Coronas, Basas reconcile


A member of the Basa family talks to Chief Justice Renato Corona as the feuding clan reconciles at the Senate session hall Friday. SENATE POOL

MANILA, Philippines – In a surprise move on Friday, the feuding family of the wife Chief Justice Renato Corona has reconciled right inside the session hall of the Senate trying the impeachment case of Corona.

It was Corona’s wife, Cristina, who first approached her niece, Ana Basa and sisters seated at the gallery of the session hall while the Senate acting as an impeachment court was on a break.

The Basas accepted and returned Mrs. Corona’s gesture. They engaged in small talk.

Just after a few minutes, Mrs. Corona got the Chief Justice who was seated on a wheelchair just steps away from them and brought him to the Basas.

For a few seconds, the Chief Justice and the Basas hugged each other.

They also posed for a picture as a remembrance of their reconciliation.

Coronas and Basas have openly fought over the ownership of the Basa Guidote Enterprise Inc owned by the family of Mrs. Corona.

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  • Ragna Rok

    walang sinabi ang mga nobela ni John Grisham

    • Ragna Rok

      Ano pwede title kaya?
      yung kay Grisham kasi..The Client, The Chamber, The Appeal, The Confesion?
      Siguro, I suggest…



      • pnoy0612

         super like!

      • Hiniral

        The CROWN

      • Lord_patawad

        the Da. dada lang pala kasi. 

  • stelvio

    nakakalurkey na talaga. ginawang super tanga ang mga medyo tangang pilipino pipol

    • Hiniral

      bakit may medyo pa….hahaha….

  • kilabot

    na-realize ng mga basa ginagamit lang sila ni noynoy kapon. it’s all over! noynoy kapon bumalik ka na sa psycho ward.

    • Marx Louis Wang

       na-realize ng mamayan na “birds of the same feather flock together” kaya basa-corona are all bad people… HINDI NIYO KAYANG LOKOHIN ANG MAMAMAYAN! BASANG-BASA NA KAYO…IMPIERNO PATUTUNGUHAN NIYO!

  • marionics

    puede bang maki hug din sa mga basas? he he

    • occlownfish

      lalo na kay Carmen

      • WeAry_Bat

         ano ba kayo? 

        hugs lang?

      • Lord_patawad

        ok, eh di kisssabayhug.

      • marionics

        mas ok pagsabayin sila ni anna he he. at ika nga nung comment sa baba e kissabayhug na nga he he he

    • rodger66

      ex-wife ni Koko mas gusto kung i-hug..ughh!

      • Lord_patawad

        hoy roger66, pumila ka. si golez ang nasa una. 

      • marionics

        sama sama na lahat para everybody happy

  • dito_sa_gapo

    hahahaha payakap yakap pa eh di bagay mukhang kalaban hahahaha ang laking tao eh parang si Lolong. Now he’s begining to cry again, crocodile tears hahahaha

  • stanfordmillbrand

    Tama ka Ragna Rok. Ang daming surprise twists…nakaka buang. Mag resign na lang para tapos na di na naman isosoli yang millions na yan

  • athenapallas

    ano ‘to kalokohan?

  • saintleonardo

    The thief justice return all the money that was taken from his relatives with high interest. This is to prevent them testifying  against him. He knows he did a lot of illegal act to get their property. This is the only thing he can do to silence them. What a twist?

  • raffyb0i


  • Night

    hahaha ayos to ah, pang channel 2 soap opera eto

  • Joselito

    may hearing ba sa Monday? “Monday’s Hearing” kc nakalagay sa pic.

  • oracle888

    Drama! Drama! Drama!

    Scene 3

    A brilliant strategic move of Cristina of approaching the Basa family clan, seeking for a reconciliation.

    The decades long of dispute is caused by money, and today, most likely is resolved by money you.

    Why it take so long? Because Corona knows he is in deep trouble water, one enemy less will add more chance to win.

    If the Basa family bite the bait, they will be doomed forever. But what can they do in front of the national tv? That’s the brilliant drama of Corona.

  • Rex_Ranhilio

    have we been taken for a ride by the basa-guidote-corona families?

  • opinyonlangpo

    Its too early for the Basas to celebrate. Their past experience with the Coronas should have taught them that lesson.They should never trust the Coronas considering that Renato Corona is a certified liar since birth. He can declare his lie and make it look like truth. He will make it appear to give back but he will again take it in the future. The Basas should recover everything that the Coronas have taken from them then say goodbye forever. No hugs and no halik ni Judas.

  • Huwes_dkutsilyo

    Hay bago kasi magsampa ng kaso kailangan may solid evidence hindi mag fabricate, pirma lang ng pirma basta lng magkaroon ng malaking pork barrel (para malaki ang kickback ng pera ng taong bayan).. sinisigaw ng mga alipin nii pinoy katotohanan, pero anong ginawa 45=4 at 82=4,at ang daming black propaganda ang lumalabas, nagkaroon pa website laban kay corona (rapplerr).. Nasaan ang katotohanan??? Pagbabago??? Tuwid na daan???

  • TaoNg GrAsA

    wako masa bi

  • Vanessa Gonzales

    this is part of their act! hope the people wont fall into this trap!

  • Al Japney J. Loredo

    At least they have reconciled amid the trial. Let bygones be bygones! But the question is, are the Basas still gonna pursue the case?

  • MrJoseRizal

    Pera pera lang yan

  • w4d

    Good for them…..they can keep their dirty laundry amongst themselves. To the Basas’ they know what they have for an in-law, so if a similar issue occurs, the country will not be interested to know. For Corona, you are still unfit, inside and out to be our Chief Justice.

  • Xela


  • dream weaver

    haaay naku, cheap justice, ang mga ginagamit mong salita e pang-kanto!  anu ba yung “napasadahan ko nung Martes”?

  • vin reyes

    hilig nyo kasing maki-sawsaw sa problema ng mga yan..wala naman kayong mapapala..pwedeng maka-dagdag sa kaso ni corona sa impeachment trial ang issue ng gidote kaya lang sa bandang huli sila-sila rin naman aayos ng problema nilang yan..huwag lang gamitin ng gamitin ng media lalo na ng inquirer..

  • Marko

    Mukhang nag babawas na ng kaaway ang mga corona huh…

  • alvin_sy_lee

    Pagkatapos mamura sila e reconcile. Malaki ang kinita nila dyan

    • Marko

       Tumaas ang rating… lol

      • isprikitik

        trending toh brod… :)

  • w4d

    80 mil pesos + 2 mil dollars….WOW…

  • dream weaver

    Sin of omission is the Cheap Justice’s own lookout!  IGNORANCE OF THE LAW EXCUSES NO ONE. 

  • TsuPaeng

    Isang senyales na bumabait na si Korona,,.. di ba pag mabait ang isang tao, malapit nya syang kunin ni lord?

    • dream weaver

      TsuPaeng, alalahanin natin, matagal ang buhay ng sinungaling!!! LOL!

    • doublecross


      • levis2012

         Bribe-taker siguro ang tamang term, hindi lang magnanakaw…..

    • Guest


  • Tony

    Hahaha! Nakakatawa ang mga komento rito maraming nagmamalinis at nagmamagaling kaya di umuunlad ang Pinas. Nangunguna si dream weaver sa mga magagaling.. Lahat yata alam nito eh.

    • dream weaver


  • Renato Cozener

    that’s part of the drama.. the bad deeds of Renato Corona can not be patched by showing compassion and emotions.. 

  • Pepe Alas

    It’s all a show. Kayfabe. Just like pro-wrestling. The Coronas and the Basas had us all punk’d.

  • San Miguel

    Itoy magandang halimbawa para sa ating mga Pilipino…. Why do we love to quarrel? why do we love to divide? why do we love to say negative things?

     WHEN WE CAN MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE. Lets move forward and not sow divisiveness…

  • dream weaver

    The Cheap Justice is PRANING!

  • Filipinoflash

    Sa Session Hall pa nagyakapan, para maximum effect sa media and the public. Another manipulation by the Coronas to gain the sympathy of the public. Pwede namang mag yakapan sila sa bahay nila bakit sa session hall pa. Ewwww… Kadiri tingnan. Halatang scripted na naman. Ano ba ginawa nyo nang teleserye ang impeachment.

  • Bernie

    Okay, this is good. Good for them nagka-ayos na sila. Maganda yang halimbawa para sa mga Pilipino. Pero sa tingin ko dapat ding makipag-ayos na rin si Corona sa mga Pilipino. Harapin nya ng may tapang at walang kasinungalingan ang mga paratang sa kanya. If not, these are all but trickery to gain public sympathy, and therefore a pathetic effort to evade the truth.

