Enrile gives up monument to self, now an eyesore on Ayala Avenue



Jaka Tower, the concrete and steel eyesore on Ayala Avenue, could  be taken down soon. Its owner, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, finally abandoned his dream of making a high-rise monument to himself.

Cagayan Rep. Jack Enrile said his father had decided to sell the property after coming to the conclusion that he did not have the time or the resources to complete what he set out to build in 1996.

Jaka Tower went through a series of misfortunes in the past 16 years—from the 1998 Asian financial crisis (which burst the property bubble then) to financial troubles that forced Enrile’s Jaka Group to surrender its prized property to lenders.

“We bought it back. It belongs to us again. My father and sister (Katrina) are now looking for buyers. They have some leads,” said Jack, who was hopeful that the current property boom would lead to a multibillion-peso deal soon.

‘Chaka’ building

Jack, a senatorial candidate of the United Nationalist Alliance, said the family could have been spared the grief of holding on to what netizens have derided as “chaka (gay speak for ugly) building” for nearly two decades had his father listened to him.

He said his father had turned down a once-in-a-lifetime offer of P600,000 per square meter for the two lots (the Jaka Tower stands on one of two adjacent lots of 1,200 square meters each that were acquired by Enrile from the Elizalde group in 1987).

“He told me: ‘Huwag mo pakialaman ang project ng kapatid mong babae (Don’t interfere with your sister’s project). She is building my monument. I want that building to be a monument for me.’ Those were his words, verbatim. So, we have to borrow money to finance the project,” Jack said.

Jack said that at the P600,000 per square meter offered by a local group, the family could have raised P1.44 billion from the two Ayala Avenue lots. He declined to name the group but hinted that it was made of Spanish mestizos.


Jack said the amount would be more than enough to bankroll the family’s other flagship project—the Splendido Taal Residential, Golf & Country Club in Tagaytay City—which it also planned on building that same year.

“I told my father we could not possibly build two projects—Jaka Tower and Splendido—at the same time. We needed P1.3 billion for the tower and P2 billion for the golf course. I told my father it was best to forgo the tower and sell the Ayala Avenue lot, and use the money to fulfill his other dream project. But he and my sister wanted both,” he said.

Jack, who served as president and CEO of the Jaka Group, said his father had planned a massive initial public offering of the group in 1998 to raise money for the tower but this was aborted due to the financial meltdown that year.

He said his father borrowed money to push through with the tower and ended spending a total of P900 million for his half-finished “monument.”

“This is just one of the mistakes my father has made in our business transactions together. I once came to him with a chance to buy a 100-hectare lot in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, for P4 million in 1987. He told me: ‘Who is stupid enough to go to Sta. Rosa?’ Toyota ended up buying it,” Jack said.

Jaka Tower, designed by the American architecture-engineering giant HOK, was to be 185.93-meters tall. In contrast, the completed PBCom Tower and GT Tower across Jaka Tower are 259 meters and 217 meters tall, respectively.

The tower reached only 21 of its planned 49 floors before it was abandoned.

Jaka Tower’s has been likened to another high-rise project, the Puyat building, which stood unfinished for almost a quarter of a century at Edsa corner Pasong Tamo Extension in Makati City.

The building was acquired five years ago for P1.3 billion by  Roberto Ongpin, trade minister of the Marcos regime. He converted it into a business process outsourcing center and shopping mall, and renamed it Alphaland Southgate Tower.

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  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Saan galing ang yaman ng isang tao na nagmula sa hirap?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/A3B5B7CAS25M3OSQSEBXPKDEIU zafirol

      Galing ang pera sa mga mahirap na bayan.

    • payutenyodagimas

      im no fan of enrile but it seems you did not pay attention to his book launching a few months ago.  yes he grew up poor but he had a father who was a judge and had a law office.  thats why he was able to study at ateneo and harvard right after his LLB. few people can go that route immediately if you dont have money to start your career. in other words he had a headstart even though he grew up poor.

      you many know what the diploma from harvard brings? it opens doors of opportunities. do you know ACCRA law office? he was a founder of that firm too..

      and yes he took advantage of his position during martial law that why he had forest concessions in mindanao..that why his business is match company.

      but then, my father also told me that concessions in the 60s and 70s were easy to acquire from the govt. too bad he did not have the foresight as enrile did

      • Senippilihp

        you call a son of a lawyer poor? someone who can afford to send his son to Harvard and Ateneo. Dude, you gotta’ be a prince.

      • kalikasanipagtanggol

         Who would want to pay attention to his book launching? you know the answer….you contradict your statement when you said….

        “and yes he took advantage of his position during martial law”

      • payutenyodagimas

        as ive said, forest concessions were easy to acquire from the govt at that time..

  • randyaltarejos

    That’s what business is all about. Old school decisions don’t always bear positive results. Wealth that serves as remnants of the Marcos glory.

  • joerizal

    Nasa SALN ba niya yang mga nilalantad nilang yaman na yan? 

  • ceejay2420

    What is Jack trying to tell us in this article? That his father is stupid and he is intelligent and capable of making good and profitable decisions? 

    I hope this is not part of his campaign to separate himself from his father who no doubt enriched himself being the executioner of martial law. If he is trying to carve a new and cleaner image for himself, he is very much mistaken. The father and son, including the daughter, have been notoriously abusive, oppressive and opportunistic that no amount of message spinning can change that fact or win election for Jack Enrile.

    • ApoNiLolo

      Good observation. I won’t put anybody in a bad light, especially my own father, if there’s nothing to be gained. And knowing the Enriles, there’s always an ulterior motive, mostly sinister, behind their actions.

      • lolo_Jose

        Tama ka, manang mana ka sa lolo nga apo hehehe

      • ApoNiLolo

        Like lolo like apo!!LOL!! : D

  • filipinaskoh


    What is gigantic and enormous monument when the person’s soul stinks!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NLO2AAP3EKVA2H3FI2AM2KTGAA Jay

    Mas bagay kay Enrile ilagay yun mukha niya sa pesos.yun pag tinapat mo sa ilaw kamukha niya si Spiderman…

  • vince_bugaboo

    Gil Cabacungan, if you’ve got nothing sensible to write, eat, sleep and be merry before you die. O kaya maglaba ka. Matutuwa pa ang asawa mo! Sinisira mo lang pati ang kahulugan ng journalism. And PDI remunerates you for this…this??

