Manila ordinance pushes ban on ‘riding in tandem’


MANILA, Philippines–Men riding in pairs on motorcycles on the streets of Manila, beware.

You could be jailed for a month and fined P3,000 if an ordinance proposed by a Manila councilor seeking the prohibition of so-called riding-in tandem on motorcycles in Manila is passed.

Councilor Rodolfo Lacsamana proposed the ban in a bid to deter crimes in the city, saying violators will be “under suspicion of planning a criminal act.”

The draft ordinance authored by Lacsamana cited the “unsolved crimes” of “countless and unrestrained acts of, day and night, snatching of bags, jewelry and cell phones” perpetrated by criminals riding in tandem.

The measure also cited the case of Polytechnic University of the Philippines vice president Augustus Cesar, who was reportedly shot dead by two motorcycle-riding assailants in October last year.

“This heinous crime is far from being isolated as there have been previous cases where men riding in tandem brazenly killed their unsuspecting victims with impunity,” it said.

Just recently, a Manila cop was shot dead when he flagged down two men on a motorcycle. A Chinese trader was also killed in a robbery last week with the same modus.

The proposed ordinance added that motorcycles were “fast, sleek and easy to maneuver even in heavy traffic being capable of sprinting away through narrow alleys to elude pursuing police vehicles.”

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  • XFilibustero

    Finally, a coucilor who thinks and cares! Sana sa Q.C. din.

  • rain19

     isa na naman ordinance para mapagtakpan ang kahinaan ng kapulisan….

  • Horst Manure

    If you made it compulsory for ALL bikes and vehicles to be registered, have a clear, clean front and rear number  late set at an angle that allows then to be observed and not covered with some sort of plastic so you cant read the thing would be a big smart step.

    • Jet H

      and make the license plates BIGGER with the owner’s name on it… not just numbers

  • Simon Ward

    This needs a bit more thought. What’s to stop women riding pillion? Or the teenagers so preferred by criminals these days because of their virtual immunity from the law? The only way this ordinance could fly would be if all passengers were banned, and that doesn’t seem likely.

  • lagalag

    Pass this ordinance para matigil na kalokohan ng riding in tandem na yan, pag nahuli at guilty, patayin kaagad.,mga salot sa lipunan.

    Hindi sila kawalan sa populasyon ng Pilipinas, lalo na kung kawatan, holdaper at gun for hire killer. Galing sa kasamaan ang pinakakain sa kanilang pamilya habang lumuhuha ang pamilya ang mga biktima.

  • tamakajan

    Scooters and bikes are now becoming a tool for criminals and robbers, and we the people are helpless.
    I would welcome the Idea but strict compliance of the law should be a must! Until there are no criminals caught, bikers should not take passengers thus the riding in tandem dudes will take it serious and lessen their chances of killing people by making them visible.

  • Nagagalitna

    Dapat my exeption ito…paano naman yong mag asawa na magka angkas at nagtitipid dahil maliit ang kita? Huhulihin din ba?

    Dapat dito liwanagin ang batas kasi kawawa naman yong mga mag asawa. Sana doon lng sa dalawang lalaki na magka angkas.


      May suggestion ang kapit bahay namin. ok yong proposal mo na ma exempt ang mag asawa sa riding in tandem ordinance. But you have to prove it daw. You have to bring your original marriage contract and other proofs of marriage under the 1988 Family Code of the Philippines para ma prove na magasawa ang nag riding in tandem. Yong lang ang pinaabot ng kapit bahay namin na walang discus account.

  • jose guev

    this ordinance is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! hindi pwedeng isipin na dahil lang dalawa kayong nakasakay sa isang motrsiklo ay gagawa kayo ng krimen! paano naman yung mga mag-asawa? mag-boyfriend? at hindi rin naman lahat ng magkasamang lalake at babae sa isang motorsiklo ay  malinis ang hangarin sa lipunan!

    • JudgeJuanDeLaCruz

      Riding a motorcycle in tandem is really not safe though it has been tolerated in the past!

  • vir_a

    Pass it as soon as possible. Husband and wife or children should be exempted.

