Enrile Jr.: Chance to clean up bad image


Cagayan Rep. Juan “Jack” Ponce Enrile Jr. Photo from www.congress.gov.ph

For Juan “Jack” Ponce Enrile Jr., next year’s campaign  is a  chance  to finally purge an “atrocious reputation” as the prototypical bad boy of the ’80s when his father was lording it over as the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ martial law enforcer.

“I was a young, red-blooded male.  You get into fights, but you never made the papers. But I did because it was blown out of proportion. It’s an unfortunate thing. I’m very sorry for those whose lives were lost but I never pulled or  fired a shot in anger in my entire  life. I can look at you with a straight face and say that,” Enrile said in an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer at his Urdaneta Village home in January.

Enrile  said he then had asked permission from his father, now Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, to leave for the United States.

“I did not think I was going to be given a fair shake here. He felt affected by that and that he knew in his heart that it was true and he could not do anything about it. I sought his blessing but he did not give it and I could see why.  It hurt him to see his son was affected by something that he should have not been  affected with,” said the younger Enrile.

The 54-year-old Enrile said the first time he realized people were out to get back at his father through him was in grade school at Ateneo de Manila University.

“I was kicked in my lower lip. I was beaten up in Grade 4 by Grade 7 students who were calling me ‘tuta ni Marcos.’ I got  17 stitches and I lied to my parents and told them I got kicked when I was playing football. But I had to fight back.  I promised myself that would be the last time anybody laid a hand on me,” Enrile said.

“I left for personal reasons because during that time,  Dad was not the flavor of the month. People were trying to hit him  and the easiest way to hit him was through me. I developed an atrocious reputation in this country and people started to ride on that. The Alfie Anido suicide was attributed to me, the  Liezl (daughter of Amalia Fuentes) and  Pops Fernandez (supposed abduction and rape cases) were attributed to me,” he said.

“I never met them (Liezl and Pops) and I don’t think they knew what I looked like then,” said Enrile, who also disclosed that he got into more brawls in the United States than in his Ateneo years.

President Aquino was a year behind him in Ateneo while Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas was a year ahead.

Just adventurous

Enrile admitted that his biggest failure was being an ill-equipped and incapable father to his two oldest daughters, who were left behind when he left the country.

He believed that he has more than made up for this shortcoming by being a full-fledged father to his two youngest daughters with his wife.

So, is he a changed man?

“People ask me that all the time. I was always like this, friendly with people, but I have a bad temper. I don’t call it a rebellious streak; I’m just an adventurous guy… I think I had this wanderlust,” he said.

He used to be called “Jackie” after the legendary race car driver but he said he dropped it when he sought a new life in another  country.

“Only the Inquirer calls me Jackie now,” said Enrile, an English major, who has turned to the Bible for inspiration.

In explaining his latest quest to seek a higher post, Enrile quoted widely from the Books of Daniel and Micah in the Old Testament.

“The Book of Daniel speaks of  sovereignty of God whatever happens in our life. God does not put us in a position of authority or power because we  deserve it. The Book of Micah explains that when a person is placed in a position of authority, he is expected to act justly, have mercy and walk humbly with God. That is what is defining me,” he said.

“I have reaped the benefits of being an Enrile and I have borne the scars of being an Enrile. One day, if God and the people decide, I will present my case to them.”

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  • quirinomayer

    Apart from his bloody past, this man has done absolutely nothing to deserve becoming a senator.
    Talent-wise, he is even a very poor copy of his father.


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UPORNQO7GP2GMDGTT64FZOAVVA HuwagKalimutan

    Hanep! Kung ano ang puno siya din ang bunga! Parehong-pareho ng tatay niya si Jack o Jackie. Napakasinungaling. Kung talagang naniniwala ka sa Biliya, Jackie di alam mong pinagbabayaran lahat ng kasalanan. Ikaw, kapatid mong si Katrina at ang tatay mo, may araw din kayo. Di natutulog ang Diyos. Boy, walang nakakaligtas sa impiyerno. Pwede ninyong maganak trantaduhin ang pinoy pero wala kayong lusot sa Diyos. 

    Jackie you’re from Ateneo and so am I. Remember we studied “even the devil can quote the Bible?” Remember Marcos despite all his power and money, he physically rot! God have mercy on you, pal!

  • boybakal

    That was part of growing up Jack.
    You learned your lesson thru many experience. You were young and restless then.
    But now you are a grown matured responsible man.
    Past is past….just think what you can do for your country.
    We will vote for you…you have the pedigree of great politician father Ponce.

    • $14334231

      yeah, right!!!!…imagine what he can do as a senator…200 million a year!!!! sa bulsa ang tuloy, like his pedigreed father….tuta ka rin ni jack, ano?….mukhang pera ka rin….

      • boybakal

         Ang sakit mo naman mag akusa.
        Unang una di ako tuta ni Jack, I am a matured dog,este man who knows what is right or wrong.
        Pangalawa, di ako mukhang pera, mas mukha akong ginto kahit ako ay bakal.
        Ang sama ng laman ng utak mo…magpatingin ka sa mental dahil psycho lang ang taong nag iisip ng masama sa kapwa.
        Tunggak !!!!!!

    • johnllander

      Ibagsak ang mga immature!
      Ibagsak ang kasapi sa political dynasties!
      Ibagsak ang mga trapo!
      Ibagsak ang una!
      Ibagsak si jackie enrile!

    • ApoNiLolo

      “We will vote for you…”
      Just speak for yourself. Ikaw lang, huwag mo ng idamay ang iba.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MDOEHEMLNVSTET7ZCS2MKQ7WRI Flavio

    the brat has grown into a brute ! don’t vote him for senator …

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PHPM7ZIPGE5DYHRUYRZBPQGHZQ AlexC105

    He’s never fired a shot in anger ever in his life that because he’s never had to. Someone else did it for him. In those martial law days, that was the job of someone in his security detail.

    Besides what has he done to better the country? For the same reason why members of families in political and business dynaties run for office which is to protect their business interests.

    We’ve been down that road before, let’s not waste our votes on someone who, like so many others, will not perform. Huwag na tayo magsayang ng boto!! 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RGY2WII5WCQSLIGVZLNQUP3GXI Juan

    C’mon, Jack, don’t give this BS! Pare-pareho tayong Atenista kaya alam natin ang galaw ng isa’t isa. You just don’t lie to your parents about being beaten up by Grade 7 boys in Ateneo de Manila, especially if you are the son of the Defense Minister of Marcos. Kung mga anak nga ng gobernador o heneral nagdadala ng mga tauhan ng tatay nila pag nakipag-away sa Ateneo, eh ikaw pa?

    Sons of warlords or generals in the Ateneo de Manila DON’T just sit quietly in one corner and meekly lick their wounds. If a person picks a fight with any of them, that boy could expect a car or van full of armed bodyguards the next day roaming the Loyola campus. Even the campus security was useless against them.

    Chavit Singson’s son Ronald got beaten up fair and square in a fist fight during his freshman year. The next day, the young Singson brought with him a car full of goons and even poked a gun on his classmate’s face. Meron bang nagawa si “Big Boy”?

    (“Big Boy” is the name given to whoever is the security guard in Ateneo high school. The physical requirement is that he must be a tall guy. Every generation, not necessarily a batch,  in Ateneo HS has its own “Big Boy”.)

    Kung ano ang puno, Jack, yun din ang bunga. Kaya wag na tayo maglokohan. By the way, sino ang nagturo ng “reformed” image mo at kung paano ka magsalita sa harapan ng media? Yung pinsan mo bang si Carlitos Siguion-Reyna na isang mahusay na film director ang nagdirek sa public image mo?.Sino nagsulat ng script? Si Bibeth Orteza? Probably next time, you’d be singing under the guidance of Aunt Armida Siguion-Reyna. Your statement could have fooled the press, but not your fellow Ateneans.

    So Jack, what about the father and son that you beat up with your bodyguards a couple of years back? I heard you roughed them up pretty badly after the young man almost sideswiped you and your boys while biking in Dasma (or Forbes)? Have you stopped bumping the rear end of vehicles temporarily parked in front of the lobby of JAKA building just because you felt good doing so? Tell your bodyguards to keep their mouth shut and stop talking to the JAKA employees about any incident that you are involved in.

    • johnllander

      Don’t vote for violent minded people!
      Don’t vote for jackie enrile!

    • xristinamaria

      i won’t vote for him simply because of his father.
      honestly, hindi ko sya kilala until the papers carried news of the book launching. and guys here mentioned stories that goes way, way back
      i don’t think the media would do what you just suggested. would people in the know be brave enough? please?

  • JV Velarde


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SSIOG2PG33MAOXOJM2YBHBPYNM Ariel CRUZ

      Let’s campaign against these Enriles and the rest of Trapos- UNA

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

    Jack, how expensive is it to feed your German Shepherd? I heard that you provide your dog with JAKA-made corned beef, which is the same corned beef supplied to Jollibee. I know this because one of your former employees at JAKA gave me a box full of unlabeled cans of the product. You mean to say that while a lot of Filipinos are suffering because of hunger, you feed your pooch with expensive, high quality meat???

    And how about your motorcycling habits? Life is getting harder by the day, Jack. Why don’t you sell all your big bikes and use the proceeds to feed the hungry, especially those in your province Cagayan Valley? And stop smuggling similar bikes through Port Irene.

    How’s your management skills, Jack? I heard that Senate President JPE trusts your sister Katrina more when it comes to running JAKA. Probably, your dad fears that you will just run the whole company to the ground.

    • Pinoytoo

      he he he.. you are mean, man. but truth must come out right?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

         By all means.

      • xristinamaria

        i won’t vote for him simply because of his father.
        honestly, hindi ko sya kilala until the papers carried news of the book launching. and guys here mentioned stories that goes way, way back
        i don’t think the media would do what you just suggested. 
        would people in the know be brave enough? please?

  • nti_boohaya

    One doesn’t need to be in the senate, or in politics for that matter, to have a chance at redemption.  There are avenues like taking up an advocacy, i.e, environmental (for perceived illegal logging activities, rehab or educate the street kids, build homes for the homeless, or build livelihood for the underpreviledged and unemployed, or take up the cause of the landless farmers to become entrepreneurs (for perceived land grabbing activities of the past), or put up legal aides to those without any means to hire abogados de campanilla.  You got the financial means to do any of the things I mentioned above and you definitely don’t need to be in politics to prove your worth or “clean up a bad image.”  Sabi nga ng mg parokyano e you can count with your fingers yung mga “clean” policitians around. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RGY2WII5WCQSLIGVZLNQUP3GXI Juan

    Have you recovered from your drug addiction, Mr. Jackie Enrile? How can you sit in the Senate chamber and craft laws when your brain is frequently ‘marinated’ with drugs?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GUZISWUMVDD5QJUC7GBJKEM7XA prangka

    So, by your admission of many shortcomings, would it be nice if you just attend to your children’s need than the need of the entire nation?

    • xristinamaria

      how could you do good on a grander scale when you can’t manage your own backyard>

      has he made amends with his children?

  • resortman

    The devil also read the Scriptures…..

  • johnllander

    You are the bad image.

    You are not elected just to clean your image.  You are not paid by people’s money just to clean your image.

    You are not qualified to be a senator.

    You should be booted out of the senate.

    Don’t vote for jackie enrile.

    Don’t vote for trapos.

    Don’t vote for trapo dynasties.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SSIOG2PG33MAOXOJM2YBHBPYNM Ariel CRUZ

      let us all join hands to frustrate the evil design of this another Enrile! No to trapos, no to UNA, no to Binay, No to Enrile, Not to Magsaysay Mitos,  no to Erap!!!!

      • http://twitter.com/whipnsaddle Bastonero

        Tama, No to No, wala na lang bumoto, eh sino pa iboboto natin sa lahat na lang puno No na, wala na lang botohan, pabayaan na lang ang Pilipinas, bahala na si Batman, yan ang gusto nyo Eh! kayo ang magaling….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JIRVYKIWXWXGACKM6AQIV4UVWA Jonathan

    Utang na loob, Jack Enrile. Wala kang ibang credential kundi ang apelyido mo. Wala ka namang nagawa bilang congressman ng First District of Cagayan. Kahit nga lang pumunta sa ating probinsiya hindi mo man lang magawang bumisita madalas-dalas para makita mong unti-unti ng kinakain ng dagat ang mga coastal towns sa atin. May nagawa ka ba para mapigilan ang pagmina ng black sand sa mga coastal towns sa atin? Nakakahiya ka at parehong kayong mag-amang ibinebenta ang bayan natin! At ang kapal ng mukha mong tatakbo ka pa sa pagka-Senador! May nalalaman ka pang Book of Daniel! Sabihin mo tumatakbo ka dahil pinilit ka ng tatay mong trapo para maprotektahan ang mga interes ng pamilya mo at ipagpatuloy ang pagsasamantala sa taumbayan!

    Sa mga nagbabasa ng Inquirer, nais ko pong malaman ninyo na anq ang taong ito, si JACK ENRILE ay walang nagawa bilang Congressman ng Cagayan. At sana naman, gumawa man lang ng konting research itong si Gil Cabacungan para malaman ng mga magbabasa ng article niya kung anong klaseng tao itong si JACK ENRILE.

    Bakit? Makakatulong ba sa Pilipinas kung malaman natin na nabugbog si JACK ENRILE nung nasa Ateneo siya? Sana naman po ay ihayag ninyo kung anong klaseng pulitiko itong si JACK at kung anong nagawa niya bilang congressman para maging makabuluhan ang news article.


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DHWFDCKPCRMX4YOHMM7CXXH3JE Hinahon

      Bro, si Gil Cabacungan ay isa rin corrupt at unethical na reporter. Nalalagyan iyan.  Nung business reporter pa iyan na naka-assign sa stock exchange, eh nag-i-invest yan sa mga kumpanya na naka-list sa stock market. This kind of activity is prohibited under the ethics of journalism because of conflict of interests. Also, his investments hindered him from reporting with fairness and honesty. Kaya rin iyan tinanggal sa business beat. (Kilalang-kilala kita, Mr. Gil Cabacungan!) Ang nakapagtataka sa Inquirer eh kung bakit at paano nakakalusot ang mga storyang ganito sa mga editors at napupunta pa sa front pages! Napakagaling naman ng media operator ni Enrile para gapangin ang newsroom at makumbinse si Letty Jimenez Magsanoc, EIC ng Inquirer!

