‘Philippine Air Force no more all air, no force’



CLARK, Pampanga—The joke about the Philippine Air Force (PAF) is that it is “all air and no force”—and that hurts.

But that may soon be over.

Saying better times are at hand, the PAF’s new commanding general, Maj. Gen. Lauro Catalino dela Cruz, on Friday attended the blessing of four of eight Polish multi-role helicopters worth P2.8 billion which the Philippines received as part of its modernization program.

The new W-3 Sokol (Falcon) helicopters will be used for combat support as well as disaster relief missions, Dela Cruz said in turnover ceremonies at the former US Clark Air Base in Pampanga province.

Dela Cruz said the acquisition of the new sophisticated machines gave a “glimpse of many more changes to come.”

‘Thing of the past’

From being the best in Southeast Asia after World War II until the 1960s, the PAF saw its squadrons of fighter jets become obsolete without being replaced despite modernization plans.

The PAF deeply felt its decline when the last of its F5 “Blue Diamond” fighter jets was officially decommissioned in 2005, leaving the military incapable of intercepting intruders in the country’s airspace. Meanwhile, the number of accidents involving refurbished planes and helicopters piled up.

“The lack of equipment has always been our handicap. But despite that, we never let our guard down and instead focused on our strength, the talent of our people,” Dela Cruz said at brief ceremonies at Air Force City. “Sometimes the joke hurts that we only have air and no force.”

“But eventually this will be a thing of the past,” he added. “We can now see a horizon of better times, the beginning of an Air Force that is adequately equipped and skilled.”

Morale boosters

The guests, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin and Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Jessie Dellosa, poured champagne on the helicopters’ noses during the ceremonies.

The new “Sokol” combat utility helicopters are expected to take some of the load off the military’s workhorse, the refurbished Vietnam War-era UH-1H “Huey” utility helicopters.

Used for transporting troops and cargo, the new helicopters are considered crucial for the emergency medical evacuation of ground troops in combat operations and for search and rescue missions during disasters.

Dela Cruz said the arrival of the new helicopters was a big morale booster.

“I know many of our fellow soldiers in the Philippine Army and the Marines will be very happy with the improved capability of their Air Force,” Dela Cruz said.

Demonstration ride

Maj. Randy Buena, group leader of six military pilots who have flown the new helicopters for test flights, said they were “amazed” at what the machines could do.

“It’s a beautiful aircraft,” Buena said before members of the media were given a demonstration ride on two of the helicopters.

This reporter was in a group of nine media members who, with two pilots and two crew members, flew for 40 minutes from Air Force City base through Crow Valley up to the crater of Mt. Pinatubo and back.

Unlike a ride in the single-engine Huey, the ride in the Sokol was smooth throughout despite the turbulence outside.

The pilots demonstrated the chopper could go on auto-pilot and showed off manuevers.

According to the briefer, the Sokols are equipped with the latest navigation and avionics systems that allow them to operate in all weather conditions day and night.

Credible defense

The PAF currently has 40 UH-1H helicopters, 18 MG-520 helicopter gunships, two Italian S211 jets with three undergoing repairs, plus about a dozen tuboprop OV-10 attack and observation planes, spokesperson Lt. Col. Miguel Ernesto Okol said. One C-130 transport aircraft is in service and two are undergoing repairs expected to be completed this year, he added.

The Philippines has been fighting a decades-long communist insurgency, al-Qaida-linked terrorists with military assistance largely from the United States, its longtime ally, and rarely acquires arms and equipment from other countries.

Manila last year said it would seek 12 F-16 fighter jets from Washington amid its simmering territorial dispute in the West Philippine (South China) Sea with Beijing. Washington has provided a Coast Guard cutter to the Philippines and agreed to send another one this year.

Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario said the Philippines wanted to build “a minimum credible defense posture and the US has expressed their willingness to help us.” With a report from AP

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  • http://twitter.com/grandpaber mel bercel

    maybe the government should give a grant to feati and pats to develop small remotely piloted planes and used these as weapons delivery systems. i remember when i was studying there were so many remotely piloted planes enthusiasts who are using them for recreation and many of them are self designed, only the engine is bought. if we develop the engine too. we will have a self sustaining industry for recreation and defense and for all other purpose. we have so many good technical people (mechanical, electronics, computechs, aeronatics, etc) who can do this, all they need is government support and encouragement. let us use their talents rather than exporting our talents. let us use and export our good products, than export the people who do them. well of course i am only dreaming, cuz dreaming is cheap. but i think it could be done. if there is a will there is a way. pero kung ang mamumuno nito ay may tanong na ano ang mahihita ko dito rather than how can my country benefit from this? paktay na negosyo, umpisa pa lang bullilyaso na. i hope this kind of mindset is erased from the pinoy minds.. God Bless our Philippines.

  • Pluma Mana

    tapunan kasi ang pinas ng mga pinaglumaan ng kano.

    • tinots

      Oo, tapunan talaga! kasi  si General gusto para daw maka-tipid at makabulsa ng budget! ganun yun!

