‘She made 10 Isabela towns big rice producers’



ROXAS, Isabela—The rice project, for which former Isabela Gov. Grace Padaca has been ordered arrested and charged with graft and malversation, helped make 10 Isabela towns the biggest rice producers in Cagayan Valley, Alicia Mayor Cecilia Claire Reyes said on Thursday.

Reyes, a former Isabela board member, said the P25-million agricultural loan program was initially released to farmers in Roxas, Gamu, Naguilian, Burgos, San Mariano, Benito Soliven, Mallig, Aurora, Quezon and San Manuel, to help increase their earnings.

The loan “went through [the Department of Budget and Management] and had passed [the Commission on Audit],” she added.

Padaca has been charged with graft and malversation of funds at the Sandiganbayan for awarding the project in 2006 without public bidding to the Economic Development for Western Isabela and Northern Luzon Foundation Inc. (EDWINLFI), which extends loans to rice farmers. The funds, government records showed, were used to improve rice production in 35 towns.

In a statement, the Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership, which Padaca founded, described the criminal charges brought against the former Isabela governor as part of her enemies’ strategy to keep her out of politics in the province.

“What happened to former Governor Padaca is another case of injustice in our country where the corrupt use all their power and influence to ensure that effective, ethical and empowering leaders are discouraged from practicing good governance and becoming more proactive in helping uplift the lives of every Filipino,” Kaya Natin said in its statement.

Among the signatories to the statement were Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, former Pampanga Gov. Ed Panlilio, presidential adviser Nereus Acosta and lawmakers Jorge Banal, Teddy Baguilat and Kaka Bag-ao.

The group also urged the Sandiganbayan Fifth Division to dismiss the charges against Padaca. The antigraft court earlier ordered Padaca’s arrest, and set her bail at P70,000.

In her statement, Padaca said the provincial board had authorized her to use the funds to support the provincial government’s hybrid rice program.

“Acting on the further authority given by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, [Padaca] entered into an agreement with a nongovernment organization (EDWINLFI), which voluntarily offered to share its technical, financial and managerial expertise to monitor the implementation of the hybrid rice program,” the statement added.

The agreement with EDWINLFI, Padaca said, was “ratified” by the provincial board.

“The lack of a public bidding was not a reason to conclude that there was injury to the government because the procurement law did not apply to the transaction,” she added.

Padaca had opposed the charges before the Office of the Ombudsman, but her motions for reconsideration were denied.

Senior Supt. Franklin Moises Mabanag, Isabela police director, said the police have not yet served the arrest warrant against Padaca and her coaccused Roxas Vice Mayor Servando Soriano, who was the foundation’s president; EDWINLFI manager Dionisio Pine; and the late Johnas Lamorena.

“[We] have not received any official documents so we cannot do anything,” Mabanag said.

First posted 12:42 am | Saturday, May 26th, 2012

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  • joeldcndcn


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DBBJESWRWDTPFXC4H2WZYREXZQ Jennifer


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NG5LJKXEQV3NNGG5BKIHO3FPWQ Alex

    Ito namang masa nating kababayan, tumino naman sana sa pagboto. Di dahil namigay ng pera si kurap, iboboto na.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/7G6JCGDZ6TOKDS5AJNX73NMLOU nameDan

      Tama! Kunin ang pera pero iboto nyo ang tunay na tapat! Yan lang ang makakapagpabagsak sa mga vote buyers, ubos pera, talo pa.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VDMUJ6NKKCLWRMVMJRLJFI633I Rene V

    i have some reservations with the charges. so what’s wrong with making some towns financially well off? is it to the detriment of the whole province or is it a calculated show by the former and now governor to show his bad character and show who’s boss now that he is the gov? now he wants to make those towns poor again by withdrawing his support to show he is the boss. you egotistic guys make me laugh. you fight for every morsel of political spoils in your own little spread that you forget that a big lying greedy dragon is upon the gates of the republic that you a_holes swore to protect. so the dragon will conquer you then you get what you deserve. the whole nation is a ship of state will sink or swim with you in it. OH I FORGOT INTSIK KA PALA!

  • $16638896

    are they saying na mas makapangyarihan ang kkk kesa sa sandiganbayan? bsta may pirma ng mga hipokritong kaya natin members, abswelto na?!

  • $17848434

    The problem of Gov. Padaca, et al is that they implemented the project as it was intended- for the common good.  They did not give chance to the trapos to collect their ‘share’ from this people’s money.  Padaca, et al corrupted the commission ‘traditional’ system of governance.  They want the people to be empowered, which will make the trapos loss their credibility.

  • PutingAgila

    Did you say, former congressman Respicio filed the complaint? For public record, Respicio is a lapdog of the pamilya kurakot Dy. I wonder why Respicio didn’t say a single word when the PAMIIYA KURAKOT DY raped and plundered the forest of Isabela through illegal logging operations that lasted for almost 2 decades.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2LBGIWPKSBM4HYJACU2VNXIFEU Jet H

    hmmm… does the end justify the mean?  what’s the purpose of posting this article in the first place?  damage control for padaca?  i don’t even know her from adam until harvey pwe’s picture with her and her crying lady scheme popped up in the boob tube.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JJVVWKKYLBDDANB57EEXYJIOFA reynaldo

    Yes, this is how our government works. Arrest those who do good and let those who are corrupt go free. Why were the Lapids of Pampanga not charged when there are evidence presented by Vice Governor Yeng Guiao that they are collecting fees from quarry trucks and making them appear less in their report.

    • muddygoose

      Malakas ang backer sa Malacanang eh. Ang tanong, bakit si Fr. Panlilo di na binoto ulit ng mga kapampangan? Ayaw nila sa matino?

  • Rae_E

    Only in the Philippines: The crooks rule & those fighting for good governance end up arrested. No wonder corruption, lawlessness & violence prevail in this benighted state. Madam Ombudsman please reconsider Padaca’s MR so we’ll know their side, otherwise you’ll give credence to the perception that justice is only applicable to the powerful like the Dy clan of Isabela. No to crooks & political dynasties!

    • gardy_versozi

       baka nakalimutan mo, leader nila si harvey keh, was caught lying in front of millions of people in live tv. and what did padaca say when she was interviewed? bakit raw ayaw nila sa ‘anonymous’?  if you are a thinking person, and a honest person, you would immediately know the dangers of ‘anonymous’ sources.