  • captain ariz

    Maganda lahat checked at kung may i.d .di naman maganda kung pagbabawal ang dalawa nakasakay..kelangan lang bawat kanto ng street may police para di sila maka balak sa gagawin nilang masama …at pagwalang i.d at may baril subject to inquest na …alamin ang trabaho …un lang…pag aralan dapat eot mabuti….ng bawat mayor …

  • Anastacio

     Matagal nang overdue ang law na ito, dapat noon pa ipinagbawal ang riders in pair dahil lumala ang krimen. kung legal ang sumasakay  lagyan na lang ng small side car tulad ng ginagamit ng Harvey..

  • opinyonlangpo

     That is just a temporary setback for assassins, they will soon find another way to pull off their acts. It will also inflict undue hassles for people who are riding in tandem for fun and convenience of transport.This law is not practical.

  • JudgeJuanDeLaCruz

    Good! Great ordinance!

  • $8278216

    Akin lamang ay huwag ipag bawal pero magkaroon ng ordinansa na lahat ng tandem riders ay dapat sitahin, LAHAT, walang exeption kahit naka uniporme pa ng pulis o militar ang gumagamit, kuhaan ng mga dokomento, personal at rehistro ng motor kung sila nga ang nagmamay-ari nito,

  • Olibo

    The world would  laugh at this proposed ordinance.Does it mean that every riding passenger at the back of the motorcycle would be considered suspect of a crime, an assassin?What if it’s kid or the spouse of the rider/driver? This is impractical at these days of high fuel cost. This proposed law shows how inefficient our police are. Random checks and police visibility are better alternatives. I remember the late actor Chiquito in his movie, he could still fire a pistol gun even submachinegun  in his solo motorbike riding.No need to be a tandem to shoot, all you need is a reliable bike (preferably with automatic clutch) and practice like Chiquito’s.   

  • joerizal

    Another idiot.

  • Josemakabayan

    Good idea because of the crimes perpetrated by those criminals riding in tandem !!!! why not do it national????? Now I know those riders with no criminal intentions will cry out loud against it, let me say you could always use a trike. The criminals riding in tandem use this transport because they can easily evade the pursuing authorities, if they use a trike, a car, etc, it would be easier to pursue them.

    • Thad Libreja

      ay tanga! nag-isip ka ba bago ka nag-comment?

  • paranoid_penguin

    this might be helpful in the short term.

  • boybakal

    This is good…mala prohibita.Pass the Bill at once.
    I am scared too walking and seeing riding in tandem.
    You’ll never know.

  • wakats

    The proposed ordinance will surely reduce crimes in Manila and elsewhere but is it constitutional?

    Violators will be “under suspicion of planning a criminal act” and could be jailed for a month and fined P3000 JUST FOR RIDING-IN-TANDEM.  This is tantamount to presumption of guilt without due process of law like prior investigation that would establish probable cause.

    “The end doesn’t justify the mean.” 

  • bong

    Why generalize all motorcycle riders? I for a fact go to my work everyday on a motorcycle with my wife and fetch my son to school with it. whoever this stupid councilor is not on his right mind!

  • dotCommer64

    So this is their solution to the problem? Banning riding in tandem? We got hundreds of thousands doing this, but because a few is doing bad deeds, everyone else needs to suffer and be punished. Typical of government solutions to our problems.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Ang dapat sisihin yung mga inutil na mga barangay chairmen na alam na nila at identified na ang mga kawatan, mandurukot, akyat bahay, holdaper sa lugar nila ay hindi pa ginagawan ng paraan! baka may proteksyon na kay kapitan at sa mga pulis sa lugar kaya ang mga ito ay hindi nasasawata!

  • NoWorryBHappy

    The political geniuses at Manila City City will pass a law that will make riding in tandem a crime.
    This is how our lazy lawmakers do their job. This is what we pay them for.
    This is another opportunity for police bribery and corruption.
    This law is meant to be broken.

  • akramgolteb

    Ay T A N G A !  

    Ang gusto sabihin ng gumawa ng batas na ito pag dalawa kayo sa motorsiklo mamatay tao o magnanakaw kayo. Dahil sa batas na ito at dahil maraming magnanakaw na politiko  pwede na rin natin sabihin lahat ng politiko magnanakaw kaya pwede na natin ipakulong lahat ng  politiko. OK sige i-career mo yan bata.

  • Jet H

    i’m sure after this anti-riding-in-tandem bill is passed the work around for these criminals would be having two motorcycle drivers – driving in tandem all ready to commit a heinous crime on the road.  
    the solutions are at hand… CCTVs on every street corner as it is in other countries and police visibility and presence is what the streets of Manila is lacking.  