  • dinddong

    Yes ! its all air, no force.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VUBFBIYFAJOPPP4FP3CKBJ4M6A SOre loser

    No disrespect intended, but bringing a chopper in a dog-fight against China is like bringing a knife in a gun-fight against Wyatt Earp. SO yes, it is still ALL AIR and NO FORCE! In short, the name Philippine Air Force will continue to be an oxymoron, might as well call it AIR-FARCE—and that with intended disrespect!

    • occlownfish

      why will the PAF bring a helicopter to a dogfight???  was it mentioned that they will use that to intercept fighter aircraft??? they did not. that is the reason why the PAF wants to get F-16.  will it match up with the Chinese MIG’s???  we don’t know coz we dont know which F-16 variant they will buy.

      • CebuAnoNoyPi

        good one @occlownfish:disqus
        where did u get that scenario of a dog fight @yahoo-VUBFBIYFAJOPPP4FP3CKBJ4M6A:disqus  where one pits a helicopter to a MIG? hehehe.

        cmon, get that Pinoy pride into ur bone. can u not be a little more enthusiastic for our soldiers in PAF? they need our support

    • Bikyo

      How about  P H I L  A I R    F  A  R  T.  Sounds more intimidating. (This is my third try. The first two were rejected).

    • simplelife1065

       you really is a sour loser.  your air force has to start somewhere and slowly get the necessary asset within the means of your government budget sans corruption.  bring back GMA to be the leader of your government again so you get what your backwards mentality deserve…used helicopter sold as brand new..lol.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OJWHBJLMWPTRUOZMN6JOMHLO2A Banana Na

    pwedeng yan gamitin muna sa mindanao…e-practice muna baka may defecto…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VYVO5BIPX6WO4IGFRGIQE3P6HY Ruben

    Less Air, not enough Force.

  • tagalinis

    kayong mga nag-post sa ibaba ko, pasalamat kayo at may pinuno kayo na nagmamalasakit sa kapakanan ng sambayanan. kung hindi sa mga nakaraang administrasyon na puro pangungulimbat ang inaatupag, disin sana’y maunlad na rin ang Pilipinas at hindi na sana ako nangibang bansa pa.

  • pulis

    Gawin lang ng mga General na service yan ng  kanilang mga pamilya…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AYITA5V33GYZSLC3G37UCVNTKA Ben

    Now we can start to be like David fighting Goliath armed with a minimal force (of a sling). We can now rest assured that we have more pressurized air to poke them and making our presence felt.

    Joke aside :) that’s very good keep up the good work PNoy! ..although I am dissatisfied with the economic perofrmance of the country unable to reach at least 8% GDP/GNP to carry more poor out of poverty, at least the security is being addressed to help the economy in the longer term….

  • kayanatwo

    10mar2012              1125R

    it is good start.  was it just a coincident that the phil. flag and of poland are almost identical sans the yellow sun and 3 stars?
    poland’s pzl swidnik w-3a sokol have seen service in war at afghanistan, and did a great job with 1 combat related mishap to its name.

    it’s airframe reminded me of the “old jolly-green giant” search and rescue choppers used in “nam”  with its 2 turbo-prop engines mounted just below the rotor blades.

    way to go phil. air force.

    • pinoyjunk

      Oh yeah!!! the CH-3A jolly-green-giant is one of my favorite. it’s a heavy lifter. if we had one, it could have carried and rapidly transported a compact backhoe to help the rescue operations in the recent Visayas earthquake.

      W-3a is smaller. But it’s versatile so it should be good. 

      I wish the PAF will also buy one chopper each for the new cutters the Navy acquired. An anti-ship/submarine version will make those Chinese think twice. Perhaps the NH90 would work.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PQW423P3XHY7EAHVTUHEH7U5AI Juan

    Finally we can see where the budget is going.  I want to see our soldiers well fed, well armed, well trained, well camped….

  • CebuAnoNoyPi

    now that’s air force!
    finally shaping up a decent stance worthy of the group’s name
    kudos to you guys and gals of the Phil Air Force!
    and to the DND and to the present administration, people’s money well spent.

    • PedroPenduco

       this present adminstration?  — let’s better educate you po, that toys were bought during GMA administration sorry to disappoint you =)… the only upgrade we have so far in this administration is the navy hamilton class na refurbished…

      • iskurokutoy

        9 years in the making. Walang TONGPATS kaya hindi nag-push through nung panahon ni Gloria.

      • dgboy

         huh alam mo ba pinagsasabi mo? Puros plano lang idol mo walang gawa, binalak pang kickback dito buti nalang nasilip ni Pnoy nakatipid pa ng billion pesos.

  • randyaltarejos

    A good soldier is someone who has a peace of mind. Someone whose basic needs are provided for by the government. Otherwise, he won’t be effective in the battle front because he is mentally disturbed.

    • occlownfish

      For me a good soldier can adapt to the fewest of things that he got.

      • randyaltarejos

        Soldiers are not robots, but human beings who are prone to psychological nuances.

      • pinoyjunk

        “can adapt” is good but death because of just adapting is really unacceptable.

  • http://twitter.com/JuanJoseIRegino Juan Jose I. Regino

    We, the people wish the Corona Impeachment would end so everyone could go on with their lives. The government, the Judicial branch especially, can’t be trusted anymore. After all is done, we recommend that a review of The Constitution be undertaken so we can push for A JURY SYSTEM where citizens can have direct participation on judicial cases unlike what is happening today when only the rich and powerful can win cases. .  