    • ddano

      Right. STOP envelope journalism. This is electioneering in disguised.

    • kapayapaan_1900

      This article is obviously a political advertisement pure and simple with the intention to enhance the beneciary’s electability and at the same time gain public sympahty for the family’s huge losses from the 1998 Asian financial crisis enough to sustain thousands of poor Filipinos next meal for months and years to come.  Who didn’t suffer anyway?  The writer is trying to sell the junior’s business acumen that may trivialize any shortcomings that the electorates already knew or might know about him.  It is short on saying that the man is a financial genius that we may need in the Senate.


    time to stop Enrile name in Philippine politics aswell

  • $14334231

    what is he thinking, this juan ponce enrile?…you will always remain a traitor to the nation and will never be a patriot…..who are you kidding??…..you are worst than the worst animal living on earth….. 

  • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

    Monument? Di na nahiya, kahit ba private property niya yan e galing din sa kurakot.

    When Enrile dies, the people want NONE of him. Sa Scarborough Shoal, he can build his monument there where only the Chinese communists can visit.

    Si Enrile ang isa  sa dahilan kung bakit naghihirap ang Pilipinas. His wealth in the billions while many Filipinos live in dire poverty. Nagkamal ng pera yan during the martial law years.

    Igupo ang corruption!!!
    NO to UNA!!! 

  • louie

    dyusme! ang laki ng problema nila sa mga KAYAMANAN nila.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W6H5DZKUQTUASP4S6CGTK7B3E4 kevin

    Another ‘What are we in power for” legacy……

  • lolo_Jose

    Hindi ba nakakaduda mga apo at ipina publiko pa ng anak na si Jack ang maling desisyon
    daw ng amang si Juan sa kanilang negosyo? Malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw ang gustong
    mangyari ng mag ama, ang utuin ang publiko para sa nalalapit na eleksiyon . Gustong
    palabasin ni Jack the ripper na mas magaling siya sa ama sa negosyo at siya mismo
    ay pumapalag sa mga desisyon ng ama para isipin ng tao na pwede nga siyang iboto
    sa senado. Tama na pag lapastangan at pagyurak sa atin ng isang Enrile.. NO TO JACK sa senado…

    • vince_bugaboo

      that’s true. very astute observaions and analyses.

  • cato_the_younger

    Wealth that comes from questionable sources will be lost at some point in time. The wheels of justice might be slow but it grinds nonetheless.

  • facq2


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VJOS3W7L7FDA4TGTFHXBLN5FGE George

    The billions came from martial law victims. Now he is an ally of the catholic church because of his opposition to te RH bill. A marriage made in hell.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6LJQGKALKYF3QXFZ3G5J4V36HY Yolly

    hahaha good for them, saan ba kasi galing yang sangkatutak na yaman nila ?????


    >>>Enrile gives up monument to self, now an eyesore on Ayala Avenue<<<

    ENRILE now an eyesore.


    >>>“What brought about Edsa? Who were the people who went there to bring down an administration? Didn’t Cardinal Sin call on the faithful who went to Edsa to bring down [Marcos]? You have forgotten that event?” Enrile said at Thursday’s Kapihan sa Senado news forum.<<<

    BUT has Enrile forgotten the event that he was the ADMINISTRATOR or berds or executioner of the Martial Law that people went up against that day?  Where innumerable people disappeared, suffered, tormented, agonized, languished, deteriorated, frustrated, humiliated, emasculated, impoverished, displaced, forgotten, and terribly disadvantaged?

    He got off the hook by betraying the hand that fed him… hopped on the next wagon, tried to hi-jack the wagon, failed……hopped to next one again, and again, and now VIRTUALLY a "hero"  of the newbies with his trusted accomplice.  So, yong mga ginawa nya noong kahay*pan sa bayan at sa mamamayan ay….well, kalimutan na lang dahil "mabait na ako ngayon".

    Noong pinlano, isinagawa, at pinamahalaan ni Enrile ang Martial Law, binigyan ba nya ng pagpapahalaga ang sinasabi nyang "catholic effort"?  In fact lahat ng effort ay tinarato nyang y put.

  • suburbanmother

    This is why these families have to stay in the business of politics-to keep the money rolling in! One can never go bankrupt. After all, there is unlimited amount of resources -thanks to  all the taxpayers who contributed to their riches!

    • lt53

      let us stop them

  • JX Peron

    Enrile’s companies were doing well under Nora B. — until Katrina and Jack decided to boot her out and run the companies themselves. That was the beginning of the end…,

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WIWYLFLU4LPKS7B2ZLLRVFKS3Y vir_a

    Better to destroy that building. We don’t need a monument to remind us of him. What we need is we will not have reason and symbol to be reminded of this guy. We need to move on and look for better leaders who can build this country again from ruins.

  • rjimenez1226

    This shows that Jck Enrile has no idea of running his father’s business. He is completely inept. Puro real estate  ang focus. This firm used to be well run by Nora Bitong.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EXFI4EUGM23PQ4FMQKLVH36OXI Jose

    I, for one, am quite happy that a monument to corruption is not going to be completed.

  • est

    money come from corruption shame  shame shame

  • $37644997

    He’s got few other plans to have a picture of him on a Peso bill.

  • dequis

    akala nila pakikinabangan ni jackie ang pagkakalathala nitong storyang ito para kanyang hangaring maging senador. eh iyang si jackie kung hindi nagkatatay ng mamatay tao at bigtime na magnanakaw sa panahon ni macoy, baka miembre lang ng akyat bahay gang iyan

  • $26606290

    walang kwentang article.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/L2AUVC4MXZ2IIYARH3VOBUPEPA Socorro

    If you build a monument for your own self it will really not last. Build a monument for God and it will last.

  • divictes

    Moral lesson of the story: He doesn’t deserve a monument.

