A life in the day of Juan Ponce Enrile



Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. INQUIRER file photo

(Editor’s Note: The author set out to observe a day in the life of her husband’s uncle, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, as he presides over what is one of the most important trials in the country’s history—the impeachment of the Supreme Court Chief Justice. Graciously welcomed by her subject into his home and allowed to tag along to the trial, she came away with much more than just the details of a daily routine. The star of the moment obliged her with a sometimes tearful recollection of his life, enough material perhaps for a scriptwriter like the author and a director like her husband Carlitos Siguion-Reyna to turn into a riveting movie.)

8:15 a. m.

THE MAN of the house is still in his bedroom. Sally Moneda, his cook and personal assistant of 26 years, reminds his close-in aide, Julius Gumban, not to take away the newspaper as “he has not read Bernas [constitutionalist Fr. Joaquin Bernas, SJ, who writes an opinion column in the Inquirer–Ed].”

The books under the stairs include the New King James Version of the Holy Bible (quick reference edition); “Spiritual Politics” by Gordon McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson; “His Excellency, George Washington” by Joseph J. Ellis; “1,000 Places to See Before You Die” by Patricia Schultz; and “The Oxford Companion to Politics of the World” by Joel Krieger.

Also “Presidential Plunder, the Quest for the Marcos Hidden Wealth” and “Struggle and Hope,” both by Jovito R. Salonga, right next to five books written by Ferdinand E. Marcos during his martial law years.

On the flyleaf of “The Marcos Years,” the former president had handwritten a dedication to the man who would remain his secretary of national defense until 1986 when a People’s Power revolt, aided and abetted by the latter, toppled his dictatorship.

“Sept. 10, 1972, on the eve of my birthday

To Johnny, who has contributed to the achievements of the Marcos years in a large way.”

8:25 a.m.

Bing Rosales, sent to study reflexology for two years after showing aptitude for the therapy, leads her boss down the stairs. “He’s good to us, so we pray that nothing bad happens to him,” she says.

“Good morning, good morning!” exclaims Juan Ponce Enrile.

First, his blood pressure is checked.  It is normal at 126/60, from a high of 190/90 the previous afternoon. It shoots up every now and then so he has to take maintenance medication.

He really should sleep early but just the other day, he didn’t hit the sack until 4 a.m., he says.  His bedtime varies, depending on the amount of reading he feels he has to do because, he says, he has to study and weigh things as well as he can.

“You see, I am not the court. The Senate is the court,” he says. “I sign the subpoenas, but I need the permission of the court. There is equal weight among the rights of the respondents, the policy of government, the impact of the decision on the public, on the business sector, on everybody. (If we) block disclosures on the basis of loyalties, the public will think we are covering up. People don’t really know the law as much as they do their doubts and their suspicions.

8:30 a.m.

Breakfast is a sausage with a dab of mustard. Sometimes it’s a bowl of oatmeal, eaten with inihaw na pusit (dried squid), or rice with scrambled eggs and tuyo (dried fish). Some mornings it is pan de sal (roll) with cheese.

Enrile is told this paper has referred to him and defense counsel Serafin Cuevas as the “superstars” of the ongoing trial.

He shrugs, “I don’t know what that infers.”

He likes to pore over his cases alone, he says, and tests the validity of the opinions of others against his own study of all the issues involved.

“I make my own trial brief,” he adds.

In the years when he was practicing law, he says, he would first check a case for any violations against the Constitution, and then study the laws that could apply, given the facts, the pleading or the complaint.

“I was fortunate to have met brilliant minds in and out of court,” he recalls, such as Vicente Francisco, Jose W. Diokno, Alberto Jamil, Rod Jalandoni, Claudio Teehankee, among others.

At 88, he can still name his professors at the University of the Philippines College of Law where he received his law degree in 1953.

“Jose Espiritu for corporation law, Emiliano Navarro for criminal law, Enrique Fernando for constitutional law, Peping Campos for negotiable instruments law, Norberto Quisumbing for trial technique, Bienvenido Ambion for torts and damages, Mrs. Laurea—I forget her first name (it’s Norberta)—for contract law and family relations, Juan T. Santos, “who  made us memorize the Rules of Court from cover to cover, my goodness.”

He asks Sally for coffee and continues, “My grades were good, but I didn’t become a bar topnotcher. I answered the exam questions both ways, and for that I got minuses.”

Enrile placed 11th, with a rating of 91.72 percent, in the 1954 bar examinations. If that’s not impressive enough, consider this: He got a perfect score in commercial law.

An argument with professor Vicente Abad Santos caused him a “3” in civil law.

“I didn’t know he was so sensitive. That was five units so bumaba ang average ko (that lowered my average grade),” recalls the man who would have graduated magna cum laude of the UP College of Law class of 1953 but had to settle for cum laude.

When student and teacher met again, it was as secretary of the Department of Justice and head of the Board of Pardons and Parole, respectively.

“I gave you a low grade even if you deserved a higher one because you so irritated me,” Enrile recollects Abad Santos telling him.

“Never mind, I am now your boss,” he recalls answering. “We then became friends.”

All his teachers, he says, were good to him, including the ones at Harvard University where, on full scholarship, he earned his Master of Laws with specialization in taxation and corporate reorganization.

9 a.m.

“I do not wish them to mark me absent at the legislative session,” he says, so he leaves home earlier than most people would expect since the impeachment trial doesn’t start until well after lunch.

After taking some time to read the briefs and curriculum vitae of two ambassadors scheduled to pay him a courtesy visit this day, he breaks his silence.

“I never expected to amount to anything.”

For a caminero (laborer) like him who made 75 centavos a day smashing rocks on the road from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., to be able to get a good education was nothing short of a miracle, he says.

At the Harvard Law School, studies mattered to him more than anything else. Again, Enrile is able to recall his graduate school professors: Paul Freund for constitutional law and conflict of laws (“one of the brightest professors ever at Harvard”), Milton Katz for international law (“he became the director of the Economic Cooperation Administration or the US Marshall Plan in Europe”), law school dean Erwin Griswold for basic courses in income taxation, Stanley Surrey for international taxation (“he became US Treasury assistant secretary”).

“For corporate reorganization I had Ernest Brown. I could not understand a thing he was saying [in class],” recalls Enrile. “My God, I did not know accounting at all! So I forthrightly admitted I had a problem following him.”

The professor lent him two books and told him to come back only after he had read the books. “I did exactly that, and only then did everything sink in,” Enrile says. “That was when I learned what corporate reorganization really entailed.”

While at Harvard, the Ilocano scholar received a monthly allowance of $170. He managed to have $700 in savings by the end of his stay.

“I didn’t go out much, except for few times with Paeng Salas, Ado Reyes and sometimes Beniting Legarda,” he says.

At the time, too, his romance with a girl from Iloilo had just ended. “Her letters simply stopped,” he says.  “I presumed she had found someone. I presumed wrong. I would find out she never married and that, shortly before she died, she wanted to see me.”

He didn’t have to nurse a broken heart for long.  While in Massachusetts he met a girl from Costa Rica and, shortly thereafter, marriage was being discussed.

“Her condition was for us to live in her country, where her family had sizable land holdings,” recalls Enrile. “I said no. I had just met my father. He was as happy as I was to meet him.  How could I agree to live in Costa Rica?”

9:20 a.m.

Enrile swings by the legislative session in the same hall where he is to preside later and is marked “present.”

Senate President Pro Tempore Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada is presiding over a group that includes Vicente Sotto III, Franklin Drilon, Gregorio Honasan, Ralph Recto, Joker Arroyo, Ramon Revilla Jr., Antonio Trillanes IV, Manuel Villar, Manuel Lapid, Alan Peter and Pia Cayetano, Teofisto Guingona III, and Francis Escudero. Out of their robes the senators are easily recognizable.

Senator-judge Juan Ponce Enrile as presiding officer at the Corona impeachment trial. INQUIRER file photo

A short elevator ride takes Enrile to the Office of the Senate President, which has been his since the 14th Congress started in November 2008.

He responds to morning salutations from employees not by merely nodding but by verbalizing a hearty “magandang umaga rin!”

In his office, there is time for chitchat before the diplomat guests arrive. He knows exactly where he is in the conversation, so much so that one has to interrupt him and ask how he keeps his focus. He seems taken aback by the question, as if wondering why his focus is a concern. He answers nonetheless.

“Even before I sleep, I anticipate what is to come, what I’m to encounter. I make up my mind about certain decisions, the direction I’m going to take, and that’s it—unless someone can persuade me to the contrary. But I do not close my mind. I am not against hearing other positions. I need to be sure I am not making an error in judgment when I arrive at my present position.”

10:45 a.m.

The diplomats arrive, and Enrile receives them in the conference room adjacent to his private quarters.

After an hour, he returns with a brisk stride that says so much about his morning exercises and calisthenics.

“I sometimes dance, even by myself, while watching a dance DVD. I sweat and I get to stretch,” he says. “Every now and then I drop by the 365 Club at the Hotel Intercon. It’s no longer what it was in the days of Ka Doroy [then dean of newspapermen Teodoro Valencia–Ed.] and Mesiong Yabut [former mayor of Makati–Ed.], but I still have friends there. My sister Armida is also a member.”

The relationship with Armida Siguion-Reyna has an interesting back story.

The boy who was given his mother Petra’s family name, Furraganan, found out who his father was while he was getting ready to join the guerrillas in the last World War.

“Anakka iti ruar. Ponce ti nagan ti tatang mo. Maysa nga abogado. Awan ditoy, adda didiay Manila,” his mother had confessed to him in Ilocano. (You are my child out of wedlock. Ponce is your father’s name. He is a lawyer. He is not here, he is in Manila.)

From that day on, Juanito went by the nom-de-guerre Valentin Ponce, the first after his day of birth, which is Feb. 14, and the second, in honor of his father.

Juanito had two older brothers Eduardo and Eligio, sons of his mother by her first husband Martin Paddayuman, who died early. He also has five younger siblings from his mother’s marriage to Macario Rapada of Ilocos Sur. They were Marciana, Melanio, Luisa, Juliana and Ireneo.

The family tree gets more complicated.

One day he was invited to the home of Vicente Alvarado, his father’s neighbor in Aparri.  “There I was introduced, without any warning, to Nena, Teresing, Edeng, and Carmeling,” says Enrile.

The girls, it turned out, were his father’s children by Rosario Martinez of Cagayan, along with a son named Mario, whose boat had been torpedoed by the Japanese on his way back to Manila to marry his girl.

So there before him were four more Ponce-Enriles. Soon he would find out about Nancy, another half-sibling from their father’s liaison with Maria Balisi of Aparri.

As far as he knew then, he had seven half-siblings by his mother and six by his father, whom he had never met.

11:50 a.m.

Executive Assistant Tala Maralit walks in with Majority Floor Leader Tito Sotto. Enrile waves the senator in and they huddle.

Senator Trillanes comes in next, with a procedural question. It’s a short, quite cordial exchange.

12 noon

The Senate President is not one to lunch alone. Four others join him for a Chinese meal of clear soup, steamed garoupa, steamed shrimps, crabs with black-bean sauce and bok choy sprinkled with garlic.

He continues with his recollection.  “So I had met some paternal siblings.”

Late in August of 1945, Alvarado returned from Manila, with a message for Juanito.

“My father wished to see me, and I was to go with him to Manila at once,” recalls Enrile.

In the city, he was brought to a house in Sta. Mesa. After a week, he still had not heard from the father who he had been told wanted so badly to meet him.

He would soon discover that one of his roommates, William Balisi, was a full brother of the same Nancy whom he met in Aparri.  William was therefore also his half brother.

William whispered to the young probinsyano that he had disappointed their father, which was why he was doing errands in that household, in addition to holding a day job at the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office.

“Don’t be like me,” Enrile recalls William telling him. “You study hard.”

William then informed his younger half-brother that there had been a misunderstanding of sorts and it didn’t look like the Sta. Mesa Ponce-Enriles were going to introduce Johnny to their father.

Johnny would have to go see the old man on his own, but how? He hardly knew his way around town.

“Listen carefully now, this is the way to Papa’s office,” William instructed him.

From Sta. Mesa, all the way to Legarda, to Azcarraga (Recto Avenue), to R. Hidalgo, to Quezon Boulevard, Enrile found himself in Quiapo where he was struck with a baton by an American sentry.

“I had no idea what jaywalking was,” he recalls.

He then walked straight to Carriedo, crossed Avenida Rizal, passed the Ideal theater, walked towards the Sta. Cruz bridge, walked around Plaza Sta. Cruz, found Dasmariñas Street, turned left around the corner and went on until he reached Plaza Cervantes.

