Corona children should have been spared from impeachment agony



MANILA, Philippines—The family of Chief Justice Renato Corona, specially his children, should have been spared from the agony of his impeachment trial if his critics had been more “kinder, considerate and   compassionate,”  Senator Gregorio Honasan has said.

Honasan, who sits as judge in the impeachment trial of Corona,  noted  how  the  Chief Justice  seemed to  have been subjected  to a trial by  publicity to the  extent that his children have  been dragged  into the controversy.

“(We should be kinder) in terms  of our demeanor.  Ayaw ko namang nagkaka-personalan. Proseso lang ito. Bakit naman iniinis pa natin, pini-personal pa natin?”  he said in a phone interview Tuesday.

“Like what I said before, I expanded  the  presumption of innocence to presumption of honor. Bakit mo naman  sisirain ‘yong kinabukasan ng mga anak at mga apo?  Sasabihin ng mga abogado, the law is harsh but it’s the law. Kung ganoon, then let’s be straightforward about this,”   he said.

But  Corona’s  children had already been dragged into the impeachment trial when the  prosecution presented evidence before the Senate, sitting as an impeachment court,  showing  several properties in the names of his daughters, Maria  Charina Corona and  Carla Corona-Castillo.

”Had we been more compassionate, more considerate, more Christian to each other , we should have avoided  that,”  Honasan said.

If indeed some properties were in the names of  Corona’s  children,   then the senator wondered  how this could be used  to impeach the  Chief Justice.

“Hypothetical tayo. Supposed  mag-asawa kayo,  tapos na lahat ng mga anak nyo. May retirement benefits na, may mga properties ka, dinistribute sa mga anak kasi hindi mo naman madadala sa libingan. Tapos hindi pa sila self- sufficient…ikaw muna ang magbabayad ng  taxes. Is that wrong? Is that a crime? Is that impeachable?”  asked the senator.

“These are the questions that can be considered. Let’s go back in the property of the US, so pinagbibigay mo na sa mga anak mo sa US.  So that’s going to be your defense. By some legal mechanisms, you gave it to them already. Ang punto ko lang dito, these are the defense of the accused. So what’s  so criminal? What’s impeachable about that if you’re going to hinge your verdict on that?” he added.

But  Honasan quickly added, “I’m not saying I’m moving towards a certain direction in terms of the verdict. Sa dulo nito, let that be presented in open court.”

Asked  if  he saw any basis now to impeach the  Chief Justice, Honasan said, “I don’t have enough information or basis or evidence to warrant a conclusion now. I want to hear more from the defense.”

One thing is sure though, Honasan said, the world will not come to an end when  the Senate gives its verdict to  Corona.

“Whatever the verdict  is hindi naman lulubog sa dagat ang Pilipinas.  The world will not come to an end, the Philippines will not come to an end whatever the verdict is,” he stressed.

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  • EdisonGatioan

    Mr. Honasan, You missed the point, or are you trying to muddle the issue?

  • ernie

    spare the childdren ??? sana inisip ni renato ‘yun bago gumawa sya ng kabulastugan involving his family . naiintidahan mo ba yan gringotom…

    • Art M

      Hoy, hindi na mga musmos ang mga yon.  At damay na sila dito, dahil sila ay mga co-conspirators sa pagtatago ng kinamkam na nakaw na pera.

  • ethicsingov

    It’s the elder Corona, Mr CJ who had caused his family members get dragged into the impeachment issue. In his attempt to cover/disprove the allegations against him, he had mentioned his children and in-laws and that followed the leads.

    By the way, is Sen Honasan been present in the hearings? He seems confused on the issues of impeachment.

    • archangel uriel

      hindi naman katakataka kay honasan na magsalita pabor kay corona he needs INC votes nxt year plus sama pa rin loob nya kay tita cory. sana mawala na kayo sa senado nxt year gregorio.

  • c

    eto na naman si Mr. Coup-d-Etat. 

  • INQ_reader

    Just like Honasan’s comments during the impeachment trial, this is non-sense. Should we always assume that properties in the name of Corona’s children are actually theirs, and not of their father’s? It’s not anybody’s fault, but CJ’s and his wife’s, that they tried to hide properties. Therefore, the full force of the law should be thrown at them.

    In saying “…ikaw muna ang magbabayad ng  taxes..”, Honasan is implying that CJ Corona actually owns the properties of his children that were revealed during the trial. He dug the CJ deeper into trouble because the CJ should have declared them in his SALNs.

  • Mark


    1 less vote for NoyNoy Mongoloid!

    Malalagas ang buhok mo sa kakaisip kung saan mo pupulutin ang 16 votes, panot ka!

    Ikaw ang dapat i-impeach sa pag protekta mo kay Danding at ng hacienda luisita!

    • scorpio15

      Mark dakdak ka ng dakdak gawin mo at hindi sa salita.

  • Melmina

    Eh wala kasi anak si Pnoy kaya bale wala sa kanya yun

  • dikoy321

    Is Gringo AGAIN contemplating a Senate Coup de Etat, but he can’t muster enough votes because it’s his master Johnny involved, not a female (Tita Cory) so his guns are silent?  Honasan is clueless, impeachment being not about guns and killings!  Did Honasan show compassion upon the millions who suffered from the economic drawback of his violent overthrow attempts, the thousands directly affected having lost loved ones, the hundreds who died?
    Huwag na huwag nyo na iboboto ang mga katulad ni Honasan who condones WRONGDOING for as long as he benefits, directly or indirectly!
    How much was CJ Corona’s offer to you Gringo?

  • tra6Gpeche

    Bakit hindi kailangang idamay ang mga anak kung may kaugnayan ang mga anak sa ninakaw o kwestionableng depositong pesos at dolyar at mga ari-arian ng nasasakdal? Si Mr. Renato Corona mismo ang nagsasangkot sa kanyang anak na si Ms Charina Corona. Sinasabi niyang pag-aari ng kanyang anak ang mamahaling condominium sa Pilipinas at ang bahay sa Roseville, California. Kung totoo ito, bakit hindi ipakita ng kanyang anak ang kanyang 1040 o federal income tax returns na isinumite niya sa IRS. Laging sasabihin ng depensa na di nila tungkuling ipakita ito. Kung ito ang magpapatunay na hindi nagsisinungaling si Mr. Renato Corona, bakit sila matatakot sa pagsisiwalat ng katibayan? Isa pa paano makakabili ang isang Physical Therapist ng mamahaling condo at ng bahay sa Roseville, California ng halos magkasabay? Ipakita niya ang kanyang IRS federal income tax returns upang mapatotohanan niya na hindi talaga pangkaraniwan ang kinikita ng isang Physical Therapist sa Amerika at nakapakalaki talaga ang kinikita niya at mapabulaanan niya ang paratang na ipinupukol sa kanila. Wala ba siyang malasakit sa karangalan ng kanyang ama pati na ang sa kanya? Itong pananaw ni Mr. Honasan ay isang walang pagpapahalaga sa katotohanan at sa kabutihan ng kanyang bayan. Ang dapat na unang isaisip ni Mr. Honasan ay kung ano ang ikabubuti para sa bayan. Ito ang dapat niyang paglingkuran sapagkat sa gobyernong Pilipinas siya nakikinabang at ito ang dahilan kung kaya siya nabubuhay ng maayos at mariwasa.

    • patriotic_act

      I agree, look at the children of gen carlos garcia who amassed wealth from being an AFP comptroller.. his wife and 2 sons are all in hiding except for that one who lives in NY living a fabulous lifestyle using his father’s loot.. 

      • tra6Gpeche

        Minana siguro sa mga magulang ang pagiging makapal ang mukha!

      • patriotic_act

        I absolutely agree

  • limotnadibayani

    they shared in the fruits of felony, they should share the agony!

  • les21reago

    Only those that will acquit CORONA will have an END from the verdict of the people?
    Further, where JPE is HONASAN is?

  • Fred Mil

    “Hypothetical tayo. Supposed  mag-asawa kayo,  tapos na lahat ng mga
    anak nyo. May retirement benefits na, may mga properties ka,
    dinistribute sa mga anak kasi hindi mo naman madadala sa libingan. Tapos
    hindi pa sila self- sufficient…ikaw muna ang magbabayad ng  taxes. Is
    that wrong? Is that a crime? Is that impeachable?”  asked the senator.

    — Ok Hypothetical. Supposed gamitin mo muna ang utak mo at itanong sa sarili mo, paano nya na acquire ang mga pinamana nya in the first place?

  • OTapaim

    I am unsure where Sen Honasan is coming from.  The only person on impeachment trial is CJ Corona.  That some properties are in the name of the Corona children is not a reflection on the Corona children per se, but only to the possibility that CJ Corona may have been using simulated sale to misrepresent himself in his SALN declarations.  Without lending credence to any prosecution theories, one have to ask, how can somebody who did not have income have been able to buy properties?  Had these been gifts from CJ Corona, then the SALN would reflect a transfer of ownership (i.e., a reduction in assets), but CJ Corona SALNs did not show such things.  Would it be unreasonable to say that CJ Corona really hid assets using his children via simulated sale?  Whether this is true or not, it would not unreasonable.  Again, without laying any judgments, had CJ Corona had been more transparent from the get-go, then his children would remain anonymous to this day.  Sadly, CJ Corona chose to act in a manner that can be deemed shady, to say the least.

  • pinoysahongkong2012

    Senator Honasan, how can you be so naive & even mababaw mag isip?
    Dati kang sundalo so u know very well the meaning of “collateral damage.”
    Had CJ Corona not put some luxury properties under the name of his children, the latter’s names would not have been dragged in the impeachment trial.
    Pure and simple — COMMON SENSE lang yan.
    The fact that Corona desperately tried not to have his peso and dollar deposits revealed to the public, together with luxury properties, has inevitably both the prosecution and most senator judges suspicious of the real extent of his wealth.
    And if corona and his wife put some properties under the name of their children, won’t you think that this could be part of his attempts to conceal his wealth?
    Sumalosep, Senator Honasan!!
    Mag isip ka naman!!
    Daig ka pa yata ng elementary at high school students.

  • kishbuff

    Look who’s talking! Hahaha! Unbelievable Honasan! By the way, the Thief Justiis is the one to be blamed for the sufferings of his children. Nakalimutan nya na ang salitang delicadesa! Nagtatago sya sa saya ng korte suprema na akala nya e pag-aari nya!

  • tonto_ka

    it was thief justice corona who involved his children…honasan you must to direct your question to thief justice…akala ko matino ka…don’t tell the pipol that u r also same as brenda…

  • turkak

    In short. Senator Honasan is simplifying that Abnoy Panot is applying all his kawalanghiyaan  o kabuktutan against Corona and family using the corrupt 188 congressmen. This statement is  a big blow for the prosecution,  expect the damage control mode of Malacanang very soon on this press release of Gringo.

  • marjrico

    Senador ba to si Gringo. San nanggaling to?Iba yatang hearing ang napakinggan neto.

  • turkak

    For sure, Bakla Carandang and his bunch of yellow maggot bloggers will be very very mad with this statement.

    Calling all Bakling Caranding bloggers  go to your Apple Computer battle station and destroy Senator Honasan at all cost.  Mga bading attack now. ….  hehehehehehehehehe

    Umuusok ang ilong ni Baklang Carandang kay Gringo nito ngayon kahit mahal na araw papasok ang bloggers niya sa Maundy Thursday at Good Friday para mag-blog lang !!  hahahahahahaa

    Hoy mga maggots magdasal naman kayo ! Mahal na araw ngayon i-respeto niyo Diyos.

    • tony

      maggots of faggots?

      • turkak

        tony   maggots – mas bagay sa kanila yung baklang uod keda faggots.

  • Magicpips

    If you bought property and placed it under your children’s name because you really want to give it to them… is that illegal? I know of a widower guy who works hard and buys properties and puts these under his children’s name because when his wife died, he had to pay a lot in estate taxes. So now, he just puts it in his children’s name since it will all go to them anyway when he dies. Gusto niyang pamana sa mga anak niya.

    • JosephNess

      there’s no illegal to that…but be sure that the money you use will be without question, yours…

  • Rey

    OMG! I can’t believe Honasan just said that!  He should just keep his mouth shut so as not to expose his lack of basic intelligence, sense of justice and appreciation for honorable public service. 

  • turkak

    Galing talaga ni Gringo panlaban ito sa mga surveys na manipulated ng Malacanang. Senator Honasan panalo ka na ulit sa Election sigurado yan. Wala ng botante yan si Abnoy kitang kita sa EDSA Anniversary walang nakinig sa panawagan niya.

    Indication of Corona’s Acquittal train is in full speed ahead.

    • Mark

      Unless mabubuhay ulit si Cory, tapos mamamatay, wala nang boboto sa mga kandidato ng abnormal na presidente.

  • saintleonardo

    Kasalanan ni thief justice ang pagkakasangkot ng pamilya niya dahil ipinamigay niya ang ill gotten wealth sa mga ito. Sa mga RAMS member is Ungasan the leader that you are going to sacrifice your life. Naambunan lang ni little fake president itinapon na ang prinsipyo sa basurahan.

  • JosephNess

    But  Honasan quickly added, “I’m not saying I’m moving towards a certain direction in terms of the verdict. Sa dulo nito, let that be presented in open court.”

    ito po yong pinahihiwatig ninyo…..

    “Ang punto ko lang dito, these are the defense of the accused. So what’s  so criminal? What’s impeachable about that if you’re going to hinge your verdict on that?” he added.

    wala po palang impeachable offense, why continue to give false hope to the people following the impeachment proceedings, by this statements, it’s clear that the impeachment proceedings in spite of what were already shown became now moot and a waste of time…if these judges will continue to convict themselves of partiality to this case, then, there will be no truth that will come out to this case …

  • turkak

    Lahat ng shift ni Bakla Ricky Caranding will be loaded because of this statement. Bawal umabsent kailangan sirain sa internet ang statement ni Honasan at all cost.

    Heeheheheheheheheehe nataranta silang bigla ngayon hehehe ung mga naka-leave na lifted na yun pasok na ulit. Emergency situation ito para kay Bakling Caranding !!!  heheheheheh


    heheheheheeh double time  mga maggots … blog  blog blog  blog blog  hehehehehehehe



  • Bodhi_437

    Had Honasan been kinder and considerate, no innocent Filipinos died and were greatly affected when he and his group staged several coup detat in the late 80’s and early 90’s, which all failed.  The issue here Mr. Honansan is not the properties given by Corona to his children.  Why did he not declare this in his SALN is the issue?  Nasan ka during those 2-month hearing Mr. Honasan?

    • Ilonggated

      Kung walang Gringo na nagpakita ng tapang in support to Enrile during the Edsa I revolution, walang Cory na nailuklok na presidente. Kaya magpasalamat ka sa kanya if you are an Aquino fan.

      • jedawi

        kung wala yung mga ‘people power’ na humarang sa mga tangke sa EDSA patay na sina honasan at enrile isama mo na si tabako

      • JosephNess

        right bro…then these self proclaimed heroes discredited now these people whom they owed their lives to, what a very ingrate people, forgetting these selfless people whom without them, they will not be here alive today… 

      • Ilonggated

        Maybe. But they triggered the revolution. No revolution would succeed without military component of it.