  • Ben

    “The proposed ordinance added that motorcycles were “fast, sleek and easy to maneuver even in heavy traffic being capable of sprinting away through narrow alleys to elude pursuing police vehicles.”

    In addition: Provide the PNP motorcycles  that are fast, sleek and easy to maneuver even in heavy traffic capable of sprinting away, and equipped with radio and GPS the same as those in police cars of Manila. Manila police or any other police in motorcycles should be paired in tandem or buddy system as back up. While pursuing a known suspect they should be calling on their hands free radio for a back up as a standard operation procedure.

    Also, if they can send up in the air a surveillance air ship that can stay afloat in the air for a long time equipped with remote controlled high resolution monitoring cameras, radar, infrared imaging that can be great. This air ship can be used also as a telecom relay, an advertisement etc. and can also be used for search and rescue in the sea or territorial domain awareness augmentation.

  • nelmarie ruiz

    ano kaya utak ng mambabatas na ito, baka me tindahan ng motor sya, kc lalakas ang benta ng motor dahil kelangan tig-iisa na ang mga bibyahe… pwede ring reelectionist at kelangan lumapad ang papel, good or bad publicity ay PUBLICITY pa rin…
    ang solusyon dyan ay paigtingin ang kapulisan at ipairal ang tamang paglalagay ng plate number sa motor kc pag may gagawing kalokohan yan, itatago ang plaka nyan.. halimbawa: ilalagay ang plaka sa gilid para di makita; tutupiin ang plaka pa horizontal para hirap kang makita to; lalagyan ng tinted plastik cover para maging malabo; papalitan ang plaka ng FOR REGISTRATION; 
    ang solusyon ay sitahin ang mga nakamotor na wala sa tamang ayos ng paglalagay ng plaka, busisihin mabuti ang mga papel nito kung ito ay lalabagin… 
    may tamang guidelines naman sa LTO ang paglalagay ng plaka kaya dapat lang ipatupad…. NO PLATE, NO TRAVEL POLICY! EXPIRED REGISTRATION sitahin…. marami pang paraan sa pagsugpo basta masipag ang awtoridad… At hindi yung pagpapasa ng batas na meron namang maaapektohang mamamayan……  

  • Platypus09

    This is a weird ordinance proposal.

    But I like it.

    Hopefully it will pass and becomes an ordinance.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Pio Gante

    as a rider myself i will agree on this only on the safety issue but not on the crime aspect of banning pillion riders. bikes are best operated by single riders because it will become unstable if additional passengers get on it. economic reasons kaya maraming umaangkas na lang para makarating sa patutunguhan pero lingid sa kaalaman nila ay, ang unang titilapon ay yung naka-angkas dahil wala silang kinakapitan.

    effective policing, yun ang kailangan!

  • Pio Gante

    to all riders,

    ano ang unang sigaw sa motor?!

  • Anastacio

     Councilor Rodolfo Lacsamana next time you should run for  Senator.  may brain kang ginagamit.hindi sayang ang ibinabayad sa iyo.  wish that bill pass.  Pero dapat may alternative
    sabihin natin lagyan ng side car ang motorcyle. para sa 2nd passenger.

    • Jhe Abad

      e2 pa isang bobo.

  • Political Jaywalker

    The idiocy never ends, what we need are effective police force not denying people their mode of transportation.

    Why do Manilan’s elect someone like Councilor Rodolfo Lacsamana, can’t they find one imbued with a semblance of intelligence? LOL. Denying assassins one mode of transportation also denies the citizens a cheap mode of transportation. That is not the answer in deterring criminal activities. Short cut and fascist mentality will definitely not solve criminality, What will solve criminality is when corruption is curbed that will result in more effective police agencies beholden to no one but the law.

    Without corruption we can afford crime fighting equipment such as helicopter  and other crime fighting equipments that can effectively pursue riding in tandem criminals. If corruption becomes the exception rather than the rule, criminals will think twice before embarking on their criminal activities knowing laws are enforced and applied to all unlike in the past where it is selective and justice can be bought.

  • Hey_Dudes

    YES!  It’s about time criminals are deprived of their getaway vehicle by imposing this drastic measure. Crimes committed by this gun for hires on board motorcycles are in alarming rate and something need to be done to combat the menace.

