Carpio leads eight nominees

Palace favorite De Lima not on short list


Acting Chief Justice Antonio Carpio topped the short list of eight candidates that the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) announced on Monday, but a senator said he believed the next Chief Justice would either be Associate Justice Lourdes Sereno or Solicitor General Francis Jardeleza.

Sereno is President Benigno Aquino III’s first appointee to the high tribunal who held the minority view in its recent ruling regarding the just compensation to workers of Hacienda Luisita, which is owned by his family.

Jardeleza is a lawyer associated with the Chief Executive’s uncle, businessman Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson told reporters he had information that the choice for the post of ousted Chief Justice Renato Corona would be a toss-up between Sereno, 52, and Jardeleza, 62.

“That’s not a fearless forecast.  I just heard that they are the front-runners but don’t take it seriously,” he said.

Palace insiders told the Inquirer that the front-runner was Jardeleza, who has been criticized for his role as lawyer in the questionable use of coconut levy funds administered by Cojuangco during the regime of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos to acquire shares of stock in San Miguel Corp. Jardeleza later became corporate counsel in SMC, of which Cojuangco is chair.

The Supreme Court still has pending cases to resolve in connection with sequestered SMC shares now worth more than P100 billion.

During the JBC interviews, the 62-year-old Carpio expressed fears that the appointment of an outsider as Chief Justice would lead to demoralization in the judiciary following the emotional Senate trial that removed Corona. Carpio then denied Corona’s claims that he had conspired with Malacañang to oust his erstwhile rival.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, regarded as Malacañang’s choice, was not on the short list announced on Monday by the Supreme Court from which Mr. Aquino will choose Corona’s replacement.

A last-ditch effort to put De Lima on the list failed after a JBC member said she had failed to get a consensus among the eight members to suspend its rules that prohibited the consideration of nominees with pending administrative cases.  De Lima is facing disbarment cases for badmouthing Corona and ignoring a Supreme Court order.


Carpio got the most number of votes, seven, according to Supreme Court spokesperson Gleo Guerra. The lone JBC member who did not vote for Carpio was Sen. Francis Escudero, according to two members who spoke on condition of anonymity for lack of authority to discuss the matter.

Sereno and Jardeleza got six votes each, along with Associate Justices Roberto Abad and Arturo Brion and former Rep. Ronaldo Zamora. Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo-De Castro and former Ateneo law dean Cesar Villanueva each received five votes.

Commentators have suggested that Abad could be a good interim choice for Chief Justice in the wake of Corona’s ouster. At 68, Abad has only two more years to serve before reaching the mandatory retirement age of 70.

He told the JBC during his interview that the Corona trial had “wounded” the judiciary and an insider was necessary to do the healing.

Guerra said that the JBC would send the short list of nominees to Malacañang Monday afternoon. Under the Constitution, the President has until Aug. 27 to appoint the new Chief Justice.

Iloilo Rep. Niel Tupas Jr., a JBC member, said the council ended up submitting eight names to the President after deciding that “whoever gets five votes will be listed.”


Tupas said De Lima was disqualified because the JBC was unable to reach a consensus on a motion filed last week by a JBC member, Malacañang Undersecretary Michael Frederick Musngi, for the council to suspend its rules on the disqualification of nominees.

“We did not get a consensus so we did not put it anymore to a vote,” Tupas said.

The JBC rules bar the nomination of applicants to judiciary positions who have pending regular administrative and criminal cases, among others.

A disappointed De Lima told reporters she did not know how to react to her outright disqualification. “Why was I singled out for disqualification? That’s what I want to ask,” she said, abruptly cutting off further questioning.

De Lima, 52, had been counting on the JBC to keep her nomination alive after the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) twice rejected her appeal to dismiss the disbarment cases against her.

The cases against De Lima stemmed from her alleged disparaging remarks against Corona and her defiance of a Supreme Court temporary restraining order against her directive banning former President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from leaving the country for medical treatment even in the absence of a criminal charge.

Palace ‘stooge’

De Lima had told both the IBP and JBC that the disbarment cases against her were politically motivated.  She had said she had the lock on Corona’s post because of her closeness to Mr. Aquino—a boast that sparked fears that the next Supreme Court chief would be Malacañang’s “stooge.”

Tupas said the JBC “reconsidered” the nominations of two other applicants for Chief Justice who had been previously deemed disqualified because of pending cases—Jardeleza and Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Teresita Herbosa.

He said Jardeleza’s case in the Supreme Court had not been acted upon and could not be “considered yet a pending administrative case under JBC rules.”

The administrative case against Herbosa was dismissed on Aug. 1, according to the Supreme Court. But because Herbosa got only four votes, she was not included on the short list.

Tupas disclosed that Supreme Court justices had their own choices of nominees and that these were sent to the JBC as a “guide.”

But he said he did not consider it when he voted. “We just voted based on our individual lists, which we prepared even before the voting,” he said.

Lawsuit threat

On Sunday, former Solicitor General Frank Chavez said the JBC was inviting lawsuits if it amended and suspended its rules on disqualification of nominees in the midst of its deliberations ostensibly to favor De Lima.

Lacson was beaming ear to ear when word got out that De Lima was out of the running. “Basta, I’m happy,” he told reporters.

Lacson and De Lima have been at loggerheads since the justice secretary insisted on not honoring the Court of Appeals’ decision to cancel a lower court’s order to rescind an arrest warrant against the senator. This was in connection with Lacson’s alleged involvement in the murders of publicist Salvador “Bubby” Dacer and driver Emmanuel Corbito in 2000. The arrest order has since been dismissed.

Sen. Francis Pangilinan said De Lima’s noninclusion on the short list should quiet speculations that pressure was exerted on the JBC.  “This indicates that there was no pressure, that the JBC made the selection based on rules,” he said.

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  • drew_casta

    “She had said she had the lock on Corona’s post because of her closeness to Mr. Aquino—a boast that sparked fears that the next Supreme Court chief would be Malacañang’s “stooge.””

    Really? PDI must verify accounts like this. This clearly borders on sensationalism and libel. I smell malice.

    • Felix Alcantara

      Precisely! Although I dislike De Lima, this statement is somehow unnecessary and is speculative in nature. 

  • Jim De Garman

    sereno is the next CJ..

  • spearheads

    I read from the other website that Tupas was interviewed and was asked why there are 8 nominees in their “longlist.” Tupas answered that they agreed that those who will received five votes will automatically be included. Now, this is unprecedented. If this is so, then the JBC amended their Rules without publication after all. 

    • observer18

       the rule says at least 3 can be included in the list.


    I think the most effective and controversy less selection of Chief Justice should be.  Among the active justices they will have a nomination in their group, then the president can support the nominee or select among the active justices, then the senate president and house speaker can do the same also, after that there will be an election to be attended and voted by the active justices, IBP representative, senate president, house speaker & the president or his representative.  The winner on the election balloting will be the Chief Justice.

  • isalexus

    No surprise here! KKK background ata!!

    • wyl5326

      totally wrong as Carpio is from UP ! Thanks for admitting/showing  your own ignorance !

      • isalexus

        so what!? Still KKK as in Kaibigan! And just like you– a paid hack apologist of the Wangwang kid!

      • wyl5326

        I’m no paid hack but a retiree who happens to know who you are from the days with our cyber war during Thief Justice’s impeachment and you lose big and can’t move on !

      • isalexus

        What Cyber war? I did not lose anything– Corona did and so did the country.  I take it that you are one of those twisted  spinmeisters who keeps on  soldiering  for the great wangwang— and you accuse me of not being able to move on?!?LOL!!

      • wyl5326

        I’m no spinmaster but was here battling those who sided with Thief Justice supporter during impeachment and they used same words like your postings here ! If you are indeed not one of them, welcome to the cyber battlefield and see how good you are ! 

      • isalexus

        Okay–no spinmeister? You could have fooled me!! LOL!! Planted dirty trick agent then!

      • wyl5326

        Why are you so obsessed with spin master when I’m challenging you to pick your debate subject ? your comment on 45 properties accused on Thief Justice is a dead issue and irrelevant here but you choose to revived that, why ? Is that how bankrupt your brain was of relevant issues to bring up ? what a pathetic figure you are who probably is so lightweight in intellect !

      • wyl5326

        I don’t do dirty tricks and don’t deal in lies ! perhaps you should read my response to one poster here using the handle name pinoychinese to see how I crucified him into silenced after he posted his rantings ! In fact, one post I submitted to respond was censored because of strong language I used against him !

      • isalexus

        And what is your point telling me that? Are you trying to be King Kong thumping your breast? LOL!!~

      • wyl5326

        come on, show me how good you are ! are you chickening out  now ?

      • wyl5326

        do you think I will be cowed by the handlename you choose to use to show your upper class status ? I only use Cadillakad to work !

      • wyl5326

        so you must be straggler defender of Thief Justice who thinks that the country lose something with his removal showed your depraved mentality of a GoLiar/Thief Justice sympathizer ! Move on !

      • isalexus

        LOL!! You are the one who seems to have the fixation about Corona  and GMA. Just can’t help yourself to acknowledge that the issue is dead and  Wangwang was successful in imposing a quasi-dictatorship in the country- – courtesy of lapdog lackey apologists like you! Get over it! Your glory days are way passed the “Good Until” date!

      • wyl5326

        Unfortunately for you, I’m no PNoy lacky or lapDog as you are probably so green here not to recognized my past postings ! But one thing I’m sure here, you are just a perennial PNoy critic who can’t tolerate anybody who don’t share your view ! In fact I think you could be a Macoy lackey who thinks so highly of yourself ! Pick your subject to debate and I will blow you to pieces !

