Bigger scam in Lanao Sur

NBI: Group got more money from fewer victims


BEFORE the multibillion-peso Aman Futures pyramiding scam, there was an even bigger fraudulent moneymaking scheme in the south, according to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

But while the Jachob “Coco” Rasuman group in Lanao del Sur scammed more money before it was shut down, it arguably victimized fewer investors in its schemes than Aman Futures, which snared some 15,000 people, the NBI said.

“We cannot at this time commit to an exact figure but our estimate based on the investigation is that the Rasuman group got more money and have fewer victims compared to the Aman Futures,” said Virgilio Mendez, NBI deputy director for regional services.

And in a bizarre kind of justice, Rasuman itself became a victim of Aman Futures. It invested its money in Aman and lost everything, said Mendez.

Just to show what kind of money was involved in the Rasuman group scam, Mendez cited a case in Cagayan de Oro City in which the group received P300 million in investment from only 29 investors.

Ties to Muslim royalty 

“Investors of Rasuman were moneyed people, while those of Aman Futures were ordinary people,” he said.

Apparently, Rasuman attracted more affluent investors because it was founded and was run by a legitimate businessman with ties to Muslim royalty, the NBI said.

Rasuman, who founded the Rasuman group in 2010, is a known businessman in Iligan City whose business interests included the sole distributorship of Holcim Cement in Mindanao, restaurants, car sales, fuel and others.

He is married to a Princess Tomawis whose family is also engaged in various businesses in the region, the NBI said.

“Before the downfall of Rasuman, he was considered a hero for making their standard of living higher by people who initially profited from his double-your-money scheme,” Mendez said.

The Rasuman group shut down its operations in July when it ran out of money to pay its investors.

However, its pyramiding scam operations only came to light last week when the Aman Futures scam exploded in the media.

According to Mendez, the group of Cagayan de Oro investors brought no complaint against Rasuman to authorities then because they had been told that their money had been invested in Aman Futures.

No complainants

Unlike Aman, there were no complaints brought against Rasuman because the group only operated in the Muslim areas of Tamparan and Marawi City, Lanao del Sur, and Iligan City, and its investors were mainly Muslims like Rasuman himself.

Mendez added that unlike the victims of Aman who became violent, the Rasuman case was “resolved in a peaceful solution through the intervention of religious leaders in the area.”

“The victims were urged by the religious leaders to stand down and give the family a chance to pay,” Mendez said.

“The Rasuman family had promised to pay all the investors until February of 2013,” he said.

Mendez said Rasuman was now in the custody of the Philippine National Police.

According to Mendez, Rasuman and Aman Futures leader Manuel Amalilio had no personal relationship and had no links at all, except that Rasuman was victimized by Aman Futures.

“They do not know each other. However, our investigation showed that Rasuman in a last effort to save his venture invested all his money, along with those of his investors with Aman Futures, which were also lost,” he said.

Modus operandi

The NBI said Rasuman’s modus operandi differs in some aspects from that of Aman Futures.

While Aman Futures started with market vendors, Rasuman began his investment scheme by getting into buying and selling cars to raise quick cash.

“The scheme is cash conversion,” said Mendez.

As explained in the NBI report, Rasuman would buy a car with a market value of only P100,000 at a higher rate of P150,000. But the seller had to wait for two months before the vehicle is paid.

Rasuman, the report said, would then sell the car at a still lower price for quick cash, which he then used as capital to invest in other ventures.

In 2010, the NBI report said Rasuman hired at least 50 agents to look for investors. The agents were promised 80 percent return on investment. These agents in turn would promise the investors they found a 40 to 70 percent profit.

“The difference was the commission of the agents,” the report said.

Cash transactions only

The report also indicated that all transactions involved only cash, and were done in the privacy of Rasuman’s office in Iligan City.

“Rasuman did not accept checks from his agents, he signed an unofficial receipt acknowledging the investment after he was given the cash,” the report said.

Initially, Rasuman and his agents, “avoided bank transactions and only negotiated in cash.”

Bank transactions were only used if an investor became insistent on being given a postdated check as a guarantee of the investment.

According to the NBI, Rasuman went around escorted always by armed men.

The report also spoke of local officials who were involved in the Rasuman scheme.

Based on statements from those “in the know,” these were the mayors of Madamba, Lanao del Sur, Iligan and Marawi City, the NBI report said.

