Corona springs waiver on bank funds, BUT…

JUSTICE ON WHEELS Corona is wheeled back into the Senate’s session hall after his “walkout.” He’s now confined at The Medical City in Pasig. RAFFY LERMA

JUSTICE ON WHEELS Corona is wheeled back into the Senate’s session hall after his “walkout.” He’s now confined at The Medical City in Pasig. RAFFY LERMA

Chief Justice Renato Corona on Tuesday sprang a surprise on the Senate impeachment court by waiving the confidentiality of his local and dollar accounts in an emotional testimony, but on certain conditions.

At the end of his three-hour opening statement,” Corona signed in open court a draft waiving the confidentiality of his four dollar accounts, but challenged Senator Franklin Drilon, who has helped the prosecutors ferret out evidence against him from witnesses, and the 188 lawmaker-complainants to do the same.

But if anyone of them failed to do this, Corona, who by turns was teary-eyed, said there was “no point” in his waiver, and that he would instruct his defense team to rest the case, drawing boos from the gallery.

Corona then asked to be excused, rose from the witness chair and walked out of the Senate session hall, without the permission of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. Angered, Enrile ordered the Senate security to shut down all gates.

His lawyers said Corona, a diabetic, had a bout of dizziness, ostensibly from low blood sugar. Rico Paolo Quicho said Corona was taken to Medical City in Pasig City directly from the Senate for a “routine medical checkup.” He added that what happened to Corona was “no drama.”

Tranquil Salvador III, also of the defense, said Corona had to stay overnight at the hospital “to monitor his health condition.”

For close to three hours on the witness stand before a packed courtroom and a national television audience, the 63-year-old Corona narrated his defense, turning emotional and coming to tears at some points.

And saving the best for last, the chief magistrate debunked the “damning” testimony by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales that he kept $10 million to $12 million in 82 accounts in five banks, and more than P200 million in peso accounts, with the aid of a PowerPoint presentation.

Lashing out at what he called the Ombudsman’s “lies,” he maintained that he had only four dollar accounts and three peso accounts.

He said he did not declare the dollar accounts in his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) because these were covered by absolute confidentiality under the Foreign Currency Deposits Act,  as well as the peso accounts because these were “co-mingled” funds consisting of the proceeds from the sale of a Manila property owned by the family of his wife, as well as the Corona family’s savings.

And then Corona did the unthinkable: he signed a draft waiver authorizing all banking institutions, the Anti-Money Laundering Council, Bureau of Internal Revenue, Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Land Registration Authority to disclose to the public any information showing his assets, business interests and financial connections, including his wife’s.

‘Moment of truth’

In the same waiver, he authorized the Supreme Court clerk of court, with permission from the tribunal en banc, to immediately release his SALNs from 2002 to 2011.

But he dropped another bombshell. He dared Drilon and the 188 lawmakers who filed the impeachment complaint against him on Dec. 12, 2011, to sign the same waiver, instructing defense lawyers to distribute blank copies of the waiver he had just signed.

“I am humbly asking all 188 complainants from the House of Representatives, led by the congressmen in the prosecution panel, and Senator Franklin Drilon, to join me in a moment of truth,” he said, drawing shouts from the gallery, “as a gesture of transparency and reconciliation with the Filipino people and to one another.”

“This is what the country is asking for.  Let us face the people together. The nation is at a standstill.  Our people are watching all of us. Our people have been drawn into this intriguing web of dissension and divisiveness. This proceeding has divided the nation. We owe it to the people. Let’s together show them we are first and foremost their public servants, and we surrender to their call for transparency and accountability. Let us rise to the occasion and prove to them that we deserve their trust,” he added.

“I beg you, ladies and gentlemen of the prosecution, not to engage me in argumentation about who is on trial here. We—you and me—are on trial here. Let’s stop all the posturing to show the Filipino nation what we’re made of. This is no trick or manipulation. This is an invitation, a challenge for public accountability made only with the hope that we can all together give our nation one shining moment in public service.”

‘I am no thief’

Corona said the lawmakers could reject the challenge, but said this would imply that there was “no legal obligation or duty to disclose foreign currency deposits.”

“If any of you should choose to decline, I regret that there is no point in my waiver because this will allow the completion of persecution I have suffered. I am no thief. I am no criminal. I have done no wrong. But honorable senators, I also am no fool,” he said.

He said he was hopeful the lawmakers would accept his challenge “otherwise I stand by my actions, as being completely founded on the law itself.”

He said he would submit the waiver he signed to the appropriate agencies but only if the “189 waivers have been signed,” drawing hoots from the gallery. “Otherwise, I would instruct the defense panel to rest the cause since they have not proven anything.”

Corona then turned to Enrile, “the Chief Justice of the Philippines wishes to be excused.” He rose from his seat, and quietly marched to the exit, as supporters in the gallery applauded.

Many, including Enrile, did not notice this, because he made his exit while lead defense counsel Serafin Cuevas was making a manifestation to indicate that he had testified too long on the stand.

Soon after, Enrile noticed that the accused was not on the stand, tersely telling Cuevas that he had not been discharged, and murmurs filled the gallery.

“We’ve not discharged the Chief Justice, with due respect to him … Counsel for the defense, will you kindly advise your client to return to the witness stand. I respect him as a Chief Justice but this court must be respected,” Enrile said, admonishing the gallery to keep quiet.

Enrile ultimatum

An apologetic Cuevas said he would seek out Corona, saying: “There was misunderstanding. May I ask for one-minute suspension to have him called back. I’m very sure it’s not out of disrespect for the court.”

Enrile suspended the hearing and instructed the Senate sergeant-at-arms to “close” all the doors.  Cuevas later said Corona was taking some medicine and “attending to personal necessity.”

After a break, Enrile, visibly irked, told  Cuevas he was giving Corona until Wednesday afternoon to undergo cross-examination by prosecutors otherwise his testimony would be stricken off the records and the senator-judges would forthwith decide the case on the basis of evidence presented during the four-month trial.

Cuevas said that Corona suffered from hypoglycemia—a spell of dizziness—as a result of his diabetes. “I assure the court there is no intention to violate nor to degrade this court. I take it upon myself, your honor.”

Wagging a finger and his voice rising, Enrile said: “I have high respect for the Chief Justice, for the institution he represents. But I equally demand respect for the institution that I represent. I am not going to allow any slight, any abuse of authority against this court for as long as I am the presiding officer.

Constantino Castillo, husband of Corona’s daughter Carla, said his father-in-law felt dizzy and became wobbly due to hypoglycemia. Castillo, a urologist and surgeon, said the Chief Justice was not able to take his lunch because “he was very nervous and very anxious preparing for this.”

“We’ve given him (soda) and a brownie cake. He’s now feeling better,” he said. With reports from Cathy Yamsuan, Marlon Ramos, Gil C. Cabacungan and Leila B. Salaverria

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  • Abnoy tupak

    drilon should sign a waiver also

    • Hey_Dudes

       In case you were absent from grade 1 class, Drilon is not on trial here. Now sit down and do your homework.

      • FernandoBusi

        if you really believe in good governance then Drilon and the tongressmen should sign to make it easy for the public to know who not to vote for.

      • joel

        kups, if you want, we will not vote for this people on the next election. however, the condition of Corona is out of this world. isang malaking kagaguhan na ang tanging hangad ay grandstanding. 

      • kimedora

        BoBO ! magsama kayo ni TJ :D

      • Mickey

        The thief justice is a hypocrite. He doesn’t want to be accused of being a thief yet he shouted to high heavens that the others were liars and cheats. This is NOT the way a chief justice behaves.

      • cat_and_mouse

        If Corona is really willing to bare all, why not just sign the waiver without conditions and then relentlessly challenge Drilon and the prosecutors to do the same, eh? The conditions really left a bad taste into my mouth, and I’m pretty sure it just builds up the “doubt” people already have on him. It didn’t help at all… So I say, spill the your beans CJ and challenge Drilon/prosecutors in another venue ..

    • bong

      File case at Office of the Ombudsman against Drilon and the 188 congressmen so they can be obliged to show their accounts when their times come. But this Impeachment trial  where the accused is the CJ Corona it must be finished the proceedings and Corona has nothing to ask for but to sign waiver allowing all his accounts without any conditions. maliwanag ba?!!!!!!…..


      impeach mo muna.

  • Daang_tuwid3

    ha ha ha, panic time…he he he

  • vigilant_citizen

    “he was very nervous and very anxious preparing for this.” .. kala ko ba walang takot syang haharap. All the alibis!

  • pinoy63

    ang yabang talaga ni TJ!!!!!

  • Concur_Dissent

    Corona did not say anything new in his testimony to help his own defense…..we, the people were dissapointed to confirm what we already suspected….that he was NOT going to be truthful about his dollars accounts and other issues… that his attendance was simply to present a press briefing to the senate instead of his usual press briefings to media…BOTTOMLINE…he did not address any of the burning questions people wanted him to clear… and as expected, he only dug his own grave even deeper… CORONA IS NOW BEYOND SALVATION!!!

    • Tama Lang

       I think CJ Corona should resign because of poor health as his only way out. He could do this in the impeachment court as his final statement.

      • Concur_Dissent

        And I’m sure even his “buddies” in the supreme court will not condone his undisciplined demeanor today at the impeachment court nor will they think kindly of him with his show of total disrespect for the senator-judges and the constitution… He practically disrespected the filipino people by showing absolute contempt for these officials elected by the majority of the populace!

    • nes911

      correct ka diyan, pare.

    • Simplify1

      What else is there to prove in this impeachment proceedings??  By disrespecting the court and simply walking away from a formal hearing without permission, The ICJ has already proven that he is totally undisciplined and does not have the moral ascendancy and dignity that are required of a Chief Justice….. If any ordinary citizen were to suddenly storm out of a court proceeding like what he did, even at the RTC level, I am quite certain that person would be held in contempt by any judge!!  KAKAHIYA!! 

    • jeepneydr

      Where’s Santiago, how come she have not say anything at all? after all Corona disrespect the whole court by walking away.

      • Concur_Dissent

        Defense lawyer-senator miriam santiago will confer with his client, thief justice corona, before coming up with her statement tomorrow….. wala siyang masabi pa sa ngayon kasi pati siya nagulat sa kabastusan ni corona..

      • Guest

        perhaps mirriam santiago is with raymart, hinahanting si mon tulfo.

  • boytalakitok

    kulang na lang kay cj ung brace sa ulo at leeg para maging kamukha na nya si ate glo.  :)

  • Guest

    This is getting better everyday. Corona got a free ride.

    • ISSG Group

       And showed back up in a wheel chair, who else does that?

  • Mickey

    OK Here comes their damage control bloggers. They will skirt the issues like the TJ did and blame it all on the administration. 
    Good luck to you paid hacks. You have an uphill battle convincing anyone after the stunt your boss did. 
    No wonder he said “NO FEAR” because he had NO intention of being cross examined. Want to bet he’s going to seek help with his 8 companeros in the SC and issue a TRO.

    • joel

      cor bata. hahhahaha…

    • ISSG Group


    • Can't spell Heat without H

       ” They will skirt the issues like the TJ did and blame it all on the administration. “…

      Ganyan ginagawa ni PeNoy di ba? Dalawang taon na nakaupo, kay Pandak pa rin sinisisi sa lahat ng palpak ng “pamumuno” niya

      • Mickey

        As it should be. The Evil B has sold this country to the highest bidder. (China). Her minions has done damage to the integrity of all the branches of government. Think of Penoy as a broom, sweeping all those nasty, dirty, cheating, stinking anomalies that YOUR sponsor has left behind.