    • pololoy

      I was expecting corona to do as you said, sir… but, i was disappointed… i can sense he was still hiding behind a weave of lies…

  • doublecross


    • junolivo

       Pribadong kaban at usapan yan pare. Wala na tayo doon. Masama ang magbintang ng kapwa.

  • lee1222

    I hope it’s for real. Sad that they had to throw brickbats in public at each other before realizing the folly of their ways. When all else fails, one’s family should always be there.

  • dream weaver

    Jinggoy’s conduct and demeanor is very UN-SENATOR-LIKE

    • marionics

      what gave it away? he he

  • ricoladrones

    Napakahina talaga sa analysis ng mga aliping Pilipino! Hindi po mag kaaway ang mga iyan. Kailangan nilang gawin iyon para palabasin na ang pera at ari-arian ay hindi kay Corona ng sa gayon may katwiran si Corona na hindi deklara sa SALN nya.

  • Rednaxela VD

    Hahaha, I can imagine Penoy fuming mad, his plan backfired again!

  • morale_reform

    One cannot be certain that what had happen was “RECONCILIATION”.  Afterall, the entire senate room is covered by media… alangan namang e-snob cla ng mga Basa’s dba?  We can, as of now, call this “civil” hi’s and hello’s!

    • pololoy

      you could be right…

      but, i do hope they will truly reconcile whichever the decision of the impeachment court goes..

  • $25214711

    That’s it? After the ballistic mud slinging? That’s it? That’s not good TV! Well….. mawawalan na kami ng character na ia-assasinate. My good ness. As long as magiging masaya sila sa pamumuhay na walang kagalit at pamilyang may maayos na samahan, You’all got my respect.

  • $25214711

    Kailangang mong maging ipokrito para maging sibilisado.

  • Jhhayme

    parang sa Pinoy big brother drama sa totoong buhay ….patwarin na ninyo si Cj  hehe

  • basilionisisa

    The Coronas will do ‘anything’ at the moment to counter the negative reaction of the people when he walked out and showed disrespect of the Senate. The Basas need be careful, in their desire to really reconcile and get their fair share, they might not see themselves being manipulated and used by the Coronas. After all his chicanery and vitriol the previous day, it is impossible for the kind of person this CJ is to ‘see the light’ in less than 24 hours!

  • junolivo

    What a day! All’s well that ends well for the two families. Headline bukas: Pnoy Apologizes Corona for the stupidity he has done.

    • marivon

       Bro are you for real?

      • beatmanny

        fake yan katulad ni small lady at 45 properties at 82 dollar accounts. 

  • saintleonardo

    Payo sa mga Basa, huwag magtitiwala sa mga Corona kailangan hawak na ninyo ang pera baka maloko ulit kayo. pagkakataon na para mabawi ninyo ang kinamkam sa inyo ng pamilya ni thief justice with interest.

    • beatmanny

      tumakas sa tate. nuff said.

  • dream weaver

    The only consolation I get from the impeachment proceeding today is the sharpness and the wit being demonstrated by Defense Counsel Serafin Cuevas and the Senate President, JPE. 

  • basilionisisa

    Sino nga bang dakilang pinoy ang nagsabing: “Kung ang isalubong sa iyong pagdating ay masayang ngiti at pakitang giliw, pakaasahan mong kaaway na lihim.” or something like that, and in Mrs Corona’s case kaaway na tunay at hayagan. Kwidaw kayong mga Basas, pag wala na ang camera iba na yan!

    • Marx Louis Wang

      Parang kasabihan na iyan dahil totoong nangyayari yan. Kunwari lalapitan ka na nakangiti pero balatkayo pala, sa ilalim lihim na masama ang loob.

  • alvin m

    Wow, scripted

    • beatmanny

      iyak mga noytards hahaha

  • pol tan

    Damage control mode na lang si thief justice. But I appreciate the gesture. Mas mabuting magkabati ang magkamag-anak kaysa dalhin ang away hanggang sa kamatayan. Know when you are wrong and apologize for it. That takes courage.

  • alfonso hiponia

    Na dethroned na ya plastic king.

  • Roly

    i love this news and it really moved me.  wala namang family na walang conflict o di nag-aaway.  just happened na nagyari ito sa kanila,  and tama lang na magreconcile na sila.  in the end, we all return to our family for comfort.  huwag na po nating lagyan ng anumang kulay ito.  let us pray na maayos na ang gulo within the family.  thank you po.  

  • pogisinats

    Ang explanation niya na “savings” daw since 1965 and $ and P account “doesn’t hold water” kasi, parang mali ang accounting. Nobody will earn that much kahit isama pa ang mga pera “kunwari” ng mga anak. Unless you have an inheritance from a rich relative, OK sana.

    His explanation is to divert the peoples’ mind na hindi “ill gotten wealth” iyon.
    He is trying to avoid the next case to Ombudsman explaing the ill gotten wealth case.
    Mautak at tuso talaga…

    • last_mile

       intindihin mo kasi..wag mo muna isipin s p-not

  • dream weaver

    “I hope he has a conscience as clear as mine” – OMB Conchita Carpio-Morales

    • beatmanny

      kawwang conchita. puro soundbite na lang ang lumalabas sa bibig. walang paliwanag na maayos. parang mga noytards dito. “Corona Resign!” na lang ang nasasambit. tsk tsk.

      • dream weaver

        mas kawawa ka!

      • beatmanny

        another soundbite coming from a noytards!

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Sa tutoo lang,napakalaki ng bilib ni Carpio-Morales sa kanyang sarili…Hindi daw siya nagpagamit sa palasyo…Sinungaling nilalang..Malinaw naman na sinabi niya sa loob ng korte na may 10 hanggang 12 milyones na dolyar ang punong mahistrado…ngunit hindi tutoo ito!!!! Kurap at Tiwali ang babaeng ito at hindi tutoo na siya ay malinis…malinaw na tulad ni De Lima ay tuta siya ni BS aquino!!!!

      • dream weaver

        oo nga, 2.4 mio USD lang pala, pero sabi ni Thief Justice e wala syang dollar deposits, anu ba yan?##

      • juantamadnatamad

        Ang sabi ng Ombudsman ay $10 – 12 million total transactions of 500k and above transactions not balance, Corona is saying $2.4 million total balance both of which maybe is true. Corona has been saying no $$$ accounts, yan ang problema niya ngayon.

  • marivon

    Isoli kaya ang pera?

    • drifter

       nanonood ka ba ng impeachment? ano pagkakaintindi mo pag sinabing ang pera eh sa BGEI?

      • oscar

        kaso ang BGEI ay kay Carla na. Isauli kaya ang BGEI ang dapat itanong.

  • PCD_2012

    Good for Coronas but not for Basas after Corona ruined their father’s reputation…

    It just showed that the Basa’s really have GOOD HEARTS!

    • beatmanny

      ahahaha! kawawa naman ang mga noytards! hehehe.. 

  • –maRLo–

    wag n kayo makisawsaw. usapang pamilya yan..

  • PFaurasentinel

    Was the reporter who wrote this story even there?

    It was the Basas, accompanied by Mrs Corona, who went to the Chief Justice who never left the witness stand (except for that brief check up).

    No wonder you didn’t put your name here.

  • Regd

    Good! Now go & reclaim your rightful share for all we care! 
    Balik tayo sa paglilitis sa mga katiwalian!

  • EdgarEdgar

    Magnanimity triumphed in the end. Forgiveness, reconciliation, kinship and family values all came together with the Second Coming of The Crown. The feeling of sweet surrender to truth, fairness and justice.

    Another defeat for Mr Aquino’s hatred and pettiness.

    • damatannapo

      reconciliation is complete when justice is accopmplished

      • EdgarEdgar

        that’s for the family to decide. i wouldn’t dictate on their decision to love or to hate. not my decision and definitely not yours.

  • Stupidongpinoy

    Nagyakapan na ang mga magnanakaw. Ginagawang tanga talaga ang mga Pilipino. Sssss…..tttt

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Tama ka Igan…nagyakapan ang mga magnanakaw…Habang pinanonood ng kapwa magnanakaw sa loob ng senado at sa loob ng palasyo!!!!