“And there it was, the Edificio Soriano. I entered the building from Plaza Cervantes. I saw people standing in front of a door on the right side of the corridor.  I stopped and watched. William told me to go to the seventh floor of the building. As I stood there, I noticed people rushing out of the door as it opened, and people outside rushing in before the door closed. It was my first time to see something like that. I was afraid I would not get out from there alive.

No one had told the boy from Cagayan about the wonderful contraption called the elevator.

On the wall facing the elevator door on the seventh floor were the words “Dewitt, Perkins, and Ponce-Enrile Law Offices.”

Juanito approached Santiago Gampued, the telephone operator behind a desk in the lobby, and introduced himself.

“I want to see attorney Alfonso Ponce Enrile. I am Juanito Furraganan.”

He was made to write his name on a small piece of paper and told to wait. Gampued returned shortly and motioned him to a narrow hallway that ended in front of a polished wooden door on the northeast corner.

Seated behind a large desk cluttered with piles of paper was a man Castilian in appearance—light complexion, bushy eyebrows, hair almost all white, thick eyeglasses over his high-bridged nose. The man stood up upon seeing him.

“He was of medium built and as tall as I was,” recalls Enrile.  “I’d have thought him urbane, if I knew the word then. And imposing.”  Although his face was somewhat haggard and marked with lines, Enrile thought him good looking.

“He walked towards me, I met him halfway,” recalls Enrile. “He stepped forward, raised his arms, put them around me, held me tightly and said, ‘I am sorry, my son.’”

1:45 p.m.

Gumban has walked in and out of the office twice, perhaps to remind his boss of the time. He sees what he sees and backs out.

The Senate President is crying.

He apologizes, but is unabashed. “I break down every time I recall the first time I met Papa.”

In October of 1944, he says, he was being beaten up by the Kempetei almost every day, and had no way of knowing if he was going to live or die.

“Now, September of 1945, I find myself being hugged by the father I had only much recently found out about, and he’s telling me I’m not going back to Sta. Mesa. I’m to ride with him to Malabon.  He is driving a black, three-seater Chevrolet convertible sports car,” says Enrile.

The car stopped in front of the steel gate of a large compound that held a two story semi-concrete house a few meters away. They get off. They are met by a handsome woman, two girls and two boys much younger than Johnny. (Raquel, the oldest girl, happened to be with their maternal grandparents in Pinaglabanan.)

“Papa goes… Papa goes…”

He removes his glasses, wipes the tears off the lenses and, half-laughing, half-crying, says, “Papa said,  ‘Mama, Mida, Nene, Junior, Toti—this is Juanito. He is my son. From now on he will live with us.’”

Enrile was 21 when he was enrolled a high school junior at St. James Academy in Malabon. After his senior year, he had to take a validating examination for all high school subjects from first year to the first semester of third year as his academic records were incomplete.

After high school, Juanito was accepted at Ateneo de Manila for his two-year pre-law studies, and graduated cum laude, despite having to work as an assistant librarian in his father’s office. By this time, so many shovels and picks away from his caminero days, he was getting paid P120 a month.

The library proved to be most memorable for the advice that came from his father’s senior partner Clyde A. Dewitt, a former Thomasite:

“If you aspire to be a trial lawyer, master the rules of evidence. Gain the habit of knowing thoroughly the facts of every case you handle. Study the case from the viewpoint of the other side as much as you study your side. Learn the technique of cross-examination by heart. You acquire that skill, not from reading books, but from actual practice in the courtroom. To be a corporation lawyer, you must have a thorough knowledge of corporation law, a familiarity with business practices and a working knowledge of accounting.”

Before Enrile entered the UP College of Law, his father instructed Mariano Carbonell, a senior lawyer in the same office, to file a petition to judicially change his surname.

2:14 p.m.

The Presiding Officer, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, calls the Impeachment Trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato C. Corona to order.

First posted 12:53 am | Sunday, February 26th, 2012

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  • jclarendo

     Sen> Juan Ponce Enrile the architech of Marcos Martial Law PD 1081. His son Jackie aiming a post at the senate? Remember his cases at Makati during his teenage days?

    • jgl414567

      Enrile should have been executed long ago for high treason!


        Hindi ba sa bibliya ay nakasulat na- na may isang hudas na kailangang lumabas. Kung hindi ay hindi matutupad ang mga pangitain  at sabi ng mga propeta.  Pero sa bandang huli ay nagsisisi si Hudas. Palagay ko pinatawad din siya ng  Panginoon.
        Ganoon din sa aking palagay ang papel ni JPE. Kahit alam ko, narinig ko at nakita ko nang personal kung paano nagawang magsinungaling noon ni JPE. Sino ako para humusga sa kanya?  Sana ay gabayan siya ng Diyos para mapagtanto niya kung ano ang tunay na layunin ng Diyos para sa kanya lalung-lalo na sa kasalukuyang usapin ngayon ni Corona.
        Ang mahalaga ay matuto tayong mag-analisa nang hindi kailangang gumamit ng bansag na hindi kanais-nais, makapagbigay ng kuru-kuro na makakatulong para sa ikabubuti ng bawat isa at sa ika-aangat ng antas ng ating pananaw sa buhay at sa  tunay na pagmamahal at pagpapahalaga sa ating bansang Pilipinas.

    • ValencianoEd

      A MAN CAN ALWAYS CHANGE for the better.  No matter what path one takes during his earlier years,  if the will to change for the better prompts him to do just this, and changes, what are we to be bitter about?
      Christ said, I came for the sick, not the ones who don’t need my help.  It is courage and humility that shaped a man who may have been despicable in the eyes of society, to one who gets [unofficially] enshrined as a statesman.
      Give Ponce Enrile the benefit of the doubt.  In his twilight years, he is brilliantly directing a landmark case.  His many detractors cannot but be awed by the way he is handling the impeachment trial, because they malign him, not for the manner by which he is handling the trial, but for the sins he committed when he was young.
      Our Christian beliefs tell us that a day of individual reckoning will happen.  And Ponce Enrile will stand before the celestial Judge.  It would be interesting to know if the standards of his life designed exclusively for him by the Creator have been met or not.  I think he might have bright chances to be acquitted for his many sins of ommission and commision.
      Everyone,without exception, has committed infractions ranging from simple to grave, but as did the good thief hanging by the side of Christ who wished to be forgiven , a generous God instantly promised him paradise by the mere but sincere-from-the-heart utterance of repentance.
      We are quite familiar with the less than respectable and  less than clean-as-a-whistle life that Ponce-Enrile had lived.  He was an important player during the Macos dictatorship; he might have caused the killing or disappearance of many poliical [or otherwise] enemies;  he may have served a mamon of a boss – followed him blindly; oh, he may done this and that – the list could be endless, but remember, the opportunity to better oneself is granted to all, despite outstanding shortcomingss. And perhps, he did just this:  embrace change for the better.
      I hope that those who comment negatively about this piece written by Bibeth Orteza could place themselves in the shoes of the person they malign and ask themselves:  given the situation and the conditions of the times, how would I have behaved?
      As they say in showbiz, an actor is as good only as his last film.  Maybe this will also apply to Ponce Enrile.
      Your honors, I rest my case.

      • AllaMo

        wala ka sa showbiz, bugok.
        here is another saying for you: a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      • ValencianoEd

        e mas bugok ka nga yata e.  di ka nakakaintidi.  i isa lang ang tinatakbo ng makitid na utak lamok mo.  heheheheheheh.  Ang message ko dito sa isinulat ko ay ito:  lahat tayong makasalanan pwedeng magbago para sa kabutihan.  Gets it?  E baka nga hindi kasi bugok naman ang utak mo. LOL

      • williamsor

        d ka  lang bugok tulad mo rin yung itlog na bugok! hahaha!

  • JJF724

    Enrile is the godfather of Mafia Phil Government…  Hawak nito ang COMELEC kaya lagi silang nakapuesto at pati na rin ang mga galamay nya…  Sana walang makapang daya sa next election sigurado tangal ang mga ito

  • JK1000

    WOW !  Where’s the part when Enrile and his boys started arresting political opponents of the brutal Marcos Government. Where’s the part were they staged coup de’etat after coup against then President Aquino ?  What a shameful article trying to humanize a person like Enrile who ordered the imprisonment of thousands of filipinos just because they love their freedom so much. and some of them until now are still unaccounted for…who knwos what happened to them.

  • tata_boy

    Si JPE ang pinaka sa mga balimbing sa pamahalaan. Mula kay Marcos hanggang ngayon, isa siya sa mga dahilan ng kaawaawang katayuan ng ating bansa.

    • jgl414567

      I fully agree with you and he should be hanged for high treason!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q37NQOHRPUPOXXQDOHWZTKEOBY Manuel FA

    I was a drug representative before and I was assigned in Cagayan Valley.Dr. Pablo,I believed was a close friend of Senator Enrile and everytime I visit the Doctor,he would tell me a story about the senator.I was really surprise because the detail that he told him was so amazing. I first met the senator in an elevator at the Manila Hotel and I talk to him for almost 3 minutes.His my kababayan and I am from Tuguegarao,Cagayan. His a very brilliant lawyer.

    • AllaMo

      and, a soul-less, self-serving, machiavellian douche-bag.

  • http://twitter.com/j2valdes John Valdes


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XJ6M3EEK5LGN77YOMKJHBCXF7Q jeronimo

    I’ve always wanted to meet Mr. Juan Ponce Enrile. Brilliant mind.

    • tata_boy

      Brilliant, like Marcos, GMA, Corona, Cuevas, Esguerra, Miriam, Joker, Euro generals, Garcia, Ligot, and many more? In other words, kawatan at walanghiya din.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/NN3SBFTNVFYPVV5WKPVBTWB5UE jake

        Ikaw tata boy, hindi ka ba walang hiya? perpekto ka ba? Sa tingin mo wla kang pagsisisihan balang araw? Sana maliwanagan ang iyong utak at umpisaan mo ng turuan ang iyong anak ng magandang asal.

      • tata_boy

        Jake, parehas tayo. Pinagpawisan ko iyong pinakain ko sa pamilya ko, di galing sa kawalanghiyaan. Sariling kayod tayo at self-supporting ako hanggang marating ko ang kinalalagyan ko ngayon. Mabuting asal ang itinuro ko sa mga anak ko, di marunong manamantala ng kapwa. Ako ang huling baraha ng mga nagigipit sa aming lugar at di ako naghihintay ng kapalit. Jake, baka nagigipit ka, sabihin mo lang.

    • AllaMo

      more like, soul-less, self-serving, machiavellian jerk.

      • williamsor

        inggit k lang sa galing ni enrile

  • D_BystandeR

    JPE is a gifted man. Not only that he possess a brilliant mind but also in his early years in life he has been given all the necessary tools to succeed, like being an “illegitimate son” of a rich and illustrious father who lost no time to wholeheartedly acknowledge and embrace him into the family circle. To make a long story short, at his present age, he is at the critical “crossroad” of a long and complicated journey. Is he willing to create and carve a “milestone” in the context of the “daang matuwid” that P-Noy has laid down on his doorstep as Presiding Judge of the IC? The people wants to know…  

  • MarcyPulilan

    Huwag ninyong masyadong hangaan ang kahangalan ng ni JPE. Huwag ninyong kalimutan, siya ang Berdugo ng Martial Law, finake ang sariling assasination attempt para ma justify ang Martial Law. Kung galit kayo kay Palparan mas magalit kayo kay Enrile. Siya ang nag implement ng maruruming bagay noon gMartial Law at nagantimpalaan siya ng malalaking negosyo. Traidor pa ito, binaligtad niya ang taong nag ahon sa kanya sa hirap. Hindi dapat pamarisan itong si Enrile, berdugo ng Martial Law, dirty arm ni Marcos. Mandaraya sa eleksiyon, unang nag coup laban kay Cory. Huwag pamarisan ang matandang hukluban na ito.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_G7X5DO3WNUK4ORHZCFW4IAYS24 Lloyd

      at bkt naman. give us good reasons please.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NN3SBFTNVFYPVV5WKPVBTWB5UE jake

      Ikaw Marcy ang perpektong halimbawa ng utak alimasag. Sa mga katulad mo ang dahilan kung bakit hindi kailanman aasenso ang ating bansa. 

      • AllaMo

        not. yung mga bugok ang nagpapahirap sa pag-asenso nang bansa.

      • MarcyPulilan

        HIndi ako utak alimasag, utak alimango ako. Huwag ka nang umasang uunlad ang bayan natin pag ang mga kagaya ni Enrile ay nakakalusot sa mga kasalanan niya sa bayan. Ngayon sinasanto pa ang hayop na matandang hukluban na ito. Che!

