BIR files tax evasion case against Corona



IT’S NOT OVER Ousted Chief Justice Renato C. Corona was charged with tax evasion by the BIR along with his daughter and son-in-law. SENATE POOL

Three months after his ouster as Chief Justice, Renato Corona was slapped with a  P150-million tax evasion charge by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

Corona said the charge filed by the BIR in the Department of Justice (DOJ) Thursday against him, his daughter Ma. Carla and her husband Constantino Castillo III was part of a continuing persecution by the Aquino administration.

Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares said that Corona had a total net worth of P161.15 million from his declared income of P26.45 million based on an examination of his SALN submitted during his  trial.

“There were underreported assets, undeclared assets, unreported cash. All of these were included and determined what his real net worth is for the end of each specific year,’’ Henares said in a news conference at the DOJ main office.

She said Corona should pay the government P120.5 million in taxes, inclusive of surcharges and interests covering 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010.

Henares said Corona’s net worth could be even more, saying the assessment did not cover dollar accounts.

She added that Corona had revoked a waiver on all his bank accounts he signed during his Senate trial when he challenged his accusers to do the same to open a new regime of transparency. It was resoundingly ignored.

In a statement, Banco de Oro confirmed that Corona had revoked the waiver and was seeking relief from a Makati court from the BIR action against its client in view of the bank secrecy law prohibiting disclosure of accounts without the consent of the owner.

Malacañang said Henares was simply plugging loopholes in the tax system and the complaint filed in the DOJ was a natural consequence of Corona’s being found guilty by the Senate impeachment court in May of fudging declarations in his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) for which he was sacked.

“Since this administration started, the filing of tax evasion cases has been ongoing,” said presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda.

“This is not something extraordinary,” Lacierda said. “In this particular case, there’s already existing evidence to support the filing of a tax evasion case.”

Corona’s daughter is being sued in connection with a tax liability amounting to P9.93 million, and her husband, for a tax liability of P20.24 million.

‘We will overcome’

In a text message to reporters, Corona said he had been exchanging communications with the BIR and had complied with its deadlines. He said  the BIR charge was long expected.

“As a man of the law, I will abide by the processes. We await the service of the subpoenae and the complaint. We will respond accordingly with the assistance of counsel we will engage,” he said.

“I agree with the observation of many that my family’s persecution continues with the usual media overkill, and that there appears to be an immediate need to divert public attention from certain issues that are becoming too hot to handle. By the grace of God, we will overcome. This, too, will come to pass.”

Corona was replaced by Associate Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, President Benigno Aquino’s first appointee to the high court. The youngest junior member of the tribunal was pole-vaulted over five senior justices. Nine of the justices did not show up when Mr. Aquino swore in Sereno on Saturday.

No political persecution

In the news conference earlier in the day at the DOJ, Henares shrugged off suggestions by reporters that she was pursuing the administration-led demolition campaign against Corona.

“We are not a political office, we’re a law enforcement office and our mandate is to ensure that all people will follow the National Internal Revenue Code and if there are people who don’t follow it, we have to call their attention or we will file charges against them,’’ Henares said.

Henares, a prosecution witness during the Corona trial, said the BIR had issued a letter of authority against Corona, his daughter and son-in-law in April, indicating that the agency was investigating them.

Family sources have said that BIR agents had been conducting an investigation of Corona and his in laws as early as December. Former Supreme Court Justice Serafin Cuevas, Corona’s chief counsel, has also said BIR agents questioned him several times during the impeachment trial but told them to back off.

Undervalued properties

According to a BIR statement to reporters,  Corona undervalued three of his properties by P17.30 million, failed to declare two properties valued at P12.75 million and underdeclared the value of his cash asset in his SALNs from 2003 to 2010 with the cash underdeclaration reaching P134.44 million in 2010.

Undeclared income

The BIR said the discrepancy between Corona’s declared income and the substantial increases in his true net worth showed he earned more than what he had declared.

“In other words, this discrepancy implies that he earned income from other sources aside from his compensation as a public official,’’ the BIR said.

Corona is being sued for “willful attempt to evade or defeat tax and for deliberate failure” to file his income tax return (ITR) in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010, it said.

The BIR said Carla failed to file her ITR in 2010 despite a substantial income that allowed her to acquire property worth P18.33 million at 57 Maranao St., La Vista, Quezon City, for which she paid documentary stamp tax of P329,000.

