Communists tag Enrile ‘delusional’ on martial law


TACLOBAN CITY—An underground rebel group that waged an armed struggle against the Marcos dictatorship slammed what it said was a delusional image of martial law that Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile tried to paint in his now controversial memoir.

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), which continues to wage a protracted war against the government, said the people should reject Enrile’s account of martial law, which the dead dictator Ferdinand Marcos declared 40 years ago to keep a solid grip on power.

“Enrile’s revision of history is an extremely execrable act meant to delude the Filipino people, especially the present generation of young Filipinos, who have been fed with false or incomplete information about martial law,” said the communist group in a statement sent by e-mail last Oct. 8 and carrying the pseudonym Roy Santos, CPP spokesperson in Eastern Visayas.

In his memoir, in the form of a book recently launched in a party attended by President Aquino and former first lady Imelda Marcos, the Senate president portrayed himself as a critic of Imelda, as an outsider in Malacañang under the dictator and a reluctant enforcer of martial law.

CPP said it was a “vain attempt” to elude historical judgment on the part of Enrile.

“Enrile’s memoir seek to polish his image as a statesman, assuming the role of the political baton wielder,” said the CPP statement.

Contrary to his claim that he was a reluctant enforcer of martial law, CPP said Enrile was Marcos’ hatchet man and the one who signed countless arrest warrants that led to the capture and detention of thousands of farmer leaders, workers, students, activists in the Church and other critics and opponents of martial law.

“Enrile’s hands are forever stained with the blood of close to 4,000 people ‘salvaged’ during Marcos’ reign of terror,” CPP said. Salvage is a term referring to summary executions.

Enrile, the communist rebels said, was equally responsible with Marcos and military officials, including former President Fidel Ramos and the dead general, Fabian Ver, for grave abuses of human rights during martial law and the reign of the Marcoses.

Enrile, CPP said, also benefited financially from his loyalty to the Marcoses and martial law. The communist group said the Senate president had been awarded vast logging concessions that he used to destroy hundreds of hectares of timberland.

Enrile, CPP charged, also accumulated hundreds of millions of pesos when he served as an official of the Coconut Producers Federation (Cocofed), which controlled the coconut levy fund.

CPP also noted that in his biography, Enrile had exposed himself as a liar when he said there was no reason to stage a fake ambush in 1972 in Mandaluyong.

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  • RyanE

    CPP is definitely correct on this one..

  • Lolita Habito

    The report shows the truth and reality about Enrile’s claim about martial Law…and the truth about why he like to stay long in politics..which is all about “money and power”

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    It doesn’t matter how many books you’ve written about yourself manong johhny, and it doesn’t matter how many times you flip-flop about the event that changed the philippines’ history, you have proven that you LIED to the filipino people, not once but twice!…..and maybe mas marami pang beses…….

  • kevin

    The only real intention of this old man ,is to had his son Jackie be elected to continue their power…..

    • Panch1t0

      Korek, a question of coincidence the time of launching his book and the date for application of CoC, announcing the candidacy of Jackie by UNA. Hmnnnn…tsk..tsk…tsk..

    • tonyoks

      So they can continue to close the lid of the can of worms entrile has been trying to keep close all these years. Alam Nya pag wala na sya sa pwesto lalabas lahat ng baho niya at ng pamilya Nya, kaya kailangang mailoklok Nya anak Nya ! As simple as that …

  • m1600

    mga salot na komunista aminin nyo na kayo ang NAMBOMBA SA PLAZA MIRANDA hangang ngayon itinatago nyo ang katotohanan para kayong ostrich na tinatago ang ulo pero na kalabas na nakatuwad ang buong katawan.

    • puza65


      • George Lapulapu

        Si Sison ang may pakana ng Plaza Miranda.. dami na nasulat tingkol dyan..basahini mo ang account nina Quimpo, Ben Pimentel, Sen Salongga etc..

  • DoitsuKoi

    I have obligations to observe neutrality between Senators Enrile and Trillanes. 

    But this puzzling CPP statement also makes certain assertions about the late Sr. Aquino more believable.

    • spearheads

      ‘Good observation but what actually cemented the belief that Ninoy had connections with the CPP is the supervening event and that is, it was the time of Cory that the CPP was declared not an illegal entity and in fact, welcomed to participate in the elections. Events proved that they indeed participated in the political exercise but did not use CPP as their party because it is not palatable and will not win them in elections. So, they conveniently entered the political arena through the backdoor by creating party list groups. 