A congressman in Iligan and the head of the Armed Forces in Lanao del Sur was also linked to the scam, it said.

“We could not say yet if they are involved or victims,” said Mendez of the public officials.

Hiding out in resort

Meanwhile, the NBI said it was looking into reports that the manager of Aman Futures was hiding in a resort owned by the governor of a Mindanao province.

Mendez said the investigation stemmed from statements given by victims of Aman Futures who asked not to be named.

He said the NBI received information that Fernando “Nonoy” Luna and his family were hiding in a resort in Zamboanga.

“We have not validated the information, but we are in the process of the investigation where all possible links are under scrutiny,” Mendez said.

He surmised that the governor was being linked to Luna “maybe because the NBI investigation showed the brother of Luna, Roberto, is the personal driver of the governor.”

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  • Hey_Dudes

    O ano mga kababayan Pinoys.  Meron ba tayong natutuhan sa leksion na ito O magaabang na naman kayo ng panibagong ‘get rich quick” scheme at itataya muli lahat ang inyong salape?

    Mas mabuting mag-umpisa na lang kayo sa maliit na investment.  Sumubuk na lang kayo sa Jueteng!  Matalo man maliit lang at hindi pa kayo kailangan magalit kanino man.

  • bongarroyo

    barya barya lang ang scam na ito kumpara doon sa  ‘bridge to nowhere’ ni gma..

  • EdgarEdgar

    But this is all after the fact now. DOJ, NBI and Noynoy’s administration had all the time in the world to go after the bad guys since June 2012 or even earlier. They knew about Aman Futures and its potential perils even before June 2012. Instead of digging deeper and leveraging on AMLC’s capabilities, Noynoy’s administration decided to devote more time and resources in going after GMA. Despite Corona’s ouster in June 2012 that freed up much of the administration’s bandwidth, none of the spare capacity was reallocated to dismantling this fraudulent pyramid scheme. De Lima can claim she’s powerless till she turns blue, but none of that absolves her from criminal negligence. Noynoy can resort to excuses and wag his sheer impotence against investor greed till he turns blue. Or indulge in finger-pointing and lay the blame back at the door of the victims themselves. But none of that changes the fact that Noynoy did not life a finger to prevent this house of cards from going too high while there was still time. 6 long months is a lot of time. At the very least, Noynoy and his team had 6 long months to stop the Malaysian conman in his tracks. Only a shameless president would shamelessly show his shameful impotence, all too willingly one might add, if only to evade responsibility. 

    • mave

      Still sour loser? you blame Aquino government for the GREEDY of others? gusto nila easy money ayan ang napala….

      FYI ito ung sinabi ng isang investor:

      “From the start, I knew it was a scam and bound to burst like a bubble, but I took my chances,” explained the business administration graduate.

      See what I mean parekoy?

      • EdgarEdgar

        And the law failed the business administration grad. And Noynoy is the law today. See what I mean? Another case of selective application of the law.

    • paiburong

       going after GMA is good.  going after CORONA is even “gooder”…It is evident that you have not been able to sleep since CORONAKOT was impeached.. moved on and become a good citizen by supporting the effort to rid of corruption.   by your definition, allowing 2 corrupt officials continue doing corruption could have been better for the Filipino people.  Sick mind.

      • EdgarEdgar

        So tell, why is letting Puno get away with destruction of evidence in Robredo’s office a good thing? Why is letting Miro Quimbo get away with his involvement in the P7 billion Globe Asiatique scam a good thing? Despite DOJ De Lima’s recommendation to the Ombudsman for filing of charges against Quimbo?

        Selective application of the law is obviously a bad thing. In fact the worst.

      • TGM_ERICK


    • Boy Dalius

      Hahaha. Nonense crap. LOL.

      Talangka n Gloria to. Hahaha!

      Ang shameless president = “bridges to nowhere” = GMA.

      • EdgarEdgar

        Will you share with us how you fell in love with an ugly bald gay bachelor or better known by his pet name as Noynoy? And your fondness for his shameless impotence?

      • Boy Dalius

        Better yet, will you share to us to which one of the “biggest losers” of the previous election do you work for? Your utter bitterness draws out the fool in you. Stop making fun of yourself and spare yourself the shame.

      • EdgarEdgar

        Thanks for hating me and calling me names. But you still failed to refute my original post and replies with facts. That perhaps is the best you can do. Thanks for trying anyway.

