Ukrainian girl dies after horror gang rape


This undated photo taken on a mobile phone and made available by the mother of Oksana Makar, Tetyana Surovitska, shows her daughter in Nikolaev, Ukraine. Eighteen-year-old Oksana Makar was gang-raped by three young men in the provincial Ukrainian city on March 10, 2012. She died Thursday, March 29. Her case galvanized Ukrainians fed up with the official corruption that allows people with money and connections to avoid punishment, whether for violating traffic laws or more serious crimes. AP PHOTO

DONETSK, Ukraine—A Ukrainian teenage girl died Thursday three weeks after being set on fire in a gang rape attack by youths, which shocked the nation and raised doubts about the competence of police.

Oksana Makar, 18, was raped by three men in their early 20s, strangled with a cord, burned and left for dead in an attack in the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolayiv, investigators have said.

The victim was found by a passerby after she was dumped by her attackers at an abandoned construction site. She was hospitalized in a critical condition with burns over 55 percent of her body, requiring the amputation of one of her arms.

She died of her injuries in a specialist hospital in the eastern city of Donetsk where she had been taken after her rescue, the clinic announced.

Her heart stopped beating after she suffered a pulmonary hemorrhage and she died despite three attempts to resuscitate her, the chief doctor of the Donetsk Burns Center, Emil Fistal,told AFP.

He said the fact she was able to survive for three weeks since the attack, which occurred on March 9 or 10 according to various sources, had only been possible due to intense treatment and therapy.

“Imagine, she was strangled and they (the attackers) thought she had died. So they burned her. She was lying there 10 hours in the freezing cold and inhaled the by-products of the burning,” Fistal said.

President Viktor Yanukovych sent condolences to her relatives while Prime Minister Mykola Azarov vowed that the attackers would be punished “without compromise.”

“Millions of Ukrainians believed that Oksana would survive and prayed for her, offering blood, buying medicine,” Azarov said.

The case has caused a public outcry in Ukraine, exposing incompetence by the law-enforcement authorities and the extent of social problems in industrial cities like Mykolayiv which are riddled with drugs and AIDS.

Ukrainian media had alleged that the suspected attackers – two of whom were initially allowed to go free – are the sons of parents with strong connections to leading local officials.

The mother of one suspect used to be the head of a district in the Mykolayiv region, the regional interior ministry confirmed, prompting allegations the authorities had been trying to keep a lid on the whole affair.

Meanwhile, Makar’s mother controversially posted a harrowing video of Oksana in hospital on YouTube where she raises up the bloodied stump of her arm and, apparently barely able to speak, says she feels “awful.”

In another disturbing video that was leaked to Ukrainian media, one of the suspects is allegedly shown calmly relating to investigators how the three successively raped Oksana and then killed her when she started threatening to call police.

“She was wailing, waving her hands and I raped her. She did not calm down and I decided to strangle her,” said the suspect in the video, adding that he first used his bare hands and then a cord when this did not work.

After changing their clothes, he said the three went to a kebab kiosk nearby.

“We sat, we smoked, and then we parted,” said the suspect, whose face was blocked out in the video.

The three suspects were all arrested soon after the body was discovered but two were then released, prompting thousands to rally in protest in Mykolayiv and other smaller demonstrations across the country.

All three men were again placed under arrest on March 13. Ukrainian interior ministry spokesman Volodymyr Polishchuk told the Interfax-Ukraine news agency that all three had now been charged with premeditated rape and murder.

According to the interior ministry, several officials from the police and local prosecutors were fired and reprimanded for initially letting the suspects go free.

If convicted, the three face between 15 years to life in jail, although the brutality of the crime has renewed public debate about the use of the death penalty, which was abolished in Ukraine over a decade ago.

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  • Ruben

    It happens almost daily in the Philippines.

    • Shadows1

       Really, when was the last time you heard or read of a Filipina gang-raped in the Philippines, strangled, burned and left for dead? “Wag ka nga OA, Ok lng kung galit ka kay Penoy, walang problema un, opinyon mo un, But to picture the country as if we are in a state of anarchy is downright stupid!

