Lim lashes back at Isko Moreno, Estrada: Attacks come from ‘trapos’

Ex-President taking jeep, allies, ‘aparador’ in move to Manila home today


Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim finally broke his silence and answered the issues hurled against him by his vice mayor and the camp of his apparent rival in the 2013 elections, former President Joseph Estrada.

In a statement yesterday, Lim dismissed the complaints against him as mere lies and muckraking typically coming from trapos (traditional politicians).

Lim, a former Manila police chief, began his counterattack on the eve of what the Estrada camp called his “official transfer” to his Manila residence at 589 Mangga Ave. in Altura, Sta Mesa.

An advisory from Estrada’s media group yesterday said he will lead a convoy this morning from his home on Polk Street, North Greenhills, San Juan, to the Sta. Mesa property that he bought from the Legarda family.

The roadshow promises to be vintage Erap. Estrada, a former movie star, will drive the “Jeep Ni Erap” vehicle used in previous election campaigns, said his media officer, Ferdie Ramos.

The convoy will include vehicles for Estrada’s allies in Manila, as well as a truck for some furniture and personal effects, like an aparador (cabinet), as added symbolism for the change of residence, Ramos told the Inquirer.

Estrada’s move was evidently timed to meet the one-year residency requirement for local electoral candidates. The 75-year-old politician, however, has only dropped hints and telling gestures—like his recent gift-giving activities on Lim’s turf—and has yet make an official announcement whether he will challenge Lim, 82.

In 2008, Mayor Lim, then head of Estrada’s party Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino, had a falling-out with the ex-President after the latter denounced as “inhuman” the manner by which a councilor was bodily carried out of a family-owned slaughterhouse that was to be taken over by the city.

“Stop discrediting me because that’s what traditional politicians do. It’s only natural that if we act, people get affected. That’s about it, we cannot satisfy everybody,” Lim said yesterday.

The mayor cited the rationale behind some of his decisions that were now being questioned by Vice Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso, such as the recent layoff of city hall workers and the nondisbursement of salaries and financial aid to employees like teachers and  policemen.

Domagoso cited these issues as among the reasons why he and 28 other councilors decided to join Estrada’s party for the 2013 polls.

Lim said he was simply complying with a Commission on Audit memorandum issued in March stating that the city government had overpaid P1.1 billion in salaries in 2011.

He said he was advised by COA to freeze hiring and reduce temporary and casual employees, including researchers and consultants in all offices, including his own.

As to the financial assistance, Lim also cited a COA memo issued two years ago which stopped the disbursement for purportedly being tantamount to “double compensation.”

“They (my critics) make me look like a cruel person … [but] I can’t question COA orders. I have to follow them or I will face charges. This is obviously an attempt to discredit me,” he said in Filipino.

Lim also reacted to media statements recently made by Estrada, who took a swipe at the mayor for supposedly having done nothing of significance to improve Manila.

“If I’ve done nothing, how come we have six public hospitals and even free college education?” Lim said, adding that more high-rise buildings had sprouted in Manila since his administration took over in 2007. With a report from Ann Clariz Yap

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  • charlie_oscar

    Mayor Lim is Major Major Martyr of anti korupsi dito?  no…no Idon thinkso!

  • asdafaa qwesda

    “He said he was advised by COA to freeze hiring and reduce temporary and casual employees, including researchers and consultants in all offices, including his own.”

    Hahaha most if not all these people are just a bunch of incompetent nincompoops who are only their due to political connections. They are only capable of extorting money from businesses and have zero contribution to society.

    Galit lang si vice mayor kasi nawalan ng trabaho ang mga walang silbing supporters nya.

    • MonMayuga

      Tama po kayo dyan, asdafaa qwesda.

  • hustlergalore

    wow! ang galing ni convicted plunderer, erap! wala na bang squatter sa san juan nung umalis siya?

  • hustlergalore

    si isko a. last na balita ko dito. chummy pa sila ni lim.

    teka, magkano ba ang designer turncoats ngayon. nagmahal ba?


