Most urgent issue to Filipinos: Stop rising cost


Almost seven in every 10 adult Filipinos last month considered controlling escalating prices the most urgent national issue for which the Aquino administration received its lowest public approval rating, the latest Pulse Asia survey found.

Prices of goods and services have gone up largely as a result of a series of fuel price increases, while minimum wages have stagnated.

The survey, conducted from February 26 to March 9, also found that the least urgent of the issues the administration must address included “ensuring a fair trial for Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona” (13 percent) and “running after former and current government officials accused of graft and corruption” (12 percent).

13 national issues

The nationwide survey asked 1,200 respondents in face-to-face interviews to pick the most urgent from a list of 13 national issues provided by Pulse Asia. The survey also asked respondents to rate the administration’s performance on 11 issues.

The administration got the lowest approval rating on “controlling inflation,” with 28 percent approving its performance while 40 percent disapproving, resulting in a net approval rating (approval minus disapproval) of minus 12.

Controlling inflation was a concern of the majority of respondents across all geographic areas (64 percent to 74 percent) and socioeconomic classes (66 percent to 71 percent).

Inflation manageable

Reacting to the results of the survey, Malacañang said it had been able to come up with a “manageable” inflation environment as shown by the inflation rates in the last two months.

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda cited the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas report of April 4 that said that “year-on-year headline inflation continued to decelerate in March to 2.6 percent from 2.7 percent in February.”

“This means we are even below the government’s target inflation range of 3 to 5 percent for 2012: the March rate in fact (was) the lowest since September 2009 and the February rates were second only to Malaysia’s 2.2 inflation rate in the Southeast Asian region, out-performing even such developed countries as Singapore (4.5 percent),” Lacierda said in a statement.

He said the government remained sensitive to public sentiment on inflation and continued to make sure “that global trends do not adversely affect our people.”

“The pursuit of inclusive growth continues to be a cornerstone of our economic agenda and the public can rest assured that the administration will sustain its efforts so that no one is left behind on the straight and righteous path toward equitable progress,” Lacierda said.

Wages, corruption, jobs

Other most urgent national concerns that the Aquino administration should address include: wage increase (62 percent), fighting corruption (53 percent), job creation (53 percent) and poverty reduction (52 percent).

Of the five issues deemed most urgent, the administration’s efforts at fighting corruption got a net approval rating of 44.

This was followed by the administration’s net approval ratings on job creation (20), wage increase (15) and poverty reduction (2).

Fighting corruption was deemed urgent by those in Metro Manila and Luzon outside Manila (52 percent to 57 percent) and socioeconomic classes ABC and D (53 percent to 56 percent), according to Pulse Asia.

Wage increase was a majority concern across all geographic areas (59 to 67 percent) and socioeconomic classes (55 percent to 64 percent).

Similarly, job creation was a majority concern in all socioeconomic classes (52 percent to 54 percent) and nearly all areas (53 percent to 58 percent) except Mindanao (46 percent).

Poverty reduction

Poverty reduction, on the other hand, was identified as urgent by majorities in Metro Manila, the Visayas and Mindanao (51 percent to 55 percent) and classes D and E (52 percent to 53 percent).

Pulse Asia noted that approval and indecision ratings on some issues were practically the same, particularly on efforts to address wage increase (40 percent versus 35 percent) and job creation (41 percent versus 38 percent).

Pulse Asia also noted a split in public opinion concerning government efforts to address poverty, with 38 percent undecided, 32 percent expressing approval and 30 percent showing disapproval.

Taking the sixth to ninth spots on the list of most urgent national issues were the peace situation (39 percent), environment protection (37 percent), law enforcement for all (37 percent) and crime prevention (31 percent).

Population control

Pulse Asia said there was “less concern” on issues such as population control (22 percent); strengthening public trust in government and its officials (21 percent); ensuring the fair trial of Corona (13 percent); and running after incumbent and former government officials accused of corruption (12 percent).

Of all the issues, the administration’s efforts at fighting crime and enforcing the law got the highest approval rating of 45 for both issues (57 percent approval, 12 percent disapproval).

