De Lima ‘not interested’ in Chief Justice post



MANILA, Philippines—Justice Secretary Leila De Lima said she was not “personally interested” in the Chief Justice position but said she would have to think on her options.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

“Personally, I’m not interested,” de Lima said in a chance interview on Wednesday.

“Sa mga dati kong posisyon (In my previous posts), I was also not personally interested but if I have to decide on those things then I’ll deeply reflect on that—where can I best serve the public interest, the national interest, the public good,” she said.

De Lima received her third nomination for the top judicial post Wednesday from Atty. Rogelio C. Limare, Assistant Commissioner of the Civil Service Commission.

In his nomination, Limare cited the various positions handled by De Lima as well as several awards and distinctions she has received.

De Lima said the Supreme Court would be a new world for her.

“I am not being used to being in a collegial body. My persona and my personality, I think, I don’t know kung bagay ako doon,” she said.

“To put it lightly, a Chief Justice is passive. Seldom seen, seldom heard. Only read. Can you imagine Leila De Lima seldom seen and seldom heard?”

“Although, I can always adjust to any environment or atmosphere. I can be professional. Pero doon ako nag-aalangan and whether at this point I’m ready to head such a crucial institution such as the Supreme Court,” she said, but added that she would also talk to President Aquino about it.

As of Wednesday, 11 were submitted to the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC). Of the 11, one has applied for the position while the 10 have been nominated. Only 2 of the 10  nominees have confirmed their nomination for the Chief Justice position and they are Atty. Katrina Legarda and former University of the Philippines College of Law Dean Raul Pangalangan.

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  • sixtypercent

    pakipot pa si deluma

  • Zhenda

    She wants to be seen.. in short, campaigning for Senatorial 

    • Barak_O

      bwa ha ha ha ha bobo wrong english

  • JJF724

    I think De Lima is one of the good choice to head the SC…  we need someone with her guts and honesty to serve what is right for the people to lead the department with 8 Justices still supporting GMA…  They show it by legalizing Midnight Appointment and Issuance of TRO to protect Corona’s bank deposits.  We can not afford for someone that can be recruited by GMA.

    • bahog_itlog

      She does not philosophic wisdom fitting for a Chief Justice.

    • ajca82

      I think she means well but I also think she doesn’t care for the rules as long as she accomplishes what she thinks is for the greater good.

      I think it’s dangerous to put her in such a position

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    Go, go, go Madame DOJ Secretary! Take it to the next logical and obvious moral step! Decline the nomination. I would say the same thing to Commissioner Henares. You would both be great for shunning the pettiness and weakness that consumed Mr. Corona before and which led to his disgrace. I believe you will both honor the President if you both decline the nomination. Each of you are worth a hundred Justices in the job you’re doing for the people right now. As old Mach said, “For titles do not reflect honor on men; but rather men on their titles.” I am sure old Mach also meant to include women!

    • Rand Thor

      Bakit gusto mo mag decline ang mga kontra Arroyo? Just asking…

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        It really has nothing to do with being “kontra Arroyo.” Based on their past and present legal experiences, I believe they are not just cut for the job of a magistrate. For example, one of the evils to be curbed in the Supreme Court is over-reliance of Justices on their staffs/researchers in the writing of decisions almost to the point of abandonment resulting in the sorry state of jurisprudence. Inconsistent and contrary holdings make for unstable doctrines which produce more room for judicial shenanigans. This happens when a Justice does not himself love or has the aptitude for thinking through and writing down what he has thought through as the correct and just “solutuon” to a legal issue.  I believe such habits of thought and aptitude are formed in the very earlier years of a lawyer’s career, nay, even as early as a student.  Holders of political posts are, I believe, mostly not of that type.  Besides, both Mesdames de Lima and Henares have been too much immersed and involved in PNoy’s administration’s thrusts so as to lessen the trust in their upholding the judicial virtues of impartiality and independence, to mention some.

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        It really has nothing to do with being “kontra Arroyo.” Based on their past and present legal experiences, I believe they are not just cut for the job of a magistrate. For example, one of the evils to be curbed in the Supreme Court is over-reliance of Justices on their staffs/researchers in the writing of decisions almost to the point of abandonment resulting in the sorry state of jurisprudence. Inconsistent and contrary holdings make for unstable doctrines which produce more room for judicial shenanigans. This happens when a Justice does not himself love or does not have the aptitude for thinking through and writing down what he has thought through as the correct and just “solution” to a legal issue based on the law and Constitution. I believe such habits of thought and aptitudes are molded in the formative years of a lawyer’s career, nay, even as early as a student in college or earlier. Acceptors and holders of political posts are, I believe, generally not of this type nor temperament. Besides, both Mesdames de Lima and Henares have been too much immersed and involved in PNoy’s administration’s thrusts so as to lessen the trust, or the perception thereof, in their upholding the judicial virtues of impartiality and independence, to mention some.  Lastly, they are doing well in their present roles.  Making them Justices may be an instance of the “Peter Principle” being once more realized as far as both are concerned—-“promoting them to their level of incompetence.”  As I posted earlier, the best high school physics teacher might, in  all probability, be a bad choice for a high school principal, even if he’s qualified under the law.

