Santiago to veto Roxas’s confirmation


Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago has formally informed the powerful Commission on Appointments her plan to veto the confirmation of incoming Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II on Wednesday.

“Out of deference, I have to inform you that at the CA plenary session this Wednesday at 1:00 p.m., I intend to veto the confirmation of Sec. Manuel A. Roxas II,” Santiago said in her letter this Tuesday to Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III, chairman of the CA’s committee on interior and local government.

“I consider Sec. Roxas, against whom I have nothing personal, as more than qualified in honesty, competence and efficiency. However, I have announced that I shall oppose the confirmation of any Cabinet member whom I invited to the Rico Puno hearing held on September 14, 2012 but who all declined to appear,” she said.

“In so doing, I wish to stand by the principle of checks and balances between the executive and the legislative branches of government. This applies to all the cabinet members concerned,” Santiago added.

Aside from Roxas, other Cabinet members who did not appear in Santiago’s hearing last week were Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, Environment Secretary Ramon Paje and Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa .

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  • Constantine

    No problem, Pnoy can always re appoint the deserving cabinet secretaries. Thank you Miriam!

    • Edward Castro

      si mirriam kaya i appoint nya sa dilg

  • Ozamis7

    Haaayyy… naku wala na talagang pag asa ang Pinas…kahit matanda na
    nag isip bata pa rin…Pilipinas ko… kawawa ka naman… hindi na tayo umuusad lalo na pag ganito ang mga pag iisip ng mga sinator natin…Tama na..!!!!

  • rene

    translation.. hindi nyo ako pinapansin, pwes siguro mapapansin nyo na ako ngayon… Miriam was embarassed so she has to redeem her lost Ego. Matakot tayo sa utak na sira sira at dambuhala pa!

  • ricardo alberto

    Does anybody care about what this wacko says?

  • Jun Go

    “In so doing, I wish to stand by the principle of checks and balances
    between the executive and the legislative branches of government. This
    applies to all the cabinet members concerned,” Santiago added.

    stand by what principle?  such a vindictive senator!

    is that how you perceive yourself madam senator?  ang kapal din ng pagmumukha mo!

    binoto ka ng bayan para gampanan ang iyong tungkulin, at hindi pairalin ang iyong personal ego!

    ang babaw talaga ng pag-uugali mo madam.

    dapat sa iyo ipag-sama ni pekeng kongresistang mentos sa isang balde at ipilit ipagkasya kung saan ang mga mukha nyo ay magkatabi at kapwa kayo mag-tatalak sa isa’t-isa. bulok at walang lugar sa matinong lipunan ang mga asal nyo!

    harvard at UP graduate ka pa naman….G*G*!

    • 12JEM

       Correction…galit na galit iyang babaye na iyan sa mga taga-Harvard..Dahil di siya na-accept doon.  Kaya punta siya sa Univ of Michigan.

      BTW, Univ of Michingan is okay. ang hindi okay ay ang babaye na iyan. 

      Ang babaye na iyan hindi galit kay Roxas.  Inis na Inis lang iyan kay Koringking.

  • iskorokotoy

    nothing personal daw sabi ni miriam. really? standing by the principle of checks and balances daw. really? this lady senator with her overly inflated ego has all the reason to take things personally due to the no-show of mar. and, isn’t the executive’s right to receive in advance questions to be asked a form of also checking and balancing the propensity of the senate to abuse its power? hay mirriam, punta ka na lang kasi sa international court of justice. baka matuwa pa sa iyo mga tao dun. what you plan to do by blocking the confirmation of roxas et. al. is a disservice to the country.  our nation has to continue moving on tapos haharangin mo pa? come on!

    • PaengSaAmerika

      Lumalawak na ang tama sa utak ng pobreng senadora.

  • Aryong

    This is correct, at least no one is untouchable when it comes to investigating anomaly act in the government.
    This will serve him a lesson and the other cabinet officials who are hiding under the pants of PNoy.

    • Bert

      Agree, bakit kasi ang mga ANOMALYA NI PUNO AY PINAGTAKPAN…..

  • droccu

    “I consider Sec. Roxas, against whom I have nothing personal, as more than qualified in honesty, competence and efficiency….I shall oppose the confirmation of any Cabinet member whom I invited…..”
    He is qualified and deserving BUT I will not confirm him- political schizophrenia- Brenda Style.KSP! 

  • PaengSaAmerika

    I think it’s time for our kababayang Pinoys in The Hague to do a prayer vigil for Mirriam for the ICC to call her and serve her post as a judge. She’s a pain in the throat in the Phillipine Senate.