      • Can't spell Heat without H

        Yeah, blame the rising prices of goods and the utter incompetence of his own appointed people to Gloria. Heck, he would even blame his receding hairline to Arroyo if he had his way. One question, what do you do with a broom after you’re done cleaning? You put it away because it’s useless for anything else. Try harder Noytard.

      • Mickey

        Oh boy, another CORONA defense, all words and no substance.
        I’d slap you silly BUT that would be cruelty to animals :-)

  • EdgarEdgar

    Hahaha! And when the mediapersons taunted Tupas et al to sign the waiver, they all ran for cover. Hypocrisy that dare not declare itself — that’s Drilon, Epal & 188 Pharisees. And of course, Noynoy the demented haciendero.

    • nes911

      nakakatawa nga dahil ang idol mo duwag. manglalait tapos tatakbo na parang asong takot. ganyan ang asal ng mga taong guilty. he he he

    • AllaMo


    • hustlergalore

      may masabi lang talaga

      • EdgarEdgar


    • AlexC105

      And so you think Corona is not only clean and therefore is fully deserving to continue as Chief Justice? What planet are have you been living in?  Just because there are dishonest legislators does not necessarily make him fit to continue being CJ. Why do you go ahead and proclaim his innocence? Please do; because if you don’t your stated position just makes no sense.

      • EdgarEdgar

        Unlike you, i just disagree with selective application of the law.

    • aristeosj

      you are still fighting eh.just plainly fighting,no more spirit.hehehe…for what???is this the one event you told us that we have to wait for???is this the cool corona you have been bragging about???where is the magnanimity of your corona now???
      i want to be magnanimous on this occasion and not be tempted to call other people names as you just did(though i wish to call you sick on the head).

      i wish that corona shows up on wednesday,to end this unfinished business.and to show a brave face on enrile’s ultimatum.

  • nes911

    corona only showed why he is unfit to be the chief justice. no manners and no brain at all.

  • Dynamic

    He had a speech writer on this one but not as good as he is…

  • Phil

    If all the 189 accusers are not hidding anything, it is better for all of them to take this oppoutunity to come clean out in the open


      they will not. understandably, they are not the one being tried. so you have to prod the opposition lawmakers to initiate impeachment of the the impeacher of chief injustice.

      • Can't spell Heat without H

        AKA, same modus operandi nung panahon ni Gloria. F’N hypocrites. 

  • Philhealth

    Ganda ng drama ngayon. Corona wont be able to attend sa mga susunod na hearing dahil sya ang may sakit. May sakit sa utak. Akala nya eh mada-dramahan nya ang mga  judges.  Simple lang ang buhay sa mundo. Kung may prinsipyo ka sa buhay ganito lang yan. Kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw may dahilan. Sumatotal, walang prinsipyo si Corona dahil maraming dahilan. %$&$^%#

  • tonyoks

    malamang na magpaconfine din ito sa St. Likes, weder you luke it or not…

  • simondj

    he is ill both physically and mentally because of pressure,,, maybe i am not sure.

  • joerizal

    The massive buildup last week ended in a DUD. This is not an impeachment process, it’s a circus. And Corona is a baby that lost his bottle, pooped in his diapers and seeking attention. The rest of us are suckers for watching this show.

  • rsanr

    this is the lowliest that this skunk thief justice sunk, talagang kanto boy ang diskarte at talagang hindi karapatdapat na manatili pa sa SC. wala namang naniniwala sa drama nila at sila ang nasabugan nang bombang kinatha nila.

  • dikoy321

    Didn’t Hitler also thought he was innocent, not a criminal, did nothing wrong?
    Tanong lang po…kung pwede.

  • Mickey

    What the thief justice did is akin to… i’ll tell you my secret BUT I have to kill you.

  • Philhealth

    Hindi pipirma ng waiver ang mga congresistang may itinatago dahil kaka-convert palang sa dollar ang mga peso nila. hehehe ginagaya na nila si Corona dahil nakikita nila ang acquital nito dahil sa mga favors sa ibang hurado. So kung di mabubuksan ang dollar ni Corona, sila pa kaya. May pattern na. Case CJ vs Peoples of the Phil.

  • ISSG Group

    In this country all you have to do is claim any medical condition and everyone feels sorry for you

  • MrsPidal

    ano kb renato? kahit ako eh nabwisit sa kadramahan mo! di ka ba nag-praktis maiigi?
    grabe ka naman! baka pati neckbrace ko, gayahin mo? ?!?

  • Dynamic

    please don’t tell me,he’s loosing some “tornicles” on his head…

  • gregandymar

    Renato Corona is megalomanic, he did not even show any respect to the impeachment court as he feels being the Chief Justice, he is the highest official of any court in the land. He was so shameful, and being suspected as money launderer is the ultimate shame for being a Chief Justice.

  • wee

    looks like we haven’t seen the end of corona’s antics and dirty tactics.

    in one sitting, he managed to fool and disrespect the president, the senate and the people with his lies and logic akin to a gangster!

    he’s truly one of a kind, or in the language of law he’s so fond of, a sui generis (of a bad kind) !

  • AllaMo

    It is now undeniable that this illegally appointed chief justice, deemed legal by his court cabal, had only obfuscation and dissimulation as his mission, when he went to “bear witness” in his trial.

    For sure, the next chapter in this sordid saga is the one where his co-conspirators, in the coronarroyo court, come to his “legal” rescue. And, as one, they circle their wagons of corruption and injustice. I look forward to being proven wrong.

  • dodong1

    3 hours of what?? same shiite walang namang bago.. ang tapang ng sad..MALASWA MALASWA….RESIGN NOW!!

  • Can't spell Heat without H

    Double standard kasi mga Noytards, pag tao nila beyond reproach at kulang na lang gawing santo pero pag kalaban ng dilaw, daig pa si Lucifer kung i-demonize. Bakit di niyo papirmahin ng waiver mga tuta niyo, madali lang naman gawin yung kung wala silang tinatago. Put up or shut up a-holes.


      these trial was made through proper procedure and according to the law. why not initiate the same to these group of people you abhor. 

      • Can't spell Heat without H

         Don’t make me laugh that it was made through proper procedure. And since you seem to be know much about what is ‘according to the law’, impeachable officers ba senators and congressmen/women? And don’t even talk about attempting to impeach the President because he will obviously take a page out of his much maligned predecessor by using his numbers in Congress to make sure that an impeachment complaint wouldn’t make even past Ever Commonwealth.

  • Francisco M

    Ano ito…. blackmail o kaya taking senator judges hostage at gun point. Magpakatotoo kaya si CJ and plain and simple sabihin niya ang talagang totoo: may pera ba siyang ganun halaga sa bangko o saan man nakatago? Walang condition niyang dapat ipakita ang mga bank accounts niya muna at sabihin na “o ayan pinangunahan ko na, heto o, pagkatapos nito kayo  naman ha”.  But like he said, he is no fool.

  • Andy

    Itong si Corona naghahanap na lang ng damay. Parang dagang nasukol na lahat gustong kagatin para lamang makatakas. Mas mautak naman sa daga si Corona, dahil inupakan muna niya lahat ng mga kagalit niya bago tumakas.

    Midnight Cowboy talaga. Magaling iiwas pusoy. Pero sa Miyerkoles, ano naman kaya ang drama ni Atong Corona?

  • Andy

    Corona is ruthless. He destroyed the reputation of a dead uncle-in-law to make himself and his family good.

    The same Corona who pointed a gun to the head of a 90-year-old in-law over money matter dispute. Akala siguro niya, Midnight Cowboy and dating. No, he is a midnight appointee of the worst kind by the worst president ever.

  • Huwes_dkutsilyo

    wahhh totoo naman ang sinasabi!!! pahiya kayo!!!, Fabricated 45=5, 82=4

    • AllaMo

      Hahahahahahaha! E, bakit tumalilis at biglang nagkasakit? Lmfao!

  • Alex

    This is a no-contest. I don’t think the impeachment would like this conditional waiver, they are not on trial – Corona is. It’s like saying let’s all go to jail, :)  Am sure people will be terribly disappointed.

  • Mickey

    NOW I got it. When the defense team said “we’ve broken the code” they meant they have broken the code of good conduct. 

  • pangitbudhiko

    corona waving his  waiver in signing the right to disclosed all his bank deposits and at the same time challenging Senator drilon and the 188 congressman to sign a waiver to  disclosed their  banks deposit was a brilliant move.



     Ikulong na yan……. Dami pa drama

  • RomyLitz

    Khadafy, Hitler, even Marcoses thought they were no fools, thieves and criminals. Condolence to the Coronatoids. He wont show up tomorrow, pabatang na lang siya sa mga senadores. Reunion with someone at VMMC is forthcoming.

  • Alex

    Enrile’s decision is right. If Corona does not submit to cross examination, his conditional waiver and disclosure, which is not really a truthful disclosure, will go to naught. Corona will not like this, and again he will cry foul – that he is being persecuted by all agencies of govt controlled by Aquino. What a load of non-sense! Is this something within the legal parameters of law? That an accused will also accuse his accuser? The Senate will be put to a bind, and I don’t think this is for the good of Corona, not at all.

    • jeepneydr

      Corona full a fast on Enrile, after giving him so much leeway and time to explain his side of the story then he challenge 189 politicians to sign a waiver, when we all know you cannot even get five politicians to give you an straight answer. so he don’t have to answer to any question from the prosecutor, I live in California and stay all night to hear some thing and was dissapointed.

  • Rodolfo

    nasa ICU na daw  si CORONA wag na tayo umasa darating siya bukas. 

  • Phil

    “Tuso man daw ang matsing napaglalalangan din” next time naman kasi dumaan kayo sa tamang process nag shortcut kasi ng impeachment trial process di shortcut din ang answer Lol!

  • TomasRosario

    “Rico Paolo Quicho said Corona was taken to Medical City in Pasig City directly from the Senate for a “routine medical checkup.” He added that what happened to Corona was “no drama.”Tranquil Salvador III, also of the defense, said Corona had to stay overnight at the hospital “to monitor his health condition.”

    Let me just say that the last time I had a “routine medical checkup” at Medical City, I was not asked by my attending physicians to stay over night at the hospital to monitor my health condition.
    And at first, it was spinned that the Chief Justice left the witness stand because he felt insulted by the reaction of the prosecution panel about his “waiver.”

    Now we have really seen everything.  From “high drama” in the impeachment court to comedy relief with lawyers becoming spinners.

  • Andy

    Sabi ni Corona, “Wala akong kakaba-kaba!” 

    I have no fear whatsoever on the eve of his much-delayed testimony at his impeachment trial.

    Yun pala nung tananungin na siya for cross examination — biglang tumakas. Kung baga sa sabong tiyope. Kung sa karera naman byahe.

    Si Corona na hindi lang sinungaling at hambog. Duwag at takbuhin din.

    • 135qet

       I am no fool.

  • R

    SHUT DOWN ALL GATES is an overreaction from Enrile! Is Corona capabale just to disappear like palos? Does Enrile thinks CJ can get away from all the media and people inside the Senate? WOW Enrile!

    • Mickey

      Well your sponsor did try to escape. JPE should have overreacted and CONFINED Corona in the Senate. Your hero is a despicable, lying, mentally retarded man.

    • pinklace88

      over reaction si Enrile? eh sinu ba unang naging OA, paiyak iyak pa,, uy parang inagawan ng candy sabay takbo palabas… hayy kakahiyang chief justice

    • michael_angelo

      DAti bilib na bilib kayo kay enrile, ngayon sinabon si corona, inis naman kayo…

       ano ba talaga kuya?

  • hatecorrupt


    • relojero1

      Kaso fake evidence at tsimis hearsay ang mga evidence presented bakit mahirap na pumirma sa waiver at sagutin ang hamon ni CJ, sige malaman na kung sino ang malinis

      • Luthmar

        He only signed a DRAFT.  Doesn’t mean anything.


