Sen. Arroyo: Focus on massacre brains



Senator Joker Arroyo on Sunday said state prosecutors should focus on the “masterminds” behind the Maguindanao massacre rather than go after all the 200 suspects, most of whom were simply followers of the Ampatuan clan, and risk prolonging the “trial of the century” for over a hundred years.

In a radio interview, Arroyo said the prosecution should also consider asking Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court to concentrate on trying the principal suspects in the killings of 58 people on Nov. 23, 2009, and hold daily hearings to expedite the process.

Tagged as the brains behind the mass murder were former Maguindanao Gov. Andal Ampatuan Sr., his sons Andal Jr.,  a former town mayor, and Zaldy, the former governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. The three are detained, along with several other relatives.

Arroyo told dzBB that these actions were better than the broad clamor for a live coverage of the trial, which he feared would only prolong the proceedings as the lawyers would then be more conscious of their public image.

“It should just go after the principal defendants so they will be sentenced for their crimes. Every crime has a mastermind, most of those involved were just ‘sabit’ (lackeys). Focus on the big ones; there will be more delays if you mix in the little ones,” he said.

“Most of the defendants were only doing what they were ordered to do. It’s obvious that this case involved a mastermind. It’s a conspiracy, and this was not done by chance.”

Arroyo warned two years ago that prosecuting 200 respondents would inevitably drag the case to 200 years considering that each of them has the right to cross-examine the 100 state witnesses proffered by the prosecution team.

Of the 195 people accused in the massacre, 103 have been arrested and the rest are at large.

Backhoe operator

The Philippine National Police announced that Bong Andal, the alleged operator of the backhoe used to dig mass graves for the victims, was arrested over the weekend.

“The arrest of Andal and other suspects now in custody manifests the firm resolve of the PNP to arrest and prosecute all suspects behind the mass murder,” PNP Director General Nicanor Bartolome said Sunday.

Based on his experience as a human rights lawyer during the martial law years, Arroyo said that cases involving hundreds of defendants did not get resolved even in the “court-martial setting,” which was a “short cut” of trials in regular courts.

“There was no conviction throughout martial law. All the cases we handled were not resolved before Edsa I,” he said, referring to the 1986 People Power Revolution. “There was no conviction. That is why when I heard they were filing a case against 200, I asked myself, How can this end?”

Live media coverage

Arroyo concurred with the Supreme Court ruling issued on Oct. 23 barring live coverage of the trial.

“The attention of the lawyers will be divided on the merits of the case itself and how they will look on TV. Lawyers tend to make longer sentences if there is a live coverage. So, let’s balance the advantages and disadvantages. We should have more faith in the judiciary,” he said.

But the Aquino administration is pursuing on-spot reports by radio and TV networks of the trial.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said she would meet the prosecutors tomorrow to discuss, among other things, President Aquino’s call for a live media broadcast of the trial.

Malacañang last week said the absence of cameras in the courtroom was giving the impression that the administration was doing nothing for the massacre victims. It said the broadcast would make the people aware of what is going on in the case.

Also on Sunday, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) denied reports that a relative of the Ampatuans was hiding in an area controlled by the rebel group.

Von al-Haq, spokesperson of the MILF’s Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces, said in a phone interview that the group was not providing shelter to Bahnarin “Datu Ban” Ampatuan, one of the primary suspects in the massacre.

“These suspects are native inhabitants of Maguindanao and it so happen that it is an MILF-dominated area, but it would not mean that the suspects are mingling with us,” Al-Haq said. With reports from Gil C. Cabacungan, Marlon Ramos, Christine O. Avendaño and Karlos Manlupig, Inquirer Mindanao

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  • MonMayuga

    This time I agree with Senator Joker Arroyo. The masterminds behind the Maguindanao massacre should all be made to account for their crimes and a speedy resolution of the cases against them should be done. There is little doubt that these masterminds are guilty of the crimes they are charged with. Their foot soldiers who are still at large may be brought to court later when they are caught.

    There have been reports about witnesses being killed or threatened. If their heads are already in jail for life these foot soldiers will have no one to follow anymore.

