Camarines Sur bill still alive


Sen. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada. INQUIRER.NET FILE PHOTO

Once thought to be dead after Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV fought over the alleged railroading of the measure, the contoversial Camarines Sur (CamSur) bill is again on the move with Sen. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada pushing for its passage before the Christmas break.

Estrada in the last session day of the week asked about the status of the bill creating Nueva Camarines from the fourth district of Camarines Sur before getting Trillanes to commit that he’d continue his interpellation of bill sponsor Sen. Ferdinand Marcos next week.

The Senate Pro Tempore indicated on the floor that Trillanes’ desire to ask questions as regards the committee report on Senate Bill No. 4820 was the only matter keeping the CamSur bill from passing the Senate.

“We, legislators, do not have any right to decide for the people of Nueva Camarines.  It is only the people of Nueva Camarines who will decide if they want to divide their own province.  We cannot prevent the people if they want their province to progress or to develop or not,” Estrada said.

Estrada first asked Marcos about the lack of activity in the plenary as regards the CamSur bill.  Marcos countered by indicating the bill was no longer as urgent and that the Senate had to contend with other important measures such as the national budget and the sin tax bill.

“We are in the period of interpellation on that bill but because there were many bills that were being rushed before we break on Dec. 21 we have deferred it … besides, the truth of the matter is the situation is that the issue is moot,” Marcos said.

“None of the candidates in this coming election will be able to run because they haven’t been able to file for what are today nonexistent positions.  That is why we have been comfortable in deferring it and making way for the other very important bills that are pending,” Marcos added.

Estrada insisted that whether or not the matter was moot wasn’t the issue.  He then invoked “the constitutional right to self-determination of the people of Camarines Sur.”

Estrada said the creation of the new province was up to the Camarines Sur electorate to decide in a plebiscite.

Marcos then said he’d take up the matter with Trillanes to continue the stalled interpellation.

Trillanes said he would be ready to proceed with the second of his three-part  interpellation next week.  He, nonetheless, mentioned that there were more important bills than the CamSur bill.

“I would like to inform the body that I’ll be ready next week because I assumed also that this bill of local import should not supersede the more important bills that we have before us like the budget the [freedom of information], even the [reproductive health] bill,” Trillanes said.

“But since apparently it’s very much important to the gentleman from San Juan, we can accommodate his request,” Trillanes added.

“Thank you. Hopefully you will be true to your word so we can dispose of the issue, hopefully before we go on Christmas break,” Estrada said.

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  • John_Galt_II

    Kahit kailan wala talagang utak tong animal na to! Magkano kaya ang kikitain niya dito? Ano ang kinalaman niya sa local politics ng Cam Sur? Self determination kung tao ang may gusto pero kung yung mga pulitiko lang para may magawa silang bagong position ang tawag diyan ay GANID.

  • wilms1963

    para sa ikakabuti ng probinsya?  a  sa ikakabuti ni villafuerte…..ang galing mo…jinggoy

  • aristeosj

    there goes the estradas again…same old,same old…
    does anybody wonder why this estrada is resurrecting
    such bill when the primary sponsor says the bill has 
    become moot?such mentality of this sort of guy…

    • mucho_cheapo

      But…but …he’s a very good actor. Ang Pogi pa. (SARCASM).

      • indiosbravos2002

        I thnk I threw up in my mouth.

  • Ganymede

    Inutusan ni Enrile si Jinggoy para hindi obvious na siya ang may pakana.

  • Barak_O

    inutusan ni enrile

    natural mga bobo jinggoy, sotto, punasan sunod sunoran

  • adisrael

    Hati-CamSur is not what the people want but what the trapo dynasties of Villafuerte and Fuentebella want with the dogged backing of UNA’s Enrile and Estrada.  Even Bicolano senators Trillanes and Joker are against it.  After 100 years of Villafuerte and Fuentebella warlordism, CamSur remains the poorest province in Luzon according to the National Stats Coordination Board.  Lolo Luis and grandson Migs are fighting it out as governor,  incumbent gov LRay moved residence to 2nd Dist to run for Congress, lola Nelly is running for 3rd Dist Congress that’s why Leni Robredo was pushed by Naguenos to try to break their greed.  In the 4th Dist which they plan to gerrymander as Nueva Camarines last termer Cong Noli Fuentebella wants to be the 1st governor, son Wimpy wants to replace him as Cong, wife is mayor of Sangay town and another son is mayor of Tigaon town.  Hindi na sila magkasya sa isa, kailangan paghatian na!  Dios na mahabagin, please lang po.

