Cocaine coming in at a fast pace – Duterte


President Duterte has warned that cocaine, which he describes as the rich man’s drug, is coming into the country at a fast pace and that more cartels are gaining a foothold here.

“The rich, be on guard. Cocaine is coming in very fast. The cartels of Mexico and South America have come in,” Mr. Duterte said at an event in Tarlac City on Wednesday.

This means that in terms of illegal substances, the country is now dealing with the problem of cocaine and shabu, he said.

The President also denied that his administration was targeting the poor in its violent war on drugs while sparing the rich narcotic kingpins.

“They say, ‘Why is Duterte killing only the poor?’ They are wrong. I do not kill the poor. I am killing the poor who are criminals,” he said as he defended the government’s antidrug operations anew.

“Shabu” (crystal meth) operations were handled by an organization—not an individual—and it only happened to include people on the street who sell the drug, he said.

The Chief Executive said he would take full responsibility for the consequences of his war on drugs, “intended or not intended,” as he told law enforcers not to be afraid to do their jobs.

He also warned that candidates backed by illegal drug traders could win in the coming barangay elections. —LEILA B. SALAVERRIA


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