      • Rae_E

        Let’s get real here – you’re not in the West but in the Phils. where the crooks & powerful rule w/ impunity to suppress the evidence (eg. SC issuing TRO & banning employees from testifying) or those fighting for transparency/democracy get massacred (eg.  Ampatuan massacre) or witnesses get killed (eg. Alfred Mendiola).  Keh & co-complainants did the nation a favor with their formal complaint by enabling the OMB to investigate & uncover Corona’s huge undeclared wealth resulting to having the most damning evidence against Corona. The bottomline is in the Phils. people are afraid to confront those in power so it’s safer for them to go anonymous but it does not mean these charges are baseless. It turned out Keh/Hontiveros/Bello’s complaint was true as validated by the AMLC. All it takes is to have few vigilant men/women who have got the courage to come forward & do what’s needed. The problem with us Filipinos is we complain too much but we lack the courage to do what’s needed like filing cases or exposing the crooks but not anymore thanks to Kaya Natin & other like minded vigilant groups. In the West, it’s the vigilant civil society groups who hold their gov’t. accountable & make society a better place to live in.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Grace Padaca will be responsible and pioneer of snow falling in the Philippines still – that will not be enough feat for politicians who don’t want to be sidelined by her feat and lack of ‘itchy hands’ similar with the disease afflicting GMA and politicians in the country.

    • gardy_versozi

       hindi nga maka tayo, tapos siya pa magbibigay ng snow sa philippines?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TFYV6IHEK6FRASSFF6JSW4FMZU Hardy

    Malaking dahilan nito ay siraan dahil sa power greed.  Tulad din yan dito sa Mindoro, mahirap kalabanin ang mga traditional politician dahil nakaugat na ang kanilang pagmamanipulate ng mamamayan, as per B F Skinner, na condition na ang freewill ng mga tao.

  • cantonese

    Isn’t she the organizer of KAYA NATIN? Then she and Harvey keh should suffer in jail like the other criminals. They did a big case against Chief Justice Corona by lying and did she ever consider this as unfair?

    Nothing personal, but everyone must obey the law and procedures of the land.

  • sitsiritsit

    bakit ba ang laki ng takot ng mga nakaupo kay Padaca…. hehhehehehehe sabagay wala na yung bosing nila laglag na…. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GNVLZW44Z6WLXHG6GML3JF3R3A LV

    No offense to supporters of Ms. Grace Padaca, but there are some lingering issues about this transaction that will be hopefully answered in court:

    1) To begin with, there was no bidding process.  Normally for this kind of this disbursement, a notice is given to public of such project and invite prospective bidders. Just because she is the Governor and she has the support of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, doesn’t mean she is free to enter into contract and use public funds without transparency and competitive bidding.

    2) What’s is the criteria for selecting EDWINLFI? What is the foundation’s track record? Did the office of governor have any previous relationship (personal/family/business/etc, whatever) with any of the officers/board of directors of EDWINLFI? How did this foundation became the preferred supplier for this service? Did the governor’s office carry out due diligence before entering contract with them?

    3) It was claimed in this report that the 10 Isabela towns became ‘big rice producers’. Historically, all towns mentioned above which are located in south and west sections of Isabela, are to begin with, big rice producers, as they have access to continuous irrigation from Magat Dam. Was there any real need for infusing funds to increase production? And if so, were there any tangible benefits i.e., by how much did they increased production?

    4) This is a hybrid rice program – so the supply for planting seeds can not possibly come from EDWINLFI. Rather, this would have to come from other third party suppliers. Now, the question is, how much was the cost of seeds, and at the time of purchase? Was that considered a competitive market-driven price? In view of the absence of bidding process, how was the price determined?

    5) What happened to the loaned amount? Was it ever repaid back to the provincial government?

    I hope Ms. Grace Padaca will answer such questions in court and set a good example. Increasingly, everyone demands transparency and accountability, with the impeachment process of CJ as an example. This is an opportune time to ask our politicians/former politician to be held into account of their decisions, especially if such decisions puts the public at a disadvantage. Maybe, through this process, she can regain her credibility, and perhaps the people of Isabela will vote for her again in the future.

  • dead_pixel

    Saan ang bidding???
    Saan ang tamang proseso???
    Saan ang tuwid na daan???
    Magkano ang na ibulsa mo???
    Diyan ka muna sa kulungan para mahimasmasan ka naman!

    • doncleo

       wag ka na magsalita…WALA KANG ALAM!!!

      • dead_pixel

        noyAbnoy, ikaw ba yan?
        Kayo nalang ba ang may karapatang mag post dito?
        Akala mo kung sinong may alam! PWE!

  • txtman

    Well, iyan ang matuwid na daan ni PENOY
    kalaban ka kasi nina PENOY
    Kaya yan ang ginagawa sa iyo

    Have you watched Carpio-Morales y Tanga latest press con?
    Ano ba yun?
    Ngisi-ngisi na parang baliw

    Gising mga kababayan
    Palibhasa mga COMMUNISTA nasa likod ni PENOY

  • farmerpo

    Paging Ombudsman Morales……if this is not a critical issue yelling to be looked into and resolved, nothing is.

    • isalexus

      Calling on Morales is the worst thing to do! She can’t even add and analyze bank transaction correctly — albeit the use of an allege CPA!! She is completely addled by facts!

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    DY clans benefit from this and they are also behind filing charges…..DYs vs Padaca…. who has credibility and who is really serious in serving the people?

    • cantonese

      The Dy clans has the credibility and the correct system to serve the people of Isabela that is why they were always up there and elected by the Isabelans. They love the Dy for being fair, helpful and public money accounted .

      One thing Padaca is good, when inventing some topics to start by trial by publicity that she started named KAYA NATIN. They will blame and sue others base only in papers they read and without any proof.

      you used to be good ms padaca, but WHERE DID YOU STARTED TO GO WRONG? Influenced by wrong friends?

      • norman_black6643

        Mali ka cantonese. Magaling maglagay at mamili ng boto mga dy kaya nananalo sila. Sila ang kumalbo sa bugat ng isabela. Asan ang pera? Nasa taiwan po.

  • Iggy Ramirez

    We can see here that if the 25 million pesos were just put to good use, it will go a long way into uplifting the lives of countless Filipinos. Corona’s 10 million-dollar money (430 million) can achieve unimaginable improvement in the lives of Filipinos if it were just put to good use.

    See what kind of world we live in. People would rather let their money sit in the bank and show people they are fighting for the poor than sacrifice some amount of money to genuinely help people.

    • TagaKalos

      Adre, wala sa hulog ang iyong komento  kaya may pagkaHUNGHANG ka rin. Ano ang kinalaman ni Corona sa kaso ni Padaca? Ang pinaguusapan dito ay pondo ng bayan na ginamit nga sa sabihin nating mabuting bagay pero mali at  labag sa batas yung processong ginamit.  Manang mana ka doon sa dilawang presidente sa malakanyang na inutil at bakla na napapabayaan ang  ekonomiya dahil sa abnormal na pagkahumaling kay corona. OGAG!!!!

      • muddygoose

        Actually may substance ang comment nya.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/4CFT7TRAW6O4RCQNZJR3OOKPN4 Cricket

        There is depth in Iggy’s analysis.  Nalunod ka lang, pre.