      Anyway, I truly sympathize with you and your provincemates, Jonathan. Hayaan mo, pre. Hindi natutulog ang Diyos. That we can be sure.

      • wakats

        Bro. Hinahon, ang ibig mong sabihin “envelopmental journalist”?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DHWFDCKPCRMX4YOHMM7CXXH3JE Hinahon

        Korek ka dyan, bro. And by the way, questionable din kung saan nakuha ni Mr. Cabacungan yung pera na pang-invest niya sa stocks. Sa maliit na sweldo niyan sa Inquirer, paano nakakabili iyan ng shares, like for example, Petron?

      • litenshadow

        di bale nang ma feature sa articles gaya nito, nababasa naman namin ang mga negatibong komento tungkol sa pagkatao ng mga taong ito. buti na lang may comments section ang pdi.

    • xristinamaria

      i won’t vote for him simply because of his father.
      honestly, hindi ko sya kilala until the papers carried news of the book launching. and guys here mentioned stories that goes way, way back
      i don’t think the media would do what you just suggested. 
      would people in the know be brave enough? please?

  • pulis

    Kung ako si Pol Pot , una ka ma firing squad Jackie..Ang dami mong atraso sa taong bayan..May makursunadahan ka lang chicks noon pati mga kapatid nya pinagbabaril nyo dahil nagselos ka…Mabulok ka sana sa empeyerno!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

    Jackie himself admitted that he has a bad temper.  That explains why in his youth and full of power, he and his bodyguards killed many innocent civilians including then matinee idol Alfie Anido.  He left for the US to escape prosecution and from those who wronged.  That was cowardice.  He returned when things calmed down.  Now, he even wants to be a Senator.  Let’s check his citizenship status first.  If he’s not a US citizen, he sure is a green card holder which makes him ineligible to run for public office unless he gives up his green card.  Is he a changed man?  All bad boys claim that.  They usually turn to Bible and invoke God’s name to protect their dark past.  Take Bingbong Crisologo for example; he claims to be a Born Again Christian and a Pastor but continues his wrong ways.  Ask his female staff in Congress how many times this maniac sexually harassed them.  If we want to save this country, dump Jackie Enrile and those like him.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

    Jack is more of a liability to UNA than an asset.  Please take note that he uses Juan Ponce Enrile Jr in his candidacy not Jack Enrile.  Voters must be warned that they’re electing a different Enrile, the son, notorious killer during Martial Law.  Another thing they should check on is his citizenship.  He lived in the US for many years.  He might be a US citizen or at least a green card holder.

    • http://twitter.com/whipnsaddle Bastonero

      Kayang palustin ng matandang Enrile yan, o siguro naremedyuhan na, walang nag contest sa pagka congressman eh! Nagawan ng paraan..

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYOPSUID7ASDO6TMIAJMRCJYW4 Jehan

        TRUE.. masamang damo tatay nya kaya aaboot pa ng 100years old yan.. This old fellow must be ousted on that senate!! 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/F7U5GJ7LTBKEIF2YVXIDSXCIIM ROSARIO

    WOW! I was from maguindanao. Was a 1st yr college student at the start of marital law. I know how evil is Enrile..also a pathological liar like marcos. But jackie enrile? I never heard about him. And he is worst than his dad? Thanks for all of your  info. Hindi ko alam na meron palang anak na lalaki ang satanas na enrile…I bet you he is a coward!!! I have seen men like him. Hindi madapuan ng langaw. mga bodyguard and makikipaglaban. Kelan pa kaya magbabayad ng utang ang mga ito?

    • Pinoytoo

      you got that right!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYOPSUID7ASDO6TMIAJMRCJYW4 Jehan

      I never heard good things about JPE what more sa anak!! He’s a typical trapo and balimbing.. This guy doesn’t have a heart anymore.. He plays well in media.. see ABS-CBN doing a book about him!! craziest move by ABS.

  • jtclassic

    What crap.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DHWFDCKPCRMX4YOHMM7CXXH3JE Hinahon

    Malaki ang problema ng impiyerno pag napunta dun si JPE at Jack. Baka mag-coup dun si JPE at maglayasan ang mga demonyo. Sasabihin ni JPE sa isang presscon sa kabilang-buhay: “Napalayas ko ang mga demonyo sa impiyerno hindi dahil kay Cardinal Sin, kundi…dahil sa aking sins!”

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/RGY2WII5WCQSLIGVZLNQUP3GXI Juan


    • pelang

       at bakit sila JPE at Jack lang? dapat nandodo’n din si Bong-bong , at Jinggoy. para, sila sila ang mag barilan.

  • cogito728sum

    I think this is what Farinas branded as ‘PALUSOT’.

  • jurbinsky77

    Oh C’mmon, get real man! 

  • Karabukov

    “I’m very sorry for those whose lives were lost but I never pulled or  fired a shot in anger in my entire  life. I can look at you with a straight face and say that.”

    Read between the lines and you can imagine how horrifying that statement is.

    If you know what I mean, you will never vote for this man.

    • opinyonlangpo

      What does it mean? Does it mean that he smiles then pull the trigger? That is scary, I am out of here.

  • arlein

    B E R D U G O !!

  • Rap88

    Jack Enrile quoted in the book of Micah…why don’t you just quote the lies from the book memoir of your father.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/CFZ2Q7RFJ6PWRYMM3NJ7JB4KSE Dynamic

      He will probably tell you-Jack bagbaga…

  • belairskycrapper

    ….  stay out of trouble. forget politics. the wrath and anger from those people hurt will
          all come back to you.  being sorry will never amend the past. payback is the name of the

  • Felix Alcantara

    This man, apart from his family name, is a complete “nobody”.

  • rock7222


    Just like you, I am an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila High School.
    ( I was once batch younger than PNoy, 2 years below you, and 3 years below Mar Roxas)

    And as you know…………
    Alfie Anido was an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila High School

    PNoy Aquino is an alumnus of the Ateneo  de Manila High School

    Mar Roxas is an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila High School

    Butch Abad is an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila High School

    Jinggoy Ejercito is an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila High School

    Koko Pimentel is an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila High School

    TG Guingona is an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila High School

    Even the NEPHEW of your Dad’s boss, Alfred Romualdez( current Mayor of Tacloban) who happen’s to be Imelda’s favorite nephew, is also an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila High school.

    Ralph Recto is an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila Grade School ( and FAILED the Ateneo High school entrance exam & had to transferred to La Salle Greenhills for high school)

    ( Same with your contemporary  Abuser, Bongbong  Marcos also failed the the Ateneo high School entrane exam & was therefore Rejected by the Ateneo despite REPEATED Direct Threats against the Jesuits by then President Marcos)

    What’s my  point Jack in this whole post????

    Every Atenean back then who attended Ateneo High School KNEW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED to ALFIE!!!    PNOY knows it !  Mar knows it !  Butch Abad knows it!  Jinggoy knows it! Ralph & Ricky Rector knows it ! Koko Pimentel & TG Guingona knows it! I’m sure Alfred Romualdez knows it, The Anido family knows it !
    And of course your  archrival Bongbong knows it!!!

    What really happened is VERY COMMON KNOWLEDGE to All Ateneans back then!!!

    Never ever forget that Jack !

    Ang Pamilya Anido was also a wealthy family ! But of course, No one would have ever dared to challenge the 2nd Most Powerful person in the Philippines after Marcos !

    REMEMBER THIS!   About 80% of the Sons of Marcos Cronies & about 80% of the Sons of Anti-Marcos Opposition leaders like ( Aquino, Roxas, Pimentel, Rodrigo, Maceda, Guingona, Tanada, Salonga, Manglapus all attended Ateneo back then )

    In other words, EVERYTHING that HAPPENED under the Marcos regime WENT AROUND the Ateneo community because we HEARD 1st Hand accounts from BOTH Pro-Marcos & Anti-Marcos families!!!!

    ALL I will say is NAPAKARAMI mong  Binaril, Sinampal, Tinutukan, Binugbog, Ginulpi ! And of course, VERY FEW EVER  DARED challenge you!

    What about the stories of numerous girls from Assumption, St. Scholastica, Teretiana ( now called Poveda) , Maryknoll who ALL FEARED you because they all knew that you NEVER would take NO for answer! That a saying NO or rejecting you could have very serious consequences against their safety & their families.

    What about the several Fathers & Mothers na LUMUHOD sa harap mo at nagmamakaawa para lang huwag mong saktan or galawin ang anak nila!

    Was I there to see it? No! But there were other fellow Ateneans who did! I don’t very much back then if they would lie about something that they were also very stunned & scared!

    You are Bongbong were likes twins!

    Bongbong did the VERY SAME abuse to both girls & boys.Pag-lalake Binubogbog, tinitutukan, sinasampal- pag-babae- he would NEVER take no for an answer!

    Looking back, do you even realized the HEARTACHE, the PAIN, the lasting memories of fear that you caused SO MANY decent, regular Filipino families???

    Do you realized kung gaano ka daming Pamilya ang Tumakbo sa Amerika dahil sa takot sa iyo at kay Bongbong???

    I will give you credit Jack for one thing. You were NOT as bad among fellow Ateneans. Hindi ka masyadong makagawa ng kahayupan mo sa mga kapwa mo Atenista because you knew back then that …..

    One, there were MORE than a handful of your fellow Ateneans who would have NEVER taken abuse from you even if your Father was feared by the entire nation!

    ( in fact, I clearly still remember the sons of the Anti-Marcos Dads who were in jail. I never ever saw PNoy, Mar, Erin, Ernes, Rick, Rod & all the sons of Koko, TG EVER show fear when they saw you & your ” Very Flamboyant, Siga, Arrogant” demeanor around the campus.

    Two, you knew that One mistake that you ever made, the Jesuits would kick you out of the Ateneo since the Jesuits had a lot of Anger against your father & Marcos!

    The same with BongBong, Napakaraming sinindak, sinampal, binogbog, binaril at tinutukan ng baril !! No one dared challenged him!

    There must have been at least  4 incidents na nagkabarilan kayo ni BongBong including ALL your bodyguards.

    It was like two kings fighting over the country a owned!

    THE SAD part in all this was so many Filipinos lived in fear because of TWO ABUSIVE, SPOILED, DISRESPECTFUL, Drug Using, Drunk teenage boys whose ONLY Right to Abuse was because their Fathers DECLARED Martial Law, Raped the Nation’s wealth & people!

    You two were not even officials of the Gov’t! The people did not even elect you!

    You two were just sons, anak lang kayo & you shot people left & right for no reason!

    YES, back then, the ONLY Person who could challenge Jackie was BongBong. The only person who could challenge Bongbong was Jackie!

    So after NCAA basketball games between Ateneo vs. La Salle- mag lalaban yung dalawang hari ng pilipinas ! After Parties sa Assumption, St. Scholastica & back then, Teretiana ( Now Poveda), pag nag abutan si Jackie at BongBong- Patay na! Gulo !

    Every Holy week as Baguio, there would always be fights sa hotel & sa Baguio country club between ateneans & La Sallites. On a number of occasions, ang head ng banatan would be Jackie for ateneo & BongBong for La Salle!President Marcos & Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile had to STEP IN  & pacify their Abusive, Spoiled sons !!!
    Again, The ONLY Good back then from my perspective as a young atenean  ( if you can call that good) was Jackie Enrile was a relatively Very Nice guy to fellow ateneans!! I will give him that. Pag- Atenista ka, ” Hindi tayo talo”.
    Pag La Sallista ka, Magtago ka na !
    The opposite for Bong Bong, ” Pag Atenista ka, patay ka kay BongBong!

    I will not say or conclude or REPEAT what 99% of All Ateneans KNEW BACK THEN because it does not really matter at this point!!!
    Kung ang Pamilya nga ni Alfie Anido has REMAINED SILENT all these years, tayo pang mga nasa publiko lang! It’s not worth anyone’s life to risk para sa ganito.

    Let’s just say, the Next Senator of the PH Jack Enrile was NEVER a Saint!!!!
    What really KILLS me  &  many Ateneans & La Sallalites of our time is….
    Ang mga maraming Binugbog at Ibabuso, Sinampal noong teenage years namin are NOW ALL in power. In fact, they will ALL BE SENATORS !!!
    This was the Level of Fear & Fights caused by these people back then- In order of notoriety:
    1) Jackie Enrile2) BongBong Marcos3) Ralph Recto4) Jinggoy Ejercito

    By the way, Jinggoy & Jude were very abusive at sobrang nag hari harian noong time nila especially pag territory ng Greenhills & San Juan!

    They never reached the level of Jackie or Bongbong but nonetheless- Jinggoy was abusive, arrogant & maraming inapi! PERIOD!

    In FAIRNESS to Ralph Rector- He was NEVER Abusive! He just was simply “Siga”. he was just like other boys na mahilig sa bugbogan. But he did not have the power to really abuse anyone.

    Mahilig mag paputok ng baril  at manindak ng iba!
    (Jinggoy always had 4 San Juan police bodyguards! he would get into fights with other sons of Marcos cronies na panay spoiled at abusive then.)

    These 4 will be ALL Senators by 2013! All were associated with the Marcos family!

    P.S. ASK Any alumni of the ateneo high school who attended Ateneo de Manila High school noong time ni Mar Roxas & Noy Aquino. WHAT comments will you hear???
    Mabait, Tahimik, very humble, maloko, hindi sumasama sa gulo, may respeto and NEVER mong maririnig na may sinindak or minaliit!!

    Back then, you already knew kung sinong mga bata ang pinalaki ng tama vs. pinalaki ng spoiled!

    ***  Alam ninyo mga kababayan kung ano ang Ironic sa lahat ng ito????There are ONLY Two Young Men among the people I just mentioned who REALLY TRULY CAME FROM  VERY WEALTHY Families ( Wealthy na hindi Ninakaw sa Pulitika )

    They are NoyNoy Aquino & Mar Roxas- they both grew up in families who were 10 times wealthier than any of the other people I just mentioned !  BUT LOOK how they CARRIED THEMSELVES Growing up as Teenagers !!!

    Napalaki si Mar & Noy na naturuan na pagiging Humble !! They were brought up right ! You have to commend Senator Roxas & Mrs. Araneta-Roxas, and of course the Martyr hero Senator Ninoy Aquino & President Cory Aquino!

