Is failure to correct SALN 20 years ago an impeachable offense?


Chief Justice Renato Corona. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

Is the failure of Chief Justice Renato Corona to correct his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) 20 years ago an impeachable offense?

Corona’s lawyers on Wednesday moved to deflect the prosecution’s claims that the inclusion of seven parcels of land in Marikina City in the Chief Justice’s SALN in 1992—two years after the property was supposedly sold to his relative—would support their allegation in the second impeachment article.

The second impeachment article accuses Corona of committing culpable violation of the Constitution for his failure to publicly disclose his SALN.

Jose Roy III, one of the defense counsels, also downplayed insinuations that the sale of the property in Marikina Heights to Corona’s cousin, Demetrio Vicente, may have been bogus since the 1,700-square-meter property remained registered in the name of Corona’s wife Cristina.

“What does his SALN in 1992 have to do with the impeachment now? Obviously, we’re not going to impeach him (Corona) for something he did in 1992 … while he was holding a different position,” Roy said in an interview before the impeachment proceedings.

“Let’s remember the impeachment is for Renato Corona as Chief Justice. It’s not even clear to me that acts committed before he became Chief Justice should be part of this process,” he added.

Recto query

On Tuesday, Senator Ralph Recto asked Serafin Cuevas, Corona’s lead counsel, why the Chief Justice included in his SALN in 1992 the parcels of land in Marikina if Vicente had already bought them.

Roy said that what the Chief Justice listed in his SALN in 1992 actually referred to the Corona couple’s property in Ayala Heights, also in Marikina, and not the seven parcel of lands in Marikina Heights.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to point that out (on Tuesday), but this will be proven. You can check the records. The description of the SALN is general,” he said.

Just a caretaker

The defense panel also took exception to the claim of Iloilo Representative Niel Tupas Jr., the House lead prosecutor, that Vicente was just a “caretaker” of the Coronas.

Karen Jimeno, also of the defense, denied allegations that the Coronas could have hired a fake notary public and a bogus buyer just to cover up the ownership issue over the Marikina Heights property.

Jimeno said the ownership of the property would not matter in the trial because the transaction happened almost two decades before Corona was appointed as the country’s top magistrate.

“Of course (Corona) did not expect at the time that he would be a Chief Justice someday and that this matter would be an issue against him. This is something which happened in 1992,” she said in a press briefing during a break in the trial.

“There’s no logical reason for them to go through all that trouble … make spurious documents and fake transaction for something which will not affect his SALN anyway,” Jimeno added.

Still binding

Tranquil Salvador III, one of the defense panel’s spokespersons, said even if the deed of sale was notarized by an unlicensed notary public, the transaction between Vicente and Cristina was still effective and binding.

According to Salvador, a notarized deed of sale or any other similar agreement only showed that “it’s a public document and that it has effect among the rest of us.”

“Would that mean that the sale was invalid? It’s not. A defective notarization would be the problem of the notary public. He or she may be charged,” he said, adding: “That’s not the problem of the person who trusted the notary public.”

‘Very strong family culture’

But why did Vicente allow the property to remain registered in Cristina’s name if he was able to pay real property taxes and finance the construction of his house?

Roy said it must be because of the Filipinos’ “very strong family culture” which, he said, may have also caused the rift among Cristina’s relatives over the control of Basa-Guidote Enterprises Inc.

“I think that’s why sometimes families end up fighting because we’re closely knit and you can’t avoid that there will be differences of opinion,” he said.

“When you buy something from your relatives, you really don’t expect that there will be trouble. If there’s no difference or history of bad faith or ill will, you don’t expect your relatives to flip around and contest that sale.”

Corona’s lawyers also defended Vicente from individuals questioning his credibility, saying his “straightforward” replies to the grilling of the prosecution was “proof that he was telling the truth.”

Said Salvador: “One can tell if he was telling the truth with the way he testified. (Vicente) was there for some time and he was very consistent with his testimony. He knows the documents involved and even guided the lawyers to identify those.”

Roy said it was expected that the prosecution would cast doubt on Vicente’s credibility since he appeared in support of the Chief Justice’s defense.

“There will always be doubts on the part of the prosecution and the people who are against the Chief Justice. I’m sorry if the documentation does not meet their standard, but the fact remains that the witness was straightforward,” Roy said.

Visit Vicente in Manila

The outspoken lawyer then dared Marikina Representative Romero Quimbo and the media to pay a visit to Vicente’s house to “see once and for all who lives there.”

“Why don’t you stake out a camera there and find out who lives there? By the way, that house is in the district of Quimbo. Maybe he can assist us in determining the truth,” Roy said.

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  • Juan De la Cruz

    Strong familiy culture?  Anong ginawa nila sa mga Basa?  Matagal ng niloloko ni Corona ang mga tao.  Yang ang isipin nyo.  Ngayon nyo lang nalalaman mga bobo!!!!  At dahil ginawa nya ng hindi pa siya CJ, ibig sabihin ba nyan ay hindi nya sinadya ang mandaya? Bobo kayo kung harap harapan na ay di nyo pa masabi kung niloloko kayo!!!