      • Iggy Ramirez

        A dre, wala sa hulog ang pagkabobo mo. O hindi ka makaintindi ng ingles. I was referring to the general attitide of people in this world, which is exemplified in the Corona case since this case is the most well known today that directly revolves around money, public service, honesty, and sacrifice. I was not tying Padaca’s case with that of Corona’s. I was merely trying to make a point.

        Regardless, awarding the contract to a sole source does not necessarily constitute unlawfulness. Only thing is that the contractor must satisfy all requirements that needed to be accomplished based on what this project is intended for. Based on the reports, the agency with which Padaca consigned the project met everything what was required.

        The people have voted Padaca because they have entrusted her with the decisions to choose what is the best for them. Politics is mainly based on trust. In Padaca’s case, she was genuinely determined to uplift the lives of people. Those who perceive and accuse her of fund malversation on the grounds of technicality are the people with dark minds and ability to contrive the law according to their whims.

        In the end, it is the duty of the government, in this case, the Ilocos government is represented by Padaca, to advance initiatives to the best interest of the people. Selecting a particular contractor because it is what the representative deems capable and satisfactory in delivering the required results does not mean it had been selected in bad faith.

        Bidding is just a process in which impartiality among several entities with the same capability is determined through fair and competitive pricing.

        Our law is not as stupid as you who only believes that selection should only be done through bidding alone.

        You may have a bidding which appears cleanly legitimate on the outside, but if you poke your nose a little bit deeper, you will realize that there is only one entity there with several other dummies pretending to represent other companies.

        Now this is what you should be educated: about how dirty and corrupt the Philippine politics is if it were run by corrupt officials.

  • Hey_Dudes

    The hypocrites are again busybodies lambasting about this so called lack of bidding process and all that jazz.  How these murkier poodle field settlers easily forget all of the contracts and midnight deals during GMA reign of looting were all done from zero meaning ‘0″ bidding?  Arhtur Yap’s ice plant scam, swine scam…..JocJoc Bolante fertilizer scam….and other scams these hypocrites seem to have forgotten already.  What we truly are is a nation of hypocrites and non stop whiners.

    • uk_uk_ak_ak

      Ibig sabihin pareho pareho lang silang..Weder weder lang dibah… Di talaga makalusot sa inyong mga yellowtards..Kung ano tira mo kila GMA, dapat yung din ang tira mo ngayon kay padaca.

  • tabalu

    walang mangyayari sa kaso na yan, signatories pa lamang ng statements nila kkkk na, nakakahiya naman kay pnoy di ba kagalanggalang na ombudsman morales-carpio?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VYJK335V22CPPOGGZRZGUA2SIE v

    oh ano mga yellows, mga moralista kuno, ayan kakulay ninyo kurakot din naman pala, tulad din naman pala ni acosta, pero kung magsisigaw kayo at mag akusa, pwee.yabang nyo.

    • Nagagalitna

      Check mo muna yong tamang news kong kinurakot ba or nagamit sa tama…nakapikit ka yata habang nagbabasa ng news eh.
      Tsaka wag kang mag depende masyado sa news or akusasyon ng kapwa mo ganid sa politica…check mo yong buhay ng mga taga roon kon may nag improve ba or wala.

      • uk_uk_ak_ak

        agree ako saiyo.. pag kila GMA, tama kaagad yung news, kung ano sinabi ng news, yun na yun. Pero pag kampon ni Pnoy, hwag muna padalos dalos..dibah.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VYJK335V22CPPOGGZRZGUA2SIE v

         oo nga, pag marcos, erap, gma, friends…kawatan, mandarambong, kurakot pero pag kakampi ng mga yellows….si nafe keeping lang namin.

  • to0

    This is a political harazment by the present provincial officials which is headed by a Chinese whose family became rich because of illegal logging. Now, as guarantee to remain in his position, he filed a Complaint against former Governor Padaca.

  • to0

    If you are pure blooded Filipino with brown complexion, most likely you will only last one term in your office. The Chinese has over taken their Filipino opponent using illegal election practice like vote buying, and etc. 

    Former President Magsaysay was blown out of the sky.

    Former President Joseph Estrada was booth out of office by Chinese Majority. The Chinese orchestrated his down fall, led by a Chinese Bishop, former Bishop Cardinal Sin who is a Chinese.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYAZBOJYIUCRLWTYJBORBVTTOI boyfarmer


  • scorpio15

    Na-deny ang “Motion for Reconsideration”. Walang “Padulas” kaya deny o merong “Padulas” sa kabila.

  • GaryFil

    Hindi ko alam ang puno’t dulo ng istorya, pero hindi ko lang maintindihan kung bakit pumasa sa COA yan?  Pati may structured Procurement Act na, bat nangyari pa rin yan?  May mekanismo na ang gubyerno, nakakalusot pa rin.  O baka naman totoo ang haka-haka ng iba na manipula lang ng mayaman at mataas ang mga ito?

    Isa pa, kung naman walang Prima Facie Evidence, bakit naman kakailanganin pang makigulo ang Sandigang Bayan?  Kung may nakita naman sila, dapat madami damay pati na ang SP at COA.

  • muddygoose

    Sino naman ang nagfile ng complaint?

  • ddano


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AS7ZS3RG454EKLDPVX3UR3MLGE rick

    talagang nakakasuka na ang sistema dito sa pinas. imagine yung chief justice natin di marunong magintrepret ng batas. maliwanag na yung constitution ang dapat sundin SALN kesa sa republic act na foreign currency tapos ngayong itopng si padaca na gumawa ng kabutihan ang nasasakdal ngayon…

    • jalov


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KKGZK6UWWAMI6OE673NBMJ5FGE Rico

      So sinasabi mo lahat ng kasama ni PNoy nag lagay ng $ accounts sa SALN? Si Carpio-Morales? Mga congressmen? Si Drilon? Si PNoy??? 

  • lemon88

    kung sino man ang nagsampa ng kaso kay Gov. Padaca ay malakas ang kapit. Since EDWINLFI is an NGO, accreditation ang kailangan to implement the project initiated by Gov. Padaca at hindi public bidding. Sigurado ako nalagayan ang Sandiganbayan dahil approved ng SP at wala findings ang COA. Ibig sabihin legal and binding ang agreement ni Gov. Padaca and EDWINLFI. At isa pa the funds transferred to EDWINLFI i’m sure is subject to liquidation.

  • Jalantarus

    Not to  worry.  if she is innocent she will be acquitted. Let her go thru the process like GMA, Neri,Abalos and Corona. They will be judge based on the evidence presented by their accusers in court. wait  lang tayo sa result.