  • downapots

    Mayor Lim had the most valuable projects in manila out of all the other mayors before him,he built 5 out of the six hospitals in the 6 districts of Manila,he built school buildings and day care centers,he built health centers and a lot more.Thinking and smart manilenos will definitely vote for him,me and my family will definitely vote for him.Erap is an ousted plunderer with nothing better to do,he should permanently retire from politics.Isko is a stupid balimbing,he has proven nothing and yet he acts like he has been an outstanding leader!stupid actors!

  • spider69

    wala bang maglakas loob na payuhan o advise itong si Erap para magpahinga na lang sa bahay. Siguro isa sa mga anak ni Erap ay ayaw na siyang kumandidato pero matigas ang ulo kaya siya parin ang nasunod. dating president now mayor,,,,wowwwww. Si Mayor Lim ay OK na sana. Marami siyang nagawa sa Manila. Kaya lang nasira siya ng tinanggap niya ang first price ng sweepsteak. during that time he is conducting invistigation about the anomaly sa Philippine Charity Sweepsteak office. tapos tumama siya ng first price. dapat tinanggap niya at he donate the money sa charity rin upang hindi mabahiran ng kulay ang pagtama niya.

    • Martin

      Ang una mong ipagpahinga ay si Enrile na higit na mas matanda kay Erap.

      • white scorpion

        kay enrile na ako. kung si erap lang.

    • Allan

      pareho nung sa good morning, president, a korean movie na yung presidente ay nangako na ibibigay nya lahat ang mapapanalunan sa lotto. when he learned he won, he did give away the prize money.

  • Azkal

    erap mangangapitbahay dahil kulang sa kanila ang san juan…puro nakapwesto pero sila lang ang umasenso. tatanga-tanga kasi ang pilipino…

    • popeyee

      Maghahanap pa raw si Erap ng iba pang lugar para kay Jude at Jackie…

  • Modie

    Just passed by Escolta the other day and was appalled at what I saw! Some buildings were closed and most are dilapidated. Gone are the stores most frequented by the socialites and the VIP’s.  Escolta was the most revered street of Manila before but to see it at its current pitiful state would clearly be the fault of the government

    • Juan_Mapalad

      @Modie S:  I don’t know if you just got out of a “cryo state” or have long been out of the country but the socialites and VIPs you’re pertaining to have long been out of Escolta since the late 1980s and 1990s…  Buildings have been left to rot because Makati and Ortigas became the business centers of Metro Manila… Now we also have Eastwood City and The Fort as hang-outs for socialites and VIPs alike… fyi

  • Homer Guo

    if isko wants to carry his campaign on the platform of “kasi ganito ang ginawa ni Lim”  hndi sya mananalo. wala syang pinagkaiba sa mga trapo na sinisisi lahat sa predecessor pero wala namang plataporma na malinaw how to address these problems.  give us manilans a clear platform of governance and we’ll listen to you.

    • usapan2

      ang hirap kasi, karamihan ng mga pilipino ay hindi alam kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng plataporma kya hindi nila alam kung gaano ito ka-importante sa pagpili ng isang kandidato.  kahit ako ay hindi ko rin alam dati ang ibig sabihin ng plataporma, pero ilang taon na akong bumoboto noon.

  • FernandoBusi

    Pag binto ng mga taga Manila si Erap o si Lim ang bobobo na talaga ng mga tao dito. Maghanap kayo ng bata bata di yang mga sinungaling na gurang.

  • Martin

    Erap may not be perfect but what he hates most are people who benefited from him and then betrayed him.  But still, Erap is always ready to forgive if the person who wronged him reconciles with him.  Lim did not.

    • Loggnat

       Estrada should have been permanently barred from holding any government office. Any individual who votes for a known and convicted plunderer is a fool and is doing a great disservice to the country. Absolute pardon does not mean the crime he was convicted did not happen and nobody should be given an absolute pardon if convicted of a crime. Any pardon must come with conditions and that condition should be to deny the pardoned the opportunity to commit the same crime that he was convicted on.

