Solon discovers ‘purest’ pot, wants to legalize it



Who’s high on weed?

A lawmaker is thrilled to have discovered a huge pot of gold in the illegal herb marijuana right in his home province and expressed his desire to legalize it “for the benefit of our farmers.”

While upland farmers of Benguet take pride in their fresh, plump vegetables, Benguet Rep. Ronald M. Cosalan seems to be especially proud of this herb.

“The boundary between Benguet and La Union is the source of the purest marijuana in Southeast Asia,” said Cosalan.


If veggies go down

“If the vegetable industry goes down, I might have to file another bill to legalize marijuana for the benefit of our farmers,” he said in jest at the launch of the Department of Agriculture’s Agri-Pinoy Trading Center Program in Quezon City on Friday.

During the program, Benguet Gov. Nestor Fongwan said vegetable farmers in the mountainous province were beset with many challenges—from importation of vegetables to rampant smuggling.

“If this continues, marijuana plantations may grow,” he said. “I’m not saying there are existing marijuana plantations. But the herb might just keep on growing.”

Asked to explain his basis in saying that Benguet-grown marijuana is pure, Cosalan told the Inquirer: “I only learned it from marijuana users.”

According to the World Drug Report 2011 of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the cannabis herb in the Philippines, listed as one of the “major producing countries,” typically involves 100-percent purity levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive agent in the drug.

In the country tally, only the Philippines registered that purity level as of 2009, the most recent available figure. The report monitored low prices for marijuana in the country at less than $1 per gram and, typically, $419.2 per kilogram.

Cosalan said he could not give a rough estimate of how large a marijuana industry Benguet and neighboring provinces have.

“I don’t know if we can call it an industry but I know it’s in the millions (of pesos),” he said.

Cannabis herb seizures in the Philippines amounted to 1.9 metric tons in 2009, down from 3.7 metric tons the year before. By comparison, Thailand seized 19 MT in 2008 and 18 MT in 2009, and Malaysia confiscated 2.4 MT in 2009, up from 875 kilograms in 2008, the UN report said.

In 2009, the Philippines also destroyed some 477,927 kilograms of the herb, the report added.

Cosalan said the boundary of Benguet and La Union is of particular interest, because aside from a national highway, the area is virtually deserted.

Medical marijuana

“I know this because I live on the side of the national highway near a police checkpoint. So I know that many people get caught trying to transport marijuana,” Cosalan said.

There have been previous attempts in the House of Representatives to legalize marijuana but none has succeeded.

In time, Cosalan said, the stigma might wear off, noting that in some states in the United States, medical marijuana is already permitted.

According to the UN report, cannabis is produced in practically every country of the world, making it the most widely produced illicit drug.

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  • ohnioknieves

    let’s have a marijuana industry  but for medical exportation only to other countries who legally use it. if we can do it safely here in our country for medicinal purposes let’s do it. this would generate employment and livelihood to help our farmers and unemployed people. let’s utilize intelligently the wonders of nature. Our Congress should pass a bill for this in order to regulate, control, and apply the rule of law!

    • spearheads

      Pag nalegalize yan tiyak papalitan ni PNoy yong brand niya na Marlboro. Di na siya kailangang mag target practice dahil pa shotgun-shotgun na lang siya parati. Heaven!

      • ohnioknieves

        ok pare trip mo, na-experince ko rin iyan noon. pwede pa rin gamitin ang Marlboro pero panundot na lang diba? Hey hey My my Rock n Roll will never die!

    • AlexanderAmproz

      As it’s grow very easy almost everywhere, you can keep it for local consumption

  • rickysgreyes

    Ayos yan pare! …Meron ba tayo dyan…

    • ohnioknieves

      hahaha we’re talking our experience more than 30 years ago ricky!. but why not just to be cool di ba pre!

  • southernsons

    High pive bro…

    • ohnioknieves

      so let’s support the congressman from the north, southersons! I just thought of “Southern Man” by Neil Young. remember?

  • Renato_SUPOT_Pacifico

    Ronald M. Cosalan = pambansang pusher

  • Barak_O

    irie congressmunn

  • Mamang Pulis

    LOL! ganja boy–kasama mo na ‘it it’ si mikey sa calatagan.

    sya nga tagasulong ng magsasaka diba?

    magsasaka ng ganja.