    It proves that Upbringing by parents is the Ultimate in moral values & upright character !
    ( Right Mr. Renato Corona??? Another Ateneo High School alumnus who somehow lost his morals)
    You can go to the very top school like ateneo & all its Jesuits – but your morals will ultimately still come  from your family! 

    Si Noy & Mar Never NEVER EVER acted like they were above others or had any Sense of Entitlement!!!!

    That is one trait that still shows TODAY, 30+ years after their high school years in the Ateneo!!!
    Sorry but once in a while someone has to SHARE THIS with the General Public!!!!!
    So alam ninyo who are the People running our nation today!
    You be the judge !!!!

    All I share here is an OPEN BOOK to all Ateneans & even LaSallites back then.,
    NO ONE just would dare talk about it for obvious reasons!
    *** Kung Alam lang ng atin mga kababayan, Lalong Lalo na iyung 80% ng mga botanteng mahihirap, hindi edukado na madaling lokohin at paikutin!!!
    show more 

    • isidro c. valencia

      Bro, you really rocked the boat. 
      We really need people like you in the Philippines. 
      You have my 1000 likes.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYOPSUID7ASDO6TMIAJMRCJYW4 Jehan

      WOW!! nice story rock7222.. you really seem to be around this people.. I wouldn’t disagree. All I could say is this siga2x things are cowards.. In time they’ll pay the price!! I wonder why ABS-CBN made such a stupid book about his father JPE… A lot of us here in Malaysia were felt disbelief.. Does JPE done any good? All people are aware of his illegal logging companies continue to operate despite causing lots of death. JPE felt like he really is somebody in his eyes. I don’t know but this guys is a master trapo and balimbing same as his cohorts in senate. This ENRILE name must be rested for good

    • Cue_Vas

      He he. Someone in h8ll telephoned me. He said Uday and Qusay Hussein were blushing when they read your post.

  • rock7222

    Remember this..

    Millions of Filipinos teenagers go thru stages of boyhood including some who like to get into fights, fraternities, girls, drinking, even drugs. 95% of these boys CHANGE & MATURE as you become an adult male!

    But make no mistake about it, What Jack & BongBong is beyond a phase. Kung kaya mong mangbaril on a daily basis ng tao, manampal, mangbugbug na walang awa, manakit ng babae, magpaluhod ng mga tatay at nanay ng iba, mag padampot at salvage ng mga kaaway … I FIND THAT HARD TO BELIEVE NA YOU CAN TRULY CHANGE!

    Especially if you don’ truly change your life around, live a humble life, give up power, go to counseling, go all out in being religious. Other than that, I believe its just a SHOW!!!

    • simondj

      man cant change himself alone, we are all lost,,, what or wher is your reference you can not even know. it is God who can change us, it is the sovereign will of God, if He will have mercy on us.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XWH5SD6XPM3XKND6PJQQ32ZRAU Mabuhay

    many  words: spoiled brat, bangag, adik,  utak pulbura gaya ng tatay, malibog, laklakero,…wag iboto ito…tama na ang isang Enrile na nakakasuka na sa loob ng mahigit 40 yrs……

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XWH5SD6XPM3XKND6PJQQ32ZRAU Mabuhay

    kung tanga pa rin kayo iboto nyo itong ugak na ito….

  • $25995786

    Do not worry maraming Filipino ang walang pakialam,iboboto ka pa rin, kung si Bongbong nanalo at senador na, kung pareho kayong masama then dapat magsama kayo.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4UDH3WN2R57YKADCP2H6E7JMZI Ybiernas

    These are the same people that started the culture of “Bullying” in the Philippines and in military. We would avoid going to Star Gazer when Jackie Enrile, Roby Puyat Martel -owner of Harrison Plaza), and Bong Bong ( although Bong Bong was a puppy compared to Jackie Enrile with his body guards, and they all put the blame on “simple minded” General Ver. Many of you don’t realize this but this is why “Bullying” and Teasing has set an example and stayed in the mainstream with most Filipino men especially in schools like Colegio San Agustin in Dasma Makati. Bullying was part of a psychological effect to scare and control Filipinos especially during Martial law and was cost effective.
    I don’t know what Jackie Enrile can contribute to society and if he claims he is redeemed and became spiritual then this means he is not a stable person. – Good luck Philippines, the next generation of Trapos – “Same dogs different Collar”

  • dequis

    May alam pa sa Bible. Baka sa Quoran may alam din.


      di lahat ng tumatawag sa Diyos ay maka Diyos.   kahit si taning maraming alam tungkol sa diyos……:)

      • dequis

        iba naman ang narinig ko. si lucing, si monyong, si abling kasama si jackie enrile nag bible study sila impierno. si bongbong marcos gustong isama hindi daw muna kelangan saka na lang daw pag na-uto nang hustong magbalak bumalik sa malakanyang.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MDOEHEMLNVSTET7ZCS2MKQ7WRI Flavio

    this jack(ie) enrile placed no.5 in the survey of candidates for senators. how come ??

  • pulis

    Pa-ano utak pulbora rin ang mga Filipino voters…Whaaaaa!

  • est

     survey nababayaran

  • abbaj

    hoy jack ang tunay na dahilan mo para kumandidato ay para protektahan ang logging company nyo na kumalbo sa cagayan at ngayon ay kumakalbo sa samar. gusto mo ring protektahan ang paghawak ng pamilya mo sa port irene para tuloy tuloy ang smuggling ninyo ng mga lumang kotse. malapit ng kunin ni taning ang tatay mong mandarambong kaya maghanda na kayo sa mga kalaban ninyo. wala kang kapasidad maging senador dahil puro bullying at away ang ginawa mo noong bata ka pa. hindi na mababago ang masama mong ugali!

  • damatannapo


    Vote: NoBinaysNoEnrilesNoEstradas in 2013
    Vote: NoBEEs in 2013

  • Anqui

    People like  Enrile, Marcos, Binay & Estrada should NOT be voted in the Senate!!! 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYOPSUID7ASDO6TMIAJMRCJYW4 Jehan

      I very much agree .. add Sotto too.. this are the typical trapo and balimbing people who do noting rather abuse power..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WEBQQWQDFI3HXAMQFTUHVVUHNU ame mojica

    Siguro ang feeling ni Jack Enrile kung si Bongbong Marcos na elect na senador why not him? Mas maraming kasalanan  si Bongbong at tatay niya kaysa kanila ni JPE? Twisted pero bakit nga ba na nanalong senador si Bongbong? Kasama ba ito doon sa pandadaya ni Binay sa kasaubat niyang si “KOALA BEAR”?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RGY2WII5WCQSLIGVZLNQUP3GXI Juan


    KUNG BARAKO KA TALAGA, maglakad ka na walang baril at bodyguards! Ang hirap sa iyo at tatay mong DUWAG, matapang lang kayo dahil sa mga alipores ninyo! Tanggalin ninyo mga iyan at mangangatog yang mga itlog ninyo!

  • Rap88

    Chance to clean up…, How are you gonna clean up the blood stains…blood of those that crossed your path and blood of those virgins. How about the blood of those killed, tortured during your happy days of the martial law, hanggang ngayon gusto mo, happy ka? whew.

  • reydomingo

    kawawa ka naman… sobra sobrang pang aapi ang sinapit mo sa kamay namin mga pilipino… huhuhu….

  • Karabkatab

    “It’s an unfortunate thing. I’m very sorry for those whose lives were lost but I never pulled or  fired a shot in anger in my entire  life.”  What a revelation!  Lives were lost and yet he never fired a shot (in anger). Indeed, criminals cut it and cut it clean when they are in their cool headed state.


      hindi pa mainit ulo marami na pinatay, paano kaya pag-uminit ulo niyan????

    • marionics

      tanginang yan sa dami ng negative comments kay jack dito e bakit no. 5 pa rin siya sa survey? anlabo naman o. bakit kaya, akala ba ng mga sinusurvey ay si jpe ang tinutukoy? ganun ba kapalpak ang mga survey at namamali ang perception ng mga survey respondents? DI DAPAT TALAGA MANALO ITONG KUPAL NA ITO


        madaling madaya ang survey…..nasa pag-phrasing ng question minsan iyan. And madalas, ung mga ni-susurvey, hindi rinnaiintindihan ang tanong o hindi rin kilala ang mganakalistang mgapangalan. Basta may enrile, kala ciguro si tanda. ganun na katindi ang pagkakatatak ng mga pangalang ng mga politikong iyan. Malupit pa pa sa panghi ng CR sa mga station ng bus, malayo pa naaamoy na…

      • Karabkatab

        Mananalo yan pre si Jack, lalo na sa mga liblib na lugar.  Eh, meron pang bayad sila ng Permit to campaign and Permit to Win.

  • damatannapo

    Tulungan at pahalagahan ang mga sarili natin sa 2013. Siguruhin nating ‘wag manalo ang isang Enrile Jr upang bigyan leksion at magising ang mga mandarambong naglipana sa ating naghihikaos na bayan


    Vote: NoBinaysNoEnrilesNoEstradas in 2013
    Vote: NoBEES in 2013

    • pasaway008ako

      mangyari kaya iyan e may pera, pera at pera sila!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3TWVIBNBHJIBKXLUC5IT2JYM5E Harry

        Bribing voters with the voters money, that is how crooked they are.

  • Jack Phalaphitac

    This is the first time I read my name being mentioned a hundred times…all of them in relation to evil works and being evil. Anyway, I’ll remain as Jack and let’s call him Jackie and let’s end the Enriles’ evil hold in this country.

  • rock7222

    Mga kababayan…

    Laging ninyong tandaan. In ANY other Democratic developed nation such as the United States, Canada, England, & the entire Europe, even Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, NZ…

    Jack Enrile, Bongbong Marcos would be SERVING LIFE SENTENCES in Prison today!!!!

    Juan Ponce Enrile & Imelda Marcos would be SERVING LIFE SENTENES in Prison today!

    Many of the Marcos cronies would be serving 10-20 year sentences for corruption & plunder.

    Erap Estrada & Jinggoy Estrada would both be in jail today for Plunder!!!

    PERO Sadly,  ONLY in the Philippines, a supposedly Proud Catholic, Democratic nation…

    These people above Enjoy Freedom, Thrive, Continue to build wealth & Power AND…

    Someday soon, VERY VERY LIKELY one, two, or even three of them will SOMEDAY become President of this NATION !!!!!


    Without a doubt,, Jinggoy will be the heavy favorite to win the VP in 2016!
    Bongbong has casually & proudly said several times that he MAY run for President in 2016 or 2022 !

    And of course, Jack Enrile is ALMOST SURELY ( he is now ranked 5th in all surveys) will be a Senator next year! What is then going to stop him from running for President someday???

    Iyan ang problema sa ating Kultura at sistema!!!

    Yung mga nang-api noong araw WILL SOMEDAY be REWARDED with the Highest Positions in the land!!!

    Only in the Philippines!!!

    • andrew lim

      Id like to point out that in the countries you mentioned where the case of the Enriles would have been handled differently, none of them are Catholic dominated.

      It is Catholicism that breeds these kind of people, because of the forgive and forget mentaliity that it fosters.

  • crispinbasilio


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DHWFDCKPCRMX4YOHMM7CXXH3JE Hinahon

    Mr. Gil Cabacungan, magkano ba ang binayad sa iyo ni Jack para lamasin mo ang storya mo, ha? Halatang-halata na pa-pogi kay Enrile Jr. yung storya. Wala ka bang kahihiyan sa sarili mo? Kilalang-kilala ka sa media circles bilang isang corrupt reporter. My goodness, you have become a pen-wielding mercenary since you transferred to Inquirer from your younger days at the defunct Business Star of Mr. Gabby Mañalac.

    • maypakialamtayo

      nagsisisi na si cabacungan dahil nabasa na nya mga comments dito!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DHWFDCKPCRMX4YOHMM7CXXH3JE Hinahon

        Nakakairita na kasi ang corrupt na ugok na iyan. Hindi man lamang magtanong ng questions kay Jackie in an incisive and critical way. Pumayag pa na interbyuhin ang damuhong Jackie sa bahay niya. Kaya ayan, dahil takot bumanat ng matatapang na tanong, lumabas na bading yung artikulo niya!

  • pilipino

    So the truth is now out: Jackie is running for a Senate seat simply to CLEAR HIS NAME for his irresponsible actions in his youth, it’s not about serving our collective interests as a nation! 

    • indiosbravos2002

      At swelduhan pa sya ng gobyerno sa lagay na yan.

  • rock7222

    By the way, Binay has said repeatedly that he will run for President in 2016.

    By all accounts, he will be the HEAVY favorite to win based on his win two years ago.

    What I DO NOT understand is…… and this is ONLY in the philippines…

    BAKIT WALANG Nagtatanong kay Binay Point blank in front of millions of people

    ” Sir you became Mayor in 1986. By all accounts, you had No Money, You were basically poor.
    Sir, how could you today be worth ALMOST a BILLION Pesos in net worth. How were you able to own over 12 condos in Makati, over 4 properties in Ayala Alabang, have a Massive Private Zoo with imported animals- have your very own brother living in a Massive Massion in Ayala Alabang”

    Sir, How were you able to accumulate all that with a public servant’s minimal salary as a mayor???


    P.S. If Mr, & Mrs Binay were in the US or Canada or Europe, South Korea or Japan…

    they would have been charged & convicted of PLUNDER & Corruption a LONG LONG TIME AGO!

    They would both be in Prison today!!!

    Again, ONLY in the Philippines!

    In 3 years, they COULD VERY REALISTICALLY become President & First Lady of our Republic!!!!

    You people better enjoy PNoy dahil it is VERY HARD to find a HONEST, STRAIGHT guy like him!!! He is FAR FROM PERFECT, But he is the BEST President I’ve seen!!

    You can sleep at night because alam mong he will NOT do anything to HURT or HARM our country, and our people! And come 2016, he will Happily leave office peaceful!!

    Unlike GMA & even Ramos who both wanted to Extend their stay if they could get away with it!

    Kawawang bayan!!!

    • pilipino

      Evidence vs the ex-mayor husband and ex-mayor wife is being gathered now, I think that big question is reserved for 2015 so the public is made aware of his dark side and the potential threats to public interest accompanying it.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

         As usual, they shall claim political persecution.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3TWVIBNBHJIBKXLUC5IT2JYM5E Harry

        With the new anti-cybercrime law, no evidence can be present on the internet without facing possible charges of libel.