  • Ronald Diaz

    Yup may tama ka Mr. Arroyo agree ako sa sinasabi mo pero sana gumawa ka ng paraan para makulong na yan mga Ampatuan’s di lang sana hanggang opinyon…

    Jail the Ampatuans…murderous pigs.

  • pangitbudhiko

    yan si Joker arroyo, meron isip,

  • Noel

    Joker has a point.  But let’s ask him if the government should go after GMA’s crooks that would also take years to resolve.  Why not focus on the masterminds which were Gloria, Mike and those close to them?

    • pelang

       di isama na rin si joker arroyo, sipsip din yan kay gloria noon hanggang ngayon. kung nagsalita siya noong fake president pa si gloria tungkol dito, meron katuturan ang comment niya. ba’t ngayon lang siya nagsalita? too late the hero!

      • spider69

        ikaw naman,,,,, siempre wala na siya nakukubra. sa tagalog nahahamig. sa mexico, nakaka kambiyo.

  • Hey_Dudes

    The masterminds are already being kept confined in jails albeit awaiting final verdict from the court.  They are not going anywhere but I am sure they are still availing special favors from jailers, politicians, kins etc. etc.

    But can you really try these masterminds without the rest of the participants in the murderous rampage?  If they or some of these will not be around to either concur, expend or disagree with government prosecutors, what chances do you think of that happening with high paid lawyers depending these criminals at all cost?

    Like I keep saying these criminals are still around because we live in a democracy.  In China, North Korea or Cuba, these murderers would all be deep 6ft under ground with their tombstone written – We are murderers!

    • spider69

      Blame CHR,  lagging nakiki alam. puma papel. kaya hindi tumino ang Basang Pinas dahil sa CHR.

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    Focus on Masscre Brains leads to Malacanang during Glolongs reign!!!

    • Ping Gonzales

       Tama ka conscience then kung sakaling may basehan na kaya nagawa ng mga aputuan ang karumal dumal na krimen at nagtuturo na si gloring at protektor ng mga ito aber kagalang galang na senator arroyo anong maipapayo mo sa taong bayan lalo na sa kamag anak ng mg mga biktima na sana hindi natanggal si corona para di ganoon ang labas ng kaso he he matatapos na lang ang termino mo mag iwan ka ng magandang alaala ng hindi ka namin susumbatan at sa halip ay mamahalin pa

  • rickysgreyes

    Put up “Wanted” (dead or alive) posters of the remaining suspects at large, with pictures. Get ABS CBN, GMA, PTV5 to publicize pics of those suspects and have a PNP hotline. A reward would help. All should be tried not just the masterminds.

  • manual47

    There is no justice after all……and in the view of the victims, justice delayed, justice denied. 
    It sums up to what Helen Keller quoted:
    “Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other’s 
     welfare, social justice can never be attained”…..

  • regd

    Forget the focusing, concentrate on eliminating via accidental death.

  • droccu

    Good point Joker…At least your making sense again…:-)

  • eirons1043

    Live coverage pa rin kahit na iyong 3 mag aama na lang ang lilitisin para malaman ng tao ang nagaganap sa loob ng Court. Kelangan parang hospital operation yan pwedeng panoorin. Hindi ba ang title ng kaso eh People of the Philippines VS Andal, Zaldy, Unsay et. al? eh bakit ngayon eh puwera ang mga People of the Philippines sa panonood. Talaga itong si Joke kulang kulang na ngayon. Akala ko be pag bad ka lagot ka. Ngayon pag bad ka eh hinay hinay na sayo.

  • Ommm

    ” Most of the defendants were only doing what they were ordered to do.”

    The same held true for the Nuremberg war crimes trials yet Nazi soldiers have been successfully hunted and prosecuted worldwide.

    Fact is the culprit is the Philippine legal system which is desperately slow…if not stopped. In a country with low employment opportunities our legal system has bred jobs for life through tangled webs of paper and bureaucracy that afford employment to family and friends of key justice players. This heightens their own self esteem to that of demi-God status.  Now forgotten is rights to a speedy trial of the accused.

    What they have failed to see is we will never run out of criminals….

    • Guest

       “Fact is the culprit is the Philippine legal system which is desperately slow” Spanish legacy is always BS.

