Corona defense team accepts Senate verdict


Defense panel members Karen Jimeno, Tranquil Salvador and Rico Quicho. FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines – The defense team in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona accepted Tuesday the decision of the Senate acting as the impeachment court in convicting the country’s top judge.

In an interview after the 44th and final day of the historic trial, lead defense counsel former Associate Justice Serafin Cuevas said that they are not holding a grudge against the senator-judges who voted for the guilty verdict.

“Do we have other option than to accept it? If we [may have] reservation, [but] the legal process must be followed,” Cuevas said when asked if they accept the decision of the Senate.

“We may not agree with the way they disposed of the case but that would not be a source of ‘sama ng loob’(hard feelings),” Cuevas added.

He said that they have not decided what legal measures to take following Corona’s conviction and they have yet to discuss the matter with their client.

Nevertheless, Cuevas said that they did not expect the 20-3 vote.

Meanwhile, lawyer Dennis Manalo of the defense echoed Cuevas’ statement about a “post-conviction” remedy with Corona.

“We will be discussing a post-conviction remedy if any but to me right now, the avenues of relief are quite limited almost nil,” he said.

He said the constitution is clear that the decision is not appealable and there’s a reason for that.

“Now the option of going up to the Supreme Court, that is a matter that we have not discussed, and from my understanding for the requirement of going up to the Supreme Court, it’s so limited and very slim…,” Manalo said.

“I cannot say [now] whether there is enough reason to go up to the Supreme Court,” he added.

Nevertheless, Manalo said that though they have questions regarding some aspects of the decision, he said that they will uphold the Senate’s decision.

“We have some issues to raise about the interpretation of the judges on the evidence and their appreciation of the law, but as an officer of the law, we have to respect their findings and since this is a final decision, I am duty bound to abide by that decision,” Manalo said.

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  • quirinomayer

    Pag nagmeeting ang Defense at ang kliyente nila hinggil kung magpasaklolo sila sa Supreme Court o hindi, dapat imbitahin sina Joker at Miriam. Maraming maitutulong ang mga iyon sa susunod na stratehiya ni Corona lalona si Miriam na pinakamataas na awtoridad tungkol sa batas sa Pilipinas. 

  • KapitanBagwis

    “I cannot say [now] whether there is enough reason to go up to the Supreme Court,” he added.

    Overwhelming 20-3 conviction. What reason do you have to appeal? Nada.

  • Wadav

    wag muna kau magbalot mga atty.. meron p kayong darating na laban. kung sa basketbol po.. eh 1st quarter pa lng un.. meron pa 3 quarters na naiwan.. mas mabigat ang hatol sa susunod na 3 quarters… d2 mahirapan kau talaga. c OMB Morales kalaban nyo! good luck n lng sa inyo.. sabagay i know trabaho lng yan..walang personalan…sabi nila…

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    Dear Mr. Corona,

    Please accept my deep and sincere commiseration for you and your family.
    Don’t forget redemption is available to everyone up to his dying breath.
    Pardon me, but if some of your funds are available for lending, I am interested in a loan at reasonable interest. Thank you.

    Your devout critic,


    PS- I can help you pack your stuff at the SC. For free.
    Also, your defense panel sucks.

    • palaigit

      you cant help him with his stuff, its CONFIDENTIAL, under the secrecy law. all his stuff are also co-mingled so sad to say

  • palaigit

    im going to miss karen jimeno, she looks hot in the pics, i always look forward that she be the one to talk in tv.

    • Al Japney J. Loredo


      • palaigit


  • recelyn

    We salute you gentlemen from the gestures and acceptance that all of you have exhibited. Lahat ng defense lawyer ni Corona, MABUHAY po kayong lahat. Sana lahat ng lawyer ay kagaya nyo na marunong tumangap ng pagkatalo.

    • For_the_good_of_man

      We’ll lift-up the country to ”that” next level if you lawyer for the oppressed and needy next. Do not be blinded by fame in exchange for the humane you. Set a moral standard, do not bend the truth for the sake of winning. Winning is not everything, its how you played the game. A case of good lawyers, rotten client.

  • Jimmy

    My enormous congratulations for the triumph of justice..!!!!! and condolence to renato Corona. I believe you can redeem yourself by doing good things (like giving legal advice to those in need without financial consideration) the rest of your life. To Mr. Renato Corona… good luck and GOD bless…..

  • Al Japney J. Loredo

    The only problem is, some of the senator-judges aren’t lawyers so understanding the process of which votes are granted reflect on that matter, and also, they all have personal/political affiliations that they can later use for some elections in the future. Also, this is to appeal among the “bakya crowd” who are politically uneducated which they can use to rally for them in the next elections.