    • KidlatTahimik

      Ha ha ha…. Iba si Padaca sa mga sinasabi mo… Malinis na politician yan… Yung mga tao na binanggit mo malinis ba? Parang bagong gising ka lang…

      • uk_uk_ak_ak

        Ikaw ang gumising..naintindihan mo ba sinasabi ni jalantarus…Malinis ba, kaya hindi na kailangan dumaan sa tamang proseso? Parang alam mo lahat ah..may tawag dyan, ano nga ba iyon?__

      • norman_black6643

        Oy uk uk ikaw ang tanga. Taga isabela ka ba para alam mo yan? Siguro kamaganak ka, bodyguard, kasabwat ng gobernador at nakikinabang sa pagnanakaw kaya ka ganyan. Hirap sa inyong mga magnanakaw, kahit sa ikabubuti ng bayan e hinaharang nyo basta wala kayong kickback. Sana masunog kayo sa impyerno kasama mga anak ninyo. Ansa magkasakit ng malubha ang mga anak ninyo para magdusa kayo sa mga kasalanan nyo sa taong bayan.

      • Milesaway

        Ano kamo malinis na politician, mayroon ba nun? Remember this, A politician a seeker or holder of public office who is more concerned about winning FAVOR or retaining power than about maintaining PRINCIPLES. In short, basta politiko kinakain ang prinsipyo kasi nasasarapan sila dahil ang gamit nilang sawsawan ay yung mataas ng posisyon sa gobyerno na nabingwit nila.

      • jalov

        kung ganito po ang mindset natin palagi eh para na din sinabi natin na wala nang pag-asa ang ating lipunan…defeatist attitude po ito at should not be entertained in our thoughts…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2P5H7ZKN2CIDH43LS4U67CGGOE Brother Love

        Description ng mga Dy yan. Hindi kay Padaca. Siguro Dy ka rin ano?

      • Loggnat

        It is called due process. Let the justice system do what is made to do and that does not mean Ms. Padaca must be exempted because she is innocent which she still is until proven guilty in the court of law. I believe she is a clean politician and that many good people will be willing to help her prove her innocence so there is no worries.

    • ngongongbingot

      Tama po kayo. Kunin ninyo si Neil Tupas at mag tiwala kayo sa kakayahan niya tulad ng pag titiwala ni presidente Aquino.

  • KidlatTahimik

    Politics in the works…! 2013 election na naman threat ka kasi sa mga kalaban mo. Utak talaga ng mga pinoy na pulitiko mas matindi pa sa pusali ang dumi. Sana po ibangon mo uli ang politics sa lugar mo…

    • uk_uk_ak_ak

      Alam mo ba talgaga lahat o nag dudunung dunugan ka pala.. Pls magbasa kanamn ng history ng kaso na iyan… hindi lang basta sumulpot yan …ika na rin nagsabi 2013 election…2012 pa lang…

  • MG

    Something wrong here. The warlords are working overtime to discredit her for sure. Get those 10 beneficiary towns to sign a petition then. The Sandiganbayan can reverse itself. The people will have to fight for her.

  • sitsiritsit

    Padaca… even she be accused as a mass murderer/killer …eh sorry to say IBOBOTO ko pa rin siya… no way no way no way no way na maniniwala ako sa mga ganitong akusasayon sa kanya…. natatawa na lang ako dun sa mga kalaban.. matindi takot sa kanya eh kaliit na babae takot sila hahahahahah 

  • thunderbolt01

    Let her go through the judicial process. Kailangang maipakita ang ebidensiya at huwag hayaang baluktutin naman ito ng administrasyong ito na ang lahat ng kakampi kahit may kasalanan ay napapawalang sala. Kailangan pa bang magbigay ng halimbawa? 

    • CustomsNeighbor

       I should support you….and hope that the wheels of justice go as fast as the impeachment court…..then, if Gov Padaca is found not guilty, let the full force of the law goes against those who charged her…..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KZDXKX5ARJANJND7WNI4JIZWT4 read my

    kawawa nmn ang mga corrupt dyan mahiya nmn kayo sa balat nyo kung meron p kayong hiya baldado na nga eh aakusahan nyo pa gumawa na ng mabuti kinakasuhan nyo pa mga ganid kse kayo hindi aasenso talaga ang bansa kung meron bulok na kagaya nyo…I’m with you mam padaca mabuhay ka….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TL345EF36IDOZEIL5YGMDXF4JA Midge

    Think it hardly. . . Dy vs Padaca? I will always vote for Gov Padaca. We here at Isabela support Gov Padaca. We believe n mas umasenso buhay namin nong panahon nya. Hindi ko pa sya nakikita in person pro KITANG KITA ko ang mga mgaganda nyang ginawa. Kung pede lang litisin ng prang kuto tong mga Dy gagawin ko e. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    Governor Padaca is NOT CORRUPT — its the DY Family who is CORRUPT

  • Ulipur

    Padaca for SENATOR.

  • PikonNaKami

    The Smartmatic and Comelec gets away with a rigged bidding in 2010 worth 11B for a non transparent election system that was used to cheat Gov Padaca.

    And Gov Padaca gets arrested for 25M that helped 10 towns to be rice producers.

  • jalov

    Who says that democracy is already dead in our beloved Philippines? It may be a very costly exercise but it ensures checks and balances in our society…

  • gregory robinson

    No special treatment for wealthy politicians. Its great to hear the success of 10 cities…but if its done with corrption, lies, greed….then the justice system must prosecute

    • superpilipinas

      did you even read the news? who is the wealthy are you talking about?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/27ALTOW4LPAXQEW4K4HMVBHTQ4 Sandee M

    How sad that we think all politicians are corrupt and we have such a distrust of them. There are those out there…no matter how few , who are good…who mean well…who truly want to serve…I blame Marcos for our mindset. Akala natin lahat ng public servant casing ganid at corrupt ni Marcos. Now we don’t trust anybody. Sad. =(

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3RMNEZCQQHXWOQRXJROQ2CORFU Homer Guo

       si marcos na naman me sala? waaaa pathetic

      • superpilipinas

        yup. marcos empowered the dy’s and Isabela has never attained progress except when Padaca was the governor.

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    Pure Politics…First, It was Pampanga Governor Fr. Panlilio and the Evil Empire succeeded of crowning the Jueteng Lord wifey in position…Luckily DILG Jesse Robredo is in better position and unfortunately now its Isabela Governor Grace Padaca… We all know how tough the battle she face in Northern part of our country and who still hold and control the region!…Support Gov. Grace Padaca and remember her nemesis in 2013 election!!!…ACQUIT!!!…GRACE PADACA!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CLAVQNJZWFOPV654ZF6OPYMCAI Manny

    How come it was been audited by the commission on audit, and passed in their scrutiny. But still Sandiganbayan charged her for graft and malversation of funds? Maybe because of the bidding. No public bidding happens and only the NGO (
    EDWINLFI ) took the job. Something fishy?  