  • m1600

    NABASA NA NYA YUNG mga comment kay HENARES kaya nag back- out na. Pero OK lang yan at nang lalong sumadsad ang rating nG HJACIENDERO NA PRESIDENTE.

    • Magsasaka

       sundalong pulpol isa ka siguro sa nawalan ng delhinsya nang maupo si pnoy ano kaya inis na inis ka hehehe, natigil ang pagnanakaw mo sa AFP hehehe

  • FernandoBusi

    I guess this lady is better than the one at the BIR … sabagay BIR kasi is a Usec level position lang less take cguro … 

  • Zhenda

    Delima is not a good choice for SC.
    She does not follow majority rule.
    If she is in a minority in decision voting, Will she honored the majority decision?

    • Malik62

       She also does not follow any Law.

  • kentohtan

    go go de lima,go for it!

    de lima,henares or carpio?

    any of the three will do..

  • CerioSantiago

    De Lima for SC! yahuuu!
    protesta si brenda nito at manggagalaiti na naman sa inggit at galit ganun din sa mga pro-corona at pro-arroyo. pustahan dami kokontra dyan at sila yung mga a)bayaran  b)nagpapakabulag  c)bobo   d)all of the above

  • Manny

    Dean Raul Pangalanan is the best CJ!

    • Joseph Sta. Cruz

      Saludo ako jan Manny.

  • Alajero

    MS. DELIMA… obviously…you can serve AQUINO better …by taking the position of the CHIEF…
    ….you are AQUINO’S dream come true…he can put out GMA for life…with any evidence he can made up or imagined….yes…and surely you can find a way to reverse the decision re:  the … hacienda luisita verdict… it’s piece of cake…
    …so sigue na please….!
    …people will not complain….THEY LOVE AQUINO…JUST REMEMBER!!!

    • Joseph Sta. Cruz

      oo tama yan, para ang Chief Justice ay maging sunud-sunuran.

      • Alajero

        …kung si Marcos ay nag martia law….AQUINO does not need to do that…if you control the SC and Congress…hey…who can go against you…?
        …you can actually ask congress to amend the constitution…or repeal the limitation re:  presidential tenure…
        …hey…who will complain…SC…Congress…the People…likes AQUINO… you can screw them up…and they will still SMILE back…in a very loving way…
        …PINAGPALA ka AQUINO..!!!

      • Magsasaka

         katulad ni corona na aso ni gloria hehehe

  • Joseph Sta. Cruz

    Sabi nya nung una:

    “Sa mga dati kong posisyon (In my previous posts), I was also not personally interested but if I have to decide on those things then I’ll deeply reflect on that—where can I best serve the public interest, the national interest, the public good,” she said.
    Then sabi nya ulit:

    “To put it lightly, a Chief Justice is passive. Seldom seen, seldom heard. Only read. Can you imagine Leila De Lima seldom seen and seldom heard?” 

    Very hypocritical.

  • syano

    Hindi pa naman nagbaback out. Nagpapakipot ‘kamo. It is also called false modesty in contrast to Henares’ righteous arrogance. I would not be surprised if she accepts and not even more surprised if she makes “lakad” her appointment.

    Like Henares, she is a fake. The idea of appointing her is the closest thing to the idea of appointing a politician to the post. She was a lawyer of politicians all over the country and by her weekly press conferences, acts like she is in a campaign to get herself noticed.

    Better not heard, better not seen and even better not read!

  • CerioSantiago

    ayan na! naglabasan na sila. harharhar!

  • Rand Thor

    De Lima has other options like running as senator, which she will easily win I believe. I think her personality fits the role of a senator better than Chief Justice. On the other hand, she can create a lot of change in the judiciary, if people will support her. As for me, I’ll support her be it as senator or SJ.   

  • Rex_Ranhilio

    what does she mean when she says she is not “personally interested”? is she “professionally interested” but not personally interested?