She declared a cumulative income amounting to P228,040.00 in her ITR for 2008 and 2009.

Castillo declared an income of P1.93 million from 2005 to 2009 although he acquired a property in 2003 on Molave Street, Project 3, Quezon City, worth P10.5 million as well as a P15-million property at No. 6 Kalayaan Ave., Quezon City, in 2009.

The BIR said Castillo failed to file his ITR for 2003 despite acquiring a P10.5-million property that year. He also  understated his income in his ITR despite buying a P15.24-million property in 2009, it added.

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  • Al Calde

    Penalty, charges and jail!

    that is truly the value of justice!

  • Renato

    Pag nakulong itaong si corona kita kits sila ng mga hinatulan niya sa bilibid. ano kaya mangyayari sa kanya?

  • arthur1401

    “….By the grace of God, we will overcome. This, too, will come to pass.”-Corona said.
    Well, he also said not too long ago, “Walang kakaba-kaba” while mocking and taunting Pnoy and his accusers. It was done and over with and he was fired.

    The time for corona to tread the more winding, rigorous, narrow and difficult road for vindication has begun. But, with all the evidences available, statements made in the trial, bank records, corona will be in a very tight fix. During the impeachment, he was up against bumbling prosecutors while he was aided by the best lawyers in town and yet he sunk. This time, the prosecutors he will be facing more seasoned “de-kampanilya” unlike the tyros his lawyers led by cuevas were taunting during the trial. It’s going to be an uphill battle all the way.

    Corona withdrew the unconditional waivers he signed in front of the judges and in full view of millions of filipinos in TV during the trial hoping that without the dollar bank accounts, he is safe and his millions will remain intact in his bank accounts. Unfortunately, it just re-affirmed the tag  “A CJ without any credibility and integrity” branded on him while a faked CJ. It is no wonder that during his stay as the chief, SC flip-flopped so many times on so many “final and executory” decisions.

    This latest flip-flop of corona will hound him during the trial. I can already imagine the consequences.

    Yes, Corona, this too will pass and when this happens, you will spend the rest of your life in a dark and dingy cell inhabited also by rats carrying leptospirosis virus. That is the price for emulating a faked and corrupt president who brought you nothing but troubles, not fame but shame.

    • txtman



         SAFE SIYA FOR 18 YEARS.


      • arthur1401

        well, that’s your opinion. OK lang. 

    • Noypi11

      I could not have said it better. Kudos to you, Arhur1401. You said it as it should have been said. Hopefully successful prosecution of this former faked CJ Corona will teach a lesson to those who are thinking to trample the laws of the Philippines.

    • KenjiHimura

      Flip-flopping indeed, arthur101. You hit the bulls eye. Mr. Corona made a 180 degree turn by revoking/withdrawing his unconditional waiver on all of his bank accounts when these tax evasion cases were filed.  He is afraid that the BIR will discover more of his undeclared income hence more tax evasion cases against him.

      • marionics

        pre that’s 180 deg. ika nga sa last action hero e if it were 360 deg then you would end up where you srarted hehe

      • enteng

        180 deg pre hindi 190. 180 deg means talikuran o bawiin mo ang mga sinabi mo noong impeachment trial.

      • marionics

        oo nga tama ka. kinorek ko pero di yata kumagat yung edit ko agad

      • KenjiHimura

        Thanks for the correction :)

  • txtman








    • Hunya

      Really? So you just want people like him to go away with their loots. Why do you have a share in that? 

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

         “So you just want people like him to go away with their loots”

        The great contention here is that may ninakaw ba sya sa gobyerno, which pertains to the word of your statement ‘loot.’

        Kasi po, I think, ang remaining verified complaint ay 2,3,7 none of which pertains to any accusation of pilfering or plundering government funds. Halimbawa, merong missing or unaccounted or unliquidated funds from existing Judiciary projects which he heads. Or meron naka laan na sweldo ng ibang tao na hindi nila na recieve, o di kaya may mga ghost employees.

        I’m just curious which funds or projects have been compromised, and funds diverted to RCC. If you can provide info, please do so. I would appreciate it.

      • tower_of_power

        Hindi lang sa nakaw galing ang kaperahan ni hindi-na CORONADO … galing sa mga magnanakaw ng kaban ng bayan … galing sa mga smugglers … galing sa mga tax evaders gaya niya … na kung saan ay hawak niya ang mga kaso … nawalan ang gobyerno … ano ang tawag sa ganyan?

