was learn from that admonishment further proving these bishops have truly grown swellheads.  Do they want Pope Benedict to continue feeling pains whenever hundreds of people die from natural calamities in the country?  Just exactly how many more babies do these bishops want born every hour in spite lack of resources and prospects of these having bright futures?

  • Islander

    Dear Padre Ramon,

    The reason why your fellow bishops do not want to show up in your arranged show of force in Congress is that they are wiser than you.  They realize that it does not look good for our democracy and for the Church to have a phalanx of bishops sitting inside Congress.  That is intimidation and interference of one influential institution over another.  Power is best played quietly in order not to scandalize the masses. 


    Lovingly yours,

    NY Pinoy

  • ManongOsang

    My cousin is a Jesuit Priest. He estimates that anywhere from 30% to as high as 40% of all Filipino Catholic Priests are Pro-RH Bill PRIVATELY !!!

    According to him, nakikita ng maraming pari how millions of poor families are ruining their own lives, the future lives of their children, and the past, current, and future economic hardships that it brings poor communities and the entire nation as a whole- because of IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR BY UNEDUCATED, POOR PARENTS! They see thousands of poor mothers suffer daily.

    Any active priest must 100% side with the church on this  PUBLICLY or face SUSPENSION OR outright REMOVAL from the catholic church

    He said 90% of priests who are anti-RH bill are Priests who are 55 yrs or older.

    But the younger generation of priests are majority pro-RH bill in private

    He said 90% of ALL Nuns are PRIVATELY  Pro-RH bill as well !!!

    • entong238

      Pati rin ako may kapatid akong pari at sabi niya 99.99 % na anti RH Bill lahat ng mga obispo at pari ng katoliko at ang mga nuns ay 100% na anti. Ang .o1% daw ay galing sa mga ilang pari na gustong mag asawa at bakla

      • Joe

        paanong naging bahagi  lang ng .01% ang mga paring bakla e sa pagkaka alam ng karamihan at least 50% ng mga paring katoliko ay bakla?

      • Magsasaka

        ilang porsyento kaya ang pedopilya at rapist?

      • 1GeorgeTolentino2

        Sabi nga nila; madami nagpapari para makalapit sa batang sacristan o makapambabae!

      • big dawg

        mali survey ng kapatid mo brad, 99.99 sa mga pari gusto mag-asawa at bakla, so ibig sabihin lahat sila approve sa RH Bill?

      • 1GeorgeTolentino2

        Hahahaha, CBCP = Catholic Bayot’s Conference of the Philippines

      • Magsasaka

         halata namang kwentong barbero ang sa iyo, doon ka na lang sa barbershop hehehe

    • julymorning


      • Magsasaka

        sabihin ang pangalan?para ano?paghigantihan mo hehehe
        hindi lahat ng pari at katoliko at obispo ay bulag na katulad mo, ako ay katoliko pero hindi sarado kaya nga pro RH bill ako.
        pumunta ka sa mahihirap na lugar para matauhan ka, hindi yaong sunud sunuran ka sa pahayag ng mga damaso

      • AntonioPeYangIII

        In what universe is it even remotely insulting to say somebody is “too smart”?

  • vinzerx

    Then resign. And keep the hell out of media. There’s no need for your bellyaching and grandstanding in this space.

  • wawangpenoy

    RESIGN!!!! That’s the noblest thing you could do. In fact, support RH Bill before it’s too late. 

  • Urban Hermit

    that’s god’s will mr. arguelles

  • JuanTamadachi

    Unfortunately this happenstance just proved anew that the CBCP, just like the Vatican, is plagued by dissension from among its members and/or those in its inner circle. They cannot seem to get their act unified..

  • ronnie arevalo

    The voice of the people is the voice of God Mr Arguelles

  • AgnosticLeader

    yan ba ang sinasabi nilang catholic vote? lol.

  • kishbuff

    Matagal ka na dapat lumayas arguelles!!!! hindi ka na iginagalang kahit ng mga kasamahan mo!!!!  E wag ka ng umasa na kahit pa ordinaryong  tao ay susunod sa yo? baka si arroyo lang at ang mga kasamahan mong obispong pajero!!!!! pwede ring obispong ‘ivory’…. tawagin mo si cruz at kayo ang magtatalak sa kongreso, malamang kayong dalawa lang. teka, isama mo na din si pabillo!!!

  • Blue_Crimson

    Apply cold water to burned area, Bishop Arguelles.