    • pangitbudhiko

      jury system will not work in the philippines, =You have already seen it at the impeahcment trial of corona. The senator Judge are acting as jury, but what is happening the senator judge turns to out  be a mere listener than a JURY

  • pinoyjunk

    The best is to have our capability to produce our own air force fighters. Indonesia has started developing their own in partnership with Korea. The Philippines should not just be content with buying since fighters get older and worse they can crash for various reasons. Then we’ll have to use so much money to buy again. If we produce them, imagine the thousands of jobs that can be created. We might also be able to sell to 3rd world countries.

    The Philippines should partner with the US in a mutually beneficial fighter production and defense program. They profit by selling critical parts to us. We assemble and produce and keep the balance of power in SE Asia. The US should sell us through loan the shelved F-20A program of Northrop. It is not the latest technology but we can start from there instead of not starting at all. We should upgrade our existing F-5A to F-20A as the starting and learning project. The F-20A is just as performance effective as the F-16. Then we design and build the next generation. Oh yes we can!

    • http://www.facebook.com/bernardo.pinol Bernardo Piñol III

      Good suggestion pinoy junk. I hope our gov’t officials will consider this seriously. We need pinoys like you, marami kasi sa mga kababayan natin puro lang kritisismo sa gobyerno, wala namang ma e suggest kung paano pa mapa buti ang gobyerno natin. Keep it up.

      • simplelife1065

        I 2nd the motion.  AFP should utilize all engineering dept. of every university around the Phil. and look for a filipino genius who could possibly invent fighter equipment (ship, sub, guided missile, etc) for your armed forces. employ your talented engineers instead of sending them overseas.

      • PedroPenduco

         unless we invest more on R&D which I remind you fellow kababayan is very costly that would be just a dream for us na makapag produced ng sariling jet…. problem is the biggest cut ng ating budget every year is into more  basic service ng ating mga kababayan from Education, Health and etc…. I suggest to cut down cost we should remove pork barrel and assigned it to an agencies para more effecient and indirectly our politician are sway into get involved with money decision making ng ating bansa more effecient siguro kung may accountability compare sa pork barrel maraming lusot sa COA..

        To make it worst Not sure if its good or bad we are providing biggest budget allocated to education to general population some SEA countries govt. school usually provide only to those deserving yung govt school nila is the best yung di nakaka meet sa standard ay private school nag aaral.. this will improve quality of education to produced more quality students… meron din tayong mga programa na di naman wise ang pag spent like  CCT/Conditional Cash Transfer na I dont think its wise kasi di nanga napapakinabangan ng general population specially those paying for it in the form of tax not effective ba hinihingkayat natin ang mga kababayan na maging JUAN TAMAD…. govt should focus more on investing AGRI, MANUFACTURING, INFRA (like roads, transporation utilities), better tax collection,  better managed our resources like natural gas, mining and other resources  puwede nga mag direct invest tayo wag nang umasa sa tax-tax nalang or atleast we should ask for bigger share to those company

      • anak_mahirap50

        Plus, the budget to pay sa mga kinurakot na mga corrupt politicians led by marcos and his cronies!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_36PRQQ7753IF2N2LB7RHNIVIAI kilroy

      i think we can do it with assistance from uncle sam

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OHUKAJY6A4DKKDMKUXRXA35W7A KraziFairy45

        its not gonna happen… kahit pagpurchase ng military hardware ay pinakekealaman nang US govt.. kaya hindi tayo nakakabili nang mga equipments na gusto natin.. gusto nila maging totally dependent tayo sa kanila..
        South korea and Israel has already offered thier equuipment with trasfer of technology but was hindered by USGov’t..

    • tumbokin

      Brilliant idea ito!
       But if my memory serves me right when they left subic and clark due to pinatubo
      instead of donating their military assets to us they had them
       shipped back to the US and worst some were just dumped in the sea!  It just show to prove that the GI still think of us as intellectual monkey’s and will never be at par with em.  Bananas, rice and tomatoes is what they will give us but never STEAK!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UYCOAGIL35OAIRH2T6QH3IZUMY Ike

      this is good on a long term basis!  But It would took several years before you can come out with a working prototype  & maybe a decade or two of continous research and development before you can come up with a production model that can be pushed to service. And the program should be supported continously by the next government who migfht be in opposition with the previous government. The problem is that the AFP/PAF needs to uprgade is dire and immediate. So a program like this would need to go hand in hand with an immediate purchase of a squaron of figther jets while waiting for the fruits of this program to bear. A purchase of new Helicopters like this W3 might be a good start and would bolster our ati -insurgency campagn, but in no way enough to give the PAF some force to defend our airspace.

      • pinoyjunk

        The F20A Tigershark is a finished program. Read its story. All designs and schematics are ready. Sweden, Saudi, Taiwan and a few others were ready to buy the fighters but US State Department shot it down in favor of the F-16. It was and it is still  ready for production. All that is needed is parts fabrication and building the assembly, test, and maintenance plant. That should not take more than three years. We have not had adequate air defenses for 20 years. Another three will not make much difference. If we order F-16s now, it will come two years later anyway. But we might be able to immediately upgrade our 5 decommissioned F5As to F20A. The Royal Singapore Air Force upgraded theirs in no time.