  • anodawateglow

    too much evil in philippine politics and unfortunately some of them are well supported by hypocrite bishops and cardinals and new modern Padre Damasos…

    Filipino should know that the politicians who kisses the hands of cardinals, bishops and priests are the same  politicians who plunders the taxes of every Filipino.

    • gardy_versozi

      ano naman kinalaman ng mga pari dito? nandadamay ka ba?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000532465679 Donardo Cuago

      So true! And have u heard about the widespread corruption within Vatican itself???

      • anodawateglow

        Check the documentary about “Roman Catholic Inquisition”  in youtube and you will realized how murderous the Popes before. 

        For all catholics out there… see this documentary and realize how corrupt the vatican you tried to believe in “Inquisition Torture Tools Of The Vatican”

      • superpilipinas

        He-he-he. Those who could not find a good reason will always refer to the past. I guess you still hate the Germans because of Hitler and you still hate the Japanese because of World Wart II and the Americans because of black slavery….you dwell in the past.

      • anodawateglow

        German’s Hitler, american black slavery are based on Humans worldy actions and nothing spiritual.  But the vatican claimed to be the followers of Christ and are supposed to lead people spiritually according to Bible teaching but unfortunately they are the one who persecutes non-catholic but Jesus Christ followers followers.   Sorry man, you can check all catholic majority countries and they are, Philippines included are the most corrupt and poorer countries!

      • superpilipinas

        No need to apologize. Just commenting. Nothing personal. Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal and Switzerland are Catholic majority but they are not poor. It is not Catholicsm which makes a poor country. It is corruption. Burma, Bangladesh, and many African countries are poor but they are not Catholics. So there is no correlation between poverty and Catholicsm. 

      • anodawateglow

         There is a correlation bro..Check this Bible verse bro, the Catholic tradition taught by Catholic forebears brought curse to generations of Filipino.

        Exodus 20:25

        You must not bow down to them or worship them, for I, the LORD your God,
        am a jealous God who will not tolerate your affection for any other
        gods. I lay the sins of the parents upon their children; the entire
        family is affected–even children in the third and fourth generations of
        those who reject me.

      • superpilipinas

        If there is correlation, then it should have brought curse also to all those other countries I mentioned.

        The teaching of that verse will not make any country poor. It has no relevance to poverty.

        There is no such thing as curse. It is only in the movies.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/4CFT7TRAW6O4RCQNZJR3OOKPN4 Cricket

      Please make the slightest effort to think.  Then, start using a different angle.  This position is sooooo boring already.  Given that most are eager to praise themselves for their actions, they should easily accept any failures as well.  Stop the “cop out” argument where everybody gets blamed but oneself.

  • anodawateglow

    I am sorry to say this, but the 490 years of Catholicism in our country didn’t do any better in the lifestyle, moral values and attitude of many Filipinos.   The most corrupt politicians of our generations are the same politicians who kisses the hands of Catholic bishops, priest and cardinals!  


    • gardy_versozi

       are these the same corrput politicians who facilitated the impeachment of corona?

    • superpilipinas

      He-he-he. You think Catholics Padaca and Panlilio are corrupt?

      I guess you are supporter of Dy, Pineda, the illegal loggers, and the jueteng lords!

      • anodawateglow

         sorry superpilipinas…I am a supporter of Padaca and Panlilio… I believe on these people. 

        What I am sharing here is majority of our politicians are evil doers, lovers of money at the same time being tolerated by Philippine Catholic Heirarchy, hence what we get are leaders with no moral values, these politicians think that they are not spiritually accountable because no REBUKE from this vatican trained church!  Unfortunately, a church founded by violent and murderous past.

      • superpilipinas

        I agree that many politicans are blinded by immorality. But that has nothing to do with Catholics. The Philippine Catholic bishops can not control evil doing politicians. Politicians blinded by money and power sold their souls to the devil. Hence your conclusion is wrong.

        The Catholic Church supports Grace Padaca. Check her information in the internet. 

      • anodawateglow

         But what I have observed, the CBCP itself are protecting and supporting the likes of Corona, Arroyo and they are more critical of current government that are running after the corrupt. 

        But definitely bro, there is indirect connection on what they believe and what they should believe.   It is odd to know that we are on top among the nations that believe in God but we are among the poor.   Isn’t it God made this promise for the true believer of Jesus ” I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10).   Sad but the catholic tradition is out of what the Bible says.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XFH3CDZSZKVLX4G74PJOQ3L64U Natx Bacalzo

    Bidding on a project like this is misplaced. There’s no procurement or acquisition.  If you think only the lower courts like TRCs, MTCs are corrupt  think again. Justices in sandigan courts and SC courts are even big vultures. Except anomalous cases in sandigan and SC are not widely reported.

    • Ulipur

      There is a crying need to clean our justice system. start with taking renato out.


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NG5LJKXEQV3NNGG5BKIHO3FPWQ Alex

     Kaya nga.  Dapat sa susunod na eleksyon, tambak dapat ang boto ni Dy sa boto ni Padaca para di na aabot sa recount!

  • SharkyM

    This is outrageous.Finally, we get a politician whose intentions are honest and more importantly whose actions speak louder than words. Gov. Padaca is an inspiring woman. She is brave enough to take traditional “trapo” politics by the collar and stare it straight in the eye ,saying “that’s enough”. She does this in the best way which is leading by example. If any other politician had been given 25 M to make that hybrid program work, easily 20 M would never even make it to any farmer and instead be pocketed. She made 10 towns improve in rice production and now she gets threatened to be imprisoned and fined for a mere technicality that may not even exist? Again, simply outrageous.

  • superpilipinas

    The Dy clan and dynasty needs to be kicked out of politics in Isabela. It’s time to liberate that province from corruption and poverty. Everyone in the Philippines should camapaign to bring that clan down. They have been there since the time of Marcos. Marcos empowered them. Because of them, Isabela’s progress is mediocre.

    We need someone to finally dismantle their dynasty. All of their allies need to be busted. We need Robredo, De Lima, and COA to scrutinize the activites and  finances of that clan and their mayor allies.

    Please donate to Kaya Natin group. In the 2013 elections, Padaca and Panlilio should be strongly supported and funded. They should also be well protected and guarded from assassination.

    • http://www.facebook.com/oustcorona ILL_HIT_YOUR_FACE

      Mabuti pa siguro gawan natin nang Listahan bawat bayan,munisipyo at siyudad kung sino-sinong mga pamilya ang nag cocontrol sa Politika. yun lang din kasi ang TRAPO at mga ganid sa kapangyarihan di po ba?

