An eyewitness or Justice Sereno testifying could save prosecution, says Santiago


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HOW TO SAVE PROSECUTION Senator-judge Miriam Santiago says it would help the prosecution if they could convince Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno to testify against Chief Justice Corona. Video by's Cathy Miranda

MANILA, Philippines—Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago on Thursday said the prosecution still has a chance to save their case amid their continuous booboos in the impeachment trial proceedings if they present a surprise witness or if they convince Supreme Court Associate Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno to testify.

In a chance interview with the media minutes before the trial of on Wednesday, Santiago was asked how the prosecution could salvage the situation they are in.

Santiago said: “Kung mayroon silang surprise witness for example (If they have a surprise witness).”

“Especially an eyewitness to what is being testified upon. That’s the important thing. Problem is wala silang eye-witness. Puro sila circumstantial evidence. (The problem is they don’t have eyewitness. All they have is circumstantial evidence),” Santiago said.

The prosecution has been continuously receiving flak from senator-judges, particularly from Santiago and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile during trials.

She added that Justice Secretary Leila de Lima’s testimony on Wednesday’s hearing is not admissible.

“The testimony of the justice secretary, as I will bring up later, is hearsay, it is not admissible, she is not testifying based on her own personal knowledge but her testimony is based on the dissenting opinion of Justice Sereno,” Santiago said.

When asked whether it would be better for the prosecution to have Justice Sereno herself testify before the impeachment court, Santiago said: “Just to answer your hypothetical question if the justice herself testifies, that will of course, bolster the case of the prosecution.”

The statement came a day after De Lima came as the prosecution’s first witness for their presentation on Article 7 or Corona’s alleged betrayal of public trust for his partiality in ruling on the temporary restraining order which allowed former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her husband, Jose Miguel, to leave the country. Likewise, the prosecution team said that Corona allegedly used his position as the chief justice and tampered with the ruling of the Supreme Court en banc on the TRO.

During her testimony, under direct examination of the prosecution, De Lima kept referring to Sereno’s dissenting opinion on the Supreme Court’s en banc decision on TRO which stated that the resolution issued did not bear the decision voted upon by the justices in their hearing.

The prosecution initially wanted to subpoena several members of the Supreme Court however, the Senate, acting as the impeachment court, denied the request since the judiciary and the legislative are co-equal branches of government.

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  • Padre Agaton

    kung hindi pwede si tumestigo si sereno…baka pwede syokoy na lang.

    her say, hearsay, hayyy buhayyyyy!

    • morale_reform

      palagay ko parekoy pwede tumistigo ang butiki na present during that time… d naman cguro saklaw ang mga hayop sa pinagbawalan na d pwedeng tumistigo.  Kelangan lg prosecution eh hanapin ang nasabing butiki at magkaron lg ng interpreter… TAPOS!

      • Padre Agaton

        oo nga.

        yung gate nga ni bolet banal ipapa-subpeona rin para malaman kung talagang doon nakasiksik yung dokumneto ng psbank na natagpuan daw niya bago siyasatin ang psbank account ni corona.

        si small lady walang pag-asang ma-subpoena…bunga lang kasi siya ng imahisnayon ni umali. pwede pa sana kung white lady…sa balete drive meron.

      • merner

        hahaha nakakatawa talaga ang ginagawa ng prosecution, di ba? itong si de lima maski alam nya na di pede ang kanyang sasabihin, talagang gusto lang pumapel. . .very clear ang kanyang motive as she is aspiring to become a senator or perhaps a CJ, nakakarimarim!!!!!  We all know that the prosecution don’t have the evidence to pin down Corona. . .puro kayabangan para may exposure sa tv!! TALAGANG MAKAKAPAL ANG MUKHA AT SINUNGALING!! may small lady, meron nglagay sa garahe, di naman tayo ganun kabobo di ma-analyze ang mga kabulastugan nila!!! mga bwisit talaga lalo na ang TUPAK na yan!!!!

  • albert13

    The prosecution initially wanted to subpoena several members of the Supreme Court however, the Senate, acting as the impeachment court, denied the request since the judiciary and the legislative are co-equal branches of government.

    The morality challenged judges including one brain damaged (brenda) prevented the prosecution from presenting Justice Sereno and then blame them for not presenting an admissible witness? Moro – moro na yata ito. Time for people to do the impeachment themselves.