  • f35

    Huwag lang ibubulsa ang perang pang-modernization,………yes, we can !!

  • 4kingdaddy

    the primary mission of our air force is to fight and defend our country from aggression….the philippine coast guard, whose mission is search and rescue, should have these choppers instead….can we defend spratlys with these choppers……what the air force need are fixed wings…

  • Many Inasal

    This is good news! Way to go!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/66IS3CYAAZYSRMPVINWJBJ7VRY pedro

    i strongly urged the gov’t. to provide PAF a squadron or two of fixed wings multi role air assets  …. say F-16, Rafaelle, Tornado or Gripens or  if russia could provide a much cheaper alternative why not ….. Choppers is good pero the capability is limited. sayang ang mga piloto natin. Aywan ko ba bakit pinabayaan ng gov’t. natin na mag deteriorate ang PAF to this sorry state. ito lang po.

  • deewii

    bravo!!! bravoooo!!! kung di umalis si pandak, walang mangyayari sa afp

    • James Liston

      On the contrary and with respect with the former president, the negotiations and plan started on her term and president aquino is benefiting the fruits of it. But nonetheless, whoever gets the political credit what is more important is that the AFB is final recipient of such blessings.

      Modernisation programme for the AFP started with then former pres ramos but the money got lost somewhere.. even with the sale of “the fort” in taguig. 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PBOZBBLRVEOTWHXEXOAXJR3Q3Y Dana

        Modernization started with Ramos ????  He diverted the money to his pocket. He ended up buying malls in India to his name. He also have fat bank accounts to his name. He maintains that is just a poor boy.  But he retired after his presidency owning two helicopters.  He still have open ended investigation on money he cant explain during his presidency.  Also the ARMM funds that  he and brother Nur Misuari split up allegedly.
            Now, a philippine navy- Marine general  under GMA reportedly owned a mansion in Australia with a female politician  from Mindanao not his wife.     

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYAZBOJYIUCRLWTYJBORBVTTOI boyfarmer

         Interesting, I hope you can substantiate your allegations

      • http://twitter.com/fstagudin Fernando Tagudin

        Naibenta na ang portions ng Fort Bonifacio naging Global City na nga, ang Clark pati na ang Subic matagal ng may investors iyan pero ano ba ang significant na upgrade nagkaroon ang military natin

      • http://twitter.com/fstagudin Fernando Tagudin

        Plans to upgrade our military is not a monopoly of GMA

        Procurement takes time

        Be patient F16 is in the plan now

        Magkaisa po tayo at mahalin natin ang Pilipinas

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYAZBOJYIUCRLWTYJBORBVTTOI boyfarmer

       wala pa yatang sariling project si Pnoy, he is just reaping credit from past administrations programs

      • http://twitter.com/fstagudin Fernando Tagudin

        oops my friend don’t blame Pnoy bankarote nga ang gobyerno tignan mo ang calamity fund noong transition ni GMA . Sa liit ng resources natin mahirap talagang mag procure

        At least sa ngayon brand new at hindi 2nd hand; Military type at hindi civilian na ikinonvert sa police type chopper

        At least kahit 2nd hand na upgrade ang naval forces natin

        At please lang po nagbabalak na rin ang gobyerno natin na magkaroon tayo ng F16

        Let us be united and have that sense of patriotism

      • http://www.facebook.com/samontehe Henry E. Samonte

        Don’t be carried on by your blind hatred against Pnoy. He is in the history of our country was able to encourage impeaching a Chief Justice in the person of Corona. Our savings in terms of dollars has increased tenth fold. I am not an admirer of Pnoy, but so far, he has done something better than the past administration. So far, he is all right with me.

        However, I do not buy the idea of allowing foreigners to reap our minerals. It would have been a lot better if real Filipinos mines our natural resources. 1.5 per cent of our GDP which are contributed by foreign mining business is too small to justify the destruction of our wilderness and the displacement of our indigenous people. And last, the promise of these mining industry to restore the mine site to its original state once they have taken all the precious mineral is a dastard lie. Mining’s destruction is irreversible. The top soil, the portion which plants grow their roots will be gone forever. And the toxic chemicals which is part of mining will poison all living beings in that place. “Kawawa talaga si Juan de la Cruz at inaapi nang ating Chinese Dominated Government.” The local people in the mine site are feed with lies left and right.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/OJNATN4KHKDPJ47Y4RGR3EXYVQ WindTalker

        but the problem henry who would finance such endeavor? other countries too ask for investment from foreigners why not we? we don’t have the money and the government needs to finance other social services…

      • dgboy

         huh! Eh Plano pa yan panahon pa ni Ramos kaso yung idol mong si Gloria hindi inaayos ang pamamalakad, pagpapayaman lang ang ginawa at pagmumudmud ng pera sa Garcia.

        Ang pandak na presidente puros plano lang walang gawa dahil abala sa pagpapayaman ng sarili. Ano saysay nyan?

