Comelec chair: Party-list system a joke

‘Many reps multimillionaires; 289 groups seek nod’



Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

The list of groups seeking congressional seats gets stranger and more absurd every election season, making the party-list system a joke, according to Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr.

A quick look at the Comelec’s list of the groups shows that health promoters, aviation advocates, athletes and hobbyists, entrepreneurs, former drug users, ex-military renegades, school dropouts and even foreign-exchange dealers want to run for seats in the House of Representatives that the Constitution reserves for marginalized and underrepresented sectors.

In a review of party-list groups, the election watchdog Kontra Daya cited, among many other groups,  Ang Mata’y Alagaan (AMA), a group that claims to represent blind indigents and people afflicted with all kinds of eye diseases and disorders but whose nominees belong to the well-connected Velasco family.

AMA chose Lorna Velasco, a nurse and the wife of Supreme Court Associate Justice Presbitero Velasco, as its first nominee. Velasco’s daughter, Tricia Nicole, a lawyer, was chosen as AMA’s second nominee.

“The Velascos are very powerful politically and economically, considering that they have as head of the family a sitting member of the highest court of this country,” Kontra Daya said.

“Clearly, the AMA has no bona fide intention to represent the sector it claims to represent, but rather to represent the interest of the already powerful, well-connected Velascos,” Kontra Daya added.

New groups have also sprouted claiming to represent the urban poor, whose current nominees in the House come from the upper crust of society.

Some organizations also claim to represent the sick and the handicapped, but their representatives are neither ill nor handicapped and some of them come from well-known wealthy political families.

Nominee from Corinthian

Kontra Daya also cited 1-AsalPartylist, a group that claims to represent the urban poor but not one of its first three nominees is a squatter in any slum in Metro Manila.

Its first nominee, Ryan Tanjucto, lives in posh Corinthian Gardens in Quezon City, according to Kontra Daya. His wife, Maria Lourdes, is the third nominee while the second nominee is Manila City Councilor Raymundo Yupangco.

Kontra Daya, led by Fr. Joe Dizon, also referred to the Association of Local Athletics Entrepreneurs and Hobbyists Inc. (Ala-Eh), whose first nominee, Elmer Anuran, is a known boxing promoter who runs a boxing gym and oversees Saved by the Bell Promotions.

Another group, FXD/MC ( corp.) also appears to be out of place in the party-list system, as money changers are not a marginalized sector, Kontra Daya said.

Finding the growing list of party-list groups becoming ridiculous, the Quezon City-based Kontra Daya made a database of old and new groups that didn’t seem to meet the legal requirements and submitted it to the Comelec.

Comelec review 1st time

The Comelec in turn used the database as one of its guides in reviewing the eligibility of these groups to run in next year’s party-list elections.

And for the first time since the introduction of the party-list system in 1995, the Comelec is reassessing party-list groups and screening their representatives in Congress according to the standards laid down by the Constitution and the party-list law.

“The party-list system has become a joke,”  Brillantes said in an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Brillantes said he was aware that many party-list representatives in the House are multimillionaires and many of the groups seeking accreditation for next year’s elections have handpicked nominees who are either former government officials or members of powerful political clans.

“That’s why we are doing this [review] to be able to cleanse the list,” Brillantes said.

Clad in their black robes, Brillantes and the five election commissioners took turns grilling witnesses during public hearings called recently to begin the review of 120 party-list groups applying for renewal of their accreditation.

Authorized by Comelec Resolution No. 9513 ordering a review of party-list organizations, the hearings were held from Aug. 16 to Sept. 6.

Probing for fakes

First to be called to the stand was Abot Tanaw whose representative got asked such questions as:

“Mr. Witness, since when did you become a member of the party-list group?”

“Before you became a member, did you check the background of the party-list group?”

“[How much were your] assets and liabilities and net worth when you retired?”

“Do you belong to the group [that] you represent?”

“Did you know how many votes the group received in the previous elections?”

“How come you did not bother to check before joining the party?”

Genuino creation?

Abot Tanaw representative Dante Guevarra, former president of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, sat there for 30 minutes, answering questions that also touched on the controversy surrounding his organization.

Claiming to represent overseas Filipino workers and operate social media services to keep migrant workers in touch with their families in the Philippines, Abot Tanaw  is reportedly a creation of Efraim Genuino, former chairman  of Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor) who is facing charges involving alleged irregularities at the state-run casino operator during his term.

In the 2010 elections, Genuino’s son-in-law, Gerwin See, was named the first nominee of Abot Tanaw. The others were said to be Pagcor consultants.

Guevarra himself has never been a migrant worker but he said he studied migrants’ conditions in Iraq, Libya and in Asia in the 1980s.

The election commissioners asked Guevarra if he knew why he had replaced See as Abot Tanaw’s first nominee.

Guevarra replied, “I am not familiar your honor[s].”

Although a new member of Abot Tanaw, Guevarra said the group had no connection with the Genuinos.

But before letting Guevarra go, the commissioners instructed him to refute the allegations in writing. The Comelec will use his refutation in deciding whether to allow Abot Tanaw to run next year.

289 seeking accreditation

Two hundred eighty-nine groups have filed applications for accreditation to contest next year’s party-list elections. One hundred sixty-five of them are new groups, and the Comelec’s job is determining their legitimacy to cleanse the party-list system that it concedes is infested by sham organizations.

“Can you imagine if every three years there are 165 new groups applying? By 2019, there will be more than 1,000 of them listed on the ballot… that will make the party-list system of elections absurd,” Election Commissioner Rene Sarmiento said in an interview with the Inquirer. “So to me, this is the opportunity to screen and process these party-list organizations.”

At the hearings, the election commissioners asked nominees or representatives questions derived from papers the groups themselves had submitted to the Comelec. The papers included articles of incorporation,  lists of officers and nominees and their credentials.

The questions covered the history of the groups, the groups’ knowledge of the sectors they claimed to represent, the background of the nominees and the nominees’ knowledge about their fellow nominees, previous nominees, number of members, and votes polled in previous elections.

In asking those questions, the election commissioners were showing they doubted whether the groups and their nominees really came from the sectors they claimed to represent.

“There was this nominee supposedly representing indigent student athletes,” Brillantes said. “I told him, you don’t look like an indigent. You don’t look like a student and you don’t look like an athlete, either. So why are you the number one nominee?”

Who are qualified

Under Republic Act No. 7941, otherwise known as the Party-list System Act, only 12 marginalized and underrepresented sectors can seek congressional representation: Labor, peasant, fisherfolk, urban poor, indigenous cultural communities, elderly, handicapped, women, youth, veterans, overseas workers and professionals.

So why are former drug addicts, one-time coup plotters, athletes, and money changers seeking congressional representation? Or, for that matter, why are security guards and jeepney drivers represented in Congress not by security guards and jeepney drivers but by children or allies of big-time politicians?

Sarmiento said the Comelec would give weight to the documents provided by Kontra Daya in its review, likely to end in the fall of false party-list groups and in the recognition of the legitimate ones.

Brillantes said the Comelec would release the complete list of qualified party-list groups by the end of the month ahead of the five-day period allotted for the filing of certificates of candidacy (COCs), which starts Oct. 1.

“We want to get it over with before candidates start filing COCs because the party-list is a sensitive issue,” Brillantes said.

Ambiguities in the law

The Comelec blames the infestation of the party-list system with sham groups on the ambiguities in the law. Sarmiento said ambiguities in the law, exploited by politicians, blurred the concepts of marginalized and underrepresented in the Constitution.

The Constitution does not clearly define the two concepts and also does not lay down the qualifications for party-list nominees, Sarmiento said.

Congress could have filled those gaps by fine-tuning the party-list law, but it had done nothing to correct the flaws in the system.

“So now we have reached this point where many people are asking why are the moneyed people the ones sitting in Congress,” Sarmiento said.

Sarmiento referred to documents provided by Kontra Daya, one of which showed Rep. Catalina Bagasina of the Association of Labor and Employees as the “richest party-list solon” with a net worth of P133.938 million, based on her statement of assets and liabilities for 2011.

23 wealthy party-listers

Kontra Daya listed 23 other wealthy party-list lawmakers whose organizations will contest next year’s elections.

The representatives included Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo of Ang Galing Pinoy (P99.954 million), Teodorico Haresco of Ang Kasangga (P92.814 million), Christopher Co of Ako Bicol (P91.063 million), and David Kho of Coalition of Senior Citizens (P59.521 million).

At a hearing on the Comelec’s budget in the House recently, Sarmiento and other election officials raised the need to amend the party-list law.

“We appealed that the vagueness in the law be addressed for the guidance of the Comelec since we implement the law,” Sarmiento said.

Comelec remedies

In the absence of a more rigid law for the accreditation of nominees, the Comelec has tried to remedy the ambiguities in the law by issuing Resolution No. 9366, specifying that only those who belong to marginalized underrepresented sectors can seek party-list representation in Congress.

“Since no amendment to the law is forthcoming, we issued the resolution, which basically says that if you want to represent a group, for instance a farmer’s group, you must be a farmer,” Sarmiento said.

He described the resolution as guided by jurisprudence, particularly the Supreme Court decision in Ang Bagong Bayani v. Comelec case in 2003.

In that decision written by then Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban, the Supreme Court issued guidelines to ensure that only those who belong to marginalized and underrepresented sectors can run for party-list seats in Congress.

Show your record

The Comelec resolution also requires applicants to submit documents showing their track record and platform of government.

It also requires nominees to have “active participation” in advancing their groups’ advocacies, which can be validated through documentary evidence such as copy of speeches, declarations and written articles showing their support for the sectors they claim to represent.

“We are hopeful that through this resolution, we will address these questions of so many of our people and criticisms that the House is loaded with party-list nominees who don’t belong to the marginalized and underrepresented,” Sarmiento said.

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  • Mr_Ben

    I agree with the chairman. partylist is just a way for corrupt cadidates to get a sit with lesser effort.

    • Jm

      dami ng magnanakaw eh dinadagdagan pa nyang party list na yan eh..buseeett!!

  • us_sixtycents

    This is the exact reason why cannibals won’t even eat clowns – they all taste funny.

    • Guest

      From my point of view, maybe media people have lost trust and confidence to the NPC because nahaluaan ng sindikato…alam mo…that’s what I heard.

  • turfwaybox

    Dapat tanggalin na yang mga Party List na yan eh ..  pampagulo lang… pampadami ng pork barrel budget …. ginagawang gatasan ng mga walang kwentang tao … BUSETTT!!!!

  • Cubano

    Yes Mr. Comelec, the party list system is a joke.  Do something about it.

  • patriotic_act

    I agree.. even the undisciplined and abusive rallyist, leftist, militant, activist and communists already has a party list representing them.. 

    how path*tic..