  • pabulaka

    Now here is the Senator that I used to admire; now he’s making sensible statements again.

  • $29483279

    Joker is 101% correct. Why not focus with  Ampatuan Sr,  Ampatuan Jr and Zaldy. the brains behind this heinous crime of the century, the Maguindanao massacre.

    Once they are detained in restricted cells they will loss contacts with their sympathizers and relatives in Maguindanao.

    This is much better than the present detention in Bicutan  enjoying all the “special VIP treatments”from their jail guards.

    More importantly, this will allay fears from the victims family of  political come back of the Ampatuans in Maguindanao.

    Why not do this instead of insisting for a live coverage of the trial..

  • Spike

    Arroyo is the only senator i trust.   Smart smart man. 

    • MaySenseBa

       My heart goes out to you…Do you also trust GMA?

    • medipobladoor

      PDEA claimed that there are 53 politicians involved in illegal drugs.
      Half of it are LP members. Congratulations again Sec. Mar!

  • tarikan

    Makes sense Sen. Joker. Yes, focus on the masterminds, you prosecutors. Come on show me you are more than that car-driving macho with bold “PROSECUTOR” plates. This is the time to show all your marbles in court and not on the road. 

  • No Mind

    This time you are not joking, you are perfectly correct! People of the world are looking at our judicial system like the mother of a beast in Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. Focus on the brains the veins shall follow.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    And, pardon me, Mr. Senator Arroyo—-while your’re still in a lucid interval—- why not draft and sponsor a bill to make conspiracy to commit a crime (heinous crimes, at least) as a crime in itself. Our Spanish-vintage penal code follows the theory that conspiracy to commit a crime (except in the case of “political crimes” like treason, sedition, & rebellion) is not criminal in itself but only a mode of incurring criminal liability.  Meaning, say, in the crime of murder, murder has to be consummated first before a mastermind and the other conspirators or planners can be prosecuted.

    But if “conspiracy to commit murder” is made a crime by itself, like in other countries, a tremendous boost to crime prevention, as well as detection and prosecution, could be had.  For instance, the police and the military usually have, in most cases and within their AORs, intelligence data of a potential “hit” being in the offing.  But they cannot act on such information because such a potential “hit” is merely at the conspiracy stage and hence no crime is yet being committed.  Even if someone knew and wanted to spill the beans, the same would be useless for the same reason: no crime has yet been committed, and the police have nothing “legal” with which they can seek the prosecutor’s intervention.
    But if conspiracy to commit murder were a crime in itself, mind you, Mr. Senator, the police and other law enforcement agencies will have a field day as far as going after criminal masterminds are concerned.  Aside from its deterrent effect—-for criminal masterminds would then always be bothered by the fact that “leaks” even in their plans alone can lead to prosecution—–the viability and effectiveness of the witness protection program come to the fore.  And, just imagine the effect if the “rewards system” was also available to those who divulge information and other proofs as to “conspiracies to commit a crime.”   
    In fact, in the Ampatuan case, it would have been easier to file and prove “conspiracy to commit murder” as against the masterminds.  Why, they even announced their threats publicly. In such a case, trial of both the conspiracy to commit murder as well as the trial for the murders need not be consolidated in one case as the evidence necessary would have been different in scope and nature.  The prosecution need not prove a “dead body,” for example, in a case of conspiracy to commit murder.
    And, Mr. Senator, exactly the same things would hold true in say, “conspiracy to commit plunder” and “conspiracy to commit electoral fraud.”  It may not to be your liking, though, considering those otherwise non-lucid intervals of yours.
    Anyway, Kudos, Mr. Senator Arroyo!  Stay lucid now and eternally!

    • MaySenseBa

      And, pardon me, Mr. Senator Arroyo—-while your’re still in a lucid interval


  • rhan duke


  • Fred

    Agree.  Focus on the Ampatuans.
    Kelangan bang ma memorize yan?

    Alam na ng lahat na guilty ang magiging verdict.
    Hinihintay na lamang ang desisyon ng sa ganun
    ay mailipat na sa munti ang mga ampatuans.

