Robredo ‘more appreciated in death than in life’



NAGA CITY—Reflecting on the sudden death of Interior Secretary Jesse M. Robredo, a Camarines Sur judge likened the longest-serving mayor of this city to Jose Rizal, whose greatness was only appreciated when he was already gone.

Thrice bypassed by the Commission on Appointments for various reasons except dirty politics, Robredo failed to assume the full powers of a Cabinet secretary. His nomination unconfirmed, he died serving his post in an acting capacity.

Municipal Trial Court Judge Soliman Santos Jr., a former peace activist, asked: “Is this syndrome part of our tragedy as a nation, which needs a regular dose of tragic heroes like Ninoy Aquino, whose violent death is being commemorated along with that of Jesse?”

Santos worked with Robredo in peace advocacies by civil society groups at the height of the communist insurgency in Camarines Sur and the rest of Bicol from the late 1980s to the 1990s, when Robredo was launching a career in politics.

Senator Joker Arroyo, who grew up in Naga and was here on Sunday, agreed that Robredo was more appreciated in death than in life.

Arroyo said that when Robredo was still alive, he was being looked down even though he worked at his job with dedication.

He said Robredo was not appreciated because in Manila he worked in a culture where those who can pay for public relations get the publicity. Robredo, he said, did not have money for public relations.

Arroyo said life had been unfair to Robredo. Only now that he is dead do people speak kindly about his work, he said.

But it is a consolation for his family to find that Robredo is held bigger than life after his death, Arroyo said.

Arroyo said he learned only after Robredo’s death that the home affairs chief did not bring his family to Manila to make his life convenient and enjoy the perks that went with his Cabinet position.

Judge Santos said Robredo’s death made this “a good time to be a Nagueño.”

Robredo’s legacy of good local government in Naga must give the nation hope, he said.

“Perhaps, one insight here for the structure of governance is to restructure it so that the locus of sovereignty of a very highly centralized presidential-unitary system of government is significantly or qualitatively devolved to the local levels—to better deal with problems at their respective levels, rather than constantly and unreliably relying on the central government, especially its all-powerful President,” Santos said.

Santos said he considered Robredo courageous, bold and daring for supporting the Nagueños’ declaration of their city as a peace zone despite opposition from the military and the New People’s Army’s seeing it as counterinsurgency tactic.

“The risks for Jess with his support for the Naga peace zone were underscored by the fact that it was actually the country’s first ever peace zone, still an experimental concept,” the judge said.

He said that people who have been living in Naga before Robredo was elected mayor in 1988 could not but note the fast economic progress of the city, with corresponding dynamic changes in its urban landscape.

“Those who had left or just visited the city during the pre-Robredo years would hardly recognize it during the later Robredo years, except for some old landmarks or haunts that are gladly still there for the Naga that we remember,” he said.

He said Robredo had egalitarian ethics, and he was progressive not only in the economic sense but also in the sense of balancing growth and equity for the poor.

“Jesse has become legendary with all the stories told about his literally down-to-earth conduct, especially in the equal importance treatment, whether at work or otherwise, of city folk from all walks of life, and then his signature casual T-shirt and walking shorts. But there is more substance than form to this egalitarianism,” Santos said.

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  • patriotic_act

    I personally didn’t preferred Sec Robredo as DILG Chief but I never said/posted anything against him.. altho I knew a number of commenters here that did aired their not-so-nice comments against the late secretary specially during the quirino grandstand fiasco.. I know coz I even got to an argument with one of them about it.. I dont have a copy of the comments tho so I wont be naming them.. (they know who they are).
    The funny thing is.. I read them posting lots of “nice things” about the late secretary lately, specially when he died a week ago.. 

    • wyl5326

      Luneta fiasco was result when PNoy was actually in charge of DILG in concurrent capacity because he was not part of PNoy’s KKK ! Be accurate with your facts and blame PNoy for his incompetence of appointing Jojo as ES who won’t even take phone calls from HK executive and a clear intentional snub !

      • patriotic_act

        I dont know if you know how to read but I bet you have common sense, better use them now before quoting me 

      • wyl5326

        my comment may not have applied to you, but I felt very strongly then of who is to blame and I was very critical when it happened and never hold my punches ! IF Jesse have been the ES then, the snub of HK exec would never happened because Jesse have the right sense, unlike the incompetent Jojo who could just have taken the call in behalf of PNoy instead of just ignoring urgent calls ! Obviously, Jojo have no ear to listen to other people and just blindly follow PNoy !

      • patriotic_act

        Now you are talking with sense, nice one.. and I agree

        What im saying in my part is how commenters here blasted the late secretary way back when he has obviously had his hands tied being a month in the DILG post.. and the funny thing is how those same commenters “commend” him now when he’s already dead.

        it shows how some people can be really judgmental without having their facts straight first.. an irony like what you said first hand.

      • tuldok

        blame Rico Puno among many others like Mayor Lim, Magtibay et al…  but mostly on Puno, the DILG Usec who, from the get-go, wanted to head the PnP side of the DILG – as he had lots of contacts with the PnP (and maybe lots of shady deals too with them).  Rico Puno –  the face alone cannot be trusted – but he is Pnoy’s kabarilan and one of the strategists pre-election time, the Aquino camp even had strategy meetings in his own house).  After the Luneta fiasco, Puno even readily admitted that he didnt have any training handling the PnP!  I am guessing, if Jesse Robredo was given all the powers to direct or handle that crisis, he would have used practical, sensible, diplomatic and most importantly, peaceful solutions of that infamous impasse that led to violent deaths.. Raissa Robles is soon coming up with her own analysis of that situation in her blog.  She said she was there at Luneta  and will soon give her fair and honest take of the whole situation.

  • Noel

    That’s the problem.  Good things never said about a person when alive but so many good things when he’s already dead.  On the other hand, could Robredo be being over praised and over estimated?  We know he was a good decent man.  But was he really was what the Yellow media portrays him today?

    • patriotic_act

      We have the same observation.. I think he is being exaggeratedly praised, and some people are even taking advantage of this situation of full public sympathy..

      Some people are even pushing his wife to run for senator.. imagine what kind of mentality those people have.  