    • boyfarmer

       hindi moro moro, ayaw mo lang intindihin ang proceso ng rules of court. direct evidence ang kelangan o personal knowledge ng witness. Second hand knowledge ang testimony ni  de lima. she is not competent to vouch for the information she stated in the impeachment court. Si serena ang dapat mag testify personal knowledge nya ung sinabi ni de lima, gets mo na ba? At hindi puedeng ipa sumon ng senate ang mga justices as they are independent co equal body, insulto sa justices ang sumon, voluntary lang silang mag testify, puede pa,  on there own free will and volition.

    • boyfarmer

       what you mean “people to do the impeachment themselves”? you mean people power? it will just fizzle off if you try  people power, another kahihiyan ng prosecution at ni Pnoy. Mag people power kang mag isa mo

      • albert13

        @boyfarmer, i understand. kasi naaamoy na ng buong bayan ang power mo. kalamansi lang at tawas ang kailangan diyan.

      • bahaykubo1015

        Of course boyfarmer, albert13 talks like P-Noy, Lamierda and cohorts…”people” means “PNoy”

    • Sgt_sa_Yellow_Army

      May instances na allowable ang hearsay evidence, like impeachment sabi ni Enrile.
      congrats to Sen. Brenda on her able lawyering for the defense. Trato
      nya sa kapwa senators nya, mga tanga na maniniwala sa kanya porke claim
      nya sya ang pinakamagaling na lawyer in that room.  Her own interpretation of the laws and the rules are hers alone. Other lawyers and other senators would have their own views.

  • kruger

    Now, it’s up to Sereno to proceed in her own volition to the Impeachment tribunal and state what she knows about Corona’s shenanigans!

    She will never be subpoenaed by the Senate but she can go there on her own free will!

    Let’s see what happens next!


    pag tumayo testigo, kay sereno tayo!

  • joboni96

    the senators are still using
    criminal court rules

    in an impeachment court

    pavlovian conditioning of
    senators who are lawyers
    followed blindly by
    senators who are not lawyers?

  • Hernando

    palagi na lang itong si brenda at si manong JPE ang nag bibigay ng komenta na obviously ay bias for the defense , nasaan ang mga ibinoto namin na sa akala namin ay ipakikipaglaban ang karapatan ng maraming pilipino … lalo na kay escudero na surprisingly napakatahimik … 

  • pinakatagotago

    it’s interesting when justice sereno would accede to the prosecution’s wishful thinking move. 

    after coming out and perhaps speak against the majority of SCs, i wonder how it feels like for justice sereno being the seemingly oddball among SC justices.i can safely presume, outside the bar, justice sereno easily finds sympathetic yellow-minded horde to prop her. inside SC, she will probably be considered the black sheep.i think that’s just healthy. the pros and cons in our justice system. but to the point of looking like a lackey of malacanang, she is just going in the direction of the CJ she loves to hate. 

  • Fulpol

    isang SC Justice maging witness sa kaso?? ano klaseng circus yan??


  • Avtar Singh

    Did I HEar “OCCUPY”???? 

  • Hey_Dudes

    There is a resolution recently issued by the supreme court barring any of it’s employees to appear before the impeachment court.  I even heard a while ago a letter read by senator Sotto of 2 drivers of the supreme court subpoenaed by the impeachment court to disregard?  I don’t know if associates Sereno and Carpio need to get a permit from Corona before they can attend – if they will attend or is it proper for them to attend.

  • sugbu

    Pride can really cause some heartache !

  • goldilock

    Numerous pieces of  circumstantial  evidence all pointing in the same directions results to a specific conclusion that is quite reliable. The probability of the conclusion being accurate is indeed very accurate than to being totally  false. When you have circumstantial evidence pointing to a real evidence, then a subpoena will verify the correctness. Circumstantial evidence is acceptable.

    • James Liston

      Yes it can stick but the kind of circumstantial evidence the prosecution has is weak. It cannot stand on court that’s why it was ruled out as ‘hearsay’. But it was retained in the records… the reason being can serve both as academic lecture for future lawyers on how to deal on hearsay or to keep the testimony for future references when they will make the decision.