  • binatangtagabukid

    A10 nlng with limited air to air but had greater loitering time in the which is suited in ground support run which is very needed of our troops

  • http://joboni96.myopenid.com/ joboni96

    1 squadron gripen or mirage2000

    rehab/upgrade program for huey2’s, s211, bronco

    buy/rehab/upgrade c160 transall vice c-130’s

    longrange sam batteries

    yak-130 trainer/attack aircraft

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CQAUQPFLMOXQMME2GLSK23WFOQ okidoki

      How about a squadron of yakity Yak Yak!!!! That,s what we are good for anyway.

      • http://joboni96.myopenid.com/ joboni96

        yes your forte

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CQAUQPFLMOXQMME2GLSK23WFOQ okidoki

    NO COUNTRY  ever dared to mess with the Philippines when the U.S. Bases were still active over there. Also, the tens of thousands of filipinos they employed while earning decent wages. Plus, the ability of young filipino men to be able to join the U.S. Navy (part of the bases agreement) , which meant the eventual migration of their families to the U.S. The Filipino Movie “Hero” ERAP who  instigated and pushed for their removal and then President Aquino, who initially hesitated but eventually capitulated. And of course the ‘BIG BANG’ of Mt. Pinatubo that helped expedite the mass exodus of the U.S. military. This was over 20 years ago. The nationalistic ideas and grandiose plans (as promised by ERAP and friends) for these bases, for the filipino masses,  never really materialized.  Now we are back, almost BEGGING the U.S. to help us again (am talking about militarily). How about lets try this: 10,000 OFW’s (I am one and very proud of course) for one (1) F-16 Fighter Jet. Quo Vadis, Pinoy???

    • http://www.facebook.com/samontehe Henry E. Samonte

      I like your style. Me too would advocate the return of American Bases here in our country. But sad to say, the Chinese has over run our government. They completely controls our government that they did not even spare the Barangay Council in their occupation. With billions of Chinese in Mainland China, they have no choice but to sent their excess population to occupy and conguer weaker countries like the Philippines. Worst, these Chinese in our government has complete access to our Central Bank. They have absolute control to our treasury, and this is disadvantageous and anti Filipino because they take full advantage on the Central Bank Lendings and concentrate these to lent out to the Chinese doing business in the Philippines. SM or ShoeMart is a very good example of Chinese taking advantage of Central Bank Credit lines. At the onset, SM borrowed billions of money from the government lending banks, and jump start it’s expansion. Just to think of it as a soft loan which means, our Chinese Dominated Government lent credit to SM at very minimal requirement and took all the risk had SM default. Well, no wonder, our country is called “The nation of slaves” because we allowed the Chinese to invade our country by taking over first our businesses and then later on our government.

  • Patas

    the government is doing something good for the soldiers and for the image of our armed forces and yet these ‘crabs’ are still itching their way to pull down any good things we are getting…

  • tumbokin

    It is still not enough.  Our Air Force is still the  meekest compared to our asian neighbors alone 
    but it is a  start.  I hope you guys could properly maintain em…
    Godspeed to us all…Keep em coming

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3NLWSMXCGCEWCVMF3ZVWFZ4FBU Nick

      Wala tayong magawa. Paro di bali, madali lang namang gumawa ng SARANGOLA. Kabitan lang ng granada bawat isa, di mag parang DRONE na rin??? Hahaha

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UYCOAGIL35OAIRH2T6QH3IZUMY Ike

    and this writer thought that 8 W3 Sokol would give PAF some fighting pinch. This would deffenitely help in counter insurgency esp in Mindano. But to defend Phil Sovereignthy???nahhhhh!!!!!!! China had some 3,000 jet fighters in mix of Mig’s, Sukhoi’s and even have their own stealth figther+ several thousand more fixed wing support planes, helicopter gunship and transport and support planes. Defending Spratly’s with 8 W3 Sokol is like bringing 8 kitchen knife to fight off 6,000 men armed with AK 47. But at least this is a good start other than getting hand me down hueys from US. As US will now upgrade to full stealh capability for all their fighter planes sooner once the F35 and F20 come into full service, lets hope we can get their upgraded (2nd hand) F16D & F18C at a bargain price. Why get a 2nd hand? simply because we cant afford a brand new one which may cost $25M to 50M a piece. A squadron of at least 12 F16 and 12 F18 would al least help us defend our air space againts Vietnam, and other Asean Neighbors. It will still not be enough  especially againts China but would at least give us a some tooth to bite back if they push our back againts a wall.

    • http://www.facebook.com/samontehe Henry E. Samonte

      Yes, now the Air Force with these helicopter will accelerate in killing more Filipinos. All they have to do is brand anyone as NPA and then wildly shoot them. Bombing and strafing with machine-guns is the favorite tools of the cowards. They shoot first before identifying whether the target is a friend or a foe. He hehe. Our military is nothing but a “Killing machine” and this also goes to the PNP  who shoot petty thief even while they are trying to run away. Believe you me, it is unlawful for any Law Enforcer to shoot a suspect in the back. That is the work of a “Killing machine.” And our PNP is very good at it, shooting all suspects in the their back while fleeing. 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_36PRQQ7753IF2N2LB7RHNIVIAI kilroy

        then what is ur suggestion?