  • Jao Romero

    Ako Bicol is the biggest joke here.  Bicol already has a lot of congressmen representing it, so idk how this partylist became accredited. what next? Ako Bisaya? Ako Kapampangan? Ako Budoy?

    • cato_the_younger

      Expect Filipinos to remain tied to ethnicity no matter what. It is this inability to rise above kapamilya, kailala, at katribo that is proving to be one of the country’s undoing. Ilocanos can never abandon the Marcoses for what they have done just because he is “kabsat” in the same way that Pampanguenos cannot abandon “cabalen” Gloria. I long to see the day when Filipinos cease to be parochial and think of themselves as Filipinos first.

      • kabayongtao

        And maybe it has something to do with how Philippines was divided and ruled by different datus.

  • jeronimo

    tanggalin na ang mga partylist.

  • george bernard

    Filipino lang naman ang nakakapag-isip kung paano kumita nang madalian. Dati, banggitin lang ang pangalan ni Lord, pwede ka nang kumita. Siguro na-ubusan na ang mga Pilipino kung paano ibebenta ang pangalan ng dios, kayat, partylist ang pinaka-madaling modus.

  • Jm

    dami ng magnanakaw eh dinadagdagan pa nyang party list na yan eh..buseeett!!

  • Nic Legaspi

    Scrap the pork barrel! Now let’s see who will still run for Congressional seats…

  • malek_abdul

    What have this party list representative done so far? Perhaps only a few or none at all. Or maybe done more bad than good like the party list rep palatino who passed a bill prohibiting religions icons in government offices. Or Ang Galing representative Mikey Mouse Arroyo…he had not done anything to improve the living conditions of my tricycle driver cousin and my neighbor security guard. Some party list reps are just after  their pork barrel doing nothing in congress but only sit warmers. Comelec must really select the true and genuine party list that represents the marginalized people of our society and remove the fake party lists groups whose only reason is to hold on to power and self vested interests.

  • Gerry Randel

    Congress should file a bill declaring party list group as illegal. These shenanigans took advantage of this law evenn if  they are not qualified. A very good example is mikey arroyo and that lady arroyo who allegedly represents ang magbabalot. After being selected and become a member of congress, then they start collecting their pork barrel. WHAT A SHAME!

  • kentohtan

    di lang ang partylist ang buwagin,dapat kongreso at senado buwagin na rin.

    pati na rin supreme court,buwagin na rin.

    gawin nating diktador si pnoy at lahat ng problema ng bansa ay solve na

    pag iba presidente na naman sa 2016,di lang zero ang babalikan natin kundi negative pa.

    pnoy for dictator!

    pnoy for lyf!

    • D_BystandeR

      This is no place for all your “crazy ideas.” Matulog ka muna at saka na bumalik kung matino na ang utak mo!

      • kentohtan

        this is no crazy ideas.good dictator is the only solution to our problems.

        if only marcos is a good dictator,# 1 tayo in asia.

        pnoy for dictator!

        pnoy for president for lyf!

  • suburbanmother

    Agree. It’s a joke. They’re all in it for the pork barrel No doubt about it.  We will be the laughing stock  of the world for this once again.Notice how almost every group starts with an A…I think I will form one too and it will be AAA so it will be first on the list.

  • cato_the_younger

    Finally, we have someone who knows better speaking truth to power. This party list system has turned into another way of milking the system for power, money, and perks. Who in his right mind would think that a bantay-salakay like Mikey Arroyo can represent security guards? For an accused tax evader like him, how can you expect him to think about the welfare of poor people? For someone who does not seem to find anything wrong about the rampant thieving during his mother’s unlamented reign, how can you expect him to represent people one of whose major responsibilities is to thwart thieves. And Mikey is only one of the many people with unsavory reputations representing so-called marginalized Filipinos. The time has come top scrap the party list sytem all together. Come to think of it, the country would probably be infinitely better off if the whole House of Representatives gets eliminated.

  • Guest

    Maybe Brillantes has found out the real interest of ALAM is seeking accreditation before the Comelec. But they should blame Brillantes, blame their enemies in the NPC.

    • Guest

      Before, members of NPC were all legitimate, real journalists. Now, it’s the home of
      hao-siao media. It changed already.

  • noelry1

    party list is not a joke, the law that regulate party list is the joke. They created the rules of the party list system  with so many loopholes.

  • Guest

    Praises for Comelec chair Sixto Brillantes. He disqualified this group claiming to be represenatives of journalists. Buti na lang, mahahaluan ng sindikato ang Congress.

  • Jim De Garman

    the constitution is flawed setting a party list system but no categories that will surely represent the marginalize sector of fact those lawyers in congress who crafted the laws has not even pass the bar exams and even those lawyer/senators would only realize their mistake when independent lawyers come forward to questioned the legally of that law before the SC

    they have shown their inabilities to give hope for the country and for the people..they use the party list system to serve their interest but not to marginalize sector of society.

    the COMELEC should declare unconstitutional and repeal these provision before the SC.

  • Guest

    Sixto Brillantes however should be ready. Hindi siya tantanan ng grupong ito whose members are known to be as…you know…hehehe!

  • Banana Na

    COMELEC CHAIRMAN…huwag mo pagtawanan yan baka ma-CYBERCRIMINAL ka….sige, huhulihin ka man lang ng PNP at NBI….haaaa

  • Guest

    How many members does ALAM group have? 5,10,15? Who are the members? Are they legitimate journalists? Baka naman pinabili lang suka, reporter na.


    I hope that the COMELEC is serious in cleansing the party list group, since it is well abuse by the dirty and corrupt politicians.

  • KOPOLAN1987

    Good job COMELEC! It’s time to clean our Party-list System. Why a certain person represent a marginalized group if he himself do not belong to that group? If you are trying to represent urban poor, you must prove that you are poor, also if you are representing security guards, you should be security guard too! So simple. ang KAKAPAL NAMAN NG MUKHA NG MG ATAO DIYAN NA UUPO AT MAGREREPRESENTA SA ISANG GRUPO NA NEVER NAMAN SILA NAGING KABILANG! EPAL!!!

  • Kmae_Mustre

    Dapat maingat ang Comelec sa kanilang desisyon ng mga partylists groups para naman hindi mabastso ang Mababang Kapulungan ng Kongreso. Careful, careful!

  • sakitsakitan

    Na-disqualify lang ang grupong ito inakusahan na ang Comelec officials ng extortion try. Baligtad yata ang sitwasyon. Hindi kaya sila ang…alam n’yo na.

  • bit2ween

    Because everyone knows corruption pays and it will make them richer. It’s a no brainer & don’t need one anyway but I think being in an entertainment world is a prerequisite to insure your winning….hahahahaha. I would run too if I’m in the Philippines. On 2nd thought, I would not win cuz I’m intelligent. Although Pinas has a 93% literacy, I think that’s all majority of them can do…..Read & write but can’t think. C’mom pinoys, put intelligent people in the government not entertainers. They are there to fatten their wallets. Look at Singapore, they care about their own people and see what kind of progress they have.

  • Spike

    The party list system must be abolished – first it let communists enter congress  now its a way for corrupt politicians to continue nepotism and maintain power in congress even if their term is ending.    


  • ArnoldFlavio

    Comelec made a right decision when it denied Alam’s petition for accreditation. They don’t have a track record as a group. Cheers for Brillantes!

  • maria

    With these revelations, we have to immediately stop the abused party-list system. Maybe there may even be just cause to take the representatives to court for misrepresentation! They are also milking the taxpayers. First, they get salaries, money to run their office, and on top of that pork barrel too!

    Can’t we totally get rid of the party-list system!

  • DeenkiSolyman

    Kaya ang tanong diyan kay Mikey Arroyo and Angelos Palmones may nagawa na ba sila para
    ipaglaban ang interes ng sektor na kanilang kinakatawan? Di ba wala naman.

    • $29897073

       May nagawa si Mikey nakapagbigay siya ng 50 batuta at 3 Tricycle sa Lubao Pampanga. balita hulugan daw piso piso sa araw araw. LOL

  • Jake Lopez

    There should be a minimum number of card bearing members and the representatives should be elected by the members, not by an outspoken outsider who almost always have their own political and economic agenda.

  • maria

    What happened to Mikey Arroyo? Did he finally show up at the hearing to justify the existence of his party?

  • Edwin

    dapat inaalis na yang partylist sa gobyerno..gastos lang at pangungurakot lang ang ginagawa,,

  • Mamerto

    I likewise agree with the Comelec Chair.
    Double representation is what happens here.
    In the U.S.A. they do not have Party-List Solons and 
    they are doing much better than what we

    Complete waste of money and manpower.

    • AgapitoBagumbayan

      May I add waste of time.

  • Hey_Dudes

    I doubt if there is anyone sane that will disagree with you Comelec chair.  It is not only a joke but a ridiculous aberration from day 1.  It is no different to that equally ludicrous bill authored by former senator Lina known as -“Squatter law”. Both laws should be repealed.

  • TMZPinoy

    This party list is useless….it’s a total non sense.Mikey Arroyo of Ang Galing Pinoy—which supposedly represents security guards, tricycle drivers, farmers and small businessmen—how he become in the position of these group…talagang “kenkoy” ang labas ng gobyerno natin..Chairman Sixto Brillantes better scrap all these party lists…buti pa yata “panty lists” na lang.bwahahahahahahha.

  • Mamerto

    Why not just Ban All Party-List by way of “DisQualification” for this or that..!

    If legally feasible…then DO IT.


    MAGTATAG ako ng party list:  DISQUS Bloggers Assn or DIBA?  Kung sinong gustong sumali, list down your names after this message para ma-umpisahan na natin.  Gagawin nating adviser si Boy Faura Corona para lumaki ang chance nating lumusot at si gloria arroyo ang ating consultant para siguradong makalusot.  First nominee natin si Abalos at 2nd naman si Morato. Sali na kayong lahat….the more the merrier!

  • AllaMo

    Ngayon laang nahalata ni brillantes? Brilliant! [Thus, all along, the comelec has been going through its billions in taxpayer money while asleep at the switch.]

  • prangka


  • Garo Ungaro

    asked urself why they want to run?…its money…power…and there’s a lot of it in the government…that’s why we r not progressing we r stock up into this party system…good business and income …people wake up…don’t just complain…its ur chance to change the system by ur one precious vote…think and vote wisely…


    ISA pang magandang pangalan ng party list ay MATABA for Mga Talangka ng Bayan.  Ito naman ay para sa mga marginalized na margins.  Kung walang experience sa pananalangka, hindi maaaring sumali.  Pero bilang isang Pilipino, in one way or the other, napipiho na nagkaroon ang lahat ng experience sa pananalangka sometine ago in their lives. Example ng pananalangka ay yong mga sumusulat dito tungkol kay PNoy na kahit na anong gawin ng tao, siguradong tatalangkain ng mga TNL na talangka.  Tumawa lang si PNoy, titirahin kaagad ng pinagtatawanan ang kalagayan ng mga mahihirap.  Kung malungkot naman si PNoy, bibirahin ng hindi makakuha ng GF dahil pangit at panot.  At kung may kinakasuhang mga MMM ng bayan, tatanungin kung bakit hindi yong mga KKK nya ang kasuhan.  Yang ganyang mga talangkang MATABA ang magtatagumpay sa samahan nating ito.  Sali na!