      • superpilipinas

        nakakainis na nga. kahit PNP ayaw ilabas yung listahan ng mga private army. samantalang matagal na itong problema at kahit na nangyari pa yung Ampatuan massacre, wala pa rin! ayaw nilang ilabas yung listahan. para bang takot din ang PNP sa mga private armies lalo na yung mga matagal nang nasa politika sa mga probinsya.

      • http://www.facebook.com/oustcorona ILL_HIT_YOUR_FACE

        Di rin natin masisisi ang PNP, tao lang din po yang mga yan. me pamilya at mga anak na pinoprotektahan. 

      • superpilipinas

        sinong mag-protekta sa mga mahihirap? tungkulin nila yun! kung hindi sila maaasahan sa kanilang tungkulin, hindi dapat sila pumasok sa pagka pulis. yan na nga and dahilan kung bakit maraming pinatay ang mga ampatuan.

      • http://www.facebook.com/oustcorona ILL_HIT_YOUR_FACE

        at kung wala nang pumasok sa pagkapulis?…

      • gmaisthebestpresident

        Its their JOB sir.

    • anodawateglow

       No to dynasty and no to TRAPO politics.  These traditional politicians are a disgrace to Philippine society.   Enough of these people we need to change for the better.   Look for politicians with better visions for our country and for the Filipino generation.   God bless Philippines.

    • Ulipur

      And illegal logging still flourishes.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6G7CPSXKWGTVH33QJT2Z3KXGS4 boyet olunan ng cagayan

    this is how politics working in this country  too much evil,,

  • Vasla Valkova

    Obviously most of the comments here are for Ms. Padaca. Is this a manifestation of the proverbial adage “vox populi, vox dei” The voice of the people is the voice of God. I do think so. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/oustcorona ILL_HIT_YOUR_FACE

      Nope!… Most of the People here are for Ms. Padaca, not because of Voice of God. But because of the familiarity of the scene.

      Sa Pilipinas, Madali lang naman malaman kung sino Trapo, linta at ganid sa kapangyarihan  base sa pamilyang kinabibilangan nila.

    • superpilipinas

      I do think so too.

    • orlyrondo

      natalo siya sa election gamit yung mechanized balloting. walang vox populi! malinis ang bilangan ng balota. nanalo pa nga si ben dy sa protesta against padaca eh, di ba? kinapos ng panahon si ben di na nakaupo.

  • rosamistika16

    the intention of the procurement act is good if you are going to adhere to it religiously but it is also the worst policy if you will use it for corruption.  i know govt officials and members of GOCC knew this very well.

    now, if the funds is used prudently by gov. padaca and it yields positive result, what must be the problem? just because of technicality? come on! it is high time to be practical and addressed the need without too much red tape. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4I73HZIOK5AHQMRINWM4CWKCKM John Loyd

    Integrity is a long and somtimes difficult path, but it is the only one that will light up at dusk.
    Mabuhay Robredo, De Lima, and COA please keep up scrutinize corrupt polititians and called to be ‘TRAPO’ all over the nations. Its only the way Filipinos could get out of poverty. We need a politician with Integrity whose intentions are honest. Mabuhay people of the Philippines let us support clean government for our future and for the next generation.

  • William Tyre

    so dapat pala gawin syang santa? hahaha

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YRHGKTVYNMTIBFJMBHHHHR7GNM Andy

    Non-traditional politicians like Padaca and Panlilio need help to retake their posts as governors of Isabela and Pampanga, respectively. As incumbents, Gov. Dy and Gov. Pineda have control over tremendous government resources plus money from jueteng, so it’s going to be an uphill fight for both Padaca and Panlilio. The good news is that jailed ex-president Gloria Arroyo, who supported both Dy and Pineda, is now in jail and has lost her political clout.

    Good men and women must now come forward to help dismantle jueteng-propped political dynasties like those of the Dys and the Pinedas.

  • RHumabon

    “ROXAS, Isabela—The rice project, for which former Isabela Gov. Grace Padaca has been ordered arrested and charged with graft and malversation, helped make 10 Isabela towns the biggest rice producers in Cagayan Valley, Alicia Mayor Cecilia Claire Reyes said on May 24, 2012.”

    Ms. Grace Padaca, the diminutive polio struck and twice elected Governor (2004 & 2007) had reduced corruption significantly at the same time increased the delivery of services to her constituents during her 6-year tenure. . .On board a helicopter, she led a raid of 200 soldiers and policemen against illegal logging. The operation netted seizure of some 1,000,000 bd ft of lumber & timber and the arrest of several individuals including a sitting mayor. 

    A Barangay Captain once introduced the Governor during a meeting. “It is my distinct honor and privilege to introduce to you Maria Gracia Padaca, the very 1st Governor to have set foot in this our far-flung barangay since the province of Isabela’s founding more than 100 years ago.” He said this with tear drop on his face.

    The 2006 recepient of the prestigious “Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service” does not deserve persecution and harassment from a family dynasty, which is troubled by the fact that they can not accept to live under the shadow of highly competent and effective executive. 

    • Ulipur

      Grace Padaca is the cleanest politician in this planet.

      She is the ideal public servant that should be voted into office or harnessed by the government to serve our people.

      Justice, in her case, will triumph.

      • orlyrondo

        you mean to say the sandiganbayan of this administration erred in its appreciation of evidences. i think this is daang matuwid in motion, unfortunately it*s one of their constituents who is charged! let the court decide and don*t prejudge.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QZZKXPEA67I7HELEIYM35QVYFA Jon

    Sa Presinto ka na lang magpaliwanag.
    Good Governance = walang public bidding.
    Ayos no?
    Yan ang napapala ng mga puro satsat pero di naman kayang panindigan.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2V5ZV5LL7BSDH6B77IWJX62IJA Fudge

      Kahit hindi applicable ang procurement law dapat apply yan! Tama ka jan dapat ipakulong at itigil ang pagpapaunlad sa Isabela. Ibalik natin ang Dy! Ibalik ang jueting sa Isabela, Ibalik ang corruption! Dapat walang malinis na gobyerno! Mabuhay tayong lahat! Hehehe…  

  • pepengkabayo

    She made 10 Isabela towns big rice producers’Alicia Mayor Cecilia Claire Reyes said on Thursday

    If 10 towns became big rice producers, why only one Mayor is saying that.
    Big rice producers? The irony is…we imported billon worth tons of rice during that time, hayun inamag na sa bodega ng NFA.
    The case against Padaca is not politically motivated, she is with Pnoy.
     Sandigan found probable cause not palay rice.

    • JuanCrisostomoIbarra

      naging big rice producers sila dahil nag-improve ang production  nila. Kung bakit nag-iimport tayo ng bigas, hindi kasya ang sampung bayan sa northern luzon pa lang. Ang kaso ni padaca ay hindi politically motivated, tanungin mo sarili mo, politiko kaya yan at malapit na ang eleksyon. At kung bakit isang mayor lang ang nagsalita, baka siya lang ang na-interview. 