    • Bert

      Like I said, ICC’s loss is the Senate’s gain, and vice versa…..

  • Hey_Dudes

    Miriam Defensor Santaigo must have forgotten it was the efforts put together by DFA Del Rosario and President Benigno C. Aquino III through hard lobbying that ICC finally accepted her to be among their judges.  GMA and Romulo also tried in the past but for their notorious reputations, Miriam Santiag did not make it.  It did not matter if she was highly qualified but for the politics that also goes when one ventures into a world outside the Philippine sphere of influence.  ICC must have considered the current administration less corrupt compared to the previous and so she got in with the help of the administration.

    It is difficult to understand what Miriam Santiago’s end game is.  She is no longer qualified to run for congress and soon will be departing for the Hague to fulfill the position to that prestigious court.  So why is she doing all this when as a token of goodwill, not going through with all these unnecessary hassles and stress to cabinet appointments she threaten to veto?  By vetoing will her stock go up or her popularity will rise all the way to heavens?

  • pinoyrocker

    How can one expect Miriam to discharge her duty in the International Criminal Court when she could not dispense justice to Mar Roxas? She is a national disgrace!

  • Bert

    Quote: “In so doing, I wish to stand by the principle of CHECK AND BALANCE between the executive and the legislative branches of government. This applies to all the cabinet members concerned,” 

    The capitalized words is one reason why Mighty Miriam should just stay in the senate instead of the ICC….

  • watot

    did you cry out loud when GMA’s cabinet refuse to show up during senate inquiry? did you investigate Pampanga as hueteng capital, did it ever cross your mind that Pineda and Arroyos are the hueteng lord? no because of your corrupt check and balance attitude. shame!!!

    • Bert

      owwwsss….lame, so is pnoy a 2nd rate trying hard GMA COPY-CAT in also not allowing his cabinet to attend the hearing? Pnoy is supposed to represent “change” from the supposed previous admin’s crooked ways, right?

  • Jun Go

    ok yung picture nilang dalawa, isang white lady with red kissable lips (with the pig). sobrang puti dito ni miriam, kulay siopao na may red spot (bola-bola); tapos pasukan ng siling labuyo ang mga butas ng ilong ni madam

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    “I consider Sec. Roxas, against whom I have nothing personal, as more than qualified in honesty, competence and efficiency. However, I have announced that I shall oppose the confirmation of any Cabinet member whom I invited to the Rico Puno hearing held on September 14, 2012 but who all declined to appear,” she said.

    Puro Bugok na senador…Suriin nyong mabuti ang dahilan ni Senadora Santiago kung bakit hindi niya aayunan ang kompirmasyon ni Roxas…Nakakagigil na katuwiran Ginang Santiago at ito ay hindi katuwiran ng isang matalinong Senador tulad ng iyong laging ipinagyayabang sa publiko…

  • rosamistika16

    madam senator if you don want to confirm Mar Roxas as DILG secretary, do you have an authority to appoint a competent cabinet member and confirm them at the same time?  What if PNoy has only one possible and right candidate for him except Mar Roxas, would you let the country suffer because of your pride and arrogance?

    • 12JEM

       Please, please do not ask such kind of questions to somebody who is suffering from Pudendal Nerve Entrapment (PNE).

    • Bert

      all the premises are wrong, so there is nothing to suffer of……segurado ka si BFF MAR lang ang qualipicado?

  • Meldrin A. Montano

    I love MIRIAM>>>>>>

    • Juan Tamadachij

      “In jest, there is truth” – Shakespeare – lol

  • arthur1410

    Miriam, you found nothing wrong against roxas and yet you will block his appointment. Fine. 

    You said “check and balances”. Fine.

    But, if you don’t know what “check and balances” and allowing the right person to do his job meant, it means, you have no business staying in the senate, you have no business in leading this country to greater heights, you have no business in doing an honorable job in ICC.   

    By denying roxas the opportunity to do his job without the monkey in his back, it means you are the biggest hindrance for this country to move forward, which also means, he will have to deal with you just to please you, no matter what the consequences are.

    Miriam, you are elected because you are expected to do the job of a senator. You are not there because of your screwed pride, maniacal ego and amoebic IQ. 

    What is “check and balances” got to do with the person you found to be personally and professionally  acceptable and capable and yet, you put yourself as the major stumbling block for doing his job?