    YES, it might deprived other law abiding citizens of this vehicle usefulness but if it will save lives, why not?  What is the cost of inconvenience as oppose to lives being snuff out with impunity.

  • John Dennis

    Most people are shot by people who are right-handed. Therefore, let’s ban right-handed people.

    • Ding

      And, most people shot die…let’s ban death.

  • ricomambo

    trabahong tamad nang isang tamad na politiko. tsk tsk tsk. woe, pilipinas.

  • jerome

    So if you are to prohibit riding in tandem this would solve or somewhat lessen the problem, I dont think that this councilor is even thinking. Does he know that if this ordinance would be pass it would also cause even greater problem for traffic because some of those people riding in tandem would be force to buy even more motorcycles. And even if you prohibit riding in tandem criminals would still find a way around it. 

  • Joshua

    Ano na lang ang gagawin ng kapulisan sa Maynila, mag papalake ng tyan?. We are paying higher taxes for them, for the government people, in return they should do their job by protecting us, the filipino people. My God, dapat hindi na binoboto ang ganitong klaseng councilor. Sa next election Manila people should take him out in your voting list.

  • Hey_Dudes

    It is truly mind blowing there are fellow kababayans among us who, in our usual tradition (whiners & not content with anything), would criticize an attempt on the part of local government to stem the tide of killings via the use of motorcycles.  Operators of this M O consist of a motorcycle, a driver and the gunman riding on the back.  These critics fails to see the reason why such an imposition is deemed necessary is the ease of use of this vehicle by these assassins.  Do you think if by using a car would make it easier it for these murderers to ply their trade, will they continue using a motorcycle when it is more comfortable in a car?  They use it because it can wiggle it’s way out of traffic very easily.

    Is this something fruitcakes find difficult to understand and appreciate?

    • Thad Libreja

      Baril ang nakamamatay hindi ang motor. They can easily wiggle in and out of traffic because no one is chasing them. Why? Because there are no policemen around.

      • Kelvin Makalintal


  • Don Pangan

    another marcosian type of ordinance.
    insensitive sa riders. pag aralan muna kasi ng mas malalim ang sitwasyon
    bago magpanukala ng ordinansa… wala kasing ibang iniisip kundi paano
    sisikat eh. banning of tandem riding will not definitely solve the
    motorcycle related crimes. walang kinalaman sa problemang ito ang mga
    asawa, kapatid at kaibigan na naka angkas sa motor namin para makatipid
    sa pamasahe. 

    • lex

      o bakit si marcos na naman? dapat si abnoy ang sisihin mo, bobo, sila ay may panukala niyan! 

  • Dave David

    Mga bobo…. %^&$^&#%&%$&%^ nyo

  • Jhe Abad

    isip isip muna!

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Curt Perez

    Bakit ang katamaran at kamangmangan ng isang nakaupong politiko e taong bayan ang napaparusahan? 

    PANGALAWA: Walang krimen kung may POLICE VISIBILITY! Ang tanging visibility lang na nakikita namin e pag NANGONGOTONG SILA SA MADILIM NA LUGAR! imbes na kriminal ang abangan, mga walang kamuwang muwang na mamamayan ang pinagdidiskitahan!
    PANGATLO: WAG NAMAN MAGBULAG BULAGAN Councilor Rodolfo Lacsamana…Ang matitinding KRIMINAL sa PILIPINAS e mga PULIS at mga POLITIKONG katulad NYO! Tapos ang lakas ng loob nyong magbintang? BAWAS BAWAS din sa KAPAL ng MUKHA naman…KONTING HIYA ika nga…

  • lex

    okay yan! pang isa lang naman talaga ang mga motor! iwas aksidente pa! 

    • Kelvin Makalintal

      pang dalawa ho ang motor, isip isp din

  • scconcern

    The law is not balance…since the middle and lower class group is affected. What about mortorcycle with sidecar (PHUT PHUT), are allowed to be used as private means of transport by less fortunate.
    Anyways, the problem is on riding on tandem with male riders only, why not be strict in plugging them for search. Put a foolishman/tanod to man check point in every barangay and special areas, so it will be a hassle to have male back rider. This deter riding in tandem, without changing the law.
    This will work, pag di-matutulog o mabayaran (pero sa dami ng dadaanan, mahal masyado???) yung bantay.

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