    *inserts Kurt Angle’s entrance theme* YOU SUCK~!

  • GlenMJacob

    We refuse to be called “INDIOS” anymore. The Filipinos will show to Damasos that Filipinos are freedom loving people!

  • LucianoChing

    Tax the Catholic chuch and all other religious sectors and let go on the RH bill….Will they agree?If you consider the Catholic church as a corporation,it will be the richest corporation in the world….

  • lucidlynx

    The problem is, Bishop Arguelles is purportedly to be fighting for God’s will. But he doesn’t, or anyone for that matter, knows what God’s will is.

    Hitler rounded up the Jews and killed millions of them because according to him, they had Jesus put to death. The problem with such stance is that it could lead to delusions of having the backing of the Divine Almighty. Bishop Arguelles, and others, should be more prudent in their words and actions.

  • Clovis Sangrail

    The Catholics are defying the Katolibans! ^_^

    • maypakialamako

      yup kasi may kanya-kanya kaming opinyon sa bawat issues, may kalayaan kaming gawin ang sa tingin namin ay tama. unlike sa ibang religion or kulto na kung anong sabihin ng lider e parang mga uto-utong nagsusunuran!

  • beer_leader

    Bishop bakit di niyo subukan bigyan bawat isa ng SUV o kahit anong Kunsiderasyon baka sakali pumunta sila.Pag mitingan niyo na agad ng mga kasamahan mo sa CBCP or Corrupt Bishops and Corrupt Priests habang may oras pa sila makapunta.

  • maypakialamako

    i’m catholic, anti rh din, pero kung ang gagawing banner ng anti rh e ang pagmumukha nitong si mitos baboy magsaysay na staunch defender ni gma, at etong si arguelles na defender ni thief justice corona e talagang nakakawalang ganang pumunta! dapat si cardinal tagle na lang ang manguna! 

  • Hein S

    Take a HINT.  Many priests secretly support RH.

    They are sick and tired of the Poor Pinoys always asking for help.

  • Pablo Juan

    Mitos… Mitos… tsk tsk

  • Mark

    ganito na lang …most likely papasa ang RH Bill, pero pag hindi nabawasan ang mga mahihirap at marami pa ring rugby boys na nagkalat pati mga batang hamog sisihin natin c Lagman at ikulong dahil sa kanyang kabobohan. Ito pa paano itatapon ang nagamit na condom dapat may tamang basurahan para dyan…baka mamya eh makikita mo pinag lalaruan ng mga batang marurungis yung condom na ginamit ni tatay at eto pa huwag kayong magtaka kung balang araw ay maraming mongoloid na bata dahil sa contraceptives na yan

    • mulanay

      Mali ka ndiyan, Mark. Sayang lang ang pangalan mong, you are off the mark. Mark my word, malaki ang kinalaman ng mga clerikong makikitid ang pag-iisip sa pagdami ng mga rugby boys na ‘yan. Unahin mo muna silang sisihin bago ibigay kay Lagman ang bintang sa mga nangyayari na. 

    • dismyothername

      ang tagal ng panahong mero tayong POPCOM, libre condoms, libre vasectomy and ligation, di naman naging problema kung saan itinapon mga condoms. yang mga anti-RH bill, kahit ano na lang dinadahilan?

    • bartolo liwanag

      @mark,magbasa ka muna kung ano ang isinasaad ng rh bill,kasi napakamangmang ng comments mo..

  • virgoyap

    Why can’t the Bishops organize an Edsa like People Power against RH bill? It’s because majority of the people including Catholics are Pro RH. As simple as that.

    • matanglawin X

      because there is less than 30% against the RH.  In actuality, if they are to organize, only less than 500 people will even bother to go to an anti-RH rally.  No one even bothered to organize one, not even those vehemently against it.

  • matanglawin X

    Ignorante lang naman ang mga karamihan na anti-RH….

    • Magsasaka

       tama bro, sa masakit na salita ay MANGMANG

      • UrHONOR

        EASY ka lang dyan sa salitang yan, Bro….maraming Mang-Mang dito…Mang Teban, Mang Empoy, Mang Jose, atbp.  Baka tirahin ka na naman ng iggit o… nagagalit ka.  Hope that helps.

      • Magsasaka

        bayaan mo sila bro marami naman talaga ang naliligaw kasi nga mang…. hehehe

    • Noel

      Napakabait mong sabihin na ignorante sila.  Mas bagay ang salitang BOBO.