      • Noel

        The Liberal Party benefits from Robredo too.  The party would use this in their election campaign.  Wanna bet?

      • patriotic_act

        I dont gamble.. but the stink is so strong even if its far as 2016 I cant help but agree.. >:)

      • Noel

        Wanna bet was just figure of speech.  If you look at the line up of the LP senatorial ticket, it’s very weak.  The party needs something like this to boost its chance.

      • patriotic_act

        indeed, they love using public sympathy.. 

        if not for public’s outpouring sympathy we would had ERAP as our President for the second time around..

      • Noel

        Agree.  Erap placed second last election.  Another factor was INC’s sudden support for Pnoy.  INC had at least one million votes.

      • alan

        INC only attach their votes to strong candidates, in national elections, their votes do not really deliver, people vote for who they want

      • Noel

        Not exactly.  When INC supported GMA, it was a gamble.  The reason why INC decided to support GMA at the last minute was because FPJ and Lacson failed to work out their problem meaning neither one did not give in as Vice.

      • patriotic_act

        that is true.. had Lacson did the “Pagpapa-ubaya” he could have become President now as FPJ would have died in office.. but I think it is bound not to happen anyways..

        atleast GMA had more time bringing in more BPO investments, the only thing I admire of her administration.. but aside from that I dont want to comment further

      • Noel

        Again like Robredo, it was fate and destiny for FPJ.  FPJ would have been the President.  But as to whether he would die in office, not sure.  FPJ’s being cheated and his feeling could have contributed to his sudden death.

      • patriotic_act

        yep could be, had he became president he would have change or quit some of his vices that will eventually make him healthier..

        oh well thats already in the history books we cannot change but can just be remembered as an example we can learn upon in the future.

      • patriotic_act

        I think had the elder minister lived longer the votes will still go to ERAP..

        But I believe even if that happened with the outpouring sympathy that was used as advantage PNoy still will going to win as he had a margin of 6 million votes from Erap which almost got the same number of votes he got back 1998 (10.7M) but without the INC 1M votes so he only got 9.4M..

        So it wont make a difference because the “Public Sympathy” and “Spur of the Moment” paved the way for a PNoy victory..

      • Noel

        I heard that during the last years of the later Erdy Manalo he was sick and the one calling the shots was his son, the current Executive Minister Edwardo Manalo.  The two have different personalities.  The young Manalo is more impulsive and even hot temper.  He was the one who led his members during that tragic Edsa Tres when about three of the members were killed.  Many of the veteran politicians including Erap don’t like the current Manalo.

      • patriotic_act

        an INC friend of mine even told me that it was the wishes of the elder manalo to still stick with Erap.. it didnt happened tho

      • Noel

        The younger Manalo is reputed to be a violent person.  When he was young, he led a group “Hit Squad” that retaliated against those who harmed INC.  INC has become a lot more dangerous today under his leadership.  Speaking of sticking it out with Erap, the late Manalo and Erap were the best of friends.  Even Manila Mayor Lim was surprised why INC did not support him last election when he ran for Mayor of Manila but he still won.

      • alan

        Thank God for that!!

      • jga94

        Well thank God for that…I shudder at the thought that despite being exposed for who he really is, Erap could still have won the presidency were it not for the events that led to PNoy’s ascendancy…

      • patriotic_act

        Yep, the only thing I admire during the Erap Administration is his “All Out War” against the mindanao Terrorist..

        The MILF Rebels indeed probably said “Allahu Akbar” when Erap did not win.

        PNoy atleast will give them more peacetalk which will give them more chance to form break away groups.


    • CaseBlue

      He was the Mayor of Naga Cty for 18 years. He turned Naga City around from a third class city to a first class city.  His stint as SILG, however, was cut short by his untimely death before we could see his efforts bear fruit. I feel he deserves all the accolades he is receiving in death.   I am from Naga City by the way.

      • Noel

        Running a city like Naga is different from running DILG which is nationwide.  Unless Robredo had the support of other departments, it would be very hard to succeed.  Even Pnoy was not certain of continuing his service because Robredo was being replaced by Lacson.  If Robredo is still alive today, would Pnoy keep him?

    • jga94

      I think that the response of the Filipino people in general….the many, many people who lined up during his wake, the profuse praise he received in social network and in media (from the highest placed officials to the common citizen), the increase in interest in hearing news that had to do with him (as evidenced by increase in sales, increase in website traffic, increase in responses to an article) and such…that shows that he was not being “overpraised”—-I do not think that the kind of response from the public can be conjured up by any PR firm or spinmaster(your so-called Yellow media)…..just praise can only be validated by the public….

      • Noel

        We don’t doubt the support and love of the people for Robredo.  But a portion of those who lined up and tried to view Robredo’s remains could be just curious onlookers.  Like the Corona impeachment and other high profile cases, the daily and even hourly broadcast of Robredo from the time he was missing until his recovery have influenced the minds of the people.  Nothing’s wrong with paying respect to a good leader; but the coffin is closed covered by flag and people have no way of seeing Robredo.  All they do is touch the coffin/flag.  It’s not a complete viewing because people don’t see his face.

  • Fulpol

    more appreciated in death than in life…

    of course, his life is can only remember his life when is already dead, because death is the time to revisit the past… history can only be revisited if things already antiquated.

    what do you hear from the funeral of a corrupt politician? more appreciated that he died..

    • pinoy63

      yeah right!!!

  • maroon malcolm

    It is an error to say that he failed to assume the full powers of a Cabinet secretary. He did not die in an acting capacity. He was an ad interim appointee, assuming full powers of a secretary. ad interim should not be likened to an acting capacity. It can be contrasted to a regular appointee whose position does not lapse every time the congress’ session ends. 

  • $25995786

    He was not confirmed due to dirty politics.After reading number of articles related to his confirmation two names come out prominently as the main reasons for nonconfirmation: SOTTO and VILLAFUERTE. Filipinos should learn that these people should not be part of our politics in the future. DO NOT VOTE SOTTO AND VILLAFUERTE IN THE FUTURE.