  • angelito

    I heard the basas  testimony sa failon ngayon, their testimony was very touching longing for peace with the coronas, hindi ko narinig na kinutya nila ang mga coronas ,,sabi pa nilana sana gumaling na si CJ, but if you compare the testimony of CJ in the senate he insulted their father, sa itsura ng mga corona, mga matapobre ito, sinungaling pa, wala daw katulong, sinong maniniwala sa inyo sa itsura ng asawa ni corona ay mahilig magpa parlor ito, mukhang donya  talaga,,sabi nila na hindi sila mahirap tapos walang katulong, sinong lolokohin ninyo.

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Kung babalikan natin ang mga balita nuong mga nagdaang limang buwan dito sa Phil. Daily Inquirer ay naunang magpa-interview ang mga Basa…at isiniwalat nila ang mga kabalbalan daw ng mga coronas!!! Aminin natin na nagpagamit din ang mga basa sa prosekyusyon at gobyerno…

    • drifter

       Di ka kase siguro nagbabasa kung sino nauna magsiwalat sa media.

  • la mona segrestat

    i’m glad that they patched things up already.. forgiveness is difficult but is always the best solution to family problems..

  • letsgoloid

    Uto uto ang Basa. Dapat di kayo nakipagreconcile lalo sa harap ng media eh di pa naibabalik yung pera nyo! You have just allowed yourselves to be used by the Corona.

  • notmeitsthedog

    mr corona was exposed as unfit as a judicial judge. He’s not willing to be tried by a court without putting malice on the judges. How can he be a judge if doesn’t want to submit himself to trial? Pointing fingers is such a juvenile stunt. Attacking the deceased and those who can’t defend themselves? What a disgrace. Walking out on the senate trial? outrageous! He showed everyone how he acts if he is the one on trial, a person not fit to judge others, much less to lead the Judiciary. GMA, look what idiot you appointed us, you and your ilk are pestilence to our nation. You’re nothing like your father, you’re more like your mother, doktora matapobre! Truth!

    • Al Japney J. Loredo

      What do you mean that he’s not willing to be tried by the court? He’s being tried by it since it was filed, that is why the senate acted as the impeachment court. Isn’t his appearance before the senate is a manifestation of his willingness to be tried, and submitting himself before it? What are you talking about.

      • notmeitsthedog

         Was he willing to submit to the court? Don’t make me laugh. I can feed you some information, unfortunately, I can’t make you smarter.

      • drifter

         Lols! Pathetic you are. Was he willing to submit to the court? Saan ka ba nanonood na channel? You can’t make people smarter. Of course, because you are not smart enough to make yourself smarter. Ilipat mo kase sa tamang channel.

      • notmeitsthedog

         READ my original post again: He’s not willing to be tried by a court without putting malice on the judges.

        Hinid ba 2 jusdges na ang pinagbintangan nila, pati ang congress na unang nagimpeach sa sa lolo mong mongoloid? LOLO MO, kaya umiyak ka na dahil tapos niyan, CRIMINAL TRIAL na.

      • Al Japney J. Loredo

        Check the logical reasoning of your post; He’s not willing to be tried by a court without putting malice on the judges.<– Not willing connotes as if he didn't go there and be tried. Without malice; how d'you know that he thought of that? I don't know where you get all your wits, bro. Read more, watch more. 

      • notmeitsthedog

         Sige, try natin tagalog, iho.
        Hindi siya pumayag magpahusga sa korte ng tahimik, kung hindi siya nagbitaw ng bintang ng malisya sa mga husgado.

        Pumunta siya sa paglilitis ng Senado na may bahid na bintang na ang ibang husgado (sa kongreso at senado) ay may masamang hangarin at sirain siya( ginoong corona) at hindi upang maghangad lang ng hustisya sa katotohanan.

        Malinaw na ba?

      • Al Japney J. Loredo

        Your comment is all over the place. Enough said, I rest my case. >__>

      • drifter

         Malice? Malisyoso kase ang senador drilon mo. Tingnan mo kahit sa kahulihulihan, kala nya prosecutor pa rin sya. hahahha.

        Wala akong lolong mongoloid pero ang presidente ko isang mongoloid. Di rin ako iiyak kase pagkatapos sa martes tyak dadamayan mo ang presidente nating mongoloid sa kanyang pagkatalo.

      • notmeitsthedog

        Hindi pwedeng mang husga ang lolo mong si corona kung siya ay ayaw mahusgahan. Paano kung sabihin na may malisya rin ang supreme court dahil ganuon ang ginawa niya? ano ang sasabihin niya?

      • Al Japney J. Loredo

        Don’t gibber. I don’t know where you get your wits to say those. What information that you know that I don’t? Watch news, dude. Ask your parents what’s been on for a long time. Know what’s happening, and be in the know. I’m not saying am smarter, but it seems like. :) 

  • Jess Dayrit

    Ok lang magkaayos sila, but why do  they have to do it in public not to mention that it’s the impeachment hall itself?..they have the whole day  yesterday to approach the Basa’s and even this morning..

    • niceguy60

      After all that happens pati personal family affairs nila nabulatlat sa public I think this is the logical step. I see no problem with this.

  • oracle888

    An advice to the Basa family Jose clan members:

    Only a fool will allow to be fooled more than once.

  • bulbuli

    Haaaaaaay sa wakas…….  magkakabalikan na ng DATUNG…..HAHRAHHHHAAA……. o mga amiga balik na tayo ng pinas, hirap buhay sa tate walang katulong… hatian time na nang milyones ni tita charing…heheheee….

  • filipinaskoh

    I am just wondering, the Basas family are fuming mad last Tuesday and said they will pursue their father’s pursuit for justice.

    Their reconciliation has a big impact in the public view. Did Cristina promise to return the BGEI proceeds plus the 10 million interest?
    That would be easy for the Coronas knowing them having that much.

    • levis2012

       Promises made to be broken

  • Madam Stella

    Palabas lang ni Mrs. Corona yan para makakuha ng sympathy sa publiko! I’m sure once na magka “onsehan” na naman yan tungkol sa pera, magdedemandahan na naman ang mga bruha!

    • patawad

      Pathetic ka Madam.  My impression about Mrs Corona is that she is a humble person and a good person in and out, that is what is coming out from her aura. No wonder God gave her a good man in CJ.

      • joel genese

        Hehehe…Hindi mo pa naranasan kung paano ka murahin ni Mrs. Corona!

      • drifter

         ikaw nakaranas ka na? only low lives ang minumura haha

      • joel genese

        Kay Mrs. Corona, OO. Hindi naman seguro matatawag na low life  kung nasa managerial level ka na! She was my former superior. No.Not exactly because I didn’t report to her directly. Ikaw anong trabaho mo?

      • Pio Gante

        joel, pwede malaman kung bakit ka niya minura?

      • dream weaver

         No wonder God gave her a good man in CJ.  Yuck, napalunok naman ako sa statement mo ::))

  • kapitanvic1

    Like Andy Warhol would say, “Everybody can be world famous for fifteen minutes”

  • $16638896

    basta hot mama pa rin si ms carmen basa, crush ko sya hehehe
    sana pwede ako sumama sa kanilang reunion hhehe

    • Gina_Cole

       GRANTED! Yer Honer..

  • farmerpo

    The Basa family showed their humanity and magnanimity. Kudos kudos kudos… that being said, the timing of the reconcillation initiated by the Coronas cast doubt as to their sincerity since it was done in public together with the submission of the unconditional waiver by the Cheap Justice.  Makes one think thrice why the Cheap Justice should not be convicted. They wanted to project an image of penitence, mea culpa, sorry… but the damage has already been done. Sayang! That should have been done last Tuesday.    Pero convict pa rin…

  • joel genese

    With simple exchanges of Hi’s and Hello’s and you call it a reconciliation right away?

    The Corona’s have something in their mind. That’s for sure!

    • TagaKalos

      Ah, manghuhula ka rin pala MADAME JOELENG GENESENG aka AURING Manghuhula at HUNGHANG! Kaya ka ganyan dahil manang mana ka doon sa idolo mong bakla at inutil sa malakanyang. At ito ulitin ko na naman, kayong mga kampon ng dilaw na presidente, yun simbolo niyang yellow ribbon ay malapit ng maging lubid para gamitin sa inyung PAMBIGTI para mabawasan naman ang kamalasan ng pilipinas mga OGAGS!!!

  • mikemarrymiguel


  • nti_boohaya

    Staged- all part of the “script”.  They could have done that in private.  I must admit that whether staged or sincerely genuine, the show of humility showed by the Coronas is one hecka scene. 