  • syano

    oo nga CerioSantiago. naglabasan na. In fact, nauna na yung nagcomment ng ganito:

    De Lima for SC! yahuuu!
    protesta si brenda nito at manggagalaiti na
    naman sa inggit at galit ganun din sa mga pro-corona at pro-arroyo.
    pustahan dami kokontra dyan at sila yung mga a)bayaran 
    b)nagpapakabulag  c)bobo   d)all of the above

    Boto ko letrang d! harharhar!

    • CerioSantiago

       tumpak syano! harharhar!

  • billy gunner

    of course she’s not interested (with fingers crossed)! lol

  • Constantine

    My candidate for the next Chief Justice of the SC is BIR Commissioner Kim Henares. Comm Kim is a reformist who is not scared of trying new and unexplored ways to change any government bureaucracy. And Comm Kim is a cool lady, she cannot be easily baffled by anybody!

    • bahog_itlog

      So if you’re a reformist and a cool lady, you can be a Chief Justice.
      Calling all reformists and cool people. You are all qualified to become the Chief Justice. LOL.

    • Alajero

      …yes….constantine…madaling kausapin ni … aquino…sunudsunuran…di ba?…di katulad ni R Corona…mahilig mangatuwiran….

  • Ulipur

    Leila, Raul, Kim—-Lahat okay.

  • RomyLitz

    I think the choice will narrow down on two : Raul and Antonio.

  • Regd

    De Lima is on a dilemma, to take or not to take? I say stop re-setting your options! BE STILL!
    I support her causes and admired her brilliant career but she’s more suited in her role now. To overstate it, she’s way much better as a politician than as a jurist.

  • dannyflorencio

    Di raw siya interesado pero pag-iisipan niya options niya !!!!   hahahahahahahah akala ko ba di ka interesado bakit mo pa pag-iisipan ang options mo kung di ka interesado ?  hahahahaahahah

    Pareho lang kayong bogok ni Henares !!!!! kampon nga kayong 2 ni Abnoy Noynoy !!!!! hahahaha

    • Barak_O

      hahaha nakalimutan mo ang hacienda luisita ha ha haha

      bobo ka ha ha ha wala kang bayad

  • Barak_O

    sayang hindi macontrol ni abnoynoy ang supreme court para mareverse ang decision ng hacienda luisita

    tanggapin mo na de singko ang position ng thief justice para di masayang ng binayad sa mga posters ni thief midnight na mga walang utak

    kung ayaw mo maging thief justice magsign ka na lang ng waiver, yan ang uso ngayon kahit di naintindihan ng mga walang utak


    hwag kang umalis dyan sa doj madam secretary, letsonin muna sa saraling niyang taba si jose pidal at ang little girl

     bobo pa rin mga fans ni thief midnight

    • dan4321

      what made you think na hindi makontrol ni PNoy and SC? Sa pera pa lang and impluwensya at iba pang offers,pwede nyang makontrol kaya lang ayaw nya.
      Alam mo ba kung gaano kapowerful ang Presidency kung gugustuhin nya?
      Tsk tsk,hindi ka lang mang mang,wala na talagang utak.

      • Barak_O

        bwa ha ha ha ha

        nagreklamo ang fan ni thief midnight bwa ha ha ha ha

        one more time

        bobo pa rin mga fans ni thief midnight

  • justyouraveragechinoy

    “To put it lightly, a Chief Justice is passive. Seldom seen, seldom
    heard. Only read. Can you imagine Leila De Lima seldom seen and seldom

    the lady wants publicity and lives on publicity, very obvious naman ever since she got the CHR post and now DOJ… so what if you’re seldom seen or seldom heard as long as you’re doing your job for the betterment of the country it shouldn’t matter where in government you’re in or the position you’re holding.

    makes me question the intention of these people? why are you in government? is it for publicity?

    • muddygoose

      Maybe you missed this part:

      “Sa mga dati kong posisyon (In my previous posts), I was also not personally interested but if I have to decide on those things then I’ll deeply reflect on that—where can I best serve the public interest, the national interest, the public good.” 

    • Zhenda

      She’s campaigning for next year election. That’s her motive.

  • tabalu

    tanggapin mo na kasi tapos araw-araw mag-pa-press release ka edi lagi kang visible, dami mong arte, not personally interested sa CJ position tapos she would have to think on her options.

  • AprilFool

    Style mo bulok Sec. Dilemma. Kasasabi mo lang kahapon that you’re honred by your nomination to be the next Chief Justice then you followed it up with:  “I will give a lot of thought on whether or not I will be accepting the nomination, but at this point I am keeping my options open.” What hypocrite you are! Bakit hindi mo derechong masabi na ” I will decline the nomination because of conflict of interest since I am am member of the Judicial Bar Council, and also I still have to attend to the disbarment case filed against me.” Interesado ka din Sec. Dilemma. Wag ka ng magpa-echos!