    • patriotic_act

      indeed.. im fond of Nador when he is with Enteng and Starzan..

      but I no longer like him when he’s in the senate

    • aurelius marcus

      You mean the SOTTO that made a drama in the senate to oppose the RH Bill? That stupid retarded person which has no BALLS? 

  • for_Prosperity

    cannot stop myself to think that Sec. Jesse’s death is a SACRIFICE and
    INTENTIONAL, in the sense that his life was sacrificed to deliver a
    message to the people, and it is intentional in the sense that if his
    death did not happen at all, people of the Philippines wouldn’t see the
    true picture of a true public servant.

    I even joked that if a corrupt politician died on land, he should
    be tied with a big stone and thrown into the sea and be left there for
    the cannibals of the sea to feast on.

    It is so sad that you cannot say ‘LONG LIVE, SEC. JESSE!” anymore, but “LONG LIVE YOUR MEMORIES!”.

  • Opel

    in life he was made a whipping boy by critics, in death he was made an epitome of greatness in public service. the name he left his family is priceless.  

    • boybakal

       ika nga, noong buhay si Jesse, pulos tsismis sa likod, ng patay na panay puri sa harap.

  • ValencianoEd

    LISTENING to the co-cabinet members of Jesse+
    trying to outrace and outdo each other in heaping superlatives on their
    fallen hero during the necro services at the Maharlika Hall yesterday,
    the following thoughts were crossing my mind:

    1. their
    exceptionally glowing tributes: did they ever say these in public, or
    maybe during the light moments when they were at a meeting with their
    boss? Or to Jesse himself? Did they
    ever express, “good work, Jesse”? Did anyone of them ever approach
    the boss and express their commendation on Jesse’s performance? 2.
    did they, or anyone ever praise Jesse or commend him in public, or
    during their private caucuses/conversations with the President? Was
    there anyone among them humble enough to acknowledge him when there was
    an opportunity to do so? Or did they reserve the commendations in
    whispers? 3. did anyone of them ever approach the President/boss to
    say, “sir, bakit naman papalitan si Jesse. Di ba mahusay naman ang
    ginagawa nya?” Or did they just keep their silence and their
    nonchalance? If there is but one, or hopefully a couple who did
    what I mentioned [above], I would indeed, be very happy. I am giving
    the benefit of the doubt to those I heard speak: Soliman, who was so
    profuse in her praise claiming that because of Jesse’s example of
    leadership, there has been an increase in the number of volunteers and
    young people in government service (wow!); or Almendras who extolled the
    virtues of his take on Jesse’s “tsinelas brand of leadership” or Abad
    who would not be outdone in his words, encouraging one and all to
    emulate the late Jesse, especially his leadership style. All I can say
    was Wow! How much of that mouthful were only for the moment? How much
    of those said were genuine? How much of them were sincere? Again, I
    have to prefix my thoughts with: I give them the benefit of the doubt!
    Unfortunately, listening to them extol the virtues of their fallen
    colleague to wit, he was this and he was that; the epitome of this
    and of that; the symbol of this and of that………blah blah blah.
    made me feel so uncomfortable, I was having a saccharine attack and
    nearly puked in my chair. I just had to switch to another channel. 

    • angie1875

      His wife said he had good relations w/ his peers. I think he would have resigned after the Luneta fiasco if the president and the cabinet did not support him. Sowing intrigues and malicious motives never made our country progressive or great. 

      • jga94

        Yes to what you wrote…

      • I_kabod

         very much agree.

      • ValencianoEd

         so, did I not premise my comment on I AM GIVING THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT…………hope you do understand the meaning of that inclusion in relation to my comments.  thanks.

      • angie1875

        I think in life, presidents cannot publicly praise good people in his cabinet. Patting them on the back smacks of self-congratulation. In death, it is better to shower the praises and awards to show appreciation.  

    • jga94

      First of all, if there is anything that the death of Sec. Robredo has impressed on me it is that THERE IS HOPE. Just when you think everyone in govt is self-serving, here comes stories about how Robredo was during his lifetime. So I am a bit surprised that there are still those who are cynical—those who chose tointerpret things negatively.

      I saw that telecast where the Cabinet members gave a memorial to Robredo—and it’s amazing how my thoughts were exactly the opposite of your view…..

      1. and 2. Angie1875 was right, if he was not appreciated, not supported by his colleagues in the Cabinet (or at least a majority of them), I do not think he would have lasted. Fact is he was bypassed by CA…and the President reappointed him just as many times…that for me speaks of how he was trusted with the job.

      You ask if his colleagues ever said anything good about him while he was alive….will we ever know? No, not unless in you are in the inner circle. But if you closely followed bits and pieces of news…you will see that he was practically everywhere whenever PNoy went here or went there….I see that as a show of confidence in him…

      Do we civilians ever truly know all the activities this govt has been engaging in?The judge and Sen Arroyo did mention in the article that Robredo did not have the means/money to hire a PR firm to extoll him to the public…..or may I add, I do not think many of the Cabinet members have any sort of PR firm backing them up either….for this, I castigate media and to some extent us ordinary civilians….Media (most especially TV and radio) are so engaged in “checkbook journalism” as well as “tabloid journalism” and sensationalism that how can we ordinary citizens know exactly how our govt is working for us…not unless we directly engage in govt initiatives do we realize that there are those public servants who are actually doing good….KADALASAN PA NALOLOKO TAYO NG SPINMASTERS NA ITO….

      3. Again, I do not know what life has given you that you are so jaded….what indications do you have to say that these 3 Cabinet members may have only given profuse praise on Robredo just for that moment…..what?Hunch?And what is this talk about replacing him?Again, just conjectures….fact is he died as head of DILG….for all we know, talks about him being replaced have been floated by those “spinmasters” (hired by those who ambition to take DILG)….I say be more discerning of the news that we are fed…..

      And I respect your opinion…it’s just that it is sad that many Pinoys out there are so jaded and cannot appreciate the fact there is hope and that there are miracles….I think it is a miracle that someone from an LGU rose to head the most powerful department in govt (he who was without the means to hire spinmasters or PR firm to boost his ambitions) besting more popular ,better equipped personalities (like Binay)…yes, I see that as hope and a small miracle……. the life of Robredo….