  • zahraff

    As we have said before, this party list must be abolished. We have already the mayors, governors, congressmen and senators where people can go ask for help for whatever their problems. This is purely KALOKOHAN that must be stopped and a waste of governments money which can used for other sensible matters for the benefit of the people of the republic.

  • observer1356

    I AGREE WITH THE COMELEC CHAIRMAN… now that it is known, what’s the next best thing to do?

  • anu12345

    “AMA chose Lorna Velasco, a nurse and the wife of Supreme Court Associate Justice Presbitero Velasco, as its first nominee. Velasco’s daughter, Tricia Nicole, a lawyer, was chosen as AMA’s second nominee.”

    And  the third nominee is . . .

    We might as well abolish the congressional districts and replace them all with party list system.

    • romfagen

      This is a good indication of what kind of a person this SC Associate Justice Presbitero Velasco. Asawa at anak nya planong i racket ang political system natin, hindi ito katiwa tiwalag tao.

  • Renlyn

    Tulad ng agbiag party ni Patricio T Antonio, sabungero kung magpustahan sa derby ay daan-daang libong piso at may dating kabit na nasa Amerika na sinampahan niya ng robbery at ngayon extradition. Anong klase na mga marginalized ni-represent nitong Patricio Antonio? Tigpasin dapat ito ng COMELEC!!!!

  • ern

    What the comelec can do is to undertake a very rigid screening to disqualify all. Strictly speaking, nobody, including those sitting in congress now, seems to qualify.This will trigger a review/investigation  by the supreme court and congress, amendment of the law, and suspension of the partylist elections. 

    The government will save a lot if the partylist is scrapped. It is imperative that the district representatives be also tasked to look after marginalized groups. After all, almost everybody in the district feel, or  actually are marginalized.

    How about a group Mananaya sa Lotto? StreetKids on the Block? PalimosPo Couples? Kalakal & Kanakaw Inc? Texters Unlimited? TeenLovers & Mothers Assn? It does makes sense with the present partylist setup.

  • southernsons

    Why do we need a partylist from a marginalized sector in the congress? Are those sectors or people not considered as constituents of those regular congressmen of their districts? It’s really absurd and it’s really a BIG JOKE!!!!  Kunsabagay priority ng mga congressmen is to build roads, bridges, and to create a new province out of the existing one.

  • ddano

    Mga ‘wa ng ihna kasi yang mga comelec commisioners eh, kinunsinte nila (nag pasuhol ng limpak limpak ng kuarta)  yung mga pekeng party-list groups nung panahon ni gma , ngayon nag-mamalinis at nag babangon-puri ang mga hina-u-pak. Mga kurap at ipokrito!

  • ddano

    Yah, The  Party-list system is Big Joke. And The Joker Went wild ! Call Batman.

  • Flavio

    right ka dyan , chairman  . mukat mukat mo pati sina bantilles at carabuena may sariling partylist na rin . pero pinagiisipan pa siguro nila kung ano ang mas bagay na pangalan ng partylist nila ….. high blood partylist or sa bahay na lang partylist !

  • ryepim

    Even the Senate is a Joke!

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Arroyo to represent the marginalized is a joke by itself, yet he got his seat.

  • johnllander

    Each Filipino is represented by MORE than twenty-five (25) representatives in the law making body:

    24 Senators in the Senate;
    1 District Representative in the House of Representatives;
    All the Party-List Representatives in the House of Representatives (the number of which varies).

    There is more than double representation in the lower house.  A Party-List Representative is like a senator in the Houe of Representative.  Their number varies according to the number of party-list candidates in an election.

    I think the party-list representative should be demolished even without a charter change but by a statutory law only, if that is possible.

    • suburbanmother

      Now that these party list congressman are in office, do you think they will vote to abolish their positions?

    • Bamm Gabriana

      I disagree. For example, I support the partylist Agham. It does not belong to the so-called marginalized listed above, but it represents the scientists and science workers. Scientists are producing new ways of improving food production, cleaning the environment, and solving many problems, yet they are going hungry and even use/raise their own money for their research. We believe support for the science sector is critical for the growth of the country. It has long been neglected by our so-called district representatives whose sole interest is producing bridges and buildings with their names. How can the district representatives represent us in the science sector? They don’t understand our concerns. We are happy now that we are represented by Agham in congress to voice our issues.

  • farmerpo

    Party list is a product of corrupt thinking. How can a citizen be represented twcie or thrice? You are blind, deaf, ‘poor’, or whatever, you are  entitled to the same representation as any other citizen. That is called democracy, doing it any other way is demon crazy.

  • johnllander

    There is another form of party-list emerging both in the House of Representatives and the Senate, and in elective government offices.  They do not bring the name of the party list but their blood and family names.  They represent one family and a few relatives.

    In this other form of party-list, a party of one family is represented in both houses and elective government offices either of same term or in consecutive terms and they seldom give way to other people who are more capable and have unquestionable integrity.  This new form of party-list serves the country for more than a decade and they fear to loss their clouts in the government.  The government is their main source of income and their milking cow. The government is also their source of power, previleges and unlimited attached benefits such as arrogance, abuse of powers, popularity and the likes.

    A good example of this new form of party-list are:
    binay dynasty.
    enrile dynasty.
    marcos conjugal dictatorship and dynasty.
    ejercito dynasty.
    villar dynasty.
    And more to name.

    Pass the Antiy-Dynasty Law Now!

    • Mulawin

      The gov’t should purge all these non-essential party lists. The number of emerging paty lists overwhelmingly exceeds the total number authorized by law.  With regards to dynasty, let me add the Garcia family in Bataan.  The current governor, Tet Garcia, is the father of current Region One congressman, is the father of the current mayor of Balanga City, is the father of Region Two Congresswoman candidate from last election and thanked God she lost.  Now, this coming election in 2013, the son will be running for governor because the father is in his last term; the daughter will be running for Region Two representative; and I believe the current mayor is either running for mayor again or will be vying for Region One congressional seat. Not to mention almost all the politicians in the province of Bataan are the Garcia’s allies, the province will be run like the Ampatuan family in their province if and when all the Garcias running for office win. The Garcias are not alone, there are many more.  Need I say more?

      • johnllander

        I think you are referring to District instead of region.

        So that means that in Bataan, the garcia’s are flourishing after tet was booted out by a recall election once in the past.  What happened to Payumo? Did he resign already from politics? Just inquiring.  

      • Mulawin

        You’re right.  It’s district not region.  I get confused sometime about the geographic-political system of the Philippines.  Actually, I don’t really know what district and region are when it comes to that. Tet Garcia was reinstated as Governor and Payumo lost the re-election.

  • Mabuhay

    It is about time to eradicate the partlist system..It is a cancerous cell that already crippled our economy…..The shocking truth is every election they multiply rapidly, surpassing the number of candidates in all other positions local and nationaL alike…Wag na natin dagdagan ang mga mangungurakot ng bayan…najan na ang mga senador at congressmen….

  • joe__bloggs

    “Under Republic Act No. 7941, otherwise known as the Party-list System Act, only 12 marginalized and underrepresented sectors can seek congressional representation: Labor, peasant, fisherfolk, urban poor, indigenous cultural communities, elderly, handicapped, women, youth, veterans, overseas workers and professionals.”
    This list must be pared down to a handful, if it must exist at all. “Overseas workers” could be replaced by an “overseas constituency”, for example. Filipinos living abroad can then vote for their own representative in Congress – surely a more democratic way.

  • Anqui

    Eventually in Congress there will be a Representative of the DEAD and the government will be BROOK.  There is no way to stop this Stupid Law allowing a Party List Group represented in Congress which is the Back Door access for the Rich and Powerful to get in and ROB the money of Country.  After three more Congressional election, we need a larger building to make room for these CORRUPT and GREEDY people elected to congress.

  • speedstream2

    You hit it right on the head: the party-list system is a big joke indeed. The idea may be sound but, as usual, it’s been exploited for self-serving and dubious interests. It’s also redundant in terms of representation, resulting in waste of taxpayers’ money that could be put to better use. In short, it’s time to put an end this party-list joke, which is really not funny anymore. 

    • nakawan

      Agreed. I think even the marginalized groups themselves don’t find it half as funny as it was in 2010. The tricycle drivers and security guards are just realizing now that, funnily enough, Mikey Arroyo is not one of them. Hopefully all these marginalized sectors come to realize and find out exactly who their representatives are. Moreover, it is the job of district reps to ensure that every sector within his/her constituency is duly represented, thereby limiting or eliminating the need for “party-list” groups.

  • scorpio15

    Hindi nga Biro ang Party List dahil Kaban ng Bayan ang NAPI-FIESTAHAN. Dapat alisin nga ito Party List.

  • Camille Joyce Lisay

    This is a joke, indeed. But not funny. It’s disgusting.

  • Chloroform

    party list should also show the geographical distribution of their members. should it be nationwide or provincial-wide? I hope no party list is qualified…

  • $17531445

    The tragedy of this joke is that it took a long time in the telling  and when the punch  line came’ it wasn’t funny at all.  And yet, the solution is simple enough –  remove the pork barrel and see it anyone would be stupid enough in hazard a few millions in expectation of nothing in return.

  • wahyanc

    Abolish the whole congress….ibalik yung panahon ni marcos………………………….no congress no senate…..sobra na dami ng batas..puro naman butas……..let the executive branch run the gov, thru governors and mayors,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,abolish congressssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    • rambe66

      e di, sila lang ang yumaman. he he.

  • Bastonero

    Ang pasang masda oras na naiboto at naging congressman itong presidente nila walang gagawin yan kundi gumawa ng batas para tumaas ang pamasahe, itaga yan sa bato….

  • regd

    Because only people with money can help those without it. Yan ang alibi ng mga yan. Kunwari, sino pa ang tutulong sa mga mahirap? 

    Alanghiya, sila ang ang dahilan kung bakit tayo naghihirap!

  • Bastonero

    Eh! si Arroyo , ano ba ang ginawa nyan sa mga security guard, WALA….Pwe…sana di mag krus ang daan natin, duduraan talaga kita….

  • yousef

    that’s correct and it is a sick joke! so to infer on this issue they in the partylist are clowns and jokers! specially the ones who are supposed to represent whatever group they are! take note their names alone is already funny and suspect!

