Corona approval score dips to 14% in latest poll


Chief Justice Renato Corona PHOTO BY RICHARD REYES

The majority of Filipinos not only disapprove of the performance of Chief Justice Renato Corona but also distrust him, results of the latest survey by Pulse Asia Inc. show.

Corona’s disapproval rating rose to 58 percent in March from 24 percent last November as his approval rating slipped to 14 percent from 38 percent.

The survey was conducted from Feb. 26 to Mar. 9 using face-to-face interviews with 1,200 adult Filipinos, at a time when the impeachment trial against the Chief Justice filled the headlines. The opinion poll had a margin of error of plus-minus 3 percentage points.

As expected, the defense panel belittled the Pulse Asia survey, with Corona’s lead defense counsel dismissing the results as “very unreliable.”

Serafin Cuevas, the head of Corona’s legal team, surmised that the respondents of the survey may have little understanding of the issues being discussed in the Senate impeachment trial.

“We have disputed that survey already… That is highly unreliable,” Cuevas told reporters, apparently referring to an earlier Pulse Asia poll which showed that close to 5 of 10 Filipinos believed that Corona was guilty of the charges against him.

He added: “First, we don’t know who were asked in the survey. Second, we don’t know if they understand what we’re discussing here. Third, they don’t know the merits and demerits (of the case).”

Across areas, groups

Disapproval of Corona’s performance was the majority sentiment across geographic areas and socioeconomic groups, Pulse Asia said in a statement released Thursday.

Across areas, 61 percent in Metro Manila, 60 percent in Mindanao, 59 percent in the rest of Luzon and 52 percent in the Visayas expressed disapproval of the Chief Justice’s performance.

By socioeconomic class, disapproval (64 percent) was highest among Class ABC. It was 59 percent among Class E and 57 percent among Class D.


Only 11 percent, down from 29 percent, said they trusted Corona, while 60 percent, up from 27 percent, said they distrusted him.

Distrust in the Chief Justice was also highest in Metro Manila at 64 percent. It was 61 percent in Mindanao, 59 percent in the rest of Luzon and 59 percent in the Visayas.

Distrust, by socioeconomic class, was highest among Class ABC at 64 percent. It was 60 percent in Class D and 59 percent in Class E.

Not surprised

Rico Paolo Quicho, one of the defense panel’s spokespersons, said he was not surprised with the survey results as chief magistrates of the high court were “historically not popular” since they usually shy away from the public and the media.

At a news briefing during a break in the trial, Quicho noted that the survey was done before the defense started presenting its own witnesses and evidence to controvert the allegations of the House prosecution panel against Corona.

“They (Chief Justices) try to avoid the public’s attention because they need to maintain their… independence. Most of the time, we don’t see justices and judges socializing because they should distance themselves from individuals who may be involved in cases in the future,” Quicho said.

Corona did not make himself scarce when the survey was conducted. He visited radio stations and TV programs to counter the allegations against him.


Karen Jimeno, also of the defense, said the disapproval rating for the Chief Justice was understandable since most of those who were asked in the survey also believed he was guilty.

“The 47 percent who said that the Chief Justice was guilty mathematically corresponds to the disapproval rating, but we should look at the size of the sample—it’s 1,200 Filipinos out of over 90 million (of our population),” Jimeno said.

She said surveys done by other entities showed that a number of Filipinos also believed Corona’s claim of innocence.

“At the end of the day, all these surveys will not matter since only the senator-judges will decide on this case and they will be guided by law and evidence as what the Constitution demands,” she added.

Timing questioned

Quicho also questioned the timing of the release of the Pulse Asia survey which, he noted, was published as the Senate was set to take a monthlong recess.

He expressed concern over the possibility that some individuals might use the poll results for propaganda intended to “shape and condition the minds of the public.”

While surveys may be used to gauge public perception, Quicho said these “should not be used as the basis of truth.”

“We just hope that nobody will take advantage of these results to cast doubt on the impeachment process and further malign the name of the Chief Justice,” he said.