      • ValencianoEd

         sir, did I not post my comment with the glaring, I AM GIVING THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT…………..I wanted to be careful of counter comments like yours, but thank you very much for taking time to air your views.  appreciate it much.
        This is a free country, and we allow disagreements, don’t we?  Do not tell me, good sir, you have not, not in your whole life, have you disagreed with the thoughts of others on the same issue/s.
        Again, thanks.
        P S do hope you get the meaning of, giving the benefit of the doubt……..

  • boybakal

    Robredo ‘more appreciated in death than in life’….

    That’s what we are. Good in death and grief.
    That is why, we don’t have Living Legend. Only in death where one is appreciated but in life he is being stabbed at the back.
    RIP to Robredo….now you are extolled in high heavens.

    “Blessed are the poor in spirit,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    Blessed are they who mourn,
    for they shall be comforted.

    Blessed are the meek,
    for they shall inherit the earth.

    Blessed are they who hunger
    and thirst for righteousness,

    for they shall be satisfied.

    Blessed are the merciful,
    for they shall obtain mercy.

    Blessed are the pure of heart,
    for they shall see God.

    Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they shall be called children of God.

    Blessed are they who are
    persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

    • tipay

      we have one living legend – sonny jaworski  lol

      • Romerck

        Natawa akong bigla dito ah, uu nga naman meron.

  • Wadav

    Just curious po. Robredo’s confirmation was bypassed thrice by CA? pwd kaya ipublish dito kung sino ang ayaw sa kanya? personally gusto kung malaman sa kanya bakit ayaw nya kay Robredo.

  • rommel

    Life is like a book. Only after reading you can appreciate the story. If he’s still alive anything could happen. Now he’s dead nobody can question anymore. No more ifs and buts…Like me…Akala ko wala ng matino sa gobyerno..meron pa pala…

    • boybakal

       Then, Don’t Judge the book by its cover.

  • benson

    I hope his death may serve as a realization to more government officials that power may be used perfectly for the country and its people. Namatay sya ngunit hindi malilimutan ng mga tao ang pagbabagong naidulot nya at ang reporma na sinusulong nya. If you are a politician, wouldn’t you want to be remembered and celebrated as Robredo is by the whole country? I believe there is still hope for our government, Robredo’s death is a divine intervention.

  • Ferds Dela Cruz

    Parang bayani nga tingin sa kanya, pero nung buhay pa iyan, wala kang maririnig kund hindi batikos.     Ganyan ang nga pilipino lalo na yung politiko.    Ilang taon na bypass ng CA, ngayon coconfirm na daw.  eh patay na yung tao.   Nga baliw.

    • jga94

      Robredo had his share of criticisms….most likely –I believe from pols who wanted his position…but I do not think he was as criticized as many believe….the reforms he has instilled in DILG (which we only get to know now….like the programs he introduced to reward good governance and to encourage transparency in local governments) were not covered by media….so I personally blame the kind of media we have—-paid journalism, journalism which lacks depth and substance, sensationalism in media, media na mas pinatutuunan ang negatibo at ang showbiz kesa sa mas mahahalagang mga bagay…..that’s who I blame…..kaya may seeming lack of appreciation for what he has done …kasi hindi naman natin alam yung mga ginagawa nya….I think those in local govt, those in govt agencies that have dealth with Robredo directly do appreciate what he has been doing for them precisely because they know him thru his works….

      Yung tungkol sa pagby-pass sa CA….political na obviously yan….

  • CaseBlue

    Sad, but true. During his tenure as SILG, even Pnoy was not sure of him at first. It is only after his death that they are realizing what a valuable but unappreciated jewel he was.  I am glad that he was able to serve Naga City for 18 years. I think he was Naga City’s greatest Mayor. I am from Naga City by the way. 

    • jga94

      PNoy wasn’t sure of him?Didn’t Sec. die as Secretary of the most powerful department of the executive branch?You think the Chief Executive would give the reins of the most powerful department of his branch if he wasn’t sure of him? Again, this is the result of spinmasters who are paid by greedy, ambitious pols who want to sow intrigue so they can advance their own interests….

      • CaseBlue

        I said that the President was not sure of him AT FIRST. Remember Pnoy did not submit his appointment to the Commission on Appointments at first? He was an acting secretary for around a year?  Eventually, the President realized his worth and submitted his name to the CA. However, the CA bypassed his appointment twice.  Death intervened. 

  • Geow

    Sen Joker arroyo, you are very far from Sec. Robredo.  You are no principled man & have no ball & values!  You are one of the many reasons why Robredo was by.passed three times because you are a trapo. Robredo’s life is an embarassment to most of us Filipinos, esp these trapos!  Do you know why the great nation is always on the brink of collapse??  It is because of policiticians in the likes of Joker Arroyo, a bunch of greedy monsters!

  • Read

    Senator Joker started strong … and turned into a disaster in the end. Once an enemy of corruption but later turned an avid defender of the icon of corruption. Sayang ang kanyang pinagmulan… kung kailan pa tumanda… SAYANG

  • divictes

    I think the silent majority appreciated him in their quiet way as shown by the tremendous outpouring of grief by ordinary folks. It was only the noisy minority in the CA that did not appreciate him in life for selfish reasons.

  • jElly_aCe

    ang daming good talks abt Sec Robredo frm d cabinet members, politicians, frends at kung cnu cnu png nkikisakay at may bago na naman  TSINELAS GOVERNANCE or something to that effect… nag tataka lng aq.. kung mag salita cla sobrang alleluiah nila ke Sec Robredo kadalasan nkakalula na pero ang tanong.. kilala nila c Sec Jess, alam nila panu mag work, alam nila ung tsinelas governance, humble, sincerity, passion at lht lht na pero bat nde nila gnwang inspirasyon noon pa,? bat nde nila gnagaya?  kung sna gnaya at gnawang inspirasyon c Sec Jess, sana umuunlad ang bayang magiliw,, pero bt puro cla salita at nde tularan c Sec Jess gayong alam na alam nila na ito ay tamang gawin pra sa ika uunlad ng bayang magiliw.. STOP NA MGA ALLELUIAH NYO, TULARAN C SEC JESS PRA MANIWALA NAMAN KMI SANYO!