      But then again, more often than not, justices will not relay on dissenting opinion to make rulings. What I get from De Lima was.. she believes is above the SC. She might be right but at the end of the day, the constitution will say that the SC is the highest authority of the land in legal and judicial matters. It is the same as the president is the commander-in-chief of all military affairs. 

      I am just saddened that people are spending millions everyday for this while the rest of the country is sleeping with empty stomach. I am now much hesitant even to invest back to my own country given the instability of the economic affairs there.  

      • goldilock

        You can’t invest in a country with corrupt officials. They’ll cut you in many pieces from commission, gifts its their birthday, you have big profits so they must have a cut too, claim that the gift certificate comes from you but actually it comes from the project money, they have a party and need some cash, some carry receipts of your company for them to write anything on it.  This is happening in many different levels. Why it is happening? The head of the department is corrupt plus there is one law that promotes it. Section 8. ra 6246 and other secrecy law promotes criminal enterprise. All corruption becomes a secret between you and the officials. The corruption is golden and untouchable with section 8 ra 6246.

        Section 8 ra 6246 must be amended to allow law enforcers to scrutinize all records. With circumstantial evidence pointing to corrupt practices, finish the proceedings and say whatever is the decision. There should be individual opinion required to all Senators. As a public trustee, they must put it in writing so the people can see how and their Senator is doing.

  • sugbu

    Be careful of what you wished for,Madam Santiago !

  • Bert

    Meriam’s lecture to the DUMB Prosecution is well deserved. 

  • arjoedeg

    De-lima was just saved by Jpe “by declaring hearsay can be accepted in the impeachment court” from further embarrassment but ultimately her testimony was rubbish.

    Now Miriam is stating that if the prosecution can come up with a surprise witness like Sereno, they can still have a chance in article 7. I doubt if Miriam is saying this to help the prosecution because I think this is just a bait for Sereno to sit in the witness stand and like other witnesses, she will be grilled and embarrassed live on TV. She will be asked tons of questions and it will end up that she was the one who is biased in favor of Pnoy. Poor Sereno if she will take the challenge. I can’t wait for that time to happen, it would be very very interesting.

    • pinakatagotago

      i say let her take santiago’s challenge so her truth will be pried out in the open. 

    • cion

      Well, let her take the bait, and let us  see the showdown between Sen. Miriam Santiago and Jusitce Sereno .

      • arjoedeg

        It would be more interesting if Lacierda and Pnoy will say something as well in the witness stand. hmmm! I wonder what would they say and how would the defense team and the senator/judges will treat them.

      • jedawi

        and so with corona and the wife

    • Sgt_sa_Yellow_Army

      Well, Sereno is the equal of Cuevas in terms of brains. And certainly better than Miriam. But it’s no guarantee that Miriam, Corona’s other lawyer, won’t harass her though, 

      • arjoedeg

        Even if you said that Sereno can equalize Cuavas intelligence (I doubt if she could as Cuavas is miles away in terms of experience) Sereno will be in the witness stand and will just answer questions from the examiner, as you said, it won’t be just Cuevas. She won’t have a chance to ask questions and will just follow the examiner’s lead. I think she will be berated and will look pitiful in the witness stand and I’ll feel sorry for her if that happen.

  • 1longMinute

    ang pangit tignan at marinig na kahit mga exec officials ay binabalewala na lang ang batas. delekado ang trend ng ganitong pagiisip . . . kahit pa gano kaganda ang hangarin ay hindi magandang ehemplo sa publiko na sumuway sa saligang batas.

  • dikoy321

    Miriam said Justice Sereno can testify.  Why then did the Senate reject the prosecution’s request to subpoena Justice Sereno and some other justices?

    • anonymous

      dikoy, it was out of courtesy as co equal branch of government. Sereno can testify out on her own will. But she can’t be forced to.

  • bahaykubo1015

    Si Tupac palpac magrere-sign na ba?

  • Meetong

    Article 7 … Hearsay????!

  • Judas

    almost 2 months in the making until now they have no evidence or witnesses who can turn down the podum of the court…even Sereno will go up and testify against the chief Justice that is a conflict of interest…even carpio will testify and villanueva also they have a conflict of interest even SEC. JUSTICE. DELEMA…who wants to become CJ when they outs CJ CORONA…if all the justice come out…kanino mas marami ARROYO Appointees they have 8 of them…what if those 8 come out to testify against P-NOY about the Hacienda Luisita…sino matatalo….just save our nation not just your self interest…

    • I Love This game

      Hahaha! No EVIDENCE? LOL! There is ENOUGH EVIDENCE…WE are not blind like you! Looked up! There is someone looking us from above…….Peace be with you!