      • isalexus

        Buwahahaha!  Is that the extend of your life- picking a “debate” in this place!! LOL!! Get a life! Being a toady and a lackey when you are not needed must be eating into your innards. Are you going to be paid if you picked up someone to debate so that you can have billable hours to submit to your masters for spinning your web? Sorry Dodong – go to other garbage pile and do not waste space in this place.

      • wyl5326

        uy, bugok ka diay, lolo na ko bugok !

      • wyl5326

        hambog ka kay taga US ka ? 

      • wyl5326

        bisag maghudyaka ka pa, bugok ka lang gihapon !

      • wyl5326

        who needs billable hours ? You ? I’m retired ! Gusto mo sagpaon ta ka ug kwarta ?

  • JosephNess

    it will be Carpio after all, just to stick and not break the SC tradition on CJ succession for the choice of the most senior associate justice and the JBC has ruled him first…

  • Peregrino Natividad

    Gloria Arroyo is now a cornered mouse very very quiet in a corner, watching and waiting who will be the next Chief Justice. Once it is known, she will start her bait slowly to who ever is in control of the Judiciary.   

    • spearheads

      Devilincarnate, that former president you labeled as “quiet cornered mouse” is now fighting for her dear life in Makati Med. Kung gusto mo kumontak ka na ng punerarya habang maaga. Masaya ka na, kikita ka pa, hudyo!

  • spearheads

    To Tupas and all the JBC members I ask this question:

    What is the sense of agreeing that those who will receive five (5) votes will automatically be included in the long shortlist when the purpose of voting is to find out who will receive the highest votes limiting only three names in the shortlist? Is this a horse deal with PNoycchio in exchange for the disqualification of Delima? Initially, I thought you stuck with your rules but now it appears that you really broke it. Bakit di na lang ninyo sinama lahat na nakatanggap ng boto total pareho rin naman na binali ninyo ang sarili ninyong alituntunin?

    ‘In this regard, Delima was interviewed for her reactions as to her disqualification and she said, “I really don’t know how to react because I do not know why I was singled out.” If you will analyze her reply it would seem that she is already voicing her dismay to the administration by the words “singlerd out.” Poor Delima, I had been posting here that “saling pusa ka lang.” You are just too hard headed and over confident unaware that you will fall prey to your own folly. Serves you right of course. That’s what you get for breaking the law just to show proof of your being a loyal lapdog.

    • Juanito T

      at least three not only three.

    • wyl5326

      While I agree with the point you brought up, perhaps they did not anticipate tied votes and only Carpio was separated at the top, but picking number 5 votes would still makes no sense unless the set the rules before actual vote was taken and they don’t want to put spotlight on tail-enders ! Surely, they could have make cut-off votes of 6 and making the shortlist to 6 then and that should be enough !

  • zahraff

    If DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima is out, then the best next chief justice must be Associate Justice Sereno. As we have said before, being human subjects us not to be perfect, and therefore President Aquino must choose someone who has less baggage and less taint (because apparently every nominee looks tainted). 

  • TMZPinoy

    My take here is Jardeleza..because of Danding’s last wish to Pnoy before he will die …and San Miguel Corp.Ramon Ang wishes too. At least once Jardeleza becomes CJ nobody can overturn decision made on the 20% coconut levy funds used in buying San Miguel Corp. Poor coconut farmers.

    • drew_casta

      namatay na pala si Danding?

      • Mike_1974

        i dont know about that? i-goo-google ko na rin  sana eh. TMZPinoy pala ay puro mali-mali!


      Ang daming mali mali na comments dito. Aywan!

  • spearheads

    Rep. Zamora is a long shot but if there is horse trading between LP and UNA, Zamora is an acceptable compromise. This must be the reason why those who received five votes were included making it a long shortlist which idea again, I suppose, originates from Tupas since Zamora is his colleague. Personally, I am against Rep. Zamora as Chief Justice though he is obviously qualified as far as legal expertise is concerned. He is a die hard politician and could never be an independent magistrate.

  • Christine

    Inquirer please set your facts straight. there are no pending cases re coco levy funds the sipreme court has ruled with finality on cojuango hares and cojuangco has divested his shares in smc. The other case on coco levy has ben decided by SC as well. Its not fair to Jardeleza who had nothing to do with theses cases. Atty mendoza was the counsel of cojuangco. Please be fair and unbiased in your reports. How come you did not include that sereno voted to pay hacienda luisita based on 2010 valuation when SC majority decided it should be 1986? You may favor a nominee but not at the expense of another.

    • spearheads

      Well taken. Don’t worry about PDI, they are just to eager to have Carpio appointed as CJ. At any rate, my bubuwit says that no one among the front runners would be appointed as the next CJ and that includes, Carpio, Sereno, and Jardeleza. You will be surprised. Sana huwag maumnpog si PNoycchio bago mag appoint.

  • doublecross

    mahirap kung si carpio, favor lahat ang decision sa kanyang firm.

    mas mabuti yon outsider para naman may bagong boy scout sa SC.

  • enteng

    It’s time to have a female Chief Justice since Justice Palma. Ergo, I prefer Assoc. Justice Sereno to be the next Chief Justice. Break the seniority tradation, because JBC broke its own rules in the selection process.

    • drew_casta

      Naging chief justice pala si J. Palma?

      • caseydean



    No offense to carpio, at 62 he has an embalmed face! But he is on top of the shortlist.

    • boybakal

      You are right, Carpio at 62 has an embalmed face is in Short List, it might be short lived if he has short life.


    Nakaka-insult naman ito sa isang justice na hindi na shortlist – si presby!

    • joe__bloggs

      De Lima rose .. without a trace. She was/is  a human shield for another woman who is still on the short-list. She is still taking the flak even  after being discarded – an excellent cannon fodder! A master stroke for that media savvy spin doctor who thought of it!

    • marionics

      e kasi naman dun sa interview niya e he openly endorsed carpio for cj practically conceding the race ika nga.

  • jinx

    I’ll go for Carpio. I think he’s the most qualified candidate, kahit hindi naka make-up (hehe).


    Who will be the next chief justice?

    Well, the next chief justice is somebody who can fix the hacienda case. This is above anything else.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Kay Mr. Carpio din pala babagsak ang position bakit kinailangan pa habaan ang prusision? Ang daming butse ang muntik ng pumutuk ng dahil lamang sa lahat ay gustong pumapel tapos kay Carpio rin naman pala ipaparada ang position.  Tayong Filipino talaga ang hilig sa paporms.

  • randyaltarejos

    All of them appear to be qualified for the CJ post. Perhaps, what the JBC can do is to raffle off those names. Whoever is picked in a random will be the CJ of the Philippines. But first a consensus among them must be reached.

  • quirinomayer

    Anybody but Jardeleza, the former lawyer of Danding Cojuangco. 

  • guest1500

    If Noynoy still wants De Lima to Supreme Court then he could appoint first Abad as Chief Justice, then De Lima could apply as AJ if she wins her disbarment case. In May 2014 he could appoint De Lima as CJ when Abad retires.

    • Mike_1974

      i was thinking of the same thing. but Abad is one corrupt justice to begin with! he is not without blemish. 
      on the other hand, im ok with de Lima and Sereno. but for 18 yrs as CJ is too much. With  less than two decades, wala na bang ibang susulpot na magaling? 
      Sereno is only 52 yrs old, with that she also has 18 years to serve as CJ.
      Zamora is a NO-NO!! he is one corrupt official.
      I would rather have someone coming from the ranks of the Judiciary System, or from the Academe but not from those tainted with political connections ( by being a politician during their lifetime).

  • victorts

    Pangilinan should just keep quiet,period.  The more he denies there is political color in the naming of the JBC list, the more the list becomes tainted.  Unless the President chooses a current Associate Justice, his choice will be suspect.  In fact, if Pnoy digrests from the seniority tradition in appointing the CJ, an ulterior motive can readily be attached to his choice.

  • Cranberry101

    De Lima should not be disheartened because her current role probably suits the noble task that only a few people with missionary-like courage and focus can do. Sereno is probably the best bet among the short-listed ones. Her age can cut from both edges. However, her aspirations and life story forecast her potential to become the messianic blind lady who carries the just and fair weighing scale we have been waiting for to transform a generation of magistrates during her term. We need a determined and independent mind that can weather and neutralize the turbulent forces to deliver just and fair judgments in our highest court.

  • txtman

    Kapal-muks talaga ni De Lima De Baboy!

    Hindi bale, less than four years na lang yan
    Hindi na abogaga!

    Well, at least PUPPET pa rin ni Penoy
        ang magiging CJ

    Sino daw sila?

    SERENO or Jardeleza.

    CONGRATS sa mga tagahanga ni Penoy lalo na
         yung mga sumuporta sa impeachment case ni CJ Corona

    You’ve got what you deserved
    Magdusa kayo!


    MANGARAP na lang kayo na dilat ang inyong mga mata!


    • sl1

      Ano ka ba, taga sira ng bayan at taga hasik ng kawalanghiyaan? Kaya bayan natin di umasenso dahil sa taong katulad mo na one-sided at bias ang pag-iisip. Baka tamaan ka ng sakit sa ginagawa mo mag isip isip ka!

      • Pepe_David

        Si Joker yang si Txtman, Walang katuturan, nabubuhay at nakakahinga dahilsa kaguluhan. Chaos ang oxygen, anarkismo ang hapunan.

    • wyl5326

      so you must be a straggler defender of Thief Justice/GoLiar who couldn’t accept the success of PNoy and was so envious of his achievement in just barely 2 years compared to the lamentable almost 10 years of GoLiar misrule !