    • adrenalyn_high2011

      hahaha….tama ka…..”action speaks louder than words”…pero mga pulitiko yan…nde dapat asahan…pulitiko means…”puro-liko”…. ang mga pangako…at palaging napapako…LOL

    • efriend

      Don’t just blame the politicians.  Blame the voters like you.  The politicians won’t be there if you won’t vote for them.

  • jga94

    One thing I learned from the ascendancy of Robredo to national prominence is that gems can come from the LGUs….not necessarily from those who are in national positions or heaven forbid….frm the showbiz ranks….merong magagaling na hindi pa natin nakikilala….sana mamulat ang mga tao na dapat kilatising maigi ang mga kandidato bago bumoto…..lalo na with the kind of media we have…maraming bayaran….

  • adrenalyn_high2011

    there is always truth in the saying to that effect …”we only appreciate the worth of our beloved family and friends only when they’re gone.”  …kaya mas mainam cguro gawin habang  nabubuhay pa sila at may pagkakataon na ipaalam natin sa kanila…the same thing of saying I love you or I hold you dear in my heart…is so sad that not all recipients will hear such words from us…yes, indeed a human tragedy…. :((

    • Romerck

      Parang ganito ba… “Ate Glo at Kuya Mike pinapatawad na namin kayo at mahal na namin kayo ngayon saka pinupuri na namin ngayon ang mga nagawa nyo sa bayan, SANA KUNIN NA RIN KAYO NI LORD NGAYON.”

      • adrenalyn_high2011

        hahaha…more appreciated in death???…bakeettt…magaganda ba nagawa nila…unless iba ang pagkakaunawa mo sa salitang appreciate….LOL

  • pipsirho

    NO TRADITIONAL POLITICIAN with his irrational mind, selfish interests, dynastic tendencies, corrupt character, greed would APPRECIATE much less PRAISE a GOOD LEADER while ALIVE for obvious reasons.


  • crissie825

    sec jesse’s death opened my eyes that there are still public servants who can handle power yet be good family man in the real sense of the word.  he is the icon of good governance to this date .able to govern and handle a very demanding government position yet able to balance his time with his family. men are all imperfect but his death opened my eyes that an imperfect being can still do so much good for his fellowmen.

  • Isko

    Labis labis ang papuri kay Sec. Robredo ngayong pumanaw na siya pero and di ko mawari ay bakit di agad naaprobahan ng Commission on Appointments (CA) ang kanyang pagiging secretary ng DILG. Highly qualified siya academically at dekada ang experience in managing Naga City, hindi corrupt at multi-awardee pa si Sec. Robredo pero kulang pa pala ang mga ito sa mga politiko sa CA na wala sa kalingkingang ang mga qualifications.

    Di ko rin maintindihan ang mentalidad dito sa bansa natin sa pagpapasok sa trabaho sa gobierno o sa pribadong organization. Masyadong sinusuri ang mga qualifications at experience ng mga aplikante bago matanggap sa puwesto pero kakaiba sa para sa pagka-Kongresista at senador na gumagawa ng mga batas natin, kahit sinuman ay puedeng mahalal kahit na hindi qualified academically o sa experience. Popularidad o may pera lang puede ng maging mambabatas! Kakaiba talaga ito kasi katanggap-tanggap ang patakaran na ito dito sa Pilipinas! Hindi katakataka kung bakit hindi pa umuunlad ng bansa natin.

    • generalproblem

      kasi hinarang ni matandang villafuerte ang nominationnnya

      • Paliwaweng


    • goodH2O

      they want something from Sec. Robredo before he can pass the CA. Like ipromote yung tautauhan nilang maging general na kasakasama sa jueteng. assurance na di pakikialaman ang jueteng sa lugar nila. etc.etc.etc.

  • Belekoy

    Robredo’s death will rekindle political will that is lacking in our leaders in government. But this has happened before, several times in fact. This happened during the EDSA one and two, during the death of Cory and the election of P-Noy, but the sad fact is, our country is still wallowing in economic morass and is beset with socio-economic problems that prevent its citizenry to expeience good living. What seems to be the reason for this, after a resurgence of political will, the same resurgence goes pfft and we are back to square one. Maybe the reason for this is the weakness that is rooted in our race: we are regionalistic, clannish and antagonistic with other sectors of society that are different with our kind. We tend to  remain divided in social classes: rich versus poor; intellectual versus the mediocre, etc. Furthermore, we are aware that if we launch reforms through the help of this political will, our leaders know that there is no instant source of money in this, and it will instead result in possible wealth equality among our citizens since reforms tend to abolish conditions that make us poor or powerless.

    • efriend

      True but the root of all evil are the bad politicians especially those who come from the dynasties who run their turfs like its a business conglomerate (example: the Ampatuans).  It’s OK if the benefits go back to the people (example: the Gordons).  Years and years of local governments run by dynasties did not produce any good result for the people.

      • FernandoBusi

        you forgot the Aquino-Cojuangco clique the biggest dynasty of them all 

  • Menchie

    judge santos may be true that the structure of governance be better if rolled down to the local level…. and precisely that is devolution… but that could only be good if all the local chief executive is MAYOR JESSE

    • chick

      mahirap kasi maraming corrupt sa local levels.. pati nga mga SK, marami ring corrupt.. 

    • jga94

      I think ang sabi ni Robredo dyan ay yung mga LGUs which have proven themselves capable to self-governance (thru an objective “scorecard” system they were developing), then these LGUs can be given more autonomy….but there are LGUs which are obviously not ready…their finances may be in shambles, their officials may be corrupt, there may be unchecked lawnessness and corruption…itong mga ito, sabi nya, dapat pang tutukan….so hindi ito one size fits all……

  • efriend

    Joker Arroyo, you need a mirror when you said, “Pag corrupt ka, lagot ka!”.  What happened to you? And where were you when your kababayan got bypassed? Were you busy protecting GMA?

    • 12JEM

       In fact, it turned out, hindi alam ni Joker na di kasama ni Jesse ang kanyang familia sa Manila.

      Walang naging paki-alam si Joker sa Naga, ang lugar na kung saan siya lumaki.

