‘My colleagues have seen what was done to me and my family’


Chief Justice Renato Corona

Chief Justice Renato Corona. INQUIRER/ NIÑO JESUS ORBETA

The impeachment trial had a “chilling effect” on the Supreme Court and reports about it violated the sub judice rule, Chief Justice Renato Corona said on Friday.

“It has a chilling effect on the Supreme Court. We’re only human,” Corona said, answering questions from Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago.

“My colleagues have seen what was done to me and my family. They did not only use the entire apparatus power of the government, the BIR, AMLC, Ombudsman. We were investigated simultaneously, even our children and in-laws were questioned by the BIR,” Corona said.

“The worst effect of the impeachment trial is the damage it left on the system of checks and balances,” he said.

“The principle of checks and balances guarantees democracy, and if this is destroyed, we will come under dictatorship.”

Comments about the trial “crossed the boundary of propriety and impropriety” and violated the rule on sub judice, Corona said.

“Little by little, the minds of our people were poisoned. Whoever has money for a media campaign, he holds the power to influence the mind and opinion of the public,” he said.

“The evidence that is not presented here is presented outside. That destroys our sub judice rule,” he said.

Worse, his family was subjected to vilification every day, Corona said. His children and grandchildren “suffered” from this, he said. He said his 9-year-old grandson Franco “clenched his fist” and said he was “very, very angry” because of what had been done to him.

“This is how the family felt,” Corona said.

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  • Guest

    It has chilling effects on the judicial employees especially that the chief justice does not even know what assets, liabilities, credit or debit are.

  • UsoUso82

    power, power +power in the poor country shows its evil intent. this is what it shows when the President is lazy to follow the rule of law in a presidential type of governance. I salute to Mr. Corona for being brave and a true leader today. Please note that removing someone from his work will always be a performance issue, breaking a law, incompetent, but not that of a political color.
    kaya wala gusto mani-rahan sa bansa dahil puro moro-moro lang ang gawin ng mga Politiko. sila mismo ang gagawa ng laws, pero wala naman updates, kaya marami loop-holes, dahil wala competency ang karamihan ng mga politiko. kaya mga Kabayan pili-in ng husto ang mga politiko.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_V5VHQBOCVKHSTJNHNES75BJKGA allan

    The more chilling effects would be if the chief justice stays and let all the corrupt people rejoice. Tuloy ang ligaya.

  • athenapallas

    It has a chilling effect on us ordinary citizens who toil day in day out just to make ends meet and to feed our family 3 square meals a day while a corrupt supreme court chief justice almost got away with his stash of undeclared millions of dollars and pesos by using and abusing his power.

    Follow the rules of law, Corona, so you won’t have that chill. Your poor  9 year-old-grandson is probably too young to understand what really transpired because even for him you made the truth obscure: that you have undeclared riches that is why you got in trouble in the first place making  you so unbefitting of that power you are tightly clinging onto. God Bless your family and that may you all find illumination. Still, we don’t want you to be our chief magistrate anymore. Go in peace.

  • filipinaskoh

     “They did not only use the entire apparatus power of the government, the BIR, AMLC, Ombudsman” – Corona
    But you Corona you use all the power of the Supreme court even his people to rally behind you- yet they are paid by our taxes.

    Democracy, Destroyed? You already destroyed democracy from the day you accepted your midnight appointment and issuing TRO in favor ofGMA.

    Dictator? There is only one dictator that is you- in the supreme court. And GMA in his regime you help her to become one utilizing the SC in her favor.

    Poisoned? It was you who is trying to POISON the mind of the people by your stupid LIES and demonic DECEPTION with your worthless paid minions-who never end in injecting worthless comments, FORTUNATELY Filipinos are much intelligent than you thought.

  • QQU

    Poor you.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZKGKYAZXNRHZYY7DFIIZXK2ROA Magic

    Corona you are a liar! Bakit hindi mo sinabi lahat ng ito sa simulat-simula pa? 80 million pesos, mahigit na $2 million! Sinuwaling ka tapos sasabihin mo inapi ka! Ikaw nga diyan ang madaming siniraan.

    Siyempre iimbestigahan ka at magtatanong tungkol sa pagkatao mo. Di nabisto ang mga kasinwalingan mo! Sana sinabi mo na rin ang yaman mo galing sa panloloko ng mga Basa at mga under the table na tinanggap mo.

    You pity yourself so much bakit di ka naawa sa mga PAL workers! I hope the senate finds you guilty para maramdaman mo yung mga inapi mong maliliit na tao para sa pera ng kalaban nila!

    May God have mercy on you!

  • parekoy

    Only those who has something to hide will feel the chilling effect that CORONA is talking about..A clear conscience will triumph over all adversaries that will come its way…it has no fear…it has the truth as its best weapon…

  • titod

    I agree with the CJ. The damage has been done and its effects will negatively affect the whole country, the whole society and again, at the receiving end, the poor who has no voice in the government apparatus. The whole exercise shows how perverted the values of our leaders are. It also shows their lack of concern on everything else except their own personal agendas. If EDSA I and II was not the answer, what is ?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VJCSXUT773VN457PQBJRN2E6G4 ronnie

      it will surely affect his gang in the supreme court.the nation will not miss them if they will be purge from the supreme court.

    • mapicchu

       at the receiving end, the poor who has no voice in the government apparatus…AGREE! remember what he did to the PAL employees.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XFYLTZHJLQJ6KW4D63YSLQB7HY Alberto

    You brought this upon yourself.

  • letsgoloid

    you’re the one who brought that to yourself and your family, thief – or cheat since you’re saying you didn’t steal, but you still cheated, didn’t you? how dare you talk about  impropriety when you accepted a midnight appointment…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RRS2ZMUIBDUCQ5Z3L5CITMRE6Y Precy

    Corona you are a liar! Do you really think you are fooling the people? Even you defense team know you are a liar! Shame on you!

  • QQU

    I’m sorry that you are the Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines.
    It’s time to stop flapping around. 
     Please, Mr. Corona, pick up what little self-respect is
    left of you…then move out.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W7BY3RDFAH3EUSEW5PHBXCPOKY Daang

    If Corona practiced the delicadeza principle he will not be on the hot sit. He knows that his appointment for chief justice is illegal but he stayed and cling to power. He uses his position to protect his former boss. He is the guardian of Philippine constitution and not of GMA. He is only to blame on this drama…. amen.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ICCFPQ2FHVCYGO3TU4XQOU23T4 Lily Ogori

    You cannot handle the truth, Mr. Corona. Sabi mo wala kang kakabakaba when you were interviewed before you took the stand. Why was it this afternoon you said that for weeks you couldn’t sleep or eat!

    See, you even forget the things you say because you are a congenital liar. You put shame on Ateneo!