  • Magsasaka

    why do they have to convene inside the congress in the first place?is there any religious activities?
    RCC is not as powerful centuries ago and they will continue to loose everything including their influence among us because little by little ignorance will just be a word of yesterday.
    the more people get educated and gain wisdom the less influence RCC will have.

  • mulanay

    Naiintindihan kong passionate itong si Arguelles sa kanyang mga advocacies, pero dapat dagdagan nya ito ng tamang pag-iisip. Masyado syang barumbado at hindi marunong umintindi. Isang syang extremist na parang mga Taliban at al-Qaida. Ito namang si Mitos Magsaysay, isa syang taong maalaga sa kanyang mga kaibigan. Kaya lang, maling-mali ang mga kinakampihan nya at wala syang pakialam kung anu ang mga ginagawa ng mga ito, basta’t sya’y personal na makinabang. Hoy, kayong dalawa, ang masasabi ko sa inyo, TSE!

  • Albert Einstien

    “You should not sell your soul to the devil “ bishop said. …….is he referring to 666….i know a politician whose NAME number EQUIVALENT to 666…..and he wears EVIL sign….a yellow ribbon….lol

  • antonioluna

    Yes to RH bill

  • Abdul Rashid

    Bishops, you should understand that your cause does not have any value. Morality in your church is in question. You even have pedophiles in your ranks. You have no right to say no or even interfere sa mga gawain ng state.

  • malek_abdul

    How can you claim for a major Catholic vote when you can not even generate a majority concurrence from only 62 bishops to converge in the House of Representatives? At least 7 bishops went to the house.

  • Tamakana

    Nakakaawa nanam tong pareng ito . . . pakialamero ka po kasi . . . bakit ka magtatawag  ng kapwa mo pare para mag rally ay di ka naman siguradong sasamahan ka . . . nag,mukha ka tuloy engot yan . . .  sino ba bosing ng mga bishops? Dapat bishop nagsabi ka muna sa bosing mo di ka nagsarili, kung may blessing ka ng bossing mo at di pumunta yung kapwa mo obispo eh di sana di ka napahiya . . . o nagpagamit ka sa bossing mo? . . . parang  sa gobyerna yan eh . .  may bureaucracy . . . wag kang didisjkarte ng hindi alam ni bossing masisibak ka sa pwesto . . . ewan ko kasi sa inyong kaparian kanya kanya kayo . . . di tulad sa IGLESIA NI CRISTO pag sinabi ng Ministro SUGOD! SUGOD ang members . . . call them uto – uto pero at least may UNITY! Tanungin mo members nila kung bakit sila pro RH Bill – sabi ng ministro! Aminin nyo man sa hindi inggit kayo sa IGLESIA!

    • Noel

      Tapos sasabihin nilang hindi sila nakikialam sa pamahalaan at pulitika?

  • Romano Katoliko

    “We are failing God.” – Abp. Arguelles

    The Filipino nation has long since failed God when it constitutionally repudiated the Faith which has Christ Himself for its “author and finisher” (Heb. 12.2) to be its official Creed to embrace Masonic Secularism (cf., “The Philippines: Another Lost Catholic Nation” at romano-katoliko dot blog spot dot com) and, among the greater part of ‘Catholics’ (the nominal Catholics), ‘Liberal Catholicism’ – now in the form of Neo-Catholicism of Vatican II. 

    When God shall finally rise in this our end-times period (distinct from the “consummation”) to strike with a world-wide conflagration, as foretold by the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Luke 17.29-30)) and the Woman of the Apocalypse in Fatima, Portugal with the deliberate failure of the Vatican to heed Her requests, in chastisement particularly for the widespread impurity, promiscuity, homosexuality (the basest evil into which apostates and the impious precipitate), blasphemy, and the Vatican II-hierarchy-led desecration of the traditional Catholic high altar and sanctuary (destroyed to give way to a Masonic-modeled ‘sanctuary’ where the “abomination of desolation” – the Synagogue-Protestant-inspired ‘New Mass’ designed by Bugnini, a Freemason in Catholic ecclesiastical trappings, is the “ordinary form”: cf., “The Catholic Sanctuary Prefigured in the Old Testament II” at ignis-dei dot blog spot dot com), France, which used to be the ‘favored daughter’ of the Church in Europe but now turned a ‘whore’ apostate, will be burned alive by God and annihilated along with other apostate and openly impious, anti-Catholic nations. The Filipino nation, another ‘favored daughter’ of the Church but here in Asia – “Kyrie, eleison!” 