  • Branch_Warren

    we don’t need the party lists. the congressmen that are seated are supposed to represent everyone in their area – marginalized or not. with this system, having a party list, are we saying that those inutile congressmen the people “voted” for are only representing a portion of the city? and the rest, well… sorry nalang…??

  • Fulpol

    party is more fun and wild, if more guests are invited… where are the sexy ladies? they should be represented too..

    Brillantes: “you people having too much of a good time”

    Party-list goers:”KJ mo naman Brillantes”…

  • pabulaka

    Why talk about representation by the marginalized group. We have Senators who is supposed to represent everybody, including the so-called “marginalized”. Do away with this law. which is indeed a big JOKE.

  • johnllander

    I think if there should be a Party-List Rep to represent the Marginalised Sectors, I propose that that there should be only One Representative to represent one sector.  Like for example, for the farmers, there should be one representative representing them.  For the Fishermen, only one should represent them.  Likewise for other sectors such as the youth, women, etc.

    Also, I propose that it should be the congress (both houses), by a law, who should determine an existence of a Marginalised Sector, and not just by a mere accreditation, and therefore need representation in the lower house.  Each sector will have a national election (under the supervision of Comelec) of their own representative.


    • suburbanmother

      As long as they don’t get any pork barrel, ok lang.

  • 1tiago2bangkilan3

    everything in this country is either a joke or a tragedy.

  • edleon

    Maybe it is time to abolish the Party-list system… So far, it brought more harm than good for our country.

  • joerizal

    Party-list system is a joke……… and it took them how long to figure this out?

  • rapas_gamrud

    Party List a new breeding and training ground of future corruptors which should have been abolish long time ago.

  • Karabkatab

    It is indeed a joke, a good joke, because it makes easy money.

  • erwinskat

    finally… signs of life, there is still hope that the comelec is doing its job…now if only this level of scrutiny could be done to the “regular” or “traditional” politicians…

  • Fulpol

    tribalism is not good… by party-list system, it flourishes…

    what they are doing is to sub-divide the tribes into more tribes..

    Philippines should shift its geographical location from Asia to Africa… where it suits to belong.. even Africans won’t welcome the Philippines, I guessed. because tribes there have rules.

  • actsfdapstle

    It is good that this area is being cleaned up…. finally….

  • palakasantayo

    Mr. Brillantes, you are so brilliant to identify this and to remedy this political comedy of the Philippines. Filipino lawmakers especially those that belong to the identified political dynasties are so clever in maneuvering the system to justify their longevity and existence. These identified marginalized groups should be represented by every elected official of the country. Remember, governing is by the people and for the people of every size, color, age, occupation, gender, etc, etc, etc.etc. Mr. Brillantes please reduce the list to just a few manageable numbers for better control and management… para hindi naman tayo katawa-tawa sa ibang party ng mundo.

    • nakawan

      What remedies can the Comelec implement here? We need to monitor this situation so that these epal party list politicians can be disqualifed from congress

  • Bart

    Abolish this CRAP-SYSTEM and PORK BARRELS of Congress. That’s the only solution to cleanse Congress of Self-Serving politicians who are only there for that D*** PORK!

    • acaldejr

      I agree!  Where in the world would you see huge taxpayers money given to politicians and not subjected to audit?  And these politicians act like it is their money?  Kaya every election ay mainit na mga politiko at halos magpatayan na dahil sa pork barrel na yan.  Ang kakapal ng mga mukha nila.  

  • Karabukov

    Just one more of a thousand ways to screw the system.

  • carlcid

    The party-list system, like the agrarian reform law and many other things created under the 1987 constitution, are motherhood statements that haven’t worked well in the real world. These are mere palliatives thrown by the elite as concessions to the masses, but which can be mangled and bastardized until they become a mere travesty.

  • isalcordo

    I totally agree with the Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. .  The system is getting out of control and is becoming more and more ridiculous each election year. Whoever sponsored this  “partylist system” and the lawmakers who voted for it into law should have had examined their heads. These groups REPRESENT PROFESSIONS  – NOT POLITICAL TERRITORIAL SUBDIVISIONS –   and ought to be registered NOT AS POLITICAL PARTIES but as LOBBY GROUPS. The leadership in Congress, those in the House and the Senate, should move to abolish this partylist system!
    I. S. Alcordo, PhD, Valencia City, Bukidnon


    sayang… the intention of party list system is good….pero somehow, these politician can turn something good into evil….

  • jseesus

    hhaha..pagkakataon na namin na makasali diyan sa congresso, lagi na lang kaming inaapi.. puwes kung party list lang ang paraan para magkaroon kami ng boses sa loob ng kongreso.. gagawin namin yan sa susunod na election… Iboto nyo kami..  BUNGI PARTYLIST….
    Ang party list ng mga taong walang ipin….heheh…

    • rambe66

      isama na rin natin ang mga kalbo.

  • Labandera1

    Talagang big joke. Anak ng dating fake President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo si Mikey Arroyo nagiging party list representative ng mga security guards..It’s not only a big joke but cruel joke….

  • Bengatibo

    Why not abolish the party list system. Panggulo lang ang mga iyan !!! Sayang lang ang taxpayers money na sinusuweldo sa kanila. Do you thing they represent the marginalized sector???

  • captainramius

    The biggest problem of this country is poverty and corruption and the hold of political elite and rich in govt . congress will not act on this party list because they are too dominated by political elites.  That party list on senior citizens does not respond to e mails of senior citizens. We dont need more people in congress we have too many laws already we need to educate our voters not to vote these clowns and pretenders in congress.

  • Lila

    party-list is good if used what was intended.. it’s up to the authority (COMELEC) to deligently root out these fakes.. then make them pay for the hassle it caused.. let say 1M?

    • generalproblem

      In HK there is also a party list system on the legislature but it is clearly define like , labor union, catering, transport. why not change the law and identify the sectors allowed in the system

      • dragon27

        This is the best solution to allow representation by marginalized and underrepresented sector. Define the sectors to be represented where true party-list groups could compete for each of the sectors. Furthermore, marginalized and underrepresented voters should be identified and given an ID and they’ll be the only one allowed to vote for a representative in the sector they belong.

      • joel genese

         Somewhat ironic, isnt it? Partylist is suppose to  represent the marginalized and underrepresented sector. But, groups with millions  members  are the one expected to win. So in essence, the organization is not a marginalized sector.

      • generalproblem

        alsiin nyo ang pork barrel sigurado walang kakandidato yan malamang mag makaawa pa ang comelec sa mga tao na kumandidato hehehe

      • Bamm Gabriana

        I disagree. For example, I support the partylist Agham. It does not belong to the so-called marginalized listed above, but it represents the scientists and science workers. Scientists are going hungry and even use/raise their own money for their research, but are producing new ways of improving food production, cleaning the environment, and solving many problems. We believe support for the science sector is critical for the growth of the country. It has long been neglected by our so-called district representatives whose sole interest is producing bridges and buildings with their names. How can the district representatives represent us in the science sector? They don’t understand our concerns. We are happy now that we are represented by Agham in congress to voice our issues.

      • dragon27

        The problem to be solved is the use of party-list representation by unscrupulous politicians as an easy ride to Congress which ultimately defeats the idea of allowing party-list representations. The party-list system was envisioned to give voice to marginalized and underrepresented sectors of the society, and the current state of things defeats its purpose. One legitimate representative of an underrepresented and marginalized sector for every two or more traditional politicians without actual mandate getting in Congress is more inimical as it actually drowns out the voice of that marginalized and underrepresented sector, and worse, skews legislative action towards those who are already overly represented and with traditional vested interests.You have first to recognize that there is such a problem.

        Weighing that consideration, if given a choice, i would rather have no party list system than traditional politicians and old vested interest groups further skewing the representation scheme in Congress.

        The science sector is not totally helpless and voiceless as you suppose. Their concerns are national in issue and could be addressed, as they are actually being addressed, by many Senators whose mandate is to take cudgels for national issues. Scientists/scientific community has the power and the means to lobby for what it feels is good for their community/sector. They are not as helpless as the common fisherfolk, or farmers, or urban poor. Many of them are highly educated, employed in the government and the private sector, with enough earnings and education to be free from influence or propaganda by local politicians. I would not call the science community as being disenfranchised or voiceless. Your being in this forum actually shows that they have a voice. I also know because I am part of it, and I do not feel voiceless nor as marginalized and underrepresented as the more legitimate groups that needs their voice to be heard.

    • joel genese

       Even in just a quick look, you can perceived that party list’s intention is distrusting. We already have the right and opportunity to elect our representative, why not use to make the best out of it.

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    …and worst part is that the joke is on all of us.

    • marionics

      speaking of jokes-

      Q: How many President Aquinos does it take to change a light bulb?
      A: Two. One to change it and one to order the filing of a case against those who purchased the overpriced, low quality burnt bulb.
      Q: How many presidential spokespersons does it take to change a light bulb?
      A: Three. One to change it and two to spread the good news on Twitter.
      Q: How many Mar Roxases does it take to change a light bulb?
      A: Two. One to confirm the death of the old bulb and one to replace it.
      Q: How many anti-RH Bill legislators does it take to change a light bulb?
      A: Only one but he will probably delay it.

      • Flavio

         hoy manniakiics , magtayo ka rin ng partylist…….magmamais patylist !! pweee….

      • marionics

        hahaha eto pa o

        Q: How many Joel Villanuevas does it take to change a light bulb?
        A: 51. One to change it and 50 to observe and learn from the free electrical training.
        Q: How many Pinoys does it take to change a light bulb?
        A: Juan.

  • bozzone

    tawa na tayo sa joke joke joke (‘o’) ahehehehehe

  • Herculian

    Pera List System!  Nadedemonyo at naleletche na ang sestema ng bansa dahil sa mga politkong ganid sa pera.

  • Fred

    Yes, the Party List System is a JOKE !!!
    Maybe it’s time to amend R.A. 7941 known as Party List System Act
    to reduce its number from 12 representatives to maybe 9 or 10 by
    combining or merging labor, peasant and urban poor into one
    representation.  Or maybe elderly and handicapped into one.
    May maglakas loob kayang senator o congressman na mag sponsor
    ng amendment ????

  • QQU

    The Party-List is now a BIG JOKE on us, Filipinos. Lobby groups have been given official representatives! And this can only get worse…which makes our democracy an aberration.

    Incidentally, I’m still not sure where the accent of GALING…in Ang GALING Pinoy.
    Is it Ga LING (smart Pinoy). Or GA ling (had been a Pinoy)?

  • tra6Gpeche

    We already know that Party-List System is a joke. And not only that. The Party-List System is a scam and a fraud. Abolish it!

  • GKLer

    Congress is a joke too.