  • $29483279

    Up to this press time, father and son are still lying. In his book, the father is still accusing Gen. Fabian Ver of fabricating the story blaming his son Jackie for the death of actor Alfie in a hotel along roxas Blvd.. There are eye witnesses countering Enrile’s claim vs Ver.

    Jackie Enrile, the son is still denying his involvement  in the killing of Alfie at the comfort room of the said hotel. It was all in the news.

    This bad image of this notorious man is beyond the power of any “powerful cleansing detergent” for the 2013 senatorial election.

    Best move now is for Jackie to back off. This is a national election and people don’t forget that easily.

    Please don’t push your luck to the filipinos. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

       Unfortunately, SWS recent survey placed this young Enrile among the top five senatorial candidates.  Jack uses the name Juan Ponce Enrile Jr.  That’s why.

  • Bengatibo

    Ngayon pa lang pag-aralan na nang botante ang background nang bawat kandidato pagka-senador. List them according who you think you would vote for. Elimination process lang ang kailangan. Hindi naman sigurong mahirap malaman ang nararapat umupo sa senado. Choose the lesser of all evils as this trapos are all evils.Huwag kayong maniniwala sa survey kasi ginagawa lang iyan to condition the minds of the voters. Vote with your conscience as our future is at stake!!! 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYOPSUID7ASDO6TMIAJMRCJYW4 Jehan

    Oust the ENRILE’s for good!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3TWVIBNBHJIBKXLUC5IT2JYM5E Harry

      Select your candidates using your vote, it’s your last weapon.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson

    1. That businessman who  bumped  him from the washroom of Silahis International Hotel. The ones who killed that businessman was the chubby bodyguard. He shot him with a .45 calliber pistol.
    2. That Malaysian member of the Royal family. Jackie was with the husband of Nikki Coseteng. Jackie had an altercation with the Malaysian. they were all drunk.  The Malaysian was stabbed to death by the bodyguard. 

    • junhernan

       baka naman meron ka pang alam bukod sa dalawang ‘yan? paki-post naman.

  • marionics

    tanginang yan sa dami ng negative comments kay jack dito e bakit no. 5 pa rin siya sa survey? anlabo naman o. bakit kaya, akala ba ng mga sinusurvey ay si jpe ang tinutukoy? ganun ba kapalpak ang mga survey at namamali ang perception ng mga survey respondents? DI DAPAT TALAGA MANALO ITONG KUPAL NA ITO

  • PH2011

    “I’m very sorry for those whose lives were lost but I never pulled or 
    fired a shot in anger in my entire  life. I can look at you with a
    straight face and say that,” Enrile said”

    straight face and say that.

    “I was kicked in my lower lip. I was beaten up in Grade 4 by Grade 7 students who were calling me ‘tuta ni Marcos.’



  • NoWorryBHappy

    So, why is Mr. Enrile Jr running for office again ?
    Chance to clean a bad image, DAW !
    How will he do that ?
    And what will that accomplish for the good of the FIlipino people ?
    Kung sinabi niyang ibibigay niya ang kanyang suweldo para sa mahihirap at hindi
    siya mangungurakot, ay kahi’t hindi niya isigaw sa buong bayan na nagsisi at
    nagbago na siya, ay mga tao na mismo ang magsasabing ‘Nagbago na nga siya.’
    This early, the people don’t even know if he has an image or not. Moro-moro nga ang
    elecksiyon na ito.

    • 12JEM

       This Enrile is Jackie the son, not Johnny, the father.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

         But many do not know that.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson

    To rock722-  The Bongbong  Marcos you are talking about was the first Bongbong. Taller bigger in stature and mas mayabang.  Today’s Bongbong was different. Just look at their personalities.  Today’s Bongbong was the other child of late Ferdinand Marcos with his other wife.  The Bongbong you are talking about went to high school at  de La Salle.  Today’s Bongbong that we see as Senator went to high school in the United States of America.     The ones who went to school at de La Salle allegedly died in Europe after being shot by the bodyguards of that Royal blood who told him-your father is a thief !!!! 
         To better undestand,  get that book written by author Premitivo Mejares – Conjugal  Dictatorship.  Get that first edition. that’s the original.  I’ve heard the following editions printed was doctored by the Marcos followers.    You already knew what happened to Premitivo Mejares, right?

    • Rap88

      yah, better read the conjugal dictatorship, find out who is MR in the life of ferdie and many exciting revelations more factual…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

      Primitivo Mijares disappeared in the United States after he went to exile. Apparently, he thought that US is a safe haven for him. He learned too late. It didn’t enter his mind that Marcos had all the money in the world to pay a bunch of Mafia thugs to hunt him down. About three decades ago, I remember seeing his  family spending time over his grave at Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina. (His body, of course wasn’t there, just memories etched on marble stone.)

  • arthur1410

    This election is the time, not of redemption but a confirmation of who Jackie enrile really is.
    When you are the favorite son of chief martial law implementor, your stories are fantastic and unbelievable, similar to the fantastic story written by your father in his autobiography aka memoirs to sanitize his reputation before he goes.
    Jackie, more skeletons will be exposed.
    One thing is sure-you will be REJECTED. 

  • 12JEM

    Espose the true Jackie Enrile…

    Honasan, what do you know?

    Bongbopng and Imee….you know.

  • SoulEdge

    Chance to Clean up bad image? but why should it be in the Senate? …susunod na interybu ke Kuya Boy na or ke Vice…for sure maiiyak nito ang madlang people.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CRBW2RJR4WNWVIDZVSCLFQK4KQ Spike

    A leopard does not change his spots.

    Dad’s about to retire and they need someone to carry on the family tradition

    Oligarchy Nepotism and Political Dynasties are alive and well in the Philippines

  • Jun Go

    bakit ngayon ka lang maglilinis ng pangalan mo?  dahil tatakbo kang senador?

    tatay mo nga di malinis ang pangalan din.

    hirap sa inyong mga pulitiko, pagkailangan nyo ng boto ng bayan, sa loob ng 24-oras gusto nyong maging anghel. at pagnakaupo na, sa loob ng 24-segundo demonyo na agad.

    kailan nyo ba inintindi ang bayan bago ang inyong sarili?

    nagpakasasa kayo sa kapangyarihan at pera at yaman, hindi pa ba kayo busog?

    di nyo yan madadala sa libingan.  sana maging kuntento kayo sa ‘tamang’ antas ng buhay sa lipunan, masyado kayong sakim, like father like son.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ODKHIJAR6YXPUXP3S42NZ3WVBY RF

    Last I checked the Senate is not a laundromat.
    No wonder nothing gets done in this country.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson

    What about the allegation of the murder of Ernest Robert Lucas last  Sep. 21, 1975 shot by Jackie Enrile ellegedly between the eyes.  Mr. Lucas was the nephew of the running priest Fr. Reyes.   

    • xristinamaria

      i hope we get to hear fr. reyes’ take on this.

    • Karabukov

      Whoever did it must not have been done in anger.

  • wakats


    “He got into more brawls in the United States than in his Ateneo days” (kilabot talaga)
    “But I have a bad temper and I don’t call it a rebellious streak” (in-born traits)
    “I have never fired a shot in anger” (maybe his close-in bodyguards did)
    “The Alfie Anido suicide was attributed to me” (jackie didn’t deny it)

    What if ??? will there be real brawls in the august hall of the senate than the sarzuela and word war that we’re used to see?


    • Karabukov

      He said, “I have never fired a shot in anger.”

      He meant that you don’t have to be angry. You can smile and be happy as a lark.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4R3GZTGML26TV2VGS6RVHP2THM Fred

    Jack, you better run for a local position na lang to be a sure winner.
    For senator, mukhang malabong manalo ka, sa opinyon ko lang naman.
    Lalabas at lalabas na naman lahat ng mga bad issues sa iyo. 
    Ikaw na nga ang nagsimulang mag kwento na negative sa iyo.

  • indiosbravos2002

    He said he never pulled a trigger out of anger but he was sorry for the lives lost. Hmmmmmmm. Of course silly! Why do the dirty work when you have goons around you.
    Mas matindi pa ito sa vovo boys sa senado. At least si Sotto, Jinggoy, Revilla at Lapid hindi bayolente.

  • 444mangyan888

    naku ha…

  • 444mangyan888

    SO, there were really LIVES LOST..?????

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3TWVIBNBHJIBKXLUC5IT2JYM5E Harry

    A penitent(?) person should go to the Church and talk to the priest. God forgives but the people remembers.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Obviously, the guy is a spoiled burat. JPE did not do a good job in raising him. If JPE invested some time with his son, the guy should have been a better person. He himself confessed to the countless brawls that he instigated and the countless lives lost (killed by his goons maybe). Power + Arrogant attitude = Disaster

    • pelang

       at pati sa america barumbado pa rin. pati siguro sa america may bodyguard.

      • dodong1

        akala nya siguro na Pinas pa rin siya nung pumunta siya sa Amerika..baka nga meron din bodygard nga…baka inupakan sa puwet yan ng negro…ha ha haha

  • gusto667

    masyado kasi tayong pakialamero, kung hinayaan nating magubusan ang mga  corrupt na politician na mga ito noong 1986, sana nabawasan ang mga ungas na mga ito.

  • litenshadow

    sayang mga karamihan sa mga pinoy di nababasa ang mga komento dito…

  • gusto667

    Abolish electoral process, let a UN political body to govern us. Enough of these crooks, murderers, thieves to govern our country.

  • manual47

    Mr. Enrile, I only have one quetion for you to answer……”what do you have to offer that will convince the filipinos to vote for you knowing the kind of reputation you have”.  I will wait for your answer and hopefully you will have a chance to read this comment and response with an honest answer as you can……..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKDGAAHNYTUQ5PSYX4CDPVWZUU Xela

     COJUANGCO         VS        VILLAR & MADRIGAL
    JACK ENRILE        VS        ANGARA
    ZUBIRI                   VS        PIMENTEL
    HONASAN              VS       TRILLANES
    MACEDA                VS       J. MAGSAYSAY
    GORDON                VS       CAYETANO
    EJERCITO               VS       AQUINO
    ang daling pumili,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Beguine

    Enrile Jr. don’t worry, just be ready with bundles of money to
    give away and buy votes.

    Since the people selling votes are the poor and needy, you’ll
    have a big chance to win.

    But win the hearts of the people honestly and truly you never will.
    You have already committed so many crimes and have been branded
    a criminal forever. Thank your father and your wealth you’re not
    languishing in jail, and even running for senator, what a joke
    on the Filipino nation.

    A proud and honest Pinoy you’ll never be. You’ll always be
    a fake and a cheat.

    So many are even now wishing you end up at the bottom of the
    list of the actual vote count when the time comes.

  • http://twitter.com/walfrido Will Villanueva

    Mabuti na lang marami pa ring Pilipinong nagmamahal sa bayan, matapang at ‘di uurong.  Bakit nga ba tatakbo pa si Jack Enrile?  Why does a family need political power so much?  What is it protecting?  What will it lose if it’s no longer in power?  Ann Marie Pamintuan said it well about four years ago when she said that the elder Enrile has done nothing but harm to the country, or caused the country so much pain, or words to that effect.  JPE was magnificent in the Corona impeachment, but it’s like a lion who saves a lamb, but what about the zebras, elephants, and other animals he has killed?  I thought Ateneo de Manila high school alumni were goners in terms of principles, so safe and secure in their eyries.  Go on, my fellow compatriots, lay it on Jack.  Stop him from setting foot in the Senate.  


      Enough of these people…. pinoy matoto, wag ng maging bobo! madala na kayo!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

      I like the statement ” JPE was magnificent in the Corona impeachment, but it’s like a lion who
      saves a lamb, but what about the zebras, elephants, and other animals he
      has killed? “

  • andrew lim

    I just want to share my observations about this phenomenon of evil men and their children being able to mount a comeback in society:

    1.  It reflects on the poverty of our people – majority of our voting population is poor, with incomplete or poor quality education. How can you expect them to discern and remember when all they watch are noontime game shows and teleseryes?  When the only issues they know is breakfast, lunch and dinner?

    When their nutrition is poor how do you expect their brains to function properly?

    2.  It reflects on the negative effects of the Catholic Church which fosters the forgive and forget mentality. It renders the justice system ineffective and the people’s sense of right and wrong useless.

    Which makes me wonder:  why does this phenomenon of evil men and their sons making a comeback more prevalent in Catholic dominated societies? 

    Other non -Catholic countries have their share of corrupt and evil leaders, but once ousted, they are gone for good, and their children, too.

    • Karabkatab

      You forgot 1 thing my friend.  The bunch of people, the rich and powerful, will always win because they pay for the permit to campaign and permit to win.

  • anton kinuton

    panahon na para magsama-sama tayong lahat ng pilipino na huwag nating iboto ang mga nag-hahariang angkan dito sa ating bansa. huwag natin silang iboto. iparamdam natin na ang pilipinong botante ay natuto na, na ang mga pinoy ay matatalino at hindi madadala sa mga pangako at salapi ng mga kandidato. huwag nating ihalal ang mga estrada, binay, enrile, villar, cayetano, honasan, mitos magsaysay, maceda, legarda, zubiri, angara, madrigal at lahat ng mga kandidato sa mga lalawigan na galing lang sa nag-iisang angkan. pagkakataon na natin ito!!!

  • dequis

    dapat ang mga hindi umabot ng 72units sa college o kaya taasan pa college grad, huwag lang gawang recto ang transcript — hindi dapat bumoto. lagay tayo nang lagay ng provision sa Constitution na libre ang secondary education gawa nang gawa ang pamahalaan natin ng mga state colleges at universities, tapos able to read and write lang pala ang kelangan para makaboto, kaya nagkapestepeste itong bansa natin ng mga botanteng hindi nakakaintinde, kahit demonyo, kahit si satanas, kahit si lucifer, kahit si diablo, iboboto maabutan lang ng limampirasong beinte pesos na nakastapler sa araw ng halalan.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

       Kahit naman college graduate, immature pa din. May mga haka haka pa ding pang fantasy! Maliban sana sa college graduate ang qualified, dapat at least 30 years old din.

      • Karabkatab

        Maka dagdag na rin.  Dapat may hanapbuhay at nagbabayad ng buwis.

      • ApoNiLolo

        LOL! Kung lahat ng ito ang qualification ng botante sa Pilipinas, malamang wala pang 30% ang eligible to vote. >: D 

      • Karabkatab

        Malamang ganon ang posentahe Apo. Fair lang di ba?  Kung wala kang taya, eh di manuod ka lang muna sa tabi di ba? Sa ngayon kahit nasa bilanguan, naghihimas ng malamig na rehas, eh, pinupuntahan ng Comelec para ma e register.