      That’s his last and desperate defense ….sama sama tayo sabi niya  lol …. Ikulong na yan at itapon andg susi

  • orchid

    Impeach the guy!  What a convoluted mind this Thief Justice has. FCDs are coverced by
    absolute confidentiality under the Foreign Currency Deposits Act,  and that the peso accounts were “co-mingled” funds!!!!!  Wow, he is rewriting the law and the accounting procedures as he was making his speech.

    Let’s start a new page in the history of corruption in the Philippines. Impeach him, and confiscate his undeclared money and properties.

  • Robert

    Ok na rin sana ang challenge nya pero wag doon sa limited person na galit sya. Kung totoo para sa bayan ang challenge nya isama nya ang mga SC Justices at TRC judges, lahat na congressman at senador, presidente, vice president at lahat na kabinete. Isama na rin mga religious sect…..then he will be my hero then

  • hatecorrupt


  • Tristanism

    Although childish and extremely unlawyerlyl, the twist Corona tried to facilitate was quite impressive. It ended with a whimper, though, when he tried to leave the Senate and was foiled. He had to come back in a wheelchair (panindigan na ung hilo). He should have stood his ground and insisted on the waiver challenge before going on with the trial.

    On a connected note, bat kaya hindi si Pnoy ang hinamon niya ng bukasan ng dollar account, e si Pnoy naman ang isa pang main character sa istorya ng impeachment niya?

    Nabackground check niya na kaya si Pnoy at nalaman niyang walang dollar account ito? Di niya naisip kasi kapos ang imagination?

    • George


      You are a very good analyst with you insightful observation. Mag apply ka sa CNN. LOL biro lang ‘tol. BUt really I like your comment.

      • Tristanism

        I am printing this comment of yours and attaching it to my application letter to CNN. :)

        I don’t think the CJ is going back to the Impeachment floor. JPE will have to do this by ear. The CJ has willfully forced the SC and IC on a collision course. The way things stand, JPE is not blinking anytime soon.

  • bototmo

    AGAIN, ONLY IN THE PH!!. CJ will waive banks’ confidentiality with conditions (Sen. Drilon and 188 Reps to do the same). Wow!. What kind of Chief Justice is he. He is the one on trial not them. Ang tapang niyang insultuhin and mga Senator-Judges, kulang na lang sabihin niyang, mga Senadores lang kayo, hindi ninyo ako kaya. Hindi ako magtataka kung hindi na ito haharap sa trial niya. Gagawa ito ng maraming excuses (o mga abogado niya ). Dito natin makikita kung maiimpose ng mga Senadores natin ang kanilang authority (as mandated by law ) to impeach an erring public official. Otherwise, its crystal clear that some of these Senators-Judges may malaking utang na loob kay Corona. Isa pa madali naman mag ala-Gloria. Kaya walang dapat ipagalala ang Filipino na maaaring umalis ng Pinas ang mag-asawang Corona.

  • kulittwit

    I have no fear pala ha!
    “He was very nervous and very anxious preparing for this.” – son in law

    • Teody Revilla

      A very clear contradiction…hehe

    • Baritone

       cguradong pagalitan ni CJ yung son in law..hindi na briefing nang maayos..ala e no FEAR AKO.ay joke lang e..

  • aSwedishguy

    Corona will not come back tomorrow,, even the betting offices give low odds on a “no show”

  • Litong

    Naku, e, talagang drama lang yan ni Corona. Kund di ba naman s’ya tatang…tnga, e, alam nyang diabetic s’ya nag skip s’ya ng kanyang regular meal? Very elementary yan para sa mga diabetic, never skip your regular meal, kundi atakihin ka talaga ng hypoglycemia. Sinadya n’yang gawin yan ng meron s’yang dahilan — medical reason syempre — upang mag pa dismiss, tulad nyang ng hindi na cross exam ng prosecution. 

  • Menyet

    Iyan din yata ang wheelchair ni GMA na ginamit eh. Buti pinahiram ka ni GMA bakit hindi ba niya nagagamit. Ibabalik mo naman baka magagamit pa ni GMA sa sunod na teleserye. Sino bang Director nito si Mike Arroya ba? Mike hindi na ba gagamitin ni GMA ang wheelchair pagginamit kuhanin mo kay Corona baka makalimutan mo.

  • rockinLeon

    I think the allegedl unexplained wealth Corona had amassed came from the “kaban” of GMA as the payment of quid pro quo from all the favors Corona had done for Arroyo.

  • aSwedishguy

    The last thing he did say keep coming up in my ears hehe

    I AM the chief justice,, thanks and godbye

    • Luthmar

      Yes, the height of arrogance.

  • Lani

    Corona since before have been saying that the court not him is on trial.Now he included everybody in government even the congressmen and the senator judges. We should ask first all the Supreme Court Justices as well as the Court of appeals justices to sign waivers on their dollar accounts and all those who worked in these two courts. I am pretty sure they all think like CJ Corona when it comes to the dollar accounts…, that it is secret and that is the way they could stash their ill-gotten wealth.

  • taga_labas

    High drama with bad acting and indecent actors! 

  • OWEN

    Kung walang itinatago ang mga congressman at si Drilon, wala naman cguro masama kung mag-sign din sila ng waiver, hehehe!

    • relojero1

      Sila ang source ni “Little Lady” hindi sila pipirma ng waiver alam nila SALN nila fake din.

  • aSwedishguy

    Next lang,, Mikey mouse and Gloriaaaa,, i hope The court have 1 extra wheel chair for Mike,, Gloria got  one already

  • padre_damaso

    pag na-acquit pa si corona after nito, itali na ng patiwarik ang mga boboto ng acquittal.  Inamin na nya lahat, ang kanyang depensa ay mga misinterpretation ng batas.  anak ng teteng.

    • Marx Louis Wang

       Sana magkatotoo ang wish mo, nag-aaral ako ng witch-craft para sakali di magkatotoo gagamitin ko ito sa kanila.

  • skyflakes17

    di ko maintindihan.. bakit may lastiko ang waiver? Sino ba talaga ang nasa impeachment? If you do not have anything to hide sign the waiver..kasi pag walang di mas may effect sana dyan mo na hamonin ang mga senador.

    What you showed was a theatrical display para sa camera at hindi para sa mga Pilipino. Mas lumaki sana ang paghanga and respeto and suporta kay CJ if he signed the waiver.

    • michael_angelo

      Parang bata, Kendi muna para magsayaw ako…

  • isalexus

    Sauce for the Gander is sauce for the goose– Drillon, if you are not hiding anything at all, why don’t you also sign the waiver just to show Corona that you are better than him!?! After all- you too is an “impeachable” personality! Sige na- so that we can be assured that the Matuwid na Daan is for real and not just venganza on targetted citizens!

    • michael_angelo

      yung GANDER mo nasa ICU, bisitahan mo muna bago ka magsatsat…

      Eto quote ko rin sa yo, kaya magpunta ka na sa MEDICAL CITY

      “Aanhin mo pa ang DAMO kung PATAY na ang KABAYO”

    • Baritone

       kung talagang wala syang kasalanan o malinis sya.dina kailangan pang maghahamon.mag sign sya nang waiver nakatulad sa sinabi nya.baka nakalimotan nya na si drilon ay isa sa mga judges.ang nangyari siya ang namimersunal.nakakahiya yung mga statement nya parang di chief justice.

  • PinoyDude

    CJ Corona made his point. Mr Drilon and the other legislators should follow suit. 

    Disclose your assets and if this honorable Congress put up those documents so that the public can access it!

    Kung wala kayong ginagawang anomalya bakit kayo nag-aalinglangan!.  

    • michael_angelo

      Punta ka na sa MEDICAL CITY, Sweldo na raw…

      • PinoyDude

        You can shove it  michael_angelo! I don’t deal with a low life like you. You got your blinders on. All of them are just as guilty!

      • michael_angelo

        wow high life ka ba? yabang mo, parang katulad ka talaga ng BOSS mo…

        I am the Chief Justice of the Philippines- Goodbye hahaha

        kaso lang nalock down ang Senate,,, balik with wheel chair na…hahaha

      • PinoyDude


      • SimounIbarra

        All of them “might” be guilty, but this is not a trial for everyone. It’s called “Corona Impeachment Trial”. The main topic here is Renato Corona, not everyone. 

      • Baritone

         tama dinaman kasi pweding isabay sa impeachment yung panghahamon nya..pinapaikot lang ganon din ayaw talaga nyang sabihin sa publiko ang totoo.for short DUWAG AT GUILTY.

      • AllaMo

        Bugok, kampon nang bulok!

    • AllaMo

      Lmfao! E, bakit tumalilis at biglang nag may I hospital(sic) yung panginoon mong magsisiwalat at haharap nang buong tapang sa lahat?! Hahahahahahaha!

  • marco

    mga kongresista na pumirma at si drilon ayan maglabasn na ng mga dollar accounts pati peso magkakalaman na kung sino talaga ang tunay na magnanakaw..malamang maraming kongresista na kampi kay abnoy pati si drilon na isa din ganid at butangero

    • pinklace88

      yan lang ba pinaghandaan maigi ng idolo mong si Corona, try harder.. di talaga bumenta, kahit sa showbiz hindi rin papasa, kakahiyang Chief Justice ito…

      • AmBoy24

        akala mo lang iyan kalatang.mas marami na ang naliwanagan sa totoong mga paliwanag ni corona sa mga akusasyon sa kanya.

      • ernie

         oo nga . corona’s explanation was as clear as mud. nya ha ha

      • AllaMo


    • AllaMo


  • Jef

    Immediately issue a HDO to the Chief Justice including his family…..ala Gloria ang labas nyan…..

  • marco

    unahin si buntangerong tupas kung san galing ang kanyang salapi sa mansion nya sa pork barrel ba tupas sopas ? 

    drilon ano handa ka ba sa hamon? ngayon bakit d ka magsalita..malamng sasabhn mo hindi iakw ang nasasakdal kaya bakit iakw aaksyon? PALUSOT ka pa

    • michael_angelo

      Hoy andun na mga kasama mo sa MEDICAL CITY, collection na habang humihinga pa…

    • AmBoy24

      kung ako kay pork drilon at ang 188 na tongresista ay tatanggapin ko ang hamon ni corona to finally put the last nail on his coffin.ang problema ay takot din silang lahat dahil puro mga kawatan din ang mga iyan.

      • AllaMo


      • Baritone

         bright kasi si drilon,ang mag sign yung BOBO LANG! ano ka ipahamak mo yung sarili mo.i think its not wise idea.

    • AllaMo


    • Baritone

       di mo alam kon saan galing pera ni tups,e di sa parlor

  • alville60

    Puedeng maki sign tayong lahat sa waiver na gusto ni Corona> Lets go on with it para we can proceed with the exanmination of his bank accounts

    • RiverHorse

      if he does not appear today, the waiver will no longer be needed. he will be found guilty, removed from office (and hopefully dis-barred), indicted, and the wheels of justice will turn, this time against him his boss. justice will be avenged and the millions of dollars kept by corona, his boss arroyo, and their cohorts will be returned to the taxpayers. =)

  • pinklace88

    the way corona conducts himself in front of the senator judges.. name calling, finger pointing, maligning a dead relative of his wife, exposing himself as the most honest creature on earth… clearly shows & reflects his true colour… read between the lines… the talk he did were just words coming from a professional liar. sobrang tipid? sobrang simple. hindi maluho??? hahahaha simple nga ang posh condos, million dollar accounts.. simplen dumiskarte kamo… SINUNGALING!