      • Boy Dalius

        Well I might haven’t have read them yet as Disqus clears all the other reply updates / notifications when clicking on a single notification or reply link. Won’t you be so kind to paste all your so-called “unanswered, original replies (w/ facts LOL)” so I can answer them all – all for your viewing pleasure.

        Name-calling? Before you despise name-calling, look over and and go through your previous posts. (Shameless impotent – how do you call that? LOL). 

        I don’t hate you either (and thanks for trying to provoke me too, try harder LOL). The truth is you make me smile and laugh almost every time. Because posters like you are the epitome of losers trying too hard to salvage what’s left of their dignity (a joke almost always makes people laugh except for the corny ones right? hahaha!). 

        Hypocrisy at its finest.

      • EdgarEdgar

        Okay, you made your point. You’re a lifelong loser like Noynoy. But you didn’t have to be so hard on yourself. Have a good one.

    • akongednamzug

      Ayan nadale ka ni Boy Dalius, paiburong at mav. Huwag mo kasing babatikusin ang pangulo kung ang balita ay hindi tungkol sa kanya o kay GMA. Halatang halata ka tuloy. Ako naiintindihan kita, alam ko kasi ginagampanan mo lang ng tapat ang iyong trabaho.

      • EdgarEdgar


        We love GMA!

        So tell us, how did you fall in love with the ugly bald gay bachelor Noynoy. Just keep the details wholesome.

    • dosndonts70

      Filipino-Malaysian conman, he is of Filipino Malaysian, Btw Malaysian names are not similar to Filipino names.
      For example, Mohd Yusof bin Abdullah, Ramasamy a/l Muthu, Lim Ah Choo are a few examples to identify a Malaysian. Even their natives doe not have names that sound similar to Filipino names.

      Through the years Filipinos ventured into Malaysia to seek better living.Those who were successful in their application in getting a residence status in Malaysia were granted permanent residence ID card or a  legal immigrant pass at the least.Some had learnt to speak Malay language well but among kayabans they will still speak the mother tongue of Tagalog

      There is also a slight difference in the Malaysia “MyKad” ID card  to distinguish between a Malaysian citizen and a permanent resident and legal immigrant. The immigrant ID card will state permanent residence while Malaysian citizen ID card has electronic chip, I’m not sure if the permanent residence ID card has the electronic chip as well.but you can tell the difference by their birth name state in ID card.

      Salamat Po….. 

      • EdgarEdgar

        Thanks for the info dosndonts70. From what I gather, the Malaysian conman goes by two names.

        (1) Mohammad Suffian Saaid
        (2) Manuel K. Amalilio

        As of last Friday DOJ Sec de Lima could ascertain that he’s not of Malaysian citizenship. I’ll give our powerless DOJ more time to find out. After all, they’ve wasted 6 months since June 2012 sitting on the case. Salamat po :D

      • dosndonts70

        Malaysian Malay name usually will have the “BIN” in between, Lets say Mohammad BIN Suffian Saaid, or Mohammad Suffian BIN Saaid.
        The word “BIN”  refers as  son or daughter. As for Malay married ladies, it is ‘BINTI’ 

        For the Malaysian Indian male , the “A/L refer as son of , and the  Malaysian Indian female it is refer a “A/P” which mean  daughter of. The Malaysian Chinese name normally go by three name blocks and same go  with their natives as well. These can be seen and read in their Id card.

        Although there may be some whose name that does not have the “BIN” among the Malaysian Malays,but it is quite rare.

        Salamat Po.

      • EdgarEdgar

        Let’s just hope that he’s also of Filipino citizenship which should make it easier for DOJ to go after him.

  • jinx

     Kakatuwa ang balitang ito….scammer nadali ng kapwa scammer. Pero, mas matino naman itong si Rasuman dahil may tiwala pa siya sa Aman. Walang tatalo kay Amarillo…..hari ng kalokohan.  Haay naku, sayang ang pera, di napakinabangan ng Pinas. Palagay ko, inilabas na ni Amarillo para safe.  Ang tanong….matuto na kaya ang Pinoy?

    • batangsulpok

      Mahirap matuto ang mga kababayan natin na naturingang nag-aral, relihiyoso/relihiyosa pero madaling utuin lalo na kung eleksiyon na kahit alam nilang kurakot o walang ginagawa ang kandidato, sila pa rin ang iboboto kaya tuloy ang lokohan sa Pilipinas dahil wala namang mangloloko kung walang nagpapaloko.