    • indiosbravos2002

      I dont agree with you. Erap does not forgive nor forget. Remember what happened to Gordon after Erap took the reigns of malacanang. First business of the day, get rid of his enemies. Gordon did not last a month and was booted out of SBMA. All because Gordon had a beef with Estrada.

    • kolambogan

      Erap may be rich and and famous and a former govt official, but he was also a person of loose morals, by shaming his legal family, quasi legalizing by his own accord the status of his keridas, kabit and mistresses, making them pseudo-respectable, pampered with all the attention, riches and amenities only he can provide in the eye of the public who cannot do anything about it, moreso his blind followers and believers.. So what else to do? since Erap is the quintessential head of many families he ruled like a martial law administrator the equivalent of a selda mayor in prison., Loi had to accept all the other sister wives, and Jinggoy had to aknowledge all his half brothers and sister as if all borne by Loi. This is the house of Joseph

      Erap” Ejercito/Estrada a convuluted menagerie of people that evolved out of fantasyland invading to rule Erap style, the real world of poverty, misery and criminality. So going to your point, apart from the above stated Erap was also an ex-convict, a plunderer, a liar, etc., while Lim inspite of all the charges against him was never a convict, instead a nemesis of wrong-doers. The charges against him were either all dismiised or dropped in open-trials and to this day has no personal record his friends and family would be ashamed of, and still remained to his calling an officer of the law, anyone in his position probably including you, could not be persuaded to ask for forgiveness to an ex-convict as a matter of delicadeza or respect of oneself. Erap is portraying himself ala Robin-hood, but Robin Hood risk his life in his pursuit and only had maid Marian for his lady love, and in that regards alone he could never be like Robin Hood, besides, it was easy to give when what the likes of him gave were peoples’ money, like Imelda distributing cakes to the poor once in awhile while robbing them dry, their children, and their childrens’ children their future and dignity, that’s why they run for public office again and again to enrich themselves and have perpetual control of all the resources of government for their own family and not for the citizenry as what they wont to advertise and accepted by the easily fooled people who believed in all their lies, looks and publicities.

  • disqus_F7NxgCOapC

    Erap dapat tumakbo na lang Barangay Chairman sa San Juan, yon ang bakante sa pamilya niya

  • Fool_Of_Mercy

    tumakbo na lang kung gusto, bat kailangan pang manira?

  • Edwin

    sa susunod..quezon city naman ang pupuntahan ng kaanak ni erap..mukhang sosolohin nila ang metro manila

  • MonMayuga

    It may have been possible that some local officials have hired superfluous employees to satisfy supporters whose help they needed during elections. It may also have been possible that many government employees have been receiving double, or even triple compensations to the detriment of the government. We have seen that many officials of government-owned or controlled corporations (GOCCs) had been receiving too much perks, bonuses and allowances as President Aquino reported in his first state of the nation address (SONA). 

    These unnecessary expenditures have got to stop. Mayor Lim is correct in following the orders of COA.

    • white scorpion

       i agree.

      • MonMayuga

        Thank you.

  • Richard

    Mabuhay si Erap at sana hindi namatay ang mga hostages kung si ERAP ang mayor ng maynila noon

  • Benjamin

    dapat nasa munti si plunder boy at hinde sa manila city hall….

  • Jonas


  • Jonas


    • exterminator1

      magnanakaw na bobo pa. nakwento ng prof ko dati sa law school na naging studyante niya yan si isko at sa halos dalawang dekada niyang nagtuturo sa law school yan daw ang binigyan niya ng pinaka mababang final grade haha naka uno si loko haha. kaya lang ang highest grade sa law school ay 100 haha tapos pinagmamalaki niya dati na law student siya haha tanggal naman siya kaya lumipat ng PLM. at nun ondoy, natrap sa sofitel si kolokoy kakasugal. umuwi siyang naka taxi kasi sinangla niya un sasakyan niya hahaha

      • Juana

        is this true, esp the sofitel incident??? na-curious tuloy ako. akala ko pa naman success story si isko moreno as protege ni lim.