    • Baritone

       i agree,simple lang kung talagang malinis sya at walang tinatago,dapat dina nya pinatagal,sabihin lang natin para maka prepare siya one month is enough..bat pinatagal anong purpose,,sinungaling nga.

  • farmerpo

    Conduct unbecoming….. 

  • peanutgallery123

    Hindi naman pinagbabawal ng batas na magipon ng dollars o magkaroon ng dollar accounts- maski magkaano. Ang tanong sa iyo CJ ay kung ginawa mo yung tamang prosseso sa SALN?
    Pinapaikot ikot mo na naman yung mga mamayang Pilipino.

    CJ -Your time for fooling everyone is at an end. Certainly your logic is skewed and your accountability is gone. You should not have taken the CJ job in the first place.  

  • malaguena1940

    What a drama. A simple intake of a glass of orange juice would have elevated his blood sugar and he knows that. Gusto lang ang drama. Paiyakiyak pa. Dapat nanga alisan na sa pwesto. Mayroon bang Chief Justice na ganito ang kalidad? Harapin mu ang charges sa yu at hindi yuong kung ano ano ang pinagsasabi mu na wala namang relasion sa kaso mu. Dala na ang Pilipinas sa manga pakulong ganyan.Kada kada pag nabubuko kayo, karamdaman nang katwan ang dindahilan.

    • michael_angelo

      sana injection sya ng MAGIC SUGAR

      • rick

        pre natawa ako sa comment mo talaga hahahahaha

    • nero1090

       Correct, but the drama is not limited to Corona’s testimony. This entire proceedings has been a farce, engaging more in wild and unsubstantiated speculation than actual facts. It is more like a witch hunt than a proper impeachment trial, and reflects very poorly on the system.

      • AllaMo


    • AmBoy24

      ang tanga mo talaga.hindi ba kaya siya nasa IC ay hinarap na niya ang kaso.o,ano pa naman ang gusto ninyong mangyari.isiniwalat na niya ang lahat.puro kayo mga gunggong at anong akala ninyo kay corona hindi nasasaktan sa mga pinaggagawa ng gobyerno sa kanya.

      • ernie

         hoi ikaw ang mangmang …at supot pa tulad ng idol mo na tatakbuhin !

      • AmBoy24

        hoy ratbu,punta ka sa palasyo at sumama ka na sa iba pang mga alipores ni panot na sumisinghot sa butas ng wetpu ni abnoy.

      • gerrkits

        ano ang pinagsasabi mo na humarap cya sa kaso, humarap nga pero puro kasinungalingan at pangbababoy at pangbabastos ang ipinakita nya, cya ay isang bogado dapat hindi alegasyon lang ang pnagsasabi nya kundi maglabas cya ng mga ibedencya na panguntra nya sa mga caso na binato sa kanya.
        Ganyan na ba kabobo c corona at ang mga bayaran at uto uto  na  kagaya mo  heheh 

      • RiverHorse

        you call that stunt “facing the music?” yung sinasabi mong isiniwalat nya puro hearsay at conjecture kaya nga may “contiuing objection” yung prosecution. ikaw ang tatanungin ko: akala mo ba senate lang binastos nya sa ginawa nya kahapon? pati office at position nya binastos nya. wala na syang credibility, sinira pa nya reputation nya lalo. talagang unfit sya as chief justice. dapat ma-disbar pa nga sya.

  • nero1090

    Corona has used the oldest trick in the world – offering to come clean as long as everyone else does the same. No doubt, there will never be 188 signed waiver forms available. But, what is more important in this instance, is the fact that providing privilege in respect of foreign currency accounts completely flies in the face of transparency requirements. What is the point of having to disclose Peso accounts but not foreign currency accounts? None! The government needs to go back to the drawing board on this issue.

    • RiverHorse

      the senate is going to revisit the foreign currency deposit act and revise it to be in line with the AMLA. from the court journal, it is also apparent that the SALN would have a clause as well either authorizing the OMB to dig to the bottom or instructing the government official/employee to give a full disclosure.

  • Royal_Flush

    Akala ko ba “WALANG KAKABAKABA.” Yun pala di na makakakain dahil sa nerbiyos at takot. Mahirap talagang magsinungaling, tj, anoh?

  • mikerocky

    See how lawyers like Cuevas, too old and seasoned even, have the propensity to tell lies just to save their clients. It is very coinvenient to claim hypoglycemia considering Ato Corona’s age and weight. But was there a glucometer reading performed? I’m sure there is one in the Senate Clinic for certainly a number of senators, past and present, likewise have a degree of diabetes for it is common especially for old people. But lo and behold, hypoglycemia diagnosis based on wobbly knees, impaired vision, weakening, chest pain, difficulty of breathing, WITHOUT GLUCOMETER READING, AND ALL BASED ON THE SAY SO OF ATO CORONA. Come on, you cannot fool the people all the time ATO! 

    • AmBoy24

      ang tanga mo.without the aid of glucometer,it is easy to diagnose hypoglycemia.he being diabetic,and under pressure and tenseful moment,the blood sugar will definitely drop.huwag ka ng magmarunong at bobo ka naman,engot.

      • George

         Amboy, you are also super tanga. It was his chronic heart condition idiot!

      • AmBoy24

        buti na lang at tanga ako.hindi kagaya mo na super moron.hehehe…

      • wyl5326

        contact me then at yahoo with same handle name for the bet and  see if you are serious with my challenge. I’m no gambler so I don’t need the proceeds and reason why condition for all proceeds goes to Red Cross to remove selfish motive ! Let’s see how brave you really are Amboy, US-based male nurse kuno !

      • AmBoy24

        ungas….all the symptoms presented by him is typical hypoglycemia.

      • AllaMo

        Yung symptoms na biglang tayo, at lakad nang tumatalilis. At, ni walang bahid nang pagkahilo? Ahh, siguro ikaw yung hilo. Hello…

      • AmBoy24

        kaya siguro ikaw ay bobo at tanga kasi kalatang ka.

  • kulittwit

    “We have cracked the code.” – defense


  • Luthmar

    Lady doctor, you just contradicted your father’s statement the night before he took the witness
    stand.(“Very nervous and very anxious.”)  He said, “I have no fear, walang kakaba-kaba.”

    You are a doctor, you should have suggested to your father to bring some sugar boosting food in case of necessity.  Your father also knew that he would be delivering such lengthy statement.  Why didn’t he prepare for it?

    All the excuses to cover up for the very embarrassing attitude of a chief justice.

  • Carlo Santuico


  • prangka

    Ano Drilon and 189 congressmen? You want to find out the truth? Gasgas na yun “we are not in trial here”. It is about Unveiling the Hypocrisy in Philippine Politics. Let us see who is clean and who is not. I have this feeling only Pacquiao would remain standing – breaking records again for winning the 9th division by knock out. This is your chance – may waiver na! Ano sabi sa isang religious book – the man who has not sin should cast the first stone? before your removed the speck of your brother’s eye removed you muta first.

    • AllaMo


    • rick

      kaya nga inimpeached kasi nga para maumpisahan ni pnoy ang anti corruption drive niya na pinipigilan ni corona. wag kang magalala kasi pag nagcorrupt ang mga congressman at mahuli sila tyak kakasuhan ni pnoy ang mga iyan. first thing first di pwedeng pagsabayin lahat yan..

    • gerrkits

      The condition of corona is very stupid and irrational, if that will be applied,then who (congressmen) will be in the future are willing to impeached impeachable individuals? of course they will not take the risk less they themselves will be impeached by the one impeached. It is just like a criminal telling to his jury that they can only convict him if all members of the jury are innocent of such crime.  

  • jeepneydr

    Good move Corona, you must be student of American football,  they say  the best Defense is a good Offense. LOL and if nothing else works fake an injury.

    • Leg

      ..fake, fabricated evidence by noytards — di kailangan mag-taka bakit fake, pro-china/communist eh..

  • Nic Legaspi

    This could be a way for us to hit 190 birds with one stone! Let everyone sign his respective waiver so we can finally root out corruption in our system! This should be a practice for all public officials.

    • AllaMo


    • gerrkits

      The condition of corona is very stupid and irrational, if that will be applied,then who (congressmen) will be in the future are willing to impeached impeachable individuals? of course they will not take the risk less they themselves will be impeached by the one impeached. It is just like a criminal telling to his jury that they can only convict him if all members of the jury are innocent of such crime.  

  • Spartan Ismagul

    Sino ang sumulat ng script?  Ang galing sana ng character-building, bokya naman sa ending. I-fire and sumulat!

    Muntik na ako mapaniwala ng mag-sign sya ng waiver, pero may twist pala.  SARDINAS talaga!

    • justice_for_the_people

      Probably from the same script writer who wrote the script for GMA.

      • Spartan Ismagul

        No good.  Di dapat pamarisan (i hire pala)

  • cliff_castillo

    Is this arrogant statement coming from Corona, “And now the Chief Justice of the Philippines wishes to be excused”  from a sick man?

    He made a fool of the IC and yet Brenda, Jinggoy, Macoy Jr., Enrile, etc. didn’t even ask that Corona be cited for contempt.  How pathetic.

    • justice_for_the_people

      And now the Chief Justice of the Philippines wishes to be excused” from what I saw he was still reading this. If he was actually asking to be excuse. He should at least look JPE and inform or ask him on this matter or tell him.

      • Coty

         ha ha he must have forgotten that way back in the grade school we always say; Ma’am/Sir may i go out! because he must have been absent when this was taught in school! good manners and right conduct, Sire CJ!

    • cogito728sum

      No Cliff, it was not from a sick man.  It was from an arrogant pathetic individual overtaken by guilt and, ashamed of himself, cannot face his fellowman.  Even in the face of disgrace, he won’t relinquish his hold to power hence, the “and now the Chief Justice of the Philippines…” a conscious assertion of his pathological belief that he’s superior to everyone. His leaving the Court, without the permission of its presiding officer, mind you without even a simple glance thereto, was a reinforcement of this self-delusion.  When he said:  “my conscience is clear, I have done nothing wrong,” my mind was flashing back to the time of Marcos, another neurosis of great proportion.  His favourite defense for his wrongdoings was no different than Corona’s, “show me the evidence, my conscience is clear.”  But even when evidence stares them in the face, they refuse to acknowledge them.  To do so would be contradictory to their psychological makeup.

      The failure of those who support Corona to cite him for contempt is a sad sign of our two-tiered legal and social order.  If you’re a small fly, you’re an easy victim of the spider’s web but not if you’re a huge shark who needs a much stronger dragnet to snare.  This is the nature of our laws.  The nature of our social order for far too long.  It has to change.

      My plea to you is not to generalize these senators.  For all we know, what Corona did was the eye opener they need to clear up their minds when the day of reckoning comes.  Hopefully, for the sake of the country’s stability, that day is nigh.  Good luck to you!

    • Coty

       “and now the Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines wishes to be excused”, let me translate that: (c’mon d*****s, cut the c**p, i’ve been wasting a lot of my time with you guys, i’ve got better things to do, see you later alligator, in a while crocodile)

  • quirinomayer

    The document Corona signed yesterday was not a WAIVER. It was a WEVER. It does not work unless others sign it.

    It appears that Enrile is not buying this diabetes attack bit. Seems he certain that Corona does not only want to submit to cross examination thus the ultimatum for him to appear today or else.

    I could hardly wait for 2 PM.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Guilty kasi kaya pati buong katawan niya hindi pumapayag sa kasinungalingan niya. Ang taong marumi ang konsensiya nagkakasakit dahil self-inflicted ito. 