  • albayislands

    With Due Respect
    Omissions in SALN

    By: Artemio V. Panganiban
    Philippine Daily Inquirer8:46 pm | Saturday, February 25th, 2012
    share838 739
    Article II of the impeachment complaint charges Chief Justice Renato Corona with failure to include “some of [his] properties” in his statements of assets, liabilities and net worth. If proven, what is the penalty for such omissions? So readers ask.
    Dismissal from service. In Rabe vs Flores (May 14, 1997), the Supreme Court en banc unanimously dismissed from the service—with forfeiture of all retirement benefits and accrued leaves and with prejudice to reemployment—a Regional Trial Court (RTC) interpreter for dishonesty and for failure to disclose in her SALNs her business interest, which was “a stall in the market.”
    The Supreme Court held: “Section 8 of Republic Act No. 6713 provides that it is the ‘obligation’ of an employee to submit a sworn statement as the ‘public has a right to know’ the employee’s assets, liabilities and net worth and financial and business interests. Section 11 of the same law prescribes the criminal and administrative penalty for violation of any provision thereof. Paragraph (b) of Section 11 provides that ‘(b) Any violation hereof proven in a proper administrative proceeding shall be sufficient cause for removal or dismissal of a public official or employee, even if no criminal prosecution is instituted against him.’”
    In Concerned Taxpayer vs Doblada (June 8, 2005), an RTC sheriff was dismissed for “his failure to declare a true and detailed SALN” for several years. “There were discrepancies, inconsistencies and omissions in his SALNs, consisting of properties and business interests acquired but which were declared in his SALNs only two or more years later.”
    Accuracy of entries required. Flores vs Montemayor (June 8, 2011) reiterated the penalty of dismissal for the respondent’s unjustified failure to declare “two expensive cars” in his 2001 and 2002 SALNs. Ruled the Supreme Court:
    “Pursuant to Section 11, paragraph (b) of RA No. 6713, any violation of the law ‘proven in a proper administrative proceeding shall be sufficient cause for removal or dismissal of a public official or employee, even if no criminal prosecution is instituted against him.’ Respondent’s deliberate attempt to evade the mandatory disclosure of all assets acquired … was evident when he first claimed that the vehicles were lumped under the entry ‘Machineries/Equipment’ or still mortgaged, and later averred that these were already sold by the end of the year covered and the proceeds already spent.
    “Under this scheme, respondent would have acquired as many assets never to be declared at any time. Such act erodes the function of requiring accuracy of entries in the [SALN], which must be a true and detailed statement. It undermines the [SALN] as ‘the means to achieve the policy of accountability of all public officers and employees in the government’ through which ‘the public [is] able to monitor movement in the fortune of a public official, [as] a valid check and balance mechanism to verify undisclosed properties and wealth.’”
    In Pleyto vs PNP-CIDG (Nov. 23, 2007), “petitioner was negligent for failing … to provide a detailed list of his assets and business interests … and for relying on the family bookkeeper/accountant to fill out his SALN and in signing the same without checking or verifying the entries therein.” Here, the Supreme Court ruled that petitioner’s negligence was “only simple and not gross, in the absence of bad faith or intent to mislead or deceive on his part … his SALNs actually disclose[d] the full extent of his assets … and his wife had other business interests.” Hence, the penalty imposed was only suspension for six months, without pay, not dismissal. Since petitioner had already retired, an amount equivalent to six months’ pay was “forfeited from his retirement benefits.”
    In OCA vs Usman (Oct. 19, 2011), the Supreme Court imposed only a fine of P5,000 even if the “respondent clearly violated (Sec. 7, RA 3019 and Sec. 8, RA 6713) when he failed to file his SALN for the years 2004-2008.” It seems that failure to disclose assets, when proven to show dishonesty, is more severely penalized than the failure to file the SALN.
    Integrity, uprightness. Indeed, Ombudsman vs. Peliño (April 14, 2008) held: “Under the laws governing civil service, dishonesty is classified as a grave offense the penalty of which is dismissal from the service at the first infraction. A person aspiring to public office must observe honesty, candor and faithful compliance with the law. Nothing less is expected. This ideal standard ensures that only those of known probity, competence and integrity are called to the challenge of public service. It is understood to imply a disposition to lie, cheat, deceive, or defraud; untrustworthiness; lack of integrity; lack of honesty, probity or integrity in principle; lack of fairness and straightforwardness; disposition to defraud, deceive or betray. Dishonesty is a malevolent act that puts serious doubt upon one’s ability to perform his duties with the integrity and uprightness demanded of a public officer or employee.”
    In sum, the penalty for the failure to disclose assets is dismissal if such omissions amount to dishonesty and are not due to clerical errors done in good faith. Otherwise, it is suspension. To stress, the Supreme Court decided the above administrative cases on the basis of strict legality. For impeachment cases, the Senate, after hearing the parties, has a wider policy discretion to decide whether the respondent is still fit and qualified to remain as the highest magistrate of the land.
    * * *
    Comments to chiefjusticepanganiban@hotmail.com

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BPUFQSOIXVU7VFIFPH6VXFTRFI nathan o

    This CJ CORONA is something else, just step down.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LLPTRPFUTYJXKI3KJS4B2UO4LI Jim De Garman

    huwag kang magmayabang corona at sa miyerkoles tapos ka na..huwag mong sabihin ang checks and balances dahil ikaw lang ang puro cheques at walang balanse.

    please huwag gamitin ang mga bata dahil di mo na kailangan yon..ang utak mo musmos pa.. daig mo pa ang tsismosa sa palengke na kahit di na kailangan banggitin ay sinasabi.

  • tonyoks

    how come wala mang lang nakapagtanong sa dakilang korona kung bakit nya tinanggap ang kanyang appointment na ginawad sa kanya ng dakilang buwaya???

    dahil ba sa laki ng “respeto” nila sa darubong ito?

    • junpaxx

      Kasi walang basihan sa impeachment na yun. Sa walong artikulo nauwi sa tatlo at ngayon isa na lang ang diskusyon, ang atikulo nomero 2. Parang yun 45 properties naging 5 na lang at yung $12M naging $2.4M nalang. Kung naiisip ka, puro black propaganda at inilagay ng Idol mong si PNoy ang paglilitis sa publiko at hindi sa korte.

  • gavinomas

    hu, hu, hu, nakakaawa naman ako. nagpa-appoint lang naman ako nang midnight, tapos sumunod sa mga hiling ng nag-appoint sa akin, tapos nang-agaw ng yaman sa kamag-anak, tapos tinago ang kwarta at dolyar sa saln, tapos ginamit ang poder laban sa kamag-anak, tapos nanutok ng baril sa tsuper, tapos siniraan ang patay nang kamag-anak, tapos umarte sa Senate at tapos nagsakit-sakitan, atbp. bakit nila ginawa ito sa akin at aking pamilya? hu, hu, hu, wag nyo naman akong tanggalin sa pwesto, hu, hu, hu

  • mahuli

    anak ni corona: itay uwi na lang kami ng pilipinas hirap magpalaki ng mga anak dito sa US kasi walang kasambahay at yaya.
    corona:  pero anak napalaki ko kayo ng walang kasambahay at mga yaya.
    anak ni corona:  itay wala kayo sa impeachment tama na po ang drama.

    • Bansot

      WHAT A CRAP!!!, CAN YOU NOT THINK OF ANYTHING MORE RELEVANT??? I can’t even see the logic of this joke, if ever there is. If it is true that it is difficult to raise a family in the US because there are no helpers, then why is it that thousands of Filipinos will try anything possible in order to move to the US??? Lastly, the CJ is on trial and not his family, so why would you involve his family in this issue? How would you feel if if happens to you???

      • mahuli

        bansot, manood ka kasi ng impeachment and be observant.  this is just a parody on the testaments and evidence that came from corona himself.  This all came up from the impeachment.  bibigyan na kita ng tip, panoorin mo ulit yung day 40 at 42 ng trial… goodluck.  cool ka lang at wag kang masyadong high-blood.

      • Bansot

        Thanks for your tip. In reality I have no interest if he is convicted or not. My question is why would you involve his children in this issue. Are the children given the choice to choose their would-be parents? HBP, don’t worry,not even close!!

      • mahuli

        as i said, this all came from corona himself, from the trial, from his evidence and from his statements.  sya tanungin mo, di ko alam ang sagot dyan.

      • Bansot

        At least you’re honest enough to admit that you don’t know.. I can give you criedit for that!!

      • mahuli

        thanks for the credit, he’s the only one who can answer you question on why he involved his children.  he wants it to be part of his evidence so be it.

      • Barak_O

        what’s wrong franco?

  • isalexus

    Carry on Justice Corona! You are bigger than your detractors! You suffered the humiliation with dignity and did not waver in your personal strength– against all odds and machinery of the oppressive administration . Your head might be” bloodied” but certainly “unbowed”. I salute you!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TNASVGXZ23VCJWV7KO7WPDIKKI George

    well as of this moment, only the “criminals” have the “chilling effect”. why should we worry?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GPGBAA63XS65RIQY7ZUSX4F75U Jose

    What!!!! you brought this to yourself!  If you had the delicadeza of not accepting your midnight appointment, then it is a different story. It boils down again to your own interpretation of the law.

