Arroyo, Marcos: Aquino administration used ‘naked power’ to secure Corona conviction



Senator judges Joker Arroyo and Ferdinand Marcos Jr. during the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona. BERNARD TESTA/ SENATE POOL

Voting to acquit Chief Justice Renato Corona, Senators Joker Arroyo and Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Tuesday accused the Aquino administration of using its “naked power” and mobilizing all its resources to secure a conviction.

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, in her most strident outburst yet in casting one of three principled votes of not guilty, called on God “to strike me dead,” rather than hear arguments of her colleagues for conviction that Corona dishonestly submitted a statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN).

“Impeachment is a political process, not a political assassination. An impeachment aspires to be a judicial proceeding that makes imperative that it stick to judicial rules. An impeachment must ever uphold the due process that no citizen, high or low, can be denied,” Arroyo said in explaining his vote.

The maverick senator noted that what the House of Representatives initiated against Corona was “not an impeachment” because an impeachment was an “accusation accompanied by necessary formalities, and attended by appropriate solemnities, and flanked by the liberties and guarantees that a genuine grand jury proceeding upholds.”

“The Senate is being asked to remove the Chief Justice from office all because he submitted an allegedly erroneous SALN,” he said. “What has happened is the passage that to which the Senate President once warned: That we’re veering close to a bill of attainder.”

Bill of attainder

A bill of attainder, he explained, is a law that is submitted by one House and approved by another, “creating an offense where there was none, inventing a crime out of actions, willful or not, that were innocent when they were performed.”

“I can’t imagine removing the Chief Justice on account of the SALN. Today, we’re one step from violating the Constitution and passing a bill of attainder. No one can stop us if we don’t stop ourselves. This is not justice, political or legal. This is certainly not law; for sure it’s not the law of the Constitution. It’s only naked power as it was in 1972,” he said.

“I have not thought I would see it again so brazenly performed but for what it is worth, I cast my vote, if not for innocence falsely accused, of offenses yet to exist and if not for the law and the Constitution that we were privileged to restore under Cory Aquino, then because it is dangerous not to do what is right when soon we shall stand before the Lord,” he added.

Arroyo was the second senator to cast his vote, and the first to vote for Corona’s acquittal.

Marcos asserted that an impeachment trial was “sui generis” and hence, the Bill of Rights “stands supreme” over all government power, including the power to impeach.

“And nowhere is this precept more opposite than in this case, where the government has mustered all the resources at its disposal, not only to secure evidence against the Chief Justice but further to ensure his conviction,” he said.

Questionable evidence

While the evidence presented by the prosecution came from questionable sources, and was “grossly exaggerated,” Corona had “sufficiently addressed” the accusation against him on the filing of his SALN, as well the disclosure of his real properties, peso and dollar accounts, Marcos said.

Marcos said the Chief Justice explained that he was not obliged to declare the deposits under the Foreign Currency Deposit Act (FCDA),  and while this interpretation was being criticized as “flawed,” some officials agreed with the chief magistrate’s position.

“In view of the ambiguous situation created by the concurrent application of the 1987 Constitution, the SALN law, and the FCDU (foreign currency deposit unit) law, and absent a determinative judicial pronouncement that resolves the contrary positions on this legal issue, the Chief Justice must be presumed to have acted in good faith,” he said.

By culpable violation, the framers of the Constitution referred to its “willful and intentional violation” while “betrayal of public trust” was a catch-all phrase for acts violative of the oath of office, the senator said.

Both grounds, he added, were contemplated “to exclude unintentional or involuntary violations.” “Granting therefore that the Chief Justice violated the SALN law, this certainly does not rise to the level of an impeachable offense,” he said.

‘Better to die’

Santiago did not miss the last chance to slam the prosecution of having failed to fully understand the confidentiality clause guaranteed by FCDA.

“I was already hoping with all my heart that God would strike me dead! It’s better to die as a lawyer than listen to your arguments,” Santiago said.

Santiago, a former trial court judge, claimed that there was no conflict between the FCDA and the constitutional provision of full disclosure of assets, liabilities and net worth for all public officials.

She described the “perceived conflict” between the two provisions as “so simplistic that it is seriously laughable!”

Alluding to what Jesus Christ said on John 8:7, “he who is without sin, cast the first stone,” Santiago accused the prosecution for pointing an accusing finger at the Chief Justice, when the whole country was actually mired in corruption.

“Why is the Philippines always ranked as one of most corrupt countries in the whole world? Are you pretending to be faultless?” Santiago asked.

‘Hypocritical situation’

“What a hypocritical accusation! That’s a problem with this country! We’re all for honest government, but the world condemns us. We have the reputation of being a corrupt country!” she said, and concluded her virulent speech with a prayer to be given a second life to go after all the crooks in government.

“Lord, give me one more life …, ” Santiago said but she quickly added that she would be willing to investigate herself.

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  • NineFour

    three against the world. 

    • Russell Ariola

      Hindi 3 kundi four pare.

      Brenda has 2 personalities kasi. and both voted for acquittal

  • Max T

    Remember these three opportunist senators. If reelection 2013 is the crucial basis of their decisions as well as the reelectionist senators who voted for conviction, these three know that they have nothing to lose nor explain to the Filipino people in 2013 with their decision of acquittal. Complete display of opportunism

    • efffyoufools

      don’t feast on the verdict too soon because the conviction will come with a price.

      • Max T

        Of course there is a price- the price that we are letting justice and good governance run rampant.

  • John carlos Uy

    obviously marcos wanted to make headlines. his quest for the presidency begins. i hope the Filipino people will never cast into oblivion the tyranny, oppression, persecution and lost lives of the marcos dictatorship. It’s the greatest injustice in the Philippines!

    • VeryDisgusted2

      “obviously marcos wanted to make headlines. his quest for the presidency begins.”

      I view this in different way. He committed political suicide yesterday. It was the beginning of the end of his career.

  • Rodrigo Francisco

    I am very sad for Senators MARCOS, ARROYO, AND DEFENSOR. They missed the chance to show the people that once in a while politicians think about the good of the country and its people.

    • droids

      Let’s wait and see. EDSA1 and EDSA2 did not bring any comfort nor relief to the working class…I for one can attest to that…only the rich and the oligarchs supportive of the yellow  gain from it. Ask those people who knows what’s going on since 70’s until now. 

      • droids

        During the 70’s I saw that the people who were against Marcos are corrupt themselves that was why I prayed as a kid for US to just include the Philippines as part of their territory. 

    • mateoPrime

      How are you so sure that their vote was not for the country? Opinions may differ. They did what they thought was best.

  • isbuk02

     si joker arroyo na hinahangaan ko noon dahil sa pakikipaglaban sa korapsyon at marshall law ay sya nang kakampi at kaalyado ng mga mandarambong! what happened to you mr senator? nasaan na ang prinsipyo mo?

    • mateoPrime

      hindi kaya’t lumalaban pa rin siya sa corruption, at ikaw ang mali ang kinampihan?

    • Alberto Valerio

      Yeah. I’m also disappointed with Joker. Nawala na yung paninindigan nya laban sa mga tiwali. Kinain na din sya ng sistema.

  • Aspo resurrection

    my favorite quote” We are all for honest government, but the world condemn us!”…parang tinutokan ng baril ang mga politicians lalo na si Lito L..hehehehheeeheee —>>>IQ

  • maximilianb

    Look who’s talking.

  • Zil

    Now I am convinced that Miriam “BRENDA” Santiago really belongs to the MENTAL HOSPITAL.  She should get immediate treatment until it’s too late.  Kawawa naman si BRENDA!!!!

  • Zil

    Joker “THE JOKE” Arroyo should accompany Miriam “BRENDA” Santiago to the MENTAL HOSPITAL.  Bongbong “THE SON OF DICTATOR” Marcos should also come with them.  ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES THAT FOOLS CAN BE SENATORS LIKE THESE THREE STOOGES!!!!

    • Wadav

      C bong bong acquittal tlaga yan kc ung kawatan Nya n tatay d nailibing s libingan ng mga bayani. Di pumayag c Pnoy. D bale bong mag Pagawa Kami ng libingan ng mga kawatan at dun mo ilibing tatay mo!

  • ronnie

    ms. santiago, i hope and pray god will grant your wish. you are one of the reasons why this country i9s wallowing in corruption. may god stirke you dead as you have wished.;

    • Sarkasmos

      I can imagine Miriam’s husband praying for the same thing.

      • Rizal Bonifacio

        Ha ha ha ha….

  • Wadav

    Wag nyo n pansinin c miriam may katok tlaga yan!

  • tagalinis

    ‘“Why is the Philippines always ranked as one of most corrupt countries
    in the whole world? Are you pretending to be faultless?” Santiago asked.’

    That’s because people like you and the other two don’t want the government to go after the corrupt. If not now, when is the government starts the cleansing process? Then again, who will continue the cleansing process after the president steps down? The corrupt will reign supreme again, poor Philippines!

    • Roland

       Mirriam’s point is absurd. It reminded me of the movie Pirates of the Carribean (the 2nd one) wherein all the pirates leaders where all judges and they were discussing things like Pirate honor, stealing etc. that it was wrong, etc.

      Her defense for the thief justice? Kayo rin di naman nag file ng tamang SALN, or you too, as if she is admitting that everyone else is doing the same thing. Well, they will have their day, and she should try to impeach Enrile, et al, and claim that they also didn’t file a correct SALN. But this trial is for the Leader of the supreme court. If nobody can trust the chief justice of the supreme court to file papers correctly, why should the rest of the people believe the LAWS of the land as interpreted by the stupid justices. The justices of the supreme court are held to a higher standard, and unlike congressmen and politicians where corruption is synonymous to their name, the judiciary should have no room for any hint of corruption least the rule of law will now be questionable and mob rule will be the norm!

  • Roland

    Obviously Marcos voted against the impeachment because he knows that his father is the main reason why complete SALNs are mandatory now. If he says yes, it’s like impeaching his own father.  As for Mirriam, sayng the prosecution does not understand the confidentiality clause of the FCDA, heck, she doesn’t know what the SALN is for. The FCDA is for the protection of depositors against criminals and not for the protection of criminals from the law. The law is enforced by government, and SALN is not just a piece of paper. It is a document duly submitted under oath to be correct and complete. Anything not in SALN should be fair play for the government to seize as unexplained wealth.
    As for Arroyo, the only explanation I can find is that he is probably senile…

  • QQU

    If there is no nationwide support for Corona’s ouster, the “government’s NAKED POWER” would not succeed.

    The nation overwhelmingly supports the IDEA of replacing the Chief Justice…who during the entire impeachment…has not been heard to utter a single profound thought…as expected of a Chief Justice.

    Instead, we were regaled with feisty monolines of a common thug—lalabanan ko sila. And
    the ‘weapons’ used? …were the nonsensical LIES.

    My friend, Joker, says that we simply don’t impeach a Chief Justice for “erroneous (non) entry in his SALN. Maybe so…if the Chief Justice has the touch of a Sir Thomas More , we could be so forgiving. But ours was a sleazebucket.
           And if the “error” is discovered even after disclosure…if it’s something like an “oops, Mr. Accountant, you forgot to include my $2.4M and the commingled loot of P80M. This would not even merit a first look from us.

         But we know, Joker. And you should know better. A plunderer should not sit as a Chief Justice.

  • Sarkasmos

    While delivering her verdict, Miriam was frothing in the mouth like a mad dog. Parang asong ulul talaga. At least si Joker, tuta lang.

  • tonyoks

     It’s only naked power as it was in 1972,” he said.
    Naked Power in 1972???
    the man next to you is the son of the naked power in 1972!!!!
    yet you have forgotten or rather intentionally and conveniently forgotten everything about the naked power whose son is right next to you.

    Brenda Santiago
    “Lord, give me one more life …, ” Santiago said but she quickly added that she would be willing to investigate herself.

    di na kaya ng psycho-analyst itong kondisyon ni brenda,,,”co-mingled schizoprenic” with blatan signs signs of demonic possession…exorcism na  kailangan …calling all the “MitsuBishops…

    marcos d 2nd…

    ” “Granting therefore that the Chief Justice violated the SALN law, this certainly does not rise to the level of an impeachable offense,” he said.

    hanggang ngayon ay in denial state pa rin ang takbo ng utak nyong mga Marcos.
    Ano pala ang ginawa ng ama mo ,,,Martial law??? aware ka na noon di ba…ginogroom ka nang “rightful na next in line”….
    sinong makapagpa-impeach sa kanya noon???
    sinong maka pagtanong kung saan nya dinal ang  pera ng Pilipinas noong panahon nya?
    eh di napulot ka sa kangkongan pag ginawa mo yun…
    si korona , barya barya lang yan…nasa inyo ang mamiso…
    at tandaan mo, di pa tapos ang taumbayan sa angkan nyo….

    • Roland

       mentality kasi ni bongbong, kahit mali ang ginawa ni CJ, marami naman ginawa na tama. Like his father, who although he committed lots of atrocities against filipinos, the result was a more “peaceful”, uneventful existence (because of censorship), etc. kaya ang feeling niya “end justifies the means”…. granted during Marcos’ regime, the Philippines seemed to be rich, and enjoyable as far as I remember (since I was still a kid/teenager then), it was because of the censorship, jailings, executions that Marcos did that made ordinary middle class citizens like me appreciate the old days than the  post Marcos era.

      in other words, ang mentality nila is that for a “small” infraction dapat palusutin ang CJ, dahil barya barya lang naman ang $2.4 million, Same mentality rin ang Filipino people, voting for a son of the dictator, forgetting what his father has done, and the fact that their family is living like kings in the Philippines from blood money… makes me shake my head and say “only in the Philippines!”

  • pinoyusa2012

    The 3 senators have a point, nevertheless, let the process set the standards.

    Prosecute all corrupt officails. Not just enemies but all. Not just the poor or weak but the strong and powerful.

    Maguindanao case should have been concluded by now.

    Let us see if the case would be fruitful in reducing or better yet eliminating corruption.

  • esther


    • droids

      Understand this. Sabihin na natin na corrupt si Marcos. Ninoy as an administrator of HLI betrayed the masses by not distributing the land. Ninoy committed treason by squealing the Operation Merdeka, he committed TREASON against the Filipino people, etc.

      • kulkat8

        At saka lalong lumala ang corruption noong pumalit si Cory.  Hindi rin nabawasan ang human rights abuses  noong Cory Presidency,si Rolando Olalia at si Lean Alejandro ay pinatay noong  Presidente si Cory.

  • Zil

    Bongbong “THE SON OF DICTATOR” Marcos….where were you when you’re father were killing hundreds of Filipino people during his dictatorship?  Where were you?  Now you are talking of NAKED POWER.  HYPOCRITE!!!!

    • mateoPrime

      That doesnt make it false though. 

    • Phenoy

      Correction….thousands were killed.

  • Hey_Dudes

    It’s seems to rhyme well…….Joker Arroyo – ‘senility’,  Miriam Santiago – ‘lunacy’ and Marcos – ‘audacity’!  If these Trio Los Conyos still retain some decency in their miserable selves, now is the time to ZIP up.

  • Winn728

    WOW. . .

    Joker must have forgotten that Bongbong’s father put him to jail kasama si Ninoy. . . .

    Kaya hindi bumoto si Joker ng acquittal, kasi kamag-anak niya si Pandak. . .Kaya nag acquit si Bobo, kasi, ayaw mailibing si Marcos sa Libingan ng mga Bayani. .

    Lahat ng bumoto dito kay Bobo, nakuha nyo ang napala nyo. . . .

    Anong pinagsasabi nyo, eh SELF INTEREST din ang habol ninyo. . . LOL kayong dalawa. .

  • em

    Remember……INC is watching.

  • bugaboomang

    at least merong mga “yagbols” si Arroyo, Marcos at si Santiago, to stand for what they believe-in, no matter what, and they simply do not let themselves be swayed by “political winds” and/or daunted by fear of unknown consequences for their decisions on the matter, personal or otherwise.


      they believe and adore evil that is why.

      • bugaboomang

        ok. sinabi mo,e.

    • bakitkailangan

       they simply do not let themselves be swayed by “political winds”…Bugaboomang, please just listen to your own words. These are “politicians” , seasoned politicians and they did not enter politics just now.

      • bugaboomang

        ganon pala ang paniwala mo, e di alam mong maaring “burat” lahat at peke at pansarili lang ang dahilan ng pagboto ng mga nag-convict kay corona? kung ganon ang tingin mo sa tatlong ito because they are seasoned politicians, ano ang ipinag-iba ng the rest??
        ang sinasabi ko, these three are people with principle. maaring mandarambong at tulisan din silang gaya ng iba, pero meron silang sariling paninindigan sa mga bagay na pinaniniwalaan nila, ke mali o tama.
        hindi gaya ng ibang lumalabas na sigurista o mga sipsip in order to assure the security of their own hides.

    • Poor Ofw

       I will agree with you if they have presented enough proof/evidence to absolve the CJ. Miriam, Joker, and Bongbong merely cited technicalities as their reason. Ano ba ang kaibahan ng kaso ni CJ doon sa isang clerk of court who was convicted by the supreme court mismo for failure to declare an asset (a market stall) in her SALN? THE CLERK OF COURT WAS CONVICTED. NOW YOU WANT TO ACQUIT CORONA?

      • bugaboomang

        try to understand the context of my comment: i’m talking about their principles as human beings and not about how should they have voted. 
        as an individual, i have no influence on the outcome of this impeachement whatsoever, so i cannot “WANT TO ACQUIT CORONA,” and i don’t particularly care whether corona was acquitted or not, naiintindihan mo?

  • joshua kings

    No, joker and bongbong, the administration did not use naked power.  in fact, it was your dad, bongbong, if i may remind who did that for 20 years as his dictatorship looted and plundered.  and as for you joker, it was your relative, gloria and mike, who did that, as you collaborated with them for almost 10 years.

    did Pnoy used naked power when he allowed the impeachment trial go?, just the way it went?, led ably and in a statesmanlike manner by its presiding judge, senator enrile? 

    was that naked power when the accused corona was granted all the time in the world to give his opening statement? 

    was that naked power when Pnoy accepted meekly the 2 TROs of the corona-SC, which cold have allowed gloria to run abroad and escape prosecution?

    of course, you both know the answers to my question.  No!
    what happened to you, joker; why are you now a big joke?!

    at least bongbong is just being true to form: like father, like son.

    please be true to yourselves, you two.

    don’t look at and wait for miriam; let her be; she is lost in her own world, of fools…where she rightfully belongs.

    • mateoPrime

      did Pnoy used naked power when he allowed the impeachment trial go?, just the way it went?, led ably and in a statesmanlike manner by its presiding judge, senator enrile? –he repeatedly denounced CJ in public DURING trial. the CJ was NOT YET found guilty, Accusations have NOT been proven, yet he was condemning the Cj in public.

      was that naked power when the accused corona was granted all the time in the world to give his opening statement?  
      –There is no rule against this. The trial went for 40 days and you complain about a few hours.? 

      was that naked power when Pnoy accepted meekly the 2 TROs of the corona-SC, which cold have allowed gloria to run abroad and escape prosecution? 
      –no. He did not “meekly” accept the TROs. He was complaining about them all the time. There just wasn’t anything he could do. The President is the head of the Executive branch of government, he cannot control the Judicial Branch. But, trust me, he wants to…

      what happened to you, joker; why are you now a big joke?! 
      –Sen. Arroyo stood up for what he thought was right even when under immense political pressure.. How is that a joke?

      don’t look at and wait for miriam; let her be; she is lost in her own world, of fools…where she rightfully belongs. 
      –No. She belongs in the ICC, a tribunal where only the best are invited. A first for the Philippines.

      How about evidence coming from anonymous and illegal sources? Yes

      How about misleading the public with information coming from the branches of government directly under Pnoy? Yes

      How about fishing for evidence during a trial? Yes

      How about going to the press with incriminating yet unauthenticated documents? Yes

      Opinions may differ. Di porket hindi sang ayon sa gusto mo, tanga na. The repercussions of this conviction extend way beyond CJ and his relatively few millions. Corrupt man si CJ o hindi, si PNoy ang nagpatalsik, at si Pnoy ang pipili ng kapalit. Naked Power? YES!!

      • Filcanpam

        The Judicial System on Corona’s watch is on downhill, First, Corona was appointed by GMA to cover her behind that deviant little girl.
        Yes Pnoy uses all of government resources to convict Corona, that resources did not go to waste the president is fighting a well establish & funded Axis of Evil lead by GMA family & cohorts. Imagine 10 years of political machinations & alliances made by this hated family. With regards to your observations on the court proceedings bruhahahahaha, I agree with you there are technicalities & orders that where violated –  But Desperate times requires desperate measures. Corona is obviously abusing his power to overturn whatever lower court decisions against GMA & his/her buddies.

      • droids

        Yes 10 years of political machination, the yellowtards, cory, cardinal sin, the church, the oligarchs are to be blamed for it….full of hypocrisy..they led the people to slaughter.

      • PinoyNaMulat

        Agree, this conviction will go beyond CJ and will surely come to haunt back these senators and congressmen in the future… we shall see what will be the next move of PNoy’s government, he better hurry on creating more “pogi” points as the next senatorial election is coming, else he will be overtaken by the “Binay” faction…again, we shall wait and see if this move is the right one as the effect will be known in the future…it’s like the “proof of the pudding is in the eating”, so we’ll see and just hope for the best

      • Pedro

        But the bottom line here is whether Corona misdeclare his assets or not ?  He himself said that he had 2.4 million dollars and 80 million pesos and his SALN reflected 3.5million pesos.   So under the rules of the SALN, he committed perjury as SALN’s are executed under oath.  

        I just hope that Corona is not the last government official to go down because of erroneous SALN’s.   

      • pinklace88

        don’t blame Pnoy, blame Corona himself for his fate, he just proved Pnoy right with his inconsistencies and blind testimony without any substantial evidence to stand his claims.
        Pnoy just gave the lead, Corona confirmed it.

  • PublicPolicy101

    For your principled votes, congratulations!!!

  • juanito_magallon

    I call on the Govt. this three needs to be investigated.  what made them to vote in favor of Corona? inspite of the overwhelming evidence against him?

    • efffyoufools

      kudos to the three who voted to acquit the c j and CURSE to aquino and to the people who convicted an innocent man.

      • juan_tanga

        innocent your face!

    • AntiAko

      asus, OA ka ha. kahit saan hindi talaga unanimous ang mga decisions ng mga tao kasi they vote according to how they see it… 

      what made them vote in favor of corona? they explained their votes…you should have listened

      overwhelming evidence against him? well, that is how you see it… obviously, they see otherwise.

      these three need to be investigated?  i think you will get more grafters by going after the congressmen…

      • Tristanism

        They actually did not cite the evidence presented as basis for their votes. Rather, they talked about the way the impeachment was submitted and done.

        To think that the evidence does not point to guilt just because these 3 voted not guilty would be wrong. Walang ebidensyang makakapagbago sa desisyon nila dahil sa iba sila nakatingin.

  • willbillywilly

     What a tandem. Son of a dictator now in the company of one who fought against Marcos. Battle cry of Joker “kung bad ka lagot ka” now is “kung bad ka sagot kita”

    I certainly hope our one & only true God heard what Brenda quoted.

    • efffyoufools

      what happens after the conviction is what we shall all wait to see.

      • PinoyNaMulat

        I Agree, now that PNoy does not have anymore scapegoat to use, we shall wait and see… hoping that he will now set his focus on the more pressing issues like the economy, the foreign affairs issues with China, homeland securities, etc., instead of just “Noynoying”…we could only hope..


    impeaching corona is the moral thing to do for corrupt public servants. the long suffering filipinos hope that public servant like you 3 evil would suffer for the evil that you patronized and sided with.  this impeachment trial exposed your deeds and corrupt ideals.

  • tweakthor

    Sen. Arroyo has fought very hard all these years for liberty and democracy and was jailed by MARCOS during martial law …. yet he never waivered and continues up to these days. Let us just say that perhaps, he is beginning to have senile moments which affects his perception of reality. Despite, he is an honest and forthright man who fights for what he believes in.

    Si Sen. Santiago naman has always admitted to her depression and neurotic tendencies. Kaya sabihin na lang natin na “brenda” na naman sya which kasama na roon ang kanyang “palengkera” moments.  Sa totoo lang, napakabastos nyang senadora….. she expects respect yet the way she treats other persons with her verbal abuse is nakakasuka!!!!! She does not deserve respect. 

    Si Bongbong Marcos naman carries the genes of his father and mother. …. and he truly believes his father did not kurakot the country and did not commit any human rights abuse and violations. He also truly believes his father was the greatest Filipino president. Kaya kung ganyan ang mga paniwala nya …. then hindi kataka-taka ang stand nya.  


  • joerizal

    Brenda’s reasoning has crossed the line of insanity (nothing new really). Downplaying the charges against Corona doesn’t make him immune from the law. Al Capone was convicted on tax fraud charges – very trivial compared to the murders and rum runs he committed.  In the end, it resulted in shutting down his operations and spending time in jail (released only after STD had rendered him a non-threat to society).

  • UsoUso82

    Few kabayans could understand the constitution of this nation. laws were done as old as the lawmaker. This was political move to consolidate the reign of power. Saln does not speak about all declarations bec it was also an old law. saan ka pupulutin dahil marami senators na kakulay ni Pnoy, dahil gusto maka-bawi sa gastos. kaya ganito sa maliit at pobre na bayan, moro-moro ang governance.

  • Tristanism

    According to Miriam, there was no conflict between the FCDA and the constitutional provision of full disclosure of assets, liabilities and net worth for all public officials.

    EXACTLY. The defense was actually claiming othewise. That is why the dollar account should have been declared in the former CJ’s SALN.

    Again with John 8:7? Kung ganyan nga ang reasoning, e di wala na tayong mga huwes at wala nang saysay ang Judiciary. At dapat di din nagagalit si Miriam sa mga pasaway sa Impeachment court due to unruly behavior. At di na din siya dapat naging huwes nuong araw UNLESS wala siyang naging kasalanan sa buong buhay niya.

     John 8:7 ka jan!

  • Melvin Roxas

    defeating an opponent not a real victory,
    winning him over to your side is.

    this proceedings only divided the nation.
    there is no winner in this impeachment.

    we all lose.

    • Poor Ofw

      i beg to disagree mr. melvin roxas. i did not lose anything. instead, i gained a lot: i am more aware now of my rights. new laws or improving the existing laws will surely follow after this impeachment trial.

      • otepau68

         Myself as well. I did not lose any but rather regained my confidence for a fairer SC (less one nuisance). I put integrity as main element for those who sit on the highest court of the land. Oh yes I did lost something – the little respect I had for Marcos & the Joker Arroyo. For Miriam, I won’t miss her if her wish is granted!

      • spider69

        si M. Roxas ay malamang na ang job ay sa SC. Tapos na ang maliligayang araw niya. Wala na siyang delihensiya. Kung siya man ay civil service certificate holder, lay low muna sila dahil magpapalit ng boss sa SC. kaya hindi siya dapat patulan. If I am wrong, bakit ume-e pal pa siya. malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw ang katotohanan.

    • sola mente

      ikaw lang!  wag kang mang damay.

      and you’re right.  it divided the nation.   30% mga inutil,  70%  alam ang totoo.   

  • juan_tanga

    . . . and he was totally blind to GMA’s “naked power” when she was still in power? what a moron!

    • Abbygail

      I think both Miriam and Joker got millions of pesos courtesy of GMA during her presidency thats why their minds were corrupted.

  • nennen12345

    miriam santiago, joker arroyo and bongbong marcos, sa inyo na ang acquittal vote nyo kay corona at sa taong bayan naman ang 20 votes for conviction.  the trust and confidence of the people will be restored back to the judiciary.  

  • K Fun

    Bongbong—-when your dad was in power, didn’t he use his naked power to not only convict people who sounded against him but shortcut the process by salvaging them?

    • magcalasL

      Bongbong you should go back to school and get some knowledge that is obvious you’re lacking. You are scared that you maybe the next…where did your family get all the money you have in the banks, local and foreign, and also the hidden ones??? Kapal ng mukha mo talaga, gaya ka ng parents mo. To Miriam Santiago…I just wish you get what you wish for….para mabawasan ang luka luka sa senate.

  • peanutgallery123

    Madamme Santiago perhaps you should look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are the problem and not the solution. 20 respectable representatives of the nation made a decision today to solve corruption and move the country ahead while you voted to maintain the status quo. Mr Lapid showed more education and eloquence today than you could have.

  • roulers

    Thank you Madame Miriam for voting according to the rules of law and not to the rule of mob and political assasination. I hope i would be able to see you when you hold your office in Den Haag.
    Merci beau coup.\

    • Poor Ofw

      Roulers, do your really believe we should acquit the CJ? Ano ba ang kaibahan ng kaso ni CJ doon sa clerk of court who was convicted by the supreme court for the same (and even minor in magnitude) failure to declare assets in his SALN? The clerk of court was convicted. Now, you want to absolve the CJ, a lawyer himself?

  • hyprocritesamongus

    Of course, Marcos is sympathetic to Corona if not he will also suffer the same fate. Let’s not forget that recently they are regaining their properties that were sequestered before. He dont want to talk about honesty and betrayal of public trust because it might boomerang. He verdict shows only he is not pro-people and country so as their two other senator.

    Mga kababayan let it be known to these three senators that if they are not for the good of the people then we do not need them in the senate. DAMP THEM IN THE NEXT ELECTION!

  • pj2003

    God will not grant the dare of Mirriam aka “Brenda” .. He wants Brenda.. err Mirriam to do it by herself for the nth time hope this time she is not joking.
    Joker is the the biggest joke of the century and no nobody take him seriously now a days. As for Marcos until now he still could not accept that their Kingdom was lost 22 years ago.

  • bakitkailangan

    Renato Corona, He has “Hypo”, but not Hypoglycemia, instead it is
    “hypochondriasis”. Which might lead to “psychosis” if he doesn’t stop
    acting. Because right now he is already experiencing symptoms of
    “Primary Delusions” – arising suddenly and not being comprehensible in
    terms of normal mental processes, second is “Catatonia” – experience of
    reality is generally considered to be impaired.

    Miriam Defensor, she has Hyperglycemia and Hyperthyroidism – too much thyroid hormone, every function of the body tends
    to speed up. Some of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism are
    nervousness, irritability, increased perspiration, heart racing, hand
    tremors, and anxiety.

    Joker Arroyo, he is experiencing these episodes now. 

    BONG – BONG MARCOS, he got the same genes as his dad, FERDINAND MARCOS. To complicate his mental illness, he carry the same genes as his mother, IMELDA MARCOS.

    Beware of MARCOSICISM – “Hotchkiss’ seven deadly sins of narcissism” (MARCOSICISM):Shamelessness: Shame is the feeling that lurks beneath all unhealthy narcissism, and the inability to process shame in healthy ways.Magical thinking: Narcissists see themselves as perfect, using distortion and illusion known as magical thinking.Envy:
    A narcissist may secure a sense of superiority in the face of another
    person’s ability by using contempt to minimize the other person.Entitlement:
    Narcissists hold unreasonable expectations of particularly favorable
    treatment and automatic compliance because they consider themselves
    special. Failure to comply is considered an attack on their superiority,
    and the perpetrator is considered an “awkward” or “difficult” person.
    Defiance of their will is a narcissistic injury that can trigger narcissistic rage.Exploitation:
    Can take many forms but always involves the exploitation of others
    without regard for their feelings or interests. Often the other is in a
    subservient position where resistance would be difficult or even
    impossible. Bad boundaries:Narcissists do not recognize that they have boundaries and that others are separate and are not extensions of themselves. Others either exist
    to meet their needs or may as well not exist at all. Those who provide narcissistic supply
    to the narcissist are treated as if they are part of the narcissist and
    are expected to live up to those expectations. In the mind of a
    narcissist there is no boundary between self and other.

    WORST of all MENTAL ILNESSES is “MIRIAMIS DEFENSORITIS”, unclassified and not even listed under DSM IV hand book. All of them are on the path leading towards this mental disease.

    To our remaining civil servants who are not affected yet by this disease, please take the necessary precautions and listen to our people. TIGILAN na po natin ang pagbubulag-bulagan, kawawa naman ang ating mga anak at apo, idilat po natin ang ating mga mata at pakinggan ang daing ng taong bayan.

    • aranjuez2001

       Well done, I agree with you entirely!

    • isidro c. valencia

      I think Miriam is afflicted by a mental derangement which is “narcissism” which means love of herself or believe na believe sa sarili.  His husband name is Narciso?

  • jjtan470

    The 3 M.A.D. Senators: Marcos, Arroyo, Defensor

    • hyprocritesamongus

      Huwag iboto ulit ang MAD (Marcos, Arroyo, Defensor) para matauhan sila na ang taong bayan ang boss nila di ang kanilang mga sarili interest.

      • Max T

        Problem is Miriam hinted she is no longer running for office because of ICC. Joker has no loss from voting for acquittal because he is not running next year – clear sign of being opportunistic (contrary to what people claim that he is a “maverick”.

  • Rizal Bonifacio

    Hindi ko maiwasang magisip kung sino ang mas karapat dapat na maging senador si Lito Lapid ba o si Miriam Santiago? Sa nakita ko, parang mas mataas ang pinag aralan ni Lito Lapid kaysa kay Miriam:-)) Ang asal ni Miriam ay daig pa ang mga istambay sa kanto pag nagkaka lasingan na:-)) Puro kayabangan lang ang narinig ko sa sira ulong si Miriam samantalang si Lito ay tumagos sa mga puso at damdamin ng nakararaming Pilipino ang kanyang sinabi. Sabi nila walang karapatan maging senador si Lito Lapid, pero sa nakita ko… si Miriam ang walang karapatan..

    • Pork_Republik

       Common sense ang pinairal ni Sen. Lapid sa pag-intindi sa ‘Pizza Pie’ whereas Sen. Miriam Santiago uses her straight-jacket legal mind that reduces her reasoning into stone-cold technicalities.

    • simondj

      iba po ang wisdom na nakukuha mo sa kapwa mo tao katsa sa mga technicality na nakukuha sa school.

  • sola mente

    Isang LAOS at isang anak ng dating LAOS na magnanakaw.  

  • bong

    The time the former CJ walked from the witness stand without proper discharged properly made  JPE disappointed and angrily demanded the witness to returned back, didn’t Sen Meriam say any reaction against CJ unethical behavior? Never!… Sure, if that happened to a member of the prosecution or in its witnesses showing no respect to the IC, Sen Santiago will burst like a bomb! See what happened to Atty Aguire?…sa umpisa lang ng Impeachment trial ay galit na galit siya sa Prosecution team at hindi naitago ang pagka bias na bias at 100% sarado ang isip na acquittal na si former CJ Justice..