  • done_druff

    Kakatawa mga tao dito. Nung nagaaway eh galit na galit kay Corona. Ngayon nagpatch up na, galit pa rin sa mga Corona.. .at pati na rin sa mga Basa! Kung nagkabati sila, problema na nang mga Basa iyon.

    Atsaka nung hindi lumabas si Corona eh galit kayo. Ngayon lumabas na, eh galit pa rin! Sinasabing sinungaling daw. Teka, kung kayo ay may personal knowledge bakit di kayo nakuha ng prosecution as witness????? Marami pala kayong alam eh!

    • niceguy60

      Don’t worry. They are brain washed by repeated media demonization of Corona. But the way things are going today it seems Corona may be vindicated after all. Look only a few takers in the 188 congressmen took tha challenge to open their accounts in public. I’m sure many of them have skeletons in their closets. And family feuds too. It’s just unfortunate the CJ is taking all the bashing now. Once this thing is over the public should demand the same to other lawmakers. But wait, now they know better how to better hide their wealth lest someone from any bank smuggle their records out anonymously.

      • dan4321

        Yes Corona will be acquitted,and the Philippines remains a Corrupt Country.

  • filipinaskoh

    Do the Basas and Coronas have amicable settlement?
    Do the Basas suddenly became so soft because Cristina offered to return the BGEI 37.4 million plus 10 million interest?

    Well, if that is NOT the case the Basas would look so cheap doing it in front of the camera, they could have done it OFF CAM- It would appear there is under the table settlement.  

    • Daang_tuwid3

      yap, I heard CJ telling, ayusin pati pera NAMIN :-)

  • Pio Gante

    pakitang tao ang tawag diyan hindi reconciliation dahil pagtalikod nila sa isa’t isa, sigurado na pabulong na nagmumurahan at naglilibakan ang dalawag panig.

  • niceguy60

    In the first place this family affair should have not been in the public. But I think because of the impeachment case they were forced by the circumstances. Family feud happens. Siblings fought. Who want it publicisized? I think none.

  • Wake_Me_up

    I salute the BASAs for their good gestures! 

    After Corona publicly HUMILIATED their father’s reputation telling LIES after LIES against the DEAD they’ve showed to us that they are the BETTER PEOPLE than Coronas!

    The Coronas need all the help they can muster even from their mortal enemies!

    After the Tuesday’s drama the Coronas were left with only ONE OPTION and that is to BEG for COMPASSION….

    • elpobre

      Better people like Tina Turner and Cindy Lauper.

  • Marlon

    tumahimik na kayo mga bayaran ng Malakanyang!!!

    tapos na ang boksing. ACQUITTED na si Corona.

    singilin nyo na si Carandang baka takbuhan kayo at umuwing luhaan.

    • dan4321

      OO nga ano Marlon,at hangang tumanda ka,ganyan pa rin ang Pilipinas.Kawawa naman kayo.

  • pening

    Force to reconcile by tha situation, for Corona good PR, for the Basa,37.4 millionsfor the ordinary Filipino naguyo tayo ng drama ng mga mayayaman

  • indiosbravos2002

    Sorry, but I think the reconciliation is just a show put up by the Corona for public sympathy. Desperate move for pogi points from the “taumbayan”. Knowing Corona, today is a make or break day, and he just tried to play all of his cards.

    I hail the Basas for reconciling but they should not trust the Coronas’ for its their nature to take advantage of other people.

  • nangpani

    subiz na subiz ang dting ni tj…haaaay nako ano ba talaga titaaaa.

  • jau73

    they should, whatever it was, they are still family.

  • noel

    yehehhehheyyyy dahil sa impeachment nagkasaayos sila chief justice………thats good ngayon yan ang magandang kinalabasan……… chief justice bilib na ako saiyo sana tuloy tuloy na yan…………………….hehehehehehe

    • dunnoidea

      thats the good thing about it, the bad side is he’s going to be convicted. mark my word, he’s getting the boot!

  • Pio Gante

    nasaan na yung nag-post kagabi na nagsabing tatalon sa taas ng mrt station kung mag i-invoke ng ‘right against self incrimination’ si corona?
    sige ituloy mo na!
    full batt na ang cam para makunan kung paano ka mapisak sa edsa

    • filipinaskoh

      Hindi nga sya naginvoke- umuwi naman kaagad kasi daw may sakit na sya. only 6 senators who were able to ask question. Pag sumagot – out of topic pa kung anu-ano pa ang sinisingit na wala namang saysay at silbi, pagkahaba-haba pa! 

  • elpobre

    Sa mga nanlalait dati kay Corona and family dahil sa pahayag ng mga Basas, san na kayo, what is your comments with this guys?

    • filipinaskoh

      Reconciliation, still won’t erase the deception they did in acquiring the BGEI shares.
      Coronas must humble themselves she could have promised to return the BGEI shares plus interest 

    • bangenge

      dahil ba nagkabati na sila hindi na nangyare yung kahayupang ginawa ng mga corona?

      • pangitbudhiko

        well that’s no  longer the peoples problem.
        nagaaway ang magkapatid na kapitbahay mo maikialam ka, baka sa ospital pulutin pagnakialam ka sa away ng magkapatid

    • dickenhead

      eh drama lang yan pati ba naman ikaw napaiyak?

    • Lea

      Scripted and drama, on national TV pa.
      Ang Part 2 ng drama paano nila hahatiin ang Php 30 million na tinakas ni Mrs Corona.

  • bisayagid

    abangan ko na lang ito sa MAALAALA MO KAYA…

  • casa negro

    Well, I guess this confirms that Jose Basa is indeed a ‘walang silbi’, walang trabaho, and a spoiled brat as CJ Corona has claimed last Tuesday.

    • Al Japney J. Loredo

      That’s prejudice and judgmental!

    • Lea

      Bakit magtatrabaho si Mang Jose Basa eh mayaman si Mama.

  • sitsiritsit

    it’s family matter.. no one can judge or point fingers who’s fault it is… the good thing  is they are in the process of fixing it… labas na tayo dyan….GOOD LUCK!!!!

    • pangitbudhiko

      baka makialam pa dito si abnoy

      • AlexC105

        Leave the president out of this. Now that’s an idiotic comment if I saw one.

      • pangitbudhiko

        alex, please what’s your language, isn’t it true that abnoy has the habit of poking his head on every chance he  has against corona..So what’s idiotic about that?  Abnoy will always  take POT SHOT at corona anytime if given a chance

  • gerp

    2 days ago the Basa’s seems to be determined to continue their Father’s stance long ago to claim what they believe theirs. While Corona’s blah blahs condemning the Basa’s as lazy and bourgeoisie. And base on the story, it was the Corona’s who made the first move to reconcile with Basa’s…so it means that the Basa’s claims was true and everything they’ve told to the public were true as well…anyways…who will win against the Good and the Truth! only the Good and the Truth. So the Basa’s won and earned it…congrats to the Basa’s and to Corona’s acceptance that they are at fault.

  • Lea

    Kasama po ba sa SCRIPT sa DRAMA ng CORONA Teleserye? Imagine on national TV.
    Ang Part 2 paano kaya nila hahatiin ang P30 million.

    What ever the Thief Justice’s humiliating speech to the Basa, it’s all under oath and recorded. 

  • thunderbolt01

    It’s the right thing to do, reconcile. Now that they have seen each other in person, only proves that blood is thicker than water. 

    • Lea

      Part of the Script, kunwari mabait sila Corona..
      Imagine kung walang Impeachment case kay Thief Justice di malalaman ng relatives ni Mrs Corona na meron palang Php 30 million silang paghahatian. 

    • Benjamin

      kasama sa drama yan…scripted…nabiktima pa ang mga Basa……

  • Mattino2011

    magkano aya un reconciliation cost/ lol

  • Lea

    Pakitang TAO ang galing mo Mrs Corona.

    • levis2012

       Plastik si Cristina Corona…. Ang yabang nilang mag-asawa noong Martes, binastos pa ng kanyang asawang si Corona ang Impeachment Court, tapos biglang animo maamong tupa ngayong Byernes na lalapit at magpapakumbaba sa mga Basa, matapos lapastanganin ng kanyang asawang si Corona sa harapan ng buong bansa ang ama ng mga Basa….  Kung ano kayabang at kapalalo ni Corona at kanyang asawa nuong Martes ay siya naman sobrang maamong tupa ngayong Byernes….??  Bakit?  Napag-isip-isip siguro ng mag-asawang ito na kailangan magpakitang pakumbaba at napakaamo at napakabait sa harapan ng camera para makakuha ng simpatiya ng mga Pilipino… KAPLASTIKAN!!