      • hukom2

        Well, inunahan lang nila! Duon na papunta ang galit ng bayan nung panhon na yon… at ng magpaka HERO kuno itong mga rebeldeng ito, may nabago ba? Di ba’t tinakot nila si CORY ng katakut-takot na kudeta? Di halata na sila ang power behind the thrown. Kaya ng maupo itong si tabako, puro pagnanakaw din na legal ang inatupag at ng paiimbistagahan na ni Pres. Erep, nung si Erap na ang presidente… diba naging mentor siya ni Gloria ng EDSA 2…

        Walang dapat na ipasalamat sa kanya dahil hindi siya ang diwa ng EDSA kundi ang taong bayan! 

  • malek_abdul

    I agree with Sen. Honasan in the aspect that Corona’s children has nothing to do with the impeachment. So why drag them in? Ang kasalan ni Corona kung meron man ay hindi pwedeng ipasa sa mga anak not unless both father and children conspired to do the “crime”. But unless the IC has not proven Corona’s guilt…he is still presumed innocent so much more for his children. Allahu Akbar!!!

  • Ilonggated

    Gringo is right. He is more Christian than many of us.

    • hukom2

      Ganon? Tell it to the Marines! Hahahaha

    • indiosbravos2002

      This made me laughed big time!

  • Vito Corleone

    Of Course he’s right, But if you are a righteous public servant, why do you need all the money from corruption? to make sure that all your relatives, be it wife or children will live like a prince and princesses. And most of them just let it go. pinababayaan lang nilang maging corrupt ang tatay, nanay, kapatid, kasi naaambunan sila and one thing is alarming here the whole family is already involved in corruption. NO MORAL VALUES ANYMORE FOR MOST OF PUBLIC SERVANT.  God bless the philippines

    • Shinigami

       The question sir is if the money came from corrupt practices, from the sound of your opinion, you seem to have concluded that his money came from corrupt practices when the prosecution never proved any from their evidences, most of it are unverified and some looks like doctored. Mas magaling lang manira ang prosekusyon at ang Malacanang gamit ang media, mas bumubukaka sila sa harap ng camera kaysa harap ng korte.

  • Mark

    Alam na ng taong bayan na abnormal na tao si NoyNoy.

    Kaya walang boboto sa kanyang  mga kandidato next year.

    Unless mabubuhay ulit ang nanay niyang si Cory, then mamamatay, with matching media hype.

  • turkak

    Actually, the Good Senator is implying tapos na ang impeachment trial – acquitted na si CJ Corona. Itigil na yang kahibangan ng prosecution at amo nilang sira ulo. Itigil na din yang mga illegal acquisition ng bank records at misleading 45 properties na ebidensiya. Sawang sawa na ang bayan dyan sa mga kasinungalingan, katangahan, kabobohan ng mga prosecution. 






  • EdgarEdgar

    Abnoy on his ungentlemanly insecurities:

    Media: By picking on Mrs. Corona, you must have been accused of ungentlemanly conduct?
    Abnoy: I must say my ratings suffered precipitously after I dragged mother & daughters in.
    Media: So it’s not the higher oil prices that’s pulling you down. Why do you hate them so much?
    Abnoy: I just wanted to prove to Renato that I’m the better woman. 

    • Mark


      You’ve got to stop this, EdgarEdgar!

      I’m laughing like crazy infront of my laptop!

      My neighbors might think I am an anti-Christ for laughing out loud during a Holy Week!

      • scorpio15

        Mark, hindi mo ba alam na meron kang lahing Demonyo???

    • johnllander


  • JosephNess

    “Whatever the verdict  is hindi naman lulubog sa dagat ang Pilipinas.  The world will not come to an end, the Philippines will not come to an end whatever the verdict is,” he stressed.

    totoo yan…di lulubog ang Pilipinas…tuloy pa rin ang buhay…tuloy pa rin ang more fun in the Philippines…tuloy pa rin ang normal na takbo ng buhay…tuloy pa rin ang kurapsyon…pero…ang sigurado lang na mangyayari ay lulubog kayong mga senador kapag magkamali kayo ng binigay nyong hatol…

    • turkak

      JosephNess  sigurado lahat ng boboto ng guilty talo na yan sa election. Wala ng followers si Panot nilangaw na nga ang EDSA sa panawagan niya. Power block ngayon ay INC at Catholic faithfuls yan ang magpapanalo sa kanila.

      • JosephNess

        sabi ni turkak yan ha!!!…saganang akin, walang katotohanan ang mga sabi sabing ito, mabuti sigurong antayin na lang natin ang 2013 election hane, saka tayo magkulitan…sigurado marami dito sa mga senador na ito ang malalaglag…

      • turkak


      • hukom2

        LOL, talagang nakakatawa ka! hahahahaha…

      • JosephNess

        here comes turkak again, losing his mind…using the usual attack of making known his illiteracy…the usual deranged mind…

      • hukom2

        Ikaw na naman? Hahahahaha!

  • pipsirho

    For a former soldier, Honasan HAS TOTALLY MISSED THE POINT!! Of course IF “Leech-na-to” or “Rich-na-to” or “Lie-na-to” is a man of MORAL and ETHICAL CHARACTER, then all these things should not have befallen his children. By NOT INCLUDING some properties and HUGE BANK ACCOUNTS in his SALNs for MANY YEARS, he has opened the floodgates to questions about his PROBITY, INTEGRITY, COMPETENCE, and INDEPENDENCE. Hionasan’s opinion about Corona bequeathing to his children is a normal parental action, and that is acceptable, but what is of moment here is “Leech-na-to” or “Rich-na-to” or “Lie-na-to” Corona’s TRUTHFULNESS.

    Honasan, of all people, SHOULD KNOW that a FATHER’S ACTION particularly if it is NEGATIVE  to NATIONAL INTEREST necessarily brings STIGMA to his FAMILY and CHILDREN. Did not his numerous misadventures that DESTROYED the ECONOMY do the same to his family and children? Wah! Wah! Wah!

    “Whatever the verdict  is hindi naman lulubog sa dagat ang Pilipinas. 
    The world will not come to an end, the Philippines will not come to an
    end whatever the verdict is,” Honasan stressed. An inanity! “Leech-na-to” or “Rich-na-to” or “Lie-na-to” Corona has DAMAGED the Supreme Court the moment he accepted the “Midnight Appointment” from a non-president and justified by a convoluted decision of questionable justices by twisting Constitutional provisions on presidential appointment. Watch the decisions of the Corona court and you will realize that the damage to the Supreme Court is beyond repair. The latest is the PIedad Estate decision where a justice on “sick leave” and who did not participate in the deliberations was able to vote with the majority (tie breaking vote) COURTESY of “Leech-na-to” or “Rich-na-to” or “Lie-na-to” Corona; in effect voting TWICE.

    • turkak


      • pipsirho

        Agpaysu nga TURKAK ka! You are just a PARASITE FEEDING on the COMMENTS of OTHERS. You do not know me and you are just demonstrating your BIGOTRY!!!

      • turkak


        isama mo na din yung mga europeans na bloggers (kuno) sila jim de garman, Mon Mayuga at Erlinda graves. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

      • scorpio15

        Turtak na-inggit ka lang kay Carandang. Dagdagan mo yong kasexysihan mo para hindi ka ma-ungusan.

      • jedawi

        bagay na ti nagan nga turkak, ilokano pay met ngarud

      • hukom2

        Hahaha! wala bang intsik dyan!

      • pipsirho

         Kababaen no ilocano datoy nga PARASITE. Awan ti kapapanunutan na nga agsusurot ken aguuyong pay! Agkatawa ak laeng ngen. Awan karga ti utek na!

      • hukom2

        Monong, natatawa lang ako kay Turkak!

      • hukom2

        Hahaha! yan nagalit na si Tatay Percival!

      • Rightthingtodo

        Balla-agam manong ta amangan matilmon na diay turkak na gapu ti napalalo nga gura na…(Caution him manong that he might swallow his sticky phlegm (turkak) due to his great hatred)  Turkak is no different from other fellows whose argument is mostly ad hominem.

  • JosephNess

    sabi ni turkak yan…antayin na lang natin ang 2013 election ha, saka tayo magkulitan…

  • hukom2

    Sen. Honasan, di ba pinarurusahan  din ng batas ang mga kasabwat sa krimen? Ang kasalanan ng tatay ay hindi kasalanan ng anak! Pero kung lantarang naging kasabwat ang anak, di ba maliwanag na may kasalanan din sya? Sa ilalim ng batas, hindi dapat basihan ang pagiging kristiyano o hindi ng isang tao. Kung may kaslanan ka, dapat ka lang managot. Kung awa ang gusto nila, pwedeng ibigay yon, pero hindi nangangahulugan na pabayaan sila at wag ng panagutin sa mga kasalanan nila. Kung may awa si Mr. CORONA sa pamilya nya, dapat yun ang una nyang inisip, hindi pagkagahaman… Kitang-kita na ang kulay ni Mr. Honasan, Sir! Hindi ka bagay maging senador judge, pareho kayo ni Mdm. Miriam. Hindi ganyan ang tingin ng maraming pilipino sa mga lumalabas na ibidensya sa impeachment trial ni Mr. CORONA. Pauli-ulit nyo nang niloloko ang taong bayan. Awa? May katapat ang awa, ganun din at ganun din ang krimen!

    • turkak

       hukom2 wala ngang mapatunayan ang prosecution sa impeachment trial eh ! araw araw na lang sermon ang inaabot nila. Sa iyo corrupt na magnanakaw na agad !!  hahahahahahahaha kaso mo sa mata ng mga judges mukang di totoo ang akusasyon niyo heheheheheheheheheh

      • hukom2

        Ikaw talaga… sige intayin nalang natin ang verdict, pero amigo, wag mong isantabi ang mga opinyon at mga sentimiento ng iyong mga kababayan. Tayo’y nagbabangayan dhil gusto natin mapabuti ang mahal nating bansa… wag sana natin kalimutan na tayo lang at wala ng iba ang magtatangol at magmamalasakit dito. Kung galit kay PNoy, sa anu mang dahilan, makita morin sana ang ikinagagalit ng ilan nating mga kababayan kay CJ CORONA! Sana ay makuha mong ipagdasal, ang ikabubuti ng ating bansa ngayong kwaresma! 

  • joselfernandez


  • turkak

    Lahat ng shift ni Bakla Ricky Caranding will be loaded because of this statement. Bawal umabsent kailangan sirain sa internet ang statement ni Honasan at all cost.
    Heeheheheheheheheehe nataranta silang bigla ngayon hehehe ung mga naka-leave na lifted na yun pasok na ulit. Emergency situation ito para kay Bakling Caranding !!!  heheheheheh
    heheheheheeh double time  mga maggots … blog  blog blog  blog blog  hehehehehehehe

    • dongvee

      Nakahalata ka rin pala?

  • tony_m_andal

    It’s a pity that Senator Honasan could not discern the “pattern of deceit” that SC Corona has been doing in order to hide the ownership of his properties and the huge sum of monies that made him acquired said properties. Of course this scheme of putting them in his children’s name is a worn-out tactic but what is galling is the the earning capacity of the daughter plus the timing or interval of acquisition (and they are not petty sum mind you) plus the waiver of the husband to the ownership which is doubtful in the culture and practice in the country of his son-in-law…what an insult to a great majority of people who are in the know…pwe…

  • belairskycrapper

    …  bright as the daring sunshine , is  honasan  born yesterday? for he dont know where is
    left and right. or is he another corona protector.???. if his memory does not serve him right ,
    might   as well keep his mouth in his pocket …. sorry,

  • ztefertilizerscam4


    Thief Justice Renato Corona wants to project the image that he is a loving husband to his wife, Cristina. The fact is, the Chief Justice has not only betrayed the public trust but most importantly, has betrayed his marital vow.
    If the Thief Justice is man enough, He should admit the fact that he has a long-standing romantic relationship with a gentle lady named EVA with whom the Thief Justice has two (2) illegitimate sons. EVA also hails from Batangas and had her education from Assumption College just like his wife Cristina who also graduated earlier from the same school.
    For Chief Justice Renato C. Corona not to mention his children with EVA as if they do not exist at all, is the highest form of ignominy and immorality that he can commit not only against his legitimate wife and family but against his oath as the highest magistrate of the land.
    An inquiry into his relationship with EVA and his illegitimate children in connection with the on-going impeachment trial becomes extremely necessary in the light of the properties given by the Chief Justice to them. EVA, who has previously undergone a heart bypass operation, is known not to have worked from the time she had this romantic liaison with the Thief Justice nor does she have any known business of her own and yet, EVA is luxuriously living in the United States, together with her two (2) illegitimate children with the good Chief Justice.
    The SALN of CJ Corona does not indicate any such properties.
    And the reason for the frequent trips of CJ Corona to the United States, the latest of which was late last year, was to visit EVA and his children with her. That CJ Corona could afford to support the kind of luxurious lifestyle of EVA and her children in the U.S. is certainly for the Thief Justice to explain considering his small salary.
    A simple investigation on the identity and circumstances of EVA can easily be done by a simple inquisition in Batangas as well as from the classmates, relatives and friends of EVA and of CJ Corona.
    I know these facts because EVA is a relative of mine and it pains me immensely to see the Thief Justice professing his love for Cristina on nationwide television when he has confessed to my relative that he loves her far more than his wife. In fact, the Thief Justice made EVA believe that he was already separated from his wife Cristina. This probably explains why for the longest time, the Chief Justice has not reported in his SALN the fact of Cristina’s working in government and the fact that Cristina has not signed the SALNs as his wife.
    Betrayal of public trust? This is a small matter than what the Thief Justice has done to his wife and family which constitutes the highest form of immoral act – BETRAYAL OF MARITAL TRUST.
    Real name of CJ Corona’s girlfriend – Eva Auria; She hails from Rosario, Batangas; She graduated from Assumption College (not from Maryknoll College) She has two (2) sons with CJ Corona who are now in their teens; She is residing now in the United States. CJ Corona’s wife, Cristina, knows about the elicit relationship of her husband with Eva. To know more about the details on Eva, a simple investigation of Eva’s background in Rosario Batangas and Assumption College would elicit the necessary informations.  Eva has plenty of properties in the US.  They keep secret the exact address.  The bagman of CJ Corona (who facilitates the transfer of funds from Corona to Eva is “Abet” who is a relative by affinity of Eva, being married to a stepsister of Eva.  (The wife of Abet has the same mother as Eva but different Fathers).  The biggest delivery to Eva involves the bribe money given by the Aguirres of Banco Filipino.
    If the bank accounts of CJ Corona and his wife are opened, it will not be a surprise to see a running balance of not less than P200M.  The bribe from the owner of the previously closed alone was a whopping P200M.  And most money went to Eva through the Assistance of Abet.
    The sons of Corona carry the name of the mother.  But CJ Corona has openly recognized Ate Eva’s sons as his. A simple search at the NSO using “Renato C. Corona” would readily reveal this.  For a time, when Eva was still in the Philippines, Renato and Eva lived as husband and wife.  In fact, all our relatives in Rosario, Batangas and in the United States, knew the long-standing relationship.  We all thought that Renato was already separated from Cristina.  Some of Renato’s relatives in Tanuan, Batangas where he hailed from, know about this relationship.  Some friends of Renato have seen the 2 sons and have been their ninongs.  All our relatives thought really that Renato will never deny his relationship with Ate Eva.  Sana hindi nya gagawin iyon kasi kawawa sya at ang mga bata.