  • wowie

    Marcos! give back the money your family stole from the Philippine people

    • aranjuez2001

      Marcoses will always be known as looters. What you are now, from your foreign education, everything you have were looted by your parents from the Filipino people. The nerve of you to criticize the Aquino Administration. You have no credibility whatsoever. 

  • Dynamic

    Give her all the options to investigate her self,I think there’s really something wrong with her anyway…

  • imnotstupid

    Miriam is as deranged as she can be in her reasoning..Better watch out God is not asleep baka you may get what you are asking for..Her personal agenda clouded her reasoning…Bakit hindi na lang niya sabihin I have to acquit Corona para hindi magalit si GMA,,Malaking utang na loob ko sa kanya..Kung hind kay GMA hindi ako magiging international judge.

  • takeno12

    Santiago from the beginning had known how she was going to vote and had given the public a glimpse of what her vote would be. She disparaged and humiliated the prosecution team and only used the trial to satisfy her megalomania and exhibitionism and as a venue for her stand-up dramedy act.
    And yet she is now being hailed in some quarters as a “principled” voter. Did I miss something?

  • Concerned_FILAM

    Miriam goes ballistic again. Thinking she’s the only one that is right…There are 20 others who voted for conviction and they also represent the Filipino people…..I would not give my vote to Miriam if she ever runs again for any office……I hope she gets what she asked for from GOD…now…Don’t you ever dare GOD…..

    • spider69

      I do not go for your wish. Kasi kapag natigok nga Brenda gaya nang wish mo, mawawalan ng clown ang senado. Wala ng comedy skit kapag nagkanon na matigok nga si Brenda. Nakalimutan mo na ba si Atty. Takip Tenga. Hindi ba during that time halos lahat ng nasa Senado ay naka smile. Kahit si Lolo Cuevas ay full smile pa nga.

  • Saloi-CDR


  • Tama Lang

    Sen. Santiago and Sen. Arroyo displayed blind loyalty for Corona and GMA. There is no logic in this except that in world history we find their characters peppered throughout the generations. As for Bongbong Marcos, this guy is still in a fantasy world oblivious to the facts that his relevance for the future of our country is fast fading merely characterized as a mama’s boy.

    • Jose

      Drilon showed his loyalty also to Pnoy and Malacanang! Parehas lang!

  • athenapallas

    Now it’s really proven: Nobody should take Miriam seriously.

    As per Marcos Jr, the whole world knows what a disgrace family name he is carrying. He is beyond redemption. Marcos = Corrupt and it doesn’t look like it will change soon.

    Lolo Joker, he has mood swings due to old age and on the verge of senility plus irritable bowels so wag na lang pansinin. nalalapit na naman ang kanyang expiration kaya let him be.

    Ang mga katulad ni Miriam at ang kangyang pag-iisip ang dahilan kaya hindi tayo gumaling sa cancer ng corruption. Baka naman bingi sya at di nya naririnig ang sarili nya?
    Sana hindi na lang sya sa International Court sa Hague ipadala. Sana sa Brazil na lang at ilagay na lang sya sa malaking batya at hayaang tangayin ng agos sa ilog ng Amazon at papakin ng mga piranha pag tumaob sya.

  • Donald

    Dapat imbistigahan sarili mo madam senator ,..are you guilty???????????..yES GOD would strike later,so be prepared….You are one them KURAPPPPPPPPPPPP..PALUSOT KA PA…WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Jean

    it’s really a crazy world. who would have thought that joker and marcos would be together? joker used to be a staunch anti-marcos. miriam is another funny character, who seems to be in the wrong place.

    • Jean

      if miriam will keep on asking Heaven to strike her, she might just get what she wanted.

      • KarmaGMA

        just understand jean, she’s long due to be admitted at the phil mental hospital, kaso senador pa sya, after her term she will report there.

      • Peter L

        Si Pnoy lahi ng mga abnoy! May proof na. Kausapin nyo pamangkin na madalas kalaban nya sa video games… Gising karma. Bulag ka talaga!

      • Max T

        So what? just because he’s playing video games with his nephew abnormal kaagad? That’s the stupidest and preposterous reasoning in justifying someone’s mental capability. So it means any uncle/parent who plays video games with their nephew/niece/child, abnormal kaagad. Ikaw ang nasa lahi ng abnormal.

      • Jose

        Hope Noynoying will be hit too!

      • JuanTamadachi

        No way will noynoying be a hit. Why? because there’s no money in it. Now as for me, I’m into DOROVO-ING,  as in Gloria Macapal Dorovo. This is where the money is…

  • Jose

    Thank you Senators Arroyo, Marcos and Santiago for not bowing to vengeful president kuno who hates anybody who has given the Hacienda Luisita to the farmers. A President Kuno who has been noynoying since day 1.A president who is morally corrupt, who toy with 18 girls, loves gun and fancy cars, A bad example to kids because of his smoking habits.  A president Kuno who does not know to handle the Luneta Massacre, who retreated when the MNLF massacred the soldiers, who up to now has not solved the Ampatuan Massacre. Hurray for the three of you! 

    • freemystic

      You’re like one of those lemmings who would follow the flock to drown in the sea.  I hope you know what you’re talking about.

  • olits

    Thanks goodness, that there were only three of you.
    Thanks goodness, that there were 20 others audacious enough to correct the wrongs that were done.
    If not now, then when, madam?
    If not this administration, this president, then who, madam?
    This certainly is a moment for all Filipinos to rejoice.
    Press on, Mr. President…

  • freemystic

    Now Santiago and Arroyo can die.  

  • KarmaGMA

    yes,. power but for the good. we don’t want a chief justice that is a liar, corrupt and an ally of the previous administration. gma would have been off the hook had corona stayed as the chief justice.

  • Jose

    Long live Senators Arroyo, Marcos and Santiago!

    • Abbygail

      Miriam doesn’t know how to interpret the law….i know her mind was corrupted by GMA same with Joker.

      • Peter L

        Silang tatlo abogado, sa 20 puro artista at porma lacson ay murderer, si jinggoy butangero, si honasan rebelde, si lapid cowboy. si villar real estate broker….ewww!

    • otepau68

      And may I add, “longer lives for the other 20.” The D A M trio sealed their fate out of the majority as if blindfolded.

    • bugaboomang

      jose, gusto ko rin sana “long live” sila kasi gusto ko attitude nila. kaya lang matanda na si joker. si miriam naman gusto ng mamatay–tamaan daw sana s’ya ng kidlat. si marcos naman…di ba matagal ng naging kandila ito?? ahh si junior pala ang isa sa tatlo, ano? ok, long live, at least, si marcos man lang while the other two are as good as dead!!!

  • Jose

    President Noynoying promised to open his accounts but until now he has not opened it. he is a liar too!

  • Jose

    freemystic, you are one of the swines that carried the evil spirit which Jesus sent to the cliff to die. You are blinded by your bias.

  • Opel

    reason for acquitting CJ:

    ARROYO – Debt and loyalty to GMA

    MARCOS – Apo lakay was refused burial in the Libingan ng Mga Bayani. 

    SANTIAGO – P.I. nya (D po mura) “Pure Insanity” 

    • Jose

      Arroyo was the exec secretary of Cory, just in case you dont know!

      • Tristanism

        And then he was fired.

        (Edit) He resigned — according to some sources.

      • Opel

        then he obtained financial backing from GMA in his election to the senate and been very loyal since then. 

      • Peter L

        Si Tupas ang tatay nya most corrupt sa Iloilo, suspendido ng Ombudsman, may kaso sa Supreme court. Ngayon binigyan ni Noynoying ng position sa gobierno. Aber Opel buksan mo mata mo. Bulag kayo sa katotohanan.

      • Max T

        Ombudsman that was then under Merci Gutierrez! Which at that time was displaying politicial persecution of GMA enemies.

      • dandankid

        Di po ba nakulong din siya noong panahon ni Marcos? Nawala lahat ng paghanga ko sa kanya.tsktsktsk,

  • wanglee


  • KarmaGMA

    highly understandable mga boto nitong 3 senador. they are all a disgrace to the filipino people.

    • Peter L

      Pnoy has been a disgrace to the Filipino people since two years ago kasi up to now wala pang nagagawa. Puro ngakngak lang.

      • Royal_Flush

        Wala nga, walang kawala ang mga idols mo na si pandak at corokot. 2 yrs pa lang yan. Si pandak nga e sa 9 yrs walang nahuling mandarambong (si gen. garcia ay papawalan sana ni former ombudsman mercy taga) dahil bawal ang self-incrimination sa korte.;-)

  • albuster

    The son of the dictator is really the fruit of the poison tree. It is the fault of the Filipinos though that we failed to punish the dictator and his minions. It is the fault of those who voted for this bad fruit that the Marcoses continue to cause havoc in this God forsaken country.

  • bisayagid


    • Peter L

      Sana si Drilon din! Yehey!

  • pangitbudhiko

    I don’t think so, this three senators where using better judgement, while the rest of the senators who voted for guilty verdict
    was on  a rampange mode. ,just  like their benefactor  abnoy , hope when election . comes the pilipino people will forget about this senatong.I thought all along that the 20 senatong has got their bearinbg straight

    • dandankid

      Bagay na bagay ang pangalan mo sa yo ! ! !

    • Brad Pete

       hoy panget tagalugin mo na lang kesa mali-mali grammar mo. sino sa palagay mo ang sira ulong makikinig sa iyo kung puro hate ang laman ng puso at isip mo? hate speech is only for losers like you.

      • pangitbudhiko

        as I said who cares about my english, with the kind of work that, I used to have I don’t have to have a good command of the english language.  Writing better english will not make me earn more money maybe for you. How much you earn a month PhP 30,000.00.


    • Bahaykubo-girl Kulasa

       kung maka english ka naman, ang pangit!

      • pangitbudhiko

        who cares about my english I don’t used english writing skills to place food on the kitchen table.

        I don’t earn a living writing good english. I am a retired plumber here in Canada, the job of a plumber is working on water pipes, we don’t write poems and movie script to earn a living. Why will I worry about the way I write my comment. How much do you are a month in the Philippines PhP 30,000.00 roughly $700.00 a month. I can’t  live with that kind of money.

        kulasa work hard para hindi ka  nagmumuktols sa kapwa mo, be happy and make more money instead of  critizing peoples comment. Be productivethis will make your life bearable.

  • benmayo

    Julius Caesar, 44 B.C. 60 Roman senators, found Caesar guilty, his name enshrined in the mind of the people for centuries.
    Andres Bonifacio, 1897 , found guilty, one the greatest Pilipino hero. 
    Antonio Luna, 1899, found guilty, also became great Pilipino hero.
    Dr. Jose Rizal, 1896, Guilty, became the National Hero.

    • Royal_Flush

       Sa iba mo i-linya si tj. Dun sa mga sikat din, tulad ni:

      Hitler, Kim jong-il, Al Capone, John Gotti,and Joaquin Guzman among others.

  • Peter L

    Good work to the three valiant senators. Imagine going against a very promising Dictator! Hurray!

    • Royal_Flush

       3 varlet senators kamo ng nakaraang 2 dictators. Booo!;-)

  • dandankid

    Bagay po sa yo yang pangalan mo.

  • carlo

    Noynoy and his family got hundreds of millions of pesos for the smart and syn cellular deal!! Someone please investigate this.

    Noynoy is as corrupt as anyone else. He pockets his corruption money through his relatives

    • dandankid

      Saang barbero mo naman narinig yan ?

    • Gregor

      Paimbestigahan mo rin! So masaya tayong lahat!

  • farmerpo


    ‘Voting to acquit Chief Justice Renato Corona, Senators
    Joker Arroyo and Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Tuesday accused the Aquino
    administration of using its “naked power” and mobilizing all its resources to
    secure a conviction.’


    This is the myopic view of the two senators. It can also be
    interpreted as the ‘concerted cooperation’ between government offices or a ‘well
    coordinated effort’ of government offices.


    Given the background of the two senators, it is not unusual.
    Their decision was expected as such, Arroyo is for Arroyo, Marcos cannot be for


    As to the mother of all devil advocates, no one will ever
    comprehend or fathom her logic cause she is always be right and no one else is,
    as far as she is concerned.  The senate will
    be boring without her. Pero sayang naman ang ibinabayad natin sa kanya. Dapat e
    blogger na lang siyang tulad natin. Alang damage sa Pinas maski anong sabihin.


         “I was
    already hoping with all my heart that God would strike me dead! It’s better to
    die as a lawyer than listen to your arguments,” Santiago said.


    Nothing can be more eloquent. Same as when she said  ‘I will jump from this airplane if Erap is
    forced out of office’. She did not jump from the airplane but she said ‘I lied’,
    when put task on here promise to do so.

    • Freddie73

      By her own admission she is a liar!

    • RiverHorse

      and what about her promise to her son who committed suicide that she will no longer go into politics?

      • Luthmar

        Again,  she lied.

    • Luthmar

       Miriam, Joker and the Marcos kid could call it “naked power” or whatever. But, of course,  if one one wants to get rid of something one will use all of its power machineries and what have you to obtain the objective.  Were they expecting Malacanang to  serenade Corona?

  • Freddie73

    How could the three senators who voted to acquit the CJ be blind to the incontovertible fact that he deliberately lied in declaring his true assets for several years in the SALN?  The CJ cannot hide behind the technicalities of the law!

    • Peter L

      Pres Noynoying promised to open his account during the election. Where is it now??? Open your eyes!

    • Johnlove

      We can’t call this country a democracy if the three senators didn’t vote to acquit. 
      This is our only to prove to the world that our country is a democracy. 
      It aIso a way to keep the public alert and entertained, and keep our mediamen happy.  Imho, the senators have already discuss this among themselves.

  • Patrick JENNY

    As a foreigner I don’t feel the right to comment on Justice Corona verdict. Now something he said and others too, hit me as very true…

    All your politicians, from the lowest level to the highest, should render their assets public, and in case of any doubt, been investigated. Then, corruption would be evicted in the country. Then political carreers would be done not for the money it can give, but for the welfare of the nation, as it should be.

    Now, as this would have to be voted by the incriminated persons, it shall never pass, as unfortunately too much of the politicians have something to hide, more or less. Too bad for Philippines. The rich becomes more filthy rich, and the poor go poorer…

    In my country (Switzerland) there is “referendum” which is a political tool, allowing the people to vote if they want to edict a new law, in a way bypassing the political body. I won’t go in the details, but this would maybe give to the philippino people in its whole some power to redress, when he feels cheated and excluded.

    • albuster

      Thanks for your concern but no thanks. For hundreds of years foreigners have tried to forge this country according to their beliefs and biases. The Filipino people were never given any chance to build the country for themselves. Even now, foreign influences from the US and China have a stranglehold in the colonial minds of the people, the Chinese control the economy through their monopoly of the wholesale and retail trade. The local Chinese even treat Filipinos in their own country with disdain even if they gained so much fortune by milking this country dry. Fortunately , the new generation of Filipinos are more assertive and are more aware of their rights and power over their leaders who presently, and in the past, have virtually ruled as warlords. It is time for Filipinos to do away with foreign influences and build a country and society based on their own culture and based on their own recognition of themselves as a people who have been gifted by abundant resources and abundant intellect. The only way for the Philippines to achieve economic and political greatness is to rely on themselves and think for themselves as they face and resolve their own problems. The Filipinos need to realize that no country is perfect and that all countries and people have their own problems and imperfections too thus they should not allow foreigners to prescribe what is right or wrong in the country. The impeachment of Corona, the detention of GMA and other corrupt officials is a great start but there is still a long way to go and the people should not let up on their leaders and think that all is well that ends well like what they did after the EDSA uprisings. They should continue to be vigilant and assertive until all the democratic instituttions are finally functioning as they should. The people should also rely on themselves to build their economy, build the manufacturing sector for the people’s own needs, build the agricultural sector so that the country would be self sufficient and make food affordable and available for everyone. But, once again, only the Filipino people can make themselves great, no one else. It is up to them to build their own country the way they see fit.

      • Cresente Salera

        The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart. Some pretends to do good to employ their evil whims and caprices. No one can get a clean thing out of the unclean. The end will not justify the means. The general law, what you sow, you shall reap. Correcting, changing, amending, modifying the laws of the  Philippines won’t do any good unless there will be a change of heart, mind and will of our leaders and citizenry.

      • Johnlove

        Very true, and remember: Political power is everything!

  • 1ncorruptus

    Isang tao lang na burak ang pagkatao, walang pagpapahalaga sa kanyang pangalan, reputasyon, dangal, matuwid, katotohanan, katarungan, walang pagmamahal sa bayan, at walang takot sa Panginoong Diyos ang mag-a-acquit kay Corona katulad ng ginawa ni Joker Arroyo, Miriam Defensor Santiago, at Bong Bong Marcos. Napaka-corrupt din nila kaya’t para sa kanila ay walang kasalanan si Corona dahil sila man ay corrupt at nagpapayaman din habang nakaupo sa gobyerno. Wala silang anumang malasakit sa bayan at sa mga Pilipino. Hindi dapat nahalal na Senador ang tatlong ito dahil hindi ang sambayanang Pilipino ang pinaglilingkuran nila kung hindi ang sarili nilang interest at ang benefactor nilang si Gloria Arroyo. Ginagawa nilang negosyo ang posisyon sa Pamahalaan para magkapera at yumaman na hindi kailan man mangyayari kung sila ay ordinaryo lamang na mamamayan.
    Hindi na pagtatakhan si Bong Bong kung bakit siya corrupt. Nasa dugo na niya ito. Anak siya ni Ferdinand Marcos at ni Imelda. Ang pagmamahal sa kapwa Pilipino kailanman ay wala sa kanyang isip, puso, at kaluluwa. Ang mga Pilipino para sa kanya ay sources of wealth, power,luxury,and comfort. Ganoon din ang palagay nila Gloria Arroyo, Joker Arroyo, Miriam Santiago, Renato Corona, at mga kaalyados at followers nila. Isang GOLD MINE ang Pilipinas at ang sambayanang Pilipino. Mga taksil sila sa bayan. Isa sa mga unang dapat imbestigahan sa unexplained at hidden wealth ay si Miriam Santiago na ang malapalasyong bahay ay tanging isang multi-milyonaryo o bilyonaryo lamang ang makakapagpagawa. Ganoon din si Jejomar Binay na naging ubod ng yaman ganoong sumusuweldo lang noon bilang Mayor ng Makati at walang ibang sources of income pero ubod din nang rangya ang bahay at mayroong maraming mga real estate properties ngayon.

  • Bugbugtong

    “Its better to die as a lawyer than to listen to your arguments”  DIE MIRRIAM DIE!!…die….

    • Peter L

      Long Live Miriam. You are the best!

      • Royal_Flush

         Matagal talagang mamatay ang mga masasamang damo. Kelangang paliguan si brenda ng herbicide.;-)

      • Bugbugtong

        Dagdagan mo na ng Thiodan…sabay buhos ng high octane batuhin mo ng cfu nakasindi..sabay Die Mirriam Die!

      • Peter L

        Si Pnoy mo lagyan mo ng hairgrower at takip sa bibig dahil sumasabog laway ang nag sasalita. hahaha

      • Max T

        Yan lang ang kayong mga GMA sympathizers gawin kundi akusahan kami ng yellowtards, zombies or akusahan na si Pinoy ay kalbo, abnormal, bading. puros kayo ad hominem, kahit pagdating sa korte at yan ang argument mo talo kaagad kayo.

    • Peter L

      long live miriam!

  • kabayandinako

    Ano namang kind of power ang ginamit ng ama mo Bong-bong noong presidente sya at ipakulong nya ang lahat ng kalaban sa politika, KILI-KILI POWER?

    • CarlosC

      Ha ha ha. Wag na iboto yan anak ng diktador. Hoy Bong Bong ibalik niyo nila Imelda ang mga ninakaw nyo sa taumbayan!

  • Royal_Flush

    Bitayin na rin yang si brenda, clown, at mccoy, jr! Talagang pinanindigan ng mga garapal na to ang kasinungalingan at katarantaduhan. Sige nga, paki-explain nga ulit kung pano at bakit  di “BETRAYAL OF PUBLIC TRUST” ang di pagdeklara ni corokot ng 98% ng kanyang financial assets sa SALN. Nag-file pa kamo, e halos lahat na tinago. Dahil sa takot ma-kidnap o ma-hold-up? At ba’t matatakot ma-kidnap ang isang Chip Justiis, e kung yan ang kinidnap mo e di wala ka nang ibra-bribe sa korte suprema pag nagkahulihan, ano ba yan?! These 3 stooges just proved themselves to be rabid varlets of the two dictators. What do you expect? Remember not to vote for these 3 ever again.

    • Peter L

      Sana kasama ka, Royal Negro labas mo!

      • Royal_Flush

         O ba! San ka ngayon at ilalabas ko na, Peter Lucifer!

      • Peter L

        ayos, lumabas na natural mo demonyo ka nga…akala ko mabait ka..noynoying karin pala….hahaha

      • Royal_Flush

         ako pa ngayon ang demonyo e ikaw nga ang may L sa pangalan, di ba Lucifer yun? sorry ha?

      • Brad Pete

         baka mali ka pare, baka L is for LOSER or Loyalist (ni Marcos at Arroyo)

      • Royal_Flush

         demonyo daw e. E di Lucifer. Pero tama din yung Loser. Tnx, Brad

  • Bugbugtong

    Calling all Makabayan Filipinos..Its time to kick ass..kick ARROYO,MARCOS and SANTIAGO out of the Senate! They dont deserve to be in the House of the Filipino People.

    • RiverHorse

      arroyos on his last legs, he is too old. santiago, will be going to the icc (heaven help them). marcos is the only one who needs to be watched.

  • bono31

    sayang si joker, akalain mo nga naman…human rights advocate..human rights lawyer nung panahon ni marcos. nung ginawang executive sec ni cory, ang tawag sa knya little president. biglang, naging bongbong naman, ang sarap pakinggang magenglish, ala namang laman ang mga sinasabe. mabuti pa si lito lapid.. hihihihihihi. si miriam naman, simulat simula nung magstart ang trial hanggang sa magtapos, sumigaw na lng ng sumigaw na akala mo sya na lang ang pinakamagaling at laging tama. sen miraim, dka na nababgay jan, dapat sayo sumama nalngng sa dyowa mong si jun santiago sa sabungan. dun, kahit maghapon kang sumigaw, walang aawat syo. teka lng, musta na ba si jun santiago, parang ala na akong balita sa knya pagdating sa mga manok ah. napagtatalo ata sya kaya siguro si sen miriam e kinailangang bumaligtad para mabawi ung mga natalo sa asawa nya. sa kaalaman ng marami, milyon kung pumusta sa manok nya yang si jun. ang tawag sa knya sa araneta,,,mr fatman!!! siguro si sen miraiam dun kumuha ng style sa mga manok ng aswa nya..putak ng putak.

    • isidro c. valencia

      The Ombudsman should start investigating Miriam and his husband. As a citizen, we have the right to know where her P200M pork barrel used. She has to explain them from the very start she became a Senator. Let us say 9 nine years x P200M = P1.8B.
      How did she allocate that amount?

  • Cresente Salera

    Pag tinawag mo Si Senator Merriam ng mga negatibong pangalan magisip ka muna hindi kunin ng International Court yan kung gaya mo magisip at umunawa sa batas. 

  • $21788126

    if there was one I watched for in the voting, it’s that of Marcos Junior. He voted according to my expectations proving one more time he is a “Marcos”!

    In a very complicated situation like that, he voted without INSTINCT, for he has none of it, so are senile Joker Arroyo and crazy woman Mirriam.I wonder what kind of creatures they are.

    I hope these 3 would use or factor in, if
    they have any after all, their INSTINCTS when trying of the next Arroyo appointee to be impeached: FRANCISCO DUQUE , Chief of Civil Service Commission (CSC
    Duque is corrupt and incompetent. I challengeto visit the website of CSC and tell me what is wrong with his vision for CSC. He’s day-dreaming.

    Masyadong PA-EPAL to President Aquino. Very TH, of course

    • RiverHorse

      duque does not need to be impeached, notpa just needs to kick his sorry @ss.

    • Melanie

      Amen!! He talked like the dictador….nakakatakot if history repeats itself….he is a junior talaga…i wonder why the Filipino voted for him?  ang short talaga ng memory ng mga tao…and now because they voted for him, there is another dictador in the making…what with all their ill-gotten wealth still stashed somewhere…

    • catmanjohn

      Most capital idea..

  • Pence Cham

    Let us not think of the Conviction of Corona as simply as not declaring the right amount in his SALN. Common Sense commands that with this huge amount which has not been declared is most probably ILL-GOTTEN. Bribes from the Arroyos, from Cases etc. It is really laughable that he is convicted due to misdeclaring assets in his SALN but the reason behind is not. 

    • GGL

       “probably???”  is this your opinion or a statement of fact…  if fact, it was never proven in the IC. It was never proven that the undeclared assets were ill-gotten.

      • Gemini621

        Ill gotten  or not, the fact remains that corona failed or deliberately neglected to include those assets in his SALN. That, my dear, is the cause of his downfall. BY your argument, you are suggesting that it is alright (or corona has a right) to lie in declaring one’s SALN.

  • Vic

    Wow, What the  _ _  _ K? So nothing happened during the presidency of FM?????? HAhAHAHAHAHA

  • 4kingdaddy


    • Melanie

      Amen…I really cannot understand these 3 mice…si Joker he used to champion of the masses…what happened Joker” is it because of money from GMA?  Never mind Miriam, brain-da naman talaga siya…imagine even her own son committed suicide…baki kaya? and Bongbong…he has lots of illgotten wealth from his parents to protect..They were supposed to be elected by the Filipino people yet they chose to be part of corruption…talagang 3 blind mice!!

  • JK1000

    Bongbong, Bakit hindi niyo ibalik ang mga ninakaw niyo sa Bayan ?

    • isidro c. valencia

      Baka yong iba binigay kay Joker at Miriam.

  • ellatovara

    Mga salbahe din ang tatlong ito ano?

    At least ginamit ni Pnoy, if he really did, ginamit niya sa pagbawas ng kurropt sa hudikatora … hindi sa pagpapayaman sa kanyang sarili at mg kaibigan …

    Ala basta sa akin, salamat sa Diyos naalis na ang isang magnanakaw at sinungaling sa Gobyerno.  Ang dasal ko sana madami pa ang sumunod.

  • RiverHorse

    hindi ako maniniwala sa result kung walang nagvote for acquittal.

  • LabkoPinas

    This government of Noy Aquino will go down in history as the government that used the immense power of the government to get rid of anyone who is an impediment to his plan, legal or not. President Marcos at least stayed in the gray area to get his enemies. This guy, Pnoy, does not care to even follow the laws of the land. God help the Philippines!

    • Filipinoflash

      This government of Noy Aquino will go down in history as the government that used the immense power of the government to get rid of anyone CORRUPT, LIAR &CHEATER! 

      • LabkoPinas

        When you point one finger you arre pointing four to yourself. Before you condemn someone, clean your own house. Has the Aquino government done that? NO!


    • Gemini621

      Are you that stupid? There’s nothing about Pnoy using the immense power of gov’t to get rid of anyone… It’s quite simple, if a lowly gov’t worker fails to file his or her right SALN he or she is automatically deleted from service. Corona is a gov’t worker, so he must and he should have declared those millions of dollars in his SALN. He didn’t, therefore he has to get out. What has politics got to do with that?

      • LabkoPinas

        The people who support a would be dictator,are the dumbest and most stupid idiots. There is no short cut to democracy. There are no short cuts to curtail corruption. There are only ignorant people who will allow blatant abuse of government power to thrive that encourages an autocratic government who will control everything. I guess you are one of them. Idiot.


  • Luthmar

    Another one, named Miriam Defensor Santiago, had a psychotic breakdown.  Mme. as the saying goes:  “only good die young.”  You should be happy that there is one less crook in the

    Joker Arroyo said it was an *erroneous SALN.”  Thank God for the SALN because we, the normal tax payers, would never know who steal our hard earned money.  Corona, intentionally did not declare his stolen wealth because he thought he was the Chief Justice and he was above the law.  Not very bright for a lawyer and a Chief Justice on top of that. 


    YONG utang ng ina mo at ng pamilya ninyo sa taong bayan na hinayupak ng ama mong sakim sa $alapi ang dapat na inaasikaso mo BB at hindi kung ano pa ang opinyon mo sa kahit na sinupaman.  Nanagasa ang pamilya ninyo tapos iiwanan na lang ninyong naghihingalo sa kalye ang mga nasagasaan ninyo na hanggang ngayon yong utang ng ina mo at ng pamilya mo ay nakatiwangwaang habang nagmamagaling kang bokya naman ang moralidad.

    Si Arroyo….pagpasensyahan na lang ninyo dahil nag-sesekan childhood na ang tigulang.   At si Matutina…….hindi dapat pinababayaang nag-i-isa yan sa kalye….baka mangagat

  • goodguy

    Tinitingala pa naman kita Sen. Arroyo but after the impeachment, I saw that you are blind and does not want the truth even though it is crystal clear and the respondent confirmed the present of dollar & peso accounts that were not declared in his SALN and you still voted for acquittal. I can understand Marcos dahil personally galit yan kay Aquino because of what happened to his father so right or wrong he will vote against. Sayang Joker Arroyo, sinira mo ang tiwala namin sa iyo.

  • fugeee

    salbahe tatay mo noon, nakalimutan mo na ba? marcos jr!!!
    bong bong, merriam at arroyo, mga talunan…move on na!!!

  • dadinz

    Now that the impeachment trial is finished, let’s move on…. May I ask now our leaders to focus on other more important problems that our country is facing….Mr. Pres.Aquino would you please pay attention now to the Panatag Shoal dispute…Mukhang napapabayaan mo na ang mas higit na mahahalagang problema ng ating bayan…Niyuyurakan na tayo at ginagago ng mga GAHAMANG intsik ay hindi ka pa rin kumikilos…GUMISING KA KUMILOS!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Max T

    People usually say that Miriam Defensor Santiago is super smart, intelligent or brilliant. After her decision, that does not only question those three adjectives but it also makes you think that she is completely overrated in terms of smartness, intelligence and brilliance.

  • Ommm

    ” Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, in her most strident outburst yet in
    casting one of three principled votes of not guilty, called on God “to
    strike me dead,”

    Normally i don’t pray much but now praying to PAGASA to forecast heavy lightning in your area…

    “This is not justice, political or legal. This is certainly not law; for
    sure it’s not the law of the Constitution. It’s only naked power as it
    was in 1972,” Joker said.”

    No it’s LOGIC that you seem to have misconstrued and hopelessly convoluted to the point of no return. This simple logic is justice in it’s pure form is comprised of truth. Now how can we possibly have the highest icon in the land representing justice, knowing him to be a proven liar and thief ?

    “Marcos said the Chief Justice explained that he was not obliged to declare the deposits under the Foreign Currency Deposit Act”

    Please quote exactly where in this act it states a depositor has immunity from declaring the contents on his SALN and his “exception” from paying tax on said deposit…..and please do it from Paraguay…


  • Romeo

    So sorry for these three. Meriam my favorite makes me want to bury my head in the sand.,rtc and icj judge daw but cannot see a thief an inch away from her eyes and the havoc corona bequeted to our people. Never got out of her box , the dark place she dwells …even for her people. The people too, know the dark place where you live

    These 3 choose to be blind and stubborn for the evidences do not lie. Inamin na nga eh, but no credit for corona. He was in a corner ,he used his last. Card.

    Of course, Senaor Marcos could have redeemed his father plus a chance on reconciliation w pinoy, contribute to nation building .What a waste. The myopic boy. Great man, he is not.

    Arroyo joker is old , and confused,lost in time. Ate glo gave him the chance to be a senator tthis last time. His head cant go over this windfall and acted as such , sabi nga ..sayang din naman..

    Congratulations to sen.lapid . He exorcised gloria in his system !

    For a high school graduate in the senate , he stand tallest of all !

  • Johnlove

    We can’t call this country a democracy if the three senators didn’t vote to acquit.
    This is our only way to prove to the world that our country is a democracy.
    It aIso a way to keep the public alert and entertained, and keep our mediamen happy. Imho, the senators have already discuss this among themselves.

  • gregory robinson

    Now lets see if the Philippine law can recover the mass illegal wealth of the Corona family. 

  • wilfredo h. villena

    Mabuti pa si Sen Lapid, kahit kaunti lang ang pinagaralan ay may natutuhan. Mayroon mga Senador na pinagsisigawan ang kanilang karunungan na wala namang laman.

  • Andy

    Brenda lose her mind again! She will bring embarrassment to PI once she assumes her duties as international judge, we will be a laughing stock of the world with her unpredictable and annoying and sometime stupidly funny behavior trying to flaunt whatever law knowledge she has that has negatively affected her brain cells. Smart is the new looney nowadays!

  • Yxon

    yes, the hypocrisy may be true, but when and where do we start? shall we be the same throughout our lifetime? ms santiago, youre maybe content of where you are now… but look beyond your fence, look at the situation of your can proceed with your line of discourse by volunteering to sign the waiver for your accounts.

  • totoy_15

    The pot calling the kettle black, very apt for the little Marcos. In his family’s heyday, partying in the presidential yacht and consuming the country’s wealth was no crime neither. You can’t expect this junior to understand that. 

  • Jimmy

    Look at these 3 senator-judges (daw) – joker suffered in the hands of bong2 father; the marcoses were plague during jokers time in Malacanang while miriam is in between. Now they were together to save someone who has the character of the three combined…!  Unbelievaboy !!!!! 

  • gric

    mirriam the way you said it you seems not to understand the purpose of this impeachment this is to carve down the numbers of corrupt people in the govt.  Yes at present we are cosidered a corrupt country but we should be thankful that this govt is committed to get rid of corrupt officials i think the way you sounded you should be investigated next. 

  • jose

    Politics creates the strangest bed fellows. I can’t imagine the heir of the country’s brutal dictator and plunderer extra-ordinaire, and a former civil rights activist lawyer  who fought them, would team up with each other for the acquital of an illegally appointed Chief Justice by a illegitimate president. 

    Well excuse Merriam, as she has been certified insane long time ago! 

  • Rommel Jason

    Ano ba talaga prayer ni Miriam “I lied” Santiago? “Lord strike me dead” or “Lord give me one more life”? And by the way, shouting does not strengthen an argument, dumadami lang yung laway sa rostrum. 

    • John

      ganyan talaga ang mga may topak

  • Ron Cruz

    The three stooges who tried to acquit Corona;

    1. A son of a tyrant.
    2. A righthand man of a thief.
    3. A over acting lunatic.

    • jau73

      Thats what you call the people who do not agree with you. What should we call the judges who voted for conviction in fear of losing votes? Law against politics is the real issue, my friend. Anyway, unless they start checking our politicians coffers, losing corona wont change a thing. I hope God will heal this land.