      Ang pinagkaabalahan ni Joker ay ang creation ng new district para makatakbo as congressman si Dato Arroyo.

      • pinoy63

        sayang si joker, hanga pa naman ako sa kanya noon, ngayon naging JOKER na sya

  • kilabot

    that’s exactly how noykapon treated him. in life, clipped his wings at dilg and under threat of being replaced by pinkylacson in 2013. not my style, according to him.
    but right now in death, noykapon is singing a different tune. lavishly poignant but pharisaic.


    IN Jesse Robredo’s case….the good that Jesse do live after him; the evil is interred in his bones. Hope the standard he set in public service be the renewed template or paradigm for public servants- from the janitor to the the President.  Honesty, Sincerity, Transparency, and Courage.

  • pidalcopter2

    Sec Jesse Robredo will be remembered as a HERO while Gloria Arroyo will be remembered as a DOROBO.

    • Renski1970

      Wag tayong magsiguro.. hindi lang si Jesse ang pinakamagaling.. Marami pa diyan na mas magaling pa sa kanya. Bilang Pilipino tanggalin natin ang ugaling showbiz.. kesyo sikat saludo. Maging tunay tayo.

      • $20733759

        Mas magaling? Name some please.

      • Pio Gante

        brod, marami din sa paligid na nag-lilingkod sa bayan at gumagawa ng kabutihan sa tahimik at simpleng pamamaraan.

      • phreddox

        Sino nga?

      • Renski1970


      • Paliwaweng

        Eto ang ibang magaling: Grace Padaca and Ed Panlilio.

      • dragon27

        Totoo, at magandang maniwala, na marami pa ang puwedeng mas magaling kay Jesse. Ito ang ang kanyang adbokasiya, ang maging bayani sa anumang paraan ang mga ordinaryong Pilipino. Sana narinig mo siya ng pinapupurian, kung paano niyang ipinasa ang papuri sa kanya sa kanyang sinasakaupan sa Naga. hindi niya ito inari.

        Sa mga taong nakasalamuha niya, sa mga taong napaglingkuran niya sa Naga, sa mga taong nakakakilala sa kanya, magaling at mahusay siya, karapat dapat na tanawin bilang bayani.Hayaan natin na tanghalin siya bilang isa. Hindi mababawasan ang mas magagaling pang tao tulad niya dahil lang siya ay pinararangalan. Bagkus, magigi siyang inspirasyon sa mga ito at sa iba pang tao.

        Ano ba ang mawawala sa atin kung siya ay parangalan?

        At isa pa, gaya ng sinabi ni Jesse, ang kailangan ay maging mahusay AT matino. Siya ngayon ay inaalala hindi dahil siya ay mahusay o magaling, kung hindi dahil siya ay mahusay at matino na pulitiko.

        Kilalanin natin ang tao. Kung kilala mo siya, sigurado, hindi ka mag aalinlangan sa parangal na binibigay sa kanya.

  • tra6Gpeche

    In case of DILG unconfirmed Secretary Jesse Robredo, I would rather have him appreciated more when he was still alive.

    • jga94

      I don’t understand why some people here think that Robredo was “unappreciated” as DILG chief…..he continued to enjoy PNoy’s confidence because he was still DILG chief when he passed….he was young and just beginning his career as a national-level polotician….so siyempre hindi siya bibigyan ng accolades pa lasi nga nagsisimula pa lang siya….I think at that point in his career, yung appreciation na dapat para sa kanya ay yung continued support na binibigay sa kanya ng Cabinet and yung respect na binibigay sa kanya ng mga LGU chiefs and lahat ng sakop niya….but his sudden passing, parang yung nangyayaring pagbibigay ng accolades ay reaffirmation sa lahat ng nagawa nya….parang kung baga, kapag retiring na ang isang kawani/personality, hindi may some sort of tribute din?

      • tra6Gpeche

        You have a point, kabayan. But what I am seeing and hearing now about the DILG unconfirmed Secretary Jesse Robredo, I did not hear and see when he was for instance the case of a senior citizen in Naga City against a fast food restaurant, the way he walked in the streets of Naga City without bodyguard, the way he would ride on his bycicle wearing simple looking shorts, the way he would sit on the sidewalk with poor people on his side, his ingenious way of governing, his solving the squatter problem in Naga City, corruption free in the City hall of Naga City and many other things that is not ordinary for a Mayor like him. I believe there are more many amazing things that we do not know about the incorruptible Jesse Robredo. And the article says “more.” To me this means, he was appreciated when he was alive but was not given more appreciation just like the appreciation he is given now that he is dead.

  • Renski1970

    Kasi ginagamit ng mga TRAPOS ang kanyang kasikatan. Political propaganda ang ginawa sa kanyang pagkamatay. Bakit ba kasi nagpapagamit ang mga PINOY? Masyadong halatado na kasi patangatanga pa rin? Kita mo naman sa TV coverage.. mga POLITIKO nagpapaPOGI at medyo nagpapaPANSIN na kumwari buddy sila ng pamilya Robredo. Mamaya makikita ninyo Misis nya tatakbo yan bilang congesswoman o mayor o baka Senator pa dahil gagamitin na naman ang pangalang ng yumaong SEC. Hay naku parang si Penoy kesyo nanay nya santa kuno.

    • jga94

      At paano mo naman nalaman na lahat ng nakikiramay ay plastik….close kayo?Fact is Robredo seemed like he was really the friendly type…he was always seen smiling and he seemed to have a good disposition….so napakalayo ba na totoong may mga politicians na naging kaibigan nya at totoong nagdadalamhati sila sa kanyang pagkamatay….why be so jaded?

      Anyway, I’m sure there are some who are using the opportunity to get attention….who do you think some of them were?name names…

  • PH2011

    Thrice bypassed by the Commission on Appointments for various reasons except
    dirty politics, Robredo failed to assume the full powers of a Cabinet
    secretary. His nomination unconfirmed, he died serving his post in an acting

    “Robredo’s wife earlier said in an interview that her late husband was more
    concerned about his daughters passing their exams than getting his

    Leni Robredo recalled having learned this from Robredo when she told him
    that she was offering a novena for his CA nod, but the late secretary said he
    would rather that his wife pray for their children to pass their exams.”–


    Comparing Ninoy to Jesse because of their tragic deaths? Kiss my behind Judge Santos, them are just like day and night or better be a sweet dreams and a nightmare. Think about it ‘

    • desperb

      Kinumpare ba kay Ninoy???