  • opinyonlangpo

    The Basas are very forgiving and lenient people. They have been oppressed for so many decades and just few days back their father’s memories was insulted in public but still they are able to forgive the Coronas just to be able help his cause of justifying his ill gotten wealth. I understand that they are just after what was taken from them – give it back and still they tried to help the Coronas. Nice people. I just hope the reconciliation will last considering the nature of the Coronas. If ever the chief justice is acquitted and returned to his throne, I hope that he will be a changed man and not go for vendetta for those who attempted to crush him, the Basas included.

  • Benjamin

    galing talaga nitong mga coronang ito…ginamit pa ang mga basa para makakuha ng simpatiya ….aral na aral sa pamilyang buwayang arroyo…..

  • tower_of_power

    The Basas’ are educated and hindi mambabastos. Lumapit ang kamaganak … kinausap sila … hinarap nila ng maayos … hindi ibig sabihin noon na wala na ang kasohan …. hahahaha!!!

  • Daang_tuwid3

    he he he, pera namin sabi ni CJ Corona.. hmmmmmm pera na nila ngayon :-)

  • Filipinoflash

    Pakitang tao ng mga Corona dahil talo na sila. 

  • reydomingo

    this is good news… a triumph for the filipino family… hope the repentance includes restitution so  their reconciliation would last for life… God bless…

    but i think corona should still be convicted…

  • Den

    Wala ba silang kadala-dala? Don’t they realize that the Coronas will do anything and everything to wiggle out of this predicament? Renato Corona, as expected, turned out an Oscar-winning perfromance today, appealing to the emotions of those who cared to listen. Everyone is on the show, led by Cristina who after tormenting her cousins for so many years suddenly saw the light and saw fit to reconcile with her relatives. How convenient, no?

    And now, this aghast citizen of the Republic of the Philippines wishes to be excused so he can puke.

    • filipinaskoh

      If The reconciliation was real, it should have been done OFF-CAM. Wala ng picture posing. You will also notice that Ana was the one who approached Corona. Too unusual, just two days before they are fuming mad, all of a sudden at a simple approach they immediately reconcile.

      The Basas too forgiving or simply fool. Not so. If forgiving they should have reconciled a long time ago not after 30 years right in the impeachment trial, on the last day of Corona’s appearance. If Simply fool, not so also, they’ve been fighting the BGEI for 30 years.

      Why is that so?
      Because there was a negotiation done.
      The BGEI shares proceeds will be returned plus the 10 million interest.

  • Benjamin

    pamilya Basa…niluto kayo sa sarileng mantika…ginamit sa isang malaking drama,,,grabe talaga itong mga coronang ito…maladimonyo na ang kaisipan,,,aral kay gloriang mandarambong….

  • pepengkabayo

    What a touching moment.
    Families should unite and love together. They should have common feelings as they have the same blood.
    Good gesture from Mrs.Corona.

    As they say, let bygone be bygones. .
    And lastly, families should not be used by politicians to malign each other.
    Where is sister Nun? I hope she is fine. She has been used by this Impeachment.
     Blood is thicker than water especially that water are politicians,,,,the pusali.
    Family that stays together, prays together. Sister Basa will be happy.

  • doublecross

     hanep…hanggang kailan kaya ang pakitang yakap at peace effort na eto. remember di pa tapos ang totoong nangyari kung kani-kanino ang mana mapupunta. GOD BLESS BASA CLAN, SORRY TO CORONA clan.

  • BahoPuwet

    ikulong si Corona beer at si Gloria sa isang karsel. they both have hemorrhoids in their brains so they should be able function well together in one jail cell

  • paulmart

    With Reconciliation and Forgiveness comes a blessing and reward from God. I’m sure this is God’s work. Let the Coronas and the Basas be rewarded and blessed ! Acquittal for Corona.

    • sheldonbot

      what’s the relation of Basa-Corona reconciliation to his acquital? in the first place, his squabble with the Basa’s is not included in the complaint. Theirs is another legal battle.

      I’m glad they are settling their differences in an amicable manner. But the impeachment court is a whole different thing.

      There can be no true reconciliation without justice.


    • Tado

      people can be deceived but not God, forgiveness is one of the perfect characters of God, but repentance without genuine acceptance of fault is worthless in the eyes of God, remember He knows what’s hidden in the darkness and light dwells in Him

      • a1phantom

        I’m sure if God supports Corona…the Aquino supportes would call God corrupt.

      • Tado

        typical sarcasm of corona supporters, depending on who and what god you are referring to, but then whoever the god supporting corona in his mischief for sure it’s not the God I am referring to…

      • kolambogan

        Don’t use the name of God in vain, I will accept corerected if you are the Devil himself

  • rick

    surrender na ko….

  • batchmatters

    The reconciliation of the feuding Basa clan in the impeachment of CJ Corona is more a reflection of what they said were good manners taught them by their late father whose reputation was unfortunately besmirched by the Chief Justice in his previous testimony. Normally, it would be very difficult for someone so agrieved like the Basas to just forgive easily, but since that was their nature they took from their elder, forgiving came so easy and naturally . I hope this picture of reconciliation would be replicated many times and among our leaders, although without sacrificing the ends of truth and justice. Let CJ Corona`s act of hiding his properties and dollar accounts be dealt with properly so that the people may go relentlessly next after those who have been doing the same, be they the prosecution members, lawmakers, or even the President of the Philippines himself. One who hides nothing must and does not fear anything. We could have been spared of this impeachment spectacle if from the beginning, the Chief Justice has laid bare his properties and peso and dollar accounts. But he chose a different tack and that’s very unfortunate.

  • Lolo_Basyong

    Mabuti naman dahil napakatagal na pala nilang nagaaway.  Ngayong nagkabati bati na ang pamilya, I hope hindi lalabas na ginatungan lang ng prosekusyon ang mga Basa para magsalita laban sa mag-asawang Corona.  Hehehehehe…

  • Paki_Mo

    Sa tingin ko merong negotiations na nangyari sa kampo ng mga Basa at Corona isa o dalawang araw bago ang pangyayaring ito… Baka binalik ni Cristina Corona ang karapatdapat na parte sa ibinentang lupa sa manila sa mga Basa in exchange sa scenario na ito na sa tingin ni Cristina ay makakatulong sa pag-abswelto ni Renato.

    • lemon88


    • filipinaskoh

      There was a negotiation! As initiated by a friend to a relative!

    • Matambaka


      at least ok na nayon mapag usapan na nila ang FAIR na hatian..


  • Greg Atari

    Hahahaha. Kiss and make-up! So Telenovela! 

  • Russell Ariola

    Wahahaa.. hwag kayong maniwala kina THIEF JU$TiCE at John Hay Queen Cristina Corona.

    Wala nang tatakbuhan kasi kaya naki-plastikan na lang. Kapansin-pansin yung crocodile tears ni THIEF JU$TICE COcorruptNA!

  • jr_06498

    Reconciliation? For the Basa’s beware of that move, Wolf is always a Wolf they will never be a goat.

    CORONA and his wife always be a greedy and they will never going to change that until the end of their life and that is their Aura.

    If these husband & wife are real people with heart and soul why do they need to wait up to this moment. Do you think if they are not in these kind of situation they will going to offer the reconciliation? Because he got checkmate so what will be his next move?

    • levis2012

       REsign ang next move pag na-checkmate… In case of Corona, sobrang KAPIT TUKO talaga sa pwesto kahit checkmated na… FORCED EVICTION na ang kailangan sa ganyang klase.

      • jr_06498

        Alam po ninyo ganyan na yata talaga ang labas ng mga opisyal ng ating gobiyerno, hindi marunong mangahiya.

        Kung ang eskandalong iyan ay nangyari sa gobiyerno ng mga hapon, kung minsan nag sisipag pakamatay pa ang mga ito,
        dahil sa kahihiyan, pero dito sa atin sa Pilipinas, wala! talagang makakapal ang mga pag mumukha.

        Maghintay na lamang po tayo ng mga susunod na kabanata sa buhay ni Thief Justice R. Corona at ang mabuti at mabait kuno
        na maybahay.

        Salamat po

    • kolambogan

      Yes, I agrre fully well with you, if their parents were treated as dirt why the sudden change of treatment? Cristina on that occassion used her being an older relative to her and Midnight Appointed CJ corona’s full advantage, people and camera for public sympathy so the Basa children could not respond any other way but to respect the blood and age of their scheming elder cousin, the cousin who cannot show real repentance (only) pride to the children of her uncle she had wronged in life and death.