    • Ilonggated

      Fake ka. Halata masyado.

  • ztefertilizerscam4

    Comprehensive DataBase Search Results:    ###
    Renato C Corona

    Datebase Matches Age
    Renato C Corona        63
    Tampa, FL
    Francis R Corona
    Cristina R Corona
    Charina R Corona
    Carla R Corona
      Get Full Report
    Renato C Corona
    Los Angeles, CA

    Renato C. Corona Properties in the US and many more?

    1401 Bayshore Blvd
    Tampa Fl 33606

    Sold on 11/22/2002 for $288,500 assessed at $1.2M current on Zillow

    8900 Cortina Circle
    Roseville, CA 95678

    History: sold on Sept 10, 2008 for $269,500. One transaction in public 

    record meaning it was new development

    • Ilonggated

      Lahat ng post mo ganyan. Walang bago. Walang utak. Hahahaha!

  • ztefertilizerscam4

    Taxpayer money..

    Corona’s daughter, in-law own P43.5-million properties

    1. TCT No. 004-2010010259 (fromTCT No. N-254901) in the name of Ma. Carla C. Castillo married to Constantino T. Castillo Jr.
    2. TCT No. N-154400 in the name of spouses Angelina T. Castillo and Constantino A. Castillo
    3. TCT No. N-239406 in the name of Constantino del Castillo et al.
    4. TCT No. N-239398 (from TCT No. 226256, RT-106747) in the name of Constantino del Castillo
    5. TCT No. RT-62661 (82917) in the name of Constantino L. Castillo married to Felisa A. Castillo
    6. TCT No. N-327732 in the name of Constantino T. Castillo III married to Ma. Carla C. Castillo
    7. TCT No. N-125683 Myrla Nelad-Bajar married to Beneroso E. Bajar (sold to Constantino Castillo III)
    8. TCT No. N-260027 in the name of Constantino T. Castillo III married to Carla R. Corona
    9. TCT No. RT-20758 in the name of Daniel G. Encia married to Domiciana Atrero (sold to Constantino Castillo III)
    10. TCT No. 84242 in the name of spouses Constantino Castillo Jr. and Angelina T. Castillo

  • dongvee

    Whatever the verdict is, hindi nga lulubog sa dagat ang Pilipinas. Kaso lang pag-Not Guilty ang verdict ni CJ Corona, baka may lulubog kunti ang tsantsa makatanggap ng P10B compensation.

  • jawo888

    Ganun ba Mr Honasan? salamat pala dun sa naunang Kudeta ha pero hindi na ako bilib pagkatapos mong pinagbili  ang yung prinsipyo mr RAM boy. Paki sabi kay CJ Corona na isa lang ang kanyang dapat gawin para mabawi nya at nang kanyang pamilya ang kanilang dignidad at ito`y harapin ang kanyang mga accuser sa impeachment court at patunayan na wala siyang kasalanan. Bilang isang botante I challenge you Mr Senator to go and convince CJ to face his accuser in the proper court dahil may nakalaang upuan at microphone sa kanya. Ito lang naman ang inaantay nang mga mamamayang Filipino kasali na itong mga medya na laging nagbabatikos sa kanya and if he do less than that then he will surely  loose his Crown. 

  • Hey_Dudes

    How is it possible for Corona’s children being shielded away from the controversy when part of the dishonest illegal midnight appointee’s loot are in their names?  A mansion in pricey La Vista subdivision and a condo unit in posh Makati including 2 houses in Roseville and MountainView in California USA?  Paanong hindi masasali ang mga yan e kasama sila sa hide and seek?

    • JosephNess

      in fact this senator has indicated that these US properties, with the approval of the senators, can be accepted as rebuttal evidence…

  • tcbernardo

    If this early in the presentation of the Coronarroyo defense, Honasan cannot see any impeachable acts, the more he will be blinded when the defense presents some more diversionary “evidence.” Ho? nasan ang impeachable act?   

  • Antonio Efondo

    if the midnight appointee cj corona’s family has nothing to hide, then they should not worry about being dragged into the impeachment… they are of mature age… they should know the truth… and they should be able to distinguish what is right from wrong… hopefully, they chose and did what is right… just saying…

  • Ilonggated

    “Groups sympathetic to President Aquino, which many call collectively as the yellow mob, met at the Liberal Party national headquarters at the BALAY Expo Centro Building last April 2 to plot out stepped-up efforts to pressure the resignation of Chief Justice Renato Corona.”

    “The groups, led by the Corona Resign Movement (CORE) and the People Power for Reforms Volunteers (PPRV), will launch the stepped-up campaign since the situation at the impeachment court is becoming a concern for Aquino and his allies that Corona will be acquitted as the House prosecution team had largely bungled its case against the chief magistrate.”


    Even them, they know that the CJ will be acquitted. So they will do another mob action.

    • leubas


  • watot

    Analogy of a stupid senator. When you step into the court expect the un-expected. First thing they will destroy is person’s credibility even the judge and lawyers will not be spared.

  • JosephNess

    last week he said that the two US properties can be possibly accepted as rebuttal evidence… now, he is saying that corona’s children should be spared having no involvement in the CJ impeachment trial…what will that be then next week, what will he say ? common, make up your mind….

    • leubas



    kapag hindi ma convict si Corona at walang makikitang pag-angal ng taong bayan, ang
    lahat ng mga kurakot na nanunungkulan ay ipagtutuloy ang pangagahasa sa kaban ng
    gobyerno at sa karapatan ng mga naghihirap na ating mga kababayan. ang Pilipinas ay
    mananatiling nakasadlak sa kaputikan at kahirapan kung hindi natin patatalsikin ang mga
    opisyal ng ating gobyerno na ang kanilang pinagbibigyang kahalagahan ay ang kanilang
    sariling kapakanan at ng kanilang mga angkan, at binabale-wala ang mga hinaing ng
    taong bayan.

  • JosephJ

    the truth hurts and I will not be surprised if Honasan will vote against the impeachment of Corona ..

  • botets

    All corrupt government officials should transfer all their illegally obtained money and properties to their wives and children to be spared form prosecution.. Very unlikely for Sen Hongasan.. A military rebel icon turned politician (trapo).. 

  • Samboy_rod

    Dapat yung mga anak ni Gen. Garcia na nagpapasa ng pera ng bayan hindi rin idamay.Ganun ba.K*ss my brown *ss.

  • Kiko

    honasan is missing the point…san kinuha ni corona yung pera…kaya nga sinasabi ng prosecution, ilabas yung peso at dollar account…doon makikita kung talagang kayang bayaran ni corona yung mga properties ng mga anak niya. in short IPALIWANAG lang. e kaso yung mga abogago niya panay ang harang……yung paliwanag IN DUE TIME……….no wonder isa si honasan sa mga mag po protekta kay corona.

    • kolambogan

      Clarification lang tol Kiko, si honasan ba ay Senator Judge o tagapag tanggol ni corona?
       Hindi ba’t ang mga judges ay dapat walang kinikilingan? 

  • Rightthingtodo

    Pity the Philippines for having elected present and past officials like Arroyos, Enrile, Honasan, Lapid, Revilla, Estrada, Sotto et al., the list is long to include congressmen and congresswomen, who never advocated for transparency and honesty.  The fight for corruption should not accept compromise or leniency if only to sustain it.  Corona involved his children by transferring his loot to them.  It is but logical that Corona’s children should be part of the proceedings, no ifs, no buts, no exception.

  • Ymmit Dlpz

    bs. then the senators should have rejected immediately that portion of the evidence involving the children and family of the accused. but they did not, so why crow about it ?

  • indiosbravos2002

    Honasan… malapit na 2013. Malapit na ending mo. Magcoup d’etat ka na lang uli kasi di ka na makakabalik sa pwesto.

  • tower_of_power

    “You should be prepared to lose everything
    when you are fighting for your principle,” …. Sigaw ng THIEF JUSTICE knowing that his PRINCIPAL is in prison now.

    HINDI KA NAGIISA …. sigaw ng mga BOSS in Pnoy!!! Plod on Pnoy … the majority of the Filipinos are behind you … be afraid not!!!!

    To HONASAN … ano ba principle mo or sino ang PRINCIPAL mo na pinaglalaban?

  • jurbinsky77

    Honasan laid out a scenario about property ownership and inheritance. Senator, we want to know the truth.

  • Regd

    One word to describe this senator: BULATE! They come out when it rains hence, their hypocrisy is exposed. Na bulate ito ni joker, same line of reasoning. The CJ standing is overvalued greater than any ordinary citizen. This impeachment trial is worthless since to this kind of people, no amount of misdeeds can taint CJ’s innocence and honor.

    Even if there’s an admission of guilt, it will not suffice while an ordinary citizen with minor stall blunder is enough to convict. This is a fact of the divide since time immemorial, the high and the mighty versus the lowly. 

    Such blindness is repulsive yet, we deserve it. We put this kind of people there. And they claim they serve us?

  • F14Tomcat

    Of course, there is no crime nor it is a basis of impeachable offense with your analogy Senator!  Who are you trying to fool with your hypothesis?  The people of the country are intelligent enough to see it through.  One of the many charges against the CJ was his failure to disclose to the public his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (BPT, CVC).   CJ Corona could end all of these presumptions of corruption by the public if he would step up to the witness stand and present all his bank accounts by showing the account activities.  If he could clear it up and comes out clean, then he would gain the utmost respect of the people and also those who were suspicious of his character.  If he chose not to bare his accounts and regardless of the outcome of the impeachment hearing, CJ Corona would remain corrupt in the minds of the people.

  • reyAragon

    Senator Honasan, bolahin mo na ang mga lelong mo! Madulas ka nga talaga pero huling-huli ka naman sa mga pananalita mo! Anong “I want to hear more evidence” ang pinagsasabi mo? Sumisigaw na nga yang mga ebidensya eh di mo pa marinig? BINGI KA BA?

    • goavan

      oo nga naman yong 45 properties tapos na siya, diba?…any mali 6 properties lang pala

  • Concur_Dissent

    Gringo, ang issue ay hindi yung pag “distribute ng properties sa mga anak”.  Ang issue ay hindi na report sa SALN ang mga eto!  Saka na paguusapan ang issue ng kung “saan galing ang properties” na mga eto kasi tungkol sa “ill gotten wealth” yang tumbok mo, at hindi kasali eto sa articles of impeachment. Oras na ma-convict si corona ay pwede na siyang kasuhan ng ill gotten wealth…..

  • pepengkabayo

    SAYS HONASAN Corona children should have been spared from impeachment agony….

    The Honorable Senator is right.
    Why include the children? They know nothing. They are the beneficiaries of a loving family which every parents do, to give the best for the children.
    Even animals care and give to their youngs. Even the crocodiles care and nurture the children. They give them food.
    Much more, we humans.

    Demolition Job against the Chief Justice is predicted. That was said to him by Pnoy, dissected to the bones.
    But what can you expect from Pnoy and his cohorts Congressmen, they are not Humans, they are more than crocodiles when they pang to the bones.
    Pnoy is not a parent much more a father. He does not know what children mean for he is still a child.

    • tra6Gpeche

      Kabayan, you don’t speak for me. I am a parent and never did I give my children money or anything coming from questionable means. If I did this, my own children would despise and disown me. In some places, adult children learn how to live & work honestly and independently from their parents. Maybe you are accustomed to seeing this happen in the Philippines. Environment is a big factor for one’s belief and reasoning.  Loving your family does not mean enriching while working in the government and giving some of it to your children. To me, that is corrupting your children. If the children have values and dignity, they would sense that their parent is making money in a dishonest & filthy way. Honest children would definitely feel it…the dishonesty & crookedness of their parent. It is no surprising that Mr. Honasan sympathizes with the daughter of Mr. Renato Corona. Mr. Honasan also works for the Philippine government and he is foretelling the Filipinos to spare his children just in case he is accused of corruption by the public.

  • raw107

    galing ito sa taong walang pake sa batas at constitution!!! ang pinaka problema binoto pang maging senador tapos ngayon judge!!!

  • raw107

    pepeng kabayo kumain ka nalang ng damo!!

  • Dynamic

    “The World will not come to an end”what ever the verdict might be,but corruption starts to end from day to day.The full exposure of all misdeeds be it private or public deems necessary to satisfy public outcry from the past till today.Forward on for a new beginning and it’s entirety that’s what people wants to see.

    An apple tree cannot bear fruits of oranges by the way,and all the fruits it bears are  downtroddened from it’s own originallity…

  • Italpino

    May I beg to disagree with Sen. Honasan’s view since CJ Corona’s children would have been spared from embarrassment or even humiliation, if their father has been an honest, humble and man of integrity in the first place, considering his government position that requires them, instead of being greedy and dishonest as what came out from different research done on his personality during this impeachment trial. He has also a part in dragging the names of her children since he cannot fully explain, without any hint of doubt, the sources of his wealth for which his children has been also the benificiaries. We can say that they are the victims of the collateral damage. But, he has been warned and thus is fully aware of the consequence of what he and his family members will be facing during this trial. Moreover, the children’s future cannot be said to be destroyed due to the faults of their parents, but surely it will be tough for them to prove that they are different, depending also on their moral upbringings. So please, honourable senator, do not be a hypocrite.

  • enrique119

    HONASAN will be a leadng candidate in the BATTLE OF THE BRAINLESS.

    I would like to confront the fools who voted for him in several occasions with this proof of those voters’ mistake.

    Honasan would do better for himself if he doesn’t speak at all. To paraphrase somebody whose name I cannot recall now, better be silent and thought of as an idiot than speak and be proven as such.

  • oscar

    The seas may not swallow the whole Philippines but the last straw of our moral values will drown in the waters if we tolerate high government people to get away with their misdeeds and betrayal of people’s trust.

    • Hannah

      After reading most of the postings, I am confident we will succeed. We have more intelligent members than emotional ones who despite what is obvious still clings to what is unpopular. I can only surmise they may have “benefited” one way or the other from the people being questioned and those supporting them. That too is a Pinoy trait called “utang na loob” which binds us and blinds us…Let us just pray that truth and love prevail by God’s grace and mercy.

  • 1bravo9

    ano ba ang aasahaan nyo kay honasan kaya sa susunod bumoto naman tayo ng talagang tunay na makabayan yang si honnasan pekeng may prinsipyo pero mana rin yan kay enrile na kampi ng mga pahirap sa bayan hanggat bumoboto tayo ng mga walang kwenta sa senado walang magandang kinabukasan ang pinas iboto nyo uli sila kasama
     si mirriam pati mga artista at puro tagumpay ng mga mandarambong nanaman ang mangyayari kaya sana magising na tayong mga tunay na nagmamahal at nagmamalasakit sa bayan nating mahal

  • MangDolphy

    Mula’t sapul dina ako naniwala dito kay honasan. Kung nag artista na lang sana sya pagkatapos ng Edsa I nakabuti pa siguro sa bansa. Sa mga ginawa nya’ng coup plots, puro pahirap sa bansa ang naging resulta. Ang maling akala yata nya at ni Mang  Johnny, sila dapat ang mamuno sa bansa pagkatapos ng Edsa 1. Kaya tignan mo hanggang ngayon di pa rin natuto. Kung ano-anong kabulastugan ang pinagsasabi.