      • exterminator1

        haha it’s all true. ask any lawyer who came from arellano law school mga batch 2007 or 2008 kasi un ata ang mga kasabayan ni isko haha comedy yan si isko pag narinig mo mga kwento. un sa sofitel ang nagkwento samin isang prosecutor from manila din. and mind you, isko lives in ayala alabang. he wasn’t a big star when he was still in showbiz and he acquired the property when he was already with the government. not unless of course niregalo sa knya ng isang mayamang bading yun hahaha. daig pa niya si mayor lim who only lives in legazpi towers at un unit niya walang aircon! sobrang frugal at kuripot ni lim pati aircon ayaw magpakabit.

      • Xian Romualdez

        so tama pala na nagaral siya ng law?..yeah nag aral sa plm yan i think masters degree in Government Management ata..understated pala yung mga sinasabi nyang educational attainment niya..tulad nung sinabi nya nagaral siya sa HARVARD UNIVERSITY, yun pala seminar lang.hahaha nakakatawa. ngaun LEE KUAN University naman sa Singapore..anu kayang dinayo nya dun?. POKER? BLACK JACK? haha

      • exterminator1

        yup nag aral siya ng law sa arellano pero hanggang first yr lang tapos lumipat na din haha. tapos kung ipagmalaki niya dati kpag naiinterview siya kala mo nakatapos daig pa niya un mga totoong nakatapos at naging abogado. un sa harvard naman nag seminar lang yata siya sa public admin. hindi naman sa minamaliit ko ang pagkatao niya pero wala siyang karapatan na maging public official dahil mas marami pang qualified na tao kesa sa knya kahit siguro hindi nakatapos ng pag aaral. para siyang si lito atienza na saksakan din ng sinungaling. architect daw si loko pero hanggang 2nd yr lang siya sa UST. at dancer si lito atienza dati kasama siya sa salinggawi at kung hindi ako nagkakamali that’s where he met his wife.

  • Atagalong

    Estrada is not content for being an ex President of the Philippines. He wants to perpetuate control by his family Metro Manila. People are blind for voting into office all of his wives/mistresses, sons and what have you! Wake up! They are depriving the people of the Visayas and Mindanao representation in the higher echelon of the government.

  • traderdg

    Masyadong nang gahaman yang erap na iyan, hindi na nakuntento, wala na kasi siyang papel sa San Juan, binigay na niya sa ibang pamilya niya, kaya iyan, gusto na namang sakupin ang manila. tama na erap, sobra na. natalo ka kasi sa san juan noong nakaraang eleksiyon kaya ayaw mo na doon. trapo ka nga talaga, ewan ko ba bakit may mga sira ulong napapauto mo sa mga pagbabalatkayo mo. luma na rin ang mga ideya mo, mag retire ka na kasi at asikasuhin mo na lang ang mga babae mo…

  • sasama

    …ok lang cya tutal yung manila naman eh puno ng exconvicts, so why not ruled by an exconvict himself?…

  • Tang Wu

    Manila is Chinese Territory! 

  • white scorpion

    one point of concern lang erap. mga TRAPO rin yan sumama sa iyo. naghahangat din yan mga yan. alam kong alam mo rin. may mga sariling interest din sila.

  • mariaanda

    Happy days again for the Chinese tong of Erap! Those intsik are Erap’s midnight barkada. All of them have “PRESS” stickers and wang-wang as they did in San Juan.

    I’m sure Chinatown will be the center of Manila again!

  • hustlergalore

    or perhaps erap wants to take control of the binondo black market. char char lang. LOL

  • $20722540

    a convisted plundeer and pardon by GMA…mayor ng maynila???…give me a break!  wala na bang iba??? dapat magretire na yan sa Tanay uli

  • JK1000

    Masyadong marumi ang Manila……Wala bang batas na ipinapatupad ? Laging nasa kalye ang mga vendors, Marumi ang mga buildings, Kahit sa gitna ng kalsada ginawang parking lot, Pulis laging nagtatago, sidewalk hindi na magamit sa sobrang dami ng mga illegal vendors, Kapag gabi..wala kang makitang pulis na nagpa-patrol, MAGULO, MARUMI, NAGLIPA ANG MGA ADDICT, SNATCHERS, MANYAKIS at iba pa.