  • simon

    bumuli ng lupa tapos hindi natransfer sa pangalan niya for a period of 20 years, at notary public ay hindi authorized? chances nito ay one in a million. sino po ang maniniwala dito?

    parang kidlat iyan na maliit ang chance na tamaan ka ng kidlat. kaya iyan ang sinabi ni atty. ROY.

  • enrique119

    I am not saying Demetrio Vicente does not really own the land, but his living in the premises is not proof of ownership. He may indeed be a caretaker who is naturally allowed, even duty-bound, to stay in and protect the premises. The fact that the property remains registered in the name of Cristina Corona is more solid documentary statement than mere verbal claims. Even a deed of absolute sale is not proof of actual sale. For he may also have executed another deed of absolute sale “reselling” the same to the Coronas which will be presented by the Coronas later should it become necessary.

    As to the jabber of Atty. Roy, he is playing clueless about the connection of the 1992 SALN to the impeachment. The fact that the land was supposedly sold in 1990 yet was included in the 1992 SALN would tend to belie the supposed sale. Add to that the fact that the land is still registered in Cristina’s name up to the present demolishes the story of the supposed sale.

  • Sadik_habibi

    “But why did Vicente allow the property to remain registered in Cristina’s name if he was able to pay real property taxes and finance the construction of his house?
    Roy said it must be because of the Filipinos’ “very strong family culture” which, he said, may have also caused the rift among Cristina’s relatives over the control of Basa-Guidote Enterprises Inc.”

  • Hey_Dudes

    To continue insulting the Filipinos this way by these highly priced lawyers is tantamount to relegating the Filipino people as having coconut husk for their brains.  Masyado ng malaking pangiinsulto ang ginagawa ng mga ito just to defend their client.  Something’s got to give if they continue with these  insults.

  • pol tan

    Mr Vicente unconsciously had a slip of the tongue when he referred to himself as ‘caretaker’ of the property. Nung tinanong sya kung talagang sya ang may-ari ng lupa ang sagot nya “ako ang caretaker”. No person would refer to himself as a caretaker of a property if he is the owner. Ang sagot mo dapat ” ako ang may-ari nyan”. It was very odd for him to say that and he may have been caught off-guard.
    I agree with some of the previous comments regarding the confusing statement of the defense – walang communication with Coronas for 20 years and yet using”strong family ties” as reason for not registering a property in your name?
    Also staying in one place for 20 years does not prove ownership of a property. Ask the informal settlers in Agham road.

    • End_of_GMAs_Reign

      Probably Mang Vicente is not a “Caretaker” but rather a “Squatter”.  

      If the property was sold in 1990, 2 years after it appeared in TJ’s SALN then he is 101% Lying under Oath!  – No doubt he is guilty of dishonesty!

      If Corona was a witness when they’d notarized the documents in a fake notary public then being a lawyer he can be disbarred!  As a close relative and being a man of law he must protect the interest of the buyer at all cost!

    • Nelida Sucayan

       A lawyer-friend once told me, that if an honest witness is well-trained to lie, be very vigilant for the slip.  Mang Vicente’s slip may seem to be insignificant but it reveals the person’s pscyhe.  He has been used to regard himself as “caretaker”.  This, coupled with the questionable circumstances surrounding the alleged “sale” (a notary public who was not commissioned, the tax payment still in the name of the buyer, etc. ), would cast a very serious doubt to the claim of the defense that the properties were already sold.

    • teri wright

       Would you remember what part of the trial was it or who was questioning him? I want to watch tyhe replay. thanks!

    • Nelida Sucayan

       If  what  is narrated is correct, then Mr. Vicente is very honest.  “Nung tinanong sya kung talagang sya ang may ari ng lupa ang sago nya ‘ako ang caretaker'”.  It is not a slip.  It is the truth.   The question is answerable by “yes” or “no”.  He could have simply answered, “yes”, but he clarified that he is the caretaker.  Very credible witness talaga.

  • pinklace88

    meron bang strong family ties na wlang communication ng 20 years. one more alarming point here is… kung ikaw nakabili ng lupa sa alam mong ma impluwensiyang tao, hindi mo ba ise secure and ownership mo by immediately transferring the title of the property? eh normal instinct un eh.

  • ofw2011

    As far as Vicente’s credibility as a witness is concerned, Senator Osmena already has confirmed it.

    • End_of_GMAs_Reign

      Hearsay, since Serge only asked someone who is close to him.  

      Let’s put it this way, let say I visited a person who is living in a squatter area, I saw personally that the person lives there.  Could we easily figure out if he rightfully owns the land?

      Remember that TJ blundered himself by still owning the properties 2 years after it were sold!

  • simon

    when mang vecente was ask,, who prepared these documents? his answer was the abogado, and then when he  was ask who is this abogado,, his answer was,, he do not know, because the document was just given to him,,, now, this is a big lie, if anyone will buy a propety, the fisrt thing he will do is to go to abogado known to him, right? and check the property and prepare the document. my question is why he did not go to atty. known to him? you can see it in the reply,, vecente said, “the documents was just given to him.”