Quicho said the defense panel was “pleased that the senator-judges themselves publicly announced that they will not be affected and their minds will not be conditioned by these surveys.”

Asked if future surveys would eventually favor Corona after Land Registration Authority Administrator Eulalio Diaz III admitted that Corona did not own 45 properties, Quicho replied: “For me, I trust the capacity of the people to think.”

“As we have said, we’re really surprised that those who previously thought that the Chief Justice was guilty are now starting to be more cautious and are now looking at the evidence we’re presenting,” he added.

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  • ofwme2807

    of course hindi makapaniwala ang mga alagad at alipores ni thief….deny to death sila at may pasabi pang hindi nauunawaan ng taong bayan ang isyu oo na kayo lang ang lahat ng nakakaunawa kayo lang ang may tamang pag-iisip kayong mga natitirang 14% na lang hahahaha….paano mo kaya maitataas ang trust at apporval ratings ng isang impeached na pinuno ng SC almost impossible now wala na talaga ganyan na rin ang inaasahan na magiging botohan sa impeachment court mahirap nang mabago yang statistics na yan….

    • wind

      oo nga owfme2807. kasi siguro sayang din yun 2018 retirement date ni cj, thief pala tawag mo. in 6 more years, malaki laki rin macocorupt ni thief, kung sakali mang maka abot sya ng retirement date nya. kaya patay kung patay, hindi susuko sa laban si thief. ano kaya ang iba pang mangyayari pag hindi matanggal sa position o trabaho si thief? abangan…

  • Hey_Dudes

    Walang pinag-kaiba yan credibility rating ni Corona sa isang gulong ng sasakyan.  ‘Pudpud na pudpud na”!

  • DonQuixoteDeRizal

    I tend to believe the survey results because I, for one, distrust the CJ just for his lack of sincerity and his refusal to take the witness stand.

    What kind of man he is for letting his wife takes the stand instead? In my book, I called the man a coward for hiding behind his wife’s skirt. Ala e parang hindi Batangueno e!

    • befighteous

      Sa Tagalog, ang tawag d’yan ay  “BAHAG ANG BUNTOT”, or more aptly said “hiding between his tail”. Or better yet, napunta ang pagkalalaki n’ya sa likod. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  • simondj

    sabi niya noon, sasagutin niya punto for punto,,, ngayon iba na, depende raw sa advice ng mga abogado niya,,, sino pa ang taong maniniwala sa kanya? idagdag pa natin iyong simumpaang salaysay ni mang INDO. ala eh parang sa pelikula lang ba.

  • quirinomayer

    Cuevas and company are partly to blame for the disapproval rating of their client because of their position that he should not testify in the impeachment court. If only Corona backs up his fighting stance before the media with the corresponding readiness and willingness to go face the music in the Senate, he  would be more credible to a lot of people including those who were surveyed. On the other hand, his reluctance to testify and face questions from the senators and the prosecutors is interpreted by the public as a sign of guilt thus the very low trust rating.

    It is also very likely that his non-appearance in the Senate is resulting to a similar dismal trust rating among the sane senators.  

  • ajcabrales

    Who cares about these surveys, especially if they’re done by Pulse Asia and SWS, both owned by friends and relatives of Aquino. The outcome is always predictable for obvious reasons. They only way Aquino’s image can be propped up is via self-serving surveys but the people now know better.

    • Delights

      Wawa ka naman Doy! Ito panyo o pampunas diyan sa sipon mong sumasayad na sa lupa! Iyak ka kasi ng iyak e!

  • Tatak_Nakaw_Arroyo

    Like Ex General Angelo Reyes, nung magpatiwakal siya tumaas ng 1% ang survey niya na hindi siya guilty. Paging Mr Corona, why don’t you follow Angelo Reyes to his grave at baka sakaling tumaas din ang rating mo. Hindi pa huli ang lahat.


    dalawa lang yan. either nagmamaang maangan o talagang walang alam si j.cuevas and defense panel on accounting 101 and statistics 101.Either way the are helpless in defending the CJ.
    Accounting muna:
     sa saln pinaaalis nila ang real properties pero di inilalagay ang cash o investment
    Sa statistics, di sapat ang 1,200.kung nagaral sila ng statistics o umattend sila ng seminar sa survey ang 1200 ay population sample lamang at ang resulta ay may margin of error na 2-5 %. Pag ginawa mong 100% ang sample ang accuracy mo ay maapektuhan lamang ng 3-5 % pero ang gastos mo ay aabot din proportionally sa 100%. ito ang dahilan kung bakit may statistical survey para maliit lang ang gastos mo pero mayron kang 95 to 98% accuracy.
    Hintayin natin ang accountant ng defense.