      • williamsor

        hindi ka lang utak alimango, utak lamok ka p


      tanong mo na lang kina ninoy, ay patay na pala, kay joma, buscayno, kung bakit sila dapat hulihin.  mga nagpasarap sa ibang bansa sa kabila ng marami silang nagoyo o nautong mga kabataang marami ay nanggaling sa UP at namundok upang ipaglaban ang komunismo. .

       noong di nila natagalan ang pamumundok at natauhang hain sila ng hain ng buhay pero ang mga kumag na sina joma ay nasa labas ng bansa ay ligtas. ano pa ang ginawa ng kangaroo court eh nlibing ng buhay.  may mga natuklasang killing field ang mga kumunista.  tapos ibibintang kay enrile at military.  kung totoong killer iyan, napatay na sana sina salonga na may sarili ring interes.

      basta ang lahing pilipino ay kulang pa rin sa mahusay na pagiintindi at kulang pa rin sa pagiging makabayan.

    • williamsor

      mabuhay si JPE hehe!

  • MarcyPulilan

    Enrile invented the prctice of using a backhoe to bury political opponents of Marcos. If you dig into Basketball courts in Tondo, you will see dead bodies sent by Enrile through his Martial Law henchmen. If you look at every assasination of businessmen who tried to grab his market share, you will se his dirty paws in it. If you count the votes of every ficticious barangays in Cagayan, you will see an Enrile vote in it. This man is dirty and should be despised. Age does nto cure all wounds. This is an example of crime does pay. I am speculating that the good words for this guy is from people who were born in the 80’s who think that this basstard is a hero.

  • Guest

    To Johnny, who has contributed to the achievements of the Marcos years in a large way.” by Miss Orteza…
    Enrile was the Defense Minister of Marcos during Martial Law. Hundreds of Filipinos were murdered and Billions of dollars were stolen by Marcos and his gang during the dictatorial regime. I hope somebody will write the truth about Enrile’s history, not just his last 26 years ago.
    For the last 40 years lies and deceit are common practice of politicians in the Philippine society. Ito po ang natututuhan nang ating mga kabataan. Ang pang-ngongopiya ng isang Supreme Court Justice ay walang masama sabi nang mga Jutices. Ang pang-daraya at pag-sinunangaling ni Chief Justice Corona sa kanyang SALN at Tax Return, pagtatago ng kanyang million-million na pera at ari-arian ay wala masama, sabi nang mga kasama niya sa Supreme Court. Ito po ang aral na nakukuha ngayon nang mga kabataan, ang mandaya at mag-sinungaling at pati na pag-nanakaw ay ayos lang….” ang kabataan ang pag-asa nang bayan, sa maling landas” nasaan po ang ating consciencia???…

  • batangpaslit

    poignant article.
    JPE have something good in store for him.

    • MarcyPulilan

      Hi Batangpaslit, sigurado pinanganak ka after the 80’s kaya hinid ka makapaniwala sa mga kinuwento ko. Pakinggan mo na lang iyong kanta ni Mike Hanopol na “Mr. Kenkoy”, kay Enrile ito dinedicate when it came out in 1976. Ultimo kalaban ng show ng kapatid niyang si Armida na Aawitan kita, pinasara ni Enrile. OO kapatid niya si Armida dahil kapatid siya sa labas ni Armida Siguion Reyna, si JPE and bastardo, anak ng labandera.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZAZKZ5RI6F73ENPNDVEUZU5EYE elvert

        Bakit masama ba ang maging anak ng labandera? Ako anak ng labandera pero nakapag-aral ako at marangal ang aking buhay. You sounds like full of bitterness!

      • MarcyPulilan

        In general hindi masama, ang nakasama doon ay masyadong naging deprived ang matandang huklubang Enrile kaya noong nag ka power siya, hindi mapigilan ang pagkasuwapang. Kahit pumatay ng kapwa ginagawa para lang sumisip kay Marcos at magpayaman. Ganyan kasama si Enrile kayo hindi dapat siya dinadakila. Dapat diyan hingan na ng permit sa PC para katayin sa mga dalahan ng mga matatandang kalabaw na wala nang silbi. muwahahahahahahaha!

      • batangpaslit

        ano ang problema sa bastardo?
        ano ang problema kung anak ng labandera?

        dami namang anak ng mga mayayaman at anak ng mga bigatin na mga may sinasabi sa alta sa soasyodad, eh, bakit, ang mga pag pasimuno ng bayan ay busabos din?

        sino ba ang nagbebenta ng mga illegal drugs? sino ba ang bumibilig ng illegal drugs?
        mga anak ng bastardo ba? mga anak ba ng labandera?

        hindi si Enrile ang nag pasara ng nga establishments noon. nautusan lang sia dahil sia ang Martial Law Administator

        kaya di umaasenso bansa natin dahil ang bansa natin ay pnapangulohan ng mga mayayaman lamang at hindi bastardo, kaya, bulok
        dahil ang mga botante hindi tumitingin sa kakayan ng tao, kundi, ang sukatan nila ay kaymanan lamang at kung anak ng mga taga alta

      • TGM_ERICK

        Tama ka! sang-ayon ako.

      • AllaMo

        dahil pareho kayong mga bugok…. nautusan lang?! ano, bumili nang suka?!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/TOIK6UOD37UMXRYORD4RTQBMP4 Pajero

        Hindi kasalanan ng isang tao kung bastardo siya. Mga magulang niya nagkamali doon. Bakit mo huhusgahan ang mga anak ng mga labandera? Gaanong kataas na naabot mo at nakakayanan mo ng maliitin ang anak ng labandera? Ang nanay mo ba perpekto?

      • AllaMo

        totoo, hindi kasalanan ang pagkakasilang ni juan. pero, ang kasalanan niya sa bayan ay marami at malalim. ang pagki-kristyano niya ay kunbinyente lang, para sa katauhan niyang machiavellian 

      • williamsor

        ikaw naman anak ng titi

  • dtb bzlands

    Judge not JPE that ye be not judged. If you have a strong case against JPE file it in court. But if not better be silent. Remember we will all face The Great Judge in that judgment day which is to come. What if God has already forgiven JPE because he asked for forgiveness?  

    • Guest

      Anong court? Supreme Court ni Corona at ni Gloria….

      • dtb bzlands

        The Great White Throne judgment of the Lord Jesus Christ the King of Kings!

    • AllaMo

      Do not take my name in vain, dtb.

  • MarcyPulilan

    Noong Martial Law days, bawal tumingin kay Enrile at sa anak siyang si Jackie or else todo gulpi ka o papatayin ka. Huwag nating kalimutan iyan porket mukhang kawawang matandang tupa ngayon si Enrile, loko pa rin iyan. Hinihintay na yan ni Satanas sa kahirian nila.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OHOD5EA75DBBUH53UKLRXRK764 Mang Teban

    What matters most in one person’s life is the last stage where, if there were wrongs committed in the past, that person realized his mistakes and had reformed. Such is what I think happened to Juan Ponce Enrile.

    We cannot discount the fact that he started the plot to oust the dictator Marcos because he was with him all those years. Enrile failed to overthrow Marcos through the RAM (Reform the Armed forces Movement). Circumstances beyond anyone’s imagination came one after the other and, to me, it was all part of a Divine plan to save the Philippines from a bloody revolution. Enrile planned a coup but Cardinal Sin acted with consistency to be a shepherd to all, irregardless of who you were during those dark times of martial law. Thus, the revolution was afterwards participated by more civilians than military mutineers on a ratio of about 10,000:1.

    Bibeth Orteza’s interview of Enrile reflected his humble beginnings, his dedication to perfect his craft, his intelligence 100 times more than Sen. Miriam’s rigid theoretical knowledge, and his resolve to make better this final stretch of his life. It is a good true account of the man that would lead the senator-judges to wisdom and not reckless bias in deciding what to do with the stubborn son-of-a-mongrel chief justice.

    I look at the present and the future. I hated the Marcos regime because it was the most frightful years for me as a student being beaten by rattan sticks and almost killed by a stray bullet during a rally dispersal and losing a few friends from unexplained disappearances. But, violence begets more violence. Enrile, for me, has shown repentance for his role in perpetuating a dictatorship that caused misery to the entire country and loss of life to thousands of Filipinos. I think that now he is the beacon light for the Senate impeachment trial. We ought to give him a chance..I am.

    • agaylaya

      If it is God’s will to give him another chance, then let it be so…..but I will never forget the evils that he had done or caused to be done, to our country and to our people. I am sorry but whenever I see this guy Enrile on TV looking sanctimonious I can’t help getting upset. 

    • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

      to Mang Teban,

      Good for you. But those who lost more cannot forget.

      Like a chameleon, Enrile just changed colors. Hindi niya painagsisisihan ang kanyang ginawa at maraming kasalanan sa diyos at sa tao yan.

      Given the opportunity, this man will do everything to stay in power.

    • Ulipur

      Juan Ponce Enrile of Cagayan, Leonardo Perez of Nueva Viscaya and Bienvnido Faustino of Guimba Nueva Ecija. They were the shortest men (not more than 5’4″ in height) but the triumvirate top honchos of the UP College of Law during their time.

      Enrile became the architect of Martial Law of Marcos.
      Perez became the Comelec Chairman during the time of Marcos and made a mockery of the elections during his time.

      Atty Bienvenido Faustino  became a lawyer for the poor. He lost his only son  to the Monsters of Martial Law. Until his dying days Atty Faustino was digging in the forests of Laguna in his vain search for his beloved son.

      Dignity can only come to Enrile when this man is able to summon enough courage to have the capability to Detest Himself.

    • Guest

       “I hated the Marcos regime because it was the most frightful years for me
      as a student being beaten by rattan sticks and almost killed by a stray
      bullet during a rally dispersal and losing a few friends from
      unexplained disappearances.”

      Propaganda fairy tale at its best. But don’t think you can fool everybody every time.

      • TGM_ERICK

        during the martial law years i was frightened only of not using my right to vote for fear of bein jailed. 

         there was also an occasion that i was caught jay walking along edsa.  kase the red and green light confused me, and the avenue where i was was a crossroad. 

          i was so nervous for i fret of the thought that i will be brought to camp crame and punished by pulling wild grasses.  that kind of punishment  was the rumor then. but i was just reminded to be careful next time and was even insulted that it would be shameful if my students learn that i don’t know how to cross the streets properly.  i was dismissed right away at the police outpost.


    THE evil that men do live after them………so let it be with Juanito.

  • EdgarEdgar

    At 88, JPE is keenly aware of mortality. At this point in his life, all he seeks is his rightful place in history. Unlike other senator judges, he is unlikely to respond to any financial incentive or offers of higher office that the administration dangles in front of him. His careful balancing of various opposing interests in the impeachment trial to stave off potential constitutional crises will surely mark the high point of his political career. Along the way, he does not mind exposing some of the administration’s iniquities if only to cut the Aquinos down to size and render them less than saintly. In the end, we can be sure that JPE is neither pro-Corona nor anti-PNoy. Very much a man of this world, JPE is for JPE. History will judge him kindly in his latter years without expunging from the annals his checkered past in earlier times. Like all flora and fauna of this earth, he who evolves with time will survive longer.

    For what you’ve done in the impeachment trial, may you live long and prosper. And may the forces be with you.

    • oracle888

      Another damage control and image building posting…….

      • EdgarEdgar

        wrong again, but thanks for reading my post. you’ve done a great job at reading it, now try comprehending it. jpe is a product of his time. unlike ninoy, jpe decided to make the most of his second chance and in fact has been doing good at it. poor ninoy almost had a second chance if only he had better control of his megalomania and didn’t put himself in harm’s way. but life in boston and on bibleTV was too uneventful and undramatic for him. to his credit, ninoy found time to speechify on camera moments before having himself taken from behind and in the process revolutionized what we now call realityTV. in death, he was finally minted a national hero on our peso bill. the irony of it all is that his peso bill is not even accessible to a day’s labor for vast majority of Filipinos on minimum wage. of dead heroes and repentant mortals, i’d go for the latter on any given day. if mortals are denied redemption, we wouldn’t have heroes or saints much less politicians.

      • magsasakasanayon

        i’m sorry but did you already hear enrile repent? can you share the link to the video/audio/literature?


      i cannot begrudge enrile of his role during the martial law years for it was the call of the time. but i fully agree with your take on enrile.