    • PhoenixPoliticalParty

      Personally,  I always knew I have failed God in many ways,  but I never thought my whole nation has.  In fact,  I always thought our people have always been pleasing to the eyes of the Lord.  And then, when you say “When God shall finally rise in this our end-times … to strike with a world-wide conflagration”,  just what do you mean?  Why does God need to rise?  I thought God never sleeps?  When someone rises,  it means he is presently in a prone position,  possibly asleep.  Or, may be what you actually mean is “when God raises his arm”,  which is more acceptable.

      Anyway, my apologies.  Just wanted clarification.  Thank you for the many references you quoted.  I am quite sure they would also make for interesting read.

      • Isagani Gatmaitan

        Ako rin nabigla… akala ko wala na yung lunatic fringe sa loob mismo nang RC… nalibing na sa Cardinal Lefebvre… susmaryusep!… andyan pa pala… yung tipong … Dies Illa, Dies Irae… Calamitatis et Miseriae… 

      • Romano Katoliko

        “When God shall finally rise…” On the Cross, the Lord and Savior appeared to be a pathetic looser. At the height of this our end-times, God appears to be in deep slumber: the “superforce of the anti-Church” (the late Fr. Malachi Martin, SJ, renowned exorcist, Vatican ‘insider’ and author), cf., “The Year That Was 1929″ at ignis-dei dot blog spot dot com, and the “seat of Satan” (Apoc. 2.13, cf., “A Perilous ‘Catholic’ Voyage” at ignis-dei) was successfully lodged at the Vatican that the Church’s institutions, esp. the seminaries and monasteries bastardized by the Neo-Catholicism of Vatican II have, generally, become the hotbed of “dragons” (Jer. 9.11; 10.22; etc.) as prefigured of Old; and, God’s Name and His Church held in festive mockery. Such is the divine action against His sworn enemies, He burrows Himself in all silence until He touches the very base of the height of His enemies’ pride and from there He will surge mightily to the most shameful overthrow of His enemies that their throne of pride itself comes after them in their precipitation to crush and rout them!

    • TotoyKalentong

      There’s a big difference when God speaks, and when man claims he speaks for God. I respect the Church and remain to be a follower of the Church, but it doesn’t mean I have to impose my own standards on others who have a different view. 

      • Romano Katoliko

        God always speaks through the mouth of His ministers (Mal. 2.7)- the priests BUT only those who are marked with the perpetual unction of a Levite (Ex. 40.13: Jer. 33.18,22) which the Neo-Catholic hierarchy made void in their New Rite of Ordinations, and who are sound in doctrine (cf., 1 Tim. 4.6). “He that heareth [them], heareth Me; and he that despiseth [them], despiseth Me” (Lk. 10.16) and this despite their imperfections and even in their hypocrisy and sinfulness IN SO FAR as they speak in matters of or relating to the Faith and Morals – which are Christ’s (2 Cor. 4.5) and not theirs – for “the Scribes and the Pharisees have sitten on the chair of Moses. All things therefore whatsoever they shall say to you, observe and do; but according to their works do ye not; for they say, and do not” (Mt. 23.2-3).

        “… It doesn’t mean I have to impose MY OWN STANDARDS on others who have a different view.” That’s the rule when it is a question of opinion. However, the issue at stake involves the use of the procreative powers and therefore a question of God’s undebatable determination given expression by the natural law and the Moral Code Christ promulgated for the new dispensation established on His Blood (that is, the traditional Catholic order of things).

      • TotoyKalentong

        God has spoken through the Bible, but you and I know how the Bible came to be. God is perfect, however as human his ministers are not. Certainly not when the ministers have asked for SUVs, molest children and continue to cover them up. Not when the ministers are engaged in illegal ivory trade. I have great respect for the One, Holy, Apostolic, Catholic church its tradition and teachings, but not its excesses, not when it condemns people who are opposed to its teaching, rather pray for their enlightenment. Not when its ministers oversimplify issues rather than explain it in detail. May the Lord forgive me, if I have sinned for believing otherwise, while its ministers commit the sin of omission.

