Palace: Aquino wants to see trial on TV



After being accused of not doing enough to deliver justice to the Maguindanao massacre victims, Malacañang has revived calls to allow the live media coverage of the trial of some 200 people accused in the mass murder of 58 people, including 32 journalists.

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda blamed the absence of a live broadcast of the trial for the impression that the Aquino administration was “doing nothing” for the massacre victims.

“The problem is it [the massacre trial] is not covered live. It’s easy to say the government is doing nothing,” he said.

He recalled that President Aquino had wanted the trial to be broadcast live in order for the public to be made aware of what was going on.

“That is one good way for us to monitor the massacre trial,” he told state-run Radyo ng Bayan.

Reversing itself, the Supreme Court granted the petition of Andal Ampatuan Jr., the principal accused, not to allow live media coverage of the trial. The high court reversed its June 14, 2011, decision allowing a live broadcast with conditions.


Trial’s slow progress


Media and human rights organizations marked the third anniversary of the 2009 massacre on Friday with a big protest rally, taking 153 coffins to represent the Maguindanao massacre and other journalist victims to Mendiola, the closest that they could get to Malacañang. They took turns assailing the Aquino administration for the slow progress of the trial.

The President made no mention of the massacre in his speech at a summit of the news media industry in Tagaytay City last Friday.

Mr. Aquino spoke in general terms about “media killings,” saying the government was “demanding the apprehension of suspects and the filing of charges that stick, resulting in justice for all involved.”

Lacierda was more categorical on Saturday, saying the administration remained “firm” in its resolve to bring justice to the massacre victims.

“We have made a promise that we will pursue the case with vigor,” he said.

“We can assure the public that the Aquino administration has the same resolve as it promised during the presidential campaign. This Maguindanao trial case is a litmus test for the judicial system, and so we are going to pursue this case with the same vigor, the same resolve as we promised the massacre victims,” he said.

“We want the case to move faster, but there are technicalities involved which the judge has to resolve,” said Lacierda, blaming the defense for flooding the court with so many motions.

He spoke of the many hours that state prosecutors spend working on the Maguindanao case.


Updates from DOJ

“If you only knew how many hours our DOJ prosecutors spend going through the evidence, gathering evidence and talking to the witnesses,” he said.

“No one can say that the Aquino administration has no interest in this case,” he said.

In the absence of a live broadcast, Lacierda said the Palace would ask the Department of Justice for updates that could be made available to the public.

Harry Roque, counsel for the families of most of the massacre victims, said he welcomed the Palace move for a reconsideration of the ban on the live media coverage of the trial.

But he was skeptical of Palace claims that there has been no letup in its efforts to pursue justice for the massacre victims.

“Victims’ families who supported him [Mr. Aquino] for president have not felt his involvement in the case. All that we hear is the mantra that it’s in the court’s hands. The reality is that the delay is a joint responsibility of the judiciary and executive branches since prosecution is an executive function,” Roque said.

The lawyer also cited a study by the San Francisco-based Asia Foundation which, he said, “confirms that the executive is the weakest link in the fight against impunity since the National Prosecution Service [of the Department of Justice] only has a one-percent conviction rate for extrajudicial killings.” With a report from Jerome Aning


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  • jr

    dapat may timetable kung kaylan matapos ang trials para hindi maiinip ang taumbayan Mr. President…

    • Flavio

       it is not up to the president. the ball is in the SC…

      • JuanTamadachi

        well said..

      • boldyak

        yeah right, the President don’t have the balls on this case….but if the case is against GMA?…well everybody knows what balls he have..

  • wakeupbayan

    Needless to say how good the defence team are,  how and when to manipulate the trial by submitting abundance of motions enabling them delaying tactics which is a historical way of avoiding any hearings at all. WHY NOT CREATE ANOTHER TWO OR THREE ASSISTING JUDGES OR COURT JUST TO ENTERTAIN ALL KIND OF MOTIONS. SO THE MAIN TRIAL BODY JUDGE COULD CONTINUE. I am not a lawyer but its just an idea. Why not ?  If it will assist the principal judge and would give the trial a big kick on the butt to speed up.  Every avenues of slowing the trial must be looked into by the spare judges and court. I am sure the President and the DOJ could handle that. The reason is why wait for all the witnesses vanish in the thin air.  MONEY TALKS FOR THE AMPATUANS !!!! THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS THESE. Again I am not a lawyer, just a very interested party screaming for justice for all the victims of brutal, despicable, animalistic creepy derained  heinous crimes committed in this country.