      • Ramil Abalon

        mali ka…at tama ang mga judges..kung na tanggal si flores isang clerk of court  dahil sa SALN dahil lang na sapitin ni corona yan…dahil bilang CJ dapat open sya sa lahat…..understand….

      • joeybg

        You hope God will heal this land?? you kidding me, the number one corrupt here in the Pinas are the minister and priest of those diff. religion . They using the word of God to steal and amazed lots of money. Where are the Leaders of this religion everytime theres a disaster in Pinas??

  • Patrick JENNY

    … just adding a little point, but important… Justice Corona has been convicted for not having declared assets. Now these assets, as I understood, have not been declared as “corruption money” or illegally acquired…

    Some people, considering the verdict, jump immediately to the conclusion that this money was illegally acquired : WRONG !

    Philippines is a democracy where, until proven guilty, one is innocent !

    If there are grounds showing that this money came from bribes, corruption, or other illegal activities, then an investigation should be performed, and then and only then, people can accuse him of ripping off the Philippines… Otherwise it is just plain calomny, which is liable in Court…

    • Ramil Abalon

      ha ha ha hindi mo ba nabasa or narinig ang verdict ay base rin sa supreme court decission…so tama lang na ipataw rin sa kanya ang nangyari sa clerk of court na na dismiss dahil sa SALN at maliit lang na amount yung kay coron naku ang laki

  • ed0408

    Strange bedfellows.

  • eli toribio

    Ang nagpabagsak kay Corona ay sarili nyang testimonya at di ang hubad na kapangyarihan ni PNoy!!!

  • kruger

    One can’t really fathom the skewed logic these 3 MAD senators have: (M) arcos, (A) rroyo & (D) efensor.

    Joker talks about ’72 all over again, Marcos harping on the bill of rights and Miriam, well, being the perennial crazy Miriam.

    Joker & Miriam lost all credibility a long time ago by “commingling” with the little lady and it’s not surprising that they will go against the grain just to rattle the establishment.  Marcos is a strange case though.

    His arguments are pure hogwash and if he thinks he’s better than the 20 who voted to kick Corona’s arse out of the SC, he’s a friggin’ mental case as well.

  • LarcyB

    Miriam D. Santiago–
    A bill of attainder, she explained, is a law that is submitted by one
    House and approved by another, “creating an offense where there was
    none, inventing a crime out of actions, willful or not, that were
    innocent when they were performed.”

    This alone showed she’s leaning toward the defense-
    -creating an offense where there was
    none.– oh, para bang inimbento lang ng congress ang mga accusations laban kay Corona..

    – inventing a crime out of actions– pinalabas na lahat ng 188 congressmen didn’t even have a sense of what is right from wrong, ie, what constitute a violation and/or just sheer ignorance of the law..

    A clear MANIFESTATION that Corona’s actions in non-disclosure of his SALN and willful ignorance of the law so serve his purpose is being UPHOLD and JUSTIFIED by Santiago!

  • curatolo

    kelan kaya tatamaan itong si Brenda? Panay pa ang palabas, akala nya kasi sya ang pinaka magaling na lawyer,Tumigil ka na tapos na!!! at sana umalis ka na!!!

  • $25214711

    so miriam lang ang nakakaintindi ng batas? This self-proclaimed cinstitutional expert? I’m tired of her. Kawawa naman ang International Court. Pinapamper kasi sya ng media gayong antagal-tagal ng mambabatas wala namang nagawang batas. Wala syang ambag sa bayan. Baka nga ni hindi yan nagbabayad ng tamang buwis. Mananomalya rin naman yang asawa nya. Sana pati sya mag waive narin ng bank secrecy kasama nung mga gabinete ni PeNoy. 

  • bgcorg

    There is no point further to condemn those who voted for the acquittal of Mr. Corona.  They have explained their votes, the trial is over, and we must pick up the pieces and now move on.  Election is near and it is understandable that the decision of some senators could be influenced by this upcoming event.  But constitutionalists will always question whether errors in filing of SALN would constitute a “culpable violation of the Constitution and a betrayal of public trust.”  The prosecution based their whole argument on the admission of Mr. Corona.   But what the constitutionalists meant by “culpable violation” does not include, as Rep. Farinas read from the transcript of the 1987 Constitutional Convention, that such does not include lack of willingness or voluntariness to commit the act, including some element of “perversity.”  How such omission of monies would have been proven to be voluntary and willing “culpa” could have been elicited from the accused, but the prosecutors did not cross examine.  In such a case, the testimony stands as the very evidence for the accused, and no proof can be adduced by the prosecution that the omission of monies from the SALN constitutes “high crimes” in the same class as treason, bribery, and the like.  How this omission suddenly become an “impeachable offence” without proof may be questionable. On the other hand, the consistency with which Mr. Corona acted is proof of a principled belief, otherwise, he would have acted one way, and another time, another way.

    Oh, well, the verdict is there and we should now hope for the best of the country.  Sen. Joker Arroyo is haunted by his past: due process was not given to Erap, and he sees loopholes in the proceedings.  Let us hope that the judiciary stays independent and free.

  • quirinomayer

    Alam ko na ang ibig sabihin ng RTC judge na makailang beses binanggit ni Miriam sa kanyang nakakahiyang talumpati: RANTING, THREATENING, CRAZY JUDGE. 

    Pero palagayko sa inasal nya sa Prosecution na napatunayan naman ang kaso base sa overwhelming result, ang sarili lang niya ang kanyang sinaktan. Habang nanggagalaiti siya, pinagtatawanan na siya. Palagayko nagshootup uli ang BP.

    Palagayko magdalawang isip ang ICC pag nalaman ang inasal ni Brenda sa impeachment trial. Padalhan sila ng videotape.

  • Jarde C

    If it is acceptable to one and only Meriam is not acceptable to the majority. She didn’t realize that the people voted  her senatorial candidate but in return she becomes very SELFISH and CHILDISH. MENOPAUSAL lang yan

  • marcilo

    kaya nga kinasuhan si corona para tanggalin. pero bakit pinahaba pa nila?  dapat sana isabatas na pagpalit ng pangulo ng bansa agad lahat ng mga secretaries at chiefs ay  palitan ayun sa kursada ng bagung pangulo. ginawa nila ginulo at nilito ang mga madlang pinoy. dapat sana lahat ng tumatanggap ng pork barrel ay imbestigahan din (hindi puedi kasi survival ng political party).

  • aynakupo

    CONCEITED – having or showing an excessively high opinion of oneself.

    Brenda got a double dose of this.  

  • pilosopo4

    20 hypocrites against 3 independent Chief Justice as planned Senator Drilon..God save the Philippines!

  • Anna Liza

    pwede na gawin ng gobyerno lahat ng gusto nila lahat ng kakalaban kahit mali ang ginagawa ng gobyerno papa impeach…

  • deep

    Joker Arroyo and Ferdinand Marcos form the very start has been an outspoken critic of this administration. Miriam on the other hand is too much focused on the formalities of procedures…the technicalities were crooks often resort and win the case. 

    One simple matter is clear. INTENT, and it is anchored on two basic question.

    1. Do i intend to deceive?
    2. Do i intend to take undue advantage?

    if the answer is both yes, then he is guilty as charged. Which i believe he is.

  • Anna Liza

    congratz noynoy at sa mga kaalyado mo sa congressman at senador natupad ang gusto nyo mangyari dapat mag diwang kayo kasi wala na kakalaban sa inyo sa gobyerno kasi kayo na ang mga hari….:)

  • pinoysahongkong2012

    Naked power?????

    Wake up Marcos & Arroyo!!!

    Dilat mga mata nyo, pero di nyo makita ang katotohanan???? What kind of people are you?

    Marcos, what your father did in 1972 when he declared martial law comprised REAL NAKED ABUSE OF POWER, RESULTING IN DEPRIVATION OF PEOPLE’S RIGHTS & PRIVILEGES!!

    Today, the legislative body, where you are both members, exercised its powers provided under the constitution independent of Malacanang and you still regard this as naked abuse of power???

    You must both be morons because you participated in this constitutionally-sanctioned legal process of impeaching Corona.

    Marcos, don’t you remember that your father rounded up and threw in jail hundreds, even thousands, of suspected communists — even on mere suspicions and even without the benefit of any legal assistance?

    Arroyo, have you forgotten that you were a human rights campaigner during the martial law years?

    Looks like you’ve eaten up all the lofty principles that you once fought for — most probably because of the generous favors you enjoyed with your close association/affiliation with gloria arroyo, one of the philippines’ most corrupt presidents together with the late marcos.

    • ethicsingov

       They are having out of body experience together with CJ – feeling like the sacrificial lamb.

  • kronos

    Miriam,  I really admire your raw courage in voicing out your opinions.  However, you blurb your questionable opinions if you dont get your way.  Why did you participate in the panel all along knowing it might not end up the way you wanted?  Pa obje-objective ka pa and when outnumbered—you call on God to “strike you dead”.  Don’t play hero because you know weeding out corruption in the government where you are will take a long time.  Dont defend a ‘wrong’ because the righteous process doesn’t have the correct procedures spelled out… other words–they should still have to be in power.

  • Anna Liza

    di ko na kayo iboboto lapid, revilla mahirap kalabanin talaga ang gobyerno ng pangulo ng pilipinas.

    • pedronimo

      Bakit did Lapid and Revilla tickle what is between your legs? not what is between your ears?

    • Albin

      Akala mo action stars…yun pala walang mga b—g. Di ba asawa ni lapid nahuli sa US na maraming dollars? e bakit wala sa saln niya ang mga dollar?

    • Cyclops

      ibig sabihin ibinuto mo sila.tanga ka akalain mo ang dami nyo sa pilipinas  isama  muna si joker na balimbing at si miriam na mataas pa sa puno ng lkawayan ang bilib sa sarili nya.  pati si marcos… grabe talaga kayo akalain mo manalo itong isang ito….

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    “Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, in her most strident outburst…called on God “I was already hoping with all my heart that God would strike me dead! It’s better to die as a lawyer than listen to your arguments,”

    Brenda’s wish will be granted one of these days, We may miss her but our Country will become better without her…Rest In Peace….

  • Anna Liza

    kawawa talaga nangyari pati mga reporter hindi patas sa pagbabalita puro pabor sa pamahalaan ni nonynoy….

    • pedronimo

      Anna, anong ayaw mo kay Noynoy? Tanga, mabagal, hindi pogi gaya ni Lapid at Bong Revilla?  Please list them here baka maconvince mo pa ako.

      • Richard

        Black propaganda.. Mapaghiganti sa mga katungalalio lang nya.. magaling lang si ngoyngoy manira at magbagsak ng pagkatao ng kanyang katunggali, kaya akala nyong mga yellow zombies eh siya na yung “good” choice.  pero kung titignan at i-analyze mo sya na sya lang, wala kang makikitang qualifications ng isang presidente.  

  • Albin

    It is very easy to understand why 20 senators voted guilty. Answer is P400 million each.
    Now we have a complete dictatorship. Watch out – there may be a reversal on the Hacienda Luisita ruling. Long Live the Oligrachs! 

    • ted

      You are sick matherpucker

    • pedronimo

      I would rather have a Noynoy dictatorship than a corrupt and hypocritical government led by a Miriam, Bongbong, and Arroyo triumvirate.

      • ala_ehhhh

        Agree din ako dyan!!

      • Richard

        nakaka awa ang mga yellow zombies! i felt happy na convict na si corrona, pero after your comment, naisip ko na sana konti lang ang tanga at istupidong pilipinong katulad mo.  Sige, sipsip pa sa b@yag ni Noynoy!

    • psg ako

      one good reason to watch out!

      remember, congressman tupaz is the lawyer for the hacienda luisita … boom!

  • Ronald

    yahoo convicted !

  • eli toribio

    Tapos na ang Reality TV’s CoronaVela. May nagpalusot na di nakalusot. May nag galing-galingan. May nagsakit-sakitan. May nag yabang-yabangan. May nagpa Cute lamang. May umaming talagang wala syang alam. May naglinis-linisan. May nagluha-luhaan. May nagbati-batian. May nagpaliwanang ng katotohanan. May nagsisigaw ng kasinungalingan. May Kamay ang Dios sa kinalabasan. At sa kahuli-hulihan silang lahat ay nagkodak-kodakan. BOOM!!!

  • pedronimo

    Arroyo’s, Miriam;s, and Bongbong’s Intelligence, Intelligence, Intelligence-= what an ado about nothing,

  • ted

    These 3 sickos ( joker a., miriam a.ka.a.brendamage, bongbong msrcos) should be hanged in public preferably in plaza miranda, i bet 85% of pinoys is salivating to hear this.

    • prince_janus

      korek, tusukin yan ng karayom para dahandahan mamatay!

  • joeybg

    Ang mga Marcos nagdeclare ba ng SALN ? lahat ng mga ninakaw nila dapat din lumabas.

    • ala_ehhhh

      tama ka ka dyan pare, agree ako dyan!!

    • erick_1972

       Oo nga , pero bakit ganoon senator ang anak na lalaki , ang kapatid na babae governor ang nanay congresswoman. Hindi lang yun, 2nd richest next Manny Pacquio . Hindi ba 25 years ago pinatalsik yung kanyang ama ,tinapon sa Hawaii namatay dun .Hindi malaman kung saan lilibing.Nakuha yung kanila kayamanan ,nabayaran mga biktima.1986 Edsa hindi ba!

    • dan4321

      hindi kailangan magdeklara ng SALN ang mga Marcoses,dahil lahat ng yaman ng Pilipinas sa kanila.Ang dapat sa mga Marcoses ikulong lahat para hindi na dumami lahi.Nakakapagtak,bakit hangang ngayon wala sa kanila nakasuhan e obvious naman na malaki ninakaw at sobra pang abuso ginawa nila.Dapat iyan ang susunod na imbestigahan o patloy na litisin.Si Ferdinand Marcos,hindi naman mayaman,obvious kung saan galing mga yaman nila.Bongbong should be grateful to the Filipinos,dahil sa pera ng taong bayan,nakapag aral at nabubuhay sya ng matiwasy.

  • pilipino

    The PH got one less cancer of society, these 3 stooges will soon go.

  • ala_ehhhh

    HA HA HA !!! LOOK WHO’S TALKING ???. I haven’t heard Joker Arroyo raised his voice when GMA was using every government resources to stop the impeachment against her, GMA even issued  executive order restricting all government employees to speak. Bongbong (Ferdinand) Marcos Jr. on the other hand thought that the people might have forgotten how many people suffered and even got killed during his father’s regime. Many of those congressman who impeached the Chief Justice were also their ally and also followers during the fast administration. As Erap use to say WEDER WEDER LANG YAN!!!!

  • ted

    To begin with she got 76 in the bar exam but she think of herself as genius in jurispudence, her own son blew his head off because she couldnt stand her own lunatic mother, yes she should hang herself complete with fanfare

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    This is the silliest and most ridiculous reason, a crooked alibi that has no basis. I cannot imagine Bongbong Marcos talking of “basic human rights” for Corona and forgetting the thousands of victims of their family’s Martial law. His only motive is to shame PNoy for opposing the burial of his father at Libingan ng mga Bayani. As for Joker, I believe his long association with his relative(?) GMA has totally infected him beyond repair. As to Merriam, her pride is turning off many listeners, always lifting herself and talking of her status but her words are those of a lunatic. I think she just had a relapse. These three are not running in 2013 but I hope the public would never forget this character of Bongbong in the future elections.  

    • erick_1972

       I disagree , Filipinos are easily forgetful.Today this  news is hot in a couple of months this would never been heard again.1986 Edsa ! But why are those who were exiled now in power: a senator , a governor and congresswoman. Joker was a hero before in impeachment a  prosecutor against  a  popular masa president.Voted twice as a senator .Santiago was in opposite  view during that impeachment . She was against opening the envelope . Ran for president that she almost won against Ramos . They may had different and unpopular opinion still they voted even those who voted guilty they voted what is their opinion to them was right.

      • Donald

        correct me if am wrong ERICK..di kaya kasama si JOKER poll fraud na nangyari  during the time of GMA ?nsa tiket cya ni GMA db??kaya cya naging senador uli dahil sa kalokohan na un?????just asking…

      • erick_1972

        Hindi ba si Trillanes din ang nag lagay ng bomba sa Makati.Pinatawad tapos umulit uli.Nakulong at ngayon biglang nakawala . Lacson may standing arrest warrant Biglang nawala ng nawala ang arrest warrant biglang lumutang kaagad. Hindi may kaso siya sa pag patay .

  • ddano

    THE THREE STOOGES IN THE CORONA IMPEACHMENT TRIAL.  The senile one was disowned by Batman, the not so young one is the TRYING HARD, the unlady one is … what can one say … WAS ABSENT AT THE GOOD MANNERS AND RIGHT CONDUCT CLASS.

    • ethicsingov

       Forgive them for they not know what they have done

  • AllaMo

    To the unholy trinity: Ffuck you, douche-bags!

  • dan4321

    Tsk tsk,Marcos forgot,how his father used the naked power of the government and his blanket authority in running after his critics.It is expected of Marcos to vote for acquittal,hiding under the technicalities,formeost because he is there to make sure PNOY will never succeed on his plans for good governance or it will be maintaining a GOOD NAME FOR AQUINO.Scondly,he has to revenge for not allowing his self proclaimed hero father to be buried in the Libingan and Third,
    he was used to the Abuses and Corruption of his parents that Corona’s is just a regular practice.Likewise,Arroyo shall use all his wits to defend his benefactor’s friends,or he will be called an ingrate,after all the “gifts” he received and is enjoying,from GMA.Miriam will always prove that she is the brightest and use as the same,considering all the perks and “gifts” she received from GMA. Yes the three were right that the Impeachment is a Political process and boy they used it to defend their “political” friend and benefactor. If all we know,once GMA will lost her sanity,she will mention all the names she “gifted”,and their names will certainly be included.

  • dan4321

    The FILIPINOS SHOLUD NOT FORGET THE ABUSES of the Marcoses.The FILIPINOS should not forget THE STOLEN WEALTH of the MARCOSES.The MARCOSES were never rich to start with until FM became a president.Dapat sila ang isunod o dapat patuloy na bawiin ang mga ninakaw nila at patuloy na parusahan sila sa mga abuses nila noon.Ewan ko ba kung bakit pa ibinalik ng mga PILIPINO itong si Marcos.Si Imelda,dyosa ngayon ng KARAMIHANG ILOKANO
    kahit na sa harap nila nuon marami ang nagdusa at nalugmok sa utang ang PILIPINAS.

    • erick_1972

       Yes, those were never forgotten the abuses that was committed but a big question. Why are these people elected to the positions of senator , governor and congresswoman?

  • JK1000

    ang kapal ng mukha ni Bongbong Marcos na masyadong nagmamalinis noong nagsasalita sa impeachment trial.  Ang ginawa ng tatay niya mas grabe pa sa ginawa ni Corona ang ninakaw ni Marcos sa gobyerno sobra sobra na hanggang mamatay ang mga ninuno nila may naiiwan pa!  Kaya naghihirap  ang pilipinas kasi marami ang mga buwaya nasa pwesto na puro kamag-anak mismo para makakurakot  pasalamat tayo sa administration ni Aquino na pinansin ang mga ginawa ng mga malalaking bigtime buwaya.

    • Jong Tilos

      This generation never knew what Marcos did to our country, they the son is rising, showing his true colors.Human rights? Oh common.

    • Jeff

       tatay at nanay at kapatid at bayaw at maraming pang mga kamaganak, kasing dami ng mga sapatos ng nanay nya.

  • calipso_2100

    Well, i’d like this naked power remove some more corrupt officials in our government.
    Naked or clothed, it does not matter. As long as it can prosecute the likes of GMA and RCC

    • Richard

      yes at sana naman yung mga kapartido din ni noynoy na corrupt para naman ndi masyadong halata yung pagka isip bata ng mahal nyong presidente.

  • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

    Crime does not pay! Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make crazy – so goes the Greek myth saying. One great crook down. who’s next – which is all good for Mang Juan, the ordinary Filipino suffering it all thru the ages because of the few – rich and mighty because of public thievery – who lord it over him. Under the divine inscrutable plan, there is still something good Enrile has to do and only he ably can and Enrile live long for this purpose maybe to lay down the basis on how to impeach under the rule of law and this by way of penance in a metaphysical sense for his past great misdeeds and crimes. The right triumph sometimes in our country and hope it triumphs more often because if it does then our country’s prosperity will not be far behind.

    • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

       Ombudsman Morales can do a lot to our country if she continues to be principled and honest in her ways – investigate and prosecute first the big crooks in govt which our country has over supply of. They’re easy to spot because they can’t help but flaunt their stolen wealth otherwise it will not serve their purpose to derive great worldly satisfaction from it.

  • catmanjohn

    Philippine’s three stooges, Arroyo, Marcos, and Santiago, inspire only deep contempt towards these despicable hypocrites, as they make up stories however to suit them. These three characters are in no way competent to be Senators, but through graft and nepotism, they are like the last traces of cancer that must be completely eradicated. One would prefer to shoot them like rabid dogs, but since we are a civilized society, let us make sure they are voted out in the next elections.

    • erick_1972

      It is nice to watch them before it was shown in t.v. may be in big screen soon. They would made  you laugh forget those stress with  their uncanny humor .May be these senators showed their true colors regardless what their beliefs and opinion are. It may unpopular to some but it may be popular to others.Freedom

      • catmanjohn

        Misguided fool. Those who voted for honesty and transparency in government are those who ultimately voted for FREEDOM, the freedom to not live with LIES. Your three stooges, on the other hand, voted to keep a corrupt system intact, where the likes of Corona and Arroyo could steal the People’s money with impunity, however which way, and buy even multiple overseas properties, while the people live in squalor and poverty. If that is your definition of Freedom, then so you be dam ned as well.

      • erick_1972

        A misguided fool can be easily taught and be guided accordingly than an intelligent one that is already been misguided. Damned as well than has the price of freedom did after the 25 years of so called freedom? Has there been changes .OH yes more slum dwellers , more people stealing broad daylight and children are already involve. Forgot that were more in debt than before say trillions and that is in dollars not pesos. Those stooge showed what they are now.What about the 20?

      • catmanjohn

        Your response to my comment is incoherent, but one is willing to understand the issues you raise. The issues of poverty did not happen overnight, nor even in a few years, but over generations. It is crucial that fair laws be passed to protect rights for all, and not just the few. The RH must be discussed with reason, and not emotion, so that the government and the individual families are not burdened by unrealistic principles that keep short sighted behaviors from escaping poverty. There is much to be done.

      • erick_1972

        What do you mean raising the issues of poverty which everyone could see unless you do not go outside?What RH ?What fair laws? This country is in cellar when it comes to things need to be done.

  • Fredo Lim

    When I was little I used to hear these phrases from my parents “Tumatandang paurong”. I thought  there no such thing as aging backwards but I was wrong. It is true and a good example is Joker Arroyo!

    Nice photo by the way, you and the son of your former nemesis.

  • Bato’ng Bantilis

    Marcos may Swiss bank accounts.

    • erick_1972

      It is given already. It is no secret anymore.

  • psg ako

    may mga butas man sa mga ebidensiya ni corona — dapat mas binusisi ito ng prosecution at ng mga senator-judges.

    if we are to judge according to our “con-science” then mawawalan na tayo ng mga criminal/s … kasi pwede na nating husgahan agad kng  “wala/meron itong kasalanan” —  wala na ding mag-aaral ng “LAW” tutal kanya-kanyang interpretation naman tayong lahat AT pwede kang humusga AYON sa konsensya mo.

    at higit sa lahat — wala na ding silbi ang “batas” na ilalabas ng kongresso na pipirmahan ng senado — na kokontrahin din ng mismong kongresso at senado kapag ito ay ginamit bilang ebidensiya dahil nga may knya-kanya tayong interpretation sa batas.

    ang mga 3 bumoto ng “not guilty” ay binase nila ayon sa  “batas” ika nga “legalistic view” ng pilipinas — ang mga 20 na bumoto ng “guilty” ay ayon sa “konsensya” nila — dahil yun ang kanilang sinasabi.

  • rgnar

    Theirs are principled stand, let’s respect how they saw the impeachment. You now have the conviction with a strong vote, why persecute these three for stating what they believed in?

    The three senators have represented me well. Now, let’s move on.=p

  • sherlockholmes78

    To think that I previously admired Joker Arroyo during the fight for democracy in the 70s and 80s… this is a sad story of a man that lost his sense of nationality and justice, all for what… GMA??? Miriam was doing great in government before the election where she lost the presidency to Ramos after few weeks of leading the counting… guess that’s what dagdag-bawas can do to one of our country’s greatest minds… Insanity!!!… Bongbong Marcos is.. as anyone would expect a Marcos… he has his fathers genes for greatness but also has his fathers tendency for irrational, technical and ambition… not to forget his mothers lunacy (my God the woman says no human rights were violated during the Marcos years in power… STUPIDHEAD)…. bagong TRAPO

    • erick_1972

       Question: Why did Santiago got position a of judge in the international courts?Who pushed her nomination? Why is Bongbong Marcos a senator now if abuses during his father presidency was committed?Did  the spirit of Edsa already gone?

      • sherlockholmes78

        There is no doubt that Santiago is one of the country’s legal genius that’s why she got a position in the international court… a treasure to the Filipino people and her generation… BUT very partisan and indeed a politician… one would remember that she cross camps to GMA when she was not accepted as FPJ’s running mate… if the woman had principles she might as well had run as an independent and not have rubbed elbows with GMA and FVR, the one she blames for dagdag-bawas, in the end it should her character… once a strong supporter of Erap… she once made a remark of jumping from a plane or helicopter if Erap would be jailed… alas Erap was jailed and as response she said… I LIED!!!  as doctor Gregory House MD said… Everybody lies…

        As for Bongbong Marcos… maybe that’s one of the problem of this country… the Filipino people have a short term memory… or they cheat during elections… who knows… but one thing is for sure… the oppression and human rights violation during the Marcos Martial Law years were REAL… VERY REAL!!! and if the Filipino people will forget these dark days of the our history and not be vigilant… it may happen again… either by the Marcos again or by someone else….

        The impeachment trial of CJ Corona should be viewed as baby steps for the country to achieve transparency in government service… The conviction is a much more victory to the Filipino people than any other politician in the country… transparency in public service will now have a baseline…that is check and balance.

      • erick_1972

        House also said that there is reason behind those lies. There has been check and balance in the government but the WILL power to its implementation remains to be seen.She is one of the best legal minds but who pushed her nomination for a judge an international courts?This country is one of kind . Politicians always say in their speeches,”let us heal the wounds of this country “. But all they do is make new wounds.

  • rapas_gamrud

    Joker was a human rights lawyer before but only worked for the money and not for the cause. He is now old and already forget what he said….KAPAG BAD KA LAGOT KA. Bongbong son of a dictator who trampled many rights and now talking about the Bill of Rights. Mirriam from an RTC judge which is only her achievement I guess can recite any poems,verses and the laws but doesn’t know the meaning,intent and substance of what she is talking about.And one thing… Mirriam can not express her mind without insulting others and exalting herself all the time.

  • Banana Na

    nag-salita si marcos at arroyo…isa lang ang pareho sa kanila…CORRUPT at GREED

  • Albin

    Na sa palasyo na ngayon ang prsecution team…kukubra na ng P400million each. Bukas, mga 20 senators naman ang pipila.

  • Lousulping

    Now Mr. Aquino will be in control of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government without declaring martial law. Watch out!!!

    • catmanjohn

      Whatever it takes to get rid of the corruption, is all good. If you are the cancer, you have reason to worry.

    • psg ako

       yes, in FULL CONTROL … he can already appoint whomever he desires to lead the SC. and … sa susunod — i-a-apela na ang hacienda luisita decision …

      just asking: since nasabi na ni PNOy na wala daw siyang “dollar account” — e baka naman “euro” “swiss” accounts ang meron — kasi mas malaki ang katumbas ng mga ito.

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Principled votes from Defensor, Marcos and Arroyo? Who are they kidding? Principled votes come from men of principles which they are not.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Ironic that Joker usd to stand for truth. A certified anti-Marcos, but now only a certified Corrupt crook. The picture is this article shows how much he has fallen from grace.

    • Jong Tilos

      Mas nakakaintindi si Sen. Lito Lapid na hindi abogado.Si Joker ay joker talaga (nakakatuwa at nakakainsulto sa lahat na mga Pinoy na ayaw ang Katiwalian) sa Senado.Walang magawa kundi kampihan ang nang aapi sa mga Filipino.Anti Marcos noon, Marcos-na-rin Ngayon..

    • joaquin_salvador

      wrong. there is no crook. there is no corrupt.
      cj corona was not charged for plunder and corruption.
      until now, joker arroyo stands for what is just and what is true.

      Listen to what he said:

      “A bill of attainder is a law passed by one House and approved by the other creating an offense where there was none. Inventing a crime out of actions, willful or not, that were innocent when they were performed. It is a legislative act of convicting an accused of acts that were not offenses in the very measure by which he is condemned through a vote instead of a trial on the basis of accusations taken as proof.”Today, we are one step from violating the Constitution and passing a bill of attainder. No one can stop us if we do not stop ourselves. This is not justice, political or legal. This is certainly not law. For sure, it is not the law of the Constitution; it is only naked power as it was in 1972.”

      • legnasagra

        CJ is immuned from suits but not anymore once he steps down. Proper charges maybe filed against that he is removed from post. Let’s wait for season 2 to begin. It should be soon. 

    • Beth Roxas

      Your wrong my dear……… arroyo is for truth.  I pity you.

      • indiosbravos2002

        Unfortunately, the joker has fooled another gullible and naive soul.

  • George

    i still remember the time  that i was willing to die with joker during the struggle of marcos dictatorship. fast forward, OMG, what a shame, the son of  a dictator in bed with the joker went wild. what a shame.

    • joaquin_salvador

      it means that you changed lane.
      a true freedom fighter stands firm to what he believes as noble, true and just.
      what matters is to take a stand and stand firm… 
      half-baked freedom fighters changed lane, they are afraid to follow the road less traveled.

    • legnasagra

      The Joker found out that as twilight comes, he is not able to get enough yet, so he has to do a double time even if it means sharing blessings (loot) with former enemy

  • George

    “I was already hoping with all my heart that God would strike me dead! It’s better to die as a lawyer than listen to your arguments,” Santiago said.”

    Lord, nasaan ka kung kailangan kita. Sana po bigyan mo ang kahilingan ng kagalang galang na buang na ‘to.

    • kalaban_mo

      Sabi ng Diyos, yoko nga, baka magalit si Satanas pagdating nya sa impyerno at mag resign sa kanyang trabaho at palitan ni Brenda.Ano na lang mangyayari sa impyerno, magiging mental hospital. Si Stanaas naman, baka magtayo ng sariling impyerno, lalo ng dumami ang masamang taong katulad nya.hayaan ko n lang sya. 

    • catmanjohn

      As I prayed before.. somebody please stick an IED up this sow’s (Santigo’s) rear.

  • marivon

    Si brainda parang electric fan, maingay dahil may sayad. si Bong bong lumaki sa kurakot kaya okay lang sa kanya ang mangurakot. si joker, well the name says it all. Watch out for this guy Bong bong and family until now he declares that his father did not steal from the government coffers.

  • San Miguel

    Finally PNOY got all what he wanted with the help of his allies… Now what?

    He has now everything, the enormous power and influence to do what he want…

    Goodluck Philippines.. 

    And by the way, I no longer expect that Tupaz and the rest of 187 Congressmen and Drilon would sign a waiver…

    • legnasagra

      Kaya? Baka naman masama lang yata loob mo at mawawala ang tagabigay mo ng tinapay? I know and understand very well how it works? Sympathizers of crooks will always be there hoping that they could be shared part of the fertilizer money

    • ptoprin


  • $15469930

    These 3 guys are very destructice in our society ……

  • kalaban_mo

    Miriam, Be careful of what you wished for, it might happen not in you, but someone close to you. Remember your son? If you have the heart.. 

    • guy69

      OO nga…padkatapos ni mirriam sa iyo nman….heheheh…

  • guy69

    Tsk.tsk..tks…Si nonoy lang panalo dito…..

    • latino_boom


  • rodel r

    Now it happened!!! Abnoy was success of getting oust Corona! so syempre yun bata naman nya ang ipapalit!! what a POLITICS at this is what we call DAANG MATUWID!!!!!

    • legnasagra

      At ikaw, mawawalan ka na ng suporta hehe, puso mo, hanap muna ng ibang pagkukunan ng kabuhayan at baka magutom

    • ptoprin


    • Keicel

      Yes!!!! Do you have a problem???? Ikaw nga dyan ang ABNOY eh!!!! Crab mentality!!!!!

    • Jezzrel

      Ok lang kahit bata niya iappoint sa SC, huwag lang baligtarin ang desisyon sa Hacienda Luisita…LOL…

  • Mang Teban

    This is how I describe the three senator-judges who voted to acquit Renato Corona:
    1) Joker Arroyo – A “Pontius Pilate” act to wash his hands from perceived “blood of an innocent man” and put the blame on others who voted to convict. He used a ploy by using a legislative term “bill of attainder” which is also a “trial by legislature” which sounded nasty but, if one analyzes it closely, the impeachment of the chief justice was open, fair, and sometimes favoring the defense as time and time again, the Supreme Court actions were “respected” by the Senate until further decision such as the ban on SC employees to testify at the impeachment, internal policy not to release the SALNs of the SC justices for the senator-judges to study, TRO on any other information relating to the chief justice’s case. Therefore, Joker Arroyo never listened to any other argument other than his. He was useless as a senator-judge. Then, he implied of an impending dictatorship which is all speculation. What a waste of position in the trial!

    2) Miriam Defensor-Santiago – A “mambabastos” berating the “mambabatas”. A desperate attempt to make the trial looked like a kangaroo court. Well, it appears she was donkey who was completely clueless of judicial ethics and dumb enough not to know about the respect for her fellow senator-judges. Bragging that she will be going to the International Criminal Court, she alluded others to have voted only for ‘political’ reasons’ because some of them are running for re-election next year. Bragging that she had been an RTC judge, she equated bench experience to wisdom and insulted the lawyer-congressmen as having very little of trial court experience. Bragging that she would rather be struck dead by God (Dios mio perdon) than hear the arguments opposite her views, she exhibited a despicable behavior worthy to expel her at the ICC. To swear before God about a self-serving pledge is akin to the Pharisee praying loudly at the temple that he did many things unlike the sinful tax collector beside him but was very praying intently to ask God’s mercy.

    3) Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. – Another “blind follower” and avid fanatic of “innocent beyond reasonable doubt” even when the doubt has already been removed by facts and personal testimony of the accused. Stretching the principle to serve his own purpose, he blamed the “ambiguity” of the law on foreign currency deposits in relation to declaring ALL

    • Beth Roxas

      I pity you …..