    • Rommel

      kaya dapat pag nag boto ka suriin mabuti kung sino ang totoong makakatulong sa bayan

    • Gatasan Milking Cow

      Well if so happen this bakya crowd is the Filipinos and they may be bakya but they know corruption when they see one considering they have been victim by it, who cares what the motive are, lawyers knows technicalities and that been use by none bakya nation rich to stay rich namely the rich. Technicalities are legal defence but those who care guilty can use this…..who say u need lawyers to and trial to have a peaceful place look at Davao although the mayor is a lawyer they have a very effective way of making the city the safest city in the Philippines don’t let the criminal contact a lawyer just shoot them dead on sight :)

  • RomyLitz

    The Defense have nothing to show for additional evidences since evidences if any appeared from their own witnesses, Mr. Corona and Honorable Ombudsman Morales? If you are there as pro bono lawyers why dont you disperse and take a long deserved vacation in Boracay? Or you will peddle your services to Mr. Corona because he still control $2.4 million dollars, this time no more pro bono rate. If I were you, sell your services to Ombudsman Morales.

  • sharkbaittt

    Supreme Court is a venue for the interpretation of law and judge according to it, the only law they could interpret about this, is very much defined, impeachment court decision is final and unapeallable. Its not like there are two contradicting law being misinterpreted on this case, not like the bank secrecy law and SALN. If there is a law that contradicts about impeachment court jurisdiction above impeachable position, im pretty sure there has been TRO before the senate decide.

  • Constantine

    That’s why this is an impeachment court.It’s quasi judicial court half political half legal. Okay guys?

  • filipinaskoh

    To the prosecutors for bearing the 44 days of Mirriam harsh words and Insult from other senator judges, nevertheless, you displayed patience and diligence.

    To the defense for your persistence in being true to your profession, it may need some deceiving strategies and lots of lie, but still it is your job to protect your client that it may even cost your being truthful.

    To the 20 Senator Judges- Congratulation for a fair judgement-  all you thought of are the Filipino people’s future.

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Democracy is well displayed! 

  • lt53

    there must be something wrong with ms miriam

    • kalaban_mo

      yes there is something wrong with her. her mental illness. It is something to worry about. 

    • p00rd0y

      all I can say hambugera bayhana….

  • gregandymar

    Defense lawyers of Renato Corona is still considering to go to Supreme Court. This is an old Filipino traditional politician’s mentality – “politician don’t lose, only cheated, or a victim of plus/minus counting.” But these lawyers should consider the score of 20-3. Even Corona himself have already accepted the decision, but then I don’t know if he can still be trusted. 

  • manggoding

    Corona defense team accepts Senate verdict…..
    The defense made a tactical error.That blunder is the waterloo
    They were lured to the trap of calling Ombudsman bringing with her the fake dollar statesment of Corona which was not even in the complaint.
    Corona being a good man and honest is not a good witness.
    It is a mistake to have Corona in the witness stand, he is so honest to tell the truth.
    There is no Honesty in court, credibility is determined by the court.
    A witness in court should deny, deny, lie and lie.
    It is up for the court to decide who is lying or not.
    Court has no problem in making a determination, Corona admitted which was not even included.

    Poor  lawyering….Not a good job to put a Good Man down.

    • kalaban_mo

      honest? ano ba definition ng honest.explain mo nga.

      • For_the_good_of_man

        Definition of an honest person:
        – not disclosing real properties for the public to know
        – not disclosing cash assets for the public to know
        – justice for Juan is not applicable for Renato
        – i can be excused whenever & wherever i want
        – holding onto mine & my wife’s ill-gotten wealth on the pre-text its co-mingled
        – sgt. at arms should not stop a powerful chief justice
        – save the people after i save GMA and allies first

      • p00rd0y

        ano yan para sa taong bayan o para sa sarili lamang?

    • indiosbravos2002

      I think they were a bunch of good lawyers but their client fed them with a lot of lies and BS.   As the saying goes… garbage in, garbage out.  

    • rdf1931

      i think it is the other way around….

  • jiroarturo

    Defense lawyers where do you go from here? Please provide your free services to the poor.

    • Jose

      Reports indicate they’re working pro bono, which is incidentally another violation of Philippine law by Corona.

      • jiroarturo

        Gov’t workers are prohibited from receiving gifts. I was a gov’t worker here in California. My boss always remind us not to accept any goodies from the public.

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 6:09 AM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Corona defense team accepts Senate verdict

        Disqus generic email template

        Jose wrote, in response to jiroarturo:
        Reports indicate they’re working pro bono, which is incidentally another violation of Philippine law by Corona. Link to comment

      • Jose

        Yep, exactly.  And really, the conflict of interest that arises when an SC judge gets pro bono services from a Philippine lawyer should be obvious.

        Incidentally, government officials are by necessity held to a higher standard, so I’m honestly not sure whether those discounts Corona got were ethical either.

  • Magic

    It didn’t matter how great the lawyers of Corona were (with the exception of Roy, who was kicked out), ultimately what counted was the honesty of the defendant, Corona.

    Cry does not pay!

  • SJ888

    Thank you Atty. Manalo for showing professionalism in the entire proceeding of the impeachment! You are a very good lawyer, I just hope in the future that instead of defending crooks you will defend the righteous and honest people. With your intelligence you will be able to help good people instead of those crooks. You are an excellent lawyer/litigator I hope you don’t waste it for people such as Corona.