    • ohnioknieves

      ok lang mainit kasi sa farm works kaya mikey has to cool himself to ït it”. but kidding aside, the farmers would get the big share if we think this intelligently. Again, NO ABUSE and we should apply the stringent of the rule of law!

  • serapious

    Ang lahat ng bagay ay ginawa ng Diyos nasa may tamang pagkagamitan, pag indi ayon sa tamang paggamit itoy tinatawag na kasalanan..Yes legalization in congress but first we must moralegalize the congress, meaning we must have the law of the land upholding the law of heaven…how.. our wisdom and freedom to eat and pray@5xaday…more  Lolo Seraph  

    • ohnioknieves

      you are definitely right lolo Seraph, with due respect hindi lang talaga we must morelegalize the congress but also include the clergy for their blessing. then we could eat 5xaday (literally) if everyone is affirmative!

  • ric

    i think this should be studied thoroughly. there are benefits as well as danger. but don’t set aside this idea…

    • ORVEN-D

      There aren’t any dangers to smoking marijuana. Ever. Drinking alcohol is much more dangerous than smoking pot.

      • ohnioknieves

        it’s TRUE! kindly note mr senator kiko as noted!

      • charlie_oscar

        There are some dangers – For example you are inhaling hot smoke with carbon…It would be like breathing smoke from a forest or grass fire – not healthy…but pot has less harmful substances than tobacco. Also, pot is unpredictable with people under the age of about 17-18 because the mind is not fully developed. For adults, who use pot in their food – or use it with a vaporizer (no smoke) it is 90% harmless!

        Puff puff – pass!

    • ohnioknieves

      you are right ric, considering some states in the US and other parts of the globe are already using the herbs for medicinal purpose and millions of patients benefits. Trully the safety and security is a BIG THING to consider.

  • rickysgreyes

    This guy should be President in 2016. We will then be number 1 among all nations in the happiness index of the Annual United Nations survey.

    • ohnioknieves

      ok ka talaga Rick, you still have the effects huh! Bill Clinton was not bashful to admit he smoke the herbs but I wish to add your compliments that the food industries in the Philippines would be on tremendous surge…”sarap kumain kasi after….”. and this would be a chain-reactions to more productions-employments-livelyhood-better economy.

      • ApoNiLolo

        LOL! smoking pot => food trip => better economy! >: D
        Okay talaga ang tripping at huntahan pag sabog! >: D

      • Vladymir

        not to mention a spike in crime…

      • burritosupreme

         You deeply brainwashed, good Sir.

      • Don

        marijuana smokers DO NOT and CANNOT  commit crime because they’re too busy laughing, having sex and eating.  I think you are talking about shabu users and alcohol drinkers.  please differentiate.

  • charlie_oscar

    There is no such thing as 100 % THC …Pot grown outdoors – with only natural conditions..(no fertilizers, nitrogen, etc 12 -14 hours of sunlight) the level of THC might be 7-12 percent.  This is nature…If the plant is grown indoors, with artificial light 18 hours per day, and fertilizers and even carbon dioxide Co2 – for plant food…20% is top level california super hippy pot.

    • Mikhael Roy Alvarez

      OG Ghost Train Haze = 25.49% THC may 2012 issue HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE

      • charlie_oscar

        okay but still top levels are 20-25 and for sure that OG was grown indoors with master herb guru!

    • ohnioknieves

      Wow there you go!

  • Pepe_David

    We ban marijuana when its cigarettes that should be prohibited. Marijuana has medical benefits. Chemical tobacco has none.

    • ohnioknieves

      very right!

      • Vladymir


      • burritosupreme

         You are deeply brainwashed, kind sir.

    • hustlergalore

      TUMPAK. tama! true!

  • kilabot

    legalizing marijuana is like making lgbt take care of young children.

    • Eddie Boy Escudero

      i would rather have gay people take care of my kids than homophobes. i hope all your gay friends/relatives read this. 

  • Kowboy Santos

    this is a plant. no additives, no preservatives. 

    “it is a gift from the earth, and whats from the earth is of the greatest worth.
    so before you knock it, try it first, and you will see that its a blessing and not a curse.”