      • Mang Teban

        Whoever you are, you are entitled to your own opinion.
        Pity those who live in darkness and continue to peddle lies.
        Take these words spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ and you do not have to pity me but those who do evil and have not repented –
        “What does it profit a man to win the world but lose his soul?”

    • Edandlye Pogi

      I think Bongbong has a lot of undeclared dollar deposits. This explains his position.

  • kalaban_mo

    Wag nyo naman i petition si Miriam sa International Court. Pano kung bumalik yan? Maawa kau sa Pilipinas, mananahimik na ang buhay natin .. My sympathy to her co- judges in International Court, they will suffer the consequence of working with a zombie.

  • VeryDisgusted2

    If the hearts of these 3 jerks (Joker, Miriam, Marcos) are for the good and welfare of the people, then they should be happy for the administration that is all-out in fighting and eradicating the graft and corruption that ravages our country.

    But these three have twisted minds and values. Why their minds and hearts are so closed and discordant to the public opinion? One of the plausible reasons is they might have developed eerie relationship with the most corrupt and hated witch that once sat at Malacanang, thus these jerks’ life-and-death determination to protect Corona-GMA position.

    This is smoke and tell tale sign. Another call of fervent effort using Ombudsman, BIR, and AMLC should be harnessed to investigate these three. Disregard the witch hunt cry of the corrupts. The public will be happy for the administration to execute these machinery until the last vestiges of corruption are eliminated.   

  • artgarcia

    Hoy Joker Arroyo at Bongbong Marcos anong naked power ang ginamit ng administration to secure a conviction? Hindi ba dumaan lahat sa Impeachment process ang verdict? Bagay nag uulyanin na si Joker kasi kung totoo and sinasabi niya na gumamit ng naked power di sana nakakulong na si Corona or nawala na na parang bula tulad ng nangyari sa karamihan nuong panahon ng Martial Law. Sayang ang pagka senador niyo.

  • tugak123

    huwag na ninyong pansinin ang tatlong demonyong yan. I am very sad  with Joker. I have my high respect with him but I dont know what happened to him. Bakit naging demonyo rin katulad ni Corona.

    • torilirot

      yeahi agree.. he’s a real joke. funny how he criticize the proceeding.. may bill of attainder pa siyang nalalaman na he himself walked out during the impeachment trial of estrada..

  • juliabillmendoza


  • Litong

    To Miriam Santiago… be careful for what you pray for, it might be granted without you ever knowing it :-)

  • Baboykayo


    • levis2012

       eH BAKIT, kung malinis ba si Corona, matatanggal ba siya?  eh napakabaho pala siya, at milyon-milyon ang itinatago pala niyang yaman, SAAN NANGGALING MGA KAYAMANANG YAN??? Sa Sweldo nya?  Sa business nya? Sa Foreign Exchange? O SA MGA BRIBES NI ARROYO AT MGA MALALAKING TAO?

  • ptoprin


  • Edandlye Pogi

    If it did, the government used its naked power to prosecute the corrupt, it was power put to good use. I urge the government to continue to use its naked power (and extensively) to uplift the lives of all Filipinos including these 3 twisted senators.

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    I salute these independent minded Senators who were not swayed by public opinion but rather firmly stand for what is right. They based their verdict on facts, evidences, and rule of law despite the repercusion of being branded evils by the angry, self proclaimed morally upright mob….

    I hope there will be more senators who will follow your footseps in the future…

    Mabuhay Kayo mga magigiting naming senators!

    • Edandlye Pogi

      Your concept of RIGHT is twisted. I hope you don’t become a government official or even a lowly government employee.

      • torilirot


      • SignTheWaiverNow

        another self proclaimed morally upright mob….

        tsk tsk tsk…..

      • Edandlye Pogi

        and obviously you are not morally upright… stop preaching “uphold the rule of law” if you don’t practice or even believe in it.

    • James

      truer words have never been spoken. I salute you uphold rule of law for not getting swayed by the mob mentality

    • levis2012

       The FACT IS CORONA had P180 Million not declared in his SALN.  The FACT is an employee of the Judiciary was dismissed by the Supreme Court from government service for non-declaration of her sari-sari store in her SALN.  The FACT is NON-DECLARATION of such huge amount of MONEY in his SALN is AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE, A CULPABLE VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION…A BETRAYAL OF PUBLIC TRUST.    So what facts are you talking about????

  • catmanjohn

    It is Imperative to get rid of the remaining 7 Arroyo Lackeys in the SC, at least 4 more would be necessary to create a balanced Judiciary, and keep the system in check.

  • digitalboy


    Few credit Marcos for promoting Filipino culture and nationalism. His 21
    years in power with the help of U.S. massive economic aid and foreign
    loans enabled Marcos to build more schools, hospitals and infrastructure
    than any of his predecessors combined !

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      I totally agree with you….



      • nynz

        even if he did a lot & it should be. but that’s not enough to take the wealth of the filipino people. if he is indeed a good president we could have gone so far as a nation knowing that he was a very intelligent man. it does not matter how you started the race, what matters most is how you ended it. i admire marcos in  some ways as my genuine kababayan but that is not enought to say that he was a great president & to put back again the marcoses in the highest positions in govt. history would tell us na sayang ang galing nya. 

    • legnasagra

      mabuhay si Bongbong, bilyones ang kayamanan, sama ako diyan ha

    • catmanjohn

      You can thank the Marcoses for turning your sisters and your daughters into a nation of prostitutes, where the Philippines, with all its potentials should have ranked above Japan in its standard of living, since it was a U.S. colony up to WWII, and didn’t get nuked like the Japs. The Philippines is still a third world country, but let us hope things will change, where women will have an opportunity to work in a robust and progressive economy.

      • Jezzrel

        Para mong sinabing walang prostitution nong unang panahon…baka di mo alam, kahit nong nasa mundo pa ang Panginoong Hesukristo eh meron ng mga prostitute…LOL….

    • Mel Manalo

       according to mackoy jr.  non declaration of millions in the saln does not yet merit impeaching and removing the thief justice…its not yet at that level…………………wala yan sa kalingkingan namin……  noong kapanahunan ng daddy ko lalo na ng martial law mas grabe at engrande ang mga kabulastugan na pinagagawa namin, at take note hindi kami nakukulong…… kaya yang saln na yan so amateurish no merit whatsoever. sina erap at gloria magagaling sila pero amateurs pa rin kumpara sa amin… we are the ultimates, the idols, the inspiration for all wannabee thieves out there

    • hopelovefaith

      i cannot blame you.  kung nakinabang ka personally noong panahon ni marcos then that explains your loyalty.

      you take care.  next time, maghanap buhay ka ng marangal.


  • phantomofhope

    Kudos to the 3 stooges – Miriam, Joker and Bongbong, for bravely going against the majority opinion. Others could have voted for acquittal but chickened out because of political repercussions of going against the Collective Minds of the Social Networkers. Its difficult to live by principles if the stake is very high. Bongbong has proven his objectivity despite the fact that Corona is the author of the SC decision with negative impact to him and his family. 

    “When the furor has died down and this political storm has subsided, I know – that like the lady Justice – we shall find solace in the fact that this decision, though maybe not popular, was fair, impartial and just.” — Bongbong

    • ptoprin


    • catmanjohn

      about as romantically sentimental as monkey puke….

  • KawawaMgaNilalang

    tsk tsk tsk.. mababalik nnmn sa mga cojuangco – aquino family ang hacienda luisita.. tsk tsk tsk party party nnmn cla :))

    • torilirot

      di ka invited? ok lang yan..kami din.

      • KawawaMgaNilalang

        oo nga eh sana man lang mang invite cla.. kaso nakakatakot din.. baka bigla nlng tayo pag babarilin..

  • legnasagra

    Season 1 ends, now starts season 2, the filing of charges, if  we’re lucky enough we will witness how those brigands of the past will stand trial for crimes committed against people’s money

  • PnoyMePagasa

    bat kailangan mo pa ng second life para habulin ang mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno, ngayon na! kaysa napagkakamalan ka na nawawala sa katinuan dahil sa iyong pagsigaw-sigaw sa mga taong di mo gusto, ubusin mo ang iyong lakas at galing sa paghabol sa mga buwaya sa pamahalaan.

    • KawawaMgaNilalang

      wala na po siyang lakas para gawin yun.. aatakihin lang siya sa puso dahil sinasabihan siya ng mga taong wlang pinagaralan na baliw dahil matalino siya..

    • levis2012

       Seriously, qualified ba talaga si Miriam Santiago sa International Court????

  • legnasagra

    Mabuhay si Joker, ipagkampanya si FMJr

  • William Tyre

    so pwede na mang akusa ngayon sa isang tao, at ang ebidensya, haka haka. 

    • KawawaMgaNilalang

      pwedeng pwede na po basta si abnoy pa ang pangulo pede po.. sino po ba gusto ninyong akusahan? :))

      • Gerry

        Ina- akusa kitang ng  pagiging bobo at tanga hahahhaha.

        But  seriously ang bobo mo! 

    • nynz

      ano bang haka haka. di mo ba sinundan ang IT. pati yung explanation ng votes?

    • levis2012

       Wala ka yatang utak… Pakihanap muna ng utak mo kasi nawawala!

  • marz

    What Bill of Rights is Senator Marcos talking about? The same Bill of Rights that his father violated? Please. You dare tell other Senators that they’re stupid? The mere fact that the Chief Justice misinterpreted the law makes him unfit to hold the highest position in our judicial system. You do not tell JPE that he is stupid. 

    • KawawaMgaNilalang

      err.. di po ata kasama si JPE sa sinabihan nya.. di nmn po kase bumoto si JPE eh.. yung mga bumoto lang po ata yung sinabihan nya.. tska po nung panahon nung tatay nya maganda pamumuhay ng pilipinas.. di tulad nung si corny aquino na :))

      • goodguy

        Magsi tulog na lang kayo wala kayong naibibigay na mabuti sa bansa…ini-inis nyo lang ang mamamayan sa hindi constructive na opinion nyo na  pawang negative.

      • KawawaMgaNilalang

        di po ako inaantok eh..

      • mike

        err..nalubog po tau sa utang noon time ni Marco…na hanggang ngaun ay pinagbabayaran natin..check your facts please…thanks

      • marz

        Are you serious? Do you even know what happened during Martial Law? How many people were abducted? Marcos left us with debts and unfinished projects. Do not tell us na maganda pamumuhay ng Pilipinas back then, it was all a facade. Jeez

      • Jezzrel

        its true, mas maganda ang buhay nong panahon ni dating Pres. Marcos.. 

      • raul n

        to those who benefited economically or financially they will say that life under marcos is better. but if you had been a victim of human rights abuse it would be another story. it was when marcos left the country went downhill because they brought with him a lot of loot from the country and bastardizing the election by massive vote buying thus creating a big bad precedent in philippine politics.

      • bellabtennis

        How old are you? 12? 13? Used to reading nothing but fiction and comic books?

      • Jose

        Yeah right.  Masarap kumain ng “namo” yun bang lamang ugat na nakakalason at kailangan mo pang i-process, asinan ng 24 hours at ibabad sa ilog ng husto para at least nakakahilo na lang at di na makamatay.  Kaylan kami napilitang kumain niyan? Panahon ni Makoy.

      • levis2012

         Marcos was the WORST President the country ever had!! PERIOD!

    • Jose

      Bongbong is just true to form and legacy.  pakiramdam niya it’s the right of the powerful to be above the law as was the case during his father reign.  The FCDA is also his father’s laws enforced by several presidential decrees – used to siphon the country’s monies to the extent that it has gone bankrupt by 1985. 

  • Beguine

    You don’t have to be unusually perceptive to deduce why
    Renato Corona got the 3 acquittal votes Corona got.

    (1) Joker Arroyo – remains beholden and clingingly cloyingly
    senilely loyal to Gloria Arroyo, who will have no more protector now
    that Renato Corona is dismissed.

    (2) Bongbong Marcos – the beneficiary of the infamous dictator
    Ferdinand Marcos, still the number 1 thief of ill gotten wealth now
    in the bank accounts of the surviving heirs. Bongbong is sticking
    to the Marcos tradition of villainy and evil-doing.

    (3) Miriam Santiago – will shout you down to vehemently express
    her loyalty to Gloria Arroyo who gave her a new lease on her
    political life and we can only suspect a sizable share of ill gotten
    loot that will and must be subject to the Ombudsman’s litigation.

    Joker, Bongbong, Miriam, attention, next stop for the three of you
    is at the Ombudsman!   

    • KawawaMgaNilalang

      sinabi mo pa.. gagamitin ulit ni abnoy lahat para mawala yan 3.. sila 3 lang kase di takot sa abnoy.. lol

      • Jezzrel

        Correct ka diyan…

    • Christopher

      dapat hindi yung 3 lang ang i Ombudsman… 23 kaya ang senador tas sandamakmak na representatives… dapat may public viewing of SALN haha

  • FernandoBusi

    I don’t think Pnoy can go after these 3 …

    Joker – was pretty closed to the first aquino administration just because he is an arroyo does not mean he is Glorias man his vote was consistent to how he has acted his whole life protecting the rights of individuals which equal for all include whether your pro Corona, Pro Gloria, or Pro Pnoy. 

    Miriam – doesn’t matter shes leaving baka ma bisto pa nag kikita sila sa clinic.

    Marcos – he has his own base the Marcoses are still blindly followed in the North takot lang ni Pnoy to move against him

    Sa totoo lang mas madaling habulin ang mga corrupt sa executive department dun sya dapat mag tuon ng pansin.

    • Christopher

      haha baka nga nagkikita sila sa clinic XD

  • Ryt

    I wonder if Santiago needs to be that hyper in her deliberations or should we need her arrogance in public; or media should boycott her forever.  Indeed she is irritating; if she should be wise as she insists, she should be cool and prudent. And has she been faultless all the years when she is in government? The Ombudsman should investigate her too.

  • pantas_uno

    “What a hypocritical accusation! That’s a problem with this country! We’re all for honest government, but the world condemns us. We have the reputation of being a corrupt country!” – face the mirror and say this again! the answer is there, you’ve been into politics for how many decades, you can best answer your question why we have the reputation of being a corrupt country! nagsusumigaw na ang katotohanan kung sino ang nagsisinungaling gusto pa ring baluktutin? 

  • Christopher

    actually hindi lang ang 3 guys na yan ang dapat kilatisin… remember the elected senators and congressmen na paulit ulit sa pwesto sila ang nagsasabi sa tao ng malinis na daan yet the Philippines in a wider picture is going down. every story has more than one side we can never tell right away nor become judgmental at madalas kasi bugso ng damdamin ang nakikita natin and sometimes kung ano ang na sesensationalized sa media yun ang nagiging simpatya ng tao. well let us just hope na may good guys na totoo pa sa politika hindi yung superficial goodness >.<

  • Gerry

    Santiago -“he who is without sin, cast the first stone,” Santiago accused the
    prosecution for pointing an accusing finger at the Chief Justice, when
    the whole country was actually mired in corruption.

    If we fallow your line of thinking, no one will ever go to jail, we have lots or rotten police, judge, and politicians. happy happy nalang ba kanya-kayang diskarte lang tutal pare pareho lang tayo at one point in time are all with sins.

    • pipsirho

      Kumusta naman kaya nong nasa Customs yung asawa niya? Siya ba ay hindi nabahiran ng mga gawain kinemumuhihan niya? Nagtatanong lang?

    • vicmesar

       in effect, brainda is asking for a status quo. Kung judge pa yan, nag isyu agad yan ng TRO. Hay!

      We must start the cleaning somewhere!!! If it must start with Corona, be it. He might be the agent of history – yun lang, what kind of agent?

      Why these supposed intelligent people can just see a piece of the pie – instead of the whole pie.  This is politics anyway.

      Kaya yung mga matitinong tao talaga ayaw sa politics, di masikmura.


  • Mel Manalo

    according to mackoy jr.  non declaration of millions in the saln does
    not yet merit impeaching and removing the thief justice…its not yet at
    that level…………………wala yan sa kalingkingan namin…… 
    noong kapanahunan ng daddy ko lalo na ng martial law mas grabe at
    engrande ang mga kabulastugan na pinagagawa namin, at take note hindi
    kami nakukulong…… kaya yang saln na yan so amateurish no merit
    whatsoever. sina erap at gloria magagaling sila pero amateurs pa rin
    kumpara sa amin… we are the ultimates, the idols, the inspiration for
    all wannabee thieves out there

    • levis2012

       Dapat nga PALAYASIN NA LAHAT ANG PAMILYANG MARCOSES NA YAN SA PILIPINAS!!!  Nakakasukang ibinoboto pa yang mga yan ng mga PILIPINO matapos BABUYIN ng PAMILYANG YAN ANG PILIPINAS!!!

  • Leonardo

    Senators; Arroyo & Marcos, tama po kayo, tunay naman na ginamit ng government ang lahat ng dapat gamitin laban sa Chief Justice Renato C. Corona, kasi ang kaso: The People of the Philipines Vs. Chief Justice Renato C. Corona.
    Senator M. D. Santiago, tunay naman na expert ka sa rule of law at master mo ang The Philippine Constitution, kaya lang po kung pwede sana, maging mahinahon at banayad kayo sa inyong pagsasalita o’ pagpapaliwanag, upang hindi masakit sa tainga ng mga nakikinig.

    • George

      Leonardo, you are an idiot!!!

    • Melchor Sonza

       buhay nga nmn,,aminin mo sa sarili mo na kinokondina mo ang marcos,@arroyo..pero dhil bomoto sila sa manok mo,kinalimutan mo ng kinamuhian mo rn tong 3 bugok na to,,taksil ka mismo sa sarili mo,,ikaw ang simbolo na pagpapatunay na mahilig ka sa hueting dhil kung di pula puti ka,,balimbing

  • mel bercel

    marami pa rin ang in-denial

  • Mel Manalo

    ay sorry i forgot to give credit to my mommy… she is our butterfly … she put style and beauty into corruption

  • WeAry_Bat

    When I was in college, I had a great opinion of her for her work in Bureau of Immigration.  But a fellow boarder, a Lebanese told me of foreigners like him suffering from graft and corruption under her watch. 

    Like what best to hide doing something is by, as if, being against that thing.

    Sure enough, out came news of a certain vehicle and massage chair.  You won’t see these in the sanitized version of her life in Wikipedia.  Is it that simple, have a few decades pass by, then hints of misdeeds are omitted.

    I some rants against Joker.  I used to look up to him too.  Now, he seems no better to me than the germs on the floor.

    My misgivings of BM… Anyone from PCGG would have predicted correctly his vote, as they have hints of huge dollar accounts abroad.  Huh, that would make his SALN look very minuscule.

    All in all, they sure looked pretty together.

  • hopelovefaith

    during corrupt ferdinand marcos days, we cringe in fear to talk anything negative in public. 

    i cannot believe i will live to this day that i can see those who abuse their power are removed from their position through legal means. this was unheard of during corrupt marcos days.

    i hope corona’s downfall will serve as a lesson what awaits those public officials who are in position to make themselves wealthy.

    swerte ng mga marcoses dahil hindi pa matatalino noon ang mga Filipino. 

    hurray for the OFWs, the new breed of well-informed Filipinos na hindi na pwedeng linlangin ng mga mapagsamantalang opisyales.  this new breed of Filipinos have experienced how civilized nations practice democracy. 


  • JuanTamadachi

    Now this is downright insulting the intelligence of the Filipino people. What kind of NAKED POWER did Marcos Sr. use to declare martial law and pillage the country’s coffers if not the “NAKEDEST” ?? It seems like Marcos Jr. has conveniently forgotten this tragic chapter of our nation’s history; and as for JOKER, well, his name says it all. What a big pathetic JOKE he has become.

    • raul n

      may bagong alliance ngayon joker arroyo and marcos. LOL. in politics talaga there are no  permanent friends but permanent interest. Ninoy Aquino and Cory  must have been turning & squirming in their tombs right now.

    • Tooco


      I did not realize that the Filipinos had any intelligence to

      • Hector

        you will be surprised!! Not all Filipinos succumb to greed and lies!

      • JuanTamadachi

        Of course we do, except for one (1) solitary exception.. Guess who that is..

      • Tooco

         Hahahahahahaha, but I am not a Flip. So your statement is surely directed towards yourself. Eat it unggoy.

  • Maitum

    Ferdinand Marcos Jr. – They have so much of these during their times. These undeclared wealth of the CJ is just a dust in the wind compared to what the Dictator amassed.
    And for Joker, kung bad ka, lagot ka. Really?
    Merriam is leaving for the International Criminal Justice. Happy trip and the best of luck. 

  • hopelovefaith

    Bongbong Marcos–if you leave us, you will not be missed. 

    You continue to put salt on the open wound of the Filipinos who experienced the oppressive of your father.

    Of course, you will not believe us because your bank account has the money that was supposed to be for the impoverished Fillipinos. 

    Please go, leave us, take your sisters with you.  It is less painful for us if we can bury your family’s legacy forever.


  • big dawg

    Kapal ng mukha ni Meriam, how long has she been in public office? what has she done to curve corruption? and now she’s defending a thief because it’s a common trait among politicians? haay.. wala nang pagasa ang pilipinas kc icoconvert ng mga politiko lahat ng ninakaw nila into dollars and meriam is there to defend them

  • DannyGane

    Sen. Meriam Santiago:
    We will all gonna die, that is certain. If you believe in God, you will ask, am i prepared to die? Otherwise, you are lucky coz it does not matter anymore…

  • Lord_patawad

    yan ang mali. pag makapangyarihan ang may sala, the law became “flawed”. nalimutan agad ni bong2 at brenda yung clerk of court na naalis dahil sa may na ommit sa SALN.

    • Sky Blue

       on the otherhand, hindi kaya mali ang desisyon noon ng supreme court na sibakin yung clerk of court. I mean thinking the other way around, yung mali nang supreme court noon pwedeng itama ngayon. Sa pamamagitan ng pag acquit sa CJ mismo. Anu to, ganti gantihan na lang. haha, naisip ko lng

      Pro may magandang dulot din ang conviction, everyone can be subjected to investigation and conviction.

  • leeclayton

    madam santiago, the reason why the philippines is still in the list of corrupt countries is because of people like you who would shout to high heavens to keep the status quo. you should be ashame of yourself when you are calling people hypocrites when you yourself is the worst kind. it is good for the country that the great majority of filipinos now understands how you think. for you, it is good if everybody does it. and finally, did you ever find out why your favorite son killed himself or are you scared to tell the truth?

  • Hunya

    We should also investigate Imelda.  How did she become the second richest when she has been saying they don’t have money and they did not steal.  Anyway she will have one sure not guilty vote from her son Bongbong in case she got impeached too.

    • levis2012

      The late dictator Marcos plundered this nation for 20 years!  He used dummies left and right and deposited his loot abroad, in Switzerland in particular, where the ABSOLUTE BANK DEPOSIT CONFIDENTIALITY was and is still strictly followed to this very day.  Even if this clan of Marcoses lived in another 100 years without working, the STOLEN billions of money by MARCOS will be enough to support and sustain them…. UNTIL now the PCGG FAILED to recover these plundered MONEY by the Marcoses…. The same money being used by these Marcoses to return to power and start to CREEP back slowly again into the corridors of power…. Their final objective is to occupy Malacanang and the main ACTOR is Bongbong Marcos…. Expect this Marcos clone to run for President in DUE TIME… May God have mercy for our country and NOT permit this Dictator’s family ruin this country again.

      • balut123

        pag kumandidato ang ugok na marcos na yan….kelangan laging mga streamers na…  NEVER AGAIN!

  • caramoan

    Lacson has stated that Corona taught corporate law and taxation and he should have understand accounting not to state in his SALN his dollar accounts. But Lacson who mastered criminology hid his dollars in billions in Cayman Island and Switzerland, a “wais” man.

  • nereottierra

    It’s a pity to see how Joker transforms from a maverick stateman into a goat

  • Melchor Sonza

    may god answer miriam wish!!that god would strike her dead,,,,and fatal,,

    • Jose

      Botcha! Double dead?

      • Mario_Garcia

        triple even…

    • balut123

      nagtaka nga ako kung bakit di bumulagta nung nagsasalita…..akala ko ba high blood si Brenda?…yung mga sigaw na yun was enough to raise her BP…kung di pa siya pinuna ni Enrile hindi pa niya tatapusin yung pagyayabang niya….akala mo naman kung sinong matalino eh…76.5 % passer lang naman siya compared sa mga iba diyan….PWE!

      Petition ICJ to recall her appointment…..lalong lalabas tayong nakakahiya!

  • levis2012

    For Santiago to say that she will investigate herself is really nuts! She really has a mental problem.

  • Joey Villanueva

    Remember them oh people of a Great nation.

  • joboni96

    ang ulyanin at
    ang di maintindihan

    without the legalization of corona’s
    unconstitutional appointment
    by corona and cohorts

    we would not have suffered
    this unnecessary process

    good use of presidential power

  • alienpatriot

    It should be a surprise to few that the representative of the marcos elite does not understand the need to remove corrupt people from office. His own family were a great example of what happens when the corrupt are allowed to stay for decades in positions of power. This country has never recovered what it lost from their looting.

  • manual47

    This “goof ball” Santiago did it again and again.  Every time she open her mouth, illogical words  always come out of her big mouth.  The Philippines is considered one of the corrupt country because of the officials like Corona and the rest of the gang in the government.  Just to think of Bongbong Marcos who has the guts to vote for acquittal is beyond comprehension.  When you think about it, some of his wealth may have also come from unknown source or corrupt father.  If Bongbong Marcos could not accept the fact that the purpose of this impeachement trial was to determine whether Corona was an honest, capable and fit to run one of the main bodies of the government, the judicial, then Bongbong Marcos including his two colleague, Joker Arroyo and “goof ball” Santiago, must be in another world of their own.  Knowing now what Corona has done for years and just came to light now because of this impeachement trial, in my opinion, Corona was not a capable and honest official who’s fit to run the Supreme Court.   People may been naive in some ways on how the government run it’s function, but people are intelligent enough to know and can sense when an official is corrupt or not.  And for these three senators who would not able to recognize that fact, that Corona was not an honest person, then these three senators also are not fit to hold the position they have now.   They are on denial, as I see it.  Shame on these three senators……..

    • levis2012

       kANINO Pa ba papanig si Bongbong kundi sa KATIWALIAN… Alangan namang hindi niya panigan ang kanyang AMANG DIKTADOR at PINAKATIWALING naging PRESIDENTE NG PILIPINAS!!!!

      • Sky Blue

         Despite I wanted the CJ’s conviction, sa tingin ko hindi naman dapat kondenahin ang mga senator judge na nag acquit sakanya, alalahanin natin kahit na yung mga bumoto ng conviction, ang ilan sa kanila ay nanguna pa rin ang personal na interest (might be the upcoming election) for voting.

        Hindi rin naman dapit na ipasa kay Bong2 yung mali ng ama nya.

  • oracle888

    Joker and Bong, until now your thought and logic are still blinded by your greed and ignorance!

    It is not the “naked power” that convicted Corona, it is the naked TRUTH!

  • balut123

    The picture above seems odd….a prisoner during Martial Law and the son of his jailer….iba talaga ang nagagawa ng pera…

    Kelangan i acquit ni Marcos jr si Corona….kasi sino pa ang magtutulungan kundi ang mga kampon ng mandarambong!!!!!

    This Marcos guy will be a one term senator!,,,,

  • Gerardo

    palibhasa nag uunahan yang mga apelyido nyo sa first place ng mga pinaka kawatan sa Pinas! mga ulul!!

  • oracle888

    Did Bong Marcos want Corona to be the C J so the latter can protect his family’s vast ill-gotten wealth by his notorious father?

  • Carrmela

    The Ombudsman should also go after the 20 senator judges and the congressmen who have skeletons in their closet. To the CHIEF PROSECUTOR/PRESIDENT, what now the HACIENDA LUISITA FARMERS???????

    • balut123

      kaw ba yan Nato???…HLI na naman…..

  • Cho

    erroneous SALN,” he said………Anu sa palagay nya sa Government ntin…Trial and Error…Bat ayaw nya hatulan kaagad ng parusa…And next….imbestigahan ang todo saan nya nkuha ang sangkatutuk na yaman,,at ikulong kaagad,,as of now removal..Omb dsctn shud put in jail.

  • bornpinoy


    • marco

      define morals..? maybe according to your own lifestyles

  • WAJ

    Joker, Meriam, and Bong-bong, dapat kayo maghugas ng inyong mga kamay, may ginawa rin kayong hindi tama sa mata ng tao. Kaya tumahimik na lang kayo. Kailangan na ang pagbabago sa Pilipinas dapat ninyong ituwid ang landas ng bawan..Simulan na ninyo ngayon at huwag kayong ngak ng ngak…

    • jimjones111


      • WAJ

        Magbasa ka nga ng news. Di mo ba alam na ang Supreme Court, pati na si Pnoy ay pumapayag na ang lahat ng judges ay kailangan ibulatlay nila and kanilang mga assets. Sumusunod na sila sa gusto ng presidente pagkatapos ng deliveration ng impeachment hearing…manga nasa kaliwa magbago na kayo para sa ikauunlad ng bayan…

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 9:34 PM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Arroyo, Marcos: Aquino administration used ‘naked power’ to secure Corona conviction

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        jimjones111 wrote, in response to WAJ:

  • levis2012

     Dalawang Dekadang rule ni Marcos at isang dekadang rule ni Gloria…. sobrang na RAPE ANG PILIPINAS!!!

    • cane-juice

       You mean, Levis.., “the ‘ rapist birds’ flock together.!”

  • jorgeds

    I firmly believe that the constitution explicitly assigned the determination of an impeachable offense solely to the house of representatives and the determination whether the impeached is guilty or not is explicitly assigned solely to the senator-judges. Joker, Miriam and Bongbong where at the wrong place doing the wrong job and should have been at the house of representatives arguing that corona’s non-disclosure of his true SALN does not rise as an impeachable offense instead. Really Miriam, the three of you are like the three stooges and very laughable too…

  • jimjones111


    • nakawan

      whatever it was it was well worth it. for all his merits, Corona wasn’t a very good CJ anyway

      • cane-juice

         For that matter…, he wasn’t even a very good lawyer.

        Look what happened to his case when he testified.
        Against the very solid advise of his lead counsel, justice Cuevas,
        he, Corona, testified (following the advised of that ‘lady’ from Iloilo.)

        Pag-katapus, tatakbo pa sana.
        Nang mahuli, nag pa sakit-sakitan.

        A lawyer of questionable capability, indeed.

    • panaloangtotoo2

      Hahaha…isa pa tong kampon ni Brenda…nababaliw na rin, hahaha

      • jimjones111

        nagmamalinis d naman pumirma ng waiver.. taong bayan kayo ang hahatol..

      • dell reyes

        tago mo muna mga kwitis nyo brod..trabaho muna kayo dyan sa SC.. dami kaso nakatambak nilulumot,.nakatapos na pagaaral ang mga anak nyo hindi pa madesisyunan mga kaso…haiisssstt..

      • njtp8

        Alam natin na yun waiver, drama lang. Nahuli na kasi kaya nagmamalinis. Taumbayan nga ang hahatol…guilty as charged based on 70% of Filipinos surveyed.
        So please, tama na ang sourgraping. Di ka ba babayaran ni corona kung talo sya?

    • Mickey

      Humatol na ang bayan. A Resounding GUILTY verdict.
      Good riddance to your sponsor. The Thief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines is now EXCUSED.

    • cane-juice

       Is this the only answer to an argument that you can think of…
      “mag bayad nang pork barrel?”

      Is this all that you have learned from almost a decade of ex-PGMArroyo rule…?

  • gener ver

    Sana nga God strike Defensor-Santiago dead. She has not done anything but to boast of her being a trial judge knowledge of the law. Yet she didn’t judged Corona based on law but she claimed that it’s not right that they judge Corona because some senators are not also truthful about their SALN. Why don’t she file a complaint also to the ombudsman of her claim. Why ask for another life to do it? Her talk is non-sense; empty words coming from a lawyer claiming to have full knowledge of the law.

    And to Joker Arroyo: if he thinks that this is political assassination so be it. You have done nothing with your election promise: “Pag bad ka lagot ka!” You are as guilty as Corona Mr J Arroyo. Tumatanda ka ng paurong. 

    And to Marcos: this is just vengeance for him. You don’t deserve a second term.

    • cane-juice

       Wala “class” talaga nitong bruha.
      Walang ginawa kundi mag bigay malysia sa pinag pahayag nang ibang senator-judges.
      Gusto nya nga sya lang ang paking-gan.
      Umalis, nang walang bisa habang nag-sasalita ang kanyang “kasimanwa”. si Sen.Drilon.

  • panaloangtotoo2

    Bakit ba sobrang yabang at sobra ang yaman ng Bongbhong na yan? Saan ba galing ang pera na yan? Ninana sa mga magnanakaw at mamamatay taona magulamg?

  • jimjones111


  • jimjones111


    • dell reyes

      Dami nyan ah..Pesos ba o dollar?.. para malinaw lang kabayan..

    • cane-juice

       Allegations. ONLY Allegations. Nothing BUT EMPTY pronouncements…, here.
      Do you have any proof to your “expose”…, jimjones111…? ? ?

    • JuanTamadachi


  • pinklace88

    Mga ganitong klase ng mga pulitiko ang dapat binabato ng kamatis. ang kakapal ng mga mukha, mga tao ang bumoto sa kanila pero ang ipagtatanggol ang kalaban ng bansa, iibahin ang meaning ng batas at bulag ang konsensiya palibhasa lusaw na mga konsensiya lalo na tong miriam na ito, bakit hindi pa itapon to kung ssan lupalop malayo sa pilipinas. sobrang corrupt daw ng pilipinas eh di dapat sya unang mahiya, ang tagal na nya sa gobyerno anung ginagawa nya against corruption, ngayun na may nagta trabaho ng matino, kung anu anung kaletsehan ang ida daldal.

    • Enviroclean

      very well said.

  • tonto_ka

    the three stooges were blinded by GREED hence can not distinguished what is right from wrong…

    • alienpatriot

      To be fair to Miriam, she did not act out of greed. She acted out of ego and just general craziness. Is it better to be baliw than corrupt? Maybe we can ask the senator but the evidence of the first is much stronger than that for the second.

    • Enviroclean

      ang galing. hahaha.

  • kishbuff

    Hahahaha, tingnan mo nga naman ang twist of fate. Dati itong joker na ito ang number one kalaban ni marcos, NGAYON CLOSE NA SILA! HAHAHAHA! LATER ON, si joker arroyo na ang magpa-file ng resolution para ilibing si makoy sa libingan ng mga bayani! tsk tsk tsk kapalaran nga naman….