  • Pedro


    • Brahman

      protest on both dahil pareho silang mabagal sa pagbigay ng hustisya. si abnoy pinabayaan na kaso at mas inuuna pa ang bendita kay aroyko.

      • Francis81

         Kalahi ni Pweenoy ang mga Ampatuans pareho kasi silang mahilig mang masaker!

  • joerizal

    Whose trial? his?

    • Flavio

       no , yours you moron !

      • joerizal

        And that makes you? Oh right, dumber

  • Accountant Tax

    i do not believe in trial by television. it does not guarantee justice. lawyers become actors instead of stressing the points of law. look what happened to o.j. simpson case in the united states. americans were glued on television during the trial but the result was catastrophic. oj. simpson was found not guilty to the dismay of the victims’ families and ordinary americans.

    • buttones

      Agree – mind you that trial had all the elements of a Hollywood movie, the ’celebrity star’ the well groomed judges and posturing lawyers, the car chase, the blood and the gore – this one we have is not quite the same, although if you delve deep enough there is a lot of intrigue, but I can’t think a further nine years of daily coverage is going to attract that much of an audience, and not only that the OJ trails was a jury trial- we don’t do that in PH, to be tried by a jury of ones peers [and the viewers putting themselves into that seat as well] is not an option…..
      OJ did of course get his just reward…….in the end.

  • Fulpol

    Reversing itself, the Supreme Court granted the petition of Andal Ampatuan Jr., the principal accused, not to allow live media coverage of the trial. The high court reversed its June 14, 2011, decision allowing a live broadcast with conditions.

    Corona was the CJ during that time…

    • D_BystandeR

      The June 14, 2011 decision of the SC to allow live coverage with some restrictions for the Maguindanao trial was a shining moment for Corona if that occurred during his stint. We don’t know the current views and the stability of the mindset of the majority of those gentlemen in robes if the present decision to disallow live coverage is intended by the “majority” to put in “bad light” the leadership of the new CJ Sereno. But I think this is still inconclusive as Malacanang is still asking the high court to “revisit” its decision to come up with the live coverage being the popular clamor of everybody, especially the aggrieved immediate relatives of the massacre victims. Being considered “a crime of the century” special treatment should be afforded to it to ensure that everything is done to make the result acceptable to everyone and that justice is served to  where it is rightfully due.

  • charlie_oscar

    I do not think the trial should be on TV…it is only a distraction…I think the MASS HANGING of the entire Amputan clan should be tho…cuz that’s the part that matters most!

  • Beguine

    OK, let’s see if the Ampatuan massacre trial will be on TV.

    Every time a major upheaval, scandal, or in this case, mass
    murder is on TV, people want the culprits immediately sentenced
    and declared once and for all GUILTY.

    It happens again and again and will it this time? It might not
    even reach first base finally getting on TV for crying out loud!

    • Brahman

      masama nyan pag tuntong nila ng 70, pardon na sila ni abnoy, kagaya ginawa ni aroyko kay Erap at Jaloslos kaya ayon balik politika mga hinayupak na mga kriminal na yan. Mabuti pang gawin, massacre na rin mga Ampatuan, yung mga nakakulong at mga kamaganak na tumatakbo sa politika.

  • cali

    ampatuans are now urinating in their pants

  • ever green

    wala naman programang matino ung channel 4,9 at 13. gamitin ung mga channel na un pang broadcast ng mga trials na high profile. baka makasagap pa ng kaunting sponsors.

    • Daniel

      Yung mga tele-novelas ang palitan, puro iyakan at malayong-malayo sa realidad, yan ang mga programang humahadlang sa pag-asenso ng kumonidad.

      Maraming matutunan ang mamamayan at tiyak lalawak ang pang-unawa nila sa kahalagahan ng batas na may kaugnayan sa pag-usad ng ating lipunan.

      Dapat lang na masubaybayan ng publiko ang “Maguindanao Masssacre” via live TV coverage.

      • ever green

        sana lang. pero too much money involved. Mga ganid iyang mga may-ari ng mga station na iyan.

      • divictes

        Korek ka d’yan! Just imagine the wasted man-hours spent by watching those inane programs when it should be spent on something productive and constructive.

  • virgoyap

    The Supreme Court ought to listen the will of Malacanang and to change their recent position and to make Ampatuan trial open to media coverage, anyway many times they have been used to flip-flop in their decisions.