      • Patas

        suggestion niyan, brod, huwag ng bumili ng mga bagong armas ang armed forces natin para mas madaling matalo ng mga NPA ang mga sundalo….
        asa pa ba tayong makakuha ng matinong pananalita mula sa mga pulang-utak na mga ito?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GLXMCPHUWUOPHA36YUN6OSKRB4 ellen

      Behind that filipino with the kitchen knife is the most powerfull military in the world, the US military. Read the 1947 mutual defense treaty between the Philippines and the US.
      This is what keeps the others at bay. Walk softly and carry a BIG STICK.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_36PRQQ7753IF2N2LB7RHNIVIAI kilroy

      not f20 its f22 raptor u mean. the f20 is shelved by the us in favor of the f16.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NPON5WTAIOOBJE52P74TNVO3OU noel

    that good ……….sana magkaisa na tayo ……..para lalo tayong umunlad itgil na yong pagnanakaw sa gobyerno para naman masayana ang bansa natin……

  • http://www.facebook.com/samontehe Henry E. Samonte

    We are still “All air, no Force” if we compare ourselves to our Asian Neighbors near our territorial boundary. Vietnam has SU-30, the top gun in fighter Airplanes. Indonesia has ordered 30 Stealth fighter airplane from South Korea. So what is a 6 helicopters compared to our Asian neighbors. Nada!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3NLWSMXCGCEWCVMF3ZVWFZ4FBU Nick

      Paanu nga tayong umasenso? Busy ang mga politico natin sa pangurakot, kaya napabayaan na ang bansa at tutuong panga-ilangan ng taong bayan. Kawawang inang Bayan???

    • dgboy

       it is better than nothing, ask the two former presidents what they did about it.  a lost decade for PAF.

    • JJF724

      blame Marcos, Gloria, Corona and all of their kind… now find your self a job and contribute…

      • pinoy_abno

        Sinasabi lang ni Henry yung facts, wala siyang sinisisi…idiot!

        Pati si Corona dinamay mo pa…sama mo na rin si Cory, Erap, at si Abnoy…pati na rin ikaw!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GM34K3VEVOJ2CKWHOJUHNZAFBY dipakosigurado

    The Philippines is probably the unluckiest of all countries, in selecting its president…!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TJGLDCHMMNF6NDLNQ4OQ2X2OYY yahoo-TJGLDCHMMNF6NDLNQ4OQ2X2OYY

      i repute that. maybe unlucky to have a citizen like you.

    • dgboy

       sakto pangalan mo para sayo. d ka sigurado sa pinagsasabi mo. Bitterness ang tawag dyan magkulong ka nalang sa kwrto at lumabas ka nalang kapag iba na presidente namin.

    • jurbinsky77

      The Phlippines’ luck run-out when the tenure of Gloria Arroyo ended.
      Lucky, lucky..what is the next stop? Back to the future trip to Marcos regime. then you will declare, “I am indeed lucky”. Why? I deserve a President who robs the country dry.

  • yoursoslow

    PI is the only country in the world which dont have a air force .just bent over when the chinse come .u 100 mill and to stupid to have a airport that works …. one way down ….

    • Patas

      Your comment not only reflects ignorance, but also with stupidity.
      Irish Air Corp is one example for you of also a weak air force. Moron.

  • Pluma Mana

     yun mga bago nating helicopter kargahan at armasan ng sangkatutak na kwitis para pandagdag na firepower din yun. mas mura pa kesa air to air missile at maraming makukuha nito sa bulacan.

  • dgboy

    ang mga tao nga naman, gumawa na ng tama ang gobyerno puros batikos parin. Only in the Philippines utak talangka.

    • JJF724

      Mga bayaran yang mga iyan…  Malamang kunti lang yan na may mga doblem account na paulit ulit manira…  mga walang pahalaga sa kinabukasan nang inang bayan….

  • Ricci Santiago

    tama ang kalabaw. baka di gamitin sa mahal ng air fuel at wala pa yatang matinik na piloto para dyan. itigil na ang pagpapa hangin ng PAF, gamitin na agad!

  • yoursoslow

    anyway you( the white man ) cant teach an monkey to fly so better no airplanes here

  • BatangSingapore

    nagmumukha tuloy parang mga totoy ang ating airforce.

    sa Indonesia pulisya lamang nila ang gumagamit ng katulad ng nabili nating Sokol.

  • jurbinsky77

    Puro daldal
    Kung ano ang mayroon ka, magpasalamat ka at used it to the utmost.
    Wala talagang sense of pride. Laging may-inferiority sa mga neighbors.
    IItong lack of sense of pride ang dahilan din kung bakit ang mga immigrants sa US at Canada ay deliberately they prevented their children to learn Pilipino or any Philippine dialect unlike the Chinese, Russians, etc

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YK5QOBO5PI44X7XRLBSGTDVMNM Asdsad

       Thanks for the corruption Lord, may god bless. LOLOLOL.

  • Malik62

    Huh? I didn’t know the Philippines has an Air Force. Does it?

    • http://jaoromero.com/ Jao Romero

      meron. naglalaro sa UFL.

  • Francis81

    Napanood ko yung ceremony grabe ang ngiti ni Sec Voltz, grabe din kasi ang kinita niya dito. Balato naman diyan.

  • pinoyjunk

    Still no force against foreign intrusion. 