  • akoombulator

    fantastic fairy tale if I may redundantly say so wala pa rin boboto sa yo mamamatay tao kayong mag ama

  • Ceazar

    “Who is stupid enough to go to Sta Rosa?”

    Stupid is stupid if somebody was foolish enough to sell 100 hectares for P4,000,000. That would be a price of four (4) pesos per square meter. Parang ipinamimigay na lang niya.

    • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KELBC2K3ZHQWVW7ZCFKZUDDSEU Marlon

      1987 po yung presyo.

      noong panahon na yun puro talahiban at gubat pa ang Sta. Rosa.

  • andrew lim


    This could be a feed from the Enrile family to make them look human- that they have disagreements and mistakes among themselves.

    With Jackie’s senatorial candidacy, they could be only too willing to share “tsismis” about their family and make them look normal.

    And make you forget that Jackie’s qualifications to become a Senator are non-existent, other than being a son of his father.

    Be careful!

  • Rap88

    Hmnn, so what? Dapat ba namin paniwalaan yan? Expose your SALN to the public, waived your right and disclosed your assets for us to scrutinize.

  • est

    kung manalo man ang anak mo enrile im pretty sure  mangyayari lang yan thru  pandadaya

  • est

    a monument of corruption tsk tsk tsk thats what you are famoust for sana ibalik ninyo yan pera para sa ikakabuti ng bayan 

  • wawangpenoy

    HUWAG PAUUTO. Trying to portray that he is a man by himself. That he can stand firm against his father’s whims. Tama ang sabi ng isa dyan. Kung hindi lang sa kurakot ng ama, itong si Jackie, most probably would just be one of the akyat-bahay hoodlum. I GUARANTEE YOU VOTERS, if Jackie ever wins, he will show his true color. CRIMINAL & RUTHLESS. Puro talaga mali ang mga diskarte ngayon ng mga Enrile. Even in JPE’s autobiography, he should not have mentioned anything about Alfie Anido but he did. That’s because he’s desperate to launder his son’s dirty linens. If you think JPE is so arrogant and full of himself, that will pale in comparison to Jackie’s.  BE AN INTELLIGENT VOTER even  just once in your life. DO NOT VOTE FOR JACKIE ENRILE. Also, DO NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE WITH THE SAME FAMILY NAME OF AN ALREADY SITTING ELECTED OFFICIAL.

    • droccu

      AGREE! I thought I was the only one thinking that this article was all for show to project the “independence” of Jack…I also support your stand and will repeat it here: DO NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE WITH THE SAME FAMILY NAME OF AN ALREADY SITTING ELECTED OFFICIAL. We should start an anti dynasty movement solely anchored on this stand in preparation for 2013.

  • EdgarEdgar

    Just like the Jaka Tower, JPE is an eyesore living on artificially prolonged life thanks to stem-cell therapy. We fervently pray that when JPE’s unaccomplished monument is finally torn down, he too will go with it, like dirt and dust in the wind. Contrary to this article, Jackie Enrile’s killer instinct in business is quite unknown but his legendary killer instinct in other areas have landed him in the annals of pop-culture history. Instead of telling us his missed opportunities, Jackie Enrile could have titillated the reading public with his family’s trade secrets and modus operandi in how to run a bustling port city like Port Irene. He could have regaled us with the implausible story of how his father made his fortune selling matches, told like a slick matchstick man. And if he were to categorize it properly, I would even buy his book of fiction if he had one ghost-written for him. But for love of country, I would never vote for Jackie Enrile.

  • tra6Gpeche

    Another proof that an elected Filipino official could become very, very rich for just being a Filipino Senator. The Filipino youth and the son, Mr Jack Enrile, must be thinking to become just like Mr Juan Ponce Enrile!

    • Ceazar

      Kahit mayor lang, puede nang yumaman. Tanungin mo si Jojo Binay.

    • f5r


  • JuanTamadachi

    “A monument to himself.” – What pure unmitigated gall from this senile old man.

  • virgoyap

    They are talking about millions and millions of pesos, who said so that they interested to help alleviate the poor? Who said so that what is in their minds is solely for the good of the country? Who said so that they are not interested anymore of enriching themselves? Poor electorate you are only being dupe by their glib tongues and promises.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    No one should find it shockingly distasteful to hear the prodigal son-of-a-gun publicly criticise the father-of-all-lies about private or family matters and —-which is truly shockingly disgusting—–which concerns questions on how to launder their ill-gotten wealth. Certainly, it would not be out of character for Jack the Ripper to commit parricide.

  • rudy_boy

    There is an adage:

    “To be a Public servant is slavery”


    This is a living proof (& monument) of
    corruption during the MARCOS regime substantiated by the words of his sibling. WHERE

    The answer is just a matter of common sense. This property Ads/article ( not a news ) is
    a bluff, the sibling wants publicity that can be translated into votes.

    What a shame.

  • f5r


  • Ed Molina

    WTF?!! really now, this article deserves a space on the front page? has the inquirer set their standard so low now?

  • Mananandata69

    Father and son , both public officials, fighting about their wealth. Voters watch out

  • concern_netizen

    and Enrile wants us to believe that he was able to build a business empire while spending most of his time serving the interest of the Filipino people.  Younger politicians now look up to him, hoping they will be as successful scum someday…  Amalilio ran away with billions and now being hunted… Enrile pocketed billions and now being hailed as an icon.  What a mockery.

  • $29483279

    After his excellent performance during the impeachment of Corona, Senate president J P Enrile committed a series of blunders which may cause his removal from the senate presidency.

    And now here comes his very intelligent son Jackie Enrile insinuating that his father is bobo by committing investment blunders and had he not intervened could have cost the family huge billions .of financial losses.

    And why did Jackie published this story? Obviously to improve his image at the sacrifice of his faltering father JPE.

    Jackie Enrile, no matter how much money you spend now to cover your notorious past of being a bully, a murderer, an addict and irresponsible person may not be enough for you to win the senatorial race in May 2013.

    By the way, Jackie, best thing about your story today is it revealed and confirmed the “huge wealth your father have earned and saved” as a public servant.

    Many thanks Jackie. Wish you miracle in 2013.