      • Ajoeroooo

        tanga!!!! anong evidencia yung napanood mo sa tv??? cge nga magtestify ka tignan mo kung may silbe ka!!! boba!!!!

  • jeff

    i just can’t understand why the prosecutors thru the impeachment court cannot 
    invite (not summon). or request the supreme court for clarification regarding the 
    dissenting opinion of justice sereno.

    While it is expected that chef corona, the tagapagluto ng TRO ni gloria/mike, will 
    order sereno to defy the invitation, at least it will be on record that the 
    supreme court indeed refuses. As such, it will be up to the senators-judges to 
    interpret based on their honest judgement the facts contained in the official 
    dissenting opinion of sereno.

    Something will be very wrong in our justice system, should the facts stated in the 
    dissenting opinion be put to no use at all.

  • al gero

    delima call the attention of judges to sereno’s issenting opinoin, whether she is present or not, the best of it was that she was able to call the attention of the senator judges to the fact that there has been manuvering in the SC, it vcannot be denied for if there is nothing such thing that happened, the super 8 could have questioned it, but hey never did.a hearsya to the lawyers due to the rulings that want to serve but not to the common peole that uses common sense to weight the fitness of the CJ to the position he is dying to stay.CJ should have an unblemish integrity to occupy that position, a doubt in his character will make the people doubt his capacity to function fairly.just doubt on his character will make his decisions doubtful.JUST DOUBTING.

    • cion

      CJ Corona just like every other Filipino citizen has every right  which  entitles him to prove himself of his innocense in the proper venue and that is the court.. Filipinos by majority are known to believe in hearsay (tsismis) and it’s sad to say that everyone is guilty of being judgmental.Is there a perfect person at all, nobody is perefect,perfect. as this President and their corrupt cohorts are trying to pose themselves like they are really on the straight path”Daang Matuwid” when their action doesn’t justify it,. at all.They have their own set of rules (Defy the LAW)

  • cion

    All Supreme Court Justices cannot be compelled to testify in the ongoing Impeachment trial of CJ Corona and it was voted upon by all Senator-Judges during the impeachment trial.due to very grave consequences of encroaching  into their independence  as co-equal branch body of the government.which can lead to a Constitutional crisis.

  • 2rey3

    Absurd speculation with due respect ang mga kritiko ni PNoy na delikado ang plan B..The people, it is  we ourselves will mAke it known to the senators if ever who vote for acquittal our great disapproval! PNoy need not call for our reactions. Common sense based on the facts presented by the prosecution alone tell us that Corona either lied or was proven incompetent in filing his SALN and so why if ever did the senate decide to retain him when he is not fit to be trusted as the head of the court of last resort of the land? Of course am very sure that PNoy is the leader who does not fencesit on a matter such as this that goes to the core of his battlecry kung walang corrupt walang mahirap! Sinungaling at di mapagkatiwalaan ang Chief Justice, paano mahihinto ang katiwalian kung siya mismo ay tiwali???

  • Judas

    dessenting opinion is merely the opinion of the minority of a group meaning kontra partido ayaw yung gusto mo kaya magsusumbong ka sa boss mo kay LAILA DELEMA na ikanta mo sa senado itong kanta kong ito…kumanta nga na hindi naman sya yung song writer yan PUMIYOK dinagdagan na lang….Lets wait the defense to lay down their evidence…doon tayo manghusga kung sino tama at sino ang mali… umiiyak nnaman itong si Gonzales at DEL MONTE…kung di namin sya maiimpeach ngayon iimpeach namin sya ulit next year aba humirit pa mga KULU KOY…magtrabaho na nga kayo amyendahan nyo yung ginawa nyo na batas about the FCDA rules na kung sakaling manalo kayo next year sa election iimpeach nyo ulit si CJ,..masisilip nyo na DOLLAR account nya…

