Gays cheer as US voters say ‘I do’ to marriage equality


A gay rights activist, right, stands in individual picket in snowfall in St.Petersburg, Russia, Wednesday, April 4, 2012. His poster reads: “In this library there are also books by gay and lesbian writers. Their works are a part of the world culture”. A few St. Petersburg gay activists held individual pickets in front of a youth library in St. Petersburg on Wednesday to protest the city’s new law that bans propaganda of homosexuality to minors.(AP Photo/Dmitry Lovetsky)

WASHINGTON — Supporters of gay rights saw real progress on the horizon Wednesday after the re-election of “ally-in-chief” Barack Obama and important gains for same-sex marriage in four states.

Voters in Maryland, Maine and Washington approved marriage equality in referendums run in parallel with Tuesday’s elections — the first time it has ever been approved at the ballot box in the United States.

Those in Minnesota, meanwhile, rejected a proposal to ban gay marriage in the northern state’s constitution.

“It’s a proud day to be proudly out,” said Zack Ford, editor of the LGBT section of, a political blog affiliated with the liberal Center for American Progress think tank.

“The momentum for marriage equality has never been stronger,” added Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization.

“With poll after poll showing a growing majority of support, we have a renewed certainty that we will win this fight.”

Same-sex marriage is already legal in Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont, as well as the District of Columbia.

But it remains a divisive issue, banned in some 30 of the 50 states — notably California, where its legalization was overturned in a 2008 referendum — and fiercely opposed by evangelical Christians and Roman Catholic bishops.

It is not recognized at the federal level either, with the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) denying married LGBT couples the same tax and social security benefits as their straight counterparts.

The US Supreme Court is expected later this month to consider whether to rule on DOMA’s constitutionality.

The conservative National Organization for Marriage (NOM) expressed disappointment Wednesday at the election results, but it vowed to pursue the “true and just cause … of preserving marriage as God designed it.”

In a statement, its president Brian Brown attributed the setback to “a huge financial advantage” on the part of same-sex marriage campaigners in four “very liberal states.”

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops, standard-bearer for the Vatican’s opposition to abortion, contraception and marriage equality, said it was “a disappointing day for marriage.”

“No matter what policy, law or judicial decision is put into place, marriage is the only institution that unites a man and a woman to each other and to any children born of their union,” it said.

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association said the fight for “natural marriage” would shift to defending DOMA and resisting Obama administration efforts towards “the normalization of homosexual behavior” in public schools.

“The vote in these (four) states legitimizes behavior that is immoral, unnatural, and unhealthy,” Fischer, director of policy analysis for the Evangelical group, told AFP. “That’s hardly progress.”

Obama made history in May as the first serving president to publicly support marriage equality. Last year he repealed the “don’t ask, don’t tell” ban on gays serving openly in the US military.

“There is no doubt that we will continue to see tremendous strides forward like we’ve made during his first four years with our ‘ally-in-chief’ back in office,” Griffin said.

Obama’s defeated Republican rival Mitt Romney campaigned on the social-conservative position that marriage can only exist between a man and a woman — a stance that plays strongest in the American heartland.

Across the Atlantic, France’s Socialist government adopted a draft law Wednesday to authorize same-sex marriage and adoption, despite Roman Catholic and right-wing opposition.

Tuesday also saw the election of Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin as the first openly gay member of the US Senate. Since 1999 the Democrat has been a member of the lower House of Representatives.

“I didn’t run to make history. I ran to make a difference,” Baldwin told supporters in the state capital Madison after trouncing former Republican state governor and federal health secretary Tommy Thompson.

Support for marriage equality has been growing slowly but steadily among Americans, with an August 2010 opinion poll for CNN television becoming the first of several indicating majority support.

“We believe that in a few years, gay marriage will cease to be seen as strange by anyone,” said Joseph McClane, 62, a resident of Rockville, Maryland who has been with his partner Bill Nickel for 18 years.

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  • Albin

    Obama’s win turned America into a Gay Country. It can no longer win any major war. Soldiers will be doing something nasty while in the barracks, and prefer truncheons over rifles.

  • kilabot

    the invasion of lgbt perverts is now ongoing and widespread. some occupy influential positions, obama included, all over the world. it’s just a matter of time before the use of peni s and pus$y will be redefined and altered away from their natural purpose. a massive re-education campaign for the proper natural use of these intrinsic tools needs to be done worldwide asap. otherwise, the world will be filled with confused inhabitants that see right as wrong and vice versa.

    and man thinks he is smarter than the beast?