  • oracle888

    If I have only 14% of approval rating from my people, I will immediately resign from my position if not jumping out of my Bellaggio condo penthouse.

    How can I face my family, my friends, my relatives, my colleague, my girl friends with that 14% written on my forehead?

    I will be suicidal if not because I am afraid to be burned in xhell$.

    But luckily, I am not CJ Corona. I am the Oracle, a person of righteousness, kind, and compassion.

    • dinadaga

       Buti na lang hindi ka si CJ Corona. Buti din na hindi ka si Binay o si Pnoy. Dahil righteous ka, baka di mo matanggap ang taas ng rating mo na alam mo na di mo deserved dahil alam mo ang totoong ginagawa mo.

    • Brent James

       hahahaha nag mamalinis….. malinis ba rin kaya?hahahahaha

  • justbethankfull

    I am suprised he still got 14%. But he doesn’t care about surveys, and all of that….he can still look people in the eyes with a big smile….

    • oracle888

      Is that so?

      Maybe he thinks it is 140%, not 14%?

  • dinadaga

    Pumunta ako sa palengke kanina sakay sa aking motorsiklo. Nagkarga ako ng gas at bumili ako ng bigas at pag ulam sa palengke. Bakit kaya sa taas ng trust at performance ratings ng mga opisyales natin, patuloy na tumataas ng mga bilihin. Sana makita sa mga presyo ng bilihin ang galing ng ating mga pinuno.

  • Russell Ariola

    Eh panay kasing palabas ng TRO! Puro na lang objection sa hearing.

    Kahit sinong akusado kung magmatigas at manlaban sa imbestigasyon, iisa lang ang pinupuwang nun kundi guilty!

  • PurpleDaisy13

    Re: “At the end of the day, all these surveys will not matter since only the
    senator-judges will decide on this case and they will be guided by law
    and evidence as what the Constitution demands,” Karen Jimeno added.

    Of course these surveys matter. 

    If the majority of the population believe that corruption was clearly committed but justice was not properly served for the crimes committed by criminals, then there could be a large population of angry law-abiding citizens who may suspect that corruption seems to also be present within the decision process despite claiming to be guided by law and evidence written in the Constitution.

    • wind

      Karen Jimeno said sampling size of 1,200 with the results having a margin of error of plus-minus 3, doesn’t matter?  [the size of the sample—it’s 1,200 Filipinos out of over 90 million of our population,” Jimeno said.] She should relearn her statistics. Sa over 90 million population na sabi ni Jimino ay sinali na nya pati bagong panganak… Jimeno, you may twist the mind of the people to evade the truth, but you won’t succeed.  “the majority of the population believe that corruption was clearly committed but justice was not properly served for the crimes committed by criminals”, this is the people’s experience and that is what the people is saying by the result of the survey… with a very high probability that it is happening than otherwise. Agree ako syo PurpleDaisy13. Nice remark!

  • LadyMidas

    Not much to say about Corona.  Please do not waste the time of the Senate and the Filipino people.  Step down graciously and change for the better.  The Filipino people will more admire you for facing the truth and taking accountablity for your illegal actions.

  • alwayslate

    18% ????  WTF!  Mag resign ka na! Don’t wait for it to go to zero. Get out while you’re still in the positive. Hahahaha!

  • marivon

    14%. This includes the 8 clowns in the sc, the lady judges who pledged their undying loyalty to the cheap just tiis. cuevas? not sure, he is there for the money. Walang personalan pera pera lang, and oh i’m sorry I forgot the personal spokesman of the cheap, lady midas.