      • ApoNiLolo

        In fairness, mas gusto ko yung suggestion mo. Hindi dapat bomoto ang hindi nagbabayad ng buwis. Because these are the people who got no stake on how our country should be governed and does not contribute in our economy.

  • Olibo

    Can we give him a chance? He ‘s a good boy now….and reading a bible.Baby Asistio,Bingbong Crisologo, Edward Hagedorn, Kumander Dante, Jose Maria Sison, Duterte and Panfilo Lacson will surely agree.


      ha ha ha, kabobobohan…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

       This is not sarcasm anymore! It’s already PRO-ENRILE Movement!

    • KenKhoy

      are u kidding

    • dodong1

      you must be on drugs…are you freakin out of your mind!! 

    • sam_aquino


      give him a chance???  the lives of all pinoys are at stake here, parekoy… 

      just because he reads/carries a bible does NOT make him a “changed” man… 

      think!!!  wag nmn tayo paloko sa mga ito, sus…

    • ApoNiLolo

      In case this was meant as a sarcasm, it’s done in bad taste. But I’m pretty sure your birth date is Oct. 1, 2012.

  • Danilo Mariano

    “I did not think I was going to be given a fair shake here.”

    That’s stretching it a bit too far! Your father was among those at the top during the martial law years; your family is oh sooo rich; the newspapers and tv were controlled by cronies. What do you mean you won’t be given a fair shake?Or maybe you mean those individuals you’ve done harm to.

  • kishbuff

    ano ba ang nagawa nya sa kongreso?


    are you telling us now that by winning an election you can show to the world that you’ve reformed morally and spiritually? please argue with your trapo father Senator Enrile

  • scorpio22

    “I have reaped the benefits of being an Enrile and I have borne the
    scars of being an Enrile. One day, if God and the people decide, I will
    present my case to them.”

    Preferably sooner than later, but to God first. So go meet up with God.


    Enough of these people…. pinoy matoto, wag ng maging bobo! madala na kayo!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CRBW2RJR4WNWVIDZVSCLFQK4KQ Spike

    He never pulled the trigger but did not do anything to stop them.
    The media should run stories about this guy and refresh people’s memories about his shenanigans and subious activities

    Media please be responsible help stop political dynasties

    • xristinamaria

      i won’t vote for him simply because of his father.

      honestly, hindi ko sya kilala until the papers carried news of the book launching. and guys here mentioned stories that goes way, way back

      i don’t think the media would do what you just suggested. would people in the know be brave enough? please?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/E422KEFIWEQBOVJ54ALRSBJB24 JACK

    he never pulled the trigger…he asked/ordered someone to do it for him…like father, like son…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

     “I was kicked in my lower lip. I was beaten up in Grade 4 by Grade 7
    students who were calling me ‘tuta ni Marcos.’ I got  17 stitches and I
    lied to my parents and told them I got kicked when I was playing
    football. But I had to fight back.  I promised myself that would be the
    last time anybody laid a hand on me,” Enrile said.


    “Only the Inquirer calls me Jackie now,” said Enrile, an English major, who has turned to the Bible for inspiration.

    ——–MORE FAKE!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RGY2WII5WCQSLIGVZLNQUP3GXI Juan

    Hey Jackie Boy, go ahead and throw all your legal resources and influence to put (running priest) Fr. Reyes in jail. I just have this funny feeling that your downfall will start rapidly when Fr. Reyes goes behind bars. Whether on this life or the next, justice will be given to Ernest Robert Lucas, the nephew of Fr. Reyes.

    Why do I also feel that you are trembling, Jackie boy? Gil Cabacungan’s  scripted interview with you seems to reveal that you are getting desperate. You are already dying a thousand deaths like a coward, Jackie boy? I see the blade of Divine Justice being constantly sharpened and brandished before your shivering soul. Even if you keep on begging that the blade falls on you, it won’t..yet. That’s death enough. 

  • neverwint3r

    you can’t really blame if the philippines is still stucked as the sick man of asia after several dozen decades. napagiwanan na tayo ng napakaraming bansa, even those who just came out from civil war(e.g. vietnam myanmar, etc).

    with one of the fastest growing population and people living in abject poverty due to lack of jobs, food, housing and education, it’s just a vicious cycle. these people who make up at least 65% of the population will sell their votes for anything. these people unfortunately are the ones who decide the fate of the country.

    politicians knows this. the salary in government is peanuts, but with their position, they can earn 10x their salary. sabi nga ng isang nasa gobyerno, ‘what are we in power for’?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EYYDTMYSK2VUPDWIMUDPPSVVU4 romulo

    Saan naman nanggaling ang 10 million pesos na ibinayad mo sa isang artista for a 40 minutes sex? Changed man pala ha!

    • Karabkatab

      Ang mahal naman. Mahal pa sa wagyu beef?

      • marionics

        tangina ang mahal na kantot yan a. ay sorry baka ma-blocl. ang mahal na iyot nama niyan he he

      • Karabkatab

        Kahit na pre, wagyu beef pa rin ako. Masarap pulutan sa double black. LOL

      • marionics

        siyempre ok yung wagyu pero mas type ko pre ang US prime ribeye na ikaw na magluluto. sea salt lang at konting freshly crushed black pepper corns ang seasoning. kung frozen yung steak e kelangan ibaba mo dahadahan sa room temp, huwag mo biglain, mga maghapon ang thawing. tapos after nung luto (either pan fried with extra virgin olive oil or grilled at high heat) bigyan mo ng 10 mins. rest. sarap nun.

        ok din sa akin yung double black pero medyo type ko din yung mga single malt. ok na din yung macalan o singleton o glenlivet na mga 12 o 18 years old he he

      • batangpaslit

        kung por kilo ang bili ng karne…sa 40M, daming kilong nabili yon

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EYYDTMYSK2VUPDWIMUDPPSVVU4 romulo

        Mahal talaga mga amigo, nung una kasi dumaan si actress at dahil sobrang kinis kinursunada ng hunghang.  Inutusan ang bodyguard para makipag trato sa 1 milyon. Bumalik ang bodyguard at sinabi ayaw daw pumayag ni actress sa 1 M so inutusan ang bodyguard balikan mo at itanong mo kung magkano.  Pagbalik 10M na ang presyo, shoot! Sabi sa bodyguard tawagan mo ang Auntie ko para dagdagan ang pera ko.. ayun ubos ang 10M in 40 minutes.  Si actress ay asawa ngayun ng action star na dalawang beses ng natalo. Una senador talo, next governor talo pa din.

      • tarikan

        Sus pareng rom iyon P10M dapat dun sampung libo laang. Makinis nga pero no beauty. May compound ang family nila kinis sa Tondo. 

    • dequis

      ganoon? kung ako may 10milyon kahit buong baranggay sa loob ng isang taon ako ang magpapakain may matitira pa sa bank account ko. iyang hayop na iyan 10milyon burat lang niya ang nakinabang sa loob ng 40 minutes?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EYYDTMYSK2VUPDWIMUDPPSVVU4 romulo

    Pakisagot mo na din ang tanong na ito: Bakit kapag nag gogoodtime ka dala lagi ng bodyguard  mo ang passport mo? Para ba pag nasabit lipad agad?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KNWCMVMPABEZBCMA36S7FJAKQM orchid

     Please, to all Filipinos, no more of these members of political families. Jack Enrile will not introduce anything new to our political system the way the late Sec Jesse Robredo had done. Let us keep these members of political families out of politics for good.

    An English major !! We already have a useless and under-performing senator, Tito Sotto, who has  a Bachelor of Arts in English degree.  If Jack Enrile does not realize that he is not equipped with the right degree in higher education to be an effective senator, well, if he gets elected, the country will dig itself deeper into an abyss.  Look at Tito Sotto and the other useless ill-educated or ill-equipped senators like Jinggoy Estrada, Lito Lapid, Ramon Revilla, Honasan, Trillanes, Marcos……

    No more of these members of political families, ill-educated politicians, celebrities, ex-military rebels…..

    We want progress. We don’t want to be prisoners of politicians who can’t even educate themselves before running for public servant position. We don’t want to train these people at the taxpayer’s expense. 

    Don’t vote for Jackie Enrile as a senator.

    • manual47

      Regardless of education, at least be honest and that is one important thing these candidates are lacking…….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SI72ET62SC2BCKSROCRQZLKQIU Pedro

    Jack, a durian tree (flthy, stinky) won’t bear apple fruits.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Klein-Mo/1764894963 Klein Mo

      Kawawa naman ang durian. Durian has a much better reputation than Jackie Enrile. Not even a cockroach can match his integrity (or the lack of it).

  • http://www.facebook.com/lito.alansalon Lito Alansalon

    The old Enrile was enough for our political system. Never again for the younger one. He’s no match to his father. I hope he will not make it as senator. 

    • batangpaslit

      akala nila, sila lang ang nagmamahal bg Pilipinas

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJIUASZHAVUI2ADFY75TX5276A ALFREDO ALEX

    Kung hindi ka kumalabit ng gatilyo, ilan naman ang pinapatay mo? Kung wala kang katarantaduhan noon na ipinapakita mo sa publiko dahil alam mong “untouchable” ka noon, hindi madadawit ang pangalan mo. Dahil maraming nakakita sa mga katarantaduhan mo, palaging lumulutang ang pangalan mo. Kahit anong hugas mo ng kamay at pagwawagayway mo ng bibilya, alam mo kung may mga pinapatay, may mga pinatay ka, may mga binugbog ka, etc. Yung kay Alfie Anido may mga nakakita at nakakaalam ng tunay na pangyayari. Sabit ang pangalan mo at ang kapatid mo, parekoy. 

  • Manolo Villareal

    For a first timer in politics and as a senator at that, this guy is really a son of somebody.  Does he have the wisdom even just in politics in general? A neophyte for a senator? What happen to us Filipinos? Can the politicians give their children jobs other than in politics?  Who is he before running for senator? Well, to be an Enrile is just very difficult for ordinary Filipinos. Lump them all into the senate-Lapid, Revilla, Trillanes, Bongbong – to replace the names Diokno, Laurel, Ninoy Aquino.  Sus Ginoo! Naunsa na ang Pilipinas!

    • isprikitoy

      Very well said Tito Man!!!!

  • KenKhoy

     dagdag -bawas rin and tawag nito…… anak in…… tatay out

  • sam_aquino


    com’on, jack!!!  you & your chameleon father still think you can make a fool out of the people???

    it’s too late to come out with your stupid excuses for we all know by now…  your chameleon father’s “memoir” just dug your own graves…

    • mapicchu

       calling on katrina ponce enrile…it seems now you’re the only one “respectable” in your family…pls tell us the truth in all these…jack’s killings, his smuggling activities in port irene, your dad’s staged ambush…we cannot accept his book of lies…

  • Joboni 96


    alam na nyong gagawin

  • whyinthisworld

    Be true to your self and don’t lie. Do you think majority of the filipino people will believe on you? Will see it this coming election.

  • dodong1

    once you are a killer..you will be forever be a killer!!

    • sam_aquino

       most especially if you got away with it…

    • tarikan

      I heard it from Apo Ferdinand. Very true indeed. 

  • droccu

    If there is TOO MUCH smoke there SURELY must be a big fire somewhere there….The Enrile reign should stop once JPE ends his political career when he retires next year.

  • DennisApolinario

    Yeah, you never pulled the trigger or fired a shot in your entire life because maybe you have numerous henchmen to do it for you. Such is Jack Enrile’s reputation back in the days when his dad was Marcos’ chief executioner. Still he is not repentant and would not admit any wrongdoing. Voters, it’s for you to decide whether to vote for this man. 

    • Karabukov

      He didn’t say he never pulled the trigger or fired a shot in his entire life.

      He said he never pulled the trigger or fired a shot in anger in his entire life.

      Think for a moment and let that sink in. Then know what kind of human being this person is.

  • Gerald Abueva

    There’s only one way for Jack Enrile to clean up his bad image.

    Come clean first.

    • ApoNiLolo

      That’s what his trying to do right now. Ang problema, kahit maglublob sya sa isang drum na Clorox, hindi puputi ang imahe nya. >: D

      • Gerald Abueva

        Masyadong nilang binibuild up si Jack. Kulang na lang, gawin siyang ivory idol.

  • lanzthirteen

    A bad tree cannot bear good fruit (Mat. 7:18)

    • marionics

      puwera lang kung grafted he he

  • hapiman85

    Character is easily kept but hard to recover. – Charles Swindoll

  • Jamm3r

    “… Only the Inquirer calls me Jackie now,” said Enrile, an English major, who has turned to the Bible for inspiration…”

    parang napanood ko na yang mga style na yan sa pelikula ni fpj noon. judge valderama ikaw ba yan (kapag puno na ang salop movie)

    sagot ng mga filipino sa mga enrile … “sumosobra na kayo judge … dapat na kayong kalusin” hahaha

  • superlucky2

    Basta ito lang masasabi namin, huwag iboto ang mga Enrile. 

  • joerizal

    “I’m very sorry for those whose lives were lost but I never pulled or  fired a shot in anger in my entire  life.”  – why is this SOB not in jail?

    • boymanok

      there was a time back in the 80’s that a hotel guest (from a certain  hotel in roxas blvd) who was having fun at the disco was shot and killed after an altercation with jackie enrile. some witnesses allegedly points to jackie as the gunman.  the following day, the news report said according to the investigation, it was jackie’s bodyguard who shot the guy. the third day, the news is no longer in the newspapers. thats how powerful this jackie enrile back in the days. natural yung galamay nung ama ang tumrabaho

      • joerizal

        Even today, he just admitted guilt to murder and he expects people to vote for him? He should be investigated (ultimately convicted) instead. Thanks.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/4UDH3WN2R57YKADCP2H6E7JMZI Ybiernas

        Star Gazer club atop Silahis hotel

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/4UDH3WN2R57YKADCP2H6E7JMZI Ybiernas

        Correct, it was in Star Gazer top of Silahis hotel Roxas Blvd

  • $8278216

    Buhay pa kaya ang mga sumipa sa kanya??????Ito ang mga klase ng politicong nag papakumbaba kunwari kapag malapit na ang elektion…..ingat lang bayan sa araw ng elektion, pag aralan maigi bago iboto.