  • bong

    More fun in the Philippines!..nakakatawa o nakakahiya? mantakin mo kung ikukompara mo ang Pinas sa mga sikat at developed na bansa. Kunga ang isang opesyal sa mga developed na bansa ay masangkot sa controbersyal na issue gaya ng corruptions o sex scandal ay kahit hindi pa nahatulan ay nagri-resign na para mabigyan daan ang nakasunod na opesyal manungkolan at hindi bumaba ang tingin o respeto ng mga tao sa position na iyon. Sino dapat ang ihalal nila sa pinakamataas na position ay kung sino ang pinaka mataas ang edukasyon, kakayahan at moralidad. Pero sa Pinas ay kakaiba kc kung sino pa ang walang moral na sikat na babaero, sugarol at pinaka lasingo ay hinahangaan pa ng taongbayan at hinahalal pa ng taong bayan. Aasenso ba ang bayan kung ang halal nila ay puro gusto ang mga illegal, kaya ang mga illegal ay hindi matitigil? Kaso lang dahil walang tigil sa besyo sa mga pambabae niya na sabaysabay pa ipatayo ng mga mansion, gawin pa ang Malakanang na bar para tuloytuloy sa paglalasing at pagsusugal kaya napatalsik sa people’s power II. Kawawa talaga ang bayan kung ganito ang leader at nagpapauto naman ang mga ordinaryong mamayanan…

  • onip pino

    Pwede ba mamahinga na kayong dalawa!!! 6 years ni mayor lim…lalong parang naging malaking basurahan ang maynila…subukan mong puntahan nag quiapo underpass…makikipag patintero sa dami ng mga vendors na naka kalat … siguradong may nagka pera dito galing sa mga lagay ng mga vendors na iyan…punta ka naman sa avenida, sta cruz,,,halos nasa gitna na ng kalye ang mga vendors…anytime na maglakad ka doon kailangan ingatan mo ang bag mong dala at baka ikaw ay madukutan…pare, pareho lang sila ng vice mayor na si isko moreno na walang ginawa para magmukhang malinis ang maynila…at nagbabalak si erap na maging mayor…tama na…manahimik ka na…kailangan namin ang maging mayor na ang utak ay maglingkod sa mga manilenyo…hindi sa mga kaibigan mo na aaligid sa yo…naging presidente ka na…wala naman kaming napala sa yo…at ang oportunistang isko biglang nagpa uto naman sa iyo…simple lang nais namin sa maynila, isang malinis (free of garbage) at corrupt-free na pamamahala…mga manilenyo…huwag na tayong magpauto sa mga TRAPO…mag isip…magahnap na tayo ng bagong mamumuno sa maynila…tama na ang ERAP, LIM at ISKO na yan…Maiba naman!!!

    • Pepe Alas

      Alam mo, yung mga nacacalat na basurahan, illegal vendors, etc., hindi dapat palaguing isinisisi yan sa mga alcalde. Mga tao na rin ang may casalanan niyan. Ipalilinis ng municipio o city hall ang isang macalat na calzado o ilog, tapos dudumihan lang ulit ng mga tao. Tapos yung iba, matitigas talaga ang ulo. Sinabi na ngang bawal magcalat o magtinda sa isang lugar, sigue pa rin. Eh di wala ring cuenta. Dapat casi marunong ring maquisama ang mga tao sa gobierno. Pero wala, eh. Nasa mga tao rin yan. Di lahat ng sisi sa gobierno.

      • JK1000

        Tama ka diyan..

      • kunsabagay

        @weirdkat.sira ba letter K sa keyboard mo? :)

      • Pepe Alas

        Hahaha! No. I’m just using the original Tagalog orthography.

      • tabalu

        itatanong ko rin sana yun eh!

      • tabalu

        minsan kailangan din ng ganyang klaseng comment! hahaha!.

      • donvitoandolini

        @kunsabagay bihira ako matawa mag-isa pero dito nadale mo ko. 5 stars! salute!