  • pinoychinese

    All the candidates are Filipino-Chinese. Must we allow another race to occupy the most sensitive position in our land? Do you think, if a very bright Filipino is born and educated in China, the Chinese will accept him as their Chief Justice, or President of their country considering that he has Filipino blood?

    Think again. No other than the former President of Russia voiced out his apprehension to the yearly migration of foreigners, around 10 million a year to his country. Particularly, the Chinese migration to its East Asian territory boardering China.He is aware of the security threat. What more with our country wherein almost 98% of high officials in our government are Chinese?

    • wyl5326

      Perhaps you should consider adopting Malaysian/Indonesian Bumi-Putra policy as the preferred officials ! if that was your intention, I think you may have forgotten to what degree you have to do ethnic cleansing to carry out your racists agenda !

      • pinoychinese

        people miss the point. It is the Chinese in the Philippines who is doing an
        indirect ethnic cleansing. One example is a governor in Mindanao sterilized 800
        indigenous people. Now, what could have driven these Chinese governor to do
        such dastardly act?. Those indigenous people are by themselves under threat of
        extinction because of economic hardship, and now these Chinese wants to hasten
        the process.

        Second, what about that Chinese Chemist who produces illegal
        drugs? In fact, Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese are working hand in hand in the
        laboratory to produce them. What can you say about that?

        Then again, Chinese selling none-nutritious junk foods tainted
        with artificial color and artificial flavoring but zero nutrition? Is that not
        one way to make the Filipinos malnourish and sickly?

        What about the artificial increase of food prices?. Comparatively
        speaking, the Philippines next to Japan have the most expensive prices of
        essential commodities. In Thailand, in Indonesia, and in Malaysia, food and
        medicine is so cheap because the Chinese there is afraid that the government of
        those countries may turn against them if they create an artificial shortages,
        unlike in the Philippines, both the our Chinese government and Chinese
        businessmen are conniving to increase all possible items in these country.

        I can go on and on the dismal  activities of Chinese in the Philippines,
        that can sum up in one sentence. In any malpractice or large violation of our
        Philippine law, a Chinese is always behind it.

      • wyl5326

        I don’t know how much Chinese blood was flowing in you, but you are confusing who are the drug makers that originated their operations from China/Taiwan and then transplanted their operations into the country ! They are criminals and not the Tsinoys you are denouncing and you only shifted accusations after I accused you of wanting ethnic cleansing ! By your wild accusations of blaming conspiracy with government for artificial shortages, you are probably someone who got a raw deal in the past and blaming it on someone else. Then there is also possibility that you could be suffering from a disease called E-N-V-Y when you can’t be successful yourself and finds it easy and convenient to blame others !  Since there are lots of TSinoys where you are, you pick on them and blame them for everything that ills the country ! Perhaps you can do better by blaming also Tsinoys for the deluge and the flood too ! What a pitiful character you are at so easily blaming high prices when you probably never even heard law of supply and demand !

      • wyl5326

        I’m just wondering why you choose your handle name when you are spouting so much hate to Tsinoys while denying that you probably loathe for ethnic cleansing ! Is that your way to hide your loathsome ethnic cleansing aspiration ?

      • wyl5326

        Your diatribe is the first sign of someone who loathes for ethnic cleansing just like how Hitler rose to power before he embarks on exterminating Jews ! Try to watch documentaries of Hitler’s rise and compare it to your diatribes here and I could imagine you to be Hitler wannabe !

      • wyl5326

        Those manufacturers of tainted food in China were caught and executed because their government don’t tolerate it but was driven by greed of their businessmen. The problem with you was you generalized everything and blame all Tsinoys for the sins of the greedy ones ! Then you blame governor in Mindanao  and blame Tsinoys. Review your postings when you accused our Chinese government in the country when the fact is we have a Philippine government who is in fact in diplomatic conflict with Chinese government in China and we never have a Chinese government in the Philippines ! Are you out of your mind when you made the postings ?

    • wyl5326

      Most Tsinoy are more against China’s policy of territorial land grabbing, but you forget that the country have also encourage land grabbing with the Lina Law !

      • pinoychinese

        You people mss the point. It is the Chinese in the Philippines who is doing an indirect ethnic cleansing. One example is a governor in Mindanao sterilized 800 indegenous people. Now, what could have driven these Chinese governor to do such dastardly act?. Those indigenous people are by themselves under threat of extinction because of economic hardship, and now these Chinese wants to hasten the process.

        Second, what about those Chinese Chemist who produce illegal drugs? In fact, Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese are working hand in hand to produce them. What can you say about that.

        Then again, Chinese selling none nutricious junk foods tainted with artificial color and artificial flavoring but zero nutrietion? Is that not one way to make the Filipinos malnutiest and sickly?

        What about the artificial increase of food prices. Comparatively speaking, the Philippines next to Japan has  the most expensive prices of essential commodities. In Thailand, in Indonesia, and in Malaysia, food and medicine is so cheap because the Chinese there is afraid that the goverrnment of those countries may turn against them if they creat an artificial shortages, unlike in the Philippines, both the our Chinese government and Chinese businessmen are conniving to increase all poswible items in these  country.

        I can go on and on on the dismal  activities of Chinese in the PHilippines, that can sum up in one sentence. In any malpractice or large violation of our Philippine law, a Chinese is always  behind it.

      • wyl5326

        do you know meaning of malpractice  ethnic cleanser ? are you referring to a licensed practitioner of a profession whose licensed got revoked ? Are you talking about Hayden Kho ? He is the only Tsinoy whom I know who got convicted of malpractice ! Tell me about others or are they just product of your wild imagination ?  Correction, Hayden Kho was not actually convicted of malpractice but has his licensed revoked on grounds of unethical conduct of immoral nature !

  • pinoychinese

    Binaboy na ng mga Filipino-Chinese ang Judiciary natin. Akala ko ba bawal sa ating saligang batas na ang magkakamaganak ay pwede sa isang branch ng government natin. Si Justice Carpio ay first cousin ni Conchita Carpio Morales, head ng Office of the Ombudsman. Talaga itong si PNOy, he has a hand in Carpio’s nomination on the short list. Isa si Carpio na gusto ni Cojuangcong maging CJ upang baliktarin ang desisyon sa Hacienda Luisita. Maniwala kayo, Final na at Executory, ang Supreme Court natin, that compose of Filipino-Chinese are often time flip-flopping.

    • wyl5326

      perhaps you should just be advocating for disallowing with Chinese ethnicity to serve and admit you have racist tendency too ! 

    • wyl5326

      Flip-Flopping was policy of Thief Justice and so don’t blame wildly and cast aspersion to others who are innocent but you want to blame a class and that is totally wrong unless you want to wage an ethnic cleansing program !

  • johndcross1

    Claiming that the judiciary is “demoralized or wounded” is the height of hypocrisy.  It is of their own making that the judiciary is at this situation.  If they did what is right and correct and not let Corona do his crooked ways, they will not be in this predicament.  These justices have no balls to contradict because each one of them have skeletons in their closets to hide.  The honorable thing for them to do is to quit while the quiting is still good.

  • Philcruz

    What’s with this JBC? They included Zamora in their shortlist?  He has one of the heaviest political baggages ever.

  • Philcruz

    And Danding’s man, Jardeleza?! This simply means this JBC is the one causing a lot of our problems in the SC. They are supposed to be the sieve. But the sieve is full of big holes.

  • $17531445

    They were supposed to name at least three or a maximum of eight. The JBC filled up the slots as if to tell the president there’s no way his favorite nominee might be inserted in the list.  If Lacson is hapy, he’d better un-happy himself if he hopes to be appointed by the president to a cabinet post.

  • chemist45

    Abad is the man!!!

    • pinoychinese

      Right! Go go go!

    • wyl5326

      Not for me, he is too easy to be swayed by Tyrants dominating current SC and that should be a big warning sign ! Abad was a silent accomplice for overturning Midnight Appointment decision unanimously decided by Naravasa court and allow a simple majority of 8 tyrants to carryout their plot and gave us a Thief Justice ! We must hold those who made it possible and should not reward them, because it will only encourage more tyrants later on to rise again !

  • DGuardian

    Nagtagumpay si Peralta at iba pang mga alagad ni Arroyo na ma-disqualify si Leila de Lima. Ang nagagawa nga naman ng pera sa pag-corrupt sa mga opisyales ng judiciary. Bukod sa mga pinaplano nila para mapawalang-sala at makatakas si GMA, tuloy nga nam,an ang dating gawi sa Supreme Court na puwedeng i-overturn ang isang Supreme Court decicion kahit ito ay final na at executory katulad ng nangyari sa kaso ng mga empleyado ng PAL. Pati ang pagpapawalang-sala kina Hubert Webb kahit isa itong napaka-karumal-dumal na krimen. Kapag ang moralidad at pagkatao ng isang Pilipino ay nabili ng salapi, talagang pulos kawalang-katarungan at kasamaan ang mamamayani sa ating bansa na karamihan sa mga mamamayan ay handang mag-traidor sa bayan. Sa Pilipinas, ang isang taong matino at hindi mabibili ng salapi ay minumura, sinisiraan at pinagtutulung-tulungan ng mga imbi para maibagsak. Saan ka makakikita ng mga comments tulad ng nandidito na pagmumura at pagtawag ng baboy at iba pang masasamang salita na puwede lamang manggaling sa mga taong galing sa pusali at napakabababang uri ng pamilya na natuto lamang gumamit ng computer kaya nakaka-access sa online site na ito kahit sila ay mga lowlifes or lowlives at talaga namang burak at kasuklam-suklam ang pagkatao. Talagang hindi mababago ng konting edukasyon ang taong galing sa pusali.