      • jr_06498

        Sir/Mom Kolambogan, every Sunday Husband & Wife CORONA visiting the church attending the mass, pretending they are
        truly with respect to god.

        Bringing a reporter taking a pictures while kissing the hand of Archbishop Arguelles of Lipa Batangas, is this kind of people
        that you can trust?

        I cannot comprehend, how this THIEF JUSTICE CORONA and his WIFE can do such a kind of things against their nieces & nephews?.

        I remember when my mother still alive, I told her how many times, IF YOU WILL DIE I WANT TO WAIVE MY RIGHT TO YOUR PROPERTIES
        for my nieces and nephews, and with God Bless I was able fulfill my words and enable to buy my own even little by little.

        I really hate people who are always thinking of how to take advantage.
        Thank you for your response.

      • kolambogan

        No need to thank me for my
        comments, I’m just trying to understand peoples motivation in doing what they do. Because I believe that to use to one’s advantage own victims he or she had wronged for more than 30 years, not to mention besmirching the persons of their parents without compassion, treated like criminals on some trumped up and manipulated charges is the pinnacle of devilish legal maneuvers. To think that he or she without compassion wanted compassion presently at all cost just to gain points against the public at large is really the act of people of low self- esteem, trying to look honorable. I know that accused individuals need to defend themselves, it is their right, but what the coronas had done was bereft of decency and righteousness, as if implying to all the whole world to see that by a single approach by Cristina to her cousins every un-Christian act of torment, the physical and mental torture they had inflicted on their relatives could be swept under the rug and forgotten. This must have to be known and digested by the Filipino people and no matter what the motivation, purpose and blunders of his accusers are, they are blessings in itself because they were at least unmasked of their true selves, especially renato corona who had the temerity to convey judgment to all Filipinos but who cannot render true justice to his own extended family, what travesty of justice he only and his associates can dispense?
        From: Disqus
        Sent: Friday, May 25, 2012 10:55 PM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Coronas, Basas reconcile

        Disqus generic email template jr_06498 wrote, in response to kolambogan: Sir/Mom Kolambogan, every Sunday Husband & Wife CORONA visiting the church attending the mass, pretending they are
        truly with respect to god.

        Bringing a reporter taking a pictures while kissing the hand of Archbishop Arguelles of Lipa Batangas, is this kind of people
        that you can trust?

        I cannot comprehend, how this THIEF JUSTICE CORONA and his WIFE can do such a kind of things against their nieces & nephews?.

        I remember when my mother still alive, I told her how many times, IF YOU WILL DIE I WANT TO WAIVE MY RIGHT TO YOUR PROPERTIES
        for my nieces and nephews, and with God Bless I was able fulfill my words and enable to buy my own even little by little.

        I really hate people who are always thinking of how to take advantage. Thank you for your response. Link to comment

  • Tado

    sang-ayon ako sa pagbabati ng pamilyang ito, at kasiya-siya ang ganitong pangyayari, pero duda ako sa motibo nitong si cristina, e bakit kung kelan nadidiin na sila, nasa korte at harap pa ng mga reporters nila ginawa ito, sa tagal tagal ng panahon na napahirapan ang mga basa ngayon lang nila naisip makipagbati, ginawa siguro ito ng mga corona kung sakaling ma-convict nga itong si renato e mababawasan ng mga taong maghahabla sa kanila ng bagong kasong krimen after ng impeachment dahil alam nilang malaking kaso rin ito laban sa kanila, sana lang mali ako at totoo itong nakita natin at anuman ang mangyari pagkatapos ng impeachment ay maayos na talaga sila…

  • F_U_FedUp

    I was disgusted this was done right on the heels of corona’s disparaging comments on their father who fought so hard only to be defeated by a man who abused his position and power. Will their father get justice in death?

    Other than that I don’t have anything further to say on this issue.

  • 1tiago2bangkilan3


  • tomadachi888

    magaling ang naka-isip ng script para kay cristina. 
    pero hindi ko akalaing ganon ka-bobo ang pamilya basa. no wonder kaya talaga silang paikutin ni cristina. dyusmiyo!

    • filipinaskoh

      They’re not bobo!

      There was settlement made. “The return of the shares plus the 10 million interest Corona mentioned in his testimony as part of the 80 million peso deposit”

  • ruben

    High Drama!!!  Family Feud….  kunyari bati na sila kasi on candid camera!!!”Galing ni Misis gumawa ng theatrics.  Patok sa takilya!!!” Totoong reconciliation yan kung ibabalik ni CJ at ng misis niya ang kinamkam nilang Basa Enterprise. Sana totoo nga…… pero palagay ko naisahan sila just for media publicity!!!”ang style mo bulok pa ren!!!!!  From walkout to wheelchair, to ICU to reconciliation with the family!!!” Patok sa telenovela !!!!!

  • ryan andres

    kiss sabay hug? tapos, tapos na? yun lang? hehehe.

  • pepengkabayo

    MaImpeach man si Corona, hindi na mahalaga.
    Ang importante, nagkasundo ang mga Pamilya ng Basa at Guidote Corona.
    Ika nga, yan politika panandalian lamang, ang mga pamilya hanggang Kamatayan.
    Good luck and God Bless to the family of Corona and Basa.

  • Benjamin


  • CrispinBasilio

    “It was Corona’s wife, Cristina, who first approached her niece, Ana Basa and sisters seated at the gallery of the session hall while the Senate acting as an impeachment court was on a break.

    The Basas accepted and returned Mrs. Corona’s gesture. They engaged in small talk.

    Just after a few minutes, Mrs. Corona got the Chief Justice who was seated on a wheelchair just steps away from them and brought him to the Basas.”  – obviously the writer did not witness the scene as it was unfolding on national tv and did not bother to research more on who actually made public their desire for reconciliation. The writer should have listened to the subsequent interview done by a tv channel to a friend of both parties who was instrumental in the reconciliation. Only proves that Belinda Cunanan, who was there, has indeed lost the respect of PDI.

    Another slanted story by PDI to make the Corona’s look bad in public.

    • levis2012

       the Corona’s looked bad in the public, IN FACT WORST in the public when Corona, will all ARROGANCE AND POMPOUSNESS WALKED OUT last Tuesday…. Damage control ang ginawa ni Cristina Corona, para makakuha ng good points sa publiko, after na MASIRA SILA NG SIRANG-SIRA dahil sa KAYABANGAN ng kanyang asawang si Corona!!!  In short, PLASTIC at hindi TOTOO…

  • quphal

    trying to get sympathy votes are you? but give it to the Basas, nilait-lait ang yumao nilang ama pero naging civil at educated pa rin sila sa pakikitungo. or they were just caught in an awkward situation kaya sumunod na lang sa agos. 

    • s1ck0fit4ll

      if it really wasn’t an act, i doubt you’ll give in and beso beso these people who stole and made stupid remarks against your family. this could have been a scheme well played. GREAT JOB FROM THE BASAs thinking of the welfare of the pinoys.

      you can spend your earnings now from this circus!

  • Lapaz_guardians

    doing something wrong is human but forgivness being Divine has to be used respectfully with reverence,
    I hope it was sincere justified and deserved not traded here

  • PeteJrfern

    Sa harap nang kamera so hindi puwedeng tumangi ang mga Basas kondi sila ang magmumukhang masama.

  • filipinaskoh

    If The reconciliation was real, it should have been done OFF-CAM. Wala ng picture posing. You will also notice that Ana was the one who approached Corona. Too unusual, just two days before they are fuming mad, all of a sudden at a simple approach they immediately reconcile.

    The Basas too forgiving or simply fool? Not so. If forgiving they should have reconciled a long time ago, not after 30 years right in the impeachment trial, on the last day of Corona’s appearance. If Simply fool, not so also, they’ve been fighting the BGEI for 30 years.

    Why is that so?Because there was a negotiation done.The BGEI shares proceeds will be returned plus the 10 million interest, mentioned by Corona being part of the 80 million peso deposit.

    Wait for a few days and Cristina will be announcing that she will be returning the BGEI shares to them plus the 10 million interest as sign of humbleness and their honest intention in reconciliation and reunion as a family

  • Ben Tampadong

    Let’s look at the good side of this scenario, it’s heartwarming to see a feuding family reconciling on a national tv , I bet there’s a lot of families in our country which has the same situation. Corona’s case, on the other hand is a different story. 