  • pj2003

    (midnight) Chief Justice Corona, be man enough to admit that what is happening to you, your family and even the Supreme Court is all your doings. It is you who drag your family (you don’t even spare your innocent grandson) and the court into this mess….please don’t pass the blame to anybody else and don’t give us this crap that those have money for media campaign holds power, you are doing press conferences left and right but alas most Filipinos do not buy your alibis. By the way, do you mean that having 80 million pesos and 2.4 million dollars stash in the bank is a poor man?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/S5WQNZSWJKJUDSHKTK5DRVKZFM Baboykayo


    • Francis81

       Mas fake si Pweenoy minagic lang ng  SMARTMATIC ang pagka presidente niya!

  • Wackawackawacka

    OH BOO-HOO!!!
    You are suppose to be the person who embodies the constitution and laws the land.  You not only lied, but you tried to manipulate with sickness, stall tactics and ploys.  
    Thank God the Filipino people will not buy into it!
    Lucky for you, this is not looking into how you got all that money… only if there is money you didn’t declare.
    Evading taxes is just as bad as stealing from the country.  And i swear, if there is one peso for that you directly stole from the Filipino people, you deserve to be made an example of.  The highest judicial official being corrupt???
    You make the Philippines an absolute JOKE!

  • nti_boohaya

    There should be and there must be a chilling affect on what happens to a government employee who willingly and knowingly hide assets.  The employees ought to respect or fear the law, otherwise, every government employee who is in a position to steal money from the government does so without fear if he or she converts the loot into foreign currency.  Perceptions of the people come with the territory of being a judge- an arbiter of what’s right or wrong under the laws of the land.  The deadly honest ones should not have any fear of persecution and chills must run down the spine of the dishonest ones.  Imagine the deterrence effect of disclosing ALL assets in a SALN?  Imagine too, if all institutions, like car dealerships, real state companies, stock brokers and the like report all cash transactions or prohibit cash transactions over 400,000 pesos?  The sum effect, I hope, is a more honest government workforce and make a dent in the fight against corruption. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UEHZP52OVNUUPVT3VJNWPUGVLU Peter L

    The next drama for the anti-corona group is this – the two champions Tupaz and Drilon are afraid to sign the waiver. Now that Corona is down and out and you are enjoying the triumph of dictatorship over the rule of law. Can you at least be magnanimous to tell them to open their accounts? Let us wait for the next episode. Show me your teeth gentlemen. Or will you hide your tails behind your balls?? 

    • Bansot

      Balls?????  you mean PNOY and his cohorts??? they haven’t got any !!!!

  • Tama Lang

    But not all are subject to impeachment. You made this choice when you accepted a midnight appointment and miscalculated the risks and consequences because in the ‘halls of power’ those who walk the corridors forgot that you have to serve the ‘taong bayan’ and not the ‘taong bayan’ serving you. Public Office is a privilege and your family should know this also. And the irony of it all you carry the last name of Corona.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NNAJQQUKFAB4DITXYZPSG26FYA Martin

    The Filipino people have seen what you have done to them and the country, Corona.

  • joshua kings

    pumuputok na ang butse ko sa iyo corona sa kasinungalingan mo na pilit ibinabaluktot ang katotohanan;  tumigil ka na dyan at hintayin mo na lang ang verdict ng senate court…………..
    have you forgotten what you and your 8 cohorts in the SC have done in the recent decisions that you inflicted on the people and the nation?: 1) PAL labor case where you reversed your earlier decision after being visited by the defense lawyer of PAL; 2. the 19 decisions favorable to gloria arroyo; 3) the TRO to ‘smuggle’ out gloria arroyo so that she can escape prosecution for non-bailable offenses; 4) the TRO preventing the opening of your (corona’s) dollar bank accounts at PSBank; 5) your accepting the midnight appointment by gloria, your patroness, shunning delicadeza and all good manners and right conduct, just so you can protect your patroness, gloria arroyo..

    there are more pending cases against gloria arroyo and company (abalos, garci, mendoza, ampatuans, etc) being prosecuted and coming up and these are the reasons why your benefactors and cohorts are shamelessly but ‘richly’ holding on to their positions to protect arroyo et al….

    and what about the millions of money in dollars and pesos that you and cristina have accumulated thru wheeling and dealing of court decisions like that mega worldcase which netted you that expensive condo…


    shame! shame! shame!

  • WeeneeDpooTaragis

    What is going on here is true to the PINOY culture. These people love to see their own kind go down. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/BPWDJWON53AWS3XJPIVUR73QU4 Squall

      Its not crab mentality. Its what you can call as justice to those who maliciously abuse their power, grab the taxes who earned in a minimum wage and spent it or even save it in their own accounts.
      Our government is firm to fight corruption because we all know that this people in power should be careful on how they spend their budget. Remember that this budget comes from our taxes or I think you Weenee is just a couch potato who can’t even carry your big belly to washroom, and these taxes should build the roads, improve education system and every else that below middle class is caring about.Hope you think before you type and challenge PINOY culture.

      • WeeneeDpooTaragis

        HEHE… Are you hurt? Yeah, agree ako sa “improve education” mo kasi di ko magets ingles mo.. Nope, not a couch potato. I’am working and getting paid while typing this. Pare, Dollars pa bayad sa akin.

    • mapicchu

       hey, corona is not our own kind…he is ONE OF A KIND.

  • Titanaboa

    There’s no one to blame for what has happened to your family except yourself!!!! Being the Chief Justice of the Philippines you should have acted with due care and propriety! dapat naging maingat ka dahil ikaw ang nagpapatupad ng batas, ikaw dapat ang modelo ng mga tao! Dapat ikaw ang magbibigay ng fair judgement and interpretation of the law…..hindi yong gagawin mo ang interpretation ng law depende if it suits your personal needs and interests….kung sa ibang tao strict ka pagpapatupad ng batas, pag sa sarili mo hindi puede yong nakasaad sa batas. I congratulate you for being a good actor when you appeared twice in the impeachment hearing f your case. You have kissed and embraced the estranged relatives of your wife whose father you was the subject of your vile words in your 3 hours opening statement. You were trying to project a good image to gain the sympathy of the senator judges and the viewing public as well. It was a deviation from your usual arrogant an combative attitude. You knew that you were losing the biggest battle in your life, that’s why you changed your style! nag paawa effect ka! Pinaglalaruan mo ang emotions ng mga Filipinos! To admit to the court that you have $2.4million and P80million accounts was the last thing you would do, but because you were already caught flat footed, you have no other choice. And to make an alibi on why you did not include that in your SALN is because it was a co-mingle account, is a lame alibi! Maybe you are thinking we Filipinos are dumb!!!! Also for you to say that democracy is in danger because it is being destroyed in your impeachment case….parang nakakatawa and nakakairita basahin at pakinggan! sasabihin mo na magiging dictatorship and form of government natin??? if there will be no investigation on your alleged anomalies via an impeachment proceedings in the senate, who’s gonna check your wrong doings? For all we know it is only through impeachment can a Chief Justice be removed from his office, just like the President of the Philippines. At least dahil sa mga pangyayaring ito, kayo sa judicial branch of the government ay magiingat na rin sa mga di kanaisnais na mga gawain. And it is not good to pull down other people because you are at the brink of falling….at saka parang mali yong principle na dahil ikaw ay nahuli na may ginawang kasalanan at ipapahuli mo rin yong iba na sa isip mo may kasalanan din katulad mo….di ba dapat mahuli din sila at kasuhan din at parusahan din kung mapatunayan na may sala nga sila!!! that is the right justice system! How can you be righteous Chief Justice kung ganon ang mentalidad mo!!!! there’s a saying that

  • quirinomayer

    Corona, you have no right to complain about what you call the unceasing campaign to smear your reputation in the last six months because all these could have been avoided had you decided to reveal your bank deposits right when this were first being questioned.   Your lawyers make much of your unconditional waiver but actually, it was an afterthought. They are now proclaiming you as a champion of transparency but you only come clean when you already had no way out. 