    • cane-juice

       Alam mo naman…, “MONEY TALKs, very loudly”.
      I guess, somebody is preparing to set-up his/her a comfortable retirement “nest”;

  • jose_avila

    Sariling opinyon ko lang.  Corona is one of the first that ruled out against Marcos in favor of government, about 700M pesos worth of ill gotten wealth ang nabalik sa Govt sana magamit ng tama ng kasalukuyang Gobyerno yung pera kung nabalik man. Kala ko nga for conviction ang boto ni Marcos Jr. Anyway the question of the day is how we can move on from here sana magandang umpisa na to. Good thing with the President is his firm determination to finish this impeachment although I still cant see how this ruling can be a start to get rid of corruption in this country. Malaki rin naubos ng Gobyero na pera. sa mga nag sulong ng impeachment kasama na rin yung media propaganda me online voting pa nga eh. If this verdict against Corona can be  good start for a better Government siguro tatahan na rin ng kaiiyak si Madam Miriam. at si Joker naman pinanganak yata na oposisyon talaga yung tao na yan I like yung picture nila ni Marcos Jr. together sa news article na to. Peace po tayo.

  • kilabot

    of course! pimps and prostitutes are used to “naked”. they just do what they do best.

    let’s give them what they wish, naked. Sign Waiver and Release Saln PPP !! then we’ll see if they’re spotless as claimed.

  • andrutan

    those 3 stooges should stop masquerading as defenders of the system when, in fact, they are defenders of the thieves.They wasted precious airtime, grandstanding notwithstanding, to attack the very process they were taking, and yet they glorified it by voting for acquittal? there seems to be a  disjoint somewhere in what these guys are saying and doing. If they really didnt believe in the process, the more logical and honorable thing to do was to vote for abstention. I don’t want to participate in this! ganon! hindi kung ano anong habla tapos they vote for acquittal. Eh di malinaw na biased ang voting nila. It was clear they they werent looking at it with impartial eyes. Of course, it wouldn’t have mattered naman because these guys are in the same pit as the ex-chief, but they wasted our precious time with all that in-your-face hypocrisy of the higest degree. Sabagay, what can you expect naman from thieves if they are thieves themselves. And that marcos son? hahaha need i say more?

  • Life Guard

    Ano Kamo FERDNINAND MARCOS JR….can you elaborate your accusation again?
    Of all the senators, YOU, among all others, is starting an accusation about usurping all government resources to convict one political officer of the land?
    Ikaw bay nakalimot sa mga kahayupang ginawa ng mismong TATAY mo?
    At ngayon ikaw mag aarteng kung sinong santo?  ILAN BANG TAO ANG PINAPAPATAY NG PAMILYA MO NOONG PANAHON? at ngayon, ikaw pa ang nangungunsinti?HOY….ang mga tao HINDI MGA TANGA, HINDI KAMI NAKAKALIMOT SA MGA GINAWA NG PAMILYA MO SA AMING BANSA.  naninindig balahibo ko sa pagbabasa ng mga komento mo?
    PWE!!!! wala kang karapatan….

    • prangka

      Payag ka bang ibintang ko sa iyo ang pang gagahasa ng tatay mo sa iyong kapatid? Tama ba na magdusa ang anak sa kasalanan ng magulang?

    • cane-juice

       LifeGuard: Hindi ‘ka Nag-i-isa…! ! !

  • RubenC

    Whatever legalese Arroyo, Defensor-Santiago and Marcos vociferate, it can’t cover the fact that Corona did not declare accurately his assets and liabilities in the SALN as required by law. Instead of strengthening the SALN law, he tried to find loopholes in it and use these to hide his wealth. But truth will always surface and as Murphy’s Law stated: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. Corona, through his own fatal blunder, revealed the truth unknowingly. As always, truth shall set us free  and and his selt-exposure of his wealth has set us free from a morally unfit Chief Justice.  

  • linsanity17

    I love my country, but I fear this communist government…

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    I totally agree with Joker….

    This is not justice but rather persecution of the abnoy in malacanang together with his pimps in congress…..

    Still waiting for them to sign the waiver….

    tsk tsk tsk……

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    It is clear that votes were done based on party affiiations and reelection ambitions…

    too bad for the Philipines….

    Again, in order to prove me wrong.. I am still waiting for the president, tongressman and drilon to sign the waiver… until then, this is just another power struggle and persecution in the highest form….

    tsk tsk tsk……

  • cane-juice

    Karamihan nang pro-Joker sa kanila mga komento…, nga, kung si Justice Cuevas pa mag salita, ay “You are out of order. Your comments are immaterial and irrelevant.”

    Hoy, mag stick to the issues.

    Saan ang iyong mga boses nang mag “rape of democracy” ang administrashion ni ex-PGMA..?

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    The country has just plunged back to the martial law era without the noytards seeing it… 

    tsk tsk tsk…..

  • asantoni

    Okay yong mga naka panalo sa kaso ni CJ. I hope the whole nation can now move on and stop adding salt to injury. Now let us see what help it does for the country.  Let us all be wacthfull for all this politician if they will live up to what they are saying. In fact I highly recommend that the former chief Justice to organize a group to watch all this tongressman and senatong, including the KKK group and all goverment official to the lowest level if they will all act as pure as ceasars wife.l

  • Peregrino Natividad

    RULE OF LAW has been uphold with a landslide votes of 20 – 3!

  • JF

    mas kapanianiawala and kanilang mga explanation sa aming gma edukadong tao kesa sa mga dada ng dada dyan…….kung ayaw nyo sa knila di hwg nyong ibotto..o baka naman nabibili din kayo?

  • Russell Ariola

    Parang sinabing NABAYARAN ang 20 senadores?

    Napakalaking e t y a s na pag-iisip ng dalawang senadores na eto.

    Tapos na panahaon ni fake pres. Arroyo.

    Di na uso yang bayaran.. kung meron man kayo lang dalawa Joker at Ferdie Martial-Law.

  • alexrmadriaga

    You three, Parasites-Bloodsuckers(Arroyo,Santiago,Marcos), the Filipino People are so much, very much happy if you will evaporate from the Senate. You can not deserve to spend even a one  centavo of the taxpayers money. Dont pretend that you are intelligient while the real-fact that you are stupid, foolish, rotten-brained. Malayong mas maraming matatalino na mga Ordinaryong Pilipino kaysa sa inyo. No wonder if these Arroyo and Santiago are like these because they reached already their insanity period but this Marcos Jr is still young but has a very low, poor intelligience.

  • JuanTamadachi


  • njtp8

    Arroyo is now a maverick for corrupt officials.
    Marcos, Jr…what else would you expect ? The name itself spells corrupt.
    Santiago, sana nga tamaan ng kidlat. Baka sakali tumino. Pero, Lord, wag Ninyo po bigyan ng second life…Kunin Nyo na po. Magdadala ng kahihiyan sa ICJ para sa Pilipinas. Palenkera ang bibig. Hindi pang Senador.

  • Titus5

    Senators Arroyo and Marcos cited that the government used all its resources to get a conviction. But of course. Isn’t it government’s function to do just that to convict criminals as well as crooks in government? This is implied in St. Paul’s instructions to Roman Christians. He said, “For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you.” Romans 13:3 (NIV)

  • Lawrence

    Opposition within the senate is healthy. Stupid opposition is just plain dangerous.

    I’m assuming that those that say this is “martial law” haven’t really lived through Marcos’ martial law (I am not referring to Joker who appears to be afflicted with senility). If it were, we wouldn’t be reading about it in paper and all you’ll hear on the radio is static.

    These were democratically elected senators going through a constitutional mandated process overwhelmingly supported by majority of the people.

    The people are not stupid. We are watching this administration. One misstep and we are the first ones going to the streets.

    Martial law? Pffft.

    • Russell Ariola

      Sinabi mo ser. Bulls eye!

    • I_kabod

       I’m assuming that those that say this is “martial law” haven’t really lived through Marcos’ martial law – tumbok mo!

  • Russell Ariola

    E-embistigahan daw ni Brainda ang sarili nya.

    Parang napanuod ko yun sa cine… multiple personality disorder.

    Nagsasagutan yung left and right side lobes ni Brainda.

    Right-hand side Brainda:”As required by law under Article XI Section 17 of the 1987 Constitution and Section 8 of Republic Act No. 6713, the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, I am hereby tasked to check, analyze, investigate and review your SALN… ”

    Left-side Brainda: ” In as much as a waiver is pertinent into such preceedings you are about to enact, the sanctity of whatever information you can obtain, deluded or not to the intent, is already gone and therefore…. Blah.. blah.. blah! “

  • Arafura

    The 3 senadors…very so out of touch.  I suspect they are hiding something.  Hope the new breeds dig them up. 

  • Lila


    • curatolo

      Nagtataka nga ako bakit binoboto pa itong Brenda, wala ngang ginawa kundi bastusin ang mga kapwa nya senador at mga congressman. Tandaan ninyo nung bagong upo sila escudero at iba pa, hindi sya puedeng kontrahin kasi bago pa lang sila kuno. So magising na tayo wag nang pabalikin sa senado o maski ano position itong Brenda, bayaan na lang nating magkalat sa Intl court, tapos sabihin natin di yan Pilipino, ibang lahi yan.

  • Rae_E

    Twisted officials, twisted people. This is the price we have to pay for failing to hold the Marcoses accountable for their excesses. We failed by not seizing the moment after Edsa 1 but God’s given us another chance right now w/ Corona’s conviction. I hope Filipinos won’t go “soft” again on the corrupt officials w/ our twisted sense of “awa & kawawa”. God help us!

  • alexfrommactan

    It is a long standing truth that politicians are slaves to public
    opinion (Watch the movie “Gladiator”). And public opinion can be right or

    Enrile is correct that history will be the judge if the decision
    is right or wrong as everything will be clear in the hind sight.

    I hope Corona will not make appeals (to SC) as earlier
    indicated as it will only prolong the pain and division among people.

    So let us go back to our lives and move on. The show is over.

  • curatolo

    Tama sabi ni Erap, sa politiko, walang permanenteng kaibigan at kaaway, tignan mo Joker at Bong  Bong M , nakasama pa si Brenda, Patay na.

  • Arafura

    Have you noticed, Webb is always present at the trial?  I dont believe because he’s got nothing else to do.  I wonder…hmmmm. 

    • doublecross

       lobbying for coronas acquittal….alam mo naman nagbayad din siya kay corona ng $$$$$$$$….just for the sake of his son alibi.

  • Tristanism

    Joker Arroyo, when Gloria declared MARTIAL LAW in Mindanao in December 2009 due to the Maguindanao Massacre, here’s what you had to say:

    “The government has now responded to impose Martial Law not nationwide or the entire Philippines, but limited only to the province of Maguindanao and not beyond its borders and adjacent provinces. The proclamation affects roughly 250,000 Maguindanaoans, not the entire 85 million Filipinos.” (12/06/2009 Philstar)
    Joker Arroyo, where was your indignation speech about 1972 and grave abuse of power? Where was your speech about the government’s participation in the creation of the powerful Ampatuan clan?

    Joker Arroyo, HOW DARE YOU!

  • noypisiTED

    Now, that we’re through with the former Chief cook errr…justice Corona’s impeachment trial, the government might as well finish off the hanging hidden-wealth of the Marcoses and bring these back to the country. But before anything more, I just would humbly want to say to Joker Arroyo and Bong Marcos – f__k the two of you!

  • Adam Palma

    Isa lang po ang masasabi ko mga kababayan: UNBELIEVABLE! Hindi ko po matanggap na may mga senador po pala tayong iba ang takbo ng isip. The issue here is that may kaso ang former chief justice, whom the senator judges convicted 20-3. Guilty. Pero may tatlo pong iba ang pananaw.

    Pasensya na po Sen. Joker, I really, really thought and believed that you are for the Filipino people. Nagkamali po ako. Malamang napakarami pong nagkamali rin sa pagtitiwala sa inyo. Oh, and by the way, you are an Arroyo.

    Good riddance Sen. Santiago! I hope and pray that God grants you your wish minus the second life. 

    And Sen. Marcos, sorry, you will not have my vote. The Filipinos do not need a senator who does not think. Mas mabuti po sana kung nag-abstain na lang kayo.

  • Missy G

    Just in time to appeal Hacienda Luisita!

    • alienpatriot

       Lets see if they do. I think not. I think everyone concerned understands that the Hacienda decision is final and over. The decision would have been the same if Carpio was CJ. It won’t change now.

      • Vito Corleone

        Missy G, Did you know how much the cojuangco family lost in Hacienda Luisita, it is billions of Pesos, do you think kung ikaw siguro ang pangulo, niligawan mo na lang si Corona at pinabayaan na lang na maupo siya for the next 6 years para lang makuha nila bilyon of pesos. 6 years as a president will not earn you probably not even 1 billion pesos. somebody, somewhere, should do the first step, para naman mabawasan ang corruption sa bansa natin. at least our president is doing it, i don’t mind if what he is doing for the next 5 years ay ipakulong ang mga corrupt Government Official maski wag na siyang magtrabaho nang iba pa, our economy will automatically prosper kapag nawala ang corruption, lalong lalo na sa BIR, BOC, DPWH, GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES.

      • Bayani

         I agree to the fullest. May pagasa na ang Pilipinas!

  • unc_sammy

    All gray matters taken during the impeachment must be reviewed specially some provisions of the Constitution, in order to be amended to become more specific. Some laws, specially those covering SALN, the foreign currency deposits and the AMLC need to be revised with more elaborate procedures and application.

  • sacrebleau

    Joker you fool, didn’t you walk out in the impeachment trial against Estrada? You are just a tired joke.

  • panhase

    What is Senator Santiago actually saying? That the Chief justice should not have been impeached because there are others who are also crooks? What kind of argument is that for a supposedly soooo brilliant lawyer and former trial judge? If one should take this statement seriously no person can ever be brought to trial because there will always be somebody else who committed the same offense. And if one wants to fight corruption, one has to start somewhere.
    As the saying goes, every journey starts with the first step.

    • bing m

      Amen to that!!!

    • Bayani

       Totally! As the story goes, the fisherman cannot catch all the fish in the lake. But that does not mean he will stop fishing.
      Hindi ko nga maintindihan itong si Santiago kung marunong ba talaga o hindi.

      • Toby Maguire

        Mataas pa score ko sa bar sa kanya

    • anu12345

       That’s because all pro-corona people haven’t heard yet the overly used phrase “who’s on trial here”

      In one of her outbursts, she said it’s common practice for politicians to withdraw their money in December and then deposit it back in January.  We all know that CJ was questioned why he withdrew big amounts right after his impeachment. So, the Ombudsman should take note. Why does she know about this hiding of wealth during SALN filing?

  • Mister_Expose

    If you walk, talk, and act like a dictator, you must be one. 

  • Vito Corleone

    “Alluding to what Jesus Christ said on John 8:7, “he who is without sin, cast the first stone,” Santiago accused the prosecution for pointing an accusing finger at the Chief Justice, when the whole country was actually mired in corruption.”

    This is the very reason why our country is mired with corruption, Our Electred Government Officials, knows everything about the corruption in their own backyard but they never did anything to avoid this, they just ignore all of this like nothing, pare pareho lang naman tayo bakit pa tayo magpapaimpeach nang ating mga kasama sa Gobyerno. Santiago ang tagal mo na sa Gobyerno pero di pa rin mawala ang corruption kasi nga pinababayaan nyo lang. you’re talking about the LAW, appointment of CJ Renato Corona is already a violation of our Constitution but did you and Arroyo and Marcos did ever lift a hand. tama ka pare pareho lang kayong lahat, one thing is sure, magtatagal pa ang buhay mo, masama ka kasing damo.

  • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

    Even if it was not her honest intentions, I appreciate lady gaga merriam for telling the entire nation that almost all of them are corrupt and thieves that’s why the country is mired in poverty and always ranks among the most corrupt. We the people must take this unintended revelation to heart that our supposed leaders have been fooling us for so long and they are getting richer every day while we the people are getting poorer and suffering more each day. this should be the greatest LESSON to be learned from the recently concluded impeachment teledrama. That corona – a big crook – has been exposed and removed is good. But there are bigger crooks in our midst and there are many of them and they are just laughing around as they will be elected again and again until we the electorate don’t elect corrupt candidates again. There are no crooks where there are no gullible or stupid electorate, no masters where there are no slaves for at the end of the day, we the people will get what we fairly deserve despite being entertained once in a while with big crooks being unlucky and getting caught!

    • Diepor

      Most of us already knows this. Its how it works ,we do favors for those who are close to us , and we get favors back. If there is something that we want to be done fast, there is some money under the table.  Its in all layers of society.

  • syano

    Joker and a Marcos. am tempted to say strange bedfellows. Who was it who accused de Quiros of being a Marcos spy? as it turns out, may be it was the Joker who was the spy as he now consorts with his former master’s son. But then, you put Miriam into the mix and what have we got? How insane can this world get!

    • amelius23

      That means you will obtain a comingled votes for CJ R. Corona,  but the comingled votes were not enough to sustain an acquittal even if they have to double their votes, only a maximum of 6, kulang pa rin.

  • w4d

    Sen. Santiago wants another life to investigate all corrupt officials….what for? She had one staring at her face and she completely missed her chance. No wonder corruption strives well in our country.

    Now we know what these politicians are telling GOD when they go to church that they have to seat at the very front pew – “next lifetime nalang, po…..”


    Bongbong commenting on the use of naked power. that’s funny.

    • Bayani

       Funny and morbidly ridiculous!

      • kewl_guy2005

         bakit naman funny?

      • Toby Maguire

        because he spent peoples money while in London while is papa used naked power, inter alia, to have his way in prostituting every institution in the Philippines including the military

  • tower_of_power

    The JOKER was just being himself … very calculating … this time, he miscalculated … lol … During the time of Nawalan-ng-Gloria, kung inaakala ni JOKER na hindi masyadong masasaktan si GoLIAR kokontra siya … pero pagnakita na mababaon  … protectado niya!!!

    This time … the JOKER completely MISCALCULATED … just like the Hindi-na-Coronado … he failed to see what is an asset and a liability for the government in a BIG WAY!!! JOKER … do a REYES!!!

    • kewl_guy2005

       Naku naman tower of power, bumaba ka naman sa tower mo.  Parang ang dunong-dunong mo at bobo sina Joker, Marcos, at Santiago.  Kaya nga mga senator yong minamaliit mo at ikaw nasa imaginary tower ka lang kasi bobo ka at sila ang matalino.

      Ang iba nga naman sa atin, kung mag comment parang sila na lang ang marunong. 

      • tower_of_power

        Kewl-guy … hindi naman ako nagdunong-dunongan … isang mechaniko lang ako pero nagbabasa naman ako. Ang sinasabi ko lang ehhh observation ko lang naman … kung maniwala ka  or hindi nasasa yo nayon. I stand by my observation na … hindi nakita ni JOKER kung anong klaseng tao ang asset at liability para sa government.

        Ikaw … ano masabi mo sa ginawa ng NOTkewl-guy JOKER?

  • tower_of_power

    Si BONGBONG … hindi naman nakakagulat ang ginawa niya … that was only to be expected!!! By all means tumakbo ka as a presidential candidate … spend your billions …. malaki ang pagasa mo na manalo …. sa panaginip mo!!!

    • kewl_guy2005

       between pnoy and Bongbong Marcos?  I will vote for Marcos.  Sabihin mo nga, sino ang may performance sa kanilang dalawa?  I hope Bongbong will become the Philippine President in the future!

      • WindTalker

         Bop_l ka ba? tanungin mo Lolo’t Lola mo kung buhay pa, pati na Nanay at Tatay mo kung ano ginawa ng mga Marcos nung panahon nila.  Know your History my friend…

      • kewl_guy2005

         Alam ko ang atin history.  Kayo, alam nyo ba?  Can you punish a man because of what his paprents “did”?  Di nga napatunayan na nagkasala ang old Marcos, may conviction ba sa mga kaso nila?  Wag na wag po tayong papadala sa mga media at mga pamilyang mapanlinlang.  Wag kayong maging yellow zombies!

      • Toby Maguire

        crooked logic. just because they were not convicted does not mean they are blameless. your logic is like that of BRENDA who said that because everybody is doing something wrong, the one who got caught should not be punished. magsama kayo sa flawed reasoning nyo.

      • edongski

        Mr. Kewl guy you’re either from Marcos town or you’re a teen. Can’t blame you for saying that then.

      • ulilangkuhol

        Bongbong is a carbon copy of his father. Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos (September 11, 1917 – September 28, 1989) was a Filipino dictator who held the title ofPresident of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986. He was a lawyer, member of the Philippine House of Representatives (1949–1959) and a member of the Philippine Senate (1959–1965). He wasSenate President from 1963–1965.
        While in power he implemented wide-ranging programs of infrastructure development and economic reform. However, his administration was marred by massive authoritarian corruption,despotism, nepotism, political repression, and human rights violations.

      • Toby Maguire

        to quote the comment above. God forbid. Evil Runs in his blood

  • Bayani

     What happened to Senator Joker Arroyo? Naging GMArroyo na? Katabi pa si Ferdinand MARCOS Jr.!
    Napaka flexible talaga ng mga Pilipino.

    • gemini2011

      yes, it’s very very frustrating. mabuti pa nag-abstain na lang.

  • Carrie Garcia

    Granting, for argument’s sake that the Aquino government exercised its power to convict Corona, what is so wrong with booting an immoraly, illegaly appointed CJ out? From the very beginning Pnoy never hid his dislike for CJ because of the midnight appointment, then came the barrage of blockage coming from the SC when the govt moved to make GMA answer for her crimes. HL was a concoction of the Defense because if it were true, then PNOY should have made sweet music with Corona bec he was interested in HL decision. Everyone knows that is not the case. Sen Arroyo, what has happened to you? nevermind bongbong evil runs in his blood.

    • anu12345

       That’s my question also to Joker. He was admirable in erap impeachment.

      • sacrebleau

         What was so admirable about Joker walking out on the impeachment trial against Erap? He should’ve been cited for contempt for breaching the rules of the court.

      • anu12345

         Why they didn’t?

      • sacrebleau

        Don’t ask me, I don’t know the answer. Pero just out of interest, that Impeachment Trial was presided by Chief Justice Davide.

      • Carrie Garcia

        If I may butt in, there is always a first time for everything. They were supposed to call the prosecutors back the next day but EDSA 2 happened. Admittedly, Davide was not able to control it, but Enrile already learned.

      • sacrebleau

         There are many takes as to just what really transpired after the walk out, some smacks of collusion between Davide and the EDSA 2 core group. Anyway, fast-forward to “lessons learned” from that impeachment: JPE was quick to order a lockdown after Corona seemingly walked out of the proceedings.

        No way that was just an afterthought.

      • Toby Maguire

        Enrile already admitted briefing the Senate security prior to Corona’s testimony.

    • firewind

      Yes, what happened to Sen. Joker Arroyo? Nasaan na yung slogan nya noon na “KUNG CORRUPT KA, LAGOT KA!” Nakalimutan na kaya nya? Tsk..Tsk..Tsk..matanda na kasi, eh!

  • anu12345

     “Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, in her most strident outburst yet in
    casting one of three principled votes of not guilty, called on God “to
    strike me dead,”

    Mahal na Poong Maykapal, magmula po noong ipanganak ako, ngayon lang ako hihiling sa inyo, sundin na ninyo ang kanyang kagustuhan.  Please lang po sa ikaliligaya niya.

    • Bayani

       Huwag… huwag naman “dead” … “unconscious” na lang at baka makalog ang utak at bumalik sa sanity.

    • edongski

      You’re a funny guy !

  • Carrie Garcia

    He who is without sin, cast the first stone- Miriam.<< if this will be followed, then we might as well abolish all courts and the entire judicial system. Who is without sin? So, we cannot file a case against anyone for any crime UNLESS we first prove to one and all that we are sinless? Miriam you have fooled so many into thinking that you are intelligent, because of you facility in the use of the english dialect. They have mistaken you for a legal luminary but the bar proved you average. You are just talk, you call people fungus face, but look at your face, you call everybody stupid, but look at your logic. ALL EMPTY TALK.

    • Jose

      Facility in English? She quacks like a duck and her diction is so terrible I felt it’s unique in the whole world.

      • Carrie Garcia

        LOL I cringe everytime she speaks for fear her dentures will simply fly and land on Cuevas’ mouth while he is saying ” yer ener” anyway, what I meant is she has a list of words that most people really do not know the meaning of, sadly she is wasted, simply wasted.

  • sacrebleau

    Miriam had a chance to contribute positively to the problem but instead chose to wallow in her sanctimonious prevarication. To Corona’s credit, if he had not chosen to fight we would not have focused on the Bank Secrecy Law, SALN, AMLC. . . . . Congress should now fine-tune the legislation required by these to make them work. So as far as contribution to the country goes I’d give Corona’s contribution = 7/10, Miriam = 0. Bongbong = 0. Joker = one tired joke, which is himself.

  • Nisa Edres

    only 3 senators follow the Constitution :(

    • Jose

      3 senators see things upside down like a bat.  Well, just fitting that they agree to acquit a CJ appointed in the middle of the night.  Their explanations are simply ridiculuous.  Even Miriam has to shout and utter invictives trying to convince others and herself of her argument.

  • KarmaGMA

    hoy, sa panahon ni macoy at gma lahat na mga matitino ay pinaparusahan nyo. ngayon kayo naman paparusahan dahil dapat lang. magsama kayo sa wheelchair ni gma, corona at si brenda…look at the internet….marami pics lumabas nyan.

  • archangel uriel

    ……..Senators Joker Arroyo and Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Tuesday accused the Aquino administration of using its “naked power” and mobilizing all its resources to secure a conviction………. buti nga may “naked power” pang naiwan si pnoy …eh kung wala na….di hindi naconvict si corona ngaun…tuloy pa rin ang katarantaduhan ninyong mga corrupt kayo…… mabuhay kayo Presidente Noy….

  • gemini2011

    and who is this Bongbong to talk about naked power??!!

    The nerve to sound righteous while everyone knows his father’s and mother’s crimes to our country.

    He’s just lucky most people have short memory and the Martial Law victims are no longer around to serve witnesses to their atrocities. Because they hoarded a lot of cash, they now live comfortable lives and even finance their election to regain power. If the Filipino voters won’t be discerning this Jr. might succeed in his political ambition. God bless this poor country.

  • Guest

    Na-convict si Corona dahil mismong pag-amin niya na hindi sya nagdeklara
    ng dollar deposits sa SALN nya at HINDI dahil sa galing ni Niel Tupas.

  • ukoysakabo

    imbistigahan sarili nya..made my day!!!…hahaha only fool can do that…

    • samarutan

      eh fool nga!

      • Toby Maguire

        sinabi mo pa

  • andy

    let god  strike you dead santiago isama mo na yan 2 kasama mo marcos and was the majority of senator judge who convict corona hindi ang prosecution saka gov’t emlpoyee lang pinag papa file ng SALN hindi mga investor..

  • lestoklesmistek

     she said that… she was already hoping with all her heart that God would strike her dead… OMG!… she can read my mind!

    • sacrebleau

       Hahaha! I guess we were all watching and hoping that she gets zapped.

  • archangel uriel

    ….“I was already hoping with all my heart that God would strike me dead! It’s better to die as a lawyer than listen to your arguments,” Santiago said…… mag-ingat ka ng pagsasalita mo miriam….pag maubusan na ng pasensiya sa iyo si Lord sa laki ng bunganga mo…baka patamaan ka NIYA ng kidlat….sabay ka ng salita….”Lord nagbibiro lang ako”…. hindi tumatanggap ng biro ang DIYOS…. tandaan mo yan…miriam……. buti lang kung mamatay ka kaagad…eh kung ayaw ka pa kuhanin ni Lord dahil ayaw Niya ng tulad mo sa heaven ….at kahit si taning eh ayaw sa tulad mong bookist……. eh di dito ka sa mundo magtitiis na naka-comatose at pagtatawanan  ng taumbayan sa pagiging sira-ulo mo….magbago ka na nga…..

  • Ron Cruz

    Look who tried to acquit Corona:

    A son of a tyrant;  A righthand man of thieves;
    and A over acting  lunatic.

    • edongski

      Oo nga ano. Birds of a feather . . .

    • etsubayno_64

      Now I see. the legislative who made the law are violators of the law. the senate on mob power

      • Toby Maguire

        which law, pray tell, the legislative violated in this proceeding? if you cannot answer that, i’ll tell you which law was violated by CJ: THE CONSTITUTION. Don’t know how? Simple. Consti said, declare your assets. CJ did not. Impeachment.

  • fm_gatmaitan

    This is the start of reform at the
    judiciary. Nawala na ang si Corona, ang taong yumuyurak, sumisira sa
    hudikatura. Salamat sa mga senator judges!

  • Jim

    Talo na humihirit pa…

    Si Sen. Marcos may nalalaman pang Bill Of Rights eh lumaki yan na binabastos ng ama niya at ng lahat ng nasa pwesto noon, gobyerno, politiko at militar ang Bill Of Rights. Saka malaki ang galit niyan kay Nonoy dahil sa hindi pag payag nung huli na mailibing ang ama niya sa Libingan ng mga Bayani. Kaya kahit ano gawin ng gobyerno ni Noynoy kokontrahin niyan… teka pala, dapat din yatang papirmahin ito ng waiver…

    Si Miriam, di na dapat pinakikinggan ang mga may sayad na sa utak. Akala niya kasi isang malaking classroom ang senado/impeachment court at siya ang bukod tanging pinakamagaling na guro. Siya lang ang tama. Siya lang ang magaling. Kaya yang high blood niyang sakit, siya rin may gawa niyan sa sarili niya. Sana nga pakinggan na yung panalangin daw niyang “May God strike her dead…”. Baliw  na talaga…

    Si Joker, sa lahat ng joker siya lang ang hindi nakakatawa. Sayang yung legacy niya. Abogado pa naman nung araw ni Ninoy tapos Press Secretary ni Cory… ngayon naging panabla na lang ni Gloria. Wala nang ginawa kundi tablahin ang mga aksiyong kontra o makakaapekto sa bago niyang amo. Sayang talaga. Yung legacy mo sanang maganda naging mabaho. You’ll go down in history as a perfect example of what a “balimbing” truly is…

  • ashleybulls

    you’re a son of a dictator….joker after submitting to GMA, a president who bought  the chief justice and the judiciary…. shame on you both

    • Handiong

      Bongbong Marcos is not only the son of a dictator, but he and his siblings participated in the plunder of the national treasury and private businesses during the dictatorship. If I remember right, Bongbong got Security Bank and Irene the Traders Royal Bank. Imee tried to grab Banco Filipino, but Tomas Aguirre resisted.

      • norman_black6643

        Dont forget to include, maraming pinatay yang si bongbong marcos nung nasa pwesto ang tatay nya. Pumapatay lang ng parang ipis yan pag may nakasabay sya sa Cr sa silahis hotel noon.

  • reydomingo

    nakakatawa itong lolo na tumandang paurong at itong anak ng punong kurakot ng pinas sama ko na rin ang barkada ninyong may tililing… pirmahan na rin ninyo yung waiver nyo sa mga banko ninyo…

  • Handiong

    Sen. Joker: Betrayal of public trust and culpable violation of the Constitution, for which Corona was impeached, are NOT CRIMES (just for emphasis). An impeached person if convicted does not lose his life, property, or liberty. Betrayal of public trust and culpable violation of the Constitution are administrative offenses for which an impeached official who is convicted loses the privilege to hold government office. It’s not even a right that he loses, just a privilege. So, what bill of attainder are you talking about? Old age has indeed addled your brain. You are not a “maverick” as described in the news item, you are a marionette in the hands of GMA.

    Sen. Marcos:  Rights are not absolute and the state can limit your rights. And pray tell, what right of Corona has been violated? The government has the right and power to muster all the resources at its disposal to hold public officials accountable for their actions. Impeachment is a process to exact accountability from a public official. 

    “Why is the Philippines always ranked as one of most corrupt countries in the whole world? Are you pretending to be faultless?” Santiago asked. The answer, Sen. Santiago, is because of people like you. Here is a government that is determined to remove the Philippines from the list of most corrupt countries in the world and here you are resisting its efforts with all your might. Yes, how I wished you were struck by lightning from above.

    • joshmale2004

      Precisely correct. And what are these three stooges crying about with the decisions of the 20 other senators. Very clear in the house rule that they will vote individually. By crying loud, it seems these 3 stooges are the ones trying to force the 20 senators to follow their decision to acquit. And this miriam, who is she to publicly criticize the votes of her colleagues during her speech during the voting. Mas nagmukha pa nang tao si Lapid at Revilla sa kanya.

  • Guest

    Corona thanked
    Arroyo, Santiago and Marcos for voting against conviction. Iyan lang kasi tatlo
    senador ang nabola niya.

  • samarutan

    Banal na aso, santong kabayo! Natatawa ako! Hihihi!

  • Guest

    Ang acquittal votes nina Miriam, Joker at Marcos
    lang ang nakayanang bilhin ni Corona sa Senado. Nauubos na kakampi niya.

    • Louiegie Omoso

      wow…what a stupid comment…baka bayarang babae ka den…lol

    • Cool

      ows…. can you prove that in court ?

  • recelyn

    At least, nagkasundo at magkasama ngayon ang dalawang parehong pareho ng balahibo.hehehe

  • filisopongtasyo

    compare to what the marcoses had amassed during their time, peanuts lang ang perang itinago ni corona. so, how can you expect bongbong marcos, the son of a dictator and a plunderer, to give a guilty verdict? how…

  • joshmale2004

    This Joker is comparing the current scenario to the 1972 scenario. My gosh!!! He is allied with the son of the 1972 martial law architect and talking trash like this. And who is bongbong to talk about Bill of Rights. For 15 years, the country has no Bill of Rights under his father. Bongbong was teenager during that time. Not only Bill of Rights was suspended but they can just arrest or kill any one criticial of the government. 

    • oh

      Assuming his father, being the 1972 martial law architect, is likewise blameworthy of all the violations of the Bill of Rights then, should Sen. Marcos now advocate violations of the Bill of Rights?  Following your logic, would that have been the right thing to do? Would that have done the country any good? Mejo mali naman ata.

      Corona deserved the conviction. But please let those who voted otherwise be respected and be the persons that they are and not who their parents or grandparents or whoever else are/were.  That is the essence of the democracy we fought for during the law!

      I may be a Cory loyalist, but I certainly do not share the view that the mistakes or merits of the father may be correctly blamed on or ascribed to  his son.  Sen. Marcos is his own person, as Pres. Noy Noy is his man.  And hey, I will definitely not fault your children for your own mistakes in life.   

      AS A COUNTRY, WE WILL NEVER PROGRESS IF WE ARE STUCK WITH NOTIONS OF PERSONALITIES and BLOOD-LINES IN OUR GOVERNMENTAL AND POLITICAL AFFAIRS LIKE HOW ITS IS IN SHOW BUSINESS.  That goes to say that I will never vote for Kris Aquino as president, even if I regard her mom as one of our country’s finest leaders.  