Peace and order

The administration also fared well in promoting peace in the country, obtaining a net approval rating of 38 (52 percent approval and 14 percent disapproval).

Pulse Asia said the performance ratings of the administration on these three issues, along with fighting corruption, remained constant between November 2011 and March 2012.

The administration’s efforts at environmental protection earned a net approval rating of 27 (46 approval, 19 percent disapproval).

Pulse Asia said a big plurality of Filipinos (42 percent) were undecided whether they approved or disapproved of the administration’s efforts at controlling population.

Significant changes

Among the significant changes in the overall performance ratings of the administration between November and March were the seven-point decline in the approval ratings on job creation and population control.

Indecision among Filipinos in rating these areas, including strengthening public trust, has also become more pronounced with an increase of 7 to 9 percentage points, according to Pulse Asia.

The noncommissioned survey has a margin of error of plus-or-minus 3 percentage points for national estimates and plus-or-minus 6 percentage points for subnational estimates, both at the 95 percent confidence level. Reports from Inquirer Research and Christine O. Avendaño

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  • EdgarEdgar

    Poor Noynoy. He came in without a plan. Now that his incompetence is so publicly exposed, no amount of damage control can save him. Better take the graceful exit now. Don’t wait until rising prices get out of control and social order breaks down. Time to go before people boo you out office.


      How? Drag P-noy out. He is clueless until now because of built up image by kamag-anak surveys.

  • farmerpo

    Controlling inflation is not something that Juan dela Cruz can easily grasp. Not even the big guns of Pulse Asia can confidently say they understand how to control inflation. Prices of consumer goods or any goods for that matter depends 100% on how much it cost to produce and sell. Salaries and wages are part of the reason for inflation as well as cost of money, profit, taxes, ads, transport,storage, etc,etc,. Controlling inflation is not an item for survey don’t you think?
    Anybody who can control inflation will be the richest man on earth, promise.

  • spearheads

    While I don’t believe in surveys, Pulse Asia says the least of people’s concerns is running against former and current corrupt officials (12 percent). What makes this confusing is that SWS and Pulse Asia are perpetually inventing/propping up PNoy’s trust rating. Yet just yesterday the truth came out from the International Monetary Fund’s mouth. So how can the people still trust this noynoying leader per SWS and Pulse Asia surveys, incredible indeed? Here’s the breaking news.

    Multilateral lender International Monetary Fund (IMF) yesterday said the Philippines would be the laggard in economic growth among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations-5 (ASEAN-5) this year and in 2013.

    Ano na mga yellowmasochists, kulang pa ang parusa sa sarili ninyo? Kulelat daw tayo kundi ninyo naiintindihan yang salitang “laggard” mga tinamaan ng “matuwid na daan.”

  • be honest

    This time I have to say kudos to PDI for ” practically ” list most if not all of the result of the survey, rather than previously just release portion of ” favorable ” results.
    I think people already realized that economy is going nowhere under this admin.
    ” Walang corruption, walang mahirap ” was and is still just a propaganda slogan.
    Lets see what Pnoy will come up at SONA this time.

  • erick_1972

     Numbers , numbers all these are nothing when there is a Filipino going hungry. Just walk the streets you would see how poor and lack of hope people go by. Can numbers be made into bread or porridge to fend a hungry mouths? These so called experts doesn’t even know what to hungry really means.They saw these wretched souls during the  campaign period then after the elections these tormented souls are just mere fragments of the forgotten past. . Hunger who gives  a ——–!

  • albert

    damage control ng pulse asia. next week, another damage control ng sws. dapat sa mindanao sila mag survey.

  • mekeni62

    we don’t need these surveys just to prove a point that this leadership is f..ked up and no amount of damage control can save Pnoy’s reputation as that of a non-performing and inutile leader. All the signs are there. The straight path is traversing down…down…down.

  • Chly Torres

    filipinos are too dumb not to notice all of these.

  • Vojie Dosdos

    Let’s not ask Pinoy to resign.  Let’s just vote wisely next time around. That is if there is a next time.