    • Expatnyc

      If you think that the natural purpose of the male and female genitalia is confined only to reproduction… it is only half truth and I must say a very narrow view of a committed relationship …. Bonding and intimacy I believe is the primary reason… and reproduction is the result of that intimacy… some couples may not be ready to start a family but that should not be a deterrent for them not to enjoy sex… besides some couples have medical condition that might prevent them from having a baby…

  • delpillar

    FCUK the gays and those US states that support them.
    The culture of death is prevailing over North America

    Many Evangelicals and conservatives like me are not publicly against if they live-in together in one house. They could call it other term like union, live-in, xyz!”*+? , ******YSYS, XX????XSDD or other word or terminology but PLEASE don’t use and BASTARDIZE the word MARRIAGE. Kinikilabutan ako. For Marriage is HOLY. It is not a contract. It is a covenant.

    • Expatnyc

      “For Marriage is HOLY. It is not a contract. It is a covenant.”
      So, why is the divorce rate among evangelicals are high in the US?

  • simonibarra27

    Mas lalake pa nga ang mga beki kasi lagi na lang silang NAKALALAKE eh!  Har!har!

  • simonibarra27

    Dear Mr. Obama please send all gays in Iran!

    • Expatnyc

      Altho not in Iran…. but there are already many of them serving in the military protecting YOUR freedom…. protecting the US…. so be careful of your comment…instead of disparaging them….be grateful….

      one day you might be called to defend the US (assuming that you live in the US)… and you’ll find yourself fighting along side with them…

  • nice_boy

    For me it’s OK to legalize the union of gays.  Name the union whatever you like.  Just don’t call it marriage.  Marriage is only for opposite sex.  Marriage establishes a family composed of a husband (the male) and a wife (the female).  God willing, they will have children. 

  • xrisp

    Who can resist the wiles of the evil one? Who could resist the desires of the flesh? Who will walk through the narrow road? Oh God, have mercy on this evil world!

    • Expatnyc

      If you have a Bible… read St. Paul’s letter to the Romans Chapter 7….

      While all of us remains in the flesh…. we all will be likely to fall to the desires of our sinful flesh… and this sinful desires takes different forms… tho PRIDE occupies the top slot among the list.

  • Mismo2012

    P’wede ba, sa bibliya lang na-define ang Marriage as a permanent bond between a man and woman. Everywhere else, Marriage is defined as a social union or legal contract between people called spouses that creates kinship. The United States is secular country – not being exclusively allied to any particular religion. So if a state approved gay Marriage, they will be entitled to the many important state and federal benefits that a traditional married couple gets i.e. pension, Social Security.

  • geminimind

    If you’re a man ,be a man and if you’re a woman,be a woman.”Unlike poles attract each other,like poles repel each other”.If you attempt to interject with each other,you become a reject to God and most others.Same sex marriage is an insult to God the Amighty who created you as a Soul in the beginning.You are here in physical embodiment for the sole purpose of expressing God’s wholeness and Holiness if you will.To make my comments short,you have failed your tests and failed God as well. 

    • w33k3nd3r

      What would you do if your children or siblings were gay/lesbian?

      • xrisp

        Do your part of teachig them how God designed everything in its proper order. Do not give up. Should they not listen to you, you have done your part and God will see your good intentions. If they will not listen, then that’s their problem. What is 70 or 80 years of wordly life compared to eternity? I would teach my children or siblings that they rather die suffering than inherit the eternal fire after they die.

      • Expatnyc

        Sometimes no matter how much teachings we give to our children, siblings, relatives or friends… it is my utmost conviction that there’s nothing more valuable than showing them love, affection and acceptance of who they are as persons… 

        Words mean nothing….not until we put those words into actions by loving them more unconditionally… it conquers fear of rejection, eliminate discrimination and foster tolerance and understanding and improves self esteem

      • geminimind

        your mind is the mind of God,your heart is also the Heart of God,we are all of the extension of God in human form.”not found in the Bible”

      • w33k3nd3r

        Yes. and hence, I choose not to hate and just accept and understand and love those who are different. Nor do I monger hatred and animosity against those who’re not the majority. It is unfair. If you were in their place, would you want to be treated that way?