    • pangitbudhiko

      O thin, he has all the right to say those things,
      at the end of the day he will be acquited

      • johndcross1

        in your dreams!!!!!

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    Obviously an ambitious man but with less that the intellect and moral strength required of the post he sought, even in the dark he crawled and groveled his way to the seat of power and got what he wanted. Then he willfully committed acts which provided good and valid grounds for impeachment, was in fact impeached, went on a public offensive himself to defend and justify his acts, and then he moans and whines that his family was badly affected by all these. What kind of a brain does this man have?  What is his concept of publc office?  His idea of honor and integrity? Of life?

    • athenapallas

      >>What kind of a brain does this man have?  What is his concept of publc office?  His idea of honor and integrity? Of life?<<

      ZILCH !

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        It may be a rather harsh thing to write, but to my mind this captures the essence of what this man is like.  Had he been in that life and death  situation of that great patriot, Chief Justice Jose Abad Santos, this man would have gone down on his knees and begged for his life and promised to collaborate..  And that is even not all that I think this man would have done.  He would have even pleaded with the Japanese to take his son’s life instead.

      • athenapallas

        Arrogance and greed are devouring his soul and he’s not even aware that it is happening to him; but he still has hope because there is always hope. I would make him read Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov if I were to punish him, that is prior to by guillotine with a blunt rusty blade ;]

  • Hey_Dudes

    The same can be said about how you swindled the BASA family sending chills to those who may not be related to you at all.  A sampid doing a dastard number to what was once a wealthy clan.

  • athenapallas

    He still thinks he’s innocent na basta basta na lang inapi. May tililing yata sa ulo itong mamang ito?

  • Freddie73

    It was very clear that he was eliciting the sympathy of the senator judges and the public!  The issue here is did or did he not truthfully disclose his actual assets and net worth!

    • Jamm3r

      It was pretty obvious corona succeeded with this atleast with inday Miriam, jinggoy, bong bong and the big joke joker na maluha luha pa among others. Ewan ko Lang Kung yung ibang senator judges eh nauto rin ng paiyak iyak ni corona.

    • johndcross1

      Did you hear him admit that he did not include his dollar deposits because of the foreign currency deposit act as “absolutely confidential” and his peso deposit accounts being “co-mingle funds” in his SALN?  On the basis of this admission, he was not truthfull in declaring all his assets in his SALN! Not truthfull is a violation of public trust!

  • GKid

    After the massive Black Propaganda campaign against the CJ, I give him Props for signing the Waiver and confessing to having a $2.4 million in foreign currency deposits. It is now up to the people to demand that all government officials reveal all their assets, not by Waiver, but by amending the FCDA and bank secrecy law. NO official should hide behind it ever again! CJ Corona should just be the start in removing ALL corrupt people in government.

  • balut123

    “The worst effect of the impeachment trial is the damage it left on the system of checks and balances,” he said.
    “The principle of checks and balances guarantees democracy, and if this is destroyed, we will come under dictatorship.”

    Ikaw Mr. Thief Justice at Gloria Arroyo ang bumaboy sa Judiciary….dapat lang na pagbayaran ninyo ang mga kasalanan ninyo.

  • bototmo

    If Corona is looking for sympathy, he probably is not getting it from the majority of the Filipino people (including abroad). With all the drama, you made a mockery of the impeachment court. You think that your appearance on Friday, asking for apology (including the so-called reconciliation with the Basas) is enough for the people to forget all the issues concerning your fitness as CJ, think again (unless most of the Senator-Judges are stupid). Perhaps the Sandigan Bayan or the Ombudsman can look deeper on these issues (ill-gotten wealth and corruption) brought against the Coronas. Sa kasong impeachment, parang masyadong BITIN. Total nagbigay na din lang siya ng WAIVER sa lahat ng accounts niya sa Banko, puede ng tutukan ito kung ano ang mga transactions na nangyari sa mga accounts niya sa  nakarang panahon. Dito lamang natin malalaman kung talaga ngang wala siyang tinatago sa taong bayan. Kung may mga malalaking halaga na pumasok sa mga accounts niya, alamin natin kung saan nanggaling at saan napunta. Lets’ call it SPADE SPADE. Kung talagang malinis nga siya then, the people of the Philippines owes him a big APOLOGY.

    • levis2012

      Useless na ang waiver.  Nagconfess na si Corona na may $2.4 M siya sa 4 dollar accounts… At may P80M sa peso accounts… Yun lang naman ang gustong malaman ng mga Senador…  Since napatunayan na totoong may mga milyon-milyong piso syang nasa bangko at hindi ang mga ito nadeclare sa kanyang SALN, wala nang silbi ang waiver… Guilty si Corona ng hindi pagdeclare ng kanyang mga ASSETS sa kanyang SALN.. Guilty siya ng Betrayal of Pubic Trust, dahil sa hindi niya pagdeklara ng mga ASSETS na ito sa kanyang SALN… Nararapat lamang na CONVICTION ang hatol ng Impeachment Court sa kanya, at permanenteng tanggalin sa gobyerno para huwag nang pamarisan ng mga susunod pang henerasyon.  Sinira ni Corona ang Supreme Court sa kanyang PAGSISINUNGALING AT PAGTATAGO ng kanyang mga KAYAMANAN.

  • pangitbudhiko

    he will not get it from none thinking pinoys,  but I AM absolutely sure he will get that sympathy from every majorrity thinking pinoys

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TFYV6IHEK6FRASSFF6JSW4FMZU Hardy

    Hindi ko talaga maintindihan kung bakit nangutang pa siya sa Basa Guidote ‘ika n’ya, gayong late sixties pa ay marami na syang dollar.  Bobo na lang talaga ang boboto na ma-acquit siya.  Nakakagulat ang 2.4 milyong dolyar at 80 milyong peso co-mingled nang anim na empleyado lang, kahit na sabihin na hindi ito bribe, hindi ninakaw sa madaling salita, earning bank interests…we know you are not a fool…looks like somebody has a cut, too.

  • Barak_O

    simple lang ang solusyon thief: hwag  magsinungaling

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/BV6DWTSUHKJGFANJJ5P3WPPTQM Paul

      kurik. he is a certified liar, as mrs. carpio-morales had said….

      • Marx Louis Wang

         “certified liar” very correct, approved by his cohorts at the SC.

  • Barak_O


    hello renato

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CFZ2Q7RFJ6PWRYMM3NJ7JB4KSE Dynamic

    To err is human,to have billions is more fun but to forgive him is not divine…

  • pening

    You asked for it. If you show humility instead of arrogance and dog like allegiance to a corrupt president thenpeople will be with you. Whatever govt. machinations will not succeed if people supported you. Just  do not blame other people.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O5TQQYPGVHXCQLU4BRQR4FVBNA ramone

    The issue has always been the personal integrity of Corona, not institutional checks and balances. 

  • RiverHorse

    the real proof of check and balance, as well the independence of a co-equal branch in government is in the exercise of the functions of each branch. proof of check and balance is proven by the impeachment trial as well as the exercise of the independence of the legislative from the executive and judicial branches. otherwise, malacañang could have arbitrarily removed corona without the impeachment. what bothers me is that corona did not point out that it is the judiciary through his supreme court which is meddling in the affairs of the legislative branch (senate) by issuing TRO’s to his favor. tama yung analysis ng testimony nya – corona’s testimony is self-serving.

  • Vin4862

    Sorry to hear that Mr.CJ alam mo naman ang ugali ng mga Pilipino mapaghusga, kapag ikaw ay na accuse saPinas wala pa man trial ay may judgement na ang mga Pinoy at anv masama pa sa ugali ng mga pilipino pati pati kaapoapohan mo ay idadamay maski bata na walang kinalaman sa kaso sa karamihan sa mga pilipino ito ay may kasalanan na rin. I’m glad me and my family already renounced our filipino citizenship.