  • joel genese

    Partylist Nominees coming up:

    – Lalaki Ako
    – Kami Babae
    – Samahan ng mga Talunan sa Eleksiyon
    – Samahan ng mga Istambay
    – Rehabilitated Drug Addicts of the Phils.
    – Samahan ng mga Naghihirap na Cebuano
    – Nagkakaisang mga Mahihirap na Ilokano
    – Taga Iskwater Kami ng Tondo
    – Mga Iskwater kami ng Holy Spirit Q.C.
    – Bigkis ng Mangagawa ng Ataul
    – Sulong Magdalena
    – Panandaliang Aliw Kaakibat sa Pag Asenso

    Dagdagan Nyo na lang…..

  • Jimmy

    Alam pala ng comelec na walang kakwenta kwenta yang mga partylist na yan eh bakit pinayagan si mikey arrovo na maging congresman na nagrerepresenta kuno ng  Ang Daling Lokohin Ng Pinoy…!!!!

  • noelpdavid

    The question is, why are they called underrepresented sector? Is it because their members are NPAs (no permanent address) ? If they are legal residents,then they are already represented by a district congressman. This is a POLITICAL CIRCUS. Stop wasting peoples’ money.

  • AnastacioMamaril

    Dapat amyendaan na constitution natin. Alisin na yang sectoral/party list representative na yan.

  • panis

    hanggang comment lang ba? baka naman pwede isuspinde and partylist system muna  hanggat di ito  naayos panggulo lang ito sa listahan sa election …. baka pwede iplebesito kung gusto nga ng tao ang partylist…. double edge sword kasi itong partylist pwedeng nuisance lang o pakawala ng mga grupong may hidden agenda…. eto ang aking kuro kuro: kung may partylist dapat ito ay myiembro ng senado at may slot lang na available hindi itong parang unlimited seat sa congresso basta nakakuha ng certain number of votes baka  mapunta lahat ng budget natin sa pork ng mga partylist nyan, kung partylist dapat alam din ng tao kung sino ang reperesentative nito at bound lang sya sa issue na may resolution within the party list at di parang regular congressman na may boto sya sa bawat issue sa loob ng congreso.   O baka pwede ihiwalay ang election ng parylist para mas nabubusisi ito ng tao…. i cant imagine these partylist people pushing for laws na di naman naayon sa nakakarami kundi para lang sa kanilang grupo…

  • CustomsNeighbor

    Since addicts and alcoholics filed for accreditation, I suggested also to my other officemates that I am going to file for partylist accreditation and I will get them as nominees….the partylist name will be ATTenD Opis…..Ang mga Tsismoso at Tsimosa en Daldalera sa mga Opisina…..underrepresented sila kasi mahina pa yung mga bulung-bulungan nila e….

  • neverwint3r

    i’ve been saying all along that these party-list system has become of a joke. actually the law creating the system has good intentions but like other things, mga pnoys always finds a way to abuse it.

    they should amend the party-list system so that only marginalized sectors of society will have representation. this should be limited to one rep for each sector. for example one each for labor, farmers, fishermen, students/youth, the aged, the disabled, minorities. ofw. no more than ten sectors be allowed.

    as it is today, we have party-list for security guards, trycicle drivers, cult groups,  dubious groups like abakada, alagad, apec,warays electric cooperatives utak and so on. these freeloaders represents a huge drain on the economy as they get annual pork barrels, salaries, budgets, benefits and allowances and travel expenses easily worth billions of pesos annually.

    so if you’re wondering why the phils is still stucked as the sick man of asia(with almost every other asian country becoming prosperous and left us behind), this is one of the reason-the mentally-ill and moronic voters. filipino voters seriously needs some education in voting and comelec should help educate the public how to vote properly like looking qualifications of the candidate.

  • Ronald_18

    Ito pa…

    Solvent Boys ng Taft Ave.
    Respetadong taga linis ng mga salamin ng Building
    Shoe Shine Boys ng Sta. Cruz
    Illegal sidewalk vendors ng Kalentong, Mandaluyong at Paco, Manila
    Takatak Boys ng Metro Manila
    Liga ng mga Manduroukot, Snatcher at Holdaper ng Quiapo at University Belt
    Grupong mababahong nag yo yosing dyipni drayber ng Metro Manila
    Barkadahan ng mga ta Tangang tricyle drivers

  • CustomsNeighbor

    Ang hindi ko maintindihan, sa tinagal tagal at dami (3 yata ang representative) ng party list na Buhay, hanggang ngayon, marginalized pa din sila, kasi sali pa din sila ng sali….ano ang nangyari dun sa P70M (x3) annual appropriations nila, saan (kanino) napunta?  Maliban dun sa napakamahal na simbahan na pinatayo nila sa tapat ng Airforce 1, saan ginastos yung pork barrel nila…..

  • ThePatriot

    Pork barrels and partylists system are 2 major failures of this government, wasting too much money that would’ve been put to good use. Ngayon mo lng nakita sir. Chairman? Partylist system at pork barrels, dapat matagal na yan tinanggal eh, or ginawan sana ng rules para malimit tlga ang pag gamit… Our constitution has a lot of flaws……… 

    It’s time for change right? HETO NA PAGKAKATAON NATIN MGA KABABAYAN! ALISIN ANG PARTYLIST SYSTEM at pork barrels, buti pa ilagay yang mga pork barrels sa AFP modernization at infrastracture ng pilipinas, may makikita pa…. Zzzzzzzzzzz

  • kilabot

    and noykapon is the spitting image of the joker.

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    This is one opinion of Brillantes where I concur. Except maybe for one or two, the rest of these party-list group are just additional problems added to the list of our representa-thives, additional pork barrel and CDFs to steal.

  • Hey_Dudes

    It is a dazzling surprise the leebogdaos brigade hasn’t filed for party list accreditation for the upcoming elections?

  • damatannapo

    Isang malaking kalokohan ang party list system dito sa bansa natin

    Binaboy ng mga swapang at ganid na mga taong nasa poder

  • indiosbravos2002

    Th reason why our congressmen are not strengthening the party list law with needed provisions to address the gaps is that they themselves are profiting from its flaws. The partylist system has become a backdoor for politicos while cooling down from their 3 term li its or a leverage by politicians for additional pork barrel funds.

  • Albin

    Isama mo ang:
    – Kapisanan ng mga Manggagawa ng Antik.
    – Samahan ng Sepulturero at Embalsamador
    – United Facebook at Twitter Fanatics
    – Mga Dating Bading, Babae na Ngayon

  • boypalaban

    Hindi yan joke…CURSE yan.

  • ealicer


  • wakats

    The Party-List System becomes the most hilarious jokes in the House of Representatives during the more than 9 years of gma presidency.  Any moneyed political leaders close to the arroyos will surely become Honorable Representative in the Lower House, with all the perks and the porks allocated for the position.  The return of investment will be completed in the first 6 months only.  No wonder mikee arroyo became a congressman representing the sekyu, janitors, tricycle and drivers sector. 

    A legion of commenters here have long advocated for the outright repeal of RA 7941, the law that allow election of party-list representatives, and to use their appropriations instead for the modernization of the PH Navy and Coast Guard… 


  • indiosbravos2002

    I just heard that Villafuerte, the mastermind of dividing Cam Sur, has the partylist system in mind as an option if he does push his plans of running for governor of Cam Sur.

    This just shows that the partylist system can easily be used and abused by shrewd politicos.

  • joel genese

     Mayroon din bang term limit ang Partylist?Dapat meron din. Seguro naman ay sa loob ng siyam na taon na mayroon silang boses sa kongreso ay hindi na sila “underrepresented”.

    Ganun din sana na may term limit din ang representative. Sa pagkakaalam ko, si Mikey Arroyo ay natapos nya ang 3 term as congressman ng Pampanga. At Gumawa ng grupo na i represent nya sa kongreso.

  • marionics

    it is not the party list system nor the system of government which is the joke…it is our politicians who are the joke and us, the electorate, who vote them into office

    • marionics

      speaking of jokes-

      Q: How many President Aquinos does it take to change a light bulb?
      A: Two. One to change it and one to order the filing of a case against those who purchased the overpriced, low quality burnt bulb.
      Q: How many presidential spokespersons does it take to change a light bulb?
      A: Three. One to change it and two to spread the good news on Twitter.
      Q: How many Mar Roxases does it take to change a light bulb?
      A: Two. One to confirm the death of the old bulb and one to replace it.
      Q: How many anti-RH Bill legislators does it take to change a light bulb?
      A: Only one but he will probably delay it.

    • romeo solina

      Kaya nga “it is more fun in the Philippines”, lahat ng ibinoboto ay panay joke.

  • tarikan

    The Constitution does not clearly define the two concepts and also does not lay down the qualifications for party-list nominees, Sarmiento said. That’s the trouble of letting mostly lawyers on important matters as the constitution. Congress to fine tune the vagueness in the constitution? It’s to congressmen’s benefit to just let it be. Next time I hear is Graft & Corruption sector will sect representation through the party-list. And with the sector enjoying sustained popularity, why not? 

  • kilabot

    there should only be six party-list groups given 1 rep each:
    1) rightists                  – the likes of palparan party;
    2) leftists                    – the likes of bayan muna;
    3) separatists              – the likes of milf;
    4) environmentalists     – the likes of agham;
    5) handicapped            – the likes of tanga;
    6) pimps,prostis, & lgbt – the likes of ladlad, saya;
    the rest is not necessary.

    • romeo solina

      Kailangan ding isama ang mga patulug-tulog. Wala pa nga silang representante sa Kongreso, kasi patulug-tulog lamang sila. Dapat mayroon ding nasa Kongreso na maipakikitang patulug-tulog lang sa silya — 100 percent pang mag-aatend kasi tutulog lang naman siya.

  • Kuya_Orot

    Comelec better lump partylist candidates into those 12 groups as stated in the law. Before accreditation they must choose which group they belong: peasant, fisherfolk, urban poor and the like. This way they can eliminate nuisance ones. But better still, repel the Partylist Law.

  • sitsiritsit

    napakadali naman solusyonan ng problema na yan… aba kung hindi ka level ng i present nya hindi pwede.. like sa AMA… putsa kung hndi bulag o may differensiya sa mata hindi pwede.. kaya dapat bulagin o palabuin ang mata ng mga velasco na yan .. buwisit talaga oo.. mga ghagho kayo mga manggagamit

    • generalproblem

      agree ako dyan. ang kanyang representante ay mga bulag so dapat bulag ang iuupo. kung gusto nila umupo eh pabulag muna sila. paano naman si mikey mouse arroyo eh security at tricycle driver. dapat siguro naka uniform sya ng sekyo at ang kanyang sasakyan ay tricycle.

      • sitsiritsit

        kakairata talaga itong mga opurtunista.. si mickey dapat disneyland ang i represent nya “mickey mouse” buwisiti talaga… ginagamit lang nila ang mga tao

  • kmario

    party-list system is really a big joke. all members are already represented by their district in anyway. scrap this system as this is just a mere exploitation

  • Pepe Alas

    Walá na talagá. Lasíng na sa cayamanan ang mğa demoniong representante na itó.