  • initrd

    Sen. Enrile should get a calculator and do his math, at 88 its about time to retire.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LIAI3J4PISMOGFVMB4PLRZIMOI str8boy

    Maraming kasalanan yang si Manong Enrile noong panahon ni Marcos. Akala mo parang mabait lang ngayon kasi matanda na pero nung martial law malaking hoodlum yan. Tumiwalag lang kay Macoy dahil alam niyang patapos na ang paghahari ni Macoy dahil na rin sa mga sakit na tinatago. Hwag masyadong santohin si Enrile, mas kriminal pa yan kaysa kay Corona sa suma total.

    • AllaMo

      Realizing that makoy was fading.enrile and the ramboys, plotted a coup to establish themselves as rulers of the Philippines. They got caught with their pants down. Holed up in camp aguinaldo. Announced that they were for cory, as the rightful winner of the snap-elections. Wrapped themselves in yellow. Yet, enrile, and the ramboys, never stopped trying to establish their junta. not until their cia handlers ran out of money for their adventures.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6TUUXKGUQAZAUXVNEH7CVEMG5A jzbart

    This is such a waste of newspaper space. 

    • http://twitter.com/MarLouWang Marlou Wang

      I agree, siguro nagbayad at nagmakaawa ang author nito sa PDI.

      • agaylaya

        Articles like this puts a big question mark on  the author’s motivations.  From now on I will read any article by Bibeth Orteza with a spoonful of salt.   

      • AllaMo

        si enrile ang nagbayad…

  • pepengkabayo

    Very nice story, Ms.Bibeth.
    Now we know Mr.Enrile more. It was narrative touching story.
    After all, Mrl Enrile is not that monster after all, he is also a human with boy inspired story.

    Good luck, Mr. Enrile I hope you outlive the Imeachment Trial dahil sa bobo ng prosecution, hindi lang stress at high blood pressure ang aabutin.

    • http://twitter.com/MarLouWang Marlou Wang

      Dagdagan mo ang comment mo “at ipagpatuloy niyong kampihan ang defense panel hanggang tuluyan ng mainis ang mamayan sa inyo!”

    • magsasakasanayon

      read more, iho, specially the literature about enrile’s paricipation during marcos’ martial law years. pag nabasa mo na, balik ka rito and tell us what you think. baka hindi lang monster ang maging term mo sa kanya.

  • oracle888

    After days of many negative comments from the bloggers in this forum on his partisan attitude against the House prosecution team, is this an image building article? or is it a damage control publication?

    One thing I am sure is that a person will be remembered as a hero of great contribution to his people and country not based on what he has done to himself, but to what he has done for the interest of his people, and his sacrifice for his country.

  • Bayabas San

    This is Marcos’s accomplice.

    This Lucifer-incarnate needs to die and go back to the place of eternal fire.

    First Bongbong, now Enrile….why is the PDI trying to rehabilitate these devils?

    • Guest

      Al Calde, money is power and Enrile was never question of his role and architect of Martial Law. Marcos and company looted the people’s money of billions of dollars and responsible for the killings of hundreds of Filipinos. No one was ever punished…PDI story for sale!

  • http://www.facebook.com/aldin.rrt Al Calde

    Saan ba galing ang yaman ni Enrile?

    • AllaMo

      sa kaban nang bayan at “legal” logging at mining; this is mine. that is mine…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WUTSHYUZ3FXRZS4KSZYLAI7WM4 ati

    He might be brilliant, intelligent but he did not leave a human kind legacy…so he is just like any other kowtow or peon…but at least he was tag as “Berdugo”

  • Danjross

    Outstanding personal success story. High achievement in law and politics.  Fame and fortune.   It’s not too late for him to right the wrongs he had done in the past as far as meeting His Maker is concerned.  God forgives all our sins, past-present-future, if we confess it to Him and let Him change our heart.  

  • andrew lim

    A touching portrait of a lost son meeting his father.

    But in later years, he would inflict so much harm on the Filipino nation, through martial law which he administered, and the coup attempts against Cory Aquino.

    In the impeachment trial, he is concerned about the “fake” bank documents, when in fact he faked his own ambush prior to martial law, to be used as one justification for martial law.

    Remember that!

  • http://twitter.com/MarLouWang Marlou Wang

    Sana tinanong mo uncle mo kung bakit siya nag-defect kay Cory, then tried to oust Cory?

  • http://twitter.com/MarLouWang Marlou Wang

    a chance like what?  … to invent “high crime”, “medium crime”, “small crime”, “extra large crime”, etc etc are you making sense at all??? and also “fishing expedition”…

  • http://twitter.com/MarLouWang Marlou Wang

    In reply to mang teban:

    a chance like what?  … to invent “high crime”, “medium crime”, “small crime”, “extra large crime”, etc etc are you making sense at all??? and also “fishing expedition”…

  • http://twitter.com/MarLouWang Marlou Wang

    in reply to celised1:

    correct!!! kaya nga galit si enrile sa prosecution dahil hindi siya sanay sa pagpapatuwid ng mali… sinoportahan niya ang amo niyang diktador noong kapanahunan ni makoy.

  • http://twitter.com/MarLouWang Marlou Wang

    reply to jake, 

    ano naman ang naicontribute mo para umasenso ang bansa??? ang itit mo?

  • http://twitter.com/MarLouWang Marlou Wang

    to Manuel FA:

    and so kung kababayan mo siya, yes he is brilliant in castigating the prosecution panel.

  • agaylaya

    This story was probably meant to soften the image of Enrile as a compasionate, nangaling sa mahirap at api na nagsumikap at nagtagumpay. Lest the people would forget… he was the chief martial law administrator which meant he was the arresting officer, the prosecutor, the judge and the jailer rolled into one persona. No doubt he has a brilliant mind but a sinister one… he faked his ambush to justify Martial Law and he openly admitted that he cheated in elections. The main reason why he staged his “Edsa revolt” was that his plot to grab power from Ver (sickly Marcos was to become a mere figurehead) was prematurely discovered. It was a desperate act of survival and not to restore democracy but to grab power for himself and the likes of Honasan. Had they successfully grabbed power they would have prolonged the agony of martial law.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/IMVVAVGYORRXVH27G3GOIR5YXE dominguez

      That is correct. Portraying him as a reclusive judge and senator bereft of wordly wants and possessions like preferring a humble meal of rice and tuyo or sausage will work well with the emotions of the people. But the people now have learned and matured through time. Never can we forget the thousands that were murdered without the respective families seeing justice, the hundreds of thousands who suffered during the martial law days, the hundreds of millions in stolen government funds, the wanton desecration of cagayan valley mountains denuded by illegal logging, the untimely death of Alfie Anido and the creation of the monstrous conglomerate JAKA Enterprises. All these will negate the good qualities that the writer seem to impute in this melancholy story of a lowly kaminero who rose to one of the highest seat of power.

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Hahahaha, Enrile is an opportunist 100% Remember his law firm ACRRA represented Cojuangco in the infamous coco levy scam. FVR, enforced the ideas of Marcos while JPE managed martial law. They are not an different from the Aquino’s and Cojuangcos who were their on-and-off allies. The grandpa of Pnoy was the Martial Law Administrator of the Japanese puppet Government. He was even flown to the safety of Tokyo  by the Japanese authorities as the war was about to end along with Ninoy. Ninoy then becomes the Administrator of Hacienda Luisita and enables the Cojuangcos to lord it over in central luzon and increase their warchest. The Marcoses ally themselves with half of the Cojuangcos and evrything is history. Now Pnoy is once more in bed w/ uncle Danding and the never ending trials and tribulations of the Filipinos and their puppet masters continue!

      • williamsor

        accra is not the law firm of enrile, kay angara yan at tinulungan lang nya si angara para maitayo yan… his law firm is pecabar…research!

  • kalampagin

    Parehas lang iyang si Enrile at Ramos na opportunista,isama mo na si Honasan. iyan ang mga nagpayaman sa kaban ng bayan. Enrile’s staged ambush was a precursor to martial law. I personally know his driver. Ito po ang isang dahilan para ideklara ang martial law. 

    Tungkol naman po sa EDSA, patay na po sana ang mga iyan kung hindi inorderan ni Cardinal Sin ang sambayanan na magsilabas at tumungo sa Edsa. Ang mga taong sibilyan ang nakapagsagip sa mga iyan kaya buhay pa sila. 

    Did you see in the video how he vehemently opposed the PAL witness, by himself alone not thru voting of the judges. Ayaw niya, kasi ay maraming lalabas na multo on both sides, sakay Corona at sa PAL din. Ang issue niya ay walang bribery sa article 3, my foot mr. enrile, kaya nga betrayal of public trust…

    Mas matapang po si Delima kaysa kay enrile, she defied the SC TRO, while enrile followed the dollar acct. TRO ni corona, bakit kaya? kasi the 13 senators who voted to follow the TRO ay may mga dollar accounts din na hindi rin maipaliliwanag  kung saan gilid ng mundo nanggaling….

  • goldilock

    Can he just tell the nation that this so and so is so corrupt and have stash millions of money in their bank accounts. A secret diary? Why Philippines have problem eliminating corruption? his wishes and regrets? Why so many coup? official biography? He is in the final years and may have only months to live.  Philippine schools should have an official textbook of Philippine Edsa revolution and why section 8 ra 6246 promotes criminal enterprise. Also school children should be taught how government works as early as grade 1.

  • tehot

    enrile is so unlike noynoy aquino, who is immature and does not know how to use his brain

    • AllaMo

      just like your parents, when they had you…

      • tehot

        your father is panot

    • magsasakasanayon

      idiot. who do you rather have, an immature or a torturer?

      • tehot

        stupid. i would rather have an unproven torturer who respects the constitution than a proven immature like Noynoy.

  • kalampagin

    nandito na ang mga pro corona, anti aquino tandem…

    • adam_d_ant

      hey, boy …. kawawa ka naman  … you go sleep with aquino the nerd  … this topic is about enrile … hmmmmm .. when someone’s got nothing between their ears, they make the world notice  .. nagpapapnsin ….

  • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

    Lest we forget, he has blood in his hands too.

    My generation will not forget this man. Nagmamalinis na lang ito.
    Marcos could not have succeeded without him and when it was time to bail out, lo and behold it was a very good timing-the EDSA Revolution.

    What an OPPORTUNIST!!!

  • Labototin

    Now that I have read so much about you JPE…the country would have been better off if you were our President…kodos to you sir!!!!!!

    • agaylaya

      Hehehe.. you would not be posting comments here had he become the President. He was the Martial Administrator who suppressed freedom of the press.

      • Labototin

        noon yon seguro, but now that i know more about him, he is talented and reasonable…my personal opinion only….

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        To: RBarotac@yahoo.com
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        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: A life in the day of Juan Ponce Enrile

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        agaylaya wrote, in response to Labototin:
        Hehehe.. you would not be posting comments here had he become the President. He was the Martial Administrator who suppressed freedom of the press. Link to comment

    • sowhatifimfilipino

      WHAT???? I admit I was moved by the story of his meeting his father the first time, but… I think I’m old enough to remember the Marcos years and Enrile’s role in it.

    • vic anino

      Enrile has taketh more than he giveth…destroyed much, much more than he built, and he will be giveth his due punishment at the Pleasure of his Maker…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lennon-Paul/100001566616999 Lennon Paul

      read more.

    • AllaMo

      Maybe, for a country populated only by you.

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Only if you want a country run by thugs. Go to northern Cagayan and you will see the enormous tracts of lands that the Enrile’s have grabbed from poor farmers courtesy of his son-in-law. BTW, 2nd hand car smuggling and illegal gambling continues inside the Cagayan Economic Zone which is by the way run by the Enrile’s like a separate republic from the Philippines!

      • williamsor

        dont use your dirty mouth charge him if you can, puro ka bunganga!

  • Bayabas San

    He is responsible in the active denunadation at this very moment of the last virgin forest of the Phillipines in Eastern Samar.

    He should die soon to stop his evil ways, destryoying human lives and mother earth.

    He needs to go back to Belzeebub.

  • Psalm90

    I’m so glad I read this article of JPE.  I now understand him better.  I am actually so touched with his life story.  His, is a story of how a man had been blessed and singled out to achieve such a destiny so special and strategic for his country. God bless you JPE!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lennon-Paul/100001566616999 Lennon Paul

      this is only a smal fraction og his life`s story…

    • JK1000

      so faked…..

    • AllaMo

      Would that God blessed the Philippines more often than He has this oft traitorous, treasonous, self-serving, chameleon of a douche-bag.