  • $14334231

    kung hindi pa nasundot sa puwit ang malacanang, hindi pa uungol…..haaay naku, penoy, anooo baaaa namaaaan yaaaannnn!!!!!……..

  • sigena

    sino magbayad pag broadcast? taxpayers na naman siyempre. kung abutin ng ilang taon, aba ilang milyun na naman yan. dami pala pera ang pilipinas

    • joshmale2004

      Taxpayers will not pay for the broadcast. This is a sensational case, a big news matter that all television channels will fight it out with one another to broadcast it for free. The thousand of televiewers who will be watching daily will even give sky high profit for these television channels who will be granted to air the trial. So relax and enjoy the live hearing if granted.

  • No Mind

    sige na i televise nyo na. anung trial by publicity, anung violation of rights of an accused? kahit bumaba dito ang dyos, sasabihin nyan, talagang yang mga durubong ampatuan ang pumatay. grabe kasi ang ibang mambabatas ngayon, kakainum ng promil naging mga genius. mambubutas na tuloy. maawa kayo sa mga biktima. tutularan yan ng iba kapagka pinatagal pa yan. grabe namang pinas to puro na lang kakornihan kahit mamamatay na tao gustong buhayin. parang si barabas pinili sa kalayaan ni kristo! mga bugok.

  • Kamoteng_Dilaw


  • EdgarEdgar

    You can run but you cannot hide. After Noynoy was caught in the bed with the Ampatuans, he and the palace are desperately seeking cover. All of a sudden, the palace is stepping up its diversionary tactic and drumming up the clamor for live media coverage of the Maguindanao trial. Anything just to divert media coverage away from Noynoy’s morally reprehensible promiscuity with the criminal clan of Ampatuans. Anything just to divert public attention from the Liberal Party’s backroom deals. All of a sudden, the palace has acquired a newfound interest in the Maguindanao Massacre after allowing the case to languish for 3 years and still counting. But there’s always more than what meets the eye. Without the corroboration of the Ampatuans, Noynoy’s trumped-up charges of electoral sabotage against GMA will not stand in any court of law. Without the political rehabilitation of the Ampatuans, there’s no way Noynoy and his Liberal Party can cheat their way to 12-0 in the south. Whichever way you look at it, sleeping with the people’s enemy the Ampatuans is just not right. Whichever way you look at it, this is unmistakably Noynoy’s betrayal of public trust.

  • eirons1043

    Lacierda said that there are technicalities involved that have to be resolved by the judge first. If the tuwid boy wants it resolved fast he should say so and enumerate them in public. The rules of court is emphatic that the technicalities take backseat in favor of substance/merit to have just,  speedy and inexpensive trial ( Sec. 2 Rule 1). The tuwid boy should pound the court on this rule coz he is the only person who can do that without being harassed by the flip flopping Court.

    • wakats

      Nice one eirons but I’m apprehensive of what money can buy…

  • wakats

    Despite lacierda’s call for live coverage, the fact remains that malacañang doesn’t consider the magindanao massacre a priority alongside gma’s conviction and attending international forums.

    The palace should have urged the DOJ to consider various suggestions such as limiting the number of accused to major players, revising court rules on obvious dilatory tactics, increasing weekly hearings to three, etc.

    The ultra-rich ampatuans are making a mockery of our justice system through their high-priced defense lawyers… 

  • Albert Einstien

    maganda yan TRIAL sa TV ng mga MASAKER… sana ganyan din gawin sa HACIENDA LUISITA MASAKER at MENDIOLA MASAKER…at iba pa.

  • LucianoChing

    Saan nagkakabrasuhan ng milyong2 lagayan sa mga korte?MTC,RTC,CA or SC?Pwera pa ang FiXcals’ ofis…Magkaroon lang tau ng matinong Judicial Dept., the Executive and Legislative Depts. can’t do nothing once right and legal decisions are handed down by the judicial branch of gov’t.I still believe that the Judiciary is the number one culprit why public servants do what they like to do…Like in the interpretation of the Constitution,there are many gray areas where the SC can render its decision based on what is good for the citizenry,not what is good for a few privilege individuals….