  • paiburong

    why would a pyarmid-scam company (RASUMAN) put the money on another pyramid scam (AMAN) ?  except that the two pyramid scam companies are one and the same or that RASUMAN tries to legitimize the loss of money so as not to be criminally liable for the loss so as to avoid financial liability to the investors..  The license should detail the type of business RASUMAN is allowed and if allowed to invest, is it legal for their license to invest in a pyramid investment group?  will the NBI, chamber of commerce, Trade commission etc, look into this? otherwise, a pyramid company can put out many dummy companies in succession and close one at a time knowing full well the last pyramid company which they own themselves will eventually close giving them enough time to run away whereby the first company only has to prove loss of investment to an investment company.

    • Boy Dalius

      Well Rasuman was desperate himself – hoping to cash-in quickly into Aman’s scheme to pay his former investors and spare himself the trouble. He was probably hoping to get out of Aman before it runs into trouble. But too bad for Rasuman, he probably haven’t gotten out soon enough – that is before Aman’s inevitable collapse. 

      • paiburong

        a pyramid scam NEVER intends to pay back its investors…the idea is to scam the investors by paying the first investors ONLY so as to appear appetizing to the ones that will follow.  all pyramid scams are like that.. “pay the first investors and run away from investors that follows” The investing alibi is a scam by itself..just no way, a scammer will invest in a scam whose scam tactic is the same.. RASUMAN has to be and idiot to do that, however, logic says, these people are masters of manipulations scheme, meaning brilliantly evil so as to do the same mistakes they themselves capitalize on. .. j

      • Boy Dalius

        Well not unless Rasuman’s that desperate – which he seems to be since he’s only got until Feb 2013 (according to the report) to pay back his “big-time” investors. There’s no telling what a desperate man can do for a chance to get out of his grave. He can’t run away either as earlier reports show he’s been on house-arrest for some time now. The only remaining option for him? Search out for similar pyramiding schemes and cash-in quickly – and do it with the right timing of course.

        But you ma have a point. They might be one and the same – if not for earlier reports of the two scams differing in how they started their schemes and might even have operated in parallel with each other at some point.

      • akongednamzug

        Palagay ko yung mga first investors na yan ay ang mga politiko at mga miyembro ng militar na naging endorser para maraming iba’t ibang tao ang ma-engganyo. At palagay ko ang mga ito ay nakinabang, mantakin mo na lang kung ang mga ito ay naloko.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Sige, magpa-biktima kayong sangkatutak na mga JUAN TAMAD!!! Bagay sa inyo talagang mabiktima dahil saksakan kayo ng tamad at di kayo naniniwala sa hard-work.  At saka, MABUTI NGA SA INYO!!! Yang nangbibiktima di niyo mahuhuli dahil may connection yan sa “diyos” (ko po!!!).

  • Coconuter

    While we’re at it, people should be made aware of the Quantum Pendant Fusion Excel Scam too, which has been spreading all over the country (and world) over the past few years.  

    • pepito gwaps

      Oo sa Mindoro meron nyan..

    • adam_d_ant

      hey buddy . how can you be so naive?

      i’d been to one of their meetings.  they have products to sell.  if you join just to buy their products, you’re done.  you can’t make money.  you can cry till kingdom come and no money will mysteriously appear in your bank account. you need to recruit a lot of people to make the program work.  at the end of the day, all your efforts will go down the drain if the products don’t perform.

      those that expect their money to “multiply” are so dumb.  money to multiply without your own efforts?  naglagay ka lang ng pera at meron magpapalago ng pera mo?  only idiots/fools will believe this crap.  anyways, fools are dime a dozen.  talo pa nila si isaiah na dinalhan ng ibon ng pagkain. 

  • PCD_2012

    Oh come on, Aman Futures is an excellent escape huh!  A Conman duped by another Conman!

    Rasuman can fool others but not the people who still have sound minds!

    Don’t be fooled again!  Politicians, Government Officials, Army and Police who are involved in scams are all Greedy individuals!  They are using their positions to Connive in duping people who follows and trusted them!  Those swindlers must be removed in our government, seeing them still doing their jobs is not a good idea!  

    What they did was a clear form of Corruption, allowing them to still perform their duties might bankrupt their jurisdiction’s available funds!  DILG must remove them and ban them from joining our government forever!