      Let this country be about personal and individual merits so that our children and our children’s children will work very hard because they have to earn their own. If they are going to be limited and prevented from doing things on their own convictions just because of what we, their parents and grandparents, do now, then our future should be doomed.  

      Let us let future rest on the will of progression – that we each work hard and allow each other to work hard, on our own account, and to surpass or otherwise do better than our progenitors.

      • joshmale2004

        No. I’m not blaming him of his father’s mistake. What I am trying to project here is that he is using the Bill of Rights in a wrong notion for the defendant. There was no violation of the Bill of rights of the CJ. Or is there as compared to the events that transpired during his father’s rule which was a clear violation of human rights. But anyway, your opinion is precisely correct and I am also standing on what is the father is not necessarily of the son. thanks for a very educative insight you’ve shared.

  • Guest

    Justice Corona. Okay na okay pakinggan. Salamat sa matatapang na senador pwera
    kay Joker Arroyo, Bongbong Marcos at Miriam Santiago.

  • norman_black6643

    Bakit ganyan kayong tatlo. Porke talo kayo e may ginagawa ng masa yung iba. Mentalidad nyo talga e dapat baguhin. Hindi kayo apat tularan ng kabataan. Ikaw batang marcos, ni wala ka kakurap kurap magsabi nyan e alam na alam monaman kwento ng tatay mong diktador at number one magnanakaw. Wala kangkarapatan magsalita. Asanlahat nag ninakaw ng pamilya mo?

  • basilionisisa

    O these Losers! How sad, but can’t help recalling… kung anak ka talaga ni Miriam mapipilitan ka, walang choice kundi mawala na lang sa mundo… NAKAKAHIYANG INA! Basahin sana nya yung prints ng sinasabi nya afterwards at namnamin nyang mabuti ang kahulugan, kung sensible at may katwiran! Sya mismo ang best example ng kanyang idinadakdak, ng hypocrisy, ng simplistic interpretation of the Law, ng stupid arrogance and one-track mind! OMG, Ito ba ie-export naming talent sa International arena? Spare us the embarrassment, Lord, heed her request and TAKE HER NOW! She is more of a problem than a solution to the woes of the world, no one will miss her!

    • oh

      What makes you so better than Sen. Santiago?  I certainly do not approve of her outbursts, but for you to say “kung anak ka talaga ni Miriam mapipilitan ka, walang choice kundi mawala na lang sa mundo… NAKAKAHIYANG INA! ” is just so barbaric!

      You and your way of thinking are why we are where we are.

      Corona should be convicted, yes.  But we can never justify any form of vilification against those who disagree with us. 

      Be the better man/woman.

      • Cool

        indeed…….  WATCH YOUR WORDS BASILIONSISA… you can be traced… you have your unique SID number and TCPIP number that can be traced… you have your account that can be traced…… baka kainin mo ang salita mo pag kausap mo ng harapan si Mirrian ?  to the trio who voted independently.. I SALUTE THEM not for ACQUITTAL OF CORONA,  but for upholding what they believed is justice…… MABUHAY PO KAYO !!!!!!

  • pololoy

    Bill of Attainder

    1). A legislative act that singles out an individual or group for punishment without a trial.
    2). Any legislative act that imposed a sentence of death and attainder upon one or more specific individuals or groups without a trial or other judicial proceeding.

    Totoo po ba Sen Arroyo walang trial?

    hmmmm… ano po pala dahilan at parang nakikita ka namin nakaupo jan sa impeach court sa bawat hearing?

  • Johnson

    Nakalimutan yata ni Sen. Santiago na wala na siya sa RTC at nasa senate na siya.  Sana ginamit niya ang experience niya sa RTC na puro palusot lang ang mga sinasabi ni CJ Corona sa Impeachment Court, dyan daw siya magaling di ba?

  • Guest

    Nag-filibuster na naman si Sen.
    Miriam Santiago sa kanyang pagboto sa impeachment court kahapon. Ah wag ng
    pagpapasinin yan, tagal na iyang baliw!

    • Cool

      But he is talking with sense… the three senators who voted for acquital are the three heavy weights of the senate…. the only person not there is Enrile….. We OUSTED CORONA not on the ground of evidenced or law, but by jury of  Palace political will….  as i always says, i dont llike Corona, but he is necessary to be there to police the palace……….

      • edward castro

        no, he was appointed by gma to protect her! di naman talaga saln ang issue kundi midnight appointment para ma protektahan si gma.

      • Benjamin Brillantes

        TAMA KA MR nilampaso pa nila ang rules on evidence..KAYA BULOK ANG HUSTISYA SA ATIN..dito sa USA alam ng lahat na si OJ SIMPSON ang pumatay,BAKIT SIYA na acquit.dahil nilabag  ang RULES on evidence at nag planted pa ng gloves na hindi akma..  kaya sabi ng defense IF THE GLOVES DON’T FIT YOU MUST ACQUIT.. NOON PA SANA SA AMLOC report tapos na..TAINTED NA ANG ebidensya, mali sa batas ang pag kuha at fabricated pa ni palang pirma..KAYA BULOK ANG HUSTISYA dahil ng mga magnanakaw na tongressmen

      • sacrebleau

         1. Police the palace? Naloko na, nagimbento na ang mga mangmang.

        2. “We OUSTED CORONA not on the ground of evidenced or law, but by jury of  Palace political will…”

        Corona was convicted because he confessed to owning $2.4M and P80M and did not reflect them in his SALN. He was sentenced for culpable violation of the Constitution.

    • Cool

      and sadly, because you can’t reach to the intellectual level of Brenda,  at dahil di mo siya maintindihan…. you call her baliw…… hmmp…  baliw ba siya, dahil mo kayang maarok ang level ng argumento niya….  at matino ka ba, dahil Pro Aquino po kayo ?

      • Meow Ming

        You call her Brenda. Alam na!

  • just_and_equitable

    Santiago called God to strike her dead and look at our weather, we have scattered thunderstorms since yesterday… proverbial joke?

  • UncleJoeFilipino

    It is indeed, an AMERICAN IDOL-TYPE IMPEACHMENT COURT…well-covered by the MEDIA…now let’s all go home and see if there’s something to cook inside the fridge…
    Popularity is just like ICE CREAM…every dog is licking on it…20 of them.

    • filisopongtasyo

      i really didn’t mind if popularity played an important role so as the ‘dogs’ you referred to arrived with their guilty verdict. that is the name of the game in our beloved country, unfortunately. isn’t it, for example, one gets elected because he or she is popular?

      let’s pretend for a moment it was an acquittal verdict. what will it be to you those ‘licking dogs’–HEROES? 

      i think the problem is YOU. your inability to tell the wrong from the right. and that is serious…

  • Jose

    Fortunately, 20 senators knew better than these three clowns.

  • filisopongtasyo

    everytime miriam santiago opens her mouth, it seems to me it’s an attempt to prove to all and sundry that she is a better person more than anyone–intellectually, at least, especially when she is sorrounded by her colleagues in the senate. she being an intelligent person is not a debatable issue anymore. indeed, she is! what is debatable is– is she capable of being a CROOK herself?

    • Cool

      well.. indeed she is… she knows more than most of the senators…. why do you focus your anger with Brenda…. why not address it for instance against Revilla or Lapid… or Sotto….  Mirriam might have different opinion as yours, but she got all the right to be there… she is one of our most brilliant mind in the senate together with Enrile, Arroyo, and Marcos……. sadly i dont know anyone that matches their intellect and logic…..

      • filisopongtasyo

        lest you forget, FERDINAND MARCOS, the DICTATOR and PLUNDERER, has a brilliant mind like your idol, MIRRIAM. 

        i am not surprise, history keeps repeating itself in our beloved country. what with people like you with twisted thinking–  not knowing what’s wrong and what’s right.

      • Uragorn

        Brilliant mind, my foot!!! Utak palengkera, yun ang mas bagay itawag sa kanya. Kaya nga siya tinatawag na “Brenda” kasi nga me sayad sa ulo. Ikaw mismo tinawag mo siyang Brenda … alam mo ba ibig sabihin nun? Isa ka rin yatang Brenda-mage, e.

    • edward castro

      magaling taaga si miriam kaya nga 76 ang grade nya sa bar e

    • sacrebleau

       Yes, she can use her mouth. But can she use her brain? If she is intelligent she would know how to behave properly.

  • mikeya rogo

    Walang silbi ang
    pagsigaw at galit ni Sen Miriam, guilty pa rin ang boss niyang si Renato Corona 

  • yatot

    Sa mga nag sasabing baliw si Sen. Santiago, galit sya mga abogadong tulad ninyong tanga o nag tanga tangahan sa batas.

    • J. Toks

      Baka ikaw ang tanga!!! Magbangit ka nga ng name at icompare mo sarili mo sa kanila….. let us see kung naka 10% ka sa kanila… PATHETIC….

  • yatot

    20 trapo.

    kawawang pinas.

    • ukoysakabo

      yung 3 ang tawag nun floormat..

      • john clark

        3 Arroyo Stooges!

  • JJF724

    Miriam statement that she want another life to remove all corupt in the government but failed to cast a guilty verdict to his friend Corona.  I hope that would be the last time she speaks in the Senate.  Her logic and character should be rated PG

    • Cool

      EH KASI NAMAN PO….  MAHINA PO ANG ULO PO NINYO AT DI PO NINYO NAIINTINDIHAN ANG CASE AGAINST CORONA……… SALN lang po ang kaso… mababaw……and beside, it was stipulated in our law, the he is excempted FILING HIS SALN on his dollar deposit…. MAHIRAP PO BANG INTINDIHIN YON?  tsk…  =(

      • eroldpinoy

        can u please explain what law are you taking about?

      • J. Toks

        Saang LAW nakastipulate na exempted sya… can you categorically state here….
        KABOBOHAN nga naman……

      • sacrebleau

        Pwede ba, ipagtimpla mo na lang kami ng kape.

      • ukoysakabo

        itigil mo na yang pag aadik mo oi..puro hangin na ata utak mo…lol

      • Crysis_III

        Aba parang tirador ito ng malambot na burat. Sampalin kaya kita ng tarugo ko..

  • Cool

    to  SANTIAGO, ARROYO and MARCOS… mabuhay po kayo…… !!!!!

    • jgl414567

      Sira na yata ulo ng isang ito!!!

    • Benjamin Brillantes


      • jgl414567

        Ilan lang ang boto ng mga INC zombies kumpara sa ibang mga relihiyon na matuwid. Ang INC ay relihiyon lng ng mga Manalo at hindi ng Diyos!

      • pinoy_ako60

        bakit kabayan kahit walang INC sa Pilipinas tuloy pa rin naman siguro ang buhay. at sino ba kayong mga inc na gustong mangibabaw sa katoliko eh kulangot lang naman kayo kung ikukumpara sa bilang.

  • Steffany_apple

    May bonus sina Joker at Miriam mula kay Corona
    para sa pagkampi sa kanya. Pa-burger kayo ha.

  • eroldpinoy

    same feather flocks together….hehehe

  • Guest

    Para kay Arroyo, Miriam
    at Marcos, sama na kayo kay Corona sa kangkungan 

  • jgl414567

    Sana tuluyan nang masiraan ng bait si brenda Miriam at pagbigyan na din sana siya sa hiling niya sa Diyos na istrike dead na siya para di na siya makapaghasik ng gulo sa bayan natin.

    • pinoy_ako60

      hindi kabayan, ang wish ko kay brenda braindead lang.

  • Sinner saved by grace

    Arroyo &  Marcos? Their  very surnames  reflect   the   principles  they  both  believed in.  I was not  surprised  at  all  when  these  too favored  Corona.  Who are  you both fooling? 

  • alahoy_2012

    si joker, i can understand pa his concern re naked power kasi nilabanan niya ito nung martial law pero si Bong Bong, di ba tatay niya ang siyang nag cause ng pagkawala ng demokrasya at gumamit ng naked power nuong martial law..absurd tataga..ewan ko ba at talagang makakalimutin at mapagpatawad by nature ang mga pilipino at naging senador pa yung anak ng diktador na si ferdinand marcos senior…hahaha..    

  • Guest

    Sa mga senators na
    bumoto ng not guilty kay Corona,sumama na kayo sa kangkungan kay Renato 

  • J. Toks

    Miriam tries to justify her vote na kesyo lahat naman gumagawa eh bakit  icconvict is corona… Sira ulo talaga…. tamang justification ba yon…… she even asking for a second life kasi iimbestigahan nya lahat noting that all are not clean…. eh bakit vote nya is acquital since she recognize that corona did something wrong as other did the same.   Parang nawawala na credibility ng senadorang to… Im afraid maging kahiyahiya ang Pinas sa International Court….

  • aldhins

    Dapat tanungin din ni  sen. Marcos anu ba ginawa ng kanyang ama noong sya ang nasa poder may demokrasya ba ? likas sa ating mga filipino ang nakakalimot at nag papatawad pero dapat wag natin kalimutan ang aral sa nakaraan.

  • Love

    From the very beginning Corona knew that he would be convicted knowing that congressmen are in cohort with Pnoy. He fought until the end just to show Filipino people how a Pnoy govt can
    maneuver the media and exposed what senators and congressmen are hiding. 

  • Ryan Barcelo

    The decision of the Impeachment Court (IC) was wrong because the Judges were asked of a faulty question: Is the respondent guilty of Article of Impeachment No. 2 which is non-disclosure of assets and liabilities?

    Before this question should have been asked, the IC should have settled first the issue whether non-disclosure of SALN is an impeachable offense or not. I think, the IC would have been prudent to refer this question first to the Supreme Court, being the ultimate interpreter of the Law, before proceeding with trying the case using the aforementioned formulation of the question.

    Since the issue of whether non-disclosure of SALN is an impeachable offense or not had not been settled, hence, the Senator Judges, save those who already made up their mind to convict Corona even before the trial, were left without a choice but to vote for the conviction of the Chief Justice for, indeed, he failed to disclose some of his assets. To my relief, three senators did not allow themselves to fall into the trap of this wrongly formulated question.

    I salute Senators Marcos, Arroyo and most especially Santiago!

    • pinoy_ako60

      kabayan ano ang ipinagkaiba ni corona sa court employee sa davao na tinanggal nya sa pwesto dahil hindi nya isinama sa SALN nya ang stall nya sa market? exempted ba sya sa law dahil CJ sya? ngayon inaply sa kanya ang batas na inaplay nya sa ordinary employee na tinanggal nya he cried foul? pakisagot nga kabayan….

      • Ryan Barcelo

         The case of that Court employee in Davao was never 100% similar to the case of Corona. Her case was never all about her SALN. Her non-disclosure of her stall was net protected by Law, unlike the dollar account of Corona. Of course, the CJ should not be exempted from the Law. My only concern is the just application of the law. I dare say that the Senator judges who voted for the conviction, by citing the case of the court interpreter, are guilty of intellectual dishonesty.

    • jimmy_maranan

      Si Delsa Flores tinanggal sa trabaho dahil sa failure to declare lahat
      ng assets nya. Ordinaryong tao ito.
      Yung tatlong itlog na senador. Ine exempt si Corona. Tama ba yan?

      • oh

        Everyone kept saying that the Supreme Court dismissed a court interpreter because she failed to declare her market stall in her SALN in the case of Rabe vs. Flores, circa 1997.  I read the decision yesterday and it turns out she was REALLY dismissed for dishonesty, NOT because she failed to declare her market stall in her SALN, but because she collected salary from the municipal government even if she was no longer an employee there and had transferred already to the trial court as an interpret. And her excuse? Poverty, and that she intended really to reimburse the money she collected from the municipal government when she would have enough. Wow! Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She deserved to be dismissed from service!

      • filisopongtasyo

        baka gustong mong iapela ang kaso ni corona base sa ‘nakakagimbal’ na natuklasan mo?

        does this piece of information of yours makes the guilty verdict of the 20 senators wrong? 

        you are sounding like miriam santiago now– NAGMAMARUNONG!

      • Pitbulldog

        Di na kailangan iapela yan, Filosopo, konsensy na lang ng mga engot yan. May konsensy nga ba ang engot?

      • oh

        When they each voted, they expressed their individual opinions in much the same way that justices of any collegiate court decide a case.  Opinions cannot be wrong, if you are bright enough to understand why.I merely pointed out that the facts re the court interpreter case werent what they really said they were.  Hindi ako nagmamarunong. I just happen to know they were saying inaccuracies.  Ang pagmamarunong ay katulad ng iyong ginagawa. Berating other people for not having the same opinion as yours like you know better.

      • jimmy_maranan

        Ang gamnda ng ingles mo di ka naman makaintindi, binasa mo yung kaso kamo. basahin mo uli at ng maintindihan mo  na isa sa mga kaso niya yung di pagdeklara sa SALN.

      • Ryan Barcelo

         Your parallelism is so simplistic. If you closely look at the two cases, you will see their glaring difference. The expulsion of Flores was never all about SALN. The Senators who cited this case as basis for their verdict are guilty of intellectual dishonesty.

      • jimmy_maranan

        anong hindi sa SALN, basahin mo nga yung kaso niya, Rabe vs Flores, ang linaw nun.

      • yellow_zombies

        In her explanation, respondent maintains the position that she has no business interest, implicitly contending that there is nothing to divulge or divest from.  As discussed above, respondent had a business interest.  We do not find her administratively liable, however, for failure to divest herself of the said interest.  The requirement for public officers, in general, to divest themselves of business interests upon assumption of a public office is prompted by the need to avoid conflict of interests.”

        There. I just saved you the trouble.

      • Ryan Barcelo

         I said hindi lang SALN ang issue dun. Hindi ko sinabi na hindi SALN ang issue. Magkaiba po ang meaning ng dalawang statement na yan.

      • Sky Blue

        Kung alam man ng tatlo ang tungkol sa kaso ni Delsa Flores (which I think was fed to the senator judges by a fellow senator or someone) hindi ibig sabihin nun na gagawin rin nila  ang kapareho ky CJ, kasi nga panu kung mali ang desisyon ng Korte Suprema noon? uulitin mo pa rin??? para lang sabihin na patas ang batas?

    • filisopongtasyo

      your remarks seemed to come from an educated mind. the problem is, while you sound intelligent enough, you don’t seem to live in our parallel world, na parang nasa fantasyland ka.

      first, it is given that not all senators have the brilliant mind of miriam. why expect them then to reason out their verdicts like your idol?

      and did you say, why the senate didn’t refer the question to the supreme court?gumagamit ka ba ng common sense? didn’t you sense the supreme court is all out to protect corona at all cause? bakit mo sasabihing lapitan sila at hingan ng tulong?

      i have no inkling of their thought process and how they arrived with their verdict. most of the senators are not legal experts, one thing for sure. i can only surmise they voted differently from the way santiago, joker and marcos did.

      probably, they just let their conscience decide. 

      therefore, i salute their conscience!

  • rrey

    nasa dugo na talaga ng Marcos at Arroyo ang kurapsyon na tulad ni Corona

    • ofw_bayani_ng_bayan

      at mga cojuangcos, drillon, at tupas hehe

    • oh

      I may not agree with Senators Arroyo and Marcos on their vote to acquit CJ Corona, but I respect their decision. We all should.  That is the essence of democracy we fought for during the martial law.  Yun ang pananaw nila, and they are entitled to it in the same way that we are entitled to have our own.

      I may be a Cory loyalist, but I certainly do not share the view that the mistakes or merits of the father may be correctly blamed on or ascribed to  his son.  Sen. Marcos is his own person, as Pres. Noy Noy is his own, too.  And hey, I will definitely not fault your children for your own mistakes in life.  

      Whatever mistakes his relatives ( i dnt know who) did, must in the same manner be blamed on them alone and not on Sen. Arroyo because he is his own man.  

      AS A COUNTRY, WE WILL NEVER PROGRESS IF WE ARE STUCK WITH NOTIONS OF PERSONALITIES and BLOOD-LINES IN OUR GOVERNMENTAL AND POLITICAL AFFAIRS LIKE HOW ITS IS IN SHOW BUSINESS.  That goes to say that I will never vote for Kris Aquino as president, even if I regard her mom as one of our country’s finest leaders.  

      Let this country be about personal and individual merits so that our children and our children’s children will work very hard because they have to earn their own. If they are going to be limited and prevented from doing things on their own convictions just because of what we, their parents and grandparents, do now, then our future should be doomed.  

      Let us let future rest on the will of progression – that we each work hard and allow each other to work hard, on our own account, and to surpass or otherwise do better than our progenitors.

      • yellow_zombies

        Spot on! These yellow mobsters are just annoying. Just because one person was corrupt, then they will say that his/her sons and daughters will also be corrupt? LOL. If such is the case, maybe I am a murderer too because my distant ancestor killed somebody or a rapist because my distant uncle was also a rapist.

    • Sky Blue

       Kawawa naman ang dugo, haha. Bagong sakit ba yan?

      Huwag kasi isisi sa mga nanay o tatay o anak o kamag anak ang kasalanan ng isa.
      Wala ngang perpektong pulitiko o tao, kahit yung parents ni Noynoy, I doubt kung wala silang nagawang maling desisyon o pinaboran sa pamumno nila.

  • ofw_bayani_ng_bayan

    Hanga ako kay joker, bong bong, at mirriam.  full of wisdom.  di tulad ng 20 senators pare-parehas ng sinabi, scripted lahat.  conspiracy !!!

    • Crysis_III

      ako hanga ako sa 20 senators. di katulad ni Brenda, what a joke (Joker) Pandak lover Arroyo at anak ni 3,000 pairs of shoes Marcos. Puro mga inutil…

    • Sky Blue

      Hanga ako kay JPE (sobrang hanga), AP Cayetano (well said) , Santiago (some points) at Joker (some pints lng din), Escudero, Osmeña at Marcos.

      Parang totoo yung mga boto at sinabi nila

    • yellow_zombies

      Hehehe… I believe that Villar, Lapid and Revilla would have easily voted for acquittal, but they were afraid of losing reelection. If only these guys showed more balls and proved to the world that they voted based on their interpretation of the evidence, and not on fear.

      • Enrico

        sure loser na ang tatlong yan by 2013

      • yellow_zombies

        LOL paanong maging sure loser, wala naman tatakbo sa kanila sa 2013? Miriam will go to ICC, Joker is on his last term, and Bongbong is up for reelection in 2016 (maybe will run for VP or President). Kaw talaga nagpapatawa ka.. hahaha…

      • Enrico

        yellow zombies, puro like nga ako sa comment mo eh. what i mean is the three, lapid ,villar and revilla. they will eat dust come 2013.

      • yellow_zombies

        Hahaha.. My bad. Sira na talaga ang paningin ko. Akala ko yun tatlong tao na sinasabi ni ofw_bayani_ng_bayan.

      • kauban

        Whose interpretation to follow? The interpretation of Corona and that of “skilled” lawyers, or those that looked at the purpose of the law?

    • Enrico


  • Sinner saved by grace

    Arroyo, Marcos and Santiago ha ha ha ha ha!!

  • Sinner saved by grace

    Joker  Arroyo , you made a big joke  of  yourself.  Marcos , ibalik sa bayan ang nakaw na yaman.  Santiago,  you are so full of yourself ,  you are no longer funny.  I  think it is about time that you should  be confined  in a Mental Institution.

  • inquirercet

    miriam wants a righteous and faultless person to start the pointing. whent will that be? let us start prosecuting now, and if it so happens that the one doing the prosecution is also guilty then jail them too. at least nababawasan sila anf eventually mauubos din.

    • filisopongtasyo

      i agree with you, 1,000 %!!!

  • john clark

    Santiago: Ranting Know it all  All bark no bite attack dog
    Arroyo: Bistado na puppy dog ng old admin
    Marcos: Bitter and flushed entire career down the toilet… Buti nga magsama ka ng tatay mo!

  • Henry James

    If I were one of the judges, I’ll vote for NOT GUILTY. Set aside emotions, inconsistent political affiliations, blatant propaganda and Machiavellian machinations from the prosecution and the Aquino administration, and notwithstanding the ineptitude of the prosecution team, all that happened was just a circus.The prosecution was NOT ABLE to present, bring to light, and submit as material evidence anything that were or that could have been tantamount to an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE. Sure, Corona is guilty of shady dealings, dishonesty, and non-disclosure of complete assets (dollar accounts) BUT by law, those breaches of law and legal protocol DO NOT WARRANT impeachment. If he received payments to favor or tilt his vote in any of the Supreme Court decisions, then that’s impeachable PROVIDED the prosecution can come up with an evidence that’s legally and ethically obtained.

    • scorpio15

      Buti nga hindi ka naging Senator-Judge. Lalong walang mangyari sa Pinas pagganon ang prinsipyo mo.
      Mahihirap lang ang pueding alisin pag magkamali sa SALN.

    • yellow_zombies

      Nagpadala lang sa emosyon ang karamihan sa mga Filipino. Just like in EDSA 2. It was mob rule. But later on, people will come to regret this watershed moment in Philippine history. The Senate removed a Chief Justice because of a supposed violation of a non-existent law.

    • aurora

       And…. that’s called PALUSOT!

  • John Loyd

    Tama na ang iringan! Kailangang malinis ang lahat…kung ipapamana nyo sa bagong henerasyon ay puro bahid ng dumi ng politika walang mangyayari sa bansang ito kahit sino pang mahalal na pangulo. Kailangan lang may magandang halimbawa para sundan ng mga kabataan o bagong ma-mamahala sa bayan. Maiksi lang ang buhay ng bawat isa kaya mas mabuti kung mag-isip ng ikabubuti ng bayan at ng kapwa, huwag maging gahaman sa salapi at kapangyarihan. Kung gustong yumaman walang makakapigil dun basta nasa tamang paraan, ibig sabihin nitoy kasabay ang buong bansa sa pagyaman at di ng iilan lang.  

  • ncells

    On the one hand, santiago asks her god to be a murderer, why doesn’t she do it herself? On the other, she asks for one more life, her god must really be confused by now, poor thing. is the Philippines ready to hoist this woman on the world via the ICJ? Is there no way we can influence the powers that be to change their minds? 

    She is an embarrassment, Lady Justice might be blind but she certainly is not bipolar.

  • katabay1106

    Although they know that the majority of Senator-Judges are already in the pocket of Pnoy and they are facing a very powerful enemy who have no qualms about unleashing the awesome powers of all government agencies just to convict one man who dare to oppose him, the 3 senators Sen. Joker Arroyo, Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago and Sen. Bongbong Marcos stood their ground in defense of the Independence of the Judiciary and the Separation of Powers between the 3 branches of government. All the powers of government is now concentrated into Pnoy hands.

    • Hunya

       You are in the pocket of someone too. Stop your fairytales.

    • yellow_zombies

      Agree! The actions and pronouncements of the President is very clear. He wants the Chief Justice removed at all costs. We can only guess what his real intentions are.

  • JunM

    “Alluding to what Jesus Christ said on John 8:7, “he who is without
    sin, cast the first stone,” Santiago accused the prosecution for
    pointing an accusing finger at the Chief Justice, when the whole country
    was actually mired in corruption.
    “Why is the Philippines always ranked as one of most corrupt
    countries in the whole world? Are you pretending to be faultless?”
    Santiago asked.”

    so you are corrupt but kaya not guilty si corona?

  • Rizal Bonifacio

     Mas mahalaga kina Marcos, Arroyo at Santiago ang karapatan ng isang sinungaling at mandarambong na si Corona kaysa sa karapatan ng mamamayang Pilipino na magkaroon ng mahusay at kapanipaniwalang Supreme Court. Nasan ang statemanship nila?? Mabuti pa si Lito Lapid, sa simpli nyang pag iisip alam nya ang makakabuti sa ating Bayan..kaya alam na natin kong sino ang mga basura dyan sa Senado….

    • yellow_zombies

      We’re a nation of laws, not of men. We follow the laws, not mob rule.

      It’s better to free 100 guilty men than to convict one innocent man.

      • jun

        how innocent is your patron saint?

      • yellow_zombies

        Corona is not my patron saint. Nor any of those hypocrite politicians. I am opposed to government oppression just like what Malacanang did to the Chief Justice. It’s scary if you come to think of it. Sooner or later, the powers of the government may be used on ordinary people like you. Come to think of it.

        And don’t use your lame ad hominems on me. LOL

      • Handiong

        You’re just paranoid. You’re afraid the government will do something bad to you. Are you doing something corrupt? Are you one of the corrupt people this Administration is going after?

        I’ve never felt so safe from the government than now.

      • kauban

        I am sorry to clarify! We are a nation of Filipino people who made laws for the good of the filipino men and women. Laws are made for men, not men for the laws. We have to follow the laws for the common good. Thus, when there is conflicting interpretation of the law, an upright judge  will look at the spirit of the law and to follow the common good.

  • Jay Ann

    Pag bad ka, lusot ka.

  • yellow_zombies

    I admire these three statesmen (or stateswoman in the case of Miriam) for fighting to defend the Constitution and the laws of the land, and for resisting the urge to follow a popular but wrong decision by the majority (mob rule). The Senate has just created a Bill of Attainder which as been outlawed by democratic countries. I salute these three statesmen for standing up for what is right, for pointing out the defects of an impeachment court which is no more than a political game. The mob may prevail for now (thanks to a sympathetic media) but in the end, history will judge these statesmen as correct.
    Sen. Joker Arroyo, you may now leave politics with your heads held up high. You have fought injustice and oppression since the Martial Law days, and you know better about government oppression than the vast majority of politicians and lawmakers.

    Sen. Miriam Santiago, people may brand you as a lunatic. But your understanding of the Constitution and the laws are unparalleled. Your expertise will be of great value in the ICC.

    Sen. Bongbong Marcos, I hate your father, but the sins of the father are not the sins of the son. You’ve just gained an admirer in me because of your strong stand and principles. I won’t be surprised if you become President in the future, no matter what the rabid Aquino loyalists may say about you. LOL

    • jurbinsky77

      Miriam’s twisted interpretation of the laws is abhorable. She was all OK to penalize a poor woman who failed to put a stall in the market in her SALN. The Supreme Court as the ultimate interpreter of the law, decreed that she is guilty.and this foul-mouthed, garrulous woman interpreting itthe other way?

      Bongbong is like an empty sack, what does he know? He once claimed that if his father was not kicked from office, the Philippines should be progressive by now. Bongbong is a beneficiary of Gloria Arroyo’s election cheating in Mindanao., that is what he is.

      • yellow_zombies

        You should read the decision on the case of the woman who failed to include her sari-sari store in her SALN. The woman was fired from her job not because she failed to include the store in her SALN, but because owning the store was a conflict of interest in her job. It was conveniently reported by the media that the woman was removed from her position because he failed to disclose her ownership of the store in the SALN, when actually, she was not allowed to own a store because of conflict of interest.

        Simply put, she was fired not because of the wrong SALN entries, but because of her ownership of the stall was a conflict of interest. Intiendes?

        Media twisted the facts to make it look like it was because of the SALN. My brother is a lawyer and he said that what the media reported was an absolute lie!

        As for Bongbong benefiting from cheating in Mindanao, well, GMA and Bongbong were political enemies so how did he benefited from cheating? Care to explain? Or you’re just hallucinating? LOL

      • Erwin

        How about buying dollars in the late 60s for two pesos for each? 

      • Jay Ann

        Whattt??? are u serious? Its obvious you do not know or read the case of Delsa Flores who was sacked because she failed to include in her SALN her market stall?

        Please… you are the one twisting the facts, just like your idol Corona, who is now officially CONVICTED!!!!!!

      • yellow_zombies

        Don’t be silly. Are you a lawyer? If not then STFU. Delsa Flores was removed from her position because the stall owner complained. She was NOT removed because she did not include the stall in her SALN. He ownership of the stall was a CONFLICT OF INTEREST in her job.

        Once again, stop believing the lies peddled by the yellow media propaganda. Stop believing what was reported over and over again by ABiasCBN and this paper. LOL. How easy people are being brainwashed nowadays.

      • Jay Ann

        Lol…. yan ang hirap pag umaasa lang sa Google… Malamang maling impormasyon ang makuha. Lalo na yung mga bobong kagaya mo, ignoramus.

        FYI, hindi po sa pagyayabang, isa ako sa involved at may personal knowledge sa kasong ito. So im pretty sure I know more than someone who only rely on Google. Nakakatawa ka iho.

        Ikaw ang biktima ng propaganda. Guilty na ang amo mo. It’s time to move on.

        And yes, I’m a lawyer. 2001 Bar Topnotcher. Well, I’m not really the top 1, 5 other guys have beaten me.

      • yellow_zombies

        Go to Google and search “Rabe vs Flores.” Now read the last paragraph. Go! That will remove your ignorance! LOL

      • Handiong

        Owning a store is in conflict of interest with being a court interpreter? Nobody who is in government owns a business? How come when a government official is charged with ill-gotten wealth, the reason given is the money comes from business?

    • Jimmy

      bongbong, joker and miriam are good combination. can you imagine a leftist, an extreme rightist, and a son of dictatorship bundling together and trying to mislead the Filipino people..!!?  This is one for Ripley’s, eh ?????

      • yellow_zombies

        Mislead? LOL. Their explanations are satisfactory to those who understand the Constitution and the laws of the land. They follow the law and not the dictates of the popular mob. And for that they should be commended. Unlike some senators who changed their verdicts because of fear. LOL

      • damatannapo

        how about the interpretation of JPE Cayetanos Pimentel Drilon Pangilinan Escudero are they wrong?

        and they have the mandate to represent the people

      • cambslady

        Couldn’t agree with you more.

  • G P

    Masmabuti pa si Lito na mababa ang pinag-aralan kaysa kay Brenda na marami nga na pinag-aralan pero mali naman ang interpretasyon sa batas ng tao at diyos.
    Kaya pasang awa sa bar kase walang common sense at moralidad.

  • reynold fulgencio

    Marcos Jr. is talking about “naked power”!? He seemed to forget how his father used “fire power” during martial law to annihilate, thousands of his political enemies, real or imaginary, when they were in power. Talk about bullsh*t!!!

    • yellow_zombies

      The sins of the father are not the sins of the son. Unless Bongbong himself personally joined in his father’s evil deeds, I don’t see anything wrong with what he said. And I’m opposed to the late Pres. Marcos.

      • reynold fulgencio

        Marcos Jr. in many occasions, openly express his support to his father for declaring martial law. Hope you get what i mean.

      • yellow_zombies

        So did Enrile. Your point?

      • jurbinsky77

        Cite any instance when Enrile discussed about the desirability of Marcos martial law. Give me a date and the film clip in YouTube if any.

      • yellow_zombies

        LOL you don’t know that Enrile was part of the Rolex 12 group which planned and implemented Martial Law? (Along with FVR). Poor you.