    • spearheads

      Wag kang magalala, nakikidalamhati ako sayo., hu hu hu.

  • doublecross

    hindi ang SC ang ‘wounded’ kundi si CJ corona ang AHAS sa hanay ninyong mga jurado sa SC. at isama mo si sister  midas dahil sa kakaputak-putak nito nasira ang reputasyon ng SC, mismo

    kaya Abad,..matalino ka naman, di ba. di mo ba alam na fake in the first place ang pagtalaga kay fake justice corona?

    alam namin na isa ka at mga kasamahan mo ay tinalaga ng amo ninyong president(daw) gloria arroyo….kaya ask mo kung tunay ka bang jurado sa SC at kung may sarili kang prinsipyo?

    asan na ang golden yearbook ng SC, at bkit ayaw ninyo ibenta sa madlang people, dahil ba nahiya kayo at tinago ninyo ang katotohanan na ang isa sa inyo ay may tatak…”impeached”.

    tawa ko lang sa ngayon…hahhahahahahaha!

    may kasabihan: hugasan mong mabuti ang tumbong mo, para walang amoy na umaalingawngaw sa himpapawid’.

    • Lateralus


      • doublecross

         thank you…..!!!!!!

      • wyl5326

        are you describing yourself ?

  • mike8232

    carpio belongs to the evil firm and had no qualms in dissing CJ corona as he wanted to steal the position anyway by hook or by crook.  He appears to be beholden to auino

    serene is an aquino brown noser – she might as well stick it up his arse for all i care

    both choices will lead to an aquino controlled SC  add congress to the mix and you have pseudo martial law!

  • Avtar Singh

    Race has nothing to do if they want to run for office in the Philippine Government especially when they are born in the country…Corruption is always there whether they are Pinoy, Tsinks, Pinoy-tsinks, Pinoy Kastila..what ever…Pres Aquino is half Chinese and I will support him because he is anti-corruption…
    This blog maybe not related to this issue above…I just want to remind everyone who are those short listed above are real…anti-corruption…

    • bicolokano

      He’s not HALF Chinese.  He has chinese blood at most 1/4.   In any case he’s not half anything, he’s pure filipino regardless of ancestry.  As most of us are.

  • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

    zamora next cj, then after a year, de lima will be appointed enough to settle her adm cases….

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


      interesting. cj could be a patsy easily impeached, only to be replace by the anointed one.

  • fuctore

    Walang ipinagbago ito sa impeachment trial ni Corona.
    May pa televised televised hearing pa kuno, pero nakaplano na ang ending.

    Kahit siguro nakatapos lang ng grade 1 , ay alam na alam na kung ano ang mangyayari
    sa palabas na ito.

    Kung ano ang gusto ng HARI, ay hindi kailanman mababali.
    Dahil noon pa man, alam naman ng lahat na si Carpio talaga ang kanyang manok.
    Itong mga prosesong ito ay isang napakalaking PANG UUTO lang sa mga
    pilipinong hindi marunong mag isip.

    At the end of the day..Si PNoy pa din ang talaga ang masusunod
    dahil sya ang pinaka makapangyarihan sa lahat…
    ng mga loko loko, manloloko. at ng mga gustong MAGPALOKO!!!

  • RyanE

    I guess it would be a close contest between acting CJ Carpio and AJ Sereno. Hold your breath folks, history might be in the making.. the first lady CJ of the SC is on the horizon.

    • pinoychinese

      He he he he! Tapos na ang boxing. Si Carpio ay bata ni PNoy.

  • Night

    hacienda luisita ruling…. ready to be overturned………………

    • Constantine

      Asar ka lang kasi maka Arroyo at maka Corona ka! Puro talunan mga idols mo!  Har har har

  • 12JEM

    Sereno or Villanueva….Hopefully…

    Para talaga may pagbabago….Para ang mga ideas nina Diokno, Pangalangan at Herbosa ay magkaroon ng katuparan.


  • dukaponte

    Kung si Carpio ang maappoint as CJ, pwede ba makaappoint si Pnoy ng associate justice base sa shortlist na iyan? o kailangan pa uli mag submit ng shortlist ang JBC para sa nabakanteng pwesto ni Carpio?

  • bongbong39

    sINCE aBNOY has “tulo” sa ulo..the expectation of Sereno or Carpio may not happen..Abnoy may go to the underdog,unless the balay or samar will play ‘devil” and “angel” again in the ears of Abnoy.. 

    • inquirerman


    • boybakal

       ang alam kung tulo na nanggagaling sa ulo na lumalabas sa ilong ay Sipon;
      at kung lumalabas naman sa tenga ang tulo, ang tawag, Luga.
      Ibig mong sabihin sipunin at lugain si Pnoy.

    • PaengSaAmerika

      Nakakasuka naman yang mga postings mo. Your calling people names. Please initiate some decency please? Did you go to school? Sayang lang ang pinang-tuition mo. Wala kang manners. 

      • pinoychinese

        Ang sinasabi ko ay based on facts. Those are reality of life. Ignorance will bring you nowhere. And doing nothing is the worst thing anyone can do when it’s liberty and democracy is being bastardized.

    • Constantine

      Maka Arroyo ka lang. Puro talo mga idol mo kasi like si corona panay depensa mo dati ayun natanggal na maya maya kulong pa dahil sa plunder!  He he he!

  • wyl5326

    From the votes of notorious Hermosisima and Peralta, Sereno should be the next CJ, making her the first woman CJ of the country. Those 2 long time JBC insiders are plotters with hidden agenda to extend their influence beyond their grave like how GoLiar packed the current Tyrant dominated SC we have. By their support for Insiders alone, they are actually pre-positioning their influence with subtle soliciting debt of gratitude on voting for Carpio as their insurance backup candidate of choice. Their 2 votes are distinctive by their support of Tyrants who’ve voted for Midnight Appointment decision and no vote for Sereno ! Why is that ? Because only Sereno and Carpio did not vote for the decision ! They grudgingly voted for Carpio thinking they could later be manipulated by them and selected him as lesser evil that they can deal with, but can’t deal with Sereno. With that, PNoy should appoint Sereno as next CJ and she was a practicing International lawyer who was part of legal team that won case for country on  Terminal 3 dispute aside from being a strong willed woman herself ! Nobody should doubt her intellectual capacity and proves to be even superior to most of those nominated alongside with her !

  • carlcid

    Carpio doesn’t fill P-Noy’s highest criterion for becoming the next CJ, which is to reverse the Hacienda Luisita ruling and give the Cojuangcos their P10 billion. Sereno and Jardeleza are more pliant, and will surely deliver!

    • joshmale2004

      That is if the next SC is composed of CJ Sereneo, Associate Justice Sereno, Assoc Justice Sereno, Assoc Justice Sereneo, Assoc Justice Sereno, AJ Sereno, AJ Sereno, AJ Sereno, AJ Sereno, AJ Sereno. That will be 10 majority Sereno votes out of 15 colleagial votes. Then what you are saying is true.

      • Constantine

        Your wish is hereby granted! Justice Sereno is the next CJ of the Supreme Court.

      • joshmale2004

        Actually, if I will choose who will be the next CJ, I would pick Abad.

      • ApoLapullapu

        What could be weightier, Hacienda Luisita or Coco Levy Funds? Looks like the choice is between Sereno and Jardeliza!

      • joshmale2004

        That maybe for the President. But I will be contented if Abad will get the CJ.


    Mabuti naman at hindi na nakasama si Delima, hindi natin kailangan ang sobrang talino na gaya niya na kahit ang utos ng Korte Suprema ay kaniyang sinusuway… akala yata niya eh siya na ang pinaka matalino da dapat maging SCJ….  EH BAKA HINDI NIYA ALAM NA ANG DAPAT MAGING SCJ AY MARUNONG SUMUNOD SA MGA DESISYON NA PINAGPASYAHAN NG MGA MAHISTRADO AT HINDI DAPAT MAGING PASAWAY NA GAYA NIYA…. SANA TULUYAN NA SIYANG MA DISBAR PARA NAMAN MAGKAROON NA SIYA NG MATINDING LESSON SA BUHAY NIYA……  

    • Magsasaka

       superman ka pa naman pero tanga, illegal nga ang TRO base sa isiniwalat ni sereno, pati enbanc session dinaya ni corona

      • ApoLapullapu

        Sa Supreme Court ang desisyon ng majority ang siyang masusunod.

      • Magsasaka

        tama ka pero di ba ang ginawa ni corona dinaya nya ang resulta kaya lumabas na majority ang sumangayon na nakasunod si pandakakekak sa mga tatlong kundisyong kailangang tuparin ni pandakekak para magkaroon ng bisa ang TRO

      • ApoLapullapu

        Dissenting opinion lang ni Sereno ang basis ni De Lima. There was no showing that other Associate Justices dissented too.

      • Magsasaka

        hindi ba natututo naman tayo sa pagbabasa, subukan mong magbasa sa wwwdotnewsbreakdotph palagay ko hindi pa naman binubura doon yong mga detalye kung ano ang kaya gawin ni corona para maprotektahan si pandakekak, para mabasa mo rin kung gaano kababa ang pagkatao ni corona at nagawa nya ang mga iyon

      • ApoLapullapu

        Si De Lima ang pinag-usapan dito.  If she did not agree to the Supreme Court TRO, she should have filed a Motion for Reconsideration instead of defying it outright. That is the procedure.
        Corona is a dead horse.  There is no need to beat him now.