      • DATAN

        desperb, you might have misunderstood the comparisons. Jesse a sweet dreams and Ninoy a nightmare….

  • Pio Gante

    siyempre, ganyan talaga ang pinoy,  mag-babato ng kung ano-anong papuri sa namayapa,

    pampalubag-loob baga, kulang na lang nga eh gawin siyang santo.

  • Cynthia

    Sad but that’s the way with the world, that’s why we should give praises where they are due, flowers to people dear to us, and other nice gestures while they are still alive and we are able to see the effect of our actions on them.  See how great composers, painters, writers, sculptors etc, their masterpieces are appreciated and sold when they are gone.  In Hollywood for example nowadays they do tributes and celebrations of the works and contributions of Hall of Fame artists while they are still able to grace the occasion.  Sudden deaths of course are exception, so the tributes for Sec. Robredo is just fine, who could have known, however like the issue of his confirmation I hope other government projects and programs that need to be implemented must be carried out without further delays.

  • Romerck

    Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo?

    Ewan ko sa inyo kung kelan kayo pinanganak pero yung pangyayari kay Ninoy ay iba sa nangyari kay sec. Robredo, di dapat ihambing kasi makalipas ang ilang taon ay makakalimutan na rin itong nangyaring ito kay sec. Jess samantalang yung kay Ninoy ay mananatili.

    Ngayon may nakakaalala pa ba kina Raul Manglapuz o Raul Roco? Kahit hindi sa trahedya sila nangamatay pero hindi rin matatawaran ang naiambag nila sa lipunan nung nabubuhay pa sila at naglilingkod sa bayan.

    • jga94

      I am still an admirere of Roco….manglapuz not so much…

    • boybakal

      Tama ka diyan, aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo….
      Pwede pa rin sa kambing, baka at kalabaw..
      Meaning there are still people like Robredo and they are just waiting their time to be famous too….sudden death to be appreciated.

  • Paliwaweng

    The same is true here, when we are starting the ‘dirty job, the bosses hates to see  the onset of the project.
    When done, at the exhibition hall, there was a complete change in the landscape.
    All the ‘bosses’, were there, and with their hands on their waist, minsan, halos umabot na sa kili-kili sa pamemewang, are walking toe n fro as if they have a part on the job.
    The truth is, from the concept up to the execution, they are nowhere to be found.
    Only affixing their signatures.

    The same is true to Robredo.
    Credit-grabbers takes credit for his accomplishments, and as they are afraid that they will look ‘inutile’ because of this guy, Robredo, they colluded with the powerfulCommission on Appointments dirty tricks department not to confirm him in DILG.
    Now, out of shame and guilt, they do a complete turn-around. “Manong’ Enrile’s announcement that Robredo’s confirmation is due this coming month just proves their guilt.
    Naghuhugas kamay, ala Hudas Iskaryote.

  • Edwin

    ginagamit kasi nila yung taong patay na para makuha yung simpatiya nung mga buhay pa…lalo na sa pulitika…kaya nga nanalo si Pwenoy,dahil namatay yung nanay nya..

    • jga94

      Tawag dyan FATE….Thank goodness events went the way they did and PNoy eventually won…otherwise, baka nakabalik si Erap…

  • fmdayon

    I absolutely agree with the saying “Give me flowers while I’m still alive.” Moreover, Sec. Jessie was greater in death than when he was still alive….as manifested by the outpouring of tributes to him.

  • 1VeritasAequitas

    Si Secretary Jesse Robredo ay isang dakilang bayaning Pilipino. Namumukud tangi siya sa mga pulitiko natin na tanging pagpapayaman at pananatili sa kapangyarihan ang hinahangad. Lugmok na ang bayan natin sa katiwalian sa gobyerno, paghihirap ng sambayanan at sa malawakang krimen. Ang pangunahing tao na nagsisikap na mabago ang ating bayan ay bigla pang lumisan. Taos-puso akong nakikiramay sa pagkawala ni Secretary Robredo. Idinadalangin ko sa Panginoong Diyos na protektahan, biyayaan at laging gabayan ang naiwang kabiyak, tatlong anak, mga kapatid at iba pang kaanak ni Secretary Robredo. Nasa Langit na ang minamahal nating DILG Secretary.

  • Glen

    Syempre. Di pa kasi nahuhulihan ng kawalang hiyaan. His death actually did him a favor. Malinis ang pag kakatrabaho.

    • tangbitz

      glen, ilabas mo kung may basehan!

    • joel genese

       Lahat ng tao ay may pagkakamali at nakakagawa din ng kawalang hiyaan.Pero sa laki ng contribusyon ni Robredo at sa pagiging tapat at sinserong pagseserbisyo publiko, hindi na makikita pa at papansinin ng mga tao kung anumang kawalang hiyaang ginawa nya na gusto mong ipaalam sa mga tao.

      • Glen

         Kahit na ano ang kontribusyon nya, yon ay trabaho nya. Binabayaran sya para mag trabaho. Pero kung di sya na dedo, isang pag kakamali lang nya, mag iiba ang pananaw ng mga tao sa kanya, at malamang na maraming matutuwa sa pag ka matay nya later on. Sa madaling salita, ikinabuti ang maagang pag kuha ni lord sa kanya dahil di na sya nag karoon ng pag kakataong mag kamali. yon lang naman ang sinasabi ko…wag na kayong mag react baka pag papatayin ko kayong lahat.

  • Glen

    To Disqus Management: Kung dedeleat nyo  ang post ko at block nyo ako, kawalan din sa inyo dahil pina mumukha ko lang ang malayang pamamahayag dito. Naniniwala ako ang Malayang pamamahayag ay walang kinatatakutan. Di tulad ng komyunista…. Kung gagawin man ninyo ito, para nyo na ring sinabing komyunista kayo.