  • Night

    putcha sino inaasahan natin si PWENOY???? tangna walang mangyari diyan NOYNOYING

  • Jon

    Maybe someone can put these numbers into a PSP game.
    Because apparently, Pwehnoy hasn’t seen the figures or doesn’t want to see them.
    What else can be done for this deluded simpleton to see the damage he’s done over the past two years?
    I doubt that the paper on which the surveys are written on can feed the angry mob out to get him. 

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    PENOY ABNOY just don’t have the leadership skills! (period)

  • spearheads

    Ang dami naman kasing pagpipilian noon, yan pang autistic ang binoto. Natural ang resulta “laggard” ang Pilipinas sa lahat ng Asian countries sabi ng IMF kahapon. The yellowmasochists deserve their leader. Good riddance!

  • Vojie Dosdos

    As the “bugoy” in the kalye says: “The foolishness of the Filipino voters is now going home to their bodies!”

  • kamoteLangAngKatapatNyan

    andito na tayo sa daang matuwid…pababa nga lang. at least matuwid pa din. hahaha

  • ea81

    Bat hindi sinama yung electricity rate. Ano tingin nila sa electricity rate natin MURA!? Luzon paparating na pre-paid nyung electricity jan para daw makatipid kau. WHAT A JOKE!

  • Guest

    Sa dami naman kasi na problema sa government nalilito na si P-noy kung ano ang unahin at yung mga naatasan natutulog lang sa kangkongan. Isa sa mga importante na pangangailangan ng bayan di man lang natugunan ng government.Dapat pagsibakin na yang mga nakapwesto diyan at palitan ng mga may alam basta wag lang ang mga corrupt baka lalong lala.

  • Bert

    The survey results, whether you’re a believer or not of pals asia, a survey firm owned by pnoy’s friends and relatives, is clearly UNFAVORABLE to the noynoying president. 

    But would you wonder why it’s not in The Inquirer’s HEADLINE?

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    What is the solution to the rising cost????

    1. Impeach Corona
    2. Jail GMA
    3. get a lovelife
    4. play PSP!

    Abnoy talaga!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • jose

    The rising prices is tied to the perpetual rising cost of OIl, which are being manipulated by the unscropolous OIl Companies, Whenever there is a rise in the price of fuel the value of the peso shrinks. Every spring the price of Gas goes up, because refineries are shifting their production from heating (winter oil to summer).in anticipation of increased usage of Gasoline during the driving season. But the price of crude has not risen signicantly recently. The question why should the price  of Gasoline in the west affects the Philippines? Because the refining of oil are controlled by the muti national companinies. Regulations of the oil industry is the answser, The marketing and refining of oil should be under the contol of the government

  • James Rams

    The obsession of President Aquino to run after his perceived political enemies occupies the least concern among most Filipinos while those issues being set aside by the administration in turn are considered the most urgent:
    1. controlling inflation (68 percent), 2.increasing the pay of workers (62 percent), 3.fighting corruption in government (53 percent), 4. creating more jobs (53 percent) and 5.reducing poverty (52 percent) as national concerns that should be immediately addressed by Pnoy.

  • Bert

    Quote: The survey, conducted from February 26 to March 9, also found that THE LEAST URGENT of the issues the administration must address included “ENSURING A FAIR TRIAL FOR SC CHIEF JUSTICE RENATO CORONA” at 13 percent.

    Pnoy and his RARABOYS and girls will not like this….hehe

    • tower_of_power

      Hi Bert … on the contrary … I like it … very much in fact!!! It means … for the majority of the Filipinos … kahit hindi fair basta matanggal!!!! That is how most the Filipinos want the THIEF JUSTICE OUT!!!!

      • Bert

        i think you have the wrong interpretation of the data, hence, your liking….very much at that…hehe

      • tower_of_power

        Bert … thanks … you just made me smile …. or laugh … hahahahaha!!!

  • Anthony

    the survey results should serve as the administration’s benchmark to determine what it needs to do to make a positive impact and give the Filipino’s a better chance at improving their living conditions. Acting now and resolving them, at least one by one, is a much better way to face the Filipino people than tell us all to “deal with it”.