    Miriam, this is not about your personal glory. This is not about whether you are correct or wrong in investigating puno. This is not about your lofty position in the senate. This is about our county, this is about keeping the mandate of DILG. This is no longer about personal, pride and ego because it is our country that is at stake. 

    If you still don’t get what I mean, RESIGN. Just go to ICC and let then burdened by your insidious stupidity for all I care.

    • sam_aquino

       well said, arthur…

      we need to start a petition… 

      petition for her to leave senate & go serve at ICC, so we can finally get rid of this egotistic maniac…

      • arthur1410

        I wish I could. my knowledge in IT is very limited and I don’t think I could do it. Let the young idealistic guys do the job for us. I will be there, i will lend whatever small knowledge I have in words to give justice to this cause. Miriam is is going of bounds. She is no longer functioning intellectually and emotionally. she is becoming the thorns in our desires to have a new country governed by reasonable and sane leaders. 
        Maybe, someone will pick up from where you started. Thank you.

      • sam_aquino

        well, initially, people petitioned for her NOT to be accepted to the ICC citing her attitude during the impeachment trial…  it went viral & people signed for it…

        she was supposed to go during that time but opted to finish the impeachment proceedings…  it’s long over now, but she’s still has not left…

        maybe ICC picked up from it & decided to cancel her appointment???  maybe so, but who knows??? 

        i guess it was a wrong move (i myself signed for it), it backfired, bigtime!!!


      • arthur1410

        sometimes, destiny makes joke. You are right. A petition was made to let ICC know that miriam is a joke to be included in ICC. But that joke is on us. Now we will petition again to let her in at ICC at all cost just to get rid of her at Phil senate.
        Perhaps, ICC is already confused. ahhh, this is what you called “the world is crazy”. Ahh, Miriam, its all your fault.

      • sam_aquino

         you are absolutely right!!!  the JOKE (or joker, for that matter) is now on us!!!

        nyahaha!!! :-p

    • arthur1410

      The senate’s CA is turning out to be the biggest joke in the Phil senate. If Miriam can block a nominee because she doesn’t want the color of nominees’s neck tie, the person responsible for appointing him can just wait for the next session so the nominee can replace his neck tie, until miriam is satisfied with the color of the neck tie the nominee is wearing. 

      Miriam is making CA irrelevant because it is no longer functioning as it should. 

      Meaning, the essence of why the nominee was appointed is not an issue anymore but the color of his neck tie.

      Meaning, the relevance of why the nominee is appointed is no longer important. 

      Meaning, the CA is more concerned on what the nominee is going to wear, not what the nominee is appointed for.

      Meaning, CA is all BS and nothing more.

  • lolo_Jose

    Hahaha ang sanga-sangang dila ni Brenda ay kinambalan pa ng utak ng 7 taon bata,
    lintek na buhay na ito bat kasi hindi pa umalis ng bansa ng matahimik na tayo…..
    Sayang na sayang ang pera natin na pinapasahod sa kanya mag aasal bata na
    kulang sa pansin lang ang pinaggagawa niya..Inang Maawain si Brenda po ay
    inyong pagalingin…

    • Bert

      Nah, kung sya “gagaling”, she will be staying at the senate, for good…hehe

    • sam_aquino


  • johnlordphilip

    Madam senator, it seems that your ego is bigger than your love for our country.

    • Bert

      You equate confirmations as love for country? Eh, PUNO COVER-UP at SABOTAHE nga ang ginawa ng mga cabinet members, eh? So they don’t deserve confirmation.

  • ruiznelli

    Madamme Senator, GORAAH na sa pagka-PRESIDENTE sa 2016!! palitan na ang ABNOY na walang wentah..

  • Lloyd

    Sen. Mirriam has the right to her decision to use her veto power as all other cabinets secretary whom she invited to appear on her hearing last friday has also the right to decline the invitation. That is the essence of being a democratic country.

    • generalproblem

      pero dapat nyang alamin kung dapat nga nyang gamitin ang veto power nya. dahil ba sa gumaganti sya kaya nya gagamitin.. nung di nila na confirm si robredo at nung namatay gusto nila na i confirm kahit patay na. ang mga politiko sa atin alam kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng democracy kaso di nila magawang gawin dahil ang mga pinoy di marunong magdala ng power

  • JK1000

    Matronang Senador, why starts the fire when you’re the first one to surrender after Usec. Puno didn’t give you what you want from your hearing? you’re kind of vengeance only shows that you’re unfit to go to International Court of Justice.