    • raflaydo

       Obvious naman kung sino ang tinutukoy niyang abogado…

  • ciabaga

    Sarado na ang isip ng mga supporters ni Pnoy. They already made a verdict. So no matter what the defense presents, for them  they are all lies.

    • Bobbie_mae

       we are patiently waiting for the defense to explain the undeclared dollar deposits and for corona to explain the dollar accounts as he promised. Kaya lang so far the attempts to defend Mr corona consisted of asking Tiangco to testify, na sabi ng impeachment court, irrelevant. and then they trot out this senior citizen who doesnt keep a record of cheque payments for the property, etc. claims he owns the property even with out a title , etc.. also part of Cuevas’ defense is saying that the mistakes in the SALN are because mrs corona filled them out… ano pa? are you telling us this is a  strong defense. seriously. Cuevas saying that the reason there are mistakes in the SALN is because mrs corona filled it out. HAHAHAH. Does he expect to get away with your honors, my client apologizes for the mistakes, and pexman, cross my heart, hindi na ma-uulit yung mga mistakes. Come on give us a break.

  • raflaydo

    Corona thought bubble: Walang mali sa hindi ko pagdeklara ng tamang SALN. Walang mali. Walang mali.  Walang mali.  Kung iba yan, mali.  Dahil ako ang gumawa, walang mali.

  • Hannah Blake

    I saw the footage wherein a a reporter visited the house of Mr. Vicente yesterday. He seems to have the financial means to transfer the title under his name. The amount he stated during the cross examination that P200+K is needed to transfer the title under his name is incorrect and a lie. Why won’t anyone go to the Registry of Deeds and inquire about the correct amount. I”ll bet it won’t even amount to P15K to transfer the title under his name.

    • Filipinoflash

      He was able to buy that property and then say that he has no means to pay for the transfer tax. Malabo ang script ng depensa. 

    • Karabkatab

      Yes, the furniture and fixtures inside the house looks classy and expensive.  The investment alone in bonzai garden would easily amount to million pesos.  The fence alone would cost hundreds of thousands of pesos.  You would not think, the people living inside has no money to pay for titling of property.  Magkano kaya ang bill sa Meralco at MWSS? That alone would gauge if the occupants are with money or none.

  • Hannah Blake

    Or, let’s start a “Help Mr. Vicente” Movement. Let’s donate P1 each so that he can transfer the title under his name. hahaha.

  • Filipinoflash

    C’mon, close family culture? When it comes to money and property, there is no family family. You have to take legal precautions to protect your property. In the case of Vicente, he let the Coronas have the title even after he bought it from them? 

    There is inconsistency here. How can he trust the Coronas when the latter even committed injustices to the Basas, another relative? 

  • binatangtagabukid

    daanin nalang pala sa “I am sorry ” dahil hindi ko dineclare 

  • I An

    i’m just wondering baout pork barell ng mga congressman malaki nga naman un plus kakampi nila si PNoy :)

  • Filipinoflash

    Tingnan nyo ha ang inconsistency ng depensa.

    Noong property nila nasa The Columns sa Makati, may Deed of Sale na, pero ayon sa mga abugado ni Corona, hindi daw ito sa kanya dahil wala pa raw delivery.  Hindi ito diniklara ni Thief Justice sa kanyang SALN dahil hindi pa raw sa kanya.

    Ngayon dito sa Marikina property, sabi ng mga abugado ni Corona, kay Vicente Demetrio na daw ang property DAHIL MAY DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE NA KAHIT WALA PANG TITULO SA KANYA. Hindi din diniklara sa SALN ni Corona dahil hindi na raw sa kanya. 

    • jiroarturo

      Napansin ko rin nga yon. Iyon sa Marikina hindi niya deniklare na ari ni Cristina nabili na ni Vicente. Yon naman sa the Columns hindi rin deniklare dahil hindi pa niya tinatanggap ang susi. Ano bang klaseng bentahan ito? Kung ebenta kaya ng may ari ng the Columns sa ibang tao, pwede kaya silang maghabol? 

  • Bobby

    Ownership, not title, confers all the rights to one who has acquired a property by a deed of absolute sale, meaning that he has fully paid for the consideration for the property to the seller.  A certificate of title is proof that the property is in the name of the claimant, not ownership even if ordinarily we show the title, not the deed of sale because it contains the amount of consideration.  A transfer of title can cost not just P15,000, as one commenter suggested, but about the same amount as Mr. Vicente suggested.  One has to take care of all taxes, both national and local, pay for documentation and the expenses that go with it, filing fees with the register of deeds, etc.

    • Rodger

      Bobby, can you answer the post below by Filipinoflash?
      Basically, sa SALN ni CJ noon pasok ang Marikina property, may deed of absolute sale na between him and Mang Vicente. Yung sa makati property may deed of absolute sale na rin pero di pinasok ni CJ.