  • Bengatibo

    Sen Arroyo make a lot of sense. Why did the DOJ and Prosecutors did not think about it. Where is their focus??? On media mileage??? or magaling lang ang defense panel ni ampatuan that they can easily distract the prosecutors. Kailangan pang manggaling ang advice sa isang senador. Ano naman ang ginagawa nang Judge???

  • Commentator

    If that is possible in our judicial system, then why is the DOJ not doing it? I am also thinking, if there are 200 suspects why don’t they have 200 judges, then it will really be fast. I hope the congress can think of some laws that can make our justice system faster.

    • Francis81

      Wala na sa DOJ ang kaso nasa korte na. Yung korte na yung tinimbrihan ni Pweenoy na i dribble ang kaso. LP na kaya ang mga ampats!

  • virgoyap

    This time I will be with Sen. Arroyo. It’s better to have the masterminds be indicted the soonest than to to wait for all who are involved in the heinous crime to be arrested first which has no dateline as to when will it ends.

  • batangsulpok

    May katwiran si Sen. Arroyo na dapat pag-tuunan ng pansin ay ang mga masterminds dahil ang karamihang suspects ay mga tauhan lang nila na sunod ng sunod kung anong ipagawa sa kanila, para din sa military at pnp na sumusunod lang ang mga sundalo at pulis sa mga opisyal nila.

  • tra6Gpeche

    Senator Joker Arroyo, I salute you for giving a smart and a sound advice The prosecution should listen to you!

  • niceguy60

    Senator Arroyo’s idea is so far the best. This should have been done longtime ago.

  • Ivideo

    He is not senile after all.

    • MaySenseBa

       He is still very smart.  He didn’t lose his marbles.  He just lost his integrity and principles, that’s all.


    BRAINS? Whoever masterminded the dastardly and heinous deed had NO BRAINS! Whoever masterminded the crime was mastering something else when the plan was hatched….probably debating with himself. So, walang madidiing BRAINS ng massacre. Mas mabuti pa tikluin yong mga may-ari ng ginamit sa pag-massacre- baril, AKs, machete, heavy equipment, etc…no questions asked, bee tai kaagad!

    • Guest

      Alam n’yo di naman mapili ang LP sa ilalim ng liderato ni Sec. Mar
      Roxas. Everybody is welcome. But criminals, corrupt politicians are most
      preferred. hehehe!


      • Francis81

         Birds of the same feather fcks together.


    BRAINS?  Whoever masterminded the dastardly and heinous deed had NO BRAINS!  Whoever masterminded the crime was mastering something else when the plan was hatched….probably debating with himself.  So, walang madidiing BRAINS ng massacre.  Mas mabuti pa tikluin yong mga may-ari ng ginamit sa pag-massacre- baril, AKs, machete, heavy equipment, etc…no questions asked, bee tai kaagad!

  • disqusted0fu

    Joker Arroyo is a smart man… this is a much better suggestion than that of the palace’s which is to basically televise the trial and thats it. everyone knows that people tend to act differently in the presence of cameras, which could affect the hearings. its words of the wise vs. words of the lazy. where would you side?

    • Ghumbgloof

      Pansinin n’yo di nagre-reak si Sec. Mar Roxas sa isyu ng pagpasok ng mga
      Ampatuans sa LP. Eh totoo naman kasi siya may go signal n’ya yung pagpasok ng
      mga Ampatuans sa LP.

  • tonyoks

    para saan pa nga ba at gusto pang hulihin lahat gayong kuha na ang mga pasimuno?
    ano pa bang masasabi ng mga yun eh ang laki din ng takot ng mga yun sa mga amo nilang demonyo?

    kung wala ng death sentence sa atin, pabulokin nyo na sa bilannguan yang mga yan…

  • Jack

    their style is to make a telenovela out of this case. buhay artista ba ang taga palasyo?

    • Francis81

       Yan ang resulta kung ang mga advisers ni Pweenoy ay si Boy Abunda at Kris Aquino, teledrama ang kalalabasan.

  • Pablo Juan

    So the good senator also wont mind if the government also focuses on the masterminds of the ZTE, Hello Garci, PCSO scandal etc etc?

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS


    ANA: “Andaming napabilib ni Sen Joker sa ideya niyang dapat unahing litisin ng Korte ang mga utak sa Maguindanao massacre, grabe!”