  • San Miguel

    sumasadsad na ang rating ni PNOY nyo mga yellow zombies…. nahalata ng mga tao ang balak nya sa Hacienda at halata na rin na puro KKK nya ang ina-appoint nya…



    At pagkatapos nang mga pekeng ebedensya…heto na ang resulta

  • Borgy

    Kung walang interes si De Lima na maging CJ, sana imbestigahan na lang niya ang kalokohan ng Gina Lopez resort sa Palawan.

  • Albin

    Not interseted? O dahil madami ang mag poprotesta kapag siya ang napili?

  • Philip Machika

    Uy, bakit biglang “about face” si manay layla…bilis mo naman magtampo. Kelan lang parang nagpapahiwatig ka ng interes tapos ngayon hindi daw, o?

    • Francis81

       Sa senatorial line-up na lang siya daw. Guaranteed na n Pweenoy ang victory niya, dahil hawak ni Pweenoy ang SMARTMATIC.

  • DondonSantosJr

    Not interested? pwede ba? DaldaLIEla DeLIEma, umayos tayo. 

  • dlanyer

    Sabi ni De Lima… “Personally, I’m not interested,”
    May kulang eh….
    dapat “Personally, I’m not interested, pero gusto ko…. ahihihihihihi”

  • PH2011

    The positive side is, De Lima is the Arroyo’s Dilemma.

    SC Chief Justice position is probably the majority of the lawyers dream.

    So powerful, and constitutionally secured term until the age of 70. Kaya nga yan ang pinili na position ng pinakamakas ki GMA na si Corona.

    If ever De Lima appointed as SC Chief justice. She will will be on that position for about two decades. Ditto, Justice Cereno and BIR Chief Henares.

    …unless impeached.

  • gerp

    intelligence plus character… these are Ms. layla has to offer…go and take this job…somehow things will work out in the end…her moral courage is the rarest thing we could see from the others but this is the vital qualities she has to seek in changing the judiciary system. mabuhay ka!

    • Francis81

       Swine intelligence and deeply flawed shady character yan ang ma offer ni Bab Dilima.

    • ep-ep

      and what about him as a law breaker and a puppet to an abnoy wat u think.   think think think

  • den lim


  • Jun

    She will be good at SC to serve the king.

    • williev

       Hmmmmmm…. I prefer the other guy who served the queen..

  • Peregrino Natividad

    Leila THINKS like any Asian.  They want it but don’t say frankly and directly…. baka mapahiya! This is the Asian way…. saving lose face. In Western value… if you want it… just say it…. and don’t bit around the boss. As a child we are not taught by our parents to be direct and assertive.

    • Magsasaka

       sigurado ka “don’t bit around the boss”?

      • blainz

        Quite sure he was gunning for “beat around the bush”. But arguably, “bit around the boss” is better. See… the previous CJ bit around the neck of the boss to get a midnight appointment. Boss gets a neck injury and a possible anemia, later needing braces and transfusions.

        It’s Twilight in real life!!!

      • Magsasaka

        ok, i got the point

    • spearheads

      We got your “don’t bit around the boss” alright. But I suggest, “don’t bit behind boss” is more appropriate since Delima has bitten the behind of her previous boss.

    • spearheads

      On second thought, “Don’t lick the boss behind” is more fitting.

  • Atagalong

    It is understandable why lawyers recommend a person of their own liking, not necessarily because that person is the most savvy of them all but more so because they perceive that getting one who they are familiar with (friend or acquaintance) will be more beneficial to their profession. Almost all the recommendees are from Metro Manila or have been living and practicing their profession in Metro Manila. Except for Justice Carpio, from Davao, who in my opinion should be a little easy with GMA,being the only President who appointed one Justice of the Supreme Court outside Luzon, all appointees are from Luzon.  Even representatives from the Visayas and Mindanao are mum about recommending one from their own provinces or districts. It is sad. They continue to live as second class citizens. The country is dominated by the citizens from Luzon. Worse of all, is that they are all same old, same old people, same families, same names and same oligarchs of Luzon, who are concentrated in Metro Manila. They all think alike: that their families are the only people who are entitled to run the government.

    • gerp

      correction…there are many CJ’s out from Luzon..i-wiki mo na lang para madali…baka di mo lang naabutan…masyado ka yata pang bata….ask mo na din parents mo baka alam din nila.

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Animo’y kasing haba ng kalye pitong gatang ang Ngisi ng Mahal na Haring BS aquino…Matagal na niyang inaasam ang maghirang ng kaalyado bilang punong mahistrado sa korte suprema at ngayon ay abot kamay na niyang magagawa ito!!!!