    • mucho_cheapo

      The War between 2 political dynasties bears no positive outcome for the people of Camarines Sur. They are caught in the middle and are merely being used as PAWNS. Shame on the Villafuertes and the Fuentebellas.

    • indiosbravos2002

      How powerful and influential is Fuentebella to be able to create a province of his onw?! This is not even a province, its a virtual fiefdom (small time na kaharian) for the Fuentebellas. Si Noli F ang hari, Si Wimpy prinsipe, at iba pang kamaganak ang bumubuo ng korte. Its embarassing for the people of Cam Sur that two aging congressmen were able to pull a fast one on the provnce. Now, how Estrada a duly elected senator is able to stomach this is beyond me.

  • louie

    before tackling any bill with regards to creating new localities like provinces, do any form of people’s initiative, ex. signature of voters, a requirement? or the congressman can just submit a bill pertaining the division?

  • indiosbravos2002

    JINGGOY! Ambobo mo! This should be the least of concern of the Senate. Ang daming hot items ang senado.. RH, FOI, SIN TAX… etc. Ano ba ang catch at minamadali to at mas importante pa kaysa tatlo? Para maacomodate ang pamiya ni Villafuerte at Fuentebella? DYOS KO MIO. KAYA DAPAT talaga change of leadership sa senado. Matanggal na Senate president to si Enrile at mga minions nya na si Sotto at Estrada.

  • Ramil Abalon

    ha ha ha si jinggoy talaga gustong maging vice pres….walang kwentang usapan yan trabahuhin yung para sa national level na bills yung may economic, militarry, matters

  • dominguez

    sen trillanes sabihin mo hindi ka pa ready by next week or next year tulad noong ginawa ni enrile kay sen cayetano. kung kaya nila na upuan ang pagusad ng isang sponsored bill kaya din ng iba yun. at ano naman kaya ang importansya ng bill ng camsur e ang mga haring angkan lang naman doon ang makikinabang, at syempre pati ang mga nagiisponsor nito. magkano??

  • $20722540

    dapat talaga magartista na lang itong si jingoy.  it you want for the camsur people to decide…di sana direct democracy ang pairal natin, hindi na representative democracy.  i know a referendum will be done but its the duty of a legislator to craft laws based on informed decisions.  I don’t know if any kind of local extensive consultations were done in the locality that is most affected.  My parents are from Partido, Camsur and somehow knows the area.  This area have not develop at all because of too much politics monopolized by the fuentebella family – its a dynasty and its the source of their livelihood.  There is so much graft and corruption in the area….intimidation and harassment during elections.  If the Camsur province will be divided, its only the fuentebella family who will benefit the most that will provide livelihood to the family in the centuries to come.  Paanong aasenso yan eh sila lang naman ang makikinabang. 

  • juandelacruzii

    naku naman! napakaironic na sabihin na may constitutional right ang mga camarines sur na sila ang magdecide para sa sarili nila, in the first place bakit nyo ba kasi pinopropose na ipasa ang bill na ito? request ba ito ng mga taga camsur? hindi naman diba? so kung ganyan ang logic ni jinggoy ed lahat nalang ng bill na ipinapasa ninyo idaan natin sa boto ng ng mga tao diba? napakaselective naman. sana hindi pumasa ang bill na ito. this is the worst of all kindos of gerrymandering! 

  • wawangpenoy

    Ganito nga ka-bobo tong si Jinggoy. Ano pa nga ba e ang tatay e ganun din. Syempre ang mga ibang bunga ng isang puno ganun din. Eh bakit mataas ang rating sa survey ni jv ejercito aka estrada? Ibig sabihin, mas bobo ang mga bobotante. Kawawang mga pinoy. 

