1 dead in street fight in Quezon

LUCENA CITY-A 67-year-old farmer killed his 53-year-old fellow villager in a street fight in the island town of Quezon in Quezon province on Thursday, police reported Friday.

Lorenzo Parcia, farmer from Barangay (village) Cagbalongo, died on the way to a local hospital shortly after a fight with another villager Zosimo Capanzana around 4:15 p.m., a police report said.

Earlier, Capanzana challenged Parcia to a street fight for an unknown reason, the report said. After seven minutes of furious exchange of punches, both men got tired, stopped and separated.

Police said Parcia suddenly fell down on the concrete road and lost consciousness. Village chieftain Leo Oliveros rushed the victim to the nearest hospital but Parcia died along the way.

Oliveros reported the incident to the police and immediately arrested Capanzana who was then receiving medical treatment in a rural health unit.


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