    Sa bandang huli nawala ang pagkaumay ko sa panonood ng napakaraming bul**sh*t sa impeachment trial, me good moral lesson din pala. =)

  • samjf

    Why did it have to be done on NATIONAL TELEVISION?

    Their new script was too OVER THE TOP and too OA for comfort.

    I hope the Basas got the monetary settlement they deserved. They seem like a decent

    Still, BEWARE OF THE CORONAS. Would they have been open to a reconciliation and possible monetary settlement with the Basas if public opinion hadn’t turned against them after TUESDAY’S FIASCO?

    It was just 3 days ago  when CJ Corona was dastardly berating the memory of the late MR. BASA.

    • s1ck0fit4ll

       decency is thinking about the good of others and not just yours or your family’s. CLEARLY what the coronas AND NOW the basas do not have.

  • athenapallas

    anong nangyari nag-promissory note sa kanila si aleng cristina na ibabalik yung millions na kinuha nya from the Basas? ok, bati na sila, good. pera lang naman ang gamot at solusyon pala eh isinampay pa nila ang dirty laundry nila sa publiko. we should all learn from it. wag na lang pamarisan at gawing private na lang ang usapan para hindi cheap at wa-class ang dating.

  • ptoprin


  • Born


  • Martin

    Why did Cristina not approach the Basas last Tuesday when Corona first testified?  Was she sincere or it was just a strategy to argue the case?  Be as it may, it’s nice to see a family reconciling after decades of feud.

    • Benjamin

      kawawa naman basa family ..ginamit sila…tsk..tsk..

      • s1ck0fit4ll

        kawawa o kaparte talaga sa sarswela?!

  • s1ck0fit4ll

    WOW! this could’ve been fukkin staged from the start! fukkin BASA family and their cheap show of getting the public’s sympathy through interviews just to be played as a hand for TJ when all their chances goes to shiit! this is fukkin retarded what Ana, etc pulled today. yeah GREAT acting from the coronas, basas, and their clan! i salute you people!

    • plankton107

      I don’t think the reaction of the Basas was staged at all. They were genuinely surprised and relieved when Cristina and her daughter approached them. One could argue that the timing of the reconciliation is a bit iffy but that could be blamed on the Coronas alone and not the Basas (if ever this is all for show). 

    • kolambogan

      Really, blood is thicker than water, but money probably made it edible.. I just hope that there won’t be a sequel to the BASA (BGEI) vs. Corona case., since some are still pending waiting for a decision. As for me, if their parents were mine I can forgive but I can never forget the people who shamed them alive and dead, people responsible for an unfair (cooked) conviction that led to being a fugitive, dispossesed of properties and eventual death.

  • Hardy

    Siyempre, alam nila na hindi sila mananalo dahil maraming nakatingin. 
    “Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.”Jackson Browne

  • kayumanggui46

    A classy demonstration by the Basa Clan of Christian (Catholic) spirit and practice of forgiveness, reconciliation  and charity despite the injustices inflicted by the Coronas. and despite the calumnies by Corona against their father in his testimony..very classy, very holy, such a great example to the whole country.  I salute the Basa-Guidote Family a shining example of the noble rich, a family of Christian patriots…I hope Corona has the capacity to respond thru conversion to humility, honesty, and truth…he should beg for forgiveness from the Basas on his knees…God bless the Basa-Guidote Clan…

    • s1ck0fit4ll

      yeah very class AND STUP1D doing this in front of the TV to be used for TJ’s advantage which the BASA family “claim” to want to be removed from office. geez!

    • Daang

       The forgiveness was equated to money. I think the Corona’s promised to share the 32M with the Basa’s.

  • 135qet

    Dapat lang kasi di naman na waldas yung kanilang pera at ari-arian; intact pa
    parin,  kudos to Mrs. Corona

  • levis2012

    Hindi madadala yan sa isang usapan lamang at reconcile na lang…. pakitang-tao lang yan ng mga Corona para makakuha ng simpatiya ng publiko na naglahong lahat ng dahil sa sobrang kayabangan at kapalaluan ni Corona ng kanyang bastusin ang mga senador at taumbayan ng siya ay MAG-WALK-OUT noong Martes…  In short KAPLASTIKAN!

  • Benjamin

    na-trap ang mga basa  sa coronas machinations,,,,nAGAMIT PA SILA…TINDE TALAGA NG MGA CORONA…..

    • padrefaura

      baka ang mga basa ang ginamit ng mga dilaw at ng inquirer para siraan ang mga corona.

  • jgl414567

    My reading is ginamit na naman ng mga Corona ang mga Basa para magmukhang mabait na naman sila kahit ninakaw nila ang ariarian ng mga Basa ang kakapal talaga!!

  • jgl414567

    Kung sincere ang paghingi ng tawad ng mga Corona in private lng dapat paghingi nila ng tawad at hindi yung nakikita ng mga senador at ng buong bayan may ulterior motive na naman at di sincere!

    • s1ck0fit4ll

      TAMA! gusto mong panagutin tapos bibigyan mo ng pekeng puntos sa pagre-reconcile kuno in front of the national audience? pathetic!

  • UsoUso82

    Good news that a family stays together after-all problems is a Blessing-in-disguise. God knows very well of what is good for all the people. keep-up the Faith from God and this family will be showered with more peace & prosperity. mabuhay kayo!

  • levis2012

    Huwag gawin sa harap ng kamera…. pakitang-tao yan!

  • Vynux the Great

    freakin family duping all filipinos! the senate show took its toll on our taxes! hanep naman kayo basa-guidote-corona, in front of national TV pa ninyo ginawa ang settlement ninyo! mga basa-guidote, magkano ba nakuha ninyo?? saan ang party?? balato naman diyan!! invite naman kayo!!! pweh!

    • s1ck0fit4ll


      Basa-Guidote-Corona Productions!

  • diamond_digger

    If i hadn’t seen the poorly-acted drama shown by upcoming actor Renato Corona on Tuesday in the Senate hearing, I would have surely admired their action of reconciling  with their relatives as sn sct of magnanimity and so christianlike. But because of the drama he has demonstrated to us, I now think that the act is another palabas. Enough of your drama, Cristina and Rene. Just face the music.

  • Aj Opini

    Ang sakit talagang tanggapin ang katotohanan ng mga yellow ribbons na nag-reconcile ang mga Basa at Corona sa impeachment trial na gawa-gawa nila. Kesyo gawa-gawa lang, scripted, etc. Bilang mga Kristiyano, hindi ba dapat matuwa kayo na ang 2 pamilya, after 3 decades, ay nagbati? It’s an act of God.

    • Balahura

       oo bati na nga how about the damage done patawad na lang hindi ba ibabalik ang property na kinamkam? In that case fake lang ito grandstanding to show something, but actually can they really mend the harm done?

      • Aj Opini

        Grandstanding? Galing naman ng powers mo. Klap klap klap. Eh kung gawain mo o ng pamilya mong mag-grandstanding, wag mong i-generalize ha. Hindi lahat ng pamilya katulad nyo. 

    • Balahura

       do you think this reunification can stop the conviction? I don’t think so

      • Aj Opini

        Notice that my entire statement was about the reconciliation. But since you asked, yes it would. ACQUIT CORONA, MORALES RESIGN!

    • ala_ehhhh

      Why do you call people who uses their logic as yellow army / ribbon etc? It is a good and Christian spirit to see everyone in peace but it is tragic when evil use superficial gesture of peace. The motive is too obvious!!! Being a Christian is a very good thing, being used and fooled by Evil is another thing.

  • Aj Opini

    Oy mga empleyado nina Carandang, Coloma at Lacierda, naka-quota na ba kayo sa pag-comment at pagboto sa mga mini-survey. Dali, sayang ang bayad. Piece rate ang bayad sa inyo.  

  • joerizal

    What did I tell ya? I was flamed last week when I made the comment about the Basa family’s selfish and self-serving actions recently. They are in it for their own benefit, not Juan Dela Cruz’s. Nakindatan lang sila e ok na ang lahat. Wow, the public is really being taken for a ride and once again, we’re all suckers for believing that anyone is doing anything for the country. After the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, the rich will still have their riches and us poor will become even more poorer. That’s democracy folks!!!

    • juantamadnatamad

      Magka dugo sila…go figure.