      Personally, what I found plausible is insofar as to the truth of Enrile’s revelation that Ninoy Aquino told Enrile that he is entering into an alliance with the CPP and told Enrile to keep it to himself. But Enrile told Aquino that it is his jop as Dense Minister at that time to inform Marcos. Marcos, in turn capitalize on this information and used it as his basis for declaring Martial Law. Ironically it was Enrile’s group who drafted the Martial Law and the rest is history.

      • spearheads

        Further, Marcos did declare Martial Law immediately. He first suspended the “Writ of Habeas Corpus” so that he can arrest all his political opponents without any legal impediment. Under this order he immediately arrested all his foes, foremost is Ninoy and all top communist leaderse. When Marcos found out that this is not enough, he became bolder and place the entire Philippines under Martial Rule, abolishing the National Assembly (Congress at that time) and all political parties and political exercise in the national level, retaining only governors in the local level.

      • puza65


  • Fulpol

    Enrile created an image, a double-faced or “doble kara”. On the good side, he helped a lot of people, until now they are still expressing their gratitude to Enrile, exemption is Trillanes.. on the bad side, he created enemies, for himself and the government.

    he is too scheming that his enemies is the enemy of the state too.. he is trying to project Trillanes, as traitor, enemy of the Pilipino people. while on the other side, the people he helped are connected or member of the political and business elite circle. this is the reason of his political survival.

    the launched of his memoir is a proof of his influence to a group of people, attending the event out of deference… and gratitude too…

    if CPP talked against Enrile… it will not stand strong.. because CPP is considered as enemy.

  • spearheads

    Maybe it’s the effect of the pervasive dreaded yellowvirus. Every one in politics is afflicted and getting “delusional.” Yong NPA na lang ang natitirang matino sabi nila.


    ANG mga naniniwala lang naman sa sinabi ni enrile ay yong mga hindi marunong magbasa at sumiyasat ng katotohanan.  Kahit na sino naman ay maaaring gumawa ng libro at itanghal na tunay na bayani ng daigdig is HITLER.  Kahit na anupang sabihin at gawin ninuman, kailanman at saan pa man, hindi magbabago ang katotohanang pagka-berdugo ng isang berdugo. 


    ANOTHER fruit from the poisoned tree COMING…..if we don’t watch out and stay vigilant against LASON from another LASON tree.

  • Gerald Abueva

    CPP could have just asked Mr. Llamas to read the statement out loud. It would have had the same impact. But not as impactful as when ABB carries out a statement. CPP now is a shadow of its former self.

  • RapeweedConsenth

    Bottom line: President Marcos maintained peace and order all over the archiepelago from Ninoy, MABINI, etc, and the CPP ‘reign of terror’. Of course Ninoy was part and parcel of the CCP. Guest who was absent during the plaza miranda gathering and bombing? Our survey said… And it was during Pres. Aquino’s rule that the CPP sympathizers and members were released from cells, pamphered and offered juicy government positions. Even allowed to kill our policemen with inpunity.

  • spearheads

    Some of the bloggers hate me because in their perception, I am siding with Enrile and sometimes criticized him so others call me balimbing. But my supporting or going against a certain politician depends on a particular issue and in no way shows that I am vouching for his character. Let me set this straight insofar as my PERSONAL conviction is concerned. As to Jack Enrile, I personally believe that he is involved on those murders attributed to him. As to Sen. Enrile, I am fully convinced that he should assume the responsibility of what happened to those thousand arrested during the Martial Law Regime and ultimately disappeared for all time. The fact that he signed all those ASO’s – Arrest and Search Order is proof enough that he should be meted out with corresponding liability or penalty. But what can we do, the guy is a shrewd politician? 

    Let me state however, that insofar as new issues are concerned, I will support him if I found out that he is in the right path but condemn him if he is wrong. But this does not mean in anyway that it reflects my support as to his character. As I have said, two of my standards for the senatorial election are a) a candidate must not be a murderer and b) he should not be a former coup d etat rebel soldier. 

  • $18209031

    Basta no more Enriles for higher office. Talagang tanga ang tao na magbubuto sa younger Jack by 2016. Alam naman natin dugong kurakot mga ito at all the same trapo. Gamitin ang inyong utak mga kayumanggis. No more Ilocandio polticians , that  includes Bong BOng Marcos.

    • ROMEO

      wag mo naman lalahatin na kurap ang mga ilocano….peace

      • angtangamo

        Agree with
        you statement but the most corrupt of all Pinoys originate from that region. Think
        Marcos, Singson, JPE, JDV and you
        can even throw the Dy’s in that list. They symbolise how rotten our Govt is and
        how stupid our voters are. No surprise these people are also the richest in the

      • 18C0501


  • $18209031

    No more Enriles, Marcoses at mga Ilocandios sa poder ng gobyerno. Kurakot at kurakot sa harapharap.