  • justice_for_the_people

    If he was truly low on sugar in the court there and then he would have began shaking like he was shock. He would have needed help to be brought out of the court room and also then ad there he would need a piece of candy or something with high sugar level to help him just to stand up.  He didn’t show these sign and instead was strong and very fast moving. How come I can say he is lying? We have a neighbor who forgot to take the candy whenever his sugar level went down. He begin to shake and seem weaken. we ask what happen, he could respond. We contact his family and immediately they come to his aid. They open his mouth and put a piece of stork menthol candy in and after a few minute he was ok again.

  • Isa

    Sayang yung ginawa in CJ Corona. Akala ko na magkaro-on na ang Pilipinas a MORAL REVOLUTION under HIS LEADERSHIP with all our congressmen, senators, and eventually the president, department secretaries, undersecretaries, bureau directors, etc. signing waivers to open their bank accounts, peso and dollar, to the public.

    BLUFF LANG PALA NI CORONA! Sayang!!! Cororna could have easily become our future President! Now, has he lost everything?

    Not at all. The 188 congressmen and Senator Drilon should take up the challenge. SIGN THE WAIVER! This is the least that they can do for the Filipino people, after spending millions on this impeachment. And then explicitly, by law, include all foreign exchange accounts, not just $$$, in their SALNs, making them TAXABLE . This shoUld, once and for all, remove this LEGISLATED SAFE HAVEN FOR ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH OF PUBLIC OFFICIALS and societies’ CRIMINALS! 

    Our national students should spearhead a national movement to make this happen using the social media. UP, UST, Santo Tomas U, La Salle U students, WHERE ARE YOU???  PASUC students should mobilize regional and local students to support the national students. YOU HAVE THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY IN YOUR HANDS. PASS THIS TO YOUR FRIENDS.
    Valencia City, Bukidnon

  • AllaMo

    A witness making demands?! Worse, holding the whole process and nation hostage to his whims! CONTEMPTIBLE in capitals!! Chief douche-bag, indeed.

    • Simon Ward

      I agree, and since it had already been established that this “opening statement” was to be treated as part of the CJ’s testimony, and that the prosecution would be allowed cross examination – but only at a later time, over their objections – I think Enrile should be held in contempt for allowing the CJ to carry on so long. The second he began to issue the challenge to sign the waiver, Enrile should have cut him off.

      Don’t get me wrong – I’d love to see 189 waivers! But Enrile should never have allowed the challenge. Did he know it was coming??

      • AllaMo

        enrile has always been adroit at being able to, in the vernacular, mamangka sa dalawang ilog. He is also a compleat Machiavellian, so I would not put anything past him. Still, a pox on renato corona’s supreme perfidy.

  • fugeee

    ikaw ang nasasakdal dito, dramatic thief justice…hindi sila…ambobo ahaha

  • anu12345

    “Cuevas said that Corona suffered from hypoglycemia—a spell of
    dizziness—as a result of his diabetes. “I assure the court there is no
    intention to violate nor to degrade this court. I take it upon myself,
    your honor.”

    Mang Apen, sa age mo dapat wala ng lies. Hindi ka ba sinabihan ni manalo? Panoorin mo ang video ng exit ni crown. His shook hand of one person and his family also walked with him. Nang matiklo saka bumalik a la jocjoc. Kung gusto mo kaming maniwala, kailangang maniwala rin kami kay Santa para consistent. Naaawa ako sa iyo dahil sabi mo pro bono kayo ‘tapos ganyan ang nangyari.  O kaalam kayong defense sa panloloko sa bayan na opening remarks lang iyon?

  • rick

    kalokohan po pinagsasabi niyo justice cuevas puro kasinungalingan at palusot po. hypoglycemia my ass….eh kung ganun po ang condition niya bakit di siya nagprepare na magdala ng pampataas ng sugar po niya. or bakit di siya nagrequest at bakit papalabas na po siya ng senado. eh si secretary gonzales nga nuon binigyan lang ng saging nag normalize na ang sugar  niya noon. wag namang masayadong gawing mga tanga ang mga filipino justice cuevas…

  • Mangku Kulam

    Naramdaman lang ni Corona na walang Gustong maniwala sa mga pinagsasasabi nyang puro kasinungalingan, kaya nambastos nalang sya. Buti pa si Meceditas Gutierrez sitting pretty nalang sa kanila…

  • quphal

    para bang sinabi magpapakamatay ako pero dapat sumunod din yung 188. very obvious na ginagawa nyang moro-moro ang IC upang magkaroon ng mistrial.

  • Loggnat

    Fool me once, shame on you!
    Fool me twice, shame on me!

    You might be able to fool anybody sometime,
    But you cannot fool everybody all the time.

  • jau73

    Waiver, why not? Drilon and 188 tongressman should sign kung walang tinatago.

  • Khaye

    Si Corona ang linilitis hindi ang 188 congressman. Kung sa waiver e di mag waive din ng rights ang mga congressman pagkatapos  ng impeachment, pero sa ngayon ang UNCONDITIONAL waiver ni Corona muna ang dapat gawin!

    • prangka

      Pag natapos ang paglilitis, hindi gagawin ng mga congressman at ni Drilon ang waiver. Tiyak yun. Kaya hinahamon niya ng sabayan. Hindi natatakot si Corona ipakita. Ngayon ang tanong ay sila din kaya ay matapang?

  • Simplifier

    Why challenge anybody if you don’t have any secret in foreign and peso account>> The peso account was entrusted to his name>>> he should declare it in SALN kasi nasa pangalan niya>>> I admire CJ Corona but walkout issue shows disrespect to the impeachment court.

    • anony mous

      You admire? WFT? I’m ashamed of him! 

  • joanne

    pirma na lang lahat sa waiver.. yan naman gusto ng sambayanan. lets see kung sino ang nagsisinungaling . 

  • pololoy

    nag waiver nga kuno pero tinago din sa kanyang folder… tsk tsk 

    kung wala kang kasalanan, bakit kailangan mo pang mang damay ang ibang tao na sigurado ka namang tatanggi ang mga yon dahil di naman sila ang nasasakdal sa impeachment court?… di ba natural lang sa nasasakdal na ilahad lahat para patunayan na wala kang kasalanan?

    ngayon, tungkol sa mga tina-challenge mo, they will have their time in court if you have anything against them… or they will have their time with the voters come election time kung meron nga silang katiwalian…

    pero bilang chief justice, dapat alam mo yon.. ikaw ang number one na abogado sa buong bansa… 

    pero itong ginawa mo pinapagulo mo lang ang usapan para malihis sa kasong iyong ikinakaharap… ginawa mo yan sa ombudsman at doon sa mga nag file ng complain sa ombudsman… you made the challenge for them to testify before you testify at kinagat ang challenge mo… 

    tapos, gagawin mo na naman ulit? lumalabas na mukhang ikaw ang spoiled brat eh or a humongous bully.. 

    • m1600

      Pati si PNOY dapat isinama nya din hindi lang si DRILLION at yung 186 na CONGRESSMAN hahahaha…. this is getting better makikita na yung mga nagtatago at nagpapayaman sa GOBYERNO if this people signatory and DRILLON have balls show what you got. 

      Pnaka maganda yung mga KOMUNISTA sa gabinete ni PNOY hawak siya sa LEEG! HAHAHAHHA.

    • pololoy

      in that case, yer ener…

      you are not even fit to be a member of the lupon ng tagapamayapa sa inyong barangay, yer ener…

  • Homer Guo

    waaa larong bata. sige nga, papakita ko pero pakita mo rin….waaaaaaa

  • m1600

    Pati si PNOY dapat isinama nya din hindi lang si DRILLION at yung 186 na CONGRESSMAN hahahaha…. this is getting better makikita na yung mga nagtatago at nagpapayaman sa GOBYERNO if this people signatory and DRILLON have balls show what you got. Pnaka maganda yung mga KOMUNISTA sa gabinete ni PNOY hawak siya sa LEEG! HAHAHAHHA.


  • 2rey3

    Palusot and hypoglycemia claim ni CJ based on the video dahil ako mismo ay diabetic and I know how to be low in blood sugar.. Ang heart attack claim ng grupo ni CJ even if true, many will noy beleive this after seeing the fake hypoglyemia attack from the video. Maganda na sana yong waiver na pinirmahan niya at pag imbita sa mga senators and congresmen to do the same, nayari pa. But the CJ in order to show his sincerity can still submit his waiver to the agencies he mentioned and for sure the people will demand the same from the other officials. BAYANI PA SIYA!!!



  • prangka

    Nakakatawa na nakakainis kasi. Since time immemorial pa natin naririnig how corrupt congress was pero ni isa walang na impeach. And yet ang supreme court, thru the initiation of the president, sa kauna unahang pagkakataon minsan lang natin narinig may corrupt sa SC ay buong puwersa binato sa kanila. Kaya paano ka hindi maghihinala na walang ill-motive si Pnoy? Kaalyado niya mga congressman na kilalang corrupt kahit noon high school pa ako.pero eto pa ang kasangga niya laban sa corrupt?  Kaya hindi maalis alis ang hinala na may kinalaman talaga eto sa hacienda luisita. Di ba pag sinabing buwaya kaagaad mga congressman ang pumapasok sa isip natin? Kung totoong seryoso si Pnoy dapat inuna niya ang impression tumatak sa isipan natin na ang mga congress ay buwaya. dapat yun ang una niyang inupakan. 

  • 19arafol25

    sana may mag reclamo sa 188 at kay drilon pra kikilos agad si morales at makita agad ang mga tinago nila,,,matagal na kc alam ng tao na ang mga buwaya ay nsa tonggresso


    isa lang ang napatunayan ni corona. na lahat ng mga nanunungkulan sa ating gobyerno ay magnanakaw. kapag siya ay naparusahan lahat sila ay dapat ring parusahan. mababakante ang mga pwesto sa ating gobyerno.

    dapat sigurong mag handa na ako ng aking resume.  ok na sa ako sa PAGCOR.

    ikaw saan mo gusto? hahaha

  • seeyoupao

    moment of truth, everyone should sign the waiver, magkaalaman na! pare pareho lang kayo. i’m partially agree with CJ, law applies to everyone, sa harap ng mga pilipino ilabas lahat ang asset ng mga politiko!

  • Matambaka

    Bilang Pilipino, ako rin ay gustong malaman ang mga SALN at MGa Bank Accounts nila Peso man o Dollar.

    Please  Sen . Drilon…SIGN the WAIVER NOW!!!!!! Hinihintay naming mga Pilipino ang pirma mo..

    At sa 188 na Kongressman..kahit sa nasa Prosecutor lang ,ok na sa akin..unahan ni Tupas,Umali,Quimbo,Banal,Bag-ao,Angara  at Tanada…

    Hinihintay naming mga Pilipino ang pirma ng matapos na ito..

    Wag na ninyong i delay!!!

    • Marko

       Trapo rin ba si Drilon? may alam ba si CJ kay Drilon, kaya gusto nya rin isama?

  • goodguy

    It is very clear that our cj is not clean, why signed a waiver with pre-condition? It means you are
    hiding something? In the first place he knows that those congressman will not agree so he is very bold to challenge them. But I believed the chief justice will not return to the witness stand anymore coz of what happened yesterday, he may either resign or issue some statements to save face.

    • anony mous

      I hope he will not resign, right after wasting our time! I just wish he would just KILL himself, he is a big disgrace to our country!

      • Marko

         Reyes did that, but he redeemed himself by taking his life…

  • managaha

    Just by using common sense and simple reasoning, most, if not all, of those in government are dishonest and corrupt. Since the 188 congressmen were the first ones to cast the stone, it is now their turn to show and prove their holier than thou attitude and honesty, including the senator-judges. Surely, they also have hidden wealth somewhere and if they refuse to sign the waiver, then voters should be wiser and more careful next election. 