  • Leonardof


    • pinoyako888

      …and this is the reason why our country’s progress is very slow as there are still a lot of illiterate individuals who couldn’t differentiate a moral and an amoral politicians…i believe both of them are trapos, but i prefer a trapo, like Lim, who is more righteous and conscientious…Estrada is the same person of the past with a childish and moronic attitude of “kapag di mo ako pinagbigyan, yari ka sa akin”

    • rouelcalzita

      Ganon ka nooky ang mga Filipino…

  • exterminator1

    haha the fall out of lim and erap’s friendship was due to lim’s having denied the request of erap to take over the garbage collection in manila since another company had already won the bidding.

  • Jerry

    nung tumatakbong presidente si erap sabi ng iba subukan natin ang walang ulo bakit naman daw ang sardinas walang ulo pero masarap. Hindi na sardinas si erap ngayon. Bagoong na. Luma nay maalat pa.

  • Tirador Ngbuwaya

    Batang bata yang Isko Moreno na yan, pero trapo na agad. .  Ang COA na nga ang nagpa freeze hiring sa mga empleyado, bakit hindi nya maipaliwanag yun sa mga tao. . .Pag ganyan ang gustong mamuno sa Maynila, wala ding pag unlad ang Maynila. . . sumama pa sa isang convicted plunderer, naku anu ba yan mga taga Maynila,. . . sana magising na po  kayo . . .

  • samuel

    Where you can Find A City Having two Free Universities,  ( PLM and UDM or CCM) its only in Manila, but there is more its called EARIST…. Absolutely free, would you mind to ask how many poor privileged people Finished their study and having a very high paying Job right now… I am one those lucky people… my Thanks and Gratitude is for Mayor Lim Forever… he is the real Mayor who can make the young dreams come ture……………….. 

    • James Rams

      yeah dream come true – dirty ang manila..daming pedicab.daming jeep,daming bus..traffic lagi.. yeah right dream on.

    • Bayanpanona

       “I am one those lucky people… ” DUDE, PARANG KULANG ATA NG “OF”.. Wag mo ipahiya si mayor..hehe! 

    • raymund de mesa

      i think EARIST was established during the time of Atienza??? correct me if i am wrong.

  • Stephen

    Can we have a law banning old people to run for public office? I don’t even understand a word they utter? They’re too old…this ages are pefect for retirement. PLEASE…

  • Geouy

    Please check the Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital! This hospital is in an appalling state specially the Emergency area. It’s really terrible situations. Wala man lang sabon para sa kamay manlang para sa hand washings ng both patients and the hospital workers. Once the patient is in an emergency situations and if no money to pay for the x-rays and medicine the patients would just die like an animals. Pag tinanong mo ang mga nurses kung ano ang libre doon, sasagutin kang “May libre pa ba ngayon”? I am wondering why the x-ray machines have to be on private hands? when in fact it says the X-ray machines comes from DOH. 
    When you used the toilet, which is dirty, there is no paper napkin or soap to sanitized the hands after using the toilet. But there is sign telling people to wash hands. Funny but it’s happening. 

    • Love God

      This is the sad situation. We do not have medicine or equipment in our government hospitals. We do not have arms to defend our country.

      Where is our tax money goes? We are taxed to death… Tax for our coffin. Tax for the cemetery. Even after your death you are taxed……

      STOP PORK BARREL. (No one will run for office)
      Do not elect trapos.
      Fight CORRUPTION.

  • Geouy

    Voter of Manila huwag basta-bastang maniniwala sa mga politicians. Just check around you, kung gumanda ang buhay ninyo? at kung ang mga public hospitals ay talagang for public at hindi nag babayad. Kasi pag sinabing public hospital ito ay walang bayad para sa mga pasyenteng hindi kayang mag bayad sa mga private hospital. Pero kung kayo ay gagastos dahil sa gamot or x-ray hindi po yan for public. Baka corruptions din ang nangyayari. Mga pasyente na pinabibili ng gamot ng doctor na hindi naman pala kailangan, kundi para ibinta o ibigay sa mga friends nila. Or pagkakamali ng Doctor dahil sa daming pasyente isang doctor lang ang nag aasikaso at ang mga student MD na tinatamad mag render ng service nila. Huwag na ninyong iboto yang mga politicians na nagkukunwari lang na tutulong sa mahirap.