      Your comment pls?

      • Bobbie_mae

         Well he is the Chief Justice after all, so he is entitled to BEND the law to suit him. What is he in power for? Remember Corona is above the law, while everyone else has to follow the law. That is the example that Corona has set to the rest of the judiciary. 

  • Bobby

    The Chief Justice is on trial to hold or lose that title due to impeachment.  The SALN discussion when he was not yet in this position seems to be irrelevant.  If there is any wrongdoing for an impeacheable offense, it should focus on betrayal of public trust when CJ Corona was holding this posiion.  The impeachable offense deals only with the impeachable position as defined by the Constitution.

  • Rodger

    WHAT? Atty Roy challenged Quimbo to ‘see once and for all who lives there’?

    How did Mang Vicente manage to build a house there? How did he get the permit? The property is not under his name, how did he submit his plans, land titles, documents and get approved by Marikina council?

    The drawings and plans will show project title, the clients name and land owners name. If the client is different from the land owners name, a letter of consent from land owner is required. Then and only then can you get a building permit. Who signed on the land owner side? I’m interested to see that. 

    Marikina people, paki check nyo nga? Because to me it’s an illegal dwelling. Squatting ang labas.

    • Karabkatab

      Unless the house is built without a building permit.  Improvement of existing structure

      • cruel168

        Even renovation or improvement requires building permit…

      • Rodger

        Does the word “he built a house on the property’ mean anything to you?

    • marriondale

      Kaya nga paki-inspect na lang kung sino man taga-marikina dito. Panong squatting yan, may deed of sale na.  Anyway, irrelevant na pag-usapan since many senator judges consider this witness as credible, ewan ko na lang sa mga anti-corona bloggers.  Pangalawa, inadmit na rin ni congressman tupas na itong property na to ay mawawala na sa mga current properties ni corona which means convicned naman sila na the deed of sale effectively removed the ownership of this proeprty from the coronas. 

      • Acrem

        marrion, in fairness, Mang Vicente to me appears honest. Anyway, just for argument sake: May deed of sale di ba? Sa batas tayo di ba? Ignorance of law is no excuse. Kung tga Marikina ka, subukan mo ngayon pumunta sa city planning nyo. Punta sa master plan ng land properties, click mo kung sino may-ari dun sa property na allegedly kay Mang Vicente. Ano nakalagay dun? Hindi kasi consistent na, sa plano ng bahay si mang vicente ang may-ari, tapos sa loob ng computer ng city planning iba ang may-ari. Paano ma-approve plano mo?
        Kaya, to uphold the rule of law and avoid being branded as squatting, Mang Vicente need to transfer the title to his name and follow the rule to have legal building permit.

    • Abnoynoy

      so what? wala ka talagang alam, e pano yung mga naglelease ng lupa,di na ba sila pwedeng maggawa ng bahay o anu mang structure sa lupa na uupahan nila?hehe, galing mo pare. ang hina ng utak mo

      • Acrem

        Abs, alam mo ang batas sa mga naglelease lang ng lupa tapos magpatayo sila ng bahay? Ano kailangan nila? Consent ng may-ari ng lupa na kailangan nakasulat sa side ng plano or personal na sulat na nagsasabi sang-ayon siya. Yan kung tutuparin mo ang batas. Sang ayon ka sa batas di ba? Anong sabi ni Rodger sa itaas? nabasa mo ba?

        Ngayon, pag tulad sa iyo na walang alam, tayo lang ng tayo kala mo kay karapatan ka, squatter ka nga.

  • kordapya

    of course…remember there are peso and dollar accounts undeclared in the SALN of Corona

  • SJ888

    Sabi ni Roy at Karen, it is irrelevant to discuss what the CJ did when he is still not the Chief Justice, They are the one who presented this witness proving that the property is no longer owned by the Coronas, if this is true then why is it in the SALN until 1992 when the sale is made in 1990? It is just normal that questions will be raised because of the inconsistencies. 
    I cannot believe that a lawyer who studied the law for many years and claiming that he is top five in college, and now our Chief justice will have these mistakes. If our Chief Justice are allowed to commit these mistakes then we are all damed.

    • marriondale

      May mga precedent na dyan. you can only impeach an official during his term as an impeachable official and not before.

  • F_U_FedUp

    According to the defense they would have us believe that actions committed before he became an impeachable official do not count. The reason we have impeachable positions is because such persons are supposed to be of impeccable character. The moment there is a question raised in regard to a questionable action then there is doubt about his impeccability. The character of the man then raises doubts about the trustworthiness of that person. 

    Why was the land included in the Justice’s SALN for 1992 when today they seem to be saying that they did in fact sell the property to Mr. Vicente? Had the impeachment trial not been brought about, the next step would have been to wait for the septuagenarian to finally succumb to the fate we all face. The title would have been in Mrs. Corona’s name without dispute as it had not been transferred. All the property taxes had been paid in her name no matter who paid them. And we are yet to hear the full story from the Basa Guidote people as to their claim in regard to the treatment at the hands of the Coronas. 