      • geminimind

        What they are today is what they were in many lifetimes,having different parents(re-incarnation or re-embodiment of the soul)they were given many chances to be atleast a normal human being but insist of being what they are instead.

      • w33k3nd3r

        Until you become gay, don’t speak as if you were in their place and judge as if you have every right.

    • Diepor

      Who are you to read the mind of god. Church and god is not the same.

      • geminimind

        The ego I have with me is not a human ego.

    • Expatnyc

      Your analogy of unlike poles attract each other… like poles repel each other… it’s totally irrelevant, misleading if not ignorance at it’s best… Human emotions have no connection with magnetic forces found in nature…. Human emotion is wonderfully complex in it’s entirety…..

      I suggest that you need to do a lot of researching on the subject of SEX and Spirituality before you make statements because there’s so much incoherence to your argument about those issues.

      “Same sex marriage is an insult to God the Amighty who created you as a Soul in the beginning.” …. Sex wasn’t the sin committed by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, if you believe what is written in the Bible… God forbid them NOT to eat the fruit from the tree of Good and Evil and they disobeyed Him…. and going back to the notion of insulting God, Adam and Eve assumed that God didn’t know what they did and so they hid among the bushes and made and wore fig leaves to cover their nakedness. and I suggest that you do a lot of Bible reading that way you’ll educate yourself about spiritual and social issues.

      • geminimind

        Emotions means energy in motion.I can make things move through my emotions,and I can make  you hear what I say if I will.From all wonders of God.The Bible has a lot of in-accuracies even while it is being written.

  • KenKhoy

    signs of the times

  • w33k3nd3r

    Love is natural for humans. Hate, brought about by dogmatic brainwashing, though, is a choice. It is a sad truth that there’re fundamentalists out there who would focus their energies on sneering and hating against a community who simply wants equality, when they, the fundamentalists, claim to be doing ‘God’s’ will–which apparently displays hate. What twisted irony.

  • Daniel

    This is a mockery of the divine law. President Obama’s acquiescence to this “union” is the reason why we opted for Romney. This “immoral practice” chose already its own horrible fate, and we know what that is. Lets protect and watch our children from the “works” and “wiles” of the depraved minds.

  • daniboy2012

    Remember Sodom and Gammorah!!!! The Creator wrath will be upon the USA.

    • Expatnyc


      If you want to know the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah,….. read Ezekiel 16v49… the bible verse said nothing related to sex… believe it or not…. 

      Here’s your dilemma: if your believe what the verse says, then you are confirming that God’s word is true… if you do not believe what the passage says…. you are basically telling God is a liar… 

      • daniboy2012

         your twisting it…the Creator burned that dirty , nasty city coz they raped..heavens  even puke….

    • Diepor

      How can you remember that? Its only a story.

      • daniboy2012

         start reading historical  facts and acheological finds..that doom city…..still smell like furnace

      • Diepor

        The historical existence of Sodom and Gomorrah is still in dispute by archaeologists, as little archaeological evidence has ever been found in the regions where they were supposedly situated. The Bible indicates they were located near the Dead Sea. That is the facts, and even if they found evidence that the towns exicted it would not be proof of angels coming down from heaven and throwing balls of fire. Get some education, expand your horizon. i can understand that when you are poor and dont have a good job that you think you will be revardet after death in heaven, but nobody knows what happens after death.

      • daniboy2012

         @dieopor depender of monsters……you fool!!!… I studied and traveled….its all about humanity….homosexuality is threat to humanity..its an epedemic brain disease

      • Diepor

        religion is strong amongst the uneducated, they think its the will of God that things are like they are, but no, its up to yourself.

      • daniboy2012

         …what religion…I don’t need that..nature can tell….you dirty, nasty….homos are threat to humanity.

  • Franzeline Perdubal

    E di kayo na lang mag-espadahan. O mag burger to burger. ( sorry for the metaphors).

    Wrong things are justified via excuses on “Freedom”. 

    • Expatnyc

      Franzeline Perdubal….

      Freedom VS Equality…. which is which….

      Freedom is bestowed…. Equality is inherent

      • Franzeline Perdubal

        You have a choice. We differ in choices.

        Freedom is bestowed? Says who? When it is bestowed that means somebody owns it, right? No, i dont believe you in this one.

        Equality can never be there when freedom is not established. How can you be equal when you are not free?