    • boytz

      Please don’t wish for him a miracle in 2013. I’m sure you don’t mean it but that might happen and I just abhor the thought of it.

  • Cerise David

    Sana ganyan ang problema nating lahat.  How to dispose of billions of pesos worth of property.

    • edleon

      beware what you wish for… :)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MGRRLLRCK55UIH5725AIOTG7BE A

    Now you know why everybody wants to run for public office.  They are all just after the money
    and not public service. Tsk tsk.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6LJQGKALKYF3QXFZ3G5J4V36HY Yolly

    what jpe did in the corona trial is simple play safe, he knows what the people want and just want to please them because of jackie, besides almost all the senators opted for guilty verdict, who knows if he has 2  verdict on hand.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/53PNN2WSIQM6WLEOBGOCKQLV74 Jose


    • Rolly257

      You’re right!!! Enrile, Jinggoy, Honasan, copy/paste Sotto, Villar, Loren, and Bong Revilla  were ready to vote for acquittal, had not Corona walked out at the trial.

      Corona knew from the beginning that he has the backing of the 7 Senators mentioned above (plus Miriam, Joker and Bongbong), the very reason he decided to slug it out instead of resigning outright.

  • pinoyobserver

    Only in the Philippines. Inquirer, why is this even a story?  Why do you perpetuate the travesty of Public Officials with billions of money, from who knows where they got it from, quarreling about how their money should have been spent?  Do you expect us to say Wow, Thank you for giving us the inside scoop!  You are part of the corrupted institutions that has to go away if the Philippines is ever to be what it can be.  You are part of the problem and not part of the solution that this country needs.

    • albayislands

      NEWS FOR SALE!!!

  • batangsulpok

    Isa lang yan sa mga yaman ni Enrile, kung bubusisiin ng husto, maaaring mas mayaman pa siya kay Marcos kaya kahit 86 na ay di umaalis sa puwesto at gustong maging senador din ang anak para may protection.

  • jseesus

    dapat yang lupa na yan gawin na lang mauseleo, gawing memorial park para dun sa mga pinapatay at pinatay nang anak mo….  baka magbago pa ang pananaw nang taong bayan sa pamilya ninyo.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_V6JTYBZXUSXIDCD67ACZK7NUKM Joseph

    Well now we know that Enrile isn’t just incompetent in the senate, but in business too. Hopefully, the Jack is much smater than him.

  • Arcsolo

    i don’t know why this story even had space to be published. does inquirer support Enrile’s bid for the senate?

    • Handiong

      At least the public now know what will happen to that eyesore. I myself have been wondering about it.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/E422KEFIWEQBOVJ54ALRSBJB24 JACK

    galing kasi sa nakaw…

  • http://www.facebook.com/metz.ceprian Buknoy Bisaya

    Paid Advertisement.

    nagmamalinis ung anak, kaya nilaglag yung tatay.

    buang buang ning tawhana ni..

  • regd

    WOW! A proud billion pesos frenzy show-off! 
    And here I am, like so many other pinoys, struggling to put food on my family’s table.

  • dodong1


  • SUMMER_OF_71

    I wonder whose bright idea is it to come up with this article.  It’s not much different from that recent “washing you dirty linen in public” interview given by a sibling-senatorial candidate.  I cannot imagine the Senate President consenting to this publication.  He’s pictured as a stubborn and narcissistic patriarch.  In turn, neither does the son present himself here as a person worthy of election to the Senate – with a story about an “eyesore,” his family’s enormous wealth and the unflattering estimation of him by his own father, rather than real appreciable accomplishments.  Bad move.

  • kilabot

    if you can give up everything except opposition to the rhbill, then you’re made, jpe; 
    jpe has more balls than anus and ashole combined. 

    anus   – advocates for neurotic unnatural sex; 
    ashole – assn of homogeneous loathsome egos;

  • sam_aquino

    what do i f**king care??? 

    can’t we have better news than this??? this is GARBAGE!!!

  • Guest

    Two Enriles is like dropping two atomic bombs on the Philippines. Pleeeeeze. Let us not shoot ourselves on the foot or drop the bomb on ourselves again. Let the old Enrile die of natural cause and let his son jump from the 19th floor of hollow shell of Jaka Tower. If he lands on the ground in one piece with bible in hand, there’s a chance I might vote for him. Only if he lands in one piece and still shows proof of life.

  • MG

    Who cares about these people anyway. One sly Enrile is enough.

  • duviz7533

    he already had monument in hell,he don’t need that in makati.

  • duviz7533

    sounds like malapit ng mag away ang magkapatid sa billion ni tatang…nakakatakot itong labanan na ito parehong killer

    • vince_bugaboo

      sana magbarilan sila, walang awatan!

  • vince_bugaboo

    Everytime these Enriles’  names appear in news (news ba ito?) regardless of the topic, they are being  tsunamied with palpable hate, contempt, derision, ridicule and disgust. If this reflects the sentiment of the nation (electorate) then these father and son are politically “dead men walking.”
    They’re doing themselves a disfavor by stoking our anger and resentment that fuels our resolve not to put them back in any government office. We hope they keep doing this–with the help of paid hacks like the author of this puke-inducing article–until the eve of the next election and make our day by helping us remember who they are and…Never to Vote Them!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VBYSH5LGWE4KKUQUMQT4BAEZOU Feel It

      Unfortunately, netizens do not reflect the general  opinion of the voting public.  While the Enriles are pilloried online–as they rightly deserve to be–Jack Enrile was a nauseating number 4, yes, number 4 in the latest SWS survey. Goes to show that the vast majority off voters are largely uninformed, or sad to say unthinking.  

      • vince_bugaboo

        yes, that’s the problem. however, there’s still the remote possibility that by word of mouth, we are succeeding to relay our online noise to  the “man in the street.”
        but i know i’m whistling in the dark; there are enough unthinking filipino voters who’ll put these twin devils in office. 