    LISA: “Hmmm, puede, puede. Kaya lang, kung ipatutupad ang ganitong regulasyon sa prosecution, eh dapat parehong ipatupad din ang ganire sa Ombudsman, ‘di ba?”

    CION: “Korek kayo ‘day, ang gleng-gleng n’yo. Sige, unahing litisin ang pamilya ni Arroyo (hindi si Joker) bilang brains sa pangungulimbat, ang mag-anak na plunderer, Mike, Gloria at Mikee, go, go, goooo!!!” 

  • joerizal

    Ang mastermind niyan si GMA…ang bobo niyo naman. Sino ba ang nangunsinti sa mga Ampatuan? Di puwedeng mastermind lang ang tirahin..umpisahan niyo kina Ampatuan tapos umakyat kayo sa puwesto hanggang makarating kayo kay GMA.

    • Ma Kristina Concepcion

      Pero malamang na tumagal pa ang kaso na yan, lalo na’t karamihan sa mga
      Ampatuan clans eh nakalipat na sa Liberal Party (LP) ni Mar Roxas.


  • EdgarEdgar

    Senator Joker Arroyo has always been the prescient elder statesman. As early as September of 2010, he already brought to public attention the logistical nightmare of having 200 defendants and 300 witnesses involved in this case. Focusing on the masterminds behind the massacre is obviously the right way to go, but it flies right in the face of Noynoy’s not-so-secret coalition with the criminal clan of the Ampatuans. Not that Noynoy is seriously in love with the Ampatuans but he doesn’t mind the pleasurable sensation of them scratching his back as he scratches theirs in return. Without the corroboration of the Ampatuans, Noynoy’s trumped-up charges of electoral sabotage against GMA will not stand in any court of law. Without the political rehabilitation of the Ampatuans, there’s no way Noynoy and his Liberal Party can cheat their way to 12-0 in the south. Clearly, the victims of the Maguindanao Massacre are not just racing against time. In the larger scheme of things, they are in fact standing in the way of Liberal Party’s ambition to win at all cost and Noynoy’s insatiable bloodlust. So help them God. 

  • JEO

    That’s correct they must start prosecuting now on those they have! No sense of waiting for the rest to be captured. sentence them now one by one especially from the top guys!

  • TwiggyRamirez

    …mas mabilis ang proseso kung isa-isang ipapatay ang mga Ampatuan

  • wakats

    Wise advice from a learned and a veteran human rights lawyer/parliamentarian which Malacañang should seriously consider to expedite the heinous ampatuan massacre case…

  • sacrebleau

    The best solution a politician could offer is expediency. What does the judge think? Is it possible to try the case in more than one sala? This way, those who are in custody can be tried now while law enforcers are going after those who are still at large.

    Everyone who participated in the massacre should be tried. They can give their excuses to those who died, but not to the court.

    As for Joker, your words are good but people will never forget you voted “not guilty” in the Corona trial; and you instigated the walkout in the Estrada impeachment. You have always been part of the problem, not the solution.

    • Malik62

       Joker is a close friend of the Aquinos he served Cory well.  He is also privy to the real psychological condition of BS Aquino X3. If there are persons in this country who know BS very well since childhood, they are Joker Arroyo and Ed Espiritu. Ninoy Aquino confided to them his problems with his son.

      • sacrebleau

        I am more concerned about Miriam Santiago’s psychological condition.

  • jinx

    Finally, someone has made a very sensible advice on this case.  I hope the prosecutors and the judge would heed Joker Arroyo’s call. A bird in one hand is worth two in the bush, as the saying goes. 

    • Space_flight71

      Siguro inisip ni Sec. Mar Roxas kahit na sira na pangalan ng mga
      Ampatuan, malaki pa rin ang maitutulong nila sa kanya sa 2016 elections.

  • Guest

    Kaya nga walang kahirap-hirap ang paglipat ng mga Ampatuan sa LP dahil
    close friends sina Andal Ampatuan at Mar Roxas. Sanggang dikit ika nga.

    • Guest

      LP is now the home of politicians who are involved in drugs and criminal
      cases. Congratulations Sec. Mar Roxas for a wonderful job in LP.