    • balut123

      you are pathetic!….kahit na nagbago ka pa ng citizenship….hindi mo pa rin maikakaila na Pilipino ka…ang tanso tubugin mo man sa ginto ay tanso pa rin….grabe ka magpababa ng mga kababayan mo…good riddance!

    • Ceazar

      I too am very, very glad you and your family have renounced your Filipino citizenship. Now please stay away from our Filipino affairs.

      Many Filipinos like me were born Filipinos, live their whole lives as Filipinos and will die Filipinos.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/HMMV3QAUKGZJZWR5RZESCLSQE4 James

      agree wid you 101 percent. as cn be seen the mind of most of the commenters here hv already been poisoned to think in a manner swayed by the  media peddlers, how I wish i could emulate you, but  then again the future is always bright for those who think it so. I know in your mind and heart you are more of a pinoy than most of the people here wud care to admit. 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XY7UBGNI4YMO4J46PMDIVA7N6Q rog

        Magsama na kayo ni vin4862 James. Puro kayo mga walang kwenta.  Alam na natin lahat na pinagsamantalahan ni CJ Corona ang inang bayan nag bulag-bulagan pa rin kayo at parang wala kayong nakita. Susunod na rin sa inyo si CJ Corona, dala niya ‘yung undeclared dollar account para pagsaluhan nyo. Habang nandyan kayo sa ibang bansa, try to improve you IQs please. 

    • Marx Louis Wang


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JOSZ2TW24FKJLQA6R3D24RZ24Y freemystic

      Yes, we don’t need you in the country anyway.  Diyan ka na lang sa bago mong bansa at ariin mo na ring iyo yang bansa mo.  Hwag ka nang babalik sa Pilipinas.  Nakakahiya ka!

  • Ommm

    “The principle of checks and balances guarantees democracy, and if this is destroyed, we will come under dictatorship.”

    Now the bull is really starting to fly thick…

    I can’t even decipher this statement, its so ambiguous and meaningless in this context.

    Isn’t this entire impeachment trial “checks and balances” on your lifestyle Corona? You head the SC so if the SC should become tainted…wouldn’t  we then be living under a dictatorship where true justice is denied?

    So your statement does agree “checks and balances” are necessary to keep guys like you from plundering and conspiring to create your own dictatorship.

    The drama from the 9 year old makes a lot of sense too. I’m sure the kid has full knowledge of this complex case, especially after grandpa stuffed him full of ice cream and junk food.

    You could always add even more drama to interviews, Corona, by having violin players standing behind you…try the soundtrack from The Godfather….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6PL6MTGJSGMGZ3FMIKNVMPGEL4 John

    good! because FOR ONCE we, the people, have been heard: ayaw namin ng corrupt at sinungaling, at GLARINGLY at OBVIOUSLY unworthy supreme court justice to interpret our nations laws!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BV6DWTSUHKJGFANJJ5P3WPPTQM Paul

    that’s cool…and who is to be blamed for all of your maladies? look at the mirror, mr. corona.

  • Royal_Flush

    Ayaw mo kasing bitiwan yung midnight appointment mo e. Di yan ang napala mo. Tapos sisisihin mo na naman yung ibang tao. Parang bata talaga. Buti na lang mako-convict ka na by tuesday. Babay! ;-)

  • PutingAgila

    DID YOU SAY CHECK AND BALANCE? ARE YOU REALLY A LAWYER? That’s exactly what the senate is doing; checking the branch of government which you head, idiot!

    • Marx Louis Wang


  • anak_mahirap50

    tj, Kung wala kang kasalanan, bakit ka magkakaproblema!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JOSZ2TW24FKJLQA6R3D24RZ24Y freemystic

    Media campaign:  sinong nag-radio hopping, nagpamisa at nagpa-press conferece para sabihing inosente siya?

    Crossed the boundaries of propriety and impropriety:  Sinong tumanggap ng midnight appointment at hindi nakapaghintay?  Sinong hindi nag-declare ng dollar account niya sa SALN?

    Does Corona really think he is above the law and the Supreme Court cannot be checked by the co-equal branches of the government when something fishy is going on?

    Malaki talaga ang problema ng isang ito.


    ‘My colleagues have seen what was done to me and my family’



    Have you forgotten the idea of “FOR GOD and COUNTRY”?  Or have you conveniently traded



    • johndcross1

      Your colleagues are next!  They better start thinking of filing their walking papers.  The doors in the Supreme Courts are wide open.  The worse is still to come!!!!!

  • kilabot

    i came, i challenged, i won. that’s the appropriate epitaph for the cj. he took the first step for real transparency and accountability by signing the waiver. the others must follow.

    movement for “Sign the Waiver 189+ and Release Saln” is born. this would include waiver of medical and psychiatric records to determine fitness of officials, special mention noynoy kapon.

    what are you waiting for 189+?

    • johndcross1

      You are sick man!  You are on the losing side, just shut-up please!!!

      • gardy_versozi

        beacause you don’t want to expose drilon and the other public officials about their hidden wealth? so he’s a sick man?

  • jeffrey zhao

    Totoo yang sagot mo CJ!

  • Rex_Ranhilio

    “It has a chilling effect on the Supreme Court. We’re only human,” Corona said, answering questions from Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago. “My colleagues have seen what was done to me and my family…..”

    — Those are loaded statements…. veiled threats.

    • johndcross1

      They can shout all the threats, who cares!  He is going down, down, down!!!!!

  • johndcross1

    It is only you to blame.  The moment you accepted that illegal appointment and the moment you promulgated that TRO to allow GMA to escape prosecution, you started your problem!

  • popotski

    angkapal mo kasi.  alam ng lahat na bawal ang appointment mo pero kapit-tuko ka pa rin  :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AO5QFUXGQ6B22K5G2AEXSJOHCU Lelet Puno

    ang galing talaga ni miriam magtanong.  ginawa niyang martyr si corona…..”irrelevant question” . pwede ka nang umalis miriam.  we don’t need you here in the philippines….

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CGHIQL77XJQRNAD2SH4VSXU4FE kim hernandez

      napanood mo ba??? tmayo nga si sen.miriam at sinabi na the answer of CJ is not responsive of her question. naintndhan m b ibig sbhin nun????

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P25MG6UNV63PRSMMMDKJLUXMAA virtual nook

    CJ: “The worst effect of the impeachment trial is the damage it left on the system of checks and balances”.  Does check & balance  mean kanya-kanya tayo ng kalokohan at walang silipan para may respeto sa isa’t isa?
    The worst effect of the impeachment trial is the public is educated on how to amass wealth while serving as a government official by hiding on “co-mingled” accounts and FCDA.  P80million minus the BGEI funds and patago ng mga anak at magulang = P3.5M declared in SALN? How much did his wealth grew from 2002-2010? Commensurate ba sa income nya at earnings from bank interests?

  • JJF724

    Mag kano kaya ang CO-MINGLED FUNDS ni Corona sa KABIT NYA?  At ilan ang mga properties nila and ano ang source of income?  Maluho at magarbo ang pamumuhay daw sa USA.

    Sa Pilipinas kawawa naman ang buhat nang Una nyang Pamilya…  Biro nyo lahat nang sahod nila goes to their savings.  Yong pag kain, mga cars, puro mga donation lang…  Pati yata ang mga properties ay mga donation din.  Pati first class na Air Fare nila donation din.  Yong mga collection nya kaya nang mga baril donation din?  KAWAWA TALAGA BUHAY NI CORONA!????????????????????????????????????

  • jgl414567

    Tama si Ombudsman Morales certified and incorrigible liar si Corona at hindi nya kayang ipunin mga malalaking dollar deposits nya ibinayad yun sa kanya kapalit mga favorable decisions niya as associate justice and chief justice ganyan siya kasakim!!