  • Beguine

    If the senator judges are like or typical of Honasan,
    then Renato Corona will be acquitted for sure.

    The Corona impeachment at the Senate is a wake-up
    call indeed to voters to be careful, very careful in choosing
    senatorial candidates, so the country does not end up with
    the likes of Honasan.

    Unfortunately, the Senate has more than its share of
    Honasans which is a great pity and sorrow for this nation.

  • Edward Solilap

    Wala rin kwenta ang mga sinasabi mo Senador Honasan walang logic mabuti pa pagiisipan mo kung paano ka makapasok sa coalition ni Erap at Binay mukhang mapapanis ka na sa next election.

  • mangtom

    Honasan, bobong boboka talaga. Hindi mo alam a batas. Kaya kulelat ang Pinas dahil sa mga government officials na gaya mo-tanga. Paano ka bang naging senator? Wala kang kwentang PMA grad, ngayon senator ka. God bless the Philippines. 

    My recommendation: put a barrel of .45 caliber in your mouth and blow up your empty head to end the misery you are causing to a lot of our citizens.

  • goldilock

    If the case involves money, you follow the money. Revise and amend ra 6426 section 8 so no government employee can hide government money into this protected account. Criminal enterprise is happily enjoying this privilege as offered by the Philippines. It will be the downfall of the Philippines when all criminal enterprise converge into Philippines and do all their criminal acts to Philippine society. You get: kidnapping, catnapping, killer for hire, and etc without any worry paying any sum of money to their victims. They would just say, the dollar account did not exist.

  • wilfel

    If the CJ used his children to hide the money he stole from the Filipino people so they are included in all the cases. Mr Honasan, as a PMA gradute you should always know that is the case when the person who steal from other usually used their children to hide the things. As plain as simple.

    • pinoy63


  • scorpio15

    Ang isda ay hindi nahuhuli sa buntot kundi sa bibig. Ang himig ng mga pananalita ni Honasan ay para sa Acquit Verdict.
    Iisa ang Tribu ni Madam Gloria, Corona at Honasan.

  • wehd1nga

    hey Sen Coup Honasan youre barking at the wrong tree, CJ Corona himself dragged and shamed his own children it was CJ Corona his wife and their greed who had used them as dummies to hide their un explained il gotten wealth, no one to but blame their GREEDY mother and father.

    • joy

      are you sure sana hindi mangyari sa inyo lahat ang mga salita nyo.. this week is holy week ang Hope God will give justice for those who are being slandered and oppressed. Baka bumallik sa inyo lahat ang painagsasabi nyo. The children oc corona are prepared for all the consequences kasi alam nila their dad is not guilty of anything.. kung alam nila may ginawa na kasal anan dad nila nag advice na yan sila na mag resign sya thats why malakas ang loob  nila lumaban. just wait for the defense to complete their presentation. For sure baselles yung paratang ng prosecutors at PNOy. Kaya dinadala nila sa suspicion ang lahat .. not on facts…. Shame on them..

  • dodong1

    ganyan ang mga kailangan senator sa Pilipinas para tuluyan ng malugmok sa kahirapan, dahil sa katangan ng senator na ito kasama ma siya sa problema ng Pilipinas…wala talagang mga hiya itong mga POLITOKORAKOT na ito…magkano din kaya ang kanyang bunos kay KORAKOT kung acquit ang boto niya pabor kay korona?

    • pinoy63

      tanong mo kay manalo dong!!!! nagpapabango lang yan sa mga taga INC

    • pinoy63

      itanong mo kay Manalo dong, nagpapabango lang naman si Gringo sa mga INC

  • Ilonggated

    The message of Gringo is that children should not be punished, shamed, ridiculed for any wrongdoing of their father. He did not say Corona is innocent. He was just saying that we should behave and act as true Christians…true Muslims.  

    Huwag manghusga upang hindi kayo husgahan.

    • Boy_PickUp

       `Pre, common sense lang kailangan dito, hindi na bata ang mga anak niya `no? May mga tahid na lahat sila, alam na alam nila na may itatago ang tatay nila at kasapakat sila sa pagtatago nun, naiintindihan mo? Manghiram ka ng common sense sa aso ha? O kaya sa daga, wais ang mga daga.

  • mangtom

    Here is Honasan again. He is the sefl-appointed modern day Messiah and savior of the Philippines. 

    He is acting and behaving as if he is really a Christian – naawa sa mga anak ni Corona. Mga adults ang mga anak na yan. Kung sana ayaw nila maisama sa kalukuhan ng tatay nila, they should have rejected the offer of Papa Thief to get themselves involved in this shenanigans. 

    Isang suspicion ko: marahil si Honasan gusto niyang (H)punasan ang kasalanan ng anak ni Corona kasi siya rin ay itinatago niya ang ill-gotten wealth niya sa mga anak niya. He is trying to set up a precedent.

    Hello, mr. punasan. Pagbutihan mo ang magpunas para malinis ang track mo. 

    Ibang mapagusapan, bakit ayaw mong ipakita ang scar ng “blood compact” mo noong panahon ng Ram(botan) day mo? Nagtatapangtapangan ka na PMA graduate, ikaw pala ay bakla.

    • joy

      sobra ka naman magsalita ng papa thief. may proof ka ba? ayusin mo nga comment mo.. ano kaya mangyari sa yo na kaibigan mo tawagin ka thief ano kaya pakiramdam.. sana hindi mangyari sa yo ang mga salita mo. Do not judge unto others if you dont want others would judge unto you

      • Boy_PickUp

         O sige, sige, tahan na ha? Huwag ng umiyak, baka magsambong ka pa sa tatay mong si corona…

      • 1bravo9


    • rick

      di ba siya yung kasama nina senator trillanes nuon tapos nuong mabulilyaso ang oakwood ay biglang di na isya kasali sa ntional recovery program in fact naging recoverer na siya ni GMA? mga pinoy sana wag nang ireelect ang mga katulad nito.

    • ynigooctaviano

      Tatakbo na naman si Senator Honasan para re-election. Frankly, I am suspicious why he is always elected? Alam ng buong madla ang malaking atraso nitong coup plotter where many inocent people died and the economy went into a tailspin.

  • vjj

    SPARE CJ’s children from this impeachment trial? This country may allow that but please… SPARE THE COUNTRY FROM CJ CORONA AND A REELECTION OF A SENATOR HONASAN!!!

  • Regd

    The next time gringo speak about how to “be more Christian to each other” he must understand The fundamental principle of Christianity which is: the founder sacrifice His life so that others may live and have a better life. The guy on the impeachment trial did the opposite, he sacrifice the life of others including his family so that he may live and have a better life.

  • Barak_O

    mahina pala utak nitong coup plotter na to kaya palpak lagi

    walang problema pag ipamana ang arenola sa mga anak

    malaking problema pag ipamana ang maraming kubeta sa mga anak

  • Hannah

    If Corona was not a subject of the impeachment trial, anything and everything he wants to give his children is okay, trouble is his credibility to sit as the most powerful man in the judiciary is being questioned and facts are surfacing that he has used his children to hide what he should not be possessing. It was his actions that betrayed his children and not the trial itself. He should have thought about the future of his family before he agreed to take part in any questionable decisions of his public service life.

  • cliff_castillo

    It’s surprising how stupid Honasan appears to be.  Wala daw masama ipamana.  Oo kung ipamamana mo ay di mo ninakaw at di dahil gusto mo lang itago

  • cliff_castillo

    Kung nadamay ang mga anak ni Corona, kasalanan ni Corona dahil siya ang gumamit sa mga anak para itago ang mga ninakaw niya.  Anong klaseng utak meron si Honasan?

    • Paul


  • F_U_FedUp

    “…. spare the children from agony …..”  Huh? What about sparing us the wait. Give your honest side of the story on those million peso purchases in 2008. In fact Corona lied about the dirt cheap dollar price for that California property acquired early in September. The bubble did not occur until after the collapse of Lehman post Sept 15 2008. Property prices were in fact booming and only dived from 2009. Nonetheless the issue is not how “dirt cheap” it was but WHERE did the money come from?

    Corona is the one who involved his children into the frey and no one else. If he was an honest man in the position he was illegally appointed he would have spared the nation from all this ‘whaaa’ about a trial that could have been over within a week. He could have answered the charges personally and had the proof to back his counter claims. Instead he chose to enlist all sorts of legal minds to mire the truth.

    I used to respect you when you were a colonel; you may be exhibiting the supposed wisdom of grey hair but truly the sagacity is definitely lacking.

  • rick

    bakit nuon papa alagwa na ang pilipinas you didn’t spare us of your adventurism ayan hanggan ngayon backward pa rin tayo.

    • manks

       Tama ka jan, kc nong 1989 nasa 9% sana ang GNP ng pinas, kaya lang sa kasakiman ni hungasan nag kalokoloko tuloy tayo…

  • apolonioc

    go ahead mr. senator you willsee the fruits of your doing

  • Sunday Rider

    ordinary people work hard to pay taxes and can’t even afford to buy a decent houseor even a car. spare them? nakinabang mga yan sa pagnanakaw

  • spearheads

    Kung ang pakiramdam ng mga makadilaw ay acquittal na ang decision ni Honasan para kay CJ Corona base sa kanyang pananalita ay malaki nga ang problema nila. Sotto is a close friend of Honasan while Enrile is Honasan’s sanggang dikit. Would Honasan be bold enough to show signs if his decision is against his close colleagues? Kahit putaktehin nyo pa ng post itong website, ang katotohanan ay laos na si noy_ngaling na palaging noynoying dahil bistado na ang kartada. Di na makakarekober yan. Hindi magcoalition si Binay at Erap (with GMA’s Party coalescing secretly at the moment) kundi nila kakalabanin at ilalampaso yang Liberal Party ni noynoying pagdating ng araw. Dream on yellows. 

    • Ibrahim

      hayan mo cubus sa susunod na election yong mga idolo mo ay 101% hindi na ibubuto ng tao, dahil ang katuwiran nyo na ang ninakaw pag binahagi sa mga anak ay hindi na kasali sa mga ninakaw nyo, maghanap buhay kayo, huag yong aasa na lang kayo sa pagnanakaw sa bayan para ipakain nyo sa inyong mga anak,,,,

    • Boy_PickUp

       Kayong kaalyado ng mandarambong ang mag- dream on, hehe…inaaliw ang mga sarili.
      Malapit ng masintensiyahan ang mga amo nyong mandarambong ng kaban ng bayan. Kaya ikaw, malapit ng mawala allowance mo para ipagtanggol mga amo mo dito sa mga forum, kawawa ka naman…balik ka na naman sa pagkakamot ng b.y..g

  • Ilonggated

    Kung walang Honasan, walang Cory na Presidente at PNoy na Presidente. Remember history. The Edsa I revolution was triggered by Enrile & Honasan. Without Honasan, Enrile would have not ventured to go against Marcos. FVR came to join them later. Cardinal Sin called on the people to support the trio who were holed up at DND building. Cory was in Cebu then. She joined the revolution on the 3rd day.  But history writers for Cory rewrote history. They said it was Cory who led the revolution. Clearly, she was not. It was a collective effort of a good number of people in Metro Manila, not the whole Philippines. 

    Hence, I see in Gringo as one who loves his country very much. Whatever it takes, he would dare the consequences of his doings just to show his love for country.

    • rohclem

      STUPIDITY!!! contributing to history does not exempt you from making shameful deeds. Honasan loves his country? we’ll find out!!!

    • Jabba Wookie

      You are the one rewriting history. Honasan was Enrile’s trusted aide. They planned a coup against Marcos, but they were found out. They were forced to hole up in Camp Aguinaldo and were waiting for the assault by the forces loyal to Marcos. It was then that Enrile declared that Cory was the true winner of the election and revealed how even he was part of the cheating machinery. Because of that, Cardinal Sin called on the people (read: those who voted for Cory) to protect the “people’s armed forces”.  Without the “yellow crowd”, Honasan, Enrile, et al would be dead.
      Cory was in Cebu and on her way to Davao when those events were taking place in Manila. She wanted to go back to Manila, but Homobono Adaza took the private plane without telling Cory and the others. Adaza thought Enrile’s forces were in control of Metro Manila and wanted to make himself useful for Enrile. Only upon arriving did Adaza find out that Enrile and company were alive only because they were being protected by people loyal to Cory.  (Big mistake!)  Cory was forced to hide in a convent in Cebu until she got another plane.  PAL at that time was controlled by Marcos allies.
      Honasan never wanted to bring back democracy. He and Enrile only wanted to replace Marcos as dictator. My guess is, you were not even in EDSA when these things happened.

    • 1bravo9


    • Boy_PickUp

       Haba na ng ilong mo sa pagsisinungaling Ilonggated, gumagawa ka ng sarili mong kuwento para mapaligaya mo sarili mo, kawawa ka naman. Mangalakal ka na lang kaya para me pakinabang ka sa pamilya mo at makapag-uwi ka ng batchoy o pagpag para may maipakain ka sa kanila. Puro tsismis inaatupag mo! Painglis-inglis ka pa!

  • Paul

    Senator Honasan is trying to divert the issue in favor of Corona. Only fools will believe him.



  • rohclem

    this senator is saying something and if you listen to this celebrated idiot carefully, he’s swaying the context of pagnanakaw into pagpapamana. actually, he’s actually saying let’s not impeach corona because he is my ‘aso’ciate. mr. senator, don’t tell me that if you steal, you’re not putting the reputation of your entire family to shame. shame on you. think deeper and review your logic 101. most of the PMA soldiers think like you kaya walang natatapos na giyera.

    • Rey Ban

       establish saka proved nyo muna ang pagnanakaw bago nyo alkontrahin si sen honasan ung mga sinabi nya nakakasakit talaga kasi pawang mga totoo,,ayaw ng yellows ng totoo..

      • Boy_PickUp

         Babaw ng utak mo `pre, kasimbabaw ng utak ng idol mo. Anung totoo sa mga sinabi niya? Alam ko lang na totoo, mga idol ninyo puro kawatan…

  • Boy_PickUp

    Unggoy ka talaga Ponasan, kundi ba naman corrupt din ang mga anak ni corona, bakit sila pumayag na ilagay sa pangalan nila ang mga itinatagong kayamanan?  Family enterprise iyan Ponasan, nagkakaalaman sila ng mga ginagawa nila para makalusot, ikaw na lang yata ang hindi pa nakakaalam, kawawa ka naman…

  • rjimenez1226

    Mga kawatan nagtutulongan.

  • Ibrahim

    ngayon ko lang nalaman na kung ano man ang ninakaw mo at binigay sa anak mo ay hindi na kasali ito sa kung ano mang kaso na ihain sayo…lol

  • Boy_PickUp

    Nakapagtataka at bakit nanalo itong kumag na ito, bilib ako sa mga bumoto sa kanya, silghtly used ang mga utak. Napalaking perhuwisyo ang idinulot ng taong ito sa pag-unlad ng `pinas after EDSA 1, ginulo nila ng amo niyang si Enrile lahat ng dapat ay magandang patutunguhan ng `pinas pagkatapos ng diktadurya. Ngayon, nandiyan na naman siya at nanggugulo na naman, pumapanig sa mga magnanakaw! Tigapagtanggol ng mga tulisan! Marami-rami ring namatay at nasira sa kagagawan nitong taong ito sa walang sawang coup de etat niya noon, tumahimik lang siya ng makatikim ng “aruga” ni gloria, alam nyo na ang ibig kong sabihin…Malala ang amnesia ng sambayanan, madaling makalimot o baka naman sadyang nakakalimot kapag nabigyan ng Php500 kapalit ng boto?