    Sa mga DAMA ng Haring BS aquino,mistulang atras-abante itong si Laila Dilema kung tatanggapin ba ang nominasyon bilang punong mahistrado…sa madaling salita,pakipot pa ang dalagang ina!!!!

  • blainz

    If she’s offered the job, she should take it. The Philippines has arguably the slowest justice system in the world. An overhaul has long been overdue. She’s reform-minded, so it’s a nice fit. She only need recommend an equally assidious and vigilant  replacement for the DoJ post to the President.

    Considering the flip-flopped decisions of this collegial body, it’s good she has a more confrontational personality – all the better to confront the Arroyo majority that still prevails in the SC. Heck, she might even want to double-check the justices opinions for plagiarism, that would save the country a bundle.

    An added bonus: A Delima CJ makes it a certainty Midas gets the boot.

    It’s funny how the Corona and Arroyo supporters have now resorted to poisoning the well of possible candidates. Where was all this squeaking during the midnight appointment?

  • Francis81

    HOOOOO!!!! Kuntyari pa tong si Bab Dilima!  Gustong gusto talaga niya kaya lang may napili na si Pweenoy,  Pinangakunan na lang ni Pweenoy si Dilima na isasali siya sa senatorial line-up at papanalunin gamit ang SMARTMATIC.  Hapi na siya!

    • gerp

      sampol ng kwentong barbero:
      Naimbitahan akong maging commencement speaker sa aking mahal na high school alma mater. Biruin mo sa dinami-dami ng pwedeng imbitahin na maging speaker, ako pa na isang hamak na kupal lamang. Siguro naisip nila na magandang inspirasyon na ‘yung dating parang walang patutunguhan sa buhay e magkakaroon naman pala ng disenteng trabaho.
      Pero di naman ako talaga ako bobong estudyante. Nagkaroon naman ako honor ‘nung highschool. Nalunod ‘yung talagang may honor, kaya no choice ako ang next in line. ‘Yun yung punto ng buhay na di mo alam kung magiging masaya ka ba o malungkot. Pinili kong maging masaya. [Oo masama na akong tao.]
      Sampung oras akong nagmaneho pauwi sa probinsya namin. Wala pa akong karelyebo kaya pagdating ko para lang akong isang box office na pelikula sa Hollywood: Hangover The Sequel. Masaya ang lahat, lalo na ang mga guro. Sinong hindi magsasaya, sa wakas ga-gradweyt na din ang mga sakit ng ulo nila. Masaya din ang mga graduates. Pagkatapos nito, may lisensiya na silang magbabad sa tv maghapon magdamag, buong linggo at buwan….at para gumawa ng kwento tulad ni Francis81 ^^

  • aldhins

    Kung  sya kaya mapili ni P-noy ?  iba na tono sumunod lang ako sa utos ng pangulo  pero in fairness naman  ok naman si Sec. Delima may paninidigan

  • aldhins

    Dapat kunin pinoy yung bago na may panindigan at may prinsipyo kasi kung nakikita lang lagi sa TV mga sikat rin baka wala rin pag babago.

  • BatangSingapore

    Si De Lima hindi sya interesado pero si Henares gustong gusto at sobrang interesado sa posisyon chief justice hahahhahahahha.

    diyan pa lang makikita mo na sino mautak at may sinabi sa pamumuno ng hudikatura.  ganunpaman, wala sa kalingkingan ni De Lima si Henares hahhahahahahhaha.

    malamang pa niyan kapag naupo si Henares sa hudikatura ay matuloy na ang people power laban kay abnoy na pangulo. sobrang bagsak na rating ni abnoy at dadagdagan pa ng bugok na si Henares bwahahahahahhahha.

    • williev

       Tumpak…. kaya dapat nang mag resign ang kasalukuyang Presidente !!!! Sabi mo na nga …bagsak ang rating nya…. Iluklok ang mataas sa rating !!! Iluklok si VP Binay…at libre pa si Maceda at Tatad …weh?

    • latino_boom

       I dunno what the h3ll are you talking about …puro basura ang mga sinabi mo …pity you wala kang alam…or maybe nababaliw ka lang or talagang bobo lang

  • Elizabeth

    De Lima is a rightous woman. She knows when to go and when to retreat. I say, she is morally forthright. Unlike Malacanyang. He he he. Hindi rin natuloy ang plano ni Cojuangccocococo!! He is another favorite as candidate, his own lawyer. Abangannnnnnnnnn.

  • Vernon UK London

    pakiyeme…she admitted herself that in her previous roles she was not personally interested, eh she took those roles anyway! 