      • kapayapaan_1900

        I don’t think voters are uninformed nor unthinking at this time.  I’ll give you a clue.  Don’t you ever realize the elder Enrile won’t survive this long if he’s not as sly as a fox?  He knows fully well and have mastered the political game of chess.  He knows what to sacrifice and whom to sacrifice, how to attack and counter attack.  He knows no permanent enemies in politics but only permanent interests.  Entrenched in his amassed wealth running in the billion of PH pesos (?) and fortified with friends in Congress, the military, the judiciary, other independent constitutional body, and (oh I almost forgot) the media), you need to be as cunning as a fox to outwit him assuming you know how the system works in our country.  Only an act of God can stop this man.         

  • AnastacioMamaril

    From Elizalde to Enrile parehong crony ni Marcos nagkabentahan ng multi-million peso real estate property. Conspiracy theorist what do you think??

    • Rolly257

      No conspiracy there…laway at tapik-balikat lang ang ginamit nila, ayos na.

  • KenKhoy

    buti pa kayo may bilyones na eyesore………….. kami nagkaka “sore- eyes” sa kahakanap ng kosing….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AND7MQ5FERICDOIAUW56RYT45A tower_of_power

    The govt should buy this property and leave it as it is … This should be made a living monument of how corruption can take you high and bring you down!!!

  • carlorocci

    Another campaign advertisement of Jackie Enrile, courtesy of PDI. He (Jackie) just wanted to say, “Pagsa-negosyo at pang-ekonomiya ako ang magaling”….Lokohin mo lelong mo……

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RGY2WII5WCQSLIGVZLNQUP3GXI Juan

    Mr. Gil Cabacungan, panay ang sulat mo tungkol kay Jack Enrile. Nakakahalata na kami sa iyo.

    Galing ng storya mo, Gil. Gusto mong palabasin (o palabasin ng mga Enrile) na kontrapelo ang mag-ama para masabi ng publiko na hindi tuta ng ama yung anak. And of course, gusto ng mga Enrile ng name recall para sa eleksyon kaya nagpa-“exclusive” press release ng ganito sa iyo, Gil. Tama? Of course!

    Kilala ka namin, Mr. Cabacungan. Dapat imbistigahan ka ng bagong pasok na publisher ninyo.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VK4M5H3DGSFMJHYLYY3TPYEVDY Johanne

       Cabacungan was also the PR writer for the Congress. If I am not mistaken this was 2007. siya din gumagawa ng releases for JDV when he was still house speaker.. now you know! nagtataka nga ako nung makita ko name nya sa inquirer eh. fishy fishy

  • regd

    And if you think this billion dollar show-off will discourage people from voting this spineless skunk, think again! Wait till you hear this family of crooks penchant for scamming peoples mind with their manipulative oratorical skills. Hey, when ordinary people lie, its perjury. But when these rich-morally-bankrupt people lie, it’s just politics. 


    • regd

      I mean ‘ALL THE TIME’. Apology for the spelling, keyboard problem.

  • iping2sison

    Nagkalugi-lugi mga negosyo ng mga Enrile nang sila mismo ang nagmanage. Kaya kapit tuko sa politika baka sakali makabawi sa PDAF. 

    • stealth ice

      malamang bawi na. sobra pa siguro sa tagal niya sa politika kaya.

  • sam_aquino

    the author is a garbage collector…

    PDI has become a GARBAGE dumpster… X-(

  • pytpinay

    I was only 10 yrs old when martial law was declared. At that time, nagnanakaw na si Manong! Hanggang ngayon nagnanakaw pa rin! Aba dapat naman may bilyones na siya! Sayang naman ang talino niya! At kapal ng mukha at itim ng budhi!

  • jga94

    This is a private business deal…I do not see any relevance to any national issues…paid hack?

    • resortman

      More likely….thats what they call responsible journalism….papogi for jack, pasobre for Gil..Jack and Gil..hmmm…

      • rjimenez1226

        Putangina Cabacungan, magreply ka!

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS


    ANA: “Bakit, ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng chaka, alam mo?”

    LISA: “Ay, andali-dali. Ang ibig sabihin ng chaka, sabi ni Gil Cabacungan, eh PANGIT !!!”

    CION: “Tama, porke ang Pinoy eh mahilig sa pangit-na-tsismis para MAPAG-USAPAN. Pangit ang topic sa report ni Gil Cabacungan para ADVERTISEMENT sa kandidatura ni Jack Enrile for senator, kapalit ng MAKAPAL na sobre, o, ‘di ba pangit ‘yon, Gil?”   

  • marienkind

    A promising establishment that failed somewhere along the way and stayed that way for a very long time despite all the changes around it? Sounds like a perfect monument to Enrile indeed.

  • Paliwaweng

    The sudden-riches of the Enriles were gained during the days Martial Law.
    Honore de Balzac wrote: “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime”.

  • sakinlang

    Ang CHAKA naman ng balita mo Mr.Gil Cabacungan. Pinalabas mo pang may utak si Jackie Enrile. Binayaran ka ba para sa article mo?


      oo nga at ginawa pang BOBO si enrile.. very obvious na gustong palutangin na may utak si jack! Jack—–ulin nya mukha niya!! mga hayop na to binaboy na nila bansa natin at batas natin nagkamal pa ng limpak limpak na salapi! Buhay pa ang mga yan sinusunog na sa impyreno kaluluwa nila!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XLYRHWD24QFMJHTWMZLJHC3DWM Sushi Lite

    what the fcuk is this aricle all about?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UWISP2YXGDQ7K2SIX2GI37B2EI Darwin

    Ang mga taong ito, pinagulo na ang buong bayan, yumaman pa. Enrile’s vast riches is a big mystery.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SYG36KOOLRY47VA3ICPJJ5CQTQ ADD

      It’s not a mystery, they just didn’t admit it, who will anyway.

      Patigasan na lng ng mukha yan.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Abdul-Rashid/100004367910013 Abdul Rashid

         Its the conscience of Enrile na taohan, dapat mahiya siya sa mga gawain niya MARTIAL LAW  days.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VJOS3W7L7FDA4TGTFHXBLN5FGE George

    A monument to the greed of Enrile. 

  • Jimbox88

    Hmmmm, may amoy tax ng taong bayan ba ang property na yan?