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        “Hindi lang sa nakaw galing ang kaperahan ni hindi-na CORONADO
        galing sa mga magnanakaw ng kaban ng bayan …
        galing sa mga smugglers …
        galing sa mga tax evaders gaya niya …
        na kung saan ay hawak niya ang mga kaso …
        nawalan ang gobyerno … ano ang tawag sa ganyan?”

        Your opinion of RCC is all well and good.

        Pero kung ang lower house, as an investigating and impeaching body, hindi ma isampa iyon sa complaint, can you do better?

        Granted, you are entitled to your opinion, pero, if you will try to convince others, it is reasonable to ask that you substantiate your claim, is it not, otherwise, let it stay as opinion of which we will accept it as such.

        Let the facts, and those who bear it, fight it court.

      • tower_of_power

        Hindi ako abogado … isa lang akong mekaniko … pero sa konti kong  kaalaman na nakuha sa pagbabasa … sa tingin ko nagkamali lang ang lower house sa isinampa nilang imp[eachment complaint noon … ang interpretasyon sa impeachment complaint nila ay hindi kasama yun … hindi ibig sabihin na hindi maisampa.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        At ako po ay isang assassin lang. Special kind of assassins that specialize on Character Assassinations, pero, isang hamak na assassin pa rin. joke joke joke.

        I’m sure kung meron usok, meron sunog, at na imbistiga na nila kung meron nakaw galing sa gobyerno or otherwise. Ganyan ka galing ang ating house.

        Of course I do agree na porket hindi pa nasasampa ay di ibig sabihin hindi ‘nangyari’ ang pag nanakaw. Pero, ako po na pag may ebidensya, saka idiin, pag wala, eh manaliksik pa.

    • KonsensyaNgBayan


    • benson


  • joshua kings

    the people are eager to see to the end of ths tax evasion cases.
    the BIR chief says she has an airtight case; corona says otherwise.
    let us all see to it that these cases prosper until the end: guilty or acquittal.
    the people should settle for no less.

  • brunogiordano

    “In other words, this discrepancy implies that he earned income from other sources aside from his compensation as a public official,’’ the BIR said.

    he earned income from other sources na hindi idiniclare kung ano o saan source galing ‘yon?

    eh kung bayaran na lang ‘yon tax ng other income subalit hindi sabihin kung saan nangaling, OK NA BA ‘YON?????

  • joe__bloggs

    “According to a BIR statement to reporters, …”

    Trying cases in a COURT of PUBLIC OPINION from someone who, albeit briefly, was aspiring to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

  • Edwin

    ayaw talagang tumigil..nakakagigil na etong mga galamay ni pwenoy..

    • KonsensyaNgBayan


  • Jimmy

    Ang alam ko dyan ay basta bayaran mo lahat ang dapat mong bayaran sa BIR at di ka makukulong..! Pero kung makikipagkaso ka  pa ay malamang na magbayad ka at makulong pa..!!

  • Beguine

    Corona has already been stamped Guilty all over his body and 
    bank accounts and condos and prime real estate properties.

    What’s left is just the seizure of his and his family members’ 
    ill gotten wealth that’s better much better deposited with the people 
    and used to ameliorate poverty and malnourishment and lack of education 
    downright illiteracy of countless underprivileged children.   

    Corona stands to make a fairly large contribution to society,
    by being punished and made to pay for his crimes. 

  • Cal_Reznick

    File file file…talk talk talk…this sums up this Administration.

    Contact me when they have something concrete or when a conviction is rendered.

  • KenjiHimura

    Why revoked the waivers on all of your bank accounts, Mr. Corona? I thought that you’ve got nothing to hide? Afraid that it will open more cans of worms? 

  • Ommm

    ” my family’s persecution continues with the usual media overkill and that there appears to be an immediate need to divert public
    attention from certain issues that are becoming too hot to handle”

    Issues such as your friend Gloria which appears to be in quiet mode at the moment? The only issue Corona is a staggering line up of thieves such as yourself amid the masses of your starving countrymen. Your not the biggest fish but you apparently smell the worst…. perhaps it’s your pious nature?