    • Bert

      Masaya ka naman na NAKALUSOT si PUNO, because he didn’t give what miriam wants from the hearing? Akala ko ba gusto nyo ng transparency in govt? 

      • Flavio

         tungkulin ng nag aakusa na ilabas ang ebidensya laban kay puno. kaso pulos tsismis lang pala sina brenda , arch cruz at sino pang ponsio pilato.
        napahiya lang si lukaret kaya nag be berat parang spoiled monster !

      • Bert

        Dami mo pang pasikot-sikot. So talagang masaya ka dahil NAKALUSOT nga ang isang BIG FISH na shooting buddy ni Pnoy? 

  • Handiong

    Puno was the subject of the investigation. Why include other Cabinet members?

    It’s time to remove the veto power of individual CA members. It allows a single member to hold hostage the entire commission. Let the voting be majority rule-based.

    • Edwin Edwin

      101% agree. Nagagamit ang veto power sa kalokohan imbes na sa ikabubuti ng pagpapatakbo ng bayan. Tapos sasabihin ni Brendamage noong namatay si Robredo ‘bakit hindi na-confirmed ng CA? Mentally-fvck talaga…

    • Joe

      Who said that anyone can hold the appointment? What you’re wishing is what already the rule is.

      • Handiong

        Know the fact first before you open your mouth. In the case of the late Sec. Robredo, his political enemy in the local politics in Cam. Sur, Rep. Luis R. Villafuerte, was the one who held up his confirmation.

  • San

    A matron spurned, holding back a country…. sheesh.

    we should all boycott her….

  • Barak_O

    pakepot ang broha

  • sam_aquino


  • marionics

    wala din yan

  • isidro c. valencia

    Nagsikantot ang ICC na tangapin si Miriam. Nabalitaan nila na “walang kwetang babae si Miriam” at mahilig lang mag palapad ng papel.” 

    Hinde na nga siya pinapansin ng ibang Senador, at hinde na siya pinapatulan. Kung nagsasalita si Miriam sa Senado, palakpakan ang mga “sira ulo sa lahat ng pavilllon sa National Mental Hospital.” 

    Yong ngang mga “grease people sa amin” bilib na bilib kay Miriam. Pati na rin si Aling Gloria, minsan umiiiyak, minsan tumatawa, pag nakita si Miriam sa TV, tuwang tuwa at parang nakakita ng nawawalang kasamahan. Tapos iiyak. 

    Kasamahan niyan ni Miriam ay ang yumaong Valentin de los Santos, si Sisa, at mga taong grasa.

    • Bert

      di ka naman kasama sa kwarto ng mga taong grasa habang nanunuod sa tebbee? hehe

  • deadlyshooter

    keep your confirmation to yourself, hide it inside your safe where it will not be robbed, what is your confirmation anyway where the man can just do his job like Jesse did…

    • Bert

      but bff mar is never a jesse…..

      • deadlyshooter

        of course, they are both unique, but if Jesse can do it, can he not do it? is it a hindrance to doing his job well? that’s why this CA is so abusive…and what is really the function of this CA, to be a hindrance or be of help?

  • regd

    I dislike the lady, I disagree with the motive but I agree with the verdict.

  • jsmith52398

    Maiba ako, saan kayang Morgue nagpapaayos si Tililing? Parang naparami ang lagay ng bulak at Formalin sa mukha at magang maga kailangan pang saluhin ng kamay niya.  Tanga siguro iyung embalsadora nakalimutan pang isuklay yung buhok niya.  Umalis ka na diyan Brenda, mukha kang inembalsa.  Pagulo ka lang sa Senado… 

    • prince_janus

      hahahahahahahaha! pahigain na yan sa kabaong.

    • Lloyd

      Your comments make any sense. Just focus on the issue rather than attack the personality of a person.

  • KpTUL

    It is weird. Those people were opposed to GMA’s policy of not letting her cabinet members join any inquiry. All of them from PNoy to Mar Roxas to everybody they were so angry about that.  And now, from where i stand it pretty much seems they adapted what GMA did. If this is not hypocrisy then this what we call a sham !

    • Bert

      These people are not called GMA COPY-CAT or a HOLIER-THAN-THOU SELF RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRITES for nothing….

  • Juan Tamadachij

    There must be a full moon right around this time, hence the rants, raves & threats from Sen Fatso The 2nd.. What an Incredible Hulk, figuratively and literally speaking..

    • marionics

      wala din yan

      • Juan Tamadachij

        lol.. Hubba great one.