    • Guest

      psalm90, you need to know what the man did during marcos dictatorship and martial law…hundreds of filipinos were murdered, billions of dollars were stolen by marcos alone. nobody was ever punished for their crime…now can you trust these judges? if you have billions of money, you can buy a judge…if you are poor even you stole some food, you go to jail…but not if you stole millions or billions…mga hudas ang justices for the last fifty years…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JQBHSHS22G65Z6V5Z64XBRCIZQ simon

    kahit ano pa ang sabihin natin,,, JPE betrayed MARCOS. the only person who can betray you is the one whom you loved and whom you trust. JPE betrayed MARCOS no doubt and the heart ache of MARCOS is too much because of that betrayal.  now, who put that feeling in JPEs heart i do not know. what is his purpose i do not know. i love to think,,, God put it,,, or God uses JPE to accomplish Gods will (bloodless revolution). however if JPE just betrayed MARCOS because marcos end is at hand,,, surely JPE will pay for it.
    well in fact,,, betrayal is the name of the game in politics,,, CORONA is the chief example.

  • adam_d_ant

    no question, enrile is smart.  but he’s tainted big time too …. to those who experienced martial law, enrile was one of marcos’ chief architects  … there are tons of “stories” that if only half is true, will qualify enrile as one of the worst pinoys ever … alfie anido case, you guys still remember him?  th guy was killed … and if rumors are to be believed, the enriles were the brains  …

    but the guy is close to meeting his maker  … who knows .. maybe the realization that all his power and money can’t buy salvation is eating at his soul … maybe, the guy is planning his swan song … every tom, dick and harry would want to have a good legacy when his/her name is mentioned. this impeachment could be enrile’s legacy … how he shepherds the proceedings, will decide whether his name will either be ridiculed or respected  … let’s seee

  • Beguine

    A day in the life…. is Enrile gonna become a centenarian?

    It seems that God punishes unselectively, both ways: the good die young, and
    the bad can’t seem to die!

    Which is worse? Surely having nightmares and bad dreams in your old
    doddering fool time of life… and still the Lord won’t let you Rest in Peace?

    • adam_d_ant

      sinama mo na ang hindi dapat  ….

      our knowledge is nothing  …. we are just a speck of dust  … a blade of grass  .. here today, gone tomorrow . ..

      sa kagustohan natin na laitin ang kapwa, dinamay mo pa ang hindi dapat  …. how would you know enrile won’t rest in peace….. kabayan, baka magulat ka …. malay mo nagsisi na si enrile…. ikaw kinon-vict mo na … you, me .. nobody have no right to judge  ..

      baka ikaw and hindi mag rest in peace  … sana hindi

      • vic anino

        nobody has the right, you say? and what are you doing in this forum, littering your judgement on anyone anonymous while everyone judging Enrile somehow had knowledge of how this lived a life that has to be judged by man and God.  and it does not matter what his fellow judgement on him, and if ever there is an after life, that is what matter most…he will be as guilty as Corona.

      • fiveby10eighty3

        are you God?

      • magsasakasanayon

        correct, nobody has the right to judge. when enrile and his thugs jailed and tortured those suspects during the martial law years, did they have the right to judge? i know we are a speck of dust, a blade of grass, here today, gone tomorrow. but enrile and his thugs had no right to regard those suspects like a speck of dust, a blade of grass, and made sure that they are gone tomorrow. how would we know enrile won’t rest in peace? we won’t. but those he killed during the martial law years, there can be no doubt that they are already resting in peace. enrile made sure of that.

    • williamsor

      baka mauna k p ma rest in peace!

  • eye_in_the_sky

    until i was 26, i had recurring nightmares of airplanes flying low and explosions of bombs. and there was me always, still hardly able to walk, running freak screams. and then i would wake up bathed in sweat and trembling.

    then my mother one night was telling a story about a military attack in our place, with details like the one i always dreamt, especially my running screaming.

    i saw the violence of martial law. and while i sse the genius of marcos, i am always of the belief that what brilliance can achieve will never justify the use of violence.

  • justbethankfull

    Enrile will be remembered predominantly as one of the senators who acquit or convict Corona since most Filipinos already forgot what his role in the ouster of the most corrupt president (Marcos) as evidenced by voting the Marcos family back to public office. Enrile’s legacy depends on the conviction or acquital of Corona.

    • JK1000

      Only in your dream…maybe you’re one of the people who don’t have any idea who the real Enrile …..

    • adam_d_ant

      just be thankful you’re an idiot as well …. sshort of conviction, enrile will be maligned.  if he convicts corona, the deeds/misdeeds during the martial law years will be forgiven?

      sayang ang pinag-aral sa ‘yo ng mga magulang mo …. lumaki kang bobo

      • williamsor

        hoy kung bitter heart ka! biiter mo n lang yan hwag k n lang mag brain wash di na epektibo yan, kung noong panahon ni ninoy aquino e napaniwala nya ang mga tao laban ke marcos utot na lang yan ngayon…dalawang aquino na ang naging pangulo ng bansang ito pero wala rin nangyayari, kaya yung biiter mo sa martial law e itae mo na lang hwag mo na ideposito dyan sa utak mo at sa bituka mo bwisit ka!

  • Yahilawod

    No amount of grandious autobiography will ever change how history will judge Enrile years from now. He will be labeled “Architect of Martial Law” more than any other. Unless he comes out of this Impeachment Trial with a heroic act. That act should be no less than removing a Thief Justice from the SC. History then shall be kinder to him with a better epitaph.

    • adam_d_ant

      now another idiot  … the only thing that would “save” enrile is he commits a “heroic” act – that is convict corona.

      para ka din ‘yong poster sa taas … hindi pa naglabas ng pruweba ang defence, guilty na…..buti na lang at me korte.  ang ating mga nakakatanda na matatalino, gumawa ng mga law kasi alam nila na madaming sira ulo   …. kasi ang mga uto-uto at talagang mga bobo, hindi nakikinig sa kabilang panig ….

      sa bagay, binoto nga ninyo ang me sayad eh …

      man, and this article was supposed to be enrile…. me pag-asa pa kaya ang pinas …. based sa mga inutil na mga nauto ni budoy, wal na  ….

      • Yahilawod

        Did you take your medication today? Double the dose kasi umuusok na tenga mo.

      • magsasakasanayon

        nope. walang pag-asa ang pinas dahil sa katulad mo. uto-uto at talagang bobo ang hindi nakikinig sa kabilang panig? pinakinggan ba ni enrile ang panig ng mga suspects na na-torture at na-rape nung martial law years? so sino ang uto-uto at talagang bobo? mag-isip ka, iho. ang utak ginagamit din yan kahit papaano. use your brain. it’s free.

  • vic anino

    But how could you label a process of  removing of a SC Justice as one of the most  Important trials?? , when in Fact it could not even be Treated as a Trial but a simple procedure of removal of  an “unfit” and  undeserving servant of the Public who happens to  be called a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court…I know a place , and there are many, that an independent permanent body will just investigate the complainst against the Justice for his bad behavior and  if there enough evidence to merit his removal (respecting the rule of law and due process) recommend it to be decided by the majority votes of the Peoples’ Representatives

    • adam_d_ant

      simple procedure?

      sa mga yellows, sure.  enrile is no saint, that’s pretty obvious.  but to equate the impeachment trial as simple is nothing but a product of a yellowed mind.  ba’t hindi na lang n’yo kaladkarin si corona?  why do we have idiots that only see things thru their yellow-colored glasses?

      kaya ang mga pariseo lahat napariwara kasi ang akala sila ang tama .. walang pinagkaiba sa inyo kabayan…. akala n’yo mga santo kayo … the reality is masahol pa kayo sa mga animal  ….. pwe  …..

      • vic anino

        but it is your language that shoots  your comments to yourself? Show me any place or country that removing a CJ or any Justice of the SC is a main national preoccupation of the Senate and the Prime Time TV entertainment…and people like you swearing at the other side because you can’t agree with the opinion…

      • AllaMo

        bugok pa rin, para sa bulok pa rin

      • magsasakasanayon

         kaladkarin si corona? wala pong gagawa niyang ngayon dahil hindi na po martial law years. nung panahon ni enrile ganyan ang madalas nilang gawin sa mga suspected communist/subversives. the writ of habeas corpus was suspended. yung mga nag-torture at nang-rape during the martial law years ang masahol pa sa hayop.

  • Bayabas San

    After trumping the highest law of the land in September 11, 1972 (yes we had our 9/11 long before Americans have theirs), now he is wearing new robes as the Champion of the Law.

    This is Enrile—The Biggest Thug at his Best.

    Unless thuggery likes this disappears from the Pinoys psyche, the Philippines will continue to have a hard time.

    He will maneuver to acquit Corona otherwise his (Enrile’s, because they will be next) thugs-family will lose the loot and be forced to find honest work for honest pay.

  • qwitzach

    the preface failed to mention the fact that ms. orteza is the niece-in-law of senator enrile. that colors everything. nonetheless, i have great respect for senate president enrile.

  • Fulpol

    shall he redeem himself?

    na-redeem ba ni Enrile ang kanyang sarili sa balitang siya ang mastermind ng martial law sa pag-aklas laban kay Marcos na naging hudyat ng EDSA 1?

    may EDSA 1 kaya kung hindi kay Enrile? same with, may martial law kaya kung hindi kay Enrile?

    pero sa impeachment ni Corona, dyan mapapatunayan ang galing, pagiging fair at objective ni Enrile na hindi nagawa nina Aquilino Pimentel at Hilario Davide sa impeachment ni Erap..

    ang legacy ni Enrile ay ang impeachment ni Corona.. fair and objective… hindi nagpapadala sa emosyon, whims na pinayagan nina Pimentel at Davide sa impeachment ni Erap..

    sa ngayon, nakikita kong malayo ang pagkakaiba ni Enrile kumpara kay Pimentel at Davide.. may tapang, fair, objective at hindi nagpapadala sa emosyon ng mga yellow supporters..

    Go Enrile..

    Go Enrile…

    leave a legacy….

    • AllaMo

      bugok pa rin, para sa bulok pa rin

    • magsasakasanayon

      siguro kung tatay mo ang isa sa mga hinuli at na-torture nung martial law years hindi ganyan ang pananaw mo. twisted pa rin ang thinking mo hanggang ngayon.

  • chlist

    JPE, kumusta na ang Port Irene natin? Protektado mo pa din ba mga smugglers natin dun?

  • Mattino2011

    The law of Karma is that, all what you do shall have repercussion in this life or life after. As I see he is nopt sincerely a renewed person. He still has lots of injustices he commited in the past like the case of Alfie Anido..and so on..His being accidental hero of EDSA is not a total absolution  of his wrong doings

  • Ulipur

    1.Dagdag Bawas during the Snap Elections: He admitted Bawas of more than 250,000 votes from Cory and Dagday of the same to Macoy.

    2. Dagdad Bawas for him to win the Senatorial Election and defeating Sen Nene Pimentel.

    3. His role with Danding re-monopolizing Coconut Industry, re dwarf coconut nursery in Bugsuk Island.   Hoy Javier (then Minister of Agriculture) huwag mo kaming paikialaman sa coconut.

    Jackie Enrile for Senator
    Mark Cojuanceo for Senator
    J V Ejercito for Senator
    Cynthis Villar for Senator

    Go Philippines!

  • novoramos

    To Bibeth,

    I was told since I was of a younger age and over and over again by my mother and confirmed by other relatives that my mother’s father (in effect my grandfather), the late Mariano Ponce Foronda, who was then Chief of Police of Gonzaga, Cagayan, helped Juanito Furraganan looked for his father, Alfonso Ponce Enrile.

    However, in some of JPE’s biographies I’ve read and your article above, my lolo’s name does not appear. I haven’t ask the same question directly to JPE though. And if ever you will be able to ask him about the participation of my Lolo Anong (as we call him), if any, please inform me about it thru my email address at novoramos@yahoo.com. Thank you very much!

  • jeproks2002

    JPE’s reversal of fortune have been his blessings.  On not a few occasions he has been gifted with another chance and lives on borrowed time.  Hopefully he has found wisdom in it and though he cannot rectify his mistakes, at least he is able to make amends to his country and people in the same way that his father had done for him.

  • Nald_Ap

    Well written article.  It offers a great insight to JPE’s life, then and now.  Salonga’s book was also very well written.  