      • kabayongtao

        Puso mo.

      • MaySenseBa

        It eternally baffles me why a downright OA, if not stupid post like Rueben’s would have 4 likes?!

        We indeed are a nation of idiots.

  • Banana Na

    mabuti ang president ng ukraine ay naka-pansin sa news na ito sa bansa nila sa nangyari sa kababayan nila….

    • Templar Society


      • Night


      • Scar Mind

        so ikaw matalino?

      • Night

        oo matagal ko ng alam yun, thanks 

      • Scar Mind

        ayon naman pala eh bakit nag co comment ka pa dito eh alam mona pala lahat

      • Templar Society

         mas tanga ka kasi hindi mo nakuha sinabi ko. :)))))

      • Ruben

        What’s the name of your mother and age?

      • Templar Society

         My mother’s name is Ruben Suck My Co** haha.

  • Ben

    Why in the world this has to be in the headline news of the Philippines in vivid details? I`m sure, Inquirer you just wanted to get more attention, but do you know the consequence of showing this to all without regards to the young minds reading this article? Hopefully no one will copy cat this rape, slay and burning and so many graphic description of what happened..shame on who ever decided to put this rape and murder in the news without being moderated….

    • Templar Society

       stop reading if you don’t like it stupid.

      • quphal

         agree. ben yung showbiz tsismis page ang basahin mo at marami kang aral na mapupulot doon.

      • Ben

        thanks for the advice, I`m sure there is “ethical and moral things” I will learn from not reading tabloid news or just reading showbiz

    • I_kabod

      bro, tawag dyan, balita. best of all its free.

      • Ben

        Yes true bro…at least your comment is free of cursing, I guess you have a mark of an educated person…peace.

    • Marko

      Mag basa ka nalng ng komiks o kaya mag sudoku ka nalang para mahasa yang utak mo. Kaya may ganyang balita para ma alarma kung gaano ka violent ang ngyayari ngayn at para magkaroon ng idea ang bawat individual.

      • Ben

        thanks for your grade one advice. I guess you are already confused of what is right and wrong and what is displaying prudence…I`m saying less details para hindi magkaroon ng mga nightmares yung mga kabataang makaka basa nito..I did not say entirely block this…of course we as adults need to know this para ma guide natin ang mga kabataan…not yung mga kabataan ang mag guide sa tin…this news can be read by all and is not  for a genral patronage..dapat dito meron ding disclaimer katulad ng mga nasa prime time news.

    • MaySenseBa

       They are all correct @yahoo-AYITA5V33GYZSLC3G37UCVNTKA:disqus your comment is downright idiotic, let me guess, binoto mo si Jinggoy, Tito Sotto, Lito Lapid, Honasan, Revilla and Miriam right?

      If journalist and the press will now fear copy catting then they now will have to filter out all news that they fear will be copied, di na ngayon pwede i news si Corona dahila pag laki ng kabataan, they will “copy” that you don’t need honor and morals to become the highest official of the SC, na pwede mong itago ang nakaw mo sa dollar accounts and that you can accept midnight appointments and get away with it and still be “honored” by society with doctorates and various awards…

      This country needs God.

      • Shai

        That’s what actually is happening… kaya dumami magnanakaw na politiko kasi kinopya si Marcos. Tingnan mo nakulong ba sila?  Ibinalik pa sa kanila ninakaw nila.  Pag ikaw ay may balak magnakaw minilyon na para hindi ka makulong.  May pambayad ka sa mga abogado eh.  May point is tama si Ben… maraming copycat sa Pinoy. 

      • Ben

        Nanonood ka ba ng TV patrol or even sa GMA news on prime time? Have you ever thought about the young people reading violence, rapes, and murder? Who should guide them when they ever read such as this now?  They always flash a disclaimer before a graphic murder or violence for example…patnubay ng mga nakakatanda ay kailangan? Your sence of prudence is mind boggling indeed!