  • Pataslang

    that is good Pnoy. medyo nakaligtaan na niya ang isyu na yan. naku milyong milyong pera ang umiikot diyan alam ko yan. ika nga sa judge an ofer you cannot really refuse. alam ko yan hehehehe

  • Pia Pilar Francisco

    It’s just but right to televise the Maguindanao Massacre trial proceedings. I can’t help but also feel a little betrayed by the partnering up of P-noy’s Liberal Party and the warlords Ampatuans. I just feel this is a bad way to squander away political capital on the part of the president. Baka ito rin ang hihila sa kanya pababa. To P-noy and LPs, please reconsider that decision. It just leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.

    • Brahman

      da best way massacre din ng mga kalaban mga ampatuan.

  • wakeupbayan


  • vir_a

    This is putting undue pressure on the judge. One of these days, she is going to resign due to pressure. And the case will all the more get delayed and delayed. Instead of criticizing the judicial process and giving the judiciary difficulty by cutting its budget, why not Pnoy help the judiciary. However, one good aspect in a trial by publicity is it’s a good entertainment for the people who are hungry and jobless. It makes them forget their sad plight.

    • disqusted0fu

       this just goes to show that Pnoy is fond of just watching tv. haha

  • manangjuana

    I want the hearings live on television, radio and livestream.  But I understand where Malacanang is coming from.  You just cant dictate Judiciary what to do. 

    • Seroquel55

      The Yellow Emperor in Malacañang has been dictating the Judiciary and especially the Legislative for a long time in the form of bribe or coercion or both.

      • niceguy60

        He got his revenge. The rest don’t matter now.

  • Maldi2

    ha? ano daw?  Halatang puro pakitang tao lang ang mga galaw ng malakanyang. bwehehehehe!  Just do it, tapos.  Bat kailangan pang isabit ang media sa kapalpakan nyo ha?

    You got all the paid media with you guys (malakanyang), but what would the media report when you ar sleeping on the job? bwahahahaha!  Weren’t you too busy with GMA and other critics? bwehehehehehe!

  • Brahman

    Bat kelangan pang ipakita sa TV, para lang may masabi na may ginagawa ang Abnoy administration? Eh, ang tagal na yan at wala pang nababasahan ng kaso. Da best na lang gawin eh bayaran na lang ang grupo ng vigilante para lusobin sila sa kulongan at massacre din yang mga nahuling mamamatay tao sa pamumuno ng mga Ampatuan at itelevise para kita ng bayan yang gagawin sa kanila. Yung mga tumatakbong ampatuan sa mindanao, gawin din ang ginawa ng mga kriminal nilang kamaganak sa kanila habang nangangampanya. Total, wala nang hustisya sa Pilipinas, kaya gawin na lang ang batas sa sariling mga kamay. 

    • adamson11

      Sana nga, but even the military official are coddling them in the province and they will not ran after the remaining ampatuan militia men led by kanor ampatuan the second in command of datu unsay in the heinous crime, now that election is near their relatives who are pulling the strings for them in the legal, government and military front is running for offices and the major political parties is wooing them in, knowing well what those 80+ militia will and can do in the province to drive voters in their favor…

  • buttones

    I really don’t think the slow progress of this trial has anything to do with whether it is televised or not, and the perception that the Executive dept. is not doing enough is really silly, the process of a criminal trial have nothing to do with Palace, they have no control over the process nor the outcome- a political trial in the Senate yes, the Executive have complete control. This criminal trial is already quite transparent, the victims for the most part were actually media men, they will watch and comment with eagle eyes, Should it be televised? Well I guess that is up to to the Judge in the proceedings, who controls her/ his Court, nobody can dictate- I just wonder how many people would follow this, it has been three years already of Law technicalities, the dusty going on few of us can understand anyway. It is said this trial is only 25% in process, which means there is another nine years to go- will anybody follow this with live coverage? This is not a courtroom drama from Hollywood, it’s really quite boring and I just wonder what a TV station can gain anyway- they live on advertising revenue, how can you interrupt live coverage with commercials, and what will they actually be?
    The comments of Asia Foundation are of course very valid, but the involvement of the executive is rather more before an event in the way of them providing security for the people so this sort of thing does NOT happen- yes, it is a weak link, it always has been and still is, our policing is not exactly something we can be proud of. Meanwhile this unique trial, will have to go through the mill of the PH judiciary system, not the best in the world by far but it’s pretty much all we have.. To show or not to show? It will not speed up anything and the vast majority are not going to watch a nine year [or more] court procedure anyway.. Sports and beauty pageants and the endless vacuous soap operas yes- but not this one….