  • oracle888

    At the end of the day, songs sing by the “Crown” to various people:

    Cristina — “The Impossible Dream”
    Gloria — “Please Release Me”
    Midas — “I Will Always Love You”
    SC — “Till Death Do We Part”

  • Pedro

    sus..  damage control..?  o trial by publicity pa din…

  • CarlosC

    O hayan ha, kitang kita na hindi naniniwala ang mga tao kay Thief Justice at kay baklang Midas. Sila GMA, Mike Arroyo at Miriam Brenda lang ang naniniwalang walang kasalanan si Thief Justice ha ha ha


    survey hahaha mga stupido at engot sino kaya maniniwala sa mga hawak at kamaganak inc  ang survey company siyempre naman gagawin nila lahat para mapahiya si corona eh halata namn manipula ang survey. ka BOBO ang naniniwala sa survey sa haba ng panahon ko dito wala nag survey sa lugar namin ni tawag o sulat wala!! pinagsurvey nila yun mga tauhan nila at sa paligid ng pulse asia siyempre naman malalapit lugar lang ang pupuntahan nila.

    • kishbuff

       ang gawin mo magsurvey ka mag-isa. puntahan mo ang buong pilipinas. tapos isa-isahin mo ang lalawigan hanggang sa barangay. maghanap ka ng lugar na maraming pro-THIEF JUSTIIS. tapos iyun ang ilathala mo. at bingo mataas na ang grado ng magnanakaw mong amo! intiendes?

  • oracle888

    Hi Karen (Jimeno),

    You know why the survey really matters? It matters because:

    (1) The people who took the survey are not as stupid or ignorant as you think. They have been following the trial, and have access to the information of the witnesses and evidences presented during the trial. They produce the result without collaboration. They were not paid to become bias.

    (2) The people can be trusted more than the senate-judges because they don’t have self interest and political attachment. Unlike Joker and Miriam whose behavior in the impeachment trial  vividly revealed their partial and bias in favor of your client.

    (3) If statistics has no value or survey is insignificant, then the school should abolish the course in their curriculum. We do a lot of statistical analysis and control in our top manufacturing industry. We don’t say it does not matter at the end of the day.

    (4) 60% of people do not trust your client; and 14% approval rating for your client, are data that clearly demonstrate how the people look upon CJ Corona as a person, as a Chief Justice and as a Filipino. If I were you,  I’ll do our country a favor by convincing my client to resign.


    • Brent James

       hi oracle888, ang tanong dito gaano ba ka credible yung pulse asia? c’mon..1200 respondents??? di ito enough para imirror ang 90M plus na population ng pinas at sa metro manila lang ito ginawa at di rin naman nila sinabi kung sino-sinong mga tao mga tinanong nila…i doubt mga taong walang alam sa impeachment ang kanilang sinurvey..alam naman natin na membro ng yellow armies ang pulse asia na yan..napaka-bias nyan… Isa pang point…anong klaseng survey yan eh di pa nga nakapag-present ng evidence ang defense ng ginawa ang survey na yan…kung matalino kayong tao bakit kayo maghuhusga kaagad sa isang kaso na yung isa pang side palang ang nakapag present?

      • Winn728

        Helloooo, Brent James,  bakit mo nasabing hindi pa nakakapresent ng Evidence ang Defense, eh, kinukuha pa nga ng Defense ung Research ng PCIJ as Evidence for the CORONA. . . U mean walang Evidence pa ang Defense? ? ?  2-Weeks na silang nagpepresent, d ba? ? ? ?.  .  . Siguro, wala nga dahil nanghihiram pa sila ng evidence. . . . .hehehehehe

        Bakit mo naman nasabing 90-Million ang mga Pinoy? ? ? Hindi ba yan ang Survey ng NCSO? ? ? akala ko ba hindi kayo naniniwala sa Survey. . .Bakit mo ginagamit yang Survey figure ng 90-Mil Pinoys. . .Eh, d ibig sabihin naniniwala ka rin sa Survey at admitted mo may 90-Mil Pinoy according to the Survey. . . . Itatanggi mo pa?    