  • enrique119

    I think many of the henchmen of the Ampatuans did not really want to participate in the massacre but they are in the payroll of the clan and they might have faced dire consequences if they disobeyed orders. I suggest they offer all of them to turn state witnesses, except for some whose participation may be very heinous and voluntary. The main culprits, after all, are the Ampatuans.  

    • popeyee

      Malabo brod, si Onie Ungas nga na main suspect sa massacre ginawang state witness ng gobyerno..

  • Chip_off_Stop

    No. 1 ata si Mar Roxas in 2004 senatorial elections in ARMM. Thank you
    Ampatuan clans – Mar.


  • Francis81

     Mahirap ng habulin ang mga ampatuans kasi nasa administrasyon Liberal Party na sila.

  • Francis81

    Ngayon kailangan ni Pweenoy ang mga ampatuans para manalo sa south.

  • Guest


    There’s more. LP is now the home of the most corrupt politicians in the
    land. Sec. Roxas adopted them all. Binabati kita Sec. Roxas.


  • virgo57

    Finally, Sen. Arroyo is in his real sense and again make a distinction from his lowly colleagues in the senate. It is quite obvious that Ampatuans lawyers will be financially benefited as case against these monsters will drag longer. Gradually, Ampatuans are regrouping orchestrated by shrewd and vulture politicians and it is nauseating that high profile politicIan’s are aligning the Ampatuans which is scary as the shadow of Pandak Arroyo is starting to surface .

  • magiting78

    Aba-aba nag kakaisip n c tanda..may punto k comedian(joker)…lolz

  • RomyLitz

    Sen. Arroyo,

    Your joke now is becoming entertaining and serious..ok continue please !!

  • Your_King

    Aquino is the one that needs to focus on the mastermind. Its like a broken record but seriously its been 3 years and this case is still yet to start. Aquino has been traveling the nation and other parts of the globe giving speeches and doing a lot of talking here there and everywhere but he’s fallen short of action. I hope he is aware that being the President is not just about talking. Bottom line Aquino needs to do something urgent to this case to expedite justice for the 58 victims and their families.

    • Malik62

       BS Aquino X3 has become a ceremonial president, that’s why all he does is to travel and give speeches  with matching irritating coughs.  He is not the one running the country but Abad, Drilon and Roxas.  But that is only the Balay Group.  National governance is complicated by the rival faction the Samar Group headed by ES Ochoa and the Aquino Sisters.

    • Guest

       the trial is the job of the justice, not the president!

      • Your_King

        He is the President of the Philippines. The most powerful person in the country. To say that this is not part of his job is a terrible and lame excuse.


    ‘Di kaya takot lang talaga si Judge Solis-Reyes to get to the “masterminds?” She’s beating around the bushes by focusing on the lackeys instead on the Ampatuans to further delay the start of the trial? Hesitant at takot parin ata ‘tong si Solis-Reyes, mukhang wala tayong aasahang trial na magsisimula soon.

    • Malik62

       Judge Solis-Reyes may have been coerced by Malacanang to dribble the case.  BS Aquino X3 is notorious for coercing the judiciary.

  • Malik62

    BS Aquino X3’s administration has taken the Ampatuans into the Liberal party for pragmatic reasons. They need the Ampatuan block in the south for the coming 2013 elections. 
    Hence there is an effort by the Palace Com Group to divert the attention to the witnesses who are at large instead of focusing on the brains.

  • Ragdeleafar

    The problem is how to prove who are/is the “mastermind(s)” without really the triggermen’s/followers’ proof beyond reasonable/logical doubt that the ‘master of minds’ have indeed give the instruction(s) as to where, when, what, why, & how to execute the order(s).

  • Seroquel55

    P.Aquino made a compact with the evil Ampatuans.  The Ampatuans will fabricate a lie against GMA on electoral sabotage in exchange for their freedom. Pity the victims. 