  • stealth ice

    it just shows father and son are not really in good term. hence the support of the father to his son’s political ambition is just a show-off. the father just want a blood line in the senate after his retirement. what a convenient way of transferring power.

    • generalproblem

      hehehe di siguro masikmura ni jackie ang katarantaduhan ng tatay nya.

    • Bjdc

      No, this is just one of the tactics the father and son are using. Maybe they are sensing the people’s dismay on the father, so they are trying to imply that the son is not like the father. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VK4M5H3DGSFMJHYLYY3TPYEVDY Johanne

     malamang! bayad na bayad para umingay name ni jackie enrile

  • Rolly257

    Another advertisement for the Enriles. If Marcos is worth 15 billion dollars, Enrile at least has  
    $ 2 billion.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/U5XZ7DG3V4IM5BX3ZX5GTPDTU4 cane-juice

    How egoistic for someone to make a monument to/for himself.

    And for what…?
    On the balancing scale…, which is which…., “More Good…, or More Bad”…?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/U5XZ7DG3V4IM5BX3ZX5GTPDTU4 cane-juice

    @Rolly – You may have underestimated the guy.

    Only “2 to the other’s 15″…?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SYG36KOOLRY47VA3ICPJJ5CQTQ ADD

    So dito pla napunta ung mga nakaw noong panahon ng martial law!

    Walang pinag kaiba dun sa mga small time snatchers and robbers, nabuhay at yumaman sa nakaw.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SYG36KOOLRY47VA3ICPJJ5CQTQ ADD

     It’s not a mystery, they just didn’t admit it, who will anyway.

    Patigasan na lng ng mukha yan.

  • KpTUL

    This guy is building a monument for himself ? It is like sending oneself a Christmas card or kissing the mirror during valentines day. Anyway, it is just not right !

  • generalproblem

    ok anyway sabay na rin siguro sa paglisan ni enrile sa senado at mawawala na din ang eyesore sa senado.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SASWMOCLURVDPTNY3ACUI2FMAQ Johny Bravo

    you guys keep on whining….if you help educate your neighbors in voting off trapos,,,,this guy wouldnt be sitting there ;-)


    GIL CABACUNGAN—- Magkano???? kayong mga reporter ang dapat din sisihin kung bakit ganito ang pinas, mabigyan lng kayo ng pera todo publicity na kayo sa mga politikong mangdarambong! tulungan naman ninyo itong pinas na maging maayos, ilayo natin sa mga politikong magnanakaw! parang awa na ninyo.

    • http://www.facebook.com/metz.ceprian Buknoy Bisaya

      enrile, maintains a long list of payroll on journalist.

  • blainz

    Like father, like son.  Backstabbers both.  Could even be murderers both.

    May Jack’s political ambitions be as unsuccessful as this building. It is already as ugly.

  • Pablo Juan

    Sus maryusep.. what’s the point of this article? na matigas ang ulo ni tatay and tama si jr? or that they want everbody to know that they’re sitting on top of a pile of money?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002207384387 Andrei Mendoza

    gawin na lang columbarium ang building ni ernile, mapapakinabangan pa ng husto, aba! maski milyong urn ang ilagay duon eh sobra-sobra pa!, tapos yung penthouse eh sa kanya na yon duon ilalagay yung urn nya.

    • basyong

      di mo ba nakita noong people power kung paano manginig sa takot ang damuhong enrile.kay gen ver.tapos ngayon gustong magpagawa ng estatwa niya.gustong gayahn si ninoy na nagtapangtapangan para maging bayani.kaso si enrile walang yagbols kaya gustong baluktutin ang history

  • tunderlulo


    • basyong

      bosing gagamitin ng mga enrile yung pera para maging senatong at tuloy ang ligaya sa pagnanakaw

  • mapicchu

    with this article, am beginning to like jack enrile…he will step on his father’s head, and his sister’s pride, just to present himself as possessing more common sense or business sense than them…haha, they must have been squabbling the whole of today…cge, go ahead jack, spearhead the self destruction of your family…funny guy…what a blabbermouth.. he talks without thinking…

    • chingnarciso

      sorry if I am wrong,thats only a gimmick,seems like he is distancing himself from his father,so that he  will not be branded father like son..If he is really honest what he is talking about,sana, noon pa siyang nagsalita.bakit ngayon lang,seguro dahil election kasi…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MDAWMT3LIDHOCW7ZTSYXZEUQQ4 ghe

    diba bawal ang magkaroon ng negosyo ang nasa public service/politics. Ano na naman ito?

    • pakita_ko_sayo

       Ghe………,look at Manny and Cynthia Villar………..getting aware with murder!

    • chingnarciso

      only in the philippines ang puwede.

  • est

    monument of greed

  • $8278216

    Who caressssss!!!

  • dikoy321

    Good for Johnny!

    He tasted what LOSS means, if amounts he invested were really his money, not obtained through dubious means.

    It keeps his pride from flying too “high”!

  • kismaytami

    Chakang ama, chakang anak, chakang gusali, chakang manunulat at chakang artikulo.

  • albayislands


  • KpTUL

    ang yaman ng mga enrile . Ganyan din ba yaman ang mga marcoses ? Good luck to this country !

  • bugoybanggers

    Mas matutuwa pa ang buong bansa kung iyang pinagBILHAN mo ang kita ibili ng MISSLE GUIDED NAVAL BOATS (Missle guided FAST ATTACK CRAFTS) para naman matulungan mo ang Philippine NAVY laban sa banta ng mga DAYUHAN. Ikaw naging DEFENSE MINISTER noong panahon ni MARCOS. Alam mo kung gaano ninyo PINABAYAAN ang DEPENSA ng bansa. Alam mo din kung papano ninyo pinaghatihatian ang pondo na para sana makaBILI ng makabagong tunay na ARMAS.. (hindi baril at kanyon kanyonan) ang PILIPINAS. Mag isip ka naman MATANDA para kung mamatay ka na may maka alala sa isang magadang kontribosyun ang naibahagi mo sa BANSA. Dagdag din iyan sa LIBRO mo.