    • Seroquel55

       If the Palace really wants to do something about the speedy trial of the Maguindanao massacre they would do everything in their power and in their pocket to exert “pressure”on the court.  Just ask Judge Mupas.

      • niceguy60

        PNoy could emulate Egpt’s president Morsi – he fired that country’s judiciary. He would if he had his way anyway. Troulble is people are now rioting in the streets of Agypt. Morsi it seems has deeper agenda for his Muslim Brotherhood group than just being president of Egypt. He is now being dubbed like a Pahraoh. Turning out to be worse than what Egyptians had kicked out President Mubarak more than a year ago. PNoy mildly succeed in doing the same. Kicked out with gusto and replaced the CJ with his own poodle. Jailed his predecessor using all sort of accusations as promised during election. And now renege to support the FOI bill instead pushing the Rights to respond bill. In my opinion this guy is no different from many of our politicians. Promised a lot deliver less. What’s the next excuse? Yes GMA has to suffer the consequences of her mistakes. But to be repeatedly used as alibi for failures is stretching people’s patience way too much. To this day journalist are still being shot at despite of the changes in leadership. Heck even ordinary person are being shot and killed in the streets this way to this date. Meaning there could be more underlying reasons why people resort to that kind of street justice instead of seeking redress through the system. A system that need looking into much deeper and by the cooperation of all sectors of society. How do you want to prevent criminality as exemplified by the Ampatuan massacre so that it does not happen again in the future? What reform need to be instituted? How to make the environment safe and peaceful? Is revenge always the solution? Perhaps the lawmakers and the police should redouble their effort. Analyze why people do such despicable crimes and institute real reforms applied to all citizens much fairer than before. A solution out of the box is needed.

  • maypakialamtayo

    kasalanan lahat ni gma yan, bakit nyo sa akin isinisisi? sana noon pa yan naresolba. di ba pnoy?

  • $29483279

    Ano na naman ito parang mga ampatuan na ang nagpapatakbo ng trial ng Mguindanao Massacre?

    Power of money being harnessed again?

  • linsanity17

    show of force again to bully the sereno led SC, kala ko ba tuta mo na yan eh bkt di p din sumusunod?…what abnoy wants, abnoy gets…bka atakihin pa utak nyan pagbigyan nyo na…

    • Francis81

       Ayaw ni Sereno ma televise kasi makikita ang pagka lokaret niya ng taong bayan.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Francis81

    Gusto ni Pweenoy gawing telenovela ang trial para mabaling ang atensiyon ng mga tao at mapagtakpan ang mga kapalpakan niya.

  • disqusted0fu

    the palace just always has someone or something to blame… this time its the absence of live broadcast. broadcasted or not, if they were really doing something about it, the case should move, and it should move quick. but obviously its barely moving. its already been 3 years and theres still no resolve to the case, probably not even close to it. they should actually thank the SC for not allowing the live broadcast because it will just expose the inaction of malacanang.

  • Malik62

    The Ampatuans already joined the Liberal Party so they are now untouchables. 

  • razorsheyt

    There’s no need to televise it really. Media coverage should be enough to keep people updated. Problem is, it doesn’t get enough media attention. Speaks volumes about the priorities of media networks in the country. And here I thought this is the trial of the century! Blows my mind!

  • kismaytami

    Kung yung kaso nga ng hacienda eh kinamatayan na ni corazon, wala pa ring nangyari. Eto pa kaya?

  • Bantay

    ayan na naman,Lacierda blamed the absence of a live broadcast.hehehe!!! gumawa na naman ng dahilan.kahit ano pa palusot ninyo,di maniwala ang taong bayan.sige,pangakohan nyo naman ang taong bayan na bibigyan nyo ng hustisya ang masssacre victim kasi malapit na ang eleksyon!!!maraming na biktima sa matatamis na dila!!!

  • malek_abdul

    The reason why the trial is being delayed is because the accused had great defense lawyers  that can twist the trial proceedings with technicalities while the complainants/victims has only mediocre prosecution lawyers working on pro-Bono basis. The accused has all the money to hire the best lawyers of the country. What do you expect?

  • riccisan

    pinagtataka ko lang, yung zoren carmina wedding eh mega promote ang networks, hetong namatay na media journalists eh hindi bigyan nga exposure??? OMG! sana dalawin kayo nila! even the media is at fault on this one themselves.