  • JosephNess

    the joker said : He said Robredo was not appreciated because in Manila he worked in a culture where those who can pay for public relations get the publicity. Robredo, he said, did not have money for public relations.

    wrong….he never advocated to advertise what he worked for, whatever goodness he did to this country, he did it without so much media publicity, he did it without expecting what goodness to him he can get in return, he did them all out of his pure intention to help this country move forward, whatever outcome it will do to him, and what did he reaped? nothing good, in fact, all  he got were harsh criticisms from all sorts of dissenters, when all he wanted was to unite all people to work for the common good of this country…he worked silently, he worked without being noticed by anyone, he worked slowly and silently with the masses, with his subordinates, showing them how to do things differently…he did not need so much publicity to be appreciated…it was the duty of the people who saw him give his best to appreciate his deeds…it was the duty of everyone who saw him did these tasks of cleaning this government, to emulate his attitudes, his selflessness, his pure intentions, his visions and share among themselves the victory of their achievements without so much funfare, so much publicity…let’s put this none sense aside, it will not do us any good anymore, so much for these hush hush, these political gimmickry, what will be relevant now is what we all must do next…what’s the next move that all of us can best do now? after these, when everything are buried, forgotten, are we going back to the way we were or are we already touched, deeply shamed by his simplicity, humbleness and honesty to start changing ourselves from within for a better us? it’s really all up to everyone of us to decide what to do…CHANGE or STAGNATE DEEPER TO HOPELESSNESS…

    • pinoy63

      well said sir!!!

    • carlos

       manhid naman yan si joker. walang inisip kundi sarili. tumandang paurong.

      • JosephNess

        hayaan mo na siya brod. wala na tayong magagawa sa kumag na yan, tumandang paurong, yan ang pinili niyang buhay, to be unpopular at old age rather than the most revere Joker of the dictatorial regime…what a waste to lose the respect of the people and grow old a pariah…

  • vilmavee

    Sec. Jesse Robredo is a class of his own both as a public servant and as a private family man.  He was raised well and schooled excellently.  Truly, his words, actions and deeds speak best of him.  People simply love him.  

    I wonder, if this same grief we Filipinos are enduring because of Sec. Jesse’ passing away, will ever be duplicated?  As Sec. Abad said with reference to their own passing, “pa cremate ka na lang agad”.

    Rest in peace Sec. Jesse.  The Filipinos will never forget you.  But we will also remember to look after your loved ones you left behind.

  • pilipino_ako6

    Joker arroyo said life was unfair to Sec. Robredo and that he was not appreciated. For someone who grew up in Naga, he knew nothing about the man. Sec. Robredo’s awards for his works will fill up a room. The love he felt when he dealt with people was more important and precious than any of his countless awards. I have not seen a happier man than the Secretary, especially for someone, whom Arroyo claims life had been unfair to.

    • jga94


    • FernandoBusi

      I think in the context of an under achiever becoming president and Sec. Robredo not even getting confirmed yes life was unfair … he would have made a better chief executive.

  • Juan

    Napaka incompetetive naman ng article na tuh, ilang Robredo news at ibat ibang topic ang pinag lalagay. Pede ba mr. Inquirer ayusin nyo mga balita nyo gawing consistent. 

    • carlos

       incompetetive? mr. Inquirer? mahiya ka naman Juan! pa inglis inglis, bugok naman… wala sa diksyonaryo. 

  • deadlyshooter

    sarong marhay na aqui ning Naga si Jesse, marhay na kaklase, ka-amigo, kakawat, na dae nakakalingaw saka dae nagbago ang ugali, poon kaaidtong nahiling kong nagdakula ini sa Naga Parochial School asin sa Ateneo de Naga, nag-eskuwela sa ibang lugar, asin pagbalik sa Naga, naging mayor, mayong nabago sa saiyang ugali…iyo man guirayray ang sarong, simpling mapagpakumbaba asin magalang na tao…rest in peace amigo…may you find eternal peace in your home prepared for you by our loving God there in heaven…one good son of Naga, another one good son of the Philippines to intercede for us, for our country there in heaven…join the rest of them in prayer, for the deliverance of our country…

  • Mamerto

    Who are the Members of the Commission of Appointments…?
    After Two(2) Long-Years…, WHY did they NOT Confirm the Appointment of Sec. Robredo..?
    Now that he’s gone, the country gives Sec. Jessie Robredo countless & highest awards.
    Observing these, one could see the inefficiency, incapacity, laziness and tardiness of our leaders.

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      one member of that commission is CONGRESSMAN LUIS ROBREDO VILLAFUERTE…who used his connections not to confirm this person..Hence, Robredo was by-passed by the commission 3 TIMES…i repeat, 3 TIMES…and this bulok na congressman does it all….

  • Bayan Muna

    Typical Filipino attitude, it’s better late than never. Same reason why we have many squatters- hoping that SOMEDAY they will own houses here in metro. But it’s different with Commission on Appointment. They are focused on putting their allies on juicy positions. Sec. Robredo can’t be an ally because he is a good man. He can’t be manipulated. So they made his status temporary. Waiting for the right time to change him, which they failed until he died on an “accident”.

  • ValencianoEd

    ANGIE 1875 on the contrary, at least for me, public commendation is the highest form of incentive, even higher than money. .  A sincere pat on the back is priceless……money cannot buy that.  If you will refer to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs…….how do you appreciate one who is already at the top; one enjoying self-actualizattion?  Money, fame?  Nah…….a simple and sincere public “job well done” gesture will do, thank you very much.

  • dragon27

    I was also compelled to comment on this “comment” by Joker Arroyo that life was unfair to Sec. Jesse Robredo.

    On the contrary, life was very good to Jesse for he was given the chance
    to serve the public, which he did very well. Perhaps Joker failed to
    capture the essence of the man. Jesse even said it himself, as related
    by his wife Leni, that he could no longer ask for anything as he’s had
    his “quota” and even more. Jesse and his wife only have kind and
    grateful words for his life. Jesse felt blessed, and not ill-treated.

    Only someone that harbors a negative feeling towards life could feel
    life to be “unfair,” to him or to another, especially if speaking for
    someone as well loved as Jesse.

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