  • joshmale2004

    Simple lang yan. Lumitaw mga hidden assetsat deposits nya nung impeachment na wala sa SALN. Nakita din na walang katapat na taxes na binayaran sa mga lumitaw na assets. So anong gagawin natin? Hayaan na lang na di masingil mga tax na di binayaran? Kung tayo nga na nagtatrabaho, pagkasweldo bawas na agad ang tax. Eh yang mga millions pa kaya ng mga Corona ang hahayaan nating di mabayaran? Common sense lang yan. May utang sila sa BIR, magbayad sila.

  • Streisand

    Political Harassment. Marami d’yan na malalaking companies o kahit individuals na matagal na at mas malaki ang tax deliquencies na dapat pagtuunan ng pansin, ano na ang nangyari? 

  • QQU

    As a kickball, he is the best today.

  • GlenMJacob

    The reasoning of “because my hand was caught inside the cookie jar and removed from office as a consequence” therefore, should be forgiven and just forgotten is absurd ! moreover, reasoning of being percecuted is tyring to gain sympathy. As mentioned the person is the first chief justice impeached and yet he does not know the laws of the land. The simple rule of “if you break the law there is a corresponding penalty”. Wake up Corona !!!

  • fasoriamd

    It is about time Ms. Henares. I am not complaining however. 

  • tra6Gpeche

    Will we find out where this unbelievable wealth of Mr. Renato Corona came from? Or are we just have to penalize him for not paying the correct Philippine income tax?

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    galingan mo henares…there’ll be no drilons in a regular court and btw, hard evidence kailangan dyan…kung yung bank deposits lang bala nyo then you need a good lawyer and a friendly judge..magandang umpisa to at sana magbayad at masingil ng tamang buwis lahat ng mga dapat magbayad hindi kagaya namin n d pa natatanggap ang sweldo e kaltas na ang buwis at baku-bakong kalsada, trapik, kriminal at kung anu-ano pa ang isinusukli sa amin ng gobyerno sa kinakaltas ng buwis-it na yan


  • gadino

    To Kim Henares:  What about Lucio Tan?  What are you doing about him?  Hmmm?  Nothing?  Magkano ang ibinayad nya sayo?

    • wakats

      bro gadino. lucio tan’s tax evasion case for P25B has long been dismissed by the marikina trial court in 2006, and so far no new similar case is appealed/pending in courts… 

  • TagaMlang

    “The truth shall make you free”.  But the way it is, it seems that the truth will not free Corona but rather imprison him.

    Why is this so?

    Perhaps it’s because his career as Chief Justice was founded on lies.  He accepted the position of Chief Justice when the constitution vehemently says otherwise. 

    In math, when you multiply negative by negative, it becomes positive.  But in real life, lies multiplied by another lies, do not become truths.    

    But according to Paul Joseph Goebbels (29 October 1897 – 1 May 1945) was Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister in Nazi Germany. He said ” When lies are told often enough, become the truths” or something to that effect.

    Is this what’s in the mind of Corona?

  • GlenMJacob

    The answer to those who says “why just corona what about the others” is because “you cannot catch all the fish in a pond” or if you are in the highway (and the police patrol knows this very well) “you cannot catch all the speeding cars”. The other reason is you need evidence. The case against Corona the evidence is as clear as the sun already.

  • Sultanate of

    Veritas Liberabit Vos. Talagang may bahid politika ang nangyari. Bakit nauna pa nilang kinasuhan si Corona kaysa iba pang mga verified info na naka-pending sa office nila. Inutil at walang kwenta yang Tax Evasion Program nila kasi pinipili nila ang mga kaso na gawan nila kaagad ng action para ng gusto nila na idaan mo sa media ang iyong verified info para umaksyon sila.

    Ito ang totoo kung may verified info ka at nagiging Ocnfidential Information na ito. Ipasa ito sa BIR – NAtional Investigation Division yan na ang umpisa na matulog ang iyong verified information lalo na kung mga Chinese at iab pa sangkot ay mga big companies ang mga TAx Evaders huwag kang umasa na umaksyon kaagad sila kasi ang head ng BIR- NID ay si Mr. Sixto Dy Jr.. Chinese din. Kahit gaano ka lakas ang iyong documentary evidence kasi employee ka ng corporation at ikaw ang humawak ng mga internal documents ang dami nilang pasakalye. Isa pa matawa ka kasi ang daming mga technicalities na sinasabi ng investigator na sa alam mo naman hindi kabilang doon ang iyong verified info kasi you are leading all the probable cause for a prima facie evidence.