  • pepito gwaps

    Ponzi scheme is everywhere…others are still in the verge of discovery. Mapa small time man yan or as big time pareparehas lang na may nakikinabang ng husto dyan at may nauuto.

    • eirons1043

      Mr. P. Is that country’s  name starts with S and ends with E?

  • Noel

    As usual for sure, politicians, government officials and law enforcers were part of it.

  • bozzone

    dito sa amin nayon, KAPAL MUKHA mga MEDIA braodcaster ng radyo ginawa nila sentro ng SCAM para kumuha ng mabiktima gamit ang kanilang stasyon. ayon ang dami na biktima tuloy.. isipin mo may SURE combination daw lalabas na SUERTRES sa mga membro nila.. ” FALSE ASSURANCE” wala naman sure combination sa suertres ah.. kawawa netizin.. sana marinig at madisiplena at kon nakasala bitayin ang mga MEDIA broadcaster ng radyo kasali na rin ang radyo stasyon manager nila.. OBSERBAHAN mo “modus operandi” nila sa 95.90 FM every 9:pm slot cel# 09267692172 ni Jun Sarmiento makapal mukha na media-caster at sa iba pang radyo stasyon sa mindanao.

  • speedstream2

    A scammer claims they too were scammed? Wag the dog? What was it that Sir Walter Scott wrote a long time ago: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!”?

  • padrefaura

    while it is a shame that the government did not act immediately to avoid this scam, but the bigger chunk of blame should be on the “investors” themselves. 

    it was their greed that blinded them in investing in this scam. 
    honestly, i do not feel sorry for them.

     naging swapang sila kaya naloko sila. 

  • padrefaura

    related ba si amalayer kay amarillo? 

  • dequis

    nbi: tigil nyo na iyan.
    aman: hmm kj naman kayo eh, o eto isang sako, walang halong diario iyan.
    nbi: (nagtinginan, napatulala, binuhat atsaka pinasan ang isang sakong nasa harapan na busog sa laman) talaga ha, sige na nga.

  • gregory robinson

    Greedy people are alive and well, always looking for a way to get fast cash…..illegally.

  • boybakal

    Double scam in Mindanao, billions.
    It means to say Mindanao people are not poor as projected but they are rich and wealthy people as investors.
    Pnoy should pour more projects and investment in Luzon and Visayas.
    Forget Mindanao, forget that peace plan.

    • ealicer

      Ugok baka d mo alam na yung pinangtostos sa subsidiya ng MRT at LRT nyo jan ay galing sa remittance ng Mindanao. Ang laki2x ng remittance ng Mindanao pero ang liit ng share ang bumabalik para sa infra projects. Kaya ikaw gong2x magpasalamat ka sa Mindanao dahil kong hindi baka wala na kayong CALAMITY FUNDS na nadudukot!

    • disqusted0fu

       how can Aquino produce more projects when his time is devoted on attacking the Arroyos and the rest of his political foes? and he cant make much investments either since his kkk are probably feasting on the budget?

  • eirons1043

    Where there are Kings and Monarchies that holds political power  the people are always poor.  This is exactly the situation in the ARMM.  The system of Sultans and Datus still exist especially in the two Lanaos, Jolo, Maguindanao, Cotabato. All Presidents from Qurino to Noy are wasting the states money and time in the ARMM and that Peace talks.

  • Jess

    Sino naman papaniwalain nyo sa kwentong yan. Scammer magtitiwala sa scammer din ay alam na alam niyang paikot lang ang ginagawa nila pareho? NO WAY NA PANIWALAAN NAMIN YAN.. SABI NGA NA NI CONG. FARIÑAS NOON SA IMPEACHEMENT TRIAL “PALUSOT”. BAKA TURO PA YAN NG NBI NA SABIHIN SA MEDIA AT ISISI LAHAT SA AMAN TUTAL AY NAGTATAGO NA ITONG SI AMAN.

  • eirons1043

    Gentlemen the biggest Scam is before our very eyes at legal pa and it is called OVERPRICE in government purchases.and/or contracts. It earns as high as 120% like the Naia 3, Fort Bonifacio land sale, PEA Amari, bridge to nowhere, Macapagal Blvd, the failed NBN pero kuha advance komisyon, PNP Helicopter, AFP and PNP supplies, Road user’s tax, bulto  bulto sales at Customs,  and hundred other government transactions

    • KenKhoy

      and what would you call of pork barrel mate?