    • Mikhael Roy Alvarez

      -ben harper :)

    • ApoNiLolo

      “this is a plant. no additives, no preservatives.”
      I can’t tell if you want to legalize maryjane or your a nutritionist. >: D

    • ohnioknieves

      you are a real cowboy pre, welcome to the Natures Club!

    • Vladymir

      yeah try eating a castor fruit,it’s also a gift from the earth,see if you still can say something after your mouth start to froth with heavy saliva before you realize that you are going to be extinct in a few minutes…

  • Darwin

    it’s the purest form claimed by the users. hanep tong congressman na to. and you think we’ll believe that you are not a user? come on.

  • Primer C. Pagunuran

    What some US states could legalize, Philippines likewise could.  There ought to be nothing wrong if the government approves of the use of ‘medical marijuana’ under certain doable schemes.

    • ohnioknieves

      very well said Primer, hopefully we could do it better in RP!

  • Brahman

    Wow, this Kingkoygressman has found a way to finance his campaign for the next election. What bonehead? Ganito pala ang mga taong binuboto nyo.

    • ApoNiLolo

      That’s not a far-fetched scenario. Remember that mayor from Quezon who transport shabu in an ambulance?

  • feedroh

    Under our current law, any cannabis-based product is illegal. I think instead of going for medical marijuana as the starting point for cannabis legalization, law-makers should go for the legalization of industrial hemp farming, which has little or no psychoactive effects. Which would appese the Filipino Catholic priests who look at taking any kind of mind altering substance except alcohol as a grave sin. This would open up a new industry for farmers and we would benefit by having cheaply available hemp products like hemp fiber for rope, paper and clothes, hemp seeds for nutrition, God knows we need this for our malnourished youth, and hemp oil for fuel or for therapeutic purposes.

    • ohnioknieves

      why not as long as the rationale is in good faith, would help the people by any means!

  • sam_aquino

    nasobrahan siguro tong si cosalan kakahitit ng marijuana…  tsk, tsk…

    this is the kind of people we put to congress… 

    & what more do we expect???

  • muddygoose


  • Yugi

    nakahit-hit siguro ng katol itong si Cosalan, kaya yun, gusto nang ipa-legal ang katol, akala nya lang marijuana. Tsong, legal naman ang katol, magkatol ka na lang.

    • sam_aquino


  • berdengleon

    its more fun… smoke pot… the philippines!!!

  • kingfisher

    It only showed the extent of Cosalan’s greed. He is not contented of the 20% kickbacks he gets from his P70M pork barrel from the contractors, he still wanted to legalize marijuana to get more richer. This congressman is has no brain at all. Did he not know the effects of drugs on lets say 70 million  of children and adult if this is legalized? This is what we get from voting popular candidates who are ignorant and moron.

  • speedstream2

    Are we looking for quick fixes to our problems? Will a problem be solved by creating another problem? If we turned our vegetable farmers into marijuana farmers, problem solved? The current state of the vegetable industry simply needs to be addressed with viable solutions implemented consistently based on a well-crafted doable plan of action characterized by a multi-sectoral approach and funded with a corresponding budget. If big strides are being made with regards to rice self-sufficiency, why can’t the same be done for vegetables?

    • October Rain

       I guess the point is, there is so much more that this plant can do… so much it can create. So many possibilities. Tama ka, dapat i-address yung problema ng mga vegetable farmers. At kelangan may gumabay na may utak dito kay Cong tungkol sa bill na gusto nya ipasa. Kung babarabara ang tira niya, kung emosyon at indi facts ang back up nya, ni hindi papansinin yan.
      Pag nangyari to, indi naman mga potheads ang makikinabang. Sila pa nga ang magbabayad ng taxes just to get high. The growers, the farmers, the small cottage industries, budding entrepreneurs would benefit from it. In turn earning bucks for the country and putting food on the table.

  • $8278216

    Naging addict siguro ito kaya alam nya ang tama pag gumamit nito, sigurado monopolyo nya ang distribusyon sa kanyang nasasakupan kapag naging legal ito. Huwag mo igaya ang pilipinas sa ibang bansa lalo na dito sa europa, disiplinado ang karamihan ng mga hardline na addict. huwag mong e dahilan ang mga magsasaka dahil sa mismong legal na pananim hinde sila umaasenso. hinde sapat ang tulong ng gobyerno.ang dapat mong gayahin ay ang ginagawang pag supurta ng gobyerno sa ibang bansa sa kani-kanilang mga magsasaka at ito ang dapat mong isulong at hinde itong marijuana, o baka naman may taniman ka????