    • philcitizen

       Ilocandios? Ikaw ano ka?

  • simondj

    slave of his own lies, Manong Ernie is a slave, he works to hide his lies.

  • ame mojica

    I am very interested on the net worth of Enrile. I am a bit curious why did he adopt his two grandchildren, each from his two children. Ano ba yun,. para apat ang maghati sa mga manang nakaw at hindi dalawa lang? Masyadong nalasing si Enrile doon nangyari pagkatapos niyang gumawa ng tama sa pagka impeached ni Corona na gusto na niya ngayong baguhin ang history niya. I think what he should have done is just kept his mouth shut hanggang buhay siya. Then after his death let the historians dig the facts of what really happened under the Marcos regime and there after.

    • puza65

      tama at kapag namatay na sya baka sakali magsalita na rin ang pamilya ni Ver….

  • $14334231

    enrile is the alleged “berdugo” during martial law…..he may not admit it, but there’s a lot who knew what he did……his situation is like gloria…stay in politics (by succession) and no investigations will be dealt upon him….kumusta nga pala yong kaso ng manugang n’yang puti….

  • nes911

    All true.

  • Datukalun

    CPPNPA and ENRILE what makes them different they are the same Berdugo of the PEOPLE of the Philippines they too are taking the Peoples money by Corruption and by Extortion they also kill people what make them different.Same parasites and vultures…///

  • angtangamo

    Enrile and the CPP/NPA are both equally guilty of heinous crimes against the people of the Philippines. Enrile’s
    rightful place right now is a prison cell and not the halls of the senate.

    The CPP/NPA up till now is still terrorising our country. They should all be hunted down and
    killed in a cold blooded manner. I don’t have any sympathy for their members and
    supporters who are kidnapped and salvaged by the AFP. I hope they all die in
    the cruelest manner possible.

  • rage88

    communist will always be a communist no matter how they tries themselves to hide under the pretext of ” savior of the poor and the oppress”..Their evils is very clear..we must read and learn from history..

  • rage88

    communist will always be a communist no matter how they tries themselves to hide under the pretext of ” savior of the poor and the oppress”..Their evils is very clear..we must read and learn from history..

  • Harry

    His autobiography put an end to the political career of his son.

  • rage88

    naniniwala ako sa sinabi ni enrile at justified naman tlaga ang proclmation ng martial law noong 1972..mas nagsisinungaling pa ang mga komunista….

  • LuwigVonMises

    enrile an antique who’s not worth a thing. brilliant and full of potential but stands for nothing. he wants to be remembered but he should want to be forgotten because he is a shameful coward.  No one wants to be remembered that way.

  • whyinthisworld

    I believe on what was written above, knowing enrile during the time of marcos and martial law, wow he was highly untouchable, one can not utter unwanted words against him, otherwise you’ll be jailed or out forever. If the readers with due respect to them, did not born during those times of destruction to our well being, will definitely praise him as a great man of honor but knowing his past, how he acquired his vast wealth and power is a big question mark. Take note, no one dare to ask him how and where because many of the filipino people are coward. Whatever he said and whatever you read meant the other way around. Check it out.    

  • Benjamin Brillantes

    TAMA SILA (CPP) maraming nakulong at namatay sa kamay ni JPE ang pagpirma niya sa “ASSO” yan ang gamit ng military pag magaaresto ng kumunista. kung buhay pa si “AGIT” col AGUINALDO SIYA ANG MAKAKAPAGSABI..  pero maybuhay pa dyan na mga dating kapitan na naging GENERAL.. hulaan na lang nyo..

    • m1600

      eh yung mga pinaslang ng NPA ano ang say mo?? ty nalang ? 

  • Pio Gante

    as if wala ring bahid ng dungis ang mga komunista.

  • m1600

    eh ano ang komunista? ano ba ang ginawa nila sa brgy RANO SA digos  kung saan namassacre nung june 25, 1989 ang  42  katao bata o matanda na nagattend sa sunday mass ( using machine gun and grenade) yung priest pinugutan ng ULO si amado payot aka kdr benzar ang pinuno ng NPA si kdr PARAGO kasama din siya pero tauhan palang siya nuon ni payot. 

    PLAZA MIRANDA BOMBING kagagawan din ni SISON sana mangyari sa inyo yang mga pinagggawa nyo mga SALOT.

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