    Trust is about perception of the person’s character and morality in dealing with anybody. The essence of the Supreme Court is public trust. What we have seen and heard is clear betrayal of public trust by the current chief justice who has not the decency to at least step down during this examination.

  • josebenitez

    By itself, we could make the argument that it is betrayal of public trust because he has Penned decisions convicting people for committing the same “minor” offense. At the least, he should have corrected his saln before he decided to convict those People.

    But when taken in the context of his other misdeclarations in the subsequent years, yes, it is clearly an Impeachable offense.

  • Vespa62

    Why don’t we just wait for all the evidence to be presented and witnesses testify? The defense claims that the Marikina property declared in 1992 was actually the Ayala Heights property that he later sold (appearing in a later SALN as sold).  A lot of people think that Ayala Heights is all in QC.  Its not.  Vast portions are in Marikina.

    I find it funny that people still keep insisting that Vicente is a dummy.  For what? Are these people telling me that Corona foresaw the future in 1990 and started planning hiding his properties?  Let us not forget that capital gains taxes were actually paid in 1990 for the transfer of the property.  Receipts were shown to that effect.  You cannot fake that. Recto pointed this out.

    I’ve lived for 15 years in a property that is not in my name.. I have the deed of sale, I have the TCT, I have real estate receipts in the name of the original owner and I have a tax declaration (in my name) for the house I built.  Why won’t I transfer?  Because I’m lazy and I don’t want to pay the government  for something I don’t feel the need to do.  I had no problem building a house nor getting homeowner’s association approvals just by showing the TCT and deed of sale.

    These things are so commonplace in the Philippines and it just makes me wonder why the prosecution keeps on insisting on this issue.  Or is it because that this ONE piece of property happens to be covered by 7 titles and if dropped would make them look even more stupid for claiming that the CJ had 45?

    • Rodger

      Ignorance of the law excuses no one. You my friend, is not ignorant of the law, you just dont’ want to used it. You don’t want to pay for something you feel you dont need to. Nothing wrong w/ that. Guess what? You heard about penalty for failure to transfer? Do you have any idea how much the calculated cost for 15 years? You must be so rich.

      Hey, im just thinking, if your house is burn w/ the documents in it, can you use the notarized copy of the lawyer for tranferring ng title? 

      • JKG_HSA_VOSA

        Since the notarized copy is a public document, I think they can use it in cases such as the one you mentioned. To reconstruct his documents and be able to transfer the title, he can ask for a certified copy of the Deed of Sale from the Notary public, a copy of the Title  from the RD, and Tax declarations from the City Assessor. In order to prove his claim that his home was burned down by fire, he can get certification for the incident with probably the barangay or the police or the fire dept. If these alternative documents would not convince the RD then he should appeal it until he convinces everybody of his ownership claim

      • Acrem

        Ayos, at least ma aware mga kababayan natin. Prevention ika nga is better than cure. Dapat hangat maaga pa, palitan kaagad nila ang titulo ng bago. Aba’y tingin ko mas lalong hahaba ang penalty at arrears pagka ika di na transfer ng ilang taon. kung may masamang mangyari pa sa dokumento, susme, lalong magulo!

  • cruel168

    Until now the defense team and pro – corona people in this blog doesn’t understand the importance and essence of impeachment. My goodness whaaaa.

    • Marlon

      ikaw, alam mo???

      wag magdunong-dunongan baka mahalatang walang alam.

      • cruel168

        Its about accountability tanga!!!

  • Martin

    Tulungan Natin…

    Pwede kayang bawat isa sa atin ay mag-donate kahit konti kay Mang Demetrio para…


    • marriondale

      According to him, because of the penalties aabot na sa 200,000 yung tax arrears niya.

    • Rodger

      I have a better idea, why not ask the prosecutors to donate and complete the transfer of name in favor of mang vicente para kung ganun talagang mapunta sa kanya ang property. Sa isip kasi nila tiga bantay lang sya e di ba?

      Panalo either way.

    • raflaydo

      Di ba milyonarya si Cristina? Kawang gawa na niya sa kamag-anak ni CJ. Hindi pa ba niya magawa yun?  Sabagay, angkinin mo ba naman ang milyones ng kamag-anak mo, maiisipan mo pa ba kaya gumawa ng kabutihan?

  • Derrick Ross

    Failure to file correct SALN for the last 20 years. Not failure to correct SALN 20 years ago. Title of article is misleading. Fail!

  • oracle888

    I can’t hardly believe my eyes when I read Atty Roy on his elaboration of so-called ‘Very strong family culture’ as the reason of causing the rift between Cristina and the other members of the Basa clan.The immediate thought that I have is: His statement is just plain BS.

    • enerinuj

      22 years na di nag-uusap very strong family ties according to atty. Roy….

      • raflaydo

        Talk about self-contradiction! I tell you, everything that comes out of his mouth is devoid of logic and reason.  Perfect examples for fallacies of reasoning in Logic 101.