  • -XO-

    The CJ is trying to make new law – that no one can be prosecuted unless everyone is prosecuted.      Or, if you will, that no Judge can be impeached until all legislators open themselves to a similar liability.  

    He fails to recognize that Judges are subject to higher ethical and moral standards, for Judges stand in a more direct relationship with the general public, and thus can be more readily corrupted. 


    • KpTUL

      Do you seriously believe that the 188 or so congressmen dont have dollar accounts ? Aside from being corrupt it is a well established fact that they are stashing millions in dolaar accounts . Now, why only convict Corona ? You are such a stu**d guy ! Your techers have failed you, you should go and insult them (assuming you went to school )

    • Peter L

      “He who has no sin, let him cast the first stone.” We are all Christians and that is what Jesus said!

      • Marko

         We’re not all Christians… please be sensitive enough.


    to show transparency and truthfulness more so finally close this trial and see the real picture of the financial standing of corona why not all the 188 including drilon sign the waiver since they are public officials and the peole demand they too be transparent in their financials records to see how correct and true are their SALNs. corona’s challenge is not only simple but accountable to all the prosecution congressmens and sen. drilon to us!!

  • taga_labas

    Magandang hamon sa mga 188 tcongressmen.  Kaya lang si Corona po ang naka sakdal.  Sa 2013 halalan pa mahuhusgahan kung maiboboto mga yan o hindi.   So now pa lang isapubliko na rin ang SALN ng mga mayors, govs, congs para malaman kung nagpayaman nga sila o hindi.  Kadalasan po sa amin ay namumulubi ang mga konsehales dahil ultimong sahod nila ay napapunta sa mga napakaraming nanghihingi ng tulong.  Pero mayor, hehehe, ibang usapan na yan….congressman pa kaya.  

  • quphal

    success ang script ni thief justice! may mga sumasakay sa kanyang ploy. delaying tactics na naman. biruin mo, sya ang nasasakdal sya ang nagbibigay ng mga kondisyon. kaya yung mga nakademanda dyan sa kasong murder, kidnapping, rape, etc.,mag-isip na kayo ng gusto nyong kundisyon.

    • Domingo

      mabuti pa nga siguro. tutal me precedent na di ba? puede pala gawin sa husgado yun! tutal wala naman pala kaso kahit bastusin mo mga judge he he he

  • Russell Ariola

    …. ” he maintained that he had only four dollar accounts and three peso accounts.”…

    …..” He said he did not declare the dollar accounts in his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN)…. ”

    Hahahaaa… GUILTY! Ang linaw ng sinabi ni THIEF JU$TICE.

    Joker Arroyo, Miriam Santiago, Bongbong Marcos, Manny Villar atbp…. Anong say nyo?

    • Coty

       ha ha the above honourable senator judges were clearly “INSULTED” and they pretend not to have noticed it at all! how thick! (sounds great in Tagalog!)

      • Russell Ariola

        Kaya nga eh. Tameme si Brenda. Byernes santo naman si Bongbong.. hahaha.

  • Alf2003

    CJ Corona’s Challenge to the congressmen and sen. Drilon should be the norm for all elected officials that want to “serve” the country.  the slogan “Kung walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap” is given meaning by the challenge of Corona.  Maybe that waver should also be part of the SALN of public officials and be made into a law.  


    this challenge is all about accountability and sincerity if the 188 congressmen and drilon do not up this challenge then it shows they are truly hiding something beyond their means and they don’t want us to see the real and damning financial holdings all this congressmen and senator they too are liars and deceitful in many ways not wanting to grab this challenge and finally opens the bank records of the corona!! its a simple challenge yet this congressmen and senator will surely back out because they are scared of showing how untruthful and incorrect SALNs they file for the past years they don’t want us to see and gives us the people a hard time obtaining their true SALNs in congress with so many requirements and affidavits to file just to get their SALNs!!


    a simple signature of waiver for us the people want this congressmen and senator to open their SALNs and bank records to get the real picture of their true financial standing the challenge is truly worthy to be dare to the prosecutors and senator drilon

  • F**kinMO

    Bravo, Bravo Mr Corona Dramatic exit, but get real, for this does not count until the court adjorn.
    For our peoples court in here we have seen and heard enough of you and we find you guilty. Just like your boss GMA you will suffer as the like of them will pretend medical excuse, but no, we are no fool. 

  • anony mous

    What a stupid tactic Thief Justice! You think people are stupid? Pointing fingers to others is just plain dumb, diverting the issue to others whereas this impeachment is all about him! Typical Filipino attitude. 

    You didn’t only wasted the government resources in this stupid trial, but you have bought shame to the Filipino people around the world.. Why don’t you just do the honorable thing and give the country a favor, go KILL yourself please.

    • Peter L

      Bago mo linisin ang dusing ng yong kapwa, linisin ang yong putik sa mukha..Sung by Rico Puno.

      • Russell Ariola

        Bakit? Kilala mo ba si anony mous? Nakita mo na ba sa personal? Kilala mo ba pagkatao nya?

        Si THIEF JU$TICE ayan nakalahad na lahat. Kahit sino mey karapatang magpahayag kung anong reaksyon nila dahil nasa media palagi si crown.
        Mag-isip ka naman ng konti pards.

  • Isa

    Let the MORAL REVOLUTION begin!
    Now Is the time to initiate PEOPLE POWER by the supporters of CJ Coruna, particularly by the INC believers and Monsignor Arguelles followers, to MAKE Senator Drilon and the 188 congressmen-accusers of Coruna sign the WAIVERS  distributed by CJ Coruna so as to open their peso and foreign exchange (FX) accounts to the OMBUDSWOMAN and to the general public! 
    This FX secrecy law is a LEGISLATED (the work of the Congress of the Philippines) SAFE HAVEN FOR THE ILL-GOTTEN WEALTHS OF PUBLIC OFFICIALS AND CRIMINALS, local and foreign, and HAS NO PLACE IN A CHRISTIAN NATION!
    The accused, the Judiciary Branch, has thrown a BIBLICAl CHALLENGE to the Legislative and the Executive Barnches of our government which I rephrase as:  “Those who cast the first stones should be the first to show the nation that they have no sin!”
    God truly works in a mysterious way!!!
    From: Valencia City, Bukidnon

  • Peter L

    Honorable Sen Drilon and the 188 congressmen must now react and let us see what are you hiding. The accused has turned the tables on you and we are watching. The 189 must be nervous now. Pnoy, why pick only on one man? Can you open your dollar accounts too?? 

    • PinoyConcerned888

       Why corona didn’t dare Pnoy instead?panloloko ginawa ni corona sa taong bayan. Buti hindi naging effective ang tatctic nya. lalo tuloy syang nabuking

  • Coty

    ha ha the only person who must have enjoyed listening to all that “opening statement” aka “the story of my life” is the good senator who speaks English and Tagalog with a peculiar accent!  normally she would always react whenever court laws is abused or not followed but this time she was silent as a lamb when the CJ walked away from it all! have they comprehend what was the dare all about?! or they just let it be because it was the SC CJ himself and not the likes of certain Mr. Keh?!

  • Coty

    on the other hand, i like the dare of the CJ to the politicians re: the signing of the waiver to open all their bank accounts be it in PhP or USD or Euro! if they cannot or will not top this then you know and i know and we all know they are hiding something! or a lot! 

  • johndcross1

    The signing of Corono of his waiver was a stageshow.  There was no sincere intent on his part to allow the court to scrutinize his foreign account deposits.  Proof of this is:  he came with a batch of blank waiver forms for the 188 house representatives to sign and one for Senator Drillon.  His promise to explain everything “punto por punto” was just a ploy to appease the people but in reality he lied.  Once again, this man do not deserve to continue as chief justice for the simple reason that he is dishonest. Now the pro-Corona senators will declare that dishonesty does not rise to an impeachable offense. The people will strongly disagree with your contention!

    What happened to our most arrogant Senator Santiago? Your beloved chief justice disrespected your court! Why are you so quiet. You lambasted Harvey Keh who was just trying to protect the people. Shame on you! I hope someday you will have a heart attack for your contemptous character!

  • Peter L

    The Philippines is a Christian country. Cory Aquino and her family are devoted Catholics. Jesus said, “He who has no sin, let him cast the first stone.” Sen Drilon, show us you have no sin. How about your mansion that was published in the newspaper? Mr Neil Tupas, how about the corruption of your family in Iloilo? Your father was suspended by the court for corruption yet Pnoy appointed him as an administrator recently. Pnoy, what about your womanizing? Taking advantage of Filipino women is not the Matuwid na daan! 

  • Lone Ranger

    What the thief justice was saying was for government officials to convert their peso bank accts to dollar accts because the foreign currency deposit act supersedes the constitutional provision re SALN. Only a thief in a chief justice robe would do that.

  • kilabot

    aquino-cojuangco = landgrabber; vindictive;
    morales               = closet prostitute; liar and deceiver;
    basa brother        = swapang and a fugitive from justice;
    189 prostis          = cowards for not accepting the waiver challenge;

    everything has been explained. there is nothing more to prove. rest the case. acquit the cj. people go back to daily business of living. govt face multitude of problems and find solutions.

    moral lesson: it does not pay to defy the rule of law.

    scorecard (fight: hli, impeach, 2013elect);
      rule of law       1W  0L;
      rule of yellow   0W  1L;

    • Russell Ariola

      “Basa brothers- swapang ang fugitive from justice ”

      Talaga lang?? Hahahaaa..

      KILABOT ka nga sa KATANGAHAN.

    • Marko

       May alam ka ba tungkol sa mga taong ito or nabasa mo lang? Bakit ka ganyan? Sorry naiinis ako sa nag mamagaling, well may karapatan kang sabihin ang nais, pero nakaka inis eh… wala ka namang proof daig mo yun prosecution. pweh!

    • maypakialamako

      mga kampon ni sa ta nas

  • pinoyyouth

    SC was quite wrong in walking out of Senate Hall after his 3 hrs speech. It could be a disrespectful act toward a co-equal branch of government – the Senate. But still, i am convinced that he his right in calling all his accusers to come in clean hands. We all wanted a “matuwid na daan”, di ba dapat magsimula ito sa gobyerno – once you have proven that you are clean, then you have all the right to accuse anyone whom might corrupting our purse. It is not a question of who is in trial, the question is “as government officials, are you honest and not corrupt”. If not, para lang itong rigodon, aalisin natin ang isang corrupt, para palitan ng isa pang corrupt.

  • teraytaray

    bakit si Drilon lang at yung 188 complainants? bakit hindi lahat ng members of Congress at Senators? dahil ba natatakot si Corona na baka magalit sa kanya ang mga kakampi nyang Senator-Judges? pati na rin yung mga members ng SC isama din nya. hindi lang kalooban mo Corona ang bulok, pati style mo bulok din!


    up the dare and challenge of corona once and for all sign the waivers by the 188 congressmen and sen. drilon show us your true sincerity and truthfulness that you are not hdiding something to us the people has the right to know we have the mandate to show how clean are all \this public officials how correct and truthfully filled up corrects SALNs we want this challenge be finally be fulfilled so as this trial be finally close by opening all the bank records of the coronas as well as the 188 congressmen and sen. drilon too!!


    if they the 188 congressmen and sen. drilon do not voluntarily sign the waiver then it shows they are guilty for corruption and perjury for not telling the true financial standing of each 188 congressmen and sen. drilon. 


    sign the waiver 188 congressmen and sen. drilon so we can open the bank records of corona too and close this trial once and for all 


    what the 188 congressmen and drilon got to lose if they sign the waiver huh?? since they say they are sincere and truthful in the mandate as a public official not hiding anything from the public so why not sign the waiver!!!