  • Takbo

    jinggoy di nama kami binggoy! ayayay! anak ng masa? o anak ni enrile? loosing ur logic pre! 

  • Cassie Mallari

    i do not understand the reasons why do we need to create another province? is this for the devt of the place? if yes, then here’s what i know. as per our prof, the creation  of another province, city, etc, causes the IRA to be depleted. this IRA is the fund allocated to entitled provinces, ergo if we create another one then then allocation for other provinces will decrease. remember the flip flop of sc in which the league of municipalities stand for not favoring the declaration of another city, it is because of the IRA will decrease. the new province also do not have yet its own money to be used for its expenses, ergo the govt will shoulder its expenses. this is worst bec we need to allocate or prioritize our money, we have typhoon pablo, we see our bros and sis in south needing help, do we mean that we need to push this bill over the much pressing issues and needs of today? hope someone from the senators will stand to block this caprices of political dynasty in bicol. and whoever that senator is, i vow to give my full support. 

  • kismaytami

    This bill is a poopy wipe and is only intended to benefit constitutionally illegal political dynasties.

  • NoWorryBHappy

    What is so URGENT about this bill, Mr. Jinggoy Estrada, na tunay na anak at hindi ang anak sa labas ni Erap Estarda ? Corruption by political dynasties that cause widespread poverty among Filipinos is THE urgent problem at hand. Solve it and you will find me a convert.

  • sean_javier

    Masyado nang halata ang pagrush sa pagpasa ng nueva camarines province ah.. Something foshy talaga. Ipilit ba naman ilusot before Christmas break?? What is it to jinggoy estrada?

  • robert_tan

    Tsktsktsk… Same old trapo ways…

  • robert_tan

    Mga political dunasties nga naman, gagawin ang lahat para magstay sa katungkulan. Sayang ka jinggoy kala ko matino, nagpapagamit sa kapwa political trapo clan

  • blainz

    Jinggoy taking the initiative on a bill that previously didn’t involve him? When there are far more urgent issues to address?

    I smell Enrile directing one of his minions in his own version of a backchannel to split CamSur. Some important people must be pressuring the oh so independently-minded Senate President again.

    “We, legislators, do not have any right to decide for the people of Nueva Camarines. It is only the people of Nueva Camarines who will decide if they want to divide their own province. We cannot prevent the people if they want their province to progress or to develop or not.”

    The junior plunderer gave away what his vote would be. There is no “Nueva Camarines” unless the bill passes. He has to refer to it as the 4th district of Camarines Sur.

    I never thought splitting up provinces to the size of lone districts was essential for progress and development… Perhaps Jinggoy was referring to certain political pockets getting lined.

    Trillanes, do your job and crush this bill.

  • Gerald Bautista

    Estrada is obviously working for Enrile. 

  • Karen Mabini

    Grabe naman tong si jinggoy…obvious masyado…magkano kaya bayad nya….

    • Guest

      At di pwede sabihin pro kasambahay si jinggoy. Ang kapatid nyang si Jackie estrada nananakit at ginugutom mga katulong nya. Ala princess revilla na kapatid ni Bong. Plastic

  • Aiden Dela Cruz

    Hindi deserve ni Jinggoy Estrada ang ating boto. Siya ay isa ring tuta! Tuta ni Enrille!

  • Tyler Go

    Is Trillanes the only one w/ the guts to junk this bill? 

  • Guest

    May reputation din si Jinggoy na credit grabber. Wala kasing original idea unlike Lito Lapid.
    Inangkin ni Jinggoy ang aksamabhaya bill e si Loren ang naunang nag file nyan sa senate.

  • Joe Tulagan

    Tama nman si Sen Jingoy Estrada dapat neutral sila sa pagitan ng gusto at ayaw hatiin ang Province ng Cam Sur  ibigay sa tao ang desesyon. Let the people of Camarines Sur to decide thru
    plebiscite whether they want to divide the province or not under sec. 10. Chapter 1, Phil. Local Government Code of

  • Robert Buo

    Go Senator Jinggoy Estrada!! Senators Bongbong Marcos, Trillanes, Villar, Arroyo at iba pa diyan huwag naman kayong makasarili, ibigay ninyo sa amin na taga Camarines Sur ang desesyon, kami ang nakakaalam kung anong makakabuti para aming probinsya.