  • rnoldrmada

    I am just truly amazed on how the senator has reinvented himself over the years. From his days of being a major player in Marcos’ regime, to being one of the architects of its downfall and now our country’s senior legislator and presiding judge of the Corona impeachement.
    But to keep things in perspective, it’s only fair to say also that when he was secretrary of defense he had hurt a lot of our countrymen to maintain the status quo of martial law. Folks were detained, interrogated, even vanished under his watch and I don;t think he was ever questioned nor charged for these acts. EDSA 1 pretty much cleansed all that……

  • 1GeorgeTolentino2

    Hindi natutulog ang diyos. Kahit pa aong pag-rebisa ng kasaysayan ang gawin ng manugang (Bibeth) ni tatang Johnny, hindi nito mabubura ang lahat ng pagkakasala niya nuong panahon ng diktadura. Arkitekto ng Marial Law, Salvaging, Hamletting, militarization ng Gobyerno, pakikipag-tulungan kay Danding upang nakawin ang kaban ng mga magsasaka ng niyog (coco levy). Sa panahon ni GMA lalu pang namayagpag si tatang Johnny. Naibangon ang Cagayan Economic Zone (CEZA) na kung saan maraming maliliit na magsasaka at negosyante na inagawan ng mga lupain nakapalibot sa Sta. Ana at port Irene.  Sa pamamagitan ng kanyang isa panga manugang (asawa ni Katrina) namayagpag mapasa-hanggang ngayon ang illegal na sugal (jai-alai at casino games) at smuglling ng 2nd hand na sasakyan. Si  Pnoy ay patuloy din na nagbubulag-bulagan sa mga krimen na ito at walang ginawa upang masawata ang kabulukan sa CEZA.

    Matind talaga si tatang Johnny, isipin nyo ilang Presidente nabida pa rin siya. Siguro nga ang pinaka parusa kay tatang Johnny ay tumanda ng lubusan sa paghahanap ng tamang paraan para humingi ng kapatawaran sa lahat ng mga na-argabyado niya sa mahabang panahon!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1281324252 Primer C. Pagunuran

    Busy public servant from beginning to present.

  • tugakbatan

    A CLASSIC SOFT OPERA !  I was so amused after reading Manong Johnny’s life.

    • fiveby10eighty3

      SOAP, not SOFT. 

  • SadPinoy

    “This light of history is pitiless… it is luminous, often casts a shadow just where we saw a radiance; out of the same man it makes two different phantoms… the darkness of the despot struggles with the splendor of the captain… Tyranny follows the tyrant. Woe to the man who leaves behind a shadow that bears his form.” – Victor Hugo (Les Miserables)
    Unfortunately, JPE’s brilliance that shone early and late in his life is overshadowed by his misdeeds during his prime.This legacy would be etched into his countrymen’s minds to be told and retold throughout history.

  • MarcyPulilan

    Si Enrile, parang si Emilio Aguinaldo. Maraming kasalanan sa bayan at sa kanyang kapwa, nilinis na lang ng history and mga kabulastugan niya. Akala niya nakalusot siya. Kagaya ni Enrile, may naka reserba na kuwarto sila sa bayan ni Satanas. At duon lahat ng kanilang inapi at inisahan nakapila na at hindi na makahintay sa kanilang paghihiganti. Siguro walang sampung taon pupunta na rin si Enrile ka Satanas. Sabagay marami siyang mga kilala doon.

    • otoling

      Tama ang mga sinabi mo.  Mahirap lang akong tao; hinde ako inggit kay Enrile.  However, concern ako sa mga nagawa niyang questionable participations sa nakaraan rehimen ni Marcos.  At ang participation niya sa mga coup deta during Cory’s.

      Tapus heto na naman, ang mga palpak and biased na mga rulings niya sa impeachment case ni Corona.

  • neverwint3r

    while there is no disputing that enrile is a very good lawyer and senator, for history’s sake, it is time for him to explain what was exactly his role during the marcos years.  otherwise, this will continue to hound his legacy.

    was he personally responsible for hundred or thousands of civilians abducted and tortured and jailed and others who were made to disappear? or was he just ‘following orders and had no choice’? why did he became defense scretary, what are all his responsibilitties and did he try to advise his boss marcos about the consequences of martial law?

    as  one of the architects of martial law, the plaza miranda bombing being his brainchild, he should explain all the circumstances behind it. he heas a responsibility to answer these questions.

    should his ‘sins’ be absolved by launching a mutiny that eventually led to people power? there are so many questions and forgive by saying this but ‘time is short’, he is very old and we may never have a chance to know the answer and i’m sure many wanted to know as well.

    someday his colorful life may be made into a movie. he may be a villain or a hero to some. but until then he should come clean for all our sake.

    • otoling

      Tutuo naman ang mga sinabi mo.  Walang maiiwanan si Enrile sa history kundi ang Marcos regime participation niya with so many unanswered questions.  Then, ang participation niya to overthrow the Cory government.  Minor ang mga wrong rulings niya sa impeachment case ni Corona but were significant cos they were wrong. 


    just look  and see the life of saul or st. paul in enrile.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FAVMFPH7TJBBEW5JBVJ5HVAAIA Sankula

    All those who praised into high heavens JPE’s performance as presiding judge(as if he is indispensable) re CJ impeachment are just star- struck. The reason why he is still in high/powerful position in gov’t is because he has to protect & maintain his business empire that he built while in office. 

    • williamsor

      mali ka! mas marami pang mga mayayaman na negosyante dyan na nag try ng politics pero some failed, some also stayed but for a short period lang…Enrile knows the dynamics of politics kaya andyan pa sya, so how can u blame the old man staying long in the position when the people still voted for him, ibig sabihin, gusto p sya ng tao…o baka naman sasabihin nyo nandadaya sa election, hahaha! anything under the sun can be said against this old man…whatever, but you cannot put down a good man!   

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FAVMFPH7TJBBEW5JBVJ5HVAAIA Sankula

        Naive Ka! The cabinet positions his patron Marcos appointed him to like the defense portfolio made the field uneven & enabled him by coerscion  to get  preference to business concessions. In the 70’s his business interest in the strife-torn Mindanao where protected by stationing an Army battalion in its locality.  Never made it senator in ’71 but earned the dagdag bawas notoriety in the subsequent ones. Took issue against Meralco rates to woo smarting & naive voters like you.

      • williamsor

        nahihilo ako sa english mo amoy utot!  buti pa tagalugin mo n lang para d ka mahirapan!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FAVMFPH7TJBBEW5JBVJ5HVAAIA Sankula

        Isa kang batang isip at ignorante. Magaral ka ng ingles dahil yun ang salita ng idol mo.

      • AllaMo


      • MarcyPulilan

        williamsor- Enrile himself admitted in 1986 that he cheated elections for Marcos. He knows the dynamics of cheating, so that is why he is still being voted. JOhnny Enrile invented dagdag bawas. He was the one who invented how to suppress the vote of the people that is why we have walang kuwentang politicians. The old man already incriminated himself. You mean the Filipino people voted for an admitted cheater. He should have been charged with election sabotage even before Gloria.

      • williamsor

        CHEATER! DAGDAG BAWAS! name it bro, pero yang mga sinasabi mo puro guni guni mo lang…is there any court judgment to that effect! wala d b? therefore, those are only the product of your figment imagination! gudluk bro!

      • MarcyPulilan

        Hindi pa senile yang matandang hukluban na hampas lupa na Enrile na iyan noong inamin niya iyong ginawa niyang dagdag bawas noong Cory Marcos elections noong 1986. Inamin din niya na staged lang iyong assasination attempt sa kanya noong 1972, isang dahilan sa pag declare ng Martial Law. Bobo ka kasi sa history ng Pilipinas kaya hindi mo alam . Nag iidolize ka ng demonyo, na kampon ni Satanas. Sige ikaw rin baka magsama-sama kayo ni Baluktot na Juan Ponce Enrile sa kanyang pattutnguhang walang ligtas, sa akbay ni Satanas.

      • AllaMo

        bugok ka lang

      • AllaMo

        bugok ka

  • MarcyPulilan

    Enrile did not participate in EDSA because he wanted to have change for the Philippines. Enrile participated in EDSA to save himself. Marcos already knew of their plot because his RAM boys lead by the bobong Gringo Honasan was discovered and their plotuncovered. The soldiers who were shown on TV during the EDSA revolution are really RAM boys as opposed to fake plants by Marcos. So Enrile, peeing in his pants sought cover with anothe rhypocrite Fidel Ramos who also wanted to save their lives. They used Cardinal Sin’s (anothe rhypocrite) call to the people. Enrile and Ramos practifcally hid under the dresses of the nuns while peeing in their pants. They were nervously fighting for their lives. I do not know why people think they are heroes.

    • Jazzeroo

      You forgot to mention that this hypocrite is now trying to re-invent himself in the delusional hope that history will forget he presided as the attack dog of the tyrant Marcos and carried out unspeakable crimes against his own people to perpetuate the tyrant’s rule
      and his own lofty place in the corrupt regime.

      His hypocrisy knows no bounds as he sold out his master for his own survival and now completes his transformation with a press agent to write about him in glowing terms.
      This nation suffers from collective amnesia he might just get away with it and he knows it.

      If the surviving Marcoses can even portray Ferdie as an honest hard working patriot,
       wow !!, anything is possible.

    • asarin

      enrile and ramos are heroes? my foot…. (sabi nga ng baliw na ‘dyosa kuno ng karunungan! na hinding hindi qualified as heroine! sorry!)

  • saccharine0158

    It is human to hate those who excel at what they do, especially if their life is but a failure. Why even bother reading an article if you despise the him? Or are people just venting out their frustrations in the comments section without even reading? Those whom I know who have worked with JPE have nothing but good things to say about him. Those who dislike him are mainly jealous of his achievements and intellect.
    A person who stands his ground, not only is he well versed in law and intelligent; he is wise in the game of life. Truly, statesman par excellence. The Philippines need more men like him.
    Many people walk the Earth; but only few will be remembered and JPE will always be remembered by us, Filipinos (either way, if I may add). 
    History should have taught us not to repeat mistakes, yet people do not seem to grasp this idea. Those who want to play the blame game will never go anywhere and will be stuck looking at the past. 
    Kudos for a well written article. JPE now seems more human to me and I will always admire him.

    • magsasakasanayon

      yes. he will always be remembered as the architect of martial law.

      • saccharine0158

        it is subjective; and that is your opinion regarding the matter. if you read my comment you’d be aware that i do not belong to those who label him as such.
        plus, you’re using a fallacy of logic known as the red herring.

      • magsasakasanayon

        “Those who dislike him are mainly jealous of his achievements and intellect.”

        Nope. Those who disliked him are already buried somewhere in the darkest forests of this country. red herring fallacy? do you even know what that means?

      • saccharine0158

        proof to substantiate your claim then. otherwise, those are but mere allegations.
        plus, if i follow your argument; shouldn’t you be at peace by now? clearly you aren’t in some dark forest, because you still have the audacity to comment here.

        yes, i know what the fallacies of logic are. if you think you know said fallacies better than i do, then start using those when you argue so you’d come across as more erudite.

        i don’t understand why people like you waste their time commenting on articles that displeases them. i know i wouldn’t. i only commented here because as i said, i look up to JPE. even as a pre-schooler during the EDSA revolution, he roused my interest. i later learned from people who have worked for him and those he has worked with that he is indeed worth idolizing.

        anyway, have a great evening sir/madam. you’re probably older than i am and i suggest you retire for the night. sleep well.

      • saccharine0158

        it is subjective; and that is your opinion regarding the matter. if you read my comment you’d be aware that i do not belong to those who label him as such.
        plus, you’re using a fallacy of logic known as the red herring.

    • AllaMo


      • saccharine0158

        if you are addressing that to me it should be “bugak”; however, if you are referring to yourself then i have no objections. :)

    • zidyay

      Let me tell you a story. When Enrile was Sec. of Defense under Marcos, he played golf often at military courses. One time he was playing together with Stevens( the husband of Amalia Fuentes) and 2 more Generals. The course was packed when they started their flight and they were about 3 to 4 groups behind ours. You know what he did. He ordered his bodyguards, whom I supposed were also military men receiving pay from taxes you and me paid, to stop our play and for us to stand aside so they can hit their balls freely and get passed us and ahead of all others who waited patiently hours to get a flight. There was no way he couldn’t know what his people were doing.People were lined up along the fairways as if watching a parade. He didn’t mind even to say thank you that other players let him passed; nor attempted to explain why they were in a hurry. I was told by the caddies that kind of incident was a common occurrence but nobody dared to complain of his abusive actuation as if the course was their own private personal course. I was a civilian and was playing at Fort Bonifacio Golf course(now the Fort commercial complex) only after I paid several thousand bucks for the playing right. Since then I stopped playing there but never forgotten this man who considered himself entitled to special treatment just because he was a high government official. He was just a Secretary. You can deduce how much more Marcos and everybody else in their camp was thinking of themselves during those dark days of Martial law.