  • haaay


  • boldyak

    wag iboto ang may kamag-anak na sa senado o sa kongresso

  • boldyak

    dapat ang mga senador ay representante ng bawat region sa Pinas at kailangan doon pinanganak sa region na yon, para mabawasan ang mga ganitong sitwasyon….pero alam kong hindi ipapasa ng mga congressman or senator ang ganyan….interes nila ang maapektuhan…makikita natin na hindi kapakanan ng bayan ang gusto ng mga hayup na mga ito….pweeee

  • TwiggyRamirez

    …kung anong puno, sya din bunga.

  • boymanok

    dahil na rin sa katangahan ng maraming pilipino kaya hanggang ngayon nariyan pa yang mga political families na yan

    • ApoNiLolo

      Hindi katangahan. Kamangmangan, kaya nariyan pa rin sila. Ang maige na lang dito, ang kamangmangan nareremedyohan pa.

  • mapicchu

    i only like to see you running for senator because lalabas pera nyong nakaw…hehe…cge gumastos kayo ng todo..

  • virgoyap

    …..and he will run for the senate? Poor Philippines!!!

  • w4d

    They are kings and queens now, but will their children or grandchildren or great grandchildren be?

  • rjimenez1226

    What gall to run for a Senate post. These guys are criminals who have committed grievous wrongs against the Filipino people.

  • rjimenez1226

    hay naku sinungaling din  ang taong ito katulad ng ama niyang saksakan ng kasinungalingan.

  • rjimenez1226

    I hope God strikes him for quoting the name of God in vain for his vain political ambition. Nakakaduwal.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NIPR2MWOPGWUNZ4COTAMW7MLKE Mark

    Kakaasi met amin nga kabagyan ko dita Cagayan pagaru ko nga matulungan tau dagiti Enriles ngem haan met gayam…napirden ti Cagayan
    No to Dynasty ! No to Corruption ! No to Black Sand Mining in Cagayan ! Down with the Liars

    • tarikan

      I didn’t understand the first paragraph but it sounds sweet. The second paragraph told it so. 

    • marionics

      agpayso dayta lakay. nagbayag dagiti enrile ditan ket awan naaramid da nga pulos

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NIPR2MWOPGWUNZ4COTAMW7MLKE Mark

    Blind item … is this Cezar’s

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    As they use to say.. even the devil himself can quote from the bible..

    Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing..

    • marionics

      it’s actually “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose. An evil soul producing holy witness is like a villain with a smiling cheek.” from Shakespeare in theMerchant of Venice

  • jan_piter

    Dapat lang naman bigyan ng kapatawaran kung TOTOO mang nagsisi na..But that doesn,t mean you are free from the consequence of your sins..your sin will find you out..Huwag kang mag alala..kung sincere repentance man yan pinatawad ka na..Yung ngang magnanakaw at murderer last second na nagsisi pinatawad, ikaw pa..He, he, he..pero complicated ang pagpapatawad ng tao, lalo na kung tatakbo kang gov’t official, yari ka. You are on the right way, lalo na kung i-confess mo na ang dapat i-confess,,  . Goog luck Jackie!! 

    • tarikan

      Ganun naman pala pinapatawad. No wonder napakaraming murderer, plunderer sa gobyerno because at the end of the day (even at last second) pinapatawad ni Lord. Buti pa siguro si Allah hindi basta-basta nagpapatawad. One should live with the consequences of one’s bad act. Yan ang masama laging patawad kaya namimihasa.

  • vince_bugaboo

    Scripted interviews and books will get you nowhere, Father and Son Enrile.
    So just die, Jack Enrile; you and your father. Your deaths will be manna for us from heaven.
    And when you do, your epitaphs will read like this: “We Tried…To No Avail.”

  • batangpaslit

    kailan pa naging bible reader si Jackie?

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    To whom is Mr. Sen. Enrile’s ‘Memoir” best dedicated?

    1.    Jack and Jill
    2.    Jack and the Bean Stalk
    3.    Jack en Poy
    4.    Jack in the Box 
    5.    Jack of all Trades   
    6.    Jackie Chan
    7.    Jack Palance 
    8.    The Jackal
    9.    Jack the Ripper 
    10.   Hijack ! ! !

  • MonMayuga

    Have been contributing here regularly. Why does my comment now need scrutiny?

    • andresa igbac

       because you’re only a commentator, not a paid columnist. and you’re using an alias too? it’s the Inq’s pregorative to scrutinize :)

      • marionics

        you must really love the cybercrime law he he

  • Barak_O

    mag clean up daw siya ng image pag iboto nyo

    antanda na nya di pa time para mag clean up

    kailangan talaga manalo muna siya ng senador para mag clean up

    • Karabukov

      “kailangan talaga manalo muna siya”

      God forbid.

  • tyopaeng


  • Lydio

    I’m 100% sure that it is God who puts one down as puts one up as a leader. (Rom 13:1-7; Psalm 75:6-7) A number of false prophets have arisen to say that God has shown them in a vision they have been anointed to be president of our nation. It did not come to pass. So they’re false prophets. De 18:22 “When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously:…”

  • Anqui

    The Senate is not a place for your kind…CRIMINAL IN DISGUISE!!!


  • tarikan

    Maybe he went to the US to evade the hot issue (Alfie, St. Paul coed, etc.) and even there he went into trouble. Alfie Anido committed suicide? But the newspapers then reported that Jackie’s bodyguard claimed the deed. Oh I see, it was an assisted suicide. I don’t understand these bad boys imploring the divine ways of the Lord. One Ilocos guy burning the whole village resulting into multiple deaths including children, old men and women but now reading for you the Bible? False prophets, you!!!

    • mykmiguel

      may i add, “burning not one but TWO villages”, the Ora Este and Ora Centro of Bantay, Ilocos Sur in 1970….

      • swan

        Really, tell us more please.

      • Karabukov

        At least he went to prison. Some never do. They even become senators, congressmen, presidents!

      • tarikan

        Yes, exactly mykmiguel TWO villages. Scores of people dead and what happened to the case? Noooothing! Now he is imploring the divine ways of the Lord, whaaa! Ang masaklap pa nito ay baka pinatawad na ni Lord, dahil even hardened criminals/plunderers pinapatawad daw kahit last minute na lang, whaaa again. Sa Pinas kawawa ka pag ikaw ang biktima, kailangan ikaw ang perpetrator because crime pays.

  • xristinamaria

    i won’t vote for him simply because of his father.
    honestly, hindi ko sya kilala until the papers carried news of the book launching. and guys here mentioned stories that goes way, way back
    i don’t think the media would do what you just suggested. 
    would people in the know be brave enough? please?

  • vince_bugaboo

    The advent of cyberspace was the day “We” became cursed.
    The “we” are the following: The Enriles, Estradas, Binays, Sotto,
    Magsaysay, Lim, tsaka..sino pa ba? ……ahhh, pu-%$£)-“ng-ina, silang lahat!!!

  • tarikan

    Jackie, bullied in grade school in Ateneo “Enrile tuta ni Marcos” and kicked around? Kung si Manong sinasabing tuta ni Marcos that time he was maybe Comm. of Customs or secretary of National Defense. Si Jackie anak ni Manong Johnny sinisipa laang sa grade school, sino ang may matinong isip ang maniniwala nito? Kamag-anak ni lord oo pwedeng i-bully but NOT, I repeat NOT anak ni Manong Johnny. 

  • Fayha

    Please don’t vote this GUY.maawa kayo sa bayan natin.

    • Francis81

        Kahit hindi iboto ng mga tao yang si Jackie mananalo pa rin yan ng dahil sa HOCUS PCOS!

    • swan

      i wont vote

  • raymond

    we do not need this kind of people in the senate…remember his name…drop him when election comes…the people need a chance to clean up also!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VBYSH5LGWE4KKUQUMQT4BAEZOU Feel It

    “Clean up bad image” meaning launch a high profile PR blitz that will paint a picture of Jackie that assaults reality. Jackie will be portrayed as a peace-loving citizen.  A responsible family man who truly cares for the poor and underprivileged. A visionary and technocrat whose superior brain cells are brimming with innovative ideas to nudge our country to first world status. Heck he is even a God-fearing, bible-thumping son of God. He doesn’t own a cache of  firearms, a fleet of expensive motorbikes. Harming any living organism is a concept so detestable to Jackie that the mere thought of it sends him scurrying to the nearest confessional.   

  • ApoNiLolo

    “I’m very sorry for those whose lives were lost but I never pulled or fired a shot in anger in my entire  life. I can look at you with a straight face and say that”

    Perhaps this is true… kaya kinikilabotan ako sa pahayag na’to. Psychiatric study found out that psychopaths does not feel empathy or hatred toward their victims.

    • Karabukov

      “Perhaps this is true…”

      Perhaps? There is no perhaps. He said it himself. And with a straight face.

      Sabi nga ni opinyonlangpo. I’m out of here!

      • ApoNiLolo

        hehehe… you don’t get it. I’m looking at this “clinically”. Kaya nasabi ko yun dahil mentally imbalanced people such as psychopaths don’t know what’s right from wrong. And perhaps in his mind, he did nothing wrong.

        I don’t blame you kung sobra ang galit mo sa pamilyang ito. But don’t let your emotion block your reasoning. I know you’re better than this. : )

      • Karabukov

        Clinically? Did you mean a medical setting?  Kung kinilabutan ka sa “pahayag na’to,” I assure you, my friend, there’s a very good reason for it. I’ll just give you a slight but significant correction to your “clinical” statement: Psychopaths do know what’s right from wrong.  They just don’t care.

        One more thing, wala akong galit sa pamilyang ito. My reasoning is not based on emotion. Read again what Jackie Enrile said.  Every word is significant. And if you back off from your “clinical” reading of that statement. I won’t blame you either.

      • ApoNiLolo

        There’s no need to back off. Those statements I made are just assumptions. It may be correct, it could also be wrong. Also, psychopaths are considered insane by psychiatrists. Kaya your premise that they know what’s right from wrong is false.

  • manual47

    Why is this guy even running.  All I read on this coloumn were negatives. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WTIRTIXLBR5X47RMVKB3T43SWA charles

    oh please…spare us your antics….we need someone else new, and fresh, and not part of the Old Guard of corrupt trapos..

  • Juan_Mapalad

    “I’m very sorry for those whose lives were lost but I never pulled or fired a shot in anger in my entire life. I can look at you with a straight face and say that” – Jack Enrile

    So if there were lives lost and you did not pull the trigger, who did?  Kindly expound Rep. Jack Enrile.

    • Karabukov

      He didn’t say he never pulled or fired a shot. He said he never pulled or fired a shot in anger.

      Do you now see the FULL implication of what he said?

      Be afraid of this man. If he is within earshot, be very afraid.

  • Malik62

    How about the car smuggling in Port Irene in Cagayan and the dollar salting attributed to Jackie Enrile? Are they true?

    • doncleo

       They are true.

  • Juan_Mapalad

    Sorry Jack, Titanic already sank and you’re going with it. Hahaha

  • akoombulator

    kahit ubusin mo pa lahat ng kalburo at masilya sa pinas hindi na kayo puputi

  • Juan_Mapalad

    hays… something’s wrong with this space… my reply to posts seem to be misplaced when saved… hays talaga…

  • execute

    pag nanalo pa yan wala na talagang kasing tanga pa sa mga pilipino!…oh my good Lord…

  • tonto_ka

    how to clean the bad image??? by adding another alfie anido???

  • Gerald Abueva

    Strange. Very strange. For the last 9 months, PDI published at least 5 articles featuring the human side so to speak of the Enriles. All five did not go down well with PDI readers. In fact, these articles generated strong negative comments than positive. Furthermore, the overwhelming majority of comments are outright critical of the Enriles. I find it rather dubious that surveys would include Jack Enrile in the top 12 senatoriables despite his and his father’s public image.

    For reference, you can check for yourselves:

    02-Oct-2012  Enrile Jr – Chance to clean up bad image
    30-Sep-2012 Alfie Anido mystery death, according to Enrile
    29-Sep-2012 Unthinkable: Guess who came to Enrile book launch
    30-Sep-2012 The redemption of ‘Manong’ Johnny
    26-Feb-2012 A life in the day of Juan Ponce Enrile

    • pangitbudhiko

      hope magsalita ang mga naulila ni alfie anido, this will settle once and for all that

    • joaquin_salvador

      Strong negative comments?

      Not so close. Is there really a substantial negative comment against Sen. Enrile that permits room for an objective criticism? These yellow haters are always doing these ad hominem, cursing and below the belt attacks (symptomatic of a yellow brain pathological condition; opposite to the thinking yellows who are issue-oriented and head-level critics) to whoever they perceived as their enemies (usually these people are wrong due to their association with the previous president).

      Your observation about the series of news articles, what/who do you want to be included in the news items? Sen. Enrile, the Senate President, is a popular personality in the Philippines, what are you complaining about?

      As you said these articles talked about the human side of the Enriles. What’s wrong with these articles? The Enriles are human beings, aren’t they? They are not animals. Are you saying that PDI neglected the negative side of the Enriles? Not so. I remember a report item about the ridiculous theory of Enrile that the sperm has life, and Sen. Santiago rebuked him by saying that all men who masturbated commit murder and must be jailed. I, for one, criticized Enrile’s bragging about his vital role in ensuring the conviction of the former chief justice. Indeed, his group deserved the credit. CDQ praised him for his role in the impeachment trial.

      Glad you mentioned Bibeth Orteza’s “A life in a day of Juan Ponce Enrile”. It was a narrative of an award-winning writer and director about her experience with Juan Ponce Enrile, the stern, decisive, fair, considerate and brilliant judge of the impeachment trial. Orteza’s narrative revealed the man with a great heart. Recall his emotional recounting of his first meeting with his father, I also shed a tear, moved by a strong emotion of paternal bond. When he fondly remembered his professors, I recall my former boss telling me his experiences in law school (he’s a classmate of former senator Rene Saguisag), particularly his encounter with tough and stern professors.