    • gardy_versozi

       who is the certified true liar? the one caught lying on the stand, like morales, keh, and the lra administrator? or corona, who has yet to be proven a liar?

      • indiosbravos2002

        He is a proven liar… FAKE Awards, FAKE Tears, Fake Testimony, Fake palusot, Fake actor, Fake justice.

      • botets

         Fake SALN, Fake plate no, Fake illness.. Fake home address.. TJ IS F@CK&N FAKE…

      • gardy_versozi

        all unproven, all hearsay. :)
        on the other hand, prosecution were proven liars when they presented 45 properties allegedly owned by corona, when it is not, claiming that a small lady gave them bank records on the senate hall, when cctv cameras proved otherwise, the LRA admin caught lying, harvey keh, and the ombudsman and her misrepresented AMLC report.

      • indiosbravos2002

        Hehehe… Jerry Seinfeld just can not handle the truth. In denial pa.

      • indiosbravos2002

        Hehehe… Jerry Seinfeld just can not handle the truth. In denial pa.

      • Mr.JAy88






      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Fernando-Lansangan/100000512722419 Fernando Lansangan

         Sino kaya ang magiging best actor sa kanilang tatlo ni GMA, ABALOS or CORANA ?

             Ano kaya ang titulo ng movie ang maaring ipangalan dito?


      • TatayMo

        anak, tinatanong mo ba kung sino ang certified liar? eh, di si CORONA.

        sabi mo hindi naman certified yong mga pinakita ni morales  na galing sa AMLC eh… so, sino pa nga ba ang nasa isip mo?

        Hanggang ngayon ba di mo pa rin na-gets yon? Ikaw pala ang idiot eh, ipinapasa mo pa sa iba… nakakahiya tuloy…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CFZ2Q7RFJ6PWRYMM3NJ7JB4KSE Dynamic

    Of all the things I’ved said and done above mentioned,may I add the reconciliation of my family and the basa family(that’s just our family issue)and the proposal to end the dispute to the best of my mentality so help me God.I swear to you,the public and to to our beloved country for which I stand.I hope this is enough to satisfy the urge of judicial independence that I talked about.I am the chief justice and I would like to be excused;I have an appointment with my doctor for Psy evaluation,what ever that is,I don’t want to miss this one…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YRHGKTVYNMTIBFJMBHHHHR7GNM Andy

    Act like a man, Mr. Corona. There is honor even among thieves. They spare women and children.

    In you case, you were most vicious against Ombudsman Morales your former Supreme Court colleague.

    You have no qualms about dragging your children and now your grandchildren into the mess you created because you have no guts to stand on your own.

    You disrespected even a dead person and called him names.

    And what about the cruelty inflicted on Mang Indo, the elderly uncle of your wife and caretaker of Basa Guidote Enterprise. You pointed a gun to his head and threatened him, “gusto mong pasabugin ko ang ulo mo?”

    You will be impeached, Mr. Corona, not only because you deserve it. But more so because you dug your own grave by you arrogance and lies.

  • Let’s go, Bob!

    “The principle of checks and balances guarantees democracy, and if this is destroyed, we will come under dictatorship.”

    First of all your duty as the chief magistrate of this country is to leave no weak points that others may exploit. Ikaw rin ang naging reason para mayanig ang principles of checks and balances.

    Is it wrong to impeach a president/CJ/ because it will destroy the principle of checks and balance?

    As of now lumalabas,  you’re the one who’s using AMLC, BIR, OMB, Girls, scout of Philippines, even the Supreme Court, Sen. Miriam Santiago, to look aping-api and gain public sentiment. If these agencies have nothing to prove then counter them with a solid proof and not by “sobs stories’.

    That’s just my non- co-mingled 2 cents which i’ve been saving since 1965-66 err….1972 or 73…..right  1974

  • sebastian09

    CJ Corona is not equal to the Supreme Court.

    This media slant is just the Corona Defense Team’s ploy to obscure the real issue of non-filing of Total Assets in the SALN, among others.

    As they say, the best Defense is an Offense.

    Instead of answering the accusations directly and truthfully, CJ
    Corona chose to divert the issue by counter-accusing Malacanang of

    Equating CJ Corona to the Supreme Court is such a legal and media stretch and people are not buying it.

    The fact is CJ Corona did not have any real Defense.

    His testimony at the Impeachment Court was merely hearsay, immaterial, irrelevant, and unsubstantiated!!!

    • gardy_versozi

       he already answered every question asked of him, you idiot. the prosecution who pretended to be very excited for the day that they can finally cross examine corona, suddenly waived their opportunity. why? because like their impeachment complaint, they didn’t expect corona to fight. they were caught unprepared once, when they filed the impeachment complaint and corona accepted the challenged. now they are caught again unprepared when corona submitted himself on the witness stand.
      his comments cannot be all hearsay because he is a party to the crime he was accused of. therefore he has first hand knowledge, and therefore that’s not hearsay, you stupid stupid idiot.

      • sebastian09

        The Prosecution presented both documentary and testimonial evidence.

        The Defense presented unsubstantiated testimonial evidence.

        Juxtaposing the two, testimonial evidence corroborated by documentary evidence has more probative value than mere testimonial evidence from an Accused who has no credibility, to begin with.

        Who’s the stupid idiot now???

        By the way, what’s your IQ?


      • gardy_versozi

        pray tell, what evidence did the prosecution really presented?

        who’s the stupid idiot now??????

      • sebastian09

        Wrong grammar!!!

                    “what evidence did the prosecution really presented?”

        It should be:

                     “what evidence did the prosecution really present?”

        Lesson 1:    If you use the auxiliary verb “did”, you have to accompany it with a base form verb.


                           I didn’t present any evidence, Your Honor.

           not          I didn’t presented any evidence, Your Honor.

        Before you start labeling people, whose points of view are different from yours, as Idiots or Stupid, look at yourself first because you might just publicly embarrass yourself due to your glaring ignorance.

        Discourse should be done purely on an intellectual and logical  level.

        You never answered my question.

        What’s your IQ, again???

      • gardy_versozi

         It’s I.Q.

        You stupid stupid idiot.

        you never answered my question.

        what evidence did the prosecution really presented?

      • sebastian09

        Wow!!!   You’re so belligerent now that your grammatical faux pas was exposed!!!

        Why? Did your feelings get hurt?

        For the record, IQ is a perfectly acceptable acronym for Intelligence Quotient. No need to put the periods in between.

        Try again, okay? You might get better luck next time.

        Now, to answer your question:

        Among other things, the Prosecution admitted  the AMLC Report which was presented by Ombudsman Morales.

        It’s a 17-page report that has the imprimatur of the AMLC, a legally constituted body composed of the Central Bank Governor and the Commissioners of the Securities and Exchange Commission and Insurance Commission.

        This report was never controverted by CJ Corona because, instead of presenting evidence to disprove the AMLC Report, CJ Corona resorted to theatrics and histrionics in his Tuesday’s Walk Out Fiasco.

        Documents from PS Bank and BPI were also offered and accepted by the Impeachment Court as well as testimonial evidence from all witnesses that were presented.

        At the adjournment of yesterday’s trial, Justice Cuevas withdrew his objections to all testimonial and documentary evidence that was offered by the Prosecution.

        This means everything the Prosecution presented was admissible.

        Now, instead of labeling us, who believe that CJ Corona must be convicted, as stupid or idiotic,
        better sharpen your logic first so your arguments won’t look too inferior vis-a-vis ours.

        What’s your IQ?

      • gardy_versozi

         the AMLC report, although admitted by AMLC that it came from them, is never authenticated. no seal or signature attesting to its authenticity.
        documents from PS Bank and BPI didn’t prove anything.
        yun lang? dalawa? dalawa na questionable?
        yan yung sinasabi mong evidence?

        btw, it’s I.Q., not IQ.