  • Tar Zan

    Everyone is blaming the perpetrators for being so greedy.  What about the victims?  Aren’t they equally greedy?  This scam would not have taken place if the victims have realized beforehand that such a thing is too good to be true.  Wealth does not come easy, unless you are a crook.  This should be a lesson to everyone.

    • Marx Louis Wang

      Ikaw Tan Zan, halimbawa isa ka sa biktima at hindi mo alam na magiging biktima ka ng scam na ito. Tapos inoperan ka ng “ang isang libo mo magiging 2 libo sa isang linggo” naniwala ka naman agad (syempre di mo alam na scam ito dahil bigay ka agad ng 1 libo). HINDI KA MAN LAMANG MAGRE-RESEARCH KUNG LEGAL O WALANG LOKOHAN ANG business na ito? TANUNGIN MO SARILI MO. “TANGA BA AKO O BALIW LANG?”

      • Tar Zan

        Ikaw dapat ang magtanong sa sarili mo – at ang sagot, pareho TANGA at BALIW.  Dahil kung ganyan ang offer, magtatanong ka o MAGRE-RESEARCH kung gaano ka-totoo ito.  At dahil hindi ka man lang nagtanong – tanga ka.  At kung nagtanong ka man, at sinabi sa iyong wala itong lokohan at naniwala ka naman – baliw ka.

  • carlorocci

    Ganoon, na scam din yun scammer……May kasabihan tayo na “Ang magnanakaw galit sa kapwa magnanakaw”…..

    NBI naniniwala na hindi magkakilala yun dalawang scammers, paano na yan….

  • jolly_baby

    The news is helping the crooks get away by telling them where they are… :D Maybe Rasuman or AMAN group paid the Inquirer :)

  • DennisApolinario

    Gentlemen/Ladies, please don’t say bad words against posters who are commenting on the column.  Pwede namang maging constructive at lively ang discussion o debate. Huwag naman nating haluan ng masasamang salita, maliban na lang kung wala tayong pinag-aralan at hindi tayo disenteng tao. Walang personalan, just stick to the issue at hand.  Kung mambabastos tayo, nagpapakita lang ito na tayo ay walang modo, walang pinag-aralan at isang lowlife. Please wag nating babuyin ang pribilehiyong magkomento sa mga issues.

    • marionics

      ano ka ba? they are trolls. it’s their job to insult commentors ha ha ha. just ignore them. nothing they say matter anyway.

    • ever green

      a lot of posters are like that….wala talagang magagawa…..hayyyyyy!!!!

  • Adarna

    my friend lost a huge P500,000 because of this without filing any legal complaints.

    education does not always guarantee a right thinking.

    • malek_abdul

      Some Maranaw OFWs here in Saudi also invested close to one million pesos in Coco Rasuman Group. They lost their hard earned money for nothing. So sad kasi ang hirap kumita ng pera dito bukod pa sa malayo ka sa pamilya mo.

  • johnnie r

    But the BIGGEST of them all is the Lawmakers PORK BARREL scam…harap-harapan with the peoples eyes wide open, no one can beat that!!!

  • ovalboy

    I think wala din mangyayari dito kasi yung PIPC scam headed by CRISTINA ZAMORA  GONZALEZ TUASON na nakakulimbat ng billiones sa mga taga Forbes, Dasma at San Lorenzo ay nandun sa kanyang mansion at “living a good life”. Malakas sa Department of Justice ang hayup na ito at hindi pa nakakulong hanggang ngayon. Why Oh Why Ms. de Lima???

  • Adri Tion

    No question, the perpetuators should be persecuted and jailed.  However… as the saying goes, “there’s a sucker born everyday!”.  People —this is a tough lesson for your greed.  I hope you learned from your own greed… but I can almost bet that not of you will!

  • gerry bellocido

    Jalosjos is getting into the Zamboanga del Sur politics thru the mayor of Pagadian City, Samuel Co. Dakak is owned by the Jalosjos family of Zamboanga del Sur. You may find the head of Aman Ventures there. Or it could be in Baliangao, Misamis Occidental where another Jalosjos is sitting down as mayor.

  • malek_abdul

    Fernando “Nonoy” Luna may also be hiding in Brgy Diplo in Kumalarang Zamboanga Del Sur. He has a lot of relatives in this barangay. Also, there is a sitio in this town where a lot of fugitives hide…its called sitio Baloy…a coastal village.