  • wakeupbayan

    Sorry folks,,,, fears are appearing somewhere, somehow amongst the lawmakers,,,,judges, prosecuting lawyers,,, they all have families.  With amassed stolen wealth Ampatuans have in hidings buried somewhere.  Events and happenings currently signify my suspicions, I am sure I am not alone. Look at all the murdered witnesses !  WAIT AND SEE,,, THERE WILL BE MORE UNTIL NO ONE IS LEFT.  Just wait and see.!!! A very good scenario is when all the ampatuan wins the election next year,,,,,, without doubt.  Hahahahahahahahah! ,,  Come to Philippines its more fun and horror in the Philippines.

  • kishbuff

    Ulyanin na talaga ang senador na ito! E ang tagapagtanggol ng mga ampatuan e ang amo nyang pekeng presidente!!!

    • $20722540

      baka ibig mong sabihin si cory ni pnoynoy

  • wakeupbayan

    SENATOR ARROYO COMMENTED OF THE PROCESS !  Nice to learn of his respectable opinions, to the house,  and why not a letter to our beloved president.  You are a senior senator elected by the people. The nation would be much oblige if we can see a senator lawmaker express his opinions.  Why not my dear senator. We shall anxiously wait !

  • Rosauro

    May I re-post my opinion that I have posted few days back for those who did not come across it yet? So here it is:

    it’s the Supreme Court that does not want to let the people know what exactly
    is going on with the trial of the Ampatuans by not televising events of the
    hearings. Wow, what kind of justice we have in our country?  Would it not be good (I say good not better
    because the situation is so bad and hence nothing of comparative degree I can
    think of) if the trial of this monstrous murderers be exposed to the whole
    nation in order to give lessons to those who are in politics?  I am in deed a distant relative of one of
    those victims and so I want to re-post my blog, which I posted few days back
    and here it is:

    Our Philippine justice system is
    giving more weight to the super rich like the Ampatuans. This is to say that
    money talks; their money influences those who are prosecuting them. Why wait
    for the rest who are still unaccounted-for to face the court when after all the
    major accused-murderers are already in the custody of the government to face
    the court? This is like a fisherman who already caught the biggest fish to feed
    his family of nine hungry children but still wants to catch the small ones. Start
    in fullness the prosecution of the Ampatuans now and put them behind bars for
    the rest of their lives in order to provide justice to the families of those
    who were murdered. What evidence yet our law enforcers need when there are
    already evidences at hands?  After the
    prosecution of the primary suspects (the Ampatuans), then continue with the
    minor ones. Those who will be caught later-on will follow. The kind of justice
    we have is a laughing stock of all civilized nations. Why wait for the capture
    of all those who are still at large in order to prosecute the Ampatuans? This
    is madness of the highest order! There is no logic at all!

  • Rosauro

    If indeed it is true about what is being said against our beloved President by the media, an allegation which is contrary to what I believe that he is not that type of a person to betray his own people because of he is being a pro-poor president we ever have, then I am starting to have a negative feeling about where our country is heading to. 

  • lovejustice

    why not the government put this a priority to solve this brutal massacre….this has been 3 yrs unresolved crime…can we know the position of the president and the palace? this is what the people need to cryyyyyyyyyyy……justice for those who had been victimize by selfishness, powerhunger family and cruel people. give justice and rest to those who were killed in this crime

  • Raul

    50 years of trial are good for the victim. The victim relatives don’t know that the situation in Jail are worst than in Bilibid. If the Ampatuan was guilty and brought them to NBP in Muntinlupa adios patria adorada they will be Happy. The life their is easy and you';re like in your home. But if they stay in Jail in Bicutan life there is like Hell.

  • Josemakabayan

    Sometimes it’s ok to listen to an experienced and leaned statesman, even if he is a political adversary !!!, so go for it president P’noy !!!!!

    • Josemakabayan

      Yun Lang po!!,

  • Guest

    Under shariah court, the guilty part of the Ampatuans (there are still also others who are not the killers, thus pls differentiate) would be already beheaded. But Manila insists on their justice system, a sysem of incompetence,  impunity and corruption with the backing of so called Manila based and out of touch from Mindanao human rights groups.

  • $20722540

    again this pnoynoy gov’t have done nothing to expedite the process of justice after more than 2 years

  • opinyonlangpo

    He knows but this administration doesn’t know or rather they know it too but . . . . ah there it is – some Ampatuans are already riding on the LP ticket.

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