      • Jay-R

        Base sa News TV and Newspapers, nabigyan ng kopya ng TRO agad ang dating pangulo kay sa DOJ. Ganun ba dapat yon? kaya nagplano agad Sina Ex-Pres na umalis agad? 

      • Magsasaka

        duh , pandakekak was about to escape and you want her to file for motion hehehe

      • VindictivePanot

        “duh”? wahahaha bading na bading si antonio oh! ugok!

      • VindictivePanot


      • Magsasaka

        balahura nyahahaha

      • VindictivePanot

        ugok! hahahaha

      • VindictivePanot

        ugok! bulag na bulag na sobrang panghihimod ng pwet sa taga palasyo ang bobong baliw na ito! hahaha

      • padrefaura

        ang obob mo naman… dissenting opinion na pala ang nasusunod ngayon. 
        eh ano kung may isiniwalat si sereno, yun na ba ang masusunod at hindi majority? 

      • Magsasaka

        mas obobs ka yata, hindi mo naisip na may intel din silang tagaloob kaya alam din nila ang nangyayari sa SC, natural idadahilan na lang yong kay sereno, mag isip ka ng kaunti parekoy hehehe

      • padrefaura

        intel? at sino naman nagsabi na totoo ang tsika ni sereno? 
        porket pala me isang nag-dissent, invalid na yung TRO. 

        hindi ba sinabi rin ni miriam na nagkasuhulan ng PDAF sa botohan kay corona, so invalid din pala yung pag-impeach sa kanya kasi nag-intel si miriam? 

        asus, ke obobs ng kausap kong ito.

      • Magsasaka

        ay shunga shunga pala kausap ko kaya hindi alam ang salitang intel hehehe, noong pinatawag si delima sa impeachment sa palagay mo sasabihin nya na may mga spy kami dyan sa loob na nagpapatotoo sa dissenting ni sereno, hina ng pik ap mo repapits

    • Constantine

      Lest we forget the decision of Justice Delima not to implement  the SC order due to questionable decision was seconded no less by Justice Sereno. At any rate even without Delima in the shortlist Justice Sereno is the shoo-in to nail it down anyway. Thus the people are assured that the remaining days of the Arroyo lapdogs in the Supreme Court are numbered!

  • mekeni62

    is this the final shortlist? I thought they would only choose three.

    • marionics

      Section 9. The Members of the Supreme Court
      and judges of the lower courts shall be appointed by the President from a list
      of at
      least three nominees prepared by the Judicial and Bar Council for
      every vacancy. Such appointments need no confirmation.cralaw

  • rey0827



    • Constantine

      This shortlist can still be rejected by Pnoy and return it to JBC for them to redo the selection process. Its guaranteed by the Constitution that the President has the prerogative to reject it. But I doubt since Justice Sereno has been shortlisted and she is the most ideal choice to become the next Chief Justice!

  • rey0827



  • Constantine

    At any rate, the Arroyo lapdogs will not be appointed. The Justice who has a conscience and as clean as a whistle will be the next CJ. I am referring of course to Justice Sereno who is an epitome of an incorruptible Chief Justice who puts God on top of her life.

    Carpio is simply loaded with unnecessary controversies while Abad is an Arroyo lapdog same thru with Brion and De Castro.

    Justice Sereno gets it! No question about it!

    • UrHONOR

      Aye, aye!

    • billy gunner

       unfortunately, sereno is an aquino lapdog! and stop pretending she isnt coz it’s not getting funnier anymore!

    • Kaloy

      The way the pro Sereno comments and “likes” are arranged, I can’t help but think that those comments are pre-written and scripted.

      I have nothing against Sereno but let us not overdo things here. Halata na we are grooming a lapdog here. This time, a lapdog for President Aquino.

      What can we say, more of the same? weder weder lang.


    YEHEEEY!  Lumalaki ang pag-asa ni pands…..llamado na si Carpio sa karera ng mga daga.  Mukhang magiging big bos daga si Carpio…. dating aboga _o ni pands.  Run silent, run deep.

  • reydomingo

    si abad na yan (pag alphabetical ang choice)… hehehe… retireable na naman siya at kailangan ng sc na galing muna sa loob ang maging cj sa maayos na transition… hindi naman siya nabahiran ng kontrobersya… lahat silang 8 nominado magagaling lahat..

  • deadlyshooter

    at the end of this thrilla, it will be Carpio that will be left standing above them, tradition and qualification, he’s the choice…


    THEREeeeeeeee they goooooo…..On the quarter turn, Carpio leading by 7 lengths, followed by Abad, Brion, Sereno, Jardeleza, and Zamora. De Castro and Villanueva trailing closely as we approach the final turn.  Get your tickets early to avoid the crowd.  This broadcast is brought to you by MiGlo, the makers of fine used choppers that look like new even after 5 years of use and abuse.

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    carpio is the best choice

    • WeAry_Bat

       mr. bad ghost, totoo bang massacre supporter si carpio?  di ba kung mey nagsabi, baka mey katotohan?  anong nakikita nyo dyan sa impiyerno, mey nagconfess na ba?

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        may nag confess na kabit ka ni abnoy…

      • WeAry_Bat

        hahaha as usual, puro mali ang nangagaling sa lugar niyo hehehe

        eh ikaw, kaninong kabit ka po?

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        nakakabit sa jeep

      • WeAry_Bat

        ha?  ibig mong sabihin, ikaw ang boses ng mga mamayan?  dapat singer po kayo.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        sa puno ng kamatis ikaw nakakabit

      • WeAry_Bat

        o kung san na lang kayo po nangalabit. 

        hinihintay ko lang kayo sa ilalim ng balita tungkol key Da Five.  mag-move on na daw siya, mey last bira pa.

      • marionics


        Ang puso mo’y sumisigaw…

        Daan— ayaw maaninaw,

        Parang ayaw na bumitaw,

        Hangga’t kulay— hindi dilaw!


        Pitumpu’t anim ang bilang,

        Walang tigil,  walang kurap,

        Ng taon na walang humpay

        Bawat araw ay may laban.


        Sa ‘yong hangad na maibsan

        Mapalitan dating kulay

        Ng dilaw sa mga rehas,

        Sa damdamin— naming pagal!


        Humulagpos   sa kulungan:

        Kalayaan ang hinangad

        Sa segundong parang ayaw

        Lumaya sa paghihirap;


        Nagdurugo mga matang

        Gusto pa rin    naimulat,

        Makita ang huling sinag

        Sa bayan mong naghihirap;


        Natuldukan: ang pag-asang

        Kahit konti ay masipat,

        Nawawalang mga dilaw

        Na sa tangke ay lumusaw!


        Kinain na   ang bitukang

        Nasanay  na sa kulungan,

        Kasabay mong sumisigaw

        Ang ‘yong  buto’t    mga laman;


        Ang kulungan na minahal

        Parang ayaw mong takasan

        Kumalat man itong anay

        Para ika’y—


        Nguni’t ngayon,   mismong hanggan

        Ay napagal—  tinuldukan

        Ang bigat ng iyong hangad

        Na mabago itong kulay!


        Makakasama ring ganap

        Ang matagal   mong hinangad,

        Ang  lugar  na    walang uhaw,

        Walang gutom,   walang lumbay;



        Agosto na, unang araw,

        Dalawang libo at siyam,

        Nakamit mo—  kalayaan

        Sa dilaw mo   na iniwan!

  • watchdoglang

    If the President wants a true change in the justice system he would choose Zamora or Villanueva, however, if he wants a traditional way then Carpio would be the one though he would not make much systematic change in my opinion. The people are tired of the traditional way that was ineffective, we want a bold and dramatic change now. The insiders are no longer capable of viewing the problem from outside the box so therefore I prefer an outsider who could shake the system for good.

    • drew_casta

      this is my comment from another PDI article. I agree with your observations though save for Zamora. With the current list, Villanueva or Sereno would do.

      “IRONIES.  If the JBC Rules provide for disqualification without distinction as to the nature of the case filed, why was Jardeleza included in the list? Whether there was a prima facie case or not, the Rules did not qualify. Too, why was the case against Carpio decided swiftly and was the first in the order of priorities? The case barely touched the docket of the Supreme Court. That of De Lima’s on the other hand were pending with the court for 6 months only to be referred to the IBP (headed by Libarios, a known ally of Corona) on the last minute. The court could have decided the matter outrightly or referred the matter to the IBP earlier on so as to remove doubts whether De Lima is qualified or not for nomination. The court might have realized the repercussions of a “pending case” against a candidate. Thus, Carpio was cleared in no time. Since De Lima is the apparent favorite of Malacanang, she was booted out of the race. All told, the clique in the SC does not want to be led by an outsider. ”

      • spearheads

        First, you only consider Delima’s two disbarment cases. You forgot that Delima has another case pending in the Office of the Ombudsman on the issue of illegal deportation of Taiwanese people to China. Second, if the administration does not want an outsider, why do you think the JBC agreed that those who will received five votes would be included in the shortlist ostensibly to include an outsider like Villanueva?

      • drew_casta

        Sir, Rule 4, Section 5 of the JBC disqualifies applicants to judicial posts if they have pending criminal or regular administrative cases, pending criminal cases in foreign courts or tribunals and have been convicted in a case where the penalty was over P10,000 unless granted judicial clemency.

        The case pending before the Ombudsman is not an administrative case. It is a criminal case but not a regular one. A case is deemed pending and regular if filed with the proper court, which in this case is the Sandiganbayan. The Ombudsman is akin to the prosecutor’s office. Unless an information is filed, no criminal case is said to be pending. The disbarment cases against her are administrative in nature and now pending consideration.