  • buttones

    The people who fell for this scam are hardly ‘victims’- they were just greedy and clearly not of sound mind- anybody that offers to double your money in such a short time is a con man, are people blind? They let it happen to themselves, they were greedy as the con man was as well, I have no sympathy for these ’victims’ – there are NO get rich quick schemes that are legal, a “fool and his money are soon parted”- “There is a sucker born every minute” – so many trite aphorisms we can all list, they are all true. They say that the ’victims’ ranged from ’poor’ type people to the better educated, which just goes to show they all shared one thing in common, [apart from greed] and that is a complete lack of ’intelligence’ , not to be confused with education. It seems to me the con men lacked ’education’ but OMG they certainly were not lacking in ’intelligence’… they knew the weakness of very silly people….

  • buttones

    The people who fell for this scam are hardly ‘victims’- they were just greedy and clearly not of sound mind- anybody that offers to double your money in such a short time is a con man, are people blind? They let it happen to themselves, they were greedy as the con man was as well, I have no sympathy for these ’victims’ – there are NO get rich quick schemes that are legal, a “fool and his money are soon parted”- “There is a sucker born every minute” – so many trite aphorisms we can all list, they are all true. They say that the ’victims’ ranged from ’poor’ type people to the better educated, which just goes to show they all shared one thing in common, [apart from greed] and that is a complete lack of ’intelligence’ , not to be confused with education. It seems to me the con men lacked ’education’ but OMG they certainly were not lacking in ’intelligence’… they knew the weakness of very silly people….

  • dennis

    Everytime na may mga scam na kumakalat,una sa lahat eh itanong nyo kung accredited ba yan ng gobyerno bago kayo pumasok sa ganyang business.I-report nyo agad! Hindi yung sa bandang huli eh kayo din ang magsisisi.Paminsan-minsan eh mag-isip muna po tayo!

  • disqusted0fu

    scam artists are everywhere nowadays and have the guts to do what they do at a bigger scale because the president and his administration are scam artists themselves. follow the leader

  • fiveoclock

    yung CAP scam na isang senador ang nag endorse ay si Manglapus…sarap buhay ng pamilya niya at hindi na siya mahabul sa impeirno….. 

  • PCD_2012

    The last time I heard, when Rasuman invested his loots to Aman Futures his counterpart – Amarillo gave back the favor to him by also investing his plunders to his Group!

    Pinaiikot lang ng mga unggoy na ito ang mga nabiktima nila!

  • dinadaga

    kailangan mas malaki ang nagagawa ni Pnoy kaysa kay GMA. Ang conditional cash transfer ay halos doble na kaysa noong panahon ni GMA. Kaya pati mga financial scams kailangang mas malaki sa panahon ni Pnoy. 

  • Pinoy Zablan

    There was another investment scam called Agrpoint Inc. owned by Anna Fatima De Villa Mendoza and husband Vincel Dimaculangan Pedernal of # 6 Honduras St, Loyola Grand Villas, Quezon City who also victimized a lot of people. Arrest warrants have been issued and they are on the run now. Some furious investors are willing to take the law into their own hands if not paid. Hopefully they will just surrender to the proper authorities and settle their debts.

  • rjimenez1226

    The biggest scam is the government. They keep collecting taxes in the  airport,  and all the  things that we buy and yet look at just what kind of  services they deliver to us. the worst are the politicians who are being paid high salaries to buy mansions and travel abroad with their families all at the expense of  oridinary Filipinos. The scams  at the government are never ending.

  • tukmoldinako

    Very good story

  • ah_ok_fine12

    ano na ngayon? true to life story- but i guess people are more interested if this will be ever resolved

  • Marcial72

    Mas malaking scam ang nangyari sa Pilipinas! Naging presidente si Peenoy hindi dahil sa binoto siya ng mga tao kundi ng dahil sa HOCUS PCOS.

    • puza65

      hahahaha hanggang ngaun di pa rin kau maka move on…punta ka don sa vmmc alagaan mo ung boss mo…

  • sepultorero

    Investigate the NBI for not doing it’s job. Do the same with the Police. Don’t tell me they didn’t know anything before the whole thing exploded in public! Include the government officials from the Governor to the barangay level. 

  • puza65



    This scam had been operating for a long time, and no government official pushed the alarm button?

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