  • Josemakabayan

    Mr. Lacierda only live broadcast is not allowed, but still video footages is allowed to be broadcast by the different media outlets at a later time. so don’t make it a reason for the delay of the trial and for the people to perceive that the president is doing nothing about the case. The people is not as dumb as you think !!! Better to ask the police to arrest immediatEly the other suspects and
    to secure the safety of the witnesses and their families. And also take in private prosecutors so that they could be a good match to the defense’s lawyers !!!!!!

  • Rosauro


    it’s the Supreme Court that does not want to let the people know what exactly is
    going on with the trial of the Ampatuans by not televising events of the
    hearings. Wow, what kind of justice we have in our country?  Would it not be good (I say good not better
    because the situation is so bad and hence nothing of comparative degree I can
    think of) if the trial of this monstrous murderers be exposed to the whole
    nation in order to give lessons to those who are in politics?  I am in deed a distant relative of one of
    those victims and so I want to re-post my blog, which I posted few days back
    and here it is:

    Our Philippine justice system is
    giving more weight to the super rich like the Ampatuans. This is to say that
    money talks; their money influences those who are prosecuting them. Why wait
    for the rest who are still unaccounted-for to face the court when after all the
    major accused-murderers are already in the custody of the government to face
    the court? This is like a fisherman who already caught the biggest fish to feed
    his family of nine hungry children but still wants to catch the small ones.
    Start in fullness the prosecution of the Ampatuans now and put them behind bars
    for the rest of their lives in order to provide justice to the families of
    those who were murdered. What evidence yet our law enforcers need when there
    are already evidences at hands?  After
    the prosecution of the primary suspects (the Ampatuans), then continue with the
    minor ones. Those who will be caught later-on will follow. The kind of justice
    we have is a laughing stock of all civilized nations. Why wait for the capture
    of all those who are still at large in order to prosecute the Ampatuans? This
    is madness of the highest order! There is no logic at all!

  • Rosauro

    Why don’t we become all followers of Islam so we will swiftly apply Sharia law and there will be no delay in applying justice?

  • Rosauro

    What is the Church saying about “justice delayed is justice denied” in this critical moment of our nation’s history? The nation wants to hear!

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • dennis

    Kung alam lang ng taong-bayan na aabutin eto ng 3 taon eh sana eh pina-salvage nyo na lang ang mga nagkasala!…Dapat ipasa muna ang DEATH PENALTY para maging batas ng muli. Dahil kung ang magiging sintensiya lang eh life imprisonment just to compensate those relatives of victims?…I don´t think so? If the case was just a murder,then life imprisonment ang katapat! Pwede pa yun! BUT THIS IS MASSACRE?…BRUTALITY CASE?…HEINOUS CRIME???

  • dennis

    Ang tao,kapag namatayan ng mahal sa buhay…MASAKIT! Kapag pinatay ang mahal mo sa buhay…SUMISIGAW KA NG HUSTISYA!…Ngayon,hindi lang pinaslang but binaboy pa ang pagkamatay at itinuring na masahol pa sa isang hayop!…PAKIRAMDAM MO EH PAGHIHIGANTI! AT ANG PAKIRAMDAM NG MGA NAAPI EH “KULANG PANG PAMBAYAD NG UTANG ANG SINTENSIYANG HABANG-BUHAY?” Isipin mo,dehado pa dito ang namatayan dahil yung buwis na ibinabayad nila sa gobyerno eh magiging pagkain lang ng mga nahatulang “habang buhay”..3 beses sa buong araw!…Taong-Bayan,papayag ba kayo?

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • boybakal

    Palace: Aquino wants to see trial on TV….

    Please No more Trial on TV.
    During Impeachment, we judged Corona’s lawyers and Prosecution lawyers.
    What happened during Trial….ang hinuhusgahan yon mga abogado ni Corona gaya ni Cuevas na sobrang tanda na sharp pa.
    Pati na rin yon Defense analyst na gaya ni Quimbo at Angara dinadaan sa publicity ang kaso.

    Let the judge handle the case without media live interference.
    Besides, our english is not that good, baka akalain ng americano, murder ng english ang kaso di massacre ng tao.

    • $29483279


  • $29483279

    Live coverage didn’t accelerate the trial. There must be a better way handling this trial.

  • virgoyap

    It’s not only Aquino who wants to see trial on TV, just like during Corona’s impeachment, it’s the entire people of the Philippines want to see the trial on TV.

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