    • Marko

       Not all of them are either clean nor trapo

    • tweakthor

      with respect po for your opinion…

      The 188 congressmen and Sen. Drilon will lose their PRIVACY … which as a citizen 
      one must value. Believe it or not, many people will not divulge their accounts not because they got rich from nefarious activities, but because they value their privacy. And many people will reveal their accounts when required by courts, willingly without resorting to cheap tricks.

      They are not the ones on trial and it is a cheap trick ….. ipapakita ko kung ipapakita ninyo.  This challenge is often often employed by crooks and those who want to evade spilling out the truth.  Masyadong obvious ang motive behind this which is … mangdamay ng iba.  Alam ni CJ na there will be many who will not want to show their accounts for reasons of privacy …. so nangdamay sya in the form of a challenge para makalusot.

      Parang similar yan sa – hihinto ako (mambabae …maninigarilyo … maglalasing etc.) kung hihinto lahat. Imposibleng hihinto lahat.  

      • Chacha

        imposibleng hihinto ang lahat? bat imposible? ksi bisyo, my tinatago den mga yan.. hndi nmn cguro c cj mghahamon kung yan nga yan alam nyang wla syang mkukuha sa dare.  im not pro cj, but i guess it something good.  Set our country free from all these burdens dahil sa corruption ng mga nka upo jan.  Kung gus2 ng administrasyon linisin ang gobyerno sa katiwalian, DO IT! Perfect timing ang hamon na yan sa layunin ng Pnoy administration.

      • jean Estil

        Privacy? As a public official they are expecting privacy? Kung wala silang itinatago they will accept the challenge. It’s all political. The Filipino people wanted the truth not only from the Chief Justice but also from our politicians. Ayaw ba ninyong malantad ang katiwali-an? Minority leader of the House of Representatives Danilo Suarez declared that they will also sign if needed. It is a good start para malinis ang gobyerno. Dapat ipakita ng mga accusers that they are serious in their campaign for ‘Daang Matuwid’. Let us not be selective.

  • tweakthor

    Si Miriam sobrang tahimik….. kahit ang ginawa ni CJ ay puro chismiss….story of my life…. believe it or not style …. take it or leave it.  I was expecting Miriam to castigate the CJ for filling the impeachment court with chismiss rather than facts to deter what the prosecution had already presented.  But she was so deafeningly silent. Kung ang prosecution ang nagpresent ng ganyan … namura na sila hangang timbuktoooo!!!!  Kanino kaya sya boboto?? … obvious ba?

    • Pepsky


    • prangka

      HIndi mo siguro narinig o nabasa ang sinabi ni Enrile. Hindi papayagan ni Enrile na babastusin si CJ. SIya ay igagalang at ibibigay ang respeto bilang isang punong mahistrado. Understand?????

  • James Rams

    of course !!!  no one of these 188 congressmen and this fat senator will ever sign a waiver . obviously

    • maypakialamako

      sino ba ang on trial? si corona o sina drillon at ang 188 congressmen? tapusin muna nila itong kay corona! and fyi di impeachable ang mga senator at congressmen, mukha kasing di mo alam…

      • Chacha

        e mgka alaman na. di lng nmn impeachment trial meron.  hanap naten truth, sa lahat ng ginawa ng lahat na umupo sa gobyerno, highest to lowest wlang mgandang nangyari, kung meron mn a handful lng. nagbabayad tayo pra pagsilbihan nla tayo, tpos problema lng pla lalo.  Unearth na nila lahat.   

    • Alajero

      …why not…if they have nothing to hide…they would sign…the chief justice WILL! … why won’t they?

      • Pepsky


      • Alajero

        …usually you make this deal with the other party’s lawyer..isn’t it..?
        …the offer is not to the judge…but, to the prosecution…!

      • jurbinsky77

        And corruption will go unabated. Not even the court can check it because you can insist that the fiscal or any body should first be tried before investigation can start.

        This is like “usapang bata”.

  • nolipunzalan

    Mr. Corona is unfit!!!

    • Marko

       yes he’s very fat.

      • maypakialamako

         and fat-face! ang kapal ng mukha!

      • Peter

         Yeah you three are a bunch of FAT, UGLY STUPID FAGGOTS!!!  I hope you just disappear, at ng mabawasan ang mga tangang pilipino na napapaikot ni baklang PENOY

  • Alajero

    …in the interest of truth…all the other 189 must sign their own waiver…so the truth be known….this is a noble gesture…and the 189 should oblige…
    …let us make this trial worthwhile of our time…we, might as well answer…who do we trust…who is the …TRUE EVIL…!

    • maypakialamako

      desperado na talaga ang mga supporter ng corruption! ang mga arguements walang sense!

      • Alajero

        …there is no denying this is a righteous gesture…all the 189 should sign…need volunteer from Sen Enrile’s staff to get the congressmen’s signature…so the trial can move on…this is URGENT!!!

      • Pepsky


      • Alajero

        …see the thing in this…CJ Corona does not have to sign the waiver…but, he is willing to do it..on one simple condition…this is a rare opportunity to know the truth…and what is all needed is the signature of the 189 on their own waiver…

      • Chacha

        In addition, d dare is in tune with the layunin of our el presidente.  Kung wlang kurap wlang mhirap.  Bka e2 na yung sagot sa mtgal ng pnalangin naten.  Im no pro 2 anyone.  But this is good, i cant wait after 10 yrs to read my kids history books hahaha.. ano kya ending?

      • Alajero

        …you are right chacha…this is the best that could happen..this alone would make it all worth it…who really have unexplained wealth? … who is the TRUE EVIL…walang corrupt na mahirap…di ba? …or, did I mess it up?…

      • James


      • Michael

        move on?????how can?????the chief justice is in the hospital after doing  such a bad move in the impeachment court….and why that you only need 189 to sign??why not all government official???

      • Alajero

        …i am only looking for one…and i’ll be happy…i just want to see one brave soul…from the prosecution…and of course Frank D who is one of them…except he is sitting as judge also…

      • tsugtsug

        mababa rin ba blood sugar mo?  you seem to suffer the same mental condition as corona, hehehe.  sayang hindi ikaw ang nasa trial, siguro mas mahusay ka umarte kaysa kay corona, ano pare?

      • Alajero

        ….we need a hero from the 189 who will sign first…the question who will do it first…?  let’s show CJ Corona…you are there for the haul…come and get him…SIGN UP!!!

  • Chacha

    good move yan, extract the bad! pro dpat sama nla sa mga e o obliged c madam GMA.

  • magpakatotoo

    kung wala syang itinatago bakit kailangan pang hamunin ang ibang kongresista para ilabas ang kanyang pinirmahan na waiver.. 

  • Chacha

    hirap nmn eextract ang truth.  tama na yang trial na yan. di yan aamin. Oblige na lng clang lahat magdonate na milyon milyon sa mga charitable institution, cguraduhin lng mkarating sa indigents! patayo ng skols na libre as in LIBRE! 

  • aSwedishguy

    That “you sign i sign ” just show he had no intentions to open his accounts, just to try to gain points on NOTHING

    What kind of Lawman is he? and as Drilon say it is PATHETIC

    • jdhdl

      I heard yesterday when Drilon was asked by DOS por DOS sa radyo if he has any dollar account.   Hehehe…  as expected he didn’t answer the question directly… he said that he filed everything sa kanyang SALN,  he mentioned that its Corona who’s in trial and not him.   

  • JohnDoeGB

    “He who have not sinned, cast the first stone.” A very striking quote from the Bible. The stone has already been cast. Now, they demanded the CJ to bare open. What fairness can CJ expect when everyone and everything have ganged up on him? Even the Filipino people have already judged him.

    Now, he challenged everyone who pushed the Articles of Impeachment to bare open with him to be scrutinized as well. I join the CJ of his challenge. It is an abuse to our constitution and legal system that one only accuses the person and put him into a trial yet no investigation had been conducted nor evidences been sourced beforehand. It is an abuse that one accuses the other and vilify him in public, deceiving people to cast doubt and pre-judge him of being an evil, yet the accusers themselves may be guilty of the same or even vile and bereft of good intentions.

    I call upon the 188 congressmen and 1 senator to sign the waiver. Being a voter, being a Filipino citizen, I also need to know.


      they are not on trial. He is.

      • JohnDoeGB

        For a real statesmen that these congressman and senator should be, they ought to bare and waive their privacy as people like me needs to know. Even PNoy must support the call if he is true to his call that “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap.”

        They don’t need to be in a trial if they are really true with their intentions and are indeed weeding out someone that is corrupt who does not belong to their kind. I believe that is the essence of the Bible quote. And then, those found to be tainted, must be weeded out. Such practice will change the psyche of the Filipino politicians that one should be clean in words and in deed when joining public service. And one should be clean in words and in deed when accusing someone of wrong doing. When you are accusing someone of a wrong doing and you are doing the same, it doesn’t change the equation. There is no good at all that comes out of it. You would only see mud slinging. After all, it is only the absolute good that can topple the evil.

      • Peter

         Finally someone who makes sense in this entire comments list!!!

        It is not an excuse to just say that the congressmen are not on trial.  They’re all public servants, the same as the CJ.  If they truly do not have anything to hide, then they should be able to sign that waiver and bare all as the CJ is willing to do.

        But we all know, that these 188 congressmen and Senator Drilon will never sign that waiver. Cause they are all damnably corrupt!!! Signing a impeachment complaint without even reading it! 

        With the CJ’s challenge he has proved that he has nothing to hide. GO CJ!

      • eric

        It’s not exactly a proof that he has nothing to hide. What he did was challenge others to “dare expose me and you risk exposing your own crimes”. As pathetic and corrupt our politicians are, their signing of any similar waiver as that of Corona’s will and should in no way affect the truth in Corona’s case. Remember that what we are seeking is the truth in a court of law. The truth doesn’t change but the verdict does as it could be swayed to favor the accused or the other way around. What he did was to challenge the politicians so-called innocence. Corona’s action may affect how the judges’ final ruling but it will not change the fact whether Corona had really committed corruption or not.

  • Elbino

    Low blood sugar can be easily fixed by drinking half a glass of orange juice. Done. All he’s doing is disrespecting the Impeachment Court because he thinks he is above them by setting a condition for the release or waiver of his dollar account instead of following the order of the (impeachment) court. He thinks he is not a CJ but JC (Jesus Christ). He wants only those who has no sin to judge him.

    • cruel168

      yes correct ka brad, pati kalbaryo ni cristo ginamit nya.

  • red_kfb

    hahay. balik na sa witness stand corona.

  • Ian

    Why did he only challenged those who are againts him, the challenge should be to all para po umasenso naman tayo.

  • bride tobe

    SIGN the Efn WAIVER!!!!

  • superlucky2

    Dapat lahat na tonggressmen and senatong ay mag sign ng waiver. Dapat pantay-pantay . Wag nila i single-out si CJ Corona. Sa totoo lang lahat sila hindinag declare ng totoo sa SALN. Kahit maliit na bata alam yan.

    • cruel168

      pabor ako dyan, Pagkatapos ng boss mo ma convict, mag file ka ng reklamo sa mga tonggressmen na balimbing.

    • Chester

      si CJ kasi ang nasasakdal kaya dapat siya muna ang sumagot. sana sagutin niya muna lahat ng paratang sa kanya para matapos na. para malaman na natin katotohanan. huwag muna magturo ng magturo. sa isang korte, pinapakita at inilalabas lamang ay yung may kinalaman sa kaso lamang. sana alam niya yun kasi CJ siya.

    • Lelet Puno

      nang mahuli ang aming kapitbahay na nagnakaw ay sinabi niya sa pulis na “hulihin din ninyo yong kaibigan ko  sa kabila dahil magnanakaw din yon. bakit ako lang ang hinuhuli ninyo? bias kayo ano?