    • Migdonio

       mali naman konsepto mo ng publi/gobernment hospital..di naman totally libre kasi kung libre papaano maka survive ang ospital?? sobra naman kayo umasa sa gobyerno baka hindi nga kayo nagbabayad ng buwis ..magsumikap kayo wag kayong tamad para may pambayad kayo sa ospital…

      • Geouy

        First hindi ako gumagamit ng government hospital! May tinulungan lang ako dahil hindi kayang mag bayad ng private hospital. I have been in a public hospital like Saudi Arabia, Canada, US and other Scandinivian public hospitals pero walang bayad ang mga patients na nag papagamot ang isang pasyente na walang pera! Also, in Morroco isa sa mahirap na bansa, pero ina-asikaso ang pasyente agad, kahit walang pera. I was shocked ng makita ko kung papano i tingnan ang mga pasyente na walang pera! I don’t compare it to John Hopkins Hospital in Boston, I was just saying na nakaka awa ang mga mahihirap na pasyente sa mga public hospital natin sa Pilipinas. I heared there lamentations ng mga mahihirap na voters.

      • leubas

        Wag kang basta basta maniniwala sa mga sinasabi mo mga “mahihirap” karamihan dyan ay mga agitators na may motibo, ang iba dyan ay mga Freeloaders, na may pang good time pero wala pampagamot, karamihan dyan ay mga baluktot ang katuwiran na pag nagkaroon ng pagkakataon ay nanakawan ka.

  • PaengSaAmerika

    Mayor Lim’s agony has just begun. Erap has enough resources to topple him next year, not to mention his popularity among the masses. Isko should not be so presumptous that he would be the next mayor in 2016. Erap, when he lost to Pnoy said he would retire in politics. Pero nasaan na ngayon? If mayor Lim is 82 now and Erap is 75, don’t you think the latter would not finish the 9-year term?

    • Air200

       then erap and gloria has no difference… they both broke their words. .. gloria says she wont run for presidency……. erap said he retire in politics….. they are but liars

  • Lila

    daming gustong “tumulong” pero iba pala ibib sabihin… tulungan kang ubaon sa kahirapan..

  • Air200

    the plan of the former president joseph estrada to run for mayor in Manila only shows greediness in power. For more than 3 decades of his life he was in pollitics. he was the former president yet he is planning to hold office in Manila as Mayor… this is all but greediness in political powers. I firmly believed that there are a lot of people who can govern manila if he doesn’t believed with mayor lim…. please take note that his son jv ejercito is officially announced as UNA’s senatorial bet, while jingoy is a current senator… what do we call for this…….. haaa….. they want to hold public office for their own fame. why not give others the chance to govern..

  • hazeleyes555

    i used to like erap,but now……pareho na sila ni gloria liars.birds of the same feather flock together.

  • hazeleyes555

    ok na yun wrong spelling ,wag lang mali mali ang tense.maybe he/she is spanish.wala kasi kaming k sa spanish alphabet.

  • Xian Romualdez

    the plan of isko moreno is concealed in this tandem. we can see by the statements rendered by the former president that isko’s agenda is to be the mayor of manila instantly. if, whether or not, Erap wins, he will still be able to hold public office. if Erap wins, he will assume the office of the mayor, if not, the office of the vice mayor. Greedy isn’t it?

  • Allan

    to isko moreno – watch out. akala mo kakampi mo si erap? this is the scenario: erap will run for manila mayor [kasi wala na syang pwesto as senator (sira lan ang boboto sa kanya)] at wala na rin syang pwesto sa san juan. assuming he wins, which i doubt very much, he will run for another term until he has destroyed isko’s image. then, pasok na ngayon ang anak nya, whoever it is to perpetuate their hold to power. do you really think mas mahal ka ni erap kaysa mga anak nya? wake up! 

    kaya isko, SERIOUSLY, think it over. if i were you, i would have stuck with lim. this is his last term and without an heir in sight, you must have been next. you blew it. 

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