    We should start making our own fighters, like our neighbors Indonesia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XNBUUMFGHLCZQMA2UV7YPTKKX4 Margie

    What is in store for the Philippines in buying these Polish helicopters. The Philippines should not just buy but also bargain like what Canada is doing when they are buying US planes. They are asking if they can build the parts, train their engineers or put up their manufacturing plants.

  • Nic Legaspi

    We should also try acquiring the license to build the equipment we need. Sayang ang kakayahan ng mga Pilipino! If we are one of the biggest electronics manufacturers in the world, I believe we can diversify into defense equipment. Besides, mas mura kesa bili ng bili. Revive the indigenous arms program!

  • AkoBikol

    The govt is pressing for the acquisition of the F-16..the thing is..what variant? The F-16 A/B Block 1 is the most affordable but is now considered outdated…If we are going to make sulit of the taxpayers money perhaps we should go for the F-16 A/B Block 15 OCU or MLU variants…the F-16 C/D and E/F variants are the most advanced but probably also beyond our reach..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YK5QOBO5PI44X7XRLBSGTDVMNM Asdsad

       pwede sa block board idrawing unlimited ammo. haha..

    • john clark

      We will end up getting A or B maybe C aircraft… But realistically we need Ground Support aircraft for Patrol. Like A-10 Tank Killers or SU-25 Frogfoots for ground attack and focus on Anti-Aircraft guns and long range Surface to Surface Missiles if possible Anti-ship Harpoon Missiles

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YK5QOBO5PI44X7XRLBSGTDVMNM Asdsad

    haha nakakatawa ung pressure ng pressure sa f16 hahaha!! kala mo mga bilyonaryo..hahaha! mangarap na lgn kayo di papayag ung mga kurap dyan.!

  • dead_pixel

    Ang ending nito, sarangola nalang ni noyAbnoy!

    • john clark

      Out of context and no laman…
      If you or say something about the issue…
      Like unreliabilty or put something that will raise an issue…

      A simple “Ang ending nito, sarangola nalang ni noyAbnoy!” Makes no sense… You are just trolling to lazy to talk about the subject.

      • dead_pixel

        @john clark
        Hurt ka?
        Pwede mo namang sabayan ang retarded mong amo na mag sarangola sa spratly!

      • john clark

        Nope… Maybe you are…

        Name calling…
        Such a troll move…
        Ganyan naman kayo…
        Pag walang alam masabing matino…
        Diretso Insulto kasi wala nang ibang masabi…

  • quphal

    sabi nung kalabaw sa cartoon “fuel na lang ang problema”.
    eh paano ang maintenance? kahit magagaling ang mekaniko, kung piyesa naman ang problema tapos ayaw naman o walang pambili eh di mauuwi lang sa wala. notorious pa naman tayo sa ugaling “pwede na yan”. kahit hindi na safe ilipad, kapag sinabi ni general na “pwede na yan”…accident waiting to happen na naman ang mga kawawang militar. 

    ‘Philippine Air Force no more all air, no force’
    maniniwala ako sa quote na ito if after two or three years intact at “in good flying conditions” pa rin ang mga choppers na yan.

  • abantug

    During the Marcos years there was a group called SRDG – Self Reliance Development Group. The Philippines should do what my adopted country Canada is doing, they are buying F35’s from the US, but included in the deal is the manufacture of most of the components in Canada. The Phil.Congress should be doing these negotiations and not wasting their time listening to sermons from Prof. Meriam and once in a while from great great great grandpa Enrile. Oh sorry no speak english pala ang iba diyan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Payutenyo-DAgimas/100001172402300 Payutenyo DAgimas

    The air assets of the PAF could be counted by our fingers and yet it is headed by a 3-star general. compared that with the air wing commander of an aircraft carrier, it is only commanded by a captain or colonel and yet the jet fighters in his command number around 60.  

  • titolim

    ang pinoy talaga, pag walang ginawa ang isang lider titirahin, pag mayginawa at pinipilit na madagdagan pinupona parin na imbis na suportahan at tawagin pang abnoy at kung ano ano pa. ano ba naman respito naman, si pnoy kahit paano pinipilit na itama ang mga mali ng nakaraan at hindi biro ito dapat suportahan na natin.

  • Rhine

    the 12 F-16 fighter jets will follow…this is the beginning of PAF to demonstrate the kind of brilliance in their air combat, making us to remember our air combat pilots during world war 2 according to the stories I head from my parents.. was his name Villamor?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gustave-Xiv/100001478734261 Gustave Xiv

    Para sa mga bumabatikos kay PNOY , tanung nyo sa sarili nyo kung may nagawa na kayung maganda sa buhay nyo. kung naniniwala kayo sa ginawa ni Gloria, good for you,isa kayung malaking salot sa lipunan.. kahit ano sabihin niyo si Pnoy ay may magagandang nagagawa kahit paano hindi katulad nang mga idol nyo panay pag papataba lang nang bulsa.

  • john clark

    The Sokol copters are well and good but we need more gear, we should consider buying the Sokol gunship version or at least the MI-24 Hind

    We need combat gunships, nightvision equipment for aircraft and vehicles for hunting bad guys.