    • reyAragon

       Boy, dapat itawag dyan UNGASan!

  • mikho

    so ganun din ang gagawin ng mga magnanakaw sa bayan,kaya nabuking yung General sa AFP na conroller dahil sa anak binadala yung dollar,,,Sen Honasan sana hinde ka ganun.

  • Boy_PickUp

    “Whatever the verdict  is hindi naman lulubog sa dagat ang Pilipinas. 
    The world will not come to an end, the Philippines will not come to an
    end whatever the verdict is,”
    That`s how Honasan thinks, sobrang mababaw. “Hindi lulubog sa dagat ang Pilipinas” pero lulubog sa kahihiyan kapag naabsuwelto si corona. “The world will not come to an end” kapag naabsuwelto si corona, pero the world will laugh at us, tayo lang ang bansa sa mundo na ang chief justice ay MANGUNGULIMBAT!

  • nelsonkamloon

    Shut up, Mr. Honasan.

  • reyAragon

    Cge Senatong UNGASan. Isali mo na rin pati yong mga anak ni Gen. Garcia. Wag na rin natin silang pakialaman!

  • tadasolo

    well the world who surely not end but will be the end for senator honasan. honasan is a classic filipino politician whose deceptive actions are a culture of “ano evidence mo” malabo

  • OlliuQ

    Unwise comment from Honasan, it should have been “the people’s money and legislation time should have spared if CJ Corona resigned.” There was no compassionate at the Trial hearing, the prosecutions are proving their case so presenting evidence or demonstrating substance to the case doesn’t entails compassionate or kindness. Honasan is twisting the people mentality, there are no problem giving properties to member of the family but the question is where it came from? That’s what prosecution wanted for Corona to explain.

  • gikiness

    why should they be spared when they were used to hide the ill-gotten wealth?  Senador ka ba talaga?

  • Rorschach

    A senator-judge nagbibigay ng comment sa kasong hinahawakan niya? Only in the Philipppines.

    Oo nga pala, Kasama ka sa Binay’s April 1 Coalition, na kaalyado ng Glorianians, no doubt.

    Juan Miguel “Migz” Zubiri
    Francis “Chiz” Escudero
    Loren Legarda
    Gregorio Honasan
    Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel
    Richard Gordon
    Ernesto Maceda.
    Rep. JV Ejercito
    Jack Enrile
    Mitos Magsaysay
    Allan Peter Cayetano
    Cynthia Villar (Manny Villar’s wife)

    Btw. Payuhan mo narin ang Corona babies dahil madami na ang nag bibigay ng tip sa IRS tungkol sa kahirapan ng buhay nila. May reward na binibigay IRS.

    • gikiness


      noted huwag iboto!!!!

    • JF

      salamat sa info mo iboto ko silang lahat sa eleksyon ngayun 2013

      • Rorschach

         It’s your right.

  • Pitbulldog

    Tanong lang naman dyan, ilegal ba lahat ng yan.  Tapos.  Hindi kung anong haka-haka pinaghahabi-habi nitong mga Romanong Sundalong mga dilawan.

    • Boy_PickUp

       Bagay sa `yo pangalan mo pards, aso ng sira ulo…

      • Pitbulldog

        You make my day, OGAG!! Natutuwa ako at nakakarating mensahe ko sa mga kinauukulan, tulad mo at iba pang ungas na Dilawan, he he.  Tama si Honasan sa mga sinabi nya.  Kasi kayong mga dilawan, sumasakay lang sa abonoy nyong idolo.  Akala kayo lang tama, di na gingamit ang esep.  Para kayong mga chiwawa na nasisiraan ng bait.

  • Iggy Ramirez

    “…if we were more christian to each other” – Gregorio Honasan

    A good christian

    1. does not lie
    2. is sensitive to the feelings of others
    3. does not amass wealth beyond what he needs
    4. does not cheat or short change others
    5. does not use the name of the lord in vain

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    If they are partners in crime, why not. Tumahimik ka nga lang, Gringo. Wala ka talagang magawa o masabing magaling. Your time to pay for your own crimes is overdue.

    • Pitbulldog

      LagiKangKulangKapagTinitimbang: Kakatawa talaga kayo. Parang pinturang dilaw na di maalis alis ang kulay nyo.  Kapag narinig nyo isang tao pumabor kay P-noy, napakagaling sa inyo at kulang na lang paliguan ng pabango.  Sapag saliwa na para sa inyo sinasabi ay para bang gusto nyong buhusan ng asido.  Kayo ang sinasabing mga taong mentally challenged.  Kulang sa tamang pag-iisip.

  • ClarkInKuwait

    Mr. Honasan missed the whole point of the exercise. The program of the government is to stop corruption starting from the past administration. This is the first president who took the bold move to think that the Filipino people deserve better public servants not people whose sole purpose in public office is to perpetuate their selfish interest and bank accounts. 

    The Thief Justice has been hiding a lot of things from the public. Ill gotten monetary/financial things. He is not a person of high moral values and have a thug mentality. His leadership in SC has put the Justice system in question and bad light. Do you think the Filipino people deserve better? In the impeachment court, no stones should be left unturned if it is essential for the truth to come out and dragging their children in the limelight is not unexpected.

  • Jamm3r

    si corona ang unang nagdamay sa mga anak niya. gringo tignan mo rin ang kakayahan ng anak niyang mamili, take note mamili ibig sabihin hindi isa kundi maraming propiyedad ng halos sabay sabay or magkakasunod na pagbili para lang silang bumibili ng kendi.tama lang na magbigay tayo ng concern sa mga anak dahil may anak din ako, pero ang unang dapat magbigay niyan ay ang mga magulang mismo, pero kung sila ay ginagamit ng magulang sa kaduda dudang mga gawain, masisisi mo ba ang marami kung pati mga anak ay madamay na rin? imulat mo rin ang mga mata mo sa katotohanan mr. gringgo. huwag yung masyado kang nagmamalinis.

    • Rex

      Engot ka pla eh….dalawa lang properties ang halos magkasunod na nabili at long -term installament pa. Ibig sabihin ang ibinayad sa dalawang properties ay downpayment lang. Kawawa ka naman masyado kung di ka makabili ng property at wala kang pang downpayment.

      • Jamm3r

        bago ka magsalita ng engot alamin mo muna kung ilan talaga ang property na nabili ni charina, bukod pa yung sa US na property niya na halos magkasabay na binabayaran niya yung sa bellagio. ipagpalagay mo nang hinuhulugan, alam mo ba kung magkano ang downpayment bago ka makapasok sa sinasabing hulugan, ang property say 10 million pesos ang halaga, 30% therefore 3M downpayment babayaran mo iyon the shortest as far as i know eh within a year then yung remaining babayaran mo ng hulugan either bank financing or “parent financing”. hindi ko sinasabing walang 3 million si charina, pero yung salary niya earlier of her career how could she ammass 3 million tapos prior to that may nabili na siyang property sa nanay niya then yung property sa US. kung ka engotan pa rin sa iyo ang ganun, eh pagpalain ka ng Diyos at napakalawak ng pang unawa mo.

      • Rex

        Engot talaga. Sabi ko 2 properties na halos magkasabay nabili. So kung may iba pang properties hindi yun magkakasunod. Ang sinasabi mo maraming nabili na halos magkakasunod at parang bumili lang ng kendi sa tindahan. Parang kendi ba ? Pag ba bumili ka ng kendi sa tindahan uutang kpa o kaya bayaran mo installment ?????? Alam mo namang hindi mahirap ang pamilya Corona at Basa. Hindi nakapagtataka kung suportahan man sila ng mga magulang nila sa pagbayad sa downpayment. Ang mahirap kasi nagpapaniwala ka sa mga Tongresman na nagsampa ng kaso kay Corona. Sige nga ipaliwanag mo nga sa akin sa sweldong congressman at senador pano makabili ng mamahaling sasakyan at saan nanggaling mga pera sa bangko si Penoy ? At pwede mo na rin i research kung pano naging 3 million pesos lang ang value ng bahay ni Penoy sa Times street ?

      • Boy_PickUp

         Hehehe, galing mong magtanggol kay corona, tatay mo siya ano? Buti nga sa inyo, habangbuhay nyo nang dadalhin ang sumpa ng pagnanakaw. Pati kaapo-apuhan niya ay sasabihang nandambong ang lolo nilang si Atong Mandarambong.

      • Rex

        Aamin akong tatay ko sya pero umamin ka rin na taga himod ka ng pwet ni Penoy.

      • Jamm3r

        bobo ka pala. basahin mo na lang mabuti at intindihin ang isinulat ko hindi yung kung sino sino na namang tao ang isisingit mo. wala ka sa hulog bobo ka kasi kausapin mo na lang sarili mo kasi bobo ka at hindi ako magpapakahirap na magpaliwanag sa iyo pa. kasi nga bobo ka hindi ka nakakaintindi. ngayon kung hindi mo pa rin alam ang ibig sabihin ng bobo eh bobo ka talaga. kasi ikaw yung bobo. sige sagot ka pa dito sa susunod hah kasi hindi ko na papansinin kahit anong kabobohan ang sasabihin mo. bobo. pagpalain ka pa rin ng Diyos kahit bobo ka.

      • Rex

        Ang galing mo tanga ! Gusto mo ipako sa krus yung pamilyang Corona pero kulang na lang himurin mo pwet ni Abnoy. Nakita mo namang inamin ng tangang katulad mo ng Tongresman na mali sila sa inakusa nilang 45 properties hanggang ngayon nagpapaniwala kpa rin. TANGA !

  • Boy_PickUp

    Gorio! Hindi ka pa bayad sa mga atraso mo sa bayan! Hindi mo ba naaalala man lang ang mga namatay dahil sa tangka mong pang-aagaw ng kapangyarihan? Hindi mo man lang ba naiisip ang kasalukuyang paghihirap ng bayan dahil sa pagtaboy mo ng mga prospective investors pagkatapos ng diktadurya? Huwag kang magmaang-mangan Gorio, HINDI KA PA BAYAD!

  • barangayboso

    “Hypothetical tayo. Supposed  mag-asawa kayo,  tapos na lahat ng mga
    anak nyo. May retirement benefits na, may mga properties ka,
    dinistribute sa mga anak kasi hindi mo naman madadala sa libingan. Tapos
    hindi pa sila self- sufficient…ikaw muna ang magbabayad ng  taxes. Is
    that wrong? Is that a crime? Is that impeachable?”  asked the senator.

    “These are the questions that can be considered. Let’s go back in the
    property of the US, so pinagbibigay mo na sa mga anak mo sa US.  So
    that’s going to be your defense. By some legal mechanisms, you gave it
    to them already. Ang punto ko lang dito, these are the defense of the
    accused. So what’s  so criminal? What’s impeachable about that if you’re
    going to hinge your verdict on that?” he added.



    P A N G G A G A M I T…

    • tedrodriguez

      Hey, the children are not stupid, they knew exactly what they were doing, they are partners in cri……….culture of corruption continues, thats the reality

  • Regd

    Simulat sapul, I never supported this guy! Hindi talaga ako bumoto sa taong ito! Kahit na i-convict nya si corona he will never have my vote. NO, NEVER! NOT NOW, NOT EVER! 

    Sensya na sa mga di sumasang-ayon.

  • PurpleDaisy13

    re: ”Had we been more compassionate, more considerate, more Christian to each other , we should have avoided  that,”  Honasan said.

    Looks like Senator Gregorio Honasan doesn’t even want to obey the laws written in the Constitution under Section 6, DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES AND STATE POLICIES:

    Section 6 reads:

    “The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable.”

    Senator Gregorio Honasan should also pay particular focus on the law written in Section 27:

    “The State shall maintain honesty and integrity in the public service and take positive and effective measures against graft and corruption.”

    • tedrodriguez

      What do you expect from this former razzle dazzle renegade military man turned-senator, turned-preacher? sanavagan!!! for all i know hes the poor pathetic version of Tiagong Akyat who broke his leg trying to evade arrest by men of GMA

  • tedrodriguez

    This maderfaking Honasan shouldnt be a senator at all, who is he to speak about right and wrong, did he ever thought about collateral damaged when he stage coup de’tat against Cory Aquino’s government. Was he contrite? But because majority of pinoy voters are equally maderfakers like him and hes elected senator not just once but twice and he is running again and expectedly he will be reelected because the gagoy voters are in huge huge numbers, kawawang pinas, ang mga indot ang mag determine kung ano ang nauukol sa kinabukasan nating mga pinoys


      ariba ted. totoo yan.

    • AngLagay

      I like your excellent comments. Sanay magising na at matuto ng bumoto ang majority. I challenge Gringo to officially announce in public that he is supporting corona at gma. Tingnan natin… siguradong sa darating na senatorial election ay sa “KANKUNGAN” siya pupulutin.

      • Pitbulldog

        Sigurado ka?  Nasa kangkungan na gobyerno ni P-noy, saan pa ba pupunta ang mga tuta ni P-noy kung milagro man at manalo, sa pusali?

  • tedrodriguez

    The family that is dishonest together, stays together, did you think the the children are innocent? come to think of it? Enough has been been said about coronas character, how difficult is it to convict him, ha?

    • jimmy48

      if children wil spaare frm this case, then it is a precidence if ever there are govyt oficial who r also corrupt,,,,may now start transfer there ill gotten wealth to there children..dummy….lopsholes naman sa atin laws

      • jimmy48

        simply the children may or may not innocent,but if they were spare, then the same the big fish wil be spare,,,,what kind of law we have???just like if u kill somebody, then u pass the knife to other person,so spare/or not guilty ka na??? oh procecutor study hard,,,its a big disapointment to all filipino…

      • Boy_PickUp

         Koya, nahehelo naman ako sa engles mo ah! Maga-bisaya ka na lang doy!

  • tedrodriguez

    Hey gringo honasan, before you became a senator did you own a vast tract of land in antipolo? you were a mere Lt. Coronel, are you not? you used to be an idealist kuno but now? boking ka na

    • Tama Lang

       What about asking him if he owns taxicab franchises?

      • Al

        24-7 Taxi company kanya at gusto pa ata palaguin sa pangungulimbat …hahaha..


    stupid very very stupid argument of a senator. the children was dragged as a consequence of the immorality of ascendancy of your idol corona. and they were used to hide the loot. and they consented to it. and maybe you want some for yourself.

    • Tama Lang

      Easy for this senator to say, because as a senator he has accomplished his acquisition of wealth.

    • ofwme2807

      gawain nya rin yan at natatakot sa mga magiging kaso nya in the future dahil sa mga anomalies at corruption din nya kaya nghahanap ng kakampi kapit sa korte eh saan ka pa kakapit syempre sa thief justice ka na para sigurado…

  • tedrodriguez

    I strongly suspect that honasan would like to leave politics in favor of Bible-preaching moralist, im pretty sure mike velarde cannot sleep comfortably anymore because the playing field is now wide open, the freaking gutom sa datong na mga bishops of the phil has now confirmed manny pacquiao as the Bible Ambassador to Vatican, WHAT KIND OF FOOL ARE WE, (filipinos)

  • Vladymir

    Honasan is showing his true color and this is already a pronouncement of how he will vote in this trial…nakakahiya ka Gringgo kapal mukha mo..