        Malacanang seems to have anointed De Lima to the post. Had she been included in the list, the probability of her getting appointed is very high. The Supreme Court would not take that risk. As we know, Villanueva, Jardeleza and Zamora are not strong contenders.

        It must be pointed out that the cases against Herbosa and Bautista were decided just in time before the nomination. That of Jardeleza was not acted upon by the High tribunal as of press time. That of De Lima’s were referred to IBP six (6) months after they were filed and after she accepted the nomination.

        Conspiracy? You draw the inference.

      • spearheads

        What do you call Delima’s case pending in the Ombudsman’s office, “special criminal case?” You must be Atty. Agaton or Atty. Nocase.

      • drew_casta

        Again, Sir, in case you missed this, Rule 4, Section 5 of the JBC disqualifies applicants to judicial posts if they have pending criminal or regular administrative cases, pending criminal cases in foreign courts or tribunals and have been convicted in a case where the penalty was over P10,000 unless granted judicial clemency.

        The case before the Ombudsman is not an administrative case. It is in the nature of a criminal case but not a regular one. A case is deemed pending and regular if filed with the proper court, which in this case is the Sandiganbayan. The Ombudsman is akin to the prosecutor’s office. Unless an information is filed by the prosecution (Ombudsman), no criminal case is said to be pending. Every lawyer knows this. Filipino citizens must know this. Ignorantia legis non excusat.

        For your enlightenment and consideration.

      • spearheads

        For the last time Atty. Nocase, you are just showing your moronic tendencies. First, read the Rule again and you will be surprised to find that the adjective “regular” only describes the word administrative, get it? Second and most importantly, the job of the Ombudsman is to investigate cases to find probable cause before filing to the Sandiganbayan. Likewise. the job of the IBP is to investigate and find probable cause before referring back to the Supreme Court. Ergo, once a case is filed whether criminal or administrative it is already “pending resolution” for outright dismissal or proper filing to concerned entity. The adjective “regular” as an adjective in administrative case only means that the complainant is private individual and not the IBP itself. Either law student ka pa lang o nakatsamba ka lang sa Bar kaya bawasan mong kabalbalan mo.

      • drew_casta

        With all due respect, I think I don’t fit that description. Also, resorting to name calling to prove a point is totally uncalled for. Civility is virtue, don’t you think?

        Firstly, I agree that the word “regular” describes “administrative”. However, the word “pending” refers both to “criminal” and “regular administrative” cases. As I’ve said, a case is said to be “pending” if already filed with court, not with the prosecutor’s office. All lawyers, I presume, know this. If not, they might have been absent when this was discussed by their professor. Or, dementia may have already set in. In any case, if the opposite is true, why did the JBC not bring the matter up in its decision? They are all lawyers there. The SC Clerk of Court and the SC Spokesperson are there too, not to mention the battery of lawyers at their disposal. By the sheer importance of the issue, it could not have escaped their scrutiny. No legal scholar has questioned the ground for disqualification. Even De Lima did not consider it a bone of contention. And you insist that she should be disqualified based on the case filed with the Ombudsman? Heck, you must be better than the JBC!

        Indeed, I used the word “regular” and “pending” to describe a criminal case filed with the courts, all for the benefit of our lay readers. This is to distinguish a case filed therein and that which has been filed with the Ombudsman or any prosecutorial body for that matter. In the strictest legal sense, no case is “pending” if not yet filed with the courts.

        Secondly, the job of the IBP is not to find “probable cause”. You failed to consider that in an administrative case, there is no prosecutor. The case is filed directly with the court. In a disbarment case, only the Supreme has jurisdiction. When a case is referred to the IBP, its job is to receive evidence and conduct a hearing on the matter. Its decision may be adopted, modified, revised, or reversed by the SC partially or in toto. It is akin to a trial by Commissioner in a civil case. Thus, your claim that IBP determines probable cause in an impeachment case is totally misplaced. Your rich imagination doesn’t serve your cause, I should say.

        Thirdly, your assertion that the adjective “regular” means that the complainant is a private individual and not the IBP itself is preposterous, if not ridiculous. A “regular” case is that which is filed in the proper court and pending consideration therein. If we consider your proposition, then a case where the complainant is the IBP cannot be considered “regular”, and thus, will not be taken cognizance of by the court because, as you said, only a case where an individual is a private person is considered “regular”. Recognize the absurdity? Or maybe, you came across that explanation from a Statutory Construction book. Kindly refer that to me.

        Lastly, I am a student of the law and truly passionate about it. I hope to meet with you in court, soonest. Peace. :)

    • Rolly257

      Zamora is or was very close to Marcos.

  • ApoLapullapu

    It will now be a choice between Hacienda Luisita and the Coco Levy Funds.  Sereno and Jardeliza.  Carpio might be demoralized.

    • Rosauro

       Kawawang CARPio.


    sigh…. who else will be the next CJ of the SC no other than the lapdog of pnoy SERENO!! the woman who wants the taxpayer’s money pay the cojuangco family BILLIONS mind you people BILLIONS of pesos the land not their own but to the farmers who is the real beneficiary they stole it from them for almost 5 decades!! SERENO will be the protector of the pnoy once his immunity from suit is remove on 2016 she will be like as they accused CORONA of protecting GMA. what is good for the goose is good for the gander, same tactic no change of character for a trapo!!! carpio cannot be controlled by pnoy since he has a strong  character that no one can dictate him as he had done to GMA!! surely SERENO is bendable and conformist to pnoy’s welfare!!

    • sanjuan683

      hehehehe isang malaki kagaguhan ng isang presidente mag-appoint ng SC chief tapos the next president will remove the SC chief. Gayahin natin ang ibang bansa ini-elect ang chief justice beside malalayo pa sa pulitika. Kapag ganyan ang sistema naku eh paulit-ulit na lang ang senario. hehehehehehehehe nagkaroon kasi tayo ng ABNOY na presidente hehehehehe

      • allandel

        saang bansa ini-elect ang chief justice?

    • Rolly257

      On your mind, whoever gets the nod will always be a lapdog of Noynoy.


    we were played by pnoy, de lima is really not his choice in the first place she is just a pawn a smokescreen to his most favor nominee SERENO the lady that will give pnoy his advantage and protection after 2016 she will be his guard in the SC just as they charged CORONA as her protector to GMA in the SC!!

    • sl1

      Thinkers are doers like you! Hinahatulan mo na ang mga tao dre sobrang galing mo….sana hatulan ka rin!

    • Rolly257

      At least, hindi midnight appointee.


    the lady SERENO with multi millions of pesos stashed in other banks from her payment from the PIATCO case 

    • Rolly257

      Is the stashed cash gotten illegally?

    • WindTalker

      if you have the evidence, send it to Congress for impeachment… if not, it’s just lip service as usual… haha!

  • usaf9

     Among all the candidates in the shortlist, all but justice Sereno invoked the name of God during the interview with the JBC. I don’t say that the other justices don’t believe in God; we have no monopoly of Him.
    Human justice is imperfect, while God’s is perfect. If we have a God fearing Chief Justice he or she will dispense justice close to perfection. That is justice Sereno.
    But one thing is certain : it will surely demoralize all the sitting magistrates. Imagine sitting in the tribunal for 18 years all the aspirations of the present justices will be naught. However, there is an easy solution. Justice Sereno might appreciate the the offer of another brilliant nominee Andy Bautista to limit his term. That is very fair.
    However if justice Sereno steps down of her limited term, [ say 7 or 5 yrs ] but have rendered an exceptional performance, people may clamor to continue in office, and that is very possible to happen. 
    Another plus is that she is one person together with Bautista and Pangalangan who can match the self vaunted legal prowess of M. Santiago who has the propensity to lecture her peers most of the time.
    If I’m not mistaken, Sereno has the credential to lecture even the Hague justices where Santiago  is applying for.

  • Kaloy

    Among the 8, Carpio is most mature  and with  conviction proven & demonstrated in many occassions. Sereno has comparable quality but she is too young and less experienced.

    • padrefaura

      si carpio din ang most corrupt. 

  • twitgurl

    Lapdog ni panot si sereno.. kaya iiyak si carpio pag si sereno ang pinili hahahaha..

  • Night

    carpio and sereno the best choice to reverse hacienda luisita ruling…….

    Cojuangco Aquino to receive billions once Carpio or Sereno becomes the next CJ….

    stupid uto uto Pilipinos who voted for the Mongolyd Prince

    • Flavio

      Mas stupido ka at ….supot pa ! bwahaha

      • Night

        maganda ba sahod diyan sa communication group? baka me opening sali ako

    • yahoo-AMG5EDI2JBQRL4Z5H2L7ED4OQA

       mickey arroyo??

      • Night

        siempre, kapag anti Pnoy… ibig sabihin GMA ako


  • virgoyap

    Remember that when pandak arroyo appointed Carpio as her midnight appointed Chief Justice Carpio declined to accept it for delicadiza? At least he has the foresight that he will be the next Chief Justice.

    • spearheads

      Glaring spin story.GMA did not appoint Carpio. He was automatically included in the vetting to replace CJ Puno because he is an associate justice but which he refused. For the record, bloggers must know that CJ Corona was not GMA’s personal choice. GMA’s personal choice was her former DOJ Secretary Agnes Devanadera. In fact, GMA returned the shortlist to the JBC requesting to include Devanadera but the JBC stood it’s ground to disqualify Devanadera because of her pending cases. GMA was forced to appoint CJ Corona because Corona was the second most senior magistrate of the Supreme Court. GMA did not like Carpio because Carpio is the prodigy of Ramos who is also at odds with GMA. This is the truth which the palace’s spin story tellers is hiding from the public.