    • Uragorn

      Napaka-moron mong hayup ka! Nanggagalaite ako sa galit sa mga gumawa ng ganun sa teenager tapos ikaw magpo-post ka ng ganyang kabobohan. Hindi mo ba naiisip na ang ganyang krimen ay pwedeng mangyari kahit saang bansa … kahit dito sa Pinas? Kaya ibinabalita ang ganyang krimen ay para mag-ingat at maging mapagmasid ang mga tao sa ganyang uri ng demonyo. Idiot!

      • ThudOthwacker

        He’s not aware of the Chiong sisters abduction or the Vizconde Massacre. 

      • Ben

        I`m aware of it, I`m only asking hinay hinay sa sa mga salitang inilalagay sa pagbabalita-that`s what I meant with moderation and not entirely closing this page so others will not be able to read this…I`m only concerned about the younger people who can easily be affected by violence, rapes and murder…and some can have nightmares and some can act it out as gaya-gaya.

      • Ben

        Ok I`m sure maraming ganitong nangyayari sa Bicol. Pero kailangan magpaka-imbecile sa pag mura sa kin? Sure! Kailangan ng mga adults to be aware of this things para ma-protectionan ang mga minors, pero kailangan bang ang mga minors ay mabasa rin ito? O ang mga adults ang dapat magpaliwanag nito dahil ito ay parental guidance? Dapat dito ay may disclaimer, na paunawa, “patnubay ng mag nakakatanda ay kailangan” katulad ng mag pinalalabas sa TV kapag merong graphic horror or whatever…

    • Guest

      In a positive way, its good that even the most stupid individual I ever encountered in this page in the person of Ben knows how to read… my advice, don’t read newspapers if you don’t want to read the news!

      • Ben

        Thanks for a most imbecile  advice then.

      • Guest


      • Ben

        Good persons produce good from what they’ve stored up; bad persons produce
        evil from the wickedness they’ve stored up in their hearts, and say evil things.
        For from the overflow of the heart they produce evil.”

      • Guest

        Just so happy that at least you know how to read and to write, or baka naman yung nursing aid mo ang gumagawa nito para sa’yo…

    • rambe66

      Use your head. Kaya nga pinost yan para wag pamarisan dito.

    • n s

      pag ganyan din ang nangyari sa kapamilya o kamag anak mong babae, itago na din natin for the sake of decency… puro good news na lang ang isiwalat ano? for a brighter future, censor the media… 

      • Ben

        Damage na talaga ang isipan nyo mga pare ano dahil papalgi kayong exposed sa violence and horror, kaya hindi nyo na alam what is right and wrong…and what is sensible and what is not.

  • CyberPinoy

    Removal of Death Penalty is an idealistic idea, in reality there are always people who will commit barbaric crimes. People should realize that removing death penalty is a wrong thing to do. The pattern is just similar everywhere, we just cannot live without death penalty to strike fear to wouldbe criminals of this magnitude.  In PH our jail is full of this criminals and our poor govt are spending taxpayers money just for them, we should impose back Death Penalty now before our families will be the victims of these kind of crimes.

  • Guest

    Makar’s rapists and murderers wish is that their case will be assigned to a judge who shares Chief Justice Renato Corona’s sense of justice…

    • roland sola

      So you know them personally, huh? You understand how they think. Like-minds???

      • Guest

        Nope, but any criminal like GMA and the Ampatuans want CJ Corona for Chief Justice, so I would suppose these self confessed rapists and murderers have the minds of GMA and the Ampatuans…

      • Cesar

         tangna naman, nairelate mo pa tong story na to kay renato corona? common people… grow up, stop whining, tsk tsk tsk, may mabasa lang na krimen kahit sa ibang bansa pa nangyari isasangkot pa pangalan ng iba,, wag ganon,,

      • windar_einstein

        what do you expect from this kind of people?

      • Guest

        Can’t help it, biruin mo, kahit dito sa Pilipinas, ang daming krimen, ang daming nangangailangan ng hustisya, and then what we have for a Chief Justice?

      • Marlou Wang

         Bakit si Thief Crown pa ang pinili mo?