    • Bobbie_mae

      Judd Roy? No credibility. Was using his twitter account to insult prosecutors and senators omen and drilon, etc. And then when he was exposed by aurora Pijuan and his law students , denied it. He was behaving like a p_g on his twitter account. We should not be surprised. He looks like one too.

  • Rodger

    Sigurado, right now, masyadong busy ang BIR and ROD, kandarapa mga tao sa pag finalize the pag transfer ng titulo. 

    AWESOME!!! This is good, this is good.

  • junpaxx

    F.D Pascual wrote: Observers, lawyers and politicians I have asked all confessed difficulty in reading the minds of the senators, except for Franklin Drilon and five others whose judicial robes look yellowish on many TV screens.
    Let’s try to ID these 5 senators: I guess Trillanes, Pangilinan, Recto, Osmenia & Guingona.

  • Mang Teban

    Is failure to correct SALN 20 years ago an impeachable offense?

    I think NO, it isn’t an impeachable offense because I don’t think Renato Corona had envisioned that he will be impeached someday and so he should have been extra careful with his SALNs. There ought to be a prescription period for these things.

    I hope that the prosecution stop this nonsense to rebut presentation by defense about the  property purportedly owned now by Mr. Vicente. It is only delaying the process.

    The way I see it now is that SOME lawyers, as they are, from both the prosecution, defense panels & some senator-judges cannot shred off their knack to probe even the slightest insignificant detail of a trivial piece of item being debated upon which reflect lawyers with an OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) behavior.

    No wonder the wheels of justice grind so slow in this country…….ugh!

    • F_U_FedUp

      It does not matter who you are, the SALN is a document filed under oath and therefore is supposed to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and if not, so help you God because the country has penalties for not being truthful to its laws and regulations. Mr Corona has consistently produced so called erroneous SALNs. The standards of conduct and ethics required of a Supreme Court Justice are very high and should be so else it be a “do as I say but not as I do” society.
      The wheels of justice would be well oiled with the truth. It is the lies that cause the wheels of justice to grind ever so slowly and costly.

  • nolipunzalan

    I believe that Mr. Vicente is only the caretaker!

    • AntiGMArroyo

      he’s just a shadow

  • Maldi2

    LOL! Fake daw ang sabi ni Tupakz sa Deed of Sale”.  Palibhasa mahilig gumawa ng mga fake na claim, fake na evidences, fake na signatures ang Tupaks na ito!  Kaya ayun nagkanda pek-pek ang kaso nila! PWE!

  • tonto_ka

    ur honor alam mo yung mga kinikita sa smuggling at drug lords ILLEGAL yan kaya nde pwede isama sa ITR at SALN.
    yung namang kinikita nila neri, abalos et al sa NBN ZTE deal, ILLEGAL din yun kaya nde isama sa ITR at SALN.
    Ang mga excessive bonuses ko, gratuities at dollar accounts ko alam mo ILLEGAL din yun…gets mo ur honor…kaya wla din yun sa ITR at SALN ko…

  • Beguine

    Well, the 1992 SALN which claimed the Coronas were the
    owners of properties allegedly sold to cousin Demetrio in 1990
    only goes to show that the alleged “sale” was only recently

    Besides, having a Deed of Sale document is next to nothing unless
    you proceed with acquiring the TCT from Registry of Deeds, getting
    the BIR CAR registration and fulfilling several requirements at the
    Municipality concerned Assessor’s office for the name transfer in the
    amillar receipt to your name as declared owner, which are gargantuan
    tasks indeed if you do not have the time, patience and money
    to get through with them all. Rich people just do these things through
    paid agents and emissaries.

    But anyway, Demetrio is not about to have to go through all that.
    Simply because he is not the real owner of the properties he was
    supposed to have purchased from the Coronas and will never be.  
    Unless of course the Coronas pitch in and give him full ownership
    just to really get rid of these properties as no longer theirs.

    Lucky Demetrio!

  • pipsirho


    Would you accept this man to be your Chief Justice?

    • smiley


    • Rex


      • Acrem

        LOL!!! You did read & understand the last statement did you? You make my day Rex. lol.

      • marionics

        you mean yes without thinking siya? hahaha

    • dannyflorencio


  • felimar

    The good thing brough about by impeachment trial are the legal lessons that all of us must learn. Regardless of whether corona will be impeached or not, I became aware to a lot of things that I have to do to document my properties.  Thanks for the trial… Good job for both sides… Good for the Philippines!!

  • pinklace88

    Is failure to correct SALN 20 years ago an impeachable offense?
    Yes, especially if the error is committed by a person who is expected to know his law better than all of us, a CJ no less! if he, as the highest magistrate of the land is excusable of errors  who should be the most knowledgeable of this rule & its procedures, then no use to get on with this excutive practice of transparency. The next gov’t official who will be committing the same mistake will always place him as an example that if the CJ was accorded liberality, what more those others who obviously are in lower positions. 