  • Vernon UK London

    bawiin ko nalang ang sasabihin ko dito, kasi kristiayano tayo. All we need is some dignity sa korte suprema, we need intelligence and not mongerer.

  • rick

    si pangalanan na lang ang sana maappoint. si de lima dun sa justice department very effective tsaka mam de lima mastagnate lang kayo po dyan sa supreme court hanggang sa magretire..mam me chance kayo sa 2016 para me alternative naman kami panlaban kay binay..think about it mam…..

  • penoykaw

    Ang gusto niya puesto ………………………………………….FIRST LADY!  Bagay naman sila.  Yan ang gusto ni Pnoy, strong woman who will take care of him.

  • spearheads

    I am amused by these turn of events, viz a vi Henares vs. Delima. And, can’t help laughing out loud reading the yellow blogs fighting each other tooth and nail, insisting that one is better than the other. Unknown to them, both have distinct similarities and these are: 1. Both does not know that hearsay evidence is not admissible in court. Henares testified that Corona did not file his income tax returns for years 2003 and 2005 which was proven to be a lie. She did not even check the records of her office. In the same vein, Delima testified in open court, not of her own personal knowledge but “according to Sereno” she said. 2. Both are proven traitors. Both lapdogs loyalty has bee proven to be a fluke. Henares was fired by her previous employee for disloyalty. She was a top official of a prestigious bank but she was clandestinely working for the labor force. Some may say that it was for a noble cause. I strongly disagree. If that was her paradigm then she should have resigned first from the bank before helping the employees. Without resigning first, she took advantage of her position and traitorously stabbed the bank from behind. Proof? She lost her case against the bank which means she was removed for just cause. She even have the guts not to return the company car – BMW 318 which is now under orders of the court to return in a replevin case. In the case of Delima, she ate her benefactor GMA whole. She was the one who defied the SC TRO and prevented her benefactor the right to travel. Again, defying the TRO of the SC which you want to head is disloyalty perpetrated in advance considering that a lawyer is an officer of the court. She may have not been fired like Henares but soon to be if and when her disbarment materialized. These are the distinct similarities of the two rabid pitbulls of Malacanang who shamelessly want to be the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Both don’t even know basic laws and the Constitution.

  • Abnoy tupak


  • Abnoy tupak

    mga kapal muks..

  • $25214711

    Para wala nalang hong masabi at hindi bigyan ng kulay wag naho kayong sumali dyan. Maraming pwede dyan. I heard this guy Atty. Pangalangan has so much credentials but wihtout political affiliation. Of course I never really know the guy personally but he looks nice. Pls. Ma’am, don’t.

  • violet55

    De lima you’re such a hypocrite!!  What are you saying you’re not personally interested when its obvious that you are salivating for the position of CJ?  And you have the nerve to sit as CJ when you’re obviously a violator of several SC decisions?  Cut the crap de Lima!!  You’re too ambitious!!

  • adam_d_ant

    kanya-kanyang “palabas”  ang tatlong hitad ni simeon d retard  –

    de lima – hindi interesado pero i’ll keep my options open. meaning pag i-offer – sunggab. 

    carpio – it will not be an “aquino court”

    henares – i have an edge …

    ewww  ….. masama ang natutunan ke abnoy.  puro dakdak/patutsadahan ang nangyayari. naglalabasan ang mga kamag-anak ni brutus.  kanya-kanyang backstabbing.  kung ano gawa ni idle, dapat gayahin.

    at porky de ladlad — what’s with th scaf? meron bang winter sa pinas?  o pampahid ‘yan ng mantika?

    • law45

       LOL, para magmukhang may leeg siya.

  • Wilson

    Secretary Leila de Lima appears to lack the intellectual and emotional equipment to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. She can best serve the public or national interest by simply getting lost in the shuffle.

  • Elizabeth

    Right! Stay put in the DOJ. Hindi pwede ang palipat lipat sa gobyerno. So much waste. Even for political consideration. Ruffy Biazon should take the hint from you. It take sometime for one to master the ins and outs of certain Department. So much funds is wasted adjusting to ones position if he keeps on transferring. Look what Romulo Neri did. From the Finance, he transferred to DepED after the debacle of NBN-ZTE. He wasted 500 million pesos on a ‘white elephant project’. Then he transferred again as head of SSS. Just a few days with the SSS, he loan out to the government 12.3 billion pesos SSS FUNDS on mere “sovereign guarantee.” This is highly disadvantageous to the SSS members because the government is the worst institution to invest your money. It is bankrupt to the true sense of the word. Wala nang pera ang gobyerno. That is why it is always raising the yearly budget to pay our National debt. For everyone’s information, we are paying 1 billion pesos EACH DAY on INTEREST ALONE. Saan kaya tayo dadamputin nito.