        Sa delaying tactics at Squid philosophy ni KSP Miriam at big Joker, may nabubuong opinion na ang mga Tao. . . .Ang Tao ay may RIGHT humusga ngayon even hindi pa tapos ang Kaso. . .Eh,Gusto nila yun, bakit mo pipigilan , eh protected yun ng Constitution. . .Maski sinong Pinoy ay may karapatan HUMUSGA, tapos O hindi ang Kaso. . .Tama O Mali. . . .Right of Pinoy to Judge or Misjudge, kanya na yun, hindi sa U. .

        SUPREME CORRUPT ka rin ba? .  .

      • damatannapo

        witness: Toby at si Mang Vicente

        credible ba?

      • Albin

        Kung credible ang mga surveys, huwag na lang tayong amg elections. Survey na lang.

        Si Pilato nga umasa sa survey…

      • kishbuff



    lutong makaw yan survey puro kamaganak ni mr. noynoying ang may-ari ng survey company 

    • Winn728

      Gumawa ka rin ng Survey mo. .Tignan natin kung ano ang Resulta. . . .Arrancaying ka rin. . .

  • PingKeeAng

    Renato Corona is a Crook, was a Crook, and will always be a Crook. He claimed he knew his
    Law, for which claim, I believe is true. However, it does not necessarily follow that because he
    knew his Law, that made him  no longer a Crook. He still is a Crook and knowing his Law made him more Crooked than ever. Since he knew his Law he had it circumvented to suit his Crookedness knowing that being a  Chief Justice. turning out to be a Disgraced Justice, he
    could Fool the people in many Foolish ways and the people will simply shut up.
    Have shame Renato, your  prestige smells fouler than a Rotten Egg known in the history of the
    Sinful Humankind.

  • agoroy12

    Corona doesn’t need the poll because he’s not a political figure. lol

  • damatannapo

    Corona SALN pilit pinigilan ng depensa bago mailabas sa impeachment court

    Corona nag Judicial Privelege para pagtakpan ang transparency at accountability

    Marikina Property kay Mang Vicente pero kay Corona pa rin naka panggalan

    Columns property kay Corona nakapanggalan pero ang Condominium developer pa rin ang may ari

    Sira na ang tiwala sa PS Bank kaya ini withdrew at inilipat lang sa ibang PS Bank account

    Si Mang Vicente walang pang bayad ng transfer tax pero 2000 plus ang bonsai


  • Albin

    He, he, he….sunod-sunod survey results para mapagtakpan ang kasikatan ng noynoying…
    para mapagtakpan fare hike….para mapagtakpan ang kahirapan….para mapgtakpan paano nag magic si penoy at congress sa impeachment na walang ebidensiya…
    E sino ba ang nagbayad sa False Asia survey?

    • jimmy_maranan

      Anong kahirapan, nakita mo ba, pinagkakaguluhan yung MAGNUM ice cream!

  • kilabot

    oh yeah? what about this survey that 88% approves the word ‘noynoying’ befits pnoy completely, aber? it’s even gained international attention already, giving recognition to pnoy for having inspired the word.

  • rexy wexy

    Talagang babagsak ang rating ni Corona, Malacanang ba naman ang nagpapa-survey e.

    • kishbuff

      weeeh, di nga?

  • Tagumpay

    kasi naman, THE IMPEACHMENT COURT has the POWER to summon corona…. TAWAGIN na yan, at i – contempt kung di magpakita…. MASYADO ginagawa nilang baby si corona,  managot na siya sa bayan…  harapin niya, sabi niya haharap siya, 
    pinapatagal pa kasi…. sayang pera at oras ng sambayanan…
    GUILTY NAMAN TALAGA, kahit sino pa tanungin mo,
    palusot sa teknikallidad na lang magsasabing hindi,


  • Jeffrey John

    My gosh dami talaga nagpapadala sa survey na to.  In the first place the survey was done during the prosecution’s turn until the break.  It stopped right before the defense was able to discuss the merits of the case.  Kung paid propagandist ka, alam ko ala ka pakialam sa mga katagang ito.  Pero kung mamamayang Pilipino ka, pwede ba buksan mo mga mata mo na puros propaganda na lang ang lumalabas galing sa palasyo.  Aksyon ang kailangan natin hindi BALUKTOT na publisidad.