      • damatannapo

        correct ka riyan kay Enrile tungkol sa martial law

         palipat lipat kung saan magandapero hindi monopoly ni JPE lang yanJoker Mirriam lahat sila nasa isang banka lang

      • gardy_versozi

        hahahahaha, this is the most stupid thing i’ve ever heard.
        go to wikipedia and read the article about the philippines martial law, and you will see Enrile’s name there.

      • jurbinsky77

        May I remind you that the context of the discussion is the impeachment proceedings.

        Ah what do you kno?

      • reynold fulgencio

        Please stick to the issue. Don’t muddle the topic by introducing another personality. It is not Enrile who is crying of ‘naked power’ here to begin with.

      • yellow_zombies

        Enrile was in full support of Martial Law, just like Bongbong supporting his father (as you said). That’s what I’m trying to say. Your point now?

      • reynold fulgencio

        Never mind. You will refuse to get it anyway.

      • damatannapo

        but JPE redeemed himself

      • jurbinsky77

        Who is talking about the sin of the father being levied to the son? The fact would haunt us in our lifetime. I don’t believe that you were against Marcos, your handle betrays it all. Marcos was kicked out of country because of the yellow-shirted motley of people.

        You don’t know what you are posting about.

      • yellow_zombies

        Don’t be narrow-minded. There are many people opposed to the yellow mob, not just the Marcos loyalists. I was too young to remember the Marcos dictatorship, so how can I support him?

      • Erewhon Revisited

        Why are you opposed to the late Pres. Marcos?

      • koikoi

         Hmmm…. kanino  bang yaman ang tinatamasa ni Bongbong ngayon?

      • kauban

        I think you are the only person in the world who did not know what the late dictator Marcus did to the Filipino people. Unless you were born only  in the 1990s. A friend of mine, a public school teacher, was brutally man-handled by the abusive military of Marcus almost to his death. He is only one of  thousands of victims.Please,  read the history during the Martial Law Period! 

      • kauban

        It is true that the sins of the father are not the sins of the son, but when the son supports the sinful acts of the father and keeps the stolen treasure of the father, then the son shares the sins of the father. Bongbong and the Marcos family did not even make a public apology for the abuses commited by his father to the Filipino people. For them, the old Marcos is a hero. Therefore, Bongbong is judged by the words he spoke: “naked power”!

  • Brian

    even they voted on the other side,,i still admired them for standing on what they beileve for….

  • buninay1

    Mirriam can start investigating herself now by first examining her head.

    • PutingAgila

       Does she have a head? I thought all she had is a dirty uncivilized huge filthy mouth!

  • f35

    Look who’s talking (Bongbong) !!

  • mightya_i

    Could somebody tell ICC that they are making a very wrong decision in including Miriam S. as one of your judge….PPPPPLLLLLEEEAAASSSSEEEEE!!!!
    Joker Arroyo… well, glad that this is your last term …. Tuta ni Gloria Arroyo..
    As for Mr. Marcos, I still respect you kahit different tayo ng pananao. 

    • damatannapo

      there is a petition

      I just can not copy paste the URL because of Disqus

      it is tripple w dot change dot org slash petition

  • Lolo_Basyong

    This news article forgot to highlight the most important point made by Miriam:  That if Corona wanted to hide his wealth, as claimed by the prosecution and all the senators who voted to convict, why did he put his accounts under his name?  Kung nais niyang mandaya, inilagay niya sana sa ibang pangalan. Simpleng-simple.

    • damatannapo

      ex-CJ was gullible he thought GMA is still the president

      just like what he said The Chief Justice wishes to be excused

      • Lolo_Basyong

        Bago pa man maupo si Penoy, alam na ni Corona na pinagbabantaan na siya nito.  Kung ikaw siguro ang nasa sapatos niya e, baka mabilis pa sa alas kwatrong inilipat mo ang pera sa ibang pangalan bago pa man sumumpa si Penoy sa kakosa niyang si Morales.  Hehehehehehe… Kung ginamit ni Farinas ang katagang ‘palusot,’ akma naman sa kaso ni Corona ang dalawang kataga:   “Pinagtulungan” at “Pinaghigantihan.”  

    • Enrico

      oo nga lolo, puede niyang gawin jose elorde o kaya naman jose padyak.

    • Royal_Flush

       Lo, eto ka na naman. Medyo umaatake na naman yung dementia natin, ano ho? You wanna know why tj did not put his bank accts. in other’s name? 3 reasons:

      1. Arrogance and Power trip brought about the culture of impunity that pandak inculcated. tj felt invincible because he’s tj. Never in his wildest dreams that as “Chief Justice” somebody or anybody would DARE to question, much more, investigate his $$$. “The Chief Justice of the Republic…now wishes to be excused.” Just like the ampatuans who massacred 30 mediamen, taga-media pa! nalasing sa kapangyarihan, gets mo na?

      2. tj is not marcos, tj is simply bobo. tj just didn’t have any contingencies, why again? refer to no.1.

      3. Divine plan. Just like tj’s prayers of Truth and Justice to prevail. First, they subpoenaed the Ombudsman, then tj decided to testify and unwittingly showed his true color to the whole world on live tv by disrespecting the dead and the IC by his arrogance and walkout. Answered prayers.

      • koikoi

         Haha. I could have not given better answer than this.

    • Buddy

      lol..Corona NEVER thought these things will ever happen. He put them in his name so it is really his money and can easily be withdrawn. Now his other “hidden money” could be in a different name or with a dummy and should be investigated. / The real big question is already asked by the Presiding Judge Enrile. Bakit hindi pa idineklara ni Corona ang mga dolyar at pesos niya e wala namang kaparusahan kung gagawin niiya ito at iniutos ito ng konstitusyon sa mga opisyal ng gobyerno? Bakit ba niya ito itinatago? For what? Hindi daw masyadong alam ni Corona ang debit at credit e dating titser siya ng taxation at nagtrabaho sa sikat na accounting firm na SGV. PALUSOT!

  • katindig

    Bongbong Marcos acquitted Corona because Pnoy doesn’t want the (wax) body of the dictator be burried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.  What naked power is Bongbong talking about?  He forgot his father’s fire power to suppress freedom.   This makes me puke.

    • damatannapo

      plus 1

    • jalliah2000

       I just hope na Bongbong’s vote to acquit is what he really think is right… and hindi dahil bad trip lang sya kay Aquino dahil hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin pumapayag ilibing sa libingan ng mga bayani si Late President Marcos?

      Noynoy and Bongbong should move on na! Kalimutan na nila ang away ng mga magulang nila. Wala dapat personalan, dapat priority nila ay ang kabutihan ng bayan. Pasalamat nga sila at matatalino at magagaling mga ama nila kaya nasa pwesto sila. Kung hindi naman sa mga ama nila eh I doubt they will be in office. Pero wag na nilang ituloy ang away ng mga magulang nila… move on na for a better Philippines in the future. I-honor nila ang legacy ng mga ama nila by being good public servants/ leaders.

  • jalliah2000

    The majority of the senate made a decision already. We should respect it and move on. 20 out of 3 senators voted to convict, I dont think lahat yun ‘nagpabayad’ as some people here claims. I would still like to believe na some of them ay genuine public servant na ang nasa isip at interest ay ang kabutihan ng taong bayan.  

    Also, the prosecutors/congressmen should stop taking credit for their suppose ‘victory’…. Lalo na si Tupas! Kasi wala naman sa kanila ang naging susi ng conviction ni Mr Corona. It was Mr. Corona’s own testimony and action that got him in trouble.

    As for the 3 senators who voted to acquit, let us respect their decision din. Yun nga lang, yung ginawang outburst ni Miriam sa senate is uncalled for. Para syang batang nagta-tantrums dahil hindi nya nakuha ang gusto nya at hindi umayon mga kasamahan nya sa kanya. She’s so full of herself, feeling nya eh sya lang ang may alam sa batas among her colleagues and the whole Philippines. 

    • damatannapo

      tama ka…. it was the defense’ move that tilted towards conviction

      devine providence 

  • pasaway008ako

    nagngakngak na naman si Santiago. Mayroon pa siyang “God strike me dead”. Hayaan mo Santiago, hindi ganyan ang mangyayari sa iyo kundi sa ibang paraan. Hinahamon mo ang Diyos ha, hiram mo lang iyang buhay mo!

    Tapos na ang usping ito, the country should move on, hindi iyong, kayong tatlo diyan, para kayong paslit na ngumangalngal na humihingi ng gatas! Grow up, senador pa naman kayo!!!

  • katindig

    It is true that the sins of the father are not the sins of the son but the question is the son believes and supports  the sins fo the father.  Bongbong believes that killing and imprisoning people opposed to martial  was right because they never apologized.

    • damatannapo

      Bong Bong believes that his father is also entitled to be burried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani

      hindi naman qualified ang tatay niya

    • Enrico

      eh ano naman pagkakilala mo kay enrile bro?

      • DerfOFW

        Enrico, si Enrile, kaya ayaw umalis sa puwesto, dahil natatakot ding maimbestigahan? Maraming kalokohan yang si Enrile, noong pang panahon ni Marcos. Hudas iyan!!! Nagkakanulo. Takot yong mga Senador na bumoto ng guilty, baka maimbestigahan ang SALN nila. Waaaaaaa, sa totoo lang..

    • white scorpion

      it’s true that the sin of the father is not the sin of the son. except that the money left by the father will be spent by the son. he.he.he.

  • maximilianb

    BOngBOng Marcos- what an S. O. B. Kailan kaya kakarmahin ang hinayupak na ito?

  • Rene

    joker arroyo eto ka na naman. masyado kang matalino! o nagtatalitalinuha! walang pupuntahan ang pilipinas sa pinagmamagaling mong utak! actually, utak biya ka. magkano kaya nakurakot mo kay gloria at hindi ka makabitiw. ano kaya pinanghahawakan BAHO sa iyo ng mga taong pareho mo ng last name ha? pareho kayong angkan ng demonyo

  • walangbolahan

    i hope god grants sen. santiago’s first request. she is so deserving.

    • damatannapo

      pity the lady

      may kasabihan pag pumatol ka sa L*K* L*K*
      mas L…….what ever

      • walangbolahan

        nakow, di ako naniniwala sa kasabihang yan.

    • white scorpion

      ……………………..together with her hypertension

  • pidro2012

    The 3 Axis of losers, 
    “Why is the Philippines always ranked as one of most corrupt countries in the whole world? Are you pretending to be faultless?” Santiago asked., Di yata alam ng baliw na ito na dahil sa mga pulitikong katulad niya dumami ang corrupt dahil ang itim ay gustong palabasing puti dahil nagmamarunong siya sa batas. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what is right and what is wrong. Sana nga tama-an ka ng kidlat para yang asal asong kalye mo mabura na. For Arroyo I believe senile dementia has taken toll on you. For Bongbong, what can you expect, he grew up from a corrupt family.

  • Erewhon Revisited

    Now I am convinced Senators Joker Arroyo and Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is Fulpol and Turkak, and Miriam is Violet55.

  • lmrdee

    careful on what you wish for sen. miriam, your chances of getting struck dead by an act of God may be the next order…you only have to base your judgment on 2 words ‘delsa flores’…awright brenda!

    • chingnarciso

      She is lucky that I am not God,or else she been struck long time ago,that Urangutang woman.She look like this kind of monkey species.

      • gardy_versozi

        how can she be lucky that you are not God?
        EVERYBODY is LUCKY you are not God.
        you are so stupid, the whole universe will end before you are even done making it.

      • chingnarciso

        A person who call a person stupid, who express his or her opinion is the one who is stupid. so who is stupid..dumb ass,you think that you are only the one who are entitled to express his opinion?Why not be cool and be civilize you dumb ape.

  • jordz 777

    be careful to what your wish for, because it might come true!

  • gardy_versozi

    all you need to do is step back, read or listen to what they have said WITH AN OPEN MIND. if for once you all can forget about the chief justice, close your eyes, and listen to what they have said, you will all realize that what they have said is true.
    the only reason why you all cannot accept this truth is because of the 5 months of black propaganda that has conditioned all your minds to hate the chief justice, EVEN BEFORE the start of the trial.
    what i really cannot understand is how all of you can hate one man, who has not done anything to you.
    YOU THINK he did.
    but think deeply.
    i admit, no one is perfect, and the chief justice is not without fault.
    but this is wrong.
    i cannot understand how a whole nation can rise up and be so wrong.
    filipinos who committed crimes abroad, like murder, become heroes.
    we rally in front of their host countries’ embassies to demand their acquittal, to demand that they be pardoned.
    and when they are forgiven and sent home, they get a heroes’ welcome.
    murderers. found guilty. become heroes because the media made them so.
    what’s the difference when a filipino kills someone abroad, and when one kills someone here in our country?

    you all think, a new dawn has come to our country and we can finally start improving.
    but how can we improve, if our first step is already wrong?

    if we can forgive enrile and honasan from the many deaths they have caused during their many attempts to unseat president corazon aquino…
    if we can forgive ping lacson from running away from the law and hiding in hong kong instead of facing his accusers…
    if we can forgive them, when their crimes are even graver than non-disclosure of assets on their SALN…
    how can they be allowed to come back and run for government office and the chief justice is forever disqualified…
    where is the justice in that?

    the three senators who voted for acquittal despite knowing how unpopular this will be, risked their political careers and risk ridicule, for you.

    • Jose

      Corona knows the answer to all your question and it can be summarized to 4 words:  It is the law.

      Corona and his lawyers even want to twist the law against its straightforward wordings and intent.  20 Senators have seen the evil of it and how it will open the floodgates for abuse and corruption and voted guilty.  You see the issue goes beyond Corona, the issue will be how like minded people can follow his example and just hide thir loot in dollar accounts and not declare them in their SALN – goofbye accountability.

      • gardy_versozi

        only 4 people for me, made a decision based on law.
        santiago, arroyo, marcos, and enrile.
        enrile differed from the three, but his explanation is sound.

        the rest based their decision on public sentiment and emotion.

      • dann0409


    • Roland

       In your own words, you have said we should “forgive” CJ, and you are saying there are worse more sins other have committed. True, CJ’s “crime” is miniscule compared with those attributed to Marcos or GMA et. al, but the judiciary is held in a different pedestal than those of mere politicians.  The supreme court is the last bastion of democracy and there is no room for error or mistakes. If the CJ claims that his SALN is not supposed to include those of his dollar accts, then he has demonstrated flawed capacity in judgement and has unappogetically, brazenly even claim the opposite whereas in common sense, SALN means everything should be included. If he has demonstrated stupidity in obviously flawed decisions, what more of those decisions involving life or national issues?

      The judiciary is either right or wrong, and there is no middle ground. As cited in the case of the court clerk who has been terminated due to having a small grocery stall and was not listed in her SALN, the CJ should be judge in the same capacity. If you read the case of the court clerk, you can even surmised that her grocery stall is not even a huge change in her lifestyle and the verdict of a lifetime ban in government plus revocation of benefits is harsh. But supreme court followed the SALN law to the letter.

      And don’t fret, the verdict does not say your hero (CJ) is corrupt or anything, it just says he broke the SALN law (and was fired), and even though it seems a misdemeanor, much like what happened to Yahoo’s CEO who claim he was a computer science graduate and got booted (well actually he had the decency to resign). Corona, if he was wise in the first place, should’ve just opened up and claimed transparency (he did the reverse and ergo made him look guilty). Only crooks hide their ill gotten gains, and he did his best to hide his money claiming threats of kidnapping, “rape” or burglary as if being a CJ is not enough carrots for thugs to target him.

      All in all, CJ is yet to be cooked in his own goose, as he has just been fired from his job.

      Forgiving CJ for a “misdemeanor” is given, but forgiveness should be couple with justice. What is good for Juan must be good for Renato.

      • gardy_versozi

         i never said ‘forgive’. you must be mistaking me for somebody else.

    • walangbolahan


    • chingnarciso

      I forgive Miriam Santiago for coming back as reincarnation from  urangutang  in the  beginning  of  her  life and came back in life as a Senator of the Philippines, She is spiteful woman and she don’t belong where she is right now.I know  that Philippines is a democratic country and have a freedom of speech,but she mis interpret that speech word and using spit,to spit every one on her way.Just for fun,put her side view  picture  of her and put a side view picture of urrangutang  and they look  a like.sorry to all of you….for being critical,..peace be  with you..

      • gardy_versozi

         she doesn’t need your forgiveness, because she doesn’t know you.

    • joshmale2004

      This guy has suddenly become as meek as a lamb after telling all filipinos as idiots and dumb. Go back again to our history and check your facts. 

      • gardy_versozi

        but you are an idiot sir. it has not changed at all.
        in fact, you are still as stupid as you are as dumb.

    • white scorpion

      i’ve monitor most of the time in my car radio stationS. you’ll be surprise that the black propaganda corona’s mention is actually the opposite. majority of the radio commentator were against p-noy. even the television program. they even redicule prosecution’s tactics. unless, my car radio and t.v. set is laying…. i know for the fact that corona is incapable of laying. …that’s according to corona.

      • gardy_versozi

        maybe you’re just listening on one radio station.
        nevertheless, you are grossly mistaken.

      • white scorpion

        is it?

    • Andoy51

      Wake up, wake up, Midas! The game is over!

      Let me ask you to ponder these few questions, food for thought:

      1. How much did Coronarroyo spend for their well-oiled propaganda machine to acquit Corona; and where did they get the money to do it?

      2. Erap, who then a sitting president, was not able to mount such a costly and well-funded damage control effort, right?

      3. What would have happened if Corona was acquitted?

      • gardy_versozi

         1. pro bono lawyers, donations from friends, and personal money. ulike the prosecution, they didn’t spend 6 million pesos of tax payers’ money to do it.

        2. erap was doing great, until it was revealved that the presiding judge, davide, was in league with the prosecution. you will notice it most blatantly when he read the decision on whether the sealed envelope will be opened or not. you can see it in his face.

        3. it would mean rule of law will rule over the rule of the mob.

      • Andoy51

        Clearly, you are out of touch with reality.

      • gardy_versozi

         well, if you can refute what i have said convincingly, then maybe you are right.
        until then, it is you who is out of touch with reality.

  • johnsonabadsantos

    It’s more fun in the Philippines….meet the new 3 Stooges…..Ayyoko, Tiago, and Puto. There is no truth to the rumor that Bong Bong Marcos is the real son of Joker Arroyo and Miriam Defensor Santiago. But my investigative sources are looking into it.

  • Luis

    I think using once power for the sake of goodness is a whole lot better than using it to propagate corruption…don’t you agree?

    • dann0409

      yup, question is: for the sake of goodness? whose goodness ang iniisip nila?

    • kauban

      All power comes from God. God shared His power to man and woman to be used for the common good. When a person uses his power for his/her personal interest, that power becomes a vacuum, nothing inside but dirt.

  • 711sense

    Although I doubt it, I hope what happened in the impeachment of CJ Corona will be a learning lesson for everyone to do good for the sake of the country. It is now encumbent for everyone working in government to publish their SALN and to sign a weaver to open all their accounts. No excuses and no exemptions!

    • white scorpion

      i second the motion. this would be the bench mark for everyone to do what is right. remember, (those corrupt peopleS), if our nation goes down, your decendantS goes down with it. so, STOP your misdeed and help our country turn around.

    • kauban

      To fight corruption in our country is not only asking our govenment officials and employees to publish their SALN and to sign a weaver to open their bank accounts. These alone cannot solve the problem of corruption. We need them but not enough. We need to participate in this fight. Corruption in the lower level could be rampant. The corrupt employee would not ask you to give them money in exchage for a prompt attention to your needs in their office. But when he/she let you come back and forth many times with so many reason, either  he/she does not know her work or most probably telling you in silence, mayron ba tayong padulas!

  • mahuli

    meryam, bakit mo pa kailangan ng second life to go after all the crooks in the government??? ang tagal mo na sa gobyerno, mataas pa ang posisyon bakit hindi mo na lang gawin??? napaka-ogag naman.

  • Andrew Dela Cruz

    what’s happening kay mamang joker?  nung time ni marcoshalos mamatay sya sa pakikilaban kontra sa rehimen perongayon kampihan na sila!  pera nga naman ano?it can move mountains

  • maria

    Joker, oh Joker, what happened to you? You are fading in shame!

  • white scorpion

    if we are to listen mirriam. it appears that the prosecution are the ones goin out of hand. but when we analyze it carefully. actually it is corona who is the subject of her lecture. and yet she voted to acquit. hey mirriam, you are contradicting yourself.
    kahit si joker. ‘kala mo napakatino. bakit, mas grabe ang ginawa niyo noon. mas mabilins pa nga nirapido ni villar ang proseso. tapos iiyak-iyak ka ngayon. mas may proseso pa nga ngayon kaysa sa inyo noon. nagkakakulugo na yata utak mo.

  • Buddy

    I elected Joker and Merriam to the senate and i am now very disappointed. I did not vote for Bongbong. I do not understand these three stooges. How i wish these three should be impeached or removed for the country’s sake. These three senators’ SALNs should be investigated too. Calling on Ombudsman Morales…

  • repapips

     so miriam, when do you start to clean the government? when all is honest?

  • Buddy

    The REAL CHIEF JUSTICE is the PEOPLE and they have spoken.

  • Andoy51

    Now the real Joker is out of the bag.

    Joker Arroyo earned the trust of the people for his seemingly courageous stand against martial law when he was yet a penny-pinching lawyer — idealistic, bold and courageous.

    But after tasting power, fame and money his real nature came to the fore. He is not different than Marcos. He is, in fact, now a chummy political bedfellow of the dictator’s son.

    Now, the nation knows better. The voters may not have the pleasure of repudiating this senile anomaly by their votes anymore, but he has secured his place in history as an enemy of democracy and good governance.

    Joker, I am thoroughly ashamed of you. You wasted my vote and my trust.

    • hustlergalore

      naku ha.

      bad ka. kaya lagot ka!


  • orchid

    What do you expect from a son of a dictator who plundered the nation’s wealth?  Bonbong, his sisters Imee and Irene, and his mom have benefited from his daddy dearest’ earnest ways of corruption. They are living the life of luxury from the hidden wealth stashed away in foreign banks and possibly even in FCDs locally.

    BongBong, you should be reminded that basically you were reared, fed, and sent to school by your corrupt parents using money stolen from the people of the Philippines.

  • Andoy51

    Parang hibang is Miriam sa pagpipilit i-justify ang kanyang acquittal vote. Halos bumula ang bibig sa galit sa mundo.

    Pati pangalan ng Diyos ginagamit kaya lalong na-turn off ang mga tao sa kanyang katarayan.

    Humihingi pa mandin ng pangalawang buhay para kuno linisin ang Pilipinas. False illusion of grandeur and being self-righteous — these were the two qualities she strongly portrayed during the impeachment process.

    Nagkamali ang Aquino administration sa pagsuporta para maging miyembro si Mirian ng International Criminal Court. Baka doon naman magkalat yan, akala tuloy ng mundo katulad din niya ang mga Pilipino.

    On other hand, her departure could very well be good riddance. Filipinos do not deserve such an arrogant, foul-mouthed and self-righteous scumbag.

  • Andoy51

    Itong si Bongbong Marcos pumopormang tatakbong presidente. Nais buhayin uli ang poder ng kanyang dictador na ama. Sa dami ng tagong yaman ng mga Marcos, the Marcoses and their minions have the ability to get Bongbong to the presidency.

    Buti na lang maaga pa na-expose ang kanyang kawalan ng moral foundation. Ngayon alam na ng bayan kung anong klaseng tao siya. Malamang hindi na ma-reelect yan even as senator.

    Pwede pa rin naman magtayo ng sarili political party sina Bongbong, Joker at Miriam Defensor. Tatawagin nila itong MAD (Marcos, Arroyo, Defensor). Siyempre hindi papayag si Miriam na hindi gamitin ang kanyang preferred slogan: GALIT KAMI SA MUNDO!

    • F**kinMO

      In spite of things we know about these people MARCOS’S, ARROYOS, DEPENSOR was and is ingrained with corruption (meaning crookedness of these people is inborn nothing can change that), the constituents still voted for these people. A friend of mine an Ilocano no matter how I present evidence, write up of international opinion about his kleptocracy,
      And still he has this canine loyalty to his APO. And am hoping that canine loyalty does not extend to a lot of you during election time. Because it takes only few years of these people to fatten their purse and many many days of you people to get poorer. It is really up to you.

      • Filcanpam

        I agree ang mga Kano ay loyal for what to Marcos? I’m puzzled by how their brains works – Let’s put it this way Ferdi is like Kim Jong Ill of the the Ilocus region “Deity nag tingin sa kanya” kaya lang si Belzibul pala – O yang mga kababayan pag handaan na si Bong bong – Ang Prince of Darkness naman

  • Jeo Jagonia

    Marcos as a President in 2016 really scares me… we should guard our freedom! This guy is not rich.. but super rich! many of the stolen money by their family deposited outside the country is in his name.. one in Singapore bank worth around US$ 59 trillion according to one of the newspaper published in 2009. My first reaction was “wtf is this?” If the Marcoses really wants to help the countr,y they must help get back all those money and the government must get it back.. It really make me sick knowing all these money not being put to good use and while many of the Filipino is living under $1 day. To my disappointment, I kept one copy of the newspaper, scanned it and sent it to my friends. These bank account alone can make you faint for few days.

    • F**kinMO

      Agreed 100%

      • gardy_versozi

        eto pa isang bobo.
        agreed raw.
        $59 trillion. agreed raw.
        oh my God. why? why? why are there stupid people like these two clowns?

      • Jeo Jagonia

        if i can show you the paper and u will say how bobo u r instead.. i kept the paper because i was disturb sa amount.. you can give me ur email and i will show you!

      • gardy_versozi

        you are distuberd by that amount?
        you should not only be disturbed, you should have a heart attack.
        if he really has that amount, he can buy the united states.
        any person who own that much money can rule the world, literally.

    • hustlergalore

      bongbong will run. nagsimula na nga sya ng propaganda niya, last year pa. LOL

    • R

      WOW….US$59 TRILLION in one bank account…in Singapore in 2009.

      Ang galing naman…US GDP is US$ 15 Trillion…pero si Marcos may US$59 TRILLION in one bank account.

      Parang US$12 Million dollars ah……ang daming pang “likes” mo….talaga naman mga Pinoy.

      • Jeo Jagonia

        hahaha i know what is trillion and million Mr R! i read it hundred times! why not try to ask the newspaper who published it… at that time they even convert it to singapore dolar which is 79 trillion.. Maybe the media made a mistake that big? lol right?

      • R

        would be fun if you posted the source in here…..

        I’ll take your word for it ;)

    • gardy_versozi

      hahahaha, $59 trillion.


      what a stupid stupid idiot.

      • Jeo Jagonia

        i can show the newspaper moron and slap it in your face!

  • Andoy51

    Itong kumag na Joker binabatikos na wala daw due process yung pagsampa ng impeachment complaint kay Corona. Balikan nga niya kung paano nila ni-railroad yung impeachment ni Erap noong 2001?

    Alam niya ang proseso, pero nagbubulag-bulagan dahil natakpan ng pera, yabang at poder ang kanyang mga mata.

    Bagay na bagay sa kanya ang kanyang pangalan. He is the biggest joke in the Senate.

    • Rex

      ayos ka ring bumanat ah…railroaded ba kamo ang kay estrada ? may ebidensya kay erap…dumaan sa commitee hearings at umabot sa plenary…nung nag fifilibuster na si Dilangalen napilitan na ang speaker na si villar na brasuhin na ang impeachment kasi presidente at pinakamakapangyarihan na tao sa pilipinas ang kalaban. Ngayon kay Corona naman, may nagsampa nga kaso sa kanya sa kongreso sa umaga pagdating ngb tanghali pirmado na ng 188 congressman…may kalakip bang ebidensya ? wala…may committee hearing bang nangyari ? wala…nabasa ba lahat ng pumirma ang reklamo ? hindi ….sino ang kalaban ni corona ? ang mongol na presidente na siyang pinakapangyarihang tao sa pilipinas…kita muna ang pinag iba ? alam mo rin ba kung bakit yellow zombies ang tawag sa mga panatiko ni cory,mongol at drilon…kasi ang mga zombies walang sariling matinong pag iisip… bulag na panatiko. masaya kna sa paliwanag ko.

      • Andoy51

        Malinaw na ikaw ang bulag na panatiko kay Corona at sa nakakulong niyang among si Gloria Arroyo.

  • Freddie73

    This is a very serious accusation against all the senator judges who voted for conviction!  Arroyo and Marcos, in effect, are accusing the senator judges of having no independent judgment and perhaps received certain perks from the administration!  

    • Jeo Jagonia

      Good thing is Miriam knows we are one of the most corrupt country in this world.. That is why corona was appointed two days after the Presidential election because of corruption. Our senators are there in the senate for how many long years already but still they put the country in the bottom list of the least corrupt. it only mean one thing, our leaders almost do nothing to upgrade our country for decades now!

      • bugaboomang

        ah, for me, them “doing nothing” is almost a blessing to count. problem is some of them–those who act as hollier than the others– actually help bring our nation to its knees by doing something: unabated aggrandizement, outright plundering of our hard-earned taxes/contribution guised as pork barrel projects.

      • kauban

        What the Senators did to Corona give us more optimism and make us active fighters against corrupt practices in our country. I hope Pres. Aquino will continue his lead in fighting corruption na walang pinipili kahit kanyang kapartido o hindi.

  • F**kinMO

    Heard of the saying “Bird of the same feather flock together” some people don’t have any shame at all, Is this how it goes now “PAKAPALAN NA NG MUKHA” does money and power would thicken a man’s/woman’s face, I don’t know about you guys but me Marcos’s and Arroyos last name is synonymous with corruption would it? And you people put them in there.  

  • R



    Plunder… 60 years of Luisita


    Anong pinag-kaiba?

    Wala….pero mas magaling magsalita si Bongbong.

  • Snoopy S

    namesakes of the most notorious politicians in the country..talking without looking back few yards!

  • Joseph

    The Filipino people are not surprised these 3 stooges(Santiago,Joker,the”joke” Arroyo, and Marcos, the son of the “abhorred” disgraced dictator were disappointed their co-stooge was convicted of dishonesty.Now their pet Macapagal Arroyo has no one in the Supreme Court to save her from prosecution for her crimes. 

  • Joseph

    Why are the people in the respective electoral district of the minions of M.Arroyo(Joker the”joke” Arroyo, Marcos, son of disgraced dictator, M.Santiago, the “know-all-parliamentarian” still keep these people in congress knowing full well they are not for the people’s interest but for their selfish ambition?

    • Rex

      come to think of it…if they are really for their selfish ambition it is easy to side with malacanang with all the perks and benifits that come from it plus protection from any harassment. if cj corona is also corrupt it would be easy for him to resign or side with malacanang but he chose to fight it out.

  • Joseph

    The evidence was very real and convincing with supporting documents yet the 3 stooges were fuming mad because their pet was convicted and their other pet surely will be indicted if she is proven guilty.

    • Rex

      so now marcos is for gloria ? remember santiago’s political career started during cory admin…if not for cory no miriam defensor santiago today.

      • robertcarino

        @ rex.  so what if miriam started getting notice from the time of cory?  that has no bearing on her perceived partiality for gloria!  such nonsense!

  • albert

    mga uto uto thought it is good for the country na wala na si corona, 
    in fact, ang masaya talaga ang mga KKK lang..

  • pinoyako888

    well, their last name speaks for itself

  • hustlergalore

    hindi ako makapaniwala, arroyo and marcos.


    joker and bongbong


  • hustlergalore

    Santiago, a former trial court judge, claimed that there was no conflict between the FCDA and the constitutional provision of full disclosure of assets, liabilities and net worth for all public

    – kaya naman pala 76 percent ang nakukuha sa bar e.

    • Rex

      so kung may conflict pala tama paliwanag ni corona na ang FCDA ang pinagbasehan nya instead na yung SALN law. Kasi yung FCDA walang nakalagay dun na ang lahat na public officials ay exempted dun sa batas na yun. Ang pwedeng kamalian ni Corona ay hindi converted sa pesos yung dollar assets nya sa kanyang SALN pero wala namang sinasabing regulasyon ang SALN law na i convert sa pesos ang mga dollar assets nila.

      • koikoi

        Unang kalokohan ni corona, ang SALN ang pinag-uusapan, sa FCDA siya nagbabase. Pangalawang kalokohan, iginigiit niya ang hindi pagsiwalat ng dollar deposits e ang banko at ng alin mang third party ang tinutukoy sa FCDS. Isa pa, hindi ipinagbabawal ng FCDA na i-declare niya ang kanyang dollar deposits sa kanyang SALN. Pangatlong kalokohan, hindi porke walang sinasabing i-convert sa peso ang dollar account, hindi na ito isasali sa SALN. Ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng assets in the first place?

      • Rex

        walang pinag iba yan sa Bill of Rights…freedom of expression…pwede pala maghubad at magsisigaw sa kalsada ng hatinggabi at hindi makasuhan ng mas mababang batas na alarm scandal….freedom of speech…pwede ka pala magsalita ng kahit ano at hindi pwedeng kasuhan ng mas mababang batas na libel ? Ang SALN ay nasa constitution pero it should be implemented in the manner provided by law and FCDA is the other law…ok kna ?

      • robertcarino

        no, rex.  you are incorrect!  as enrile already explained and which all constitutional lawyers will tell you, that constitutional law overrides and republic act or other law.  and the constitution is very clear that EVERYTHING must be reported in the SALN.  and a person like corona, of all people… and a chief justice at that… should have known this.  and it is impossible that that he should MISS that.  for this reason, he was found guilty.  to assume that he be given benefit of the doubt, as the 3 senators are saying, is stretching the imagination and insulting the intelligence of even the most feeble-minded.  period.

      • Rex

        uh…so i was wrong with the bill of rights which is guaranteed by the constitution to which enrile is also advocating to defend ? there is no such thing as constitutional law overrides a republic act or other law…if that republic act or other law is in conflict with the constitution then that law is illegally enacted and should be abolish. As ive said earlier the SALN law in the constitution states that it should be implemented in the manner provided by law and FCDA is one of them.

      • walangbolahan

        di ba ito rin yung palusot ni corona? this argument lost and corona was convicted.

      • R

        I am in agreement with your explanations, though unpopular it may be.

        Lady justice is blind…and so aptly.

        Many here choose to be blind…they see what is convenient to their purpose, and popularity.

      • juan_liwanag

        The Bill of Rights is not the most pertinent part of the Constitution applicable to this controversy; it is that part which declares that Public Office is a public trust. Corona was not on trial in order to lose life, liberty or property. He was not even being denied of freedom of religion, speech or privacy. He was tried to determine whether he was still fit for the high public office entrusted to him. The Constitution and the SALN Law commanded him to be transparent; yet, he hid under the FCDU law. Is that the correct response to the command of the Constitution. Lest you forget, he was not a private citizen when the case  was heard; he was a very high government official – the highest official in fact of the third branch of government. The Bill of Rights is meant to protect an ordinary citizen against the powers of government; not one leader of government hiding from law and the truth!