  • R

    You won’t be selected anyway!

    • wyl5326

      Is this how you pass your time Rica, the poor Rich girl ?

  • ep-ep

    pariho lng ang dalawang yan, mukhang king kong na yllow zombies kagaya ng tatay nila na kalbong abnoy

    • bong

      Sabihin mo na lang na inggit na inggit ka lang dahil wala ka nagawa sa buhay mo. ganyan ba ang hindi zombies baka demons, gaya mo?!

      • ep-ep

        haha bka d mo alam na kmi ngpapatakbo ng pinas. kung wla kmi bka sa kankongan ka na ngaun.  hehehe

  • Randy

    Dilim ma’s comment has a sour-grapes flavor on it.  Of course she knew pretty well that a lot of people will oppose here rise to being the next CJ.  However, given the chance of being offered the post of CJ by Pnoy, she will definitely grab it, bite it like a cat clasping a fish.

  • 4kingdaddy

    most comments here are against de lima…are these gripes personal or for our country’s sake… i don’t know much about her, but my case in point is;  if she did not trumped the TRO issued by the supreme court about gloria, most probably, she could be enjoying her life somewhere else by now and we’ll be left in the dust, and then, probably blame her again for not disregarding the TRO…i know she has flaws, but who doesn’t?….can we really be assured that the rest of the nominees are clean?…i know, some will say, pick the lesser evil on these nominees…,.the flaw that i noticed here is what she stated that she will also “talk to the president.”…it would have been nice if she said instead; ” i will talk to to the president if and when he so decides to call me and discuss this matter”…that would be standing your ground and unafraid of any consequence… i don’t think the president will kick you out as DOJ because there will be an outburst of hatred ever more against AQUINO…so, next time, just say, “if he calls me, i’ll answer his call”…a fair and honest advice from a former student of your mom, norma, at la consolacion….

  • mal0c

    though de lima may be a great cj, i think she’s best to stay in the doj. pnoy should find a great cj from the ranks like de lima -vigilant and unafraid.

    • cion

      JBC knew who would be qualified to become CJ, we need not crack our brain because JBC  will put someone who is a well-rounded principled man of high integrity and morals , with Independent mind and , who can defer any poltical pressure and cannot be pushed around whoever they maybe  and will do what is just and fair for all Filipinos. Those two wannabees doesn’t have the qualification at all to gain respect and Independence of the SC.   

  • cion

    Anyone who has history of association with the Cojuangco/Aquino  is a red flag to be appointed as Chief Justice, if we are to uphold our FREEDOM we need someone who has Independent mind that cannot be bought by any monetary influence and or political influence, who know how  to enforce the Law (NOBODY IS ABOVE THe LAW) , JBC must choose a lawyer/scholar who is humble, principled with  strong personality that no amount of influence will sway him to differentiate the right from wrong.

  • spearheads

    Delima is “not interested in Chief Justice post, BUT “she want’s to talk to PNoy’s and ask his help to decide.” Whaaattt? An oxymoron indeed. Saan natin hahanapin ang sentido kumon ng babaeng ito?


      OMG< It is one way of letting Noying know she is much interested in getting the position!

  • law45

    A chief justice that blatantly disregards constitutional rights. Mabuhay ang Pilipino!

  • gerp

    pero they are for hire ^^

  • Magsasaka

    ahahaha lumitaw na naman ang duwagis, takot ka lang dahil tiyak pag naging CJ si de lima, bitay kang palpa-run ka

  • Palparan

    wahahahaha! nandito ka na pala bakla! tapos na pala ang clebration ng LGBT matapos matalo si pacquiao…wahahaha!

  • Luthmar

    Wowwwwww, what kind of language do you speak?  DISGUSTING.

  • Magsasaka

    maghanda handa ka na dahil dalawa ang lang ang patutunguhan mo, naguunahan lang ang kamay ng batas at mga NPA sa pagkuha ng ulo mo hehehe, magpakalalaki ka duwagis

  • Palparan

    lalaki naman talaga ako… tigilan mo na ang kabaklaan mo!

    hinihintay ko lng ang mga tropa mong NPA na hulihin ako… tignan natin kung kaninon ulo ang matatanggal!…

    antonioluna, para sayo ito — ,,l,,

  • Magsasaka

    ahahaha mas matutuwa siguro ako kung isang tambay na drug addict lang ang makakapatay sa iyo dahil isa kang lowlife hehehe

  • Magsasaka

    takot ang mga turista sa mga katulad mong rapist hehehe

  • Palparan

    hindi, takot sila sa mga baklang baboy na katulad mo… baka mahawa sila sa AIDS…wahahahahaha!