  • Robert Buo

    Go Senator Jinggoy Estrada!! Senators Bongbong Marcos, Trillanes, Villar, Arroyo at iba pa diyan huwag naman kayong makasarili, ibigay ninyo sa amin na taga Camarines Sur ang desesyon, kami ang nakakaalam kung anong makakabuti para aming probinsya.

  • Agata Baltazar

    ayaw naman ng mga taga  camarines na hatiin ang kanilang probinsya..bakit kaya pinipilit ni jinggoy itulak ang panukalang ito? hmmmmmm

  • Aleksander Boleslaw

    trillanes’ argument why this measure shouldnt pass congress is right. if only we can divide provinces based on the whims of the few, then let’s just divide all the provinces if it can do good for each of our countrymen. 

  • Ailene Celedonio

    Resulta lang ng plebisito ang pwede magsasabi kung ayaw o gusto ng mga taga Camarines Sur na hatiin ang probinsya. Amyendahan o tuluyan ng alisin ang batas na pweding hatiin ang probinsya o maggawa ng panibagong probinsya alinsunod sa mga requirements. Ipinapakita lang ni Jinggoy Estrada ang fairness hindi pulitika.

  • David Fabian

    Ang mga tuta ni GMA ay kumakawala – enrile, estrada, sotto, honasan. mga tulisan!

  • Jing Oreta

    People of camarines have already voiced out their choice. Junk this bill! Junk estrada! Junk Enrile!

  • Sophia Castro

    Ayoko sa bill na ito. nagpapakita lamang ng pagkagahaman ng ilan. isasakripisyo ang buong probinsya para lamang maaccommodate sa pulitika ang ilan. 

  • Aiden Dela Cruz

    talagang ginagawan ng mga tuta ni gma na maipasa ang panukalang ito.. tsktsktsk

  • Karen Mabini

    buhay pa pala tong bill na to? patayin na yan!

  • Gerald Bautista

    This is not a good measure. This will be against the welfare of our fellows back there in Camarines Sur. 

  • Mon Postrado

    May batas tayo sa paghati o sa pagbuo ng panibagong probinsya, bayan man o distrito dapat iyong tatlong requirements ayon sa batas kagaya ng land, population and income ay masunod kaya mali iyong katwiran na lahat ng probinsya ay hatiin na lang kasi dapat naayon rin sa 3 requirements na isinasaad sa batas at ang Cam Sur at ang bubuohin na bagong probinsya ay pasado man sa lahat ng requirements. Pero kung ayaw na natin mahati ang mga probinsya dapat alisin na iyong batas. Ano naman ang kinalaman ni GMA sa hatian ng probinsyang Cam Sur Kapangpangan nman si GMA, at sa paghati ng probinsya hindi nman makikinabang ang kanyang anak na si Cong Datu Arroyo kasi 2ndd district siya samantala ang apektado lang nman ay ang 4th district.

  • Minnette

    bakit naman hahatiin ang probinsya ng camarines kung ito naman ay umuunlad sa kasalukuyang estado nito.. na-e-epal-an ako kay jinggoy.. gusto ko sya noon pero parang hindi na ngayon…..

  • Angel

    i hope that whatever will come out of this measure will be for the good of our fellowmen in CamSur.

  • Jing

    Really, you can see how a bill of local import is being sustained when backers are biggies like enrile and estrada. tsk. i will not vote for jack. but i willvote for jv cos jv and estrada are enemies. hehe

  • Agata Baltazar

    sana wag maipasa itong camsur bill….

  • Aleksander Boleslaw

    Forget about this bill, Jinggoy. 

  • David Fabian

    bakit ba grabe na lang yung push na ginagawa nina jinggoy sa panukalang ito. in so far as i know, hindi ito makakabuti para sa camsur!

  • Jing Oreta

    Grabeee na ‘to! i cant believe that this camsur bill could ever surpass the passage of rh bill in the congress!

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