    • isalcordo

      Hindi sa cayamanan . . . lasing sa kmangmangan!

  • gusm

    This is not news. We’ve known about this for a while now. Why does it continue? Nobody seems to want to do anything about. It is used mostly by the rich, powerful and the politicians themselves for influence and money.

  • marionics

    Q: How many Herbert
    Bautistas does
    it take to change a light bulb?
    A: Two. One to change it and one to put
    up a streamer announcing the accomplishment.

    Q: How many Villafuertes does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: One whole family. But expect infighting and discord during the installation.

    Q: How many Lourdes Serenos does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: None. If it’s God’s will, there will be light.



    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


      Q: How many Lourdes Serenos does it take to change a light bulb?
      A: None. If it’s God’s will, there will be light.

      • marionics

        Q: How many Ăntonio Trillaneses does it take to change a light bủlb?
        A: He’s not interested. He’d rather
        change the  Senate

      • marionics

        Q: How many  Alfredo Lims  does it take to change a light bủlb?

        A: O, pwede nang dalawa. One to change it
        and one to shoot the old bủlb.

      • marionics

        Q: How many Tito Sottos does it take to change a light bulb?

        A: Zero. Hë’ll let somebody else do the task and claim
        later that he did it himself.

  • Stuubs

    According to a very reliable source , comelec has approved the ASG (abu sayaff group) application for a party-list..since they are the most marginalized sector in our society!All the interview and hearing was conducted through a back-door-channeling somewhere in the jungle of Basilan. P-NOY was so elated and rejuvinated uppon hearing it from sec.Brilliantes who relay it to him and welcome this development as his very first landmark accomplishment since Panatag fiasco..Malacanang will hold a press meeting shortly for more detail!..PHILIPPINE POLITICS GONE WILED!!!JOKE!JOKE!JOKE!

  • alisdyan

    No dis-respect to my beloved country. Philippine politics is a big jokes anyway, tingnan natin kung sino ang mga politicians sa atin.. no need to mention any names…so what is new.

  • kmario

    There is no need for party-list system! The congressmen should automatically know and represent all the marginalized people in their districts. Party-list system is just a double representation– a big sick joke

  • Garth Dax

    eh bakit aaprubahan ng comelec? e di comelec is likewise a joke itself!!!

    • justjarred

       hahaha! korek ka kumpadre!

  • joshmale2004

    If the Partylist system is a failure on its real purpose and has become a business oriented representation, then better to scrap entirely the Partylist system. Comelec and Congress can save money/cost by the millions and use the saved budget allocations for more fruitful usage. Even the numbers of our Congressmen are too much in number representations, dadagdagan pa natin ng mga millionaire partylist. Kaya ang mga nagagawang batas ang daming butas sa dami ng Congressmen with their personal interests on the forefront.

    • akramgolteb

      The Party List system is not business oriented. It is crime oriented. People establish a party list so they will have the means to steal & cheat. Stealing & cheating is a crime not a business.

      • joshmale2004

        I agree.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

         Not unless some ‘politicians’ (or pseudo party list) whose business is a crime use it as such.

  • justjarred

    Pwede bang ipatanggal sa SC ang Partylist system?

  • Jun Go

    ang gagaling talaga ng mga pilipino sa larangan ng pagpapaikot sa batas para lang sa sariling political interest; super creative talaga.

    sana ang mga ganyang ‘talentado’ ay magamit sa tamang paraan upang ang bayang pilipinas ay tuluyan ng umasenso para sa mas nakararami.  kaso nga lang ang sariling ‘bulsa’ pa rin ang nangingibabaw.  kunwari ‘maka-bayan’ ‘maka-Dyos’ ‘maka-tao’ ‘maka-kalikasan’ sa dami ng mga naka-upo, tatakbo, tumatakbo, at tumakbo na; bakit ang pilipinas ganito pa rin?

    ganyan kalaki ang ‘kasinungalingan’ ng mga pulitiko sa pilipinas.  panay ‘sologan’ lang ang kayang gawin.

    di hamak, ano mang pananalita ang bitiwan ng mga ito, puno’t dulo ‘SARILI’ lang nila ang iniisip.

    napaka-ganda ng intinsyon ng party-list system.  gaya na rin ng mga batas na umiiral sa bansa.

    kaso lahat ng ito ay naging marumi at di kaaya-aya dahil na rin sa mga umupo, naka-upo at uupong pulitoko.  sayang na sayang ang galing ng pilipino, nauwi sa pansariling interest at kurakot.

    nawa’y ang darating pang henerasyon ay maranasan ang kaayusan ng bansang pilipinas at hindi lamang katawa-tawa (joke) ang sistema.

  • akramgolteb

    Itigil na ang party list na yan. Maliwanag naman na kalokohan at paraan lang ng ibang tao na magnakaw. Katawatawa lang tayo sa ibang bansa kung malaman nila lahat ang nangayayari sa party list na ito. Ang dami na nga ng magnanakaw ng kaban ng bayan, gumagawa pa ng batas ang gobyerno natin para lalong dumami ang magnanakaw. 

  • Fulpol

    how about the party-list of Tintin Cojuangco and Bam Aquino?

    when law fits to its purpose, so be it..

    the only way to scrap the crap is by “discrimination”.. don’t vote any party-list… that’s it.

    eventually, they scrap it… Congress is still there to legislate… but not to represent any tribe.. legislation is already replaced by representation.. so brain is no longer a requirement… welcome to Congress Anabel Rama…

  • Titan

    The party-list system is indeed impractical.  Why spend millions on the salaries of additional congressmen and their staff, when the advocacies that the party-lists promote can be coursed through other congressmen and the Senate?  These can be petitioned and eventually passed into law. If they’re saying for expeditious processing, then send their petition individually to all the congressmen, at least one will act on it and the other will probably support.

  • Vikka Velo

    It is not only a joke but a scam for the rich to make more money!   Imagine 70 million pork barrel a year and all they give are pittance.   Medicines here, tuitions there and small amounts given to their supporters.   While most of them rides SUVs, luxurious cars and imported sports sedans.  And their car plates are not RED (supposedly government financed).   Tsk tsk tsk.

  • Vikka Velo

    P NOY  please stop the PARTY LIST system. . . .  millions kami na kakampi mo . . huwag kang matakot sa mga yan!!!!!!!

    • Fulpol

      he is just enjoying the adage: politics is addition..

  • Vic

     A law must be passed to stop this madness before it goes out of hand.

    • Vikka Velo

       Kung pwede . . .  mag revolution na lang at ikulong lahat ng mga iyan!

  • tarikan

    Mga batas sa Pinas including the constitution…good intentions BAD results. To cite a few: (1). Informal Settlers’ Law (Lina Law, pinaganda pa eh squatter talaga), hindi mapa-alis sila basta-basta. (2). Juvenile Law ( Pangilinan Law), mga minor de edad ginagamit ng underworld para walang kaso. (3). Anti-Dangerous Drugs Law, if huli ka bigay ka na lang sa PDEA. (4). Anti-Dynasty sa PH Constitution, lintik na yan hwag gawing batas ika ng mga congesista. (5). Ito ngang Party-List, marginalized sector na pala ang mga multi-millionaires. Akala ko kaunti lang bukels sa Pinas.

  • drunken_master

    our country’s party list system has been a joke from the start. like most laws of our country, it was drafted in such a way that it can easily be abused to serve the personal interests of the lawmakers who wrote and voted for this. the party list system is their “exit strategy”.

  • Natx Bacalzo

    The Party  System was put in place with the noblest of intentions. However, as always in PH society, its the rich vultures that made it a joke. Congress should pass a law criminalizing misrepresentation.

    • Republika Pilipinas

      Check out my comment above. “Congress should pass a law criminalizing misrepresentation.” This is suicide for the party-list representatives. You forgot that they themselves are the lawmakers.

  • curatolo

    Nun pa anatin alam na ang party list at kalokohan!!!. Ginagamit silang pang gulo ng mga naka upo sa puesto.Pang pa dami ng kaalyado, sa tiigin ba nyo saan kumukuha ng pondo mga yan pang kampanya? Ginamit yan nung araw na baka hindi ma control ang kongreso, sila ang pang dami ng kakampi.

  • Jack

    mr comelec chairman brillantes, as you have said that the partylist system is a joke, you can do something about it by recommending to congress to amend or repeal the partylist law

  • Cruxofthematter

    Too much freedom has made this country a clown in the family of nations. Because it is too free, it is always bent on revelry, dismissing responsibility while going for care-free fun at all times. The adage, “Only In the Philippines”, has been concocted to depict a country that is so care-free and irresponsible. The people who are crying “wolf” at this time are the very people who may have supported Congressmen and politicians who made this party-list circus a possibility in this country. However, I think there is no use crying over spilled milk, lets get it done quick, erase this system and limit to 2 or 3 party system, nothing more.

    • Republika Pilipinas

      What’s the plan? How do you erase the system? If not a bloody revolution, then never mind.

      • Calvin P. Flores


  • Night

    stupid law anyway – get rid of party list…. 
    we already have 280+ ordinary moronic congressmen… no need to add more morons there. 

    also – has there been any good law coming from the party list morons ever? if non-performing just get it out

    • jbadge

      I couldn’t agree more! 

    • captainramius

      280 with P 70 million pork and allowances every year .  It pays talaga subra pa .

      Dont lose hope tago nyo old newspaper nyo, kailangan natin yan pag punta ng congress dont forget to bring matches ha ?

  • Republika Pilipinas

    This is a hopeless case. There is no way that the 1987 Constitution or the RA 7941 would be amended. The party-list representatives would prevent AT ALL COST any movement to amend both the 1987 Constitution and the RA 7941.

    • captainramius

      Hindi hopeless… lets gather ourselves together, ako marami old newspapers sa house kayo din at dala kayo posporo punta tayo sa congress , alam nyo na ano next.

      Sa France yong ginawa nila kaya na end monarchy doon .

  • pikloy

    IT IS AND IT HAS BEEN…..The quality of the politicians has gone from bad to worst.

    • captainramius

      Excuse me , Si Annabelle Rama tatakbo na as congresswoman for Cebu.  Baka si Pokwang may political ambition na din.

  • watot

    obviously true, the law was so weakly crafted that corrupt politicans took advantage on it. abolish it once and for all. how can a multi million political dynasty can represents tricycle drivers, who has never rode a trike himself, fools were those in comelec who approved its representation.

    • captainramius

      lets gather in front of congress dala kayo pospuro at papel…. alam nyo na ano gagawin natin next para matapos na ito kalokohan ginagawa nila sa atin. Subra .