    Ang gawin nila sa syo ipasa-pasa ka sa mga BIR- Division offices at doon ka aabutin ng syam-syam at siguradong mahimbing ang tulog ng iyong verified info for Tax Evasion Case.

    Mahusay na kung mahusay si Chief Commisioner Henares pero kung hindi naman nya magawan ng action yung  mga tax evasion information ay wala ding mangyari. Ang Run After TAx Evasion program ay dapat hindi panguluhan ng BIR paano kung ang iatalaga ni Comm. Henares sa RATE Program ay taga- BIR na datihan at corrupt din o di kaya noon ay tumanggap ng mga pabor galing sa mga malalaking korporasyon syempre mas unahin nya yung kanyang personal interest kay sa ipinasa mong tax evasion info kahit gaano pa ito kabigat na ebidensya.

    • VeryDisgusted2

      The Chinese and the Muslim time will come. I know how corrupt the Muslim political leaders are, almost 100% of them. They have no compassion to their fellow tribesmen who are mostly jobless and wallowing in poverty. Most of the Chinese businessmen are tax evaders, too, except maybe the Christian ones.

      • VeryDisgusted2

        BIR Chief Henares should also police her men, or they might become crocodiles in the process.

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Renato, Renato… save yourself from agony, ibalik mo lang ang kaunti sa ninakaw mo sa bansa eh abswelto ka na agad. Kaya ang sarap sa pinas, magnakaw ka ng 1 milyon, mahuli ka man… 1 porsyento lang ng ninakaw na yaman mo ang ibabalik mo. In your case, maliit pa sa 1% ang isasauli mong nakaw na yaman. Guilty ka na, bank secrecy na naman ang hinihirit mo, kapal din ng mukha mo Renato Corona. Isa kang astig na magnanakaw, handang ipaglaban ang nakaw mong yaman. Ikaw ba yan Marcos?

  • Sultanate of

    BIR magiging FAIR kayo at huwag ninyong pili-in yung mga kakasuhan at aksyonan ninyo. Kung ang Corona tax evasion case ay nasa DOJ na ngayon paano yung iba na last year pa ay nasa office na ninyo at nakahain na as verifed information. Kung hindi makatotohanan at USAD PAGONG sa bulok ninyong systema na Run After TAx Evasion Program ninyo – ito ay isang programa na walang kwenta kung pinipili ninyo ang gawan ninyo ng action.

     Commissioner Henares alisin ninyo sa BIR ang mga CORRUPT na tauhan dyan na puro pera. Bihira lang ang totong tao dyan sa loob ng BIR.

    • pangitbudhiko

      isang BIR senior tax examiner na may bahay sa toronto, na every 3 months nasa toronto, habang siya ay BIR examiner sa Manila

      • wakats

        Calling the attention of Kim – pls. do something about the alleged toronto man lest you be accused of partiality/vindictiveness against the perceived enemies of PNoy… 

      • pangitbudhiko

        if kim will post her email I will provide the name and where her house is located

  • doublecross

    sa kayabangan mo kc (fake) SJ corona…kaya ka kina-KARMA.

    sana isama na yon pag-kamkam ng lupa.

    pati mrs niya dapat may asunto yan….LOSER!

  • miiron

    kapal talaga ang kupal na to na Corona. nagmana pati ang anak nya sa katusohan pati manugang magnanakaw din pala!  kahiya!  history will judge them as the most corrupt family in the Phil second only to the Marcoses and The Arroyos!

  • wanadelacruz

    persecution ba tawag nun?  pag ang mga mayayaman na nagmamay-ari ng milyon milyong pera’t ari-arian dapat ba exempt sa bir?  eh kung ang mga middle and lower income wage earners nga  pwersadong magbayad ng taxes kasi withheld na sa kanilang sahod, eh dapat yong mga milyonaryo tulad ni cj magbayad din dapat ng comensurate amount.  hindi persecution tawag nun cj, utang yun.  utang mo yan sa pilipinas at taong bayan.    

  • wakats

    Talagang brilliant abogado si Rene. Ng makita niya ang masamang efecto ng bank waivers, binawi niya agad kasi talo na siya sa impeachment at para ano pa – bigyan ang gobyerno ng kapangyarihan na busisi-in ang lahat niyang bank deposits?  Alam niyang madadamay pati familya niya at ang kanyang idol na si gma.