    • ofwme2807

      hindi pa yan ngsosorry at nagbabayad sa mga namatay sa coup na pinangunahan nya ng ilang beses laban kay Cory….sana kapag natanggal sa pwesto at nakasuhan sa anumang kaso at ngtago na naman mahuli at tumakas, siguraduhing hindi na makakatakas yan ulit kapag binaril sa 2 paa kagaya ng ginawa kay Commander Robot ng Abu Sayyaf noon na pinutulan ng paa….sana wish ko lang…. 

  • w4d

    LOL @ Honasan…

    Corona never hesitated using his children as an excuse. If he was worried about his children’s welfare, he would have refused to talk about any of the them in the same manner he refused to talk about his bank accounts.

    See, many of these Senator-Judges and Congressmen are not really interested in Corona’s personal well-being, as a result of the impeachment trial. These so-called “honorable” people are more interested in finding “legal” ways to maneuver their “spoils” in case they are caught and put in the position Corona is in today. Case in point, they want their children exempt from scrutiny, so naturally, they will funnel questionable resources through them. We also learned early during the trial that foreign accounts would be the way to go when concealing “dirty” money.

    Honasan’s claim is laughable and baseless….

  • teraytaray

    “Whatever the verdict is hindi naman lulubog sa dagat ang Pilipinas. The world will not come to an end, the Philippines will not come to an end whatever the verdict is,” he stressed  My interpretation, ‘wag kayong magagalit sa akin pag bumoto ako against impeachment, life will still be the same. Pareho pa din buhay, pag nag alis ng isang corrupt, corrupt din naman ang papalit so bakit pa magi impeach?

  • mario

    kayo mga corrupt sa gobyerno may isa na naman kayong kakampi bukod ke thief justices, si senatong  gringo.. kaya ilipat na ninyo mga nakulimbat ninyo sa mga anak ninyo

  • teraytaray

    Kung namigay ng properties sa anak, meaning you owned them previously, meaning it should be in the SALN from previous years.  

  • ofwme2807

    Tatakbo ba itong escape artist (original may second version si Lacson ngaun naman si ex Gov. Reyes ng Palawan) Sen. Honasan sa 2013 elections???Diyos ko po naman sana mamahinga na itong taong ito wala namang silbi sa bayan, pwede ba ibang tao naman there are 95 million Filipinos at hindi naman na siguro tanga ang mga Pinoy para i-elect pa itong waley na senator na ito…please nag pa press release para mapag-usapan sya habang ang lahat ay busy sa mahal na araw…Just do you job and that’s it finish, guilty or not guilty sau si thief ok lang basta sa susunod na election wag ka ng mananalo o sana kaya wag ng tumakbo pa ulit kawawa na ang bayan.  We deserve good senators in the coming elections in 2013 and in 2016…Tutal hindi rin naman lulubog ang Pinas kung hindi ka na maeelect pa sa kahit anong elective position period… 

  • Mattino2011

    one sure vote for corona ito. Maurag ka manoy

  • nacororenato

    Kagalang galangal na senador honasan… Sana po ay wag kayong magtanga Tangahan para Hindi mawala ang paggalang ng taong bayan sa inyong mga senador. Walang masamang magkaron ng ari Arian sa tamang paraan at Hindi galling sa nakaw. All they have to do is show that they can afford to buy those properties with legal documents and itrs to prove it. Parang sinabi nyo n din n yung mga nakaw ng mga gov officials basta nai transfer or naibigay na sa anak or kamag anak ay Hindi na pwedeng habulin…

    • ofwme2807

      question may gumagalang pa ba sa senator na yan at kagalang-galang ba sya base sa track record nya???eh corrupt din yan kaya kakampi sa corrupt at alam nya sa puso nya ang dami nyang kasalanan sa bayan na pwede syang makasuhan anytime pag-alis nya bilang senator….takot kasi yan sa mga kasong haharapin nya in the future….di ba hindi naman lulubog ang Pinas kapag hindi ka na nanalo kahit saang elective position at siguradong maraming Pilipinong sasaya kapag nangyari yun…

      • Boy_PickUp

         Korek kayo mga pards, pabigat lang sa buhay ang hinayupak na Honasan na iyan, tiga-ubos lang ng pork barrel! Bait-baitan lang ang kumag na iyan para iboto siya ng mga botanteng slightly used ang utak!

  • Pitbulldog

    Nasisiraan ng ng bait mga Dilawan sa ngitngit kay Gringo.  Iilan lang naman yan, Mr. Honasan.  Araw-araw, nababawasan na bilang nyan.  Bago mag-eleksyon, tiyak, yong mga abnoy na lang dyan ang natitirang nakakapit sa kanyon ni Mang Simeon.

    • Boy_PickUp

      Bilib ako sa iyo pare, ibang klase ang mga idols mo. Si Honasan, Joker, Mirriam, Corona, Gloria, Mike, Abalos, Mendoza, Bolante, at Ampatuan, ibang klase talaga! Kitang-kita kung anong klaseng moralidad meron ka at buong pamilya mo, kinakain ninyo galing sa pandarambong, daig nyo pa mga pirata sa Somalia!

      • Pitbulldog

        Ako rin, bilib ako sa yo. Ganyan ba kalinis konsensya mo tulad ni P-noy?  mag-isisp isip ka Brod, kung tama ba ang para kang asong himod nang himod kay Simeon at tango lang ng tango sa sinasabi nya.  Gamitin mo utak mo at mag-isip ka.  Please lang, yan e kung may natitira ka pang pag-iisip.  OGAG,  di ako kaylanman nandarambong, o kumikiling sa mga mandarambong.  Puwede ko ring sabihin ikaw ay mandarambong… AYON SA TSISMIS.  Pwede raw ebidensya yan.

  • Boy_PickUp

    Pitbulldog, nag-iisa ka na lang sa tread na ito na nagtatanggol kay Honasan, di ka ba naaawa sa sarili mo? Nagmumukha kang patay gutom?

    • ofwme2807

      awwoooo awoooo arf arf rah rah rah tsu tsu pitbulldog come come here sit down….tsu tsu

      • Pitbulldog

        P-noy, ikaw ba yan?  Para kang pitbull na nasisiraan ng bait kapag kumakahol..he he.

      • ofwme2807

        of course not…by the way kailan ka pala isasama sa mercy killing ng mga pitbulls na nahuli sa illegal online dog fighting sa Laguna para matodas ka na…good luck sau magtago ka na baka isama ka sa eutanasia….

      • Pitbulldog

        Nakasibat lang ako kahapon, Brod.  Sinabi ko sa Gwardiya, member ako ng KKK ni P-noy. 

      • ofwme2807

        isusumbong kita PAWS at sa PNP para di na kumalat ang lason mo sa ibang aso at sa tao…kadiri ka

    • Pitbulldog

      Napakataas mo na yata na para di ka na ma-reach ng mga tulad naming patay gutom.  Misan, mas may sense pa sinasabi ng isang patay gutom kesa sa nakaririwasa o naka-pag aral na di naman gingamit ang sentido komon. May mga tama sa pinagsasabi ni Simeon, OGAG, pero di komo lumalabas sa bunganga, talagang ginagawa.  Hindo puro hangin kailangan namin. Kung maganda sa pandinig mo at kay P-noy sinabi ni Honasan, abe e, I am sure na para kang tutang naglulundag sa tuwa dahil may nakawagayway na buto.  Noon pa nga e, kala nyo pro-Pnoy na ang tao.  Ngayon, disappointed ka?  OGAG KA TALAGA. 

  • Boy_PickUp

    Pitbulldog, log out na ako, ayokong kadebate ang ugaling aso na nanghihimod ng puwitan ng mga magnanakaw. Baka himatayin ka sa galit diyan kasalanan ko pa,`bye magnanakaw…

    • Pitbulldog

      Tinamaan ka yata.  kwaresma ngayon, Brod, maghunos dilis ka na.  Mabuti pa, magpinetensya.  Lakarin mo mula Manila hanggang Cutud, start ka als-diyes ng umaga. 

  • MikeCrisologo

    he knows in the first place that his entire clan will be dragged  into his trial but he still clings to his position . tsk ! tsk! tsk!. POWER is really something.

  • Ano Ikaw

    Tama si Honasan. Kahit pala lider ng militar , eh may puso naman pala. I hope you are geniune.

     Have a blessed lenten season and a happy easter to everyone.

    • 1bravo9

      tama na kayo pag di kayo tumigil na mga kampi ng mandarambong tatamaan kayo sa ming mga nag mamahal sa bayan kaya ano ikaw wag ka na magtago mga walang awa sa susunod na henerasyon

  • Psalm90

    Ang dapat sisihin ni Honasan eh si Corona mismo dahil sya ang dahilan kung bakit nadamay ang mga anak nya sa impeachment.  Mr Honasan where is your sense of proportion sir? 

  • Jacques Garnier

    Tigilan mo yang pag iintindi mo kay Atong.  Ikaw ba any inisip mo ang sinira mo nang mag lunsad kayo ng coup.  Ni hindi ka pa humihingi nang tawad sa bayan.  

  • allan

    Corona himself dragged his children into his mess by naming ill gotten properties under their names.

  • allan

    Honasan did more damage to our economy than whatever he has done as a senator by staging multiple coups. And until now he haven’t express remorse or give apology to the people.

  • Gaga

    BOBOng Senator Honasan, wala ka namang alam sa cash flow 101, puro coup de etat lang at mga baril ang alam mo.  ang tanong, kahit ipinamana pa nya mga ari-arian at perang yan (EXPENSE), saan ng galing ang pera (INCOME)?  Di-neclare ba nya sa SALN as required by law?  If he didn’t then he’s in violation of the lay and definitely considered a betrayal of public trust!!! 
    Verdict = GUILTY!!!

    Papa-pogi ka naman sa press Obob ka naman!!!

  • tarikan

    Oo nga sobrang BOKELS  itong si Honasan. There are PMAers who are intellectually gifted but there also who are pedestrian in intellect. Sen. Gringo belongs to the latter. Hwag daw idamay ang mga anak ni Corona pero nakikinabang sa unexplained wealth. Kulang sa pulbura yata utak ni Gringo ah!

  • cion

    Lenten Season ,dapat magsisi sa kasalanan at pati si Esposo ng Philstar ay puspusan pa rin sa kanyang opinion na dumaldal kahit immaterial evidence,lahat ng mga pamilya ay di mawawalan ng sigalot sa isa’t-isa pag dating sa property  inheritance,pang-karaniwan scenarion na eto at di na kataka-taka,at labas na  eto sa Impeachment issues, 

  • pinoytrader

    Being considerate???  The Philippines is the sick man of Asia because we are too soft, too considerate, too linient.  The rule of law must be applied!!  Al Capone was not convicted of murder – he was convicted of tax evasion and got 8 years.  The lawyers and senators are spending too much time on this.  If Corona is guilty, then he goes to jail, if that is the punishment.  Mr Honasan, you have lost your earlier convictions.  Does power corrupts? 

  • Paranaque City


  • Paranaque City

    Parehong may punto si Honasan at ang mga anti-Corona, pero ang pinag-uusapan dito, yung pagiging Kristiyano. 

    • muddygoose

      Diba si Kristo mismo nagsabi na “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar”? Anong kinalaman ng pagiging Kristyano sa pamamalakad ng gobyerno? Para sa akin ginagamit lang ng mga nakaupo ang simbahan at ang mga relihiyon para panitilihin ang bulok na sistema.

  • jiroarturo

    Bakit kaya naging senador ang isang fugitive? Wala ngang masama kung pinagbibigyan mo ng mga ari-arian ang dalawa mong anak na babae. Kung sa mabuting paraan nakuha mo ang perang pinamigay mo wala talagang masama. Ang kaso rito ay sa masamang paraan nakuha ni CJ ang perang pinamigay sa anak. Kung sa suweldo lang ni CJ ang pagkukunan, hamak ang liit noon para makabili ka ng mga ari-arian. 21 yata yon sabi ni Tupas.

    • humberto45

      Honasan surely has lost his nuts … my gully, what kind of reasonings did he give … what was that… ang labo niya talaga walang utak na Senator… we havent voted for him since … he is just a trouble maker, nothing else! 

  • kismaytami

    So kung nakinabang sa nakaw ang mga anak ni Corona, kung meron man… ang lagay eh magkalimutan na lang Mr. Honasan? Ganun na lang ba yun kasimple? Parang ikaw, kinalimutan mo na lang ang mga kasalanan mo sa sambayanang Pilipino…

  • Jozz

    Corona should have just resigned from the very beginning if he really cared about his children and family. 

  • tadasolo

    Honosan clearly has misplace interest. He is more interested in the welfare of 3 kids of corona than the welfare of 90 million Filipinos. Typical Utang na loon

  • Benjamin

     para mas maging makatao  ay payagang baguhin ng mga anak ni corona ang kanilang pangalan….FROM CORONA TO CORONAKOT….para naman magkaroon sila ng ibang identity…….

  • roji

    Naku Gorio, Pag-isipan mo na lang kung saan galing ang mga pinangbili ng mga ari-arian na ipinamahagi sa mga anak ni Renato. Sa isang maikling kuwento, hindi ka ba magtataka kung bakit napamanahan ni Renato ang mga anak ng mga ari-arian na hindi malaman kung saan galing ang mga ipinambili nito. Dapat hindi na nadamay ang mga anak kung saka na lang inayos ni Renato ang mga mana ng mga anak niya pagkatapos ng kaniyang serbisyo sa gobyerno o ginawa niyang pamanahan ang mga anak kung matapat ang pinaggalingan ng perang pinambili nito. 

  • ferds

    Anong agony, daan daang milyon ang nga pera nyan.   Ano ka  hilo.?

  • edwin acuna

    Senator Honasan, sana naman isaisip mo naman ang tama at mali. Walang masama kung magpamana si Corona ng lupa at bahay kung justified ang source nito. Kung P12M ang kita ng corona couple in 5 years ang they bought all these properties for P20M at pinamana ang kalahati sa mga anak, hindi ba mali yun dahil tinatago nya ang tagong yaman sa mga anak as justification para hindi ito masita?

    Kung ganyan din ang gagawin mo sa mga anak mo, hindi rin tama yun Senator Honasan.

  • muning

    what kind of senator is he???the kind of reasoning he just said isn’t event fit for a kagawad position.the other thing is he’s talking about being a christian.did he think about it when he staged a coup?a lot of people died jsut simply because of his personal agenda. HE is the KING of all HYPOCRITE.

  • muning

    almost every day of the impeachment trial nandoon si hoanasan yet he don’t know until now what’s going on. sayng ang pera ng kaban ng bayan with this kind of senator.his reasoning isn’t even fit for a first grader.parang awa nyo na bayan, watch out for this kind of candidate.

    • Pedro_Gil

      Naguguluhan dahil pag si Corona ay acquitted, walang kita.  Kung convicted naman, may commission siya sa dollar account ni Cheap.  LOL!!!

  • JJF724


    • Ano Ikaw

      Magsimba ka. 