  • watot

    public wants to know these party list groups and representatives accomplishments, calling on Heidi to audit it, hehehehe

  • jbadge

    What the heck do we have a party-list system in the Philippines for? Aren’t our elected officials supposed to represent each and everyone of their constituents’ needs and interest? This is such a waste of taxpayers’ money and other resources. If the US, the most powerful nation in the world, has only, basically, a two-party system, why can’t we? Can we keep everything simple? Many, if not most, of these groups are only after power… power begets money and influence. Stop this nonsense and remove, or drastically amend, the party-list system in the Philippines. It brings more potential problems, such as graft and corruption, than benefits. 

    • marionics

      Originally intended to promote comprehensive
      program-based politics instead of just personality-dependent platforms of
      governance, the party-list
      system has
      nevertheless managed to open itself up to abuses by self-serving groups and
      traditional politicians or “trapos.”

      In what appears to be a disturbing trend
      during elections, poll watchdogs tend to question the creation and
      accreditation of certain party-list groups, claiming these to be pseudo
      factions that only breed cronyism and corruption instead of genuinely
      representing the “marginalized and underrepresented” sectors for which the
      system was originally created.

      The fact that the system can be subverted into
      a tool by power-hungry individuals to gain more power for their own selves is
      enough for the electorate to care which party-list groups are legitimate and
      which ones are just “fronts” designed to hinder the entry of those that have
      valid representation.

      These misplaced and selfish intentions
      contribute to the total disillusionment of Filipinos with this system. Hence,
      the lack of interest to the long line-up of party list groups. Why bother after
      all with a system that is not seen to be fulfilling its intended purpose?

      The Comelec has admitted that screening
      party-list nominees is beyond its job. Its duty is to accredit the party-list
      organizations and publish the names of the nominees. Certain sectors repeatedly
      call on the Comelec to educate the
      public on the
      party-list system and make sure all those in the long list deserve to be there.

      But with the Commission saddled with the task
      of educating over 50 million registered voters on the proper
      procedures and virtues of automated election, there may not be
      enough time to tackle other issues. On the other hand, lawmakers who stand to gain from having
      additional votes in Congress through their bogus party-list organizations
      cannot be relied upon to clean up the system.


  • sleepy

    party list representatives of pigs….

  • RyanE

    Blame Mikey Arroyo.. he started it all.

    Are these organizations supposed to be registered with SEC? If yes, then one of the requirements is that it should be in existence for at least 5 years.

  • Calvin P. Flores

    ABOLISH PARTY-LIST SYSTEM.. They just use our public funds for nothing!

  • captainramius

    With apologies, si Annabelle Rama will soon join Congress , nandyan na si Pacquiao, si Congressman Ecleo the convicted murderer at large pa bakit pa kailangan pa natin dagdag ng pako ang ulo natin tama na pls. Kayo mga netcitizens dont stop asking for the abolition of this law.  Sa dami ng lawyers dito sa pinas kong ano ano experiment ginawa nila sa constitution yan dumami lang congressmen at pork pero poverty at corruption tuloy tuloy pa rin .

    • joshmale2004

      I also heard a rumor somewhere that Willie R is also thinking of running for Congress.

      • WeAry_Bat

        Representing marginalized women dancers who should have incentives for work which can lead to long-term disability from the repetitive movements of their manual job of sway, bounce and horse dance.

      • marionics

        puede kong gawing adbokasiya ko yan a he he

      • WeAry_Bat

        pero according to the new rules, kelangan babae ka rin.  hehe.

      • marionics

        ganun ba? puede natin kwestyunin yan sa korte. basta ba kapakanan ng mga dancer ay nasa puso mo di ka nila puedeng pigilan pre he he

      • WeAry_Bat

         sige na nga, isama na rin yung mga table sitters.  sa pakikisasama nila ay nagkaka-sakit din sila sa liver ng ladies’ drinks.

        ano pa, yung mga nilalamig palagi o pneumonia dahil palaging konti ang damit…

      • marionics

        yaaan! now you’re talking. you may be on to something here he he

      • WeAry_Bat

         pre, pag mey gagong pulitiko ang maniwala sa ating dalawa sa isyung ito, wala na talaga ang pinas.

      • marionics

        tama ka chong pero di mo maipagkakaila na marangal ang hangarin natin at ang tanging nais lang naman natin ay mapangalagaan ang kapakanan ng mga babaeng ito na naging malupit sa kanila ang tadhana, di ba? he he

      • captainramius

        Kaya nga gusto ko si Pokwang tumakbo na din para masaya .  Honourable Senator Pokwang di ba ok din pakinggan.

  • BacolodBoy

    CORY AQUINO made it through the 1987 constitution!!!!

    • muddygoose

      Sir, alam mo ba ang processo ng paggawa ng constitution? Mga legal luminaries po ang ang nagsulat nito, hindi po si Cory Aquino. Tulad ng land reform, maganda po ang intent ng batas na ito. 

      Ang problema po ang implementation. Wala pong pinasang implementation law ang congress, na nararapat sa mga provisions ng constitution. Ang Comelec naman ay palpak ang pag-implement nito, tulad na nga sabi ni Ginoong Brillantes.

  • jaws378

    Mahirap gawin pero dapat na mawala na ang party list system sa ating Constitution. Bakit kailangan ang party when we have already enough congressmen to represent the people. Katunayan kaliwa at kanan ang creation ng legislative districts at new provinces.

    • marionics

      Originally intended to promote comprehensive
      program-based politics instead of just personality-dependent platforms of
      governance, the party-list
      system has
      nevertheless managed to open itself up to abuses by self-serving groups and
      traditional politicians or “trapos.”

      In what appears to be a disturbing trend
      during elections, poll watchdogs tend to question the creation and
      accreditation of certain party-list groups, claiming these to be pseudo
      factions that only breed cronyism and corruption instead of genuinely
      representing the “marginalized and underrepresented” sectors for which the
      system was originally created.

      The fact that the system can be subverted into
      a tool by power-hungry individuals to gain more power for their own selves is
      enough for the electorate to care which party-list groups are legitimate and
      which ones are just “fronts” designed to hinder the entry of those that have
      valid representation.

      These misplaced and selfish intentions
      contribute to the total disillusionment of Filipinos with this system. Hence,
      the lack of interest to the long line-up of party list groups. Why bother after
      all with a system that is not seen to be fulfilling its intended purpose?

      The Comelec has admitted that screening
      party-list nominees is beyond its job. Its duty is to accredit the party-list
      organizations and publish the names of the nominees. Certain sectors repeatedly
      call on the Comelec to educate the
      public on the
      party-list system and make sure all those in the long list deserve to be there.

      But with the Commission saddled with the task
      of educating over 50 million registered voters on the proper
      procedures and virtues of automated election, there may not be
      enough time to tackle other issues. On the other hand, lawmakers who stand to gain from having
      additional votes in Congress through their bogus party-list organizations
      cannot be relied upon to clean up the system.


  • captainramius

    Chairman Brillantes hindi po ito joke.  Pangloloko na po for the rest of the 90 million filipinos lalo na yong mga mahihirap, mga wala work, mga senior citizens living on small pensions, mga minimum wage earners lang , puede ba ibigay mo sa amin lahat na papers ng existing party list pati na application ng mga bago at kami dito sa blog mag punta dyan sa congress pari e sunog ito o kaya e pahid sa pwet namin. ?

  • Gene

    Tigbakin na yang Party List System na yan at nagagamit lang ng mga ganid at mapagsamantala.  Halatang halata naman na panloloko lang yang mga party list.  Nagsama sama na at everybody happy na ang mga makakaliwa, makakanan, mga magnanakaw at lahat na yata ng mga hinayupak.  Busog sa kick back at pork barrel.  ANG KAKAPAL, MGA BWISIT!

  • AntiAko

    So disqualify these bogus groups with bogus nominees already!!!

  • Cradge

    This is true! party-list system is really a joke
    I have an experience one time when im an OJT in a call center company and this party list Kasanga is their client what they do is they publish a fake promo on newspaper where you need to submit your contacts and when you fall into prey by that their hired call center will call you and campaign for that party-list. WTH! 

  • mon key

    The Party List System would not be a joke if people in the COMELEC were not clowns in the first place. They are the ones who are qualifying partylist applicants. For sure they understand what the constitution meant by “marginalized sector”. The Philippine System of government is being run by fools and clowns all lumped together. That is why we have monsters, ghouls and netherworld creatures in municipality’s, citys, provinces, the halls of congress, the senate chamber, in government agencies and offices.

    • catherine sien

       bakit naman po ninyo tinatawag na clowns ang mga officials ng Comelec.  eto na nga po, sila na nga po ang nagsusumikap na ayusin, sila pa ang clowns.  siguro naman po dapat encourage pa nga po ninyo sila para maayos ng husto ang systema di po ba?  kawawa naman po sila sa comelec — sa dami ng kanilang trabaho upang magsilbi ng maayos, sila pa ang masama.  bigyan naman po ninyo sila ng opportunity na ayusin ang mga ito.  salamat po.

  • resortman

    What do we do for a law that does not serve its purpose and be abused by the wealthy? Repeal it!! Who will repeal it? Wealthy politicians who are in some way allied with the said pseudo marginalized group. What are the peoples options? Make a noise and be vigilant in uncovering these double faced hypocrites!!
    One is “Ako Bicol” which never represent a marginalized sector in Bicol, it is known to be represented by the wealthiest businessmen and arrogant lawyers in Bicol…lagi ginigisa sa sariling mantika ang Bicolano!!
    The Party-List system is never a joke, it is an insult to the poor, where the rich continously screw them bigtime!!

  • Stuubs

    Thanks to momy CORY’S CONSTITUTION! it’s all well laid out for NOY’S ADMINISTRATION! 

  • WeAry_Bat

    Security guards have been represented?  I still get the very few times of a company or condo guard coming up to me because they lacked money. 

    What has their political representative done for them, ha?!  N a p a k a i n i s yung pamilyang baboy na yan.

  • Stuubs

    RESIGN AQUINO MOVEMENT(RAM)!!! Just use our mouse to click LIKE for YES!!

    • Labandera1

      How about this!!!!………………….Rest In Peace (RIP) Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Movement!!! Just use your mouse to click LIKE for YES!!

  • MahalKobayanko

    Good job, COMELEC. It would be a big help to our government para ang pera ay talagang mapupunta sa tamanag sectors… Tipid malaki kong ang dapat lang mag represent ang mapipili. 

  • SG0609

    Aha…Magpaparegister na ako ng aking party-list, ang “ABOLISH THE PARTY-LIST” MOVEMENT!!!! Mananalo kaya ako? hmmm

  • Raymundo Gica

    ang mabuti dyan ay iabolish ang party-list na. bakit may party-list sa ibang bansa wala dito lang sa pinas.  ginawa iyang party-list sa mga politikong ganid at takaw ng pera… 

  • doncleo

    A good example is Mikey Arroyo… how can he represent security guards when he is neither one and never was one.. bakit ito pinalusot?