    • kishbuff

       Yes, hintayin natin ang susunod na survey. Pagkatapos ng depensa. SIGURADO NEGATIVE NA YAN! HAHAHA!

  • Anti Corona or Anti PNoy??

    Sa Hacienda Luisita kaya sila magpa survey tingnan natin result :)

    • kishbuff

       e di ikaw ang mag-survey!

      • humberto45


  • KarmaGMA

    swerte sya naka 14 poins, dapat -100 ang score nya….walang hiya…

  • Kaloy

    Slight change ( further downward) compared to Corona’s negative trust rating even before his impeachment started in January 16, 2012.

    This latest survey result is not surprising. It only confirms that CJ Corona is a hopeless damaged good already.

    • hatecorrupt


  • trese13

    who owns pulse asia agian?

    • kishbuff

       i-google mo!

      • trese13

        its actually a hypothetical question kish. i know who owns pulse asia.

    • Bulbulino

      Boy! tingnan mo sa Wikipedia….

      • trese13

        Boy! its actually a hypothetical question! i know who owns pulse asia.

      • Bulbulino

        Boy! meron ka pa nalalaman hypothetical eh wala kang magagawa kung ganyan ang sentimyento ng tao….paganahin mo utak mo! ang Pulse Asia ay panahon pa ni Ramos Boy! kaya kung kakilala mo yan eh di magjoin ka sa kanila…..Wehhhhhhh!

  • Pauline

    dapat apelyido ni Corona = Talona

  • kishbuff

    Undestandable daw sabi ng defense. Hintayin ang susunod na survey. Malamang NEGATIVE na yan! hehehe.

  • reydomingo

    mang renato, mukhang hindi naniwala sa mga drama mo ang taong bayan… bale wala yung pag attend ninyo ng misa sa sc na paiyak iyak ka pa, pawid luha… may background music pang impossible dream (hehehe) may kissing scene pa kayo mrs mo na parang sobra kayo nagmamahalan hanggang kamatayan (sabi ng isa may anak ka daw sa labas),  yung pataas taas ng kamay mo sa langit na parang nananalangin ka… yung pahakot hakot mo mga empleado ng sc para makinig sa iyong matapang na pananalita, yung pambabastos mo sa pres ng pilipinas, yung panghihiya mo sa ibang kasama mo sa sc na hindi sumama sa yo… yang pagdalaw mo sa media at painterview ka pa…. bale wala, walang naniwala…. si midas lang…

    • Filipino Power

      Rey Domingo, 
      You are 100% right !!!It is very very clear na paano sa mag asawang Corona mag DRAMA sa TV news.Do you notice how they USE GOD ?I believe, tayong filipino is wise at matalino to decide who is telling the truth. What do you think?

  • Rizal Bonifacio

    Tsk tsk tsk..dapat magisip-isip na si Corona, unahan na nya, mag resign na sya. Sabihin nya di na nya kaya ang Pressure apektado na ang kalusugan nya o kaya naaawa na sya sa pamilya nya at di ibig sabihni na guilty sya. Huwag syang maniwala sa mga abogago nya, ginagamit lang sya ng mga yan:-)) Obvious naman na walang kahihinatnan ang ginagawa ng mga abogado at mga spoke persons nya. lalo lang naiinis ang tao habang nagpapalusot sila…

  • Efren

    Siempre, mag-iisip na naman ng palusot ang mga Corona Fans. Example : False ang Pulse,
    wala sa timing,  +14 is still positive not knowing that if you subtract those who dissapprove from +14 the net result is actually negative (-)

  • danielfil07

    Understandable naman yan. syempre with giant yellow media outfit masquerading as truth bearers, e di maniniwala nga ang mga tao. Many people here cast judgement even before the trial ends, and even if kadaming kamalian (aka katangahan) sa argumento ng prosekusyon, still nasa prosecution pa din ang boto. Daang matuwid nga. As if may kaibahan sa dating gawi. Di ba si Gloria ginamit din ang lower house courtesy of JDV para magkamal ng power, ganito din naman ang nangyayari a. Hoy gising. Instead na kumampi kay Corona or kay Pnoy, bakit di kumampi sa rule of law. Or dahil sobrang panatiko na ke Pnoy, okay lang na wala nang batas. Daang matuwid nga. 