      In the 70’s and 80’s, my boss worked with the A’s (top Spanish businessman in the country) as one of the top management officers, sent abroad for studies, recreation,and business, and traveled around the Philippine using the company’s planes and helicopters. In the 90’s he worked as president to a number of life insurance and pre-need companies. I met him in 2005, after I resigned from the university, and he hired me. His demanding presence made the office staff turned busy-bodies in their cubicles whenever he visited an office. But he had his ways to make them laugh. He’s strict but lovable. The presidents of other companies (were were a conglomerate belonging to the top 500 corporations) were extra accommodating when we visited them. He was well-respected and loved by them. He was tough, stern, and strict but deep within is a man with a great heart. Outside office, especially during field trips, trainings, and seminars, the officers, managers, and employees loved his presence. He cracked jokes and told stories for hours and every one was truly having fun. I argued with him and corrected him when he erred or misunderstood some issues or persons (of course, I usually do this during our coffee break). My secretary and staff at times asked me to bring him to our office just to hear his jokes and stories. He’s an excellent communicator. He passed away almost 5 years ago but my memories of him still make me cry. He was not just a boss but a friend. I think this is how Orteza shared her experience with Juan Ponce Enrile. Call it the human side of a stern judge, but highly successful and charismatic people are much appreciated by their human faces.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

        “I’m very sorry for those whose lives were lost but I never pulled or  fired a shot in anger in my entire  life.”

        So why should he apologize for the lives lost if he doesn’t know anything, or did not participate or encourage any violent activity by his minions? Or was he being sorry for the lives lost during martial law because of what his father did?

        As to Bibeth Orteza, let’s put it his way. She wants a narrative? Fine. Write in the opinion or lifestyle pages or Sunday magazines. Or better, to avoid space constraints and show delicadeza, she should have published a book about the “human side” of the half brother (Enrile) of her mother-in-law Armida.

        But to write an obvious  public relations piece in the form of, and disguised as, a literary narrative on the front page of the Inquirer? Are we bending the rules of ethical journalism here?

        What about Gil Cabacungan’s article? Is that straight news or feature article? If it’s the first type, is that impartial and incisive journalism? If it’s the second, then the Inquirer is having too much feature articles about the Enriles on its front pages.

        (At least reporter Cathy Yamsuan provided space in her article to mention the contradictory remarks of Enrile that his ambush was “fake” during the EDSA Revolution and then claimed that it was for “real” in the memoirs.)

  • doncleo

    Dati baril ang hawak nya ngayon Biblya na kasi kakandidato..Sige magpaloko pa kayo.

  • Rap88

    jJackie, how are you gonna clean up blood stains, blood on the shirt of those people that had crossed your paths, the blood stains on the linen of every lovely virgins you laid on, the blood on the floor of those killed, maimed and tortured during martial law at the corridors of power of your clan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002851279064 Bahay Kubo

    Pweeeehhhhhhhhhh, alang kwenta, paid advertisement

  • Ithasbegun

    buhay ka pa sinusunog na ang kaluluwa mo sa impyerno. classmate kayo ni Hitler, Bin Landin, Nixon, Marcos etc etc sa impyerno!

  • Ithasbegun

    kawawang writer nito, klarong klarong binenta na ang kaluluwa sa demonyo!

  • To_Be_Continued

    Nothing but  sheer PR story.
    Magkano Gil and contrata mo dito? Just asking…
    Kung walang inabot sayo, bakit ka nagpapagamit?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

       I am sure he received something. If I know Gil…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XWH5SD6XPM3XKND6PJQQ32ZRAU Mabuhay

    Salbahe yan, adik, rapist, killer….lahat ng kahayupan nariyan kay Jack Enrile…..kahilera niyan ang mga Ampatuan……utak pulbura….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XWH5SD6XPM3XKND6PJQQ32ZRAU Mabuhay

    Kung tanga ka iboto mo ang ugok na ito….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XWH5SD6XPM3XKND6PJQQ32ZRAU Mabuhay

    Namu Jack utas ka sa akin pag nakita kitang nagsosolo ayup ka…

  • captainramius

    Mr. Enrile, you dont have to go to the senate to do good.  Follow Bill Gates, set up a foundation and help the poor silently ( if possible ) with all your heart its much much more rewarding than being part of the circus .  Unless you convince us you have an extraordinary gift as a legislator this candidacy is nothing but using your fathers name and continuing your family’s political dynasty.  Otherwise I dont see anything special on you to be elected in the senate .  I wont vote for you.

  • eltee mulawin

    >>>Election 2013…for Mr. Jackie Enrile is a ‘CHANCE TO CLEAN UP BAD IMAGE” ! !!.
    >>>bakit kailangan pa kumandidato bilang senador para baguhin ang “bad image” ng isang tao ?
    >>>ibig sabihin kapag naging senador mababago na ang “bad image” ng isang tao?

  • akimaxx

    Jack Enrile, Jr., the  books of Daniel and Micah are not the point of reference to your political career. 

    Apostle Paul who killed, persecuted the early Jewish Christians (Acts 22) and was trying to destroy the church. When God called him by his grace to reveal his Son, Paul turned into a servant and  preacher to the Gentiles. Read his letters to the Romans, Galatians, Corinthians, etc, those letters are full of spiritual wisdom, applicable to us Christians, even today.

    Paul’s testimony is an open book, before and after his conversion. No cover-up, but a public repentance for his wrong doings. Then God appointed him as an apostle to the Gentiles. That, I think is a complete ‘clean-up’.

    During Mareng Winnie’s interview to your father in Bawal ang Pasaway, I was surprised when asked, what was his greatest fear. His answer: DEATH. Jack, if you are a man of God, usually the immediate family were shared about salvation and God’s many promises, including death. Being just, having mercy and being humble start within the family first, then to the public.

    • rinom

       Paul do it because he follow the law, and he do it with ignorance. with regards to death, if you fear death, you are not yet perfected in the love of God. those who love God, will not fear death because that love will drives out fear,,, that is why we have martyrs. who give their life, property and resources to the expansion of the word of God. 

  • BahoPuwet

    Jackie is a blatant LIAR !!!
    Those who have witnessed him & bodyguards beat up people, fired their guns in nightclubs, humiliate decent people……….. what a liar. How does this lunatic sleep at night?
    And his father is a Boy Scout and still a Senator – WTF

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    ████████████████ [ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴇɴᴛ ʙʟᴏᴄᴋᴇᴅ.] (ʀᴀ ɴᴏ. 10175)

  • damatannapo

    Gising Pilipinas, maging matalino tayong lahat, reject an another Enrile in the Senate


    Vote: NoBinaysNoEnrilesNoEstradas in 2013
    Vote: NoBEEs in 2013

  • omangat

    I’ve just wasted 2 minutes of my life reading this paid rubbish. PDI alam ko kailangan nyo kumita pero sana naman magpagamit kayo sa matino at hindi kagaya ng taong ito.

  • Voltes_V

    gusto na namang lokohin ni Juan Ponce Enrile ang mga tao. Pag nanalo si Jack Enrile talagang wala ng pag asa ang pinas kasi madaling bolahin.

    • Mali_Galig

      Ipag-bawal na ang pagkain nang Bola-bola dahil madali tayong bolahin.

  • captainramius

    If there is a separatist movement in this country , Republic of Batanes or Republic of Spratly Islands I will join already so that I can escape this government of the trapos, elites, political families, clowns and has been actors and actresses plus boxers masquerading as politicians.

    • Mali_Galig

      KAP! huwag mo naman idamay si Pacman. Joker na tin yon. Sya na lang ang kakaiba. Medyo ilag sa kanya ang mga Dimonyo dahil nagsa-sign of the cross sya palagi. At kung naging kagaya sya nila, Bugbog sarado sya kay God.

  • Voltes_V

    gusto kung malaman kung gaano kadami ang bumili ng book ni enrile.  his attempt to twist the history. 

    • Mali_Galig

      SOLD OUT! dahil maraming flying voters. Sorry! flying buyers pala.

  • Bjdc

    Yung tatay nga. walang nagawang mabuti, di lalo na itong anak! Let’s remove na enriles from the Philippine government!

    • Mali_Galig

      Meron naman, takutin at lokohin ang mga tao.

  • kismaytami

    Criminalize political dynasties!

    • Mali_Galig

      Dehins Pwede dahil karamihan ay mangbabatas. Ayaw nilang maging kriminal.

  • mike8232

    The smile of a psychopathic killer – just look at that picture Do not vote for this guy

    Media please research all the old news about him make a documentart whatever just DO YOU JOB and INFORM VOTERS about this guys QUESTIONABLE HISTORY

    • Mali_Galig

      Delikado, nandyan pa si Big Daddy at marami pa rin syang pitbull.

    • pangitbudhiko

      binoto nga natin isang rapist (sotto) isang coup leader ((trillanes) isang arista na walang alam gawin kundi lumundag sa kabayoo (lito lapid) babaero  ((revilla-erap) isang congenital  na magnanakaw (GMA) isang abnormal at binabae ( Abnoy)) at isa pang babaero na dating taga custom at putik ang tingin sa mga babae (matandang revilla) hindi malayong manalo itong hinayupak na ito

  • sam_aquino

    pag nanalo pa tong kriminal na to, nandaya…  papayag ba kayo na madaya pa tayo ng mga hinayupak na mga ito???

    let’s keep an eye especially on this person…

    • Mali_Galig

      eyes wide shut o tulog na dilat?

  • opinyonlangpo

    Wow. “[ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴇɴᴛ ʙʟᴏᴄᴋᴇᴅ.] (ʀᴀ ɴᴏ. 10175)” This is beginning to look like martial law. Anyway, no further comment.

    • Mali_Galig

      The Twilight Zone part 2

  • Jake Lopez

    Tumikim naman tayo ng ibang putahe..nakakasawa na mga trapong wala naman nagawa sa bayan kundi maging laman ng media. More than 60 years after our “independence”, kulelat pa rin ang bayan natin. Marami ng bayan dati mga kulelat ang mas nakakauna sa atin ngayon.

    • Mali_Galig

      Independent at saka Democratic. WALASTIK!

  • I_kabod


  • botets

    God bless the Philippines.. If the likes of this guy wins in the elections, mga kababayan mag migrate na kayo at panigurado tataas ng tataas ang dollar.

    • Mali_Galig

      Walang perang pang migrate dahil nakuha na nila lahat.

  • Cue_Vas

    He he he, reading the comments here, don’t you just hate the cyber crime libel law?

  • Mali_Galig

    One day when God and people will decide, They like to see you nailed on the cross!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q36YXIXHCFF74NOVR7MWRXYNGU RAMON

      bakit sa cross? dapat sa truck ng basura..

  • Seaflip

    “Chance to Clean up Bad Image”

    And you guys will have to pay for it!!! LOL

  • NYPinoy

    “I am a red blooded male.”   What does that mean?  Is that a new biological information or a shallow excuse of all losers?  Hmmm, ma-check nga baka nga di pula ang aking dugo kungdi verdhe. 

    Whoa!  A bible-toting politician!  Hossanah!!!  Carried na ito, maka-Diyos eh. :D

  • tonyoks

    Sa 296 na nag comment walang pumabor…pero bakit sa survey NASA top twelve pa kuno.malamang mananalo to…politics in pnas ay Milagroso…kita mo may pa bible bible pa …

  • Parigi

    Does anyone need to be in the Senate to “clean up” a bad image? Wrong headline!

  • Mali_Galig

    Be strong now Mini Me, When big Daddy be gone, the people be like Hyaena going to chew your behind and eat you alive. The one’s your Pop popped, their kids gonna be like sharks honing to where the blood’s coming from. You are soaked in blood boy!

  • http://enria.org/ scconcern

    Yes, you didn’t pull the trigger, actually you don’t need, with the power and influence at that time, when your dad is 2nd powerful person. All you did was command someone(a body guard) to eliminate a life, which you did. Your alibi is as good as we believe in.

    “I promised myself that would be the last time anybody laid a hand on me”…What does this imply, for a person to say: he is not vengeful????

    Your dad outsmart Ferdie. As forever goverment employee, he did accumulate vast wealth with his salary. Yes, we may say he did outside brokering/lawyering to earn his wealth….that is still against the law: conflict of interest and double compensation….

  • pangitbudhiko

    he said, now he is married and his caring for his two kids, He is now saying he is a change man. This guy is a Joke. Don’t vote for his guy, he will just show  his true   color once elected.

  • Mali_Galig

    I have a bad temper said Jack E. And you go on adventure with this? Hindi ba nakakahawa yon? Baka mahawa sila sa Senado? 

  • Mali_Galig

    Who Said that I have a bad temper! BANG! BANG! BANG! . . . .

    • peach black

      the best comment ha ha ha ang galing ng one-liner na ito. sapol. todassss! he he

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Jack TRAYDOR ka din ba kagaya ni Juan Ponce Enrile?
    Nanalo dahil sa mga BOBONG Pilipino.

  • etnarolfawa

    kayong mga nag cocomment nang mga masasamang salita sa kapwa  ninyo ay huminto na at  hindi na nakakatawa yang ginagawa ninyo……….wala namang ginagawang masama sa  inyo si junior bakit ganyan na lang ang galit ninyo sa kanya……..may batas at hustisya  naman tayo  bakit   hindi niyo na lang ipaubaya sa kanila……kayo sa ginagawa ninyo natanong niyo na ba ang sarili ninyo kung may karapatan kayong humusga nang kapwa ninyo….natanong niyo na ba sa sarili ninyo kung may pruweba kayo sa mga ibinabato ninyong akusasyon  kay junior ?  palagay ko wala  kaya ang mabuti  pa ay mag isip kayo kung papaano kayo makakatulong gobyerno natin para lahat ay umasenso hindi yang palaging tsismis ang inaatupag ninyo………alisin ninyo sa katawan ang inggit , maraming  banyaga ang nakakabasa sa mga masasamang komentong isinusulat ninyo……..sana matauhan na kayo…………

    • ApoNiLolo

      At ikaw ay walang kamuwang-muwang sa kung anong nangyayari sa paligid mo. Ang nasa isip mo lang ay kung ano ang masabi ng banyaga sa lipi mo. Kung ikaw ang masusunod, sa palagay ko, mas gugustohin mo pang pagtakpan ang mga baho at hindi kanais-nais na katotohanan para lang maging maganda ang imahing ihaharap mo sa mga dayuhan. Ito’y isang kaepokritohan… sana matauhan ka!

      • etnarolfawa

        Apo,matanong nga kita ipapangalandakan mo ba ang pagkatsismoso mo  at pagkainggitero mo yan ang ibig kung tukuyin sa mga sinasabi ko dahil  akusa  sila nang akusa pero wala naman silang pruweba so ibig sabihin ay tsismis lang….at saka  ikaw ,ako ,sila hindi naman natin alam  ang totoong nangyari sa mga ibinibingtang kay junior………Sino tayong huhusga sa mga pinaggagawa ni junior , ikaw  , masasabi mo harap harapan  na busilak ang iyong kalooban……mag salamin ka  muna apo bago mo sabihin  sa publiko na guwapo ka……..