  • Niccolosito

    One life is one too many for Defensor-Santiago. Actually, she is one big mistake of God and God  will not allow Himself to make the same mistake. In her next life, should her wish be granted by God, she will be a pit bull although she seems to be one already. In the meantime, she can use Chlorox or acid to clean her foul mouth and take a few pills of humility.

  • kauban

    The conviction of Corona is not death sentence. The quotation from John 8:7 talks about a woman caught in adultery, where the people want to stone her to death according to the law in the Old Testament. This passage does not apply to Corona’s case because the Prosecutor did not ask for his death, only to remove  him from a position of highest public trust. With due respect to senator Meriam Santiago’s opinion, I would  say that God will judge each one of us according our attitude, whether we are humble or arrogant before him. Our legal skills and knowledge will not work before the Him because God knows what is inside us.

  • fer1973

    hindi na naniniwala ang taong bayan sa inyong tatlo mga kampon ng buwaya at ng iglesia ni manalong kulto…hangang dyan na lanag kayo mga kurakot…at wag na kayong umasa na kayo eh iboboto pa ng taong bayan..kayong tatlo eh nasa kaibuturan na ng pagiisip ng taong bayan na ang pakay ninyo kaya kayo umupo eh para magnakaw at idestabilized ang mabuting panukala ng paglilinis ng mga baho ng mga magnanakaw na katulad ninyo…loooosers

  • Niccolosito

    Senator Joker Arroyo, do you realize that you are in effect telling the Filipino people that the law
    is to be applied selectively, depending on who’s the accused or what his or her position in office or life is? A small mistake or error by a high official is excusable but one made by an ordinary clerk is punishable? Remember equal protection of the law? Why not apply here the law the same way the justices apply it to ordinary citizens? If impeachment is not of the same gravity as murder, treason, and other high crimes, what else could it be? Furthermore, “in good faith” cannot be invoked by someone who accepted his position in a “midnight appointment”. From this action comes the conclusion that this person must have a very low threshold of appreciation of what is appropriate and not appropriate, what is right and what is wrong, morally or legally. That being so, is this person capable of sitting in judgement in court where the issue is always about rights and wrongs? Due process was given to the ex-chief justice, not denied from him. He was given free legal representation and the right to face his accusers, among others. He could have invoked the right against self-incrimination by not testifying but unfortunately, or fortunately, impeachment is a political proceeding and most of the senator-judges are not naive and have keen perceptions of legal and life’s realities so this didn’t matter. Senator Arroyo, you know you have taken the same path if it were President Marcos or Estrada you were trying to impeach. You may not have had solid evidence on your cause of action but because of your deep commitment for transparency, you would have still worked tirelessly for impeachment like the congressmen in the instant case. The idea of bill of attainder wouldn’t cross your legal mind this time. You would reason the evidence will take care of the case as it proceeds.
    I wonder if you truly believe in what you said in your explanation of your vote to acquit. That’s the problem with politics. You have to take sides and usually you would choose to side with your party. That is why Senators Revilla and Villar will be able to face the people with a clear conscience as they chose to uphold the rule of law and the Constitution and put aside party agendas and loyalties. Soon to be ex-Senator Arroyo, you have shown just the opposite in your decision to acquit Renato Corona of his “in good faith” transgressions.
    The same way goes with you, Senator Marcos. As you stated, the Lady Justice wears a blindfold for a reason. She is to render justice based on law without regard to…..So why not apply the force of the law equally on Mr. Corona as it was applied to those lowly government clerks? No, you want the blindfold to cover only one eye of Lady Justice so she can dispense justice selectively. Sometime in the future, we will see the consequence of your choice to acquit Mr. Corona.

  • Edward Solilap

    Ms Defensor Santiago you are only talking with your own opinion about being exemplary lier este Lawyer but you forget the most interesting part of life [moral values] that you wish to achive err the second time around huh? Close your mouth and work gracefully with respect to the constitution you’re talking about othewise you are likely doing the same craft and no values! curse be the name of your highness peer.

  • jclarendo

    Hey Marcos Dayunyur, do you still remember Victor Wood noong nagpang-abot kayo sa bahay ng babaeng inyong nililigawan? Binaril mo si Victor Wood sa paa kaya palsipikado na yong isang paa niya. Pareho lang kayo ni Jackie Enrile, the bad boys during marcos reign of terror (martial law) babalik at babalik din sa inyo yan coz God doesn’t sleep. Maybe during your sleep you find out that u will be bothered by ur conscience and pls wake up don’t sleep forever.

    • robertcarino

       we always hope for karma.  but in the case of bongbong, you won’t find conscience.  only naked ambition like the father.  problema niya, di niya “carry” ang legacy.  unfortunately for us, there will always be those foolish enough to think the marcos years were years of paradise.  it’s up to the people to be vigilant against these jokers.

  • robertcarino

    i do not want to be rude. it would have been honorable for any senator to vote for acquittal, if the vote was based on the law and evidence.  but there is something wrong in the arguments of the senators who voted for acquittal.

    there is something wrong when a senator like miriam hysterical scolds other senators for not thinking the way she does (thank God for that), and saying that lying on the SALN is not a betrayal of public trust, and is therefore not an impeachable crime.  there is something wrong when a former progressive lawyer like joker arroyo says that excluding hundreds of millions in assets from the SALN is a minor offense, and together with the son of a deposed dictator who once tortured his friends, now accuse everyone for using “naked power” to oust corona, with this far from worthy son even claiming his family’s innocence in the process without challenge from joker.

    arroyo, defensor-santiago and marcos are a disgrace to the nation.  it would be a dishonor to call them the “3 stooges”. even moe, larry and curly joe were genuine heroes who bravely spoke out against hitler when it wasn’t fashionable.  buti pang tawagan silang “the 3 monkeys”, na nakatakip ang mga tainga, mata at bunganga. i hope this is the last we hear of these 3!

  • Karabukov

    Naked power?  What if the Aquino administration just let everything run its course, accepted the midnight appointment of a chief justice that as then incoming president he should have had the prerogative of appointing?  After all is said and done, and Corona was acquitted and continued on as chief justice of a Supreme Court that heretofore has been beholden to his predecessor that has much to fear from this president’s anti-corruption stance, President Aquino would have become the laughing stock of the nation and of the world. He would lose credibility as a leader, a lame duck president in the middle of his term and completely helpless in continuing on with his avowed objective of slaying the culture of impunity.

    Lead on Mr. President. Your people are behind you!

  • jesussaints

    Ok Mr. President, tapos na po ang impeachment…you may go back to work now.

  • pinoy63

    takot si bongbong mag acquit kasi marami din syang $ account

    • Rex

      “takot si bongbong mag acquit kasi marami din syang $ account”

      yellowzombie talaga…di na makuhang mag isip ng matino at tama. Acquital nga boto ni bongbong !!!!!!!! Baka ibig mong sabihin mag convict.

  • tagasugod

    Above all else, laws were enacted in accordance with morality. Between moral and legal a judge should decide according to what is morally right. There will always be a case of morally right but legally wrong and vice versa. However in this case where the accused did not stand to lose property,liberty and life, morality takes precedence. Santiago maybe a legal expert, but her decision is morally bankrupt.

    • gardy_versozi

      you idiot. it cleary shows you are not a lawyer, or you are just plain dumb.
      there’s a reason why the symbol of justice is a blindfolded woman.
      that’s because REAL JUDGES should judge based on the law.
      if you want morality to dictate our judicial system, then go to saudi arabia.
      or elect a priest to be our president.

      you stupid idiot.

      • juan_liwanag

        Your choice of user name, language and behavior betrays your character just like Corona’s behavior when he testified. Only the blind could overlook those faults. The country and our politicians may have their faults, but should we fault them again when they choose to do what is right given their previous limitations? Miriam Santiago would have us overlook the clear evidence of guilt coming from the mouth of the former chief justice himself on the ground that she perceives all others to be likewise at fault plus the procedural issues and that such non-disclosure of 98% of one’s assets is not serious enough as a constitutional flaw of someone who is supposed to be the supreme dispenser of justice in the country. She would have us believe that it is more reasonable to catch high officials doing heinous crimes first before they are booted out of office rather than being held up to higher standards precisely because of the honor that their offices supposedly carry. If we are to follow the logic of Miriam, Bong-bong and Arroyo, when would the Philippines ever begin correcting its weaknesses? If the government were not to use all of its powers and authority to arrive at the truth and justice, what then are those powers and authority for? I would appreciate a sound and not angry response from you, if you truly care.

      • gardy_versozi

        if you don’t do it right, you acquit. that’s the law.
        you search a house without a warrant of arrest, the evidence you get is inadmissible.
        that’s the law.
        you kill a man. you won the case, and you are found later on as guilty, you cannot be tried again, it’s called double jeopardy.
        that’s the law.
        somebody sells you a car without a deed of sale or contract, and later on he accuses you of stealing his car, you go to jail.
        that’s the law.
        if you don’t do it right, it’s your fault.
        you want judges to decide by morality? get a priest.

      • tagasugod

        Name calling is the lowest form of argument. One cannot argue his case by personally attacking the arguer and  hope to win his case. Name calling is not the mark of a learned man. Thank you and good day. 

  • manggoding

    This Impeachment Trial is would have been in Ripleys Believe it or Not as to their unique decision.

    They based their decisions on the following:
    1. Hearsay testimony of Leila de Lima;
    2. Padded list of 45 properties which in fact it is only four;
    3. Testimony of Morales $12M bank deposit which was only $2M;

    The Impeachment Court did not give importance on
    1. Coronas waiver to see his bank account peso or dollar;
    2. Testimony of a witness that the property in question was his and not Corona;
    3. Documents showing that he owns only 4 properties.

  • hopelovefaith

    itong tatlong itlog na ito ay mga kulang sa pansin.

    they have to do something unbelievable by going on the opposite side.  i am sure these three knew in their hearts that corona broke the law, but they have to look the other way just so they can carry out their self-serving purposes.

    kailangan kasi sa issue laging may mga kontra katulad ng tatlong itlog na mga ito.


  • Nagagalitna

    Tanggal na ang isang hudas na bayan…mag trabaho na tayo…hayaan nyo na di na sya makakabalik sa Gov’t ah.
    Nawa yong mga may tinatago pa na nakaw na yaman galing sa bayan mag surrender na para makausad na bayan natin…wag na paabutin sa impeachment ulit sayang oras ng mga senador at ibang govt official eh na dapat gagawa ng kong ano pa para sa ikabuti ng bayan.

  • tunderlulo


  • I_kabod

    hindi na natuto ang mga bobotante.  sinipa na nga ang tatay at mga supporters nila sa pwesto, binoto at binalik naman ang anak …ooops! mga pala, dahil dalawa sila na nasa politika.  ano ba gagawin nyan kung sakali? eh di pagtakpan ang nakurakot nila…hindi ako magugulat kung tatakbong presidente si bongbong.    

    • Claire Colburn

      you’re way out of line. his dad has nothing to do with the current issue. get over it! it’s been decades already. ever heard of theory of evolution? the offspring is more developed than their parents. plus, give the person a chance!!! you talk as if you’ve never made mistakes before. his dad’s faults are not his own faults. you do not judge a person by his horrid parents. would you want to be judged by the mistakes of your parents or siblings or relatives? fickle minded! people wouldn’t vote for him if he did not prove anything for himself. He must have excelled locally and nationally to prove people that he is unlike his parents. give it a break man! don’t be so judgmental!!! how would you feel if you were defined by your parents’ past erroneous actions?????? PNoy has great parents. but that doesn’t make him GREAT at all!!! Reputation ng parents nya ang dala nya. So far, before his presidency, wala naman syang accomplishments eh. So point is, don’t judge a person by their blood line. Di din naman perfect pamilya, I’m sure! Malamang may black sheep kada pamilya. Nagkataon lang, black sheep parents ni Marcos  but that doesn’t mean na pati siya eh masama. Don’t be so judgmental. Christiano ka pa naman. 

      • I_kabod

        Ms. Colburn,

        It’s either I’m way out of line or you’re too far from reality…a kid perhaps? Get over what? Former Pres. Marcos’ crime? Martial Law? The human rights victims? Not to mention Julio Nalundasan. Do I need to elaborate further the after effect of his regime? It is truly unfair to be judged by the crime of his parents, but given the amount of wealth they have garnered and later on sequestered by the Phil Gov’t. Does the word “MOTIVE” mean anything to you? I’d rather. Evolution has nothing to do with justice. At paano mo nasabi na kristiyano ako? Ikaw ang judgemental.

  • isprikitik

    “Why is the Philippines always ranked as one of most corrupt countries in the whole world? Are you pretending to be faultless?” Santiago asked.

    The ranking of the most corrupt countries wherein the Philippines is included has its peak during the Arroyo terms…Santiago must have ponder this…Yes indeed we all have faults but what we are trying here is to control those faults not to result to a much greater fault.  

    • tarikan

      Answer: The Philippines has a unique societal virtue “awa” maybe because of the influence of the Catholic Church. No meaningful punishment for the corrupt because “kawawa naman”. Look at Sen. Jinggoy, he is proposing not to further charge Corona because he said kawawa naman, he suffered a lot already. Wow, I missed my opportunity. I should have not left the government service. I could’ve accumulated my millions as kickbacks.

  • nti_boohaya

    BongBong’s vote is for presumption of innocence such as that the government used its machinations to obtain evidences with questionable sources- in short, fabricated.  The subliminal message here is: “It’s not my fault that I am my father’s son.  AND I don’t condone what happened to those deprived of their rights during martial law.”  Like the justice lady with eyes closed, he might have judged with partiality but I think he did not see what went on the last two trial days.  He missed the boat on that; or did he chose to be blind in those to very dramatic days?

    • joseprotacio

      I agree 100%. I saw his demeanor during those 2 days, he was not listening discreetly, kept talking to other senators or on his phone texting. That’s the reason he missed what happened. He did not even listen to his kababayan Rudy Farinas (The Superstar)…sana doon na lang niya in-update ang kaniyang hindi pagka-intende sa buong proceso. He is a disgrace just like his father.

  • esjnapigkit

    “Impeachment is a political process, not a political assassination”….Sen Arroyo.

    But in our country a “political process” includes everything, from character assassination to vote buying and election frauds and all in between. A manifestation of political immaturity and one of the weaknesses of the 1987 Constitution.

    The just concluded “political circus” will not happen under a Unicameral Legislative System where the impeachment proceeding is confined within a single chamber hence the process is done and over with in a matter of week.

    Lesson learned: It is about time to adopt a Unicameral Legislative System of governance similar to what our Asian neighbors are using.

  • saitam21

    I want to know why not one among the Senators ever try to engage Miriam in a debate or even interpellate her? I also want to know why they snicker under their breath when she shrieks at the podium.

    • bugaboomang

      yeah, saitam21, i’m also wondering why these senators meekly obey like henpecked husbands when miriam shouts “Sit!”

    • joseprotacio

      How do you respond to a crazy person? Maybe she needs to lay down on a couch in a very relaxed athmosphere and just listen to her ventillate her frustrations and failures. Don’t respond to her when she’s in a podium or you will be labelled lunatic yourself. I guess even the little kiddos in the Philippines know about that already.

  • Alex

    No way can these three be voted in office ever again.  Their names are tainted with Corona’s blood and GMA’s curse.  

    • bugaboomang

      These “Big Three,” at least, have “YAGBOLS” compared to some smarmy characters who voted for conviction because of the aforementioned characteristic: SMARMINESS,  Corona’s guilt or innocence notwithstanding.
      They have guts to do what they did without fear of backlash or of any dire consequence either on their persons or political career, because they are men with principles.

      Smarminess, on the other hand, can only be caused by not only “Kawalan ng Yagbols” but also by selfish motives like potential lucre-gain and ensuring one’s political hide to remain intact, today and in the future. And that is one not so subtle fact, in our political arena, which we can deny to ourselves “till our mouths, noses and ears are filled with sand!”

      Corona is called “thief justice.” In a euphemistic sense, maybe he is, that’s why he’s in this quandary, but then he is a thief among some thieves, and we are aware of that.

      • hopelovefaith

        we can just all drink poison and end it all if all of us will adopt your thinking.

        you talk like there is no more hope for your country. 

        the philippines is the only country you have.  if you don’t like it here, there’s always america and brunei.


    • yellow_zombies

      They’re still as popular as ever. LOL. More and more people have come to realize the big mistake of convicting a person because of a non-existent law.

  • yellow_zombies

    The BIG THREE who fought government oppression by the yellows. Mabuhay!

    • J.R.

      the 3 STOOGES was a SHAM to the REPUBLIC. and you’re one of them TOO.

      how repugnant.

  • Tama Lang

    Use the ‘naked power’ of the government against the high and mighty corrupt officials but not against the poor and the lowly. This is the big difference. So what is next Pres. Noynoy now that you have overcome one of your roadblocks? Give us quick win results if any and explain them to the taong bayan in simple terms. You have until 2016 to produce BIG TIME and Sustainable Results for the Nation.

    • yellow_zombies

      If they can use “naked power” against the high and mighty, what will prevent them from using “naked power” against the poor and lowly? Their conscience? LMAO

      • Rolly257

        never the poor had the chance to avail the law for themselves…maybe this is the start.

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    Ang Dami pang satsat nitong mga yellow noytards na ito!

    Just ask your idol to fuking sign the waiver now!!!!

    okay na ba ngayon? tapos na ang impeachment trial siguro naman wala ng palusot pa!

    tsk tsk tsk…….

  • tarikan

    “I can’t imagine removing the Chief Justice on account of the SALN. Ang walang urbanidad na senadora Inday Miriam said. I say I can’t imagine removing a lowly court interpreter from the service on account of the SALN. Corona’s & Ms. Flores’ SALN are the same banana. The difference was Flores omitted to report a market stall, Corona omitted $2.4M & P80.7. The latter could easily make 3 to 4 market buildings in Davao where Flores comes from. Sen. Miriam Santiago,  where is your since of proportion?  

  • Bato’ng Bantilis

    Arroyo, Marcos, and Santiago are nakedly a shame to the nation.

  • Enriquez Molina

    If Bongbong Marcos runs for President i might consider voting for him not only for the way he acted during the impeachment but as a personal atonement for all the wrong sins i thought his father committed and which some of the leading newspaper then imputed on the late President. 

    • Karabukov

      You don’t make sense. You will vote for Bongbong to personally atone for being wrong about his father?  Santayana was right: “Those who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Even now, some people are saying that martial law may not be so bad. How easily people forget, particularly if they were not touched by other people’s tragedy.

    • joseprotacio

      Ilocano ka? Ang “BOBO” mo, what do you mean? Huwag mo na kasing Inglesin, walang katuturan yang comment mo. Basahin mo na lang yang mga comments, huwag ka ng magblog…ang sama ng dating.

      • Chase

         @josephprotacio, youre a fool man. He has the right to express himself. He is not naive to just believe in all your foolish comments.  Think before you write here.

  • KapitanBagwis

    Marcos is justifying what his father and mother did.

    Arroyo succumbed to the culture of corruption.

    Santiago is insane as we can see from her argument. She doesn’t know right from wrong.

    Very pathetic people. They wanted to condone the dishonesty of the highest magistrate of the land.

  • James

    The son of the RUTHLESS Dictator speaks, we will never forget in 1972 when your father installed himself as a Lifetime Dictator…..MMMM- Marcos Means More Massacre..Remember this slogan??

    • Ichiro Ochiro

       Going by your logic, we should condemn the Aquino’s because their grandfather was a Japanese collaborator during World War 2.

  • joseprotacio

    No need for a waiver, SALN is open to the public. The Ombudsman has a lot of power to investigate “anybody” and in cooperation with the head of the BIR plus the AMLAC….madali lang makita kung sino ang mga kurakot ng bayan. Sa susunod na kabanata…bigyan niyo sila to prove themselves in cooperation with the president kung talagang sincere sila sa serbisyo. Hindi naman basta basta lang yan, masyadong malaking makinarya ang iyong sasagasaan. May mga kaibigan, kamag-anak, kaalyado sa pulitika at kung anu-ano pa but with people demanding it plus some sincere and dedicated leaders who are “clean” will do the cleaning themselves but it is a slow process. It can be done….the public should continue to appeal for change. Maybe Enrile can lead, anyway he is washing his hands to make it clean as possible to build his legacy…maybe he can help and that is his last hurray.

  • kabalyerongpilipino

    Masarap pa ring isipin na sa kabila ng lahat meron pa rin talagang mga senador na tapat sa kanilag tungkulin, may paninidigan at walang kinikilingan,. !!!

    Saludo ako sa inyo ..

  • hog

    i find that there are only 3 great senators from the Philippines..

  • MangDolphy

     Mahirap din kasi paniwalaan na tama ang tatlo at mali ang dalawampu. Ito si Bongbong kahit kelan di ko paniniwalaan. Si miriam naman sapul noong magkaroon ng trahedya sa pamilya parang may lumuwag na turnilyo sa kukote. Pati si Lord dinadamay eh la naman kanalaman sa impeachment ni Corona.Si Joker naman pa retire na ito. Baka ayaw na nya ng gulo.

  • calgary2526

    Despite overwhelming evidence, the vote for an acquittal  by Three Stooges did not suprise anyone at all. But this is what I have to say…
    Santiago : No need for God to strke you dead, YOU CAN STRIKE YOURSELF DEAD IF YOU WANT TO. No need for divine intrevention> The Lord has more important matters to attend to.

    Bongbong: Sure you know the LAW for you learned the secrets of the trade from the Masters of Thieves – your Pa and Ma. But you are wrong to think that what you just did was to spite Aquino. Again, your actions should not surprise people anymore for thievery and oppression is that is  in your blood.

    Arroyo: Go find the nearest geriatric care for yourself and take lots of Omega 3’s they say is good for the brain

  • F**kinMO

    No matter how you malign a person if he has no guilty conscience he does not need to defend himself, But in case of you people the likes of you (Marcos’s, Arroyos, Coronas, and other) your sins will find you out.

  • kayvel19

    I agree in both of them.. Hindi tama yung impeachment na ginawa.. eh ganun tlaga… batas ng tao yung nasunod hndi Saligang batas na naksulat na

  • jdkokoko

    to bongbong marcos and joker arroyo: what naked power are you talking about? No need for PNoy to exert that kind of power influence. The Chief Justice dug his own grave, by his own admission. The three of you (Including Sen. Miriam) refused to see the real thing. Twenty against three! “Halatang halata naman ang bias nyo’ng tatlo. Joker Arroyo is a big disappointment. From  someone who is known to have socialist bent its really a big let down. What a hypocrite!

    • miming

       i agree!

  • hopelovefaith

    Bongbong Marcos does not care a thing.  Why will he?  He is already secured for life with money taken by his Dad from the Filipinos.

    To him, the impeachment court is just a fun way to spend his time.  He does not have to work any way all his life. 

    The Philippines is his big Disneyland.  All the Filipinos are his toys.


    • Claire Colburn

      you’re way out of line. his dad has nothing to do with the current issue. get over it! it’s been decades already. ever heard of theory of evolution? the offspring is more developed than their parents. plus, give the person a chance!!! you talk as if you’ve never made mistakes before. his dad’s faults are not his own faults. you do not judge a person by his horrid parents. would you want to be judged by the mistakes of your parents or siblings or relatives. fickle minded!

      • jurbinsky77

        It is not about Marcos tha dictator that we find fault but in the pronouncements of this little marcos. Imagine he said one that the Philippines could have been progressive already if his father was able to continue his projects which were in placed already.

  • bert

    Bongbong Marcos has the gall to point out about the bill of rights, standing ” supreme over all government power including the power to impeach “…does he not remember during his younger days and his DADs reigning supreme during martial law days??? What bill of rights is he talking about?

    • Claire Colburn

      you’re way out of line. his dad has nothing to do with the current issue. get over it! it’s been decades already. ever heard of theory of evolution? the offspring is more developed than their parents. plus, give the person a chance!!! you talk as if you’ve never made mistakes before. his dad’s faults are not his own faults. you do not judge a person by his horrid parents. would you want to be judged by the mistakes of your parents or siblings or relatives. fickle minded!

  • Claire Colburn

    CJ Corona = Guilty. (That’s just as simple as that. Nothing more to it.)

    So, people with DECENCY must guard their tongues before speaking TRASHY words that make you UNCIVILIZED. “Let him who has no fault, cast the first stone” -Jesus Christ

    It’s just sad how some senators like Sotto and Revilla used their opportunity to speak in public with self-interest for CAMPAIGNING for the next elections.

    If SALN non-disclosure is impeachable, all of them are guilty, too. Dismissed halos ang congressmen and senators, most especially NOYNOY, who has done worse by corrupting the people with Hacienda Luisita, and the white-washed FACT that MANY PEOPLE were MURDERED for the LAND!!! >_<
    Isn't murder WORSE than THEFT? Was justice ever served to the poor farmers? Justice delayed is justice denied. It's just so absurd how OBVIOUSLY unjust the Hacienda Luisita is, but of course, the PRESIDENT gets away with it. I think that CJ Corona's case is PURE POLITICAL PROPAGANDA. If it weren't, then they ALL should have a SALN DISCLOSURE if truly their PRIMARY MOTIVE was really to obtain JUSTICE!!! Nobody should be exempted!!!

    I also thing that people who condemn Bongbong Marcos are fickle-minded. His dad has nothing to do with the current issue. So, get over it! It's been decades already. Ever heard of theory of evolution? The offspring is more developed than their parents. Plus, give the person a chance!!! You talk as if you've never made mistakes before. His dad's faults are not his own faults. You do not judge a person by his horrid parents. Would you want to be judged by the mistakes of your parents or siblings or relatives? Fickle minded! People wouldn't vote for him if he did not prove anything for himself. He must have excelled locally and nationally to prove people that he is unlike his parents. Give it a break man! Don't be so judgmental!!! How would you feel if you were defined by your parents' past erroneous actions?????? PNoy has great parents but that doesn't make him GREAT at all!!! Reputation ng parents nya ang dala nya. So far, before his presidency, wala naman syang accomplishments eh. So point is, don't judge a person by their blood line. Wala namang perfect family, I'm sure! Malamang may black sheep kada pamilya. Nagkataon lang, black sheep parents ni Marcos  but that doesn't mean na pati siya eh masama. Don't be so judgmental. To think, religious country ang Pinas, pero napakahipokrito naman ng mga tao dito dahil so fast tayong lahat sa pag-judge ng isang tao. Napaka-unfair naman if you define Ferdinand Marcos' children and his children's children sa mga pagkakamali ng iisang Dictator decades ago….. Huwag naman po tayong STEREOTYPICAL and JUDGMENTAL!!!

    • manual47

      you’re like a broken record… keep repeating yourself.  It’s a fact that the Marcoses were corrupt and thief.  Where do you think they got their wealth.  It would have been nice if they donate some of the wealth they stole to the poorest of the poor in the Philippines.  No…they have to hide them.  Imelda Marcos was considered one of the richest woman in the congress.
      People were not judgemental.  They were just stating the facts…….

  • 8284

    Gentlemen….who ever said fighting evil will be easy?
    I pitied pnoy then, questioning his ability to deliver given the quantity of venon injected to our government systems by ate glo.

    Pnoy is true to his word. Be gone corruptors.
    To the iglesias, jeri n Anthony , you two have become poisonous too. Corona is a sinner !

    Gets !

    • Guest

      Iglesias katolicas you mean agree.

    • disillusioned_juandelacruz

       PNoy is a sinner too. Not only that.. PNoy himself is EVIL.

  • Lito60

    The writing was on the wall from the very beginning. Unfortunately, I think the
    legal profession and all people who respect the rule of law were hopeful that
    it would prevail. All (and then some) of Chief Justice Corona’s rights were disrespected.
    I cannot think of anyone who has gone through what he and his family have gone
    through the past 5 months. Noynoy and his allies stopped at nothing to destroy
    his perceived enemy, using all the resources and agencies of government.

    Chief Justice Corona’s testimony about his accounts just goes to show that he
    wasn’t hiding anything. That was his interpretation of the law. There is no SC
    decision that says he is wrong. In the absence of a precedent, the Impeachment
    “Court” cannot claim that one interpretation is right and the other
    wrong. And no matter how highly they think of themselves, those senators (many
    of whom don’t even understand the law) CANNOT interpret it. Only the SC is
    tasked to do that. Enrile’s opinion is just that. An opinion. Which is as good
    as CJ Corona’s, in the absence of jurisprudence.

    Winalanghiya lang talaga ng 20 senators si CJ Corona at ang taong bayan.
    Binayaran sila at pinangakuan ng kung ano-ano “projects.” Tingnan niyo ngayon, lumalabas na isa-isa ang mga bayad-utang. Ping Lacson to DILG. Kiko Cuneta to Agriculture. Enrile will be the middle man for the next GSIS contract as well as so many other concessions for Cagayan (he was at DOJ last week to follow up on the appointments he is endorsing) and Port Irene. After which, they just invented
    their own excuses to convict. Mali pa nga ang basis ng marami na ginamit ang
    Delsa Flores case. See what I mean by not studying the issues? Shameful!

  • ethicsingov

     And hallucinating . . .

  • robertcarino

     @yahoo-G2VJNO44HPPVY5JID5Q3RHEXQA:disqus.  not many people are alive now, who know how bongbong really was during the martial law years.  and i can tell you bongbong does not deserve any bit of respect from the nation. 

    and on your statement “mongol is becoming a dictator…”.  were you around when martial law was declared?  i was.  if you were, then you are really blind to the truth.  if you weren’t, then don’t talk about things you do not know.

  • Rex

    aha ! if the marcoses are devils in which the media and militants portrayed them, no one will ever support them in this generation.  so u had sad experiece about martial law ? you know what ? you ask an ordinary filipino and he would tell you that martial law is much much better than the full democracy that we have today. you know fully well who benifited from the ouster of marcos senior…enrile,ramos,lopezes,aquinos,npa,militants,youth activists,criminals,carjakers,rapists,drugs syndicates,and most of all the media to whom are mostly paid PR of politicos. And who are now paying for the ouster of Marcos…the ordinary filipinos….because the businessmen and elitists are fighting to have influence in our society by supporting and dictating those politicos they help win the election.

  • Erewhon Revisited

    In their study, scientists observed that rats on Ritalin learned faster
    than those not given the drug; the Ritalin-drugged rats understood more
    quickly that a flash of light and sound meant sugary treats for them.

  • bugaboomang

    and what does “Elbert Hubbard” have to say when a man is still called vile names (thief justice, among others) even when all cards are stacked against him and almost all his defenses have collapsed?

  • Karabukov

    I wouldn’t know sir, I just quoted him. But I am not one to gloat over another man’s defeat or loss. We ought now to leave Mr. Corona to contemplate and decide how he should go on with his life, unless he needs to be charged for any crime. And I never called him names either. We all ought to get on with the task at hand, namely that of nation-building for the good of all Filipinos. But fighting corruption must not stop with this conviction.

  • bugaboomang

    I never thought of specifying you as the one who gave him a derogative name and you know that.
    Our wish and aim for our country are the same although sometimes with different opinions and perspectives on how we can accomplish the task.

  • juan_liwanag

    The opinion – givers here must not be tolerated for name-calling and not giving substantive arguments. However, did you notice in the impeachment trial who used terms like “spoiled brat” and “ka kosa”? As the saying goes – “You reap what you sow”.

  • Ruby G

     I’m sorry to butt in but I just have to say something. Did you grow up during Martial law? Do you know how it was to live during that time? I did. I am the daughter of a political prisoner during Martial Law. I know many other family friends beaten, arrested and attacked at that time.
    I can tell you that the majority of those who liked living under the Marcos regime were his loyalists and cronies. Those who benefited from the regime and those who chose to cowardly live in denial enjoyed that period.
    I won’t presume to change your mind, I’m just giving you another viewpoint.
    You speak as if corruption and crime erupted only after Marcos was booted out.
    Corruption existed in the Philippines before his time, flourished under him and still exists now that he is just worm food.

  • walangbolahan

    martial law much better than full democracy? ask me, i’m an ordinary filipino. martial law will never be better than the freedom you are enjoying now. your being able to post comments on a public forum is an example of what wasn’t there in those dark times. do you have relatives who are detained as political prisoners?  i did, their only sin was to speak negatively about the government. much like what you are doing now.

  • Cool

    nope, sorry, Philippines is one among the most corrupt, pero di po siya ang pinaka-corrupt…….   malamang, CHINA… anyway…… KASALANAN NATIN… we have the golden opportinuty sana to have two watch dog…   Palace guarding the SC, and SC guarding the palace…. pero ano ang ginawa natin… BUMIGAY tayo sa kagustuhan ng palasyo na sila lang ang hari… at wala ng iba…..  so we have to face the consequences of our action……

  • joseprotacio

    Para kang makatang walang “meaning”.Kung hindi dahil kay Marcos…hindi ganito ang nangyari. Go back to history. Ngayon, binuhay ni Bongbong ang ala-ala ng kaniyang diktador na ama….bumoto siya sa katiwalian.Maski barangay captain hindi na papasa si Bongbong.

  • ray

    in fairness to rex..baka ang pino-point-out nya ay yung aspect of peace and security..i noticed then that criminals are deterred because of the presence of soldiers..yung mga pamilyang nagpapatayan sa Lumban,Laguna na ayaw tumigil,inisyuhan ng shoot to kill ng pulis,ayun aspect ng security,i would say martial law is much much better than today where criminals would even have their act of killing a doctor recorded in their cellfon videos,what a sick mind! murder,rape,theft,illegal drugs are so rampant today.. 

  • walangbolahan

    well guess what? there won’t be martial law for a long, long time. so i guess you are doomed to suffer this era of freedom.  if you want to do something about it, get out on the streets. because the system won’t change by merely sending posts through the internet. dictatorship wasn’t overthrown by mere words typed on the keyboard.

  • Andoy51

    Hindi ko alam kung sinong zombie at di makapag-isip ng tama. But you certainly sound and write like one.

  • Rex

    no i wont suffer either…im living a good life now. im just speaking about the victims of dirty politics, whoever in the power will surely get the perks, those politicians are easily swayed by a popular decisions, those victims of different crimes now existing in our society and those media people who are in payroll of those rich and powerful politicians. Who knows since you do not see any martial law for a long long time then maybe its true that communists are slowly invading our government.

  • walangbolahan

    communists invading our government? wow, McCarthyism still exists in this day and age. not even the US, where the communist scare is highest, has used martial law for that purpose. but go ahead, you’re free to practice negativism.

  • Rex

    ayos…nag comment ka ng tungkol sa due process ni joker…nag reply ako…wla kang maisagot ng tama…malamang zombie nga.

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