  • joboni96

    dito kailangan mga vigilante
    pag nasiguro ang mga kriminal

  • hanep

    pure evil.

  • Ben

    Wow! so many for adults reading around here, they do not know the consequences of this exposure to the reading minors of so many deaths, rapes, and violence to the children. Enjoy reading horror and violence then. I only asked moderation to make it less vivid and people don`t know what parental guidance means when all walks of life can read this. I apologize for prickling your sensibilities.

    • Religionisfraud

       shut the effin up! Ben

      • Ben

        Well we have freedom of expression and if you want, don`t reply to my comment and surely I will shut up already….ganyan kapag hindi natin maintindihan, we tend to become bully and we do not want to listen to other reason…sira na talaga ang mga values nyo at kitang kita rito how na desensitized na kayo ng tabloid journalism about violence, horror, rape etc at parang ordinaryo na lang ito sa inyong mga adults…but how about your children?

      • Religionisfraud

         ok, shut up already, Ben
        see this ———> ,,|,,  the middle one goes up somewhere, you know?
        btw, smell it afterwards LOL

      • Religionisfraud

         Ben, if you reply on my reply on your reply you are going to see this again ———>  ,,|,,   and that will, again, go up somewhere you know, and you can smell it again afterwards, hindi ako mag magsasalita ng patanong para di ka na sumagot ’cause clearly you have a narrow scope of reality, try to ponder on this one; “There are three classes of people: Those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see” — Leonardo da Vinci

      • Ben

        what is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow men. that is the entire law; all the rest is commentary.   Talmud: Shabbat 31a

        where there is lack of moral in government, the morals of the whole people are poisoned.- Herbert Hoover.

      • Religionisfraud

        ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,   ,,|,,     i hope that’s enough to shut you up, the more you preach the more you become obnoxious, you’re at level 10 in my obnoxious meter! take all that you’ve said, twist it, and shove it up your _ _ _! Those quotes are worthy on their own, don’t trivialize it in this argument, it’s so irrelevant, Ben.

      • Ben

        Foolishness is indeed the sister of wickedness. You think I`m affected by it? I can have your head you know so don`t try hiding behind no picture and discreet name…I have a picture and I am showing my nick name. I`m courageous enough to speak up while you…you hide behind a layer of identity protection…coward. 

      • Ben

        You are the irrelevant low life person and not me…. I do not curse since I`m educated enough, but you…it shows what life you have in the way you interact with people…no manners indeed! 

      • Ben

        Moral cowardice that keeps us from speaking our minds is as
        dangerous to this country as irresponsible talk.

      • Ben

        I can analyse your anti-social behavior. This is you— intermittent explosive disorder- a behavior characterized by extreme expression of anger, often to the point of violent response, that are disproprtionate to the situation at hand. It is currently in the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder and is an –impulse control disorder….continue to give me a glimpse of your internal struggle in life.

      • Ben

        people  like you with hang ups in life, let their insecurities rule their you are showing up in here. We all know people like this.
        They’re often very negative–about themselves and everything else. They’re
        always comparing themselves to other people, and they frequently put others
        down to make themselves look better. They don’t refresh or affirm the people
        around them; they tend to drain and exhaust them.

      • Gio

        Well if your reason actually made some sense, maybe somebody will actually agree with you. Also, if you want people to respect your opinion, do not criticize their values. So please get off your imaginary pulpit, because we have more than enough dumb preachers.

      • Ben

        I do not agree with what you have to say, but
        I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. –Voltaire.

      • Gio

        Your original comment is a valid sentiment against the explicit content described in the article. You are well within your right to express your opinion even though it is off topic. However, you made yourself a target  when you made a general comment regarding the values of other people. Not all of us have poor values nor desensitized. Most of us see the news as it is, just news.
        In my opinion, the comment you made is not only off topic but also idiotic. A person got raped, tortured and died yet you only saw how the article was presented. If you want to see a honey-coated article, then go read the previous State of the Nation excerpts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way the article was written. It presented facts. If you cannot stomach these kind of details, please do not leave your house. Also, please do not reproduce. In case you already have an offspring, please sterilize yourselves to avoid further tainting the gene pool.
        I also noticed your tussle with Religionisfraud. The person might be a jerk, but he hit the nail head on when he said that you have a narrow sense of reality. Sucks to be you.