      • Benjamin

        bakit pag nagsimba sya..maliligtas kayo sa impyerno na mga alipores ni gloriang mandarambong at coronakot na mangungulimbat??

      • Ano Ikaw

         magsimba siya para maalis ang dumi ng bunganga niya. Sama ka na sa kanya.

  • mvsantos

    Mukhang nasanay na si Honasan sa patakaran ng politika. Nawala na ang idealism sa vocabulary nya. Ok na kay Honasan na absuwelto na ang mga corrupt officials as long as naipamahagi na ang yaman sa mga anak ng akusado.
    Hindi kaya naisip ni Honasan kung bakit yung anak ni CJ na si Francis ay hindi nadadamay dito sa impeachment? Hindi kaya dahil sa walang itinagong yaman sa pangalan ni Francis? Na ang mga hidden wealth ay nasa dalawang anak na babae lang?

  • hustlergalore

    okay honasan we get your point that your verdict is not guilty, LOL.

    i suppose, we now know whence your decision came. LOL

  • Born


  • Wan

    Honasan’s credibility has been questionable since he became a political figure.. ito ang isang tao na marahil ang style e pareho kay Corona – naipamahagi na sa kaanak ang mga nakurakot habang nakapuwesto siya. Pera lang katapat ng tao na ito kaya natahimik na idealismo.. mga ipinaglalaban niya sa simula ng kanyang pagiging public servant (kawal). He doesn’t even deserved to be a senator. Sayang na simula.. sayang na pakikipaglaban.. naimpluwensyahan ng buktot niyang pinuno.

  • doublecross

    why spared the kids…..dyan malalaman ang kaban ni cj at kung paano nila nakuha ang kayamanan na dapat nasa tamang lugar. kung dinaya ang saln, malamang nakatago sa mga anak niya.kay senator honasan, open critism po eto. walang malesya.

  • tagasampaloc

    …at kailan naman naging matino ang usapan kung  si Gringo ang nagbuka nang bibig, aber!…

  • Ed

    Yes Gringo ypur world in the senate will come to end if ever you vote to acquit Corona. Its Corona’s mistake why his kids were dragged into the controversy. We dont care if he give a house or a mansion to his children. What we care to know is if he ever got those money legitimately and did he declared it in his SALN

  • canivert

    Honasan was involved in several coup attempts in the past and was a fugitive for some time. I wonder how he was able to avoid prosecution considering the damage his group did. Still people made him a senator. I hope he will not be voted again if he runs for re-election.

    • piercedvalley

      Because “due process” was kind to him.

  • Political Jaywalker

    The man responsible for a number of failed coup attempts lecturing the nation on “kindness.” The guy who was a fugitive for a long time talking about “due process” as if he is the best example is the height of criminal hypocrisy.

    There is nothing wrong with transferring properties to your children, but not paying taxes in doing so is so very wrong. Ultra rich people help their children financially but they take the trust fund route unlike Renato Corona who seems to have the propensity to “build” his children’s financial stability and freedom through expensive condominiums and lots in exclusive enclaves. True there is nothing wrong with that but what Gringgo Honasan fails to take into account is the affordability factor. Surely anyone who can count unless one is schooled in the backdoor Comelec operator math wizardry will be able to figure out Corona did not have enough income to justify the purchases.

  • romfagen

    ang hirap pala nitong maka intindi ni Honasan. sayang ang sahod nito.
    hirap pang ma i articulate ang gusto nyang sabihin. naging senador pa.

    walang mali kung yung pinagnakawan ipinamahagi na sa mga anak?

    you say Kinder? Considerate and Compassion? … na aalala mo man lang ba yung mga namatay dahil sa MGA attempt mong mag power grab?

  • Pedro_Gil

    Pwede bang itutor ninyo ang taong ito?  Akala ko ba senador ito?  Hindi niya alam ang batas, hindi alam maging huwes at hindi alam ang tamasa mali.  Nakalimutan na yata na ang dapat protektahin ay ang kapakanan ng taong bayan at lipunan base sa saligang batas.  oo, katapusan mo na sa poltika sama ng mga kaalyado mo sa senado dahil sa laki ng proteksyong binibigay ninyo sa matalik ninyong kaalyado sa korte suprema.  Tama na ang pambabastos at panlililinlang sa taongbayan!  Itigil na ang kurapsiyon!!!!

  • bayhill

    if coronas sibblings benefitted from his loot, it’s common sense, that their names will come out in the investigative process.

  • Babyloy

    Senator Gringo Honasan you are so hypocrite, how can you be considerate or compassionate if their own parents are using their children to hide their loots or illegal wealth. It’s their parents should have spared them of this humiliations not the prosecutors.
    You are still GRINGO aren’t you? stay macho please.

    • sanamaybukaspa

      he he tama ka dyan parekoy…

  • manny_ksa

    Should have, could have, would have… were it not for the Chief Justice’s dragging them into his ‘real estate laundering’…

  • OneScorp

    gringong kawatang manggagamit na binuhay ang pamilya sa nakaw na pera sa pagiging senador mo na hindi mo deserving, pakipalitan ng cuevas ang apelyido mo at sumali ka sa ‘prayer rally’ kuno ng mga iglesia ni kristo. sa lagay na ‘to, nasaan ang mala paputok na bunganga ni miriam na nagsasabi ng kung anu-ano. sabagay, kapartido nga pala kayo ng kapwa kawatan nyo na si renato. ngayon, gamitin nyo ang okasyon para magpaka ‘kristiyano’ kuno, ba’t ba kasi nagpahalata ka pa masyado at sabay anunsyo sa mundo ng iyong totoong boto tapos sabay baliktad ng kwento na parang kami pa ang walang puso at ang mga anak ni kawatang renato ay nadali ng kanyang perwisyo. walang awa sa mga kawatan, mas may dangal pa sa inyo si judas, nagawa pa niyang magsisi, kayo inuuto lang ang tao, baka sakaling mapaniwala pa ninyo.

  • ati

    If we want better Philippines…let us not vote for Honasan, Estrada, legarda, Miriam, Pia Cayetano, Marcos, Sotto, Revilla, Lapid.

    • Mang Pong

      that is 9 SENATORS YOU’VE MENTION!!!  2-3rds of the vote must have to convict CJ… Based on your suggestion, it is clear to you that CJ will acquit on this trial. VOTE! Sen. CUEVAS!!!

      • Boy_PickUp

         Mag-Tagalog na lang po tayo mang Pong para maintindihan ibig nyong sabihin?
        Puwede na rin Bisaya o Ilocano…



  • maylah1969

    What’s his name? ?Gunggong Honasan? This is one myopic vision of a person trusted as a senator? Was he elected because of his knowledge or because he is popular among women. Does he possess the trait of a senator who supposedly represent the Filipino people? The trial exposed the inner personality and knowledge of every senator sitting as a judge in the impeachment trial,. I pray that our people learned their lesson in qualifying who they will elect in the coming election that represents their welfare, health, safety and aspirations not only for themselves, but for their children as well. This is why we are what we are today, we made wrong choices in past elections, either we were cheated by scrupulous politicians or we were swayed by popular personalities. Wish there are debates so that we can really gauge the depth and breadth of every candidate, their philosophies, convictions and patriotism for their country. Are they pinheads or patriots?

  • farmerpo

    Kapag walang masyadong maiulat na balita, maski basura puwede na rin. PDI, global na ang readership ninyo. Instead of this write up, you could have written the sexual behavior of the butanding and earned more nods and no uh uh.. Please refrain from trash… 

    • Boy_PickUp

       Excuse me po! kayo po yata ang trash?

  • F**kinMO

    That is what you people get when you elect people in there with questionable character… like Enrile, Honasan, Arroyos and they put up people like Corona. So suck it up Filipinos  

  • John_Galt_II

    Hayaan niyong magsalita si Ungasan. Kada buka ng bibig niya nabibisto ang katangahan at kawalanghiyaan niya. Sa susunod wala ng boboto sa animal na yan!
    Kala niya pag nagnakaw at binigay sa anak lusot na! Ungas talaga!

    • johndcross1

      Tama ka kabayan!  Talagang “animal” itong ungas na ito!

  • sanamaybukaspa

    he he he he he he he eh ehe eh wahhhhhhhhh

  • Pauline

    si Arroyo kasi nagpardon kay Honasan kaya malaki utang niyan kay Gloria kaya lahat ng kampon ni GLoria na tulad niya ay susuportahan niya

  • simondj

    Honasan was number 10th in 2007 senatorial election, and in may 2013 is his next senatorial election, so we must be vigilant and watch out for our vote. we should do our best not to allow election sabotage (dagdag bawas) and let the will of the people prevail.

    bantayan po natin ang ating mga boto hanggang sa commission on election.

    • white scorpion

      and vote for a responsible candidate. LETS START NOW.

      • simondj

        dapat lang may prinsipyo, at hindi iyong flip-flop palagi.

    • Gina_Cole

       Automated na election. Yong boto ng dayaan sa Mindanao ang naghatak kay Gringo nong 2007. This time 2013 tingnan nyo kung papasok pa siya sa magic 12.

      • simondj

        if your slot is 8 to 12 in a senatorial race, malamang kung sino lang ang may kapit siya lang mananalo. lalo na kung maliit lang ang lamang.

  • mvsantos

    Simple lang naman ang solution ni Honasan. Magnakaw ka, ilagay mo sa pangalan ng mga anak mo at aso mo, absuwelto ka na sa mga judge na katulad ni Honasan. Ho – nasan ang accountability na hinihingi ng taumbayan?

  • Jon70

    Mr Honasan..are you talking about a kinder…garteen?

    • white scorpion

      …no no  lower.

  • dunnoidea

    kahit kelan estupido talaga itong ungasan na eto. d ba nya nakikita ang mga kasalanan ng punong mahistrado para patuloy manungkulan bilang kataas taasang hukom? siguro nga nasanay na sya na ang mga kabaluktutan ng isang nanunungkulan ay di mapapatunayan kung ang katotohanan ay base lamang sa pinagtagpi tagping kasinungalingan, gaya ng kwento ng kanyang buhay na puro lamang panlilinlang sa bayan ang batayan ng kanyang paninindigan.

  • johndcross1

    Look who is talking!  A senator talking about compassion.  Did you show compassion to the many lives that was killed your numerous coup attempt against Cory?  What happened to that the families of those who died in your useless pursuit?  You are a senator who has done nothing to improve this country.  In other words you are a good for nothing useless SOB senator!  Shut-up!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Gringo, No wonder your self-led kudetas did not succeed because you have skewed way of looking at things. Obviously you got elected because of Bobong Botantes.

    You are so stupid not to see that the bloggers criticism on Corona’s children is CORONA’S OWN DOING. They collaborated to hide his corrupt practices by way of using his children as shield from exposing his means of acquiring these properties and as diversionary tactic from public ridicule. And it seems that your puny brain did not comprehend that.

    The issue is not about Corona paying the taxes of the properties Corona has given to his children as “gifts.” The issue Mr. Dumb Senator is THE SOURCE and HOW THAT PROPERTY WAS ACQUIRED and how come Corona did not declare all his properties in his SALN.

    Judiciary officials and senators of the land are always expected to take the highest moral grounds as role models of this nation. You and Corona preferred the imburnal ground. You have taken us for fools feeding us with nonsensical analogies and excuses. Shame on both of you for making us Filipinos butts of jokes in the international community.

    You tried to influence the public and the impeachment court by voicing out your opinion on this case that Corona is not guilty of the accusations. Why commit political suicide for a person who is now well known for decades of fakery and lies about his resume? Go down with Corona, Gringo. Both of you deserve it.

  • ikulong

    ang bobo nga ni gringo. hehehe


    WHATTA sense of LOGIC!  Walang MASAMA sa pamimigay.  Ang MASAMA ay yong pinamimigay mo ang HINDI sa IYO….yong bagay na nakuha mo sa hokus-pokus na paraan, samakatuwid hindi sa iyo.  Nemo dat quod non habet.

    Sa mga CHILDREN naman……wala ng iba kayong mababalingan ng tingin kundi ang FATHER of the family.  KUNDI naging talipandas ang tatay, hindi masasangkot ang anak.

    Ano kaya ang kaso ni Honasang na nakabarega sa SC?  Esta, mga dakilang miembro ng SC, kuha na ba ninyo ang pina-aabot na mensahe sa inyo ni Honasang, the perennial power grabber??

  • Boy_PickUp

    Hoy Gorio! Huwag ka ng magpa-cute! Matanda ka na! Tumanda ka nga lang ng paurong! Wala kang nagawang mabuti sa bayan kundi manggulo! Hindi ka pa bayad sa mga pinaggagawa mong kawalanghiyaan sa bayan. Di ba dapat nasa kulungan ka? Binigyan ka lang ni pandak ng pardon kaya ngayon ay hinihimod mo ang wetpu niya sa pasasalamat! Magtanim ka na lang ng sili sa probinsiya at isaksak mo sa wetpu ni pandak!

    • Tammy Aguila

       kapag pinayagan sumama si gingo sa UNA (binay/erap) tiyak talo sila dahil kay gingo….

  • tedrodriguez

    itong maderfuking former military renegade na hero kuno Honasan ay naging senador dahil ibinoto siya ng mga ogok na pinoys, the same voters who put Lapid, Noli de Castro, Jingoy Estrada, Bong Revilla,Jaworski and other walang kawentakwentang senadores tulad nila Loren Legarda Chez Escudero, na puro blah blah blah paporma pa cute pa pogi pa in-crowd sa young generations

    • white scorpion

       no wonder puro loop hole and batas natin………

  • Jose

    Whew, Gringo! Simple logic lang, no one should profit from an illegal act…ito ang basis sa hustisya ng mga civilized na bansa. Sabagay puro ka kasi illegal act kaya pag di nahuli na red handed syempre para sa iyo dapat lusot at enjoy the loot.  Maawa? dapat lang, ang tanong kanino? Sa mga nakinabang o sa mga na-deny ng patas na laban dahil sa corruption? for the good of the majority and even a thousand corona family will not be a majority.

  • tedrodriguez

    theres a saying in united states,, “YOU GET WHAT YOU ELECTED FOR”——-to name a few,, Honasan, Lapid, father and son the Revillas,the mother and son the Estradas, Jaworski, Noli de Castro, Loren Legarda, BRAINDA SANTIAGO, my apology if i missed out someone

    • Boy_PickUp

       You cannot name them all my friend, hundreds of thousands of them here. From the lowly barangay seats up to the top, we have rotten politicians whose aim is to get rich easy. Their only asset is the lack of shame on their body, that`s all!

  • imnotstupid

    Honasan seems to be missing the point..Pag mahina ang utak mo mahina din ang analysis mo..Hindi po iyong ibnigay ang problema..Ang problema eh kung saan kinuha ang pera na ginamit na pangbili ng ibinigay..kung nagloan lang ang anak niya para bumili ng bahay sa Amerika bakit makakabili ng bahay sa pilipinas at the same year or a few months apart for a few million pesos???Hindi ko inaalis na pamanahan ang anak…Honasan is another of GMA’s save..kaya may utang na loob… kaya alam mo na kung anong kapalit..gagawin lahat para mabayaran ang utang na loob…Santiago,Joker Arroyo and Honasan are on the same boat to save GMA…thru Corona’s save….