      • saccharine0158

        hello sir. i was but a little toddler during the latter part of the martial law era; i still wasn’t capable of paying taxes then. i do understand where you are coming from, it’s normal to be annoyed at something like that.

        thank you for sharing your story; i have also experienced a similar incident with some government official as i often accompany my father when he plays golf. such do happen up to this day – government officials are still given preference over normal patrons/customers. i however wouldn’t be as quick to judge a person on account of one event.

  • rem zamora

    sana may photos accompanying the story

  • williamsor

    bakit nyo isisisi ke enrile yung martial law e ok nmn yung martial law dahil noon takot ang tao na gumawa ng krimen at ako na mahirap gusto ko ang martial law ni marcos! ang tinatamaan lang naman ng martial law nung araw e yung mga MAYAYAMAN NA SWAPANG na hanggang ngayon swapang p rin  at saka yung mga nag aambition na maging pulitiko rin na dahil kay marcos hindi sila makaupo… ngayon at nakaupo na sila ano ba nagawa nila sa gobyerno ng Pilipinas???  MAS PINALALA PA NILA ANG KRIMEN AT KAHIRAPAN! yan ang totoo!…..mga bulag kayo!  

    • magsasakasanayon

      obviously di ka nabuhay nung martial law years. dapat kang magpasalamat. kung umiiral pa rin ang martial law ngayon baka wala kang freedom na sabihin yang mga sinasabi mo ngayon.

      • williamsor


      • AllaMo


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2IVQ73OMP56ND6MOBMYGUXWR3I Wilson

    It  seems to me that Enrile has the intellectual and emotional equipment to  handle  the Corona impeachment trial. Setting his past association with the Marcos dictatorship aside, I think he ought to be commended for the seemingly good job he has done  so far. 

  • joe_rizal

    Buti pa sa pnahon ng Martial Law..ISA LANG ANG MAGNANAKAW.  Peru Ngayon..From the President down to Barangay Tanods ay…..puro yata magnanakaw..or…nag hihintay lang kung meron bang nanakawin…heheheheh

  • Mae20120225

    Hayaan nyo po akong i-share ang pagkakakilala ko kay Senator Juan Ponce Enrile.  My lolo told me a lot of good things about his friendship with the good Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and I witnessed how Senator Enrile values his friendship with my lolo.  When my lolo died Senator Enrile is the very first visitor who came to my lolo’s wake.  He came all the way to our Bario just to pay his last respect to my lolo.  Di ko po akalain na ang isang senador ay pupunta sa liblib na bario namin para lamang makiramay sa amin.  Hindi po mayaman ang lolo ko, pero para po pag ukulan ng isang Senador ng oras at panahon nya ako po kabilang ng aming pamilya ay labis na humanga kay Senator Enrile.  Indeed, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile is a man of heart.  Iyan po ang tunay na Juan Ponce Enrile may puso at nagpapahalaga sa kaibigan.

    • MarcyPulilan

      Mae20120225 – Malamang Lolo mo miyembro ng RAM o mga galamay nitong hampas lupang Enrile na ito. Kaya siguro nauna ang lolo mo dahil maraming pinagawang mali si Enrile sa kanya. Kilala rin si Enrile as a “Smiling Demon” . demonyo iyan na nakangiti. Mabait lang siya sa taong nagagamit niya. Walang bahind ng kabutihan itong si Johnny Rotten, kamag anak lang kasi ni Bibeth Orteza siya kaya nagsusulat ng ganyan.

      • Mae20120225

        Marcy, mabuti na lang may salitang “MALAMANG”, hindi po miyembro ng RAM lolo ko, di din po sya galamay ni Sen. Enrile.  Di rin po kami taga Cagayan (kung iniisip nyo), di rin po kami kamag anak ni Bibeth.  Kulang po ang pahina na ito para maipaliwanag ko sa inyo kung anong pag kakaibigan meron ang lolo ko at si Sen. Enrile. 

        Siguro kung di ko nakilala ang tunay na Sen. Enrile eh baka isa rin akong gaya mo, mapag bintang, mapang husga buti na lang isa akong pinalad na makilala ang tunay na Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile sa pamamagitan ng lolo ko.


  • 444mangyan888

    wow..!!! that’s all..??. will there be another piece about, say, much of Mang Johnny’s life..?? I hated this man for having been a marcos no1 guy (probably), for having amassed wealth and many buildings in makati (as they say)..,(siguro inggit lang ako..) pero..his genius really shines, and he never denied his being born out of wedlock -kahit na nuon pa. That made me think na pede siyang magkapuso para sa kapwa at bayan kasi nga galing talaga siya sa hirap. You did not write about the tales of the guy who tuttored wealthy children in his high school days ah..his sterling intelligence.. saka ang kanyang comparatively Marcos-like photographic memory that is still evident even at his present age. Matanda na din ata ako and i am sorry to GOD for having hated this man…those were the effects of whizzing bullets during our immersion days sa bundok siguro. But at this moment, i am saying a short, honest prayer to GOD that HE bless our senate president…with more years and kindness and love for our country…with absolute bias for truth (he is so capable of that..!!)..he has nothing else to lose anyway. By the way, i am not still a fan of JPE.

  • 444mangyan888

    Hope you can also write about the likes of Pepe Diokno, Soc Rodrigo, Lorenzo Tanada, Jovito Salonga…all politicians. But my kids need to read about how Filipinos can be honest, possess unquestionable integrity, impeccable service..etc. despite being into Philippine politics. At present, who can you write about among our politicians the can equal the likes i mentioned…??  err… maybe those who are in the Kaya Natin movement..la-ang siguro..

  • sacrebleau

    Thank you for a weak impeachment Court Enrile, for once you could have redeemed yourself for being Marcos’ butcher in the martial law days so you could be at peace in your twilight months, but no, masamang damo.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BMSQUIOZUHN6ZR2B3KA7Y7RC6Y Alex Leonidas

    Despite his undemocratic background, Enrile is arguably performing well in the impeachment trial. He is fair and he knows his law.

  • 444mangyan888

    nuong nakaburol si Ninoy, JPE was one of the first who went there…pero kinalampag ang kotse niya eh ..ewan ko if he was able to alight and went near to Ninoy’s casket. That spoke of the man…

  • riccardo80

    something wrong with the title should have been ” A Day in the Life….not A Life in the Day…”

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steady-Ready/1498773673 Steady Ready

      ‘A day in the life of JPE’ at ‘A life in a Day of JPE’ ay parehong tama na hindi magkapareho ang ibig pakahulugan. ‘A day in the life’ ay nagsasaad ng mga pangyayari sa isang araw sa buhay ng isang tao samantalang ‘A life in a day’ ay naglalayong ilahad ang buhay na ginagalawan, sa pagkakataon ito sa isang araw ni JPE.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYAZBOJYIUCRLWTYJBORBVTTOI boyfarmer

         Mukhang mas tama ang “A Day in the Life of”, isang araw sa buhay ni . . . . .  “A Life in the Day of”  or “may buhay sa araw ni” baligtad talaga pakinggan and it can pertain to a life of a living thing in his Day, not necessarily Enrile’s such as a house lizard in  his office.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RQTDK4CQFIH7OE6THRPVTOQE4Q Ness

    SEn Enrile mabuhay po kayo.. SAna bago kayo mag retiro maibalik nyo ang tiwala ng tao sa Judiciary system natin by letting no one lumabag sa rule of law at para sa bayan at hindi sa isang tao lang. Simula pa lang ayaw na ni pnoy ke CJ then nasundan pa ng Hac.. luis.. nag concetrate cya dyan also ke GMA nakalimutan na ang mga tao walang hanap buhay, etc. SAbi nya kayo boss ko bakit ayaw tantanan c CJ sa media pasaway showing cya ang boss.
    Paging Sen. Enrile baka ipa subpuena ng prosec.. with the help ng mga senador judges na walang dignidad (kiko,Gunggu..Trill,Drilon, Caye, Ang Osm.. )ang GOD para tumestigo. Sayang kulang parin ang boto nyo kahit isama pa c pnoy pwedi yun cya ang boss dba…c Valte n Lacerda, Ochoa, llamas , KKK pati yaya pwedi yan para maka 16 votes.

  • cristinajaganan

    Nice write up kaya lang bitin.  Sana meron pang kasunod.  As of now Senator Enrile is the man of the hour. Sana patuloy siyang maging fair.

  • rockinLeon

    Enrile is a terrible man in my book.

    He must be ousted.

    During the 46 years he’s been working for the government, he had been a confidant of Marcos from ’66 to ’86, and proceeded to change sides when necessary to survive–he turned his back against his master when he sensed the regime was about to fall. He was believed to be part of the coup d’etat with Gringo during the many attempts to overthrow the govt of Cory Aquino. (Ahem, that’s why he’s a little biased in the Corona hearing). Resentful of the fact that Cory Aquino became president, he immediately joined the opposition against her.

    He must be ousted.

    In his 20 years in the Senate, the man never once initiated a discussion in regards to the eradication of corruption. What I expect from these senators is to create a new robust plan through senate hearings on the alleviation of poverty, poverty caused by the government’s corruption. For instance, reform the corruption law because it’s obvious that many loopholes exist and hence it’s difficult to implement, as evident in the Corona case and other corrupt government officials’ cases.

    He must be ousted.

    What are his accomplishments in the Senate as a fourth term senator anyway? A presiding judge in an impeachment hearing does not impress me at all. He over-analyzes the case and lacks common sense at times.

    BTW, I don’t understand why these senators who are supposedly members of the JURY are acting like JUDGES in the Corona impeachment hearing. A jury and the judge have distinct functions in a trial proceedings…something is absolutely not correct. The function of the jury is to find the facts in a given case presented by the prosecution and defense, and the function of the judge is to clarify and interpret the law in reference to the evidence presented. Enrile and his cohorts are doing both functions. I was expecting an independent career judge to be presiding over he trial, not a jury senator. Can I say only in the Philippines?

    But one great thing about this man is he’s definitely a survivor and a master politician. He was able to survive as a politician for so long, and his talents lie in helping BRING RUIN TO THE PHILIPPINES. He has been part of the status quo for so long since the Marcos era. He is far from possessing the qualities of a good leader–A “good” leader must be innovative in helping the country dig itself out the hole corruption has created.

    Let the others who are actually qualified in fighting the ills of society to lead. He must be ousted.

  • Jose Maria Aquino

    Juanito Furuganan Ponce-Enrile  hate na hate kita!!!  Kung hindi dahil  sa yo matagal na sanang Komunista ang Pinas.  Wala na sanang CBCP at INC na mga pakialamero. Di bale ngayon babawi kami nandiyan na kasi si Noy na tuta namin.

    Hate u bang bang!


  • Ignacio150

     When Enrile supported the RAM in the latter years of the Marcos regime and eventually joined the coup it was a moment of conversion.

    Many heroes and saints lived  sinful and reckless lives.  But one moment of conversion where they decided to take the side of the good made them heroes and and saints.  To God that was more than enough.

    May Sen. Enrile who is now heading the Senate in the Impeachment Trial have a beatific moment of conversion and take the side of the good.  The Philippine Constitution and laws  that are the very foundation of society are being attacked and ruthlessly violated by a spoiled juvenile  in Malacanang.  May Sen. Enrile defend the Constitution and laws with all his hear, mind and life.


    • MarcyPulilan

      Ignacio150, Enrile did not join RAM, he founded it through his super alalay Gringo Honasan. All the modern equipment from RAM came from Enrile including the plot to oust Marcos and make himself president. When the plot was discovered by Marcos,  that is when he started the EDSA revoultion. He was actually saving himself as an act of desperation because Marcos is going to deal with him. In a stroke of luck, the people perceived that he was doing it for the country. There was no conversion, it was self preservation.The Uzi guns and the Galil rifles with the modern communicaitons equipement came from the Ministry of Defense. RAM is just a product of the plot of Enrile to be president of the Philippines. He is no heor. He is a selfish Bstard trying to preserve himself and his accumulated wealth.

      • marimalo

        tama ka. saka noong panahon ni cory gusto niyang agawin ang malacanang.

  • Malik62

    The way I see the present bureaucratic  equation right now is:  Senate+Judiciary vs Executive.  I wonder which side will the AFP and PNP take?  With the way the Executive accommodate the Communist right now, the answer seems obvious.

  • http://twitter.com/vahnjacob Vanessa Jacob

    i didn’t know much about Senator Enrile till the impeachment of CJ Corona came up! Now, I can really say that I am a fan of Manong Johnny. Manong Johnny is a great and admirable man, indeed!

    • magsasakasanayon

      hey. he’s great and admirable, indeed. just ask those who were raped and tortured by enrile’s thugs during the martial law years.