  • $16638896

    tama lang yan, dapat pantay pantay….

  • Bonifacio Aquino


    • prince_janus


      • Bert

        careful, the word “autistic” is reserved to someone else…..and the yellowzombs are so allergic about this word….hehe

  • sam_aquino

    she is one narcissistic, egotistical maniac!!!

    why we just not let her go to hague (ICC), & let the senate (& the country as well) have peace…

  • Lloyd

    We need a fiscalizer like Sen. Mirriam Santiago in the Senate otherwise there is no more checks and balances in the govt. Lahat na lang sunod sunuran sa kagustuhan ng Executive.

  • azkal futbol

    EPAL na senadora… sayang ang pera ng bayan, parang batang dapat pagbigyan sa kapritso… me tama nga

  • TagaMlang

    The CA is composed of the Senate President as Chairman and 12 Senators
    and 12 Congressmen as members.  “Brenda” Santiago is one of the members.

    Based on the Primer on the Commission on Appointments issued by Transparency and Accountability Network, there is no such thing as “veto power” by a member of the CA.  The CA rules on all nominations or appointments by a majority vote of all its members.  Since there are 24 members and the Senate President cannot vote except to break a tie, then it needs only 13 votes to get a confirmation.  “Brenda can easily be over-ridden.  So what’s the big fuss about it? 

    Well, it confirms “Brenda” Santiago as really a “Brenda”.


    • marionics

      eto kasi yun e

      SECTION 20. SUSPENSION OF CONSIDERATION OF NOMINATIONS OR APPOINTMENTS. Any member may move for the suspension of action by the Commission on any nomination or appointment favorably recommended by a standing committee and the Chairman shall suspend the consideration of said nomination or appointment: Provided, that, such suspension may be taken up on the next succeeding session of the Commission; Provided, further, that this section shall not apply to nominations or appointments taken up by the Commission during the last session prior to a sine die adjournment of Congress. 

  • CaseBlue

    Petty reason … She took it personally.  I agree with the other comments. The power of a single member to block a nomination should be removed.  It should be subjected to a vote instead. 

    • marionics

      nasa rules kasi ng CA yan e pero i don’t see why they can not just amend the rules

  • dequis

    siya ba noong nagbunganga sa kanyang kapwa mambabatas sa impeachment ni corona, may nag-isip ba ng ganti sa kanya?? wala naman ahh. tayo nang lahat kaya sa senate bukas huwag na muna tayong magsipasok sa mga trabaho natin, pagsasapatosin lang natin sa mukha si miriam pag ayaw pumayag na maconfirm si roxas, ochoa at paje. sayang pati ang oras ng CA kung alam na rin lang na wala naman palang macoconfirm sa kanila

  • dequis

    sino ba munang nagmake up kay miriam, punerarya paz ba o tres amigos, parang gusto nang ilagay sa kabaong ah. sabagay wala namang gusto pang mabuhay ang buwisit na iya eh.

    • Bert

      wrong, mga cabinet members at yellowzombs lang ang ayaw pang mabuhay si mighty miriam……kami, gusto namin she will live, forever and ever….hehe

  • kruger

    Damnn!  Now, that’s one crazy beech if I ever saw one!

  • prince_janus


    • Bert

      samahan mo pre……hehe

  • ben987654321

    childish, demented, mentally sick – what happened to the psychiatric screening for senators?

    • Chie Acosta

      yeah, reminds me of a kid who no one wants to play with :(

  • juan_tanga

    sec. jesse was still very effective even without the CA confirmation.  who needs this confirmation anyway?

    • Bodhi_437

      But in the case of Roxas, he cannot assume as SILG since congress is in session.  In effect, there is no sitting SILG currently. 

      • juan_tanga

         yup and that’s sad.

  • Tristanism

    That’s easy. Pupunta ka na sa International Criminal Court. Hanggang duon na lang ang tantrums mo.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Robredo’s confirmation was hostaged as well by CA members who played god. I think its high time to review how the CA works.

    • marionics

      they have internal rules. all they have to do is revise the rules

  • Matthew Ferraro

    Hay naku Santiago – tumahimik ka nga.. ingay ingay mo!

  • Bodhi_437

    conrado de quiros wrote in defense of rico puno when he was attacked and insulted by mds.  This time, what can you say, mr. de quiros? nr?

    • marionics

      ayaw niya kay mar

  • LendingWanted

     Yan dapat!, hindi na susunod nalang agad, kelangan deserving talaga ang maitalaga sa pwesto. Kung magasto man ngayon sa pagpili, okay lang kesa mas makagasto ng malaki sa MALING pinili.,!! Good Job Sen. Santiago.