  • imnotstupid

    The Impeachment is just waste of money and time of the people..The truth is Corona have bank deposits and dollar accounts in banks which he did not declare in his SALN…Presenting of witness which doesn’t explained the discrepancies between his bank deposits and his SALN which the defense lawyers are doing are just delaying tactics wasting the time of the court…

    • Bobbie_mae

      Cuevas excusing possible mistakes in the SALN by saying mrs corona was the one who filled up. He thinks the public is stupid to buy this? I think one of the senators said that no matter who filled it up renato corona signed it and is to be held responsible for whatever he put in his SALN. Cuevas should be ashamed of using this as an excuse, after all the lecturing he did to the prosecutors. Just goes to show cuevas is running out of explanations and will resort to the most weak and stupid explanations. Attu cuevas why don’t you try this : corona’s dog ate the original SALN that he filled out which was correct and accurate, and so the one that was submitted was the one that was filled out by ( mrs corona, housemaid, SC clerk, accountant, driver —multiple choice, pick one). You would be doing us a favor by providing us with comic relief.

    • cruel168


  • Hey_Dudes

    Should it even be a valid question if the overriding concern in the country today is about honesty?  If this individual, even if he was not the chief justice of the high court, only submitted his SALN’s once and correct the first time, will we be talking about it today nor should it be a topic of a heated issue against this individual?

    But what eats the cake is, he did not only filed his SALN’s fraudulently the first time but succeeding SALN’s as well?  Therefore, it is not a matter of oversight but clearly a pattern of deceit when you do it not only once but regularly.

    Time to give this person his last paycheck and out he goes.

  • Pauline

    oo naman. justice knows no time. ,

  • msmakabayan

    See, people can tell the truth and who’s not! Did the congressmen who saw a ‘small lady’ and the fairy of the gate get the same reaction? Noooooohhhh!

  • Acrem

    It matters not what year for as long as the law is applicable when the crime occur.
    These 2 judges for mere misdeclaration of SALN,ex- Judge Novato T. Cajigal and ex-Judge Virgillio G. Caballero, RTC Cabanatuan City, where suspended and dismissed from service w/ ex-Judge Caballero stricken from attorneys roll.Why should Corona be any different.

  • marionics

    well kung 20 years ago ginagawa na niya yun hanggang sa kasalukuyan e di it proves a long history of deceit di ba?

  • End_of_GMAs_Reign

    Without a doubt – It’s Impeachable!

    We have a saying “Chief Justice’s Ignorance of the Law excuses no one”! – “Principes Justitia’s ignorantia legis neminem excusat” – LOL

    PRO-CORONA – Is this is the “RULE OF LAW” that you’re boasting off?

  • RomyMacalintal


  • Red28

    Tama kasi kahit BATAS na ang nagsasabi na TOTOO ang dokumento, ayaw pa rin nila ng prosecution maniwala kasi , ang totoo , AYAW lang nila kay CORONA, yun lng basta ayaw lang nila. Kahit walang ginagawa yung tao.

  • Bobbie_mae

    Senator Enrile said that according to the constitution public officials must declare their assets ,liabilities and net worth in their SALN. And he says the accounting standard to be used for the valuation of real property assets is the acquisition costs. This is so it can be established whether the assets of the public official are beyond what he earns as a public official. Finally he has explained the spirit behind the SALN. So if Corona didn’t declare the acquisition costs of his real property assets in the SALN is he in violation of the constitution? I think the answer can be gleaned in Enrile’s lecture to senator recto. The crimes of graft and corruption, betrayal of public trust doesn’t deal with incremental values reflected in assessed value and fair market values….and he also said that ignorance of the law is no excuse…..

    • cruel168

      The sum of the acquisition cost should be his asset am I right? and minus the liabilities is his net worth..

      • Bobbie_mae

        according to Sen Enrile, it is acquisition cost of real property that should be used in determining net worth. So assets = real property valued at acquisition cost+ bank deposits. Networth= Assets – liabiltilities

  • cruel168

    sentensyahan na si corona!!!

  • Mario_Garcia

    The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR is being bombarded with impeachment issues just because he bought a property that is priced cheaper than the going price.  That is how sensitive the position of the Chief Justice here in the Philippines should be.  Once a person becomes the Chief Justice, he should be the loneliest person in the world because he can not socialize with any one or group, he chose the position out of l;ove for his country so that he can dispense justice without any fear or favor.

    • raflaydo

      Well, ever since Mr Corona took the oath as CJ, delicadeza just was eliminated in the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

      • dannyflorencio

         raflaydo   OWWWWSSSS !!  TALAGA ?

  • Jon

    Di alam ni Quimbo kung saan nakatira sa Marikina yung constituent niyang iyan.
    Parati kasing nasa parlor si Quimbo para magpa touch-up.
    Alam nyo naman, kailangan pretty tuwing haharap sa camera. 

    • raflaydo

       Si Lolo Cuevas yata ang araw-araw nagpapablow-dry na wig…..este,…..itim na mop….este…buhok?