      • Ben

        You know, yung tao na pumapatol sa idiot person is even more stupid than the person he is referring to…you should know better, bakit kamo? Idiot!! don`t lower yourself kung “high” ang tingin mo sa sarili mo. Besides give an example of an off topic that you are mentioning and since isa ka ring lowly ang utak so let us just talk lower then, ok? I1ll wait for your more idiotic comment..and so I`ll be able to analyse more of your stupid reasoning too…

      • Ben

        Also, I am referring to the values of those talking lower to me since after all I`m an idiot, all of you then are imbecile to pick on an idiot pala eh…stupid.

      • Ben

        ..and who cares about your idiotically “high” comment? Just respond appropriately so we don`t have to lose our mark of an educated person. Mahilig kayo sa sensationalism. You can actually just show your internet ethics if you will respond not directly on my comment, and that will be respected pero directly kayong nag-respond sa kin so, isa ka ring idiot when you condescend to my level pala dahil pumapatol ka, so mas idiot ka….palibahasa exposed kayo sa tabloid newspapers eh…

      • Gio

        Congratulations. There may be hope for you yet since you have admitted that you are an idiot. Admitting one’s flaw is the first step towards enlightenment. FYI, I merely said that you made an idiotic comment, but not once have I directly said that you are an idiot. However since you seemed perplexed with internet banter, lets up the ante a bit and do this argument on a more cerebral level without the insults.  
        Since you have criticized the way this article was written, how about you answer these questions instead. Why is this article from the Agence France-Presse an example of tabloid journalism? How would you write this article if you were the reporter?

        By the way, if you could provide the source of that statement you made regarding that it takes a greater idiot to deal with an idiot, then I would be most appreciative. You really cannot blame me for not knowing that. In our neck of the woods, we usually educate idiots or if that fails, we put them in their place.

      • Ben

        I don`t care with what you say, you are stupid retard, you have a lot to lean and I am not going to be the teacher for you, and I do not owe any explanation to such a retard, bigot, low intelligence like you.

         An excerpts from what you said, “Also, please do not reproduce. In case you already have an offspring, please sterilize yourselves to avoid further tainting the gene pool.I also noticed your tussle with Religionisfraud. The person might be a jerk, but he hit the nail head on when he said that you have a narrow sense of reality. Sucks to be you.”

        Now, this is sensationalism, making the person react to you in a negative manner…the same way how an article like this tabloid news is presented… for your ignoramus information, I`ll condescend to your level of low thinking…I am merely giving you a glimpse much like when you are in my shoes…of what it feels like to be called by lots of stupid and exagerrated comments designed to be inflammatory (it`s called reverse psychology)…and guess what? I  DON~T CARE how stupid you are!…knock youself out of your most stupidity then. And if you are only courteous and careful with what you say as having a mark of an educated person ,as I was doing at first..I might be able to have a healthy educational debate with you to explain my reasoning…but hey! I`m talking to an imbecile person, a retard, lower than an idiot so who cares? you`ll never understand with such a low IQ that you have, your children will grow up having low IQ and EQ, and your generation will be one who is a liability of a progressive thinking Filipinos.

      • Ben

        The healthy man does not torture others- generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers – Carl Jung (Psychiatrist)

        ….and we can see how tortured life you are…so pathetic. You know what I will never stop until I learn who you are, you transformed me, I`m beginning to level down to you— you pathetic low life being.

  • Diablo_III

    Ok tong mga taong ito ilagay sa Davao City para ang death squad na ang bahala sa kanila. 

  • billygunn23

    nahahawa na talaga ang ibang bansa sa malas na dala ni noynoy. tsk tsk tsk! dapat na talga siyang magresign for the sake of the whole mankind! lol

    • Edwin Edwin


      Shut up! Either kulang ka sa pag-iisip or talagang obobs ka. Imagine pati problema sa Ukraine isisisi mo kay Noynoy? Grow up obobs!!!