  • padrefaura

    nag back fire sa mga dilaw ang pag gamit nila sa mga basa. ginamit yung madre at dinala pa nila ang ibang mga basa sa senado para ipakita sa TV na nagiiyakan sila. akala nila, tuluyang magsisiraan ang mga pamilya corona at basa.

    pero nung nagkabati-bati sila, lumabas tuloy na heartwarming yung impeachment ni corona. mas nakabuti pa kay corona yung pagkakabati-bati nila sa mga basa. nagboomerang tuloy sa mga dilaw at sa inquirer yung pag gamit nila sa mga basa hoping na magkakasiraan sila ng mga corona.

  • juantamadnatamad

    We should be happy with the reconciliation of the Basa’s and the Corona’s. Whatever they want to do from here is none of our business. The Basa’s can forgive the chief justice on what he did to them for 30 years but if the chief justice used his position in the government to manipulate the outcome of the lawsuits…that is something else. On that, the accountability is to the people.

  • wazgoingon

    Basas beware.  Gagamitin na naman kayo nina Atong at Tinang.  Naloko na kayo minsan, sana naman matuto na kayo.  Kung sakaling makalusot si Atong dahil sa drama niya sa korte at sa inyo, ni isang kusing, ala kayong makikita.  

  • Jeff

    The Basas will look really bad if they didn’t return the gesture. They were forced by circumstance,
    but a “class act” nonetheless. 

  • joeldcndcn


  • Benjamin


    • Aj Opini

      Nakalimutan mo si JPE. Sampu na sila. Acquitted na kasi 9 na boto lang kailangan para ma-acquit si Corona. ACQUIT CORONA, MORALES RESIGN!

      • archangel uriel

        wanna bet….hindi sisirain  ni jpe ang legacy nya just because of cj corona….jpe is for conviction……wala siyang magawa because of the AMLC docs presented by ombudsman conchita carpio- morales….. History ito pre…

    • archangel uriel

      huwag mo isama si chiz…… drama effect lang si chiz…..close friend yan ni pnoy…..itong si tito at gringo tuta ito ni jpe……..kung ano ang maging decision ni jpe……….un din ang decision ng dalawa….itong si bong agimat and lito hindi nababagay sa senado …..dapat hindi na sila tatakbo for senatorial seat….pang wall flower….mirriam??? magko-conviction ito la kasi siyang magawa na…lumabas na ang amlc docs….. itong si bong2, joker and manny…. masama ang loob sa administration…. will see wat’s their verdict…

  • Aj Opini

    Hahahaha…. the yellow ribbons are so much disgusted with the heart-warming drama. They did not expect reconciliation of the two estranged families. They dragged the Basa Family, look what they got? Thank you Prosecution Team. Hahahahaha

    • archangel uriel

      dyan ka nagkamali pre……masaya lahat including malacanang…..ganun tayong mga pilipino….malambot ang puso…… watch mo dvd ni EMMA (the filipino ofw visionary)….sinabi ni Mama Mary…”your nation will be known to all nations”……our unique personality…

    • Marx Louis Wang

       you think the masa will buy that? we don’t need the Basas to appear anyway.

  • rockinLeon

    Another calculated move by the Coronas to soften their public image…it’s a little too late for that goody goody BS…guilty or acquitted, the majority of the people has spoken… I think it is now perceived that Corona is a dishonest, not a fully merited, manipulating, Chief Justice.
    The only thing constructive or rather positive that will come out of this impeachment trial is that it will now serve as a template to start for a new design on how to fight corruption that has been ongoing for decades. I wish the Legislative to create or reform laws to enhance existing ones such as the provisions in the Foreign Currency…RA no. 6426.

    • Aj Opini

       Wehhhh… “majority of the people has spoken”? Saan mo nakuha majority mo? O gawa-gawa nyo na naman katulad ng AMLC at LRA-generated lists? Magsabi nga kayo ng totoo.

      • archangel uriel

        tanpa bangak……

      • niceguy60

        Corona is guilty because Malacanyang say so. Ano ka ba?

    • GeorgeR

      majority ba yong 1,200 respondents of False Asia..?

  • Jeff

    They are trying to use the Basa’s to their advantage, what a family of users.

    If that was really their intent, they should have humbly approached Sister Flor first to really make a sincere reconciliation.

    What a farce.

  • Beguine

    Well, this only goes to show that the Basas are a lot smarter
    than both Renato and Cristina Corona.

    They must have gotten what they wanted signed, sealed and soon
    to be delivered over and above what they wanted through their
    out-of-court settlement agreement and public display of

    Sister Flory must be smiling too. She can now die peacefully
    with this sweet revenge.

    There is more than one way of killing the cat and the Basas
    have done just that. Why waste time with endless lawsuits?

  • AntipoloKid

    How come nobody objected when the Basas, who were obviously being used by the prosecution team and egged on by the media ( Inquirer and ABS, included), were all over the place airing their differences?  Now that they’ve reconciled, ( an Act of God, if I may add), and in public at that, the haters in this forum are angry, mad and critical of them. Funny guys!

    • plankton107

      I feel bad for the Basas for being used by both sides. They never asked to be dragged in to this mess. I hope they actually do find peace in their reconciliation with the Coronas and that everything that happened yesterday was not just for public sympathy for the CJ. 

      • ala_ehhhh

        I have my suspicion!!!

  • joshua kings

    1. well, there goes the criminal suits of the basas against corona;
    2. good they reconciled (i hope it’s genuine not because there was some monetary settlement; altho pay-off of what is really due to the basas may be the start of a genuine reconciliation);
    3. now, let’s bury this issue and give all ourselves a big break.

  • agaylaya

    OK yan at nagreconcile sila. Forgive and forget ika nga. Ang kaso eh nagbulgaran sa publiko ng kung ano anong mga accusations. Ibig bang sabihin forget narin ng publiko ang mga accusations nila? Wala bang katutuhanan ang mga accusations nila? Dahil binulgar sa publiko ang mga accusations dapat mag reconcile din sila sa publiko kung ano ang truth sa kanilang mga accusations. Itong dalawang pamilyang ito, parang biniyahe lang nila ang masang Pilipino.  

    • archangel uriel

      ang tawag nyan….Divine Intervention…..answered prayers ng basa family lalung- laluna kina sister flory……family reconciliation……hard way nga lang….. at least …maconvict man si cj corona…..wala nang kaso from the basa family…..hindi makalaboso si cristina and carla and other government officials (mga partners in crime)………. am sure isosoli ni cristina ang lahat ng pera at ari-arian ni jose maria basa at sister flory……ganun tayong mga pilipino madaling magpatawad…….kaya nga mahal tayo ng DIYOS…… hindi naman tatagal ang buhay ni cj eh… kahihiyan and all……..lalala ang sakit nito (super stress)…..

  • JosengSisiw1

    It was a very clever move by Cristina… she’s really good on it…She’s the kind of a woman who can swallow anything to get what she wanted. Too evillllll…..

  • dconsultant

    The scene showing Cristena Corona and the Basa sisters hugging each other was very touching. Something like what you see in a telenovela. Just hoping that it is not part of a grand act to get the sympathy of the Senate Judges and the viewers as well. Balcony scene, attending mass, delivering sympathetic speech to his supporters, the 3 hrs openning life story at the witness stand, the humble CJ after the walkout and lastly the Basa reconciliation. Hmmm. Just thinking.!!

  • Marx Louis Wang


    • GeorgeR

      Inggit ka lang komunista ka kasi tapos member ka rin nang Ladlad Party hehehe..

    • niceguy60

      Oo ga. Totoo sinabi mo. Me sa demonyo talaga pala pamilyang Ito no? Alam mo ba kung sino ang mga anghel? Yung nasa Malacanyang. Mabuti na lang.

  • ala_ehhhh

    That was a very cunning move by the Coronas! By reconciling with the Basas, there will be one less possible witness should there be another impeachment trial. The sad thing is, a lot of people easily get fooled by such hypocritical acting. The motives for the Coronas is too obvious, I don’t buy it!!

  • niceguy60

    Wrong. Corona will be convicted. Corruption will continue. Money flow in another direction. What are they in power for.

  • niceguy60

    Ok…. All together now – Convicted!!!

    • UrHONOR

      Next: IMPRISON!


    magBASA ng mabuti ang mga BASAs at BASAhin nila ng mabuti ang tunay na pakay ng CORONADOng CORONA sa pakikipag-bati sa kanila.  Sa harap ng mamamayan yayakapin kayo, sa likod ng tabing, tututukan kayo nyan. BASAng BASA na ang papel ng CORONAng tinik ng bayan.

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