    Of course going after corrupt officials is equally important. the government must make sure that it puts its foot down when it comes to dealing with these abusive government officials.  but in order of priority it is not the no. 1 issue that needs to be addressed. 

  • yaptangcom

    Just a few weeks ago the Aquino Administration was gloating about last month’s exceptionally low inflation rate (3.7%). Oddly enough, the public took the news hook, line and sinker, hardly raising an eyebrow. I took the said report with a grain of salt, knowing how Malacanang spin doctors and propagandists would fudge numbers to their benefit. Now results of a survey casts aspersions on the veracity of the low inflation rate. It’s high time the government come clean on this issue.      

  • tower_of_power

    Right … that truly is the most urgent task for the govt!!! How that can be achieved?

    Remove the CHIEF JUSTICE. This the most important thing to do to have a level playing field when doing business here. We need to have an upright Chief Justice … NOT A THIEF JUSTICE!

    With a level playing field … everybody will have equal chances … this is good for businesses to thrive. With businesses doing well … more work will be generated …

    This is exactly the scenario that those opposing Pnoy are afraid to see … kaya nga puro paninira. So simple … DESTROY THE ECONOMY AND BLAME IT ON PNOY!!!!

    People of the PHILIPPINES … open your eyes … see clearly!!!

    • Bert

      “Brilliant” analysis…..remove the cj and the philippines is an economic haven….hehehe. But listen boy, if the economy is not doing well, blame not his critics but your NOYNOYING DIRECTIONLESS PNOY….He’s simply incompetent.

      • Jose

        That’s not correct either though.

        Corona doesn’t have much to do with the economy, but there’s only so much P-Noy can do with the country.  The recent price increases, for instance, are tied to global oil prices, which even Barack Obama can’t do too much about.  Then there’s the overwhelming national debt, the culture of corruption (which is going to take more than 6 years to fix), and so forth.

        I’m not saying he’s been doing a great job (he hasn’t), but blaming him for everything just makes no sense.  You don’t like the guy, fine, at least try to keep your criticisms of himrational.

      • tower_of_power

        An upright Supreme Court is one of the very important if not the most important component of govt that can provide and maintain level playing for everybody.

        BIR is another … Customs … cannot be overlooked … the Police … so on and so forth.

        Kung may kakasohan ang BIR saan ba sila tumatakbo? Yung mga mamalaking smugglers sino an last resort? Kung meron kang THIEF JUSTICE na isang sulat lang nababaligtad ang mga dati nang mga decisions ano ang mangyayari?

        Ang BIR, Customs, Police … not to forget COA ay medyo tumatakbo na ng mabuti … ang isa pang natitirang sagabal sa matuwid na daan ay ang THIEF JUSTICE ng SOLDPREME COHORTS!

  • Jose

    So, the lesson here is that whenever PulseAsia reports that people think P-Noy is doing a good job / Corona isn’t trustworthy, it MUST be lying, while if it’s anything that casts the administration in a bad light, it MUST be completely trustworthy and true, right?


    Oh, and P-Noy doesn’t have any actual control over oil prices, which I figure are the main drivers of the recent price hikes.  More stringent regulation and lifting the oil VAT would be nice, but I figure the markets are really just hoping Iran calms down again and the oil prices decrease.

    • Bert

      You can’t blame people if they are having such perception, pals asia is owned by pnoy’s pals, relatives and political donors…..

      • Jose

        I’m not ‘blaming’ people for not trusting polls.  I’m blaming people for being hypocrites, and taking polls as gospel if they support their views while attacking them as biased when they don’t.

        If you don’t trust Pulse Asia, you don’t trust Pulse Asia, PERIOD.  You don’t get to turn around and pretend it’s completely honest and apolitical when it suits you.

  • tonto_ka

    the rising cost is caused by cost-push inflation that is related to increase in oil price…DOE must make a comprehensive study how to mitigate the cost-push inflation..

    Pnoy and Corona impeachment has nothing to do with cost-push inflation.

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