    • markotres

      pepeng kabayo,kabayo kaisipan nga ang laman ng ulo mo,alam mo ba kung gaano ang billion tons of rice? yong isang tonelada ay 1,000 kilos na tapos billion pa alam mo ba ring isulat ang isang billion, 9 zeros ang nasa hulihan niyan.. ,lagi na lang ninyong isinabit ang pangulo sa bawat gulo ,,,,mga ungas…

    • RHumabon

      Justice will prevail. Former Governor Grace Padaca will be exonorated of these tramped up charges and those behind this persecution & harassment will incur the ire of a nation. 

      The 10 Isabela towns big rice producers along with hundreds of like towns throughout the archipelago are changing the “World’s Number 1 Rice Importer” during the GMA years to “Rice Self-Sufficient Nation” in 2013 and eventually a “Rice Exporting Nation” shortly before P-Noy turns over the baton to Roxas & perhaps with crimebuster Robredo as runningmate for the R&R team in 2016. . .Ipagpatuloy ang Daang Matuwid.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TL345EF36IDOZEIL5YGMDXF4JA Midge

    FYI sa lahat.. noong panahon ni Gov Padaca and jueteng nwala dito sa Isabela, Nong naupo ang mga BUWISIT na mga Dy n yan sa awa ng Diyos prang kabute ang jueteng biglang nasulputan ang mga kobrador. Sino b sa ngaun ang tingin nyo may integredad at ang kapani paniwala. So its so obvious that this case is politicaly motivated by enemies of the good Gov Padaca.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/TL345EF36IDOZEIL5YGMDXF4JA Midge

      We wish na sana yong mga totoong corrupt and illegal loggers ang makuloong

    • orlyrondo

      taga isabela ako at mapapatunayan ko nakahit isang linggo hindi natigil and hueteng, noong panahaon ni padaca. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MD3XYT2TOGR7L4ORMD4PCVS6YY Victor

    To those who say that this administration and any of their favorites are doing all good – the Death of Democracy is often welcomed with thunderous applause.

    To those who blame the traditional politicians for our problems – do something about it. Stop being holier-than-thou.

    To those who refuse to understand the past, and refuse to learn their lessons – then forever will it continue to repeat itself, as it has the past 30 years.

    To those who would quote the Bible to justify their self-righteousness – you are no better than ‘holy men’ who would use their pulpits for political gain under the guise of Divine Inspiration.

    Nothing has changed. The very statements on this page belie the true state of the nation’s people.

    I want to believe that we can change. That belief has just been shaken once more.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2VLO53PRSSY76BZOWLOHJDM33M jeray

    An tan ngang sandigang Bayan

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7K5YUZTNSI46EA32EAAXMSELSQ James


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CD363KESHISQ73WMKIDDYEDYRM Tagumpay




  • Atagalong

    This is weird. Ten towns producing more rice to help feed the hungry and now they want the the innovator arrested?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZXDQ22VLD5UBXL2SGNXJJEEKK4 Joe

      mga kalokohan ng mga politico ayaw umunlad ang agregculture natin gusto nila bagsak ang palayan natin …walang ani para maka angkat sila ng bigas….para maka kuha naman ng comisyon…paano tayo maka ahon sa kahirapan..pag may gumagawa ng mabuti sa mga kawawang farmers para umangat naman ang kanilang kita hinaharang naman nitong mga trapo…para sila ang kikita maawa naman kayo sa mga mahihirap na mambubukid natin …halos wala na ngang anihin … si gov. padaca gumagawa ng mabuti…sabihin nilang malversation of public fund…eh may mga records naman yan…saan tayo tutungo sa tanan buhay ko mula ng umupo si gov.padaca dito ko lang narinig na nag bukas ang govt nang pautang sa mga farmers…nang siya umupo…ang nakaraan govt ng isabela may pautang na tulong ba sila sa mga kawawang farmers? oh kaya ganoon sila kay gov. padaca dahil malapit na naman eleksyon …natatakot sila sa anino ni gov. padaca..baka tumakbo nanaman mabigat nilang kalaban, kasi sa ngayon panahon na ni pnoy…pag nahuli kang nangdaya sa eleksyon ..patay….

    • thunderbolt01

      Maniwala ka diyan.Sanay ang mga taong ito sa kasinungalingan. Harvey Keh is one good example. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CD363KESHISQ73WMKIDDYEDYRM Tagumpay



    • gardy_versozi

       yet you ignore Keh, who is a senate certified liar?

    • thunderbolt01

       Dapat huwag alisin si corona upang mapigilan ang mga land grabbers at mga magnanakaw sa administrasyong ito. Gusto nilang alisin si corona upang walang kumontra sa kanilang pagnanakaw at katiwalian. Si cochita morales humihingi ng malaking retirement pay kay corona, dahil hindi pinagbigyan nagsinungaling laban kay corona. Ano ang pinanagsasabi ninyong malinis kayo? Ang 189 na sinungaling, bakit ayaw pirmahan ang waiver? Dahil mabibisto ang kanilang nakaw na yaman. Tigilan na ninyo ang inyong kaipokritohan.

  • gardy_versozi

    pag hindi sang-ayon sa inyo, corrupt. pero pag nahuli mga tulad ni keh na nagsisinungaling, ok lang.

  • wawa2172

    Isabela top rice producer maybe but its how the funds were spent is another thing. The Sandiganbayan will give the accused chance to refute the charges and if they have nothing to hide then there is nothing to fear. What is disturbing however is that one of the signatories supporting Padaca is Nerio Acosta who is also charged of corruption at Sandiganbayan and Kaya  natin leader Harvey Keh was caught lying at the impeachment court and received a dressing down from senator judges. Padaca’s supporter are also corrupt and liars. Acosta is also accused of channeling his pork barrel funds to an NGO controlled by his family. Since Keh is with  Kaya Natin, are they lying about the claim that Isabela is a top producer. In any case di ba rice producer na ang Isabela before Padaca became a governor so what is the difference. She is an LP member thus is she really guilty as alleged or tatabunan na lang dahil K nya si Noy.

  • adamson11

    Many is not aware why this issue come up this time, election is just 11 months away and Dy’s need to make sure that Ms. Padaca will and cannot run again, this is an old trapo maneuvering, nakaka suka na talaga ang mga trapo sa boung bansa natin pero little can be done since they hold the economy and military of the country….

  • NoWorryBHappy

    I believe that the Dys are the real crooks here.
    The Dys are a NOTORIOUS POLITICAL DYNASTY whose greatest achievement was plunder
    the resources of Isabela province and watch Ilagan, the capital of Isabela province,
    literally sink below sea level. 