  • Mario_Garcia

    A great statesman but a poor businessman…  One just can’t have the best of both worlds every time.

    • jeffrey_01

      Great statesman??
      Great fake!!
      Great liar!!

      • chingnarciso

        or great traitor..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CRBW2RJR4WNWVIDZVSCLFQK4KQ Spike

    Jaka a monument to  Enrile’s cronyism

  • http://twitter.com/d3marketers SAMMY

    You are the Pres and CEO of the JAKA Group yet you are blaming your sis and father for the JAKA Tower’s misfortunes. Php900 million lang naman pala ang ginastos sa JAKA tower. Whew! 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GNVLZW44Z6WLXHG6GML3JF3R3A LV

    I hope nobody buys that property and remains a derelict, rotting, empty shell – a
    monument to the failed legacy of Enrile and to his Chaka egomaniacal aspirations. :-p

  • Beguine

    Is this supposed to propagandize that the Enriles will be able
    to finish this long jinxed building if Enrile Sr and Enrile Jr
    are both senators after the 2013 election?

    By hook or by crook?  

    And the people are supposed to be glad for them then?

    Enrile Sr won’t live forever and Enrile Jr is unlikely to make it
    to the Senate. That much we already know.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_I7FFMJF22R36STIZWHQTZILPKM RatsadaBlues

    puro nakaw naman lahat yan e

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_I7FFMJF22R36STIZWHQTZILPKM RatsadaBlues

    putsa utusan ni Makoy ng napakahabang panahon isang amonanagpahirap sa mamamayang pilipino ngayon galing sapinagnanakaw nakayamanan ng pilipinas ipagpapatayo ng kanyang sariling rebulto na siya lang ang me gusto. TANGNAMO TANDA MAMATAY KA NA


    TO be fair naman to enrile, nararapat din namang gawan siya ng monumento para ma-ala-ala siya ng lahat sa kanyang mga nagawa sa bayan,  Ipagpatayo siya ng monumento na ang taas at isang pulgada sa SMOKEY MOUNTAIN tabi ng kubeta.

  • Mike Henry French

    1987 pala ang mga aquisitions na to???????????????????
    That’s where my parents and grand parents’ taxes must have gone

    • jeffrey_01

      Absolutely. Perhaps land grabbing.

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Just to get Jackie Enrile in the news. Pathetic. What do we care about this?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T6LZKWWWOJTNBOOZJVX4FLC5MA Marcela

    propaganda blitz! trying to picture himself as more smart than the father, and of course with the blessing of tatang enrile!

  • edm365f31

    Monument to self and show how much money he corrupted all those years in the service.  It really shows the mindset of this Trapo’s monument to self BS.How can a person who has been in the govenment service for so long accumulate too much wealth only in the philippines.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VUFRGRCCA5JXOLKEVCJQ3FBW3Y Concerned Citizen

    Who would have thought that JAKA can’t finish the project?   Many are actually surprised thinking  that this should not have happened because Sen Enrile was then one of the highest officials during Marcos time and has a business conglomerate to back it up.   Other politicians who don’t even have such businesses could have finished that project if they owned that property.

    • jeffrey_01

      Karma. Bloody money.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VUFRGRCCA5JXOLKEVCJQ3FBW3Y Concerned Citizen

        I don’t know.   The only person that can make Sen Enrile talk is Pres Aquino.   Sen Enrile has not been effective in the Senate because he seems to strictly adhere to the line of command.  You can notice this by how he does not impose himself on senators who are not in his line function such as the attendance problem in the senate or addressing corruption and other issues in the Senate and Congress. He also  appears to ignore problems that he thinks he does not have the authority to engage even at the expense of looking incompetent .  President Aquino can probably get the most out of the Senate if he asks Sen Enrile his inputs and advice on any matter while he is still in the senate.  Only when asked will he get Sen Enrile to speak his mind and be very helpful I think.

  • w33k3nd3r

    His vanity knows no bounds as much as his corruption.

  • duviz7533

    ito ang katas ng sykorzky helicopter deal transaction noon defense minister pa siya.pati si macoy ginugulang niya sa hatian kaya nagkagalit sila.

    • batangsulpok

      Kaya siguro bumaligtad sila ni Ramos dahil bistado na sila ni Macoy at kung bubusisiin ng husto, napakaraming yaman sina Enrile at Ramos kaya panay ang kapit kung sinong nakaupong Presidente para di sila maimbestigahan kasi kung yun ngang mga Heneral na under sa kanila ay yumaman ng husto, sila pa?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZYJLDPFZXW3GZVHSY5TOQZX6D4 SojuSaki

    A classic case of GREED…very Johnny.

    • chingnarciso

      what do you expect,he is the senate president…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7QZGSD2PKH75PUIZY5TVTQJKTI Broton

    Jaka Tower !!! . . . one of the gains this old man has acquired during his tenure in the government service?

    • chingnarciso

      you mean to say pork barrel?

  • anu12345

    Daming pera nila

  • BruinBearDad

    Amazing amount of money huh? Just like the Marcoses, the Singsons, etc etc etc,

  • oraman

    tower of Babel LOL

  • selinaKyle2012

    Monument for himself. Sino siya para magtayo ng monument para sa sarili niya? Corrupt. Thief. Delusion of Grandeur.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H47CPJUE4QYKFUCKSUXK3LNBGI Allan

      the monument referred to was not literal. it means building a building to serve as his monument. but you’re right. he suffers from delusion of grandeur.

    • chingnarciso

      don’t forget the word traitor,leech or blood sucker,or self inducer….

  • PikonNaKami

    This is an obvious press release to showcase the “independence” of Jack over his father to bolster Junior’s senatorial candidacy.  This is another political infomercial packaged to the readers as news.

    I thought that Prieto headed the Media Summit on Corruption in Tagaytay? Were the Inquirer columnists absent?

  • jeffrey_01


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJW2CHZBIO7YZ6MK3KVALX4VM4 Jhonny

    Enrile, himself, is also a political eyesore. 

  • PastorDIjang

    Criticizing your own father in public just does not create a good impression on you Jack.  Your father is no saint either but if you can stomach bad mouthing your old Juan in public then we can imagine you can do worse to the rest of Juan de la Cruz for that matter.  