      • Mr.JAy88



      • TatayMo

         tama ka Jay88… napapahagalpak nga ako ng tawa eh…

      • gardy_versozi

        sinabi mo tama siya, tapos tawa ka?
        basahin mo nga uli sinabi niya, mukhang bobo ka yata, hehehehehe.

      • TatayMo

        hindi naman sya pinagtatawanan ko eh.. ikaw. ha ha ha

      • TatayMo

        ang husay talaga ng anak ko…
        ok ka nak!!! ang taas ng low-IQ mo!  halika nga rito at ng mabatukan kata.. hahaha

      • gardy_versozi

         good one sir, hehehe, pagtawanan mo si sebastian09. hehehehe

      • TatayMo

        sinabi ko na nga.. ikaw pinagtatawanan ko… di ka yata nakakaintindi ah?

      • gardy_versozi

         btw, who’s evidence is the AMLC report again? hehehehehe

      • mapicchu

         its the defense team that nailed CJ…with their presentation of the Ombs…from then on…downhill na ang defense

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/TCWNFD23D4YGKYUWNWZUMBU6IA Crisostomo Ibarra

        what documents? documents from unknown source? how can you validate if it’s authenticated if they won’t tell their sources and what testimonial evidence? hearsay from De Lima? pssh

      • Mr.JAy88










      • TatayMo

        ang puso mo anak… relak lang…

        you said “he answered every question asked of him” – did those answers gave any indication of refuting or agreeing to the accusations brought against him? were his answers substantiated?

        you’re not an idiot, i suppose.. of course you’re not stupid as well…

        dalawang bagay lang yan: if he has clearly and successfully refuted the
        accusations, then he will be acquitted.. otherwise, be prepared to tell
        yourself this:

        “stupid, stupid, idiot”..

      • gardy_versozi

         then if he’s aquitted, then maybe you should also be prepared to tell yourself that you’re a stupid stupid idiot too?

      • TatayMo

        i never tell other people if they’re stupid or not, but let’s see what happens. you have to remind me by then.

      • TatayMo

        well, have you faced the mirror and told yourself that you’re a stupid stupid idiot after all??

    • TatayMo

       very true…

  • tonto_ka

    Worse, his family was subjected to vilification every day, Corona said. His children and grandchildren “suffered” from this, he said. He said his 9-year-old grandson Franco “clenched his fist” and said he was “very, very angry” because of what had been done to him.

  • levis2012

    Remove Corona from the SC and file a case of plunder against him!  The AMLC record is a very strong evidence against this CORRUPT HOODLUM IN ROBE!

  • ala_ehhhh

    “My colleagues have seen what was done to me and my family. They did not only use the entire apparatus power of the government, the BIR, AMLC, Ombudsman. We were investigated simultaneously, even our children and in-laws were questioned by the BIR,”  I wonder if Corona and his wife recalls what they have done to the Basa family?

    • mapicchu

       Its as if corona is totally blameless to be saying that- if he loved his family more than he loved money all these wouldnt have happened…and did he expect that while the hearings at the IC were ongoing, the rest of the gov’t institutions would just sit and watch? of course, collective effort is needed to get a job done. malas nya lang that the ombs, bir, coa are all headed by patriotic women who are serious about doing a good job.

      • TatayMo

         ok ka, anak!  agree ako sa yo..

    • AllaMo

      Or, to the families of FASAP members.

  • niceguy60

    We should now look to the future without Corona. Seems that nobody after all want to see his bank records. I wonder what changed their minds?

    • TatayMo

       there’s no need to see now that Corona has admitted that he does indeed have undeclared bank accounts… that’s all there is to know and confirm… in addition, he even gave the balances of those accounts… so, what else is there to see??

  • samjf

    CJ Corona must go. There are no ifs and buts about it.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Your colleagues–meaning kapwa mandarambong sa judiciary. Tama lang matakot kayo. Para tapos na maliligayang araw nyo sa gobyerno. RESIGN na kayo mga loko bago kayo naman maimbistigahan. Tuwa ko siguro kung di maginit pwet nong 8 pang appointee ni Arroyo.

  • EastVisBoy

    He has no one to blame but himself…………

  • Bonifacio Andre Rizal

    Franco is really fuming mad ! He just clenched his fists coz he cant slap grandpa’s face !

  • doublecross

    check and balances……kaya sobra yon balance sa kinita mo, dhl galing sa nakaw.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CGHIQL77XJQRNAD2SH4VSXU4FE kim hernandez

      naiintndhan m ba ung mga nagaganap? maliwanag sa lahat na hndi nakaw un. ang issue ay inclusion sa saln.

      • TatayMo

         hindi na-include dahil hindi ma-establish kung saan nanggaling… maaring hindi nga naman ninakaw… pero saan galing?

  • pinoydinako

    A woman suffering from psychosis, Miriam Santiago, questions another mental retard (that is how he looked after he was stopped from escaping and brought back in a wheel-chair by IC security)
    re subjudicial rule…..my foot!

    Miriam should have moved that Corona be cited for contempt for escaping and placed in the Senate detention cell.  Miriam could have asked:  Why did you have to wait for day 42 to give us your waiver when you could have given it on day one, gamitin mo naman ang brain cells mo at pa press press conference ka pa, pa TV interview.

    Alright, let you decide what you would call Corona who blames everyone else from the President, the Ombushman, the prosecutors…except himself.  What do you call Corona who uses everyone and anyone including his grandson, children, wife and her in-laws, his mother and brother and even uses the SC employees as human shield.

    And all his properties and money in the banks under his name are not really all his, they are co-mingle funds with his dead mother’s share.  For a man who seems to be educated and tells us that he does know what is “net worth….and liabilities” is certainly a certified liar.  And his reason for not declaring his dollar deposits is total confidentiality, yup yup …twist the law to suit your evil deeds.

    Corona….sabe na nga, may araw ka rin…..eto na!

    Mga bayaran pro-Corona bloggers, better get a decent job baka makarma din kyo.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/6LFSARITU3TUUJAIRWIPIWSX7Y Tony

      Excuse me, kulang ang pera ni Renato na ipambayad no!? Ikaw magkano bigay ni Abnoy? Bilyones pera nun eh..!

      • TatayMo

        ang lagay nyan eh, parang naghihintay ka pa na mabayaran ni Renato huh? ha ha ha ha… sorry anak, walang-wala talaga para sa yo at sa iba pang umaasa… kung pati sa mga anak nga nya raw eh, looks like inaangkin pa nya.. ikaw pa? 

    • gardy_versozi

      hoy, idiot. ang nag co-comment dito ay hindi bloggers. alam mo ba ano ibig sabihin ng blog?
      for the nth time, this site is not a blog, the people who post comments here are not bloggers, and the comments you post here are not blogs!


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6LFSARITU3TUUJAIRWIPIWSX7Y Tony

    Ang saya dito ang daming bitter! 

  • Mr.JAy88





    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CGHIQL77XJQRNAD2SH4VSXU4FE kim hernandez

      watch your mouth sir. respeto naman sa pamilya nung tao.

      • Mr.JAy88


      • gardy_versozi

         all we need is to look at you, and there’s no argument anymore.

      • Mr.JAy88




      • Mr.JAy88


        ang company na nagkakahalaga ng 34 million (MILLION HA) pesos!!!

    • Guest

      That kid is very smart according to Corona. Just like him  this kid will top in high school and college programs. Oppss… I am sorry some of Corona’s claims about his honors were not true. My bad.

  • Mr.JAy88


  • wilfel

    If you only just RESIGN then those things will not come out. Since you’re so stubborn and want to protect the LITTLE LADY Gloria so this happen to you. No one is to blame but you yourself.

    • archangel uriel

      over self-confident ….kala kasi chief justice of the supreme court…..siya na ang batas…..hawak lahat ang korte…..nakalimutan na may mas mataas pa sa kanya…. DIYOS….puro law books lang ang binabasa……kinain na ata ng anay ang kanyang Bible….