  • Ulipur

    Si Maria Grace Padaca ang pinaka-MALINIS na politician sa buong UNIVERSE.

    May tunay na malasakit sa Bayan.

    She is the kind of politician that should be supported by people.

    She should be adopted by all political parties.

    Let us elect Grace Padaca as SENATOR.

  • EastVisBoy

    How I wish we have a governor like Maria Gracia Padaca in the Province of Samar whose intention is to serve the people and not to steal the money of the people!  I believe in karma, thus the day of reckoning for the ‘three Tans’ will surely come….

    • orlyrondo

      can*t you understand the news? she* now ordered arrested for a crime. i believe the is is authorities are not foolish enough to isssue arrest ordered without strong and legal basis! remember daang matuwid? this is it!

  • cliff_castillo

    This only dramatizes the importance of a judiciary that knows how to dispense justice.  If the judiciary (such as the SC under Corona, the sandigan bayan) can be paid off by the Dys, Tans, Sys, then the innocent such as PAL flight attendants & Gov. Padaca will suffer.  Convicting Corona is a necessary step.  Now we can also expect a no non-sense Ombudsman Morales to go after corrupt govt employees with ill-gotten wealth even if the place them in foreign currency bank deposit the way Corona did.

  • orlyrondo

    i understand, first there was a complaint filed. it was found out that there was reason to lfile a case.  are those defending the transaction mean to say that there was error in the evaluation
    /appreciation of the evidences submitted? and to think tha it happened under the regime of his boss! how ir   onic that a founder of of supposed to be, right group espousing gfood governance is now ordered arrested! 

  • sitsiritsit

    anak nga kalapating tatlo ang pakpak… magsilbi ka sa bayan makakasuhan ka pa.. mangurakot ka… ni hindi ka makasuhan hahahahaha… natatawa na lang ako…. but i really admire Ms. Padaca… i’m quite sure she will get back the position on the next election…!!!! wala na backer ng mga naka upo heheehehhehe 

    • Yxon

       this is the irony of our society…ms padaca had been serving them well during her term…tapos itong proven na trapo noon pinanalo pa nila…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DBOO7W3CHG4SS6LZKQYEJYMEZA Phil

    Is she the crying lady and supporter of Kaya Natin and Keh at the impeachment?

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/JQI7ACPTNS65URDEQ3KRYKCPDY Henry

    This is a prime example of this country’s defective judicial system where those who have the best intentions are instead successfully prosecuted by those in power. To P.Noy and Ombudsman Morales if you really are honest in your reform agenda, you should look deeply into these and review the case. Ex-Governor Padaca, being an ordinary citizen but against all odds have successfully faced-off against the established tradpols in their province, have more credibility for us.

  • filipinaskoh

    who is the Ombudsman who filled the case against her? It was never mentioned in any reports, not even in other news report.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2YAYHPL4WJCO4FGRTUY56DUSNU maria

    How could the corrupt political Chinese Dy dynasty have the gall to charge a well meaning person of graft and corruption. They only want to perpetuate their grip on the province like the Singsons, the Enriles, the Garcias of Cebu, the Fuentebellas of Bicol, the notorious Marcoses, the Estradas, the emerging Binays . . . how in heavens name can these gangster families continue to thrive in the Philippines? And, they crush well meaning organizations and people! God!

    Philippines, let’s change!

  • tabalu

    ang pinaguusapan dito ay lumabag siya sa batas hindi katwiran yung kung ano yung magandang resulta sa ginawa niya, 

  • pepengkabayo

    Gov. Grace Padaca  made 10 Isabela towns big rice producers’….

    Kataka taka naman yan.
    Padaca made 10 towns big rice producers.
    Ika nga, eh “the end justifies the means”
    On the other hand, Sandigan Justices are the best legal minds in assessing probable cause to file charges.
    Seguro may mali na dapat icorrect at ang pagcorrect ay kaso.

    On the funny side, kaya naman naging big rice producers is because, imbes na bigas, mais ang kinain ng mga Ilokano, pinagtipid, kaya maraming surplus.

    • yonp

       At lease, inamin mo na maraming surplus na bigas. O, di tama ang sinabi ni Padaca!

  • Yxon

    sandiganbayan, we the people are counting on you.   dont let evil trample on our good leaders

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2YAYHPL4WJCO4FGRTUY56DUSNU maria

    Let’s review this Sandiganbayan decision. We have another Corona in the making!

  • athenapallas

    The Dy dynasty is so corrupt they accumulated so much wealth and power over the years of their dynastic rule in that place. They have no shame and will do anything to get back to power and continue their corrupt ways. We should all collectively do our part to prevent this from happening. Let’s all support good and corruption-free governance. Let’s support Ms. Padaca.   

  • Charlie2828

    Grace Padaca is just a product of media hype. All talk and do nothing governor for 6 years. I am from isabela and I know it. Kaya nga natalo ng natalo siya ng mga DYs.
    Dati siya ang binoto ko para sa pagbabago pero disappointed lang ako at mga kapwa ko Isabelinos sa kanya.

    • avidreaderofinquirer

      beg to disagree…..hindi sya natalo dahil mas ginusto ng mga Isabelino si Dy…you know better than that…I would suggest not to generalize your opinion….I’m also from Isabela…

  • Charlie2828

    I would suggest that padaca would run again as governor this next election. Para malaman talaga kung ano sentiments ng taga isabela. I am not just the one who was disillusioned from her all talk no accomplishment tenure as governor. Sayanglang naging boto ko sa kanya dati.
    She campaigned for no jueteng anti logging policy but still jueteng is rampant and illegal logging much worse because of her relatives. Wala pa siya concern sa mga kababayan niya.
    All she do is talk to bomb radyo pero wala naman accomplishment

  • adelpaddemar

    Dahil sa mga kagaya nyong kampi sa mga trapong bulok ang pulitika na kahit mabuti na ang ginagawa ng isang tao ay ginagawa ninyong masama para hindi kayo mawala sa poder.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VDMUJ6NKKCLWRMVMJRLJFI633I Rene V


  • uk_uk_ak_ak

    Kasi kung gusto nyong malinis talaga ang pinas, kailangan linisin lahat..hwag lang yung isang side…kung magsalita kasi kayo , akala nyo personal nyong kilala ang mga involve..personal mo bang kilala si GMA at ang mga tao nya, kung humusga ka na lang eh, ganun, ganun na lang? Personal mo bang  kilala si padaca at Acosta, kung ipagtanggol mo na lang eh, ganun ganun na lang…Kaya nga daag matuwid, ibig sabihin walang kiling sa kaliwa o kanan man, basta tuwid. Ngayon tanugin mo sarili mo, matuwid ka ka ba talaga o kung ano lang ang sinabi ni Pnoy, yun na alam mong tama.

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