    Sabi daw ni rene – hindi ako tanga na bibigyan ko ng malaking bato ang gobyerno para ipukpok sa aking ulo.

    Alam din ni rene na malapit ng dumating ang iba pang kaso kagaya ng ill-gotten wealth, tax evasion case against cristina at iba pa niyang anak.

    Sabi nga ni Kuya Kim – ang buhay ay weather-weather lang…

  • jaws378

    Dapat lang makasuhan si Corona not only for tax evasion but also for perjury for lying in his SALN.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       bosing, ano po ba nasusulat na kaparusahan sa pag lie sa SALN, ayon sa batas?

      • magiting78

        Hehehe hayaan mo na…ikaw naman masyado k strict…Pero Jaws n hatulan n sya s issue ng SALN n impeach n sya. Parusa s knya dyn pag kakaalis s pwesto, forfeit yung mga binipisyo nya at hnd n sya pwd humawak ng ano mang posisyon s pamahalaan. Then yung s issue s kanya s SALN ay ginagamit ngaun basis para kasuhan sya s criminal court…at isa n d2 ang Tax evasion, graft and corruption medyo malabo walang ebidensya…ano s tingin mo kilabot…

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        pag wala, eh di gawan. ahahahaha

  • alex_diaz2014

    The filing of the criminal charges is just a proof na walang personalan yung impeachment, talagang may basehan yun…

  • Fudge Diko

    Kasuhan yan ng di pamarisan! 

  • Ratzkey

    This is not persecution from the Aquino administration, this is persecution from the People! Ibalik mo Corona ang pera ng taumbayan!! MAGNANAKAW!!!! LANGYA!!

  • Ommm

    Not only should he pay back the 150 million, he should be levied steep penalty’s and handed out a 10 year prison sentence.

    On top of that he should be denied the right to order pizza or other take out from prison….(getting somewhat flabby)…

  • Green_Latern

    This is only publicity in expense of Corona :)

    “Castillo declared an income of P1.93 million from 2005 to 2009 although he acquired a property in 2003 on Molave Street, Project 3, Quezon City, worth P10.5 million as well as a P15-million property at No. 6 Kalayaan Ave., Quezon City, in 2009.”

     –> Pwede naman kasing humiram sila ng pera sa bangko or kamag-anak.

    • Shynon

      Pwede rin naman kasing nakaw.. or corruption…

      • Green_Latern

        Hindi po politicians iyong anak or government officials….saan naman nya nanakawin iyong pera?

        Kakatakot pala sa atin kung may bahay or condo at mas mababa iyong declare mo na sweldo pwede ka ng kasuhan ng tax evasion…..

      • ApoNiLolo

        Si Al Capone, nakulong dahil sa tax evasion kasi walang makuhang ebedensya ang FBI sa mga kaso nyang murder, racketeering at kung ano-ano pang negosyong ilegal.

    • magiting78

      Simply lang naman usapan dito prove it…Prove the aacussation is wrong..Anyone can throw any cases but difficult to prove it..BIR should prove their case as well the corona should prove the BIR is wrong…

      • Green_Latern

        Damage has been done !!!

        Mali naman yata iyon brod….ibig sabihin pwede ng mag akusa ng kahit sino tapos kailangan mo na lang dis-prove iyong akusasyon sa iyo.

      • magiting78

        Pwd, pero kung matino silang tao at walang batayan ang akusasyon hnd nila gagawin otherwise pwd sila balikan nung inakusahan nila. And besides if Corona could prove that all the accusation against him are all wrong, pwd yang sabihin s buong bayan nagkamali kau ng hatol s akin, at maibabalik nya ang kanyang nasirang pangalan..Sometimes mas matindi ang balik s kanya pagnapatunayan nya lahat na mali, the credibility and trust by the people that he lost will certainly back to Him…

    • tower_of_power

      Madali lang yan … ipakita lang niya na umutang siya sa mga firends and kamaganak. Pero sa tingin mo kaya … hindi titingnan ng BIR ang background ng friends and kamaganak ng nagpautang sa kanya? Baka pati sila madamay pa … hahahaha!!!

  • yatot

    Ganito lang ang sweldo/kita bakit nakabili ng ganito? Malisyosong utak!

    Henares, kawawa ka.

    • $29897073

      Ikaw siguro si Midas? madera

    • tower_of_power

      An investigator will try to think in the same wavelength  as the person he is investigating … kung ang subject eh malisyoso ang utak … dapat ang investigador ay ganun din.