  • Benito Mussolini

    Gringo, with your stance on this impeachment trial you have became a disgrace to the ideals and teachings of our alma mater – Don Bosco. Your sense of right and wrong is so skewed that it is not even funny. What happen to all that idealism you had during those heady days of 1986? You need to re-calibrate your moral compass.

    • jurbinsky77

      what idealism? He ordered his men to open fire on the crowd chanting “Cory!” “Cory!”. His other order was to shoot and kill the only son of the President. Now he is like a caviteno, very proud when he accomplished his mission of killing the brothers Andres and Procopio, only to serve as honor guard during the ceremony honoring the Father of the Revolution. What could Honasan be thinking when he has to hear what the President has to say.. 

    • Boy_PickUp

      Sorry, there`s nothing to calibrate…

  • jesusemmanuel

    Ang isyu dito kagalanggalang na senador ay kung saan kinuha ni CJ Corona propiedad na pinamigay sa kayang mga anak. Kung ang pinagbili nitong property ay hindi ninakaw sa kaban ng gobyerno. MAgisip-isip ka naman kagalanggalang na sinador.

    • jurbinsky77

      Ang hindi ko maiintindihan, bakit sa isang transaksiyon ng bentahan ay may waiver iyong manugang. Ibig bang sabihin, hindi totoo ang bentahan between Renato at ang kanyang anak. Baka kung maging conjugal property nga naman noong anak niya at ng kanyang manugangm, hindi na niya mababawi pa ang property.

      • white scorpion

        nagpapsalamat na ngayon yun manugang na pinapirma siya ng waiver.

      • Gina_Cole

         Ganon katuso si TJ. Alam niyang may divorce sa Amerika at yong kanyang nalalaman sa batas ay di applicable sa US courts. Kaya nadoon ang insecurity ni Corona na kung conjugal ay lugi siya pag naghati ng property. kanya kasi pera eh.

    • Boy_PickUp

       Ahem…totoo ba sa puso mo ang salitang kagalanggalang na iukol sa na iyan?
      Dapat na salita para sa kanya ay HUNGHANG!

  • Tirador Ngbuwaya

    You are wrong Mr. Senator, why spare kung alam naman ng mga anak nya na yung pinambili ng properties sa Amerika ay  pera na kaparte ng unexplained wealth ni Corona. May imbestigasyon naman at malalaman din ang katotohanan, bakit matatakot kung malinis at walang kasalanan? Now, I can predict that those who will vote for acquittal of Corona are:

            1. Bong Revilla
            2. Joker Arroyo
            3. Miriam
            4. Bong Bong Marcos
            5. Lapid
            6. Honasan

    • Tammy Aguila

      will not vote them anymore….

    • white scorpion

      baka pati si enrile. amo ni honasan, di ba? i hope nagpakatotoo si sen enrile.

  • neo

    Mahiya ka naman Honasan.  Yung nag stage ka ng kudeta sa pamahalaan, had you been kinder? Nung ng instigate ka ng mutiny sa grupo nila Trillanes, had you been kinder? You lose all the right to say kind words dahil wala kang kindness…

  • johnsonabadsantos

    Senator Honasan,   I see your point but the question the public is wondering is where the Honorable CJ Corona got all the money to buy these properties when it is quite clear that his supposed salary and extravagant allowances paid by the Filipino people is not sufficient to account for his new found wealth. It is CJ Corona’s loss that he chose to put these properties in his children’s names and his hands got caught in the cookie jar. Also, the issue is why he did not declare his total cash assets including dollar accounts in his SALN.  These are the issues of why CJ Corona’s character is questionable in determining fitness to hold the office of the Supreme Justice.  He does not seem supreme enough because of  his questionable honesty. These in my mind,as a humble voice in the community, are the issues. Why deflect and put awa to the children and use Christianity in these discussions. To stir emotions na maawa naman tayo kay Chief?  Are you rationalizing your choice or vote loudly to gain sympathy and kakampe? Impeachement will only be agony if you are guilty.  If you are innocent, you will be out there with the truth that will set you free, diba, Sir?  

    • white scorpion

      naawa ba sila at mga arroyos when they dip their hands in the cookie jar. this is their own doing. let them suffer the consequences.
      masasabi pa kaya ni honasan pag-ordinaryong tao ang nahuling nagnakaw???

  • nestleraisinets

    “” ”Had we been more compassionate, more considerate, more Christian to each other , we should have avoided  that,”  Honasan said. “”

    LOL, e diba kayo kayong mga senador nag agree na maging judge sa impeachment trial (w/c is public) para magpaganda ng image, tapos gaganyan ganyan kau? Tapusin nyo nalang to ng maka move on na ang lahat, dahil wala naman taung mababawi na pera d2 at in the future katulad ni erap eh maging bayani naman sina arroyo at corona pag nag iba ang tide ng maduming pulitika sa bansa…

  • dunnoidea

    So this is what you get from a PMA Valedictorian . . . i think its name should now be Philippine Morons Academy . . . . Asia’s oldest school of military morons!

    • Gina_Cole

       Excuse me please check. Honasan was not the Valedictorian of their PMA batch.

  • pedronimo

    If the children of a hero share in the glory of their father, then it’s only fair and square that they be dragged down the abyss of a heel a dishonest Chief justice, The maxim that the sin of the father is not the sin of the children does not apply to Corona because the sin we are talking about here is ill-gotten money, the root of all evil, money that certainly benefited Corona’s children, So they should also suffer the consequence of their parent’s indiscretion.

    • white scorpion

      considering the property where named after his children. definitely KASALI sila.

  • pedronimo

    Honasan’s remarks reveal this Senator-judge has more bluster and  brusque than brain.

  • rbdvsr

    Nakatulog ba ang bantay ng kaban ng bayan, kaya napagnakaw si Corona, Kaninong kaban b a siya nakapagnakaw. Mayroon bang nakakita ng siya ay magnakaw O bintang lang ang alam ninyo.

    • Boy_PickUp

       Pre, nakatulog nga, kasi pinainom mo siya ng Ativan para makapagnakaw kayo ng amo mong si corona.  Hehe, bilib ako sa utak mo, hina ng pick-up. Buti pa mga chicks sa Quezon Av, madalas ma-pick-up.
      Ikaw ba ang reliever ni Pitbulldog? Wala ba siyang 20 pesos pambayad sa internet cafe ngayon?

      • rbdvsr

         Pre, ikaw na kaya ang magbantay sa kaban ng bayan para walang makapagnakaw. Huag pickup ng ng pick up ng balita na wala naman katibayan.
        Maroon akong nakita , nagpapalimos sa lansangan, pagkatapos magpalimos sa maghapon uuwi na siya at ang kanyang sasakyan ay isang Cadillac . Ito ba ay masasabi mong nakaw?

      • botets

         holy cow, talagang may cadilac? Baka si coronut yun hahaha sana sinabi mong toyota o nissan me maniniwala pa sayo Nakambits talaga nga naman, oo na malinis na sa coronut, walang ibidins at walang nakakita hahaha

    • Josh

      actually, ndi nakatulog, dilat na dilat nga e, nakanguso na labas pa ngipin. ung kung tawagin ay ” lil gurl”. m aure kilala mo yon. hehehehe…

  • white scorpion

    it quite amazing itong mga politician natin. may tinatago yatang kaso itong si honasan. kung hindi ipinangalan sa mga anak ang loot ni corona, eh di hindi sana sila nadamay. ang problema tinatago ni corona sa mga anak niya yun nakaw niya, pati nga sa mrs niya. tapos sasabihin ni honasan maging mahinahon sa familya. andyan na nga yun hindi pwedeng buksan ang dollar account. ni ayaw mag-leave. ngayon, maging mahinahon naman sa anak. gusto mo absuelto na natin eh. para sumikat ka naman.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             he!he! hindi pwedeng i-absuwelto. i lied.

    • jimmy48

      pag small fish puedi e open ang account….only big fish ma losot sa net……hop im wrong…puedi na cj relax na,,,hindi ka na ma huli,,,even not quilty,hindi ka na ma kolong…u can hav all ur ill gooten condo etc  even it is in the name of ur children…..i told my children, wat is mind is urs,,,,and wat is urs is ours…tama para rin

      • white scorpion

        pray na lang na……
        …..Makarma na agad.

  • jimmy48

    spared ???? is it fair to Mum Emelda, bongbong,emy…????? so puedi na mag nakaw na mga govt official then e transfer mo lahat to ur children…then mag pa impeach ka…no more BIR…no mor tax to be paid…etc by the way are the children and wife of sec,reyes spared already???? no mor news about them already….sayang lang mga oras sa mga senador…kong talaga close na ang case…ang pera sa bayan gone with the wind…

  • Abraham Ortiz

    There is no kinder when it comes to court  battles.The depends lawyer will do anything to win the battle in court even if it humiliate your own mother.That’s how dirty Philippine courts lawyer is so better be good so no one will get hurt.

  • iskorokotoy

    This Honasan is confusing. How can he say he still couldn’t make any conclusion when he has already painted certain scenarios and even asked ” Is that wrong? Is that a crime? Is that impeachable?” Hay mang Gorio . . .

    • Gina_Cole

       May utang na loob yan kay Pandak. Mismong si ex FG Mike Arroyo ang nagkuwento na lumuhod si Gringo sa harapan niya at nagmaka awa ng nahuli ng PNP sa kanyang pinagtaguan. Pipilay pilay siya noon. Pinakandidato  siya pagka senador at siyempre ginastusan ng panahon ni Arroyo. May nagawa ba siya sa senado?

      Sa darating na eleksyon na siya siguro mahuhusgahan ng taong bayan. Abangan.

  • RonnieV

    That’s very true. If the properties are now under the names of the children then it is legal. It’s not a crime to distribute properties to children, that’s normal, it’s human nature, The properties mentioned in the impeachment are now legally under the name of the children why do prosecutors forced it to be the CJ’s property? Even if we say the properties were bought using the CJ’s money, but it is registered under the name of his children, so, the legal owner is the children and naturally should not be included in the CJ’s SALN. It’s clear these prosecutors are merely after on media publicity and unfortunately the impeachment trial instantly became their vehicle for their 2013 ambition. 

  • david andres

     Mang honasan, Si CJ mismo nagdamay sa family nya. kung hindi nya pinangalan sa anak nya un mga propertes nya na pagkamahal mahal, hindi sana sila madadamay. Kung katulad mo lahat ng senador mag isip, kawawa naman ang pilipinas.

  • haringkuwago

    bobo din naman talga itong senador na ito o.

    di ba si corona ang nag sali sa mga anak niya sa kabulastugan niya? kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?! o ano, ipapaliwanag ko pa ba?

    mag isip isip ka nga diyan bago ka magbukas ng bunganga mo at baka hindi kita matantiya diyan!

  • Badjin

    gusto lang ipaalala ni Gringo ang name niya habang bakasyon. pera din naman ng bayan ang ginamit niya sa press release na walang kabuluhan. sila nga 9 na coup attempts pinatawad lang natin nang iboto siya sa senado. hindi ko na uli iboboto iyan kung sakali. kayo?

    • Lincon

      Tama ka pre, sana wala ng bumoto sa taong yan! Questionable ang integridad.

  • pasaway008ako

    Sen Honasan don’t see the big pictures. Of course it is not wrong to distribute your properties to you children as inheritance, but the problem is when the said properties are unexplained wealth!How these properties were acquired, that’s the problem! Even the properties in the U.S., how were they acquired? Where did they get all those money to buy these properties, Those are the problems that should be explained, and CJ Corona cannot explained, all his answers were ” in due time” kuno!!! Do you see the problem there, Mr Senator???

    So much so, Corona was the one who dragged his children in this impeachment issue!!! His own children and grand children should be the ones who should blame him for all these shameful acts and what have you! Poor children, they thought they could be happy.

  • simondj

    why it seems that HONASAN is the advocate of renato CORONA? he should not do that because he is one of the senator judge. he should let renato CORONA to tell that in court, and not him.

  • hazeleyes555

    hoy honasan tell it to the marines.napa ka bobo mo.kakampi kapa sa isang supposedly chief justice na isang huwad at corrupt.siguro malaki ang binayad sayo ni koronang tinik.dapt hindi sya sen.judge,dapat speaker ni koronang tinik.DON’T VOTE FOR HONASAN AND  OTHER’S WHO   ARE GOING TO ACQUIT THE BIG THIEF

  • hazeleyes555

    valedictorian ba si honasan??????

    • Gina_Cole

       Itanong nyo po kay Ping Lacson batchmate sila sa PMA. or better google nyo po para malaman ang rank ni Gringo a.k.a coup d’etat

  • MannyKingfisher

    Sa komentaryo ng “magiting kuno” na senador na ito ay para na ring sinabi niya na kurap nga itong cj na ito. Maraming issue sa pagkatao ng CJ na ito at hindi niya mismo maipaliwanag sa senate court ang mga ari-arian na ipinamahagi sa kanyang mga anak ngunit sa bandang huli ay kanya pa ring i-abswelto si Corona dahil wala namang masama kung ang isang goverment official ay nagpayaman sa pwesto lalo na’t chief justice sa supreme court ayon kay Garringago Honasan.

    Sa pagkatao ni Honasan ay hindi ito mapagkatiwalaan – walang prinsipyo sa kanyang pagkatao kundi ang pansariling kapakanan.

    Aywan ko kung baki kayong mga pinoy diyan sa Pinas ay nabuyo ng mokong na ito para ibuto sa senado. Hindi baleng consehal, vice mayor, o mayor, pero senador aba ay maraming naloko ng  kumag na ito sa buong bansa ng Pinas. Milliones ang kanyang naloko para iluklok sa senado at anong kabutihan ang kanyang nginawa para sa Pilipinas? Nada, zero, zeilt.

    Kaya kayong mga botante diyan sa Pinas ay pag-isipan nyo nang maige ang pagsulat sa balota ng inyong mga boto. Artista, hari ng coup de etat, criminal, rapist at iba pang hindi karapatdapat ipagkatiwala ang pamamahala sa gobyerno ay inyong ibinoboto.

    Meron quotation sa english na angkop dito. You an fool some of the people some of the time. You can fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.”


  • Lito60

    We need more people like Senator Honasan who actually know the meaning of honor and respect for fellow human beings. So many people nowadays, your president included, have lost the concept of basic civility and courtesy.

    Noynoy and his prosecutors haven’t proven anything, and yet they choose to destroy their enemies through trial by publicity where there are no rules. That’s the kind of people they are. Whatever happened to the innocent until proven guilty?

  • Juan Luna Ibarrizto

    I thought this Honasan has brains. If Corona has thought of this before, he should have resigned after Pnoy Aquino won. If Pnoy wanted him to sit as SC Justice,  Pnoy will have apponted him. But Corona choose to stay because he has things to do for his patron, now Congresswoman  Arroyo of Pampanga. Now the Corona children are dragged into the case you say? What about the paper trail of the properties of Corona? The loot will trickle down to his heirs? The heirs are complicit of the crime by being beneficiaries of proceeds from corruption, are they not? You are a soldier right, not a lawyer. If congressmen lawyers from the prosecution are called – gagos by Mad am Philippine Senator International Judge Mirriam Defensor Santiago then you should not participate in the proceedings, because not only you are not a lawyer, you have a hoof in the mouth disease.. Maybe you should go take a plane ride and jump but leave your parachute behind.

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