  • palaigit

    uhm come to think of it. we filipinos already partly impeached a president, now a chief justice, so that is 2 branches of the govt. next up senate president, but i think only if joker arroyo or santiago would be senate president.

    • p00rd0y

      sakto jud

      • palaigit

        unta ma undang napud na, nga mag tinarong na tanan public official

      • Guest

        cge lang human na ang tore, kani napud ang david aw si professor A

  • juy u


  • richard ortega

    mga defense team bakit nyo sinira ang pangalan ninyo at pamilya ninyo sa isang mandarambong na tao. kasi mandarambong din kami boom……


    • joaquin_salvador

      The CJ is not convicted for plunder.
      The defense team did well. There is nothing to be ashamed of. All of them are professionals.

      • Renato Cozener

        Huh?  You are as idiot, stupid and ignorant of the law as the defense team!

      • saeyun

        No… the defense team performed with class. The prosecution performed very poorly. All the prosecution did was fish for evidence and run to the media. They should be disbarred for making the mockery of the law. 

        And you sir, please read the law. The chief justice was impeached not because of plunder or any other high crime. Ikaw kaya ang ignorant!!! 

      • Gatasan Milking Cow

        Actually your right all the way except for one thing he was impeach because of a crime in which he confess infront of the judge senator and the whole Philippines , if there was one to be faulted it’s corona himself not the defence team .

  • Dynamic

    They did everything they can-paid for or not…

  • Jim De Garman

    prosecution congratulation po sa inyo.. congratulation din kay coronatik tuloy-tuloy na yan sa kulungan.. o kaya sa mental hospital.

    congratulation din kay bong-bong Marcos he made a political suicide and vote to acquit corona..pareho sila ng prinsipyo at sikmura pagdating sa pera.

  • gerp

    turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables” – whenever lies has been repeatedly said and have been done, it become the truth…this is how CORONA had lived from the past 10 years with GMA.

  • edward

    Now that they have convicted CJ Corona..let all those who in Congress who voted the impeachment of the Chief Justice have their SALN be scrutinized…the standard you have set to the Chief Justice will be the same standard will be used in you SALN…

  • joaquin_salvador

    As expected, the verdict was more political.
    At least, Sen. Lito Lapid was wiser to know and accept that
    his verdict has little to do with the application of the law.

    The challenge ahead is whether or not the same reasoning adopted by the majority of the senators will be applied to all impeachable officers and those who are in government service confronted with non-disclosure in SALN. The case where CJ Corona is found guilty is not sui generis.

    Pirmahan na ng waivers… noynoy first.

    Pero, wala rin mangyayari kung ang Ombudsman ay partisan at hindi independente.

    • p00rd0y

      ano pa ba silbi ng SALN?

      • joaquin_salvador

        I’m sorry kindly expound your question.

        SALN, as found in the impeachment trial, is not enough. A waiver to bank deposits, foreign and local, greatly help for the investigative body to make a case.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Bunch of losers! I wouldn’t hire these lawyers to defend me sigurado talo…….

  • sacrebleau

    Huhuhuhu. . . . pasabugin ko mukha nyo dyan e! . . . . . . . huhuhuhu

  • Regd

    Duty bound to accept the decision…but.. some issues to raise about the interpretation of the judges. What? Naintindihan ba nila kung bakit sila natalo? Obviously NOT! They should look no further than miriam. She single-handidly vomit all her boisterous credentials, accomplishments, impeccable knowledge and achievements! She spews it so high and by the time it ended, it dismally fell flat & shattered into pieces!
    They should emulate Sen. Lapid. Excellent job he did. But sorry senator, you and Revilla still wouldn’t make my list.

  • Jim De Garman

    midas marquez nasaan ka na..kailangan ang press release para sa amo mong coronatik..
    di ba yan ang trabaho mo spokesman ni corona…hayyy nakuu day sa kankungan ka na rin pupulutin.

    • Pork_Republik

       Busy shopping for a wheelchair obviously.

  • Noel

    Karen, you were right after all in signing the manifesto against Corona’s midnight appointment. Had you stuck to this position, you would not be eating your words now.

  • kumar01

    nagpapatawa at tong mga defense lawyers, talagang d matanggap ang pagkatalo.

  • Steven Zahl

    Goof Riddance Thief Justice

  • Ronnie Adriano

    CJ Corona has accepted the Senate decision, the people’s will, God’s will. Please, my fellow Filipinos, let us move on, reconcile, heal and be united for the common good.  I am 52 years old and I would love to see the Philippines na umasenso naman tayo bago ako sumakabilang buhay.  Rule of Law is better than anarchy.

  • Mekeni Aso

    I hope pro Gloria Arroyo  broadcasters  like DULAY , Alvin and the rest of Karambola will emulate what the defense team did. Accept the voice of people

    By they way it is reported that Ben Abalos, the client of Dulay is experiencing  insanity inside the prison 

  • Alex

    The constitution said…..End of the Road Is the Impeachment Court!  

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