  • zeroko

    Kapal moks si Epal. Kala mo he is indispensable. Hoy! Tao ka lang. Let the people initiate branding you as a Hero or what not. It should not emanate from you! Katulad ka ni PNoy, gustong gawing ‘Hero” si Jess Lobredo, eh, ang lagay, buhay pa sana si Jess if he did not defy and influence the Naga Tower when it decide not to allow his flight for Sunset LImitation, meaning the airplane has the risk of reaching Naga Airport at night time, and there is no alternate night rated around except Manila which is equal to the distance of Mactan-Naga. Then again, when the pilot decided that due to propeller malfunction he will return to Mactan Airport but didn’t, he he he. Could it be that Jess influence the pilot’s decision. 

    Stop these stupidity! Sawang sawa na kami sa mga EPAL na pagkatapos pagnakawan ang kaban ng mamamayan, gusto pa nilang maging bida after life. Ang masama, buhay pa sila, gusto na nilang eternal “bida” sila, para bang may utang na loob pa tayo sa kanila……. he he he. Only in the Philippines!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WIWYLFLU4LPKS7B2ZLLRVFKS3Y vir_a

    Not only an eye sore in Ayala Ave. but eyesore in the political avenue.

  • http://www.facebook.com/metz.ceprian Buknoy Bisaya

    Kanya kanyang diskarte nalang yan…sa kabilang column si Tulfo naman nagbebenta ng additives na D-xxxxx…ek ek

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H47CPJUE4QYKFUCKSUXK3LNBGI Allan

    at saan kinuha ni enrile ang perang pinambili from the elizaldes?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WJX5I5FJL52QCZDUKDNWOTIZHQ Lateralus

       alam na, hehe

    • http://www.facebook.com/richard.p.miel Richard Paraiso Miel

      kanino paba..?!?! mga korakot..!

  • joboni96

    is this a case of promoting the son
    at the expense of retiring father

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5TBFLMGYQ6VOQOSMUUFHOML5VE Archie B

    makapag ingay lang para mapansin.susme.

  • stfu_moron

    mang kanor..esti mang johnny….

  • tarikan

    Pushing the Elizaldes out of a prime real estate in Ayala, Makati? Them mestizos must have their tails in between their legs running when they saw the face of JPE. Asking the Enriles where the h.e.l.l they got the money to pay for them was out of their minds. But they know better even the not mestizos Juan de la Cruzes know better.

  • tarikan

    Madals, hindi lang kung minsan, masuwerte ang mga hinayupkpk na anak sa outside. But hey he probably follows this mantra: You were born poor, not your fault. You die poor, your fault!

    • puza65

      yeah,pareho sila ni Imelda na masyadong naging gahaman sa pera…pareho silang anak sa labas…ang pagkakaiba lang kinilala lang si Imelda noong mapangasawa nya si Marcos…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3RMNEZCQQHXWOQRXJROQ2CORFU Homer Guo

    parang tower of babel…. struck down for pride

  • tiriring

    no vote for enrile after i read this news! 

  • watchdoglang

    That Chaka Tower i in Ayala is the true legacy of Enrile. It is only now that the truth is coming out that this building was never got completed because he lost the political position in the 90’s. It was in the late 90’s when I asked the  taxi driver while cruising the Ayala back then and the driver said it belong to Enrile who got bankrupt from the election bid and lost. Enrile redeemed himself during the impeachment trial and he surely looks like an hero who then release his bio to justify is role in the government. Does he really have a clean heart? Only God can tell.

  • puza65


  • ruben_bush

    ang monumento itinatayo ng mga tao bilang pag gunita ng kabutihan o kadakilaan ng isang tao. may monumento si rizal sa luneta, si bonifacio ren…etc.  ngunit kung ikaw ay gagawa ng sarili mong monumento tulad ni marcos, ayun pasasabugin ng mga tao.

  • JosengSisiw1

    The stories seemed to be tailored to make Jackie looked like he got the business acumen. This father and son will do evrything to fool the public.

  • Mali_Galig

    JPE prove me wrong that there is no money to be made for being a public servant. Is there any course in university that teaches graft and corruption? Is there a subject that teaches the loophole for conflict of interest? Please let me clear my doubt.

  • Mali_Galig

    Good business sa akin yan pag naitayo ang monument ni JPE. Piso sa tatlong bato. Ihi ay piso, Ipot ay dalawang piso. Dura ay libre.

  • zeroko

    BAkit nagkakandarapa ang mga trapo na maging politiko ang kanilang angkan? Marami sa mga ito ay multi-millionaires na, ano pa ang gusto nila? In year 2011 and before, the basic salary of a Senator is only 38 thousand pesos a month. Ang Q.C. Mayor, 15,600 pesos a month. Yet, during election, these hordes of politicians spends millions if not billions of pesos just to win! This seems crazy in the point of view of an innocent voter, yet the secret is on their other benefits. A Senator or Congressman entitled themselves with 38 million pesos each for their numerous entitlement like having a top of the line SUVs, travel allowances (both domestic and foreign travel), bonuses every month, their gasoline allowances, their incentive bonuses, representation allowances, Christmas bonus, and expenses maintaining their offices.

    In deed, our Chinese Dominated Government is running their office as though public funds is like their personal bank account. He he he. Talo si PINOY! 

    Worst is the kick-backs in every public work contracts which does not go below 20% when they use their pork barrels. 

  • Philcruz

    The monument to a monumental ego just went kaput. Speaks volumes. So like a monumental attempt to rewrite the martial law era and EDSA history. The failed tower is truly a symbol of Enrile’s life. He dreamed and plotted to be President someday but that dream could never be. There was something missing. It was character.

  • Philcruz

    This is a pathetic attempt to boost the son’s image by projecting him as an independent person quite apart from his father.

  • rjimenez1226

    people of the Philippines, take care of the  future. Don’t vote for the Enriles.

  • joe__bloggs

    These people are living in a parallel universe:

    Ran out of money? There is plenty more where that came from. 
    Go and get more. 


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