      • virgoyap

        Thanks for your helpful, reliable and informative comment.

    • ame mojica

      You know what Carpio has really the delikadeza. He could have accepted the position and then not used his position to help GMA like what Corona did. I am sure he could have stayed as chief justice . But what he was opposed to the midnight appointment . And out of principle he did not acceted it. He shown that he is a very principled guy. i like him.I am glad that the interview was telecasted and we got the view of the people vying for the position. Top of my list is Justice Carpio, he showed so much class and knowldege without giving an impression of haughtiness. I also like Dean Amado Valdez and Dean Pangalanan. Although I like Justice Sereno I think she still very young for the position..

      • virgoyap

         Our wavelength doesn’t differ too far.

      • doublecross

         well, good to know…but for foresight, carpio assist inside job demolition against corona. ask mo kay sister midas.

  • kilabot

    it’s not over until it’s over. don’t count delima out. one order from noykapon will reverse everything.
    consider this:
     carpio, jardeleza, sereno – known cojuangco/aquino loyalists;
     abad, brion, decastro      – perceived indebted to gma;
     zamora                          – estrada/marcos connection;
     villanueva                       – no known affiliation;

    looks like villanueva is the true independent candidate.

    • ochenta

      But Villanueva is a frat bro of Corona.

      • Gurong

        hmmm good to know.. do you also have information who among the 8 are members of a fraternity? please share..

      • WeAry_Bat

         frat at soro.  connect the dots mo yan sa mga mey frat at soro sa senado at congress.

        yun lang gagawin ng mga analyst, mag-drawing ng linya kung sinong kumo-connect.  baka dyan ma-predict ang future.

      • ochenta

        I don’t know about the other male nominees. But Justice Teresita Leonardo-De Castro is a member of the sorority Sigma Alpha Nu in UP Diliman.

      • wyl5326

        Utopia is now the IN law frat and probably has first inside crack at office appointments.  

    • ochenta

      But Villanueva is a frat bro of Corona; he is also a fairly recent PNoy appointee to a government office.

  • nakatutok

    pagkahaba haba man ng prusisyon, sa KKK pa din ang bagsak…( JBC Deliberations are mere SIDESHOWS to this ZARZUELA )….

  • Fulpol

    Let’s protect our class, says PDI.. Noynoying should appoint, Carpio.

    • Flavio

      Ugok ka talaga…supot pa !

      • Fulpol

        feudalist conservative, bro…

      • wyl5326

        Fulpol is missing the impeachment battle and could not move on yet. give him some slacks.

  • padrefaura

    i hope its either justice abad, brion or de castro. 

    • WindTalker

      all GMA appointees? hahaha!

      • padrefaura

        eh ano kung GMA appointee?
        eh ano kung Pnoy appointee? 

        ang important, hindi kasing sama ng iba ang reputasyon. 

      • wyl5326

        are you sure ? they belong to the gang of 8 Tyrants, and so say goodbye to your wish by batting for them !

    • wyl5326

      no way for Tyrants to make it ! the 8 tyrants are already blacklisted for the consistent support of GoLiar and there is no chance for them to make it, so buy lotto ticket instead and if by chance you win. donate winnings to your favorite Thief Justice whom you missed so much and that is why you can’t move on after impeachment battle ! By batting for the tyrants, you are exposing yourself !

  • whyinthisworld

    It’s looks like supreme court is a good source of income for the justices. At first, I never believe on justice delayed, justice denied but now it is very clear that politicians, judges and justices are all for money. So only few small amount of hope that we people could expect from them in terms of fair and just decision if litigant has no enough money to spend. Among those contenders to replace corona in the sc, who do you think is the most trusted one, will not steal, will not sell decision and will perform duty with honor, dignity and probity. Parang suntok sa buwan. 

    • 12JEM

       Only and only Sereno Only.

      • whyinthisworld

        If sereno is the most qualified to be the next chief, do you know her personally? did anyone check her income tax return? In the past, did she not sell or wait for a litigant to come to her office to fix case? how many cases and how long the most cases she handled solve at what rate. JEM justice delayed, justice denied if the price is right.

  • im_not_convinced

    Like i always say, the negative publicity  for De Lima was a ruse to distract the public’s scrutiny from Pnoy’s true candidate, his classmate Justice Sereno.

    Pnoy: Dear farmers who had the audacity to claim my family’s hacienda. say hello to my little friend.

    • wyl5326

      Since you have such critical mind with regards to PNoy, why don’t you just lay out your cards on why you pick such handle name for yourself as if to advertise your true purpose ! You have been posting here for a while now and I have rebuked you several times that we even engaged in long posting exchange here during the impeachment trial ! One thing I noticed is your continued critical views without any positive postings ! Is that why you chose your handle name to make your point ? So what are you convinced then ? That GoLiar is our greatest president ? If that was you in the photo, I could see why you have such affinity to GoLiar !  Accept my challenge bet that Luisita case will not be reverse while you continue to cast doubt ! Since nothing in this world will ever convinced you, what is your real purpose of your post then ? Just to express your opinion and the handle name was just to attract readers ? Does that make you happy then ? 

      • im_not_convinced

        Eew what a psycho. paki balik sa mental si wyl52326.
        But we live in a free country where weirdos like him na nag fi-feeling are still entitled to their crazed ramblings. oh well, the price of democracy.

      • wyl5326

        there you go ago straggler who can’t move on but loves to see her own post !

    • wyl5326

      Are you so envious of PNoy’s accomplishments in 2 short years compared to your idol GoLiar and that is why you keep postings negative views. If you continue such kinds of postings, your photo will become so ugly as it will be overlapped by the negative personality of your views ! Don’t just post your views here if they are false and without basis !


    i hope its zamora…!

    • WindTalker

      matutuwa si VP Binay nyan. hehehe!

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Pitong nominado ang nagsisilbi o nagsilbi sa gobyerno maliban sa dating dekano ng Unibersidad ng ATENEO na si Ginoong Cesar Villanueva…

    Bagamat hindi ito kasiguraduhan na hindi siya magpapailalim sa nais ng palasyo ng malacanang ay sa ganang akin,ay mas mainam na ang maging punong mahistrado ay isang taga labas sa dahilan nakita na natin kung paano namuno ang ibang nominado na kung susuriin ay wala naman nagawang pagbabago sa sistema ng hudikatura!!!!

  • billy gunner

    kung si carpio o sereno naman lang magiging CJ, mas mabuti pang si joshua aquino na lang para everybody happy!

    • Nilo C

      Mas magaling ka kaya. Ikaw nalang billy gunner ang magiging Chief ng Supreme Court.

    • Chery

      non-sense comment mo kaibigan

  • Beguine

    It seems that PNoy is partial to liberated tough and strong
    deep inside women both in and out of his administration.

    So, Sereno is a shoe-in. Besides, she doesn’t have the 
    kind of black mark that Carpio got for allegedly freeing

    But Sereno will have very serious black marks pretty soon.
    And right after she’s appointed Chief Justice! We can
    all follow the next drama of Chief Justice impeachment
    of Sereno after PNoy’s exit. Or maybe PNoy does not intend
    to exit? 

    • TimeTraveller123

      I think the best interim CJ after the impeachment trial is Abad…

      • wyl5326

        no way for anybody who was part of tyrannical 8 !

    • vestrevistal

       good if pnoy stays forever he he he

  • ame mojica

    I am surprised that Ping Lacson divulge  Malacanang choices to be the next CJ. I think Ping is not happy with  Pnoy’s choices. Justice Sereno is too young and still a bit inexperienced. The other one is  very closely associated with DAnding Cojuangco . Who wanted a CJ associated with DAnding Cojuangco? It will be like a de ja vu, ie Corona and GMA. I think Pnoy should distance himself from his relatives like Danding and Peping Cojuangco.Papano ba yumaman si DAnding Cojuangco? Sa tuwid na daan ba?

  • vestrevistal

    jardeleza kung lalake, sereno kung babae – bakit? sila 2 lang ang hindi masyadong pangit!

  • shoopah

    Why was she not picked?  Plain and simple, she was not qualified according to the rules.  Does she have any regard for the rule of law? 

  • otoling

    Walang wounded na SC.  Si Carpio at Abad ay hinde e-a-appoint ni PNoy.  Bakit?

    Malakas ang kutob ko na si Sereno. 

  • Pedro

    OK  lang  DOJ Sec Leila DE Lima, kahit hindi po kayo  napili bilang SC CJ, kasi mas epektibo kayo sa executive department. . Pareho po kayo ni BIR Commissioner Kim Henares na performers talaga, may resulta ang trabaho !   mas challenging  ang trabaho nyo as DOJ sec. Kapag na- prosecute nyo lahat ng malalaking magnanakaw noong nakalipas na administrasyon at pati na yung sa ngayon, matutuwa sa inyo ang sambayanang Pilipino. . TOTAL  WAR  AGAINST  GRAFTERS  AND  SCALAWAGS ! Mabuhay po kayo DOJ SEcretary Leila De Lima  . .

    • billy gunner

       wrong. de lima’s job is at the mercy of the chief executive. once aquino steps down which i seriously doubt coz he will not finish his term, de lima will be replaced. and surely, her disbarment case will end up with her scouring the streets of manila as a nobody!

      • marionics

        he he yan naman ang mga fearless forecast mo pre he he

      • Sarkasmos

        Hanggang ngayon bitter ka pa rin. Kung si GMA na pekeng pangulo natapos ang termino, si PNoy pa na may mandato talaga.