    • End_of_GMAs_Reign

      For sure ang alam lang ni Quimbo ay yung mga LEGAL OWNERS!!!

    • Avtar Singh

      @yahoo-QZZKXPEA67I7HELEIYM35QVYFA:disqus …..Binasted ka ni Quimbo, ano?

    • dannyflorencio


  • Jonathan


    • sanjuan683

      UNGGOY KA patunayan mo yan pumunta ka sa Senate at kailangan ka ng mga ABNOY prosecutors na kakampi mo hehehehhehehehehehe wha!!!!!!!!!!BOBO

  • Josephine

    basihan nyo nalang ang pagmumukha ni corona, itsura palang mukhang traidor, at manlilinlang, kaya halos lahat na taong bayan gusto nya linlangin,matalino siya sa panloloko pero maputi naman bayag nya umupo sa empeachment court,dapat yan magdesisyon na EMC, kung sakali di pumayag ng depense na paupuin si corona, magbotohan na sa march 23, yan ang sabi ni enrile noon bago mag rest ang empcourt, panay salita nya sa media, kumukuha sempatya ng tao, palagi lang ginagamit empleyado ng sc, bakit tudo sila suporta kay corona dahil kasama sila sa mga allowances na naglalakihan.sama sama sila nagpapaksaya, kawawang taong bayan, mabuti nga nangyari itong empeachment ngayon kahit paano nalaman ng taong bayan, kung gaano ka kurap ang nsabing ahensya.

  • Josephine

    ano ba yan, ang binita lupa kay vecinte di nailipat sa loob ng 2o years ngayon saln di rin naayos sa loob ng 2o years, BAKIT?????????????, IMPOSIBLE, kung ikaw ay taong nagtratrabho sa goverment, karapatan mo yan ayusin, dahil yan ang sinumpaan mo bago ka umupo sa gobyerno,kahit siguro di nakapag aral, kaya naman isipin na mukhang there is something smell fishy,dinoktor na naman yan siguro, kita mo naman ang ginagawa nila, kung sino witness pinapaupo para ma delay ang hearing, kaya kung hindi matapos bago mag 23, mag rest na naman, ang EMPC, kaya may pagkakataon naman sila mag doctor nyan.kasi sa may pa babalik. kaya kanina mabuti naman at di nag cross examination ang prosecutors, para ano pa dahil ganoon lang naman paliwanag ng witness. wala naman talaga pinupunto

  • Josephine

    minsan pangin ko kay corona may sungay kapag siya nagsasalita sa tv,singkit na di  maintindihan, basihan nyo nalang makikita nyo sa pagmumukha nya kahit di sa personal makikita sa pagmumuha nya kung anong klase ng tao siya

  • Avtar Singh

    Jimeno, The Things You Did In The Past Is One Of The Requirements to Become A Chief Justice…..You Are Pathetic….Follow The Rules…..

    • dannyflorencio


  • Josephine

    yan ang galamay ni pandak na gma si corona pareho sila matatalino sa panloloko, kaya si corona ang in appointee nya dahil matagal nya na ksama sa panloloko, alam nya na walang magagwa ang pres magpalis kay theif corona kung hindi idaan sa empeachment kaya yan ang panangga ngayon ni gma, kapag ma aquit si corona sigurado goodbye kulungan na si gma kasama pa ang kanyang mga kaalyado nsa kulungan ngayon,at malamng lahat na kaso ni gma aquited kaya dasal natin lahat na matanggal si thief cj sa sc.

    • raflaydo

       One word to describe them both: TUSO. 

  • Rey


    • sanjuan683

      UNGGOY KA eh di patunayan mo sa senate pumunta ka dun. heheheheheh wha BOBO KA

    • Jonathan


  • Eonron Haydon

    In 1970, then-House Minority Leader Gerald R. Ford of the US House of Representatives defined the criterion as he saw it: “An impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history. Four years later, Gerald Ford would become president when President Richard Nixon resigned under the threat of impeachment.

  • jiroarturo

    NET WORTH is the difference of total assets minus total liabilities. What made of ASSETS? Cash, real properties, jewelries, stocks and bonds, paintings, furnitures, cars, and anything of value priced at current fair market value. Fair market value is defined as the value a willing seller will sell his properties to a willing buyer. For example, Corona bought the Bellagio unit for P14.5M (acquistion cost). It was assessed by Taguig assessor office at P6.4M based on its tax schedule. For tax purposes it was valued at P3.5M. If Corona wanted to sell his condo for P20M and somebody is willing to buy it for P20M, then the fair market value on Dec 31, 2010 is P20M. If he has no liability on Dec 31, 2010, his NET WORTH is P20M. It is not P6.8M (fair market value by Taguig assessor’s office) nor P14.5M (his acquisition cost). If on the other hand the unit was badly damage by an earthquake and a buyer will only pay P1M and Corona is willing to accept the offer, then the fair market value is P1M. CJ’s net worth is P1M. Lost in value is not tax deductible. If he sold it for P20M there is a tax liability for the P5.5M gain.

  • Jonathan


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