  • Palparan

    tambay na drug addict pala ang type mo? wahahahahaha!

  • Magsasaka

    tama yaon ang type kong makapatay sa iyo dahil ganoon lang ang uri mo hehehe

  • Magsasaka

    di ba sa aids namatay ang nanay mong pokpok hehehe

  • Palparan

    wahahahaha! komunistang bakla!


  • Palparan

    my condolence sa nanay mong namatay sa AIDS… eto, piso o… abuloy ko sa nanay mong pokpok! wahahahaha!

  • Magsasaka

    hehehe, wala na masabi ang duwagis na palpa-run, ipakita mo na ang tapang mo harapin mo ang batas kesa naman addict lang ang makakakuha ng ulo mong sira hehehehe

  • Magsasaka

    ahahaha gaya gaya na ka na lang duwagis na palpa-run, magpakalalaki ka harapin mo ang batas kesa naman addict pa makakuha ng ulo mong sira hehehe

  • Palparan

    wahahahaha! komunistang baklang tambay! sugurin mo na ako dto fort bonifacio…wahahahaha!

  • Magsasaka

    hehehe tutumba sa panahon na inaasahan mong hindi ka masasaling at tandaan mo isang lowlife na drug addict lang ang katapat mo hehehe

  • Palparan

    bakla! sumugod ka kasama ang mga bayaran mong adik… babalatan kita ng buhay… wahahahaha! komunistang bakla!


  • Magsasaka

    sa duwag mong iyan eh babae lang ang kaya mo hehehe

  • Palparan

    tama na ang dada mo! sugod na dto… bakla!


  • Palparan

    tama na ang dada mo bakla! sugod na dto…wahahahaha!

  • Palparan

    utot mo bakla!

    sugurin mo na ako dto! wahahahaha!

  • Magsasaka

    huwag kang mag alala kapag natukoy na ni de lima ang kinaruruonan mo paktay kang duwagis ka hehehe

  • Palparan

    kahit na sumama ka pa sa baboy na de limang yan, lilitsunin ko kayo!


  • Magsasaka

    hehehe lagot ka na duwagis

  • Palparan

    wala ka na bang masabi dyan bakla?

    palibhasa hanggang sa comment lng ang alam mo…wahahahahahaha!

  • Magsasaka

    hindi naman kita maaring hamunin ng barilan dahil alam ko namang duwag ka at babae lang ang kaya mo bukod pa sa tumatapang ka lang kapag may kasama ka, hindi ka naman marunong humawak ng baril sa katunayan baka kahit 5 meters lang hindi mo matamaan ang target mo kaya anong kakayanan ba mayroon ka bukod sa mangrape at pumatay ng mga walang laban hehehe

  • Palparan

    nagtapang-tapangan ka na naman dyan bakla palibhasa hanggang comment ka lng… ipakita mo sa akin yang abilidad mong humawak ng baril… baka batuta lang yang hawak mo dyan ha… wahahhahahaha!

  • Magsasaka

    eh sa comment ka lang din lang naman uubra dahil sa katunayan nga nagtatago ka dahil sa karuwagan mo, kailan ba lumaban ng parehas ang katulad mong duwagis na banban pa hehehe

  • Palparan

    hahahahaha!… di mo lng alam kasi alam kung ilan na ang napatay kong mga komunistang katulod mong bakla! hahahaha!…eh ikaw? baka hanggang sa paglalaro ka lng ng batuta ng mga kapit bahay mong tambay na adik… wahahahahaha!

  • Magsasaka

    wala namang nagkakaila na marami ka ng napatay na babaeng aktibista at pinalalabas mong kumunista at bago mo patayin pinagsasamantalahan mo muna, wala ng lunas ang sakit mo, may sakit ka sa utak dahil biktima ka ng tatay mo noong bata ka pa

  • Palparan

    ang tindi ng pamilya nyo bakla! nanay mo pokpok, tatay mo isang pedopilyang bakla… maliban sa isa kang bakla, may sakit ka rin pala sa utak… kaya pala ang tagal mong maka reply dahil hirap ka sa pag-isip kung ano ang i-reply mo…wahahahaha!

  • Magsasaka

    ang tindi ng tatay mo palpa-run duwagis pinaluwag nya ang tumbong mo hehehe

  • Palparan

    wahahaha!… kaya pala naging bakla ka! dun ka pala sa tatay mong bakla nagmana… malamang lolo mo bakla din…wahahahaha!

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