    • TonTon

       kasi nung panahon na yun, si Gloria pa naka upo sa Malacanang, kung siguro ngayun sya nag file di siya papayagan…

      or nadaan sa pera pera na naman ang comelec… :((

  • whyinthisworld

    We don’t need party lists if we only elect capable, qualified, sincere, intelligent and with initiative representatives of EVERY political district of this country. They are our voice in congress so whatever concern and problems of their constituents on respective areas they were representing, will prepare the bill for discussion after which it will become law. If our congressmen could only listen and do their job, definitely we do not need party list who unfortunately, like what elected congressmen are doing now, will eat our money as a waste of national budget which should have been used for more beneficial projects like school, hospitals, infrastructures and many more.
    True this is stupid and must be abolished now.   

    • marionics

      e yan kasi ang ideal situation in a democratic-republican (US style) system of government. e kaso kasi e peudal pa din talaga kasi ang underlying socio-economic structure natin sa pinas at itong mga opisyal natin ay mga panginoong may lupa o mga patron o di kaya mga datu sa totoong buhay. kaya hindi kapakanan ng taumbayan ang interes nila kundi ang pansarili nilang interes at kapangyarihan. walang representative democracy talaga dito sa atin

      • whyinthisworld

        Alam mo amigo, nakaka galit isipin na wala silang ginagawa yet kung magsalita parang honorable at lahat na ata ng mmga dapat gawin ay parang nagawa na nila. Baguhin natin, panahon na. Alam mo pag nakikita ko ang mga kongresista natin para akong nakakita ng mga buwaya na nag hihintay lamang ng masisila pero to do good and think for the people, no way. Kung ikaw ay naging executive ng private company makikita mo ang kaibahan know what hindi sila nag iisip.

      • marionics

        he he life ain’t perfect ika nga

  • opinyonlangpo

    There should be no party list at all. These are just personalities going for the pork barrel and have no significant connection to whatever they claim to represent. It is greed motivated political aspirants.

  • Guest

    See the difference?

  • jose

    Abolished the Party List System, and go back to 3 Party System of Principles.

  • Opel

    d tuli partylist, eligibilty of the nominee can easily be verified thru visual inspection!  They can join congress dami naman $Upot doon.

  • Bayan Panona

    Yes!Remove the partylists especially those communist partylist!mga salot sa lipunan!

    • muddygoose

      Actually, yung mga komunistang partylist representatives ang matitino. Nagta-trabaho talaga sila at nire-represent talaga nila ay marginalized sectors, tulad ng labor, farmers, mga kababaihan, at mga OFW. Ang mga salot talaga eh yung mga tipong anak ng pulitiko na representante kuno ng mga security guard or tricycle driver.

      • Bayan Panona


      • Edwin

        walang partylist na matitino..puro kurakot lang ang alam. pwedeng tumulong sa kapwa kahit hindi ka nkapwesto sa gobyerno

      • muddygoose

        Wag mo naman lahatin. Paano na lang si Mikey?

  • Verlito

    Abolish the party-lists system. It has not done any good to our democratic system except as an additional burden to government financial resources.

  • TonTon

    ano ba dapat gawin sa party list na ito? i abolish or higpitan ang batas para dito?

    • Harry

      The duty of regional congressman is to represent everyone within his constituency. There is no citizen that is not represented by a congressman. 

      The party-list system originated from Marcos’ sectoral representatives system which he can appoint and control the Parliament. 

      Now, party-list system has become a lobbying tools, trading their votes in the Congress and fronts for political dynasties/parties, etc. It serves no importance to the entire population. Their constituents are face-less and unrecognizable.

      We cannot abolish the party-list system by a bill, the fault of the framers of our Constitution cannot be corrected without amending our Constitution.

  • nathan

     napapailing na lang ako.

  • nathan

    haay buhay sa pinas..

  • Wacs Harper

    Remove the pork barrel budget from congress then no greedy politicians will run for congress.

    If you give each representative a 10 million budget; 285 seats x 10M = 2.85B. Then the government is just wasting more than half of that budget or about 1.9 billion each year without any improvement seen in the areas those representatives are governing.

    By the way, the government can add that 1.9 billion to existing budgets to build a small waste incinerator plant.

  • Wacs Harper

    Mag tataka pa kayo kung bakit may party list, kaya may party list dahil may budget, mag taka din kayo bakit may SK at may budget din, kasi ginawang batas na magkaroon ng SK at bigyan sila ng budget para yung mga anak ng mga politico eh humawak ng malaking pera, at syempre dito papadaanin ang budget ng mga congresista or ng mayor or ng barangay.

    Galing ng planning ano… parang money laundering na ginagamit pera ng gobyerno pero ginawang legal.

    Ingat kayo, baka sa susunod kahit mga brgy. tanod eh kurakot na din.

  • isalexus

    Obviously -people will find ways to abuse the system!!!

  • kismaytami

    Abot tanaw talaga ang pork barrel sa tongreso. Oops! Not so fast…

  • Aris Kalayaan

    Party-list system is a joke because the Comelec allows it to be a joke.  But if the Comelec will strictly implement what is intended by the law, we can hear more voices from the true marginalized and underrepresented sectors of society in Congress.

  • my_chatmate

    I might as well apply for accredition of my party – Ang Tawa or Samahan ng mga Nagpapatawa ng Bayan and claim that Dolphy’s followers, artistas, and politicians are my constituents. Marginalized and under-represented.  Hehehe.

  • vodot

    It’s a joke to Philippine partylist system to allow as nominee a convicted rapist. Check on Kakusa nominee, Romeo G. Jalosjos.

  • Adarna

    pede magpa acredit ?- SAmahan ng mga MAgnanakaw (SAMA), the parlylist of all corrupts… 


  • Adarna

    Or Philippine Association of Slipped Titanium Plate of Cervical Vertebrae, sure ako marginilized yan!!! Alam niyo na kung sino ang first nominee!

    • Adarna

      Ang nag iisang nominee, member, beneficiary, founder, president and board of director!

  • Adarna

    Or Philippine Association of Abrupt Illness Secondary to Court Hearing….wow ang daming nomineessshhh!

    maloloka si brilliantes!

  • Platypus09

    There should only be 2- to 3-political party structure in our country like the US’ Democratic Party, Republican Party, and the Green Party.

    It has to be mandated by Congress as a political reform law or by way of a Constitutional
    Amendment to streamline and get rid of multiple-political party structure during elections, which sounds ridiculous and out of control.

    More parties means chaos, people will be divided, more-than-half-of-the-majority mandate will not be reached if there are more than two candidates running for national government
    positions from multiple political parties, Comelec will need more manpower and thus VERY COSTLY.

    If there are only two main political parties as electoral structure, these candidates will run against each other first depending on their party affiliations in the geographical or electoral divisions they belong and then the party winners will run against each other. Thus, there will be only two to three candidates per position per electoral division.

    Interested parties will sign up in these main political parties and run for specific office or position, then party elections will be held and the winners will be proclaimed. Each party winners for that position will run against each other to be voted by the populace.

    This system works PEACEFULLY in the US with 200 million plus population preventing electoral chaos and confusion during elections, it should also work here in our country.

    And thus, the majority mandate, which is one-half of the voters plus one or more than 50% of the total voters, will be reached.

    • MS. F3

      Unfortunately, this 2-3 party system will not see the light in Philippine politics as this will prevent the political dynasties from keeping their stronghold to their position. Thus congress will not lift a finger towards it. Cory Aquino had a chance to make this happen thru the 1987 constitution but lo and behold, she was simply too powerless against the powers that be. These political vultures took advantage of here for their own political advantages.

      • Platypus09

        We, the people, will try to sue Congress for not doing the right thing especially if they don’t listen to what majority of people want as far as government operational structures are concerned, if needed. 

        People SHOULD petition and rally for 2-3 party system and let the Congress start working on it to be supported by the Supreme Court. 

        Democracy starts WITH the people and let the people work on something that they think is right and fair. 

        EDUCATE EVERYBODY and get as much support from lots of people. 

        Ms. Cory was alone. She should have educated everybody FIRST and get support from the people so they can ask their Congressmen and Senators legislate election reforms.

        The key is EDUCATION, formal and informal through media.  

        There is no such thing as hopeless case. People should not give up on something good to correct something bad. 

        Try and try and try until you succeed.

        If we allow this to continue and we are not doing anything to stop this election charade, then we can BLAME ourselves from now on.   

        If 2-3 party political system can eliminate political dynasties, then we should RALLY FOR IT..!!

  • Alex Tan

    Everyone in Legazpi City knows that Christopher Co is a crony of the Arroyos and should be investigated for his sudden wealth.  The resort he owns was actually funded by the Arroyos hidden wealth.   Ako Bicol should be disqualified to run as a party list and only protects the interest of the Co family and their rich chinese friends in Legazpi City.  Only in the Philippines. 

  • tabitabi

     “The party-list system has become a joke,”  Brillantes said.
    The system is a joke.Created by some brain dead joker.

  • Jimmy

    declare this part of the phil constitution as unconstitutional. ask the supreme court if they have authority to do it. walang kwenta ang karamihan sa mga party list groups. puro kasinungalingan lang…

  • MS. F3

    First, Start with the nominees SALN. Just from this COMELEC will know if these reps belong to the marginalized. Second, if they lie on that, they will surely put themselves in hot water if their SALN after they get elected become bloated. Third and related to first, the nominees should not be a known personality, political, entertainment, etc. COMELEC should put their foot down on this. They cannot wait for congress to act on the guidelines because it will not. Finally, they should use their common sense in accrediting PLs. Obviously, Mikey Arroyo do not represent the tricycle drivers and security guards and yet COMELEC accredited his PL, to name an example.

  • MS. F3

    LOL. Since most comments here are about imaginary marginalized group that should be accredited by COMELEC, let me toss my 2-cents worth of nominee.
    -SAmahan ng Mga Artistang LAging TAlo sa Eleksyon (SAMALATAE) – at least baka sa PL manalo na.

  • boss_dolpo


  • Platypus09

    If we allow this election circus fiesta to continue, then we can blame ourselves from then on.

    The future of our democratic processes are in our hands.

    We need to do something because things could get out of control in front of our eyes.

    Chaos and mistrust to democratic principles should be addressed ASAP to keep the peaceful momentum and prevent future protests, rallies and rebellion.

    These things are preventable if we address these things properly and timely.

  • pepengkabayo

    Dapat may party list representative sa mga Pnoy na may TB or COPD.
    100 percent most pinoys ay may television.
    This is one sector of society where they are very much neglected.

  • vir_a

    Ang mga leftist are also using the partylist system in advancing their agenda. In the provinces, they distribute their pork barrel ala what DSWD is doing, who later become unwilling members or campaigners of their causes. 

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