    • Ditakon

      gago…ano kinalaman ni Pnoy sa Ukraine..

  • ClaroMente

    This is tabloid!!!!
    It’s just like the 4% of the coral reed of the Philippines is pristine.  Why do PDI have to make that a head line?  That’s so negative.  Instead, they could have written that rehabilitation of the coral reefs is under way.  Then just put the 4% at the bottom of the article.  Putting 4% left of the coral reef of the PH is pristine drives tourist away!  Hay… Crab mentality!

    • Gio

      How is this tabloid? Does it sensationalize the crime? How would you re-write this article to come out more positively?

      • ClaroMente

        Admittedly, bad news sells.  Look at unang hirit and umagang kay ganda every morning… sinaksak, binaril, nasagasaan, raid, etc.  I don’t even watch those shows anymore.  It just ruins my day.  When I wake up, I want to be positive, to attract positive vibes and feelings.  

        “You must be happy now to bring happiness into your life through the law of attraction. It’s a simple formula. Happiness attracts happiness. Yet people use so many excuses as to why they can’t be happy. They use excuses of debt, excuses of health, excuses of relationships, and excuses of all sorts of things as to why they can’t use this simple formula. But the formula is the law.”

        “No matter what the excuse, unless you begin to feel happy despite it, you cannot attract happiness. The law of attraction is saying to you, “Be happy now, and as long as you keep doing that, I will give you unlimited happiness.” From The Secret Daily Teachings By Rhonda Byrne

      • Gio

        News whether good or bad will sell. It is our personal choice to be informed or mis-informed with what we read. This article in particular dealt with the horrible fate if an 18 year old Ukranian girl. There is absolutely no way you can re-write this article to give out a “positive vibe.” She certainly did not die smiling. If this news ruined your day, then it is your own fault for reading past the headline. 

      • ClaroMente

        I’m not blaming anyone for me reading on the article.  I just wish there were more positive news printed in our news so people can focus on the good/doing good.

  • Gemini5472

    Rest in peace Oksana where no dirty hands will ever touch you again and let the embrace of God soothe the pain you suffered!

  • Johnlove

    Sad truth, but in some parts of the world, being a politician’s son automatically gives you the right to kidnap, rape, and murder.

  • PHtaxpayer

    I wonder if this would have happened before when Ukraine was part of the now defunct USSR?  Since communism ended and democracy took hold, drug dependence and violent crimes were unheard of.  

    Today, Ukraine is just like the US was during the 1930’s and 1970’s with organized crime and druglords lording over youths and the community.  Much of the drugs going into Eastern Europe is from the former Soviet states in central Asia including US-held Afghanistan where 90% of the world’s opium production comes from.  The drugs are easily smuggled out because of the hundreds of civilian contractor and military flights flown out of the country every day.  

    Over 18,000 Filipino OFW’s work for US contractors in Afghanistan.  Some are used as drug mules.  Many have made the headlines getting caught in China and other countries smuggling heroin.

    Here in the PH since we are a poor country the main illegal drugs we use are shabu and marijuana but in Europe and US, there is a lucrative market for Afghan and Asian heroin.

  • Eddie AAA Calderon

    My wife is from the former Soviet Union and this news was indeed shocking to her and it is also to me.

    Before I married my wife, I had a rendezvous with a Ukrainian beauty in May, 2001 in Poland. I did not marry her as I made a decision to marry my wife whom I visited in her country in March, 2001. My story and my marrying in the autumn of life was in Philippine Inquirer September or October,  2002 issue of the Philippine Inquirer.

    • Night

      who cares

      • Shai

        You’re mean…

  • indiots

    last year, katya koren a muslim girl, after joining beauty pageant died by stoning. i thought she was tried by islamic authorities, but she was not.

    the murder with stoning was carried out by three youngters in ukraine.

  • Allan

    Death sentence for these rapist killers. Lucifer is waiting for their soul.

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