  • Jerry_SeinfeId


  • RockA

    Legalize it, tax it.  God’s gift to man should not be illegal.

  • Opel

    wow heavy pre, binaliktad daw ni cong yon mga kawali nag food trip men. Cong. cosalan just cornered the vote of the marijuana users emen!

  • ammats

    Cosalan for president.. A M E N !! A L I E N !!

  • mekeni62

    wow bro lakas ng amats mo!!

  • Agat Sumi

    cong. cosalan pahithit naman jan…

  • Juan_Sipag08

    If you can’t beat marijuana problems, eat it. Hehehehe Ganun ka galing ang mga mambabatas sa Pinas, pag hindi kaya ipatigil ang illegal di gawing legal hahahahahaha.

  • redbeard

    Genesis 1:29King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
    And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree

    Man made beer god made cannabis who do you trust??

  • AlexanderAmproz

    The quantity of THC depends of the quality of the seed’s, it’s genetic, nothing to do with climate, location and soil quality. High level of THC it’s not good, it nock you down, light percentage of THC is far better, similar with alcohol, one glass after the other or one bottle at once ? Marijuana fiber is as good as abaca or ramie, among the best and strongest. No need fertilizers or pesticide. A wise development can bring a lot as there are many by products, textiles, soap, construction material for insulation, medical use against anorexia, among others. No addiction known, avoid to smoke it, its as bad as cigarettes for the lungs, eat it, infusion also OK. One of the side effect is temporary infertility, spermatozoids becoming lazy, an other effect is a temporary lost of memory, but Pilipino’s have already very short memory, they even don’t remember Marcos a monster among the monster who kills and torture thousands, terrorized and rob millions, all of them.

  • hustlergalore

    marijuana lang yan. hindi shabu.

  • Mali_Galig

    anybody who cannot see the economic benefit of a relax drug laws should visit Koh Phangan and Vang Vieng. Check it out on Google or Youtube. The industry is run by the community and it’s leaders along side with the police. I can speak of this with authority because it so happened that I was one of the group of people who started and introduced this mindset to the locals in this community since the early 80’s. The enormous benefit to the people out weights it’s drawback.
    There are many places in this world that are similar. If you experience what is happening in this place will expand your small mind that your brains might explode and splatter all over the walls and ceiling.

  • jOhn pAtRick

    Yung mga ayaw na ma-legalize ang marijuana sinasabi niyo lang yan dahil sa mga napapanood niyo o sa mga naririnig niyo. Ayaw niyo sa marijuana pero kung makapagyosi’t alak kayo parang gusto niyo nang patayin sarili niyo. Remember, wala pang namamatay sa marijuana.

  • Don

    Legalize marijuana.  Alcohol is legal and yet it’s even worse.  When people drink beer – they make noise, stab or punch people, drive cars and harm pedestrians and other motorists, and even rape – it is pretty much accepted.  But let me ask:  DO YOU KNOW OF ANY CASE WHEN A MARIJUANA SMOKE HAS COMMITTED ANY OF THESE ACTS?  Please be honest.  Note: Do not lump marijuana smokers with shabu users — marijuana is natural and God-made, while shabu is manufactured by chinese drug lords in laboratories!

  • Don

    we are importing beer ingredients.  Why don’t we help our farmers by letting them plant marijuana?  Marijuana is better than alcohol. Drinking beer will only benefit Lucio Tan and Danding Cojuangco.  Smoking pot benefits the farmers !

  • Don

    pag nagyosi ka o uminom ng beer na beer, lalong yayaman si lucio tan.  pag nag san mig light ka, yayaman lalo si danding cojuangco.  pag nag joots ka, yayaman ang mga pilipinong magsasaka.  Bakit ba ayaw niyo sa marijuana?  huwag kayo magpa-uto sa mga malalaking negosyante na iyan!

  • Seraphim

    marijuana is literally a cancer cure, why not let this country do some research about it?

  • Marlo Seballe Jacobo

    spread the word! herb is safe! help the farmer legalize it! we support you sir Cosalan.

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