  • Rocky6076

    Bakit pinapatulan ng PDI ang article na Ito,the fact that they know for sure that the survey is just a mere demolition job and a yellow propaganda, not unless they are part of that scheme.

  • albert

    false asia on the rescue.. luma na un style ng false asia.

  • Ben

    I already distrust him from the time he accepted his “midnight appointment” and to made it legal, he and his colleagues in the Supreme Court made it legal. Who’s going to question them if they are the SUPREMES with  Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard. HA HA HA. LOL. What a joke. Supreme Court in the Philippines is a joke.

  • Henry

    Ridicule all you can about the people’s sentiment. The surveys say it all. Don’t take for granted the people’s voice. Time and again, the surveys have been accurate, especially when forecasting the winners before any elections. The people at large are not ignorant as the high priced defense army of Corona concludes them to be. Don’t belittle us, the salt of the masses. The ordinary people of this country are very much aware of the justice system prevailing. Justice is only for the rich. 

  • sugbu

    14% accessories…..

  • yoalki

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. Corona’s infidelity is not a rumour as he claims it to be. you are damaged goods Mang Rene so tell your tsuwariwap defense counsels and pre-paid PR officers that your time is up! 

  • Ulipur

    Serafin can be excused. He is ignorant about scientific surveys.

    So he will not accept an unfavorable results.

    But if the results are favorable to his client, even in ignorance he will express approval.

  • Bulbulino

    Parang ang itsura ni Coronakot mukang hindi papahuli ng buhay katulad ni Roy Palaboy isa sa defense counsel nya….

  • Allan_Ongpin

    the only survey that matters in this country is whether our lives are getting better each day or not. that must be the only survey that counts.

    who cares who is famous or notorious? government service is not a popularity contest.

    pulse asia will never release a survey result showing us that poor people never trust nor care about their surveys.

  • lex

    results are  unacceptable! how can the result from about thousand people be valid? puro yellow zombies pa man din! pati survey noynoying , tamad mag interview ng marami! not only that pulse asia is owned ny abnoy’s relative? kailangan ba ng science doon? 

    • simondj

      ikaw na lang ata ang foriegner na hindi nakakaalam. punta ka ng palengke, stasyon ng mga bus, jeep, tren, sa restauran, sa eskul, sa mall etc. etc. si CORONA lang ang pinaguusapan.

    • albert

      mga naniwala sa false asia abnoy din eh.

  • oracle888

    It is not a surprise if GMA put all her bets behind CJ Corona since her life depends so much on the survival of Corona in this Impeachment trial.

    Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño claimed. that former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s
    political and public relations machinery is allegedly supporting Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona.

    He said, “From all indications, Gloria’s machinery is going all out for Corona, starting with his defense panel, his PR handlers, his coordinators for mass mobilizations and even the new House minority’s efforts to investigate the prosecution for getting hold of Corona’s bank statements.” 

    Now we all know where Fulpor, danielfil07, Jeffrey John, kilabot, Arrancar, Brent Jame, ajcabrales and other pro-Corona bloggers get their paychecks.

  • ferds

    HIndi naman nakapagatataka, lahat ng dokomento nya, sablay heheheheheh

  • daniel mondejar

    PULSE ASIA INC. why not conduct a survey on all colleges and universities offering the College of Law on those students; a survey asking how the PROSECUTION TEAM as a whole conduct their presentations, their arguments, their manifestations etc . .   of their case to the Impeachment Court? Siguro mas may impact pa ang resulta kay sa mga approval ratings na yan.

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