      • markx2012

        may mga tao kc na gustong mamuno ang mga kawatang tulad ng babaing yon!

    • noypisiTED

      You’re right everyone has a role to play in the “vineyard” of man. Sec. De Lima and Kim Henares may not become CJ but that was because they were both cut out and effective in the jobs they’re currently doing. We need true grit on anyone leading the DOJ and BIR offices and we found it in these two feisty ladies.Besides, both are still young (both are just starting out getting into the old age of youth) there are still chances for an SC seat in the future.

  • noypisiTED

    Since PNoy has been busy correcting the past Arroyo administration’s mistakes and havoc  wrought in the institutions of government, including many of its long-held traditions like in the Supreme Court, it would do well for the President to appoint acting chief justice Tony Carpio to demonstrate his respect to a tradition that is as old as the court itself – seniority in the bench. Besides, this is the least pugnacious and polemic. But above all, Justice Carpio was the most qualified from all the CJ wannabes. Some would say, “here comes the Firm’s daylight once again” as one of its top seeds sits in power. Methinks, let’s cross the bridge if… there’s any bridge.

  • Oscar Hestiada


  • markx2012


  • VeryDisgusted2

    Carpio is a corrupt one like Corona and plays a big part in SC Mafia. He influenced and was responsible for the questionable acquittal of  Webb.  It possible he is also involved in many questionable under the table SC transactions unknown to the public. If he will be appointed as CJ, corruption in SC will continue. Noynoy should appoint the fearless De Lima for effective anti-corruption campaign.

    • alienpatriot

       De Lima could never be a trusted CJ as she is too heavily associated with Noynoy. She is a good fearless person and would be a good CJ in many ways but nobody associated with the administration should be considered. Justice must be done but must also be seen to be done. If de Lima got the job every thing she did would be scrutinised and she would never be seen as having got the job on her emrits (even though she would deserve it).

    • alienpatriot

       I do not know if Webb was guilty. What I do know is that his conviction was based on questionable testimony. As such his conviction could not stand. I am unaware of any evidence against Carpio but if you have some please provide it.

    • Chery

      i prefer De Lima but unfortunately she was disqualified by those people.

      • VeryDisgusted2

        JBC only recommends, but appointing CJ is the privilege of the president.


    Sino sa 8 ang marunong bumaril? Para maging kabarilan ni budoy.

  • Chery

    In my opinion the new chief justice will be De Lima but unfortunately she was disqualified by those people there will be no doubt Maria Lourdes Sereno will be the next choice of PNOY for next Chief Justice hope she will be independent. Good luck Ms Sereno

    • joe__bloggs

      De Lima rose .. without a trace. She was/is  a human shield for another woman who is still on the short-list. She is still taking the flak even  after being discarded – an excellent cannon fodder! A master stroke for that media savvy spin doctor who thought of it!

  • Kaloy

    A quick browse of most comments and likes on this article indicates that these comments were prewritten and scipted. I have nothing against AJ Sereno but let’s be more careful here so as not give the impression that we are grooming another lapdog here, this time for Prsident Aquino.

    Please avoid being accused of doing more of the same, weder weder lang yan.

  • pogisinats

    Sino sa mga nominees ang malapit kay Ochoa, et al sa Malakanyang?
    Pinoy is not a lawyer, and very sure, he will consult with these Malakanyang lawyers-advisers first…
    So, who do you think among these nominees will be?

  • Dave Panganiban

    here’s the deal….

    Let’s just wait and see….and pray..

    so that Noynoy picks d right 1…

    for d good of Every1 :)

  • Atagalong

    The numbers of the JBL membership will tell us all that they are in favor of Justice Carpio. Despite the speculation and comments about his being the motivator for the impeachment and expulsion of the former CJ Corona, he is indeed super in his legal knowledge and administrative ability. Besides, he represent also particularly the province of Mindanao, in the hightest court of the land. This will also give a glimmer of hope to the people of the Visasyas, that at last, a new justice will come from that place.

    • wyl5326

      JBC has a notorious big influencer and overstaying Hermosisima who probably voted for Carpio in the hope he can continue his influence after appointed ! That’s how Hermosisima have been controlling who gets appointed justices/judges. Time for him to get out from JBC and cut-off his influence !  

  • lemon88

    hindi dapat maging CJ c Carpio kahit sya ang next in rank. In the name of justice and kabutihan ng nakakarami hindi ba pwedeng paminsan –minsan di dapat sundin ang isang tradition gaya sa pag-appoint ng next CJ. Sa nakikitang natin development sa buong mundo ngayon,  hindi mona pwedeng lokohin ang mga mamamayan.

    Let just pray kung sinuman ang piliin ni P-Noy ay hindi maging tuta sa kasamaan. Dapat maging tuta sya para sa kabutihan ng mga mamamayan at hindi ang iilan lang.

  • joboni96

    kay sereno ako
    kaya lang kay tagal niya

    pwedeng abad
    then another selection
    to distance from impeachment process

    then sereno
    or carpio for his seniority and loyalty

    • wyl5326

      Never Abad because he was part of tyrannical 8 that gives us Midnight CJ who turns out to be a Thief Justice !

      • joboni96

        as you wish

        sobra na dami nila

  • Juan

    yung itsura ni villanueva comedy hahahahaha

  • Juan

    parang lahat ng mga kalahok sa CJ eh parang lahat nangangagat hahaha

  • doublecross

    iron lady-like, JUSTICE SERENO….all the best!!!!!!

  • VeryDisgusted2

    Maraming sour grapes lawyers dito, who are still licking wounds for their fallen hero, Corona.

  • pinoychinese

    Pussssssta ako, si Carpio ang mananalo. Bata ni PNoy si Carpio. Delikado ang Hacienda Luisita at ang Farmer’s Coconut Levy Funds. He he he! Medyo alam ko na ang pagiisip ng mga Chinese sa gobyerno natin. All their activities are based on greed………. Beho!

    • wyl5326

      It looks like you must be a straggler/defender of GoLiar whose FG claimed he have Tsinoy blood too, but I never hear you denounced her and her corrupt underlings ! Why do you hide under that handle name ? Are you afraid to be exposed as an aspiring Hitler who wants to institute ethnic cleansing ? I can’t figure you out by your shifting diatribes. Perhaps, you have deep hatred towards PNoy for unknown reason, and since he is a classic Tsinoy, you pick on his ethnic origins to become your proxy target since he have serve the country good enough over GoLiar and that must have driven the green monster within you to release your diatribes against Tsinoys in general without distinction. Unfortunately for you, I caught you and expose you for what you really are and have completely rebut your points to the point that silenced you for now !

  • pinoychinese

    Kapal moks si Carpio. Ang head ng Office of the Ombudsman ay cousin niya, si Conchita Carpio Morales. Hindi na ba siya nangilabot? We will be entering an undeclared Martial Law. What PNoy wants, PNoy gets, no matter how unlawful it is.

  • thecop

    it’s just a waste of people’s money this pretensions. si carpio talaga ang bata ni Pnoy. totoo ang sinasabi ni Corona. Mas matino pa si corona kumpara sa pinoy at carpio na to. pero mahusay silang umarte kaya naloko nila publiko.

  • Bert

    Sa dinamidami nang paskalye, isa pa rin ang hahantungan……..THE NEXT CJ IS PNOY’S PUPPET. But still, there is a CONSOLATION, the MOST RABID PUPPET of them all, in the person of De Leila is now OUT of the race….hehe

  • isalexus

    Yea sure! Liar liar pants on fire! LOL!!  A dare from a spinmeister as who is the better one?  Weren’t you the one who masqueraded to be the “little woman” who delivered those “damming papers that Corona has 45 real estate holdings”? That was a superb strategy by spinmeisters and hack like you!! LOL! Congratulation– your mother must be very proud of you!! I got to admit you are way better than Karl Rove in dirty tricky strategy!

    • wyl5326

      It looks like you are US based and don’t think I’ll be impressed with you !

      • isalexus

        Who gives a fcuk about your opinion of me? You don’t count at all — except to be my source of amusement in dealing with toadys.LOL!!!!!

      • wyl5326

        No wonder you are laughing out loud like a fool !

      • wyl5326

        so you must have enjoyed laughing now Bugok !

      • wyl5326

        are you amused now Bugok with your lexus !

      • wyl5326

        perhaps i’ll just have to report you with IRS as a lexus owning non-tax paying fool constantly laughing out !

      • wyl5326

        perhaps reporting you as a TNT is a much better idea and could get reward for it !

    • wyl5326

      by the way of your postings that don’t make sense, I think you are on drugs ! Get lost !

      • isalexus

        He he he is that thinking (?) based on experience!— “I think you are on drugs ” ARE YOU?!?LOL!! You must be “lost” in the hazy bad trip you are having being a paid hack!!

      • wyl5326

        so where are you Bugok ? are you afraid of ICE or IRS as you are now identified as a TNT who got no amnesty forms yet ?

    • wyl5326

      hambogerong bahug Utot !

  • isalexus

    So you are just a hobbling ordinary  “pedestrian”– it shows! LOL!!

    • wyl5326

      and you are the hambugerong Bugok riding on a lexus !

    • wyl5326

      so where are you now Bugok ? why are you not posting now ? was that because your boss is watching you if you are really working ? you need to have your quota, remember that or no rest for you Bugok !

    • wyl5326

      Are you really working now Bugok ? I don’t see your Boss now, perhaps you can post now ! come out now Bugok so that I can batok you on your head to make you smarter than a 5th grader !

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