      • ApoNiLolo

        Kung ikaw ay meron ng muwang nung dekada ’70 at ’80, hindi mo sasabihin ang mga pinagsasabi mo ngayon.

        Merong mga tsismoso at umaakusa na ang batayan ay mga haka-haka lamang. Pero meron ding lumaki, naranasan at nakamasid sa mga pangyayari nung kasagsagan ng batas-militar. Ang hirap sayo, nilahat mo ang pasaring ng iyong pagmamalinis.

        Ikaw at ang mga katulad mo ang masasabing latak ng lipunan. Isina-isang tabi ang mga pangyayaring apektado ang buong bansa. Ipinapasadiyos ang mga kabaluktutang nangyayari. Nagbubulag-bulagan sa mga pangyayaring labas sa ginagalawang kapaligiran.

        Kung yan ang pamantayan ng iyong BUSILAK na kalooban, sayo na yan. Mas gugustohin ko pang gagawa ng ikakasama ng ilan para sa kabutihan ng buong bayan.

        Hindi ka lang pala epokrito, isa ka rin palang nagdudunong-dunongang mangmang!

      • etnarolfawa

        Apo, ang pinaguusapan ay kung totoong pinag gagawa ni junior ang  mga ibinibintang sa kanya hindi ang batas militar na ibinaba ni marcos noong bagong silang ka pa lang at mang mang na mang mang ……..kaya ko nasabing tsismis lang  dahil wala namang pruweba di ba……at saka papaano mo masasabi na latak ako nang lipunan kung totoo ang sinasabi ko …..

      • maypakialamtayo

        yung hinahanap mong magpapatunay kung totoo ang pinag-gagawa ni junior hanggang ngayon dipa sila nakikita.
        kailan kaba ipinanganak?

      • etnarolfawa

        magka singtanda lang tayo , Tabalu…..pero mas mukhang matanda ako sa iyo dahil  ipinanganak  at lumaki ako bukid.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q36YXIXHCFF74NOVR7MWRXYNGU RAMON


      • etnarolfawa

        Hindi ko  kilala ang mag ama , at hindi rin ako nagpapabayad……kung ganyan lahat nang tao  gaya nang pag iisip mo ramon ay talagang walang paruruunan ang ating bansa.

      • ApoNiLolo

        O, kita mo na? Sayo din galing na wala kang alam sa mga pangyayari. Ni hindi mo mapag-ugnay ang batas-militar sa mga pinaggagawa ni junior mo. Mabuti pang mag basa-basa ka muna ng kasaysayan ng Pilipinas. Simulan mo nung manungkulan si Marcos hanggang umupo si Cory para madagdagan naman ang kaalaman mo.

        At para sayong kaalaman, ako’y may muwang na nung ibinaba ang batas militar. Kasama rin akong nakipag-patentero sa mga pulis sa Lawton nung dekada 80.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/QVR2HMWEPWZA4TV2Z2Q7BYF36A January

        Brod,hinahanapan kanang ibedensya,,,ganito pagmayaman at nasa poder ka ang dali mong makakuha ng magaling at sinongaling abogado at pwiding baliktarin ang pangyayari, paano ka maka prisenta ng ibedensya kong bala naman ang papuntahan mo? dba dami ng mga witness sa krimen ngayon ay tinutomba na? Ang apelidong Enrile isa bang mahirap? marami ang mga pangyayari sa Pinas na kailangan natin ilabas ang amoy kasi wala din tayong makukuha na hustisyan dito sa ating bayan,,marami tayong duwag at nakikisakay lang sa agos ng tubig meaning konsintidor tayo sa mga pangyayari…hwag tayo magtirahan kong di tutulong tayo sa pag iba ng sestima ng ating buhay..ganito hwag nating ibuto ang mga TRAPO at mga sinungaling tao ni kamag anak mo o kaibigan o Ninong o may utang na loob ka kong sa isip mo ay di makatutulong sa atin..salamat

      • ApoNiLolo

        Papano hahagilap ng ebedensya sa mga krimeng “nilinis” at nangyari tatlong dekada na ang nakalipas, bro? Kung meron mang “witness”, siguradong patay na, nagtatago o nabayaran. Hirap nitong kausap ko dyan sa itaas mo, kahapon lang ata ipinanganak.

        Tanggalan mo ng poder ang pamilyang yan kasama si Gringo, tingnan lang natin kung hindi kakanta ang pamilya ni Alfie, opisyal ng navy, negosyante sa silahis atbp.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

       Si Enrile Jr. ay gustong maging opisyal. Sa katunayan, hindi ko alam ang background nya maliban sa anak siya ni Juan Ponce Enrile. Kung walang ganitong paraan para malaman o makilatis siya, baka mai boto siya ng katulad kong hindi siya kilala. Sa paraang ganito natin makikilatis ang ating magiging lider. Sabihin na natin na siya ay nagbagong anyo na, hindi ko isusugal ang isa kong boto sa kanya dahil mayroon pa naman seguro iba diyan na simula pa lang ay matino na.

      Kung hindi siya kakandidato, malamang ay ipagsawalang bahala na lang iba pero mainam ito para mabigyan ng babala ang iba.

      • etnarolfawa

        Diyan ka mali, si junior ay isa nang  opisyal nang gobyerno….alam na alm mo ang back ground niya dahil sa nababasa mo sa mga diaryo at komento nang mga taong galit sa kanya kaya ka rin sumusunod sa kanilang galit…….ngayon  galit  na galit sa  kay junior dahil sa nabasa mo at narinig sa mga taong galit sa kanya na  akala mo sila ang inapi pero wala man lang silang ebidensiya……tapos  idadahilan pa na  ” Naku po  huwag ka nang  maki alam diyan at baka  bala nang baril ang  makita mo ”  ganyan palagi ang maririnig mong dahilan, pero tignan mo pupunta nang  facebook at kung ano ano ang isusulat laban sa mag ama…….Ngayun  ganyan ba ang  gusto mong  maging asal nang ating mga  kababayan….nabigyan mo ba nang hustisya ang mag ama.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

        Hindi porke nabasa o narinig ay yun na ang totoo. May pag iisip tayo at kailangan gamitin. Gamitin ito sa pag analisa ng mga sirkumstansiya.Pero kung batas ng korte ang ating basehan, aba’y talagang NOT GUILTY sila. Pwedeng sabihin na hindi ka anak ng tatay mo sapagkat maliban sa nanay mo ay wala ng iba pang nakakaalam at magpatotoo.

        Sabi mismo ni Junior na siya’y binully noon sa school nya. Sino naman ang maglakas loob na magbully sa mga Enrile ngayon at lalo pa noon? Dahil sa hindi ko talaga nakita ang mga akusasyon sa kanila, masasabi ko lang na maaari itong totoo maaari ring hindi totoo. Pero ayun sa mga nilalahad mismo ni senior (mula sa kanyang libro na nilathala din dito sa balita) at junior (mula sa iba pang artikulo), mas mabigat ang paniniwalang may katotohanan ang mga akusasyon sa kanila bagaman hindi naman lahat.

        BTW, alam kong kongresista si junior sa Cagayan pero hindi ako interesadong alamin siya. At dahil hindi ko naman kapanahunan noong nangyari ang mga isyu sa kanya ay wala akong sakit sa kalingkingan sa kanya.

        Sabi ko nga, maaaring siya ay nagbagong anyo na, pero bakit ko isusugal ang boto ko sa kanya kung mayroon naman segurong iba diyan na simula pa lang ay matino na.

  • rnoldrmada

    Why didn’t you clear all these allegations back then? Why now? Your father is a very influential man especially during the Marcos years and you could have made your case back then although I’m not sure if the public is going to buy it. But you chose to remain silent about these issues for all these years and now this. Am I missing something here? 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WIWYLFLU4LPKS7B2ZLLRVFKS3Y vir_a

    It’s not clean up but dousing it with more falsehood. During Martial Law, more 25k became missing or got killed. How many of these deaths are attributable to him. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T6LZKWWWOJTNBOOZJVX4FLC5MA Marcela

    sinungaling din pala ito!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q36YXIXHCFF74NOVR7MWRXYNGU RAMON


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QHYTUZPGEG435ELL4BCY25LINM Wonder woman

    It’s not to clean up bad image it is to be MORE POWERFUL & ABOVE THE LAW!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QVR2HMWEPWZA4TV2Z2Q7BYF36A January

    Why you run away Mr.Enrile dahil may sala ka at maimplowensa ang tatay mo ?kong ano tatay ganon ang anak,,one of the Pilipino Mapia,,hindi ka Pilipino dahil most of your life is in America,,marami naman dyan na ginagamit ang bibliya at relihiyon sa pangbubula sa mga mamayan,,naging mayaman kalang kaya hindi ka kasali sa batas ng Pinas,,sana naman bago naman ang mga apilido sa senado na naka upo hindi na mga TRAPO,,masaya kaba pag somebody told you that you are a member of TRAPO? Politics means Money and Power.

  • maypakialamtayo

    clean up bad image?, bakit sa senado? may El-shaddai, Jesus is Lord movement, dating daan, Iglesia ni Kristo bakit di ka na lang magpastor.

  • Philcruz

    Clean up the bad image. Like father like son. Bible na naman ang stage prop. Same gimmick of the father when he ran for senator after his failed coups against Cory. Heck, even Satan can quote the Bible.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H225J62UZJRMG2PMZ6BB6UOYCI tipay

    ang santol ay hindi nagbubunga ng mangga..

  • Datukalun

    Juan Jacky Enrile they are no different w/ Jinggoy Estrada.And Wow only in the Philippines Erap Jinggoy Wife and another sons and daughter from mistrsses also a politician Why cant We make a law against True Political Dynasty.What a greed are they not ashame.Why should People support them.Bon bong Marcos please return all the Peoples MONEY,Enrile please return to us the Behest loans you took………..Honassan,Ping and Trillanes Commit a Coup and youll win to be a senator only in Philippines and many other.Oh GOD give our people wisdom.GOD Bless the Philippines.

  • aim_up

    He says:

    “I’m very sorry for those whose lives were lost but I never pulled or 
    fired a shot in anger in my entire  life. I can look at you with a
    straight face and say that”

  • Rap88

    How are you gonna clean up the blood stains you left behind?

  • kalealaskador

    The old man Enrile is finally retiring. But he needs his son in a powerful position to maintain his hold on his kingdom, The Republic of Cagayan and that region. There is no weather/weather for dynasties. It’s forever.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RGGIYKYUYW4DGX4LRN5QUPYIBM My

       You want to be a senator so you can clean up your image? Are you nuts?
    You have had three terms as a Congressman and your image is still
    the same as when you were the untouchable son of the Martial Law administrator.  What will your image change when you have not

  • jpastor

    The man appears to be a twin of troubles all his life and I would not try to go along with my only vote. I don’t think he is that saint anyway as he picture himself in the interview unless the reporter twick words to suite the man.

  • Anton_Agaton

    █████████████████ Alfie Anido ██████████████████ [Your comment has been blocked] [R.A. 10175 In Effect]

  • junhernan

    clean up bad image? heto nga si mr. cabacungan who’s already doing the job for you, even before you get a seat in the senate. it’s just a matter of “magkano?” not in terms of pesos, perhaps, but in terms of  special favors someday. sa dami-dami ba naman ng puede niyang isulat, why about you? dahil ba enrile ka? sorry, mr cabacungan, ang lalim mo kasi!

  • parak_obama

    masarap paminsan minsan magbasa ng artikulo na comedy ang dating..napakagaling ng writer na ito!kudos sayo!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6S5WY2V6JJ3CCL42UZAZCBH3JQ Third

      I agree. Malaki-laki ang kinita ng writer na to..

  • KurakotNaPinoy

    Let’s see you face JUSTICE first, candidate.

    Oh wait! Bobotante ang karamihan ng mga Pinoy, good luck na lang sa atin.

  • Rolly257

    Kung dapat mag-ingat sa senior lalung dapat mag-ingat sa junior.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TNASVGXZ23VCJWV7KO7WPDIKKI George

    A scum of the country don’t need my sympathy. Another useless piece riding on his father’s popularity.

  • AllaMo

    ROTF LMFAO!!! I will believe the enriles when they give away all their riches, go around in sack-cloth, and, start walking humbly. The same goes for all the aspiring feudal lords that have filed their COCs.

  • Kuya_Pepe

    Why the SENATE?  Aren’t there more appropriate places to clean up bad images? 

    Why not try scouting for the right REHAB built to cater to specific bad images? 

    If none is found, why not try MUNTINLUPA?

    Again, why the SENATE?

  • Kuya_Pepe

    Oh, so the LOWER house wasn’t enough to clean up his image he’s now attempting to bathe in the waters of the SENATE?    

  • Kuya_Pepe

    Saan kaya ito susunod maliligo???

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

    Jack Enrile is not Juan Ponce Enrile.  Do not elect Jack Enrile !

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YBVT7BRVFRJHALTUBDQWJ2RC4Y elviraa

    Spoiled brat. Cannot relate to the masang pinoy. Lumaki abroad. Questionable past. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YBVT7BRVFRJHALTUBDQWJ2RC4Y elviraa

    Malaking  pera  siguro ang kinita  ng  writer nito para  lang  mag amoy  mabango  ang   kandidato

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XY3GGHWDTCKXD3YI5WX2I4RRDY dodo

    paano kung matalo tong enrile? d bad image will continue lol

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CTFA5QAJTDB6LAX6LFFITK7FKY willie

     I think Jackie meant he wanted to go to a halfway house to help him to heal himself with whatever has been troubling him and not to serve as a senator that involves responsibilities he is aware he is not fully qualified for.

    One big problem in the Philippine politics is that the news reporters or journalists should word their article not to sound like having a cushy relationship with the subject of the article. We have too many reporters who are a disgrace to the journalists who have lost their lives to search and serve the truth to the people so that democracy will prosper.

    I find this article as an advertisement for Jackie Enrile’s candidacy.  Too trashy at the expense of people’s  dignity, honor, and love for free press.

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    After reading the comments here, it looks like a lot of people know the real Jackie Enrile. If you have really changed, come clean completely. You can’t say the Bible has changed you and yet still camouflage the truth.

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