      • Romano Katoliko

        God, in the Sacred Scriptures, consistently commands to hear His words; not to read. It was the religious revolutionaries of the 16th century who insisted on “God speaking through the ‘Bible’ (which they meant to be their corrupt versions actually)” – something which the ‘Bible’ itself does not offer as its ‘divine’ passage.

        Your objection as regards the “ministerS” (they’re no longer Roman Catholic actually for they were ordained according to the New Rite of Vatican II which gives them the office and liturgical vestments of a Protestant “presider” and bids them preach the Protestant movement of “ecumenism”) involves a wrong inference analogous to this: the daughter has made herself a whore; therefore, she comes from a family and clan of whores. There can never be exaggeration with the Truth. This objection has long since been precluded by the Lord and Savior (see the passage of Mt. 23.2-3 quoted in my previous reply) for the Church He would built on “Cephas” (the “rock” plain and simple, without the gender distinction of Greek and Latin, in the original Aramaic spoken by the Christ) was not a man’s but the God-Man’s making and therefore does not fall on the moral vulnerability of those whom He elected and allowed to rule His flock.

        The “excesses” you were referring to had never been the Roman Church’s (and the Church in its true sense as the mystical body of those abiding in Christ through grace, distinct from the institutional Church, is not capable of ‘excesses’) but rather Martin Luther’s. Luther for example was not outrightly condemned by the Chair of Peter in his errors but he was showed first the folly of his position; he was only condemned when he FORMALLY persisted in his fundamental error (the overturning of divine authority when he made his own Biblical version “the pillar and ground of the truth” whereas the same version of his states that it is “the Church, the pillar and ground of the truth,” 1 Tim. 3.15).

      • TotoyKalentong

        So anything prior to Vatican II are the only true Roman Catholics? the same who lobbied against the passage of the Rizal Law in the 1950s?

  • dikoy321

    Views from Germany:

    PASS the RH Bill    N O W, no delay !!

    More and more Germans are leaving the Catholic Faith, with their FEET, in Protest !!!

    The Catholics leaving and protesting call themselves the “Church from Below”!

    The RCC practices and dogmas seem to be ANTI-PEOPLE, they say !

    So, WHY stay in the RCC when you have NO SAY, get Ignored ??

    Down with RCC, backward Bishops, their abusive priests and their supporters like Mitos Magsaysay !

    PASS the RH Billl N O W !!!

    Forward Philippines !!!

  • Hein S

    Even among the MITSUBISHOPS, there is NO catholic vote.


    • Noel

      Because some of the Pajeros were shamefully returned after the scandal broke out.

  • stealth ice

    bishop arguelles should rather keep his mouth shut. how can he influenced catholic to go against the RH Bill when he cant even convince his fellow bishops.


  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Bishop Arguelles probably needs to have a boyfriend to keep him busy.

    • Noel

      He also has.  His boy friend uses condom but the good Bishop does not.  Figure out who the Queen is.

  • Juan

    Nasira si Archbishop Arguelles nung kinampihan at sinuportahan niya sa ex-SC chief justice Corona sa impeachment trial. He lost the moral credibility and ascendancy to influence the public.

  • Noel

    Hey, why don’t you admit that many of the bishops and priests also use condoms and are silently in favor of RH Bill ?

  • $34244893

    Sir, baka naman walang load or expire na ang unli kay di nakapag-reply? Baka walang signal di ba? Mag-unli call ka para matawagan mo. Iba talaga ang tawag kaysa text.

  • kobe wade..

    Yehey panalo kami!!!!!!!!!! Mabuhay ang Pro-RH BILL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alejandro Canda

     bishop arguelles again doing a “papansin act” as if he does not know that he will not be treated anymore as a heavyweight in the circles of the clergy. wala nang papansin talaga sa kanya after he openly supported impeached chief justice corona. solo alone kana bishop buti pa tumahimik ka na lang. 

  • ben311

    makakatulong ka pa sa bayan kung mag resign ka….tagal naman…busit !

  • ben311

    ang pare manghuhot sa taong bayan, yan ang trabaho nila…ayaw maghanap buhay MGA TAMAG ! 

  • charlie jirch

    . . . the Bishops are the new Damaso’s . . . . they are the suckers of the Filipino people . . . the ask money to the people and they dont like to work . . . . they failed the Filipino people . . . try to observed during calamities did you see even single priest or nuns working with the so called evacuees  . . .  non at all . . . . they are dogmas . . .  they colelct money every now and then . . . lets tax this collections . . .  tax their properties and school run by the catholic church .. . . .

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