    • Sgt_sa_Yellow_Army

      you dimwit. typical corona defender.
      the opinion has two parts. 1. the opinion opposing the view of the majority. 2. the part narrating the irregularities that happened in the issuance of the TRO. on the 2nd part she was not contradicted by the majority. it’s the 2nd part that’s the substance of article 7 of the impeach complaint.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Why on earth will associate justice Sereno come to the impeachment court to shed light on her dissenting opinion on the GMA TRO flee the country attempt of Corona-Arroyo team duo?  With the manner the lead judge becoming more favorable to the sleazebag Corona, she will no doubt be branded by Engineer Cuevas as an irrelevant, immaterial and bogus witness?  Who knows even Juan Ponce Enrile may regard her opinion being mere hearsay!  It boggles the mind after 9 years of Jessica James and her gang of thieves in Malacanan drying up the nation’s coffers, there are still Filipinos out there not yet tired of the same corrupt and thieving system of the past. Wala na yata talaga tayong patutunguhan.

  • randyaltarejos

    I don’t think the will of the people will not be considered a “hearsay” if CJ Corona is acquitted by the impeachment court.

  • randyaltarejos

    I think what Senator Trillanes had suggested in Day 23 of the impeachment trial was practical. He wanted Associate Justice Lourdes Sereno to just answer a questionnaire from the impeachment court, instead of asking her to voluntarily sit in the witness stand. This is a clear way of corroborating the statements made by DOJ Secretary De Lima on the dissenting opinions penned by Sereno on the TRO that may have allowed former President Arroyo to flee the country even prior to the start of a preliminary investigation that would find out her culpability to election frauds.

  • joeldcndcn

    sen santiago, ma’am, shut your bigmouthing up now, and go for the ICJ, and let’s see how you can stand with those european members of the ICJ, let’s  see how you will pass their “taste” HA, HA, HA! ang dami mo’ng “tikal”, ma’am?

  • vestrevistal

    Unless a witness or Sereno herself testifies, the testimony of De Lima is inadmissible. Of course Santiago knows the SC has taken a stand not to allow its members to testify thus her position to protect corona is secure.Besides, the senator-judges are flip-flopping;one day they’ll tell us that the IC is not trying a criminal case, yet they themselves are aiding the defense to cover the truth by being too stringent in allowing the revelation of more truth about the actuation of the respondent.Why can’t they subpoena Sereno if they believed the IC is not supposed to be subservient to the SC?

  • Sgt_sa_Yellow_Army

    May instances na allowable ang hearsay evidence, like impeachment sabi ni Enrile.
    Anyway, congrats to Sen. Brenda on her able lawyering for the defense. Trato nya sa kapwa senators nya, mga tanga na maniniwala sa kanya porke claim nya sya ang pinakamagaling na lawyer in that room.

  • kilabot

    here’s a wise advice to the bungling prosecution. in the name of pnoy’s makitid na isip, este daan, pnoy asks sereno and carpio to make a sacrifice and resign from the sc so both can make a no-holds-barred testimony in the impeachment trial. then we’ll see if their testimonies will hold water.

    sereno and carpio don’t have to worry because pnoy can always reinstate them if they win the case. if the cj is acquitted, being jobless is a small price they have to pay for their loyalty to pnoy whom they idolized.

    sereno and carpio resign now!

  • kaAndresBonfuego

    Ay sayang credible na sana ang testimony ni Leila de Limas, kaya lang eh second hand pala ang information niya di niya mismong narinig at nakita. Samakatuwid ay Hearsay,hahahaha, sa susunod pumunta kaya siya sa en banc session ng SC.PARA MAKA LIMAS NG INFORMATION.HEHEHE.

  • gwen balili

    Dapat si pnoy ang e-impeach dahil 10 M na pinoy ay jobless .. 2 years na si abnoy naka upo.. parang si OBAMA.. puro salita walang nagawa

    • hobbit

      gwen ang unemployment rate ng pinas ay bunga ng mismanagement ng nakaparami ng administrasyon mula pa kay marcos. Maalis man o hindi si corona o kahit pa si Pnoy nadyan pa rin yan hangat merong mali sa napakaraming patakaran ng gobyerno. Kahit pa sino ilagay mo sa pwesto kahit siguro ang idol mong si Corona nadyan pa rin yang unemployment, poverty at mass migration ng ating labor force. Di dapat si Pnoy o si Obama sisihin mo, kundi ang deka dekadang maling sa mga economic policies ng mga gobyernong America man o Pilipinas. Pakilawakan lang po ng pag-iisip.