    And fast Jets… The Twelve F-16s are good but realisticaly if you really need  to defend the country we should look into serious large Anti-Aircraft Weapons such as heavy machine gun vehicles ZSU-23-4 which can cut down jungles and shoot at aircraft… Heavy weapons such as quad and dual barrel vehicle monted Browning .50 Cal guns and vehicle based anti-aircraft missiles.

    Getting F-16s should be a good start… But we should get aircraft for Maritime defense such as the A-10 warthog which is designed to destroy tanks… If it can destroy tanks Why cat it destroy ships? Used for running down southern mindanao insurgents and terrorists.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Payutenyo-DAgimas/100001172402300 Payutenyo DAgimas

      bro, just compare the size of a ship and a tank? get the picture? thats why there are weapons for every imaginable target. just imagine if you use an air to air missile against a ship? or a 155mm howitzer against a jet fighter? or a mortar against against a tank?

      • john clark

        Bro I dont get what your trying to say…

        What I am saying is an A-10 can rip a tank to shreds, imagine what it can do to a ship. Have you ever seen what a A-10 Cannon can do to a tank? Imagine a ship, just add missiles and precision bombs…

        The russians have an alternatives but it isnt as good as A-10s

    • Patas

      the A-10 warthog will not be offered to any other nation by the USA. Just like the F-22 Raptor, this A-10 is one of their reliable warplanes.
      I guess they learned their lessons during the F-14 sale to Persia before the Iran revolution….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T5EQG5T54JC6TQOOKJSCU6MQJQ Diego

    Bakit ba palagi na lang nakadepende sa Amerika? Hindi ba kayang tumayo sa sariling mga paa ang bansang ito? Lahat kasi iniasa na lang kay Uncle Sam, Bilib na bilib kasi ang mga Pilipino kay Uncle Sam.

    • Handiong

      Get real!

      What do you mean by “tumayo sa sariling mga paa”? Do you mean to say that we should manufacture our own jet fighters?

      Even Europe depends on NATO, which includes the US, for its collective defense. Can you imagine NATO without the US? And why do you think until now there are US troops in Japan and South Korea?

      The Philippines cannot stand on its own two feet when it comes to external defense. We need a superpower for an ally, and it’s nobody else but the US.

      Get real!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Payutenyo-DAgimas/100001172402300 Payutenyo DAgimas

        pwede cgro kung imbes na kurakutin nla pundo ng gobyerno e ipambili na lang ng mga gamit pangdigma.  ang kailangan lang naman e “credible defense” para irespeto ka ng ibang bansa. syempre kung may digmaan lalo na sa katulad ng china, jan natin tlga klangan kasangga. sabi nga nila, ihi pa lang ng mga intsik e lubog na ang pinas

        you really can not fight a billion people even if we reach the status of an industrialized country. say we have the same per capita income with china and spend the same per capita of 3% on defense, the total effect would be: china would outspend us 10 to 1. the best example of this is india and pakistan. pakistan have to divert all its resources into their military just to match india. the result is that pakistan can not feed its own people but at least they have a fighting chance

      • raffido

        “pakistan have to divert all its resources into their military just to match india. the result is that pakistan can not feed its own people but at least they have a fighting chance”

        Sa atin naman, dapat idivert ang ang government resources para next election, meron fighting chance. heheheh

      • Handiong

        I would appreciate it if you could define “credible defense”. I don’t think “credible defense” can be measured by the number of airplanes, warships, tanks, and other armaments. The credibility of a country’s defense can only be tested in actual fighting. 

        So, how is it measured in war? By the number of days the military puts up a fight before it surrenders?

        I still think it is futile to be spending too much resources in arms. The best thing to do is not to get into a fight that we cannot win, but just work for collective security, be it bilateral, as in our mutual defense treaty with the US, or multilateral, similar to what Europe has in NATO. Maybe, the ASEAN can organize a collective defense organization.

        What Pakistan is doing for its military at the expense of the basic needs of its people is crazy.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dassault-Rafale/100000116978808 Dassault Rafale

        tama sir..manufacturing our own hardware will take billions of pesos to spend for research and facilities and it would takes years to study the hardwares you wish well build..di lang yan basta idrdrawing mu..oh ayan tapos na..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W3FSW65VGO76HEZIS6ETUWVER4 clark

    we should also develop our air defense capability (surface-to-air, ship-to-air missiles) to counter China’s aggressive stance in the West Philippine Sea.

  • DarkJustice

    hanggang buhay ang mga kurakot na PMAers na generals sa AFP, bibilang pa ng 100 years bago maging tunay na air force,navy,army ang AFP!

  • raffido

    Pilot na lang ang kulang at di fuel.  Paano, marami na bumabagsak na aircraft damay ang pilot. Mabuti na lang lately buhay ang pilot ng chopper.

    Hay naku, pag meron equipment, di naman air worthy.

  • joeldcndcn


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4DCXWW43SMQOCHFQKPH7IZDBAE JOSEPH

    sa 9 years ng pekeeng pandak na pangulo ni isang tora-tora walang nabili ang PAF. ahh meron pala ang 2nd hand helicopter ng PNP na ibinenta ni former FG sa halagang brand new.

  • Beersheva

    Air Force has now improved to 99% Air and 1% Force. hehehe joke lang.

  • http://twitter.com/francis_0160 francis oandasan

    the helicopters barely scratched the no air no force name

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