  • yatot

    KARMA sa Aquino Panot admin..

    Isa pa lang ang nawala…

  • pangitbudhiko

    sa canada ang mga  empleyado sa gobyerno ay hindi mo malalapitan. And lalong lalo na kung federal employees  ang gusto mong kausapin, kung meron kang problema tungkol sa pagbabayad ng buwis hindi pwedeng magpunta sa revenue canada at  kausapin yung taga revenue canada. You can talk to them over the phone and the phone conversation is recorded to avoid any illegal transaction. Halimbawa If you are a residence of Toronto you file your income tax return by E.FILE or you mail your return the office handling your tax the office handling Toronto tax filer is located like 300 kilometer away from toronto.
    A federal  building is off limit sa publiko. A receptionist will talk to you at the lobby. will tell you to talk to the person over the phone recorded din ang inyoung conversation. Walng pagkakataong magkaruon ng lagayan.
    Kahit sa court, off limit makipagusap sa empleyado ng korte, meron isang room na meron salaming na bintana at duon ka makikipagusap sa recepcionist. hindi puwedeng makipagusap sa stenographer
    Kaya halos walng corruption sa  Canada.
    Pulis nahuli ka ng traffic violation at  subukan mong magbribe sa pulis, poposasahan ka agad, dadalhin ka sa prisinto  

  • boybatal

    I’m not surprised on the timing of this charge…it’s been PNoy’s tactics to announce appointments   with some other headlines. SC CJ choice was announced during Mr. Robredo’s tragedy, now DILG appointment with the Corona’s tax evasion. Back to Arroyo next time when there’s a need to divert attention.

    • joe__bloggs

      It is called news management. It is a good day to bury bad news when there is an even  bigger favourable news hogging the headlines.

  • firmelilia_12LAF

    Justice demands that Corona be made accountable for tax evasion.  The law should be applied to him to the last letter.  If government religiously deducts taxes from the ranks and files of the working sector, why should millionaires like Corona brazenly resort to  hide and seek game with the BIR ?  Hey, cheating is no different from stealing.  Hound him, for goodness’ sake!

  • RS Teves

    Atong Corona BAKIT MO mNAMAN nirevoke na yon waiver mo.  Pasasaan bat mahuhuli ka din sayo mga ginawa na anomaliya.  Napadala ka kay GMA pero ngayon nagsosolo ka na sa laban mo. Tanga kakasi at wlang sariling pag iisip. Naturingan kapa naman na isang lawyer at naging CHief Justice pa. Baka nman maging THIEF Justice ka forever. Bakit nirevoke mo waiver mo?

  • rjimenez1226

    Justice demands that he should be in jail by now!

  • Ratzkey

    Happy family at united naman ang mga Corona so they will be fine in one cell block sa Bilibid!!

  • Kudi

    pag talo talo!   kahit mag bunganga kayo nang mag bunganga,  wala na idol ninyong pandak at mga alipores niya.  si panot ang masusunod at wala kayong magagawa.   kumandidato kayong presidente kung gusto ninyo.

    • $26791673

      Tama ka Kudi, maraming alipores ni Arroyo ang inggit na inggit sa kalakaran ngayon. Si Prospero Pichay na dating chairman ng LWUA ay dapat ding bweltahan ng gobyerno at papanagutin sa pangungurakot sa LWUA.

  • VeryDisgusted2

    This is not a continuing persecution of Corona as claimed by the writer. This is tax law operating and accounting against Corona for being a dishonest cheat. This is a sign of emerging honest government going after the grafters. This is also a danger signal to grafters out there that there is no leeway this time around.

    Kudos to BIR chief, the president, and other honest to goodness enforcement agency chiefs. Don’t mind the noise coming from GMA remnants and corrupt sectors. Let the drive go on until all the dishonest cheats and grafters will serve time in jails.

    May God continue to bless the Philippines.

    • Guest


    • Andre Mitchell

      If only we had this kind of government 10 years ago!
      A lot of things would have worked right for the Philippines.

      It is amazing that there are still a lot here that fanatically defends the former CJ.
      I only have to remember the testimonies of the Basa-Guidote owners and their security guard.

  • john mark santos

    dapat lang makulong na yan, until now mayabang pa din yan, wala kasing kahihiyan mana sa amo na sobrang kapal ng mukha

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