      • Expatnyc

        How can you have freedom if there is a law or a set of law governing your freedom? so going back to your argument, of who’s bestowing the one’s freedom?… a governing body whatever that is…

        In each of us… we as human beings are created EQUAL… that is what I meant when I said equality is inherent in everyone

      • Franzeline Perdubal

        I bet you. It is far more difficult to get equality than getting freedom. Blacks and Asians are free but are still trying to be equal with their Caucasian counterparts.

        It is not versus as you pointed out. It is freedom that allows you to seek equality. I agree with you about us created equal but that’s a theory.

        Equality is a very good notion but it will forever elude mankind. 

        Death is the only equalizer that works.

  • geminimind

    HIV positive,AIDS,VD’s,gonorrhea etc.are diseases out from human desires of sex of animalistic kind.Disasters are caused by planetary karma starting from every individual sins compounded as a whole.Just like a time bomb in the making waiting to explode anytime,anyday,anywhere in the planet.I make myself clear,this is not hatred but it’s the truth.”more of your equality,the more troubles you get”.

    • Diepor


    • Expatnyc

      Don’t all these diseases also happen to Heterosexuals????

      Also why would you categorize sexual desires as animalistic? … these desires are expression of intimacies between two human beings… animals do not have the ability to show intimacy….

      Also… there is no scientific or religious correlation to natural disasters…. 

      Human beings thru out their life span will at some point in our lives will get sick, caused by germs, or by heredity, cancerous mutations or by violent acts of nature and accidents… that’s part of living in the world of reality…

      So grow up Dude… quit pointing fingers…


    If you’re man enough like Romney you don’t tolerate this kind of behaviour….

    • Expatnyc

      Neither will I tolerate all of romney’s LIES!

  • Rami

    Why they just allowed the civil union instead of matrimony,Obama favored gay marriage,the flooding of iilegal migrants to US.Us citizens tthe hard earning segment of society and middle class will have to embrace that universal care like what the British have,You have to wait foe simple procedure for days..weeks ..Perhaps thats the way with is.The New World and Old world of America will converge

    • Diepor

      You can pay yourself and do it fast in a private hospital, or you can wait and get it free.

    • Expatnyc


      Obama favored gay marriage is erroneous… It is Obama’s own PERSONAL VIEW, that anyone can love whom they want and celebrate it officially the way want it…. It’s all about the issue of  EQUALITY and the social and economic consequences of the union.

  • blainz

    What’s the real psychological basis of all these gay bashing?

    1996 University of Georgia experiment proves homophobes are closeted gays:


    Here’s the abstract from the peer-reviewed study:


    Here’s the full article:


    The study concludes as follows: “The results of this study indicate that individuals who score in the homophobic range and admit negative affect toward homosexuality demonstrate significant sexual arousal to male homosexual erotic stimuli”

    Before anyone goes into denial, here’s the last sentence of the abstract:

    “Homophobia is apparently associated with homosexual arousal that the homophobic individual is either unaware of or denies.”

    • daniboy2012

       I will make it simple…gays are mentally and sexually sick……there is a cure!

      • blainz

        “Homophobia is apparently associated with homosexual arousal that the homophobic individual is either unaware of or denies.”

      • daniboy2012

         I am not scared with these sick homos……death is your destiny!!!

      • blainz

        What you’re doing is called psychological projection.

        Get out of the closet.

    • geminimind

      Most gays don’t even beleive in God,but there’s one way to repolarized them by the use of science-the science of the spoken word.

      • blainz

        The Bible isn’t science.

        Considering that the incidence of homosexuality in the Catholic clergy is significantly higher than the rest of the male population, I don’t think the spoken word is doing them much good in “repolarization”.

        Or perhaps, they’re trying to “repolarize” the gay priests with little boys… Counterproductive to say the least.

        But the simplest and strongest explanation for how a more homosexual clergy is vociferously anti-homosexual remains…

        “Homophobia is apparently associated with homosexual arousal that the homophobic individual is either unaware of or denies.”

        Explains Ted Haggard too.

      • geminimind

        The spoken words they have is different from spoken words of god himself.

  • daniboy2012

    ang kabaklaan ay ka demonyohan!

  • Datukalun

    You have have just openly Sinned against GOD’S commandment. I know fear GOD’S anger over us. h GOD please don not put thy anger to those who too are against Same Sex Marriage.

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