      • williamsor


      • magsasakasanayon

        sorry, i won’t stoop down to your level. mukhang natuto ka lang magbasa at sumulat at itinigil mo na ang pag-aaral. touche.

    • AllaMo


  • Karabkatab

    What now Manong?  You have the wealth, health and a good write up of your life.  You were once a witness to one of the country’s darkest chapters in history.  With your sharp memory recall, we believe those treacherous passages of our timeline are still vivid in you mind. Before you bid goodbye to this world, we hope you will leave a legacy of redemption to this nation you once tried to foresake…

  • Karabkatab

    “A Lie Often Told Enough Becomes the TRUTH”…..accdg. to Lenin

  • Just_JT

    What the story did not tell is that Juanito’s mother was the lavandera of Alfonso during the latter’s soiree in Isabela.  Juanito’s father was an ‘atchay-killer’ during his time.

    And the reason why of all the illegitimate children of Alfonso, why did he single out Juanito whom he knew little about aside from being his son, in bringing to his house where his legitimate family lives.

    • http://twitter.com/ernestonoel1 hopelovefaith

      yes, I agree that the question about why Juanito was singled out among Alfonso’s bastards is nagging.

      the writer is just out to promote a sweet story about enrile.  the writer will not reveal any thing to tarnish the image of Juanito.  some details were left out intentionally.

  • http://twitter.com/ernestonoel1 hopelovefaith

    juanito enrile is like an empty can.  he already sold  his soul to the devil.  he does not work for the filipinos. 
    he may be smart and knowledgeable only to serve and glorify himself.  i have yet to see his actions benefit the filipino people.

  • noreligionhavefaith

    this guy does NOT have a life. he should be enjoying his retirement years and spend time with his family,  instead, he succumbs to the GREED and hunger of power!

    • jclarendo

      Mr. Enrile the architech of Martial Law PD 1081. Did you know that Enrile is also the architech of deforestation of Samar? Kinalbo niya ang Samar at ang mga kahoy ay binenta niya sa mga European.

  • MarcyPulilan

    This is Bibeth Orteza’s bid to become a propagandist. How to make a demon look human. But the sad thing is no matter how good a story is about a bad man, the bad will always stand out. JPE is a bad character in Philippine history no matter who or what is said about him. The bad things he has doen to the Philippines is still being felt by those who are hungry, persecuted and suffering. No amount of good words can fix the damage he has done to the Philippines. And he should be remembered in the likes of Marcos, Ramos, Estrada and Arroyo (GMA). May our kids and the future Filipinos not emulate them for the sake of our future generations.

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    What is this for? Repackaging the Enriles? If they want redemption, they should go in front of the people, confess their crimes and ask for forgiveness.

  • http://twitter.com/mega_chat mega chat

    I always thought that Senate Pres Enrile is sexist. I always hear him saying “he,” “his,” or “him,” never using the female pronoun. My thinking was confirmed when he didn’t allow the striking out from the records of the sexist statement uttered at the impeachment trial by Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano’ that went something like: “Kalalaki naming tao, makikinig kami sa tsismis.” Even Cayetano’s senator-sister Pia objected to this statement during the session. Alan had a hard time wiggling himself out of his sexist statement. And fellow sexist Enrile had to back him up. Sad.

  • Jazzeroo

    This man was a terrorist who sowed fear in the hearts of law abiding Filipinos who dared to speak-out against martial law and Marcos.
    He can hide underneath all that pomp and ritual with robes to match in the senate and presiding over the mockery of it all, but he cannot run away from himself.

    He is still a criminal just like the company he kept and there is no justice for his victims. This propaganda is adding insult to injury.

    • marimalo

      you got it right.tumbok na tumbok mo.corrupt na, balimbing pa.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYAZBOJYIUCRLWTYJBORBVTTOI boyfarmer

       If Enrile and Ramos were not in the Marcos government, there will not be persons who could lead the country out of Marcos rule. God has given them that destiny.

  • Guest

    If this man decides to take the side of Gloria and Corona because of money, the people will not forgive him this time and will exact justice based on what he has done as martial law henchman of Marcos.

    The way he suppresses the truth now, he has not learn his mistakes and I think the history will not forgive him. Maybe his conscience has become worn-out and useless because of past sins.

    I hope I am mistaken, for God always forgives a remorseful person. Is he a remorseful person? You answer it yourself.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYAZBOJYIUCRLWTYJBORBVTTOI boyfarmer

       Yes, you are mistaken. Enrile has redeemed himself.

  • Odyi


  • pepengkabayo

    “If you aspire to be a TRIAL LAWYER, Master the Rules of Evidence.
    Gain the habit of knowing thoroughly the facts of every case you handle.
     Learn the technique of cross-examination by heart…Enrile said per advice of Dewitt, his father senior partner.”

    I hope the House Prosecution Team read this advice of Enrile.
    Enrile’s getting stressed by these young lawyers and affecting his health.

    For now, these Young House Prosecution Lawyers with Tupaz in this Impeachment of Corona cannot be considered
    as TRIAL LAWYERS yet but they are still TRIAL AND ERROR LAWYERS.

    • Roose Bolton

      Birth pains of the first impeachment trial without a chief justice presiding beside the senate president.

  • http://www.facebook.com/melemino Max Elemino

    After reading the story of life of JPE ones, i want to read it again and again. There is no other words to say except we are lucky to have a person like JPE. MORE POWER AND GOD BLESS HIM ALWAYS.

    • Mae20120225

      Tunay po na mabuting tao si Sen. Enrile, na witnessed ko po yan nun namatay ang lolo ko.

  • zidyay

    Ms. Orteza is a nice person but not JPE. He was the executioner of Marcos and would have been executed himself if he didn’t turned around. He was lucky the people gave him second chance because he separated ways from his boss. No amount of face lifting will remove the fact that he gained his wealth using his influence and power while working as one of  loyal implementors of Marcos decrees and orders.He faked his ambush to allow Marcos put our nation under martial rule and he continued faking his decisions up to taoday to keep himself in position. This man deserves no trust of anybody who has respect on himself.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6LVAN7WBZHVKDAY7A65MB4V34I Rolando

      This is what separates God from man: We are lucky God gives us innumerable chances to amend and atone for our sins.

    • Pinoy_Reich

       Even Jesus appoints a murderer as his disciple so don’t judge the man by his past, judge his current action instead. We may judge a man’s work as evil but we aught not judge the man as evil for only God has the final word of that.

      • agaylaya

        Placed in proper context…we can forgive but we will never forget.

      • Pinoy_Reich

        You can only have real forgiveness for someone when you are able to ‘forget’ the emotional pain that they have caused to you in the past. As long as pain still holds your heart there will be no forgiveness but only anger.

      • agaylaya

        “..forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sinned against us…..” that is what makes real forgiving so difficult because we can not forget..there is no delete button in our heads to do that and yet we are called upon to forgive.

      • Pinoy_Reich

        That’s because you have not forgiven even God Himself sir. Ultimately all pains and sufferings are cause by God. If in your heart you believe you had been unjustly wrong by fate sir, try to pray to God without hiding your anger. Swear and curse Him like you would to a friend that had betrayed you in your prayers. There’s a difference in cursing and swearing at God out of hopelessness and pain than with pride.

  • http://twitter.com/robustgrowth robustgrowth

    a life worth  emulating

  • http://twitter.com/TUBAGBOHOLcom TUBAGBOHOL.com

    Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

  • Artemio Piquero

    May this Satan’s disciple die soon.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYAZBOJYIUCRLWTYJBORBVTTOI boyfarmer

       Watch your mouth, Enrile might go to heaven and you to perdition

    • williamsor

      baka mauna ka p matodas

  • http://twitter.com/ernestonoel1 hopelovefaith

    who needs enrile’s smart and knowledgeable tricks if he uses them for his self-serving purposes.
    what has he done and given to the filipinos that are worth writing for in philippine history. 
    your bravado meant nothing to the common filipino unless it is contributing to better his life.  are you helping us eradicate corruption?  did you reveal what your role was during the marcos regime?  why were the people fearful of your character during marcos era?  why did we feel that you were one with them during the marcos regime?
    you can keep your skill and knowledge in the courtroom.  it means nothing to the filipinos.

  • neverwint3r

    i agree with many people here, enrile’s martial law role shrouded in secrecy. he doesn’t want to talk about it and just evades questions.

    why doesn’t he come clean? i’m sure if he has nothing to hide then he heas nothing to fear

    his life has wildly diverged from being the martial law implementor to hero of edsa and now head of impeachment court. that’s the mystery of enrile.

  • tarikan

    A day in the life of Juan Ponce Enrile…instead of “A Life in the Day of Juan Ponce Enrile”. You may ask why, Ms. Bibeth? It was the day the staged ambush took place and few days later the dreaded martial law was declared. Where were you Ms. Bibeth, too young to remember? Or it is just convenient to not remember? He is in the limelight now and shining, your uncle in-law, but he has been in the limelight before although not particularly praiseworthy like “dagdag bawas” (forever attached to his name) and Mr. Balimbing. You take the algebraic summ of the pluses & minuses, he is in the negative.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYAZBOJYIUCRLWTYJBORBVTTOI boyfarmer

       We have to leave the past behind. The Enrile we have now is different and his political fortune is unexpectedly soaring due to his fair handling of the impeachment trial while the mastermind of this impeachment, Noynoy is going down and self destructing.

      Enrile, whatever his shortcomings were, has redeemed himself. A simple twist of fate. . .

  • Faith Diao

    This thug should not be romantIcized even by his daughter-in-law. What good is inherited money taken from oppressed people.

    This author will forever be known as the one who sold her trade for money…and the word is prostituting her journalist-profession.

  • PHtaxpayer

    He’s the biggest hypocrite and a traitor to his former boss Marcos.  He should be put out to pasture then investigated for smuggling in his province.  He’s one reason why the PH is in a sorry state that it is.  We need young idealistic Senators and Congressmen to steer this country towards a more progressive and modern economy, not to merely maintain the status quo and be a servant to the superpowers.  Does anyone in Congress even have the balls to say the PH can be #1?  

  • Eonron Haydon

    A scumbag!

  • nennen12345

    the most important thing enrille changed his ways while still on earth. that is why God is telling us to repent while there is still time otherwise we will be judged according to what we have done.

  • online777

    Grabeng ang bi bitter nyo mga teh!

  • online777

    Correct! Everybody deserved a second change. Kung makabato sila parang ala silang dirt sa sarili. Whether we like it or yes, Enrile has already made his name among Filipinos, good or bad.

  • Bayabas San

    I agree with Artemio Piquero:

    May this Satan’s disciple die soon.

  • averagejuan

    Sen. Enrile may be a smart guy, but he’s also got an ego to match.  He has already helped shaped the country’s history, for bettter or worse.  He should give way to the younger generation (and not necessarily his kin).  Take a breather Mr. Senator.  Enjoy your grandkids.  Leave the politicking to those who have a longer stake in the way the country is governed.  And one last thing … why did you back off of chasing Bobby Ongpin and his dubious financial transactions?  You don’t owe him anything.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Juanito-Jenisan/100002930481159 Juanito Jenisan

    He is really brilliant  this country needs more like him 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Juanito-Jenisan/100002930481159 Juanito Jenisan

    Mabuhay si Senate President  Juan Ponce Enrile  as an Impeachment Court Presiding Judge  MABUHAY!!!

  • Bayabas San

    His greed for power and to perpetuate his evil ways continues even at the departure area. He continues to uphold thuggery in government.

  • tata_boy

    Sana ibalik ni JPE iyong pera sa kaban ng bayan, tabla na tayo.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

    I am still baffled as to why the Inquirer allowed Bibeth Orteza, the daughter-in-law of Armida Siguion-Reyna, to write this story. This is a blatant violation of media ethics and a rotten public relations/political campaign article! ANG DAMING KINURAKOT NI ENRILE, PERO PINAPOGI SIYA NG HUSTO NI BIBETH SA ARTIKULONG ITO! I remember how Enrile bribed the reporters in the Senate when I was still a beat reporter during the Estrada administration. He assigned her secretary Jane to distribute the bribe money to the members of the Senate Press Corps. At that time, there was a Senate hearing on the alleged rigging of bids for the installation of electrical infrastructure of LRT. Siemen-Mitsui, one of the bidders that lost the bid gave $200 million to Enrile to call for the hearing.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

    Ah, kaya pala naisulat sa front page ng Inquirer eh dahil kaibigan ni Bibeth Orteza yung anak ni Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc (PDI editor-in-chief) na si Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala! Tsk-tsk-tsk.

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