    • marionics

      e sabi na nga ni miriam na 
      “I consider Sec. Roxas, against whom I have nothing personal, as more than qualified in honesty, competence and efficiency”. e di deserving na nga siya at qualified

      • Joe

        sakto ka bai… buluka sad anang LendingWanted oi.. :P

      • LendingWanted

         Haha ou nga. ee’ di naman nagpadalos dalos ng desesyon aa’. Deserving naman si Sen. Roxas aa’ .

        JOE@ di man ka oy makasabot sa akoa bay, Literal man jud pagkasabot mo. 

  • Enrico

    Yan si Mirriam, lumalaban kahit nag iisa. 

    • prince_janus

      Oo, parikaramdam nya siya  ang senate president, presidente sa bansa o chief justice. may tupak talaga sa ulo.

  • mekeni62

    ire-reappoint lang naman ni Pnoy iyan. Ilang beses na bang na-bypass sina DeLima at Soliman eh andiyan pa rin sila.

  • Smoke_screen30

    Gumanti si Miriam Santiago, binoykot ang Senate session. Hahaha! Napikon ang lolah mo!

  • Chrytyios

    Walang boykot, walang conspiracy sa di pagdalo ng mga government officials sa Senate probe on Puno. Tamang hinala lang si Madam Miriam.

  • AssKeyker

    Miriam threatened to invoke Sec. 20 of CA rules on Roxas confirmation. Ok pabor ako diyan kung kay Mar Roxas. Pwedeng-pwede!

  • Gerald Abueva

    Well, if Mar Roxas is like Jesse Robredo, he wouldn’t mind going to his grave not getting the confirmation. Will Mar Roxas be like Jesse Robredo? We all know better.  

  • Fred

    Ang babaw mo!

  • Fred

    Baka naman sa Wednesday ay mag confirm sya.
    Sasabihin nya tapos:  “I lied, ha, ha, ha, ha”

  • Chip_off_Stop

    Possible magningas kugon si Mar Roxas sa anti-jueteng campaign. Magpapasikat sa una, kapag malamig na ang isyu, tuloy ang ligaya ng jueteng.

  • rojnkc2979

    Isang linggong boykot lang pala si Miriam “Tililing” Santiago, dapat one year na siyang absent sa Senate. Panggulo lang siya doon.

    • Bert

      And i like it when mighty miriam makes gulo, noise and chaos in the senate. She makes these senatongs, some of whom are recipients of juetengs, illegal logging and other scams, to think twice, dahil andyan si Inday Miriam, palaging NAKAMASID…hehe

  • AktingGMA

    So what kung umabsent siya Miriam Santiago sa Senate session. Lagi naman siyang absent dahil lagi siyang high blood.

    • botets

      hi blod side effect of her bi polar meds

  • Edwin

    tama ka senadora miriam..I salute you!!

  • Jon

    Ituloy ninyo ang laban ninyo , Madame Senator.
    Marami pong nasa likod ninyo sa layunin ninyong palabsin ang katotohanan.

  • deadlyshooter

    just look at her image above, it speaks a lot of who she really is…

  • wilfel

    Such a CHEAP reasoning to veto an appointment. You’re a intelligent ANIMAL so you know what is best for yourself only. If you were elected President last time, Philippines will be know as a CRAZY country because of you.

  • Peter L

    Sed lex dura lex.

  • akimaxx

    A firm foundation was already laid by the late Sec. Robredo on good governance. What the Filipino people want to watch is: how will Mar Roxas continue the Robredo spirit in DILG. I think government personnels (under DILG) that Robredo met during his term, are the right people to do the check and balance on the performance of Mar Roxas. People around the entire Philippines knew the Robredo spirit which the Commission on Appointments lingerly ignored. A slap on their faces. 

    Miriam, let Mar do his work first. Let the people be the judge.

  • Joe

    Her behavior in the Senate is indicative of a worsening condition of her state of mind. She has lost all concept of tact, intelligent reasoning, humility (if ever she had it), and how to win friends and influence people.  She has become childish, irrational, confrontational, a big ego tripper and a scrooge among his peers. I would not be surprised if the International Court of Justice will consequently withdraw its invitation for her inclusion in that prestigious body.

  • GustoKoHappyKa

    hay naku miriam…ego trip mo talaga…

  • norman_black6643

    Kabaliwan tawag dyan

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