  • Vin4862

    Napanoood ko dati si Sen. Lacson ay may matagal ng proposal na ganito sa lahat ng elected officials at mga asawa nila na mag sign ng waiver pati mga cabinet members pero di pumasa sa congress at senate. Siguro alam nyo na ang sagot.

  • Lelet Puno

    wag ka na mandamay corona.  their (congressmen) time will come. una-una lang.. ikaw yong akusado ngayon…..

    you are wise. kaya mong paikutin ang mundo and your supporters are buying all what you said…

    • Peter

       Weh, kasama ka lang sa mga tangang naniniwala sa bobo nyong panot na pangulo.  Hamon ng hamon, wala naman palang mga bayag iyang mga congressman at iyong baboy nyong senador. 

      Ang lalakas ng loob nyong ilabas ng isang tao ang lahat ng impormasyon tungkol sa sarili nya, pero kayo hindi nyo kayang gawin. 

      Palusot pa kayo movement 188 and senator Drilon.  Kaya hindi nawawala iyang mga corrupt na iyan eh dahil sa mga bobong pilipino na tulad mo na, ang daling paikotin!

      • jurbinsky77

        Hoy bastos, pasalamat ka at hindi ka pinapatulan. You only hurl verbal abuse behind that curtain of anonimity. The President has an IQ that is high enough to allow him to assume and exercise the functions of the presidency. Presidents and prime ministers of other countries have come and go, senators and congressmen of the opposition parties – they criticize the President but never anybody has mentioned about lack of intelligence, cowardice or moral bankruptcy.

        Kung sa panahon ni Marcos, pati tatay mo ihahagis sa pintuan ng bahay ninyong  wala ng buhay.

      • tsugtsug

        salaula ang pagkatao ng mga tulad mo.  kung hindi mo presidente si NOYNOY eh pwede ka ng lumayas at duon ka na lang singapore o sa japan kaya.  kaso rejected ka sigurado dahil bawal duon ang mga bobo.

    • c7cinbox

      korek na korek ka dyan. palusot na lang ! baka nga naman umubra . . .

  • Isa

    What CJ Corona did with his challenge to the 188 congressmen-accusers and Sen. Drilon for them to sign WAIVERS with him to allow the Ombudswoman access to their peso and dollar accounts was to EXPOSE the UNWILLINGNESS of these same politicians to do the very thing that they are demanding of him. The succeeding days proved him to be RIGHT! None has shown any willingness to sign the waiver.
    The foreign exhange secrecy law  was LEGISLATED by Congress. Congress CREATED this  legal wall making their  foreign currency bank accounts SAFE HAVENS FOR  THE ILL-GOTTEN WEALTHS OF OUR PUBLIC OFFICIALS, including for themselves, and for CRIMINALS, local and foreign! 
    What CJ Coruna, by his challenge, has shown is that THE ACCUSED AND THE ACCUSERS ARE OF THE SAME KIND!!!  God help this nation!
    From:  Valencia City, Bukidnon

    • TotoyKalentong

      Nope, it was a Presidential Decree of Marcos, Congress didn’t bother to amend it. 

  • quphal

    ang hina mo namang mahistrado mr corona! nag-set ka na rin lang ng kundisyon (impossible as it is) hindi mo pa nilubos-lubos. malay mo patulan yan ng IC. sana ang kundisyon mo: bubuksan mo ang $ acct mo kung magre-resign si Pnoy at ikaw ang iluluklok na pangulo…FOR LIFE! LOL

  • billygunn23


  • reyAragon

    Several weeks ago, Corona promised us that “in due time” he will disclose all  information regarding his dollar and peso accounts. After a lapse of 2 weeks, he promised again that this would happen “next week”. Adding more assurance that these accounts indeed will be divulged, he went media-hopping announcing this to all  from one television and radio station to another and at press cons everywhere. And so we waited. Never in his pronouncements, however, did he mention that this disclosure would be conditional. And suddenly, surprise of all surprises, he tells us he cannot do it unless 188 congressmen and Sen. Drilon disclose theirs. What a fool!

  • Barak_O

    bwa ha ha ha ha ha

    draft waiver = joke waiver

    thief midnight is pwned bigtime

    he needs to go abroad for checkup

  • jurbinsky77

    Corona is re-writing the laws of the land single-handedly.

  • Barak_O

    drilon will sign a waiver if miriam will first sign her waiver

    • 189COWARDS

      Hahahahhaha… no just need to have all of them to sign!!!!  All Branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

      Then Corona will have served a cause for the People!!!!  He can retire tomorrow… with that legacy!

  • Donardo Cuago


  • Regd

    “he was very nervous’? I thought atong said repeatedly walang kakaba-kaba?

  • lemon88


  • zugz

    noong pasimula pa lang ang impeachment ,binandera ni abnoy at justices sereno,at carpio yung saln nila to show (kuno) they have nothing to hide.
    ngayon hinamon  ni  cj corona itong  188 congressmen and sen drilon,  who are active participants  of the impeachment proceedings  as accusers to sign a  waiver on bank accounts. tapos eh  pu%*&ng ina ayaw ?? at gamit yung  alibi na we are not on trial here ??.now who is hiding something . HOY   MGA UL0L SIGN THE WAIVERS  PARA MALAMAN NA KUNG SINO ANG MALINIS AT NAGMAMALINIS.  

    • tsugtsug

      hindi alibi na hindi sila ang “on trial”.  it is a fact, which you don’t seem to understand.  for your own sake, please do not expose your own stupi d i t y.  mapipintasan ang nanay mo kasi nagpalaki sya ng t an ga   na   anak.  kawawa naman.

      • zugz

         ul0l  .. the challenge put every govt official on trial. palusot ka pang bayaran ni carandang. kayong mga walang yagbols at may dilaw na e-bak sa utak mabuti pang bumalik ka sa pechay ng ermats mo

  • 189COWARDS

    It is about time that ONE gets up and say to all politicians: Be Clean And Prove it!!!!

    Not 1 politician changed the Law to expose their hidden wealth…

    Only Corona now is throwing the BOMB because they put him in a position to do so!!!

    No brain Pnoy has now what he deserves: SHOW CAUSE, Mr. PRESIDENT!!!!

    • drifter

       Bro, may 3 nang pumirma. Bawasan mo na yung 189. 186 na lang

  • 189COWARDS

    From another paper… 

    Yesterday was Corona’s turn to make his own Powerpoint presentation and to expose Morales’ presentation as deceptive and false. 

    Morales is not in the Media right now, why????   SHE LIED TO THE PEOPLE, WHY????

    An Ombudsman that LIES!!!!  Wow, only in the Philippines!!!!

    • c7cinbox

      labo mo naman , friend.

  • Karabukov

    I’d say it was a brilliant move by Mr. Corona, a face-saving performance that will 1) maintain the loyalty of his followers 2) preserve his illusion of vindication 3) not give anything to the prosecutors and 4) surprise(!) put all pro-impeachment congressmen on the defensive, “I’ll show my dollar accounts if you show yours”, at least in the eyes of his followers.

    His conditions for waiving the legal secrecy of his bank accounts are a clear indication that he will not come back for cross-examination.

    In the end, he was preaching to his own choir, but that will not save him from damnation. The hardline senators on either side will maintain their positions but those who will face the electorate in the next elections will no longer have a choice but to vote “guilty”.

    • 189COWARDS

      You wrote it man….

      “…His conditions for waiving the legal secrecy…”

      It is the LAW: not one has to disclose his Foreign Currency Accounts at Banks.  Legal Secrecy!!!!  That is good for eveyone, including the Pres, all congressmen, Senators, Secretaries… you and me!!!!

      Thus these Bank Accounts don’t need to be included in their SALNs… AND THIS IS THE JOKE!!!  So all corrupted guys just need to get their brown envelops full of Foreign Currencies and BINGO, Secret!!!!!

      • Karabukov

        Not if you consider that:
        1) Foreign Currency Accounts are assets and therefore must be included in any declaration of SALN.
        2) The SALN includes a waiver that purportedly allows a government watchdog such as the ombudsman to look into the individual filer’s assets, liabilities and net worth.

        Cuevas’ contention that the waiver allows inquiry only on what’s declared in the SALN is exactly what you’re saying. It’s a JOKE and the JOKE is on us.

  • tsugtsug

    me natira pa pala sa mga na-withdraw ni corona.  naglabasan na kasi mga bayarang bloggers, hehehe.

  • Tado

    epektibo ang diversionary tactics nitong si thief justice sa mga taong tanga! kita mo e di yung mga ungas dito e ginagawa nang issue yung challenge ni corona sa 189 officials, e di ngayon para sa mga ungas na tagahanga ni corona lumalabas na nasa spot light ay yung 189 officials at hindi si corona, yung 189 officials na pala ang nasasalang sa issue na ito, buti na lang hindi lahat ng tao tanga at sana wag madala sa mga palusot ng depensa lalong lalo na dito sa kurakot na corona na ito, dadating din ang oras mo corona, malapit na malapit na!

  • Uncle Sam

    better give the thief justice a bottle of poison

  • zugz

    tsk tsk calling the  189 cowards PLS SIGN THE WAIVER  .YES  SIGN THE WAIVER . now na  . ang hindi pumirma  SUPOT !! HAHAHA

    • Baritone

      alam mo mga bright yan sila 188+1,BOBO lang ang piperma.ano ka ipahamak mo sarili mo,TANGA.

      • zugz

        haha  isa ka sa mga SUPOT   haha

  • R

    Sign the waiver now, all of you in government…or get out of government.

    Dollars deposited in banks abroad can not be looked into. These have to be scrutinized as well.  By signing the waiver, these bank accounts abroad can be looked into.


  • wilfel

    You’re the one under INVESTIGATION and not the other. So sign your waiver without condition.

  • Mananandata69

    Dapat lang mag sign sa waiver para malantad na ang balanse ng mga senador at kongressman.
    It might be disastrous or against the law  but necessary so the people may know. If these congressmen and senators were honest, nothing to be afraid of. If they will not signed, it means they are having several bank accounts with huge balances.

  • tonto_ka

    Reposted from Ellen Tordesillas.


    Romeo Solina wrote me to dispute
    Corona’s statement that they do not employ a house help.

    I’m publishing this so that the
    Coronas can counter-dispute, if they want to.

    Here’s what Corona said: “Simpleng buhay at tahanan lamang—hindi
    man kami gumagamit ng aircon sapagka’t napakadali po naming magkasakit sa
    lamig. Simpleng pagkain lamang ang kinakain namin sa bahay, at sa maniwala “po
    kayo at sa hindi, kami po ay walang katulong sa bahay.

    At, iyan ang sinasabi kong katotohan
    sa inyo. Ganoon kasimple po ang aming pamumuhay na paminsan-minsan lamang na
    may dumadating na naglilinis ng aming bahay o nagplaplantsa ng aming damit. “

    Here’s a portion of Solina’s letter:
    “We have a ‘katulong’
    with us for several years now. We took her after she worked with the Coronas.
    That was when Corona was still working with then President Arroyo. She said she
    was supposed to work in the canteen being run by Mrs. Corona near a school in
    Vito Cruz, but had to stay in the residence of the Coronas. She committed a
    blunder – by spilling something on a guest and was berated by Corona himself –
    and she had to resign.

    “When I heard Corona’s statement ‘wala
    kaming katulong’ (to impress the public that he lives simply) I
    asked Tess, our own katulong what the situation was several years ago. She said
    that while she was assigned to serve at the canteen, there were three maids for
    the household – a cook, a laundress, and a cleaner. All of them slept in the
    house, but were not allowed much free time.”

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