    • webspiker

      gwen, ikaw at ang lahat ng gaya mong napakagaling ang tunay na SALOT ng lipunan. Sobrang imburnal ang utak. Mga taong hindi alam ang mga sinasabi pero taas ang noo dahil hindi nila nare-realize ang sobra nilang katangahan!

  • Marlyn Devera

    The dissenting opinion of Sereno is also no weight because it is not the majority.

    One example of Sereno’s dissenting opinion is Cojuanco-Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita will receive a just compensation of 20 billion pesos from taxpayer’s money. pero dahil isa lang syang may opinion na ganun tinalo sya ng majority which will be computed in assessed value in 1989.

    So I’m challenging Sereno to testify at tiyak kong gigisahin sya ni Atty Cuevas.

    • kapitanBagwis

       Dissenting opinion means “disenteng opinyun”….the majority opinions in favor of the TRO giving chance to GMA to leave the country and escape trial…..hindi disente po yun

      • vodden

        sana ikaw na lang ang naging cj sa supreme court para napagsabihan mo yong ibang justice na wag pumabor sa tro.

    • Rey



  • webspiker

    CONCLUSION: Thief Corona is a very honorable man with unquestionable integrity.

    Pu… na ninyong lahat na mga kawatan! Pinapalusot ninyong tama ang mali.

  • bert

    Sana noon pa, bago mag take oath back in 2010, naging gentlemen na sila.. “sorry buddy, I could not really convince myself for you to be there, why can’t we simply discuss negotiate conditions for you to step aside meanwhile?  this could have been the dialogue sana.

  • Rod

    “Tampering”. That is something. That is something that could be serious. I think the senator is using the right word for the allegation of Sec de Lima.

    The Supreme Court, as the directly aggrieved party, should have been the first that
    complained against this and not Sec de Lima. May hindi tama sa pang amoy. Strange.

    We have heard that reported in media before. Bakit hindi sumabog noon? Inimagine ko na lang na, if indeed there were notations or “tampering”, then the notations, for some reasons only they know, must have been concurred.

    The TRO documents are there. The signatures are there and the people concerned are around. Hard matter. Real. I think the documents speak for themselves.

  • juanito_magallon

    Question? De Lima is a lawyer herself. She knows that she has no personal knowledge of the things that she will we telling the Impeachment court, and thus, maybe pronounced by the court as a Hearsay Evidence. My question is: What made her decide then to testify? when she knows that what she will be saying will not be accepted? that what puzzled me. can anybody answer that? Pros or Cons? just please say it in a very polite way. OK? thanks.

    • Rightthingtodo

      By itself, quoting the work of somebody else is a hearsay evidence.  However there are exceptions to this hearsay evidence rule.  One is taking by judicial notice on the laws of the land, decisions of the SC. etc.  Why the exception?  Because a judge can rely on the credibility of the quoted laws or SC decisions without calling the author to testify before the judge. 
      Although Justice Sereno’s dissenting opinion is not a decision of the SC because it is the minority opinion, still I submit that it can still be considered an exception to the hearsay rule because of her position as Justice of the SC and by getting a certified copy from the Clerk of Court of the SC, quoting the vortex of the dissenting should be admitted for whatever its worth.  I did not watch the proceedings and I will be glad to be proven wrong if my observations do not apply.

    • Rey


  • Dodge2

    Kung sino pa ang mga sinasabing matatalino kuno (Santiago, Arroyo at Enrile) ay sya pa ang mga dispalinghado ang mga desisyon.  Mabuti pa si Lapid at Trillanes na hindi mga abogado alam ang mali at tama at higit sa lahat kung ano ang mas nakakabuti sa karamihan ng mga Pilipino.

    • Miguel jr. De la pena

      si Trillanes maniniwala ako alam mali at tama pero si Lapid imposible yan!

  • Kobe

    Dami nila pera tsk tsk tsk, inggit pa rin ako. P200 million a yr na pork barrel! Parang tumatama sa Lotto yearly. Kelan kaya ako magiging senator o congressman man lang for more than P70miilion pork a year. Sana Pimentel o Salonga ang tatay ko o kahit Estrada o Revilla, kahit lahi ng ulul at tanga basta may dating ang apelyido, kahit Lapid ok na rin.

  • Pepsky


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