  • doublecross

    bkt nangyari kina marcos, ninoy at estrada at fake arroyo ang  dinaanan mo ngayon, di ba? kung nag-pakatotoo ka sa buhay mo, di mo maranasan eto…MAGNANAKAW!

  • wvillaro822

    He said his 9-year-old grandson Franco “clenched his fist” and said he was “very, very angry” because of what had been done to him.

    He is lying again.  If it true that his grandson understand what is going on, tell his grandson– fffffff him too. 

    • gardy_versozi

      pati bata papatulan nyo? daang matuwid nga.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AS7ZS3RG454EKLDPVX3UR3MLGE rick

    after you sir corona…the others will follow….it will have  a chilling effect on them because they abused the trust of the people by letting them be used by their benefactor gloria…kung nagpakatino sila at nanungkulan ng buong katapatan ay wala silang dapat ikatakot or chilling effect pero kung hindi ay dapat tlagang matakot ….

    • gardy_versozi

       ngayon mo lang yata naintindihan ang meaning ng ‘chilling effect’, kaya napasobra ang pag gamit mo niyan.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CFZ2Q7RFJ6PWRYMM3NJ7JB4KSE Dynamic

    Lets just pray for everybody and get this over with…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DBBJESWRWDTPFXC4H2WZYREXZQ Jennifer

    Gosh ang daming Yellow zombies dito. May masabi lang, wala naman mga alam about law. DO you even understand sub judice rule?  If you do, you would not be spewing out all these nonsense. Mga tuta ni Noynoy. Yuck.

    • AllaMo

      Lmfao! Haang dami mong alam, ah. Kahanga-hanga ka pala.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DBBJESWRWDTPFXC4H2WZYREXZQ Jennifer

    CJ Corona, don’t let the bullying of these yellow zombies put your down. Noynoy and his puppies should not be allowed to have control of the different branches of government!

    • archangel uriel

      isa ka pa na kampon ni taning…..

      • Francis81

         Si Pweenoy ang tunay na kampon ni Taning dahil siya ang naghahasik ng pagka poot, kasinungalingan, kahirapan, at pina padali niya ang pagsakop ng mga Komunista sa bansa.

      • AllaMo

        Mabuhay sina gloria at corona! Lmfao!

    • AllaMo

      LOL! Ipaglaban ang karapatan ni corona, para sa kay gloria!!! Lmfao)))

  • archangel uriel

    kung nagresign lang kayo mr. corona hindi ninyo maranasan ang ganitong kahihiyan….. pati na sa apo ninyo…..hwag ninyo sisihin si pnoy, ombudsman morales at ang prosecution team. NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW…..napakalambot ng puso ng mga filipino…..makiusap lang and all (…tulad ni ombudsman gutierez na nagresign, hindi na niya binigyan ng sakit ng ulo si pnoy.)….. tumahimik na lang sana kayo at hwag nang guluhin ang bagong administration…. eh kaso pauto nang pauto kayo kay mike and GMA…..nasilaw kayo sa sobrang laki ng suhol ni mike arroyo……is this worth it…. hindi ninyo madala ang bilyones na binigay ni mike arroyo sa kabilang buhay…… nakakaawa talaga kayo lalung laluna ang inyong kaluluwa…… may FINAL JUDGMENT pa kayo na haharapin…. sa itaas….

    • gardy_versozi

      actually, si nonoy, drilon, at ang 188 congressmen ang mapapahiya dito.

      • JJF724

        Actually ang Pilipinas sa International Community!  Politician ka na ba or merong kamag anak na nsa government?  You know what to do, just follow Corona’s lead.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/CFZ2Q7RFJ6PWRYMM3NJ7JB4KSE Dynamic

      Final judgement is here just the same,not up in the sky or down to earth.It’s here but it’s second dimensional or spiritual…

  • JJF724

    Sabi ni Enrile before it doesn’t matter how much if Corona has dollars he will consider it as ASSETS and not on Corona’s SALN.  Let see how Enrile going to vote on Tuesday.

    And by the way Corona, alam mo na ba ngayong ang ibig sabihin nang ASSETS? Naitanong mo na ba sa accountant mo?

    • Handiong

      Enrile will vote for conviction.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2RVERYUPGBL4EHNMB2QNIQTFS4 Boying

    What damage? Fool. What PNOy is doing is exactly the check to the abuses committed by you as envisioned by the framers of the constitution!! Hindi kagaya ng gusto mo na MODUS VIVENDE VIS A VIS the judiciary and GMA na pareho kayo nagnanakaw wala  lang pansisan kasi pareho nakikinabang!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2RVERYUPGBL4EHNMB2QNIQTFS4 Boying

    I would rather have the DICTATORSHIP of Pnoy rather than your supposed DEMOCRATIC THIEVERY!!

    • Malik62

       The worst thieves are dictators. BS Aquino x3 even though his dictatorship is not full blown have already been stealing left and right.  They used the Road User’s Tax and CCT Fund in bribing the senators.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/UQDXUG2JNDICIHOQVPJUXQJFHY Ali

        Talaga!… Paano ginawa? Anong prosesso ginamit para makalusot sa audit? Magandang balita yan a.

      • botets

         Can you define Dictator? To be fair if Pnoy is a dictator he could have just ordered TJ arrested or just sign an EO to dissolve the SC and keep the hacienda intact.. A true dictator is someone like Marcos who can have a commediane go biking around Camp Crame for sayin Sa ikauunlad ng bayan bisikleta ang kailangan.. hehe
        We are stll very much enjoying democracy since we have a lively forum here, walang kakaba kaba baka makulong kung kontra gobyerno

      • AllaMo

        LOL! Stupid is, as stupid does.

  • Handiong

    The impeachment process is the Constitutional means to exact accountability from top government officials. It has a chilling effect only on those who are corrupt and guilty of wrongdoing against the sovereign people. An innocent government official has nothing to fear from impeachment.

  • renatwacoronwa

    Hahahaha! Ang galing ko talagang magsinungaling at umarte! Mga Senador paniwalang-paniwala na may sakit ako, hahahahahaha! Mga uto-uto! Pati na mga nagtatanggol sa akin dito ay mga dakila rin, mga dakilang UTO-UTO! Hahahahahahahaha!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UQDXUG2JNDICIHOQVPJUXQJFHY Ali

    Double standard?…. Ok lang kung ang SC mag bigay TRO sa para allies…. Masama kung ibang agencies ang tutulong against sa kanya…..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GSNMBBLLZ43XPQQIROO7XCR62E Den

    If the corrupt and incompetent Arroyo-appointed Associate Justices are now cowering in fear because they know they can be brought down from their pedestals, then good for our country! The impeachment of Corona should send a chilling effect to all those who will follow his footsteps. It serves notice that it will not be business as usual for long.

    They made a pact with the devil, and expect to be hailed as angels and saints?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DNMZ3JS25BL26RNS2EJH2RWANA ka iii sa

    Nobody is above the law, if you are not an ally of ABNOY !

    • AllaMo


  • AllaMo

    corona should take heart in the existence of the undead imelda, enrile, cojuanco, erap, et. al, in our midsts. And, the, already, endemic corruption of the Filipino psyche.

  • pikloy

    Renato, It is just unfortunate you created your problem. It is a self inflicted and you asked for it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BJWOSERENIZQCR35IJH6SLXBUI cali

    it really has a chilling effects on these crooked justice’s employees. A lot of them are asking grease money for the resolution of cases in your favor. From court clerks, sheriffs, fiscals to judges! kaya now they are so terrified kasi the truth can really catch up on them!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LLMVMZDOXULILOFFJXWAHMCSDU Domeng

    CJ CORONA knows the the ordinary court scenario. He knows how many people are emotionally upset, feeling harassed, daily during litigation. I expect him to be better than those ordinary people not used to court cases. CJ CORONA is used to  court tensions, and I did not expect him to fold up that easily.

    CJ CORONA is no stranger either to sick people obliged by the courts to take the witness stand.

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